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January 30, 2020

Those Who Have Visions ...

The former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt once famously said:

People who have visions should go see a doctor.

Yesterday U.S. President Donald Trump published a Vision for Peace, Prosperity, and a Brighter Future for Israel and the Palestinian People. The paper refers to 'vision' 28 times.

It is similar to this Lebanese 'Vision for Peace' for a brighter future for the people in North America which foresees some split of territory between natives and colonial settlers.


Visions do not create rights. They have no legal grounds. They do not convey legality to anything.

Trump, his Zionist donors and the U.S. media seem to have trouble understanding that. They will be educated by those who continue to stand up for the rights of the Palestinian people.

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Posted by: Norogene | Jan 31 2020 5:00 utc | 161
The historical current (that which has a "long tail", as you astutely reminded us) is subtle and nuanced and things and events can easily set the current off in any one direction. It just so happens today that the Settlers and their rabid hardcore, extreme-Zionist, hater supporters (Likudniks) has taken over the politics of the country. I know, I'm in the midst of it and it breaks my heart more than you can imagine. So don't even suggest for a moment that we couldn't possibly understand what's happening.

Also, insults also serve to distract from the substance of my point. To suggest that I (or others) couldn't possibly understand the nuances of historical progression is intended to distract from the issue at hand. Like I said, this isn't Zerohedge: so try to engage with my point instead of insinuating that I (and the vast majority of others here) lack the capacity or will to understand what's happening. Citing random literature without substance doesn't make your point.

Please explain to me (and others) how it really is.


Answer, very shortly, I am basically an observer, sometimes a babbler, semi apolitical, maybe even partly an anti-activist, otherwise a nitwit, in other words not the right person to ask to explain "how matters really are".

First, it broke my heart too to read the Tablet article the "Realist" sent. Concerning the assumed vs wrongly assumed newly discovered real origins of Yiddish. But that would a longer story starting with the Romans, and why not Codex Theodosianus 16, 8, 3 more arbitarily? Amazing though, for a American Jewish journal, the amount of missing knowledge of European history and/or the history of Jews in Europe and surely too in the "French German towns" in the 8th century. But there may be a theme I am more familiar with then I like to be ... Thus I have to take a closer look.

I have to go back and read all your articles and responses. I picked the one above out more arbitarily, surely not to insult you. Maybe some choice of words felt vaguely I was targeting you for the wrong reason? I'll check. Something may have sounded a little partronizing?

Back to the present context I did expect this to happen. Thus: Welcome to my own type of confirmation bias, after following Trump's campaign closely, not least post his elaborate Foreign Policy Speech. ...

Otherwise in a shortcut. I guess ever since I read a lot of books on neoconservatism both as edited by one or the other themselves and their critiques, I am wondering to what extend (illguided) support for Israel--and why not antigonism against Iran--by now isn't heavily ingrained into the average American take on matters. ... Trump's moves seem to either make a lot of sense as far as his strongest base is concerned or they are accepted as the right thing to do. I looked up Breitbart and Conservativetreehouse comment sections yesterday. Breitbart's base in one thread was suspecting troll invasions, TDS, people suffering from the famous Trump Delusion Symptom? The treehouse seems to have solidly consolidated its base mostly. ... Not sure concerning Zero Hedge. ... Seemed mixed on the topic.

Posted by: Vig | Jan 31 2020 18:48 utc | 201

A lot of faith here of Bernie in getting the nomination. If the Zios are so desperate to get rid of him, they'll sacrifice the Democrat Party itself to do it. When a new movement for an alternative party appears, the usual suspects will co-opt it and it's back to business as usual. People could point out Trump's success with respect to the Republican Party, but I believe it was hubris from the Establishment that allowed Trump to acquire the nomination.

Information_Agent | Jan 31 2020 14:54 utc | 181:

The price of private enterprises. It's how the US Constitution is circumvented. Even with the inefficiencies, I've always supported the idea of public enterprises.

Posted by: Ian2 | Jan 31 2020 19:22 utc | 202

The replies to my inquiry about the word nazi were not particularly illuminating, but wikipedia has this -


The full name of the party was Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (English: National-Socialist German Workers' Party) for which they officially used the acronym NSDAP.

The term "Nazi" was in use before the rise of the NSDAP as a colloquial and derogatory word for a backwards farmer or peasant, characterizing an awkward and clumsy person. In this sense, the word Nazi was a hypocorism of the German male name Ignatz (itself a variation of the name Ignatius)—Ignatz being a common name at the time in Bavaria, the area from which the NSDAP emerged.[7][8]

In the 1920s, political opponents of the NSDAP in the German labour movement seized on this and—using the earlier abbreviated term "Sozi" for Sozialist (English: Socialist) as an example[9]—shortened NSDAP's name, Nationalsozialistische, to the dismissive "Nazi", in order to associate them with the derogatory use of the term mentioned above.[10][8][11][12][13][14]

The first use of the term "Nazi" by the National Socialists occurred in 1926 in a publication by Joseph Goebbels called Der Nazi-Sozi ["The Nazi-Sozi"]. In Goebbels' pamphlet, the word "Nazi" only appears when linked with the word "Sozi" as an abbreviation of "National Socialism".[15]

After the NSDAP's rise to power in the 1930s, the use of the term "Nazi" by itself or in terms such as "Nazi Germany", "Nazi regime" and so on was popularised by German exiles outside the country, but not in Germany. From them, the term spread into other languages and it was eventually brought back into Germany after World War II.[11]

The NSDAP briefly adopted the designation "Nazi"[when?] in an attempt to reappropriate the term, but it soon gave up this effort and generally avoided using the term while it was in power.[11][12] For example, in Hitler's book Mein Kampf, originally published in 1925, he never refers to himself as a "Nazi."[16] A compendium of conversations of Hitler from 1941 through 1944 entitled Hitler's Table Talk does not contain the word "Nazi" either.[17] In speeches by Hermann Göring, he never uses the term "Nazi."[18] Hitler Youth leader Melita Maschmann wrote a book about her experience entitled Account Rendered.[19] She did not refer to herself as a "Nazi," even though she was writing well after World War II. In 1933, 581 members of the National Socialist Party answered interview questions put to them by Professor Theodore Abel from Columbia University. They similarly did not refer to themselves as "Nazis."[20] In each case, the authors refer to themselves as "National Socialists" and their movement as "National Socialism," but never as "Nazis."

AntiSpin | Jan 31 2020 16:50 utc | 194 posted a poem by e e cummings. My journey to wikipedia revealed this verse which I share with MOA readers.

a kike is the most dangerous
machine as yet invented
by even yankee ingenu
ity(out of a jew a few
dead dollars and some twisted laws)
it comes both prigged and canted

Posted by: tucenz | Jan 31 2020 20:35 utc | 203

Goebbels authored a book with the title "Der Nazi-Sozi" published in 1930.

Posted by: lysias | Feb 1 2020 1:25 utc | 205

@ tucenz | Jan 31 2020 20:35 utc | 204

Reading a little further along in the Wiki article, one will find this:

"Friends begged Cummings to reconsider publishing these poems, and the book's editor pleaded with him to withdraw them, but he insisted that they stay. All the fuss perplexed him. The poems were commenting on prejudice, he pointed out, and not condoning it. He intended to show how derogatory words cause people to see others in terms of stereotypes rather than as individuals. "America (which turns Hungarian into 'hunky' & Irishman into 'mick' and Norwegian into 'square- head') is to blame for 'kike,'" he said."


I won't post it here (way off topic), but one of the most incandescently beautiful and heart-tugging of Cummings poems that I've ever read -- "If i have made my lady intricate" can be read here, for those interested:

Posted by: AntiSpin | Feb 1 2020 1:41 utc | 206


"China and Philippines said No More" As have Malaysia, Indonesia, and and Thailand in the past year or two.

Decent enough Guardian article on the issue from May 2019.

Posted by: Jon_in_AU | Feb 1 2020 10:35 utc | 207

Having read many of your comments over recent months, I want to say that I appreciate your directness and (somewhat brutal at times) honesty.

I don't agree with all you have to say, and may well disagree on many issues (for all I know) but your comment above is what I consider a frank and accurate appraisal of the depths to which this "empire" has, in toto, sunk to.

Thank you.

Posted by: Jon_in_AU | Feb 1 2020 10:59 utc | 208

tucenz | Jan 31 2020 20:35 utc | 204

Yes, thanks. I said, to you I think, previously, "there's a wiki on it", but your post lets everyone read it, thanks.

Your posts adds to the nuanced understanding of "schlagwortnazi", which would seem to align with the original meaning of the term. "Chumps carried away by the NSDAP con", I'd say.


I believe T Hertzl (see wiki) used to say "If you will it, it is no dream".

Naturally there can (gasp!) be no connection, but his dictum brings somehow to mind the film "Triumph of the Will".

The two sure seem like twins... My lyin' eyes, no doubt.

Posted by: Walter | Feb 1 2020 13:18 utc | 209

MOW @178

It's gets worse... as reported in the excellent website Mondoweiss

But there’s a clue to his true intention, uncovered by Dylan Williams of J Street. It turns out that Kushner copied parts of his proposal nearly word for word from a book “by” Benjamin Netanyahu

Posted by: Carciofi | Feb 1 2020 14:01 utc | 210

Palestinian’s claim of a right of return for their 5 million refugees scattered around Israel’s borders will be forever rejected. Israel’s right wing says there is no room for any Palestinians, though room was found in previous years for one million Russians, Jews and non-Jews. More are hoped for if Vladimir Putin gives the green light

Margolis is often over-the-top with his geopolitics. But in his commentary Grand Theft Property he's bang on.

Posted by: Carciofi | Feb 1 2020 14:16 utc | 211

correct link: Grand Theft Property

Posted by: Carciofi | Feb 1 2020 14:20 utc | 212

Palestine ‘cutting all ties’ with US and Israel over Trump’s ‘deal of the century – Abbas announced at meeting of Arab League

Sees it for what it is - the great deal annexation plan and to legitimize stollen lands.

Posted by: Likklemore | Feb 1 2020 16:00 utc | 213

This is more than a simple land stealing deal. Most of us can't honestly complain or disdain due to our Histories.

ISR was recognized by the UN; and many Jewish living in surrounding Countries were Deported. I expect Deportations and Encouraged Emigrations to Continue.

Before that, the Ottomans, GBR, and even HITLER worked with Jewish Settlers in what is present day ISR. IIRC, Hitler tried to help coordinate Emigrations to Pre-ISR, working with the Jewish who lived there - as well as others who planned on establishing a new ISR in Madagascar(?).

TransJordan was consumed by JOR; and the Palis there even tried to (and are now waiting in the wing to retry) take over JOR.

The Earlier Wars - IIRC, were invasive; and ISR had the right to annex claimed land from the Fighting.

IMHO, returning the Sinai was a bad Idea. More Jewish would have emigrated there.

Back to the Present - the Palis and ISR need to be literally separated and Bordered Apart. At this Rate, Settlers will drive out the Palis; and Netan-Yahu Annexed the Lands to give them Legal Cover.

EGY already offered the Palis parts of ISR; but They declined.

IMHO, ISR should Buy Out the Sinai from EGY - carving out a Block of Land in the EGY side of the Sinai for the Palis (That don't interrupt the Land Bridge btwn ISR and EGY. Palis Access the Med or Red Sea - not both).

Dome/Rock get protected by a UN_PKO Unit and/or relocated to JOR or KSA.

These measures make for Good Fences / Good Neighbors, give the Palis a Future to rebuild elsewhere and try to run a City-State instead of being destroyed by the Settlers,
and ISR the Contiguous Real Estate to host all the Worlds' Jewish who qualify for Citizenship/RightofRtn.

Posted by: IronForge | Feb 1 2020 16:21 utc | 214

Yiddish origins and/or politics in linguistic studies over the decades and centuries

Yiddish is a Slavic language which adopted words from German due to the users' migration to German speaking areas. English adopted thousands of Hindi words due to the users' colonizing of South Asia.
Posted by: Realist | Jan 30 2020 16:36 utc | 47


@Realist: without addressing the other comments here, Yiddish is a high German dialect that picked up some Slavic words due to Yiddish speakers moving into Slavic areas.
A German speaker can generally read Yiddish that has been transliterated into the Latin alphabet. A speaker of a Slavic language would not be able to do so, whether transliterated into Cyrillic or Latin alphabet.
Posted by: Sid Finster | Jan 30 2020 17:10 utc | 53


An excerpt from

The title of Paul Wexler’s detailed study, The Ashkenazic Jews: A SlavoTurkic People in Search of a Jewish Identity, is not shy about his claim: Yiddish has Slavic grammar, syntax, morphemes, phonemes, and lexicon, with a smaller input from Turkic. Wexler made the case that Yiddish is a “relexification”—a massive borrowing of Germanic words onto a basically Slavic structure, as opposed to Weinreich’s view that Slavic words were added to a Germanic structure. Wexler’s claim applies not only to the language: “The bulk of their [Ashkenazi Jewish] religious practices and folkways also prove to be of Slavic origin” and thus “the Ashkenazic [sic] Jews may be in the main ethnic Slavs”—Wexler added his own italics, in case readers should not get the point. Wexler’s preferred term for modern Judaism was “Judaized pagano-Christianity,” though he used the term rarely on the grounds that it was too cumbersome.
Posted by: Realist | Jan 30 2020 17:34 utc | 58


Sid Finster is correct not the realist. On the other hand Wexler's theory is interesting in so far as Persian (but not Turkish) belongs into the Indo-European language group as far as I recall. On the other Realist's Tablet reference was interesting but a little hasty:

Where Did Yiddish Come From? An explosive debate erupts from footnotes suggesting that Ashkenazi Jews are Europeans
By (the late) Cherie Woodworth

The Mystery of the Origins of Yiddish Will Never Be Solved. How an academic field—marked by petty fighting, misguided ideological debates, and personal proximity to tragedy—doomed itself, By Batya Ungar-Sargon

The Crime of Surviving. By arguing that Nazi and Soviet crimes are equal, Lithuania is airbrushing the Holocaust out of its history
by Dovid Katz

The last article get's us into one perspective on Yiddish and/or present politics

Posted by: moon | Feb 2 2020 13:59 utc | 215

Don’t Call It a Peace Plan

Good Summary from a former Israeli negotiator.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Feb 2 2020 14:32 utc | 216

| Feb 2 2020 13:59 utc | 216

Thanks for all the links and the critical-analysis. You fellas seem to know your stuff. Good. I'll enjoy the reading.

I may myself have begun the discussions, when I wrote (I think) "a near-German language". That was all I knew...I was thinking about English, the discussion of Yiddish that has caught fire seems, in part, because people assumed I was speaking of zionist Jews and not American cryptonazis... I was intentionally vague when I chose "a near-German".

And I made sure when I later added "English is a Germanic language"...

My very first boss on a paid job after school was an old Jew. He and his wife taught me a litte Yiddish. He made book out of the back of his corner store... Cool guy. Yiddish infusions into the speech is characteristic of regions and class in America. One of those shibboleth
kinna things all people learn to do, part of human behavior. Wish I could remember more of it. The ladies at my high school spoke Yiddish too, come to think of it...mixed with English it was the lingua of their offices.

Posted by: Walter | Feb 2 2020 15:05 utc | 217

Making visions of a better future can lead us astray, but not if it is done right. It is necessary to study books like "Build a Better Life by Stealing Office Supplies", ranked 4 out of 5 by 627 readers.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Feb 2 2020 15:30 utc | 218

| Feb 2 2020 13:59 utc | 216
Thanks for all the links and the critical-analysis. ...
Posted by: Walter | Feb 2 2020 15:05 utc | 218

Criticial analysis is a bit too much. But thank you. Otherwise I was quite fascinated by the series.

And yes, when I was obliged to study Old and Middle English as student of English in Germany, I once offered bits and pieces to my slightly dyslectic much younger sister. After all I always recognized what she meant (don't let us go as far back as Shakespeare, or spelling then). Curiously enough she easily recognized without having to study it. ...

And yes, the same way I can guess what the mother of the Jewish Prof--the prototypical Yiddish/Ashkenasim or Jewish mother more generally??? or maybe beyond that the Mother?--whispered into her neighbor's ear while watching her son lecture on Yiddish, I guess, see second link.

Posted by: moon | Feb 2 2020 17:14 utc | 219

Neither Yiddish the language nor Judaism the religion should be blamed for Zionism.

The vast majority of Yiddish speaking Jews in Eastern Europe were strongly Anti-Zionist until the Holocaust and many were slow to convince afterwards. There are still anti-Zionist Jews today (true either if you define Jewish as religion or ethnicity), and the religious ones still tend to speak Yiddish as opposed to Modern Hebrew which is a Zionist invention.

Zionism got it's essential corrupt attachment to Empire in Britain through the Balfour Agreement which was sent to Lord Rothschild, a British banker.

That's where to look.

Posted by: Charles Peterson | Feb 3 2020 5:26 utc | 220

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