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March 01, 2020

The MoA Week In Review - Open Thread 2020-16

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Your Man in the Public Gallery – Assange Hearing Day Four - Craig Murray

Other issues:


2001-2020: The Taliban won the war against the U.S. and its allies.
Pompeo: US ‘realistic’ but sees opportunity for Afghan peace - AP

> Dozens of Taliban members had earlier held a small victory march in Qatar in which they waved the militant group’s white flags, according to a video shared on Taliban websites. “Today is the day of victory, which has come with the help of Allah,” said Abbas Stanikzai, one of the Taliban’s lead negotiators, who joined the march. <

The U.S. has given up and signed a peace agreement with the Taliban. The Afghan government does not like it at all and will do its best to sabotage it. But the U.S. is on its way out and in two or three years the current government in Kabul will likely no longer exist.

737 MAX:

FAA Tells Boeing More Training For 737 Max Pilots May Be Needed MSN

Use as open thread ...

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lysias @111--

The Yandex search I made shows she's mostly wants and has gotten small donations as Sanders has, but she's behind and has bent her earlier pledge to take no PAC donations. Now that more have dropped out, following her money will be essential. Sanders set yet another fund raising record for February. I'm curious to see Gabbard's polling now that three more have said Aloha!

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 2 2020 22:20 utc | 101

Migrants or smugglers using smoke to make children cry for cameras: It’s unclear where and when this episode has been filmed.

Posted by: S | Mar 2 2020 23:38 utc | 102

From Grayzone;

Meet the REAL E. Warren listen to the above link...

Posted by: ben | Mar 3 2020 2:49 utc | 103

Later today we never see Circe again. Is that a good thing?

Posted by: Joker | Mar 3 2020 6:48 utc | 105

Philosopher Drucilla Cornell on Elizabeth Warren at the University of Pennsylvania (vid, 3:21):

I knew Elizabeth Warren when I was a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. She was a right-wing Reaganite. And the University of Pennsylvania had the most progressive law school curriculum in the country. And this is Elizabeth Warren. And I taught a first year class called income security. Elizabeth Warren said “there is no more ridiculous idea than national healthcare”. That’s the Elizabeth Warren I knew. She was in her 30s at this time. She was the henchwoman of the right-wing takeover to destroy the left-wing curriculum. I taught Worker’s Rights, I taught the National Labor Rights Act, which doesn’t exist anymore, for the most part, it’s not taught in any law school in the United States, I taught Income Security, and I taught Jurisprudence. Elizabeth was against all those things. I don’t really know Elizabeth Warren personally, I just know her as a right-wing Republican. And somehow or another, God came out of the heavens and turned her into a Democrat, probably at the very moment that Derrick Bell stepped down from Harvard because he would not work anymore until they hired an African-American woman. Now she couldn’t pretend she was Black, so she pretended she was African. She was Native American. That’s not what we call people who are Native Americans, because they’re First Nations people. Apaches and Cherokees were nations. There’s no such thing as a Native American. Elizabeth checked that box just as Derrick Bell was stepping down. She goes to Massachusetts and she becomes a Democrat. There is no more [of a] relentless, ruthless, nihilist that I have ever met in my entire life. Not Elizabeth Warren. She’s right up there with Donald Trump. So I can’t really support her. She did succeed in destroying that progressive curriculum. And that progressive curriculum is, you know, it’s one of those life things that you hold onto, right? So I don’t trust Elizabeth Warren as far as I can throw her. She has no policy, she doesn’t understand imperialism, and she has said she’s a capitalist. What she really is is a technocrat who clawed her way to Harvard. I mean, that’s where you want to end up, right? If you’re a law professor, you want to be at Harvard. Ok, she did that. She succeeded. But as President of the United States I wouldn’t even dream of supporting her. Because Bernie Sanders, whatever you think of him, like me, was chaining himself to schools to [de]segregate them. Was protesting against the Vietnam war. There are people who have held onto values for a lifetime, and those, Slavoj, are the people I trust.

Posted by: S | Mar 3 2020 8:00 utc | 106

The two OPCW whistleblowers respond to the OPCW’s attacks on them: Justice Denied - How Authority Tried to Ignore and then Bury Honest Dissent by Responsible Scientists (Peter Hitchens’s blog).

Posted by: S | Mar 3 2020 8:18 utc | 107

S 124

Presumably Sanders always has known about Warren's record (it's never been obscure for anyone who took a few minutes to look; years ago when I focused on Wall Street and participated at the econoblogs I always knew she was a fraud), yet he's always helped propagate the fraud that she's some kind of "progressive". Same as he's always lied about Russiagate (he certainly knows it's a lie).

So according to the party line, Sanders wanted Warren to run in 2016 and only ran himself after she demurred. This can only mean he preferred for her to act as the sheepdog for Hillary, since he certainly knew she was no "progressive".

Posted by: Russ | Mar 3 2020 8:22 utc | 108

I guess Assange is on topic...wsws article "Trump ordered Assange’s seizure by British police and wanted him dead "

(isn't that a conspiracy to murder for political purposes - ie "turrurizm" ??)

"...Fairbanks’s leaked conversations, high-level US officials arranged a deal with the Ecuadorian government in 2018 to secure Assange’s seizure, ostensibly in return for their taking the death penalty, which the Trump administration clearly wanted, off the table.

The deal was organised by President Trump’s current national director of intelligence, Richard Grenell, while he was working as US ambassador to Germany. Fairbanks’s information makes clear that Assange’s arrest and extradition were sought under direct instruction..."

Posted by: Walter | Mar 3 2020 12:55 utc | 109

US now using WADA to put China out of sport.
This Chinese swimmer has never tested positive for drugs but this incident got him an eight year ban when WADA stepped in.

"Having given a sample to the testers at his home, Sun became concerned about their conduct and accreditation. This concern eventually led to the vial containing Sun sample being smashed by one of the swimmer’s entourage.

Initially, Sun’s behaviour in this case merely attracted a reprimand. An investigation carried out by FINA concluded that, although Sun’s actions were incautious, they could be justified ’ given the testers grave procedural errors and misconduct.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the global body for anti-doping standards, later took the view that FINA’s approach was overly lenient. WADA appealed to CAS and a public hearing was held in Switzerland in November."

Not minor errors on the part of the tester, but 'grave procedural errors and misconduct'.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Mar 3 2020 13:15 utc | 110

Comrade Meyssan has "Propagande occidentale contre la Turquie" The general idea being that there

"...Depuis la publication de la carte du « remodelage du Moyen-Orient » établie par le Pentagone, tous les États de la région (sauf Israël et la Jordanie qui ne sont pas concernés) savent que leur meilleur allié veut les disséquer vivants. La Turquie, membre de l’Otan, n’y fait pas exception..."

(Every listed State awaits being eaten alive)

see map> @ "Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a “New Middle East” " (global research, Nazemroaya) Map published in the Armed Forces Journal in June 2006

Both authors have given us much to consider.

Posted by: Walter | Mar 3 2020 13:30 utc | 111

Now don't all gang up at once, cause of this controversial theory I'm about to express.

Could it be that Trump is slow on tackling COVID-19 because he's using it as a tool for voter suppression, seeing as it's mostly arising in Western States where the electorate is mostly Democratic and immigrant-friendly? Just a thought!


Okay this one's a doozie! Everyone knows Judge Judy is supporting Mike Bloomberg right? So today on MSNBC she made a couple of remarkable statements.

The first is that she believes Trump will defeat Biden. And that he's not been fully vetted and was treated by Democrats with kid gloves, and so Biden's just a fantasy cause Trump will shred him. No news there...I could have told her that!

But here's the kicker: She said (and I can't believe she said it this way, that BERNIE'S A REALLY NICE GUY...tell me something I don't know, Judge! Now for the outrage of the Century: She said: So why risk it on a fantasy or SOMEBODY WHO'S JUST A REALLY NICE GUY?

WHUT? Because he IS a nice guy! How rare is that in politics?

Of course he's worth the risk, everyone knows he's the genuine deal and the genuine deal, Bernie Sanders, is the only one that can and will defeat Trump. Period close.

(I'd make a better judge.)

Posted by: Circe | Mar 3 2020 15:28 utc | 112

Oh bruuuther. Can't take criticism either? What is this, Censorship Day and I'm the biggest target?

Posted by: Circe | Mar 3 2020 15:31 utc | 113

nCOV as voter suppression for Western states? Idiotic.
Trump doesn't expect to win the deep blue West.
nCOV underscoring the benefits of MAGA and US economic nationalism? Absolutely...once the hump is passed. We're not there.
There's also value in pointing out just how well the "socialist" blue states do with nCOV control (or lack thereof) - unjustified but that's the way politics works.

Posted by: c1ue | Mar 3 2020 17:39 utc | 114

Some COVID-19 trivia from China...
Chinese citizens have invented a safer substitute for shaking hands or embracing when a physical greeting is deemed appropriate.
The greeters extend a foot toward each other and allow the toes of their shoes to "kiss" lightly.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 3 2020 17:43 utc | 115

Important piece:

Standing up to Turkey: Austria’s chancellor is the only EU leader prepared to call out President Erdogan over weaponizing refugees

Europe is already filled with immigrants to the brink.

Posted by: Zanon | Mar 3 2020 17:55 utc | 116

Estimates Fall Short of F.D.A’s Pledge for 1 Million Coronavirus Tests

Public and private labs say they’re not even close to reaching the federal government’s promises that thousands, if not a million, tests for the virus could be “performed” soon.

Oh, snap!

"not even close"...

Posted by: vk | Mar 3 2020 18:14 utc | 117

The best way to do not have coronavirus cases in US is not having test

That us the best way to maintain high SP500

The other way to avoid people ask for coronavirus tests is to charge them 3.918$, that's a good "test prevention measure":

Now the SARS-Cov-2 will be a good test for the US health care scam, and we'll see how well a private health care system works compare to "commie's" socialize health care

Posted by: DFC | Mar 3 2020 18:35 utc | 118


America: Who cares if all of us die as long as we can demonize China to the last man?

Posted by: JW | Mar 4 2020 2:47 utc | 120

Thank you very much for the link vk!

A very small and partial quote from the article:

"Chinese scientists have now managed to separate some high-quality antibodies"

Besides the rush towards a vaccine this is a required step towards making serology tests available. It will take some time of course but it is very encouraging that they've achieved this. In time this might also help explain some things about how the virus seems to be so tricky to detect very early after infection since when serology becomes available one can compare swabbing and serology from both suspected cases and those that seem entirely uninfected.

Countries around the world ought to be eager to cooperate closely with and support China and benefit from these efforts but "our" local politicians seem like they might be too proud or dumb to do so. That could change for the better.

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Mar 4 2020 5:21 utc | 121

fyi Helmer reports cyber attacks...

Cyber Soldiers Penetrate the Skripal Case

"Cyber attacks have been launched to stop you reading The Blogmire, Dances With Bears and the new book Skripal in Prison."

Posted by: John Gilberts | Mar 4 2020 10:24 utc | 122

vk @193 (in response to a post on the "2020 Presidential Election Thread 02")

“I'm not manifesting my opinion about when the Roman Empire in the West fell; I'm just mentioning what the Romans themselves thought (what survived to us in documentation).”

Most of the documentation you rely on would have been retrospective romanticisation which you are accepting as contemporaneous.

The decline of the Western Roman Empire was a slow and long term and not noticeable as a single event that your posts on the matter strongly imply

“Most of them realized the empire was really over after Romulus Augustulus fell”

No, they did not. The Eastern Roman Empire regarded Romulus Augustus as a usurper (he was only 10 years of age, a figurehead for his father [the real ruler]). Odoacer had every reason to believe that overthrowing Romulus would be well received by Zeno, which it was. I've already told you that Odoacer was granted the legal authority to rule by the Eastern Empire. What I didn't tell you was that Odoacer took power in 476AD but the date that historians agree on as the end of the Western Empire is 480AD. Why the 4 year difference you might well ask?

The reason for the difference is that in 480AD Julius Nepos was assassinated. Nepos was recognised as the legitimate Emporer of the Western Roman Empire but at the same time denied any role in government. With Nepos' death, Zeno formally abolished the Western division of the Empire - but the Roman Empire, and its rule in the West, continued.

“For some, there wasn't really that big change.”

As described in my point above for most there wasn't really that big change.

"The legionaries received the news the empire was no more, and their first reaction was to march back Rome in order to claim their unpaid salaries."

This is just propaganda and doesn't stand up.

How is this evidence that the legionaires believed the West Roman Empire was no more? Who did they think was going to pay them? As described above the Roman Empire continued, it's just the western division that ended.

Seems more like the soldiers of the defeated (Romulus) going to the victor (Odaocer) and demanding payment for having fought against him! What did they expect would happen?

You forget that Odoacer was granted the legal authortity to govern by the Eastern Roman Empire and not only that but a large part of the Italic Roman Army sided with Odoacer, accepted his authority and proclaimed him King of Italy.

No-one knew that they were bringing the Western Roman Empire to an end.

"For most, the sensation was that world had come to an end."

This just could not be the case. What you are conflating is reminiscence, the experience of actual attacks on Rome (both before and after) with the actual end of the Western Roman Empire.

“The City Of God”

The City Of God was completed in 426AD and was written as a result of the Visigoth Sack of Rome (city) in 410AD which left many Romans in shock as they saw it as punishment for abandoning the traditional Roman Gods (which had only been made illegal as recently as 391AD). There was no backlash against Christians because these where the Romans themselves. You present “The City Of God” as if it was written around the time the end of the Western Empire but this was still some 65 years (or 80 years if you take it from the Sack of Rome) in the future.

"If (non-reliable) estimates that (the City of) Rome had once 5 million inhabitants are true"

This is so totally untrue. It is doubtful that Rome had a population even as high 1 million at its peak. Regardless, it had declined from its peak population sometime before the end of the Western Empire.

After the end of the Western Roman Empire, Rome continued as a large city as part of the Kingdom of Italy which was a vassal of the Eastern Empire just like the Western Roman Empire had been – what real change had there been?

“the barbarians who bought it to an end”

Barbarian attacks did not bring the West Roman Empire to an end. The City of Rome suffered significant attacks from Visigoth 410AD and Vandals 455AD but these where well before the end of the Western Empire (generally accepted as 480AD). The Barbarian attacks were part of the process of decline.

I would argue that the war between the Ostrogoths (the Goths) – the vassals ruling what might be referred to as the territory previously known as the Western Roman Empire - and Byzantium (Eastern Roman Empire) – is the more significant event. The Goths were eventually defeated but the war went on for 20 years (535AD to 555AD). During this time the City of Rome changed hands on several occasions and was, for a period, empty of any inhabitants.

It is this period that I believe gets conflated with the end of the Western Roman Empire (but there is a gap of 45 years between the end of the Western Empire and the start of the Ostrogothic/Byzantium War).

The name of the defeated Goths name was traduced and they disappeared from history. But, I believe, this event marks the beginning of a new Europe.

“two dynasties - Merovingian and Carolingian - tried their best to rebuild the Roman Empire.”

This is just romantisation. They were building their own Empires. Charlemagne (to whom your point really apples) was just using the idea of Western Rome Empire to build his own Empire and getting the authority of the western Pope to do so. And the western Pope was knowingly taking a provocative action against the authority of the Eastern Chuch (that would lead to a split beween the Roman Catholic [Western] Church and the Orthodox (eastern)). What we are dealing with here is a challenge to Byzantium, not a desire to rebuild the Western Roman Empire. In other words, the resurrection of the idea of the West Roman Empire was to gain independence from Byzantium both for the earthly Kings and the Church of the west.

What we are seeing here is an assertive Europe emerging from the rule of the Roman Empire.

Posted by: ADKC | Mar 4 2020 19:58 utc | 123

My post @124 should have read is was a reply to

vk @199 (in response to a post on the "2020 Presidential Election Thread 02")

Posted by: ADKC | Mar 4 2020 20:02 utc | 124

Exhibit A .1127/3/5/2020 for the contention that coronavirus has been deliberately yet conceptually rather than biologically morphed from a potentially pandemic-inducing viral infection into a vital shield to prevent elite banksters from copping the blame for the currently developing financial collapse can be found right here under the headline

Flybe: airline collapses two months after government announces rescue

Impact of coronavirus on flight bookings proves final straw for Europe’s largest regional airline

Fret not the world is getting better - retch /snark

I don't post this in the hope you will be offended.

Rather I and others try to be brutally frank so that just maybe, you Jo/Joe Blow, will wake the fuck up!

Posted by: A User | Mar 5 2020 8:30 utc | 125

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