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March 31, 2020

U.S. Virus Cases Are Off The Scale - But Its People Can Build A Movement From This

The latest Financial Times graphic for covid-19 cases per country shows that the U.S. case numbers are now literally off the scale.

Source - bigger

When John Burn-Murdoch created that daily updated chart he did not anticipate that any country would have more than a 100,000 total cases. That was a reasonable assumption as China, with 1.4 billion inhabitants, stopped the epidemic with less than 85.000 total cases even when it was surprised by the outbreak.

As of now the U.S. has 164.435 known cases. It will reach a total number of several dozens of millions and will have several hundreds of thousands of dead caused by the covid-19 disease.

Most but not all of those who will die from it will have one or more co-morbid diseases. The number of death in the U.S. will likely be higher than elsewhere because obesity, diabetes and heart problems are more prevalent in the U.S. than in most other countries.

Another reason why the U.S. will have a larger than necessary outbreak is wide mistrust in the authority of the state. A significant number of people will reject stay at home orders or other measures the authorities will have to take.

Then there is this:

Pouya Alimagham پويا عالي مقام @iPouya - 0:48 UTC · Mar 31, 2020

The regime doesn’t want to antagonize the religious classes. Thus, it isn’t doing anything about the fact that some religious sites remain open & clerics are encouraging worshippers to come & pray. These gatherings risk exploding #COVID19.

I’m talking about the US, not #Iran.

The U.S. also has many people without health insurance. The many newly laid off people will additionally lose theirs. These people will avoid seeing a doctor or to go to a hospital as the enormous costs would ruin them. The for-profit health system will reject sick persons who are unlikely to be able to pay their bills. The cases of people who die from such circumstance should be put into the death by lack of money category instead of being blamed on something else.

Congress has failed to take the necessary measures and to give everyone access to free tests and free care. This will come back to bite everyone as it makes sure that the disease will circulate longer and stronger than in other rich countries. Even the rich, who will gain most of the money Congress passed out, will be affected by this.


The reasons that the U.S. will have very high numbers are obvious and they have nothing to do with China.

When the SARS virus broke out the world united in defeating it. It did that by isolating all cases and by aggressively tracing anyone who had come into contact with them. The fight was successful. The SARS virus no longer exists outside of high security laboratories.

But when the SARS-CoV-2 evolved there was no united response. China did its very best to defeat the virus. It won the fight against the virus within its country but other states did not join in the effort to eradicate it. SARS-CoV-2 is more infective than SARS and we will never know if an eradication attempt could have been successful. There is no glory in prevention. But it is sad that we did not even try.

The Center of Disease Control botched its creation of a test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the disease. The German designed test model the World Health Organization recommended was rejected by the CDC. It wanted to do its own test and failed. U.S. testing started too late and it then tested too few to get a grip on the size of the emerging epidemic.

U.S. President Donald Trump did not believe that the virus would be a problem. U.S. media likewise played down the danger. Most of its reporting from China had a racist undertone. The nativist freakout only helps to hide the real origin of the crisis. Other conservative leaders in other countries, Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, Boris Johnson in the UK, Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus and others, similarly ignored the predictable consequences of outbreaks in their countries.

It is now guaranteed that the virus will stay with humanity until someone finds a vaccine that is effective, safe to use and cheap. The task now is to reduce the speed of new infections so we do not overwhelm our healthcare systems.

A lot has been learned about the virus and how it behaves. SARS-CoV-2 is three to four times more infectious than the flu. The virus is transmitted by droplets which are then inhaled by other people. It then attacks cells in the upper throat and starts to replicate there. Two days later the infected person is infectious. Each time s/he speaks, coughs or sneezes s/he will release fine droplets which carry a high load of viruses. Symptoms, which only 75% of all infected persons will feel, usually start on day 5 or 6 after the infection. The main symptoms are a dry cough and general weakness. In some patents the symptoms may look like a heart attack. A person stays infectious until day 8 to 10.

The virus can be detected after it started to replicate. A swab test is taken (it feels like it looks) and processed. If the result is positive the person must be quarantined to protect others.


The way the disease develops is the reason for my repeated urging to wear a masks. You have no real way to know if you already carry and spread the disease. The mask may not help to prevent you from getting infected but it can definitely help to prevent you from infecting others. Wear a mask out of courtesy towards the people around you.

In many Asian countries wearing a mask is a social rule that everyone follows. These countries, light blue in the above chart, had way less ravaging covid-19 epidemics than 'western' societies where wearing a mask is seen as suspicious or as a sign of weakness. This attitude will now surely have to change.

After replicating in the throat for a few days the virus migrates from the throat into the lower lungs where it replicates more rapidly and begins to create real havoc. The immune system of most healthy people will defeat the virus after some 10 to 18 days. But the fight is often difficult. Some of the symptoms during that phase are not from the virus but from the way our immune system reacts to it.

It destroys the many cells that are infected by the virus and thereby rips holes into the lung tissue. The body then starts an inflammatory response to repair the destroyed cells. The whole process can cause pneumonia. Artificial breathing support will then be needed for people who have already other conditions that cause breathing or circulation problems. Some patients may also develop heart problems. If their lungs become unable to provide enough oxygen to the circulating blood the person will die.

Survivors of covid-19 will have developed immunity for at least a year. While the SARS-CoV-2 virus has developed into several strains it has not mutated into a different form as some common flu viruses often do. That increases the likelihood that a once acquired immunity will continue to protect against a reinfection.

Every crisis is also a chance. Congress has used it to again loot the people and to push more money to the rich. At the same time the powers that be have denied universal healthcare and paid sick leave to those who need it. The covid-19 epidemic is a chance to change that.

There are already a number of strikes at Amazon and similar companies over work safety, health care and pay. Rent strikes must now follow. When the bills come in for families with covid-19 cases many more people will get more interested in medicare for all. A movement can be build from these issues. The Sanders campaign should provide a (virtual) platform for it.

The U.S. has enough money to pay for the security of its people. Security is not a military issue. A hugely expensive aircraft carrier with sick sailors is worth nothing. Pandemics are a real security issues and the U.S. has left its people defenseless against them. Cut the aircraft carriers and other insane military spending and invest it in the health of the people.

That message will soon be widely understood. We can all help to reinforce it.

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BM | Apr 1 2020 10:46 utc | 203

Someone is being totally cynical; today I recieved spam for ridiculously cheaper car insurance. (Which is also a "Covid" response but not an expected one.)

Posted by: Stonebird | Apr 1 2020 11:01 utc | 201

Add to the above from the link Yerige kindly posted

The Covid-19 death toll is for abusing the deranged masses; it’s the other data that’s important
Posted by: Yerige | Apr 1 2020 9:44 utc | 194

As from today the daily “Covid-19” death toll will include data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) regarding deaths that occur external to hospital. Basically, anyone who dies and is not being treated in a hospital at the time, but nevertheless has “Covid-19” registered on the associated death certificate, will be counted in the official toll. Those of us who are not prone to become unhinged at the slightest nudging towards it by Government psychological manipulation will have the sense to realise that this development will not be wholly unrelated to the arrival of the Coronavirus Bill, and how it has created an environment where there is potential for a good deal of abuse in order to create the impression of copious amounts of death by “Covid-19”


The reason why excess death is a crucial way of getting a handle on the issue should be well understood by a FBEL reader, but to explain briefly: it has been the tendency by the medical establishment to attribute death by other causes to so-called Covid-19 (and now, if the reader examines the corporate-media reportage carefully, coronavirus)†. As such, we should expect to see no great deal of excess death (or more death than usual), but instead numbers under one column on a ledger shifted across to another headed “Covid-19”.


Even so, when the Chief Executive says that [nine] thousand people are hospitalised, it might sound scary to the psychologically damaged masses that would be intensely following the “war reports” of the sort that Stevens was holding. However, one should consider how there are 100,000 “general and acute” beds in NHS England, and how, in the year 2018-19, the institution saw 626,000 admissions for “influenza, pneumonia”. The source for this data is the House of Commons briefing paper, Number 7281, 20 February 2020, “NHS Key Statistics: England, February 2020”, which is online for anyone who isn’t deranged to find.

Posted by: BM | Apr 1 2020 11:07 utc | 202

BM "Hmm, maybe we need to rethink our model of causality, don't you think, Peter? Is there a more useful model we could use than loads and last straws?"

Quite a childish scenario there BM.
A camel can carry a heavy load day in day out. Many people with heart or other issues can function and have a reasonable life for many years with medication and so forth. Diabetes the same.
The handbook put out by the Chinese doctors gave detail on deaths due to coronavirus. They can keep people alive, even when their lungs cease to function, but partly due to the virus infecting other organs and partly or sometimes completely due to immune reaction, those patients go through multiple organ failure after their lungs cease to function.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Apr 1 2020 11:11 utc | 203

BM @203
The difference is - - - drink driving is’nt contagious !
Below is a link that is well worth the time to read !!!
I listened to this man - - - professor Julian Peto, on bbc radio 4 news at ten last night ( watch the podcast if able, about 5-10 mins in)
He was absalutly spot on regarding testing and lack of.
He has the best plan to solve this crises.
He also points to some very very suspicious failings (again) by the people supposd to be solveing this crises, who are in fact deliberately spreading the virus to kill us !
Until we address that issue things will only get worse ! !

Posted by: Mark2 | Apr 1 2020 11:16 utc | 204

Hospitals are threatening to fire health-care workers who publicize their working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic -- and have in some cases followed through.

Ming Lin, an emergency room physician in Washington state, said he was told Friday he was out of a job because he’d given an interview to a newspaper about a Facebook post detailing what he believed to be inadequate protective equipment and testing. In Chicago, a nurse was fired after emailing colleagues that she wanted to wear a more protective mask while on duty. In New York, the NYU Langone Health system has warned employees they could be terminated if they talk to the media without authorization.

Posted by: Mao | Apr 1 2020 11:21 utc | 205

BM 206

If somebody dies of pneumonia and lung biopsy turns up coronavirus then it likely coronavirus caused the death. It would be interesting though to see how officialdom does actually determine if a death outside hospital is determined but I take it that would be done by autopsy. Something the writer at your link didn't look into or mention.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Apr 1 2020 11:25 utc | 206

The Japanese numbers are complete fabrications. They perform fewer than 200 tests a day in all of the Tokyo metropolitan area, and autopsies are extremely rare.

Posted by: Dave | Apr 1 2020 11:40 utc | 207

Posted by: Grieved | Apr 1 2020 3:49 utc | 174
"As I pointed out somewhere, the Chinese Communist Party is a meritocratic learning mechanism. The very thought of having such a thing for one's system of governance feels like a cool rain in the desert, but I'm afraid here in the US all we have is dry sand.

Yuppp, a meritocratic learning machine just about describes the CCP, and as well, the civil servants they deploy.

Too bad about your dry sand. Not in our life times, but one day America will taste the cool rains too, but most likely as several smaller nation states.

Posted by: kiwiklown | Apr 1 2020 12:00 utc | 208

Coronavirus pandemic could have caused 40 million deaths if left unchecked (Imperial College London, 26 March 2020)

According to the unmitigated scenario, if left unchecked the virus could have infected 7 billion people and caused in the region of 40 million deaths this year. Social distancing to reduce the rate of social contacts by 40 per cent, coupled with a 60 per cent reduction in social contacts among the elderly population (at highest risk) could reduce this burden by around half. However, even at this level of reduction, health systems in all countries would be rapidly overwhelmed, the modelling revealed.

In the latest report, the team show that rapid adoption of proven public health measures – including testing and isolation of cases and wider social distancing to prevent onward transmission – are critical in curbing the impact of the pandemic.

The modelling showed that implementing measures early on can have a dramatic impact.

If all countries were to adopt this strategy at 0.2 deaths per 100,000 population per week, 95 per cent of the deaths could be averted, saving 38.7 million lives.

However, if this strategy is adopted later (1.6 deaths per 100,000 population per week), then this figure drops to 30.7 million.

The researchers stress the models are not predictions of what will happen, but they illustrate the magnitude of the problem and the benefits of rapid, decisive and collective action.

The full report ‘The Global Impact of COVID-19 and Strategies for Mitigation and Suppression’ is available on the MRC GIDA report website.

Posted by: S | Apr 1 2020 12:12 utc | 209

Posted by: Mao | Apr 1 2020 11:21 utc | 209

"Hospitals are threatening to fire health-care workers who publicize their working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic -- and have in some cases followed through."

I see the Boeing mentality rules in health care too in Washington. I predict that the shitheads who are firing those people will come to regret it, and soon. I mean they are going to regret it anyway, their crappy management, but firing those guys will speed things up a lot.

Posted by: Bemildred | Apr 1 2020 12:26 utc | 210

Yandex translation.

"the Day after the day lengthens the list of doctors who died on the field for Covid-19. And the total up to 51.
Are 6.414 health care workers infected."

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Apr 1 2020 12:27 utc | 211

@Realist | Mar 31 2020 23:44 utc | 129

For people worried about availability of masks, a quite cheap and effective mask can be can be easily made from simple everyday materials readily available in almost every home.

Yeah, we can all just use our Guy Fawkes masks when outside.

Posted by: Norwegian | Apr 1 2020 12:30 utc | 212

Associated Press, April 1, 2020 – President Trump last night signed the Pure Air Regulation bill demanded by the president and hastily passed by Congress late yesterday evening. All congressional Republicans and most Democrats voted in favor of the bill, which was passed without debate.

Sweeping provisions of the bill will eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency, and repeal all legal protections against air pollution in the US.

Under the new law, all citizens will be issued lightweight, backpack units which cam be connected to so-called “air stations.” The stations will provide oxygen-rich, partially purified air. Users will connect to the stations by inserting quarters (or any combination of small coins adding up to 25 cents) into them. The backpack unit will then be filled with 24 hours' worth of partially cleaned air that will be enriched with an additional five percent of oxygen above the 21 percent found naturally in atmospheric air.

The additional oxygen, the bill's sponsors claim, will offset whatever air pollution remains in the air going into the backpack unit. The oxygen will be supplied by a newly-formed joint subsidiary of and Walmart.

A strong objection to forcing citizens to pay for what he termed “the right to breathe,” was raised by Oregon senator Jeff Merkley, one of the few Democrats to vote against the bill, but was brushed off by the president. “Someone has to pay for it,” Trump said, adding “oxygen doesn't grow on trees, you know.”

Posted by: AantiSpin | Apr 1 2020 12:32 utc | 213

So here in the U.K. every labarotory has this test equipment (pcr) in some cases not being used.
The chemicals for this test are in ample supply here in the U.K. the manufacturer’s say.
Both groups are puzzled that they haven’t been contacted by the authorities!
Meanwhile the main testing center at Milton Keynes have been going around collecting up these machines but not useing them for over the last month.
Heads should roll !
This is willfull negligence! Corporate manslaughter !

Posted by: Mark2 | Apr 1 2020 12:39 utc | 214

b's article refers to this piece in Grayzone As for those who are trying to understand where this virus came from, Grayzone has a very strong candidate. Yasha Levine quotes Rob Wallace, who has written a book about this: it is the denatured agriculture. Wallace is quoted at length.

Posted by: Jonathan W | Apr 1 2020 12:40 utc | 215

#216 is an April Fool, isn't it? Congress would never heroically meet in session like that as there is a lack of social distancing.

Posted by: Waldorf | Apr 1 2020 12:41 utc | 216

And this is what murderous lying polatitions look like ! Britain voted for them bet you regret it now,

Posted by: Mark2 | Apr 1 2020 12:45 utc | 217

Florida Republican Senator and key Trump administration ally Rick Scott has called for Congress to probe whether or not the World Health Organization (WHO) willfully helped “Communist China cover up information regarding the threat of the Coronavirus” and the true extent of its spread.

“The mission of the WHO is to get public health information to the world so every country can make the best decisions to keep their citizens safe. When it comes to Coronavirus, the WHO failed,” Scott said in a statement published on the senator's website....

...The senator’s remarks come amid numerous reports in Western media and statements by some officials this week accusing China of attempting to “cover up” the COVID-19 outbreak. Over the weekend, unnamed UK government officials told the Mail on Sunday that the Johnson government was “furious” with Beijing, and warned that a day of “reckoning” would one day come for China once the coronavirus crisis was over.

Talking to a mate today and he was convinced China will be mad to pay for coronavirus.
Friends and family are now all thinking this way. First time in my life I have ever thought about finding a sane country to move to.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Apr 1 2020 12:49 utc | 218

Posted by: William Gruff | Apr 1 2020 10:22 utc | 197

May be you read too quick and admit not enough time to digeste what you read?

@BM | Apr 1 2020 9:50 utc | 194

Your attitude to this site is correct. This Swiss doctors' thing is the best actual information source for people who do not want the spend the whole day in the Internet. Good medicine against the local mass hysteria in Europe about Covid-19.

Posted by: Hausmeister | Apr 1 2020 12:49 utc | 219

by: Mao @ 209 Ming Lin, emergency room physician .. <= fired over newspaper interview about a Facebook post inadequate protective equipment and [disease] testing; Chicago, nurse, fired after seeking a more protective mask while on duty; New York, the NYU Langone Health system warned termination results from unauthorizated discussion with media. by Mao @209.. <= thanks, I just saw Surgeon General <= guy in uniform on TV, begging => "people quit buying face masks; they are not effective" <==Until I saw this, I did not understand the meaning of "America is better prepared than the rest of the world (for a pandemic) " <= Apparently hazmat clothing and N95 masks hamper gifting four $Trillion to nation state powered, feudal monopoly holding, financially exhausted, corporations and clog the wall street stock machine?

Posted by: snake | Apr 1 2020 13:02 utc | 220

@Posted by: AantiSpin | Apr 1 2020 12:32 utc | 217

Another fact pointing at who is taking advantage of the Cornonavirus crisis by using it as a way to get the money they can not get anymore from developing countries who have acquired the bad custom of not allowing being plundered at frist shot and just oppose resistance, like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela and so on.

Another fact pointing at what the, previous to the Coronavirus crisis, climate panic crisis, spreaded by Greta Thunberg was all about. Making you pay for breathing, then for the use of the sea, and so on. They were seeing it did not wash through the climate panic, and are using this now...Notice the line of discourse of some even in this log calimming that the skies are cleaner than ever...well, bu tat what price, man...we all in state of in the worst US promoted latinamerican dictatorships...just the dream of the kind like Kissinger, Reagan, Thatcher, Pompeo, Trump, and their neonazi followers in the EU and beyond...

They have to keep the rate of profit of the wealthy one way or the other, to keep sucking at their power thrones...

What could explain the fact that the US is also affected by this pandemic, even if you consider the possiblity of a US origin, which I seriously ( well, i will put the hand in the fire at this point...)consider...

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Apr 1 2020 13:11 utc | 221

@Posted by: AantiSpin | Apr 1 2020 12:32 utc | 217

Notice also how that bill was passed, as we say in Spain con nocturnidad y alevosía, in the middle of the night, at the height of the pandemic in the US and all the consequent horror, to keep the masses shocked enough so as that they do not notice what is being unleashed on them..

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Apr 1 2020 13:15 utc | 222

My advise to people in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France and the other Western (failed) Democracies is to protect yourselves as much as possible, then just sit back and watch the old world burn.

Posted by: Kadath | Apr 1 2020 14:02 utc | 223

One would say each strain of the virus affecting each country was selected so as to shoot at the most convenient for foreign appetite there...

Russia sees drop in new Covid-19 cases, but cause for alarm as almost half of newly infected in Moscow are under 45.

In China the outbreak starts and mainly affects a major industrial and transport hub paralicing Chinese economy..

In old Europe, elderly and the public health system are the most affected, saniticing the long wished public pension and helath systems for the vultures to fall over, while at the same time the major economic power in the world, the EU ( as measured by Iranians...) gets as well with its economy paralized, but mainly the southern flank...

In Russia, its still scarce youngest population is mainly affected...

In the US poor neighborhoods and homeless in NYC are the most affected...precisely the people who usually lacks a health insurance because not at their hand to pay for it...

If more was needed to know to add to what we already know about this pandemic..

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Apr 1 2020 14:06 utc | 224

I suspect virus will peak when approx 50% of population is infected.

This thing is just too cool:

Token effort but a moving and welcomed token.

I give Trump credit for allowing and encouraging and letting the people know.
Heads at CNN, NYT, FBI, CIA, MIC are exploding (we can hope).

I have often sensed in life that when things are good is when problems develop and when things are bad, paradigm shifts occur.

Posted by: jared | Apr 1 2020 14:20 utc | 225

Some additional levity The Chyna Swing

Posted by: TJ | Apr 1 2020 14:27 utc | 226

I try to go through all the comments, but cant manage to read and absorb it all.

When I am rushed, I have tendency to just post a (possibly redundant) comment and dont have time to read enough (my dad always would tell me that "No body ever learned anything while they were talking.")

I suggest maybe people try to be brief and add hashtag to header to create a thread of comment to make it easier to view a thread of comments. This might induce a progression of thinking rather than circular discussion.

Posted by: jared | Apr 1 2020 14:28 utc | 227

@TJ 230
Disgusting. Shame on you.

Posted by: Norwegian | Apr 1 2020 14:44 utc | 228

@Posted by: AantiSpin @ 217 H. Schmatz says "Notice also how that bill was passed, as we say in Spain con nocturnidad y alevosía, in the middle of the night, at the height of the pandemic in the US and all the consequent horror, to keep the masses shocked enough so as that they do not notice what is being unleashed on them.." by: H.Schmatz @ 226 <======yes, folks the nation state system enables the corrupt to exploit humanity: globally, regionally, locally and by and between and within the family. It toxic to freedom and democracy. The few have a system that is capable to control all humanity. The NSS is a totally invasive system, it is a divide and conquer platform, which globally conditions and differentiates the mental and psychic make of all of human. And it that condition and control feature that allows all human behaviors to be controlled from the Nation State platform.

The nation state system (NSS) divides 8 billion humans into 206 human container cages which are allow feedback [behaviorally monitored and policed / feed-forward [rule of law] control over human thought and human behavior. Each container is a puppet managed crucible. Each puppet is a differentiated product of the crucible he now manages. Each container is a crucible that differentiates the humans in one container against the humans in the other containers. Differentiation is effected through variables. These variables are culture, religion, law, language controlled access to information (education). Each nation state is a crucible cage, and each human in one of the nation state crucible cages is differentiated in a life time process that allows a few to control the many.

We are seeing the failures of the NSS through the eyes of varmint that lives within, but a single biological cell.

Humanity needs to understand this.. Humanity does not need this kind of differentiation, humanity needs to become of one mind. The single cellular varmint has clearly shown us that humanity needs to pool its resources for the benefit of all. To have one or a few dictate to all is limits our collective abilities and denies the human interaction that the Internet has made available. The nation state crucible allows managers adept at pitting the people in one cage against the people in all of the other cages to thrive.

Posted by: snake | Apr 1 2020 14:46 utc | 229

A movement can be built everyhwere, not only in the information comes in...

Things that happen in the EU...

On what it is not true the alleged lack of foresight by the Spanish government esgrimmed by the economic representative of The Netherlands and thrown with not few despice in the face of the Spanish representative in the last European "tele-summit":

Germany forbade selling face masks to Spain and Italy and then bought those items

On March 4, Angela Merkel banned all exports of medical equipment from her companies. Part of those orders were already agreed with Spanish companies.

On March 4, Germany made the decision to ban any export of medical devices outside its borders. No masks, no disposable gowns, no respirators, no serums. Nothing .. In Spain, Health authorities recognized 160 cases of coronavirus and ensured that there would be no explosion of infections. In Italy, the authorities were considering closing schools and universities. And while, Germany gathered and stayed in that movement with the items that several Spanish companies had committed to healthcare providers located in the country.

Thus, as this newspaper has been able to confirm, the American multinational 3M, based in Minnesota but with its main European factories located in Germany, alerted its distributors and large customers, both Spanish and the rest of Europe, two days later. "This decision by the German government will likely impact 3M's ability to ensure the timely delivery of these products".

The multinational is possibly the world's most recognized supplier of materials such as self-filtering masks, face shields, or surgical gowns. In his brief, 3M's Europe-wide commercial director warned customers that there would be supply problems due to the decision made in Germany both for these products and for surgical gowns, particle masks, safety glasses or protective suits.

Spanish orders

At that time, the company had already committed several games with Spanish multinationals, who use their masks regularly to protect their workers in jobs related to different industries, in addition to healthcare. But for two days now, nothing that could have been used to fight the Covid-19 could have left Germany.

On the same day, France took a similar measure and also banned the export of medical supplies, masks, or any other type of product that would help fight the pandemic outside its borders. Even to its partners in the European Union.

On March 13, a week after that decision was made, the European Commission negotiated with France and Germany to lift the veto on health exports. It was a gesture without much real value since at that time, Germany had already centralized the purchase of medical supplies and had taken over the majority stock of products that could help combat the pandemic. It should be remembered that the German business fabric represents a quarter of the entire European Union.

The German government's decision agrees with two moments lived shortly afterwards in international politics: the European summit of March 27 in which Germany and the Netherlands refused to allow the economic debt generated by the Coronavirus to be supported by all the member states of the European Union, and subsequent statements by the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, who appealed to the solidarity of all members of the EU to try to fight the pandemic, even talking about a new "Marshall Plan" to rebuild Europe.

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Apr 1 2020 14:48 utc | 230

@Posted by: H.Schmatz | Apr 1 2020 14:48 utc | 235

Thus, who is profitting from this crisis, apart from those now taxing the air they breath in the US?

I have the growing suspcion this all was the manuver of a tandem who mo more wwere selling cars and aricrafts and toghout of plundering us through "other products"...

BTW, the price of respirators ( read in Twitter from a Spanish hispital manager source )has gone from 10.000 to 100.000 euro....

Must rememebr you that they were Germany and France hwere the Spanish hospitals used to buy their respirators from.

I hope that as a matter of national security, our providers in the future are changed to those able to provide us in time in times of war or any other equivalent crisis as this one happening right now. What we can not allow is being fooled, put at risk in such way, and plundered by the same people of always, who remains squeezing us since the invent of the EU was created to major glory of the US, Germany and France, and formerly of the UK.

If our leaders ( out of having enjoyed Fullbright scholarships or whatever post they try to get at whatever multinational once detroned from power ) are not able to defend our national interets against usurious and spurious interest of presumed allies, we must change them, or take the actions ( changing whatever it is needed ) in route to this goal, it is our lives, and personal security, which is at stake here, as has been demosntrated, not only obscene ammounts of money, that also they are.

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Apr 1 2020 15:05 utc | 231

There is an interesting article in the Telegraph today regarding research by Angus Dalgleish the professor of oncology at St George’s University of London, and the principal of the Institute for Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapy.
It is behind a paywall-this is a liberated bit:

"...colleagues from America have published a paper in which they have tried to address a question that has been puzzling us all. Why are the mortality rates so different from country to country? For Covid-19, it appears that there may be a relatively simple answer. In the US, Italy and Spain, there have never been comprehensive BCG vaccine programmes, whereas countries like Japan, with a strong programme, have a low mortality rate. The UK used to have a programme when I was young but stopped it. We may therefore have a very mixed mortality rate depending on BCG exposure.
"Support for this hypothesis comes from another source. A recent study showing that prior BCG exposure boosted the response to flu vaccination has led to colleagues proposing to inoculate frontline workers in the Netherlands. This has already been approved by their government. We have an even better product in IMM-101; it boosts the antiviral defences more effectively than BCG without the latter’s negative effects.
"Here is an opportunity for Britain to make a significant contribution to the scientific battle against Covid-19 – and protect thousands of the country’s health workers at the same time. We can’t let it pass us by..."

Vox has an interview with historian Adam Tooze:

"...The left wants reformist change and the right wants to allow the market process to operate unencumbered. Both of them, I think, are operating with a kind of unrealistic understanding of the nature of this crisis. If we’re looking at as many as 10 million jobs lost in a matter of months, these arguments go out the window and the argument for preservation of what we can still preserve becomes absolutely overriding.

"These people saying that we’ve got to bite the bullet and get back to business just don’t comprehend the reality we’re facing, which is a scaled-up version of what we’re seeing in the hospitals of northern Italy. That’s realism. If you can maintain your position in the face of that, then we can take you seriously — not while you’re pontificating from the White House before Americans have really started to die in large numbers. Let’s come back to this argument in two weeks’ time, when the hospitals of DC and the hospitals of New York are running over and they are triaging thousands of people every day."

Posted by: bevin | Apr 1 2020 15:08 utc | 232

Jonathan W@219
Thanks for this link. This is the story of the capitalist system which begins with the transformation of the land into private property employing displaced peasants, including slaves, in commodity production. Another aspect of the conundrum is the consequent urbanisation as a source of disease and a means of producing epidemics.

Posted by: bevin | Apr 1 2020 15:19 utc | 233

I should add to 238, 'commodity production for long distance trade.'

Posted by: bevin | Apr 1 2020 15:20 utc | 234

@Posted by: bevin | Apr 1 2020 15:08 utc | 237

I am starting to get sick with the continuous exmaple of Japan and its great numers, when Japan is almost blurred in the John Hopskins graphics because they do not provide real data.

Also, if you notice, there is a real bias with the countries most highlighted in the John Hopskins graphics, when, at this point, there are other countrievs way reaching Italy and Spain numbers, like the US, UK and even Germany...but yet Germany remains blurred...

Why some countries are so much highlighted and other not so I think has to do with the proffits some actors are thinking of extracting through this pandemic...namely shouther EU countries ( you know that there was widely discussed during the last macro-crisis of 2008 of making a Europe of two velocities, leaving behind the Mediterranean countries and in the first league those of the Hanseatic League, pardon the redundance..) and US adversaries, China and Iran...

This is why I have increasing suspcions of a certain tandem´s role in this pandemic ( located each one at one side of the Atlantic, they keep kinda siamesian relations since the end of WWII )...All the more taking into account where the first vaccine was being about to come out...

Simply, some countries, in the twilight of their most proffitering industries and from which they are known ( namely cars, aircrafts, fracking oil, and so on...), and the inhability of easily continue plundering developing countries without entering expensive and undending wars, have thought of reconverting their "productive" fabric and thus keep proffitting from medical and pharma industries ( and for this they needed to create a new strong market before...)and the old financial capitalism of always, refurbished by the new decrees on pandemic, whose hedge funds, already present in the Mediterranean countries applying usuric prcies and interests to basic needs ( and rights ) of the population, like homes market, will fall like vulture on the so longed health and pension systems of now re-indebted countries who already were doing well before the pandemic started ( and even better than their calvinist prepotent disloyal "partners" of the north, as the graphic on the situation of main banks in the EU i posted in the week review thread so clearly show ).

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Apr 1 2020 15:31 utc | 235

Posted by: bevin | Apr 1 2020 15:08 utc | 237

"Both of them, I think, are operating with a kind of unrealistic understanding of the nature of this crisis."

Well yeah, just looking at the chart up there, it's April 1st and we are well into six figures, doubling every 4 days but maybe bending down a bit, since some places are now taking steps to limit spread. And precision is not to be had, it's going to depend on how things filter down from the large high-traffic cities to the smaller less connected ones over time, and how well local authorites are willing and able to react, etc. but ...

It is easy to predict something like 7 figures in two weeks (millions), eight figures in 4 weeks (ten millions), and nine figures in 6 weeks (hundred millions), and you can't expect to bend that down much in that time except with measures aready in place. Some parties would infer 10x those starting numbers are already exposed/infected, so maybe start with an extra factor of ten. We may get some developing "herd-immunity" by then (six weeks out) to help out, hard to say. On the other hand our "health care" system maybe totally locked up by then too.

And from that it is not hard to get to 5-10 million dead by, say, mid-June.

Notice it's a "health care" system, not a public health system, it's about care, fee for service care, not health, or the health of the public, the body politic.

Posted by: Bemildred | Apr 1 2020 15:32 utc | 236

Japan's façade continues to crumble:

Are Tokyo's hospitals and health care system ready for a COVID-19 storm?

If the MSM is raising this question, then it's because it knows the pandemic will hit in full, so it's already preparing public opinion to absorb the blow. Textbook fascist propaganda.

Expert panel says extending school closure could be option for virus-hit areas of Japan

As I said, the Japanese government and MSM already know the country is going to suffer from the COVID-19. But they are preparing the narrative so it appears to be a gradual and inexorable crisis. The "experts" are essential here, as they give a scientific patina to the farce. Plausible deniability.

Meanwhile, the imperial family is already very far from Tokyo - the probable epicenter of the pandemic in Japan:

Former emperor, empress move to Takanawa Imperial Residence

Posted by: vk | Apr 1 2020 15:42 utc | 237

It is really stunning how b becomes a different person when talking about vaccines and viruses.

Where is the common sense and cold simple logic that makes him such a great source of information on other topics?

The numbers in FT's graphs are nothing but question marks. They are official figures from governments about a topic that is politicized into outer space. They are totally contradictory per country, as if this disease acts totally differently from one country to the next.
But all of that is not noteworthy. Nothing to see or question here.

Germany has great figures: a relatively high infection rate, and a low death rate. Why no mention of that? Why not one single critical word about this whole graph that means next to nothing? At least not until we know, as we should, how the data were gathered, what methodology was used, and until we know that we're not putting apples and bananas in the same graph. What do these numbers include, what do they not include. How many tests were done, how were deaths ascribed to corona?
Where's the science here?

There's a village in Italy that was 100% tested.

Why b? Why nothing, not one peep about all that?
Why no critical thinking or observation, no deeper delving, no data crunching, no research, no nothing?

Posted by: Lev Ke | Apr 1 2020 15:46 utc | 238

@Posted by: Realist | Apr 1 2020 15:25 utc | 240

Spain should have started forbidding mass meetings before, but, as you can test by the article provided, they have already started making their purchase of medical supplies way before March4th, but was Germany who held those buyouts hostage to then centralize the market. That is monopolizing ( as they did by dismantling all the indutrial fabric of the GDR, btw, this is an old dream of the Germans, monopolizing industry and this is hw we were ordered to dismantle all our undustrial faric once entered into the EU, especially our dairy and hard metal industry, so as to not compite with the German one...) and goes not only against the laws of free market but also, I fear against those of the EU.

All in all, none country started mass quaratine measures when they had only 160 known case of Covid-19, not even China, not even Russia, so claimed here fro its good management by so many. Russia started quaratining people, and that in Moscow at the heights of 500-600 known cases.

While I have criticized enough the management of the Spanish government ( especially the pvurchasing of tests to a not cetified Chienes company ), today, the Imperial College of London ( who are not my peers precisely, you know...) praises the management of the crisis by Spain and states that the measures taken saved around 16.000 lives.

It seems that what has happened to Spain is that she has been applied some aditional obstacles to jump over by her presumed allies in the EU and NATO, and also by some autonomous adminsitrations, like that governing in Madrid, of the far-right ideology, and opposed to the current central government.

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Apr 1 2020 15:48 utc | 239

Correction from my previous comment: Takanawa is in Tokyo. They will be there temporarily until the much more isolated Akasaka Palace is ready.

Posted by: vk | Apr 1 2020 15:49 utc | 240

Here, b. The Swiss Propaganda Research did the work for you and brought us via its Dutch sister website the official mortality numbers of Holland over the past years up until 18/3/20.
It's a huge pity that I can't paste a picture here, because this graph really says it all.

It's a graph of numbers recorded by the same official source that simply collects the weekly death rates in Holland. Numbers that up until now were totally apolitical and neutral. Nobody cared.

Two years ago, due to a heavy flu season, a whopping 9,444 excess deaths were counted. The present corona mortality is nowhere near such numbers and will probably never get there.
But two years ago there was no panic, no lockdown, no nothing. Just an unfortunate heavy flu season.

Not a good enough reason to question anything? No need to get this truth out? No need for rationality and a woke population? No need for whatever MoA is meant to be?

Posted by: Lev Ke | Apr 1 2020 15:57 utc | 241

@Lev Ke #244
The village in Italy showed that 50% to 75% of nCOV infected are asymptomatic.
Given the very high rate of mortality in the small percentage of population infected - even by my DSU extrapolations only 2.7% of Italians have contracted nCOV - I don't see why you think nCOV is minor.
We're talking about 2000 dead per 10M at 0.17% to 2.7% infection rates vs. 1000 to 2000 dead per 10M for 15%-20% infection rates for flu.
And for every dead person, there are 10 to 20 that require serious hospital care.

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 1 2020 15:57 utc | 242

Lev Ke @247

Has Eliot Higgins verified that yet?

Posted by: William Gruff | Apr 1 2020 16:03 utc | 243

Putin is self-isolating after exposure to the virus. They didn't say outright that he has it, but there are only so many reasons why you self-isolate. This has the potential to change things considerably.

Posted by: Timothy Hagios | Apr 1 2020 16:07 utc | 244

Trump's official explanation for his "it's a leftist hoax" stance in February:

'I'm a Cheerleader': Trump Says He Knew Coronavirus Could be 'Horrible' but Wanted to Stay Positive

Posted by: vk | Apr 1 2020 16:12 utc | 245

@Posted by: H.Schmatz | Apr 1 2020 15:48 utc | 245

The presidenta of Autonomous Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, of the Popular Party ( the same party of nefarious fame by being involved in dozens of corruption cases and one of whose main bosses in the infamous Aznar, of the Trio of the Azores, formed by Bush Jr., Aznar, and Diaz Barroso, agreed on starting War on Iraq, the same guy who fled to his summer dacha in Marbella when the state of alarm was already instituted and displacement was not allowed, jumping over the law as it is the custom in his party...), had already savagely privatized the formerly public health system of the Madrid Autonomous Community, governed by the far-right through decades, with which the situation in Madrid was chaotic, and to add to grievance, she claims having lost already two cargos of 25 million euro each in medical supplies....some people, knowing their history, have a hard time believing she has really lost anything, ...

That she is not qualified, as most of her party peers, to manage anything, is an understatement. When it was necessary to close Madrid Community, she asked how that is done on live TV...

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Apr 1 2020 16:13 utc | 246

Thanks to b and all commentors here. That was such good news earlier about the communication between Trump ahd Putin, and the latter's initial response to send medical help. I haven't yet done my morning's read here - I do hope that promising sign is one of the good things to come out of this trial. My mother's best friend used to say, "These things are sent to try us - and they do!" Always ending with a laugh, she was that sort of lady.

Sophocles had his chorus repeat "Sing sorrow, sorrow; but good win out in the end." This is such an important and effective blog, so thanks again.

[Sorry my last post on the previous thread looked so discombobulated - I was trying to phrase it succinctly, and the system didn't like all my corrections. I did preview, but the misalignment didn't show up in that.]

Posted by: juliania | Apr 1 2020 16:18 utc | 247

"When the Invisible Hand Gives You the Finger
Corporate media shrug as elite declare loss of profits worse than loss of lives"
An interesting reminder of the problems that building movements in Babylon involves.

H Schmatz @ 241
I don't disagree, regarding Japan. It is interesting that the poster boy nation for liberal capitalism in East Asia has done a much better job of obscuring realities than any of the alleged 'communist dictatorships'.
Of course they had good practice in hiding the truth about Fukushima which is still totally beyond control and spewing radiation into the environment.
I felt that the BCG angle might interest people however.

Posted by: bevin | Apr 1 2020 16:18 utc | 248

@ Lev Ke | Apr 1 2020 15:46 utc | 244
Those are good questions, thank you.

Posted by: Norwegian | Apr 1 2020 16:19 utc | 249

Here's another perspective:

Covid19 is not the only medical situation happening.

Many other medical challenges require treatment in existing hospitals using existing technologies and existing, highly-trained and highly specialized care deliverers, from physicians to their specifically trained assistants, etc.
In a pinch, a radiation oncologist could intubate a patient in respiratory collapse, but his/her skills are actually better used maintaining the practice of radiation oncology: this actually provides support financial support for the persons on the front line of treating virus patients by contributing to the financial sustainability of the institution as a whole.

These people have to keep working to pay for the enormous investment in their technologies and their trained staff. They need to keep the hospital running: if all parts of a hospital do not function at least to some degree to pay to keep the lights on and the doors open, no part of the hospital can stay functioning.

Posted by: DucklingtoUgly | Apr 1 2020 16:19 utc | 250

This is another scam like 9/11

1- The test used is for any coronavirus - there are over 100 known coronaviruses. That means that it is totally misleading.

2- The PCR test amplifies strands of the virus millions of times. It cannot give the doctor information about the viral load. It only says that something is present. But the real viral load causing the sickness might be something totally different.

3- The CDC has changed the guidelines for classifying the cause of death on the death certificate. This forces doctors to specify COVID-19 for cases where it was not the real cause of death. You can have a look at it here:

I subscribed to the Financial Times for over 20 years. I stopped the subscription many years ago because they told too many lies. They banned my comments because they highlighted the falsehoods in the articles.

Posted by: Alfred (Cairns) | Apr 1 2020 16:28 utc | 251

The chart is a log chart. As soon as the line begins to curl over, the item being measured has peaked. Look at the China line on the chart. The U.S. line shows virus cases are peaking.

Posted by: Dissident Rogue | Apr 1 2020 16:31 utc | 252

WILD CAT STRIKES appear to be increasing across the USA! Concerns are protective equipment, job losses, evictions, pay, etc. These workers are who are keeping the US economy going while elites, politicians and celebrities are chilling in their massive mansions and gardens!

No help from any Sanders, Democrats or any political party or any official Trade Union (that I am aware of).

Posted by: ADKC | Apr 1 2020 16:39 utc | 253

@ Posted by: Alfred (Cairns) | Apr 1 2020 16:28 utc | 259

The document you linked didn't change the methodology. It just announced the creation of the code for COVID-19.

It says:

The new ICD code for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is U07.1, and below is how it will appear in formal tabular list format.

U07.1 COVID-19
Excludes: Coronavirus infection, unspecified site (B34.2); Severe acute respiratory syndrome [SARS], unspecified (U04.9)

The WHO has provided a second code, U07.2, for clinical or epidemiological diagnosis of COVID-19 where a laboratory confirmation is inconclusive or not available. Because laboratory test results are not typically reported on death certificates in the U.S., NCHS is not planning to implement U07.2 for mortality statistics.

The document simply states that U07.2 won't be included in death certificates in the USA for the simple fact lab tests are not typically included there.

So, it's the opposite of what you stated: many people with COVID-19 won't be reported as dead by COVID-19. It will make American numbers lower, not higher.

Posted by: vk | Apr 1 2020 16:53 utc | 254

Hmm, maybe we need to rethink our model of causality, don't you think, Peter? Is there a more useful model we could use than loads and last straws?

Posted by: BM | Apr 1 2020 10:46 utc | 203

Well, the good thing is that instead of 'Putin did it!' we can just switch to 'the virus did it!'

Change is as good as a rest ;))

Posted by: juliania | Apr 1 2020 16:56 utc | 255

What a silly fellow you are "Realist". You seem to specialise in discovering that those with different opinions from the ones that you are currently borrowing, are liars.
Here is another link that you can subject to your forensic skills-think of it as a form of, much needed, mental exercise:

Posted by: bevin | Apr 1 2020 17:05 utc | 256

From juliania:

jared @232, that is a good idea!

Posted by: juliania | Apr 1 2020 17:09 utc | 257

@ 146 kadath... i also agree with your conclusions... i wish it was different...

@ 173 BM.. and to a few others that you have since engaged! as you know, i appreciate your posts and have said so many times! this time is no different! i can be dead serious and switch to being very silly and flippant... sometimes it is hard to tell with me! garys post started off challenging b on his position towards max blumenthal and went on from there, ending with the comment he was leaving... i was being a bit flippant and serious in my comment to him for a few reasons - his canning b for his comments on max blumenthal being part of it...

now to the swiss propaganda site article... in fact, the article is in a constant state of addition as you noted.. it was shared here a good week ago by the poster john if memory serves and perhaps allen also might have brought it here - a week ago, give or take.. i read it at the time and i went and re-read the additions again.. i also watched the video put up by someone or Dr Sucharit Bhakdi with the dr commenting on all this - from a good week ago and gotten off the link...

where to start? that website did good work on the chemical weapon issue in connection with syria.. i don't want to dismiss the site automatically, although as you and others note there are different authors to the different articles on the site. i believe it was the dr sucharit bhakdi video that also brought in the topic of pollution being a factor in the deaths in northern italy and wuhan.. this was brought up at least 2 weeks ago, again by the poster allen... i am not sure how this plays into the increased number of cases in the usa as no one is mentioning the population now!

the way i see it, this is not the same as the flu... we don't have a vaccine for it and it is highly contagious.. we can note that not all the cases of death are a direct result of covid 19 but as peter used in his example, it is like the straw that broke the camels back.. also, i am seeing cases of much younger people having to go on ventilators.. apparently in the hospital in vancouver right now there are a high percentage of younger people that have come down with this and it sounds much more serious then making a comparison to the typical flu that has been mentioned here as one of the reasons countries and people are over reacting to all this.. i just don't see it this way... and i believe it is more prudent to err on the side of caution, so the idea of social distancing and wearing a mask when in public - i think there are all good ideas.. i realize the capitalist countries, in particular usa- uk - are going to struggle with this and it is going to hurt a lot of people on the bottom end in particular, i still don't see this as some gov't imposed step towards totalitarianism... here in canada it is the medical heads that are really driving the decision making process.. for the most part i believe they are doing a good job.. ultimately we are going to have to wait and see how all this plays out... i personally don't think the situation here is exaggerated... thanks for your posts!! hopefully i have shared enough of my views for you to get where i am coming from! as i said earlier i have a tendency towards extreme positions and can be dead serious and not serious at all... you caught me in the later in my post to gary, but i am being dead serious with you now!!

@219 jonathan w... yes - people would benefit from reading the links b shares, like the one you reshared... indeed agribusiness is a serious problem directly related to this topic, as the author he quotes points out... thanks for reposting it for others who might have missed it...

Posted by: james | Apr 1 2020 17:13 utc | 258

@Dissident Rogue #260
A log graph leveling out just means the acceleration in growth is decreasing.
It does not mean the situation isn't getting worse - it just isn't accelerating to even worse.
You can still have geometric or arithmetic growth - increasing to a worse result but more slowly.
In particular, since nCOV life cycle make take weeks to conclude - 3 weeks to 3 months - the number of deaths is going to keep increasing for at least that long even if "new" infections were to stop this instant.
They just won't be increasing exponentially.

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 1 2020 17:14 utc | 259

It's a very funny scene to watch here in this comments section: all of a sudden, commenters want to revise 150 years of Western medicine just because the mortality numbers don't fit their hidden political agendas (which only them think is hidden).

Posted by: vk | Apr 1 2020 17:14 utc | 260

no one is mentioning the ''pollution'', not population... oh well... hopefully you get my point and skip the typos!

Posted by: james | Apr 1 2020 17:15 utc | 261

New study showing nCOV mortality rate is 0.66 - if asymptomatic cases are included: source

Researchers used modeling based on the number of detected cases among repatriated citizens from Wuhan, China, who were aggressively tested for the virus. Those people received tests that would be able to identify if they were shedding the virus, even if they didn’t show symptoms. Researchers then combined that data with public information on reported cases and deaths, estimating the death rate to be about two-thirds of 1 percent.

The study found the mortality rate dramatically increased in older adults, with about 7.8 percent of patients 80 or older estimated to die after infection.

This is exactly why I have been publishing CCD/DSU numbers - we know there are significant numbers of asymptomatic. These people can spread the disease, and there a relationship between asymptomatic and mortality.

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 1 2020 17:17 utc | 262

Is the odd poster Mojahedin-e Khalq?

If so then it likely lives in the US on a State Department stipend. That usually has a tendency to inculcate a sense of obligation.

Posted by: William Gruff | Apr 1 2020 17:18 utc | 263

‘ In many Asian countries wearing a mask is a social rule that everyone follows. These countries, light blue in the above chart, had way less ravaging covid-19 epidemics than 'western' societies’

They also had an earlier spring (temp >20C) than western countries.

And wearing a mask will not prevent you from inhaling viruses that are overabundant and can even pass through unglazed porcelain.

Just to add two alternative explanations of why your treatment options do not and will not work

The good news, this will all be over when temps hit 20C or more for a couple of days.
Just don’t make the mistake by attributing that what was done by Mother Nature to the Totalitarian State, even though you are a stubborn case B..

Posted by: Willem | Apr 1 2020 17:23 utc | 264

@ 277 realist.. you are panning some of the most valuable posters on moa here.. i don't see there is a lot of mileage in doing that!!

Posted by: james | Apr 1 2020 17:33 utc | 265

From juliania:

Timothy Hagios | Apr 1 2020 16:07 utc | 250,

If Putin is self-isolating, all the more commendable, he! Hey, so am I, being elderly. My state, New Mexico, is requiring all of us to self-isolate where possible, so I am doing that. My children do my shopping, which is one of the perks of having a family. I haven't been out shopping or at a restaurant or any other such crowded place for a month; I follow all the protocols.

I happen to believe we probably will all be exposed eventually. Might as well forestall that if it is possible, and as much as possible. But some exposure is inevitable, on the front line or even staying home. My children expose themselves when they shop for me. It happens.

I'm sure Putin felt he was obliged to take some risks; comes with the territory of being a leader, and it makes him no different from any Russian citizen. My prayer is with him, and with us all. Some risks are part of living.

Posted by: juliania | Apr 1 2020 17:37 utc | 266

From juliania:

DucklingtoUgly | Apr 1 2020 16:19 utc | 258, this is important, and why we all ought to self-isolate as much as possible. Even given the possibility we all will eventually be exposed, we ought to try not to be immediate casualties needing to add to the burden of hospitals which, especially in the United States, have already been cut to the bone as far as medical professionals and equipment is concerned.

That is a problem which needs to be attended to, but you go with the army you have. And hospital staff, while so essential to society, are presently at risk at the heart of the storm.

Heroes they have always been, and particularly now.

Posted by: juliania | Apr 1 2020 17:50 utc | 267

@bevin #237
It would be more credible if there was a mechanism by which BCG vaccination helps protect against nCOV.
Otherwise, it is just correlation without causation - no more credible than saying malaria countries have a lower nCOV infection and mortality rate (which is also true).

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 1 2020 17:51 utc | 268

Posted by: Lev Ke | Apr 1 2020 15:46 utc | 244

It is really stunning how b becomes a different person when talking about vaccines and viruses.

I guess a lot of people here in the comment section, as well as b and his family and friends, are over 50 and over 60, one commenter said he is over 70. It is clearly visible that being that old makes one think differently. There is no time anymore to thoroughly study nature and the purpose of microbes in biological life. Also, at that old age, it must mean that one has done something right, otherwise one wouldn't have reached that age. One has survived many vaccinations and may have profited from them by not becoming sick when visiting other continents.

And to be fair, b does excellent research in this topic also, he just comes to different conclusions than a few readers. We can draw our own conclusions, and I'm guessing we all are not exactly right. We do what we can. B even mentioned an OffGuardian article in a recent OT-thread, he at least tries to be balanced in reporting.


Official information from the FDA about the PCR test:

CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel

For Emergency Use Only

Instructions for Use

Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms.

Posted by: Phil | Apr 1 2020 17:54 utc | 269

There have been less than 1,000,000 cases of Covid-19 so far and around 45,000 deaths. If no measures were made prevent its spread, we would be having billions of cases and hundreds of millions of deaths. To think this is just flue is the height of folly.

Posted by: Michael Weddington | Apr 1 2020 17:55 utc | 270

The latest "Wall Street on Parade" articles indicate that those banks and corporations that greatly benefited in the 2007-9 bailout will be the same ones benefiting (even more so) in the current bail-out (they have also been benefitting from a secret bail-out since September 2019).

The Dark Secrets in the Fed’s Last Wall Street Bailout Are Getting a Devious Makeover in Today’s Bailout

Wall Street Had Cut 68,000 Jobs and Received Trillions in Emergency Loans Prior to COVID-19 Anywhere in the World

It amounts to a massive transfer of wealth from ordinary Americans to the richest and it is being done under the cover of the pandemic.

Posted by: ADKC | Apr 1 2020 17:58 utc | 271

you know how I 'vaccinate' my body when I visit other places? I buy a pot of honey from a local store or bee-keeper and eat a spoonful. Honey is sterile because of its high sugar content, but it includes the 'information' of the entire region. And I drink water from a well in the mountains. And eat local food.

Not a scientific method, and I cannot recommend it, but it has served me well.

Posted by: Phil | Apr 1 2020 18:01 utc | 272

Today, Dutch prime minister / US sock puppet Rutte said

"Whoever thinks that the pre-corona world will ever return, lives in an illusion".

Scary. One would think that a country leader would want to motivate people and give us hope.

The post-corona world succeeds the post-911 world. Again our dear leaders will do what they can to expoit the mass psychosis and push for more restrictive laws and more war. "Post-corona world" Get used to it. You will hear and read that phrase many more times for years to come until they invent another post-whatever world.

Posted by: Joost | Apr 1 2020 18:06 utc | 273

From juliania:

james | Apr 1 2020 17:13 utc | 269, good post. I would agree with you. I noticed there had been an April Fool's Day posting about the Trump nastiness with respect to environmental rules - it gave me a needed chuckle. And I posted then with respect to the Putin derangement concerning the virus. But this virus does have serious and sad consequences and can be jarring if we joke too much, so indeed we do have to change our habits as the protocols advise. We can walk and chew gum at the same time - and walking looks like one of our health needs as long as we practise distancing for now! (Not so sure about chewing gum, maybe just now and then.)

Posted by: juliania | Apr 1 2020 18:08 utc | 274

Here we have a Moderate Rebelsvideo interview/discussion between Ben Norton, Max Blumenthal and Pepe Escobar "about the new US cold war with China, potential origins of the Covid-19 virus, the collapse of the European Union, anti-China corporate media narratives, and Beijing's strategy to build a new silk road." It's 1.5hrs long and will prove more beneficial than playing word games with the troll.

USA Today provides a somewhat propaganda-free article about China's experience with COVID. IMO, it qualifies as Cold War 2 reporting.

Also see my comment on the week in review thread.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 1 2020 18:10 utc | 275

Posted by: bevin | Apr 1 2020 15:08 utc | 237

I was evidently pleased by your citation of Angus Dalgleish saying that those who have been vaccinated against tuberculosis (BCG) have a lower rate of mortality from COVID-19, because I have been so vaccinated. However, Dalgleish is an oncologist, not a specialist of viral diseases, and a notorious political Brexiter (no doubt why you like what he says). He would be likely to talk up something that puts Britain in a better position than the despised European countries. That's not to say that the research he quotes is false, but it might be less significant than he suggests.

Posted by: Laguerre | Apr 1 2020 18:12 utc | 276

Posted by: Realist | Apr 1 2020 17:42 utc | 280

"When those allegedly "valuable" posters constantly engage in dishonest smear tactics, … like we just saw from Gruff/Bevin…"

I would add to those vk too, but don't recall karlof being such.

Posted by: acar burak | Apr 1 2020 18:19 utc | 277

@Posted by: William Gruff | Apr 1 2020 17:18 utc | 275

Highly likely, the way this guy jumps to the yugular of anything sounding Spanish reminds me of one Babak Makkinejad always posting off-topic praisings of Franco at SST...

Of course, as the owner at that site allowed it with pleasure, I consdier that blog a DoS one, along with some others which use to promote each other

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Apr 1 2020 18:23 utc | 278

@283 Phil

From my reading of the Limitations section that quote is from it seems to me to be indicating that false positives cannot be ruled out, there are other wording in the Limitations section regarding false negatives e.g.

Negative results do not preclude 2019-nCoV infection and should not be used as the sole basis for treatment or other patient management decisions. Optimum specimen types and timing for peak viral levels during infections caused by 2019-nCoV have not been determined. Collection of multiple specimens (types and time points) from the same patient may be necessary to detect the virus.•A false negative result may occur if a specimen is improperly collected, transported or handled. False negative results may also occur if amplification inhibitors are present in the specimen or if inadequate numbers of organisms are present in the specimen.

IANAL To me the Limitations section is a whole host of CYA disclaimers, given the litigious nature of the USA it does not strike me as outside what I would expect from Americans, though if there are any lawyers here who deal in the sort of legal disclaimers in the medical or other fields I'd like to hear their take on it, the whole Limitations section is copied below.

Limitations•All users, analysts, and any person reporting diagnostic results should be trained to perform this procedure by a competent instructor. They should demonstrate their ability to perform the test and interpret the results prior to performing the assay independently. •Performance of the CDC 2019-nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel has only been established in upper and lower respiratory specimens (such as nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal swabs, sputum, lower respiratory tract aspirates, bronchoalveolar lavage, and nasopharyngeal wash/aspirate or nasal aspirate).•Negative results do not preclude 2019-nCoV infection and should not be used as the sole basis for treatment or other patient management decisions. Optimum specimen types and timing for peak viral levels during infections caused by 2019-nCoV have not been determined. Collection of multiple specimens (types and time points) from the same patient may be necessary to detect the virus.•A false negative result may occur if a specimen is improperly collected, transported or handled. False negative results may also occur if amplification inhibitors are present in the specimen or if inadequate numbers of organisms are present in the specimen. •Positive and negative predictive values are highly dependent on prevalence. False negative test results are more likely when prevalence of disease is high. False positive test results are more likely when prevalence is moderate to low. •Do not use any reagent past the expiration date.•If the virus mutates in the rRT-PCR target region, 2019-nCoV may not be detected or may be detected less predictably. Inhibitors or other types of interference may produce a false negative result. An interference study evaluating the effect of common cold medications was not performed.•Test performance can be affected because the epidemiology and clinical spectrum of infection caused by 2019-nCoV is not fully known. For example, clinicians and laboratories may not know the optimum types of specimens to collect, and, during the course of infection, when these specimens are most likely to contain levels of viral RNA that can be readily detected.•Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms.
37 CDC-006-00019, Revision: 03 CDC/DDID/NCIRD/ Division of Viral Diseases Effective: 3/30/2020•The performance of this test has not been established for monitoring treatment of 2019-nCoV infection.•The performance of this test has not been established for screening of blood or blood products for the presence of 2019-nCoV.•This test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens.

Posted by: TJ | Apr 1 2020 18:29 utc | 279

@Posted by: Willem | Apr 1 2020 17:23 utc | 276

It should be more than 20ºC, since past weeks in Spain it was 20ºC or more at midday during several days, coinciding with the higuest of the pandemic, until this week arrived a kinda winter short wave in which saw snow even at sea level...

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Apr 1 2020 18:30 utc | 280

The whole MEK already posting here, or the same Mek guy using sockpuppet IDs, from what it seems, directly from US base in Albania

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Apr 1 2020 18:33 utc | 281

Live daily WHO briefing 1 April 2020

Posted by: JC | Apr 1 2020 18:35 utc | 282

4 now. You can add Schmatz as well

Posted by: Reslist | Apr 1 2020 18:37 utc | 283

From juliania:

Realist | Apr 1 2020 2:06 utc | 152, thanks for this post on the Czech Republic edict! Very interesting, and commendable practical advice if this is the case. I've made a bandanna for my son to wear when he is shopping for me; I will insist upon it using this information.

Posted by: juliania | Apr 1 2020 18:37 utc | 284

Posted by: Realist | Apr 1 2020 18:29 utc | 296

What makes you so angry dude?you love orange puppet and he is disappointing you so much?some communist stole you the woman?you always thought that boeing jets could fly and then you realized they can't?it stresses so much steal other countries'lunch?or all those soldiers infected making nervous over there?just relax high blood pressure is dangerous in these days..bye american kosher.

Posted by: LuBa | Apr 1 2020 19:03 utc | 285

wrt Swiss Propaganda research

The site obviously was hacked, und not for the first time. Content within the fakes is always totally contrary to the offcial line of the site. Please ignore that. Just go to: (scroll down to the most recent updates)

Posted by: franziska | Apr 1 2020 19:26 utc | 286

@ 289 julliania... thanks! i was wondering how april fools would play out today.. it seems pretty muted for the most part!

Posted by: james | Apr 1 2020 19:39 utc | 287

Maximum Disaster undiscussed awaits at the intersection of the line climbing (cases needing treatment) and the line descending (medical and cleaning staff still alive and healthy enough to provide the care).

What part of 'doctors and nurses are dying' is hard to understand?!

Personal to anyone downplaying in any way the exponential lethality of coved19 which is headed right for docs, nurses, cleaners, emt's, ambulance drivers, and their precious families: it is too bad the rock you are living under has not yet crushed you. You are a dangerous fool and should be made to sign papers that you will forego all treatment once infected so said treatment can be used to save the lives of human beings who are carrying the world on their shoulders and doing it relatively NAKED.

Trump is the smallest person who ever lived. Such a fraction of a man, such a sorry excuse for a human being he legally deserves to be arrested, tried as the traitor to the usa that he is, convicted, and hung at dawn.

Lies are getting people killed - period. What a shame there are liars here being allowed free reign to downplay this horrid outbreak.

Spanish docs and nurses already had to decide that nobody over 65 gets a respirator. LET. THAT. SINK. IN. It is those ego-bound knowitall people who are downplaying and in denial who are forcing our healthcare workers globally to make IMPOSSIBLE DECISIONS. An entire country's grandparents being sedated SO they will die.

When usa reaches 300,000 deaths will you finally ban those who are in denial and spreading their dangerous bullshit all over the comments, b?

Posted by: Phryne's frock | Apr 1 2020 20:03 utc | 288

Mao | Apr 1 2020 11:21 utc | 209:

It's rather foolish to fire much needed medical staff. Those hospitals can be sued for endangering the lives of the public.

Kadath | Apr 1 2020 14:02 utc | 228:

Especially for those living in the US. There's news of gun shops selling out on guns and ammo, again.

Posted by: Ian2 | Apr 1 2020 20:10 utc | 289

bevin @237.

The Cancer doctor may not be entirely wrong. It's a good thing to boost the immune system so that the body can fight off the disease. But why is he only concerned with 'front-line' health professionals?

bevin cites this report but fails to criticize the West's slow adoption of Chinese findings that could help people to fight the virus: Chloroquine (as a preventative) and Vitamin-C.

As a result, I'm left wondering if bevin has a soft spot for 'Big Pharma'.

FYI PeterAU 1 has written several times at moa of the benefits of a preventative dose of Chloroquine/Quinine. Peter and others have also talked about the importance of Vitamin-D and Selenium. AFAICT the general public has not been provided with any such info.

I'm following Peter's simply guidence of 300mg of Chloroquine/Quinine per week. Essentially a couple of large glasses of tonic water per day (with orange juice).

= = =

Realist @262: Tooze is a useless partizan liar which given that's it's Vox is only to be expected.

IMO Realist's understanding of Tooze and Vox is very much on the mark.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 1 2020 20:29 utc | 290

The only vaccine I would trust is a Russian one.
They could use a vaccine to inject all manner of nano things.
Take care!
And beware.

Posted by: Emily | Apr 1 2020 20:53 utc | 291

Dear 'Realist": What the hell is this 'recent economic history' that you absurdly accuse Gruff/Karlof/Bevin of 'sockpuetting'[sic] about? (You must be new here?) Please try to explain what this is 'about'. Thanks in advance.

Posted by: blues | Apr 1 2020 20:54 utc | 292

@ Jackrabbit (308)

"I'm following Peter's simply guidence of 300mg of Chloroquine/Quinine per week. Essentially a couple of large glasses of tonic water per day (with orange juice)."

Have you any figures on the quinine content of Indian tonic water these days? I have heard that it has been much reduced in recent years. I have been drinking the stuff myself anyway, after all it is unlikely to do any harm and may help.

Posted by: MarkU | Apr 1 2020 20:57 utc | 293

The coronavirus will devastate the U.S. submarine fleet. Those guys work in such close quarters.
After the news came out about the crews of the two carriers Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan being infected, the Defense Department stopped reporting coronavirus in the military. Sounds serious.
Posted by: lysias | Mar 31 2020 22:09 utc | 99

Before that, the US govt refused to give details on the respiratory problems of the five military officers that were in Wuhan to attend the intl military games in October, 2019. They did not appear to have regular pneumonia, because they infected the hotel workers where the US military stayed, which was near the Wuhan wet market. This was back in October, before people were testing for the virus.

So, the virus could well have been circulating among the US military before it hit the general population. It would be interesting to know the docking schedules of the US carrier(s) that got infected; they are at sea for long stretches at a time, so the infection was either already among the personnel before docking, or was transmitted to them at one of the deboarding sites. The schedule would then give very definite dates to figure out the timeline.

Posted by: occupatio | Apr 1 2020 21:00 utc | 294

I came back today and see I got skewered in the comments lol. Not sure who will read this now, but let me respond to some of these items.

@William Gruff #29 - Yes, you must pay for the coverage through COBRA. You also pay when you are employed and get insurance through your employer. COBRA ensures you maintain the same rate and benefits that you had while employed. I didn't mention this because it is not a change due to becoming unemployed- not trying to mislead. As far as people not having savings and therefore choosing not to continue coverage under COBRA- like I said, hospitals cannot deny treatment due to inability to pay. They will certainly attempt to collect after treating, but there are many, many options to get care free or greatly reduced if you can't afford it.

@TrailerTrash #33 - I am sorry for what you went through. Yes, hospitals will always try to collect even if you tell them they cannot pay. However, they will attempt to enroll you in Medicaid to get free treatment, write off much treatment to charity, etc. I can't comment on your situation without knowing details, and I certainly know the number of people in financial difficulty because of medical bills.

@Likklemore #34 - I responded to the other parts above, but I disagree strongly that the US has the worst healthcare system in the world. Most expensive, yes. But the quality of care you get in the US is excellent. Survival rates of most serious diseases are higher in the US than the majority of other countries, and availbility of specialists and unusual treatments is much better than in the countries with government coverage.

@Corvo #40 - See above. If your COBRA is expiring now, and you are unemployed and can't afford to purchase health insurance on your own, you will qualify for Medicaid and receive free care. If you don't qualify it would be because you have financial assets.

@NemesisCalling #48 - Yes, you are correct about the purpose of COBRA, but it will still kick in for those laid off due to Covid. I was pushing back against our host's claim that Americans will lose health insurance when being laid off.

@David #49 - Yes and no. Health insurance companies provide a valuable service for catastrophic, unexpected injuries, similar to car insurance. They extract wealth on the routine, predictable procedures since insurance is based on uncertainty. The reason they do this is because of the laws and tax treatment of health insurance vs. normal goods and services (you get a tax discount if you use health insurance for everything, even those things that have no uncertainty). Universal health coverage does not improve this, it exacerbates it.

@Rob #64 - Yes, universal healthcare would cause those problems to disappear. But it would introduce others. I am not claiming that it has no advantages, but that it has both pros and cons. The tone here is that the question is settled and universal healthcare is better, which I strongly disagree with.

@Michael #71 - Yes, hospitals try to collect. If the patient has money wages may be garnished, etc. My point was solely that people will be able to get treatment if they seek it out, contrary to what our host claimed.

With that out of the way, final thoughts on the root cause of these disagreements. The tone of this blog clearly favors universal healthcare, which I don't support, which causes different moral judgments to be assigned to the same facts. I am happy about this! However, I wish this group would NOT take it as given that universal coverage is better. It has pros and cons. The real problem is that healthcare in the US is too expensive. Universal coverage does not make it less expensive, it just makes you pay with taxes instead of when you actually see the doctor- with all the moral hazed and adverse selection that accompanies it. That helps the people who would otherwise be forced to pay large portions of their net worth for needed treatment. But it hurts society in many ways as well. Please recognize that there are valid, important reasons to not want universal coverage, even if you end up still preferring it in the end. That aside, I love MoA because even people who disagree politically are interested in the true facts that are often covered up in the world. Keep it up!

Posted by: sabre | Apr 1 2020 21:14 utc | 295

@ 314 sabre... last paragraph... i think why i personally like universal healthcare is the poor are not left out of it.. should we all be collectively looking after the poor and homeless? my answer is yes.. i know it is an oversimplification, but that is how i see it... now universal healthcare does suffer from attacks from big pharma too and that is something i would like to see less of.. in fact it seems to me that when profit is the sole gauge of why something has to be done a certain way - all hell breaks lose.. thus big pharma at this point, like big agra - are both blights on the planet... if left on my own - i would choose neither and i would continue to advocate for universal healthcare.. cheers james

Posted by: james | Apr 1 2020 21:26 utc | 296

lose - loose... forgive the typos..

Posted by: james | Apr 1 2020 21:27 utc | 297

A positive test does'nt mean illness. I will be honest to distinguish both instead of giving alarming f..g numbers

Posted by: fayez chergui | Apr 1 2020 21:28 utc | 298

No help from any Sanders, Democrats or any political party or any official Trade Union (that I am aware of).

Posted by: ADKC | Apr 1 2020 16:39 utc | 261

Bernie was the only member of Congress who stood up against Republicans threatening to vote down the Relief bill because they were poised to remove the $600 provided on top of UI benefits and stopped them from doing so.

Bernie also started a petition to demand that Walmart offer their employees hazard pay, protective gear and paid leave.

Walmart petition

And he also publicly voiced his support for Amazon workers striking for the same reasons.

And he raised a million dollars to help families affected by the Coronavirus.

And now he's been pushing for another relief package.

Is that enough for you right now while the man is, like everyone else, sheltering in place?

Posted by: Circe | Apr 1 2020 21:35 utc | 299

So outlaw empire starts to move towards Venezuela..ziocons have made the move..let's hope someone will defend Maduro..

Posted by: LuBa | Apr 1 2020 21:43 utc | 300

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