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January 14, 2020

Trump's EU Poodles - Germany, Britain And France - Obey His Order To Kill The Nuclear Deal With Iran

The European poodles who co-signed the nuclear deal with Iran - Britain, France and Germany (the EU3) - have been told by the Trump administration to kill the agreement. Today they started the process to do so. The other co-signers, Russia, China and Iran, continue to support the deal.


Despite claiming to support the nuclear deal the EU-3 always searched for ways to put more restrictions on Iran, especially on its ballistic missile program.

In May 2018 the U.S. left the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA as the agreement is known, and reintroduced sanctions against Iran.

While the Europeans had said that they would continue to support the deal they have succumbed to the threat of secondary sanctions the U.S. said it would impose against them if they trade with Iran. As all payments between Iran and its trade partners are impeded by the sanctions, trade between Europe and Iran has come essentially to a halt. The Europeans have attempted to set up an alternative trade facilitating instrument known as INSTEX. But the mechanism, which also imposes additional conditions on Iran, has failed to function.

The Europeans could have implemented several other measures to counter the U.S. sanction threat. They failed to do so.

In June 2018 Iran triggered the Dispute Resolution Mechanism of the deal (explained below) by sending an official letter to the coordinator of JCPOA Joint Commission. A Joint Commission meeting was held in which the EU3 again promised that they would hold up their side of the deal:

6.​The participants recognised that, in return for the implementation by Iran of its nuclear-related commitments, the lifting of sanctions, including the economic dividends arising from it, constitutes an essential part of the JCPOA.
8.​The participants affirmed their commitment regarding the following objectives in good faith and in a constructive atmosphere:
  • the maintenance and promotion of wider economic and sectoral relations with Iran;
  • the preservation and maintenance of effective financial channels with Iran;
  • the continuation of Iran’s export of oil and gas condensate, petroleum products and petrochemicals;

But those promises were empty. Trade between Europa and Iran failed to revive as the European countries failed to stand up against U.S. sanctions. By succumbing to Trump's secondary sanction threat the Europeans effectively reintroduced their own sanctions against Iran.

A year later and in consequence of the failure by the Europeans to provide effective sanction relief, as was promised under the JCPOA, Iran started to exceed certain limits the deal had set on its civil nuclear program. It justified the move by pointing to Article 26 of the JCPOA (pdf):

26. The EU will refrain from re-introducing or re-imposing the sanctions that it has terminated implementing under this JCPOA, without prejudice to the dispute resolution process provided for under this JCPOA. There will be no new nuclear- related UN Security Council sanctions and no new EU nuclear-related sanctions or restrictive measures. The United States will make best efforts in good faith to sustain this JCPOA and to prevent interference with the realisation of the full benefit by Iran of the sanctions lifting specified in Annex II.
Iran has stated that it will treat such a re-introduction or re-imposition of the sanctions specified in Annex II, or such an imposition of new nuclear-related sanctions, as grounds to cease performing its commitments under this JCPOA in whole or in part.

In five steps taken since, each two month apart, Iran began to use more modern types of Uranium enrichment centrifuges, increased the number of active centrifuges, lifted the level of enrichment and exceeded other limits the deal had set. All these steps were done under the watchful eyes of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which continues to observe and report all details of Iran's program. All these steps can easily be reversed should the other signatories fulfill their commitments under the deal.

Today Britain, France and Germany themselves triggered the Dispute Resolution Mechanism of the deal with a common letter:

The E3 have fully upheld our JCPoA commitments, including sanctions-lifting as foreseen under the terms of the agreement. In addition to the lifting of all sanctions, required by our commitments under the agreement, we have worked tirelessly to support legitimate trade with Iran, including through the INSTEX special purpose vehicle.
However, in the meantime Iran has continued to break key restrictions set out in the JCPoA. Iran’s actions are inconsistent with the provisions of the nuclear agreement and have increasingly severe and non-reversible proliferation implications.

We do not accept the argument that Iran is entitled to reduce compliance with the JCPoA. Contrary to its statements, Iran has never triggered the JCPoA Dispute Resolution Mechanism and has no legal grounds to cease implementing the provisions of the agreement.
We have therefore been left with no choice, given Iran’s actions, but to register today our concerns that Iran is not meeting its commitments under the JCPoA and to refer this matter to the Joint Commission under the Dispute Resolution Mechanism, as set out in paragraph 36 of the JCPoA.

The approach is based on lies, extremely legalistic and unfair. Yes, technically the Europeans have lifted their sanctions. But at the same time they are imposing the U.S. sanctions against Iran. They do not buy Iranian oil or other products. They do not sell anything to Iran as payments from Iran are blocked. The outcome for Iran is no different than under the sanctions that were imposed before the deal was made. To point to the creation of INSTEX is laughable as no deals have been made under that mechanism beacause it only facilitates impractical barter deals and is restricted to certain products.

That Iran has "never triggered the JCPoA Dispute Resolution Mechanism" is an outright lie. The Joint Commission met on July 6 2018 at a ministerial level because Iran had triggered the mechanism. The Joint Statement issued after that meeting says so:

1.​ Upon the request of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a meeting of the Joint Commission of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was held on 6 July in Vienna at ministerial level. The Joint Commission met to discuss the way forward to ensure the continued implementation of the nuclear deal in all its aspects ...

The Dispute Resolution Mechanism, laid out in article 36 and 37 of the JCPOA, foresees a short time discussion period about the grievances that triggered it. Should those discussions fail to find a solution the issue is escalated to the UN Security Council. If the UNSC fails to vote on a resolution in favor of Iran all UN sanctions that were imposed on Iran before the JCPOA deal was signed will be automatically reactivated.

The timeline for the process is tight. First the Joint Commission of JCPOA signatory countries has fifteen days to find a solution. Then the foreign ministers of those countries have another fifteen days. Five days later any JCPOA signatory can escalate the issue to the UNSC. If the UNSC does not vote against the reintroduction of sanctions within 30 days, which the U.S. would surely prevent by using its veto right, UN sanctions against Iran will automatically snap-back.

As the EU3 now triggered the process, 65 days from now Iran is likely to be again under full UN sanctions.

The EU3 will of course mealymouthily explain that they want Iran to pull back its program so that it does not exceed any limit of deal. But why should Iran do that as long as the EU3 follow US sanctions against Iran and implement them against it? The EU3 have no reasonable answer to that questions.

Iran has no real incentive to stick to the JCPOA limits as long as sanctions are held up against it. When the UN sanctions snap back it is likely to leave the JCPOA even if China and Russia continue to trade with it.

The outcome here is 100% predictable. UN sanctions will snap back. Then the Trump administration will relaunch the 'nuclear Iran' propaganda campaign and will threaten Iran with war.

The EU countries who failed to hold up the deal will now globally be perceived as the poodles they are. They will, like the U.S., be seen as 'agreement incapable' countries who fail to stick to the deals they make. Their utterly servile behavior towards the U.S. is disastrous for their reputation.

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Be fair. It doesn't matter if the EU is agreement capable or not. They have no sovereignty to begin with. It is known.

Posted by: Nemo | Jan 14 2020 19:35 utc | 1

Deal finishes October 2020 if I remember correctly.

All sanctions will be lifted so long as Iran is in compliance at that time.

This is a move to prevent this.

Posted by: powerandpeople | Jan 14 2020 19:37 utc | 2

I always learn some thing here. For example imagine my surprise to learn the EU had a reputation worth protecting. All you need to know about the EU is bitches will do what bitches are told. This is just one more step on the road to war with China, is that really what the citizens of the EU want? Are the people of the EU ready to die for the Trump and the Republican party?

Posted by: BraveNewWorld | Jan 14 2020 19:41 utc | 3

Nemo @ 1

You forget that on the day the UK leaves the EU it recovers full sovereignty. Well at least Boris Johnson claimed it would.

Posted by: Ghost Ship | Jan 14 2020 19:42 utc | 4

Don't like the cartoon, too apt to read as antisemitic in my opinion. The corrupt siren/whore image better fits Saudi I think. And, the Oppositional Defiant Disorder kid madly brandishing the scimitar is closer to Israel. The other kid would be better if somehow marked as salafi (wahhabi) if not takfiri. The EU as family-friendly mutts is off-brand too: Pit bulls, straining at the leash, slavering.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jan 14 2020 19:45 utc | 5

Think tanks, think tanks, think tanks. In 2009, the Brookings Institute's paper Which Path to Persia, proposed offering Iran a very good deal and then sabotaging it. Good cop, Obama, bad cop, Trump. Mission accomplished.

Posted by: Realist | Jan 14 2020 19:49 utc | 6

Only a matter of when and how.The warmongers have Trumps balls in a vice, he can't even resign without making it worse by letting Pence take over.The art of the squeal,very high pitched is whats happening in DC.

Posted by: winston2 | Jan 14 2020 19:50 utc | 7

1st of all The UK was always going to side with DC over Iran. 2ndly for France and Germany they probably aren't ready to put themselves plus their EU partners in the US doghouse for Iran. When they break it will be a time of their own choosing.

Posted by: Heath | Jan 14 2020 19:51 utc | 8

Thanks b, for this detailed coverage of the 3 wimps' efforts to kill JCPOA. You did not disappoint. Love the image showing mother residing in "occupied Palestine" .. (term coined by MoA barfly)

I commented in the previous post, Russia warned of unintended consequences LINK

Moscow is calling on the European parties to the Iran nuclear deal not to escalate tensions and to abandon their decision to trigger the treaty's Dispute Resolution Mechanism, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.
"We strongly urge the Eurotroika [of parties to the JCPOA] not to inflame tensions and to abandon any steps which call the prospects of the nuclear deal's future into question. Despite all the challenges it has faced, the JCPOA has not lost its relevance," the ministry said in a statement.

Trumps impeachment trial begins next Tuesday

so the focus shifts BUT

what do we make of this?
Court in Ukraine orders investigation of Poroshenko, Obama administration members

Ex-US vice-president, Joseph Biden is also suspected of corruption, according to a member of the Ukrainian parliament

KIEV, January 14. /TASS/. Ukraine’s Supreme Anti-Corruption Court has obliged the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) to launch a probe into seizure of government power and corruption suspicions. The cases mention the names of the United States’ 44th president, Barack Obama, former Ukrainian president, Pyotr Poroshenko and ex-US vice-president, Joseph Biden, a member of the Ukrainian parliament from the Opposition Platform - For Life party, Renat Kuzmin, said[.]

"investigate the suspicions over the seizure of government power in Ukraine and of the embezzlement of state budget money and international financial assistance by members of the Obama administration"

that's what the man said.

Posted by: Likklemore | Jan 14 2020 19:52 utc | 9

If it ever was possible to sign a treaty with the US and expect them to abide by it, it hasn't been possible for a long time. Here as everywhere else, Trump merely openly proclaims the systemic lawlessness he shares with the rest of the US political class. (His contemptuous withdrawal from the JCPOA never has been one of the things the establishment and media criticize him for.)

For as long as US imperial power lasts, anyone who doesn't want to be a poodle (or to get regime-changed because they foolishly attempt to sit the fence) has to accept that there can be no legitimate agreements with the US or its poodles. If you sign a treaty with them, you have to view it exactly the same way you know they do, as nothing but propaganda, otherwise not worth the paper it's written on. No doubt North Korea, if they were in any doubt before, registered how Trump and the US media immediately proceeded to systematically lie about the agreement they'd supposedly just concluded, before the ink was even dry.

Here's hoping that if Iran was in any doubt before, they too are getting the message: As far as the US and Europe are concerned, the only purpose of the JCPOA is to serve as a weapon against them.

Posted by: Russ | Jan 14 2020 19:53 utc | 10

Face it B, there will be blood. It's a matter of time. It's unavoidable. The empire will force its own destruction - and perhaps the rest of humanity's. The demons of nihilism will prevail.
(Sounds like I have been hearing death metal. I swear I did not. And I not under the influence either.)

Posted by: Pnyx | Jan 14 2020 19:53 utc | 11

The Oct 2020 deadline is important for more than one reason- Irans application to the SCO is being held up because of it. The SCO membership would obligate support from countries like India in response to politically motivated sanctions.

Posted by: les7 | Jan 14 2020 19:53 utc | 12

Surprised at Germany since Merkel just met with Putin. When I read of this earlier this morning, that it's based on lies was 100% clear, that the trio are feckless and deserve all the social instability that will soon come their way. Why did I mention social instability:


"US, Japan, EU seek new global rules limiting subsidies."

Thus begging this question:

"Does that include all the free money printing from central banks and repo market interventions?"

And why would the Fed need to do this at a time of the greatest Bull Market of all time:

"The Fed is considering a plan to allow them to lend cash DIRECTLY TO HEDGE FUNDS in order to ease the REPO Crisis. [Emphasis original]

"Where is 'bailing out private investment funds' in their alleged 'dual mandate'?"

Which gets us back to the reason Iran's targeted: Because it lies outside the dollar economy, refuses to engage in petrodollar recycling, and has a quasi-socialist economy with no private banking. Plus, we now see that Iraq will pursue evicting NATO and Outlaw US Empire forces and likely join the Arc of Resistance's/Iran's policies which are what the Outlaw US Empire went to war over to begin with.

Obviously, Merkel doesn't have the political strength to nix Nordstream 2. Until she's replaced by someone with greater vision, EU and German policy won't change toward Iran. IMO, the trio don't amount to the level of poodles as they're known to have courage. The Trio proudly display the fact that they're 100% Cowards.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 14 2020 19:54 utc | 13

@ realist 6. basically it boils down to giving Barry a foreign policy award like getting the Nobel gong.

Posted by: Heath | Jan 14 2020 19:57 utc | 14

The EU is a hopeless craven vassal of the US. The US dropping out of the JCPOA was the acid test which the EU has spectacularly failed. We are in a historical pivot with the rise of the coalescing multifarious East which is forcing the EU to make a decision: stay under the US wing, go it alone, or ally with the East. The EU seems to know it at least should get more distance between itself and the US but every time there is a major geopolitical event it starts to talk like it is going independent but then always drops back into the US hand. How many times does this have to happen for us to admit what the EU is about?
The EU cannot lead in anything - it is a completely owned and operated US tool. It is a big zero in providing humanity any help with the big problem of our time: the 'indispensable and exceptional' supremacist US.

Posted by: AriusArmenian | Jan 14 2020 19:58 utc | 15

If we accept that EU nations lack sovereignty and go further to suggest that such nations are more simulations than real, what would an analysis of such events as the fallout from the demise of the JCPOA look like? How should one talk about international events when corporate sovereignty and oligarchical decision making are the real? How would we describe this exact context based not on the simulation but on the real workings of power?

Posted by: Brad | Jan 14 2020 20:00 utc | 16

Yes indeed! At least blighty knows the score! The leash is no place for the British bulldog. When brexit is complete they will be free to crawl straight up muricas bum! Lol!

Posted by: Nemo | Jan 14 2020 20:04 utc | 17

Haha, great drawing. This pile on the left is incomparable. But the picture is incomplete - there is not enough proudly walking in front of the masters of a small Polish poodle with a bone in his teeth.

Agree with Nemo, #1. This is a matter of sovereignty. At the moment, European countries are not sovereign, and, btw, this is a kind of double non-sovereignty: the submission of a separate European country to the Americans, plus the submission of the same country to a Brussels bureaucracy called the EU leadership. What independent, bold decisions can we talk about? None.

The once great Europe...

Posted by: alaff | Jan 14 2020 20:07 utc | 18

But opposition to Trump´s franchises and minions in Europe is growing....

Sardine Bologna

Sardine Genova

Sardine Ferrara

Sardine Milano

Sardine Savona

Sardine Roma

Sardine Napoli

Sardine Firenze

Sardine Palermo

Sardine Modena

Sardine Rimini

Sardine Parma


Posted by: Sasha | Jan 14 2020 20:18 utc | 19

Russian Foreign Ministry:Launch of JCPOA dispute resolution mechanism groundless

MOSCOW, January 14. /TASS/. Russia thinks that there are no grounds for launching the dispute resolution mechanism within the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on the Iranian nuclear deal by Germany, the UK and France, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement published on Tuesday. Russian diplomats added that such a step would make it impossible to return to the primary conditions of the deal.

"We see no grounds for such a step [launching the JCPOA dispute resolution mechanism]," the ministry stressed. "We do not rule out that the ill-considered steps by the EU Three may lead to a new wave of escalation around the JCPOA and make it impossible to return to the previously agreed conditions of the nuclear deal, which the EU Three allegedly strive towards."

and in Brussels:

Statement by High Representative Borrell as Coordinator of the Joint Commission of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on the Dispute Resolution Mechanism

[.]As Coordinator of the Joint Commission, I will oversee the Dispute Resolution Mechanism process. The aim of the Mechanism is to resolve issues relating to the implementation of the agreement within the framework of the Joint Commission.
In this respect I note the Foreign Ministers’ intention “to preserve the JCPOA in the sincere hope of finding a way forward to resolve the impasse through constructive diplomatic dialogue”.[.]

The JCPOA is a significant achievement of sustained multilateral diplomacy following years of negotiations. In light of the ongoing dangerous escalations in the Middle East, the preservation of the JCPOA is now more important than ever.

significant achievement except for Trump and the Khazarian residents of Palestine.
Can only hope Borrell does not have a dual passport.

Posted by: Likklemore | Jan 14 2020 20:20 utc | 20

the u.s. has a long history of abrogating treaties, "for as long as the rivers will run and the grasses grow".

Posted by: pretzelattack | Jan 14 2020 20:23 utc | 21

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jan 14 2020 19:45 utc | 5

Personally, I think Israel, or better yet, Zionism, would be better represented as a Dementor (from Harry Potter series)

According to Professor Lupin: 'Dementors are among the foulest creatures that walk this earth. They infest the darkest, filthiest places, they glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, hope and happiness out of the air around them. Even Muggles feel their presence, though they can't see them.'

Posted by: xLemming | Jan 14 2020 20:30 utc | 22

This move repudiates the United Nations and the careful crafting of dispute mechanisms to build trust and diffuse potential crises. The logic accepts the US position that Iran seeks to develop nuclear weapons, and therefore endorses the US threat/promise of a war to remove the Iranian regime over this issue. Should Trump be re-elected such war would likely start early in his second term, about a year from now.

Posted by: jayc | Jan 14 2020 20:30 utc | 23

Iran must accelerate its nuke program -- fast!

Posted by: bjd | Jan 14 2020 20:33 utc | 24

charliechan says...

A picture is worth a thousand words. Absolutely, positively spot on.

Posted by: charliechan | Jan 14 2020 20:35 utc | 25

@ steven t johnson 6

In today's world, and understanding the present content of the word (see f.i. Joe Sobran), anybody who is branded as an anti-Semite should bear it as a badge of honour

Posted by: mh505 | Jan 14 2020 20:37 utc | 26

@Posted by: Likklemore | Jan 14 2020 20:20 utc | 20

You can hear the whole speech by Borrell in the video of the EP debate on the situation in the ME. He made some strong remarks on inclusiveness...and clearly stated this is the position of the EU...thus, at least by words, there is no intention to ostracize Iran...

Borrell, eventhough a member of the PSOE ( where there is still genuine left in its base, and may be some remnants amongst the cadres too, but also willing puppets of the US...)is a statesman and probably holding his last relevant public political position before retirement...

I hope he will like to leave a good taste and above all will fight for Spain´s interests ( which pass through keeping our historical good ties with Iran/Persia...established since ages...) from his current well deserved position..may be it is time to make a bit of history again?...

Posted by: Sasha | Jan 14 2020 20:38 utc | 27


I know Wikipedia is not a beacon of truth, but it does say that Josep Borrel acquired Argentinian citizenship in 2019 in 'honour of his father who was born in Mendoza, Argentina'.

The reference #115:

Borrell adquiere la doble nacionalidad argentina y española

So yes, a dual national it would appear.

Posted by: Jon_in_AU | Jan 14 2020 20:38 utc | 28

b, i agree with most of what you say, but i think @ 13 karlof1 is correct.. it's about us$ supremacy and the control of everyone's finance running thru the main financial centers at present.. iran is operating outside of that and have to be punished.. thus i don't agree with your title.. inone of these poodles wants to confront this financial monster either and that goes the same for canuck, australia and a number of other countries too.. all beholden to financial complex... and that too is why @ 5 steven, the zionist symbol is relevant, as are the isis stooge symbols relevant too...

trump is just following the same private finance agenda.. that is what really pisses them off about iran, and to a good extent russia and china too.. anyone who wants to trade outside of this private finance straight jacket are subject to war..

so, we are now in war and moving towards a much bigger war too.. how long before these slaves that call themselves leaders wake up and smell the coffee? my guess is they won't... they bought into the system and that is why they are in power.. look at the uk and what happened in it's last election.. it is a laugh to think this is about nationality... how can a country have any nationhood if they are beholden to private finance? the uk is no different.. in or out of the eu will not matter any.. i am in a really cranky mood today..

Posted by: james | Jan 14 2020 20:39 utc | 29

Ps. I'd guess that wasn't exactly the timbre of your comment though. :O)

Posted by: Jon_in_AU | Jan 14 2020 20:41 utc | 30

In truth, there can be sovereignty for any nation addicted to the dollar. Globalism is the defacto opposite of sovereignty.

Posted by: Nemo | Jan 14 2020 20:46 utc | 31

No slipped out of there somewhere....

Posted by: Nemo | Jan 14 2020 20:47 utc | 32

Poster 2. powerandpeople.....Deal finishes October 2020 if I remember correctly.All sanctions will be lifted so long as Iran is in compliance at that time. This is a move to prevent this.

No mention of this in the JCPOA text.

Posted by: Guy THORNTON | Jan 14 2020 20:47 utc | 33

@ Sasha 27

Many thanks for your input.

Imho, Iran has been quite open and holds a very, very strong case; basis the provisions in the JCPOA and fact that one signatory, U.S.A, walked away, is abusive by muscling the other signatories with threats.

Unheard of.

I expect this will end at the UNSC and vetoed by either Russia or China. Russia already stated triggering of the Dispute Resolution Mechanism (DRM) is groundless.

Funny thing, the 3 Wimps did not trigger the DRM when Trump walked or threatened to impose sanctions.

Posted by: Likklemore | Jan 14 2020 20:49 utc | 34

This Off-Guardian article titled World War III is appropriate here.

" It’s barely the middle of January, and we’ve already made it through World War III, which was slightly less apocalyptic than expected."

"World War III was an ideological battle, between two aspiring hegemonic systems. It is over. It’s a global capitalist world. "

"That system of systems, that multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars, has us all by the short hairs, folks. All of us. And it won’t be satisfied until the world is transformed into one big, valueless, neo-feudal, privatized market … so maybe we should forget about World War III, and start focusing on World War IV.

You know the war I’m talking about, don’t you? It’s the global capitalist empire versus the “terrorists.”

Posted by: lgfocus | Jan 14 2020 20:52 utc | 35

Read closely the JCPOA material restricting ballistic missiles. It is non-existent. Therefore, JCPOA should not be part of the discussion of ballistic missiles.

Iran is "influenced" by UNSC Resolution 2231 not just the JCPOA which has slight mention of ballistic missiles.

Iran is in full compliance with their testing.

Here's what two UNSC resolutions say on the subject, with highlighting added:

U.N. Security Council Resolution 1929, from 2010, says the Security Council "decides that Iran shall not undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using ballistic missile technology, and that States shall take all necessary measures to prevent the transfer of technology or technical assistance to Iran related to such activities."

In Resolution 2231, passed in 2015, the Security Council endorsed the nuclear deal, known formally as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA. It terminated the provisions of the 2010 resolution and added language deep in one of the annexes saying: "Iran is called upon not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology, until the date eight years after the JCPOA Adoption Day or until the date on which the IAEA submits a report confirming the Broader Conclusion, whichever is earlier."

As diplomatic terms of art, "shall not" — which appeared in the 2010 resolution — represents a clear and enforceable prohibition, whereas being "called upon" not to do something is more ambiguous.

Here's one way to look at it: When Iran tested ballistic missiles in the fall of 2015, while Resolution 1929 was still in effect, it was doubtless in violation of a Security Council stricture. But when it tested its missile on Sunday, under the new Resolution 2231, Iran was essentially ignoring the Security Council's advice — not violating a directive.


This challenge is directly a test of Russia and China. They have made themselves stakeholders in the JCPOA and in Iran's sovereignty. Not unlike their stakeholding in North Korea, they will have to rattle sabers in the US face.

The facts are JCPOA does not restrict ballistic missile testing, and 2231 took the teeth out of the 2010 Resolution 1929 which prohibited testing.

Posted by: Red Ryder | Jan 14 2020 20:53 utc | 36

This will create a big headache for Russia and China. Both are walking the talk on international law.
US broke the nuke deal and now the euro poodle will trigger the snapback provisions to reinstate all UNSC sanctions on Iran.
We may be approaching a point where Russia and China will have to choose between Iran and doing what is right and international law that has been abused. Snapback provisions operate purely on votes, evidence is meaningless.
EU gets a double vote as UK, Germany and France all have one vote, then the EU which is the same three gets another vote. US I take it will not be voting as Trump pulled out of the deal.
UK, Germany, France, EU = 4 votes. Iran, Russia, China = 3 votes.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 14 2020 20:58 utc | 37

karlof1 #13

IMO, the trio don't amount to the level of poodles as they're known to have courage. The Trio proudly display the fact that they're 100% Cowards.

Thank you for that. I immediately though of leashed leaches that cowardly slither into every gap between toes and silently drink your blood. I have never tried to leash a leach but on my next encounter will give it a try just for the photograph.

But this just made every common sense alarm go off:

"The Fed is considering a plan to allow them to lend cash DIRECTLY TO HEDGE FUNDS in order to ease the REPO Crisis.

The USA financial machinery is from Alice in Wonderland.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 14 2020 21:00 utc | 38

Obama’s only and most significant foreign policy achievement was to make the Iran deal . Trump’ only and most significant foreign policy achievement is to brake the Iran deal. By far the most significant achievement of this deal was that Europe proved to herself and the rest of the world that she is powerless or irrelevant in making or braking important international agreements. The second most significant achievement was that Iran proved to world her security is not related on defendant to her nuclear policy. Iran also proved with or without a nuclear agreement with US she will not change her regional policy which is based on collective security with her regional allies. Iran for last four decades has been in a war of attrition with US which eventually US like in Vietnam will loose and leave the region. This is not difficult to predict.

Posted by: Kooshy | Jan 14 2020 21:06 utc | 39

Peter AU1 @37:

... now the euro poodle[s] will trigger the snapback provisions to reinstate all UNSC sanctions on Iran.

We may be approaching a point where Russia and China will have to choose between Iran and doing what is right and international law that has been abused.

Yes. As you were warning several months ago.



Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 14 2020 21:08 utc | 40

@ Jon_in_AU 28

My in cheek reference was to a certain controlling group who shall not be criticized.

The word anti-semitism is so misapplied. Who is a Semite?
only the Khazarians? ; why not Palestinians or the congregants in India? Why not the Falashas?

Leave it there. We won't digress from topic of this post. Discussion for another day.

Posted by: Likklemore | Jan 14 2020 21:16 utc | 41

@Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 14 2020 21:00 utc | 38

Leeches, from personal experience ( unavoidably acquired while trekking in a Nepal National Park in shorts and t-shirt ), even when you extract them from your body, they leave it bleeding non stop for a while, since, for what I learnt, they inyect you a anticoagulant substance...

Not painful...but you will be leaving all the place around in red, including your clothes...

Thus, not so much suffering, although it leaves a slight scar, but a espectacle, no doubt...

Posted by: Sasha | Jan 14 2020 21:17 utc | 42

lgfocus @35

As funny as it is, that sardonic article is, unfortunately, misleading.

WWIII hasn't happened. Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, and their allies are fighting Cold War II.

And the conflict is not about ideology or currency systems - that was settled in Cold War I. It's about unilateral ("New World Order") vs. multi-lateral global governance.

The unilateralists have shown their hand: they want to impose a "rules-based order". That is, they want a system where the powerful make the rules.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 14 2020 21:17 utc | 43

The cartoonist must have known that chocolate-coloured Labradors are the most cowardly dogs.

BTW I can't see Spain in that group and the Baltic chihuahuas have probably run out ahead and are yapping for all they're worth (not much, of course).

Posted by: Jen | Jan 14 2020 21:18 utc | 44

how to eat a pie and still have it: NATO-ME or NATO Plus the master of the universe suggested:

Brian Cloughley:

Trump’s emphasis became clearer the day after he spoke with Stoltenberg, when he told reporters at the White House that “I think that NATO should be expanded and we should include the Middle East, absolutely. We can come home, largely come home and use NATO. We caught ISIS, we did Europe a big favour.” In addition to the staggering irony that, as noted by Reuters, the murdered Soleimani “played a major role in the fight against Islamic State militants in the region”, Trump “joked that the organisation could be called NATO-ME, or NATO plus the Middle East. He said he floated the possible name to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.”

Posted by: moon | Jan 14 2020 21:20 utc | 45

@ 37 peter au.. thanks for that...

# 38 kooshy, i agree with everything, except i am not as confident as you on the outcome here, not to mention i am not happy about the thought of a lot of innocent people dying thanks this malevolent force in control of the west..

Posted by: james | Jan 14 2020 21:21 utc | 46

Posted by: Sasha | Jan 14 2020 20:38 utc | 27

Sasha, you seems to be spanish, like me, do you remember Solana, or for that matter Felipe Gonzalez and the referendum to joint Nato in 1986?, well, the PSOE is the same PSOE that put Spain in the NATO after many years making demontrations against the US bases and refusing to belong to NATO, and then when taking the power promoting fiercely the incorporation of Spain in the NATO.

The case of Solana is a extreme case, typical PSOE "style": he was in a black list of the CIA for "subversive anti-american activities in an allied country" in the 70's, and then he was one of the more hawks General Secretary of the NATO supporting the unrelenting bombing campaign on civilian infraestructures in Serbia in 1999. He was prise of all the American establishment as a good servant, a good "boy".

Solana y Borrell son lacayos del poder americano, como todo el PSOE, como, por supuesto Sanchez; y ya veremos que hace este gobierno con los 500 soldados españoles en Irak a los que el legítimo gobierno irakí ha dicho que se tienen que ir lo antes posible. Están esperando órdenes de los "amos"

Posted by: DFC | Jan 14 2020 21:28 utc | 47

osted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 14 2020 20:58 utc | 37

"EU gets a double vote as UK, Germany and France all have one vote, then the EU which is the same three gets another vote. US I take it will not be voting as Trump pulled out of the deal.
UK, Germany, France, EU = 4 votes. Iran, Russia, China = 3 votes."

The EU has no vote on the UNSC, though Germany, Belgium and Estonia are currently among the non-permanent members. I don't know for a fact but assume the latter two also are poodles. Don't know how the rest will vote. Probably most will support the US.

I can't imagine that the US won't insist on voting.

Posted by: Russ | Jan 14 2020 21:29 utc | 48

Likklemore 34

There are no veto's in the nuke deal. Just majority vote amongst those that signed it.

The original UN sanctions are always there. Periodically the participants vote to keep sanctions lifted. If there is not a majority vote to keep the sanctions lifted, the the nuclear related sanctions snap back into place.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 14 2020 21:29 utc | 49

jayc@23 - "Should Trump be re-elected such war would likely start early in his second term, about a year from now."

powerandpeople@2 - "Deal finishes October 2020 if I remember correctly."

Red Ryder@36 - Re: UN Res 2231- "until the date eight years after the JCPOA Adoption Day"

Just to float a thought... The US election is November > People are more likely to vote for more of the same when in a state of war > If Iran is in compliance it would appear that they might be freed from the JCPOA just prior to the election > Maybe, just maybe, the 'troika' might be trying to steer the narrative to prevent the US from kicking off something (even more) stupid in October-November...?

Glass half full...

Posted by: Jon_in_AU | Jan 14 2020 21:36 utc | 50


Belgium and especially Estonia is one of the biggest poodles US have in europe.

Posted by: Zanon | Jan 14 2020 21:37 utc | 51

Russ 48

Read the nuke deal. EU is one of the signatories and they get a vote as does Iran. This is not about permanent or non permanent members. It is signatories to the deal that vote.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 14 2020 21:38 utc | 52

@ b

I think the cartoon will be more real if the woman were US and the man Israel, because who have the power, in fact, is Israel; or.... OK, may be the power relationship is a matriarchy, then it is OK like that.

Posted by: DFC | Jan 14 2020 21:39 utc | 53

@Posted by: DFC | Jan 14 2020 21:28 utc | 47

Agree with all what you say about the PSOE, this party stopped being socialist after the Suresnes congress, where it was infiltrated by the CIA.

Of former hard core leftists then reconverted into liberals Europe has a bunch...Look at all those Greens...

Borrell, if I pay attention to my gut, on people´s expression, stare, and so on, does not seem to me a dishonest person, only he holds to his party discipline ( no other way to go up politicaly than amongst a huge formation like the PSOE..) but in his depth, I think he is a socialist...look how he gives him totally a damn...

P.S: Eres de izquierdas, camarada? Cómo se te queda el cuerpo ahora que incluso Juan Carlos Monedero ha dicho que no hay alternativa al capitalismo? Como Putin, oye...
Esto ya no hay quine lo aguante...Tenemos que reorganizar la verdadera izquierda de nuevo, compañero, hay mucho trabajo por hacer...Y yo perdiendo el tiempo aquí, en el internet..

Posted by: Sasha | Jan 14 2020 21:46 utc | 54

joseph sobran was a dishonest war supporter, but he seems to have been at least partially right about israeli influence. there was some split between the paleoconservatives and the neocons back in the day, which the neocons won.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Jan 14 2020 21:46 utc | 55

Just heard a speech from Boris Johnson on the JCPOA he said he wants another deal based on Trumps ideas. The UK’s former Foreign Secretary Hunt also thinks that Iran is after a nuclear weapon. Here the Iranians have to be careful, the Ayatollah has issued a Fatwa against nuclear weapons as being un- Islamic, why, I don’t know, since it is possible to kill many thousands with conventional missiles as it is possible to kill the same with nuclear weapons. If they don’t want nuclear weapons [they don’t] then they should NOT give the West any excuse to say they are by producing anything outside the JCPOA or the NPT. I have argued all along that the real reason the US broke the agreement was because of Iran’s increasingly accurate conventional missiles, there is no way they will curtail the only thing which will deter the Empire. Finian Cunningham sums up the European vassals here...
This European appeasement of Trump’s maniacal tyranny is an echo of the 1930s when European leaders pandered and appeased Nazi Germany in the face of mounting aggression by the Third Reich.
If all-out war breaks out between the US and Iran it will very possibly spiral into a catastrophic world war. Cowardly European leaders are again playing their abject role of facilitating war, not stopping it.

Posted by: Harry law | Jan 14 2020 21:48 utc | 56


Trump will be in a much better position to strike after the UNSC sanctions are back in place.
He has wanted to destroy Iran for at least fourty years - punish Iran for the embassy drama in 79-80.
He will most likely win another term, but that is not 100% guaranteed. If he gets voted out, he misses his only chance at destroying Iran. He may well decide to launch the attack before his first term ends.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 14 2020 21:48 utc | 57

Posted by: james | Jan 14 2020 20:39 utc | 29

As a fellow Tim Horton's aficionado, I respectfully posit that the supposed leaders of countries submissive to the US are not spineless, per se - they just appear that way. They simply conduct themselves as people who are either bought outright, even at the expense of their citizens, or they are blackmailed into compliance for fear of their lives, or that of their families or fellow countrymen. With US printing presses in overdrive, that's not too hard to do... along with compact nukes strategically placed in said countries (Sampson option anyone?)

Surely we here know first-hand that the Evil at work in the world today knows no bounds

Posted by: XxLemming | Jan 14 2020 21:50 utc | 58

Peter AU1

Then I can't imagine why everyone's talking about the UNSC, if it's irrelevant, as it clearly is:

Should those discussions fail to find a solution the issue is escalated to the UN Security Council. If the UNSC fails to vote on a resolution in favor of Iran all UN sanctions that were imposed on Iran before the JCPOA deal was signed will be automatically reactivated.

The timeline for the process is tight. First the Joint Commission of JCPOA signer countries has fifteen days to find a solution. Then the foreign ministers of those countries have another fifteen days. Five days later any JCPOA signer can escalate the issue to the UNSC. If the UNSC does not vote against the reintroduction of sanctions within 30 days, which the U.S. would surely prevent by using its veto right, UN sanctions against Iran will automatically snap-back.

And any prior JCPOA meeting also is pre-rigged. I can't imagine why Iran agreed to such a demeaning and pre-rigged treaty in the first place. I guess because Russia and China still insist on trying to appease the US and come to an agreement with it instead of recognizing reality, and until that changes Iran is basically all alone.

At any rate we see how rotten and obsolete the UN itself is by now. As long as the US has its veto, which it will for as long as the UN exists, nothing but pro-status quo stalemate at best will be possible, within the bounds of "law".

Posted by: Russ | Jan 14 2020 21:52 utc | 59

Posted by: james | Jan 14 2020 21:21 utc | 46

James, I can understand that westerners could not understand the significant of the war US and her western allies have waged on Shia ever since the Iranian revolution. If one pays attention currently and in last forty years US and western alliance have been effectively been fighting Shias many times utilizing allying Sunni extremist . They are fighting fallowers Ali and not the flowers of Omar in Yemen, Syria, Iraq (before and now), Iran, Lebanon. There is a reason they have not been able to subdue Shia like in other wars, with Asians, or Europeans or even against ottomans. The reason is that Westerners have no idea to understand the mentality of Shia based on martyrdom of Imam Hossain. Shia mentality in defending their historic rights, just and equality is the reason they are like Vietcong and will fight their ground to last American leaving no matter the cost.

Posted by: kooshy | Jan 14 2020 21:54 utc | 60

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 14 2020 19:54 utc | 13

>>Surprised at Germany

And i'm not. So it is a learning moment for you. Germany actually backed the killing of Soleimani and Iran protested at the German Ambassador. So i will just make the same comment i made in the previous thread.

"The EU is degenerate, but europeans also like comfortable life.

The tension between these two factors is enough to explain european foreign politics.

It secretly hates multipolarity due to its internal degeneration and psychological castration, seeing multipolarity as illiberal, and thus threatening to ultimately lead to illiberals taking power within the EU.

Thus it will stab Russia, China or Iran the moment it is safe to do so (due to its hidden hatred for their illiberalism), yet it will also stab the US in the back the moment it is safe to do so and it is about making some money."

Posted by: Passer by | Jan 14 2020 21:57 utc | 61

Ah yes, the power of $ in the age of mammon. What a bunch of kiss ass MFer's.

If there were a God as described in most religious books, He (it), would destroy us all, and start over.

Posted by: ben | Jan 14 2020 21:57 utc | 62

ya veremos que hace este gobierno con los 500 soldados españoles en Irak a los que el legítimo gobierno irakí ha dicho que se tienen que ir lo antes posible.

@Posted by: DFC | Jan 14 2020 21:28 utc | 47

Well, Ministr Oborony will be Margarita Robles, which does not seem to me a pazguata...

Anyway, she should make sure that the Yankees do not drag us in their terrorist adventures, may be the guys can remain in a peacekeeping mission ( to keep an eye on the US witnesses never hurt ), they could get to be so much appreciated as they are in South Lebanon...where they are holding the line...this, of course, if they are invited to do so by the Iraqi government, otherwise back home directly...we have notl ost anything there nor have anything to gain, except quebraderos de cabeza

Posted by: Sasha | Jan 14 2020 21:58 utc | 63

@ Steven Johnson 5

The only disagreement I have with the cartoon is that Israel is being depicted as the bitch. In reality, the ZOG of US of A is the bitch.

Wow, you worry about being labeled anti Semitic? Then you might as well shut up and hide in a cave.

Posted by: Nathan Mulcahy | Jan 14 2020 22:13 utc | 64


"He may well decide to launch the attack before his first term ends."

That is exactly what I am assiduously trying to convince myself won't happen (against my gut instincts).
The overt bellicosity of the US seems only to be increasing with every passing day, and I would be in no way surprised that the War Pigs will be aiming to be "taking to the field" either:
a) When/if the impeachment gets too out of control, or (more likely),
b) In the week or two before the election just to get a few more swing-voters to become born-again patriots overnight (again) and secure a second dip in the trough...

Posted by: Jon_in_AU | Jan 14 2020 22:14 utc | 65

@ Steven Johnson 5

To continue .... one could call me anti Israeli and I would endorse that statement. Besides, all Jews are not Israelis, all Israelis are not Jews, all Jews are not zionists, all Zionists are not Jews, all Israelis are not Zionists ..., and do it goes ....

Posted by: Nathan Mulcahy | Jan 14 2020 22:19 utc | 66

@58 XxLemming..i think tim hortons is owned by burger king.. definitely not canuck!! i stay away from all food chains.. good response though! we have nothing but weak kneed leadership in the west.. we can blame it on anything we want, but i think it has been cultivated.. western politicans don't have the guts or jam to be able to say what they think or be able to act independently anymore...that is a recipe for disaster as i see it.. they all walk in goose step with the same unhelpful agenda and they seem too thick headed to see it either...

@ 60 kooshy... kudos to them... i rather a man standing up then paid mercenary slave by the west - isis, al qaeda and etc.. here i thought these freaks had a concept.. they are just a bunch of useful tools for the same empire they claim to be opposed to.. fact is, we don't need to be at this place here on the planet.. serving the us$ as opposed to something higher is going to destroy the planet..

Posted by: james | Jan 14 2020 22:29 utc | 67

The destruction of Libya in 2011 involved various motives and came after decades of demonizing Muammar Gaddafi in particular and Libya generally. Libya in 2010 was easily leading the human development index for Africa, and indeed was arguably one of the most impressive national success stories on Earth over the Gaddafi era. As we learned from Hillary Clinton's emails, a prime motive in the war of aggression against Libya, in which sundry NATO countries to their everlasting shame, if they were capable of that appropriate emotion, was the apparent attempt by Libya to develop a benign international financial alternative to the prevailing financial system pathology.

But even had that financial innovation not been on the drawing board by Libya, the very existence of a country implementing independent and sovereign and successful policies on behalf of its people was anathema to the prevailing dominant international depravity.

In the same way, Iran will receive no rest. Their attempt to forge an independent course is in direct opposition to the implied and explicit 'full spectrum domination' ideology of the hitherto dominant pathological global power system.

Curiously enough, since the pathological powers now are dependent upon a vast global attempt at public manipulation, hiding and distorting reality, current and past, any country that offers even a modicum of the forthright, tells simple truths, is the enemy. Traditionally, con artists, criminals, tyrants, and stupid powerful people have all understood truth as their nemesis. Iran, by informing the Americans that they were about to be attacked by missiles, and by admitting to having shot down the airliner, by simply being forthright, pose an existential threat to the depraved deception based international 'order'.

There are other worries posed by Iran. There is the potential for it to acquire a growing arc of friendly kindred countries - that is, countries that do not want to be subjugated and robbed etc. Also, there is the possibility that countries that 'break away' civilization-ally may invent and inject into the global commons new technology, in say energy systems, that will pose threats to the current top dogs. The normal course of action in the face of new inventions that threaten the PTB is to buy or steal and bury, or threaten the inventor into silence, or cause the new technology to be kept from the market by military seizure.

Posted by: Robert Snefjella | Jan 14 2020 22:31 utc | 68

@ Peter AU1 49

It does end at the UNSC where the 5 have vetoes. Russia or China will use theirs. Given Russia's statement today that the DRM is groundless I expect they will wield the pen. Can't give Trump a ruse to strike Iran.

Posted by: Likklemore | Jan 14 2020 22:31 utc | 69

@ Posted by: Jen | Jan 14 2020 21:18 utc | 44

Of course the most "poodlish" of all possible US's poodles in the world is the UK, and after UK come the "classical" ANZAC Alliance, may be in the future they will have the opportunity to distinguish themselves in a Dardanelles 2.0 fight, but this time in Hormuz and against the Iranians instead of Turkish troops, after all ANZAC have been the preferred cannon fodder of the British Empire, and now there is another anglo-saxon empire at war, why not?

Posted by: DFC | Jan 14 2020 22:34 utc | 70

@ Sasha
Sí también soy de izquierdas amigo

I think the spanish troops should leave Iraq ASAP, there is any reason to stay there, it is quite possible a war erupts and Spain should not be involved at all, and now all the legitimacy of the mission is completely lost.

Posted by: DFC | Jan 14 2020 22:39 utc | 71

This is an interesting paragraph. By consensus or affirmative vote of five. With the US having pulled out, there can only be an affirmative vote of four.

"4.4. Matters before the Joint Commission pursuant to Section Q of Annex I are
to be decided by consensus or by affirmative vote of five JCPOA
participants. There is no quorum requirement."

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 14 2020 22:40 utc | 72

5 votes required? That gives both Russia and China a veto.

Posted by: lysias | Jan 14 2020 22:42 utc | 73

This blows "human error" as the cause of the targeting of Flight PS752 out of the

"Besides the integrated IFF interrogator, and the K-band Doppler radar, the SA-15 has another detection/ID/targeting system – an automatic all weather day/night NV/IR Electro Optical Targeting System (EOTS) used for target engagement and fire control, with a range of 20 Km. The 9M330 series of rockets have a max range of 15 Km, so if they could hit it, they could see it. And what they see on an EOTS screen is something EXACTLY like this. Actually, this is all you need to see, in order to know that the “accidental launch” story is a lie.If the IFF interrogator didn’t work, the radar return profile would have told 100% it was a 737 and nothing else. If the radar didn’t work, the EOTS with a single glance, would have shown a 737 and not a cruise missile or F-35."

Watch the video showing the operation of the EOTS provided in the link.

Posted by: evilempire | Jan 14 2020 22:43 utc | 74


Your post reminds me of a line from an Australian band, TISM, from the song: 'Give up for Australia' (from the album: Machiavelli and The Four Seasons):

"Do as history teaches; die on Middle-Eastern beaches."

Posted by: Jon_in_AU | Jan 14 2020 22:45 utc | 75

I join the majority of commenters who enjoy the cartoon. Another "it's funny because it's true" triumph!

Speaking of which, I just saw George Galloway on RT; the interviewer asked him if the EU members truly supported preserving the JCPOA, as their rhetoric suggests.

Galloway dryly replied, "The EU supports the JCPOA as the rope supports the hanged man."

Posted by: Ort | Jan 14 2020 22:45 utc | 76

pretzel attack #55

Of what war was Joe Sobran “a dishonest war supporter”?

I have always felt the best eulogy concerning his character assassination by neocons was written by Paul Gottfried:

“But Joe fell more catastrophically than the other neocon victims, from celebrity to almost total marginalization. In spite of all, he did continue to put out newsletters and even occasionally got invited to give talks, in return for modest compensation.... It was often distressing to read Joe's essays online or in his printed newsletter, knowing that this magnificent writer was going largely unread in his lifetime, while imbeciles and intellectual pygmies were being featured in prestigious and heavily funded neoconservative and liberal publications. Such disproportion between earthly accomplishments and earthly reward is enough to make one believe that all justice lies in the afterlife.”

As for Trumps Poodles, so long as we have the EU and its enforcer NATO, they will roll over when told.

Posted by: dbrize | Jan 14 2020 22:45 utc | 77

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 14 2020 20:58 utc | 37

Sorry, that's not how the snapback provisions work. Examine steps 4, 5 & 6 below. Not only is it clear that the U.S. could destroy the agreement at any time by those provisions; it also begs the question of why Iran would repose any confidence in such an agreement. Answer, they didn't rely on it; and their motive was to buy as much time as possible, in this case almost five years.

It also explains why Iran isn't trying to stick it out until October 2020. It wouldn't buy them anything if they did.


STEP ONE - If any party to the nuclear deal believes another party is not upholding their commitments they can refer the issue to a Joint Commission, whose members are Iran, Russia, China, Germany, France, Britain and the European Union. (The United States was a member before it withdrew from the deal.)

The Joint Commission then would have 15 days to resolve the issue, unless it agrees by consensus to extend the time period.

STEP TWO - If any party believes the matter has not been resolved after that first step, they can refer it to the foreign ministers of the parties to the deal. The ministers would have 15 days to resolve the issue, unless they agree by consensus to extend the time period.

In parallel with - or in lieu of - consideration by foreign ministers, the complaining party or the party accused of non-compliance also could ask for the issue be looked at by a three-member advisory board. The participants to the dispute would each appoint a member and the third member would be independent.

The advisory board must provide a non-binding opinion within 15 days.

STEP THREE - If the issue is not resolved during the initial 30-day process, the Joint Commission has five days to consider any advisory board opinion in a bid to settle the dispute.

STEP FOUR - If the complaining party is not satisfied after this and considers the matter to “constitute significant non-performance,” they could “treat the unresolved issue as grounds to cease performing its commitments under this JCPOA in whole or in part.”

They also could notify the 15-member U.N. Security Council that the issue constitutes “significant non-performance.” In the notification the party must describe the good-faith efforts made to exhaust the Joint Commission dispute resolution process.

STEP FIVE - Once the complaining party notifies the Security Council, the body must vote within 30 days on a resolution to continue Iran’s sanctions relief. A resolution needs nine votes in favor and no vetoes by the United States, Russia, China, Britain or France to pass.

STEP SIX - If such a resolution has not been adopted within 30 days, the sanctions in all previous U.N. resolutions would be re-imposed - referred to as snapback - unless the council decided otherwise. If the previous sanctions are re-imposed they would not apply retroactively to contracts Iran signed.

Posted by: moe | Jan 14 2020 23:02 utc | 78

@Posted by: DFC | Jan 14 2020 22:39 utc | 71

Glad to hear and to meet you!

Yeah, we can not allow the US waste our historic ties with the Persian people...

Did you know we have had diplomatic relations almost non stop since XIV century? Even happened that some Persians who arrived in correspondence decided to stay here...wonder where they are their descendants....

Embassies to Persia. The embassy of Don Juan de Persia

Good read, buenas noches!

Posted by: Sasha | Jan 14 2020 23:04 utc | 79

Posted by: Sasha | Jan 14 2020 23:04 utc | 79
Posted by: DFC | Jan 14 2020 22:39 utc | 71

You, as spaniards, can you explain why Borrel called Russia "an old enemy to Europe" “that has “returned as a threat” ?

Posted by: Passer by | Jan 14 2020 23:12 utc | 80

UNSC resolution 2231 (pdf download) Resolution 2231 contains the JCPOA

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 14 2020 23:13 utc | 81

Another Boeing plane with mechanical difficulties. Plane has to dump fuel over a populated area before returning to LAX for an emergency landing.

Posted by: lysias | Jan 14 2020 23:19 utc | 82

On looking up the issue of veto power...
There is no veto power to keep the UNSC sanctions lifted. At the lower level, there is no veto power amongst the signatories.
Possibly veto power by US UK or France to veto any resolution to continue sanctions relief. I am not sure on that one.

Paragragh 14 is interesting. IT looks as though any deals signed up while JCPOA is in force can be continued even after nuclear related sanctions are reinstated.

"14. Affirms that the application of the provisions of previous resolutions
pursuant to paragraph 12 do not apply with retroactive effect to contracts signed
between any party and Iran or Iranian individuals and entities prior to the date of
application, provided that the activities contemplated under and execution of such
contracts are consistent with the JCPOA, this resolution and the previous

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 14 2020 23:26 utc | 83

Re: 82 Lysias,

Not just any populated area, they dump the fuel on an elementary school during recess, exposing more than 20 students and several adults

Posted by: Kadath | Jan 14 2020 23:32 utc | 84

Likklemore 69

It is some time since I had looked into snapback so I wasn't very clear and had some of it wrong.
Two stages to any complaint. First as at the level of the signatories where there is no veto power, second at the UNSC.

To continue UNSC sanctions relief, a resolution to do so must be put forward and voted on. If this is not done, UNSC sanctions are automatically reinstated. Russia and China cannot use veto power to prevent reinstatement of UN sanctions.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 14 2020 23:40 utc | 85

A resolution to continue sanctions relief I think is required every two years under the nuke deal resolution or when there is a complaint that reaches the UNSC level.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 14 2020 23:43 utc | 86

This was possibly the most irrelevant news regarding the JCPOA. The European powers are just a mere shadow of their former selves and they are de facto occupied nations (USA bases under the NATO flag).

They didn't matter then (when the JCPOA was signed) and they don't matter now.

Posted by: vk | Jan 14 2020 23:49 utc | 87

can you explain why Borrel called Russia "an old enemy to Europe" “that has “returned as a threat” ?

@Posted by: Passer by | Jan 14 2020 23:12 utc | 80

Absolutely nor the most remote idea, may be that was a guideline from the EU strong center, of which Borrell is, obvioulsy, not part...The Troika, I mean...?

For Borrell, being a socialist, Russia has never been an enemy, quite the contrary, during the Spanish Civil War it was Russia the only country in the world who gave us socialists/communists, a hand, they took care of many children from the republican side who then never could return, until many years later when they were very old, and thus were rised in the USSR....
After the victory of the fascists, which counted with the unvaluable help of both, Italian and German fascist air forces, against poorly armed and trained population of proletarians and peasants, France just locked up in concentration camps those who could flee the sure death by summary murder ( the Soleimani way...) The only way to scape from that, and not end in the German Nazi concentration camps, was joinining the French Foreign Legion, of which they ended being part the liberators of Paris, those Spaniards who were the first entering occupied Paris with their tanks, as part of the 9th Company of General Leclerc....

Posted by: Sasha | Jan 14 2020 23:49 utc | 88

I want to register in the strongest possible terms my objection to the omission of Canada among the poodles. Notwithstanding this latest, unexpected and welcome sketch of vertebrate behaviour by our PM.

Posted by: Paul Damascene | Jan 14 2020 23:56 utc | 89

Paul Damascene 89

Canada is part of five-eyes or the anglosphere as is UK.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 15 2020 0:10 utc | 90

The Telegraph

European powers have set us on a new and dangerous phase in Iran's nuclear saga
Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi
14 JANUARY 2020 • 6:51PM

After months of internal debate, France, Germany and the United Kingdom (the E3) decided to trigger the dispute resolution mechanism, a provision which aims at addressing issues over breaches to the Iran nuclear deal.

The decision has been taken eight months after Iran started scaling back its compliance with the agreement in response to the US withdrawing from the accord in May 2018.

Iran has always claimed that it would immediately return to full compliance as soon as the remaining E3 provided compensation for the sanctions reimposed by the US on Tehran after Washington pulled out of the deal.

From an Iranian point of view, such compensation never came through. Even the financial mechanism the E3 established to skirt US sanctions and facilitate trade with Iran never became operational, leading to harsh criticism by Iranian officials and to the decision to continue breaking promises in the nuclear deal.... [end of free content]


It is not totally clear how the news are selected for "hush, hush" (cowardly stupidity of European powers) and total blackout (OPCW antics). Perhaps interpretation of known facts is OK, but some facts are not.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jan 15 2020 0:33 utc | 91

Robert @68

"...Traditionally, con artists, criminals, tyrants, and stupid powerful people have all understood truth as their nemesis. Iran, by informing the Americans that they were about to be attacked by missiles, and by admitting to having shot down the airliner, by simply being forthright, pose an existential threat to the depraved deception based international 'order'...."

depraved in much, if not all of it. I was hoping that Europe would provide a bulwark and some relief to Iran but it hasn't been so has it

excellent comments all the way through, RS. thanks.

Posted by: michaelj72 | Jan 15 2020 0:38 utc | 92

Paul Damascene @89

Canada rates even lower than that steaming pile in the lower left of the image. They are nothing more than Uncle Slaughter's hat. Canada has even less of an independent identity than a leashed dog.

What surprises me is that Australia rates a dog. Are there even any sentient beings at all on that unusually large shithole of an island? Whatever is there, it only takes a contingent of a few hundred US Marines to keep them in line and eagerly fellating the empire.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jan 15 2020 0:47 utc | 93

@ William Gruff | Jan 15 2020 0:47 utc | 93

I'm admittedly no judge of canines, but I assumed that the Australian critter is a dingo.

Posted by: Ort | Jan 15 2020 0:52 utc | 94

William Gruff

The anglosphere.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 15 2020 0:52 utc | 95

maybe other countries can start sanctioning the usa over it's boeing 737 max plane... all those deaths greenlighted by the faa is on the usa as i see it.. maybe they can sanction themselves?? i keep forgetting they are an exceptional nation... i guess it had to do with the ethnic background of those dead from the max 737.. if they were americans it would be different..

Posted by: james | Jan 15 2020 0:56 utc | 96

Canada, Australia and New Zealand have always been colonies of Britain. I have put up the links a number of times to the PM swearing in ceremonies. Never have they been independent states. US marines are not required, just a little regime adjustment now and then.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 15 2020 0:57 utc | 97

@ Kooshy

"Shia mentality in defending their historic rights, just and equality is the reason they are like Vietcong and will fight their ground to last American leaving no matter the cost."

very true, however, how do you see the impact of the oligarchy camp within the government impacting the forward progress?

Posted by: Rd | Jan 15 2020 1:01 utc | 98

The EU with occupied Germany as its leaders was a US project, and also an ideal Hitler was working toward (w/o being occupied). So no surprise they are our poodles, just like the US is Israels mule (according to Brzezinski). I consider UK outside EU, more of a partner in the Anglo-american-Israeli Empire, at least the City of London is a partner , while the rest of the UK and commonwealth eat cake (crumbs)

The fate is perhaps deserved, payback for 3 centuries of brutal colonialism and slavery. Alas, it didn't have to be this way, getting sucked into WWI all but destroyed Europe and the Versailles Treaty guaranteed it would be finished off with another great war. Only winners were Communism (now replaced with neoliberalism) and Israel, along with the US -China and Russian elite

Posted by: Pft | Jan 15 2020 1:03 utc | 99

Passer-by @80

Socialist or not, there has to be a reason for Borrel's comment. The source of the grudge probably concerns Stalin's decision to cut off aid to the Loyalist side of republican Spain. The Loyalists were receiving Stalin's aid, including war materials, for a time. The decision was probably based on cost effectiveness from the Russian point of view. I think there was also some resentment on account of the political manipulations of the Party, whose policy and political decisions may have been seen as counterproductive to the war effort. I think Orwell may have written something on that subject, in "Homage to Catalonia" or elsewhere.

Posted by: Copeland | Jan 15 2020 1:11 utc | 100

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