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April 13, 2020

2020 Presidential Election Thread 08

Sanders endorses Biden
Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden on Monday during a surprise appearance on the former vice president’s livecast.

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what a surprise!

Posted by: john | Apr 13 2020 18:32 utc | 1

Sheep dog or Judas goat?

Posted by: john halasz | Apr 13 2020 18:42 utc | 2

Sheep dog or Judas goat?
Posted by: john halasz | Apr 13 2020 18:42 utc | 2

Me: Both

Posted by: Jayne | Apr 13 2020 18:46 utc | 3

Sold out again, balls, no back bone, no ethics, these corrupt just fuckers are bought and sold to fatten their Goldman accounts and... Puke!

Posted by: Hannibal | Apr 13 2020 18:50 utc | 4

Sanders - a weak commie. His jew pals are embarrassed. 🤢

Posted by: Pindos | Apr 13 2020 18:51 utc | 5

One would think that what Trump's doing economically is important to the election. An excellent place to read what's not being done in the Middle Classes's interest is within Alastair Crooke's excellent article, which makes two in a row for him.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 13 2020 19:01 utc | 6

Why and how did Bernie Sanders lose his mojo? Was it sabotage? It looks like it could have been. What happened to Tulsi Gabbard, why didn't Bernie come to her aid like she to him? Was it sabotage?? Pam Ho lays it down The Berniecrat Revolution Will Not Be Televised or: Re-evolution For Dummies

Posted by: Kali | Apr 13 2020 19:08 utc | 7

And that, hopefully, will be the last we see of Bernie Sanders, a fake candidate if ever there was one.

Posted by: Hal Duell | Apr 13 2020 19:16 utc | 8

I really dunno whether to laugh or cry at die-hard MoA who had supported Bernie..
This is not the end of it. The US of A are truly, truly stoopid beyond believes.

Bernie, Biden and Trump what's the different? More like the three blind mice or the three Stooges?

MAGA shit!

Posted by: JC | Apr 13 2020 19:21 utc | 9

Sanders had no chance from day one: old, hysterical, agitated, socialist, ill, etc..
Biden has no chance either..
The only chance is Andrew Cuomo

Posted by: Virgile | Apr 13 2020 19:22 utc | 10

I'm interested to know what did the DNC promised Sanders in terms of policies to be included in the manifesto, because his supporters are certainly not going anywhere, and can easily give Trump his reelection.

Posted by: vk | Apr 13 2020 19:23 utc | 11

The Democratic Socialist grabbed his ankles and took it deeply, shouting "I endorse you, Joe. With love and kisses."

What a devastating thing to do to young people who supported him with energy, money and passion.

History will lump him with dispassion--a concubine of no merit.

Posted by: Red Ryder | Apr 13 2020 19:23 utc | 12

What is interesting is the possibility that Michelle Obama will be his running mate, I have been getting emails from the Dems asking me what I think about her as a candidate for VP...wonder if that was the plan all along?
So Biden is elected, has a light lunch, resigns, she takes over?

Posted by: frances | Apr 13 2020 19:24 utc | 13

And thus Bernie Sanders was consigned to the ashbin of history and soon his very memory was banished from the minds of his former supporters unable to fathom his complete betrayal of their desperate needs and hopes.

Posted by: Kadath | Apr 13 2020 19:25 utc | 14

Good job, Bernie. Here's your 30 shekels ...

Posted by: Arch | Apr 13 2020 19:28 utc | 15

Now the veil comes down. We can deal with it! ;) No confinement!!!

Posted by: Jayne | Apr 13 2020 19:34 utc | 16

The Grayzone covered "The Russiagate Racket targets Bernie Sanders' surge"

Instead of fighting back against 'intelligence sources' fabricating smears of him as the favored candidate of Russia, Sanders just went along with the larger Russiagate narrative and the imperialist agenda of the govt. In this respect, he's as compliant as Biden, and even worse since he was happy to sacrifice himself to preserve the false narratives to justify aggression abroad.

Posted by: occupatio | Apr 13 2020 19:35 utc | 17

@Virgile #10
You really think a New York governor has a chance in modern politics?
Even discounting that New York is doing *the* worst among all US states in terms of nCOV outcomes? Shutdown *and* lots of dead people?

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 13 2020 19:35 utc | 18

I feel so defeated I dont know what to think, I normally would drop out of politics but I might get laid off work soon so there are real world consequences for me, if I lived in the New York area this would be a perfect time to start occupy 2.0 . Screw the corona people need to put there health on the line. I don't think the cops will do anything they dont want to catch a deadly deciese

Posted by: Burger | Apr 13 2020 19:36 utc | 19

[email protected]

What a delightfully nasty read.

Posted by: David F | Apr 13 2020 19:39 utc | 20

Sanders supporting Biden just as his message had relevance suggests he was a "stalking horse" from the very beginning. If the DNC replaces Biden with Governor Cuomo (New York) or Governor Newsom (California) ... in spite of the primary elections ... it will prove beyond a doubt that democracy in the USA is a sham. The evidence suggests that federal elections are decided in back rooms and then posted on the Internet with storylines that fake elections.

No wonder neoliberals (a euphemism for globalists) hate Trump. He pulled a fast one on the establishment. Hillary rolled up a few population centers ... but they forgot about the Electoral College that abrogates "one man one vote" in Presidential elections by giving the states in the Great Flyover more votes than the coasts. Trump "out scammed the scammers" ... a cardinal sin in neoliberal politics. The neoliberals desperately want revenge to ensure this never happens again.

Posted by: GoDark | Apr 13 2020 19:42 utc | 21

Bernie is clearly weak. We first saw this back in 2016, when in a debate with the Hildabeast at the time controversy was ongoing regarding her E-Mails. Instead of piling on the attack, he said “We're tired of hearing about your goddam E-Mails”, thus putting the issue off the table. Clearly he doesn't have the attack dog degree of ruthlessness needed to win an electoral campaign.

Antoinetta III

Posted by: Antoinetta III | Apr 13 2020 19:47 utc | 22

I wonder how they got to him?

There are going to be a lot of disappointed Americans over this, IMO

What is happening in the back rooms?

When does the main feature start of America being thrown under the bus by Trump?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Apr 13 2020 19:49 utc | 23

@ 6 karlof1.. thanks for the link.. good overview! trump seems more then willing to comply with that ongoing agenda, but i imagine biden would be too... the americans are screwed either way.. i am pretty sure trump wins unless some unforeseen event happens to alter this - like no election or whatever.. a lot is possible in this environment..

there was something wrong with sanders and this has been laid bare the past week.. it is normal that a candidate can have many good characteristics and strengths and yet fall down in some respects too.. sanders is showing he is all too human and wasn't ever going to get very far in the politican dog eat dog environment of the usa... i say this knowing hindsight is 20/20..

Posted by: james | Apr 13 2020 19:52 utc | 24

@c1ue #18

I think Cuomo has acquired a high popularity even among republicans that gives him a much better chance than Michele Obama!!

Posted by: Virgile | Apr 13 2020 19:55 utc | 25

Dumbass sheeple fooled again.

Bernie, Hillary, Biden, and other Duopoly asshats are LMFAO. It never grows old.

Can we now treat the dembot trolls like the cancer they are?


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 13 2020 19:58 utc | 26

Pindos | Apr 13 2020 18:51 utc | 5
"Sanders - a weak commie. His jew pals are embarrassed. 🤢"

You got it the wrong way round.

On the morning after Sanders withdrew from the race DMFI** president Mark Mellman sent out an email to supporters expressing his pleasure over the result. He also took some credit for the outcome “Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign for president. That’s a big victory — one you helped bring about.”

Mellman also reminded his associates that the victory was only a first step in making sure that the Democratic Party platform continues to be pro-Israel, writing that “Extreme groups aligned with Sanders, as well as some of his top surrogates — including Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar — have publicly declared an effort to make the platform anti-Israel. As a career political professional, I will tell you that if Democrats adopt an anti-Israel platform this year, the vocabulary, views, and votes of politicians will shift against us dramatically. We simply can’t afford to lose this battle.”

**Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI). The DMFI is a registered political action committee (PAC) that lobbies on behalf of the Jewish state. It was organized in 2019 by Democratic Party activists to counter what was perceived to be pro-Palestinian sentiment within the party’s progressive wing.

Basically they did a "Corbyn" on a candidate who was considered a "socialist" and too pro-Palestinian.

Posted by: Stonebird | Apr 13 2020 20:00 utc | 27

One day after another single day.
And right upon the day after of the Covid-19, when the task is just to rebuild it all up from the rubble we will see who is the most neocon or ''market oriented'' guy to arise in the US scene.

Or else, the most self defining socialisticiian, keynesian or simply rooseveltian with guts to change the economic manuals.
Five zillion QE more for the roulette business?

Posted by: augusto | Apr 13 2020 20:12 utc | 28

The following quote has been attributed to Lyndon B. Johnson by Ronald Kessler, journalist and historian.:

These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.

I’ll have those n**gers voting Democratic for 200 years.

Looks like Johnson was right! All it took was the Civil Rights Act to get blacks to vote against their best interests for 56 years. So there's 144 years left before blacks realize they sold their soul to a blue devil that's no different from the red devil and until progressives will finally have a real democracy. Oh how I despise herd mentality.

Look, I'm not going to trash Bernie Sanders, because I know his heart, and I now see the majority of blacks will never be with him no matter what he tried to gain their confidence, so he was doomed whichever way you look at it.

That said, Biden is out of the question and I'll be damned if Democrats are going to win after what they pulled on Bernie again.

Looks like Ziofascist Trump regime is set to win again.

Posted by: Circe | Apr 13 2020 20:18 utc | 29

The Alistair Crooke reference article is good, but he gets cause and effect reversed. COVID-19 is only being used as the excuse for multi-trillion bailout of an obscenely overleveraged financial system. Accepting this butchered timeline is no reason to let them rewrite relatively current events.

The bailout started in Sept 2019 with a couple trillion dollar total Overnight REPO Operations and was soon followed by another couple trillion round of Quantitative Easing, QE?4?.

Posted by: Rich | Apr 13 2020 20:27 utc | 30

Sanders can endorse who he likes my vote will not be following!

Posted by: michael lacey | Apr 13 2020 20:27 utc | 31

How almost everyone dropped out after the South Carolina primary looks staged. But Sanders, the sheepdog candidate is also a part of the play, whether he is fully aware of it.

What reason would there be for voting for a corrupt neoliberal proponent of all illegal US wars of aggression who played a key role for mass incarceration and whose career was bankrolled by the credit card industry and other special interests? Close to none, certainly for people who are remotely progressive. There had been little reason for supporting a far-right warmonger like Biden a few years ago, and with obvious signs of mental decline, there are hardly more reasons.

But with Bernie Sanders, a center-left candidate who, in contrast to Biden, has some semblance of personal integrity, campaigning for the corrupt warmonger, there may be the hope that some people who do not share Biden‘s far right views will still vote for him. But I think Sanders‘ behavior does more for undermining his own credibility than for creating the illusion that Biden has any credibility.

Posted by: Adrian E. | Apr 13 2020 20:42 utc | 32

So there I was wreching - Bernie endorses the babbling crook Biden... and then - well full on barfing! Michelle O'Bomber!!??? What exactly is her skill set? other than the fact that she is married to the manchurian O'Bomber - who bombed at least one somebody - often without even knowing the victims name/s - Every Single Day of his Miserable Regime. Just call him Mr. Dyncorp. Really, as William Griff observed in another thread, murkans are
completely irreparably delusional.

Posted by: Miss Lacy | Apr 13 2020 20:42 utc | 33

Sad to see that whatever political legacy Bernie Sanders leaves behind, it will be tainted by his behaviour and decisions he made during his Presidential election campaigns in 2016 and 2020. Particularly inexplicable is how he failed to challenge the Super Tuesday results back in March. Surely of all people, given his career background, Sanders could have disputed the results.

Posted by: Jen | Apr 13 2020 20:47 utc | 34

I am assuming that this will be the last 2020 Presidential Election Thread? I cannot imagine there will be anything else to discuss between now and Trump's re-election.

Posted by: William Gruff | Apr 13 2020 20:48 utc | 35

Who cares about the US election, when there are more pressing issues? It's a sign of how fake it all is. It could be all over in a couple of months, if one had any sense.

Posted by: Laguerre | Apr 13 2020 21:05 utc | 36

So Biden is elected, has a light lunch, resigns, she takes over?

Posted by: frances | Apr 13 2020 19:24 utc | 13

I heard the plan is at the convention Uncle Joe will be nominated, then they give him a plaque thanking him for his eight years of service and he totters off to wherever so they can really get down to business.

Posted by: NotBib | Apr 13 2020 21:08 utc | 37

Makes me wonder if Bernie was an "asset" the whole time. Certain elements make more sense that way. I am both horrified and amused at the way progressives seem to be on board with the sellout. Ah well, looks like I'll actually have to vote for Trump this time. Didn't see that coming but I'll be damned if I silently consent to Biden being President.

I'll have to start building guillotines for the spike in demand come next year.

Posted by: Covergirl | Apr 13 2020 21:12 utc | 38

If the Greens don’t run a candidate then I am going to write in Vladimir Putin.

Posted by: Nathan Mulcahy | Apr 13 2020 21:13 utc | 39

Maybe I’ll be joining Uncle Joe soon. Can’t even get n my own username right....

Posted by: NotBob | Apr 13 2020 21:15 utc | 40

When I was young I'd vote for the communist party simply because I knew that it would send the clowns counting the ballots into apoplectic fits. My vote made a difference! Too bad there's no longer a way to do that.

Posted by: Elephant | Apr 13 2020 21:30 utc | 41

Former longtime Bernie-booster Jimmy Dore has been ripping Sanders relentlessly (and hilariously) on his YT channel for weeks, ever since Bernie rolled over and went dead during debate w/Biden.

Posted by: gm | Apr 13 2020 21:36 utc | 42

Rich | Apr 13 2020 20:27 utc | 30

Spot on.

Posted by: Hmpf | Apr 13 2020 21:39 utc | 43

Posted by: Hal Duell | Apr 13 2020 19:16 utc | 8
"And that, hopefully, will be the last we see of Bernie Sanders, a fake candidate if ever there was one."

I believe the word you are looking for is "stalking horse". But for whom?

Posted by: carl | Apr 13 2020 21:43 utc | 44

Kali @7

Pam Ho is mostly correct, except on the part of Bernie being too openly socialist. If anything, the guy watered down his political identity to the point that he wasn't making any sense. He was going to labeled a Red anyway, he might have as well tried to go for it a bit more aggressively, while shredding the official narrative to pieces.

The fundamental problem of Bernie, just like Corbyn, is that he isn't a leader, but an agitator. Thus, he could be a soldier (and led properly, might have abandoned his faulted views on foreign policy)and provide support for a proper leadership. But in that latter position for which he is evidently unsuited, he failed miserably and discredited his own campaign. He didn't have to be a conscious "sheep-herder", only a failed campaigner.

I guess the political-cultural shock of the Soviet collapse and the neoliberal onslaught of the 90s has had this effect on numerous old-school leftists. Combined with the insidious consequences of later-day liberalism which is an important factor for the Trump Derangement Syndrome (which works AGAINST those who oppose POTUS Agent Orange), this led to this ignominious result.

Posted by: Constantine | Apr 13 2020 22:20 utc | 45

Posted by: Rich | Apr 13 2020 20:27 utc | 30

Q: What is the difference between QE and a Ponzi Scheme?

A: It has been said "The difference between quantitative easing and a Ponzi scheme is that the interest rate promised in the former is near zero to negative, but the escalation of scale is the same. I call these Qonzi schemes."

In other words, QE doesn't even promise to make anyone rich, except the bankers and the people they give the money to.

Posted by: carl | Apr 13 2020 22:21 utc | 46

Sandersites here can protest all they want that they did not expect "this", it doesn't change the fact that Sanders was nothing but the sheepdog that gets out at every election season. Now that all those Sanders-supporting boobies have definitively destroyed any chance of doing anything significant in the way of third parties, it's useless to protest that they "won't vote Biden". The useless Hopium-addicted gulls already did the wrecking job, even though they had been warned. Both times. Good job... liberals.

Posted by: Piero Colombo | Apr 13 2020 22:59 utc | 47

I didn't think that the level of cynicism on MoA could get any higher, but it seems to have reached a new peak. In a perverse way, it's quite an achievement.

Posted by: Rob | Apr 13 2020 23:29 utc | 48

re Miss Lacy | Apr 13 2020 20:42 utc | 33
It's good to see some amerikans see through this tosh.

Many of us are thinking about viruses at the moment & forgetting about the infections which kill more of us, bacterial infections. The amerikan political elite are like a petri dish containing a broad spectrum of e.coli bacteria. They form into discrete groups to better advance their interests, then select a host and like all ultimately unsuccessful infections, ride their host to death.

The two biggest & worst infections of the last 30 years, the Bush & the Clinton host infections are thankfully dead.
The democrat hosts however still foolishly imagine they can have some sort of symbiotic relationship with their infection.
When some overpaid democrat 'activist' whose number one priority is advancing him/her self spruiks for an alternative host, say Michelle Obama, they have no interest in Mrs Oblamblam the person, they want to ride her celebrity, and attach the cartel of interests, the infection if you will, that barry oblamblam stitched together, into a top gig for themself, the activist, at the whitehouse.

The best candidate/host types as far as the infections are concerned, are not attached to any particular policies.

They say what they believe people want to hear, all the while being manipulated by the bugs in the petri dish who provide the ways & means to the top, a bacilli ridden mess of betrayals, greed & hypocrisy.

The types pushing for an Oblamblam on the ticket are the remnants of the original cartel who didn't latch on to the biden crook in time.

As for Cuomo, it is unlikely he has sufficient time to pull together a wide enough, powerful enough spectrum of e.coli to win a petri dish slugfest.
Maybe he can detach a few bugs from the Biden infection, some wall st bugs most likely, but these cartels are often years in the making. So a cuomo infection is extremely unlikely to displace the biden host.

Cuomo could get number 2 spot on the ticket, however many of the bugs will baulk at the notion of two old whitefellas.

M Oblamblam may agree to be a host but really as ambitious as she is, does anyone see a Biden prezdency or even a Biden campaign as being anything other than a huge embarrassment for everyone involved?

The most likely outcome is the predictable one, biden/harris.
It will be a spectacular failure, karmala probably sees that but just getting on the ticket and putting herself out there with creepy joe will cement her spot as a senior member of the dem party. What would be a demotion for m.oblamblam, will be a step up for k. harris.

This farce is going to continue over and over again until amerikans wake tfu & smash the petri dish.

I say it one more time, why does anyone waste any real time or energy on such a blatant farce as the amerikan election campaign?

Posted by: A User | Apr 13 2020 23:35 utc | 49

@Virgile #10

With all due respect, Andrew Cuomo hasn't a snowball's chance even if the DNC were to press (now there's a good word!) him into service. Pretty shallow comment but he's one ugly mo' fo', a real creep. Might have a little traction in the NE and FL, but mainstream America - fuggedaboutit!

Posted by: Vic | Apr 14 2020 0:07 utc | 50

“Ever have the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

Oh, Mr. Rotten, how right you are!

Posted by: wunsacon lives | Apr 14 2020 0:27 utc | 51

He thought that millions of new voters would be so captivated by his message they would surely come out and vote for him. When they didn't he gave up and took the easy way out.

Posted by: krypton | Apr 14 2020 0:38 utc | 52

>> Former longtime Bernie-booster Jimmy Dore

My hunch is Jimmy is 100% genuine, which is why I hope he soon realizes that Bernie was not.

Jimmy, if you read this, stop thinking the problem was *just* the people in Bernie’s campaign. Also, think hard about the *other* people you’ve been boosting and ask yourself whether their voting record matches their wonderful rhetoric.

Remember that Bernie is too old to betray his base in 2024. So, the people he reports to will give us some fresh faces. What fresh faces have you seen lately and like? Well, guess what.

The world needs more jagoff comedians broadcasting TRUTH from their garages. Thank you, Jimmy.

Posted by: wunsacon lives | Apr 14 2020 0:39 utc | 53

When he decided to run as a Democrat you have to sign a contract that you will endorse the person nominated that being said we'll see who makes it to the convention

Posted by: Josh | Apr 14 2020 0:44 utc | 54

re Josh | Apr 14 2020 0:44 utc | 54 who claimed "When he decided to run as a Democrat you have to sign a contract that you will endorse the person nominated" As you conceeded it isn't the convention yet so sanders did not have to endorse right now. That and the way it was done - not a quiet press release, he took part in creepy joe's campaign release to make his fawning pronouncement. Nowhere does that get stated in any 'contract'.
It is plain that if sanders isn't some sort of dungeon visiting masochist who enjoys the humiliation, he has to be a run of the mill greedhead prepared to do say anything that will get a cash payoff. That was probably his plan from the beginning as everything he did from the 1st caucus to the end was all about scraping and bowing to his 'betters' no mind what cheating and robbery was inflicted on his campaign.
A liar, a sellout who has created another generation of cynics - well done 'bernie'.

Posted by: A User | Apr 14 2020 0:58 utc | 55

A User @49

I'm putting ten bucks on the obviously expected superinfection (infection by a more virulent bug that has had its bed made by another, weaker one.) The Democratella pestis are at work, intentionally preparing a disaster so huge that at the very last minute... tadaa! By popular demand, out comes the Harpy, the one and only bloodsucking monster, la Clintonne!

Posted by: Piero Colombo | Apr 14 2020 1:06 utc | 56

Sorely disappointed that Bernie didn’t go to the mat with MBNA Joe but that is tempered by some simple facts.

First, politics is a team sport. If you want to be a player you can’t burn the system. Bernie has carried the flag on a number of issues that are widely supported by citizens and will continue to do so - unfortunately with the same result.

Which brings us to #2. Imagine that Bernie had won the election in 2016. Now imagine what the establishment would have done to prevent any of his agenda from being accomplished. Look at what they did to Trump (RussiaGate, UkraineGate, etc.) and remember that he represents the oligarchy!

Lastly, Bernie never had a chance. Beyond being sabotaged by the DNC and corporate media (again), the primaries were blatantly rigged (check the exit polls). Biden had closed all his state campaign offices because he was out of money and pinning all his hopes on a win in SC. But then he wins 9 states on Super Tuesday (Super Thursday’s senate race, according to Sleepy Joe)?

The point being that at this point there is only one way to change the system: it’s all got to come down. The cause of that will likely be the implosion of society due to mismanagement (a.k.a. intentional malfeasance) by the oligarchy.

Posted by: Noah Way | Apr 14 2020 1:18 utc | 57

“The two biggest & worst infections of the last 30 years, the Bush & the Clinton host infections are thankfully dead.”

Posted by A User at #49.

What makes you think this is true? I would expect that several of the Bushie Brats are out there somewhere in the woodwork, but I can't say anything for sure. On the other hand there is this creature, horrific to contemplate that is straight out of the pages of a medieval beastiary. This is, of course, the Hildebeast.

Now I think that the DNC and all the other honchos running the Democratic Party realize that Biden is flat-out unelectable; his dementia is altogether too visible and too far advanced for him to be a viable candidate. So what if shortly before the Democratic Convention, Old Joe is quietly put out to pasture, and the Hildebeast swoops in and gets the nomination? With Kamala or Cuomo or Michelle as VP.

Antoinetta III

Posted by: Antoinetta III | Apr 14 2020 1:25 utc | 58

AE @ 32 said; "But with Bernie Sanders, a center-left candidate who, in contrast to Biden, has some semblance of personal integrity, campaigning for the corrupt warmonger, there may be the hope that some people who do not share Biden‘s far right views will still vote for him. But I think Sanders‘ behavior does more for undermining his own credibility than for creating the illusion that Biden has any credibility."

Mirrors my feelings. But, I won't trash Sanders for not being the fighter I'd hoped for. His message still resonates with a big part of Americas working classes.

Biden, IMO, no matter his running mate, is NOT the best candidate. The BEST candidate couldn't marshal the fortitude to fight to the end, for his beliefs.

Damn shame, but that's the nation we live in...

Posted by: ben | Apr 14 2020 1:27 utc | 59

yeah I guess I'm an optimist and I'm just hoping that Bernie dropping out at this time puts all the spotlight on creepy Joe so he can get raked over the coals and destroyed before the next round of voting even happens if it does

Posted by: Josh | Apr 14 2020 1:31 utc | 60

spotlight on joe -Evaluating Tara Reade’s Allegation Against Joe Biden written by nathan j robinson who did that article a good year ago called 'all about pete' ..

Posted by: james | Apr 14 2020 1:42 utc | 61

Forget about Biden, Bernie, or Trump.

Who says that there will be any presidential elections to begin with?

Continuity of Government military rule here we come!

Posted by: ak74 | Apr 14 2020 1:48 utc | 62

This is a filthy election cycle; and it is not the fault of Bernie Sanders. The petulant children and aging children who are spitting up over this thread are the committed cynics, as they point fingers and call Bernie a cynic. What a spectacle of immaturity and arrested development! What a field day for lost souls and dilettantes. For the hasbara too; they certainly had motive for driving a stake in the heart of the Sander's campaign.

Do these people have thoughts that go to any depth? They are more like a Lynch Mob who are all tugging at the collar and waistband of the victim. They have turned around to stare blankly into the camera so that their insipid faces can be memorialized, so that their fuming contempt can be captured. They are asking something of posterity as they turn their backs on the crime.

There would have been no campaign at all, no permission to participate in the primaries, if Bernie had not agreed to support the ultimate nominee of the Party. The narrative about betrayal supports the agendas of those who bear a great hatred against him.

None of those that went forward behind Bernie Sanders--especially those who were really a part of the actual events--were lied to or betrayed, because his position of supporting the Party's choice was made public at his rallies and campaign events.

Right after Bernie announced that he was suspending his campaign, words of admiration and appreciation poured in from notable political scientists and journalists and other thoughtful people: Noam Chomsky, Matt Taibbi, Naomi Klein, --all of them describing Bernie Sanders contributions to this nation and his courage, and naming his achievements in this campaign. Bernie a has struck a blow against the Neo-liberal order, has opened the national awareness to a host of subjects never before openly discussed in a national campaign. And in a dignified and genuinely passionate manner he has modeled what an admirable man can do in the pursuit of justice.

Posted by: Copeland | Apr 14 2020 2:14 utc | 63

M, I, C... See you soon!

well, honestly, someone's got to run the world,
so it might as well be The SubGenius in the clouds.
It has all come together like clockwork. Very sweetly done.

Posted by: Imagine | Apr 14 2020 2:15 utc | 64

Can't wait to see Bernie's autobiography soon.


Maybe he'll get the same photographer as Bill Clinton.

Congrats, Bernie. You're in good company. You've made it.

Posted by: Nemesiscalling | Apr 14 2020 2:33 utc | 65

re Piero Colombo | Apr 14 2020 1:06 utc | 56
How about this? I take your $10 bet on the proviso that if Clinton gets the nomination, I send b $20 USD for rent on MoA for you, $10 for rent on MoA for me. If Clinton doesn't get nominated you send $20 to b. $20 same deal $10 for you & $10 for me.
Money is a tight at the moment but I included the extra $10 sub to cover the loser because by the time the banksters cop their fixed charges on changing into euros $10 is just not worth it - That and b deserves it.
No pressure I gamble in my head more often than I get to a betting shop or site so I understand completely if you were making a metaphorical bet, but I reckon that even the dnc, who are a mob of main-chancing crooks capable of anything, even they have seen polling which tells em a Harley-Davidson could pass through Hilary's arshole before a Hilary could get into the whitehouse as prez.

Too many of the bugs have gone over to creepy joe, if they shift from there I cannot see them selecting an even less viable host.

We know biden is a sleazy crook, but it remains to be seen how many archetypal floating voters, much less 'any dem in a storm' morons, also believe that.

H Clinton on the other hand, curries little support from either floaters or the morons, her rep has fallen even more since the last beauty contest, so apart from the few dem wimmen who she has always used & abused, I cannot see her getting support from y'know - actual voters.

The clintonia occasionally does ok in polls purely because of name recognition. Now there has been a semi primary, several other potential sell outs have also become known to Jo/Joe voter and are likely to stay in minds for the next few months. They mostly don't have the slew of negatives that hilary has on her back as she slouches to zionism.

Posted by: A User | Apr 14 2020 3:32 utc | 66

@63 Copeland

Nicely put.

Bernie worked very hard and it shows on his face.

He will always have my respect for his sense of humanity.

Posted by: Circe | Apr 14 2020 3:42 utc | 67

After something, er, somebody, gitz 'lected in another fake or fraudulent of "flawed" 'lection, then that kat er kitty will preside of how big a County?

see RT Here comes ‘Cascadia’? Democrat governors colluding to end Covid-19 lockdowns spark talk of secession"

Ungrateful rats leaving a sinking ship? Oh! Say it ain't so!

(which is to say what if they held an election and it did not matter?)

Posted by: Walter | Apr 14 2020 3:48 utc | 68

Circe @29

"Looks like Ziofascist Trump regime is set to win again."

It doesn't have to be!

Sanders was great - he achieved far more than he intended or wanted - but he was always compromised probably all the way back to 1980.

Sanders would have lost his political position long ago unless he had come to an "understanding" with the Democratic Party. The deal was something along the lines of "you support the Democratic Party and we won't primary you".

It is almost certain that Sanders was intended to be controlled opposition in 2016 but something strange happened. People were looking for change and they heard it in Sanders and they believed and Hillary lost the nomination (until' it was fixed) - this was not the plan. It was not what Sanders intended but it meant something. 2020 has all been about destroying Sanders message (which he didn't believe in anyway - at least not to the extent of actually obtaining the nomination).

I have to confess that I am really shocked at the way he has treated his supporters in 2020 - in American terms, he really should refund every donor because he took their money under false pretences. But...Sanders did achieve something - even though it was not what he intended.

Forget about Sanders, he was always going to let you down - now is the time to look for an alternative.

As far as Sanders is concerned, the next senate election for Vermont is in 2024 - I trust Vermont voters will punish Sanders for his disingenuous behaviour.

Bernie Sanders - "He could have been a contender but he took a dive."

Posted by: ADKC | Apr 14 2020 3:50 utc | 69

Copeland @ 63; Let me join Circe in saying; "nicely put"..

[email protected]; No, I don't want a refund. I got what I paid for; A politician actually broaching taboo subjects on MSM, so the American public could hear a different view of where society
MIGHT go...

Posted by: ben | Apr 14 2020 4:06 utc | 70

Why is it so completely unsurprising that the centrist & the sanders fanbois & goils are attempting to blame anyone who saw the huge flaw in the sanders campaign, for that campaign's inevitable failure.

It isn't surprising because That is what mealy-mouthed centrists always do.
It wasn't Gore getting caught out fibbing or coming across as a Clinton clone that cost him the 2000 beauty contest, it was those evil Ralph Nader supporters.
Don't these vandals realise it is not their job to use their critical thinking capacity to analyse whoever they are told they must vote for?
Their job is vote - vote early and vote often - have the dead rise once more, to vote for whoever they are told to vote for & bugger the consequences that is none of Jo/Joe Voter's concern.

They must forget that had sanders been that tiniest little bit sincere, he would have used his position to advocate for a more viable candidate, one who hadn't alarmed the media owners by claiming (quite incorrectly too I must add) to be a socialist.

If ever anyone made themselves a sitting duck for the forces of reaction it was sanders telling the world he was a 'socialist' - in one fell swoop eliminating the slightest chance of support from about 50% of the amerikan electorate.

Talk policy, engage the voters & forget about labeling yourself with something so full of negative connotations in amerika - why make it easier to get beaten unless that is actually what you want to happen?

Yet apparently it is we who are the cynics - what a f***in' sad little farce.

Posted by: A User | Apr 14 2020 4:10 utc | 71

American citizens enjoy a 3 vote privilege<=t
# votes votes/USA citizen, three positions.
1 your district house member <=there are 425 members of the house
2 2 Senators, 2 from your state <= there are 100 Senators.
0 president (voters not eligible to vote for POTUS <= electoral college)
0 VP (voters not eligible to vote for POTUS <=electoral college)
3 seats in gov. <== max votes => by one voter in all fed elections
527 salaried, persons elected to be the USA gov
350,000,000 Americans in USA governed America

But its the GRID that counts. 8 billion people divided and sorted into 206 crucibles (nation state) each crucible has about 1000 feudal lords.
The governors of those 206 crucibles gift out to their corporate and oligarch friends state wealth, state assets and state power the Feudals use these monopoly powers to make big bread, then they make sure the persons in power get reelected.
..Why does humanity put up with it?

Posted by: snake | Apr 14 2020 4:16 utc | 72

@63 Copeland


The dirty game has no place for Sanders. It took courage to run against a completely corrupt system, just as it took courage to stand by his positions over the years. If we had more like him we might have a chance. You can count on one hand all the member of congress who actually represent citizens, they are a rare breed.

Posted by: Noah Way | Apr 14 2020 4:20 utc | 73

ben @69

You're ignoring the point I am making. You didn't get what you paid for - Sanders was compromised as far back as 1980.

There have always been candidates broaching 'taboo subjects' - generally, they only get 1 or 2% of the vote. You paid attention to Sanders because you were supposed to - the problem was you paid too much attention and Hillary nearly (really) lost in 2016 and in 2020 Sanders was required to abase himself and destroy his message (which he willingly did) - but you will vote for Biden? Won't you? Sanders wants you to!

Just because you spend money on something doesn't mean it's any good - Microsft Windows is living proof that rubbish sells to trapped customers.

Look, what's important to you? Sanders, the flawed man who betrayed you, or the policies he advocated? Because they are two different things! I couldn't give a flying f**k about Sanders but Medicare4All, that I would care about.


Posted by: ADKC | Apr 14 2020 4:35 utc | 74

Posted by: ADKC | Apr 14 2020 4:35 utc | 73


Nope I dun give a shit Sanders, Trump or Biden they're all the same piece of shit. Democracy, freedom of speech, universal suffrage, 5 key Demands not one less---- make me laugh.

My niece email Covid19 is the new "normal". She is ABC (American Born Chinese) and I wonder what she mean???

Posted by: JC | Apr 14 2020 4:51 utc | 75

[email protected]; You're, as everyone, welcome to your opinion, but, fact is, Sanders NEVER mattered.

It's the thoughts and ideas that really matter, and somehow, getting them presented and discussed by the public, despite the mountain of BS propganda spewed daily by the Corporate

And no, I could never vote for Biden. Glad to see you you approve of M4all, Sander's pet issue.

Posted by: ben | Apr 14 2020 4:56 utc | 76

if i had to choose between candidates that are outliers of the sysstem in the case of ron paul vs sanders. i would pick paul over sanders more willingly.

Posted by: jason | Apr 14 2020 5:51 utc | 77

Doing the same thing but expecting a different outcome. The definition of insanity.

Why would anyone expect something different from the spineless Gauleiter from Vermont?

Why would anyone think that the US will be saved by Bernie?

Why would anyone think of democracy as a form of government? It's a form of crowd control. Nothing more, nothing less.

Biden is suffering from dementia. At least he has an excuse why he hasn't learned from previous mistakes.

Posted by: Peter | Apr 14 2020 5:52 utc | 78

"The only chance is Andrew Cuomo"

Jimmy Dore has some nice info for you what your favorite actually stands for:

short note: Cuomo is a liar, a traitor and now he has got a lot of blood on his hands.

How about endorsing Tulsi Gabbard instead?

Posted by: JoKuehn | Apr 14 2020 5:59 utc | 79

ben @75

If "Sanders NEVER mattered" then why dispute my post @68 (which was addressed to Circe - you're welcome to join in but I struggle to see any relevancy in your contribution).

I never expected you to vote for Biden - I was pointing out Sanders abasement.

And, I don't really give that much thought about M4All because I've experienced M4All since well before the US killed JFK. In fact, your healthcare system is so far outside my experience that it's really hard for me to understand why Americans go on about M4All but I make the effort anyhow because America is an obviously unhappy country that demands attention and seems to want to destroy the world every other day.

Posted by: ADKC | Apr 14 2020 6:11 utc | 80

Bernie Sanders modeled on William Jennings Bryan, aka "The Cowardly Lion?"

Posted by: Ralph Reed | Apr 14 2020 8:43 utc | 81

Who calls controlled opposition?

Posted by: Glen Batterham | Apr 14 2020 8:58 utc | 82

Since we are into full spectrum surrealism how about an "All girl" team of Pelosi and Clinton, as they are in control of the DNC apparatus? Or if you need a genderless candidate instead; Pelosi- Schiff?


snake | Apr 14 2020 4:16 utc | 71

8 billion people divided and sorted into 206 crucibles (nation state) each crucible has about 1000 feudal lords.
I disagree with the number of feudal "Lords". They are more likely the 400 "families", that are supposed to form the backbone of multi-generational power. (ie. One of the richest people in the UK/scotland has roots going back 700 years) But Feudal it is and only one or two families for each area.

Posted by: Stonebird | Apr 14 2020 10:20 utc | 83

Say it ain't so, Bernie!

Posted by: Dana Cook | Apr 14 2020 10:22 utc | 84

I don't understand what the critics of Bernie endorsing Biden talking about. What else is there for Bernie to do? It has become apparent that Bernie would not be the nominee. If he fails to endorse Biden many of the people now calling him a betrayer would easily agree with the false narrative that he wins the election for Trump, if that happens. Senator Bernie Sanders is a realist. I would have done what he did if I were in his shoes.

Posted by: Steve | Apr 14 2020 10:53 utc | 85

@63 Copeland et Ben and Circe

By that reasoning you might as well support Biden now that Bernie has endorsed his "good friend Joe" with such glowing accolades. Or was that all part of Bernie's "agreement" with the DNC... you know, forced to say nice things about Biden he didn't really believe were true?

Posted by: krypton | Apr 14 2020 10:59 utc | 86

Sheep dog or Judas Goat or... he goes as far as he knows he can in speaking of injustice and good policies, while knowing that any further could lead to one of his family having an unfortunate accident?

The rumours in 2016 with his caving to the DNC obvious stealing the nomination from him and handing it to Hillary were of something like that. Anyone recall the basis for those rumours?

In light of the Clinton Body Count and demise of Seth Rich, it is not beyond possibility.

Posted by: PJB | Apr 14 2020 11:34 utc | 87

"Sanders-supporting booby" here who knew with absolute certainty that Sanders would never finish the fight.

I must have been some sort of fool for supporting Sanders' campaign knowing in advance that he would fold like a cheap suit well before presenting anything like a real challenge to capitalism, eh? I must be bad at picking messiahs, right?

Maybe you all are right and we just need to find the right messiah, but that is never what Sanders was for me. A stepping stone towards revolution was all I ever saw him as, and he served that role pretty well. He actually gave us a few solid steps towards revolution, and that is more than I was expecting from his campaign. Sure, I had hoped we could ride that horse all the way to the barricades, but I never really believed he could take us even halfway there.

So what is the lesson here? Childish clowns and empire fanbois will chant about "movements", either overlooking or to obscure the fact, depending upon their role, that Sanders' campaign was a movement. It was a movement that stalled the rightward march of the establishment and shifted the discourse in America far to the left of where it has been in generations.

Was Sanders a cynical tool of the establishment who set out to deceive the population into supporting the establishment? Utter nonsense. That notion is either just an expression of shallow and infantile petulance at finding one's latest daddy figure to be flawed, or it is a deliberate effort to paper over the damage that Sanders' campaign has done to the narrative that the establishment in unassailable. Either way the "Bernie as deliberate sheepdog" narrative is nonsense.

Sanders was and remains a 100% genuine social democrat. His commitments to social democracy are real and remain undiluted to this day. The problem people are having with Sanders is that they are mistaking a social democrat for a socialist. They are mistaking Sanders for something that he never was, and they are blaming Sanders for their own misunderstanding.

Sanders' goal has always been to just put a prettier face on capitalism; to smooth off some of capitalism's rough edges; to put a little padding on its sharp corners; to install a few guards to protect the unwary from its pinch points. That's what social democracy is all about. Social democrats do not believe there can ever be a viable alternative to capitalism, and so when capitalism is threatened they will ALWAYS join ranks with the capitalists to defend that system. After all, if the capitalists don't have plenty of surplus wealth to share, then how can one demand that they share some of their wealth with "the little people"? Just like capitalists, the priority for social democrats is first and foremost to assure the health and vitality of capitalism itself, with the difference being that social democrats will try to divert some of capitalism's surpluses into aid to the "needy". Naturally, the more surpluses capitalism produces the more than can be redirected to the "needy", so social democrats' first concern is always the health of the capitalist economy.

Capitalism is facing an existential threat right now. Despite the racist, brainwashed fools shrieking about the "yellow peril", the threat to capitalism is not external. The threat to capitalism is the same as it always is: irresolvable internal contradictions that grow in severity until they paralyze the capitalist economy. The pandemic that America created with its bio attacks on China has just brought those contradictions to a head. In the face of that acute threat to capitalism it is no surprise that social democrats put their social justice demands on hold while what they perceive to be the bigger problems are addressed.

It is important to note that social democrats do not have a choice in this. They do not see anything beyond capitalism, so all of their ideas of social justice must fit within what capitalism has to offer. Their social justice is thus a subset of capitalist society. For their social justice to be realized capitalism must continue to exist. Whenever capitalism is against the ropes, then social democrats have no choice but to throw the fight; throw in the towel.

The most important lesson in Sanders (totally predictable and expected) capitulation and the disappointment of his supporters is that what the American people really want and are seeking is not social democracy, but real socialism. Now is the time to make the distinction that socialism is a replacement for capitalism, and that a willingness to replace capitalism with a different mechanism for controlling investment and resource utilization and ownership of society's productive forces is a necessity for realizing all of those promises that social democrats like to make.

So why did I support Sanders if I always knew he would fail to deliver? If I knew he was ideologically incapable of ever delivering? Because Sanders' campaign in the US has changed the game. Those who disagree either have short memories (or perhaps they are only about ten years old) or they are cynical agents (witting or otherwise) of capitalism hoping to dismantle what the American working class has learned over the last half decade. "Socialism" was a taboo word in the US before Sanders' campaigns. Socialized medicine was verboten, or worse, evil. Publicly financed post-secondary education was unthinkable. What is most encouraging is that many of Sanders' supporters have developed their consciousness well beyond Sanders himself. If a jagoff stand-up comedian like Jimmy Dore has developed some kick-ass consciousness, then you know lots more Americans have as well.

So I thank Sanders for bringing us much closer to real revolution, even if that wasn't really his intention. We have a ways yet to go to get to that revolution, but we are closer now than at any time in half a century, and Sanders' campaigns played a part in getting us here.

Posted by: William Gruff | Apr 14 2020 11:41 utc | 88

Not specific to this election, but to all 'lection, and to 'reality, and from Tolstoy hizzown self>

"In quiet and untroubled times, it seems to every administrator that it is only by his efforts that the whole population under his rule is kept going, and in this consciousness of being indispensable every administrator finds the chief reward of his labor and efforts. While the sea of history remains calm the ruler-administrator in his frail bark, holding it with a boat hook to the ship of the people and himself moving, naturally imagines that his efforts move the ship he is holding on to. But as soon as a storm arises and the sea begins to heave and the ship to move, such a delusion is no longer possible. The ship moves independently with its own enormous motion, the boat hook no longer reaches the moving vessel, and suddenly the administrator, instead of appearing a ruler and a source of power, becomes an insignificant, feeble man."

Posted by: Walter | Apr 14 2020 11:50 utc | 89

@87 Crowd will ask for Nationalist Socialism and may well get it. Watch carefully where this is headed.

Posted by: Imagine | Apr 14 2020 11:54 utc | 90

@Wlliam Gruff

Whether social democrat or socialist - I agree Sanders did progress the cause for needed societal, financial and political change.

But why did he fold so weakly and meekly in both 2016 and again now?

Especially in the face of obvious vote rigging by the Hillary campaign (as proven in a Florida civil court ruling - albeit with the judge’s decision accepting the DNC Defense argument that the DNC has the right to appoint their candidate and override the primaries - sudden untimely death of two of the lawyers for the Bernie Sanders supporters who brought the case as well).

This time the totally unexpected victory on “Super Thursday” as Sleepy Joe called it in 9 state primaries stinks to high heaven. Maybe he did win given the media support and enough ignoramuses voted for a man who is blatantly suffering dementia as well as having been a corrupt nepotist of the highest order and an alleged rapist and video documented serial creepy fondler of women and young children.

Something is seriously sick about the DNC and it’s collusion with the media. The pretence of democracy is crashing and the oligarchy exposed.

Trump will win - because many will hope he is a renegade oligarch who has some moral compass even if a broken one.

Posted by: PJB | Apr 14 2020 12:02 utc | 91

"Anyone recall the basis for those rumours?" -- PJB @86

Sanders appeared at the 2016 Dem convention with a cut and bruise on his face. This was filmed as he was approaching the stage to announce what he was up to, and what we now know was his endorsement of Clinton. Speculation was that he was roughed up backstage. Oddly enough, the videos with closeup shots showing him with that cut are now nowhere to be found on AlphabetAgencyTube.

Posted by: William Gruff | Apr 14 2020 12:13 utc | 92

PJB @89

A social democrat will refuse to demand that General Motors make concessions to the workers unless General Motors is making solid profits. Extend the concept to the entire economy. Capitalism is in crisis. For a social democrat that means heavy demands are off the table until the crisis is resolved and capitalism returns to profitability. How could Sanders deliver on his promises even if he won? Better to just throw in the towel, at least from a social democrat perspective.

"Something is seriously sick about the DNC and it’s collusion with the media."

Indeed, but there is more to it. The mass media isn't so much colluding with the Dems as the media has been largely taken over by a criminal gang (Operation Mockingbird), and the same gang has taken over the Democrat party. Instructions to both the mass media and the Dems are coming from the same folks, so it looks like collusion, but actual direct connections between the two will not be so conspicuous.

Posted by: William Gruff | Apr 14 2020 12:32 utc | 93

What is interesting is the possibility that Michelle Obama will be his running mate, I have been getting emails from the Dems asking me what I think about her as a candidate for VP...wonder if that was the plan all along?
So Biden is elected, has a light lunch, resigns, she takes over?

Posted by: frances | Apr 13 2020 19:24 utc | 13

this would not surprise me one little bit. Saint Obama continues to rule form behind Michelle and Joe. And maybe just behind Michelle, as Joe resigns for health reasons. Plenty of people will go for this (I am not one of them). I would actually prefer voting for Trump to playing the sucker to such a deal.

As for Bernie, one is left gasping, searching for words. Does anyone think he can "lead," or "deliver," his supporters into the Biden camp come November? That is a genuine question, not rhetorical. I did support Bernie, not particularly actively or enthusiastically, because he fell for or pretended to believe the Russiagate hoax (was that an early entry fee for him?), but I certainly won't "follow" him anywhere.

Posted by: Really?? | Apr 14 2020 12:45 utc | 94

> Posted by: William Gruff | Apr 14 2020 11:41 utc | 87

> Because Sanders' campaign in the US has changed the game....

Exactly! I watched many of the rallies online in realtime and those young activist participants will shift their efforts down-ticket to races for council, mayor, congressional house seats, etc. Bernie stressed "Not me. Us." And those words drew some of the loudest cheers at all the rallies. The rallies also gave a huge platform for other local and regional progressives and radicals to speak to a crowd and hone their craft.

The speed with which the DNC (and Obama pushing from outside) forced a consolidation of delegates around Biden when Sanders looked to be running away with nomination is vivid proof of their alarm at his game changing movement. Sanders stressed he was suspending his campaign (he couldn't do otherwise with the virus lockdown anyway, you can't go door-knocking, and that was some of the most successful outreach since canvassers could test and refine their message as indicated by feedback). But he also stressed that the movement building would continue. It will continue online with bloggers and independent media sources. This caravan is a beginning, not an ending.

Posted by: Deskscape | Apr 14 2020 12:54 utc | 95

Deskscape @93

Precisely, and it is that game-changing nature of Sanders' campaign that is all the proof you need that he wasn't running as an establishment stooge. The whole point of neoliberal democracy as it is set up in the US is to get the voters to hang all of their aspirations on the candidate. "Not me. Us" subverts that whole effort by the establishment to turn the population into passive observers of the political process. What possible rationalization can there be for the establishment to use one of their own tools to undermine themselves that way?

Posted by: William Gruff | Apr 14 2020 13:18 utc | 96

People expecting any president to change anything are sadly deluded.

Remember Hope and Change? How many bought into that only to end up with mandatory payoffs to the health insurance cartels, huge subsidies to Wall St. after they crashed the economy, military malfeasance across the globe, i.e. business as usual.

The throne is occupied by a puppet. The puppet masters pull the strings from off stage. You can’t get the job - or even be in the game - if you are not a willing puppet. This explains the establishment's reaction to Trump, who was (from their point of view) inexplicably elected.

We've come a long way from “Ask not what this country can do for you ...”.

Posted by: Noah Way | Apr 14 2020 14:11 utc | 97

Any chance the plan is for Biden to drop out.. l

Posted by: snake | Apr 14 2020 14:19 utc | 98

Berned Out Bernie.

Just Retire.

Posted by: IronForge | Apr 14 2020 14:34 utc | 99

Dream ticket for the Dems would be Rod Blagojevich together with Andrew Gillum. When the chips are down and the country is circling the drain what could be more uplifting than an Elvis impersonator? Any legislative agenda at all could be passed as closeted Republicans would be standing in line for a chance with Gillum.

Twenty years ago the ticket should have been Cher and Little Richard. But Richard is now 87. Well, who knows, why not?

Posted by: oldhippie | Apr 14 2020 14:44 utc | 100

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