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March 18, 2020

Open Thread 2020-21

Please post anything related to the U.S. election in the 2020 Election Thread.

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Posted by b on March 18, 2020 at 13:27 UTC | Permalink

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Art Berman: Saudi Oil-Price Blunder: Tipping Point for a Global Depression.

Posted by: S | Mar 18 2020 13:50 utc | 1

biden wins big and us on Main Street lose big:-( It will be another toxic 4 years no matter who win biden or the trumpster.

Posted by: jo6pac | Mar 18 2020 13:58 utc | 2

The Chinese and South Koreans have been using Chloroquine to effectively treat the disease, currently S. Korean CFR is 0.6% because of testing, quarantining and treatment and about the same in critical cases. The virus SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19 disease is closely related to SARS-CoV-1, which caused SARS disease. The SARS vaccine that was developed caused cytokine storm in the animal trials, so whether there can be a usable vaccine against this current outbreak is uncertain.

Physicians work out treatment guidelines for coronavirus

Breakthrough: Chloroquine phosphate has shown apparent efficacy in treatment of COVID-19 associated pneumonia in clinical studies

Expert consensus on chloroquine phosphate for the treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia

MedCram video

Posted by: TJ | Mar 18 2020 14:01 utc | 3

"Tracing cellphones may be useful to help with this. Community monitoring may be a viable alternative."
From "Coronavirus - A Lockdown Is Not Enough"

"Israeli government uses emergency powers to authorize cellphone tracking of coronavirus patients"

"The blatantly undemocratic measure and procedure did not prevent Netanyahu from stating, “Israel is a democracy and we must maintain the balance between civil rights and the public’s needs.” The prime minister would have been speaking the truth if he had said he was taking advantage of the public health crisis to make public a surveillance operation that has been in existence for many years. An intelligence technology that has been used in the brutal suppression of Palestinian opposition to expanding occupation is now being rolled out against the entire population of Israel."

Posted by: SharonM | Mar 18 2020 14:11 utc | 4

d. @4:

I can think of two reasons off the top of my head.

1. It's much more contagious than any known flu strain, and has a much longer asymptomatic incubation period. The infection rate curve is therefore much steeper, which means serious disruption of life as we know it because large masses of people can be infected at any one time.

2. There's not only no cure; there's no immunity. One can contract it repeatedly, and each time the body will be less able to cope with it than the previous timer(s). Need I tell you the end result of repeated infections?

Posted by: corvo | Mar 18 2020 14:13 utc | 5

This is what happens when the Fed pours trillions of dollars into the market creating a paper economy and greatly distorting any price discovery relative to the real economy. (Thereby reducing the value of the dollar and US Treasuries)

Also using the dollar as a sanctions weapon doesn’t help.

Posted by: financial matters | Mar 18 2020 14:14 utc | 6

Biden? Are you all crazy?

Posted by: James joseph | Mar 18 2020 14:16 utc | 7

@ 4 so why the mass hysteria?

it's the catalyst for the global financial system collapse due disruption of revenues triggering the credit debacle hitting all households.

on behalf of fellow barflies:-
you can choose to ignore or take one minute, [not one day] at a time. Guard good care of yourself and your family.

Posted by: Likklemore | Mar 18 2020 14:28 utc | 8


Very interesting link on the SK treatment guidelines. I see that is dated 13th of February so I guess those treatment guidelines is what has kept the death rate so low in comparison to other countries.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Mar 18 2020 14:31 utc | 9

Venezuela has asked the IMF for a 5 billion dollar loan to help fight CV19.

The IMF responded that the Venezuelan government is not internationaly recognized so it cannot help them.

Posted by: arby | Mar 18 2020 14:32 utc | 10



There's not only no cure; there's no immunity. One can contract it repeatedly, and each time the body will be less able to cope with it than the previous timer(s). Need I tell you the end result of repeated infections?

Any links for that assertion? It sounds unlikely to me.

Posted by: MarkU | Mar 18 2020 14:34 utc | 11

Not a bad news that the Israelis will have to taste their own poison, for a change. Let's hope they start voting differently after that.

Posted by: Mina | Mar 18 2020 14:35 utc | 12

CBC is announcing the closure of US-Canada border to all "non-essential" traffic. This is huge, as Canada is nearly the 51st state. Commercial traffic will continue. I live in a border town. This closure will directly affect my personal shopper who frequently transports Amish people back and forth across the border.

Posted by: Trailer Trash | Mar 18 2020 14:36 utc | 13

@10 Peter AU1

The big question is why haven't other countries followed suit? Over here in the UK I would say it is Malfeasance in Public Office at the very least.

Posted by: TJ | Mar 18 2020 14:48 utc | 14

The Justice Department has just announced that the charges against the two Russian companies alleged to have been involved in the 2016 "election meddling" scheme have been dropped. The reasons cited were that a trial would reveal important law enforcement tools and techniques while there would be no practical means to punish the defendants. Of course, the real reason is that they didn't have a case to begin with and never expected any defendants to appear in court. This is a good time for them to make the announcement. Even fewer people than usual are going to notice.

Posted by: David | Mar 18 2020 14:50 utc | 15

The Pandemic is a prelude, but for what?
Locking people in their homes and forced repatriation is to allow the next steps, which ones?
Any insight?

Posted by: Lozion | Mar 18 2020 14:52 utc | 16

This Is the Only Way to End the Coronavirus Financial Panic - Bailouts of companies or industries just cause division. The answer: a government “bridge loan” to everyone.

"There's no other alternative"... oops, actually, there is: bailout to big business buttered with a USD 1,000 bribe to each little person!

Talk about a fides militum moment.


@ Posted by: Mina | Mar 18 2020 14:35 utc | 13; @ Posted by: SharonM | Mar 18 2020 14:11 utc | 5

This phone tracking wasn't invented by the Israelis. You know which country did it first to fight the COVID-19? Vaunted South Korea! The tactic was praised both in the NYT and the Asia Times as "democratic".

Posted by: vk | Mar 18 2020 14:52 utc | 17

The Fed recently said that Banks no longer have to have reserves. Many high-end customers are taking their money out of banks. If you want to see how this looks, revisit the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" and look at the bank run scene. Giving a 1000 dollars to the hoi poi, while the well-heeled are pulling their money out of banks is a bit disconcerting and the monied class knows more than we do. Take precautions and do what is best for you and yours.

PS: I created a petition to sign that would force Boeing to sell their stocks, no future buybacks, and spin-off their military components before they receive any bailout money. Since they spent 100 billion dollars on stock buybacks over the past year, I for one do not think they deserve one penny of taxpayer money. Socialism for the rich and naked capitalism for the rest of us. Please sign if you are interested.

Also, a petition for the airlines to revoke for 5 years ancillary fees (baggage, change fees, seat fees etc) which they have made 100 billion dollars over the past few years if they receive a federal bailout. Southwest does not charge for most fees and they are doing well, so the other airlines should have to do something for the taxpayer who is going to bail them out. Congress is already looking at this and has a bill put forth.

Posted by: Tonymike | Mar 18 2020 14:54 utc | 18

the saudi israeli axis lost in yemen so FUKUS is going in.

Posted by: karafspolo | Mar 18 2020 15:00 utc | 19

"...a trial would reveal important law enforcement tools and techniques..." --David @16

Trumped up charges, manufactured evidence, and prejudiced juries count as "important law enforcement tools and techniques", do they not?

Sometimes the best lie one can tell is the truth.

Posted by: William Gruff | Mar 18 2020 15:03 utc | 20

So, oil prices at $26.95 for WTI and $28.73 for Brent.
When will we see the american Shale bubble burst?!

Posted by: Dave | Mar 18 2020 15:07 utc | 21

Swiss doctor on coronavirus, some surprising statistics and perspectives:

Posted by: Tom | Mar 18 2020 15:07 utc | 22

I find it interesting that it is OK to bash China, and in vogue to bash and accuse Russia of all sorts of evil, and North Korea and their leader. Muslims are a fair target as well as other stripes.
But if you darest say anything negative about Israel or the USA you end up like Julian Assange or Manning.

Posted by: arby | Mar 18 2020 15:08 utc | 23

@17/@20 A piece of the puzzle, the Pandemic is diversion for military moves as well.
Mitigates losses if people are locked in their home while the SHTF..

Posted by: Lozion | Mar 18 2020 15:22 utc | 24

Yes indeed when I hear fellow Amurkins whine about socialism (no telling what they actually think it means) I simply remind them thath we live in a twisted inversion of the princible. We privatize profits and socialize losses. There is no counterargument. If they attempt to do so I trot out the controlled financial demolition of 2008 and they accept documented reality. Adding to TonyMikes words, the notion that airlines can profit from the public, price gouge, charge extra etc, and then ask for 50 billion is just predatory parasitism to the max! I've been told that the only real rebellion in this type of society is a tax rebellion.
Yes I know Amurkins are fat and ignorant, but there is a still a thread of ferocity in some regions and that will ignote when they pushed too far.

Regardless of where Covid19 came from or what effects it is having organismically, this event is being managed to the hilt. As has been mentioned before, it is both a catalyst and a cover for what was already a major slowdown and perhaps the end of an era economically for the system in place since WW2. As with all major events, the phoenix that rises from the ashes will have more consolidation and control than the one previous.

Posted by: Chevrus | Mar 18 2020 15:25 utc | 25

i don't say it is their invention, just that being controled the same way they control the palestinians will let them feel the heat. plus, they have a huge Russian population... might awake some memories. It is always easier to vote for these kind of measures when they are applied to someone else.

Posted by: Mina | Mar 18 2020 15:28 utc | 26

William Gruff | Mar 18 2020 15:03 utc | 21 (and about the USDOJ)

DoJ made a motion to dismiss. In the day, the judge grants or denies a motion... And he doesn't have to grant it.

Wally in disgust left lawschool eons ago...and asks "who is running that Court? The Judge or the Prosecutor?"

Wally woulda made them proceed to trial, "After all, learned friends, we've come all this way...Present your case."

Rumpole outta ben there...

Posted by: Walter | Mar 18 2020 15:34 utc | 27

Thanks to pogohere @ 193 in the previous thread. The information there deals with the question why infants and younger humans are not for the most part becoming extremely affected by the pandemic virus. I could not follow all of the connecting information because I am not versed in the nomenclature nor in any way educated in molecular biology. But what I gleaned from the post was that our natural melatonin production plays an important role.

With that as a search feature, I got a helpful list of easy to do things that I haven't seen mentioned in previous posts - what can be done to increase one's natural supply of the hormone. And I think that all the scare posts that have proliferated here are contra=indicative and should now be avoided as most are speculation at the very least.

But importantly there are some good bits of advice that won't hurt you if you follow them:

Lower exposure to artificial light in the hours before bedtime ( and I'd say it doesn't hurt to lower that exposure in general - I'm typing now on a very dimly lit screen here, will be doing so in the future as well.)

Increase exposure to natural light, especially in the morning. (Hello to my canary - he loves my sunroom and gets despondent when the sky is overcast - didn't sing in the artificially lit store when I bought him - sunroom has natural light only. He sang as soon as he hopped out of the bos at home.)

Avoid TV, computer, smart phone late evenings

Get plenty of rest!

I would not recommend artificial melatonin in pills. Just my own instinct on that as I'm not a doctor and don't go in for pills in general. I do try to eat well, grow a lot of my own food, no pesticides so sometimes not too successfully!

Off I go now to enjoy that morning natural light!

Posted by: juliania | Mar 18 2020 15:42 utc | 28

Woops, 'bos' is box.

Posted by: juliania | Mar 18 2020 15:44 utc | 29

How much longer can MBS stay in power in Saudi Arabia, how many more can he kill with 'whack a mole' before someone, somewhere gets lucky.

And if he stays on the seat of power, for how long can the Saudi economy hang together. The Saud is starting to look like a Boeing Max in steep descent! And we haven't hit $10 a barrel yet!

Not to mention, the Corona virus impacting in 50 degree heat, would feel as though you had been hit by a sledge hammer.

The Yemeni's must be lying back thinking, 'patience, grasshopper'.

Posted by: Ric G | Mar 18 2020 15:48 utc | 30

Wally assumes everybody knows it's those perfidious ruskiz what done it, whatever it is, so no 'sprize>

sic> "Russiagate all over again: Secret EU report blames Russia for coronavirus ‘confusion, panic and fear’" (on RT)

Since it's a "secret report" Wally thought back to the Star Chambers of his mis-spent roguish youth and felt like sharing...see>

(YT) Animal House (1/10) Movie CLIP - Double Secret Probation (1978) HD

But the Trial's better yet>

Animal House (7/10) Movie CLIP - Deltas on Trial (1978) HD

For some reason Wally does not imagine Gospodin President Putin is worried about Dean Wormly...

Posted by: Walter | Mar 18 2020 15:59 utc | 31

I hope we'll see KSA fall down completely when 80% of the expats will have left for good.

Posted by: Mina | Mar 18 2020 16:10 utc | 32

Threads 2020 (not a movie):

Charlotte Gracias:
"You must read the contents of the #CoronavirusBill.
I just felt physically sick reading the sections that are in fact a loss of civil liberties."

"Therefore, the bill will enable the police and immigration officers to detain a person, for a limited period, who is, or may be, infectious and to take them to a suitable place to enable screening and assessment."

"No info in what 'may be infectious' means, or who will be determining it. But basically if a policeman wants to take you away and lock you up all he needs to do is say you MAY be infected."

From MOA: Coronavirus - A Lockdown Is Not Enough
"There must be a mandatory isolation of people who are probably infected but do not show symptoms as well as separate isolation of suspected and detected cases with 'mild' symptoms.
Telling a probably infected person to shelter with their family, as is now done in the U.S. and the U.K, will only kill more people. 75%-80% of the cases in China got infected through direct family contact. The family chain must be broken to effectively stop the epidemic.
Probably infected persons, i.e. those who had contact with another infected person, should be put under quarantine in sport arenas or exposition facilities to be supervised by medics."

Posted by: sharonM | Mar 18 2020 16:22 utc | 33

@ Posted by: Tonymike | Mar 18 2020 14:54 utc | 19

As they say there in the USA: "Basel-IV who?"


The farce called Japan:

Japan testing for coronavirus at fraction of capacity, data shows

Japan is only using a sixth of its capacity to test for the new coronavirus even as it is increasing its ability to do so, government data shows, adding to concerns it is understating its outbreak and not doing enough to contain it.

Nationwide capacity for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test has grown to 7,500 a day, on track to reach an 8,000 a day target by the end of the month.

Let's just say that the 2020 Olympics is not gonna happen. Even more so because Japan didn't have South Korea's luck: its ground zero is precisely its most important city (Tokyo). South Korea could afford to implode Daegu and the Incheon International Airport in order to save Seul (population: 25 million, or half the entire country's population); Japan won't do that unless bodies literally pile up at the streets of Roppongi.


Complementing my first comment here:

A bridge loan too far blows up world bond markets

Attention, American readers of this blog: bailouts will from now on be called "bridge loans". The problem is, as mr. Goldman correctly observes in this article, this is a bridge to nowhere, because, this time (contrary to 2008), there's no viable hedge big enough to swallow the trillions and trillions of rotten papers soon-to-be generated from this crisis - mainly because this crisis is indeed affecting the real economy and because this crisis is indeed global (and not fruit of the fall of a real estate pyramid scheme built over fooling rednecks in West Virginia).

And no, there's no alternative to the USD. If the USD falls, all the other fiat currencies will also fall. No Yens, no Swiss Francs, no Renminbis, no Pound Sterlings - all of them (except the Renminbi) are anchored one way or the other to the USD. Only the USA has the naval capacity enough (read: a big fucking Navy) to enforce a universal fiat currency over the rest of the world. The financial system is inseparable to imperialism - and the only true global empire today is the USA.


In a time of coronavirus, China’s investment in AI is paying off in a big way

About damn time for some recognition.


An extraofficial clarification about the expulsion of the American "journalists":

US started the media war, China won’t swallow the insult

Long story short: if you walk like a propagandist, stink like a propagandist and look like a propagandist, then you're a propagandist. Doesn't matter what your credentials or your college diploma say.

Posted by: vk | Mar 18 2020 16:24 utc | 34

There are lots of confused folks out there, overall it seems to be a poor understanding of the viral danger. Granted, we do not have an abundance of reliable data available, but based on the the articles published so far, the epidemic is very different and much more dangerous than flu.

The skeptics are pointing out that flu kills tens of thousand folks in America each season, most of them old and with '' medical problems" ...and Cov so far just took out several thousand of the same, so what is the hype about??

The main problem with this line of thought: the flu dead are not the same as corona dead. I have been working in American hospitals for 25 years and I can say, in fair confidence, that most of the flu victims are at the end of the road already, suffering for terminal issues: advanced heart failure, copd, cancer, etc. That is the reason we, as the society, we are not making much fuss about it: those folks are expected to die and the flu just helps them to knock at the heaves doors...There are very few exceptions, with a handful of very young victims per year.

The reports coming from China and Italy are pointing to a different profile for the victims: the number one risk factor seems to be simple hypertension. One in two American adults has hypertension...They also mention diabetes, more than 10% of Americans have it and some other "popular" issues like coronary disease and chronic kidney problems. It is true that above 80 the mortality is quite high, but there is a serious number of dead folks in their 50S, 60s and 70s and this is very unlike flu. Look at the reports coming from Iran: significant number of officials dead...those were not frail and severely debilitated persons, but folks in their prime political career. Hypertension, being a very low risk overall, is not supposed to be counted as a '' medical problem" as terminal heart failure, liver cirrhosis or copd counts for flu.

Also, dying is not the only data that should be followed comparing the two viruses: being critically sick on the ventilator, for several weeks, is not fun. The average age for admission to hospital , in a Chinese article , with severe respiratory condition was mid 50s. Italian docs also reported large numbers of patients with ARDS/ severe respiratory condition that are younger that are younger than 50, many without any medical problem , and that is unheard for flu...

Last, the skeptics are comparing the number of victims at the end of the flu season with the numbers just at the beginning of Cov. '20k vs 6k... it's a hoax!' So far , every epidemiologic model showed that in the absence of radical measures, the numbers may be from 10 times to much more worse than flu, when all will be done with.

Posted by: hospital doc | Mar 18 2020 16:30 utc | 35

arby - re venezuala.. the imf is another part of the problem of the financial world at present.. they are working for the same evil agenda... ditto your other comment too.

@ 26 chevrus quote " We privatize profits and socialize losses." exactly... and people are supposed to believe this is capitalism at its finest...

capitalism is being turned on it's head with what is happening now..

@ sharon... lock down and big brother overseeing everything... this looks like it is happening - your post on israel is a case in point.. but i am curious... do you think the issue of covid19 was made for this? or, do you think the self isolation and etc is a real concern as outlined very well by @ 6 corvo?? i am curious...

Posted by: james | Mar 18 2020 16:43 utc | 36

If there was doubt about things> ""We’ll be invoking Defense production Act just in case we need it," Trump said. "We will have it all completed, signed in just a little while. Right after I am finished with this conference, I’ll be signing it. it’s prepared to go." " Orange Clown

Previously, days ago, Truman's attempted break of a steel strike was mentioned. Truman wanted to "seize" the steel mills. I imagine this is the same enabling law... I dunno.

See Sputnik. see 15 CFR §§700 - 700.93 Read rules. Think about where we came from and how and where we're going...they're telling us.

Posted by: Walter | Mar 18 2020 16:46 utc | 37

Cov-19. I see my link on the strains wasn’t good, here better.

The World. Zoomable and one can filter for different countries. (Works fine for me.)

Hovering on the dots gives the place/time/+ etc. of the sample analysed.

Clicking PLAY on the map shows the evolution, spread.

The virus mutates ‘automatically’ and naturally. So far all / almost all (?? - not known really imho) of these mutations change nothing in the functioning / effect of the virus but they permit the tracking of the origin / descendants. (E.g. this pack of cards has 14 spades and 12 hearts, so do these over there, they are thus offspring.. -> a phylogenetic tree.)

The colors represent contrasted characteristics the scientists consider important. Like ‘strains’ -> see the colored bars at the bottom of the map.

Here is a report on the spread, from the same ppl.

see also

I am not a virologist!

Posted by: Noirette | Mar 18 2020 16:54 utc | 38

Even though #TheEndIsNigh(TM), the Houthis are still giving the Saudis a good licking.

Here is a photo essay of the outcome of the attack on a major Saudi base at Hazm - tons of miunitions, countless trophies, numerous prisoners and dead Saudis/supporters. The attack was preceded by firing of ballistic missiles and ther use of UAVs.

A celebratory video

Posted by: Ken Garoo | Mar 18 2020 16:57 utc | 39

>And no, there's no alternative to the USD. If the USD falls,
>all the other fiat currencies will also fall.

And then the debt jubilee will happen, one way or another. There was an opportunity to do it in an organized way a dozen years ago. Instead the banksters shoveled even more dollars into the furnace and tightened down the safety valve. Now the boiler is blowing up in their faces, and everyone will get burned. Assholes.

The US stock market has once again tripped the 7% temporary halt. We're gonna needa bigger fire extinguisher.

Posted by: Trailer Trash | Mar 18 2020 17:06 utc | 40

Trailer Trash | Mar 18 2020 17:06 utc | 41 Dollarbucks...

Trick's 2050 an Gospodin President and Obama are in Heaven and decide to get a pass from Peter to visit New York...Barky want's to show Brother Putin a favorite dive.

They [Poof!] arrive at the Dewdrop Inn. "Beers!" shout Barky. Putin smiles. Beer arrives. Barky says "How much?"

Waiter: "That'll two rubles, sir...."

Putin chokes on his beer laughing at Barky's red face.

Posted by: Walter | Mar 18 2020 17:14 utc | 41

@37 james
"sharon... lock down and big brother overseeing everything... this looks like it is happening - your post on israel is a case in point.. but i am curious... do you think the issue of covid19 was made for this? or, do you think the self isolation and etc is a real concern as outlined very well by @ 6 corvo?? i am curious..."

Hi james:)
I read corvo, and my opinion is that corvo wrote pandemic panic. My last two posts here were to point out that b's article, "Coronavirus - A Lockdown Is Not Enough", is an also an example of pandemic panic. The result of pandemic panic--the limiting of our choices, expressing criticism, and our ability to say "no", is worse for humans than death.
What is your view, james?

Posted by: SharonM | Mar 18 2020 17:19 utc | 42

hospital doc @36

Early research from China suggested COVID-19 binds to ACE2 receptors in the lungs. This receptor has a higher expression in the lungs of Asian males, and possibly heavy smokers.

Iran is a country where heavy smoking is still common - some 25% of male deaths involve smoking-related causes.

Italy has an abnormally high proportion of older people in the population. Presumably the young have migrated elsewhere in search of work.

Both of these go some way to explaining the Iran/Italy outliers. It would be interesting to have a breakdown of the ethnic background of victims, along with info on smoking, but this doesn't not seem to be generally available. The only instance I have recently relates to 4 cases in Russia. Three were individuals from China and the fourth had recently returned from Italy.

Posted by: Ken Garoo | Mar 18 2020 17:39 utc | 43

Good read for westerners:

Coronavirus Debunks Myths of Western Liberal Ideology

The author uses a simple logical argument: if your ideology can't survive the objective reality, then it is not natural, but historically specific, therefore not universal.

Liberalism has an expiring date. It's that simple.

Posted by: vk | Mar 18 2020 17:41 utc | 44

As the numbers are coming out, prospects look bleak to the West:

Worst slump since before WW2.

Posted by: vk | Mar 18 2020 17:46 utc | 45

So the "exceptional nation" is landing military on Yemen, and Yemeni island of Socotra. Begins to look like an even hotter war is beginning...No doubt, the arrow is aimed at the heart of Iran. I hope the Charlie Foxtrot nation falls in epic style.

Posted by: donten | Mar 18 2020 18:00 utc | 46

@ T. Trash #14 ... the closure of US-Canada border to all "non-essential" traffic

This is particularly important in Vancouver -- only 40 miles from Washington state where there is a very high incidence of COV-19.

Posted by: chet380 | Mar 18 2020 18:09 utc | 47

hospital doc @36

Thank you for the info and reasoned analysis.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Mar 18 2020 18:13 utc | 48

to arby #11. That is the most offensive news I've read in a long time. A real standout from the daily ugliness of bombing civilians in syria, watching children die of cholera in yemen. These people are monsters.

The con=gress has wasted two plus years with a totally bogus impeachment floor show and only one person has mentioned the ongoing revolting crimes agains humanity - Tulsi Gabbard. As Jack Johnson says "where did all the good people go?"

Posted by: Miss Lacy | Mar 18 2020 18:15 utc | 49

TJ @ 3, adding:

Chloroquine was proposed as an efficient anti-viral for Cov-19 (short for the virus and disease) by Dr. Raoult in France, right from the start. He is supposedly the no.1 expert *World* on Communicable diseases. See list of names in the > right column.

This type of grading - ranking - endorsing, certifying, etc. some ‘experts’, does NOT per se correlate with their knowledge, honesty, ingenuity, insight (which may be random), etc. It is very much a social acceptance by the PTB scene based on no. of publications, contacts, financial awards, contacts with pols, getting more funding, being able to run a team, etc.

Yet, Dr. Raoult (Marseilles) is not in F considered a great expert at all, as he is not part of the Paris-Nexus.

This short clip 4 mins on Jan. 21, he is questioned about the coronaviruses (well before huge alarm in F) shows the personage. In F no subs, but have a look-see for 30 secs.

Here he explains why chloroquine can treat Cov-19 infections. In F.

Imho several anti-virals will turn out to have some supressive / effective action, just like for HIV.

Posted by: Noirette | Mar 18 2020 18:18 utc | 50

@d (4) Perhaps you have not understood b's repeated posts regarding how existing healthcare systems can be overwhelmed by an astonishingly contagious virus that makes many people extremely, even fatally, ill. And perhaps you have also not been following the course of the epidemic in Italy, which is a real-time proof of that concept

Posted by: Rob | Mar 18 2020 18:24 utc | 51

Yes, thanks to @36 for taking the trouble to share this information

Posted by: bevin | Mar 18 2020 18:24 utc | 52

This might soon become the global rallying cry:

"USA is the greatest enemy of humanity - I hope they will pay for that:

"US imposes sanctions against #Iran after offering to help with #Coronavirus outbreak"

The situation has now gone well beyond immorality and into the realm of EVIL--an EVIL that's Bipartisan, shared by Ds and Rs alike.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 18 2020 18:28 utc | 53

Miss Lacy and Arby both draw our attention to the obscenity of the US using this crisis in order to put pressure on governments that it dislikes by cutting off medicine and other resources.
Among the places where people are currently dying in large numbers because Washington chooses that they should are Cuba-under an oil embargo-, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Iran.
Those who cannot bring themselves to believe that government could be so evil as to deploy a virus as a weapon to weaken another state, only have to look at what is happening today: Venezuela desperately needs funds, much of its foreign exchange having been seized illegally by the US and its satellites, in order to weather the pandemic.
Anyone supporting such a policy, condoning the killing of vulnerable people to embarrass another state, is an accessory to murder.

Posted by: bevin | Mar 18 2020 18:33 utc | 54

Coronavirus Pandemic Update 39: Rapid COVID-19 Spread with Mild or No Symptoms, More on Treatment from MedCram about the French using chloroquine to treat patients with COVID-19.

Posted by: TJ | Mar 18 2020 18:35 utc | 55

@51 Noirette

My 56 post was on that topic being covered by Roger Seheult of MedCram on YT. Create minds and all that!

Posted by: TJ | Mar 18 2020 18:40 utc | 56

@Dave #22
The Saudis tried to take the US oil frackers out in 2014 but failed.
However, in 2014 there wasn't an enormous consumption problem like there is/will be now.
The financing side is still there - Fed pumping liquidity like crazy, but that itself is meaningless as we have seen how little goes to areas the banksters don't think will make them money (i.e. the consumer, small business etc).
We'll see if it is different this time.

Posted by: c1ue | Mar 18 2020 18:43 utc | 57

@Ken Garoo #44
The ACE2 thing is utterly discredited.
Those early reports (and many hangers-on) were based on a study with exactly 7 total subjects of which 1 was an Asian man - and they were all already dead before nCOV.
If you do some research, you'll see that ACE2 expression is higher in people who smoke. Chinese men smoke a lot; Chinese women do not.

Posted by: c1ue | Mar 18 2020 18:45 utc | 58


Correction: I meant "Great minds think alike", Freudian slip there, I need to take a break from working on AI.

Posted by: TJ | Mar 18 2020 18:47 utc | 59

>Waiter: "That'll two rubles, sir...."
>Putin chokes on his beer laughing at Barky's red face.
>Posted by: Walter | Mar 18 2020 17:14 utc | 42

We may all be grateful to receive rubles before long. I have no opinion on whether the Evil Virus is a weapon or not, since I have seen no convincing evidence either way. But the Chinese and Iranians are both making serious accusations toward Uncle Sam. The truth of their allegations is perhaps irrelevant - what really counts is their reaction.

If the Chinese decide it is biological warfare, they can retaliate by dropping the ultimate financial weapon -- a trillion dollars worth of US treasury bonds. Yes they would be hurt, too, but they are hurting already so may decide that a bit more pain now to finally kill the beast is worthwhile.

Posted by: Trailer Trash | Mar 18 2020 19:09 utc | 60

@d. #62
No, you're wrong. The fatality rate for under 40 is not zero - 2 men aged 30-39 are included in the number.
Secondly, this report is clearly based on early numbers - total fatalities is 1000 whereas Italy's reported fatalities are close to 3,000 now.
Younger people are much more likely to take a lot longer to die, so it is very early to be making assumptions from this data.
The China data shows the mortality rate for under 40 to be low: 0.2% but that's a far cry from zero. I will note that 2 deaths under 40 vs. 1016 = 0.2% mortality rate.
Now let's look at the demographics of Italy: there are something like 10 million Italians from 10-39, another 9 million from 40-59.
200K from the first group (0.2%), 360K (0.4%) from the second group - that's losses comparable to a decent sized war - and doesn't seem like "not a big deal".

Posted by: c1ue | Mar 18 2020 19:13 utc | 61

Weekly Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Live from WHO Headquarters

"Live from WHO Headquarters - COVID-19 daily press briefing 18MAR2020"

Posted by: JC | Mar 18 2020 19:16 utc | 62

Iranian Shrine Licking

The usual suspects are portraying this as a common practice encouraged by 'regime supporters' and the people who follow Hannity and FOX news are recalling this to blame the victim that we should keep sanctions on. This has a psyops feel to it, 'they are backwards people, it is okay to mistreat untermenschen'.

I'm not saying it is all faked but I bet the info war people are misrepresenting it. Does anyone know the real deal on this?

Posted by: Christian J Chuba | Mar 18 2020 19:22 utc | 63

@ Posted by: donkeytale | Mar 18 2020 18:49 utc | 61

Did you see my link? Japan has a daily test capacity of only some 7,000 (South Korea, for example, is testing 20,000 per day). To make things worse, it is using just one sixth of this capacity. My source is the Japan Times, so you cannot invoke propaganda.

The Chinese doctors are using at least 22 different broad-spectrum antivirals to try to treat the infected. Not surprised one of them is Japanese, but that's irrelevant information (one of them, for example, is Cuban).

As I've posted in the previous thread, in moments of pandemic crisis against a disease without cure, doctors on the field have the poetic license to try whatever they want to. So they threw practically everything in Wuhan (shots in the dark after shots in the dark). It's acceptable medical practice in these extraordinary cases.

But none of the 22 antivirals are cures. Not even close. Best case scenario, they gain some time for some patients. Do not fall for the barrage of fake news in the Western MSM about "promising cures, treatments and vaccines" coming from some alleged geniuses at some unicorn in some First World country:

Zhong Nanshan: No evidence that COVID-19 originated in Wuhan

Zhong made the remarks at a press conference in Guangzhou on Wednesday, stressing that so far there is no targeted therapeutic COVID-19 drug and international cooperation is still needed for new experiments.

The fight against the COVID-19 should not be reliant on "herd immunity," Zhong added, saying that the production of an effective COVID-19 vaccine is at present the top priority, and the development requires international cooperation.

Zhong also made very clear the laissez-faire tactic won't work:

"There is no evidence of immunity for life after one infection of the virus," Zhong added.

Posted by: vk | Mar 18 2020 19:24 utc | 64

Karlofi @54

""USA is the greatest enemy of humanity - I hope they will pay for that:"

I hope that the Chinese and Russians do not treat us when we are down the way we treated them.

Posted by: arby | Mar 18 2020 19:26 utc | 65

hospital doc@36

Thanks for the hypertension and diabetes contribution to high death rate in the SARS-CoV-2 infections. MedCram on Youtube has a similar viewpoint. According to the UCSF medical research teams (Lustig et al). these diseases are due to excess processed fructose in the diet resulting in the range of metabolic syndrome diseases.

In contrast, fructose in traditional fruits (not bred for sugar content, and eaten whole), is mostly metabolized by the gut bacteria as it is slowly released. Concentrated fructose in sugar concentrates and fruit juices bypass this microbial process by rapid adsorption into the bloodstream but cannot be utilized by human cells, except male spermazoa, and has to be detoxified by the liver via the same metabolic pathway as alcohol. This process increases levels of very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) that contribute to atherosclorosis and thereby hypertension I and II/high blood pressure.

Likewise since "sugar" is a disaccharide, the other sugar is glucose which in high levels contributes to diabetes and its secondary effects through a complex biochemical pathway.

There is also a high consumption of omega-6 fatty acids in the diet leading to increased inflammation that contribute to the cytokine storm exhibited in critically ill patients with SARS-CoV-2 infections. See Dr. Lawrence book "The fats of life" for detailed biochemical pathways for the production of lipid peroxidation products and contribute to atherogenesis. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins C and E in optimal quantities act as antioxidants but are insufficient in the standard american diet (SAD).

Could it be that the increased death rate associated with infection with SARS-CoV-2 be due mainly to the diet pushed by the corporate food industry?

Posted by: Krollchem | Mar 18 2020 19:36 utc | 66

Re., IMF refuses emergency funds to Venezuela

Posted by: arby | Mar 18 2020 14:32 utc | 11
Posted by: Miss Lacy | Mar 18 2020 18:15 utc | 50
Posted by: bevin | Mar 18 2020 18:33 utc | 55

Anyone supporting such a policy, condoning the killing of vulnerable people to embarrass another state, is an accessory to murder.

Although many argue that the foreign policies of the US government don't really reflect the views and desires of ordinary citizens, the comments in the Fox News report on this story suggest otherwise (caveat - be prepared to be appalled).

Posted by: farm ecologist | Mar 18 2020 19:40 utc | 67

Belgium would have had its first case on 1/3 and its first hospitalization on 12/3 (and the first patients released from hospital on 12/3 .... no comment!)

Posted by: Mina | Mar 18 2020 19:59 utc | 68

Trailer Trash | Mar 18 2020 19:09 utc | 60 Yeah, Wally thinks the same, the "reality" is now become the perception. And, given the history that the Chinese and many others know, the perception's that Uncle Sam did it. At this point the bald truth does not matter - it's perception. Regrettably every "actor" has a unique perception... In the metaphysics of conflict that Wally invented (which has probably already been done by somebody he never heard of) such a multi-body constellation of perceptions and power in juxtapositions, as is forming, can only avoid catastrophe oscillation by disengagement and mutual retreat. That's diplomacy, contract, the recognition of equality... Not gunna happen, eh?

He kidded "Texas" (the commie xpat from Texas)- Texas said the only way he was going to return to the the USA was driving a Red Army APC. Wally said he'd have cold beer ready, if it happened. Look for the Red Flag. Old guys joke around, you know.

Indeed, rubles are backed by basic value, y'all ever watch "Why We Fight" (Capra)... There are episodes... The US War goal according to Stimson in the opening frame is stated - nicely put it's bald enough - world domination. Then in another episode... "Russia" and all about Russia...and all the treasures those commies might not be able to use...this while the nazis were winning, mind you. It's on youtube.

Sorta tells...

The joke's funny because it's true, might be...and tickles fear, or pride. That would vary according to sympathies, and morals.

Man, this world has become one of Philip K. Dick's meth-nightmares.

Wally is astonished, surprised, and sad too. Such a pathetic history.

Posted by: Walter | Mar 18 2020 20:02 utc | 69

Farm Ecologist--
LOL, those comments are insane and I see very similar type comments on ZH and other boards and I am always amazed at the depth of the brainwashing and the height of the hubris mixed with grave ignorance.

Posted by: arby | Mar 18 2020 20:11 utc | 70

Miss Lacy @49:

"As Jack Johnson says "where did all the good people go?""

One shouldn't assume there was ever much of a supply of good people in the halls of power. For every Shirley Chisholm I can counter with a hundred Scoop Jacksons.

Posted by: corvo | Mar 18 2020 20:11 utc | 71

@ 42 sharon m... obviously there will be some panic with the pandemic... just how much and how we separate the 2 is not as big a deal as dealing with the pandemic as i see it... see @ 35 hospital docs viewpoint to get why i think to err on the side of caution here is a good idea... i am looking at this event as very significant and worth pausing for... but as i said, lets revisit it in a month or two to see how it looks.. i think caution is warraanted... will societies get it right? probably not, but i don't think it is clampdown on everything... and for what it is worth, people are signing over their privacy every day visiting facebook / google and etc. etc... i get that and am not down with it, but it is happening and many are ignorant of this... thanks..

@ 35 hospital doc.. thank you..

Posted by: james | Mar 18 2020 20:13 utc | 72

@vk #64
You do know that the Japan Times is owned by a Delaware corporation, right?
I don't know if they're actually funded in part by NED/BBG - but it isn't impossible.

Posted by: c1ue | Mar 18 2020 20:15 utc | 73

venezuala ought to declare a moratorium on repaying any of the loans to the imf bloodsuckers.. i am sure it will evoke ww3 with pompass, but fuck him too, religious hypocrite that he is..

Posted by: james | Mar 18 2020 20:15 utc | 74

@krollchem #66
What I've read is that the fiber in natural fruit slows the absorption.

Posted by: c1ue | Mar 18 2020 20:16 utc | 75

Posted by: arby | Mar 18 2020 19:26 utc | 65

"I hope that the Chinese and Russians do not treat us when we are down the way we treated them."

Nope, should not and should never treat another human even if we disagree or whatever. I was treated more like a dog and names calling: gook, fucking Chinaman, slant eye bastard and less hurtful: laundryman, chop Suey, chow mein etc. in Los Angeles Ca - 60's. Today as Trump, Pompeo, Senators and MSM continue bashed China like "the Chinese Virus" or Wuhan virus, gonna to get worst. Reported "guns sales on the increases among the Chinese"

Gun and ammo sales surge across U.S. as coronavirus fears escalate

"The rise in gun sales began several weeks ago in areas that include large numbers of Asian-Americans who want to protect themselves from any potential threats or backlash over coronavirus"

Disclaimer: I'm an American overseas Chinese senior, never a mainlander ever!.

Posted by: JC | Mar 18 2020 20:22 utc | 76

Ken Garoo @ 43:

Iran (especially Tehran), northern Italy (Po River valley region) and Wuhan are also areas of high levels of air pollution. Populations in these regions are located in river valleys or plateaux in mountainous areas where temperature inversions leading to thick smog are common. I've read that Tehran experiences annual temperature inversions once a year, in the past occurring in December but in recent times starting earlier in November. Qom, where Iran's COVID-19 outbreak started, is not far from Tehran and itself is becoming more industrialised.

Northern Italy is reputed to have the worst air quality of any region in Europe.

Posted by: Jen | Mar 18 2020 20:25 utc | 77

Last week had conversation with my neighbor on conronvirus and other topics. He said "china never invents anything, they steal, cheats and so forth;

Last week:
China produces 116 masks per month? Nope.
China produces 116 masks per week? Nope.
China produces 116 masks per day? Nope

China produces 116 millions masks per day? Yes

Posted by: JC | Mar 18 2020 20:27 utc | 78

For those who know Miles Mathis.. from a commenter on his blog:
"Why I Believe the Coronavirus Scare Has Been Manufactured".

Posted by: Lozion | Mar 18 2020 20:43 utc | 79


"What I've read is that the fiber in natural fruit slows the absorption."

Yes. It is the plant fiber that also serves as a substrate for the gut microflora that breakdown the cell components (including sugars) once the cell wall is digested.

What is really neat about this process is that a high fiber diet protects the gut lining "As gut microbes are starved of fermentable fiber, some do die off. Others, however, are able to switch to another food source in the gut: the mucus lining that helps keep the gut wall intact and free from infection."

For example "A group of mice fed a high-fiber diet had healthy gut lining, but for mice on a fiber-free diet, "the mucus layer becomes dramatically diminished,"

Posted by: krollchem | Mar 18 2020 20:43 utc | 80

JC | Mar 18 2020 20:22 utc | 76 (buyin guns) Well yeah, of course. No one wants to go to a gunfight without a gun...not in places like LA they don't. It's a terrible logic. But did Dylan say it?

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues..."Because the cops don’t need you
And man they expect the same"

Wally remembers when people tried to loot the Korean shops in LA...those Korean stood them down under pistol sights. Horrible, and natural.

Wally would propose the entire poem is well worth reading, especially at this junction or inflection phase of History.

What we're seeing with the bald racism is right out of history. Wally is astonished. Frankly. Sure race is, and it matters in numerous ways, but it's a great way for ruling class to divide us. A racial pogrom in US would be (is) consistent with the true history...and they're nuts, and yeah, biased, bigoted, but it's driven by their own fear of all of us. Nevertheless, if you're going to a escape from the logic.

Posted by: Walter | Mar 18 2020 20:44 utc | 81

Interesting that there was a flood of comments yesterday - here, at Off Guardian, and other similar sites - all pushing the concept that the virus is a mild flu and that best practices, particularly social distancing, were in fact a scam designed to initiate the new world order/global police state, or something. Rational responses were met with all-caps freak outs and down-voting.

In my area, vehicle traffic has been down by at least 50%. The skies are noticeably clearer. A colleague pointed out that satellite imagery over northern Italy has shown that the air quality there has visibly improved.

Posted by: jayc | Mar 18 2020 20:49 utc | 82

krollchem | Mar 18 2020 20:43 utc | 80 We've read some of the same books. Wally would remark> It also changes your desire to eat and seems to change the desired fare. Wally noticed that eating mostly chick peas and carrots (al-dente) with a bit of yogurt obliterated his appetite after the gut bacteria reorganized...he's of the opinion that the gut controls the mind in terms of bias, druthers. It seems also to cause rapid weight loss until one weighs about what one weighed at 18. However any sugar or alcohol and it reverts to the status quo ante. It figures that the germs in our gut get to vote, it's their rice-bowl. There must be chemical messengers and neural pathways...

Posted by: Walter | Mar 18 2020 20:54 utc | 83

>I was treated more like a dog and names calling:
>Posted by: JC | Mar 18 2020 20:22 utc | 76

For what it is worth, I am sorry you had to experience that. If people put half as much effort into helping others as they do in hating them, we all could have a pretty good life.

The propaganda against China is relentless. A radio report accused China of sending medical supplies to other nations "for propaganda purposes". Media asshats are incapable of understanding that if this illness is *anywhere*, it is *everywhere*. And what is wrong with building goodwill? Why does Uncle Sam insist that violence and intimidation are the only tactics useful for international relations?

It is interesting that discussion and analysis of various social systems seldom include India. With a billion people, there must be huge potential to build something decent, if they can ever get competent leadership that will help India recover from British occupation. Maybe that will not be possible until Indian people reject Hindu fundamentalism and their rigid caste system of hierarchy.

Posted by: Trailer Trash | Mar 18 2020 21:35 utc | 84

arby @65--

Treatment, you mean as Pompeo has threatened ICC staff: Stop investigating or else! Or perhaps how Big Insurance aims to profit from misery, which is just business as usual for that immoral group. Or when both industry and government conspire to make things even worse and lie about it--there're close to 100million people out-of-work who aren't even counted as being in the labor force any longer that could fill those jobs but instead we get this tosh:

"Increasingly... we just don't have the labor force domestically. We're turning more and more to H2A workers because there's no other way to get our crops harvested and packed and off to consumers,"

To which I'm obviously calling Bullshit. And that's what being reported by just one website. The level of depravity is beyond belief, yet it's happening quite overtly and being done by people who clearly ought not to be seen as human, but more akin to the Terminator's machines.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 18 2020 21:47 utc | 85

If there are repeated infections, shouldn't they be showing up in China now?

Posted by: lysias | Mar 18 2020 21:54 utc | 86

Will spare you details but I am very sick. To avoid interrupting current threads I have just posted in the open thread number 17 my "mamafesto". Thanks if you can make time to read it.

to bevin: marry me

love to all from Phryne
who thanks you, b for the chance to speak

Posted by: Phryne's frock | Mar 18 2020 21:55 utc | 87

karlof1 @85:

Well, they certainly don't regard us as human, so I don't see why we can't respond in kind.

Posted by: corvo | Mar 18 2020 21:55 utc | 88

@ 86 lysias.. i think wuhan is still in lockdown for the most part... that is what the live video cams are showing that paveway linked to the other day...

Posted by: james | Mar 18 2020 22:23 utc | 89

Nations should ignore all US sanctions imposed on anyone such as Iran, North Korea and Cuba during this CoVID-19 "crisis". Let those psychopaths in DC get the silent treatment. And above all, record their reactions for future prosecution / reference. I hope to be alive to see when Karma knocks on their door.

Posted by: Ian2 | Mar 18 2020 22:43 utc | 90

: karlof1 | Mar 18 2020 21:47 utc | 85 Wally saw somewhere on the wall written something about "treason prospers, - no, wait - never prosper, for if treason prospers...or something along such madness...mustabin a cooincidence theory guy down at the Dewdrop Inn..

Posted by: Walter | Mar 18 2020 22:47 utc | 91

I'm reminded that fiction at times is more powerful than truth. Most here are old enough to remember when They Shoot Horses, Don't They hit the movie theaters in December 1969, although they may not recall the tale told. Quite a lot of what's current reminds me of that film.

I can't recall who made the comment equivocating US citizens to salespeople on these threads, but it did spark the thought that it has quite a lot of truth evoked from memories of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman. And now with movie and stage theatres, concert halls and music dives of all types closed, the public's options for entertainment and education via that realm while more diverse than ever are also poorer than ever before, with little enlightened guidance offered by adults. But then how many families have a copy of The Naked and the Dead where they can gather around dad as narrator to experience a great literary work. I see families as too atomized nowadays, incapable of even coming together during a crisis, mired in their phones.

Is that enough to explain Biden's ascendency over Sanders--the utter ignorance of the forces behind the current crisis and their ongoing inhumanity. I read today that Biden represents the Status Quo, and asked myself: Who in their right mind wants a continuation of what's clearly deplorable and disgusting, debilitating and mind-numbing? IMO, the US polity has a Death Wish. I'm reminded of accounts of how the Brits felt at WW2's end--relieved that the war was over but having great trepidation over the future as most were aware their days as an Imperial Master were at an end. Perhaps that's why Biden and Trump are being subconsciously chosen for the role of Robert in Horses so they can be put out of their misery.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 18 2020 22:55 utc | 92

"Treason doth never prosper-- what's the reason?
For if it doth prosper, none dare call it treason".

--John Harington

Posted by: Copeland | Mar 18 2020 23:04 utc | 93

Just released article in NEJ about the antiviral Kaletra aka lopinavir and ritonavir trial for Cov severe disease , not a blind study though.... showed some reduced mortality and less hospital stay for the combo, but not outstanding results.Their endpoint were not met so the conclusion was that it did not help. The viral production was not reduced, either. The medication is featured as the 'backbone of treatment" in some european protocols, with or without hydroxichloroquine.... it was not very well tolerated either , with 1/3 of patients having serious Gi issues..also can cause impaired conduction of electrical impulses in the heart.

Posted by: hospital doc | Mar 18 2020 23:44 utc | 94

While the US insist on its crimes against humanity making the Coronavirus tests thrice more expensive for Venezuela, and the IMF denies them help, which gives and idea on how this pandemic is being used to achieve the goals that were not possible to achieve before, the organizer of the concert at Cucutá to give cover to the intent on invasion of Venezuela, is asking his workers to leave for eight weeks without pay...

These are the despicable minions of the Empire, in this case of Trump...

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Mar 18 2020 23:46 utc | 95

karlof1 | Mar 18 2020 22:55 utc | 92. You really believe they counted the votes honesty, that it was a reputable election?

Aww, Brother K, there's this bridge I wanna sell.

Remember what I F Stone said about governments...

Posted by: Walter | Mar 19 2020 0:03 utc | 96

Posted by: vk | Mar 18 2020 19:24 utc | 64

Japan has a daily test capacity of only some 7,000 (South Korea, for example, is testing 20,000 per day). To make things worse, it is using just one sixth of this capacity. My source is the Japan Times, so you cannot invoke propaganda.

I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Assessing anything about Japan using this rag is a perfect recipe for disaster. The Japan Times is the newspaper for blue-eyed english-speaking migrant workers (aka expats). Until a couple of years ago it was more aligned on the liberal pseudo-progressive mentality, then following a recentish change of ownership (a PR agency nowadays) it started to be closer to the Japan government thinking (in particular about WW2 issues).

Anyway, reading the Japan Times or reading the NYT or WAPO will yield you the same, mostly).

You are correct about the daily testing capacity, though. That is a government number coming straight from the MHLW


Coronavirus in Japan. It is true that the reported numbers of people infected or people who died are a little odd and on the low side - although the mortality rate is high at 3.4%. This would or could indicate a larger number of hidden cases. The testing infrastructure is in place though. On the flip side, the mortality rate for flu this year seems low (world-wide trend it seems). The same goes for pneumonia.

Hospitals and doctors are certainly not reluctant to test for the disease, they certainly would like to know if that severe case of pneumonia is or not the coronavirus, both for themselves and other patients under their care AND because of liability (legal and insurance).

One informed guess is that we are seeing a lull before the storm – some cloudy horizon: people coming back from Europe and US, people are less careful regarding ‘social distancing’, nice weather and a long weekend, the flower viewing season is starting,…). On the other hand, the government will decide today (I think) if they recommend keeping the schools closed at the start of the new year (~ April 10). More and more universities are postponing or limiting in-class teaching till early May.

Posted by: phiw13 | Mar 19 2020 0:16 utc | 97

Walter @96--

The fundamental question IMO is why did Biden garner any support to begin with given he abetted all of Obama's crimes and Bush's before him. And Status Quo candidate?! Did you get the tie-in I attempted between the politics and the movie? Actually, the aim of the comment was to show that truths often appear in fiction and become better teachers than reality. I expanded it some prior to publishing it at my VK space. It took most of my life to discover why my mom preferred literary works to the reality surrounding her. IMO, that would likely be true for millions if they actually took the time to read.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 19 2020 0:29 utc | 98

Posted by: vk | Mar 18 2020 16:24 utc | 34

> The farce called Japan:

since i am in Japan ... i can confirm the farce ... you can't have a curve, if you don't test ... Japan is playing with the numbers ... and the doctors themselves seems to have a personal say about who to test or not to test ... it was not like a command to "just test everyone".

there has really been no "lock-down" in JP. Hokkaido might have had a lock-down ... it announced a state of emergency late Feb ... the governor there was a previous health official ... so he understands the severity.

on 3/31 all of the preventative precautions implemented by the company i work for ... which followed the mandates of the JP government ... will stop. some places that have closed down will re-open. it will be back to "normal" ... jam packed trains ... i can not imagine what will happen if an outbreak recurs at this time.

on another note ... ... it's all Japanese, so use your favorite translation tool ... Abe is thinking of cutting consumption tax to 0% ... or back down to 5%, other politicians are proposing that ... around 2 years after the Olympics ... to battle "corona shock".


Posted by: r | Mar 19 2020 0:32 utc | 99

98 Cont'd--

Perhaps we'll see a sea change in the political stances of the Ds & Rs as this item suggests:

"Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, has proposed a $2 trillion package including direct payments to Americans. Journalist Walker Bragman on Wednesday noted the absurdity of Trump being closer to Sanders on relief than Democratic leadership.

"'Trump, who bungled the early response to coronavirus, is starting to take actions resembling Bernie Sanders' proposals—monthly checks, ramping up production via the Defense Production Act, freezing foreclosures and evictions,' said Bragman. 'All while Dems push things like tax rebates. Baffling.'" [My Emphasis]

There was a time 100+ years ago when the Rs were to the left of the Ds on a great many issues.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 19 2020 0:42 utc | 100

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