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April 26, 2020

The MoA Week In Review - Open Thread 2020-33

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Turkey is finally starting to clear the M4 highway as it was supposed to do for the last two years:
Tension on M4 evolves to fierce clashes between Turkish forces and protesters leaving four dead - SOHR:

> These developments comes in the wake of the escalating tension between Turkish forces on one hand and fighters of jihadi factions led by Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham.

SOHR sources have confirmed that exchange of fire with heavy machineguns erupted between both sides, along with shells hitting Turkish posts nearby Al-Nayrab. Meanwhile, Turkish reconnaissance drones were monitored flying over the area. <


The Southern Transitional Council (STC) confirms its coup against the government of #Yemen by announcing its autonomy and right of self-government over the South. Riyadh agreement, came to an official end.
Week 2 of #Yemen ceasefire: @YemenData recorded at least 34 air raids with up to 164 individual airstrikes - up by almost a third on ceasefire week 1. Air raids in Marib governorate reached a near three-year high.

Hong Kong:

Cleaning up the U.S. sponsored inciters of riots:
Media tycoon Jimmy Lai among 14 from Hong Kong opposition camp arrested over unlawful protests - SCMP

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- Some reports suggest that Kim Jong Un died saturday after heart surgery ???

Posted by: Willy2 | Apr 27 2020 17:24 utc | 101

I just listened to a program explaining that Sweden's has a density of population which is 1/10 that of France; and that their borders to the outside world goes through three countries, the main one being Denmark, which all had early lockdown. That helps. Also, that they are not an intl hub as NY of France which is crossed by hundreds of trucks going N/S and S/N.

Posted by: Mina | Apr 27 2020 17:29 utc | 102

Nemesiscalling 96

Actually, reopening the economy isn't the first thing I think of. I've never made any secret of my position that the modern economic arrangement is humanly and ecologically destructive and neither sustainable nor desirable. But I do empathize with all whose position is made precarious or impossible by the lockdown. Just as I suspect a strong correlation between support for the lockdowns and one's having the luxury of not feeling great financial or social worries.

As for the often expressed hope that this mass experience will bring a sea change and cause people to abjure much of their materialism and grinderism and willingness to submit to the employment model, I'm a pessimist about that. Nor, as I said above, do I see how there can be any kind of political or cultural coming-together when everyone implicitly accepts the notion that all other human beings must be physically shunned.

As I've been saying, my main oppositions are against the escalating police state, the escalating Wall Street plunder and indenture campaign. and against the elemental social and psychological destruction entailed by using force to turn a naturally social creature into a radically anti-social creature. That's always been the goal of technocracy, and we see how misanthropic technocrats think this is their great opportunity to destroy all shared humanity forever. Maybe they won't get close to this goal, maybe you're right and the people will suddenly snap out of this and insist on going back to the prior normal (which certainly wasn't good but was paradise compared to this solitary-confinement concentration camp world), but there's no denying the radical anti-human totalitarian intent of Bill Gates and all who share his ideology.

As for the parks, I personally haven't missed a day of hiking, but then I'm more knowledgeable and highly motivated than the general public to find the lesser-known places that are still open. There too I empathize with everyone who feels they've lost any way to get outdoors where they sense they need to be. And I greatly miss the group hikes which have been a core part of my life. Some of us get together on our own, but it's not the same shared community spirit. Same for the community food movement in which I've been active for ten years, and which depends heavily on face-to-face community.

In all of this I oppose this forced destruction of all our work to rebuild community. And I do think that's part of the goal of the terror.

Last but not least, you're blessed and very lucky to be sharing this with loved ones. Many of us haven't been so lucky. I've been meaning to ask the lockdownists, is it their resolve that only those who were lucky enough to already have close personal relationships which can be "grandfathered in" should ever be allowed to enjoy close human companionship again? Only they are to be allowed to procreate going forward? While those of us not so lucky (in my case, I was just getting back into dating after a very bad breakup when this terror campaign began) are supposed to sacrifice the rest of our ability ever to live again, all hope ever of finding shared personal happiness, because they've surrendered to insane fear? Is that their resolve? So there's my most personal motivation, though there too I'm sure there's large numbers feeling the same. That's one evil of the lockdown I haven't seen anyone talk about. There too I assume a strong correlation between support for the lockdown and being content with one's personal life.

And to repeat, I say all this within the context of the conviction that the danger of the epidemic for the general population is grossly exaggerated, the whole concept of the lockdown is all wrong from a public health perspective, that the sane thing would be to protect the vulnerable, not vainly try to constrain the entire population, and that anyway the bug is already out there, ubiquitous, and there's nothing governments (least of all the US government) can do to prevent it from cycling until herd immunity is attained. So forcible rigid attempts to prevent the inevitable can only drag out the process, doing more harm, while adding the long list of gratuitous evils inherent to the lockdown itself.

Posted by: Russ | Apr 27 2020 17:35 utc | 103

Posted by: vk | Apr 27 2020 11:42 utc | 81

Yup, its a bizarre world we live in when Americans still believe Japan is some a super high-tech country while mainland Chinese on the other hand find it unexpectedly backward upon visiting.

Posted by: JW | Apr 27 2020 17:39 utc | 104

Richard Wolff goes off on the "Capitalist Absurdities" created during the crisis as well as the pre-existing condition known as "normal." As you'll see as you read his rant, his conception of Socialism begins with a democratic workplace. IMO, there's great merit in such a system. I do enjoy his style.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 27 2020 17:57 utc | 105

karlof1 @ 53

Randy Wray is a big fan of Minsky and brings him up in this 6 minute video talking about what led up to the 2008 financial crisis

Posted by: financial matters | Apr 27 2020 18:02 utc | 106

karlof1 @ 100, thank you. Both your links were well worth reading, especially as no interrupting ads or distracting obstructions made it possible to do so. I'll just highly recommend the Crooke article for its historical references and suggestion of hopeful outcome. I was much reminded of the Oedipus cycle which focuses on plague in Thebes as the pivotal point of ultimate pressure - that last grain of sand, so to speak. History doesn't repeat, fortunately, but it does rhyme! And knowledge is indeed power.

Posted by: juliania | Apr 27 2020 18:02 utc | 107


you echo my sentiments quite closely, thank you for your commentary.

today in Montana we are supposedly phasing in a gradual reopening, but the Governor dodged making a decision about schools, punting the decision to school boards.

the fear campaign worked very well. I am the only one supporting sending my youngest back to preschool. I guess we need to traumatize our children just a little bit more before they're allowed some non-familial human contact.

we let my oldest go on a bike ride with his friend and now my wife feels guilty and doesn't want to tell my parents.

I don't think people are going to break the spell on this one.

Posted by: lizard | Apr 27 2020 18:17 utc | 108

@ 103 russ.. good comments.. thanks..

Posted by: james | Apr 27 2020 18:59 utc | 109

@juliana #95
I would note that it isn't mutually exclusive: that nCOV is a serious disease and that various factions - US government, private industry, whatever - are seeking to use nCOV to get what they want (money, power etc).
The part which I personally think requires a lot more evidence is that the US government's (and I mean both federal/Trump and state) shambolic response is anything but normal.
There are numerous instances where both short and long term failures in crisis management have occurred in the US - ranging from the ongoing New York train tunnels to Katrina to Puerto Rico. Given this, it seems to be that the burden of proof rests on those who assert that this is all part of some nefarious plan, as opposed to 52 card pickup once the deck has been dropped.

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 27 2020 19:16 utc | 110

c1ue at 61, i will have to look into it more thx for links .. etc.

likely no conclusion can be drawn right now. the point of my rant was gvmts. and scientific advisors pontificate about co-morbidities being ‘neg’ for individual survival (which they are of course, apparently particularly, obesity) BUT this explains nothing about the functioning of the virus and what to do. It is the same old, same old: blacks, minorities, fat ppl, poor ppl, older ppl, etc. are more ‘susceptible,’ or die in greater numbers (lack of health care, money to pay for it, fear of getting into the health system, etc.) all of which doesn’t really inform about the cellular mechanisms.

Diabetes serious impact, child mortality, media age of death (about 10 - 15 years diff in UK between your tofs and mopes) follow a similar pattern in the US and other places...

Posted by: Noirette | Apr 27 2020 19:23 utc | 111

juliania @107 & financial matters @106--

Thanks for your replies! There're plenty of happenings, writings and videos to keep a person very busy if that's the desire--those expressing boredom are actually confessing laziness. As April concludes, we'll soon be treated to the latest economic stats. Here's part of what the owner of Shadowstats had to say today:

"PENDING PANDEMIC AND OIL-PRICE IMPACT: Initial Contraction in First-Quarter 2020 GDP Likely Will Be Deeper Than the 3.5% (-3.5%) Consensus / ShadowStats Forecasts an Annualized 1q2020 GDP Drop of 7.1% (-7.1%), Deepest Since Great Recession Depths; Second-Quarter GDP Likely the Deepest Drop Since the Great Depression, If Not Worse / Headline April 2020 Unemployment Should Soar to About 21%, Worst Since Great Depression."

A U6 unemployment of 21% would send actual unemployment as tracked by Shadowstats to close to 40% and overall GDP shrinkage may go beyond 10% annualized. Real per capita GDP may fall below that of 1970, which will cause a fiscal crisis in every state as they fall way short of projected revenues. There's already a caustic debate happening between states and the Treasury and State Departments about bailing them out instead of the Money Power. Talk of Secession and Nullification are becoming louder rekindling arguments never really solved from the 1820s&30s. Try as they might, Trump and Pompeo's campaign to blame it all on China will fail as the economic problems have remained since 2008-9, statistical trickery notwithstanding. One thing's already certain: This election year will be like no other.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 27 2020 19:25 utc | 112

@Mina #102
All true, but again, not clear where density ranks in the grand scheme of nCOV impact.
Just for grins - I did a quick experiment on US states. Specifically I compared the absolute ranking of each state in terms of density vs. its ranking in nCOV mortality per unit population:
US state density vs. nCOV mortality

The top 12 states in terms of nCOV mortality - almost all of them are roughly also the densest states.

DC is the densest and is #7 in nCOV mortality.
New Jersey is #2 in both.
New York is #1 in mortality and #10 in density.

The major outliers in the top 12 nCOV mortality is Louisiana (due to Mardi Gras) and Michigan (?).

Other outliers: Washington state: +14 nCOV mortality vs. density - but of course Washington state is where nCOV kicked off in the US.

The 3 island territories and Hawaii are all hugely below their density rankings - that's clearly a case of isolation working.

Excluding those 4, the average state is +3 places in nCOV mortality vs. density.

The top 12 nCOV mortality average average +5 places in nCOV mortality vs. density.

This certainly doesn't prove anything, but is interesting.

This certainly doesn't prove anything, but is interesting.

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 27 2020 19:29 utc | 113

Russ @Apr27 17:35:

So forcible rigid attempts to prevent the inevitable can only drag out the process ...

Everyone's getting the virus is not inevitable. Mass infection is being forced upon us because:
  • Western governments failed to act swiftly despite the expectation that the new virus would become a pandemic.
  • Western governments have failed to change their strategy as technology to fight the virus becomes available.
  • Western governments (especially USA, no surprise) have failed to properly provide for the poor and working poor. These people are forced to demand a lifting of lock-downs in order to survive financially.

No one who is sane wants to get this virus. Even for younger people, who chance of dying is less, it can be a nasty ride (much worse than a what is experienced by flu sufferers) and it can have long-term affects (we already know that some will get 'lung scarring'). And we are still learning about the virus so there could be unexpected problems: HPV (human papillomavirus) can cause cancers years later; SARS caused Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in about 3/4's of those who recovered.

AFAICT, the libertarian complaint about lock-downs has little to do with government failure and corruption (stealth bailouts and profiteering) and everything to do with "freedom" for wage slaves and their profit-minded masters.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 27 2020 19:33 utc | 114

My expectation is this:

  • Most States will open in May with precautions that are little more than voluntary use of masks and social distancing - compliance with such inconveniences will probably fall off quickly;
  • There will be a resurgence in the virus, and a second and maybe a third wave;
  • Despite resurgence/waves, no State will ever do another lock-down - the only shot at containing/ending the virus in the West will have passed;
  • We will learn the full dangers and impact of the virus only after it has run its course;
  • Heck of a job, Brownie! As usual, no one in government or public health will be held accountable for the obvious failures. All blame will be directed at China.

<> <> <> <> <>

Libertarians have proven to be good foot-soldiers for the establishment. Shielding the political establishment from rebuke as they cry out for freedumb. And we can expect them to be silent as China is blamed for the whole mess.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 27 2020 19:56 utc | 115

@103 Russ

I can definitely reiterate that I have enjoyed your posts in the past, Russ. You are always well-thought, eloquent, and a joy to read.

I suppose with my comment directed at you, at bottom it could be construed as an appeal to a silver-lining which you often seem to dismiss outright, whether now in your posts about the lockdown or before with your posts about the ravaging of our natural world.

Let me first address your concerns:

Regarding the further encroachment of a police state, I have seen very little of this, if any, especially with my location being in a "hot zone." What I have seen is people calmly and peacefully respecting their governor's order to remain at home if their job is deemed inappropriate. So I am not sure what you envision when you write "Police State." At most I have seen more speed traps along the freeways because they have opened up considerably and the devil may cares among us take racing to be fun.

As other posters have mentioned, I am seeing a veneration of health care workers akin to the worship of our military shortly after 9/11. "Heroes" signs in front of hospitals, etc. I will say that my bi-monthly infusion of medication done at a clinic is necessary and I do appreciate the ladies who are staffed and provide this care. As for hospitals, we only get what they tell us so I am in the dark as are most.

Your other point that the lockdown affects lower-incomes more, I would say yes but with a caveat. We have been warned by our friends, family, and yes, government, since teenagers growing into the adult world, that we should have a rainy-day fund. That is not even to say that in times like this you will need it, as the federal government has allotted an extra $600.00 on top of what the state will pay you for your unemployment. There are those that are still waiting for these checks because of clerical stalls, but that does not mean that they will not in the end receive every cent they are owed. And landlords are obviously trying to work with their tenants, as well, not wanting to see a mass eviction event which will set them back a considerable amount of time, paperwork, and a chunk of change.

Yes, jobs are going to be lost or not refilled immediately after the lifting. People are entering early retirement, people are leaving their jobs for reasons I laid out in my prior post, and people will get screwed. Best learn to keep a support network around you and have that in place before your nest is exposed.

Consider it a stress-test: those who are more negatively impacted will get to taste the more bitter fruits of a more controlled economy which will give them and us a better idea of what further centralized control may look like. There are even those in the lower-rungs who are getting more during their time of unemployment than when they were getting a paycheck. Whether this be a good thing or not, at least temporarily the government is providing a more cushioned safety net which is what most of us I believe would advocate for here.

Regarding social distancing and those without immediate family or company in their midst during this time, I am sorry. It will be over soon. I lived alone as a bachelor for some years and I took the opportunity to hone my self-reliance and good habits. Is there nothing you could do to distract your lonely heart in the meantime?

My wife and I have been watching daily mass on youtube and often the Bishop's Prayers of Intention focuses on those affected by this virus and the lockdown. You are right that some are affected negatively more than others. We send them a prayer for relief.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Apr 27 2020 20:26 utc | 116

@114 jackrabbit.. this is what i have to say about comment here - "AFAICT, the libertarian complaint about lock-downs has little to do with government failure and corruption (stealth bailouts and profiteering) and everything to do with "freedom" for wage slaves and their profit-minded masters." to this -

"the libertarian complaint about lock-downs has little to do with government failure and corruption." it seems to form a small part..

the part about stealth bailouts and profiteering is also a factor for some of these same people... i doubt these people would want to be characterized has having this as "everything to do with "freedom" for wage slaves and their profit-minded masters." but i imagine there are many who are naturally anxious about the loss of revenue who rely on money to pay bills... so, there are many different factors going in peoples response to this and many of them are valid for different reasons...

i think the biggest thing for me is trying to protect the vulnerable people in a broken system and that is what it mostly looks like to me - a broken system... there will be causalities in a system of this nature, regardless of the good intentions of many...

Posted by: james | Apr 27 2020 20:29 utc | 117

Yes indeed, c1ue @ 110 , the examples you quote do present themselves as part of the 'new normal' which in terms of what responses government could give and did give prior to are not normal at all. They are only normal for those who don't remember how the government responded when corporations weren't people and monopolies were bad, and you didn't have to be richer than Croesus to run for office, nor jump through hoops to get on the ballot nor submit to the (yes) nefarious schemes of the two main parties to do so. I could go on. Maybe no one official could be described as nefarious, but these days they are all greedy. And only the greedy rise to the top. Only the greedy can. It is most disheartening.

There has come to be in place an un-American system. There has come to be in place a vast chasm between the wealthy and uber wealthy and the not so well off in this country. There has come to be in place an oligarchy which cares not one whit for the disenfranchised. Certainly we need to be able to work for a living wage, and Russ needs to be able to court his new lady. (Absence makes the heart grow fonder, Russ!)

I don't expect Shangri-La and unicorns. Reinstatement of government regulation Russian style would be nice. I do believe they have shown it can be done. As has China in its care for so many millions of its citizens. Different strokes for different folks but I believe we can do it in the US also.

Posted by: juliania | Apr 27 2020 21:14 utc | 118

karlof1 #100

Thank you for those links. The Global Times editorial was sharp. Will enjoy Alistair Crooke as directed, with fresh coffee.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 27 2020 21:28 utc | 119

james @Apr27 20:29

Yeah, you're right. My exaggeration is due to the frustration of yet another failure to hold Western governments accountable (esp. USA).


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 27 2020 21:31 utc | 120

Bernie Sanders made a colossal mistake suspending his campaign! Now more proof is coming out that Joe Biden sexually assaulted Tara Reade and New York State illegally cancelled the N.Y. primary!

Al Franken was forced out of the Senate over much less.

Bernie's campaign is livid over N.Y.'s primary cancellation stating Bernie did not drop out but suspended. Okay, great, but why tf did he endorse Biden???

Bernie Sanders

I've had it with the DNC and their scam-job nominee election and Covid and people milking the system while others suffer, risk their lives and pay the biggest price!

There is more evil in this world than one can stomach and unfortunately the virus is not targeting the opposite!

Posted by: Circe | Apr 27 2020 21:44 utc | 121

I meant to write the virus is targeting the opposite.

Posted by: Circe | Apr 27 2020 21:47 utc | 122

Beijing lauds socialism as healthcare system covers COVID-19 treatment

Chinese authorities on Monday praised the country's socialist system by highlighting the timely measures taken to cover the medical fees of COVID-19 patients.

The decision was made in late January at a time when infections were climbing in the country in order to guarantee "timely and thorough treatment" to the patients. Expenses incurred from drugs and medical services related to the coronavirus treatment were completely covered by the country's medical insurance funds.

"This shows the advantage of our socialist system," authorities said in a meeting on deepening reforms on all fronts, including the public health sector.

Posted by: vk | Apr 27 2020 21:57 utc | 123

In Pepe Escobar's latest, he highlights the recent work of Kishore Mahbubani, Has China Won? The Chinese Challenge to American Primacy, which prompted my curiosity. Mahbubani has Twitter and has linked to other written pieces related to his book, this promo in the Economist being but one listed (I must note that several unfortunately are behind paywalls). Mahbubani is certain the pandemic will be seen as the beginning of the Asian Century as he declared at the beginning of his promo. What follows is the meat proving his assertion:

"The crisis highlights the contrast between the competent responses of East Asian governments (notably China, South Korea and Singapore) and the incompetent responses of Western governments (such as Italy, Spain, France, Britain and America). The far lower death rates suffered by East Asian countries is a lesson to all. They reflect not just medical capabilities, but also the quality of governance and the cultural confidence of their societies.

"What has shocked many in Asia is the reluctance of some Western governments to allow science—and basic epidemiological modeling—to determine the policy responses. After its initial missteps in Wuhan (which were clearly disastrous), China firmly deployed good science and robust public policy measures to break the back of the problem. It responsibly released the genetic data as soon as Chinese scientists sequenced the genome of the virus on January 12th.

"A half century ago, had a similar global pandemic broken out, the West would have handled it well and the developing countries of East Asia would have suffered. Today the quality of governance in East Asia sets the global standard. The leaders who turned their countries around, such as Deng Xiaoping in China and Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore, planted the seeds of knowledge, internationalism and order in their societies. These have blossomed into a respect for science and technology, a culture of pragmatism, a willingness to learn best practices from around the world and a desire to catch up with the West. These went along with deep investments in critical public goods such as education, health care and the environment.

"The result is that the post-covid-19 world will be one in which other countries look to East Asia as a role model, not only for how to handle a pandemic but how to govern more generally." [My Emphasis]

Now we can understand why Pompeo recently blew a fuse and has gone ballistic in his lies about China--the American Century rendered asunder by its own incompetence to be replaced by Asians!! Oh that just won't fly! But it is and it will. But it wasn't just the utter ineptness of TrumpCo that brought forth the Outlaw US Empire's ousting from its perch, the history's long and sordid with Nixon, Reagan, and GHW Bush being major players who set the foundational policy for the Empire's rotting and subsequent fall from its tree. Could the rotting have been prevented? IMO, no as it was set in place back in the 19th Century. Hell, the Outlaw US Empire's fallen so far it can't even wage war to regain its position as it lacks the factories and work force--Nukes won't at all work in this situation--not to mention a competent military.

Perhaps for those of us stuck in side the rapidly falling Empire the greatest problem is the lack of any political discussion about the reality in which the nation's ensnared and that there's essentially zero leadership at the national level. That is, for those of us who give a damn and are informed.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 27 2020 22:11 utc | 124

Circe #121

There is more evil in this world than one can stomach and unfortunately the virus is targeting the opposite!

Biden is dead in the water. A dead man running. The USA must wait until Hillary Clinton selects her VP running mate and then Joe will withdraw (groping his way off stage). He has done an excellent performance in setting the stage for being unelectable and unfit to prosecute for his carpet bagging in Ukraine and China.

Thanks Bernie, great pied piper rendition there. At the very moment you would have broken through, you turned coat and fled leaving your supporters to eat sh!t.

Now Circe, who is going to be the third party candidate other than the Greens? Remember all bets are off for this election. That is a must have debate.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 27 2020 22:43 utc | 125

: karlof1 | Apr 27 2020 22:11 utc | 124 Yes, well said, I think...I am minded of "The Sand Pebbles" - the book, much less so the film, which film has merit but lacks the Truths of the book... It seems to me that the fake-ness of the occidental in juxtaposition with the Celestial Kingdom comes down to one moral matter - for whom does the State act? This was a point in the book...the show, the con, as opposed to reality and science.

Posted by: Walter | Apr 27 2020 22:49 utc | 126

uncle tungsten | Apr 27 2020 22:43 utc | 125 It is encouraging to imagine that there will be an election.

Posted by: Walter | Apr 27 2020 23:07 utc | 127

Walter #127

Yes, well my surmise is that there will be an election up to the point where a successful third party person of overwhelming integrity and believability looks set to win. Then there will be a 'change of atmosphere' and the election will be suspended, delayed, deferred... national interest, Russian meddling.. etc.

On the nature of the state and who's interests it might act for. My surmise is that the state ALWAYS acts in the interests of perpetuating the state and the people are secondary. The state is permanent and extends to the future centuries and it thinks in those terms. The people sustain the state for their limited lifetimes.

I don't feel good about that and there are alternatives that confer much goodness to the people in their lifetime BUT the state declines to see any wisdom in that political philosophy - it primarily confers goodness on those that share its vision. Usually they are oligarchs and the generalissimo and sometimes the priesthood.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 27 2020 23:35 utc | 128

Maximilian Forte at Zero Anthropology has a contribution to the changes in the world arising from virus pandemic. First of five part writings. Good read.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 27 2020 23:54 utc | 129

As one American icon after another is consumed by flames and as each institution ritualizes and creases to function we may expect as you do... I pointed out previously the Tolstoy bit...what he left out. And I see rt seems to expect things to start wagging the pup with Iran.

I see Texas and California making signals to Mr Ivan and Mr Chin...

Meantime, the purple plague flash gordon....skip to + 5 or so, good quality yt Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe - Chapter 1 | Demented Features™

Great soft porn and yellow peril grey propaganda....

Posted by: Walter | Apr 27 2020 23:57 utc | 130

Walter & uncle tungsten--

Who might be that "successful third party person of overwhelming integrity …?" I see none currently other than perhaps Cuomo who might be able to overcome a BigLie Media blackout to which all 3rd party candidate are subjected. Anybody attempting to tell the people the truth is going to be ostracized. Sanders told partial truths and look how he was treated. Who in their right mind would want to captain a visibly sinking ship of state aside from those already at the helm? Greider asked Who Will Tell the People 28 years ago, and he's now dead. Others continue telling the people but not enough are listening. And there's nobody within the Duopoly with any integrity which is why they're in the Duopoly. AOC's too young. Jeff Merkley would rather remain a Senator. Not much of a listing. Hudson's too old and would rather be Treasury Secretary. As I said, there's no genuine national leadership worthy of that description, which is also a political crisis of sorts. I'm sure there're plenty of ambitious people of the very sort that got us where we are now, and we don't need anymore of them. A rather damning state if you ask me, with no ready solution in sight. Gavin Newsom? He hasn't impressed at all. Beyond sad--pathetic!!!

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 28 2020 0:09 utc | 131

uncle tungsten @125

You accuse Sanders of being a "great pied piper", but how is that working out? Despite Sanders massive popularity, his endorsement of Creepy Joe hasn't moved the needle on Gropin` Biden's polling even a hair. You attack Circe, but she obviously isn't voting for him. You can extrapolate that to all of the other Bernie Brothers and Sisters. If Sanders' campaign was some sort of covert plot to steer voters into supporting some feces pile like Biden, then is didn't work. On the contrary, Biden's popularity is less now than it would have been if Sanders hadn't run at all. If the Dim-o-crats recruited Sanders to sheepdog for them, then they are dumber and more incompetent than even I claim. If that is your point then I won't debate it as it is certainly possible that the `Crats are even more brain dead than I posit (though how they would continue to breathe unassisted if that were the case is beyond me).

You can piss and moan about how people are not instantly figuring out how they are being scammed, but Circe is living proof that Americans ARE figuring it out, and millions of them at that.

We are cursed, uncle tungsten. We are "living in interesting times". That is a polite way of saying that we are in deep shit. Lots of things are happening, and most of those things are bad, but there is always a form of balance, even if we cannot see it right away. While we are confronted with quantitative change for the worse in the form of a tsunami of shitty deals, there is a qualitative change for the better brewing below the surface. Which will win out is still up in that air. I am personally betting on a new Dark Ages, but that is not decided yet.

It is tough to be philosophical about circumstances when you are in the middle of the maelstrom, but those are the times when philosophy is most productive.

Posted by: William R Henry | Apr 28 2020 0:14 utc | 132

: karlof1 | Apr 28 2020 0:09 utc | 131 Time, my brother, is a one way function. It's not a retrievable matter. In this, I believe, you hope that America can be restored, saved, conserved and resurrected whole and healthy...something along such lines. We have seen one leader after another shot dead in cruel public displays - Pepper tells us that they shot Martin in the mouth, and murdered him in the ER.

There will be no unifying figure. It's coyote looking down...

I wish I thought the good could be saved... Alas, Lincoln's armistice and federal achievement is become undone due to moral decay and the influence of "fissures" the singularities and exceptions when do not scale well to imperial vista. Indeed, one can trace the sultler's fortunes made in the civil war to the corrupt criminal organizations running thing now...

Hawaii...California, Alaska, the entire west coast... the gravity is obviously to Asia.

Tulsi gave it up 'cause she's gunna be the el commandante of Hawaii...waitan see. (actually that's my bet)

It's MacBeth's undoing...fated, glacial, stupid, futile.

Posted by: Walter | Apr 28 2020 0:25 utc | 133

Anti-intellectualism impedes US COVID-19 fight

The US is the world's largest economy, and it is strong and powerful in pharmaceutical and technologic sectors. There should not have been so many infections, so many deaths, nor such a massive economic and social impact, but all have become the truth and will continue. This is a tragedy for the US.

The irony...


China needs to prepare for risks from Russia’s grain export ban

When the global market is unable to provide sufficient supplies, China will have to rely more on its domestic agricultural industry. There is no denying there may be supply shortages for certain agricultural products, which will not pose a direct threat to food security but are bound to affect production of certain agricultural products like pork and processed food, at least in the short term.

Nonetheless, we cannot blame Russia or any other country for failing to sell what we want. Prioritizing domestic needs is always understandable, especially as the pandemic has rocked global industrial chains.

What a difference. You would never see the USG make such a reasonable and rational statement.

Posted by: vk | Apr 28 2020 0:49 utc | 134

DailyKos, I hope the whole truth comes out about what Biden did to Tara Reade and you all end up with egg smeared on your faces.

Posted by: Circe | Apr 28 2020 0:50 utc | 135

Walter @133--

Well not so much "restored, saved, conserved and resurrected whole and healthy...something along such lines." I've long advocated for alterations to the basic fabric which imply the word--reform--and process--reformation--that would seem somewhat radical to some and enacting justice to others. Most important within it all is one huge central fact--what most people know and were taught about the most important aspects of the USA are false or at very best misleading. There was once a time when hiding history was extremely difficult but was managed and people indoctrinated, the Abrahamic Religions being the best example. Plagues were often helpful in that they were revelatory, just as now. Someone wrote a song lyric--"Living a life of illusion." And others echoed it.

But now it's time to go and spend time with the wife and cease writing for the day. Will the continental empire break up into geographical pieces? Perhaps, but I don't see a soul advocating for that as a solution.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 28 2020 0:53 utc | 136

Posted by: vk | Apr 27 2020 21:57 utc | 123

COVID will stop healthcare privatization in China dead in its tracks, or at the very least be regarded with a lot more suspicion. That alone changes COVID from a disaster to a massive boon for China in my books.

Posted by: JW | Apr 28 2020 1:25 utc | 137

William R Henry #132

I did not attack Circe. I respect Circe. I posed a question - who will run? Perhaps I can paraphrase it - who will come from outside the Demcrazis and Repugnants with integrity and capacity to lead?

I am not in the business here of attacking Circe. I (like Circe) trusted that Bernie Sanders could carry through to the end but he ran out of integrity and failed to reciprocate the trust that millions invested in him. He did that at their greatest hour of need.

So tell me WRH who will lead from a third party source? who could that independent changemaker be?

The flim flam whimps like AOC sure wont be rebelling anytime soo but she is a democrazi. WHO from outside that gang could take up the Independent mantle and will the Bernie campaign team get behind them? I doubt that but would be pleased to hear of it.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 28 2020 3:28 utc | 138

It's MacBeth's undoing...fated, glacial, stupid, futile.

Walter #133 in response to karlof1 #131

Sure is. Still I expect there will be many in the USA looking to challenge this madness right now. The people of the USA are strong spirited and never easily cowed by their corrupt political forces. Yes I know the corrupt political forces kill and maim but I expect this election will see some mighty unexpected turns between now and the final vote being cast.

karlof1, I don't see Cuomo being a fit runner even though a month ago I thought he might be the one to shove Biden under a tank once or twice. No, Cuomo is bad meat and I can't see many dogs taking a bite. There is no shame for the Dems and not a great team to pick from as they are so dogmatically welded to the Clinton/Obummer fraudsters. In my worst hours I can see Hillary and some scabrous turd running.

I surmise a runner from outside the duopoly and boomer brigade will arise. Call me optimist.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 28 2020 3:47 utc | 139

Below is a Xinhuanet posting showing China using strong words about the US propaganda efforts

BEIJING, April 27 (Xinhua) -- China on Monday called on the United States to respond to in a timely manner the concerns of its people and the international community on fighting COVID-19.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang made the remarks when asked to comment on the fact that more people in the United States were casting doubts on the U.S. government's response to the pandemic.

"Many in the United States have been questioning and worrying whether the U.S. government has responded timely and effectively to the outbreak," Geng said at a press briefing.

"They wanted to get the facts straight: when did the first case occur in the United States? Is the U.S. government hiding something? Why is it so desperately seeking to pin the blame on other countries and international organizations?"

On April 4, the Washington Post published an article that gave a panoramic view of how and why the U.S. government handled the epidemic poorly at the early stage. On April 13 and 19 at the White House press briefings, CBS and CNN journalists questioned the delay in the U.S. government's response to COVID-19 when it already knew the potential risks of the global spread.

On April 14, The Atlantic said in an article that the main reason for the huge outbreak of cases in the U.S. was a lack of forceful government measures. On April 21, the Los Angeles Times reported that according to the autopsy results released by Santa Clara County health officials, the first death case from the novel coronavirus was actually on Feb. 6, almost one month early than the first known death declared by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Santa Clara officials also said that people in California might have been infected as early as last December.

"We hope the U.S. government can timely respond to the concerns of its own people and the international community. The World Health Organization may also be invited to help review this process," Geng said.

Noting that infectious diseases are the common enemy of all mankind, he said both the Chinese and U.S. people were victims, and only through solidarity and cooperation can the international community win the war against the virus.

"We hope the United States will adopt an open, transparent and responsible attitude, take effective measures to safeguard the life and health of its people, and work with the international community to safeguard global public health security," Geng said.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Apr 28 2020 3:58 utc | 140

Below is a short Reuters posting I wish to comment on
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday that China could have stopped the coronavirus before it swept the globe and said his administration was conducting “serious investigations” into what happened.

“We’re doing very serious investigations ... We are not happy with China,” Trump said at a White House news conference.

“We believe it could have been stopped at the source. It could have been stopped quickly and it wouldn’t have spread all over the world.”
Any MoA barflies agree with Trump?

Any MoA barflies think there might be some Hollywood projection going on by Trump here?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Apr 28 2020 4:47 utc | 141

Posted by: psychohistorian | Apr 28 2020 4:47 utc | 141

“We believe it could have been stopped at the source. It could have been stopped quickly and it wouldn’t have spread all over the world.”
Any MoA barflies agree with Trump?

Well, given the fact that most here still believe that even now it can be stopped short of cycling thruout the population, don't they have to agree at least in principle that it could have been stopped quickly in China, if that's where it arose in the first place? (Not that anyone knows for sure whether it did arise there.)

Posted by: Russ | Apr 28 2020 4:57 utc | 142

NemesisCalling | Apr 27 2020 20:26 utc | 116

Thanks for the good words, and I appreciate your comments as well.

Regarding the further encroachment of a police state, I have seen very little of this, if any, especially with my location being in a "hot zone." What I have seen is people calmly and peacefully respecting their governor's order to remain at home if their job is deemed inappropriate. So I am not sure what you envision when you write "Police State." At most I have seen more speed traps along the freeways because they have opened up considerably and the devil may cares among us take racing to be fun.

Where I am it's not deployed as much as elsewhere, but I've heard of US states with more oppressive regimes, while in Europe the reports from places like Britain, Germany and especially France already sound like a totalitarian nightmare. At any rate anything which contains even the potential for such escalation ought to be rejected by anyone who cares about human rights, civil liberties, human well-being. My long-time study of history convinced me a long time ago that literally nothing could possibly be worse than totalitarianism. Nothing. And therefore nothing could be worth running any significant risk in that direction.

Interesting about more speed traps. My impression here is that the cops have mostly disappeared from the highways, and yes more people do seem to be driving like maniacs. (That puts in perspective the selective character of people's fear of the bug. But then people have long been willing to take the great risks and dangers of The Car in stride, much greater risks and dangers than they tolerate in most other areas.)

As other posters have mentioned, I am seeing a veneration of health care workers akin to the worship of our military shortly after 9/11. "Heroes" signs in front of hospitals, etc. I will say that my bi-monthly infusion of medication done at a clinic is necessary and I do appreciate the ladies who are staffed and provide this care. As for hospitals, we only get what they tell us so I am in the dark as are most.

Since most here are content to dismiss the demonstrations by MAGA types on the grounds that they allegedly were astroturfed, reagardless of the underlying fears which motivated those people to demonstrate, I'll observe that the cult of veneration of health care workers also is a propaganda astroturf driven by the media, and while no doubt lots of people do feel real gratitude (once the media reminded them to feel that), that kind of cult also is a potential element of fascism. Of course that's far more obvious in the case of the worship of "the troops" and the police. (Some of the "thank you health care workers" paraphernalia people are displaying in their yards shows a badge with the slogan "Covid Warrior" on it. There's a deliberate melding of health care and police state imagery.)

Needless to say, any gratitude people ever felt hasn't been enough to motivate Americans to insist on real reform of the health insurance system and the way health care workers are paid.

Your other point that the lockdown affects lower-incomes more, I would say yes but with a caveat. We have been warned by our friends, family, and yes, government, since teenagers growing into the adult world, that we should have a rainy-day fund......

Yes, jobs are going to be lost or not refilled immediately after the lifting. People are entering early retirement, people are leaving their jobs for reasons I laid out in my prior post, and people will get screwed. Best learn to keep a support network around you and have that in place before your nest is exposed.

Many cannot afford that. And many, including those who have worked very hard to build support networks, have had those networks fail. Maybe that's different in other cultures, I don't know.

Posted by: Russ | Apr 28 2020 5:22 utc | 143

psychohistorian #141

I dont agree with Trump. Pig headed fool.

All Hollywood in EVERY sense of the word.

He probably even has Black Cube on the job right now. Certainly the western media is having an Institute For Statecraft episode right now! Across all five eyes nations and then some.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 28 2020 6:56 utc | 144

Even the NYT is running pieces telling people to go to the outdoors.

It’s a large class, and during the week’s upheaval, I wondered where they had gone: the students who came laughing into class together, or sat quietly in back; who shared stories of their own struggles with mental illness; who turned in recorded songs for their assignments; who introduced me to books I had never read. So instead of ending class altogether, I gave them one last assignment: Go outside and take a photo of the natural world we had talked about so often, and share it with others in the class...

Of course, access to green space is one of the many inequalities increasingly exposed by this epidemic...

The deadline was Friday; as I write this, the most recent photo to arrive was of a Muscovy duck swimming in Pastoral Pond Park, Montgomery County, Texas. At the end of the day, this is more than an exercise in finding connection during a time of struggle. As many have noted, the causes and effects of this virus are intimately related to the health of the natural world. Zoonotic diseases like Covid-19 may be linked to increasing deforestation and the sale of wild animals. Lungs and hearts damaged by atmospheric pollution are more susceptible to severe illness. And the woods and outdoor spaces are providing respite for the millions of people who can no longer go to school or work...

Posted by: Russ | Apr 28 2020 7:20 utc | 145

While in Linya
(interesting how the EU/US media have 'decided' to focus on the 'Nation' and leave the rest of the world outside Western 'consciousness' for now)

Posted by: Mina | Apr 28 2020 8:16 utc | 146

Washington Post,New York Times,The Nation,all toe the line that the DNC is setting in regards to the Tara Reade story about sexual harassment from Brainless Biden.However a lot of The Nation's readers announce not to renew subscription because of Joan Walsh's scandalous reporting.

Posted by: willie | Apr 28 2020 9:28 utc | 147

uncle tungsten | Apr 27 2020 23:35 utc | 128 (your 128) " surmise is that the state ALWAYS acts in the interests of perpetuating the state and the people are secondary. The state is p..."

I might quibble with the semantic values there, since it seems to me that States do self-destruct, and fairly often. Yet of course an Nth State ought to set self-preservation on the top line, the matter of how to achieve it calls for examination.

It seems to me that the effective strategy for an Nth State is almost always an indirect strategy (Liddell Hart comes to mind here).

By failing to place the benefit of the people first, I would propose, an Nth State tends to cause the people to despise the State. In Time, then, an iconoclastic destruction of custom and law creates the the at-first incipient "fissures" (Clapper) and then the major fission.

In the fission, naturally, the State favors the very corrupt factions which bring about it's destruction. Rather like a cancer, or a this there's a "beta" an amplification factor, sometime called a "k". If k>1 the State is in self-destruction mode. If circumstance are manipulated to reduce k such that k<1 stability tends to re-establish.

This, ahem, may be a clue to the process of ruination, which we often observe and discuss at the bar.

the not-hoax fubars unfolding before us now seem to offer k > 1. It's worthwhile to note that not only reality, but also, with latency, perceptions, affect the moment to moment value of k. Lincoln's dictum about fooling the people, and all of that.

Posted by: Walter | Apr 28 2020 9:54 utc | 148

NemesisCalling @ 116 says:

...Regarding the further encroachment of a police state, I have seen very little of this...

...My wife and I have been watching daily mass on youtube and often the Bishop's Prayers of Intention focuses on those affected by this virus and the lockdown...

a few days ago here in Italy(Cremona) the carabinieri(military police force) interrupted mass for some infraction regarding social distancing. the cop even wanted the priest to talk on the phone with the mayor during the mass, who refused. including the priest, there were something like fifteen people there and they were all fined. it's all in Italian, but it's pretty clear what's going on...

this is unprecedented.

Posted by: john | Apr 28 2020 10:01 utc | 149

Circe #135

DailyKos, I hope the whole truth comes out about what Biden did to Tara Reade and you all end up with egg smeared on your faces.

Biden is a dead groper Circe. Has been that way for decades - a purely evil sod. Tara Reade is a bold and brave warrior and I wish her well on this quest. This little Biden turd is disgusting and so too are ALL those who have endorsed him when they had no need to rush in with their breathless support. In their position they must have known. The Ukraine carpet bagging should have been enough to caution their silence, but no, they patted this turd on the back and said good fellow.


Biden is a dead man walking. They are likely pumping Hillary full of steroids right now to get her up to speed to insult us one more time. Come on third party where are you?

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 28 2020 10:40 utc | 150

"Come on third party where are you?"

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 28 2020 10:40 utc | 150

I know it sounds nutty, (and it is) to say that there are echos from the future to the now. The "third party" would be invited to attend, but may not be an individual, in reality of course the last (patched up) fission invited the English and the Russian "third parties"...

Thus, the echo I hear from the depths of fear in the shrill cries of "Russian influence" or Chinese influence", while essentially bald lies, also channel out to the light their unstated deepest fear of Justice that their own crimes invite..."third party" influence...even perhaps rule.

I would hope to keep at least some regional sovereignty, some vestigial customs and law...I am quite fond of Constitutional Law as opposed to a police state, ahemm.

But if Governor's of the West Coast can't preserve their States any other way, they'll make deals with China and Russia...that's where the cash is, that's where a contract is a deal. Naturally this sort of thing seems

On a lighter note, I think I heard there's a popular notion of doing a write-in vote for Comrade Putin...

Kinda a message of disapproval.

Posted by: Walter | Apr 28 2020 11:50 utc | 151

Finnish study on how local food won't work for most of the world Nature article source

Using an optimization model based on ‘foodsheds’ (that is, self-sufficient areas with internal dependencies), we calculate the potential minimum distance between food production and consumption for six crop types around the world. We show that only 11–28% of the global population can fulfil their demand for specific crops within a 100-km radius, with substantial variation between different regions and crops. For 26–64% of the population, that distance is greater than 1,000 km. Even if transnational foodsheds were in place, large parts of the globe would still depend on trade to feed themselves.

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 28 2020 13:22 utc | 152

uncle tungsten @Apr28 10:40: Come on third party where are you?

I'd vote for this guy: Ticked-off Vic.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 28 2020 13:29 utc | 153

Russ @Apr28 4:57

Well, given the fact that most here still believe that even now it can be stopped short of cycling thruout the population, don't they have to agree at least in principle that it could have been stopped quickly in China ...

I know you know better than this.

There are dozens of senior medical and public health officials in the West who's job involves knowing about new viruses, planning for outbreaks, etc.

Since it wasn't stopped HERE, and now we have to resort to 'hurd immunity' (effectively 'culling the hurd') will these people be fired and their cushy pensions revoked?

I'd let them keep their pensions if they testify against politicians aka "decision-makers".


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 28 2020 13:42 utc | 154

Covid19 RNA fragments can be detected in sewage even before the onset of symptoms!

Sewage surveillance? Coronavirus spread can be traced via wastewaters, scientists discover

Russia and China, which both face the threat of biological attacks by the USA, should try to develop early warning systems for monitoring the sewage systems of major cities.

For detecting new Covid19 outbreaks that can be done, and should be done anyway as a part of Covid-19 monitoring. But as a general indicator of a possible biological attack the problems are virtually insurmountable - firstly there is obviously a massive amount of background RNA/DNA in sewage; secondly any putative attack might be with any organism, not necessarily Covid-19, and with any novel mutation, so what to test for; thirdly whilst Covid19 sheds large volumes of virus in the excretions early in the infection, that will not be true of some other viruses. SARS, if I remember correctly, also had significant excretion from the intestinal tract but less than Covid19.

Maybe China and Russia could find a way to develop a useful early warning for limited classes of viral attacks. In any case they should (and almost certainly will) use this for monitoring new outbreaks of Covid-19. In doing so, maybe they can gain important insights that they can use to try to develop more general tests, despite the huge difficulties. Certainly they can check for Covid-19, they can check for corona viruses in general. The next, more difficult step will be to try to eliminate common known viruses (but that is not so easy as it might appear as most of the RNA will be fragments, and amongst massive background noise). Maybe they can find some sensitive way of detecting changes in the balance of RNA fragments. If any country in the world can do it, it will be China or Russia.

Posted by: BM | Apr 28 2020 14:39 utc | 155

"All churches are illuminated by gaslight..." (it's a trick statement, quiz Friday, or write an essay in lieu.
Posted by: Walter | Apr 27 2020 12:38 utc | 83

"Popular beliefs are induced and guided by gaslighting and propaganda" - well matched to the current situation, Walter.

Posted by: BM | Apr 28 2020 14:45 utc | 156

Amongst the scarcity of news coming from DPRK, inteview by Koldo Salazar with Alejandro Cao de Benós, Special Delegate -Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries-

Alejandro Cao de Benós: "No one in the world will dare or really have an interest in destroying North Korea if it is not the United States"

In Spanish.

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Apr 28 2020 14:45 utc | 157

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 27 2020 17:04 utc | 100
Thanks for the link karlof1.

It reminds me of a poem by great Persian poet Saadi hung at UN entrance. UN motto?
More than ever, now, I am my brothers keeper.


The sons of Adam are limbs of each other, Having been created of one essence.
When the calamity of time affects one limb The other limbs cannot remain at rest.
If thou hast no sympathy for the troubles of others
Thou art unworthy to be called by the name of a human.


writing in Persian:
Bani aadam aazaye yek digarand
ke dar aafarinesh ze yek gooharand

cho ozvi be dard aavarad roozegaar
degar ozvhaa raa namaanad gharaar

to kaz mehnate digaraan bi ghami
nashaayad ke naamat nahand aadami

Posted by: Sakineh Bagoom | Apr 28 2020 15:32 utc | 158

Walter @ 151, I went seeking your 'third party' down under, as I wanted to find out the reaction there to b's latest post on the Iran nuclear deal.

Admittedly I have few venues - looked at NZ Herald first, nothing I could see there. The site has gone completely elitist, with requirements to view their 'premium' articles that are totally offensive. (Long ago it was the best source of news available online, as it posted articles from other venues all around the world, hardly any videos but great reading. How the mighty have fallen.)

Five Eyes they are and have always trended at the Herald, most definitely. They can't wait for the lifting of the lockdown to provide an Achilles heel for Labour in an election year.

So, on to the Otago Daily Times - a staid southern publication. Nothing there on Iran either, but at least all they have is accessible.

And finally a previous go-to, but I've avoided recently as extremely pro-new Labour government. I had a surprise there with the posting of this editorial:


(I have no success using the A HREF - seems my computer can't lock in. But even just going to the first link you will see the current editorial I have listed here. And do scroll down for comments) NZ having just lifted lockdown, and of course coming into the winter, bears watching. (And again no mention of the Iran ploy, hence I am posting this here.)

Posted by: juliania | Apr 28 2020 15:51 utc | 159

@john #149
My first read of your post yield "coronabieri"...

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 28 2020 16:05 utc | 160

Sakineh Bagoom @158--

Thanks for your reply! The idea within the UN as envisioned by FDR was collective security, thus everyone keeping everyone safe. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was the result of FDR's wife Eleanor carrying out what he wanted done, but you'll note that the US government was captured from the forces loyal to FDR, installed the Yes Man Truman, and refused to ratify the gem Eleanor and so many others labored to enshrine universally. That stance is reflective of the Outlaw US Empire's immediate jettisoning of the UN and its Charter as proven by its actions from October 1945 onwards to today. Such is the sad story of historic reality never taught to anyone on the planet, except perhaps in Iran, China, and Russia where historic truth is still sought out and honored.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 28 2020 16:25 utc | 161

c1ue @ 160

take a walk, get some fresh air, give your eyes a rest.

Posted by: john | Apr 28 2020 16:50 utc | 162

@ Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 28 2020 10:40 utc | 150

"Come on third party where are you?"

Jimmy Dore for President!

That's going to be my write-in choice.

Posted by: gm | Apr 28 2020 17:13 utc | 163

: juliania | Apr 28 2020 15:51 utc | 159 (Fortress Aotearoa: What changes politically after the NZ pandemic?)

Islands seem be incubators of revolution, which deal with change that forces revolution, more adroitly than the ossified empire. Cuba, Iceland, (watch Hawaii!) and Kiwi? Sure, because it must. Also I suspect that circumstantial forces tend to concentrate on islands.

The Great American Desert makes, as a Sahel, the West Coast a bit of an island too...

I will be happy to see a "pink" Island once again.

Posted by: Walter | Apr 28 2020 17:37 utc | 164

Hurdles to Secession.

The Civil War offers essential lessons in what must be done to deflect certain arguments and issues related to separating a state from the Union of states it was incorporated into. The first, most important and most famous is repatriating what was up to the point of separation deemed Federal Property as was the case of Fort Sumter. IMO, if the Fire-eaters had exhibited patience and allowed Lincoln to evacuate all the works, arms, munitions, and men from that island fort and not fired upon it, the Civil War wouldn't have begun at the moment the South Carolinians opened fire, and Lincoln would've been forced to come up with another way of getting the South to start the war. The reality related to this most important point is the vast amount of Federal military properties located in every state, particularly in the three West Coast states. Dismantling it all would cost an enormous amount of money for states that lack their own banking and monetary systems, foreign exchange and gold reserves required to genuinely break free of the Empire. And that's just the most obvious Federal property needing removal. There's real estate, buildings, and the Interstate Highway System, rail lines, airports--the list is long and reveals just how much investment the entire nation put into those three states--California having by far the most and the most in complexity, followed by Washington, and with Oregon well behind. Of course, the question--Would the Feds go to war against the three to prevent their leaving with all that property--would be asked, the precedent already set would say the answer's yes, certainly.

I'm not arguing against separation. Rather, I'm merely pointing out the very real, major impediment to doing so peacefully. How might California come up with the several Trillions it would need to compensate the Feds for property that can't realistically be moved, like the entirety of Reclamation Projects--the reservoirs and aqueduct system, inland navigation systems, roads and bridges. As one can see, this isn't at all as easy as it sounds. However, if the Federal government were to fall into an extreme state of disrepair and bankruptcy, no longer in possession of the means to coerce states to remain, effectively having ceded control to the Rentiers and Wall Street, then it would likely be possible to avoid war by giving those Parasites what they crave--money, minted at San Francisco provided the machinery's still there.

Of course, those states would need to have a majority favoring separation, and they would need to understand the stakes--How would Los Angeles pay for its water from the Colorado River would be one major question.

Now, it would likely be easier for a section of a state to separate from both the state and nation provided there's very little federal property involved, but the State of Jefferson doesn't contemplate that as it just wants to become the 51st state, which IMO is a rather braindead idea as the nation's government's far more corrupt than California's.

The pandemic has already raised the glaring issue of gross dereliction of duty of the Federal government to the states in aiding them in their individual fight against the virus, and so far no Congressional bill addressing that issue's been introduced as far as I'm aware. I projected TrumpCo's response to COVID-19 would make BushCo's Katrina fiasco look very good in comparison, and I've been proven more than correct on that score, which I'm not at all happy about. The D-Party hacks had an excellent opportunity to oust Trump, Pence & Pompeo but refused to organize the proper set of Impeachment Articles that would have led to such an outcome and the entire nation has suffered and many have died as a direct result of that ineptness. And to add even further injury to the existing injury along with seemingly never ending insult, they've foisted Biden as their champion to defeat Trump. Is it any wonder that so many would like to separate and form a new nation?

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 28 2020 17:41 utc | 165

Psychoh @ 140 Quoted;""We hope the United States will adopt an open, transparent and responsible attitude, take effective measures to safeguard the life and health of its people, and work with the international community to safeguard global public health security," Geng said."

Not in a million yrs. will this happen, considering the corrupt and incompetent grifters now installed in the U$ gov.

As far as a 3rd party candidate saving us, I just can't see it. The oligarchs and their corporate lackeys have amassed too much $ and influence for the U$ to change course now.

Us peons are in for one bleak and uncertain future, even if, our rulers decide to throw DJT under the proverbial bus in Nov.

Posted by: ben | Apr 28 2020 18:22 utc | 166

to lex T...Khrushchev Remembers is a fascinating book! I just ordered the Ribeiro His Own Man on your recommendation. Thanks. Keep em coming.

- miss lacy's message -

For music lovers, the Van Cliburn in Moscow recordings, including his winning, amazing performance of Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1, some of them with Khruschev in the audience, are memorable. Slightly off topic I know, but I will claim connectedness by way of the Mariinsky Theatre performance in liberated Palmyra, in memory of the russian soldier who called in bombers on his own location to save the city.

lex's response -

Thank you for your kind words. And the music suggestions! I really should re-read Khrushchev Remembers. I have learned so much more about the history of Russia and the Soviet Union since I read the book several years ago. Nikita didn't seem to remember why he gifted Crimea to Ukraine anywhere in the book, thought. But back in 1954 it was all the same country. I'm glad Jen brought up the Zionist desires to control Crimea. It made me rediscover the book.

I think you will really enjoy His Own Man. It would make a fantastic film. Max, the diplomat who is the central character, is a real Machiavellian character. He could be working for Jair Bolsonaro right now! The book won the Pen award for fiction in 2011. It touches on so many of the dark subjects we discuss on Moon of Alabama. Thank god for this place, for our host, and all the great people here. I have learned so very much. I hope you enjoy the book.

Thanks for the music suggestions. I will look for them!

Posted by: lex talionis | Apr 28 2020 18:30 utc | 167

karlof1 | Apr 28 2020 17:41 utc | 165 (hurdles to)

Of course, however the assumptions that it would go according to law and thus without violence is questionable. and also assumes that there would be some sort of power left to the federal state vis a vis the third parties...

I agree entirely about SoJ, and have attended as a spy one or two of their conspiracies... However the dialectic process gradually wears down the old myths, and SoJ as a state of mind is a fluid evolving idea...not a strategy, yet.

Let Mr Chine offer SoJ a plan to build up Eureka as a West Port Terminal, run railroads over the coast range, and put 50,000 people to work...

Or let him offer this to Sacramento...always assuming a beggared empire unable to pay even the army, let alone pensions...

When things can't go on as before, they go on in a new way.

Violence is often a handmaiden, which is testament to dumbazz.

Posted by: Walter | Apr 28 2020 19:13 utc | 168

Walter @168--

Thanks for your reply! I recall several different proposals to break California into two or three states, but only those advocating Cascadia or Jeffersonia contemplated secession as I recall. We'll never know, of course, what Lincoln might have done if the South hadn't began hostilities. My sleuthing says he would have given up Fort Sumter. Lee's position isn't well known; his first loyalty was to Virginia then the Union. His feeling was that the Union wasn't legitimate if it needed to be held together by force of arms, although he seems to have not known the nation's earliest history of rebellion after the Treaty of Paris when the Union was held together by force of arms. If Texas had morphed into the 5 states it was entitled to become, the South could have gained its goals politically and a vastly different future would have ensued. But the Fire Eaters were too impatient--Lincoln counted upon them to act as they did.

IMO, far better than seceding would be the ousting of the basis for the Money Power followed by vast reform of our governmental structure and system; few would die that way. Sanders enunciated such a need but failed when it came to providing leadership to the movement he caused to rise and endorsed. However, there's clearly nationwide sentiment for such a movement, which would likely be even bigger, stronger now that the virus as revealed how the Elite see the general populous as expendable. Who was Sanders's deputy within his campaign? What's preventing others (aside from the virus) from his staff to pick up the standard and march onward--even the virus can't prevent someone or small group from emailing or announcing on one of their social media sites that the campaign to raise a genuine People's Party will resume as soon as possible. (I've yet to read anyone suggesting such here at MoA.) If Bernie had died from his heart attack instead of pulling through with the addition of stents, would his movement have halted and folded then and there as it seems to have now? Since it was recently Lenin's Birthday, we should ask: What is to be done?

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 28 2020 19:57 utc | 169

@167 lex... thanks for pointing out Van Cliburn.. never heard of him, but listening to this now -

Posted by: james | Apr 28 2020 19:59 utc | 170

Bill Mitchell has a new post "Bank of England official blows the cover on mainstream macroeconomics" - it won't be news to some but it's an update with links to past articles of his.

Posted by: spudski | Apr 28 2020 20:14 utc | 171

karlof1 | Apr 28 2020 19:57 utc | 169 I hope you're right. I doubt the a priori assumption of "we"...which is to say that, since one mythic icon after another is made to nothing, erased, repudiated, in what way are the people a volkish mass, a pueblo? Yes, there are vestigial and possibly important bits remaining, but the uniting myths being erased seems to indicate that "american national identity" is an oxymoronic term. That seems to leave matters to more local politics...since there can be no politics without a national identity, ie without a polis, no politics.

At one time the American Myth called down as basic Magna Carta and the Common Law...where, now, is this so?

Of course a restoration of the myth, a door into 1960, is a seductive idea....but alas, Time is one-way function.

Posted by: Walter | Apr 28 2020 21:33 utc | 172

Jackrabbit #153

I'd vote for this guy: Ticked-off Vic.

Yep, he's the right stuff. That's what I call a spray. Covid all over the smart phone screen - fabulous.

Get him on every progressive youtube channel. Mind you I have not seen his other vids and I sense there may be an attitude problem :)) But he's a good start.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 28 2020 21:50 utc | 173

james @170

On one Sunday night in 1961 Van C was on the Ed Sullivan Show along with Louis Armstrong, Rowan and Martin, and others. People used to make fun of the show back then but we didn't know how good we had it.

Posted by: spudski | Apr 28 2020 22:33 utc | 174

zeroanthropology has published chapter two

Worth reading for those seeking deep analysis of current afflictions within the US empire.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 28 2020 22:34 utc | 175

@ 174 spudski... i was very young when the ed sullivan show was happening.. i think i saw the beatles on his show! but i was probably too young to appreciate all the diversity of culture that was being shared at the time - early 60's.. i was born in 56... i was too young to make fun of the show as you can see! i am sure i would have if i was old enough... really big shewww.... music has gotten really pedestrian on tv as i see it.. it doesn't accurately reflect all the great music that is happening today.. the music biz is run by a bunch of losers for the most part and it has bearing on what people get to see ,or not..

Posted by: james | Apr 28 2020 22:38 utc | 176

i did a theatre gig - 'twist and shout' where the worked the show around the ed sullivan concept... this looks like the same gig, but in the uk..

it is set on the roy soleman show - their way of getting around copyright infringement... a group out of ontario created this - drayton entertainment... the musical director is a big wig in canuck musical theatre who had the gig in charlottetown theatre up until a few years ago, i forget his name...

Posted by: james | Apr 28 2020 22:42 utc | 177

here is the guy behind that show.. roy solomon was the name used to fake ed sullivan.. maybe they paid some royalties for that.. -

Posted by: james | Apr 28 2020 22:47 utc | 178

uncle tungsten @175--

Thanks very much for introducing me to Zeroanthropology. I see there's much to explore there that I'll find useful. I read the review of Giant and agreed with much of the critique.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 28 2020 23:22 utc | 179


I emerged 6 years earlier, but at least you saw the Beatles. Did you see the Stones - they did Ruby Tuesday and Let's Spend the Night Together one night on the ESS (both from the LP "Flowers" which I still have). One fairly frequent guest was the comedian (and actor) Alan King. I remember him saying that the reason the show was so popular was because people in the audience would see Ed and think "I can do that!"

Posted by: spudski | Apr 28 2020 23:54 utc | 180

Well prior to the coronavirus outbreak we had numerous signs of the massive moral failure we would see thanks to all too many governments gripped at the throat by Neoliberalism and the frauds its promotes into positions of power with its primary goal of putting profit before human welfare. Here is yet another example of that mindset. As we've seen, the issue and the resulting failure isn't confined to the Outlaw US Empire; it's endemic to all nations that embraced Neoliberalism or had it forced upon them. Indeed, Neoliberalism ought to be made illegal because of its direct threat to human wellbeing--we don't allow tainted meat in grocery stores, so why allow a tainted ideology to threaten human heath and wellbeing in the myriad of ways done via Neoliberalism?! How many more must die? It's as if Elites have become Aztec Chiefs and worship Huitzilopochtli by carving out the beating hearts from their victims and holding them aloft as they smile at their profound wickedness.

Will the masses ever awaken, rise up and oust their oppressors, or are they stupefied for all time? As is clear, some peoples have fought off their stupor and freed themselves, but they have decided to make self-improvement the focus of their efforts instead of liberating their fellows, a choice learned the hard way when helping others was previously tried and failed mainly because of the intense hold the stupor had upon them. Al Capp and others tried to lessen the stupor, but the majority sided with their oppressors and now suffer for having done so.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 29 2020 0:25 utc | 181

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told CNN that the company would ban any video content that contradicted World Health Organization recommendations.

In WHO we trust.

Couple of real Docs questioning lockdowns in California had their youtube video removed for violating policy .Lol

Basically the world is being captured by the Gates led Pharma Industrial Complex. Its a coup.

Interesting oped from an emergency physician at St. Barnabas Hospital in The Bronx, NYC

“First, the wave crested (on April 7) . ....
This was striking, because the community I serve is poor. Some are homeless. Most work in “essential,” low-paying jobs, where distancing isn’t easy. Nevertheless, the wave passed over us, peaked and subsided. The way this transpired tells me the ebb and flow had more to do with the natural course of the outbreak than it did with the lockdown.

.....our ER has been quiet for more than a week. We usually average 240 patients a day. For the last week, we averaged fewer than 100. That means our patients in this diverse, low-income community are afraid to come to the ER for non-COVID care.

Gotham-wide, the number of 911 ambulance runs declined to 3,320 on April 18, down from a peak of 6,527 on March 30, according to New York Fire Department data. The current nadir is significantly below the average.

A large share of those staying home surely have emergency medical and surgical conditions not related to the novel coronavirus. The growing numbers ­dying at home during this crisis must include fatal myocardial infarctions, asthma exacerbations, bacterial infections and strokes......

The public needs to understand that the vast majority of infected people do quite well.......... As of today, over 43 percent of those tested are positive in The Bronx. We are developing a significant degree of natural herd immunity.”

Posted by: Pft | Apr 29 2020 0:37 utc | 182

@ 180 spudski.. i don't recall seeing the stones.. my memory for smaller details is not good though and i don't remember alan king either.. that was a great era for the stones though with ruby tuesday and etc... i had the album with honky tonk women on it - through the past, darkly.. that was my first exposure to the stones.. i like let it bleed and have a cd here of that one.. it is the only cd of the stones i have! satisfaction was in one of those same musicals i did - might have been rock legends.. i can't remember.. that and we did jumpin jack flash which is a song i also grew up on..

Posted by: james | Apr 29 2020 0:48 utc | 183

gm #163

Jimmy Dore is a great comedian and host but not asking about third party.


How about an election general strike action where he exhorts all to go vote and write in FDR.

No Jimmy is too busy interviewing the guardians of the giant email list and Bernie organisation - for the 2024 election.


Now how does that help people in the 2020 election? I smell a rat.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 29 2020 1:32 utc | 184

@Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 29 2020 1:32 utc | 184

"Now how does that help people in the 2020 election? I smell a rat." (??) Which people?

I like J. Dore because he's sincere, fearless truthful, intelligent/perceptive, articulate/sharp-tongued, quick-witted and he does his homework and smokes dope in the morning.

He would tear up anyone in a presidential debate.

And choice for Secretary of the Interior? This guy: Joey Santore (aka "Crime Pays but Botany doesn't" see his YT channel) Another tough/intelligent hard working Italian bastard from Chicago.

Posted by: gm | Apr 29 2020 2:17 utc | 185

re james | Apr 29 2020 0:48 utc | 183
Heh I bought thru the past darkly myself, if i remember correctly the cover was a hexagonal cutout -blue-IIRC- it had a lot of stones singles on it made before they primarily became an album band, 'mothers little helper' etc before that we had an EP bought by my eldest bro in the first half of the 60's(remember them half way between a single & a album) which had 'poison ivy' on it. I cannot remember if let it bleed came before or after TTPD altho I think it was before TTPD being an earner to generate funds during the heroin hiatus. I used to like that band a lot now I wouldn't cross the street to see them so I must be a fashion victim after all.

Posted by: A User | Apr 29 2020 2:28 utc | 186

Justin Amash has just announced he'll explore a run for POTUS in 2020, by forming an exploratory committee.

Interesting. And he could pull votes from whom? He's a Libertarian..

Posted by: ben | Apr 29 2020 3:34 utc | 187

Joseph Kishore—SEP candidate for US president see wsws "The Great Wall Street Heist of 2020"

The not-a-hoax is the ringer we're 'sposed to be distracted by

"One should call things by their right names. Terms such as “asset purchases” and “quantitative easing” tend to obscure what is happening. This is plunder, thievery, robbery on an unprecedented scale. Since stock ownership is overwhelmingly concentrated among the rich, it is the rich who are benefiting.

The Great Wall Street Heist of 2020 has been aided and abetted at eve..."

Posted by: Walter | Apr 29 2020 4:24 utc | 188

Pft | Apr 29 2020 0:37 utc | 182

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told CNN that the company would ban any video content that contradicted World Health Organization recommendations.

In WHO we trust.

Couple of real Docs questioning lockdowns in California had their youtube video removed for violating policy.

More about that here.

The fact that the American College of Emergency Physicians and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine don't even try to refute the doctors but can only resort to ad hom smear tactics is in itself strong evidence that the system's position is wrong and the critics' position is right.

The same goes for Youtube's censorship regime, and all such censorship regimes on social media.

From the Bronx ER doctor's quote: "The way this transpired tells me the ebb and flow had more to do with the natural course of the outbreak than it did with the lockdown."

That was always guaranteed to be the case in the US. Indiscriminate, throw-everything-at-the-wall "lockdown" was always based a fraudulent pretext, as far as any public health goal. Except for adding to the mortality and other harms by delaying the inevitable cycling of the bug toward herd immunity and by causing a large number of excess deaths from non-Covid causes by terrorizing people into not seeking medical help for other emergencies and conditions, and by abolishing cancer screening, check-ups, appointments, surgeries and other medical treatments.

Plus the overall assault on outdoor recreation and the drive to increase psychological stress and illness through the incarceration campaign; both of these designed to cause an overall deterioration of individual and public health.

Posted by: Russ | Apr 29 2020 4:44 utc | 189

gm #185
re Jimmy Dore

He would tear up anyone in a presidential debate.

And choice for Secretary of the Interior? This guy: Joey Santore (aka "Crime Pays but Botany doesn't" see his YT channel)

Ok to that. So I will go to a Joe Rogan post and ask him to interview the Presidential candidate Jimmy Dore and his running mate. And then he can interview Nina Turner for her to throw the entire Sanders team behind the 2020 election. Maybe get Useful Idiots to either interview them too or to Run together themselves. Katie for Pres and Matt as VP?

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 29 2020 4:59 utc | 190

walter 188

"US billionaires, since mid-March, have increased their wealth by $282 billion. The collective fortune of these 614 individuals, which totals $3.2 trillion, has been buoyed by the continued rise of share values on Wall Street, which increased sharply again on Monday.

..while businesses remain shut down and joblessness exceeds by far anything seen in American history, Der Spiegel writes: “So if the fundamental economic data actually offer so little incentive to buy, what is behind the rally? The solution to the riddle has three letters: Fed.”

The Fed—that is, the US Federal Reserve—has made clear that it will do anything in its power to support Wall Street. As a consequence, the markets keep going up. “If you wanted to bet on price losses,” Der Spiegel remarks, “you would have to bet against an institution whose funds are practically infinite.”

They're betting that the Fed's resources are sustainably infinite, even though everything it's doing has zero connection to any real economy or physical reality. I admit I'm surprised at how long the system's been able to reflate all the bubbles since 2008, but it sure can't go on much longer unless they actually do have some supernatural divine power backing them (which the Mammon religion clearly does believe, deep down).

Posted by: Russ | Apr 29 2020 5:13 utc | 191


Eugenics never went away. It just got renamed, like Mussolini's economic fascism has been renamed as public-private partnerships and neoliberalism. The public health agencies leaders are simply the marketing arm for Big Pharma products, and all of them work in lockstep with Rockefeller/Gates Foundations and the global elites population reduction and Agenda 2030 sustainable development (technocratic authoritarian control) agenda.

Its been a 100 year march for them and looks like they are nearing the finish line.

This was basically a Global 9/11. Like 9/11 it will be the justification to remove freedoms except on a more global scale. It will also bring on a new global health security complex and green economic order as they will claim Global Warming is behind the increasing number of pandemics and new viral threats (and not the virus makers/synthesizers getting government funding so Big Pharma can develop and sell drugs/vaccines using basic science research from government military and public health agencies). Get ready for the Global War on Viruses (with the herd being the worst virus) .

Another benefit , not necessarily the primary one, will be all the people getting sick from 5G and ultimately the new vaccine will go unnoticed as they will blame it on the ever mutating Corona virus . Kind of like HIV masked the introduction of a bunch of herpes virus (HHV-6/7/8) causing a bunch of health problems (ME/CFS, MS, KS, etc) most likely introduced via vaccines (perhaps accidentally), not to mention increased EMF exposure from personal computers , cordless phones, dirty electricity from cable and microwave ovens. Not claiming HIV was not real but then again like the COVID-19 virus Kochs postulate was never fulfilled . Also the early tests had a bunch of false positives and the drug AZT killed many otherwise healthy HIV positive patients because Dr Fauci announced they should be treated without any evidence of increased overall survival for this group. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Posted by: Pft | Apr 29 2020 7:24 utc | 192

Jesse Ventura for USA President?

Anything is possible so here is the Hill rising take on it.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 29 2020 8:17 utc | 193

ref b ronx doc
same in France as per Raoult latest video
and the similar curves in europe

the psyop functionef this way, by doing no screening, the five eyes plus france, probably forming 90% of the plane travelers, managed to let it spread and mute uncontroled, but it was then the domino effect of the little delay between where each country was on the curve that helped panicking ppl and let them accept state of emergencies. just extended to 24 july in france bye bye yellow jackets, it ll be a well deserved holidays then..

and thus italy and france got the greek treatment, but self imposed...

Posted by: Mina | Apr 29 2020 9:21 utc | 194

Pft 192

Eugenics never went away, it just had to go underground for awhile post-1945, though it soon was repackaged as "medical research".

Meanwhile via Operation Paperclip the US government brought to the US as many Nazi eugenicists and other Nazi scientists and engineers as it could. Thus for example while Josef Mengele was too hot to handle, his civilian boss Otmar Verschauer (one of many Nazi eugenics recipients of Rockefeller Foundation grants in the 1930s, and the man who first proposed to Himmler that the concentration camps offered a perfect setting for human experimentation) was welcomed with open arms.

Today Bill Gates is the ideological leader and lead organizer of "public-private" collaboration (i.e., the private sector and its fake "philanthropic" wing put up pennies to the taxpayer dollar) on every kind of eugenic and techno-totalitarian initiative. As the record proves, he and his cadre have been waiting a long time to engineer the opportunity they think they now have with the terror campaign centering on this epidemic. Whether they were privy to a deliberate bioweapon release or just seized the opportunity doesn't matter much - either way they've seized it as their own and are working to exploit it to the hilt.

(I wrote that last one about Monsanto's dicamba products, but if you substitute "Corona virus" for "dicamba" it fits very well.)

In general, the lockdown ideology is a reactionary anti-science program trying to roll back the entire trend of recent biological and epidemiological science, all of which finds that well-balanced biodiversity, from the human microbiome to the ecology at large, is the only way potential pathogens are kept in check, while forcible violent attempts at sterilization never work and only generate many ancillary harms, in addition to the invariably malign goals of the governmental, corporate and media structures that drive such measures and propagandize for them.

Although in debating the source of the lockdown delusion people can debate how much is from incompetence, panic and stupidity, and how much from malice aforethought, there's no doubt at all about the goal of escalating and exalting eugenics and agribusiness (the two are inextricably linked) coupled with building a radical surveillance state. Bill Gates, his corporate-technocratic religious collaborators, and the deep state know exactly what they want.

Posted by: Russ | Apr 29 2020 9:30 utc | 195

Walter #127

uncle tungsten | Apr 27 2020 22:43 utc | 125 It is encouraging to imagine that there will be an election.

September 2019 Jesse Ventura on running for President

Could be a collision of the vanities especially if/when Hillary politely shoves Biden overboard.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 29 2020 9:30 utc | 196

Mina 194

It's self-evident that the extreme draconian measures you describe in France have only one primary goal, to suppress the Yellow Jacket movement.

Meanwhile at FB I saw some lockdownist idiot applauding Merkel and her alleged "science background". I replied, You mean the science background that taught her the method and desirability of killing untold thousands of Europeans and others via the German bank-driven austerity war?

The lockdowns need to be put in that context of mass--murderous economic warfare, right alongside austerity and sanctions.

Posted by: Russ | Apr 29 2020 9:34 utc | 197

If this poor fucker dies for the crime of being Iranian every amerikan is guilty of his murder not just pompass. orange buffoon, should-b-disBARRed & gimme_alla-the-pence.
So many amerikans have wasted energy on whining about lockdown being an 'infringement on their god given right' to behave like arseholes, self indulgently ignoring the innocents who have actually had their rights removed, such as Dr Sirous Asgari who has contracted Covid 19 while being illegally & unjustifiably detained in an ICE detention 'facility" and continues to be denied medical treatment.

While you whining self-indulgent morons have been whinging about being unable to get a haircut or buy the latest facile ersatz celtic tattoo, genuine humans have been isolated, infected & ignored because you selfish. ignorant & self-serving mother-fuckers believe you have a god given right to be free to shit on decent humans, whatever else is happening, to whine & bitch about minor inconveniences while you oppress decent humans. If you call being asked to stay at home for the sake of your health a sign of 'fascist tyranny', WTF is left to call yerself when you ignore the deliberate, callous & secret murder of an innocent? Ignorant drongo - that is what.

The sooner you are all dead, the better it will be for the rest of us.

Posted by: A User | Apr 29 2020 9:49 utc | 198

Craig Murray, a former UK diplomat turned anti-war activist, has been charged with contempt of court for writing blog posts. He faces a possible two years in jail, with no jury and no freedom of speech defense permitted.

Posted by: Mao | Apr 29 2020 10:07 utc | 199

“We believe it could have been stopped at the source. It could have been stopped quickly and it wouldn’t have spread all over the world.”
Posted by: psychohistorian | Apr 28 2020 4:47 utc | 141

Well, it's totally true though, isn't it? But just in the opposite manner to that intended by Trump! Trump turned the true meaning of his statement on its head in pointing the finger at China.

Yes, it could have been stopped at the source. Yes, it could have been stopped quickly and it wouldn't have spread all over the world. China did their part to stop it completely, but it wasn't their reponsibility alone - why didn't the West (especially Europe and the USA) do theirs? That they did not is self-evident. If the USA and its vassels had responded responsibly to the abundant, fully transparent and timely warnings issued by China, instead of standing idly by and laughing the crisis off while hippocritically condemning China, the tiny but unavoidable leakages to China's massive containment efforts should have been readily stopped in their tracks and the virus would indeed have been eliminated from existance.

If the West had fulfilled their international obligations honestly and responsibly, those small and inevitable leaks from China's grand containment would have required almost trivial action to contain, in comparison to the grand actions of China. Yet the West grotesquely failed to perform even those tiny almost trivial actions.

That, in my view, is the correct reading. It could have been stopped at the source, it could have been stopped quickly, and it didn't need to spread around the world. The failure is exclusively that of the West - the USA and its vassels.

That is, I think, largely true (or more correctly, 'justified') in the context of what was known about the virus until late March, especially in the sense of a moral truth; but there is a twist, which arguably invalidates it in the sense of an absolute truth. Early understandings of the virus - including inside China - seem to have underestimated the extent of silent asymptomatic transmission. It was a new virus, in the early stages there were no tests. China had to start from zero. So is is of no surprise - based on what we know now retrospectively - that some asymptomatic carriers escaped the early containment efforts. Thus it may be that even if the West had fulfilled responsibly its internationally agreed obligations to contain infectious diseases, and had thereby completely contained the symptomatic carriers and first order asymptomatic carriers, some limited and initially undetected second order asymptomatic transmission may have persisted and later re-emerged as a second wave. In other words the declared goal of China - the worldwide total eradication of the virus was a degree more difficult than estimated based on an early understanding of the disease. Even despite that twist, China probably could have totally eradicated the virus from China, even including a rapid eradication of an emergent second wave, because its approach was and is so effective. It's just that a resonable response by the West - if it had occured, which it did not - might not have been adequate to prevent a second wave in the West, which the West would probably have been incapable of eradicating.

There is a further twist - the emergence of several lines of evidence that the original outbreak was not in China but in the USA and/or Italy, and evidence suggesting that the disease existed outside China in November or even October 2019, in which case the total eradication inside China could not have eradicated the virus from the planet. Once again the responsibility involved lies entirely with the West not China.

Posted by: BM | Apr 29 2020 10:52 utc | 200

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