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December 22, 2019

The MoA Week In Review - Open Thread 2019-76

Last week's posts at Moon of Alabama:

Turkey's Grand Plans for Middle East Primacy - National Interest

The Democratic Leadership’s Strategy on Impeachment Is Doomed and Dangerous - Aaron Maté, The Nation
Former NSA Director Is Cooperating With Probe of Trump-Russia Investigation - The Intercept

>Rogers has met the prosecutor leading the probe, Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, on multiple occasions, according to two people familiar with Rogers’s cooperation. While the substance of those meetings is not clear, Rogers has cooperated voluntarily, several people with knowledge of the matter said.<

The campaign proceeds quite fast. The terrorist don't fight back much because they lack fuel. A week or so ago the Russian airforce had bombed a complex of small refineries near Azaz in northern Idleb. That seems to have destroyed most of the available fuel supplies.

At the UN China and Russia have vetoed the attempt to open new UN humanitarian aid border crossings in the the Kurdish held area in the northeast. Russia then introduced a resolution that would have allowed to keep two UN aid crossings into Idleb governorate open. The 'western' countries voted it down. Unless some new compromise is found by January 10 UN supplies into Idleb will cease by that date.

Other issues:

(I am currently traveling to spend a few days with my wider family. New Moon of Alabama posts will therefore be fewer than usual.)

A look at a another war:

Propaganda in the War on Yugoslavia - Swiss Propaganda Research


Peter Hotez vs. Measles and the Anti-Vaccination Movement - Texas Monthly

Space Force - the important stuff:

May the Space Force be with you. Here’s what we know about the US military’s newest service - Defense News

“It’s going to be really important that we get this right. A uniform. A patch. A song. It gets to the culture of a service,” [Gen. John Raymond, who currently leads U.S. Space Command,] said. “So we’re not going to be in a rush to get something, and not do that right. There’s a lot of work going on towards that end. I don’t think it’s going to take a long time to get that done, but that’s not something we’re going to roll out on day one.”

Use as open thread ...

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Based on my having watched this first at Truthstream Media --> "Free Speech and Shutting Down the Vaccine Debate" and seeing what an unconvincing boob Peter Hotez appears to be, at least based on his interview with Joe Rogan where he repeatedly dodges accepting a debate against those challenging the locked-in vaccine narrative. His treatment of vaccines as indisputable reminds me of how Ron Unz describes how Deborah Lipstadt treated the idea of a debate on the Official Holocaust narrative - those with challenges are not even deemed worthy - it is apparently beneath them to debate the merits.

And so what of this guy? He's part of the problem. He's a marketing campaign.

Free Speech and Shutting Down the Vaccine Debate

Deborah Lipstadt and Holocaust Denial

Posted by: Brad | Dec 22 2019 16:00 utc | 1

Fellow barflies

I am unable to get to the Catlin Johnstone web site as my browser says it has moved to a new server. I cleared my DNS cache and it still fails.

I would appreciate a fresh link to that web site, please and thanks

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 22 2019 16:19 utc | 2

The 12 Strongest Arguments That Douma Was A False Flag

Posted by: Bemildred | Dec 22 2019 16:41 utc | 3

psychohistorian 2

I just tried my usual link

and it worked ok.

Posted by: Russ | Dec 22 2019 16:51 utc | 71

Posted by: Russ | Dec 22 2019 16:52 utc | 4

Pepe Escobar has a new article titled "You Say You Want a (Russian) Revolution" at Consortium News about how new Russian weapons have changed the game.

Posted by: spudski | Dec 22 2019 16:54 utc | 5

I saw this but can't find any other information on it.

"El Nacional reporting that a group of Pemon indigenous people and a "rebel military officer" took over two military base in #Luepa #Bolivar state during the overnight hours." 5:06 AM - 22 Dec 2019

Posted by: Russ | Dec 22 2019 16:54 utc | 6

The NYTimes is continuing it’s Russian smears, with a front page expose. I only scan this paper to find out what the Deep State is up to. I know the Skripal attack was fake from reporting here, but would be interested in the debunking of the rest.

“How a Poisoning in Bulgaria Exposed Russian Assassins in Europe”

“For years, members of a secret team, Unit 29155, operated without Western security officials having any idea about their activities. But an attack on an arms dealer in Sofia helped blow their cover.”

Posted by: Stever | Dec 22 2019 17:04 utc | 7

thanks b! safe travels and enjoy the holiday..

regarding the intercept article you linked to written by matthew cole... he states :"Among Mueller’s key findings was that Russia’s military intelligence unit, the GRU, stole Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails, along with emails from the DNC, and delivered them to WikiLeaks."

i thought this was not proven... the problem with these articles and writers is they take some of muellers investigation as fact, when it is unsubstantiated rumour.. regardless, the american disease towards everything russian is very much like a re run of mccarthyism here.. i liked larry c johnsons recent article on this topic..

Posted by: james | Dec 22 2019 17:29 utc | 8

Some highlights from the Max B. thread (which currently has almost 400 comments):

1) Greyzone is now pushing the theory that OPCW Management "relied on Bellingcat". This misdirection is strikingly similar to the cover provided to Hillary and Obama by Max B.'s theory that an "anti-Islamic video" caused Benghazi.

Most true alt-left news/bloggers have decried the corruption of international organizations that is evident in the OPCW's Douma scandal, OPCW's Skipal scandal, and the MH-17 investigation.

2) Max B. tweeted approvingly of a Newsweek cover story (in January 2020 issue) that is a propaganda scare-mongering about ISIS in Iran. An extensive analysis by Barbara McKenzie in January 2017 warned of possible subterfuge from the "rebranded anti-Assad Left":

having now adopted the role of anti-imperialists, they will be in a better position to claim Iran as a genuine revolution, or to push for external intervention before the ‘revolution’ is taken over by jihadists.
Showing love for Newsweek is all the more strange given that after his recent arrest, Max B. claimed to be "persecuted" for his "dissident journalism".

3) Max B./Greyzone have still not clarified where their funding originates as b (and now others) have requested, nor has Max B. explained what role his father plays in Max B.'s professional endeavors.

4) As has now become an expected ritual when pro-Empire/pro-Zionist "assets" like Epstein and Max B. are put under the spotlight, the thread has drawn 'pot shots' from new commenters and lame attempts to deflect valid criticism of Max B./Greyzone from some MoA regulars.

Please direct any comments to the Max B. thread.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 22 2019 17:33 utc | 9

Short-Term Thinking Is Poisoning American Business: Free-market capitalism won’t survive unless it makes structural changes toward long-term investing.

This is utopian, because capitalism is a system projected to be short-term thinking oriented.

The lesser the time of rotation of capital, the more it rotates in a given time frame, the higher the profit rate after said time frame. Many times, a smaller capital with, say, half the profit rate of a bigger capital with double the rotation period will accrue the same profit rate. That's why Walmart is as viable as Boeing as a capitalist enterprise: the first deals with much less advanced products in technological terms, but it rotates in one week what the second would take one decade to do.

Besides, short-term thinking is essential for the political organization of capitalism, which is the basis of the concept of "freedom". The beauty of the capitalist system is that the part is equal to the whole, which is greater than the union of the parts. To put it another way, the whole is structurally equal to the parts, but it reinforces the survival of the parts, which expand the whole. This is what Kant once called "commercial spirit" and, later, Adam Smith called "the invisible hand", that is, that the pursuit of the capitalist of his own wealth automatically generates the wealth (and thus prosperity) of the rest of society. The capitalist must think short-term if he is to exist as such.

The real problem with 21st Century capitalism is that it is old, its profit rates are secularly depressed, as per Marx's theory.

Posted by: vk | Dec 22 2019 17:34 utc | 10

of maggots and corpses:

With Congress' vote to impeach Trump on hold, this article is more than satire.
We Live In Hysteric Times: What Trump's Impeachment Really Means

“America is a corpse being consumed by maggots. Liberals are rooting for the maggots. Conservatives are rooting for the corpse.”

- @Vendee_Rising

For a century and a half American political life has been the exclusive preserve of the duopoly of Democrats and Republicans, also known as the Evil Party and the Stupid Party. (If something is both Evil and Stupid, we call that “Bipartisan.”) But the familiar Evil-Stupid dichotomy doesn’t even begin to describe the descent into national dysfunction and galloping irrationality that characterizes the Trump impeachment hysteria.

Media chatter now centers on the nuts-and-bolts questions of “what’s next?” Will House Speaker Nancy Pelosi send the articles of impeachment over to the Senate? (Yes. Even one of the legal “scholars” enrolled in the impeachment lynch mob avers that Trump isn’t actually impeached until the Senate receives the articles.) Who will be the trial managers? (Who cares.) Will there be a “real trial,” with witnesses? (It hardly matters.) Will Trump be removed? (Unlikely unless some bolt from the blue flips 20 GOP Senators.) [.]

None of these questions, which are meaningful only in a mental universe of the Evils and the Stupids shadowboxing over a partisan allocation of political spoils, touch upon the grim – and occasionally sardonic – symptoms of America’s seemingly unstoppable terminal slide.

With Trump’s impeachment it’s time to say goodbye to yesteryear’s Team Evil and Team Stupid. Say hello in 2020 to Team Maggot and Team Corpse!


More "on foreign interference in our deMOCKracy, the impeachment vote House Judiciary Chairmaggot Adam “Captain Ahab” Schiff, in his frenzied hunt for the Great Orange Whale,"[.]

Posted by: Likklemore | Dec 22 2019 17:49 utc | 11

@ Posted by: Russ | Dec 22 2019 16:52 utc | 4 with the Catlin link that still does not work for me....thanks

I have rebooted my Mac and dumped cache in DNS and cookies in browser, etc. When I try and go there it gives me a page that says server moved and directs me to dump DNS cache...which I did initially

Any others having problems getting "fresh" (non-cached) access to her site?

I thought maybe whoever is hosting her site had to shut down because of Aussie fires but Russ would say that is not true.....Hmmmm

I wanted to get a direct link to her site because I am trying to convince a "friend" who does not believe the Strategic Culture posting about OPCW and called them a Russian disinformation site....grin

Anyone got a listing of all the alt-sites that have put postings up about the OPCW cover up?


Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 22 2019 17:56 utc | 12

Th term “anti-vaxxer” is an inaccurate, unfair, and dangerous summary of people who are against either “vaxxing without informed consent” or “vaxxing but protected from product liability”.

We know what happens when corporate executives and governments are protected from liability or mandatory disclosure. Oiligarchy-educated smiling scientists hired to browbeat the public and knock down strawman arguments won’t be held accountable when “vaccines” cause problems to individuals.

Posted by: oglalla | Dec 22 2019 18:03 utc | 13

“It’s going to be really important that we get this right. A uniform. A patch. A song. It gets to the culture of a service” --Gen. John Raymond as quoted by our host re: Boy Scouts in Space.

Oh, my sides! Laughing this hard at my age is ill-advised. Reminds me of my nephew's wife when they were planning to build a house. Before they had even found a place to build or even saved up enough to buy whatever land they found she was picking out curtains and buying plants for the landscaping.

There will be no "Space Force". That would require industrial and engineering capabilities that were outsourced to other countries (mainly China) long ago, so the focus is on costumes and marketing... things that America can still do, in other words.

American delusion ratchets up from bizarre to ludicrous.

Posted by: William Gruff | Dec 22 2019 18:11 utc | 14

@ psychohistorian 11

will this work for you direct from the OPCW saga in detail with links.

Deluge Of New Leaks Further Shreds The Establishment Syria Narrative

Posted by: Likklemore | Dec 22 2019 18:36 utc | 15

Likklemore | Dec 22 2019 18:36 utc | 14
I can confirm that link does not work from my end ("Website Moved")

Posted by: Norwegian | Dec 22 2019 18:46 utc | 16


I just tried the link you provided and got "server moved" like psycho but I don't have a Mac like @11.

Posted by: spudski | Dec 22 2019 18:47 utc | 17

I'm all for letting anti-vaxxer not get vax.
We are in massive population overshoot, and it would be best to have the least intelligent die off first.
Any other suggestions?
I'm trying to keep it positive.

Posted by: Duncan Idaho | Dec 22 2019 18:58 utc | 18

Regarding Caitlin's website: it looks like her site can't be reached from most of Europe at the moment. Try a US VPN or visit her page on Medium. She probably has re- or misconfigured her server, and European DNS nodes have not yet updated.

Posted by: Tobi | Dec 22 2019 18:59 utc | 19

Weird about the Johnstone site. I still have no problem, it comes right up. Could it be something with the browser? I'm using Chrome.

Posted by: Russ | Dec 22 2019 19:00 utc | 20

Delurking after almost three years...

"It's going to be really important that we get this right. A uniform, a patch, a song, it gets to the culture of a service and so we're not going to be in a rush to get something and not do that right.”

Save some money, I got your song for you—to the tune of the theme from Star Trek:

Space Force, get ready to fly
Boondoggles into the sky
Earth’s sucked dry, now aliens, you-ooo
Will learn to hate our freedom tooooo!

The National Reconnaissance Office has already designed your patch: NROL-39

Inexpensive Imperial Storm Trooper uniforms can be had at any sci-fi convention.

Posted by: Vintage Red | Dec 22 2019 19:03 utc | 21

@oglalla #12
Even if vaccines caused autism in a small number of people, it would still be a good idea if the number of deaths prevented is greater.

Equally, the issue is public good. If the majority of the public votes against requiring vaccines, so be it.

Pass some laws and we can all abide by them.

The ultimate problem with these "consent" and whatnot rationales is that they are simply excuses to avoid taking any risk whatsoever - even if the risk is imaginary, and even if it puts the overall population at greater risk from real dangers.

That's what's so fascinating about the West Coast/left and Texas/right nature of the anti-vaxxers: ultimately it is about what they don't want to do.

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 22 2019 19:05 utc | 22

Hi all big fan of MoA, thought I'd contribute for a change.

Anyone keeping an eye on developmemts in Idlib? Turkish outpost surrounded:

First city liberated:

Elsewhere Saudis have deployed troops to protect Aramco experts asessing Syrian oil fields

Posted by: Ronin | Dec 22 2019 19:05 utc | 23

Anti-vax does put the greater population at risk.
But the non vax population are ripe for elimination.
Biology at work.
The least resilient will be eliminated, at least on a biological level.
I'm for letting them proceed.

Posted by: Duncan Idaho | Dec 22 2019 19:15 utc | 24

If you are interested, a detailed podcast:
(a bit detailed and complex for this audience, but give it a try if you can)

Posted by: Duncan Idaho | Dec 22 2019 19:20 utc | 25


@ the 44.92 N I have no problem, loading the site using MAC Safari or Firefox. The link at 14 was lifted from there.

Posted by: Likklemore | Dec 22 2019 19:21 utc | 26

Forgive me if this has been discussed previously. It's from a September Atlantic article on economics I happened upon, a review of a book by Applebaum written by Sebastian Mallaby:

"...Applebaum opens his book with the observation that economics was not always the imperial discipline. Roosevelt was delighted to consult lawyers such as Berle, but he dismissed John Maynard Keynes as an impractical 'mathematician'. Regulatory agencies were headed by lawyers, and courts dismissed economic evidence as irrelevant. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy's Treasury secretary made a point of excluding academic economists from a review of the international monetary order, deeming their advice useless. William McChesney Martin, who presided over the Federal Reserve in the 1950s and '60s, confined economists to the basement.
Starting in the l970s, however, economists began to wield extraordinary influence..."

I know all who are discussing financial matters here know this - it was just good for me to see it spelled out. I see, however, the rest of the review is very economist oriented and no mention of Michael Hudson whatsoever; it is, after all, the Atlantic. Yay for Roosevelt and Kennedy though!

Posted by: juliania | Dec 22 2019 19:25 utc | 27

Posted by: Likklemore | Dec 22 2019 19:21 utc | 25

I am using Linux Kubuntu and Waterfox => results in "Website Moved"
Also tried Windows 7 and Waterfox => results in "Website Moved"

This is probably unrelated to operating system/browser. Possibly a network routing issue.

Posted by: Norwegian | Dec 22 2019 19:35 utc | 28

Posted by: Norwegian | Dec 22 2019 19:35 utc | 27

Sorry, I have to retract. works from both machines now. Weird.

Posted by: Norwegian | Dec 22 2019 19:39 utc | 29

I should add to my post above @ 26 this about Berle:

"...Berle...laid out in detail how shareholders, being so dispersed and numerous, could not hope to restrain bosses -- indeed , how nobody could do so. Enormous powers to shape society belonged to company chieftains who answered to no one. Hence Berle's prescription: the government should regulate them.

Berle's pro-regulatory stance won him an introduction to Franklin D. Roosevelt, and he became an influential New Dealer. But his vision truly triumphed after World War II, when regulation of corporate behavior was supplemented by the rise of labor unions..."

Posted by: juliania | Dec 22 2019 19:39 utc | 30

I got on Caitlin's site with no difficulty, using the same link I've had in my "Favourites" list for years.

This is on Windows 7 with Internet Explorer.

Antoinetta III

Posted by: Antoinetta III | Dec 22 2019 19:52 utc | 31

Hugo Boss could probably make some nice uniforms for the space force...

Russell Brand Rips on GQ Hugo Boss and Syria War:

Or they could use Star Trek-uniforms, if they were not already used by someone else...

Picard is back:

Posted by: Trond | Dec 22 2019 19:54 utc | 32

psychohistorian @2
Caitlan Johnston website works ok from here in Sydney.
-If I turn on protonVPN to a few other countries including Aus it is also ok.
-If I close/refresh browser & turn on protonVPN to a few other countries including to Aus it has "moved"/no-go.

-thanks to b and all the commentors. So glad I found this site in 2019. I truly feel better.

Posted by: Dimsim | Dec 22 2019 19:55 utc | 33

Forced vaccination - just part of the ongoing rise of our Brave New World...

Posted by: paul | Dec 22 2019 19:57 utc | 34

@psychohistorian "I am unable to get to the Catlin Johnstone web site as my browser says it has moved to a new server."

Same problem here, but this link works:

Posted by: Trond | Dec 22 2019 19:59 utc | 35

the article from Swiss Propaganda Research is very good.. thanks... it seems usa public relation agencies play an important role in convincing others of the need for war with all it's horrible results..

Posted by: james | Dec 22 2019 20:04 utc | 36

@21 clue

I am smh at this garbage clue that you would immediately yield to some dubious claim that the positives and negatives of vaccines in general can be quantified in the end to come out to a final social value that must be above suspicion.

Do you understand how fraught with peril statements like this become when you are talking about a population that has been conditioned to accept anything the government says, what scientists present, or any authority figure for that matter brings when it comes to such grave decisions about personal liberty and decisions made by governments that can kill scores of people? Convincing the American public to invade Iraq comes to mind.

It is sad that such posters as yourself as well as b for that matter refuses to even consider the science around the advent of the measles vaccine in 1963.

It is so doubly sad that the measles is at the entire crux of the issue as in the west all other infectious diseases can be either mitigated effectively without the use of medical intervention or the vaccine has been proven to be ineffective in its ability to prevent carriers, such as the pertussis vaccine that conceals carriers, a dangerous proposition to be sure.

Do you know how many people die every year from the flu? From pneumonia? There has been no deaths from measles in the past decade in the U.S.

The creator of the original measles vaccine was asked why he even bothered with a vaccine because by that time it had been relegated to being commonplace in childhood, just like chickenpox, whereas nowadays helicopter parents in the west try to prevent all pain and affliction from their children and dread these innocuous diseases like the plague, foolishly. The scientist shrugged off the question, and like a mountain climber who is asked why he does what he does, the gentlemen answered, because it's there.

So now we get back to the measles and the mmr. That dreadful concoction condoned by the catholic church with the full knowledge that it was created with the necessary aborted fetal cells from two "unwanted" pregnancies. I wonder if the catholic church would concede that those two children would surely give the thumbs up that other children are injected with an unnecessary medical intervention that has the cell line from their scrambled and helpless body murdered 50 years ago. Go right ahead! They would surely say.

Absolutely fucking sickening. And you people are going to tell my daughter next year that she can't join her classmates in the next grade because punitive and anti-science hysteria will prevent it. Join the robber-barrons. Join the tyrants. Let's condemn these dirty children and ostracize them. My doctor and my government tells me so!

Posted by: Nemesiscalling | Dec 22 2019 20:07 utc | 37

"AOC and the squad were doing backflips while being played for suckers! They happily gave up their golden opportunity to remove their biggest obstacle to getting a progressive in the White House. For what? To make Trump look kinda bad? Not even real bad. Just KINDA BAD!??!"

"Did they think they could get Trump removed? I mean, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?!
They had a once in a lifetime chance to have Trump remove Joe Biden FOR them! THEIR MAIN COMPETITION AND A 100% NEOCON NEOLIBERAL NIGHTMARE would not be leading in the polls and on his way to the oval office right now!

But noooooooooooooooooo!"

From: Impeachment For Dummies: or How progressives were conned into supporting Joe Biden for President

Posted by: Kali | Dec 22 2019 20:08 utc | 38

psychohistorian - here's the opening screed on the Caitlin site:

"It’s been a bad last 24 hours for the war propagandists.

WikiLeaks has published multiple documents providing further details on the coverup within the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) of its own investigators’ findings which contradicted the official story we were all given about an alleged chlorine gas attack in Douma, Syria last year. The alleged chemical weapons incident was blamed on the Syrian government by the US and its allies, who launched airstrikes against Syria several days later. Subsequent evidence indicating that there was insufficient reason to conclude the chlorine gas attack ever happened was repressed by the OPCW, reportedly at the urging of US government officials.

The new publications by WikiLeaks add new detail to this still-unfolding scandal, providing more evidence to further invalidate attempts by establishment Syria narrative managers to spin it all as an empty conspiracy theory. The OPCW has no business hiding any information from the public which casts doubt on the official narrative about an incident which was used to justify an act of war on a sovereign nation..."

I'm having a different problem - went to the Intercept for one of b's last links and got a pageful moneyraiser that wasn't removable, tried to come back here and it kept me in limbo so I had to go off and come back on. Same thing happened with the Caitlin - I can try linking to more of it if you wish.

Posted by: juliania | Dec 22 2019 20:10 utc | 39

Spaceforce uniform and so on. Can it be called The Mighty Muskateers after Elon's rocket.
Maybe Boeing Brigade as they can be sure of returning to earth. One way or another.
At least the good colonel has his priorities right - the patch is mission critical.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 22 2019 20:12 utc | 40

Johnstone's website accessible immediately to me at
In US, on Safari browser on my Mac mini.

Different topic:
Anyone know about this newly approved [in the US] ebola vaccine? It's a live virus Merck vaccine and to make it double-plus good, it is made from a totally different animal virus that has been genetically altered to carry an ebola insert into the gene structure.

I am no anti-vaxxer, but this is sending up some strange signals for me.

Here is what I have learned so far:

"They just approved a
for use in the USA. What could go wrong?"


followed by some comments and links to some articles.
Merck ebola vaccine "ERVEBO" is the same vaccine as the Merck ebola vaccine "rVSV-ZEBOV". ERVEBO is simply the name it is sold under. - per Merck info and per wikipedia entry on ebola vaccines.
from Merck ERVEBO package insert:

Anaphylaxis has been observed following administration of ERVEBO. Appropriate medical treatment and supervision must be available in case of anaphylactic event following the administration of ERVEBO. (5.1)
 Vaccinated individuals should continue to adhere to infection control practices to prevent Zaire ebolavirus infection and transmission. (5.2)
 Vaccine virus RNA has been detected in blood, saliva, urine, and fluid from skin vesicles of vaccinated adults; transmission of vaccine virus is a theoretical possibility. (5.4)

"It doesn’t use the Ebola virus in the vaccine," said someone on the internet, who is debunking the worry about the live vaccine part of this vaccine.
He is right. No, it technically doesn't use the ebola virus alone. It only uses a live, but genetically engineered version of vesicular stomatitis virus, an animal virus that affects mostly cattle, to carry an ebola virus gene insert. That’s, uh, better I guess. So now you are being injected with two viruses. See below from NIH.

The rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine uses a genetically engineered version of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV), an animal virus that primarily affects cattle, to carry an Ebola virus gene insert. Experts at the Public Health Agency of Canada originally developed the vaccine, which is now licensed to Merck. NIAID and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) evaluated rVSV-ZEBOV in Phase 1 clinical trials which showed rVSV-ZEBOV is safe and able to induce a robust immune response in recipients.
"West African outbreak of 2014-2016 allowed for some clinical trials to take place. But only one — testing the Merck vaccine in Guinea — was able to generate results. The outbreak ended BEFORE trials could determine if any of the experimental Ebola drugs worked." - from a BBC article on the ebola vaccine testing. Sorry I forgot to copy the url of the article.

The US CDC says a person only catches ebola by coming into direct contact with the blood or body fluids of a person who is sick or who has died from it. Ebola does not spread through the air or through water. So why do we need this vaccine?

Posted by: teri | Dec 22 2019 20:19 utc | 41

@37 kali... that would be quite funny if it wasn't true, but it is true, so it is very sad... and pam ho really likes banging the drum for tulsi... entertaining article, either way..

Posted by: james | Dec 22 2019 20:19 utc | 42

hey, lets make this about accessing caitlins site, lol... i like her.. don't get me wrong! ever heard of the concept that a server can be down and some people can't access a site, while others can? okay, okay.. just checking, lol..

Posted by: james | Dec 22 2019 20:21 utc | 43

@ Posted by: Likklemore | Dec 22 2019 18:36 utc | 14 and others with the Catlin Johnstone web site access. I can now access it and expect since at least one other had same problem that it was a network problem

Sorry for upsetting james about my request eliciting so many responses....grin

Thanks all!!!

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 22 2019 20:34 utc | 44

@Nemesiscalling #36
Given what I talk about in many other areas, I do find it amusing that you think I accept whatever the government or scientists tell me.
But let's look at your "conscientious objector" status on vaccines:
1) I have yet to see any credible link between any vaccine or any component of vaccine and autism. There isn't even a chemical or biological link - the best that I've seen is correlation.

2) The studies I have seen, are showing that autism is a genetic syndrome that occurs even before vaccines are administered. In particular, that the onset of autism symptoms is right around the time that children first receive their vaccines. So the origin of the belief in correlation is clear.
To me, it is also clear that the confluence of social media and outrage capitalism has magnified this problem - there literally is money to be made in pushing people to the most extreme outcome in any situation.
The problem is that study after study after study - including one with 1 million plus kids - shows no difference in autism rates between vaccinated and unvaccinated.

So your ongoing harping about modern germ theory and medical practices is utterly unconvincing particularly since MEASLES IS A VIRUS. This isn't about quarantine or antibiotic treatment, this is about protection against a highly virulent virus.

3) Going on to the next part of your belief: choice. What is interesting to me is why choice is fine when convenient to your beliefs, but isn't fine for so much else.
Why should any of us pay income or sales taxes? That's not choice.
Why should children have compulsory primary education?
Why do we have to observe street lights and stop signs?
Why do we have to have licensing for cars?
Why should babies under 12 months be at risk because you won't do your part in keeping measles down?
You want your kid to not have to be vaccinated against an utterly unproven risk, and to be also have their cake too in attending school. Society doesn't agree - and you don't like it.

I've been very clear on this subject: if you think there should be "vaccine choice" - get a law passed allowing this. We have allowed the legalization of marijuana and same sex marriages, we can legalize being unvaccinated if enough people agree.

Until then, I really don't have much sympathy for your self induced, artificial conundrum.

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 22 2019 20:38 utc | 45

@teri #40
At a guess, because Ebola is extremely deadly and diseases can mutate into other forms of transmission.
Bubonic plague transmission started out by getting bit by fleas or direct exposure to contaminated fluids or tissues (like Ebola), but the Black Death occurred when it mutated and gained the ability to spread via droplets coughed into the air.
Could that happen with Ebola? Nobody knows, but I can understand why health authorities don't want to find out the hard way - particularly since the source of Ebola is still not known or controlled.

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 22 2019 20:43 utc | 46

Just rewatched "Starship Troopers". Lots of Hugo Boss-style uniforms in that movie.

Posted by: lysias | Dec 22 2019 20:44 utc | 47

Interesting article up on the Daily Mail site now arguing that the destroyer McCain's collision was caused by defective equipment and/or software supplied by Northrop-Grumman.

Posted by: lysias | Dec 22 2019 20:49 utc | 48

@45 clue

You are misleading people by obfuscating the issue.

The autism connection is a moot point. Nowhere in my posts about vaccination have I ever alluded to its correlation. Although I will admit that science is not settled wrt the adjuvants used in vaccines and its triggering of immune responses that go beyond the the stated intentions of the vaccine itself. But it seems to me that the autism issue is the sexy entry level and sophomoric realm of the overall debate around vaccines.


Re: your other point. Forced medical intervention is at the same level as stop signs at the altar of liberty? Haha.

Very funny.

Posted by: Nemesiscalling | Dec 22 2019 21:09 utc | 49

Kali #37

Thank you for that discovery. Brilliant and lucidly stated as always from Pam Ho.


Joe Biden needs to be prosecuted. But Barr and company don't wish to see their leader challenged by a viable candidate from the Dems. So will they just drag this dead donkey around all the way to the election? My guess is that Joe will buckle under the constant outing of his gross thievery in Ukraine.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 22 2019 21:34 utc | 50

lysias #47

Interesting article up on the Daily Mail site now arguing that the destroyer McCain's collision was caused by defective equipment and/or software supplied by Northrop-Grumman.

Boeing comes to mind re 'faulty software". The navigation control system was dependably faulty and constantly 'repaired? remedied? rebooted?' The navigation system was unreliable!!

When will the sacred citadel of 'software engineers' be held to account. In ancient egypt the failings of priests were responded to with the spear or perhaps the lion den. A society is clearly stupid when it won't hold its strategic professionals to the highest level of responsibility. Economists come to mind, and the intersection of economist and software engineer is a critical intersection where it seems lots of collisions occur.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 22 2019 21:42 utc | 51

Posted by: AntiSpin | Dec 22 2019 21:44 utc | 52

Juliania @ 26, 29:

Is this the">">the book you are referring to in your comments?

Posted by: Jen | Dec 22 2019 22:09 utc | 53

Sorry folks I screwed up that link @ 52 but it works anyway.

Posted by: Jen | Dec 22 2019 22:11 utc | 54

Spudski @5 tells us Pepe Escobar has published a new item at Consortium News but didn't provide a link. This rectifies that omission. Pepe also announced at his Facebook that Russia will be testing its own internal "Intranet" Monday. If successful, it will join Iran as being capable of deterring a Cyber Attack. Pepe also has another entry in his Central Asian, Silk Road travelogue that provides a wonderful escape from our current world that ought to engender contemplation.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 22 2019 22:17 utc | 55

The measles outbreak in Samoa followed the forced vaccination with UN supplied vaccine.

Beginning of July 2018 two infants die after MMR vaccination.
Shortly after, the Samoan government halts the country’s immunization program.
September 3rd 2019, Samoan Ministry of Health goes on the record to declare there are no measles outbreaks in Samoa.
Next to no measles cases reported across the country despite the low vaccination rates.
September 30th 28 suspected measles tests were sent to Australia. 4 confirmed D8 strain of measles virus.
October 1st sees UNICEF delivers 115,500 doses of the measles vaccine to Samoa.
The Measles incubation period is from 7-21 days.
The Samoan Ministry of Health launched its MMR campaign shortly after the vaccines arrived.
October 2nd a further 8 suspected measles tests sent to Australia. 3 of which confirmed to be measles.
October 16th Samoan Ministry of Heath states “In anticipation, we now confirm a measles outbreak“. Even though the suspected cases were treated and discharged.
Mid-late October measles outbreak begins.
On November 15 the acting Prime Minister of the Samoan government declares a state of emergency for a measles outbreak.
Approximately 200 suspected measles cases sent to Australia for testing. Only 48 confirmed to be measles. Less than 25%!
No more testing done. No more results released.

Posted by: DeQuincey | Dec 22 2019 22:19 utc | 56

US Christmas spirit...

Sanctions of Nord Stream 2, assault on a military post in Venezuela, and explosions in Damascus...

Posted by: Sasha | Dec 22 2019 22:19 utc | 57

Article "Propaganda in the War on Yugoslavia" is exactly a lying propaganda.
It's based on stupid belief that all crimes are engineered just for war, disregarding the whole complex reality and history of Yugoslavia breakup.
In essence, after rise of nationalism in 80s, Serbs made wars in Slovenia (of 12 days), Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo. And not just wars, but genocide over non-Serbian civilian people.

I'm from Bosnia and was seeing those horrors and deaths in 1992-1995 as a citizen of Sarajevo. Only worse is to see lies like this one that real massacres and genocide acts were "staged".
There are names of 10.000 dead in besieged Sarajevo, 1.600 being children bombed and snipered. And 8.000 in Srebrenica. And later discovered largest single graveyard Tomašica just in the area where death camp Trnopolje was.

Anti-Nato sites like MoA or Global Research, propelling simple theories, are too shallow to see the difference between unlawful war of aggression and UN-supported actions in Bosnia in some support of legal government. Or in this case, not to mix with tspace armament or vaccines or whatever, all in a single post.
On one side, Nato helped by maintaining no-fly zone over Bosnia. On the other, we in Bosnia had arms embargo, while Serbs took all Yugoslav Army weapons. And we payed it with more than 100.000 dead.
Nato only after that intervened. It had it's reasons, 1995 was looking for direction and winning support. And at that point, after so many years and deaths, it was positive and helped Bosnian legal government.
Knowing how genocidal Serbs are, I was glad to see that Nato stopped their attack on Kosovo. Although legal part was different.
Do not mix with 2nd Iraq, Syria, Yemen...

So b., do not insult all Bosnian people by putting those incredible lies. James from 35 or anyone, don't fall for propaganda that "debunks" exact reality.

Posted by: Saraj | Dec 22 2019 22:21 utc | 58

@57 saraj... thanks for your feedback on that article... which part of the article specifically was wrong?? could you be more specific?? thanks...

Posted by: james | Dec 22 2019 22:39 utc | 59

furthermore - this idea of a peaceful solution by military means has never made sense to me... it is the main sales pitch of the politicians who seem very supportive of the military industrial complex and it is ongoing... look at all the lies that have been given people on the war on syria.... i tend to believe the swiss propaganda research work and so you will need to articulate what is factually wrong with their work.. thanks..

Posted by: james | Dec 22 2019 22:42 utc | 60

Another shallow assumption on Nato-sceptic sites is that Russians are good.
Russia was an empire, like US still is, except their influence zone was decreased. No good in that.
For Bosnia specifically, Russia supported Serbs as aggressors and in genocide they did. Support was mainly political in UN.
(There were also some fighters from Russia, Ukraine, Greece).
But Serbs are bloodthirsty. All their political parties are supportive of expansion and in denial of crimes. And they keep arming from Russia with new tanks, warplanes..
It's possible they will make another war on Bosnia, with Russia providing air defense. They had a common military exercise. That would be a slaughter.
So, please, do not look at Russia too simplified.

Posted by: Saraj | Dec 22 2019 22:42 utc | 61

osce said 39 people dead in 1999 before nato started the bombing campaign.. this was another nato intervention war by the looks of it... there was no humanitarian disaster prior to nato intervening... of course this humanitarian ruse is still being tried with the war on syria..

Posted by: james | Dec 22 2019 22:50 utc | 62

Posted by: Norwegian | Dec 22 2019 19:39 utc | 28

your link is not working for me,, i use a Norwegian server on my vpn.
i will try to switch to a US server and see if that work.
Heia Aafk!

Posted by: Per/Norway | Dec 22 2019 23:06 utc | 63

Posted by: Norwegian | Dec 22 2019 19:39 utc | 28

No luck, it will not work. cleaned my cache and cookies-.

Posted by: Per/Norway | Dec 22 2019 23:10 utc | 64

FDA approves Ebola vaccine with 100% success rate
But if you don't want it, I'm on you side. We have 7.7 billion people, a massive overshoot.
Some population reduction would be good, especially our less mentally fit individuals.

Posted by: Duncan Idaho | Dec 22 2019 23:58 utc | 65

Speaking of lies and propaganda, what I began on a previous open thread related to the CIS Informal Summit on the 20th where I linked to the as yet incomplete, but explosive, transcript, which is now complete. IMO, this transcript is mandatory reading by all humans, something I rarely implore.

Roughly the first half was completed and I posted some excerpts for study and discussion. The 2nd half consists of Putin going over numerous documents from the former Soviet archives, all of which have now been made public. The trouble with excerpting portions for commenting is they compose an overall woven narrative. I will provide just a bit so barflies get an understanding of what they'll confront when reading the entire transcript. Putin has just finished distilling a document comprising Prime Minister of France Eduard Daladier's estimation of the Polish position after the "Munich Agreement":

"So what does this mean? It means the Soviet Union was ready to help Czechoslovakia, which Nazi Germany was going to rob. But the agreement between the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia stated that the Soviet Union would do this only if France fulfilled its obligations to Czechoslovakia. France linked its aid to Czechoslovakia to support from Poland. But Poland refused to provide it....

"What did the Polish authorities do when Germany began to claim part of Czechoslovak territory? They also laid claim to their part of the “prey” during the partitioning of Czechoslovak territory and demanded that a certain part of Czechoslovakia be transferred to them. Moreover, they were ready to use force. They formed a special military group called ‘Silesia,’ which included three infantry divisions, a cavalry brigade and other units.

"There is also a specific document from the archives. From a report from a commander of the Silesia Independent Operation Group, a Mr Bortnowski on preparations for the offensive operation, the capture of Tesin Silesia and the training of troops, the Polish authorities trained and sent militants to Czechoslovakia to carry out sabotage and terrorist attacks and actively prepare for the partitioning and occupation of Czechoslovakia."

And so the story unfolds going into greater detail all substantiated by official documents--primary sources--sources that the Russians have revealed but Western nations still classify. I've never read anything where Putin seems genuinely angered/annoyed/unnerved until the end of this transcript. He knows the West knows the truth of the matter but lies--and it's the why behind the lies that's very unsettling, for me and for him. Those who tried to dispute the veracity of what was discussed and beyond IMO exposed their ulterior motives and I will no longer engage them.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 22 2019 23:58 utc | 66

Duncan Idaho @64--

I suggest you be the first volunteer for your Eugenics project.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 23 2019 0:01 utc | 67

Lebanon: the background to the banking crisis of the century
The invaluable insight of Thierry Meyssan on the situation in Lebanon.

Posted by: robjira | Dec 23 2019 0:06 utc | 68

@Duncan Idaho #23
The problem with your thesis is that babies under 1 year can't be vaccinated.
So it wouldn't just be the kids of the anti-vaxxers that would be affected, it would be all of the <1 year babies for everyone.

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 23 2019 0:17 utc | 69

I suggest you be the first volunteer for your Eugenics project.
No need-- there are plenty of anti vaxers.
Lets see haw this unravels-- eager humans desiring extinction-- it may work, or at least lessen our downfall.
Feedback loops are already in place for serious reduction of population.
Anti vaxers will just give the more intelligent a better chance.

Posted by: Duncan Idaho | Dec 23 2019 0:22 utc | 70

James, never mind the pro-NATO fella (I wonder how he got here) who has popped up to tell us how all Serbs are bloodthirsty aggressors, there are a lot of good links in the swprs article, and worth looking into.

I recommend this one for a start:

I remember the interview with James Harff of the PR firm Ruder-Finn from the time in the late nineties, which reveals much about how the war machine works. Particularly the words "Our work is not to verify information ... Our work is to accelerate the circulation of information favorable to us".

Posted by: Ash Naz | Dec 23 2019 0:25 utc | 71

@Nemesiscalling #48
So you agree that there is no valid scientific basis behind vaccines causing autism?
You want to change the debate field to "choice"?
Well, no problem.
We have laws prohibiting all manner of personal choices because they are deemed negative for society overall.
An excellent example is drunk driving. Drunk driving is certainly an increased risk of accident for the drunk driver as well as increasing risks for everyone else - but is 0.08% truly impaired?
Prior to MADD, police officers had wide latitude to judge when a driver was impaired - for whatever reason - and to stop/arrest. After MADD's efforts, the judgment of police officers was replaced by the breathalyzer. I don't agree that 0.08% constitutes significant increased risk of accident, but I still observe the law. If I break this observance and am caught - I have to suffer the consequences.

I repeat: if you desire the have "vaccine choice" - get a law passed making that a personal choice as opposed to the long-established medical industry's recommendation.

Otherwise, you simply are objecting to something you personally disagree with - and not even under the mistaken belief of actual risk of harm. The people who do so under "medical" grounds are wrong, but at least are acting under a real but wrong belief of risk.

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 23 2019 0:26 utc | 72

@Duncan Idaho #69
By the way, Hotez in his vaccine talk with Joe Rogan provided some pretty useful facts regarding measles.
He says that measles has a spread factor of 18-19 - meaning each case typically spreads to 18 or 19 other people. This is because the measles virus is extremely durable - it can sit on a surface or in the air for up to 2 hours and still infect people. The CDC says one infected person will infect 90% of the non-vaccinated people around them, and infection capability starts up to 4 days before the rash appears and extends to 4 days after. Ugh.
In comparison, Ebola is 2 or 3. You basically have to be a caregiver for someone in the late stage in order to get infected.

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 23 2019 0:47 utc | 73

M. K. Bhadrakumar is a fearless analyst of geopolitics and I've been reading his blog "Indian Punchline" for years. Surprised that he is hardly ever referenced by fellow commenters. Always a sobering read.
U. S. India:
Why 2+2 may not always be 4.
Indian Punchline @ gmail. com

Posted by: Australian lady | Dec 23 2019 0:52 utc | 74

@70 ash naz... i thought they might be from the region based on their name - saraj... thanks.. i will take a look at your link..

@73 australian lady.. it appears you don't follow the comments too closely..

from the last open thread a day or two ago..

"M. K. BHADRAKUMAR often writes good articles.. i enjoyed this one - Pakistan at crossroads. Turkish footfalls beckon.

Posted by: james | Dec 21 2019 0:07 utc | 127"

Posted by: james | Dec 23 2019 1:01 utc | 75

Gone. Moon of Alabama. sorry b. your war was Syria and you didn't have much else. You are finished like Saker on Ukraine. Which is unfortunate. You had your moment of glory and now you are just a German dude who imagines he knows about Boeing and doesn't.

Posted by: Lochearn | Dec 23 2019 1:18 utc | 76

Speaking of saraj, the Turkish name for Sarajevo was Bosnasaray. "Saray" in Turkish means "palace".

Posted by: lysias | Dec 23 2019 1:18 utc | 77

What doesn't b know about Boeing? Seems to me this new news about the USS McCain and Lothrup Grumman supports b's account.

Posted by: lysias | Dec 23 2019 1:26 utc | 78

“It will not be terrorists who take down civilization, Watson. It will be a gullible public ─ average, normal people, manipulated by misinformation and driven by fear. … It is a pseudonym. Social Darwinism … Survival of the fittest as applied to the social order. The weak should be destroyed. That includes the poor, the ill, the unlucky ─ that is, of course, most of the population, if not all of us, if considered over time. … Survival of the fittest, for them, is justification for rampant bullying. There have always been autocrats, dictators, and despots. They believe they deserve whatever they can take from others. The weak do not deserve to live.”

~ Sherlock Holmes in 'The Devil’s Due' by Bonnie MacBird

c1ue -- read he measles like I posted above--
You wil lear even more.

Posted by: Duncan Idaho | Dec 23 2019 1:39 utc | 79

@ Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 22 2019 23:58 utc | 65 with the link to Putin's summary of the history behind WWII

Thanks for that which I have now read and also encourage other barflies to read and pass on to "friends"

Voltaire wrote that "History is the lie commonly agreed upon" (I have misquoted this slightly in the past)

If you go read the link that karlof1 provided, what was missing for me was the impetus for Putin to investigate and put together such a amalgamation of historic documents. So what I did was go look for the document Putin referred to early in his speech by the European Parliament adopted on 19, September 2019 link which I quote the relevant part of below

A. whereas this year marks the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War, which led to unprecedented levels of human suffering and the occupation of countries in Europe for many decades to come;

B. whereas 80 years ago on 23 August 1939, the communist Soviet Union and Nazi Germany signed a Treaty of Non-Aggression, known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, and its secret protocols, dividing Europe and the territories of independent states between the two totalitarian regimes and grouping them into spheres of interest, which paved the way for the outbreak of the Second World War;

C. whereas, as a direct consequence of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, followed by the Nazi-Soviet Boundary and Friendship Treaty of 28 September 1939, the Polish Republic was invaded first by Hitler and two weeks later by Stalin – which stripped the country of its independence and was an unprecedented tragedy for the Polish people – the communist Soviet Union started an aggressive war against Finland on 30 November 1939, and in June 1940 it occupied and annexed parts of Romania – territories that were never returned – and annexed the independent republics of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia;

As shown by the link that karlof1 provided of Putin, the screed by the European Parliament is a lie and should not be commonly agreed upon.

One needs to ask why Russia is being made the brunt of a historical lie to the European and world populace?

I continue to posit that we are in a civilization war about the basic human social contract and whether the core of economic interchange within it should be ruled by a historical and inherited private elite or by public utilities controlled by sovereign nations in multi-polar consensus.

As is quite evident to me and some other MoA barflies, the global private finance axis ongoing efforts are "to lie, cheat and steal" and that meme is being directly challenged by emerging China with a public Central Banking system and Russia, et al aligning themselves along the opposite axis.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 23 2019 1:51 utc | 80


...Clue, it is obvious that you are a big shill. It makes no difference if you are big pharma, big gov, or biggie fry. When it comes to the little people and their choice as to whether a government should be able to knock down a family's home door to medically intervene for a problem that has already been solved in the west through science and sanitation, you will clearly choose the gubmint every time.

Your advice to "pass laws" rings laughably hollow as we all know posting on moa gives us a platform to share opinion and knowledge. Your comment is almost as silly as saying "get your f-16s to stop bombing weddings. I am well aware that other modes of fighting this rush to restrict is needed and I am composing thoughts and structures to eventual communications with both my pastor as well as local officials.


As for your insistence that measles is ruthlessly virulent... Wow, big flippin revelation Einstein. Is the chicken pox bad too?

We are talking about the need for the vaccine, not its transmission rates. And wrt that, as I said before, there has been no deaths from measles in the past decade in the U.S., even with the vaccine uptake rates in the U.S. Somewhere far far below what scientists claim is necessary for herd immunity.

Face the facts: it can not be proven that the vaccine is responsible for the dwindling numbers in the U.S. Of not only case numbers of measles or mortality from. We have no fucking clue even how effective the vaccine is in the long term, hence the cdc revising its schedule to need more boosters for the mmr. Great science you get there fellows. With that and the fact that the pertussis vaccine masks carriers! Great products all around.

I can go on and on, but I really wish clue would get one.

Posted by: Nemesiscalling | Dec 23 2019 1:59 utc | 81

Here Here!! I agree.

Posted by: Linda Amick | Dec 23 2019 2:06 utc | 82

What I dislike about the vaccination discussion is the lack of social context.

What is missing for me is the FACT that health care in America and other parts of the West has PROFIT as part of the equation of all health provision......including vaccines

How can any have a semi-rational discussion about the pro/con of any vaccine when private profit is a component of the motivation instead of just what is best for humanity in the short/long term?

What a fruitless endeavor.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 23 2019 2:19 utc | 83

Saw a few comments on vaccines here, and some of you have bought the vaccine religion hook line and sinker and assert your faith in Big Pharmas assertions that they are safe and effective.

In the vaccine era which I establish as 1986 when vaccine makers were freed from liability and the number of vaccine doses given to infants and children increased exponentially, autism rates have in in increased, as have other neurodevelopment disorders, allergies and autoimmune diseases to the extent that over 50% of children have a chronic illness that required one or more of Big Pharmas products to treat. IQ’s have fallen as have fertility rates, while cancer rates among young adults are on the rise. Coincidence?

How many know Hep B vaccines are given to babies on their first day of life, even when their mothers are negative for the virus.
The aluminum adjuvant to stimulate the immune system is a neurotoxin and has never been safety tested against a true placebo. How does refusing Hep B vaccines put the publics health at large?
Same thing with mandatory HPV vaccines for older children. Flu shots for pregnant women are recommended by CDC but the vaccine insert states they have not been safety tested for pregnant women. Of course, CDC and FDA are captured agencies with a high paying job guaranteed for those who retire early with the industry they regulate . Talk about conflict of interest

Anyways, the subjects too vast to cover in a comment. I suggest going to RFK jr web site Childrens Health Defense for more information, at least for those not too attached to their beliefs .

BTW, vaccines have now eliminated the herd immunity adults had to many childhood diseases. The immunity from natural exposure as children is lifelong, thats not the case with vaccine induced immunity. Most childhood diseases are benign in a well nourished child with a functioning immune system but are much more harmful in adults. So adults are becoming vulnerable and mandatory adult vaccinations will be the next step. Buy pharmaceutical stocks if you haven't already done so.

Posted by: Pft | Dec 23 2019 2:26 utc | 84

@82 psycho

It is boring if you don't have skin in the game or if your child is grown or have no children so the results of such legislation does not reach into your home as it does mine.

Indeed, it has brought my wife to tears at the thought of the pinched position our family finds itself in.

However, I will suggest that although the phrase follow the money does usually come into play wrt evil in government and business, I would invite you to ponder what role the subversion of the family unit has when angling for control over individuals. I am talking about the conditioning to accept the orders of experts over your own parents.

I know the thought of inheritance plays into your overall thinking about how society should organize itself. I would ask you to allow for the thought that the role of the parent is still the bedrock from which western society has evolved and which fosters love and care in pre-adult life. It is the family which fosters the first sense of individuality in a life. It is thus a perfectly apt target if you are seeking a subversion of natural order and installing a framework of your own creation over the "way" which is eternal.

So it is not always about the money.

Posted by: Nemesiscalling | Dec 23 2019 2:36 utc | 85

For whether a server (and thus any page) is up or down try downforeveryoneorjustme or isitdownrightnow or similar to check if something is down.

If either of these kinds of sites return that the server is down then you have your answer and don't need to check anything else or ask anyone. Neither of those two said was down, both said it was up.

For DNS try dnsblacklist or similar to check if there is any kind of nonsense going on.

It will list a lot of results from many different DNS providers but it's easy to understand.

It says " United States" isn't blocked anywhere but try for yourself. However it might not check the DNS you are using.

Often a ISP (Internet Service Provider ie.: who you get internet from) will set or provide your default DNS for you which is a sensible thing to do unless it doesn't work.

If you want to find out what DNS you are using checking it will be different according to what operating system you use on your computer so use a search engine to learn how to for your operating system (like for example Windows editions, whatever Apple calls theirs, the gazillion different Linux-based distributions, BSDs, Illumos/OpenSolaris and so on). Same if you want to change the DNS.

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Dec 23 2019 2:56 utc | 86

@65 karlof1... thanks for the link to that.. it is really fascinating.. of course i knew what he was talking about in the first part on the treaty of versaillis thanks margaret macmillans book - 1919... but i didn't know about all the rest of what he addressed... i am only going to quote a short bit, but i too recommend others read your link from @ 65...

"Yes, there is a classified part on the partitioning of some territory. But we do not know the content of other European countries’ agreements with Hitler. Because while we have de-classified these documents, the Western capitals are still keeping all this classified. We know nothing of their contents. But now we do not need to, because the facts show that there was collusion. In essence, we see the partitioning of a democratic independent state, Czechoslovakia. And the participants in it were not just Hitler but also the then leaders of those countries. It was this that opened the road to the east for Hitler, it was this that became the cause of the outbreak of World War II."

using when i try using the bold feature in html, it screws up.. hopefully not this time!

Posted by: james | Dec 23 2019 3:13 utc | 87

using - usually..

sure enough it screwed up again... i have to stay away from using the bold text feature...

Posted by: james | Dec 23 2019 3:14 utc | 88

@ Posted by: james | Dec 23 2019 3:14 utc | 87 who wrote
sure enough it screwed up again... i have to stay away from using the bold text feature...
I went and looked at your comment in source code and your closing bold HTML did not include the / before the B.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 23 2019 3:29 utc | 89

Don't listen to Clue, he thinks babies only receive vaccines after age 1. Purporting to have read these various studies - which confirmed his biases because they were industry studies - C1ue doesn't even know the basic vaccine schedule. For the past 15 or so years infants in the US receive the Hep B vax HOURS after birth. I watched my godson turn jaundiced and start screaming in those hours that followed. He had some pretty intense symptoms of poisoning/encephalopathy from then on, these things spiking whenever he went to his "well baby" vaccine visits, which was every few months for the first few years of his life. He didn't talk until he was almost 5, and is now fully in the Asperger category. His toddlerhood consisted of grunting and banging his head on things. He had a lot of trouble eating, he never nursed(there is a primate study w the Hep B vaccine, showing that the primates lost their primal instincts of rooting and sucking after the vax, C1ue, easily googleable).

His life will never be normal. And he is a mild case. "Autism" is a euphemism for brain damage. It's not a "sophomoric" talking point. It's something that many sentient westerners are NOTICING. That's why the CDC/Pharma cartel has written legislation regarding mandatory vaccination of all children. If they ever stop this iatrogenic monstrosity, the healthy thriving babies who come after will be too evident to deny. So it's yet another case of "too big to fail".

I assume that people like C1ue are simply too narrow minded to study across various disciplines. It's awfully sad, regardless.

Posted by: Sejomoje | Dec 23 2019 3:41 utc | 90

thanks psychohistorian.. so does one do it differently as described in the allowed html tags?

it looks like all i have to do is put the before and after the text....

Text → Text

Posted by: james | Dec 23 2019 3:48 utc | 91

this -

Posted by: james | Dec 23 2019 3:48 utc | 92

the B with the arrows going either way.. jesus!

Posted by: james | Dec 23 2019 3:49 utc | 93

In the early 1960s I worked as a insurance salesman. The application for a life policy required information on previous health issues and a standard answer to the question was "normal childhood illnesses", measles, mumps, chickenpox etc. That answer would usually provide the applicant with an offer of a policy at normal premium rates. My own children had all those illnesses with mild discomfort. When and how did these diseases become so dangerous?

Posted by: Khun Les | Dec 23 2019 4:15 utc | 94

Seasons Greetings to you and the greater Moon of Alabama community!

Thanks for friendly reminder of the Westerns meddling in the dissolution of Yugoslavia. 30 years on and the region is still recovering from the endless false propaganda!!! Sadly the tried a tested methods of blacklisting a whole country and its citizens continues across the globe T__T

Enjoy the rest with family and stay safe - Best wishes for 2020!!!

Posted by: Razor Burn | Dec 23 2019 4:43 utc | 95

@89 sojemoje

Forgive me for my comment about correlating autism with vaccines as being sophomoric.

I don't dismiss your claim but will point out that very little studied evidence exists detailing a correlation.

As a result of this, many people latch onto that argument which is easily rebuked by those pushing vaccines and paints the whole movement questioning the necessity as anti-science.

That is what I meant by sophomoric. It is indeed emtry-level talking points into the debate raging around the subject, although those with personal experiences of occurrences should not be dismissed or their stories denigrated.

Keep fighting with your words.

Posted by: Nemesiscalling | Dec 23 2019 5:44 utc | 96

Below is a Xinhuanet posting about America I thought relevant

Americans facing mass shooting milestone in 2019 with no progress in gun control

The take away quote
As the final days of the year approach, Americans are facing a grim milestone -- there have already been more mass shootings in 2019 than there are days in the entire year.

As of Sunday, there have been 404 cases of mass shooting in the United States, according to the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), a nonprofit corporation that tracks gun violence across the country. This is the highest number since the organization started collecting data in 2013.

The GVA defines a mass shooting as any incident that results in four or more people being shot, not including the shooter.


According to the GVA, 14,801 people were killed and 28,613 people injured by guns across the United States as of Dec. 22, excluding suicide.

The normalization of violence in the US is a product of TV and violent games/movies, IMO.

One could say it was done consciously as part of a ploy to alienate people from each other and community/family......makes folks easier to control if they live in fear of violence. While other countries are subject to war violence perpetrated on them, Americans are being inculcated to kill other Americans for mythical left/right or racism reasons when we live in a top/bottom world.......

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 23 2019 6:18 utc | 97

I just read that Trump praised Tulsi Gabbard for not voting to impeach him so she is now being called a Dem traitor and Putin's puppet.

Can the American public get any more screwed up by the political kabuki? Talk about alienating people against each other; the money party political machine is doing wonders, ain't it?

What a sick country I live in....and few seem to perceive the inherent cognitive dissonance of it all....sigh

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Below are three short Reuters postings

BEIRUT (Reuters) - The Syrian army’s air defense system intercepted missiles coming from the direction of Israel that were aimed at targets on the outskirts of the Syrian capital, state media said on Sunday.

Four cruise missiles were believed to have been launched across the coast through Lebanese airspace toward Syria, a source in the regional alliance supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told Reuters.

Later the army said it had brought down one of the missiles in an area near the capital. It gave no further details and there was no immediate comment from Israel.

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece, Cyprus and Israel will press ahead with the development of a pipeline channeling natural gas from the eastern Mediterranean to Europe, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ office said on Sunday.

Mitsotakis, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Nicos Anastasiades, the president of Cyprus, will sign an agreement on the so-called EastMed pipeline in Athens on Jan. 2.

The agreement will be concluded when Italy signs off too, the announcement said, without providing further details.

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Sunday that the Nord Stream 2 and Turk Stream gas pipeline projects would be launched despite U.S. sanctions, adding that Russia planned to respond to the new measures, the Interfax news agency reported.

U.S. President Donald Trump signed a bill on Friday that included legislation imposing sanctions on firms laying pipe for Nord Stream 2, which seeks to double gas capacity along the northern Nord Stream pipeline route to Germany.

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karlof1 #54

Pepe also has another entry in his Central Asian, Silk Road travelogue that provides a wonderful escape from our current world that ought to engender contemplation.

Thank you karlof1, that was a great read and the photography excellent. Pepe Escobar is a reassuring writer.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 23 2019 7:00 utc | 100

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