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November 08, 2019

Open Thread 2019-65

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Posted by b on November 8, 2019 at 16:04 UTC | Permalink

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Evo Morales has just been toppled:

Evo Morales anuncia nuevas elecciones generales y llama a la pacificación de Bolivia

That's why, of all the leftist experiences in Latin America of the 21st Century, it is chavismo which stood the test of time. Without the monopoly of violence (i.e. control of the Armed Forces), you're not in power of a State, but just a hostage or a puppet.

Morales will pay the ultimate price, and I hope the rest of the Latin American left at least learns the lesson so his sacrifice will not be in vain.

Posted by: vk | Nov 10 2019 13:21 utc | 101

Good news:

Blow to Amazon as Seattle socialist looks to have triumphed in key vote

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 10 2019 14:02 utc | 102

@Beibdnn @93

Ukraine jet on fire.

Broken hydraulic line on main gear brakes after landing. Hydraulic fluids on hot brakes ignite. Ground personal extinguish fire with hand extinguishers. No grounding for that plane type. video

Posted by: b | Nov 10 2019 14:41 utc | 103

@ vk The bit about brother Evo - thanks. I'll read that.

Two/ "The Birth of Eurasia" (essay in geopol) @ unz looks terrible to an old american who was a boyscout long ago. He's probably got it right though. How pitiful.

>"Together, Russia and China have outstripped America economically and militarily within Eurasia and are in the process of drawing the European Union into a vast, increasingly prosperous alliance as America pursues an increasingly dystopian future. Their leaders ares so dominant, their vision is so seductive, their alliance so strong, their weapons so advanced and their pockets so deep that their centripetal force is almost irresistible. Russia’s leadership–Putin, Lavrov, Nabiullina, Siluanov and Shoygu–is the best in the country’s history and, as President Trump observed, “China’s leaders are much smarter than our leaders. It’s like taking the New England Patriots and Tom Brady and having them play your high school football team.” President Xi has visited Moscow more than any other capital city and has met Vladimir Putin thirty times, calling him, “My best, most intimate friend.” "

that's a bummer for brother Trumpie, and for a lot of people. Think about where this goes.

and, lighter, Comrade Brother Victor always so decent.

Berlin Bulletin No. 169 November 9 2019"

>"East Germans soon learned that freedom of the press was for those who owned the presses, that freedom of speech helped most those who ruled over studios and cable connections. Most tellingly, they learned very quickly that those 100 West-marks were soon spent ..."

You get the idea.

Posted by: Walter | Nov 10 2019 14:46 utc | 104

MOA popcorn lovers will enjoy this:

Donald Trump Jr. and 'The View' host Sunny Hostin have moved their fight to Twitter after battling on camera

"Did you advise your boyfriend [Donald Trump Jr.] that it is a federal crime to out a whistleblower?" Hostin, a former federal prosecutor, asked Guilfoyle.

"It's only a federal crime for the [Inspector General] to do it," Trump Jr. responded. 'That's a lie."

After the cameras stopped rolling, the feud moved over to Twitter.

"Not sure where The View's @Sunny got her law degree from, but she should think about asking for a refund," Trump Jr. tweeted on Friday.

Hostin fired back: "Did you also think what you did at the Trump Foundation was legal?" She included a link to an ABC article that reported that President Trump was ordered to pay $2 million for using foundation money to promote his presidential campaign and pay off business debts.

The fight seemingly ended with a retort from Trump Jr.: "What's it like to draw a paycheck from a network that not only protected pedophile-rapist Jeffery [sic] Epstein, but then retaliated against the courageous female whistleblower by pressuring CBS to fire her?"


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 10 2019 15:07 utc | 105

Some news from Renew Economy...
Wind and solar kill coal and nuclear on costs, says latest Lazard report

Take it for what you will...they seem to be "on the money", in my experience...

Posted by: Jon_in_AU | Nov 10 2019 15:17 utc | 106

Jack Rabbit @105: I love it when they fight amongst themselves.

So, more on Bolivia, DW version:

Bolivia: Evo Morales calls for new elections after OAS audit

Morales is calling a general election, all offices on the table. Should be interesting. The opposition says he "should not run", like he lost or something.

PressTV says it's an "outstanding concession", which may be overstating the case a bit.

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 10 2019 15:20 utc | 107

psychohistorian @ 89. Nice article by Stockman.

 I think he's spot on with his foreign policy analysis.

I thought this was interesting:

""David Stockman: I think his re-election is binary.If the stock market holds up and the economy manages to skirt recession, he’ll be in good shape. But I don’t think that’s going to happen.I think the stock market is in its last days of bubble excess. I think the economy is slouching toward recession within a matter of a few quarters or months. If that happens, Trump is toast. Elizabeth Warren becomes president, and then that’ll be a whole new ball game that is hard to figure.""

I think it's unfortunate that the stock market is used as a measure of success of the economy rather than things like a living wage and affordable housing, education and medical care.
With the current propping up of the stock market by the Fed pouring billions of dollars into the repo market this seems like it could be a teachable moment to reorient our economic priorities.

Posted by: financial matters | Nov 10 2019 16:16 utc | 108

@ financial matters | Nov 10 2019 16:16 utc | 108

Of course the government's greatest interest is keeping the stock exchange (in all its forms) liquid, no matter the cost. Once those exchanges freeze due to illiquidity, it is all over for whomever is in control of the government and its power & wealth. Power & wealth are a far piece from economy.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Nov 10 2019 16:54 utc | 109

psychoh @ 89: Thanks for the link, but it did solidify my impressions of David Stockman, and he's still a sycophant, and puppet for the uber wealthy.

IMO, the "deep state" is nothing more than its ever been, an alliance between "the Fed", which is not federal, its privately owned, and the mega-corporations. Between the two, they dictate foreign, as well as domestic policies for the latest empire.

They "own the system" because they control the money.

Posted by: ben | Nov 10 2019 20:45 utc | 110

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