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February 19, 2020

Syria - Turkey's Bluff Is Called - Media Opposition Sources Run By British Intelligence

Russia has called Turkey's bluff of a wide ranging attack on Syrian government forces. The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan will now have to find a way out of the Idleb trap he set himself in. His excellent Syria adventure is coming to an end.

Meanwhile we learn that the British military intelligence ran another large dis-information campaign that brought 'Syrian voices' into the 'western' press.

Erdogan continues with his wild rhetoric over Syria.

#ERDOGAN: "#Turkey cannot be confined within the 780,000 km2 border. #Misrata, #Aleppo, #Homs & #Hasaka are outside our actual borders, but they are within our emotional & physical limits, we will confront those who limit our history to only 90yrs."

The Turkish talks with Russia have not gone well. Russia had proposed the following points:

1- 16-km border strip in Idlib under Turkey control
2- Russia controls crossing between Idlib strip and Afrin
3- M4 and M5 opened under joint Russian-Turkish supervision
4- Retreat of observation points to border strip

Some ten of Turkey's observation points are currently surrounded by the Syrian army. If Turkey starts to escalate they will be in a dire situation.


Turkey rejected the Russian proposal:

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Feb. 19 that talks with Russia on the northwestern Syrian region of Idlib were far from meeting Turkey's demands and warned that a military operation there was a "matter of time".

"As with all [previous] operations, we say 'we could suddenly come one night.' In other words, an Idlib operation is a matter of time," Erdoğan said. He was referring to the previous three Turkish operations to northern Syria since 2016.

"We are entering the last days for the [Syrian] regime to stop its hostility in Idlib. We are making our final warnings," he added. “Turkey has made all preparations to carry out its own operation plans in Idlib."

Russia called a Turkish attack the worst case scenario:

The Kremlin spokesman added that "if it is an operation against Syria’s legitimate authorities and armed forces, it will definitely be the worst scenario."

Russia will continue contacts with Turkey in order to prevent the situation in Idlib from escalating further, according to Peskov.

"We are determined to continue to use our working contacts with our Turkish counterparts to prevent the situation in Idlib from escalating further," he said.

Two hours after it published the above the Russian agency TASS also published this:

Two Russian Tupolev Tu-22M3 strategic bombers have performed a scheduled flight over the neutral waters of the Black Sea, Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

"During the flight, the crews covered a distance of about 4,500 km and stayed in the air for more than five hours," the statement runs.

Fighter jets of Russia’s Southern Military District escorted the bombers during the flight.

The Tu-22M3 can fire long range cruise missiles. The Turkish military will understand that warning.

The Russians are also prodding Erdogan with reports about U.S. weapon deliveries to PKK-Kurds in east Syria:

“The US command in the region is intensively saturating the territory east of the Euphrates river with weapons and ammunition. Since the beginning of 2020, 13 military convoys have arrived from Iraq to Syria, which included over 80 armored vehicles and more than 300 trucks loaded with various types of weapons, ammunition and materiel”, Rear Adm. Oleg Zhuravlev said in a daily briefing.

Reports now speak of more than a million refugees in Idleb even as the pre-war population of Idleb governorate never exceeded 1.5 million. Many of those already fled during the early war either to government held areas or to Turkey and beyond. Where are the million reported now supposed to have come from?

The 'western' media is again practicing tear jerking about these refugees in Idleb. But its reports forget to mention that al-Qaeda rules Idleb and that it prevents the people from crossing the line into Syrian government held areas:

In yet another lengthy, expensive, lavishly illustrated story about Idlib, the NYT once again failed to make any mention of the politics of what is happening in that enclave of northwestern Syria– namely, the fact that well-armed jihadist/takfiri fighters from all around the world have controlled it for the past several years, while Syria’s government forces have been battling to regain control.

In that latest article, as in all of the lengthy, one-sided tearjerkers it has published about Idlib over the past year, the NYT has no actual journalists or photographers on the ground reporting the story. It is wholly reliant instead  on “stories” and footage it gathers from unverifiable sources inside the enclave– sources who notably never include any mention of the jihadi armed groups that control all aspects of life there.

Today we learn that many of these unverifiable sources have been on the British government payroll since at least 2012:

A number of leaked documents seen by Middle East Eye show how the propaganda initiative began in 2012 and gathered pace the following year, shortly after the UK parliament refused to authorise British military action in Syria.

Drawing upon British, American and Canadian funding, UK government contractors set up offices in Istanbul and Amman, where they hired members of the Syrian diaspora, who in turn recruited citizen journalists inside Syria.
During 2015, Free Syria, Syrian Identity and Undermine were funded in both British pounds and Canadian dollars, with the equivalent of around £410,000 ($540,000) being spent each month.

These 'sources' which were hired and instructed by the UK government are the ones quoted in 'western' papers. The whole scheme, like the British organized 'White Helmets', was run by military intelligence officers:

Individuals familiar with the project say that around nine companies were invited to bid for the contracts. They included a number of firms established by former British diplomats, intelligence officers and army officers.

Although the contracts were awarded by the UK’s foreign office, they were managed by the country’s Ministry of Defence, and sometimes by military intelligence officers.

These companies set up offices in Amman, Istanbul and, for a period, at Reyhanli in southeast Turkey. From here they would employ Syrians who would in turn recruit citizen journalists inside Syria, who were under the impression that they were working for the media offices of Syrian opposition groups.

The British intelligence also hired journalists to write 'Syrian rebel' propaganda stories. Britain also organized and directed the opposition's spokespersons:

Meanwhile, other leaked documents seen by MEE show that the British government had awarded contracts to communications companies, which selected and trained opposition spokespeople, ran press offices that operated 24 hours a day, and developed opposition social media accounts.

British staff running these offices were told that their Syrian employees were permitted to talk to British journalists – as spokespeople for the Syrian opposition – but only after receiving clearance from officials at the British consulate in Istanbul.

One of the responsibilities of the press offices set up covertly by the British government under the terms of these contracts was to “maintain an effective network of correspondents/stringers inside Syria to report on MAO [moderate armed opposition] activity”.

In this way, the British government was able to exert behind-the-scenes influence over conversations that the UK media was having with individuals who presented themselves as Syrian opposition representatives.

It wasn't just UK media who cited those persons. The whole 'civil opposition movement' was, like the 'White Helmets', a well organized and paid British government front. But when Turkey increased its role in Syria the British dis-information operation began to shut down:

British government enthusiasm for much of the work appears to have begun to wane as it became increasingly clear that the Assad government and its Russian and Iranian allies were winning the civil war, and funding for contracts began to dry up.

Early in 2019, the Free Syrian Police, a British-backed organisation, finally ceased operations following a militant takeover of Idlib province, much to the dismay of civilians and civil society activists.

The Turkish government is also said to have become less tolerant of the propaganda initiatives being co-ordinated from its territory.

One British contractor is understood to have been expelled after the Turkish authorities discovered she had entered the country on a tourist visa.

That Turkey's government became less tolerant to the British operation may also explain the death of the British military intelligence officer who ran the 'White Helmets' propaganda group from his apartment in Istanbul.


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"The material below is from an intelligence briefing held in Damascus, no public nor press allowed,
translated from Russian by VT’s Damascus bureau, the only media invited:"

Veterans today the only media invited to a secret intelligence briefing in Syria"...
A large Chunk of duffs piece is around that.

A section based on a Feb 16 2020 piece by Jakov Kedmi. Duff doesn't link to it and
it doesn't turn up in a search although other pieces from earlier dates do.
Kedmi I believe is the resident israeli on a Russian panel show were they talk
or argue about geo-politics with Kedmi being the odd one out all the time.

Magnier's last sentence pretty much sums up my thoughts on the alliance centered on Iran.
"The spirit of sacrifice that unites allies in mutual protection cannot be limited to
monetary considerations. It is priceless."

My thoughts on Erdogan's intentions and so forth.. I think that has been changing or
evolving somewhat but in general he wants Turkey to have a place at the big boys table.
Regain some of the greatness Turkey once had. Perhaps more so now that the world is
moving away from globalised US world back to great power competition. His version of
Islam plays a big role .. Turkey a leader in the muslim world, leader of what he
considers Turkic peoples around the world, something along those lines. Territory...
perhaps not based on any Ottoman boundaries but certainly some of the territory that
had been controlled by Ottoman Turkey around current Turkey's borders.

I see some of the Turks on twitter are now starting to change their tune. A few days
back they were supremely confident Turkey would destroy the SAA. It didn't enter
their minds that Russia may object. They fully expected Russia to stand aside
when Erdogan showed that Turkey meant business.
A few tanks destroyed and a few Turks killed and its starting to sink in that it is
Russia that means business. A little more of this and Russia may even talk Erdo out
of Idlib with a few little demonstrations and then talking to give time for
the demo's to sink in.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 23 2020 10:24 utc | 301

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 23 2020 10:24 utc | 301

I'd agree that Idlib is a bridge too far for Erdogan, and Russia is opposed. It's what I was saying the last time I was on this subject here. I'm just surprised it's taken Erdogan so long to understand, which says something either about the blindness of his megalomania, or about the demands of his electoral support.

Posted by: Laguerre | Feb 23 2020 10:33 utc | 302

karlof1 #294

Thanks for the Pepe Escobar link. I am unconvinced that Russia is likely to placate the Turk. Their best outcome is to stick him with the terrorists and see if he can send them to Libya or Yemen. First settle Syria and gain the trust of Iran, Iraq, Syria and perhaps some others. Then go after the Libyan settlement. I strongly believe that the rebels, headchoppers, whatever are all dead men walking right now.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Feb 23 2020 10:44 utc | 303

I think it is both. I think Erdogan knows were he want to be, or where he wants Turkey to be but I get the feeling he just heads of in that direction winging it and playing by ear as he goes. He may well have thought that with the economic ties, turkstream and so forth which are important to Russia plus playing the field with US and Russia, that when it came to the crunch Russia would stand aside in Idlib so as not to break those ties with Turkey. Something like playing chicken and fully expecting Russia to flinch.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 23 2020 10:50 utc | 304

I think the SAA will start offensives in at least 4-5 main directions. The main goals will be Darat Izza to the North where every kilometer to the West gives the SAA more long-range fire control over the Turk'only viable supply line. The terrain is mountainous and progress may be slow. The other main objective will be M4 - from the Ariha axis (threatening the city of Idlib to the North on the way) and from the mountanous ares to the South -to the West of Maarat Numan.

Control over the M5 gives an enormous advantage to the SAA - it allows them movement and reinfircement with large units within several hours time.

We will see what happens - it seems the VKS are softening the Southern direction right now.


Posted by: BG | Feb 23 2020 12:33 utc | 305

Earlier I ran onto something about 5th Assault Corps spearheading advances along with Hassan's 25th Special Mission forces or tiger force.
5th Assault Corps were known as ISIS Hunters and have been very much out of the news for a long time. Trained and equipped by Russia. I looked up their twitter account and last tweet on that account is June 5th 2018.

In a tweet dated Feb 12 2018 was a link to this
"Several of our brothers died under the fire of the US Air Force

On the morning of February 7, ISIS Hunters received intelligence information about a group of ISIS jihadists near as-Suwar village located on the territory occupied by Kurds.

Later our command received additional information that the group is moving towards Khusham village and immediately decided to move from the Euphrates and cut off the possible direction of jihadists offensive.

A number of armed groups with mortars and technicals was spotted to the east from Khusham on the territory occupied by Kurds. SAA positions were attacked by spotted enemy and Hunters moved to cover SAA. Based on hostiles' movement and actions they didn't expect any heavy resistance. Almost immediately Hunters managed to suppress ISIS and make them retreat. (Later an intercepted radio traffic confirmed that the group was partly ISIS, partly Kurds and they retreated towards CONOCO factory)

At that moment first shells dropped, and jet fighters appeared, bombing our positions. They came from the direction where the hostiles were retreating, the jet fighters were covering the enemy.

Our people were still fighting, but when helicopters came ISIS Hunters were forced to retreat. They scattered around and came back in small groups. After bombardment finished it became clear that some of our brothers are dead… Hunters lost 20 heroes, but regular SAA units lost more men, unfortunately. Glory and peace to Syrian heroes killed by a sucker punch by US Air Forces, acting behind the backs of terrorists and Kurds.

Now we state, that Kurds are responsible for deaths of brothers! This nation has begun war against Syrian identity, occupied Syrian soil and resources belonging to Syrian people! Now they conspire with ISIS, shelter them from justice and use them against Syria. These American puppets has no longer right to occupy Syrian soil."

I take it 5th Assault Corps were the hundreds of Russian mercenaries the yanks crowed about killing.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 23 2020 13:26 utc | 306

re: Peter AU1 | Feb 23 2020 13:26 utc @ 306

It appears the 5th AC is 'on the move'.
With a few Russian SOF.
Y.N.M.S. is....very well informed.
I checked-out the website and, it's 100%-Russian.
Seeing the blooming fruit tree and the light-sloping hill can perhaps place it in the area.
Unfortunately, I couldn'5t find any *time stamp*-info on the photo.
Regardless, Y.N.M.S., is a great 'informal(but official)' imho.
Regards X-

Posted by: Veritas X- | Feb 23 2020 14:25 utc | 307's the link:

Posted by: Veritas X- | Feb 23 2020 14:26 utc | 308

Jeffery on Idlib.
"The main problem we have right now, aside from the fear that we could have a major refugee crisis on our hands with millions of people, we have, of course, many members of al-Nusrah, certainly to the tune of 7- to 10,000, perhaps more there. Some of those are international terrorists. We have also other international terrorist groups there, al-Qaida offshoots and ISIS, as you know from some of our military operations there."

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 23 2020 14:33 utc | 309

Veritas X-
Thanks. I have been checking on the YNMS account but had not taken much notice of the pic. Hard to tell when or where the photo was taken. Looks to be a cherry or plum tree. They've had cold weather
recently in that part of the world, a bit of snow. Not sure if fruit trees would be flowering.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 23 2020 15:03 utc | 310

Almonds flower right now. Days 12-18, night 3-8 degrees Celsius. 1-2 colder days may be in between.

Posted by: Hausmeister | Feb 23 2020 15:14 utc | 311

peter au - thanks for the additional comments...

Posted by: james | Feb 23 2020 18:02 utc | 312

Al Qaeda and the Turks getting hit hard at the moment with Israel doing its bit to help AQ.

Russia seems to be making no distinction between AQ and Turk military.

Main attack looks to be from Idlib city down to clear the al Zawiyah mountains.

I think SAA will clear both the Idlib plain to the north of idlib city from Atarib down along with al Zawiyah mountains to south before moving along the M4 to al Shughour. The mountains along the Turk border will be difficult to take. Very porous border if the Turks want it to be, plus many camps of AQ supporters and families.
Zoom in and scroll along this section of the border to see what SAA will be up against.

Unless Russia can talk Erdogan down, SAA will most likely be taking artillery fire from within Turkey once they get close to the border.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 23 2020 22:26 utc | 313


I did run onto something else concerning Duffs piece that I had no connected before. Meant to post a link to the piece and forgot now no idea where to find it.

Something like a mutual defence agreement and the maritime agreement between Turkey and the Tripoli government in libya went through at the same time. Basically He send fighters to Libya and in return Erdo gets patches of Libya's mediterranean, I take it part of Libya's EEZ, to look for oil.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 23 2020 22:33 utc | 314

I think SAA will clear both the Idlib plain to the north of idlib city from Atarib down along with al Zawiyah mountains to south before moving along the M4 to al Shughour. Peter AU1 | Feb 23 2020 22:26 utc

Right now there is a major SAA attack from the south, they cleared 7+ villages from SE corner of Zawiya hills.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Feb 24 2020 22:24 utc | 315

Piotr Berman

Tiger forces have not yet joined the fight. According to karlof1 5th special forces are in the southern offensive.
A lot of reinforcements were brought in from other parts of Syria for the southern offensive which looks as though it intent is to take the mountain range south of Idlib city. Taking the Idlib plain would then put SAA on three sides of Idlib city so it will be interesting to see if Tiger force leads another offensive to the north of Idlib city.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 24 2020 22:39 utc | 316

Exchange of broadsides:

"The Israeli people have the right to live in peace and security. So do the Palestinian people," Sanders tweeted Sunday. "I remain concerned about the platform AIPAC provides for leaders who express bigotry and oppose basic Palestinian rights. For that reason I will not attend their conference.

"As president, I will support the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians and do everything possible to bring peace and security to the region," he said in a second tweet.

Response: "Senator Sanders has never attended our conference and that is evident from his outrageous comment," the group said. AIPAC said that Sanders' fellow members of Congress are among those it gives a platform to and that "18,000 Americans from widely diverse backgrounds" participate in the conference.

"By engaging in such an odious attack on the mainstream, bipartisan American political event, Senator Sanders is insulting his very own colleagues and the millions of Americans who stand with Israel. Truly shameful," AIPAC's statement said.


Comment of a perplexed: how does a group say something in complete sentences? A chorus, like in a Greek drama, with masks?

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Feb 24 2020 22:56 utc | 317

Piotr Berman

2016 I looked for foreign policy at the websites of a number of candidates. No foreign policy could be found at any candidates site. All had war policy, though sanders did term foreign policy as war and peace. Looking up his site this time, Sanders does actually have a section titled foreign policy rather than war policy.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 24 2020 23:06 utc | 318

Elisabeth Warren "announced" that she will not attend AIPAC for the same reason. However, she did it by saying "Yeah" to a little tirade of a pro-Palestinian voter in a meeting.

I just checked article of The Hill on the topic. Comment section is interesting. Comment in The Hill are typically a series of insults between Trumpers and Never Trumpers, and the same was the case for this article. Strangely to me (naive after all these years?), nobody seemed to care about Israel...

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Feb 24 2020 23:17 utc | 319

Re: Peter AU1 | Feb 24 2020 22:39 utc | 316

There was a similar pattern during the fight for M5, a mobile force attacked from the south, and another made some hard-won advances in southern Aleppo (northern part of contested M5). Jihadists moved from various places to that region, and there was some strife and back-and-forth, while the southern forces were mowing jihadists who got no reinforcements.

Now Tigers stay on the northern side, but the action consists of repelling repeated jihadi attacks, mostly on Nairab, and there they are supported by Turkish artillery, they used armor freshly received from Turks etc. And the southern advance today was impressive. 2-3 such days and more than half of Zawiya Mts will be encircled. Surely, the defense may become stronger, hills will definitely get steeper, so it is hard to be certain in forecasts. Nevertheless, SAA prefers to attack the weak side, not the strong side of the enemy positions. That of course requires to draw attention elsewhere.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Feb 24 2020 23:27 utc | 320

"That of course requires to draw attention elsewhere."
That has been my thought also.

The map b provides in his piece gives a good overview of topography. The the Russians have been talking, Lavrov ect, I suspect this campaign is intended to clear UN designated terrorist organisations from Idlib.
b's map shows the rough hills or mountain range along the Turk border. Zooming into that area on google maps satellite veiw it is a very porous border in rough country with many camps of jihadi supporters.
Taking the idlib plain, Idlib and the mountain range to the south of idlib city would leave the narrow rough strip along the border that could be chewed up in bite size pieces.
It would then be somewhat easier to take the section of M4 that runs through very rough country close to the border.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 24 2020 23:43 utc | 321

Turkey sends many hundreds of artillery pieces. Probably with ample ammunition. Syria gets Russian supplies, if you add it up, Idlib plain and immediate vicinity is WWI style meat grinder. That may be overcome by destroying artillery and its vehicles from the air, but Russia may prefer to have a lighter touch in respect to Turks. However, any tanks from Turkey going to the south of M4 are probably free game. If so, the mobile part of late winter/early spring operations will be to the south of M4. In any case, tomorrow the situation may be more clear.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Feb 25 2020 0:21 utc | 322

Piotr Berman

I think along the lines that without air power, conventional mechanized forces are little more than targets. Light infantry in mountains seem to do better as with Yemen and Afghanistan.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 25 2020 0:49 utc | 323

In the last year or so, the houthi's have started driving off in trophies, but the first years, they would burn everything they could not carry on their backs.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 25 2020 0:52 utc | 324

@314 peter au.. thanks... i am not sure what is going to happen with libya... it is a bit of a cluster fuck since the usa and nato bombed it and screwed so much up... i saw that the official gov't wants to invite the usa back!!! so, something is wrong in the whole picture and turkey under erdogan seems to be trying to play the same game as they have in syria in libya now..

Posted by: james | Feb 25 2020 2:16 utc | 325

I didn't really understand why Erdogan moved into Libya as it seemed to be overstretching his forces. I have read in the past the forces fighting for the UN installed government are al Qaeda and assorted jihadis similar to Idlib. Makes sense as it was the al Qaeda freedom fighters the UN backed to destroy Gadaffi.
I guess for Erdogan, it was a combination of like minded souls plus a chunk of Libya's EEZ if he can keep the al Qaeda government in power.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 25 2020 2:46 utc | 326

@ peter... thanks.. that makes sense.. i mostly thought erdogan had to get rid of the moderate headchoppers he supported in syria as he didn't want them back in turkey... but this makes sense - the un backed group are supporting al qaeda in all but name, so erdogan wants a piece of that action as well... all of them are fucked in the head..

Posted by: james | Feb 25 2020 3:07 utc | 327

army with artillery targeting residential neighborhoods of Idlib, while russian warplanes cover the sky over the city.."

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 25 2020 5:34 utc | 328

James, the Libyan government and Erdoğan are both Muslim Brotherhood

Posted by: bluedotterel | Feb 25 2020 6:24 utc | 329

@ bluedotterel.. thanks... and the un is backing the muslim brotherhood? where is egypt in this?? and russia is backing hafter who is controlling a lot more of the space, correct?

Posted by: james | Feb 25 2020 6:57 utc | 330

Morsi, who was overthrown in Egypt was Muslim brotherhood.
I have no idea if the UN appointed puppet is MB but as Erdo is involved...
The al Qaeda - Muslim Brotherhood association is what stumps me at the moment. Wahhabi Saudi finance AQ, yet hate or see as a threat, muslim brotherhood. Wahhabi Qatar backs MB which is why Saudis, with the backing of Trump tried to isolate Qatar.
That's a part of the puzzle I can't find anything on.
Add Iran, on speaking terms with Erdo, yet backing Syria and fighting Turk proxies in Syria, backing wahhabi Qatar who back Aq and MB against Wahhabi Saudi who back AQ ....
Becomes a bit of a mind bender. Perhaps everything will be as clear as looking through fogged up glass when looked at in hindsight....

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 25 2020 7:41 utc | 331

A further thought. Magnier, who seems very knowledgeable on the various groups, says something along the lines that all the terrorist groups have, apart from very slight differences, the same ideology based on Wahhabi. It may be that the differences that I don't understand are purely political rather than religious.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 25 2020 8:01 utc | 332

Peter AU1, let me try to help.

I'm an old man and, actually worked near the Yemenese-Saudi border, on-the-road-to-Najaran which at the time was being constructed/paved in the late 1970's.
btw, Before beginning, I'd like to tell You & *b*, I was actually on 1-of-the last flights-out of Cairo, before, Anwar Sadat flew to occupied-Palestine.
It was the last day before the Arab League Boycott starded, as a matter of fact!


Anyway, my take is:
The MB-mooslime brotherhood are a creation of/used by Brittish Intelligence...remember Lawrence of Arabia.
It's a 100% creation of....the *City of London*.
The al-cia-da/jizzreali intel service(isis) are in the same grouping; i.e. created by...(((you know who)))...same banking dynasties in >>>the *City of London*<<<.
The wannhabees, are, just another creation of the same >>>the *City of London*<<<.
I believe it was ca 1908, Ibn Saud...accepted the Balfour-Idea, and, consequently was given all kinds of military aid/advice/support afterwords....brought-to-you-by...>>>the *City of London*<<<.

Anwar Sadat was, a, soul mate of, Gamal Abdel Nasser.
A true *Pan-Arabian Nationalist*.
Looks like Honsi-the-Shark(MB)...sold out his People & 'baath/Nassar Revolution'.
A real sell-out!

There's a helluva lot more but, let that be some kind'a start for You.
Cheers X-

Posted by: Veritas X- | Feb 25 2020 12:48 utc | 333


btw, my statement above "The wannhabees, are, just another creation of the same >>>the *City of London*<<<.
I believe it was ca 1908, Ibn Saud...accepted the Balfour-Idea, and,"
is historically correct!

The British Empire used the *Baghdad banking family Sasson(jewish)*, which were even-RICHER than the Rothschild Family(just a "start-up" before Waterloo) in the late 1700's, to establish the Wahhabi Movement, as the subsequent conduit for let's call it Palmerston's *Full Spectrum Dominance*.
Try learning something here:,_3rd_Viscount_Palmerston

Nobody, I mean nobody ever-ever-ever mentions the...*Sassons*!
I wonder why?
Most of their History has been...scrubbed, recently(!)
Ever hear of maybe, the *Opium Wars*...john kerry/heinz's background, rohdes in rhodesia....?
History is my passion.
Cheers X-

Posted by: Veritas X- | Feb 25 2020 13:28 utc | 334

Posted by: james | Feb 25 2020 6:57 utc | 330

Egypt and Greece support Haftar. Greece tries to win over France in supporting Haftar too. France and Egypt have excellent relationship. Italy and Germany seem conflicted, more likely supporting the MB government in Lybia and Turkey. UK and USA quiet for now.

For tweets from the Haftar side look at :

Posted by: redrooster | Feb 25 2020 14:06 utc | 335

@ peter au, veritas and redrooster.. thanks for the commentary and insights.. as they say - knowing a little bit can get one in a lot of trouble... i know some of what you are all talking about, but clearly it is complicated.. i am not following it that closely and one would have to do this to know how it all connects..

Posted by: james | Feb 25 2020 16:37 utc | 336

The Syrian army backed by Russian fighters has repelled a number of large-scale attacks backed by Turkey-backed rebels in Idlib province.

Posted by: homepage | Feb 27 2020 3:39 utc | 337

Turkey continues to abandon joint patrols with the Russian army in Syria

Posted by: click here | Feb 27 2020 7:43 utc | 338

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