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November 12, 2019

Lessons To Learn From The Coup In Bolivia

The coup in Bolivia is devastating for the majority of the people in that country. Are their lessons to be learnt from it?

Andrea Lobo writes at WSWS:

Bolivian president Evo Morales of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) party was forced to resign Sunday evening by the Bolivian military in a coup backed by the United States. Last night, Morales tweeted that he is “leaving for Mexico” after that country agreed to grant him asylum.

After three weeks of protests following the disputed October 20 presidential elections, the imperialist powers and their Bolivian client elite have overthrown the government of Morales. In the context of a deepening crisis of global capitalism and a resurgence of the class struggle internationally, including recent mass strikes among miners and doctors in Bolivia, the ruling class lost confidence that Morales and the MAS apparatus can continue to suppress social opposition.

During his twelve years in office Evo Morales achieved quite a lot of good things:

Illiteracy rates:
2006 13.0%, 2018 2.4%
Unemployment rates
2006 9.2%, 2018 4.1%
Moderate poverty rates
2006 60.6%, 2018 34.6%
Extreme poverty rates
2006 38.2%, 2018 15.2%

But Morales failed to build the defenses that are necessary to make such changes permanent. The leadership of the military and police stood against him. Why were these men in such positions?

Jeb Sprague @JebSprague - 20:19 UTC · Nov 11, 2019
The US coup connection
Officials who forced #Evo to resign worked as #Bolivia's Mil. Attachés in DC. The CIA often seeks to recruit Attachés working in DC.
2013: Gen. Kaliman served as Mil. Attaché
2018: Police Com. Calderón Mariscal was Pres. of APALA in DC

The Agregados Policiales de América Latina (APALA) is supposed to fight international organized crime in Latin America. It is curiously hosted in Washington DC.

These police and military men cooperated with a racist Christian-fascist multi-millionaire to bring Morales down.

Morales had clearly won a fourth term in the the October 20 elections. The vote count was confusing (pdf) because it followed the process defined by the Organization of American States:

The [Tribunal Supremo Electoral, or TSE] has two vote-counting systems. The first is a quick count known as the Transmisión de Resultados Electorales Preliminares (TREP, hereafter referred to as the quick count). This is a system that Bolivia and several other Latin American countries have implemented following OAS recommendations. It was implemented for the 2019 election by a private company in conjunction with the Servicio de Registro Cívico (SERECÍ), the civil registry service, and is designed to deliver a swift —but incomplete and not definitive- result on the night of the elections to give the media an indication of the voting tendency and to inform the public.

The early and incomplete numbers let it seem that Morales had not won the 10% lead he needed to avert a second round of voting. The rural districts in which Morales has high support are usually late to report results and were not included. The complete results showed that Morales had won more than the 10% lead he needed to avoid a runoff.

Kevin Cashman @kevinmcashman - 1:36 UTC · Nov 11, 2019
Eventually, the official count was released: Morales won in the first round 47.08% to 36.51%. If you had been watching the polls before the election, 5 out of 6 of them predicted the same result. Weird to have a fraud that matches up with polls.
Poll Tracker: Bolivia's 2019 Presidential Race

To allege false election results to instigate color revolutions or coups is a typical instrument of U.S. interference. In 2009 Mahmoud Ahmedinejad won his second term in the Iranian presidential elections. The U.S. supported oppositions raised a ruckus even as the results fit perfectly with previous polling.

The OAS which recommended the quick count scheme that allows for such manipulations receives 60% of its budget from Washington DC.

Western media do not call the coup in Bolivia a coup because it was what the U.S. wanted to happen:

Army generals appearing on television to demand the resignation and arrest of an elected civilian head of state seems like a textbook example of a coup. And yet that is certainly not how corporate media are presenting the weekend’s events in Bolivia.

No establishment outlet framed the action as a coup; instead, President Evo Morales “resigned” (ABC News, 11/10/19), amid widespread “protests” (CBS News, 11/10/19) from an “infuriated population” (New York Times, 11/10/19) angry at the “election fraud” (Fox News, 11/10/19) of the “full-blown dictatorship” (Miami Herald, 11/9/19). When the word “coup” is used at all, it comes only as an accusation from Morales or another official from his government, which corporate media have been demonizing since his election in 2006 (, 5/6/09, 8/1/12, 4/11/19).

The poor and indigenous people who supported Morales will have little chance against the far right para-militaries and police (vid) who now go from door to door (vid) to round up leftists and Morales supporters.

Evo Morales found asylum in Mexico. Bolivia will now turn into a neoliberal hell and a quasi-dictatorship. It will take time, a lot of effort and probably a civil war to regain what was lost through this coup.

What can one learn from this?

  • As one person remarked to me: "When one wants to win and keep a socialist revolution one has to bring guillotines."
  • Socialist movements who come into power must neutralize their biggest local enemies. They need to build their own defenses. They can not rely on those institutions, like the military and police, they inherit from previous regimes.
  • Such movements must never rely on U.S. affiliated organizations like the OAS or on military and police personal that had come under U.S. indoctrination. 
  • A movement needs a public voice. It must build its own media locally and internationally.

Hugo Chavez knew this all this. As soon as he won the presidential election in Venezuela he built the necessary forces to defend the state. It is the only reason why his successor Nicolás Maduro defeated the coup attempt against him and is still in power.

Evo Morales unfortunately failed to follow that path.

Posted by b on November 12, 2019 at 18:08 UTC | Permalink

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People speak of Comrade Joe and repeat things they do not know, but simply believe.

I will say something about Joe that we do know. This is that the Soviet State survived because of Joe, and that it produced the men who rule Russia right now. Anybody can see that these are the best rulers Russia has ever had.

That alone would seem to vindicate Joe's rule.

Posted by: Walter | Nov 14 2019 13:58 utc | 201

@ vk | Nov 14 2019 13:42 utc | 200

Shouting someone down as 'naive and dangerous' for advocating proper judicial procedures, well, that's your Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson for you.

Can't have the common people see all the evidence now, can we? Where will it all end? Too many friends of Boris might end up terribly grieved by the implications. They already had to let go of one of their own the other day...

Posted by: Lurk | Nov 14 2019 14:17 utc | 202

@ 200 vk.... as lurk notes - destroying the evidence is what this is about.. i agree with corbyn..those who rage at him and want to toss out judicial procedures, reflect their bias and hostility to the thought he might reveal info that runs counter to their views.. same deal with a number of people who have been vilified in the msm - saddam, osama bin laden, gaddafi and etc. etc.. there is a pattern here that the usa-uk follow closely - destroy the people who they claim are the bad guys, before we hear the bad guys position on it all... i don't buy it..

Posted by: james | Nov 14 2019 16:11 utc | 203

I'm going to point to a very truthful and impeccable summary of the Bolivia coup and how it relates to the dismal situation of the wider world...

Washington Has Disassociated America from Good and Deprived Her of Moral Basis

From Paul Craig Roberts...

I will first state that I see a lot of pseudo-leftists here who are not shy about attacking our estimable host here on his incisive coverage of the so-called 'Ukrainegate' and are reflexively shooting the messenger as somehow 'supporting Trump'...

This from PCR, who comes from the so-called 'right' [he was a high level member of Reagan's cabinet back in the day] applies in spades on this discussion forum...

I will receive emails from some readers wanting to know how I can attack Trump and still endorse him.

Such letters show the failure of American education.

I have never endorsed Trump. I endorsed the goals that got him elected—normalization of relations with Russia and bringing the offshored American middle class jobs home.

I have personally had responses from such pseudo-leftist shills here who have dismissed Roberts as a 'right winger'...despite the man's scathing attacks on capitalism and always being on the correct side of issues from Syria, to Assange, to Venezuela, and on down the line...

Roberts has long supported Maduro, Correa and Morales...and has heaped scorn on the likes of Lenin Moreno and others...including in this article...

Morales is the first president since the founding of Bolivia to come from the indigenous population. His seventy-nine predecessors were all members of the Spanish colonial elite allied with Washington. Together they plundered the country.Is this not the honest truth...?

It's ironic that some of the supposed 'left' here can take lessons about the truth from a supposed 'right winger'...

PCR's greatest insight of course is that people are not discerning and easily led...the scientific investigator goes wherever the truth may lead...the hard sciences do not allow us to make up our rules of math and physics...

Yet we see that when rigorous investigators of the political sciences, such as our own host here [and PCR who likewise always gets flack from similarly indoctrinated numbskulls] arrive at the hard truth they are met by a whining and completely brainwashed audience that obviously makes no effort in their own personal voyage of life to learn and discern...

Posted by: flankerbandit | Nov 14 2019 16:26 utc | 204

pretzelattack @192
Lurk @194
Realist @197


2018: Blumenthal, Norton, Khalek - The Turncoats Deliver A Poor Excuse - by Daniel

2017: Syria - The Alternet Grayzone Of Smug Turncoats - Blumenthal, Norton, Khalek

Also Note:

Max B. was recently jailed for two days. Max B. and Greyzone have hyped his arrest while providing little info about the actual charges. The do this so as to portray Max B. as a "dissident journalist" who is being "persecuted" for his journalism. But Max B. is charged for his ACTIVISM not his journalism. He had crossed the line from journalism to activism when he helped to deliver food to those occupying the Venezuelan Embassy.

Max B. and his compatriots compare Max B.'s plight to Assange. IMO Max B. is attempting to co-opt the sympathy for Assange and thereby position himself to be the next Assange.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 14 2019 16:29 utc | 205

vk @200--

The Daesh leader was an "enemy" of the UK when the UK was hip-deep in his creation and support? No, assets like that don't get arrested so they can spill the beans in a court of law. Like any potential stoolie they must be silenced via death. Looks like the UK's transported itself back to the 17th Century with the military ready to commit treason and march against the winning party's leader. Lots of talk about the impending Civil War within the Evil Outlaw US Empire when the UK is far closer to going over that edge than many seem to understand. My question: How keenly do the people in UK feel about the possibility that upon winning Corbyn will be barred from becoming PM by the Queen and the military, and what might happen?

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 14 2019 16:43 utc | 206

"Max B. and his compatriots compare Max B.'s plight to Assange. IMO Max B. is attempting to co-opt the sympathy for Assange and thereby position himself to be the next Assange.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 14 2019 16:29 utc | 205"


Everything Blumenthal has ever done is about maintaing the Max Blumenthal brand. His brand is "firebrand goodguy" - on the side of the angels.

It's all a lie of course.

He needs that Angels brand-image so that when he's needed to help destroy something Washington wants destroyed, he's able to use his cred to help guide a big bunch of opinions in the direction Washington wants.

When it mattered he was fully on board with the "Assad is Hitler, that's why we need to take him out" imperialist game plan.

Never forget that.

It's his actions not his words one needs to look at. When it really matters lil' Maxie's on the side of Washington.

His pals Ben Norton and Kahlek clearly follow his lead. When he decided to rebuild his brand the other two switched sides along with him.

But, don't get fooled again : it's always been ALL about Max, the fortunate Son.

Posted by: Realist | Nov 14 2019 16:49 utc | 207

"I would like to know what the peace-loving social-democrats here in this blog think about this. Do you agree with Corbyn?

‘What Planet is He on?’ Corbyn Slammed by Tories for Saying al-Baghdadi Should Have Been Arrested

Posted by: vk | Nov 14 2019 13:42 utc | 200"


It's a smart move from Corbyn.

Hard for any reasonable person to argue against. And since there's no chance of it ever happening, it's a completely risk-free way of looking honourable and "gutsy", on something that no one really gives a damn about anyway. People just like to pretend they do.

Essentially he's just trolling BoJo, using Al B as bait.


Posted by: Realist | Nov 14 2019 16:59 utc | 208

PS: and thank you jackrabbit for supplying the proof for everything I said in my comment at #191.

The fact that both of your linked articles come direct from MOA, demonstrates just how duplicitous/fake pretzelattck's laughable "Mr Objectivity" pose, at #192, actually was.

PA has been commenting here since looooong before to Publication Date of those 2 articles on MOA. His claim not to know about Blumenthal's history on Syria doesn't withstand any scrutiny

Posted by: Realist | Nov 14 2019 17:09 utc | 209

@ Posted by: Realist | Nov 14 2019 16:59 utc | 208

I know why Baghdadi was killed before going to trial and why Corbyn made the political play.

What I'm asking is: with the next greatest bad guy, if he's to be neutralized, what would be the political position of the social-democrats who are commenting here? Are they in favor of killing him or just arresting him?

Posted by: vk | Nov 14 2019 17:30 utc | 210

Jesus, talk about a thread going nowhere. This is about BOLIVIA, not Clinton, Stalin, Hitler, or Blumenthal, for f$$& sakes.

I suggest @redfishstream to follow events on this thread's topic..

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 14 2019 17:36 utc | 211

Al B never really existed anyway. Pure psyop. A creation of CentCom central casting.

Prove he's dead. Prove he really existed.

Prove that the actor playing his role really was what CentCom central casting claimed he was.

ISIS is, and always has been, a creation of CentCom central casting. After years of this nonsense, what do you still not get, concerning that obvious psyop?

A mere meat puppet.

A manufactured excuse to explain the MIC's continued actions and presence in Iraq and Syria.

Who cares about obvious manufactured meat puppets?

Why waste time on it?

Posted by: Realist | Nov 14 2019 17:43 utc | 212

Jesus, talk about a thread going nowhere. This is about BOLIVIA, not Clinton, Stalin, Hitler, or Blumenthal, for f$$& sakes.


Your comment is #211. We're on page 3 of the comments.

The thread already went somewhere. Get over it

Posted by: Realist | Nov 14 2019 17:47 utc | 213

Great analysis and comments as always here. A couple of things on what appears again to be a substantial involvement by Canada:

Canada Backs Coup Against Bolvia's President

"Hours after the military command forced Morales to resign as president of the most Indigenous nation in the Americas, Chrystia Freeland endorsed the coup..."

"Tesla (US) and PURE ENERGY MINERALS (CANADA) both showed great interest in having a direct stake in Bolivian lithium. But they could not make a deal that would take into consideration the parameters set by the Morales government. Morales himself was a direct impediment to the takeover of the lithium fields by the non-Chinese transnational firms. He had to go." - Vijay Prashad, CP

"With increasing speculation that the coup which ousted Evo Morales in Bolivia might be linked to the lithium contract the country signed with China, the government in Beijing is at a crossroads and not just in Latin America. Few presidents will now risk the grisly fate of Evo Morales, his family and supporters if that is the fate of the friends of Beijing...George Galloway, RT oped

This might help also to explain the reported solidarity messaging from the USAID protesters in HK to the fascist bully-boys in La Paz. Would very much like to hear more on those connections which were first reported by Patrick Henningsen on 21st Century Wire.

Posted by: John Gilberts | Nov 14 2019 17:51 utc | 214

vk @200: The Killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: Illegal, Disgusting and Degenerate

I agree with JR, Max looks like a guy on the make to me.

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 14 2019 17:51 utc | 215

"Years ago I asked if we would need to become as evil as the evil we need to destroy or if there was some other way--the same warning Yoda gave to Luke as he entered the cave: How to purge the Dark Side without becoming it in the process."

See Trotsky essay on this very subject: "Their Morals and Ours."

Posted by: Piow | Nov 14 2019 18:13 utc | 216

@ 215 bemildred... but you didn't answer @200 vks question!! it wasn't about max, lol...

@ vk - i liked what karlof1 quoted @110 in the open thread from assad who also answers your question @ 200..

"'Both of us know that they [representatives of the White Helmets] are naturally part of Al Qaeda. I believe that these people, as well as the previously liquidated bin Laden and al-Baghdadi had been killed chiefly because they knew major secrets. They turned into a burden once they had played out their roles. A dire need to do away with them surfaced after they had fulfilled their roles,' Assad explained."

Posted by: james | Nov 14 2019 19:05 utc | 217

vk | Nov 12 2019 18:34 utc | 4

That's why one of the first things Lenin ordered after the October Revolution (1917) was the creation of the Red Army and Red Air Force (February 1918).

P.S.: the Navy already was on the side of the Revolution, so there was no need to create a new one.

The reason the Navy was on the side of the revolution, was that for years, the Tzarist authorities had used service in the navy as an alternative to imprisonment for political dissidents.
Information I got from a very interesting book called "Tsushima, The Death of a Floating City". I don't remember who wrote it, but he was an officer in the Imperial Russian Navy and was wounded in the battle of Tsushima and then imprisoned as a POW by the Japanese. I lent the book to someone, of course I did not get it back and Duckduckgo knows nothing of it.

Posted by: foolisholdman | Nov 14 2019 19:13 utc | 218

Willy2 | Nov 12 2019 18:36 utc | 5

- The US = Organized Crime.

For an in extenso justification of this remark, see Ron Unz's article "American Pravda: The Power of Organized Crime"

Posted by: foolisholdman | Nov 14 2019 19:19 utc | 219

@ Tsushima, The Death of a Floating City gives me many "hits"...

tinyurl [ dot ] /tk4rhz3

and more

Posted by: Walter | Nov 14 2019 19:23 utc | 221

Dfnslblty | Nov 12 2019 19:48 utc | 27

More violence is not the answer.
violence is the way of bullies.
Economic equality and rule of law will get resources to market and will feed Citizens.
Protest Loudly.

I cannot see that history is on your side. Are you denying that "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun"? "Protesting loudly" (which the British did) did not stop Blair taking Britain into the Iraq War. Nor did loud US protests stop Bush doing so either.

As usual, Mao was very clear on this matter:"It is up to us to organize the people. As for the reactionaries in China, it is up to us to organize the people to overthrow them. Everything reactionary is the same; if you don't hit it, it won't fall. This is also like sweeping the floor; as a rule, where the broom does not reach, the dust does not vanish of itself."
The situation and our policy After the Victory in the War Against Japan. August 13th 1945.

Posted by: foolisholdman | Nov 14 2019 19:58 utc | 222

karlof1 | Nov 12 2019 19:50 utc | 28

It seems lots of people tune-out when Class War is intoned or shown to be at the root of what's happening. The Reactionaries win whenever that happens as it frustrates mounting a proper response. If you don't know or understand who/what is your enemy, how can you mount a proper defense then move to the offense to defeat it?

The effort to suppress any mention of Class War has been ongoing for decades now. The msm (when they mention it at all) consistently portrays it and anyone who mentions it as "Old Fashioned", "Square", "Fuddy-duddy", "outdated", "Not with-it", "not hip", "So 20th C" or just plain deluded. Most people have no idea of the meaning of the word "class".

Posted by: foolisholdman | Nov 14 2019 20:17 utc | 223

jayc | Nov 12 2019 20:10 utc | 33

Your post illustrates not only the importance of a revolutionary/progressive/socialist government moving immediately to re-form the military, but to cut the media down to size and to eliminate the anti-government media altogether as well, along with the foreign-owned media and foreign-financed NGOs. There will, of course be a lot of squawking, but the alternative is much worse.

Posted by: foolisholdman | Nov 14 2019 20:42 utc | 224

Pretzel Attack @ 192:

Here, follow the links given at this past MoA article on Max Blumenthal, Ben Norton and Rania Khalek.

Max Blumenthal did indeed support the war against Bashar al Assad, so much so that he actually walked out on a previous newspaper employer.

Posted by: Jen | Nov 14 2019 21:18 utc | 225

David G | Nov 12 2019 21:58 utc | 52

Can you supply examples of WSWS actively supporting Western imperial adventures? (I’m not trying to be provocative or start a fight – I’m genuinely curious.)

Yes I can. Here it is:

Hong Kong protests defy police violence and mass arrests
By Mike Head
13 November 2019

Try reading it and you will find it is supporting the CIA-organised color revolution.

Posted by: foolisholdman | Nov 14 2019 21:23 utc | 226

John Gilberts @ 214:

Trust Chrystia Freeland to throw her support behind the Santa Cruz fascists in the coup against Evo Morales. What's that cliche again, birds of a feather flock together?

No doubt she'll be pleased to know that coup leader Luis Fernando Camacho is linked to the exiled separatist / terrorist Croatian-Bolivian businessman Branko Marinkovic whose parents were said to have links to the Ustasha regime in Croatia during World War II, according to a Croatian documentary broadcast in Bolivia, and whose own activities in trying to break Santa Cruz department away from Bolivia in 2008 suggest links with post-1945 Ustasha fascists operating in Croatia after that country became independent in 1991.

Truly, scum like Freeland and Marinkovic are but linchpins in a developing global fascist network, the evil to which Ian Fleming's creation SPECTRE compares as cartoony amateurs.

Posted by: Jen | Nov 14 2019 21:50 utc | 227

Some great comments here by 'foolisholdman'...who is anything but 'foolish'...

Thanks especially for the great Mao citations...

Posted by: flankerbandit | Nov 15 2019 1:29 utc | 228

I see a lot knocking of Max Blumenthal on the board.
A few months ago I bookmarked his twitter account and usually every day I have a look. I think his reporting on the goings on in South America are very bang on.
Pretty sure I didn't see through the propaganda machine until my forties.
Max being an American and Jewish with a father high up may not have seen through the fog.
This nonsense about him likening himself to Assange is pure nonsense.
He was accosted very heavily for an obvious trumped up excuse. To not mention that would be silly.

My radar is pretty good and if and when I see him lying than I will pull back.

Posted by: arby | Nov 15 2019 23:09 utc | 229

"My radar is pretty good and if and when I see him lying than I will pull back"

He already lied. He lied when he claimed his Greyzone project was doing reporting on Syria that no one else was doing, because Vanessa Beeley was doing it long before he was, to name but one. And worse than that, he was one of the worst people attacking her for it.

Additionally his later reporting on Syira after his damascene conversion was very much plagiarising the very people he had been smearing a mere 12 month prior.

But this is all laid out in the links jackrabbit posted, which you obviously ignored,

If you didnt even bother to inform yourself on the situation before commenting then clearly your attempts at defending Blumenthal by pretending to have some magic radar are little more than a sad attempt to sound knowledgeable about something on which you clearly are very ill informed, to say the least.

Doesnt say much for that magic radar of yours, eh?

Posted by: Realist | Nov 15 2019 23:42 utc | 230

Since I have been reading him I have not seen anything to make me doubt him.
Interesting that several on this board have suddenly pulled their axes out against him.
Maybe he's hitting to close to home. LOL

Posted by: arby | Nov 16 2019 0:05 utc | 231

I have never followed this woman, but I must say that she at least is showing more dignity than the Russian administration this time...
She is doing it from inside a nation almost overwhelmed by fascist who organize, support or simply remain silent about coups...Thus, it seems that there is a left after all in the US, at least one who can call al pan, pan, y al vino, vino, no circumlocutions like the Russians...the same circumlocutions they use fro to once after another discharge Trump of any guilt...Just like some commentariat here..

No wonder the Trumpistas here are always telling the hell about her, along with the old Christian fundamentalist curmudgeon at SST who now wants to depose Pope Francis because he hosted some LatinAmerican indians and allow them to represent their Pachamama rite...
Could anyone be more mean? Qué asco! Moreover these are the self-appointed best Christians....

Btw, that the fact that in such vibes nest like SST they pass all day praising Russia start sounding to me increasingly is obvious they have recognized in them the same ideological line.....

Posted by: Sasha | Nov 16 2019 0:35 utc | 232

@ arby | Nov 16 2019 0:05 utc | 231

You are using the wrong words when you say "LOL".


And you're supposed to put your fingers in your ears while yelling it.

Posted by: Lurk | Nov 16 2019 0:35 utc | 233

@231 arby.. i skipped commenting on that as i think it is a bit too much to get into, but your comments echo my viewpoint as well, so thanks for saying all that... max might have fucked up big time in the past, but it doesn't preclude him saying relevant things today that ring true... as for the bs on likening him to assange ( jrs take on caitlin johnstone) - i just look at that as bs and leave it alone..

Posted by: james | Nov 16 2019 0:52 utc | 234

After recognizing oficcially of this "presidenta Encargada" by the Russian Federation "until next elections only" ...could anyone of the pro-Putin administration here explain this?
I am curious what story you will invet now.

What is Russia playing at here?

Losing credibility in their fight against Nazism at galloping pace...Since the Russian do not give stich without thread, I wonder what kind of u-turn are they preparing by participating in this outrage plus inviting The Donald to the next Victory Parade...

Is it the current Russian administration unveiling itself as part of International Fascist?
Why now?

Posted by: Sasha | Nov 16 2019 0:54 utc | 235

@232 sasha... good for jill stein saying what she does... as for pat lang - lol - funny how someone can love war and usa's foreign policy up until when?, while still maintaining a strong connection to religion... i don't see any religion in all the support for war over the course of pats life, even if he has had a change of heart in the later part of his life...

i guess what i am trying to say is how does christianity support war, and intervention into the affairs of other sovereign nations on such a regular basis? and why is it all the evangelicals are so supportive of all of this and the right wing ideology of war that seems baked into both usa mainstream parties? it makes no sense to me...oh yeah, and don't forget to lock your doors and stay married to your guns 24=7.. something about ''some'' americans i have a hard time understanding..

Posted by: james | Nov 16 2019 0:58 utc | 236

"Maybe he's hitting to close to home. LOL

Posted by: arby | Nov 16 2019 0:05 utc | 231"

That's a pretty dumb comment. Blumenthal was wrong when it mattered, on both Syria and Lybia. Being wrong on Lybia might hae been possible to dismiss as a mistake, but add in Syria, and that's a clear pattern. And in both cases he was Clearly happily on the wrong side of history, viciously so in fact. And clearly was equally happy to play a political and PR role, to help out both Clinton and his dad in the coverup of the Lybian gun running fiasco.

All he's doing now is rebranding, to setup gullible rubes like you, for his next betrayal, when Washington needs him to spend some of that ill-earned street cred for yet another secular Arab or 3rd world gov't takedown.

How anyone could call that "hitting too close to home" boggles the mind.

Adding a "LOL" after it just makes you look like a complete moron, tbh

Posted by: Realist | Nov 16 2019 1:13 utc | 237

if he has had a change of heart in the later part of his life...

@Posted by: james | Nov 16 2019 0:58 utc | 236

Do not hold your we say around here...cuanto más viejo, más pellejo...

He tries frome time to time to appear as a consitutionalist democrat...but. all of a outburst betrays him all the way...

Posted by: Sasha | Nov 16 2019 1:15 utc | 238

@ realist.... you might want to take a more relaxed approach towards posters here at moa.. it will serve you well in the long term!

Posted by: james | Nov 16 2019 1:21 utc | 239

"why is it all the evangelicals are so supportive of all of this and the right wing ideology of war that seems baked into both usa mainstream parties"

Because theyre not actually "Christian".

They're Bible is the old testament, based on the Hebrew Tanakh. which isn't Christian. Christian is the new testament, based on the teachings of Christ. Teachings which were an explicit rejection of the Jewish teachings in the old testament. He States it several times in the gospel of Mark.

Essentially evangelicals are a warped sect based on warped Jewish teachings and not Christian at all, irrespective of however they label themselves

Posted by: Realist | Nov 16 2019 1:28 utc | 240

@ realist - yes.. it was just a hypothetical question, that i sort of already had the answer for - much like your conclusion..

Posted by: james | Nov 16 2019 1:32 utc | 241

Oh don't trouble yourself on my behalf, coming up with anymore unasked for advice, James.

I won't be commenting for much longer, I'm just bored tonight.

Posted by: Realist | Nov 16 2019 1:33 utc | 242

Btw, that this week is one of revelations for me...

It has been widely analyzed by Spanish journalists that both extrem nationalisms, that of fascists Vox and that of Catalan independentists, reinforced each other, as always happens with nationalisms of "aparent" different, or opposed, sign, and thus they both gained more seats after the last elections...

But what has also been reported is on the Russian connection with the man of Waterloo, Puigdemont, and his minions....
Do you guess who has kept in contact with him and has offered him refuge in the Russian Federation?

The bocazas of Zhirinovsky!...He has been caught by Spanish police telling by Whatsapp that Puigdemont would not find difficult to stay in Russia, since he would arrange things with The Kremlin...He was stating that he favors seccesionist processes in Catalonia, Basque Country, Galicia and Valencia ( just like see...)....and that he was interested in the split of the EU ( just like see...)..which would greatly favor his country...

I wonder whether this is part of the recent u-turn by the Russian Kremlin administration or it is the The Kremlin has lost control of its "controled opposition"...

What more, apart from Bolivia, is The Kremlin ( I refuse to use Russia, since the Russians are overwhelmingly socialist good people...)planning to split among them and the US?

Posted by: Sasha | Nov 16 2019 1:41 utc | 243

Sorry, I was not aware the link was so long, I hope it does not ruin the margins...

Posted by: Sasha | Nov 16 2019 1:45 utc | 244

For you to see that the new self-proclaiamed Presidenta of Bolivia has received the same book of instructions than Bolsonaro previously...

The Russian will work with her....

Posted by: Sasha | Nov 16 2019 2:05 utc | 245

Horrifying image of the victims of the Cochabamba massacre.

This is the fascist regime Russia has legitimized...

Posted by: Sasha | Nov 16 2019 2:09 utc | 246

More on the Cochabamba massacre...

Posted by: Sasha | Nov 16 2019 2:13 utc | 247

hey fake realist, you idiot, i haven't read most of the articles on moon of alabama. i didn't even visit it regularly for a long time, increasing recently. i simply asked for a link supporting that blumenthal was an advocate of invading syria. i do know that caitlin johnstone recently published an article praising blumenthat for standing up for assange. now i think she has integrity and judgement, and i think you're stupid. this of course doesn't mean you are wrong on the subject of blumenthal, but it makes is less likely. if the evidence is so copious, a cursory search didn't turn it up. you come up with a lot of smears, but i haven't seen your evidence yet.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Nov 16 2019 3:01 utc | 248

@ jen 225, thanks for the helpful link. i didn't know that. did blumenthal ever admit he was wrong, or did just suddenly do an about face?

Posted by: pretzelattack | Nov 16 2019 3:06 utc | 249

looks like fake realist was correct on blumenthal's position on syria. like i said, just because he's stupid doesn't mean he is always wrong. next, he provides evidence that everyone who comments on a site has read all articles on that site on a subject going back several years. i'm not gonna hold my breath on that one.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Nov 16 2019 3:11 utc | 250

In 2015, he began to claim the White Helmets were connected to Al-Qaeda and anti-Assad Syrians were members of the group.[12] In his opinion they were being used as a Trojan horse, an excuse for the United States to propose having "70,000 American servicemen" invade Syria.[14]

still haven't found an apology or an admission of error.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Nov 16 2019 3:17 utc | 251

Cliffs notes for #'s 248, 250 251:
Blah blah blah.

Posted by: Realist | Nov 16 2019 4:19 utc | 252

That's a hella lot of words you wasted when you coulda just cut to the chase and posted "I'm completely fuclin clueless about Blumenthal, but nonetheless I just felt the need to comment, cos it's my constitutional right as an American to be completely fuckin clueless but comment anyway, God damn it!"

Posted by: Realist | Nov 16 2019 4:27 utc | 253

arby @229: when I see him lying than I will pull back.

Realist @230: He already lied... [and was] plagiarizing the very people he had been smearing a mere 12 month prior.

james @234: bs on likening him to assange

There's a good case to make that Max B. is deliberately stretching the truth NOW, if not outright lying. He has been less than forthcoming about the reasons for his arrest AND at the same time has been more than willing to be likened to Assange.

Concerns about Max B. being likened to Assange are not "bs". Caitlin Johnstone's likening of Max B. to Assange is wrong on multiple levels:

> it appears that the charge against Max B. is actually related to his having joined the activists who were delivering food to the protesters inside the Embassy - it is not clear that the charge has anything to do with Max B.'s reporting;

> Max B.'s 2-days in jail is nothing like what Assange has faced;

> Max B.'s father is a loyal foot soldier for the Clintons who are enemies of Assange;

> Max B. has already proven himself loyal to the Clinton establishment in his reporting on the video that was claimed to be the inspiration for the Benghazi attack as well as his anti-Assad/pro-regime change reporting in 2011-2013.

But even more disturbing is that Max B has 1) gladly accepted Caitlin's likening him to Assange and 2) has nurtured the view of his being treated like Assange by a) talking of being "persecuted" as a journalist and b) talking about how he thought a lot about Assange during his time in jail. And, although he says that he doesn't want to be compared to Assange in this interview - which comes nearly a week after Caitlin's post - he has never objected to Caitlin's likening him to Assange!!

Bonus: just after his "though a lot about Assange" comment, Max B. admits that "it doesn't blow my mind" to see a journalist do a 180 to get back into the good graces of the establishment! The look of shock on Jimmy Dore's face is priceless.

Also, in the Jimmy Dore interview, see:

17:50 Max B.: What you won't see is us committing violence because we were not violent.
Here Max B. is identifying with the anti-Juan Guido protestors!

Also Note: "simple assault" (which is what Max B. is charged with) can be just a push. It doesn't have to be what most of us think of as "violent".

While many on the left would applaud anyone helping the anti-Guido protestors, the fact is that you can't be a journalist and an activist at the same time. Activists NEED journalists that are willing to report about their protests. By joining the activists, Max B. actually betrayed them because all of his "reporting" is now suspect.

18:28: Watch Max B. bob and weave as Jimmy Dore asks him to do some real reporting.

Max B. immediately blames the amorphous "Trump Administration" and of their culpability he says: "We know that, I mean, there's no doubt about THAT."; yet Max B. offers no evidence and seemingly has not thought about seeking any! Jimmy Dore's suggestion that he find the guy that actually ordered the arrest is something that any real reporter should've already been working on.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 16 2019 4:55 utc | 254

@254 jackrabbit... max is not julian and any comparison is going to break down very quickly... as i said earlier - i just don't see caitlin trying to make the 2 equal, although i see how you would like to read into it all that... i ain't buying any of that.. these 2 guys are very different.. the fact max was thrown in jail temporarily is like peanuts next to what julian has had to go thru.. lets be real here.. at the same time, i don't preclude the idea max might say something of value or relevance.. we are going to have to agree to disagree here.. cheers..

Posted by: james | Nov 16 2019 5:27 utc | 255

Sasha 246

Morales has written a formal letter of resignation. He chose to run rather than fight fight and has sent a letter of resignation. Why should Russia fight for him. By the way Russia will only recognise the self nominated pres if Morales letter of resignation is officially accepted.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Nov 16 2019 6:13 utc | 256

james @255: i just don't see caitlin trying to make the 2 equal

I like Caitlin's writing and I think she's made a great contribution by pointing out the pervasive narrative management that we see. b and others are also critical of the media but Caitlin has taken that criticism to another level.

That doesn't mean that I won't be critical of Caitlin if warranted.

She doesn't seem to have done her homework wrt Max B. IMO she is reflexively supporting a fellow "dissident journalist". As she does so, she is either ignorant of, or ignores, the likelihood that Max B. was acting as an activist instead of a journalist.

Being "persecuted" as an activist is very different than being "persecuted" as a journalist. Activists EXPECT to be persecuted - they rely on journalists to tell their story and thereby bring attention to the issues that they sacrifice for.

Let's not lose sight of the fact that USA claims that Assange is not a journalist but a non-state adversary (i.e. activist). Assange's developing sources so as to publish their material is normal journalistic practice whereas Max B.'s joining activists that are delivering food to protesters is not.

Maybe YOU can easily distinguish between Assange and Max B. but there are many that will not be able to do so. Caitlin definitely uses Assange to raise Max B. to a level that is unjustified when she: uses an image that portrays Assange and Max B. side by side, and writes: "First they came for Assange ... then they came for Max B. ..."

Lastly, there's no doubt in my mind that USA establishment would LOVE to co-opt Wikileaks by creating 'the next Assange'. And Max B. is a logical choice for that role (for reasons I've described in my previous comments).


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 16 2019 6:23 utc | 257

Three additional points:

1) Max B. has admitted that after he was arrested, he was treated the same as every other prisoner.

2) The person making the complaint against Max B. claims to have video evidence.

3) I've discounted the theory that Max B. may be attempting to replace Assange.

While there is some logic to that, this whole episode is just too amateurish. I think it's much more likely that Max B. is just trying to "beat the rap". In the process, he's politicizing journalism and undermining activists.

Even if we accept that the pro-Guido protestors were violent and had the backing of the US government, Max B. would have lost his journalistic protections if he joined with the activists. Journalists put themselves at risk of a vindictive charge when they take sides in such a blatant manner. "Coloring the news" is very different from explicitly taking part.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 16 2019 12:31 utc | 258

JR @254--
There I read all of the Cate Johnsone article. No where does she knock Blumenthal;. and actually supports him as a dissident journalist.

Seems to be a lot of trolls around of late.

They all sound like Hillary telling us who to read and what to believe. ha ha ha

Posted by: arby | Nov 16 2019 12:43 utc | 259

"They all sound like Hillary telling us who to read and what to believe. ha ha ha

Posted by: arby | Nov 16 2019 12:43 utc | 259"


Your poor overly-taxed little brain seems a little confused.

It was of course Max Blumenthal who was telling everyone what to believe and who not to read on the subject of Syria, in his now self-censored pre 2016 twitter stream and in various pro-imperialist grandstanding articles.

What he hasn't done is properly address or acknowledge any of that, now presenting himself as a fearless lone purveyor of the truth and nothing but the truth, on Syria, by effectively plagiarising the work of some of the real journalists he had previously viciously attacked, before he'd decided to reinvent his brandimage by doing a 180 on Syria.

None of Blumenthal's claim about his fearless lone-voice-in-the-wilderness Syrian reportage are true and all of that has been clearly demonstrated in the two MOA links posted earlier.

If you want to continue pretending that none of that evidence exists and that you have a magic truth detecting radar specifically tuned for detected Mr Blumenthal's truff-iness go right ahead.

After all I can't stop you from making a complete idiot of yourself. But I do reserve the right to highlight both your ignorance and your idiocy

Posted by: Realist | Nov 16 2019 13:25 utc | 260

"There I read all of the Cate Johnsone article. No where does she knock Blumenthal;. and actually supports him as a dissident journalist."

That poor little over-taxed brain of yours clearly needs a rest.

JR never claimed CJ knocked Blumenthal. He actually said CJ is lumping Blumenthal in with Assange.

All you have done is confirm what JR said, while thinking that you are offering a clever counter argument.

It's rather sad to watch someone struggle so much to understand the simple point JR made in his earlier comment on CJ.

No amount of magic radar thinking on your behalf is likely to improve that cringe-inducing performance.


Posted by: Realist | Nov 16 2019 13:39 utc | 261

If Max Blumenthal's conversion were genuine, he would not have deleted his earlier tracks. Had he publicly disavowed his earlier stance and associations, there might have been less suspicions. Instead he vindicated these suspicions.

Being the son of Sidney Blumenthal and having been on board with the Clintonite program all the way is a good and strong reason for these suspicions. Max Blumenthal's newly turned coat is ridiculous upon any inspection. Caitlyn Johnstone certainly did a sloppy job this time.

Another relevant observation re. Max Blumenthal is that youtube pushes his videos, whereas eg. James Corbett receives a very different treatment.

Posted by: Lurk | Nov 16 2019 14:34 utc | 262

@Posted by: Peter AU1 | Nov 16 2019 6:13 utc | 256

He resigned at gunpoint and having his relatives menaced of death by they do the main positions in his presidential cabinet...

What part of "his life was in danger", as the last Cochabamba massacre cleary exposes,you are not able to understand?

It was not the Russians who evacuated Yanukovich when a SO death squad was in the way to finish him?

The Russians are comitting here the same error they commited six years ago with the Ukraine, recognize the junta coming out of the coup orchestrated by the US in the hope they could keep business as usual...But, that time slavic Russian lives were in play...and that meant hundreds of thousands of dead and crippled....
Now that they are indigenous altiplane poor scarcely literate people, we do not expect any further effort...

Do not tire with me on this topic, for me The Kremlin as an actor for keeping fair order and respect for international law has already died. There is no more four dimension chess play here than what is related to the gains of big money transnational business.

That US/Five Eyes operatives in this and other blogs go to such efforts to rise The Kremlin as paladin of lost causes on the interest of the peoples of the world, only comes as a confirmation of doubts I had from long time before....

I was simply unable to fit the strange friendship of Putin with "elements" the size of Berlusconi and Kissinger with that alleged role, only I chose to blind myself in an exercise of wishful thinking more proper of idiotized people 24/7 in front of TV....

Posted by: Sasha | Nov 16 2019 15:10 utc | 263

Mafia recognizes Mafia....all around the world....the unelected recognize each other...Of Trump mafiosi stance we do not host any doubt, but recall that Yeltsin passed through that part that the Soviet population voted for the USSR to remain...Instead they were those who fought to keep the will of the people who were accused of coupists..

Jeanine Añez, current senator of the Democratic Unit (UD) and self-proclaimed president of Bolivia, is an aunt of Carlos Andrés Añez Dorado, who is her narco-nephew, arrested in 2017 in the city of Mato Grosso carrying more than 400 kilos of cocaine in a light aircraft.

Posted by: Sasha | Nov 16 2019 15:30 utc | 264

Last analysis by Stephen Karganovic on the Bolivian coup comes to add to the point on the confluence of interests of the alleged Trump versus Neoliberal agendas in the US, both widely collaborating in coups and intents on coups d´etat through the world, of which seccesionist movements ar only a part of a complex and well palnned neo-imperialist agenda...You have Soros´especialiced NGOs ( Like CANVAS, formerly OTPOR...) on "color revolutions" working first to undermine governments power and advance US imperialist interests, and then they come the MIC/Big Business/Big Banks/CIA/Pentagon complex, whose hand is currently represented by Trump, to give the coup ....Another dat, if more was needed, to know that the alleged divide between Democrat and Republican apparatus in the US is fake all the keep the masse entertained while thye plunder them and the world...

On the promotion of seccesionist movements by Soros´s apparatus in Santa Cruz region in Bolivia as precursor of the recent coup d´etat...As a warning for current secessionist movements in Europe and around the world, where alleged opposite factions of the world far-right and neoliberals collaborate closely for a far-right, clearly fascist, new world order:

The secessionist "crescent", region with separatist claims. Santa Cruz versus La Paz is an unresolved conflict that underlies the situation that the country is going through. In 2008, Bolivia already experienced a crisis that put its territorial integrity at risk.

Bolivia and examples of separatist conatos: regionalism is fed by elites and is based on the argument known in processes such as that of Catalonia regarding Spain, according to which the region is a victim of dispossession by the central power.

Posted by: Sasha | Nov 16 2019 16:27 utc | 265

@257 jr... quote "Caitlin definitely uses Assange to raise Max B. to a level that is unjustified when she: uses an image that portrays Assange and Max B. side by side" - i read the original post from caitlin and there was no picture of them side by side as is seen in the link you provided to '' outlet... i was thinking was that mediums.coms doing? i don't trust i will tell you that! regardless, there is merit in the last line of your post...

@ 262 lurk... i don't agree.. max fucked up and was embarrassed about what he had written.. i guess the idea is whether max has actually changed any or not... my belief is he has, but it seems some folks here think max is being groomed for future manipulations... like i said in my post on this earlier - if max has something relevant to say that i agree with, i will acknowledge that.. if he has some bullshit to spread, i will take exception to it and say so.. as for caitlin johnstone spreading bullshit trying to liken max to assange - i just don't see it..

Posted by: james | Nov 16 2019 16:48 utc | 266

arby @259: No where does she knock Blumenthal ...

I never said she "knocked" Max B.

I wasn't pointing to her as someone that agrees with me but as someone that has portrayed Max B. in an inappropriately glowing light - practically raising him to a level on par with Assange.

You're just wasting our time if you can't keep such simple details straight.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 16 2019 16:58 utc | 267

The role of the exploitation of lithium mines in the Coup d'etat of Bolivia....

Last year Bloomberg said Bolivia's lithium reserves make the country a strategic place in the world economy for the next decade. The demand for lithium is expected to more than double by 2025. The ore is extracted primarily in Australia, Chile and Argentina, but Bolivia has 9 million tons of lithium that have not been commercially exploited.

A Washington Monthly contributor, David Atkins, wrote: “Lithium in Bolivia belongs to the Bolivian people. It is not owned by multinational companies. The military coup on Sunday in Bolivia established a government that should change the decision made by the resigned president Evo Morales, who had canceled a strategic agreement with a German company to exploit the lithium deposits in the Latin American country, allowing the manufacture of batteries as those used in electric cars ”(1).

The cancellation of the agreement opened the door to a renegotiation in terms that should generate more profits for the peoples of the region or the total nationalization of the lithium mining industry in Bolivia.

Lithium is the raw material of batteries, such as those used in electric vehicles. Among the clients of the German company Acisa is the Tesla group of Elon Musk that manufactures such vehicles. Tesla shares rose the day after the coup d'etat.

Global opportunities in the production of lithium batteries are increasing to meet the growing demand for the manufacture of electric vehicles. German industry is reorienting its car production towards electric vehicles that run on Acisa's lithium batteries. Elon Musk said last Wednesday at the Berlin international airport that he was going to open a factory that would employ 8,000 people to make electric cars (2). The German government continues to celebrate that decision with great pomp because it should consolidate Germany as head in the production of new generation vehicles.

The impact on the lithium sector and its exploitation is still unknown after the coup d'etat, says Stratfor, the CIA intelligence company. In the long term, political uncertainty will make it more difficult for Bolivia to increase its production of strategic metals, such as lithium, or develop a value-added sector in the battery market.

Elon Musk is that "entrepeneur" constantly praised at SST....and Russian Young Entrepenurs forums....

Notice also that all that flood of advertisement on "electric cars" which overcome you from your mobile phone has followed the world wide savage campaign by the weird activists Greta Thunberg and "Extinction Rebellion"...Notice also that none of these cars have a price under 25000 Euro...not at the hand of average working people, at least in the EU...

Is this an intend of limiting the displacement of working people so as to isolate them from each other while at the same time increasing the rate of profit of cars manufacturers already in hit by the decreasing on cars sales due the decrease and frozing of income of workers in the EU...? Working masses will have to choose between a rock and a hard place, complicating their their already hard lives by going to work places through public transport ( which at the same time will be made more expensive at it time on the alibi of paying carbon taxes...),waking up even an hour before than they do now, or indebt themselves for more a decade or so for to pay for one of these expensive cars....This is where the vultures from the capitalist elites are planning to keep increasing their rate of profit...

We can conclude that what has happened in Bolivia is only a part of a world wide agenda by the neoliberal elites, of which Trump is an active actor no doubt, as his role in the recent coup in Bolivia so blatantly exposes...

Posted by: Sasha | Nov 16 2019 17:04 utc | 268

james @266:

i read the original post from caitlin and there was no picture of them side by side

It's not just medium. When I go to I see the image of Assange and Max B. side-by-side in the thumbnail. and when I continue to the article, I see the same image.

And I've cleared all info from the browser to be sure the page is fresh.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 16 2019 17:09 utc | 269

Spanish media, along with Fascist International ( with puppets where you less imagine...) denying that there has been a coup in Bolivia...

Warning! Graphic images...

Posted by: Sasha | Nov 16 2019 17:12 utc | 270

@269 jr... you are correct, although i don't remember seeing that in the e mails i receive from caitlin... at any rate - the 2 people are in no way the same and anyone who tries to make out like they are doing the same work, or of the same quality is insane.. i will give you that! i expect we won't hear that much from max over the next 10 years and that assange will die a sad death thanks the constant navel gazing of the usa... the usa is one pathetic country as i see it..

Posted by: james | Nov 16 2019 18:00 utc | 271

"expect we won't hear that much from max"

Then you expect wrong.

We'll unfortunately be hearing plenty from Max in the future. All the "correct" (fake) left news outlets will helping big-up new improved brand Maxie-Truth™®©

In fact as b pointed out before, its already happening

Posted by: Realist | Nov 16 2019 20:53 utc | 272

"expect we won't hear that much from max"

Then you expect wrong.

We'll unfortunately be hearing plenty from Max in the future. All the "correct" (fake) left news outlets will helping big-up new improved brand Maxie-Truth™®©

In fact as b pointed out before, its already happening

Posted by: Realist | Nov 16 2019 20:53 utc | 273

easons why this Bolivian "Lithium Coup" bullshit is, well, just bullshit :

Was the coup in Bolivia a "lithium coup"?

    Lithium is a key raw material for the emerging renewable transition, needed for EVs & battery storage. I've spent the last year researching lithium in South America & globally, I have thoughts about the lithium coup argument. A thread . . . .

Posted by: Realist | Nov 16 2019 21:23 utc | 274

easons why this Bolivian "Lithium Coup" bullshit is, well, just bullshit :

Was the coup in Bolivia a "lithium coup"?

    Lithium is a key raw material for the emerging renewable transition, needed for EVs & battery storage. I've spent the last year researching lithium in South America & globally, I have thoughts about the lithium coup argument. A thread . . . .

Posted by: Realist | Nov 16 2019 21:23 utc | 275

The Geostrategic Consequences Of The Hybrid War On Bolivia

by Andrew Korybko

Very interesting analysis

Posted by: AntiSpin | Nov 16 2019 21:24 utc | 276

"The golden decade has not been for free. IT HAS BEEN THE STRUGGLE OF YOU from below, from your unions, your universities, your neighborhoods. It has NOT fallen from the sky. We have in the body the traces and wounds of the struggles." García Linera.

#Bolivia #EvoEsElPresidenteLegitimo

We are at hard times, but for a revolutionary the hard times is his air, that's what we live for, the hard times, that's what we feed on, the hard times ...

Do we not come from below? Are we not the persecuted, the tortured, the marginalized of neoliberal times?

The golden century, the gold decade of the continent has not been for free, it has been your struggle, from below, from the unions, from the university, from the neighborhoods, that has given rise to the revolutionary cycle. This first wave has not fallen from the sky.
We are fused, we bring in the body the traces and wounds of the struggles of the 80s and 90s....
And if today temporarily, provisionally, we have to go back to those struggles of the 80s, 90s, 2000s, be them welcome, that's why it's a revolutionary, to assume that experience, to resume what we did before.

Fight, win, fall, get up, win, fall, get up, fight, win, fall, get up, fight, win, fall, until life is over ... that's our destiny ... that's what we are for ...

Posted by: Sasha | Nov 16 2019 21:31 utc | 277

How is it going to be a coup in Bolivia that groups of extreme right wing drag Patricia Arce, mayor of Vinto, through the streets, sprayed with paint and with her hair shaved?

Franco did it with the Republican women... and it was not a fascist coup either....

The US helped Franco more than fascist Italy and Germany: the seditious secured the supply through Gibraltar. Few historians give importance to how the provision of the rebel fascist army was secured by Torkild Rieber, director of Texaco...

Then, after leaving the Germans and the Russians exterminate each other in the most svage carnage Europe has known, they displayed one of the best propaganda operations in hisotry, opening, in the last minute, the so much asked by Stalin, Western front....The US Americans arrived with their abundant hardware supplies, ut not without conditions...They told the French Foreign Legion generals in the North of Africa, who had though of sending the battleharded Marche Regiment Du Chad ( compossed by colonial black Chadian soldiers ) to the Normandy beaches front lines, to leave them at home, since they did not want black people appearing taking the lead of the battle....

This is how the vangurad ended being compossed by ofremr Spanish Republican soldiers, who, as part of 9th Company of General Leclerc, where they had enrolles to continue fighting the nazi scourge, they where the first in liberating Paris ...although that fact was immediately willingly obscured by French authorities, including De Gaulle, and following all French administrations, until just recently, when they were made a recognizement and homage...We know of this all thnaks to the daughter of general Dronne, who made known his father´s march diaries, and the unvaluable testimony of the last survivors amongst the heros of the 9th....

Posted by: Sasha | Nov 16 2019 22:01 utc | 278

The Bolivia coup is exactly the kind of situation which led Karl Marx, learning from the crushing of the Paris Commune in 1871, to claim that one of the three most important principles of his life'work was that revolutions cannot survive long without imposing "the dictatorship of the proletariat" upon the defeated capitalist class.

Posted by: Dr. Royfus | Nov 17 2019 20:21 utc | 279

VK @200
yes arrested and tried
BUT to kill Baghadadi saves embarrassing quetions

Posted by: brian | Nov 18 2019 1:15 utc | 280

This post is completely inaccurate, as bolivians, we know that our lithium is of interest to many but the main reason to bring down Morales is because he is a DRUG DEALER, we were on the streets against him for that reason, now slowly, the news will come out to signal that all said accomplishment in education and economy are fake, it takes someone who lives here to know.

Posted by: D Ross | Nov 25 2019 1:00 utc | 281

I hate it when leftists play into the "authoritarian" and "dictator" bullshit rhetoric. It is not only a socialist leader's right, but their duty to crush the fascistic, counter-revolutionary and degenerative forces of capital for the good of the people. It's why I have such respect for the Bolsheviks, who understood this

Posted by: sirius16 | Dec 7 2019 8:13 utc | 282

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