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October 16, 2019

How The Win-Win-Win-Win Plan For Syria's Northeast Succeeds

The Syrian and Russian operations in the northeast of Syria are going well.


Russian troops prevented attempts by Turkish supported Jihadis to attack Manbij. Russian and Syrian units have now also entered Ayn al-Arab/Kobani. Syrian government troops took control of the electricity producing dam in Tabqah and some units set up posts in Raqqa. Other units entered the Conoco and Al-Umar oil fields north of Abu Kahmal and east of Deir Ezzor. Some local tribe which profited from the oil explorations there held a small protest against the return of government control.


The Turkish controlled Jihadis made little progress. Mostly Kurdish fighters are preventing them from expanding from the area they are informally allowed to hold. The Turkish command has called up more irregular 'rebel' troops including Jihadis from Jaish al-Islam who had once controlled Ghouta in the east of Damascus. They had been transported to Idleb after their defeat. A video shows them on a bus traveling through Turkey to reinforce the Turkish attack.

The Russian air force in Syria is preventing the use of the Turkish air-force in support of the Turkish attacks. Yesterday a Turkish F-16 entered Syrian air space but retreated when some Russian fighters appeared to hunt for it.

The U.S. is continuing its retreat from northeast Syria. Yesterday a video by a Russian journalist showed the inside of one of a camps that U.S. troops had hastily left. There was still food on the table and the Cokes in the fridge were still cold. The view was a bit embarrassing. Today the U.S. bombed a U.S./French military base in Kharab' Ashaq near the Lafarge cement factory shortly after its troops had left it. The likely intent was to prevent more embarrassing pictures.

Turkey still insists on a corridor of some 20 kilometers depth to prevent a PKK build up in the area near its border. At that depth Turkey would occupy the M4 highway which is a main economic corridor in the northern area. Under the Adana agreement from 1998 Turkey is allowed to make temporary incursions at the border up to a depth of 5 kilometer to fight any PKK concentration. Anything beyond that infringes on Syria's sovereignty and can not be tolerated.

Under the same treaty Syria is obligated to prevent any PKK camps or training areas in Syria. The U.S built 'Syrian Democratic Forces' are nothing but the PKK with a few drafted Arabs mixed in. The SNC will soon be dissolved into the Syrian Arab Army and the autonomous Kurdish administration will be removed. All that will alleviate the Turkish concerns and remove its justification for any occupation of Syrian land.

The mainstream borg is up in arms that Turkey uses Jihadis to attack their beloved anarcho-marxist PKK terrorists group. They have conveniently forgotten the history of the U.S. war on Syria, its arming of those Jihadis and its pampering of al-Qaeda.

The U.S. did not betray the Kurds any more than it betrayed Turkey and the Jihadis which the Obama administration armed throughout the war. Those were also U.S. 'allies' that were left hanging. Raina Khalek made a good video narrative that debunks much of the false Syria narrative the main stream media is now using.

To prevent Congress from putting harsh sanctions on Turkey, President Trump issued his own milder ones that will not do any harm to Turkey's economy. He has also sent Vice President Pence to talk with President Erdogan. It is just a bit of show to limit the fall out from the Turkish operation.

Everyone involved recognizes that this is a win-win-win-win situation. Erdogan could show that he was fighting against the PKK terrorists and prevented their attempts to become a proto-state. Trump could hold his campaign promise of removing U.S. troops from useless foreign interventions. Syria regained its northeast and the important economic resources of that area. Russia gained global prestige and additional influence in the Middle East.

Everyone is happy but the PKK Kurds. They are the biggest losers of this game but only in the sense that they are back to where they started. They had entered into a cooperation with the U.S. to eliminate ISIS. When that was done they got greedy and tried to rule over Arab land. It was always an unsustainable situation. After the defeat of ISIS the U.S. had no strategic reason to further pamper them. Only some wannabe imperialists in Washington DC and in Israel were urging to continue the relation.

There are signs that the series of events was preplanned and somewhat coordinated. There were intensive talks between Russia and Turkey and many phone calls between Trump and Erdogan. There were also talks we do not know about. Syrian and Russian troops were ready to enter the northeast.

It is likely that the plans of these actors extend beyond the northeast and include a solution for the Jihadi controlled Idleb governorate. It will be the next area where some surprising co-operations are likely to happen.

Added: This Trump answer to a question about Syria makes much sense.

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Lurk | Oct 18 2019 10:30 utc | 300

Ridiculous kind of personality cult one can find with ease in Turkey, with the Kurds in Turkey, Syriya, Irak and Iran, with nearly every subculture in the whole Near East. Therefore it is a nothingburger if mentioned in the context of any discussion about Kurds. Same for feminism. One should not forget that in respect of feminism the YPG-kind of Kurdish subculture has the lead in the Near East and that this is horrifying for all right-wing authoritian people who misuse their religion. The only example of a homosexual and a lesbian member of parliament in the Near East we saw with the HDP in the Turkish parlament.

"Your "easy and sustainable" solution, based on Turkey allowing Kurds a place of their own could be fine if that place would entirely be in Turkey. The Turks have no rights whatsoever to infringe on Syrian sovereignty.“

Of course it was meant like that. The Turkish goverments have no right to infringe on Cyprian sovereignity either (after the attacks of Greek right-wingers against the Turkish minority has been rebuffed).

Posted by: Hausmeister | Oct 18 2019 11:14 utc | 301

@295 "The product name can be freedom fighters, al Qaeda, ISIS or SDF, but all products are used for the same purpose."

When I talk about ISIS I mean extremists, wahabis, head choppers. I'm sure there are individuals who switch allegiance from one group to another and I'm well aware that the media doesn't bother to explain the differences. But I was referring to control of the oilfields currently held by the SDF with US support. ISIS is a spent force.

Posted by: dh | Oct 18 2019 12:29 utc | 302

@Peter AU 1| 298
Welcome suggestion, Mr.judicial watch is literally incredible work, It's ironic: a country with huge responsibility on Syria mess pushed on with lies and stunning propaganda, hosts so many people who take care of liberty and truth.
Thanks Peter

Posted by: y | Oct 18 2019 14:04 utc | 303

"...Turkey's moves in feeding these people back into Syria is aimed at their destruction..."

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Oct 18 2019 3:14 utc | 296

Peter and James, let's wait and see. I think you are misreading Erdogan's motivation here. This comment seems on the wrong path entirely. The sea change b is predicating his posts on will under supervision become evident as these refugees stream homeward, not as assailants but as native born. There could be some agitators in the mix, and the Syrians will have to remain vigilant, but it is hard to see these large numbers of people as more than ordinary citizens fleeing violence.

Why would Erdogan want continuing turbulence on his border? It just doesn't make sense.

Posted by: juliania | Oct 18 2019 15:36 utc | 304


I like your idea of a National Party - had come back here just now and I'm glad I did. Thanks for your detailed response. My thought as an oldie is that Johnson back in the day, when the assassination of Kennedy was so fresh, was continuing what Kennedy wanted to do in his second term in Johnson's 'War on Poverty' but was deflected from that by Vietnam. The War on Poverty went away until Robert Kennedy was going to resurrect it when he ran but was also assassinated.

The American people lost big in those events. War took over. It has been a very long time happening but that war on poverty never came back. Instead it has been a war on the poor, internally speaking, coming to a head with mortgages being sliced and diced, people literally losing their homes as the sharks devoured the pieces, healthcare going stratospheric, education as well, and young people forced out on the streets because their debts can't go into bankruptcy while jobs also are shredded into piecemeal so that working several to keep head above water is commonplace and no single job is enough. Nixon had a term, 'the silent majority' - it's not that! It's the SILENCED majority. Silenced in every respect.

For this country, it has been lose-lose, with the national reputation dragged through the mud by the neocons and neoliberals on the world stage, as they eat have reached the stage of destroying their own children internally. What a monster this country has become! It began with the assassinations; then fear gripped many who should have been our leaders. They tried to play it safe, and it worked for a while but the rot had begun. Well, it's been almost a generation. It can't go on forever. It mustn't!

Thanks for keeping on with the fight. Me, I grab onto whatever looks positive, very grateful to those in the outside world who are pressing forward in national terms. The Kennedys shone a light by accepting that bad people sometimes have good ideas. That's how they worked with Kruschev, and that's how Putin and Xi are working now with Trump. Archimedes said give me a long enough lever and a fulcrum and I can shift the world. This is taking a mighty long lever; I hope it can shift us!

Posted by: juliania | Oct 18 2019 16:12 utc | 305

Sabine @75

Bang on!!

Here is Pat Buchanan's take on the situation in the Middle East.

Pat has always struck me as a rational observer and commentator in the past, but this article shows that he has not been able to rid himself of the quintessential American mindset of seeing the world in terms of winners and losers.

He fails to understand that Putin is not looking to "run" the ME, but has a genuine desire to see all ME powers to get along in peace. This in direct contrast to the US's divide and rule mode of behaviour.

Posted by: augrr | Oct 18 2019 16:35 utc | 306

Thanks, karlof1, for the link to the unpublished as yet Hudson piece. Economics is most definitely at the heart of it; education as well. We are fortunate to have been maybe the last US generation to have been able to get one handed to us by a generous government - even the rich are not doing so these days as education is all distorted even in the upper echelons. People need to go to libraries, get online, search out the best sources. I think it can be done; I'm sure many are doing just this. The mind is a precious thing; use it, keep it clean and clear, people! Socrates was just a street person - a street person! - he spoke truth to power. And power still badmouths him. Isn't that amazing? He's a threat because he challenges the well-to-do. He challenges the corrupt. So, they distort his message. It's just as criminal as the distortion of economics, just as destructive...

Posted by: juliania | Oct 18 2019 16:52 utc | 307

juliania @307--

Thanks for your well considered replies! As I see things, there's a great deal of dissatisfaction that plagues the land. Some like Sanders and Gabbard see it and speak to and about it and the reasons for it, while others ignore it and stick to the overall--false--narrative. Hudson's paper I've yet to fully digest, but through its graphs it definitively shows the great degree of polarization that's the primary component to the Great Dissatisfaction. Fortunately, the public is wiser than those who seek to steer it via false narratives. Cunningham writes:

"On the other hand, Gabbard stands alone in telling the American people the plain and awful truth. US policy is the fundamental problem. Ending its regime-change war in Syria and elsewhere and ending its diabolical collusion with terror groups is the way to bring peace to the Middle East and to spare ordinary Americans from the economic disaster of spiraling war debts. American citizens need to know the truth about the horror their government, military, media and politicians have inflicted not just on countries in the Middle East, but also from the horrendous boomerang consequences of this criminal policy on the lives and livelihoods of ordinary Americans, including millions of veterans destroyed by injuries, trauma, suicide, and drug abuse.

"Following the TV debate this week, it seems that Gabbard won the popular vote with her truth-telling. A major online poll [link at original] by the Drudge Report found that she stole a march on all the other candidates, winning approval from nearly 40 per cent of voters. Top ticket candidates Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden were trailing behind with 7 per cent or less."

Gabbard is trying to get the American public to have an epiphany. We should all aid her in that effort!

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 18 2019 17:47 utc | 308

y 303

The part on US expecting a salafist principality or whatever to grown in Syria and AQ being the leading force behind the so called revolution in Syria is in an official DIA document obtained under freedom of information laws.
The document is linked in this article

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Oct 18 2019 19:43 utc | 310

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