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February 04, 2020

Putin Prepares To Release Iowa Caucus Results

Unprecedented cybersecurity measures being taken to safeguard Iowa caucus results - Jan 29 2020

No one knows how many of Iowa’s 1,700 precinct leaders will opt to use a new smartphone app to report Democratic caucus results Monday night. But the security of that app will be the source of much scrutiny.

After reports of Russian hacking attempts in the 2016 presidential election, party leaders are taking unprecedented precautions to protect against cybersecurity breaches and the spread of disinformation on social media.

On Wednesday, Democratic Party officials in Iowa and Washington confirmed that the Democratic National Committee is deploying security staff to work with the state party to assist with any caucus problems.

Democratic Party @DNC - 22:16 UTC · Feb 3, 2020
For three years, we’ve been preparing for the process that officially kicks off tonight in Iowa: the Democratic presidential primary. Today our chair, @TomPerez, reflects on the reforms we’ve made to make this the most transparent primary in our history: How We Prepared for 2020
NPR Politics @nprpolitics - 5:33 UTC · Feb 4, 2020

"By all indications, we are going on to New Hampshire victorious," Pete Buttigieg said in a late-night speech.
0% of Iowa caucus results are in.

Walker Bragman @WalkerBragman - 5:59 UTC · Feb 4, 2020

Not great optics here, folks:
- Dems paid company literally called Shadow to create caucus app
- Buttigieg campaign also paid Shadow, FEC records show
- Caucus app fails
- Buttigieg declares himself Iowa winner with no results


Pro-Israel Buttigieg backer Seth Klarman is top funder of group behind Iowa’s disastrous voting app

At the time of publication, twelve hours after voting in the Democratic Party’s Iowa caucuses ended, the results have not been announced. The delay in reporting is the result of a failed app developed by a company appropriately named Shadow Inc.

This firm was staffed by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama campaign veterans and created by a Democratic dark money nonprofit backed by hedge fund billionaires including Seth Klarman. A prolific funder of pro-settler Israel lobby organizations, Klarman has also contributed directly to Pete Buttigieg’s campaign.


The Sanders campaign published its internal count from some 40% of the precincts which they say are representative. Their unofficial result:

Sanders - 30%; Buttigieg - 25%; Warren - 21%; Biden - 12%; Klobucher - 11%; all others < 1%

What a clusterfuck.

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Circe #294

I must add that even then, even if they both remain silent - They would get my vote any day! I fully support their platform not them as individuals. I like them both as people and admire them but I would be voting for their platform first and then their demonstrated authenticity and competency second and their humanity third. In my view those two people alone possess all of those traits.

If your country had optional, ranked choice voting I would NEVER give any preference to those other running dogs of the oligarchy that are also in the Dem race.

As for Trump and his obscene camp of humanities traitors - you can be sure I will raise a toast for every one of their misfortunes and political demises. Fortunately I do not apply that habit to the Democrats as I would end with liver failure from alcoholism.

Please don't send any of us to the gulag just yet. We may assist your cause (and ours) while reloading the magazines in the trenches together (metaphorically speaking of course). If they come in the morning I will stand with you.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Feb 5 2020 21:53 utc | 301

This is a well presented assessment of the fork in the road from Patrice de Bergeracpas.

I would be interested in your retorts.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Feb 5 2020 22:04 utc | 302

uncle tungsten @303: ... I will stand with you.

I won't stand with you Circe.

I think you're a dembot shill.

I support Sanders ONLY in the hope that dumbass Americans wake up when the corrupt, out-of-touch establishment rigs the election (as are seeing now).

IMO, that the best we can hope for from Sanders. He won't actually win 'cause he doesn't WANT to win, and the Zionist-capitalist establishment doesn't want him to win.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Feb 5 2020 22:08 utc | 303

Truthdig a site endorsed by Chris Hedges has just endorsed BERNIE SANDERS and called every other candidate INCLUDING Elizabeth Warren, A FALSE CHOICE.

Excellent article! Read it and suck up the truth.

Yet American politicians place voters in a classic double bind. The false choice is that we either vote for climate or against Trump.

This sleight of hand begins with attempting to exclude Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the one candidate who could defeat Trump while championing climate. Exclude Sanders, and there is no other candidate who delivers on both goals. A perusal of the Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund’s Environmental Voter Guide shows that the other candidates either are problematic on climate or their ability to win the election is uncertain.

False choices

Posted by: Circe | Feb 5 2020 22:14 utc | 304

uncle tungsten @304: well presented assessment of the fork in the road

Excellent article. Well balanced. A must-read.

'The Polemicist' post gives us "The Good", "The Bad", and "The Ugly".

Under "The Bad", he takes Bernie to task:

The biggest problem here, from the perspective of those who are working hard for the “political revolution” that Bernie has inspired is that Sanders has had four years to publicize, denounce, and insist on correcting all of these methods of cheating, and has said or done nothing substantive to that end.

So if/when he, and that movement, are cheated out of the majority or large plurality of delegates by these stratagems, there is no one more responsible for it than Bernie himself.

. . .

The key here is what Bernie does. Will he Corbyn-ize himself with death-by-a thousand apologies and backtracks, or will he take Kate Aronoff’s advice and “nip that shit in the bud”? ... Again, Bernie’s biggest potential weakness is Bernie himself.

. . .

A telling moment in the “villainous and shameful” CNN/Des Moines Register debate was when Bernie—after being shivved by Warren and portrayed as a reckless fantasist by everyone else on the stage—felt the need to declare, for the umpteenth time, that he would “do everything in my power” to get her or any of them elected.

Why? Nobody asked him for that. Nothing in the context demanded it....

This is nothing else but Bernie signaling submission to the Democratic Party, which is—and keeps telling him it is—the enemy of everything he claims to stand for. It’s telling the party it can betray him in any way and still get his support. A foolish forfeit in advance.

. . .

We have to ask: What is Bernie saying or doing about this [Democratic Party election-rigging]? What is he doing to support not only himself, but the many thousands of people who are working hard for the “political revolution” he is claiming to lead—supporters who see the Democratic Party right now organizing to deprive Bernie of the nomination and derail anything like that movement from taking hold in the party, whether Bernie is nominated or not? Not him, us, and all that—and “us” want to know. ‘Cause if Bernie is doing or saying nothing about this, if he’s willing to ignore and accept it without raising hell, then it’s fair for “us” to suspect we’re seeing a hair of the Democratic sheepdog emerging through the revolutionary lion’s mane.

Bottom line (as an addendum):
Bernie’s greatest achievement is that he has created the conditions for a break with the two-party duopoly; his greatest failure is that he will do “everything in his power”to block that from happening.

PS He takes up my view, expressed @305 when he says, parentheticly: (And one reason I’ll vote for him is so that scam will be as clear as possible.)


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Feb 5 2020 22:55 utc | 305

Jackrabbit #307

Yep I FULLY AGREE with you. But I emphatically include Tulsi Gabbard here as she loudly and bravely stood with Bernie in 2016. She has only a few days to speak out if Sanders won't kick arse. She is respectful in giving Sanders the time and the 'formal results' of Iowa scam to be published then reconciled with the Sanders team attendees. I guess she had attendees there too and has her record of the vote. After that, if Sanders goes sheepdog, it is her responsibility to lead the way.

You are either on the bus or off the bus and if Bernie drinks the coolaid again then he should get off the bus!

Let the warrior have a go as appeasement is suicide.

Now I will play some Grateful Dead and salut the diggers in Haight-Ashbury, at least they knew the way.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Feb 5 2020 23:11 utc | 306

uncle tungsten | Feb 5 2020 23:11 utc | 308
"Now I will play some Grateful Dead and salut the diggers in Haight-Ashbury, at least they knew the way."
Fair enough I went for Garcia/Grisman to chill with last night. As for the Diggers as great as they were at effecting change by doing, in the end the Grogan/Coyote ego challenge brought them down - maybe drugs but more likely an inability to deal with carefully honed intermittent reward/punishment by the media.

Posted by: A User | Feb 5 2020 23:50 utc | 307

A User #309

Thank you A User and YES to that. At least they STARTED something that was totally good and right up the establishment nose. Free Food is anathema to the controllers.

This from Grateful Dead

Truckin, like the do-dah man once told me - "youve got to play your hand"
"Sometimes your cards aint worth a dime, if you dont layem down,"

So layem down Bernie and Tulsi, call their bluff.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Feb 6 2020 0:05 utc | 308

She is a lurker - took b's header as factual.

Russians did it! Democratic congresswoman finally says what Russiagaters have all been thinking about Iowa caucus fail

A Texas congresswoman has suggested that Russians were responsible for the problems with the Democratic Party’s Iowa caucus app and suggested the party call in the FBI to investigate. How did this take so long?

Rep.Sheila Jackson (D) called on Iowa Democrats to bring the FBI in to investigate Russian involvement in the malfunctioning of the vote-reporting app that threw the first vote of the 2020 election season into disarray.
She made the comment during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on FBI oversight on Wednesday, but shrewd observers of Democratic behavior had predicted it almost immediately after the extent of the botched caucus vote count came to light.[.]

Posted by: Likklemore | Feb 6 2020 0:53 utc | 309

Likklemore #311

Not only is Cheatin Pete a cheating guaido but with a name like Buttigieg one might think he comes from Butkovici or Butykovo. Maybe his grandfather was Beria by any chance?

Sheila Jackson is a complete moron and fuckwit. These idiots go out of their way to prove they are entirely crazed and every time they say this crap they must surely alienate more people. If Sheila thinks the Russians did it then clearly the DNC machinery is hopelessly compromised and must be eliminated immediately. The DNC should subcontract its IT systems to Edward Snowden as he has an excellent understanding of security systems. Shadow must be a reincarnation of Platte River Networks. I bet they bleachbit the disc on their system (to protect privacy HOHOHO) and give the Iowa DNC a single page printout of the results.

Circe where TF are ya? Has buttigeig rat got your tongue? Am I to assume that you are still waiting for your next post to be approved or have you fallen asleep at the keyboard?

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Feb 6 2020 1:48 utc | 310

On Shadow and the current DNC debacle:
Just sayin, wouldn't it be funny if this guy was on the Shadow payroll?

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Feb 6 2020 2:01 utc | 311

Uncle T @ 312

The demrats are clueless about their wrath to come. The party will not survive this impeachment faux pas launch January 20, 2017.. See this image here. Spot on.

Trump was acquitted but it is not over. Trump is now very dangerous as his ego is wounded.

Look, front-runner Joe Biden placed 4th in Iowa. Stick a fork b/c he is done, less than $8 million in campaign funds going into Iowa. I expect his campaign will be suspended and not due lack of funding but the continued investigations of his son Hunter's Ukie and China sweet deals. Oh, did I mention Clinton? Unranium deal! that too.

The Republicans' angst continues. Mitty may be tarred as well.
Sara Carter walks us through: what promises to be interesting times over the next 9 months.

Grassley, Johnson Seek Hunter Biden’s Travel Records From Secret Service

Two top Republican Senators are expanding their probe into potential conflicts of interest “posed by the business activities of Hunter Biden” as the Senate investigative committees continue to probe former Vice President Joe Biden’s son’s business activities overseas during his father’s tenure in the Obama Administration.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Finance Committee, and Sen. Ron Johnson, who already have an ongoing investigation into numerous White House meetings during the Obama Administration with senior Ukrainian officials, sent a letter Wednesday to Secret Service Director James M. Murray requesting information “about whether Hunter Biden used government-sponsored travel to help conduct private business, to include his work for Rosemont Seneca and related entities in China and Ukraine.”

Grassley and Johnson say they want the information no later than February 19, according to the letter sent to Murray[.]

The Senators also stated in the letter that they have sent other letters to other government agencies questioning ‘potential conflicts of interest’ regarding the deal during the Obama Administration’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) approval to sell off 20 percent of U.S. uranium from the Canadian company that had assets in the U.S. to to the Russian energy giant Rosatom. The transaction required the the approval of CFIUS, the multi-agency approval committee. At the time Hillary Clinton was head of the State Department, which was a voting member of the CFIUS board.[.]

And Attorney John Burham may be wrapping up his findings.

Posted by: Likklemore | Feb 6 2020 3:13 utc | 312

I am waiting with baited breath for election monitors from the OAS, the Organization of American Stooges... I mean... States, to declare the entire US Presidential Election to be completely fraudulent, given the fiasco with the Iowa Caucus and other past election "irregularities."

The United Nations, European Union, and other international organizations must place comprehensive economic sanctions on America to compel it to reform its elections by adopting all paper ballots; removing all institutional/financial barriers for Second Party candidates to run for office; discontinuing the thinly disguised attempts to purge voter registration rolls of minority voters; limiting all campaign contributions to no more than $100; and other democratic reforms.

If America defies the international community by refusing to implement these reforms, NATO must immediately commence massive "Pro-Democracy" bombing campaigns of important American regime institutions including the White House, Congress, the FEC, and all major media mouthpieces from Fox News to CNN to MSNBC.

America: If you do not come to democracy, democracy will come to you!

Posted by: ak74 | Feb 6 2020 4:26 utc | 313

Likklemore #314

Such diligent Repugnants going after Hunter Biden like that. Good doggies. Just don't follow the scent that leads to the Awan family and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Debbie didn't do Dallas she did Washington and all her 'colleagues' in the Dem reps machine.

I am pleased to see that Mitt is getting his come uppance. I hope the donkey does it.

I detoured to watch the hapless Boyd Price at his presser.

There goes your future Boyd Price. Over Shadow is a bad thing. Some will say you have betrayed democracy by listening to IT morons when paper ballots would have been easy and you would have results in an hour or two and now days are going by while you wrestle (massage) data. This is utter BS aggravated by the DNC machine taking over the show. What utter clowns just when they have plausible deniability and distance the DNC wade into their very own set up.

Iowa is a cautionary tale for all the other states and their ballots. Do paper. Send IT people for a holiday canoeing down Platte River or Niagra Falls. I am no Luddite with IT but there are some tasks that have extraordinary human integrity investment that are best handled by humans and simple pieces of paper that can be overseen by all the parties with skin in the game. Not so with clever dick fancy apps that have never been third party audited and agreed on by ALL interested parties.

Australia has been doing it for years with scrutineers watching as the ballot is counted and recounted. Stop the obfuscating BS and get IT out of the game.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Feb 6 2020 5:52 utc | 314

@ 315 ak74.. i am waiting for " the Organization of American Stooges" to declare the entire US Presidential Election to be completely fraudulent..

the oas gets paid and function like a madison avenue marketing team for team exceptional nation... at some point the jig will be up, but i can't see it just yet..

Posted by: james | Feb 6 2020 6:28 utc | 315

uncle tungsten | Feb 6 2020 0:05 utc | 310
Keh Truckin' was on the first Dead album I ever owned and one of my favourites American Beauty 'n I know I shouldn't say that as too many hardcore deadheads don't do a good job of disguising their contempt when I say that. I was given it by EMI records I didn't understand why only bein about 16 but I've sorta put it together since.
For whatever reason the Dead were unknown 'n all likelihood unavailable in Aotearoa up until 70 & workingman's dead which struggled. Back then in the days of Aotearoa agrarian socialism with a rightist conservative government in power, not only was all imported goods subjected to import licensing - meaning unless your business had an in with the guvmint you wouldn't get a license you would have to use someone else's and pay 'em a dollar for every dollar of value of the imported goods, there were also conservative values/censorship in play. One way the record industry got around that was by pressing the vinyl and printing shitty ersatz covers here in Aotearoa.
Unless an album guaranteed big sales on the basis of how it went in usuk, or appealed to the decision-makers in the industry (including jocks) it could struggle to get an Aotearoa release. Airplane & Big Brother were released but most often englander albums fared better - the industry was full of pommie blow-ins back then.
Workingman's dead was released didn't sell so well but the dead's amerikan label was really pushing for the dead to become a world renown act at that time so a deal must have been done with EMI who held the kiwi rights to increase exposure by giving away american beauty to good customers.

I got it loved it and determined I must seem em live. I missed em when I was in amerika and didn't catch 'em live until more than a decade later in London where I was lookin up some old mates. Here is a vid of that show. The most fanatical deadheads I know were just about all english - not much different to the rolling stones being considered xtreme unhip thru the 70's & 80's in england while the stones stayed a thing in amerika. cept of course the dead were never as plain awful as the rolling stones became.

Posted by: A User | Feb 6 2020 6:41 utc | 316

As long as the United States does not implement the popular vote, isn't that the democracy gringos can't stop enforcing with bombs? No! Popular votedefined as a a Civic duty to be performed by all legal age eligible voters, punishable by fine if not complied with (like in my good old banana republic) unless everyone actually votes nothing will happen. Nothing. On a positive note the national popular vote interstate compact is a reality, a law for electoral college change on the books, we have New York California, a bunch of little states - just need Florida and Texas in, and it was takes effect. Of course it's doubtful either state ever ratifies the compact. Anyway It's interesting and little known.

Posted by: Abu Aisha | Feb 6 2020 8:58 utc | 317

Your headline is perfect

Posted by: Stephen Morrell | Feb 6 2020 9:08 utc | 318

Uncle Tungsten @301

"Now Bernie has been defrauded by a transparent scam.
Either he calls it loud and brutal or he is craven..."

"Now"? "Now"? Why report from 2016 as if it were fresh news?

-Sanders announced on 5/3/2015 that he was there to bark the disgruntled vote back to the imperialist machine (more precisely to its Democrat wing, but that is not of the essence.) He was pledging to bring the vote to the anointed by the Owners of the Country.

- He had a big, fat, hairy smoking gun in 2016 to prove that he had been cheated by the machine. Instead of using it, he submitted and campaigned for the anointed bloodsucker Harpy, thereby proving that he was in on the fix.

Pretty straightforward.

Also pretty straightforward: if Sanders (this Nth avatar of the Dem sheepdog, trotted out every election season) is in on the fix, which he is without the shadow of a doubt, the fact that he appears to be a mildly lesser evil is irrelevant: his job is precisely that of not winning in any case -- even if the whole plot has been scandalously exposed. Which it was, already in 2016.

Why would you report years-old news as if they were news?

Posted by: Piero Colombo | Feb 6 2020 13:14 utc | 319

Piero Colombo #322

Then he (Sanders) closed by saying: “And here is the answer. Nothing will change unless we have the guts to take on Wall Street, the insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the military industrial complex, and the fossil fuel industry. If we don’t have the guts to take them on, we will continue to have plans, we will continue to have talk, and rich will get richer and everybody else will be struggling.”

If as you post "he is in on the fix, which he is without the shadow of a doubt" at least Sanders understands the depth of corruption in the US and not afraid to say it loud and clear. When you get to a certain age...

Posted by: CArciofi | Feb 6 2020 14:00 utc | 320

Carciofi @323

"... at least Sanders understands the depth of corruption in the US and not afraid to say it loud and clear."

So what? Of course he does, that's what makes him a good shepherd doggie for his masters.

Posted by: Piero Colombo | Feb 6 2020 14:54 utc | 321

Iowa results happened exactly as the IDP wanted -- they gave a bump to Mayor Cheat in the polls in New Hampshire.

The party numbers attempted to assert that Iowans actually gave 10% to Deval Patrick, whose name sounds more like an expensive female perfume than an actual person. We here in Mass also don't think he's a real person.

Posted by: Gavin | Feb 6 2020 15:22 utc | 322

Ask yourself: In the way you see things are you a cynic, an optimist or a realist?

This is how a psychologist explains it

Posted by: Carciofi | Feb 6 2020 15:26 utc | 323

The new Democratic strategy , the voting will continue until the correct candidate has won.

Posted by: Tobi | Feb 6 2020 15:59 utc | 324

This story reminds me of stuff Julian Assange wrote on "The non linear effects of leaks on unjust systems of governance":

'The more secretive or unjust an organization is, the more leaks induce fear and paranoia in its leadership and planning coterie. This must result in minimization of efficient internal communications mechanisms (an increase in cognitive "secrecy tax") and consequent system-wide cognitive decline resulting in decreased ability to hold onto power as the environment demands adaption'.

The secrecy tax in this case combined by the hyper-modern technocratic sentiment and globalist hipster charge, created more undesired influence on an election than any factor in 2016 ever did, in Iowa at the very least.

Posted by: John Dowser | Feb 6 2020 20:27 utc | 325

So now, because they don't like the results, they are going to launch a do over.

What does this tell one about the power and control at work here? This is a good educational opportunity for the younger generations.....follow the money.

Socialism is being portrayed as bad when it is the definition of government that is not the dictatorship we currently live under with global private finance running the debt control show. The big lie keeps working to not have society discuss the social contract dictatorship of finance they are born into and never talk about.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 6 2020 21:03 utc | 326

- The DNC is busy to change the rules to stop Bernie Sanders from taking votes from Biden and Warren. And to make it possible for Michreal Bloomberg to enter the Democratic primaries.

Posted by: Willy2 | Feb 7 2020 7:40 utc | 327

Haven't you heard? The Democrats' clusterfuck in Iowa is totally Bush's fault. I mean, Trump's. Somebody, somewhere, called somebody else on the phone.

Unprecedented cybersecurity. Unprecedented!

Posted by: Henry | Feb 8 2020 6:52 utc | 328

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