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October 09, 2019

Syria - Turkey Again Invades

So it begins:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that a Turkish military operation into Syria has started.

Erdogan said on his official Twitter account Wednesday that the operation, named “Peace Spring,” has begun. He said the operation aims to eradicate “the threat of terror” against Turkey.

Earlier, Turkish television reports said Turkish jets had bombed Syrian Kurdish positions across the border from Turkey.

The plan is as we anticipated. A major goal is to interrupt the M4 highway that runs parallel to the border and allows for troop movements between the east and the west of the Kurdish majority areas. The highway is about 20-30 kilometers from the border. The sector Turkey is attacking right now has only a minority of Kurdish people amongst a majority of Arabs.

Ragıp Soylu @ragipsoylu - 11:34 UTC · Oct 8, 2019
How will Turkey conduct the operation in Syria?
• First phase: 120km area between Tal Abyad/Rasulayn, where US troops withdrew
• Airforce, drones/jets and howitzers will pound YPG targets
• Then Turkish Special Forces and Syrian National Army will enter
— Turkish reports

Ragıp Soylu @ragipsoylu - 10:29 UTC · Oct 9, 2019
More Turkish operational plans in Syria
• First point of contact would be the Turkish/US security zone in Tal Abyad, Rasulayn
• Security pockets prioritised
• MAIN AIM is to cut Kobane - Hasakah road
• Combined Joint Op Center, (CJOC) to be used for de-confliction with US

There are two scenarios:
• If YPG withdraws from the immediate area between Tal Abyad, Rasulayn, Turkish military will just move in with Syrian National Army
• But If YPG has heavy presence, then howitzers and airforce first be used to destroy YPG posts, fortifications

The "Syrian National Army" is a 14,000 men strong ragtag gang of "Syrian rebels" and ISIS leftovers under Turkish command. The same people that are looting and killing Kurds in Afrin.

The stupidity of the Kurds to (again) allow a Turkish invasion in their areas when there is the clear alternative of submitting the rightful Syrian government is amazing. One of the YPG leaders said yesterday they were "considering" that move. Isn't it a bit late for that?

The YPG Kurds still have not recognized that they were simply used as mercenaries by the U.S. and that their usefulness expired. They still beg those who betrayed them for help:

Coordination & Military Ops Center - SDF @cmoc_sdf - 15:27 UTC · Oct 9, 2019
The #SDF showed good faith to the security mechanism agreement between the #US & #Turkey. This left our people defenseless. We ask the US & the @Coalition for a NO FLY ZONE to stop the attacks on innocent people.
@DeptofDefense @NATO @UN @EU_Commission @StateDept

The U.S. will surely consider that no fly zone. That will take considerable time. Meanwhile Turkish bombers will destroy more Syrian villages and cities.

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Lozion @201


Posted by: pogohere | Oct 11 2019 3:30 utc | 201

@ Lozion with the Ollie Richardson link....thanks

Interesting thread but it seems to lack a China context which I think is significant for a global view.

It is sounding like either the US/China talks break down or there is a limited agreement that leaves the situation in an, as yet to comprehend, mode. It has been my opinion that the talks are hinged on empire wanting to break the public core of China's banking system and I believe that China will not let that happen I don't comprehend what a limited agreement would consist of without resolution of the finance core issue.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 11 2019 3:38 utc | 202

Grieved @196--

The fog is hard to see through for many. Syria's rejection is key, but few seem to accept its validity and finality. When it comes to sheep, the Kurds are clearly a flock, their leaders disguised as wolves already bailing out for the EU and beyond with the blood money provided by the Outlaw US Empire.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 11 2019 4:01 utc | 203

Lozion @201

I am hard pressed to see Magnier's POV. I've expressed frustration with his analysis in the recent past. So it's good to see that I'm not alone:

Jaco Meesters@JacoMeesters . 5h
Replying to @ejmalrai

Dream on. The US may have betrayed the Kurds but will do everything to reduce Iranian and Russian power. GL with these fairy tales.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 11 2019 4:48 utc | 204

Lozion @201

Ollie Richardson is more optimistic than I am.

I don't think Trump will end the "maximum pressure" campaign on US adversaries (Syria, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia, China, Assange, etc.) anytime soon.

We don't yet know what Erdogan and Trump are up to. I think we have every reason to be suspicious for reasons expressed very well by comments at MoA and at SST: Turkey Double Talks Its Way Into Northeastern Syria by Willy B

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 11 2019 5:02 utc | 205

@201 Lozion

That's a superb analysis of the Syrian play by Ollie Richardson. Many thanks for the link, which I'll offer again because it deserves a wide reading:

THREAD on the Turkish incursion into Northern Syria.

And as a spoiler, let me quote a little from the ending tweet, and give it some big, bold emphasis:

"History will always remember how Putin’s Russia uprooted the US from Northeast Syria without firing a single bullet"

This is such a well considered and planned operation, it's apparent that the whole axis is on board and all the players are working together - and now the commentators deep in the situation are revealing this tapestry.


I don't have any opinion on the US aspect, I haven't considered it well. I don't go as far as Richardson in positing negotiations over Ukraine as part of this move, but only because I can't see the evidence, not because I find it impossible.

What I do find feasible is Erdogan blustering to the US how he's gonna go into Syria and settle the Kurds, and the US saying, okay, we'll withdraw our tripwire because Turkey is crazy enough to kill our soldiers (even though I think that the craziness is deliberate Erdogan posturing). I think that would be enough to explain all of the US end.

There may well be more, but someone would have to show some sources to put meat on those bones - Magnier never does and Richardson hasn't, although I have huge respect for his analysis.

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 11 2019 5:14 utc | 206

BG | Oct 10 2019 21:15 utc | 194

Reuters and other agencies have tone down Al-Makdad's interview, the original in Arabic is a lengthy interview, I translate the part is communicated by Reuters. An Interesting point is that all translations I have seen ( Turkish, French, English), deleted "Zionist". The only translation  mentioned "Zionist" is one of Farsi newspapers.

Al-Makhdad stressed that  Syrian Government  is ready to embrace all its citizens and dialogue is  open to those forces  believe in Syria as their homeland and affirm their loyalty to  Syria, but can not be a dialogue with those who are speaking  separatist language,  or those who have become a ground force of Turkish invasion, or those who get  US support,  these armed groups in these areas abandoned their national interests and threw themselves into the arms of the United States,  even threw themselves to the arms of Zionist,  enemies of Syria,  and committed high crimes against the Syrian citizens. These groups bear a primary responsibility in supporting this Turkish invasion.

Posted by: arata | Oct 11 2019 5:14 utc | 207

@201 lozion.. . thanks for sharing oli richardsons viewpoint here.. he makes some positive and interesting comments.. i like the last few points especially, but i am a bit more cynical like jackrabbit... i am not convinced it is all easy peasy and straight forward like he lays it out... i would like to be optimistic, but as it any conflict, resolution is not a given.. we'll see how it develops going forward here.. thanks..

Posted by: james | Oct 11 2019 5:22 utc | 208

If I understand correctly
The Kurds tried to establish themselves along the border with Turkey displacing the "indigeonous" population and now the Turks are using a substantially Syrian force to displace the Kurds? The Kurds fighting Syria (Assad) but it is now proposed they might seek protection from Turks by Assad?

What would the word "terrorist" mean in this context?

Posted by: jared | Oct 11 2019 9:17 utc | 210

Yesterday morning the bbc reported a statement aimed at European politicians from Erodagun - - -
Angryl at them calling his recent actions an ‘invasion’ and threatening to send 2 million refugees to Europe if they don’t stop calling it an invasion !
He has those refugees !
There would be a natural justice in that action as far as Europe is concerned.
It’s dreadful that in this day and age inocent victems of western created war could be used in such an inhuman way.
The west is entirely responsible for that state of affairs!

I agree with greaved! Above
It looks to me as a sure sign Turkey has moved to the East !

I hope this will be the start of a much bigger ‘ push back ‘ against the west. Involving Yemen Iraq Iran Syria and all the secondary country’s decimated by USA U.K. and Israel.
Oh and a reminder ! Turkey is part of NATO

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 11 2019 9:24 utc | 211

I haven't yet read the Richardson piece (will do next) but thanks to many contributors to this thread for an understanding of what is happening, has happened as Turkey presses in across the border. Excellent thread; thank you b.

I have been chewing over a memory from the US invasion of Iraq - and Trump's strange reference to the Kurds not helping in WW2 in Normandy invasion triggered a need to remind us all that memories die hard when it comes to who helps whom in critical situations. My memory for the invasion of Iraq, for what it is worth, is that Turkey refused to let Bush 2 invade from the north.

Couple that with Trump's well publicized statements about the folly of attempting that horrendous operation and you have perhaps the beginnings of a Casablancan style beautiful friendship as two leaders disappear into the fog.

Thanks especially to karlof1 for reporting that quote from Rumi. I have a son who upon having his eyes opened to how truly shafted he has been by his own government needs to see that quote. I have pinned it in a prominent place in the room he occasionally occupies.

Posted by: juliania | Oct 11 2019 9:28 utc | 212

None of this comes as a surprise but it invalidates the cheerleaders whose one note analysis has been proven wrong. These moves in NE Syria prove what a few hardy posters here have understood and expressed for awhile now and of course were trolled repeatedly by the 'regulars' for being correct. NE Syria is the summation of the pragmatic alliance btwn conservative capitalist imperialist Russia, US, Israel, and Turkey.

Far from continuing to cheerlead based on a fake meme (Russians will save us from the outlaw evil empire) commenters should soberly assess what this reactionary alliance means: further tightening political control of the globe by the repressive oligarchical interests of the global elites.

And remember cheerleaders: we are not members either of the team you so blindly root for to no positive effect.

This is still class struggle at end of the day.

Posted by: donkeytale | Oct 11 2019 9:31 utc | 213

interesting new find.
as ollie richardson notes on twitter in his long thread on russia, Syria, Turkey, USA and Ukraine etc

"5. What’s happening right now in the Middle East (and especially in Syria) is the reconfiguration of the global order, the result of which will determine the status quo for the next 50-100 years. Don’t think that all parties involved are not aware of it...."

"20. Had the Kurds remained loyal to Damascus and the SAA, the Syrian war would already be over, and Turkey wouldn’t be citing the Adana agreement and bombing the YPG/PYD/SDF. Instead, the Kurds copied Ukraine and slit their own throat...."

Posted by: michaelj72 | Oct 11 2019 10:07 utc | 214

Lozion @210: add my agreement with Ollie, you can argue about the details, but that is the right idea. It is important to remember that many of these state parties including Uncle Sugar (well, particulary Uncle Sugar) are not unitary actors, they have internal disputes and self-sabotage, like Trump and the Clintonites wars with each other to the detriment of the rest of us. And THAT is what occupies the minds of most politicians most of the time.

Magnier is a good interesting read, but like of a number of other such he is not omniscient and has biases. Nobody is right all the time.

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 11 2019 10:40 utc | 215

The US can't maintain the existing arrangement on North-East Syria because Turkey is so concerned about the Kurds - The solution is to allow Turkey to take a 20/30km buffer zone. (The US & Turkey are happy).

The Kurds are not offering any particular resistance but have not aligned with the Syrian government (either Kurds have not been quick enough, or Syrian Government has refused, or both). This suits the US because they do not want to see the Kurds treating directly with the Syrian Government (the US don't want to see peace breaking out). But why haven't the Kurds been much more proactive in seeking the aid of the Syrian Government? It can only be that the US have indicated that they will maintain a smaller Kurdish proto-state. (The Kurds & US are happy).

Turkey will achieve its 20/30km buffer zone but then will have to stop and will just have to manage a very long border and can look forward to being continually harried by Kurdish activity. The solution is to allow the Syria government to take control of the buffer zone and, at the same time, resettle the Syrian refugees currently in Turkey. (Syria, Turkey, Russia & US happy [the US happy because they didn't have to talk with Syria]).

The US have a problem about remaining in Syria? Solution release a load of retrained and resupplied ISIS "prisoners" who will operate from the US zone; the US will then have to recommit to the "fight" against ISIS - an unfortunate side-effect of the Turkish invasion; this has been so well sign-posted that it feels like reading a book when you have already read the last chapter. (US & ISIS happy).

The western population are provided with an implausible narrative that would only be convincing to a controlled, propagandised and well-managed herd that thinks Marvel movies are great. (The US and western governments are happy).

Everyone compromises but everyone gains. It's the "art of the deal"!

Posted by: ADKC | Oct 11 2019 10:57 utc | 216

Excerpts from an article of interest:

A civil war has begun amongst the ranks of SDF, with Kurdish Contras starting to assassinate Arab and Assyrian commanders as well as targeting any opposition outside the SDF like tribal leaders, intellectuals and religious figures.

Cause of internal battle is that the majority of SDF members, as well as the population, want return of the Syrian Army and State before Turkey attacks; Kurdish Contras refuse.

SDF used only 20% of arms delivered to them, with majority being smuggled by YPG to the PKK in the Qandil mountain range in north Iraq and are now positioned at the border of Iran and are expected to begin destabilizing that country.”

Western occupiers are preventing Kurds from negotiating with the Syrian government.

Empire seeks chaos and control, and resource theft, and occupation, and it is succeeding in its plans, at least in some areas of Syria.

Posted by: Steve M | Oct 11 2019 11:20 utc | 217

It's funny seeing the empire fanboi using terms like "class struggle" as if it knew what that meant. It's like some sophomore plagiarizing their term paper by machine translating one from a language they lack the first clue about. This particular empire fanboi is clearly from a "Correct the Record" style Democrat party troll farm and "class struggle" is on the list of terms they are told to include in their posts by their vile David Brock style boss. "Class struggle" has ended up in that list because of the leftward shift in the American electorate and the Democrats are trying to pretend that they are hip to that trend. The `Crats are failing that badly, which is hilarious. This, by the way, is good news for those who want to see Trump reelected.

The analysis by Ollie Richardson linked above, as well as the analysis and news posted by others (BG, Grieved, karlof1, etc) on the previous page, is impressive and convincing. To end the conflict in Syria the US has to go, but neither the Syrians, the Russians, nor the Iranians can engage the US without triggering its psycho killer overreaction. Turkey is the only player in that theater of war that can get away with it. I also don't buy that Turkey is trying to do a land-grab. That doesn't make sense, as that land would be a massive headache for Turkey to try to control. Occupation is never cheap.

Posted by: William Gruff | Oct 11 2019 11:24 utc | 218

I tried linking to the URL using tags. it didn't take for some reason. I'll try again:>Click here

or if that doesn't work do it the old fashioned way:

Posted by: Steve M | Oct 11 2019 11:35 utc | 219

Iranian oil tanker Sabiti hit by two blasts in Red Sea according to Tehran Times, 60 miles from Jeddah. There seems to be some confusion over claims that it was missiles from Saudi Arabia.

Technical experts are currently investigating the cause of the explosion. They believe it was a "terrorist attack", unnamed sourced told the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA).

Posted by: BM | Oct 11 2019 12:20 utc | 220

Lozion | Oct 11 2019 2:28 utc | 201

Thanks fr sharing the awesome thread from Ollie Richardson

Posted by: Nathan Mulcahy | Oct 11 2019 12:31 utc | 221

The NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg meets Erdogan, acquiesces in the invasion here.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Oct 11 2019 13:45 utc | 222

I suppose there is a growing temptation in Turkey to send some hundreds thousands of "friends" from Idlib and refugee camps inside Turkey to repopulate (colonize) the kurdish hinterland to secure the South border, it was a hard lesson that the Romans learned after the Caudine Forks in the Samnite Wars and many countries tried to repeat.
Once there is a huge "friend" population settled in the external border area, this act as a "buffer zone" and you do not need to maintain any kind of military occupation there; so, when the war ends, the syrian state will maintain the order and the "friedn" civil population will not support PKK or any other kurdish militia. Win-Win

Posted by: DFC | Oct 11 2019 14:27 utc | 223

Al-Makhdad stressed that Syrian Government is ready to embrace all its citizens and dialogue is open to those forces believe in Syria as their homeland and affirm their loyalty to Syria, but can not be a dialogue with those who are speaking separatist language, or those who have become a ground force of Turkish invasion, or those who get US support, these armed groups in these areas abandoned their national interests and threw themselves into the arms of the United States, even threw themselves to the arms of Zionist, enemies of Syria, and committed high crimes against the Syrian citizens. These groups bear a primary responsibility in supporting this Turkish invasion.
Posted by: arata | Oct 11 2019 5:14 utc | 208

This whole operation is highly choreographed between the Russians, Syrian government, Turkey and Iran (and, I believe, in specific details also with Trump but in opposition to the Neolibs). The Deputy Syrian FM's statement above is a part of this choreography. On the face of it, the operation seems designed to force the Kurds to negotiate with Syria, so why does Al-Makhdad reject any negotiation with traitors?

Russia has seen a weakness in the Kurd's civil society: civilians are seriously dissatisfied with their leadership for multiple strong reasons; now their political leaders behave in this idiotic and suicidal manner; the plan therefore is to permanently cut off the openly treasonous Kurdish leadership and bait the Kurdish people to reject outright their idiot leaders, and come to the Syrian government not as Kurdish separatists but as Syrian citizens.

The political leaders have cut their own throats, and if the Syrian government can ever lay hands on them they will be tried for treason and sentenced very harshly. But ordinary Kurds who join together and appoint new reasonable leaders, and who come as Syrian citizens to the Syrian government will be welcomed with open arms. Former SDF combattants will also be allowed to defect on similar terms to the jihadis in the previous areas liberated by the SAA.

End result will be massively better both for Syria and the Kurds than some difficult and uncomfortable compromise with treasonous and corrupt Kurdish leaders, and has further military advantages in weakening and splitting the SDF as a force in this complex multilateral operation.

By progressively nibbling at Kurdish SDF territory, splitting off the Arab tribes, dividing the territory into pockets, creating threats from more and more directions, and dividing the Kurds against their current political leaders, the US (with to an extent Trump's willingness) will be coerced into progressively pulling back more and more, until a full withdrawal becomes unstopable.

Posted by: BM | Oct 11 2019 14:52 utc | 224

As regards the alleged Turkish plan to settle all the Syrian regugees in Turkey in this 30km wide so-called "safe zone" that happens to be where almost the entirety of the Kurds live, this does not seem to be plausible. I think it is part of the choregraphy, designed to increase the fear in the Kurds, and force them to overthrow their failed leaders once and for all and reunite with Syria.

Posted by: BM | Oct 11 2019 14:59 utc | 225

Steve M @218 & 220

I thought the article "The War on Syria Continues. Iran Is Next?", linked and referred to by Steve M is the most realistic analysis of what is going on in North-East Syria. Reading the article you can see that the outcome is likely to reduce the difficulties that the US have with Turkey.

"The presence of SDF-occupied areas near Turkey, however, has negatively impacted NATO cohesiveness. Turkey and the US are at cross-purposes with the SDF. These conflicting military agendas have served as a catalyst for Turkey’s closer affiliations with Russia."

The predictable outcome of the current invasion by Turkey will allow the US to prosecute its war with Syria and Iran much more effectively. Turkey will be pacified and, in time, the US may be able to get Turkey back in-line.

Posted by: ADKC | Oct 11 2019 15:34 utc | 226

To those believing the BS by Trump that the US is getting out of the ME there is this quote from a recent Reuters story about more US Troops going to SA

The United States announced on Friday a new, large deployment of forces to Saudi Arabia to help bolster the kingdom’s defenses following the Sept. 14 attack on its oil facilities, which Washington and Riyadh have blamed on Iran.

“Taken together with other deployments, this constitutes an additional 3,000 forces that have been extended or authorized within the last month,” Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said in a statement.

As I recall in Syria there were 50 troops that were moved elsewhere but was the basis for the LIE that the US is getting out of the ME. How are those Plato's Cave displays working for you folks?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 11 2019 16:40 utc | 227

The overall contextual backdrop to the ongoing choreography BM describes @225 is related to two declarations that are being completely ignored by BigLie Media: Trump's historically amazing confessional tweets as diseccted by Bill Van Auken and the masterful diplomatic proposal made by Zarif reiterating Rouhani's and Russia's collective security/peace proposal (which the Zionists tried to destabilize with their attack on the Iranian tanker this morning), which when combined amount to a potential revolution in possibilities for the region and world beyond. And here we have Richardson echoing Zarif:

"I’ve seen many comments saying that this current situation is very complicated to understand. It both is and it isn’t. It is possible to reduce the different elements of the scenario to the absolute basics, the accuracy of which history can attest to." [My Emphasis]

Richardson, like myself, tries to explain the Big Picture in a holistic manner, and he did a fine job, although he omitted a few items, two of which I filled in above. He also alludes to the ongoing civil war between Trump and the CIA/Current Oligarchy and how that dynamic is about to evolve due to events within Occupied Palestine. IMO, Trump still has powerful cards to play against his D-Party/CIA foes that they haven't begun to fathom. Some here understand the extreme importance of that conflict. As with Turkey being the only actor capable of moving the Outlaw US Empire's forces out of Northern Syria, so it is with Trump--imperfect as he is--being the only tool that's risen to the occasion willing/capable of battling the Dark Forces that have ruled the USA since Truman. We are witnessing the wise undoing the fools as the latter are too confounded to see/understand what the former are doing and why. Yes, the end result ought to be a great reordering and perhaps even a birth and christening of something entirely new, the lines of which are discernable through the foggy haze of the oracle's whimsy.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 11 2019 16:55 utc | 228

@221 BM

That story says the oil spill has now been stopped, from the tanker sitting 60 miles off Jeddah. Lucky for KSA if its Corniche resort area doesn't get contaminated. Wonder who chose that location for an oil disaster?

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 11 2019 17:45 utc | 229

There is a report that the Turks have bombed US special forces accidently. Newsweek twitter. Trump has authorized sanctions againt Turkey, but implementation is delayed...

Posted by: the pessimist | Oct 11 2019 19:54 utc | 230

This is a plea from the University of Rojava and Kobanê that is circulating amongst western 'leftist' groups. First, the pleas depiction of Rojava as a democratic oasis belies the ethnic cleansing of non-Kurds that has happened in the areas occupied by the YPG. Second, the plea is very tricky in resolving THE paradox, the Kurdish organizations alliance with 'America' which is the main external organizer of an alliance of countries (including Turkey) and terrorist organizations that destroyed Syria, killed thousands of civilians and sought to replace the secular Arab state with Al Nusra (Al Qaeda) terrorists. The authors of the plea must have forgotten the Emir of Qatar's interview that specifically outlined how the regional countries Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey were allocated a division of labor (roles to play) in recruiting, arming, training, financing and providing PR to the jihadi terror groups with the direction, participation and approval of the head boss 'America.'

The University of Rojava and Kobanê faculties plea resolves this paradox by not mentioning it and putting all the blame on an "evil" Turkey with Russia and 'America' (as great powers) green lighting the Turkish invasion of Syria. Russia which saved the Syrian state and protected it from being a failed-state jihadi haven like Libya is equated with 'America', the main organizer of the terror jihadi's that recked chaos and destruction. The faculty do not mention their complicity with 'America' nor do they frame it as knife to the back (which it is). For these 'complicate' the picture and raise questions about their own actions and involvement in the occupation and attempted dismemberment of Syria and through that the subjugation of the middle east. I am sure many of you can see the reference to 'identity politics' themes (gender equality, diversity, on and on) in their plea that are clearly meant to resonate with Western audiences and it is this type of tightly written narrative that aims to recruit support amongst so-called liberals and 'leftists' in the West to the Wests' imperial wars and occupations. Anyone who has visited Syria would witness the amicable relations amongst a religious and ethnic mosaic of peoples who exemplify a cosmopolitan culture that has deep roots and which is not based on liberal ideals nor on YPG-radical experimentations. You would never know this from reading their plea.


For universities and associated academic and intellectual institutions
These eight years there has been a revolution taking place in Rojava/Northeast Syria, with gains in the areas of democracy, tolerance, a culture of fraternity of peoples, respect for diverse religions and beliefs, gender equality, and individual liberty, a unique example growing in the Middle East. Despite all the radicalism in the region, we can live together, and both support and accept each other. We in the university also want a democratic social order that can strengthen modern science.
We wanted to become a centre of enlightenment and revitalisation of universal moral and social values that humanity has gained over its long history, preparing for free and peace loving future generations. But unfortunately, our university in Rojava, which is a garden of democracy, finds itself under the boot of the armies of the Turkish state and their thugs.
You know that Turkey, for the entirety of the Syrian war, has supported ISIS, and their hand is found in every massacre which has been carried out against the people of Syria. Today Turkey is trying to breathe new life into the Caliphate of ISIS, which had been brought down thanks to the resistance of the people of this region, and this dark force has helped it to organise itself anew.
All the so-called opposition forces of Syria which have a fanatical and radical, the Turkish state embraces them, lets them grow, and supports them so they may be employed as tools of war for them. Most of them are former members of ISIS and al-Qaeda, and Turkey now provokes them and lets them loose against our democracy and our advances.
Doubtless, the ignoring of rights, the censorship of our views, mean the acceptance and approval, the green light of great states such as Russia and America. On behalf of all the states that seek to benefit, Turkey will again carry out a significant massacre against the peoples of the region.
If there is a great threat and danger upon us now, if Islamic radicalism can move forward and amass forces with ease, if Turkey can organise massacres and slaughter as the largest terrorist organisation in the world, it is our belief that a historical role and responsibility rests upon the intellectual and academic communities of the world.
After the massacres of the Holocaust that were committed by Hitler, Adorno, in criticising the lack of responsibility shouldered by the intellectual community of his time, said “Writing poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric”.
Now too, in the particularity of Rojava, where the armies of Turkish fascism and Islamic radicalism have brought down every value and virtue of humanity, we hope that the scientific and intellectual community of the world will immediately take action against massacres such as those that have occurred in the Holocaust and in Şengal, which are still occurring, and will uphold their duties and responsibilities to humanity.
In this letter, we are writing to you so that you, among your own people, help resist against these armies which have tasked themselves with tearing down science and the work of the university, in the name of the defence of existence and honour.
Greetings on behalf of the administration and faculty of the University of Rojava and Kobanê

Posted by: Thirsty | Oct 11 2019 21:16 utc | 231

A Russian military delegation arrived late Friday at Qamishli International Airport.
The Russian delegation appears to have been on a mission apparently to mediate between the Syrian government and SDF to avoid losing new territory to Turkey...

The arrival of the Russian military delegation to Qamishli airport, coincided with the departure of a delegation from the "SDF" to Damascus. "

Posted by: Lozion | Oct 11 2019 22:26 utc | 232

psychohistorian, Et Al...

“Kevin McAleenan has done an outstanding job as Acting Secretary of Homeland Security. We have worked well together with Border Crossings being way down. Kevin now, after many years in Government, wants to spend more time with his family and go to the private sector,” Trump said of his top immigration official.

Acting DHS secretary McAleenan stepping

it has been thus for forty years...

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Oct 12 2019 1:53 utc | 233

Reports of ongoing negociations between SDF commanders and Damascus. Lets hope they find a "terrain d'entente" so this mess quickly ends..

Posted by: Lozion | Oct 12 2019 21:36 utc | 234

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