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December 14, 2019

Violent Death Of Journalist - Blamed On Russia - Was Assault By Ukrainian Fascists

On Thursday the notorious Steele dossier about alleged Russian influence on President Donald Trump was officially debunked as unverified "internet rumor". On the very same day another case, in which Russia was accused of being behind a murder in Ukraine, fell apart.

On July 20 2016 a remote controlled bomb was used to blow up a car in Kiev and to kill its driver:

The blast threw the driver, Pavel G. Sheremet, a prominent journalist, into the back seat. The vehicle stopped then rolled backward, and for a moment, he seemed to be struggling to crawl free of the wreckage, closed circuit video showed.
Mr. Sheremet, 44, a onetime employee of Russian state television turned critic of the Kremlin, was among several prominent journalists who had moved from Russia to Ukraine, where restrictions on the news media are looser.

Sheremet was the 14th journalist killed in Ukraine after the U.S. directed coup against its elected president and government. It was quite obvious that the extreme right in Ukraine, which had come to power during the coup, was behind the murder campaign:

As recently as May, Ukraine was rocked by a big scandal after the personal data of more than 4,000 media staff were posted online by Ukrainian ‘witch-hunting’ website Mirotvorets supported by the aide to Ukraine’s interior minister. The employees were accused by pro-Kiev activists of “collaborating with terrorists” for their reporting from war-torn eastern Ukraine.

Sheremet and the other killed journalists were on that list.

Western media largely ignored the anti-press murder campaign in Ukraine which was run by the fascist paramilitary Right Sector.

Instead, their reports on Sheremet peddled hints that Russia was behind the murder. The New York Times wrote at that time:

By the afternoon, President Petro O. Poroshenko called an emergency meeting of his national security staff and strongly hinted that Russia had been behind the brazen assassination.

“It seems this was an act done with the intention of destabilizing the situation in the country,” Mr. Poroshenko said. “In the conditions of war and aggression, I am not excluding the possibility of some foreign interest here.”

The Guardian noted:

Zoryan Shkiryak, an aide to the interior minister, said investigators suspected a homemade explosive device of 400-600 grams of TNT equivalent that was possibly detonated remotely.

Shkiryak said the likely motive was Sheremet’s professional activities, but added that investigators were considering personal conflicts and the “involvement of Russian special services”.

NPR also pointed to Russia:

Hours after the killing, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on television, "It seems to me this was done with one aim in mind: to destabilize the situation in the country," Reuters reports.
Sheremet later said he no longer felt safe in Russia. Five years ago, he moved to Kiev. In an interview with Reuters in October, he said, "I'm threatened often and given hints. Every time I go to Moscow, it's like I'm in a minefield."

Following the death of Pavel Sheremet a number of similar assassinations occurred in Kiev which were again blamed on Russia.

Then came the murder of Arkady Babchenko which was again widely blamed on Russia.

Crisis actor Arkady Babchenko - bigger

Even after it turned out that the internal Ukrainian security service SBU had faked the story and that Babchenko was alive and well, 'western' media repeated the SBU's lunatic claims that it had to fake the murder to reveal that Russia was behind a different real one. It later turned out that the whole case was faked as a cover for a corporate raid.

Throughout the three years after Sheremet's death the Ukrainian President Poroshenko stalled the investigation into the murder case. Under the new President Zelensky the investigation was revived. Two days ago the last of five suspects were detained:

The organizer of the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet in 2016 was musician and Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) veteran Andriy Antonenko. The direct executor of the killing was the volunteer and children's physician Yulia Kuzmenko, according to the text of the suspicion notice handed to Kuzmenko during a search of her house on Thursday, December 12.

A scan copy of the suspicion was published by her attorney Vlad Dobos on his Facebook page on Friday night.

"The pretrial investigation found that Antonenko ... carried away by ultranationalist ideas, cultivating the greatness of the Aryan race ... trying to make his views an object of public attention ... remaining in the ATO area, from among volunteers and persons who had undergone military training as part of volunteer battalions ... decided to create an organized group in order to kill journalist and radio host Sheremet Pavel Grigoryevich," the text of the suspicion notice says.

All of the involved people are rightwing extremists. Antonenko was known to then President Poroshenko:

Antonenko, a muscular conflict veteran whose body is covered in tattoos, authored a song whose title translates as Came Quietly, Left Quietly, and which has been described as the unofficial anthem of the Special Operations Forces, a branch of Ukraine's military.

"From the first days of the war, Andriy assisted the army as a volunteer. The fighters of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) know Andriy well. And the song that he dedicated to the fighters of the SOF is known by heart," Poroshenko said in a Facebook post on July 29, 2017 that linked to a video of the song.

The female doctor, who allegedly pressed the remote control button to kill Sheremet, is also a coup supporting extremist:

Among Antonenko's Facebook friends is Kuzmenko, a 40-year-old doctor at a children's hospital in Kyiv. Kuzmenko volunteered to treat protesters who thronged Kyiv's central square and faced off against law enforcement during the Euromaidan uprising that pushed Moscow-friendly President Viktor Yanukovych from power in February 2014.
Her Facebook page is filled with photos of herself in the field with soldiers and pro-Kyiv fighters, including some from Right Sector, a far-right Ukrainian paramilitary group.

Then there is the Right Sector couple that allegedly built the bomb:

Kuzmenko had recently been attending the trial of Vladyslav and Inna Hryshchenko, a couple who were detained earlier this year on charges of attempting to kill a businessman in western Ukraine by blowing up his car. The bomb fell off the car and failed to go off, authorities say.

The Hryshchenkos are now among the five suspects in Sheremet's killing. Law enforcement authorities said that the bombs used in the two cases were similar and that Vladyslav Hryshchenko is an explosives expert with six past convictions for extortion and robbery.

The two met while fighting among Right Sector forces in the province of Donetsk and later married.

The fifth person detained in the case is Yana Duhar, a nurse in a paratrooper battalion, who reconnoitered the area around Sheremet's house.

Russia had most likely nothing to do with any of the assassinations in the Ukraine that it was accused of. In most cases it is likely that the ruthless fascist of the Right Sector, which maintained the Mirotvorets kill list, were the culprits. Ukrainian oligarchs used them to eliminate their enemies and rivals. President Porochenko protected them.

It is good to see that this has changed under the new President Zelensky. 'Western' media should follow his example and do some real reporting about the fascist influence in Ukraine instead of blaming Russia of everything bad that happens there. After the catastrophic coverage of Russiagate it is high time for such a change.

Posted by b on December 14, 2019 at 18:01 UTC | Permalink


If Zelensky really wants to clean the fascists out, he needs peace. Continuing the war while pretending to negotiate just leaves the fascists part of the war effort. While they're needed, they will be protected. The same can't be said for Zelensky, unfortunately for him. As to Zelensky personally, his sell off Ukraine also needs some muscle, which means that he himself will need enforcers. There's no anti-leftist and anti-fascist at the same time.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Dec 14 2019 18:09 utc | 1

thanks b... expecting the western msm to do any real reporting is just not going to happen... fake news is another word for propaganda.. that is what the western msm has become unfortunately... if it was any different the west would've been informed about this right sektor nazi group a long time ago.. they haven't been... they have been propagandized into thinking all of ukraines problems are the result of russia... this is the constant theme coming out of usa - uk and pretty well every other western country mh 17 - holland, and on and on it goes... do not expect the western msm to change... we are on a one way trip to confrontation with russia.. anyone who can't see that is missing the main message that is constantly being conveyed...

Posted by: james | Dec 14 2019 18:35 utc | 2

connected but slightly ot - here is our own canuck version of right sector- ukraine nationalism leadership imposing itself on canada.. "Justin Trudeau continues to task his government with doing a great many things. And he has now assigned a great deal of responsibility for getting things done to Chrystia Freeland."

Posted by: james | Dec 14 2019 18:39 utc | 3

I see b's trying to inject a note of levity into his reporting:

"'Western' media should follow his example and do some real reporting about the fascist influence in Ukraine instead of blaming Russia of everything bad that happens there."

"Western" media--BigLie Media--will never report honestly about Russia unless it's forced to as proven by the fact that the general narrative hasn't changed since 1917. Yet, it's good that Zelensky's getting some basic police work done, but he has a rather large cabal to roll up and dispose of before they attack him.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 14 2019 18:52 utc | 4

Interesting that of the five people arrested and indicted for participating in the plot to kill Sheremets, three of them are women and two of them (Kuzmenko and Duhar) supposedly work in the caring professions (child psychology and nursing) respectively. I'll bet the Western MSM didn't see that one coming.

Zelensky is probably going to need more than just bodyguards and other enhanced security to protect him and his family ... he'll need his own medical and nursing team as well. All vetted to ensure no associations, past or present, with any SBU or Pravy Sektor people.

Posted by: Jen | Dec 14 2019 20:07 utc | 5

James @ 3: That Aaron Wherry article reads like the work of an AI bot. Completely bland and lacking in any kind of analysis or insight whatsoever. Whatever gaffes Justin Bieber Turdeau committed during his time in office, wearing blackface wasn't one of them: those blackface incidents took place years before he became Prime Minister.

I really do wish Turdeau would send Freeland to the Canadian Arctic to stay a while with the indigenous peoples there so they can put her in her place ... somewhere on an ice floe surrounded by hungry polar bears. But as you can imagine, the Inuit wouldn't want her - no, they will have Nunavut.

Posted by: Jen | Dec 14 2019 20:19 utc | 6

Right you are james 3
It sickens me to think the liberal gov gave up its foreign policy to a grandaughter of a uke nazi.. Freeland has done more to tarnish canadas reputation for fair play (lol) ....we are a banana republic, having no backbone, and a parochial Prime minister who can,t see any farther than the corporate interests of our economic masters.
His father is rolling inhis grave.

Posted by: James j | Dec 14 2019 20:30 utc | 7

The moulage job on Babchenko is truly ridiculous. Have seen more convincing work in amateur storefront theater. Absolutely everything coming out of Ukraine seems to be the work of amateurs and clowns. And yet they are running the tables. We are all riveted by grade school level productions from Ukraine.

Posted by: oldhippie | Dec 14 2019 21:15 utc | 8

@ jen 6 AL bot article.. that's interesting.. i wonder how true that might be??

@ 7 james j - i don't believe most canucks know much of anything on her ancestry..but her actions say it all well enough.. i agree - pierre would be rolling in his grave.. canada needs to get out of bed with the usa-uk franchise... i don't see it happening though... in fact, it seems george soros is calling the shots on just how far up the poll freeland goes.. at the same time, things in ukraine continue to deteriorate... i watched a 9 minute video last night that was very informative on this issue of ukraine at smoothies site.. it is well worth the watch to understand how russia is processing it all.. a very smart man talks for 9 minutes... you have to read the captions in english, which i think are automatic on this link i provide... this is the title of the video :

Shakhnazarov: Ukraine is Lost to the West, But Donbass Is Now Forever Lost to the Ukraine!

Posted by: james | Dec 14 2019 22:07 utc | 9

A scene from the court hearing on the murder of Sheremet: "veterans" and "patriots" openly threaten investigators and prosecutors (video). As you can see, not much has changed under Zelenskiy.

Posted by: S | Dec 14 2019 22:31 utc | 10

"... i don't believe most canucks know much of anything on her ancestry..but her actions say it all well enough.. i agree - pierre would be rolling in his grave.. canada needs to get out of bed with the usa-uk franchise... "
The basic problem lies with the numerically insignificant NDP, which since the elevation of Layton (it was pretty bad before but..) has had no quarrels at all with the Harper Trudeau foreign policy.
There ought to have been a strong left wing candidate running against Freeland in the recent election, but the NDP leadership vetoed that candidacy.
On the three basic issue- Palestine, Latin America and the New Cold War, against China and Russia- the NDP is proudly waving poppies at warmongers' press conference.
I don't blame the Canadian people for the fact that the heirs of the CCF have necome cheerleaders for imperialism. And what makes their position worse is that unlike the automatic imperialism of the Liberals and Tories, who believe in the NATO nonsense that they played such a big part in confecting (the treaty was written by written by Ignatieff pere), NDP imperialism is based entirely on the sordid calculations of office seeking careerists: like everyone else they know that Israel's treatment of Palestine and Palestinians is worse than a warcrime, an affront to every principle of decency, but they dare not risk the ire of Israeli fascists and their well placed supporters. They admire and respect Cuba and the achievements of Venezuelan popular forces, but they dare not risk being called communists. And losing the votes of nazis.
The truth is that Canada is up to its neck in supplying, training and collaborating with the neo-nazi assassins of Right Sector and there is not a single voice in Parliament to speak against these crimes. Silence is essential to their facilitation and duplication. And it is silence-the silence of muttonheads-that the NDP supplies.
On Armistice Day they line up at the War Memorials covered with poppies. The day after they are nodding through funds to support the Bandera forces who cheered every Canadian death at Dieppe and D-Day, who fought along side the nazis in the Italian campaign. And sneered, in newspapers like the one that Freeland's grandfather was given by the gauleiter, at the sinking of troopships crossing the Atlantic. I wonder if they ever ask their Canadian Army colleagues what the poppy stands for? We know that the Canucks are not allowed to talk about the swastikas and wolfsangel tattoos.

Posted by: bevin | Dec 14 2019 22:39 utc | 11

james @3 & James j @7

Tempting as it is to suggest that Canada has only recently been infected by the strange goings-on in Ukraine and the appointment of Freeland as Foreign Minster (and that things will improve with her replacement) I am afraid that this is just not true. The direction of infection is not from Ukraine to Canada but, the reverse, from Canada to Ukraine.

It was Canada that brought down Air India Flight 182 in 1985 with the loss of 320 people (22 crew and 307 passengers); 268 Canadian citizens, 27 British citizens and 24 Indian citizens.

The cover story put the blame on Sikh extremists (with the benefit of hindsight this is ludicrous) and that Canadian security services made mistakes (they had the suspects under surveillance and knew what they were planning). We can see here the same kind of excuses that encompass many subsequent atrocities that reek of the involvement of state agents.

Canada's government and security services will never be held accountable for what they did and, I would imagine, the vast majority of Canadians are now completely oblivious about what was a shocking act of state murder. At the time, I would guess, not a single Canadian could believe that this was a deliberate act by the Canadian government and security services. I wonder if each and every Canadian now took the time to acquaint themselves with the events around Air India Flight 182 would they now come to the same conclusion?

Suspect Surjan Singh Gill was the Canadian Security Intelligence Service mole/agent provocateur. He was never charged and disappeared after flying to the United Kingdom never to be heard from again. This is just not credible and is the strongest indication that the Canadian Government and security services are responsible for what happened to Air India Flight 182

The take down of Air India Flight 182 is a key event in the development of modern false flag and neo-conservative operations. I would venture that without such proto-operations as Air India Flight 182 then MH17 would not have happened.

Why did Canadian citizens not stop Canada's involvement in the Ukraine? If Canada was a democratic country then this could only have happened if Canadians wanted to bring about a coup, chaos and murder in Ukraine? Is that what Candaians wanted? I would venture that they didn't and that would mean the Canadian involvement in the Ukrainian coup happened because Canadians had no say, that Canada is not really a democracy and is actually a fascist (eugenics, darwinian) type state. And it was this fascism that Canada introduced, nurtured, supported in Ukraine.


I was in Vancouver a few years ago and was shocked at the number of people who went missing or were murdered without any culprit being found or redress to the families of the victims, that the Police/RCMP were very high-handed in the dealings with families, that families were "required" in all their dealings to pay homage by saying that the Police were doing there best (when they were clearly doing FA) to pre-excuse the lack of progress. I wondered where all the serial killers in my country went too? Now I know, they emigrated to Canada.

The levels of street homelessness in Vancouver (regarded by some as the richest city in the world) are truly shocking.

There are romantic notions about Canada permitting the open use of cannabis. Having witnessed the grim reality convinced me to change my position from legalising it's use to one where I recognised that legalisation would be a big mistake.

As a walker, I saw a very high number of car accidents (either witnessed or the aftermath) at a rate far higher than in any other city that I have visited or lived in. And it was in Vancouver when the only attempt on my life was ever made when a Canadian car driver needlessly tried to run me down late at time on an empty and spacious six lane road (Marine Drive, North Vancouver) - the driver needlessly, redirected him/her SUV directly towards me (and the person I was with) and accelerated.

The invisible Native Canadians are, in fact, everywhere and are invariably doing menial jobs - so a very unpleasant dichotomy exists between Canada's stated policy and the everyday reality of its treatment of its original people.

There is also a lot of anger in the Canadian's of European descent towards the (Asian) money and developments and eachother. The "niceness" of Canadians seems to be a lot more shallow than that of Americans. I witnessed a significant number of altercations between Canadians and I really couldn't understand how this niceness suddenly became so verbally loud and hostile. Only n New York have a witnessed a similar number of altercations between its citizens, but the New Yorker's argument seemed more like acts of theatre.

I'm afraid that the sickness is Canada's, not Ukraine's.

Posted by: ADKC | Dec 14 2019 22:39 utc | 12

IMHO this is Selensky sending a message to the fascists that try to prevent the implementation of the Minsk agreement.
A hint that he has tools at his disposal, and is willing to use them, instead of being held hostage by the right sector.
It surely is a move of deep political implications, and i guess it took him since his election to find the guts to decide it.
The right sector will see this as treason, and as a declaration of war.
But Selensky now seems to understand, that he will have to fight this out. He either get to crush the power and influence of the right sector, or they will get to him political and physical.
It is endgame time.
He surely has the mandate of the Ukrainians for this move. The election proofed, that only the west Galicians oppose his policy of peace, all others just want this mess to end.
Time will tell if the small minority of fascists, or Selensky and the majority of Ukrainians will prevail.
But the fight between them is inevitable, and its good Selensky seems to understand this reality.
But only time will tell.

Posted by: DontBelieveEitherPr. | Dec 14 2019 22:54 utc | 13

@ 11 bevin.. you are preaching to the choir here.. if you know some way to change it, i am curious.. i think it is important that you articulate what you do too.. this jonathan cook article pretty much sums up the situation with canada and the cbc too..
Corbyn’s defeat has slain the left’s last illusion ... could just as easily be the cbc as the bbc here... corporations continue to call the shots and the public seems very ignorant on this central point...

@12 adkc... i agree this has been going on prior to freeland, but it has ramped up since freeland and she is the wrong person to be in any political position of power, although i suspect soros has had a good hand in this.. i can't disagree with this quote from you - "the Canadian involvement in the Ukrainian coup happened because Canadians had no say, that Canada is not really a democracy and is actually a fascist (eugenics, darwinian) type state. And it was this fascism that Canada introduced, nurtured, supported in Ukraine."

i can't really disagree with the rest of your comments either, although i mostly see a gentler softer side to it myself.. i am very familiar with all that ails canada, and don't disagree with your last line in particular.. if i knew how to fix it all, i would.. thanks for your comments..

Posted by: james | Dec 14 2019 22:57 utc | 14

The arrests by the Zelensky government will be fought tooth and nail by the ultraright who are still ensconced in positions of power in Kiev (yes, Kiev, not Kyiv):

Posted by: Zee | Dec 15 2019 0:33 utc | 15

And, without the eastward expansion of NATO, this whole discussion would, most probably, would not be taking place.

Posted by: ben | Dec 15 2019 2:48 utc | 16

IMO Zelensky and Kolomoyskyi are merely posturing.

They want somewhat improved relations with Russia so as to benefit when NordStream and South Stream are blocked (which the Americans are determined to do).

If Ukraine could price against US LNG they could earn a sizeable arbitrage.

And, of course, Kolomoyskyi wants his bank bank or a very large remuneration that Ukraine can't pay unless continues to gets gas transit fees from Russia.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 15 2019 7:16 utc | 17

The Corbyn defeat showed us that a line has been crossed. The media now create reality. They lie without any restraint. The public accepts their lies uncritically. Alternative media are ignored and under increasing assault on top of that.

Posted by: paul | Dec 15 2019 12:37 utc | 18

Some people, like Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, can't let go of the idea that Russia did it.
I suppose that the alternative possibility (that only Ukrainian 'patriots' were involved in the killing) is just unthinkable.

Posted by: Brendan | Dec 15 2019 12:59 utc | 19

LMAO @ the FUDster who refers the the US as the "protagonist" in its imperial adventures pointedly using "...when NordStream and South Stream are blocked..." when the proper conjunction is "if", and quite the iffy "if" at that.

This naturally follows the FUDster's claims that the 2016 election outcomes were precisely in line with the corporate establishment's intentions. Since the ridiculous elections claim suggest that the establishment's plans always succeed, and since the establishment wants Nord Stream defeated, then that too must automagically come to pass according to the not-so-subtle FUD.

It's just more wishcasting from an empire fanboi hoping to contaminate the narrative with sugar-coated pro-empire poison.

As for Zelensky and Kolomoiskyi, they are not "posturing". They are writhing in agony. They hitched their wagons to the US establishment's plans and those plans went completely to shit (like all of the empire's plans lately), leaving Ukraine to disintegrate to a failed state. Too late Kolomoiskyi realizes that the US doesn't care what happens to Ukraine so long as it hurts Russia, but he needs at least a marginally functional state there to safeguard his wealth. Zelensky is trying to patch together something resembling a state from the shattered pieces that America's coup left behind, but I personally don't see that happening without a revolution or an expansion of the civil war westward. Both Zelensky and Kolomoiskyi are now doubtless beginning to understand what was obvious to Yanukovych, which is that Russia is Ukraine's only possible friend in the entire world. Like the teenage runaway seduced by the lies of rich frat boys who was drugged, gang raped, and then dumped on the roadside, she will eventually have to go home to Russia because there is nowhere else to go. Germany and Turkey certainly don't want her anymore which is why it is a given that Russia's pipelines will be finished and go online. Russia can be depended upon for something as important as energy supplies. Russia is a reliable partner. Russia does what Russia says Russia will do. Ukraine? Not even a little bit.

Posted by: William Gruff | Dec 15 2019 13:23 utc | 20

"The media now create reality." --paul @18

The media tries to create reality, but objective reality is not something so easily altered by the desires and wishes of delusional fools. The Labor Party lost not because the mass media said bad things about Corbyn but because the Labor Party has repeatedly shat upon large demographics that would otherwise be a reliable base for the party. The working class "Leave" contingent are not "deplorables" that the party can disregard while embracing delusional identity-fixated liberals and survive. The notion that they can subordinate working class concerns to liberal identity politics is the fake reality manufactured by the mass media that sank the Labor Party.

Basically, the notion that the Labor Party can disregard the "deplorable" working class is the fake reality that the mass media manufactured. The election results, on the other hand, reflect reality.

Posted by: William Gruff | Dec 15 2019 13:52 utc | 21

Harkening to the good old days when US or (I suspect) UK mainstream news outlets reported real news is absurdly obtuse.
They never were and never will be sources of real news.
When someone supplies useful info in order to gain your trust in prep for next con, that is not an "honest" person.
When persons who have much more insight than I, imply that news outlets were formerly responsible and honest I find it very dosappointing.

As the former ZH, used to make clear:
War has always been about money
Economy has always been controlled by and for large banks which operate in way to benefit the already super wealthy individuals and coporations.
News has always been about manipulation of opinion and distraction,
In the US, there is really only one party operating at the behest of the real owners of the nation

Souns extreme and negative, but I find it is supported by the evidence of history and the present.

Posted by: jared | Dec 15 2019 16:10 utc | 22

Wm Gruff @20

Yup! I'm expecting that USA/NATO will ultimately prevail and block direct deliveries of Russian gas.

But gas delivered from Ukraine will be acceptable.

I believe that Ukraine will seek to transition from service provider (a small fee for gas transit) to gas reseller. That would explain why Ukraine is looking for a long-term contract, even as they face being shut off completely (they want to lock-in low rates):

Earlier in October, Ukrainian Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk asserted Kiev’s intention to avoid signing any short-term deal, stating: “We aim to obtain a long-term contract, because the continuation of the contract for one year... does not suit us.”

When gas prices are driven higher due to scarcity and the cost of US LNG, Ukraine can make a bundle as middleman. Which would allow Ukraine to buy more US arms - and pay off Kolomoyskyi.

It's not a freedom tax on Europe, it's just business./sarc LOL.

<> <> <> <> <> <>

We've already seen Europe cave on 1) Iran sanctions, 2) paying more to NATO, and 3) their meekness as NATO ratchets up tensions with Russia for no reason.

Oh, and one more thing: "Fuck the EU!" (Nuland's words, not mine.)


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 15 2019 18:05 utc | 23

(((Chrystia Freeland)))
(((Right Sector)))

Honestly folks, if can't spot tribe or their movements by now then you're doing it wrong.

Do you really think the tribe would create and fund a legit fascist movement if it wasn't completely controlled from top to bottom? Wake up people.

Posted by: Tyson | Dec 16 2019 7:24 utc | 24

Paul @ 18, William Gruff @ 21:

Apparently there have been some grumblings that electoral fraud occurred in those electorates that for many decades were diehard British Labour seats and which all of a sudden in the December 2019 general elections voted Conservative by huge margins over British Labour. Even where British Labour won an electorate, the margin between the winning party and the Conservatives was apparently very small.

I had heard that before the UK elections, there had been a big push encouraging people to vote either by postal vote or by proxy vote. For us here in Australia, this is very unusual: the Australian Electoral Commission usually urges people to vote in person on the day of the election. Postal votes are discouraged unless really necessary and voting by proxy is unheard of. In Britain on the other hand, not only were postal votes and proxy voting encouraged but it seems that the laws regulating postal voting there are such that tampering with postal votes is not only possible but is able to evade scrutiny.

Then there was the spectacle of BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg making a public gaffe (and breaking electoral laws as well) while reporting from a place where postal votes were being counted before polling day. She claimed that the situation was already looking "grim" for British Labour, implying that she had seen some results or someone had passed the information to her.

The issue of electoral fraud is difficult to prove, especially in a country that uses the First-Past-The-Post principle to determine who wins an electorate and ultimately who wins power. Under FPTP, any party with the largest number of votes in an electorate automatically wins even if that number represents less than half the the total number of votes cast. FPTP explains why the Thatcher government held power through the late 1980s even when the Conservatives held less than 30% of the total vote.

Posted by: Jen | Dec 16 2019 10:54 utc | 25

Great post. I'm sure this will all quickly disappear "down the memory hole" in Western media - where all "reality" not officially sanctioned by the intelligence services eventually disappears.

Posted by: Gary Weglarz | Dec 16 2019 15:40 utc | 26

It appears in the Ukraine many factions are fighting over who gets to control US foriegn aide. Capitalism at its best.

Posted by: Joetv | Dec 16 2019 21:37 utc | 27

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