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September 22, 2019

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2019-55

Last week's posts at Moon of Alabama:

Fake news and pure war propaganda from the Wall Street Journal:
Yemeni Rebels Warn Iran Plans Another Strike Soon
The information has been passed along to the Saudis and the U.S., according to people briefed on the warnings

>BEIRUT — Houthi militants in Yemen have warned foreign diplomats that Iran is preparing a follow-up strike to the missile and drone attack that crippled Saudi Arabia’s oil industry a week ago, people familiar with the matter said.

Leaders of the group said they were raising the alarm about the possible new attack after they were pressed by Iran to play a role in it, these people said.<

The only named source in the piece is the Houthi spokesman who fully denies the above nonsense.

Irony of Pilot Laying Blame On Pilots in Boeing 737 Max Disasters - Christine Negroni
Crash Course - How Boeing's Managerial Revolution Created The 737 MAX Disaster - New Republic

One of those U.S. generals who are borderline lunatics:
Former SEAL, SOCOM boss McRaven says we’re going to be in Afghanistan ‘for a very long time’ - Military Times

>“I’ve said we have to accept the fact — I think we do — that we’re going to be there for a very long time,” he said. “Is it forever? I don’t think anything’s for forever. But does that mean that we will lose more young men and women? Does that mean we’re going to spend another billions of dollars? I think it does.”
“And people have asked me before, ‘Well, we can’t be the policemen of the world.' The hell we can’t,” he said. “I think this is what American leadership is about. You have to recognize that our interests are no longer just in the borders of the United States.”<

Other issues:

A corpocrat marketing campaign is trying to sell us some Swedish girl as a savior. But its real purpose is to further enrich the 0.1%:
Just Say No to Fake Action - Art for Culture Change - Wrong Kind Of Green
The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for Consent: The Behavioural Change Project “To Change Everything” [Volume II, Act V] - Cory Morningstar - Wrong Kind Of Green

Immigrants as a Weapon: Global Nationalism and American Power - Yasha Levine

PROGRESSIVE REGRESSION Metamorphoses of European Social Policy (pdf) - Wolfgang Streek - new left review

A long but important read:
“World at a Crossroads and a System of International Relations for the Future”
by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov for “Russia in Global Politics” magazine, September 20, 2019

>The West’s unwillingness to accept today's realities, when after centuries of economic, political and military domination it is losing the prerogative of being the only one to shape the global agenda, gave rise to the concept of a “rules-based order.” These “rules” are being invented and selectively combined depending on the fleeting needs of the people behind it, and the West persistently introduces this language into everyday usage. The concept is by no means abstract and is actively being implemented. Its purpose is to replace the universally agreed international legal instruments and mechanisms with narrow formats, where alternative, non-consensual methods for resolving various international problems are developed in circumvention of a legitimate multilateral framework. In other words, the expectation is to usurp the decision-making process on key issues.<

Use as open thread ....

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Another week of writing truth to power for you b and thanks for all of it

I agree with the sentiments about green this and that being a cooptation of human energy. At least the Occupy Wall Street folks were close to addressing the structural issue that those of us in the West face....the cult that owns global private finance.

My wish is for a whole bunch of representatives from civilization states to walk out of Trump's speech at the High Court of the UN tomorrow when he starts talking about "rules based order" BS and American exceptionalism. In my opinion, the UN is a fake representation of a global consensus making body and needs to die a cathartic death so that a true multi-polar organization can evolve as a replacement.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 22 2019 14:24 utc | 1

Sixteen years ago huge crowds around the world protested Uncle Sam's invasion of Iraq before it even started. Now many of those same people are protesting an imaginary "climate crisis". Few seem to notice that the killing never stopped.

This is a huge victory for the consent manufacturing machine.

Posted by: Trailer Trash | Sep 22 2019 14:58 utc | 2

Chinese official media: Private banking enters a golden age

Sector evolves rapidly as high net worth individuals' objectives shift from wealth creation to preservation

As the country's financial regulator tightens its grip on the once sprawling wealth management market, the pace of development of the private banking sector targeting high-end customers has picked up, reflecting the maturing investment philosophy of high net worth individuals who each hold average investable assets of 6 million yuan ($870,000).

Statistics from the China Banking Association showed that the 27 members of the private banking commission had attracted 705,900 clients by the end of 2018, up 21 percent from a year earlier. The total assets under management also surged 21 percent year-on-year to more than 11 trillion yuan.

"Commercial banks' general asset management business contracted last year, largely due to the newly released asset management regulations. But China's private banking sector grew unexpectedly, leading wealthy Chinese to invest in the country's key sectors to optimize social resources and accelerate the transformation of China's banking industry," said Bai Ruiming, deputy secretary-general of the association.

Translation of the official gobbledygook: Capitals finds its own freedom.

Posted by: donkeytale | Sep 22 2019 15:16 utc | 3

"A corpocrat marketing campaign is trying to sell us some Swedish girl as a savior. But its real purpose is to further enrich the 0.1%:"

B, what the fuck? It's not about any girl. It is a question of whether in a few decades only a small part of the earth's surface will still have suitable living conditions for humans, or whether this proportion will be somewhat greater. If one belongs to the older generation, one should not be so careless with the future of the younger ones.

Posted by: Pnyx | Sep 22 2019 15:18 utc | 4

Lots of articles on Epstein of Wicky Ward twitter line;
some soul-searching among US journalists and academics about dirty money and why they always white-wash it (sounds like a correct

Posted by: Mina | Sep 22 2019 15:22 utc | 5

B, what the fuck?

Look what the powers that be do to calm down the childish plebs that is targeted by this campaign.

In Germany the government raised taxes of gasoline and electricity as a "climate package" and will put the money it gains into 'incentives' for the industry.

Taking money out of the pockets of the poor into the pockets of the corpocrats isn't "green" policy.

Posted by: b | Sep 22 2019 15:25 utc | 6

@Phyx - read through the series that Cory Morningstar wrote. The above is just one chapter. As a whole it makes it completely clear that 'Greta' is a fabricated marketing product run by a number of NGOs that are backed by the worst of industries.

Posted by: b | Sep 22 2019 15:28 utc | 7

Trailer Trash 14:58 utc | 2
"Now many of those same people are protesting an imaginary 'climate crisis'."
Nothing about the climate crisis is imaginary. It is hard natural science and very very real. Ask Texan people drowned for the second time in two years. Look at the burning forests worldwide - every year the extension of the UK is burned. Look at the people living at the coast which have to retreat every year. Look at three billion disappeared birds in the u.s. alone in the last 50 years. Look at the new temperature records every year. Look at the world water crisis. Shall I go on? Please stop posting nonsense.

I agree with you that people should react to the impending big war by demonstrate in masses. But to play the two themes off against each other is fundamentally wrong.

Posted by: Pnyx | Sep 22 2019 15:31 utc | 8

b @6

Taking money out of the pockets of the poor into the pockets of the corpocrats isn't "green" policy.

Thank you for telling the truth about the fraudulent science and successful propaganda behind the "green" policy. This is taking down western civilization unless it is stopped.

Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 22 2019 15:39 utc | 9

The series by Cory Morningstar on "The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg", although quite long reasearch reports, have no waste...If you want to understand asap what it is at stake here, no less than the "financialization of nature" and the payment for "environmental services" along with an online system for denouncing those who do not pledge to the "environmental requirements", I think, if you do not have the time or enough interest to read this long series, you can clarify yourself a lot by starting directly to ACT I and then go directly to ACT VI(Crescendo ), where by reading for only about a couple of hours ( without linking the interesting articles linked at its time in both reports...) you will be able to test that what comes is not but plain ecofascism, and what is in their targets, what they are thinking about is not on saving the planet and us with it, but put their dirty hands in the for the time being ( at least in Europe..) well shielded public pension funds, since they can not find other source of plundering right now to keep their rate of profit....

To this they have put in place the Hamelin effect of acting on the most tenderly young so as to achieve a "1984" effect ( which child have not dreamed about being liberated from going to school daily, especially one who does not adapt well in school because of Asperger...? ) where your children will be no more your children ( that is, you guess them will be in your side...) but an arm of this fascistocracy to finish you and disconect you from the system unless you pledge to their directives and it you an activist, a politician, a business man, a country, whatever...The thing is that the third world and developing countries, or any country whose strategies or budget does not fit with those of this facsitocracy will be demoniced and condemned online by the crowd of youngsters...from this to built consent for an "action" on the alibi of "protecting resources and evironment" there will be just a short step and we know that for the croporatocracy that means war...

Look at this a promotional video by "We don´thave time", the start up created to catch activists online and promote all this, extracted from ACT I....

To add to the emergency, they have been planned this for aout ten years already...we are late, we are disorganized, and "Saint Greta" is everywhere to harvest on your privileged deideologized children....

As a sample....

“We are becoming increasingly aware that solutions to our global challenges must purposefully engage youth, at all levels – locally, regionally, nationally and globally. This generation has the passion, dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit to shape the future.” —Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman, World Economic Forum [Emphasis added]

“The Revolution Will Be Snapchatted. Forget your John-Hughes-movie stereotypes. Today’s teens are civically active, globally minded —and they nearly unanimously agree that we need to do more to address climate change. A study of 31,000 youth from 186 countries found that climate change is their number one concern (surpassing terrorism, poverty and unemployment.) Over 90% agree that science has proven that humans are causing climate change, and nearly 60% plan to work in sustainability.” [Emphasis in original]

“Large groups, like, Avaaz or the Sierra Club, and the numerous grassroots organizations (1,300 by some estimates) don’t just start magically working together to rent buses, secure police permits and make signs specific to their interests. There has to be a vision into which they all buy, a big enough umbrella under which everyone can stand. Building that umbrella—particularly for the international organizations—was Rigg’s work, work that includes important leadership lessons relevant to anyone trying to mobilize large groups with diverse interests and agendas. Her work can be seen as a road map for how to herd cats.“ Forbes, Sept 25, 2014: Leadership Lessons from The People’s Climate March [Emphasis added.]

“Since the 1970s, several waves of privatization have swept the world. In 2017, the Privatization Barometer concluded that “the massive global privatization wave that began in 2012 continues unabated”. According to the rights expert, that wave has been driven not only by Governments and the private sector, but also by international organizations, especially the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and the United Nations.” — Human rights at risk from tsunami of privatization, Third World Network, November 16, 2018

“As the establishment rave in Paris winds down, the chimera of clean energy propels industrial societies toward nuking the future. The new age ghost dance, as an expression of social despair, has led to progressive self-delusion that promises us the world, if only we believe. Stepping through the looking glass, one can examine the metrics of messaging by establishment social media and philanthropy, that, combined, is the driving force of the non-profit industrial complex. — Jay Taber, Rave New World

“[B]ecause climate change represents such an extraordinary threat, it’s imperative we compress the dynamics of innovation and scale through new approaches. That’s why Planet Heritage Foundation… a global investment advisory firm that works with institutional investors to channel capital into “climate infrastructure” sectors such as clean energy, water, and waste-to-value. These investors — sovereign funds, pensions, endowments, insurance companies, family offices, and foundations — represent more than $80 trillion in assets and are the only stakeholders other than governments with the capacity to invest at a scale… After only a year, the Aligned Intermediary model is already demonstrating promise in this regard…

“In partnership with Sarah Kearney (PRIME) and Alicia Seiger (Stanford University), we initially attracted grant funding totaling $500,000 from four philanthropies — the Hewlett Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the ClimateWorks Foundation, and Planet Heritage Foundation — for research that demonstrated the potential of our model.” [Emphasis added]

“Efforts to blend capital in order to engage and mobilize large-scale institutional capital toward climate solutions took a notable step forward on September 26 at the One Planet Summit in New York, when French President Emmanuel Macron and BlackRock’s Larry Fink announced the Climate Finance Partnership (CFP). The CFP consists of a unique combination of philanthropies, governments, institutional investors, and a leading global asset manager. The parties, including BlackRock, the Governments of France and Germany, and the Hewlett, Grantham, and IKEA foundations, have committed to work together to finalize the design and structure of what we anticipate will be a flagship blended capital investment vehicle by the end of the first quarter, 2019.

The partnership, coordinated by the Task Force on Philanthropic Innovation and the Aligned Intermediary, an investment advisory group, was designed and structured specifically to use a layer of government and philanthropic capital to maximize private capital mobilization toward climate-related sectors in emerging markets.” [Emphasis added]

Finally the nitty gritty..."the violent agreement".... to "unlock" pension and private funds...

“A detailed analysis by the World Bank found that while $100 trillion is held by pension funds and other institutional investors, these same investors allocated less than $2 trillion over a 25 year period into infrastructure investment in emerging markets. And the fraction of that investment that could be considered green, clean, or climate-friendly was negligible.

So, what can be done? Whether you choose to look through the lens of unprecedented challenge or unprecedented opportunity, there is violent agreement that institutional capital needs to be “unlocked” (a favorite word on the climate conference circuit) and mobilized quickly and at scale.” [Emphasis added]

Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22 2019 15:40 utc | 10

Forgot to mention, thanks "b" for to give visibility to "The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg" series..

Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22 2019 15:41 utc | 11

A long but important read:
“World at a Crossroads and a System of International Relations for the Future”
by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov for “Russia in Global Politics” magazine, September 20, 2019

Indeed an exceedingly important article!

If that is a prelude to some of the speeches in the forthcoming session of the UNGA, that promises to be a potential turning point. We shall see.

The empire is finished, that is for sure, it is just a question of time, combined with (a) how much damage will the flailing monster cause in its dying throws; (b) when and over how long a period will the final end take place; and (c) how much of the core structures for the upcoming multilateral order can be instituted and secured before the final collapse of the empire and all the instability necessarily associated with that fall?

Posted by: BM | Sep 22 2019 15:51 utc | 12

@ Posted by: Pnyx | Sep 22 2019 15:18 utc | 4

Yeah, I'm sure a bunch of kids walking down the street are making the capitalists shake on their boots.

To be honest, Greta Thunberg is the ideal radical opposition if you are dominant class: they are children, they are harmless, they are completely under your control.


China’s Communist Party is looking at the beginning of the end of one-party rule

I disagree with all the arguments the author uses in this linked opinion piece.

The first one is kind of esoteric: he states that modern "dictatorships" last, on average, 70 years. Apart from the fact that's not empirically true is the fact that China is not a dictatorship, but a full-fledged democracy. China is not a dictatorship in any sense of the word.

The second one is economic: China is slowing down. But as I mentioned in a post here before, China's participation in world's growth is steady: it will still be responsible for 30% of the world's GDP growth this year. That's because the whole world is slowing down, not just China. This is what's impressive: 6% growth is not impressive, nor was 10% growth a decade before (the USSR grew 15% a year in the 1950s); what's impressive is that it is growing 6% in an era its main enemy is growing 2% (the USA). It would be a completely different story if only China was slowing down while the liberal world was thriving.

The third argument is old: that Mao's era was an abortion of history and that Deng's era was only possible through the benevolence of the West. Mao's reforms were what made Deng's reforms possible. And Deng's reforms were what made Xi's era possible. Just look at India to see the difference a revolution makes. I also disagree with the reasons the author lists Deng's reforms worked out.

The fourth argument is that China is reverting to socialism somehow. Well, China has always been socialist since 1949. It's funny, because the Western left claims China is neoliberal, while this neoliberal author claims that:

Radical reforms – in particular, the privatisation of inefficient state-owned enterprises and the end of neo-mercantilist trading practices – could sustain growth. But, despite paying lip service to further market reforms, the party has been reluctant to implement them, instead clinging to policies that favour state firms at the expense of private entrepreneurs. Because the state-owned sector forms the economic foundation of one-party rule, the prospect that party leaders will suddenly embrace radical economic reform is dim.

I think the West must make its mind about China: is it socialist or capitalist?

Besides, it's a myth China's SOE are "inefficient", since they dominate the Chinese list in the Forbes 500.

The last argument the author uses is that the American military superiority will guarantee its victory in a trade war. I think this issue was already discussed a lot here.

I'm not saying China will never fall. It eventually will. But, if you want to make a serious prediction, you must present strong evidence and use sound arguments. I don't see China more frail than any other country in the world if we are to take the author's parameters.

Posted by: vk | Sep 22 2019 15:58 utc | 13

All in all the recurrent point by Cory Morningstar is the total absence of denouncing of militarism and especially the MIC by both, Greta´s discourse and that of her handlers at Greenpeace, WWF, We don´t have time, IMF, WB, etc, etc...

If you read the series you will be able to test that Cory with this is not denying climate change, but denouncing its manipulation by the most responsible of it for profit...What is at stake here is the ultimate plunder, public funds will go to finance their environmental adventures, if they make suculent gain you will have zero participation on it, if they fail, you will be said that your pension/ bank deposits just evaporated in the air of "climate change fight"....What these criminal are thinking aout is "unlocking" what is to date still sacred from their gangster hands...

That´s the case of Borkum, maritim platform in an island of the North Sea under jurisdiction of Lower Saxony, Germany.
The plant wants to be an example of “renewable” to generate offshore wind power. Of course it is an example of monopoly capital, with 13 large private companies and public institutions, including the European Union, participating in the "revolution".

The Borkum plant was a highly complex engineering work that swallows money and consumes more energy than it generated.

Other plants have problems with waves and porpoises: production must be stopped so as not to damage its generation cycles. Until 2020 these large maritime facilities should generate as much electricity as eight nuclear power plants. Risks and a good part of the expenses are paid by taxpayers and consumers. The electricity gained there will be paid at 19 cents per kilowatt / hour, 50 percent more than the windmills on the mainland cost.....

Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22 2019 16:06 utc | 14

As an illustration of the consumerism/pollution problem

Posted by: Mina | Sep 22 2019 16:10 utc | 15

Just look at India to see the difference a revolution makes.
Good point. I believe Pakistan will be the first major over the cliff, but it could be India.

Posted by: Duncan Idaho | Sep 22 2019 16:24 utc | 16

@Pnyx 8
Man-made climate change and natural climate change should not be lumped together or used interchangeably - while the results could very well be the same, the impact of the latter is very much in question. 40" of rain is monstrous, indeed, but what is the cause for it? It is a very well documented fact that climate has oscillated to extremes already for millions of years, obviously NOT as a consequence related to human activities.

Gretchen is a tool and a fraud, and none of the concepts she babbles about are her original ideas. That should be reason for pause.

Posted by: Lorenz | Sep 22 2019 16:34 utc | 17

If you noticed in the promotional video by "We don´t have time" ( in case you took the time to watch it...) they feature Siberia as place of methane emissions because of the melting ice...

But,as happens with the MIC, amongst all these hypocrite upstars, they do not mention the hundreds thonsands farts the Matusalenic old of the old of the Rockefellers whose life is prolonged artificially by whatever means...including, most probably, illegal human organs throwing ot the atmosphere non stop...

This way they are catching the audience, and they will shape accordingly who is the menace...If you do not see here an opportune and twistted evolution on the "R2P" once the regime change operations under ideological terms got enough discredited...well, I guess you have not payed enough attention...It is in this realm that we are saying since years ago that the next wars will be for resources...Here you have the justification....

Who are to worry are countries who are rich on Russia and China....

Thus, apart fron plundering what of cash remains out there ( pension funds, private deposits...), the goal is "that something changes so that everything remains the same", that would say El Gatoparde, and on the alibi of "saving the planet", in a rare evolution of "spreading democracy", you will see the USAF in movement non stop to the four cardinal points, as always, only this time it will be "green" Greta instead of Hana Alabed who will signal the culprit/military target....Btw,that, do not believe this is even a great change of strategy after all, since amongst the revolving doors world of public relations the people involved in promoting this moves in, you will find the CEO of the firm which promoted the "White Helmets" case you kept some hope on that this people could harbor any good intention...these are simply those who sold themselves always to the best do not have more than observe those stares and face expressions...

Now do not tell me that this people is idle while meeting in Davos, G7 and so on...they are always pondering how to loot more, from whoever...

Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22 2019 16:49 utc | 18

Article on Boeing up at The New Republic

This Boeing article has probably been posted and featured by b, but it is worth linking it again.

A person I follow on twitter led me to the article this morning. Here is his tweet

"We truly inhabit a psychopathocracy. We’re just numbers to them. Little nuggets of capital with libidos attached."

That tweet alone is a keeper. Look at that new word in the first sentence. The second sentence welcomes you to be one of the "nuggets of capital with libidos attached."

That tweet retweeted the following which has the link to the article

This article about the Boeing 737 Max is one of the strongest indictments of contemporary capitalism I have read lately. The idiots in charge built a plane designed to crash b/c it would be more profitable, and stock price thus far has proven them right.

Posted by: Don Utter | Sep 22 2019 16:55 utc | 19

Posted by: b | Sep 22 2019 15:28 utc | 7

As a whole it makes it completely clear that 'Greta' is a fabricated marketing product run by a number of NGOs that are backed by the worst of industries.

I am sure this is the case. But pointing this out does not solve the very real problem of climate change, nor invalidates that kids protesting about their future.

Nor is cheap petrol and electricity the solution. Cars (and modern lifestyle) are where the manipulation (pr, advertising) started in the first place.
The consequence of two cars per family is everybody getting parked on the motorway or maybe we learn from termites and ants how to coordinate our movements.
Either economic theory goes back to models of central planning or individuals have to find their own methods of how to move.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 22 2019 16:57 utc | 20

Does anyone have the scoop on Egypt's anti Sisi unrest? Mina?

Posted by: L9zion | Sep 22 2019 17:07 utc | 21

Speaking of the Streek piece, there's a couple of books whose reading I highly recommend about the myth of social-democracy (alson known by the CIA as "Non-Communist Left" -- NCL):

WILFORD, Hugh. The CIA, the British Left and the Cold War: calling the tune?.

SCOTT-SMITH, Giles. The Politics of Apolitical Culture: The Congress for Cultural Freedom, the CIA and post-war American hegemony.

SAUNDERS, Frances S. Who Paid the Piper?: CIA and the Cultural Cold War.

What surprises me about social-democracy is not the fact that it fell apart, but the fact that it didn't lose its prestige in the First World decades after it fell apart.

In part this is because the working classes of these countries became defanged after its fall coupled with the fall of the USSR; but also there's the successful propaganda it sold to the masses about why it fell: the myth of the neoliberal invasion, the myth of the "return of the liberals", the myth social-democracy was destroyed by an horde of neoliberal barbarians from outside the borders of civilization (i.e. the USA), the myth of moral degeneration of the politician class of Europe. In other words, the myth that social-democracy didn't fell, but was raped.

Those three books demonstrate that wasn't the case: the social-democrats, led by the unions themselves, were rabidly anti-communist since at least the end of the 1930s. They were the reason the CIA's meager efforts to install a propaganda warfare (cultural cold war) in Western Europe and the USA were so successful. The labor movement in the West was sabotaged from within before the CIA could strike the final blow to it. It was the plan of the social-democrats to give the working classes to the liberals (when they "returned") from the beginning.

Posted by: vk | Sep 22 2019 17:14 utc | 22

That smug Danish school girl is a pain in the ass.

Posted by: WD_GREEN | Sep 22 2019 17:14 utc | 23

Posted by: somebody | Sep 22 2019 16:57 utc | 20

says: 'But pointing this out does not solve the very real problem of climate change, nor invalidates that kids protesting about their future.'

I agree with B, this is nothing but a scam by the 'Globalists' to strip sovereignty from nation-states.

Climate change in the last half century can be fully accounted for by natural variations. The climate is now entering a cold phase, driven by the current period of low solar activity and by the approaching cold phase of ocean temperatures (such as evidenced by the Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation).

The only 'climate emergency' is that the 'Globaliists' have only a very short time to pull off their scam before the cooling phase makes the scam apparent to even the most gullible.

Posted by: dh-mtl | Sep 22 2019 17:24 utc | 24

A Good Sunday to all! I'd like to point barflies to this Southfront article that comments upon while translating the "first detailed interview in seven years" given by Russian Defense Minister Shoigu, which was published here in Russian. Accompanying the article are two videos. IMO, the article and videos showcase the great value of Southfront and why it's quite worthy of our support.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 22 2019 17:25 utc | 25

@vk #13

The goal of the powers that be (via their tools of the MSM, the State Department, the President of the USA) is to tell us that Chinese are bad. Subhuman even. Nasty communist chinks who want to take our health care, poison us with fentanyl and steal our technology (you'll find those arguments every day in the American MSM right now).

This is preparation for war. First target will be the treasury bonds. Open hostilities mean full confiscation. To get away with this, the US economy cannot be 90% dependent on China as it is now. Hence President Trump constantly threatening American companies, leveraging penal tariffs: anything to move production, very quickly, away from China.

The second step will be to nationalise all the property which Chinese companies hold in the USA and (the plan) in the Western world. With that will come invalidation of all Chinese intellectual property (as they stole ours). About this time, a blockade of China will start on land and sea. If the Chinese let out a peep at this treatment, the country will be threatened with annihilation.

As the MSM will have beaten its drum about subhuman evil scheming chinks for about five years at that point, seventy to eighty per cent of Americans will be gungho to nuke China (as many of them are still gungho to nuke Iran or Russia).

I'm not sure what can stop that.

What I am sure of though is that Donkeytale is here to advance those establishment narratives (evil Russian, evil Chinese, evil Iranians, good Uncle Sam, pointlessness of resistance). Donkeytale has just told us in his post at number three that bankers and capitalism will save Red China:

Translation of the official gobbledygook: Capitals finds its own freedom./

Remember I told you all a few weeks ago that Donkeytale is monitoring this weblog with spamming technology to make sure he got the first comment. Well now he settles for number three. Donkeytale is here simply to knock all productive conversation off-topic and sow discord.

Posted by: Uncoy | Sep 22 2019 17:31 utc | 26

Look at the institutions promoting "The Sky Is Falling!"; they are the same ones promoting war, war, war and "Greed Is Good!"

Look at volcanoes, earthquakes, and solar storms. They cause suffering too, but nothing to do with a trace gas. Repeat after me: Correlation is Not Causation! The rooster was sure that his crowing every morning woke up the sun. I think that humans can be smarter than roosters if they study on their own and come to their own conclusions instead of reciting dogma promoted by establishment elites.

I don't believe in magical omnipotent beings either, until there is good evidence. Which evidence is reliable in a "civilization" built on violence and lies? That is the heart of the problem for honest people trying to arrive at accurate conclusions.

The paleo evidence seems to show that at different times, temperatures rose before carbon dioxide, so not much support (if any) for the claim that more carbon dioxide increases global average temperature (assuming for the moment that such a concept has merit). How can any but an expert in that field evaluate the methodology? This makes appeal to authority a tempting fallback argument, which I reject.

There is other data to consider, like the recent approx. 20 year "pause" in temperature rise that was acknowledged even by the establishment. Yet carbon dioxide continued to rise, so no correlation, so hypothesis fails.

A good test of a hypothesis is, are predictions accurate? All the models run way too hot, in spite of manipulating past temperature records, adjustments to current records, etc. Once again, hypothesis fails. Are polar bears extinct? No, there are plenty. Are container ships regularly crossing the fabled Northwest Passage? No, even tourist ships have to be rescued from the ice. Are there now children that have never seen snow? Only the ones living near the equator. Is the West Side Highway in New York City underwater? Not after 30 years, but Hansen's prediction has another ten years to come true.

Meanwhile chicken littles ignore inconvenient facts like a recent decade of no major US landfall hurricanes (unfortunately now over) and no increase in tornado activity and fewer deaths from weather events due to better predictions and warnings, and better building codes. So maybe building better houses is more effective than shouting slogans and listening to endless boring speechs (I've heard my share, and then some.)

Burning coal and oil are certainly not problem-free. Shoddy production practices that result in horrible local pollution problems are due to profit-seeking, not carbon dioxide. It's the same with leaded gasoline and collapsing coal-ash dams. It's too bad that campaigners don't work on serious problems that can be fixed instead of imaginary problems that are never-ending distractions.

In some respects the debate is a bit like how many angels fit on the head of a pin. What's relevant are the resulting policy decisions. Replacing large stable power stations with unreliable wind mills and solar electric panels is a fools errand. One can not operate an aluminum smelter on the basis of, "will it be sunny today?" Even worse, wind mills have a high failure rate and seldom come close to claimed performance. If one wants to pump water into a remote stock tank, wind mills are a terrific solution. For powering modern industry, not so much.

Anyone remember the hoopla about "solar roads"? Surprise, surprise, they are a total bust. Literally. And so it goes. In the long run, I'm guessing the policy will be self-correcting in the sense that when enough people complain about unreliable power and cold houses, the policy will change back to burning coal, oil, and gas. Rural people will have to look at the dead windmill skeletons for a long, long, time, but eventually they will decay and collapse, like everything does eventually.

OK. Let the personal attacks, insults, and "Troll!" accusations begin. Maybe some people find such tactics convincing, or at least gratifying somehow. Just remember, I may actually be a troll. So what if I am?

Posted by: Trailer Trash | Sep 22 2019 17:31 utc | 27

@21 Bonbong

It looks like the Fossil Fuel Brigade is here to help out Big Oil!

One of the interesting aspects in the book 1984 was the manipulation of language. The Ministry of Truth took pride in frequently issuing a new edition of the language dictionary, each edition thinner than the previous one. The goal was to make it impossible to think critical thoughts, as there would be no way to formulate such thoughts.

The term "fossil fuel" is building on this idea to give the impression that hydrocarbons are made from fossils only and therefore in short supply. If you compute the amount of hydrocarbons the last ~150 years you will find it requires an unrealistic amount of "fossils".

Our modern day "greens" came up with this "fossil fuel" term in order to control access to cheap energy. The fact is that hydrocarbons are made from hydrogen and carbon at high temperature and pressure, and such conditions exist in abundance in the earths crust. It is renewable and it is not "fossil". Those who still insist all hydrocarbons are "fossil" are challenged to explain the hydrocarbon seas (methane) at Saturn's moon Titan.

Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 22 2019 17:32 utc | 28

Bibi is out. Arab Joint List joining Giants to form coalition government.

Posted by: MW | Sep 22 2019 17:42 utc | 29

Should read Gantz

Posted by: MW | Sep 22 2019 17:43 utc | 30

My comment was posted before I wanted to let it go, just by an errant return key. Sorry about that. I should emphasize the trillion dollars in US treasuries that China holds. It's a huge pot of gold.

To get away with destroying Russia or China or fully possessing the Middle East (note, not using re-possessing the Middle East as it never belonged to the US), one of China, Russia or Iran has to be peeled off the group for culling.

It's the same tactic which was used in the destruction of the Indian tribes of the Eastern United States (in the Western United States, different tactics were used: scorched earth through killing all the buffalo): one was peeled off at a time and made to turn against its neighbours for a treaty and promised advantages. Which would last about five to fifteen years before the favoured tribe would find itself smoked out and on a Trail of Tears, despite intermarrying with settlers and accepting Christianity (pre-conditions of being accepted as human beings and accorded any legal rights).

Taking the Ukraine was a perfect example of that strategy again in play. A small group of fanatics (Galician heirs of Bandera) were turned against their countrymen, given all the weapons and money. The internecine murder continues five years later.

So the US strategy is contingent on being able to peel off at least one of those three countries Russia, Iran or China. Right now it looks like the hard press is on China. Russia, China and Iran must build a solid alliance. It looks like Erdogan and Turkey are slipping from NATO to the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. That would move the balance of power in favour of the SCO over NATO. Sadly Erdogan is not really an ally to be trusted. But everyone involved (including NATO) knows that by now.

Posted by: Uncoy | Sep 22 2019 17:45 utc | 31

Co-founder of We Don’t Have Time, Ingmar Rentzhog, says in the interviews which preceded the launching of his start up, that he found Greta demonstrating alone in fornt of Swedish Parliament and thought of using her as a symbol for his start up launching and the "movement" it promotes.

Well that is not exactly true, since Greta´s mother, had already been awarded a WWF prize in 2017 for a bokk she had written, WWF is one of the main sponsors of this "movement" whose board of trustees is far from hosting any grassroots crew, but has always been filled with the kind of Roche´s ( BIG Pharma )heirs, the Royals, or the Rockefellers...Thus it was not an spontaneous movement that Greta took to the streets and all of a sudden catched the attneton of the MSM around the world at unison, since this family, the Thunbergs, is in the "climate change business" since time ago ....

Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22 2019 17:45 utc | 32

@10 Sasha - Finally the nitty gritty..."the violent agreement".... to "unlock" pension and private funds...

Thank you for being on top of this and for your superb cutting to the heart of the matter - the $100 trillion that the entire neoliberal movement regards as the final frontier to be plundered.

I echo your thanks to b for the space to deconstruct Greta, and for Cory Morningstar.

Those who have followed the climate science for more than a decade will know clearly that the first people to start the propaganda against climate change - saying it was not real - were the oil companies. They came to be assisted by the same companies and tools that helped the tobacco companies stave off, for more than a decade, the public understanding that their cigarettes were addictive and killed. They staved off the resulting legislation also.

The same thing happened with climate change, until the position changed. What caused the change?

Goldman Sachs developed a derivative based on carbon trading. Suddenly the big institutions started being interested in saving the planet through carbon credits.

Apparently, as Sasha points out, the scam has become even more refined now, with proposals to save the planet, not through moderation and regulation, but through more capital investment - such capital to be raised by taxes and sequestration of pension assets. In other words, the sole remaining wealth and income of the working class.

And the financial class now enjoys "violent agreement" that this must be done.

The financializarion of a pretended "solution" to climate change is the only thing that has changed in all this time of alarm over the melting ice.

The ice itself, has continued to melt.

Posted by: Grieved | Sep 22 2019 18:06 utc | 33

@Posted by: Trailer Trash | Sep 22 2019 17:31 utc | 28

I don't believe in magical omnipotent beings either, until there is good evidence.

Neither do I, but they are confident in fooling quite a bunch...This reminds me that another point of the "climate change movement" is promoting that kids like Greta have special powers ( I can not remember now the exact term they use, may be "teluric kids"...), Greta´s mother affrims she can see CO2....

To go piss and take o drop, isn´t it?

Another thing that you may not know is that there have been a casting the Operación Triunfo style to select representatives of every country and region...This way manufactured Greta replicants have been sent to the UN Climate Summit in NY to put proessure on governments still not abudeced by this "movement"...

There are representative of Spain.... and even the Basque Country...Look for your representative to read about its "teluric powers"....

Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22 2019 18:07 utc | 34

@Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22, 2019 6:07:20 PM

Although this all I am commenting may seem too fantastic for you, do not underestimate this people and their capacity to conditionate masses, they are building a religion here, but no one based on tolerance and progress but on backguard bigotry at the image of Middle Ages dark times...This is why I talk sometimes about Neofeudal fascist order...

Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22 2019 18:12 utc | 35

If the Mighty Wurlitzer gets behind it, I don't care what it is, it's bullshit. This doogooder capitalism stuff, raising money for good and doing well for yourself as a consequence has been around a long time. Fake doogooders are nothing new, they bleed over into the religious scams and TV-religion, and of course the 'health care" business. I stopped giving to big charities because it became obvious they are all rackets. Sometimes I get the feeling everything is a racket in the modern US economy. Very few honest, genuine give as good as you get businesses left. They have not completly fucked up the Post Office yet, but from lack of trying. And anyway that's Communism.

Since we are being iconoclastic today:

Why Does Chris Hedges Hedge His Bets?

Posted by: Bemildred | Sep 22 2019 18:18 utc | 36

@Posted by: Sasha | September 22, 2019 at 18:12

To illustrate a chilling image ( in the terrorfic sense...) sawn at "climate strike" demonstrations held by grown adults...

Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22 2019 18:21 utc | 37

@26 karlof1

Thanks for the Shoigu interview. As you probably have seen, Saker has the Lavrov piece too and I linked this South Front piece into the comments over there. In my view, and I'm sure yours, both pieces are tightly interwoven, and form a policy announcement from Russia.

Yours was the first mention I saw of the Lavrov piece, and I'm glad to see b include it here in the open thread round-up. I think it's very important, and I'll just paste my comment from over at Saker:

Russia speaks. And then, sometimes a few years later, we understand that this was policy talking all along. Over the years to come, Russia will work to implement this world she has now articulated through Lavrov. Some of this will be seen, some will be unseen.

But it seems clear that Russia has now begun the task of marshaling the forces and agreements necessary to stand down the US overriding vote in the world, by building up the alternate institutions, and working on the UN to reinvent itself to accord better with the arising multi-polar world.

I have no doubt that this will succeed, over time. This is more than talk.

Finally, I believe it has begun that the alternative world has enough power to begin to harness its full potential and reform the UN and vote down the US.

This would be the most ideal future as the old empire falls. And clearly the nations, under Russia's great leading example, will not succumb to the cynicism and defeatism that we sometimes see in the discussions of commenters in threads like these, but will actually work towards this future.

Posted by: Grieved | Sep 22 2019 18:24 utc | 38

Greta Thunbergs parents should be proscecuted for child abuse...

Posted by: peteypies | Sep 22 2019 18:27 utc | 39

Global Times article "Beijing needs to prepare for emergence and development of a new global monetary system" suggests how PRC ought to proceed into the new "geo-currency" era. Do note it's the opinion of a private Chinese think tank, not China's government.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 22 2019 18:27 utc | 40

@Posted by: Bonbong | Sep 22 2019 18:23 utc | 45

The thing is that, if yo uread the series by Cory Morningstar, you will find that they are there too, Big Oil, in the "climate change movement"...That is good...really....

Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22 2019 18:34 utc | 41

Grieved @46--

Thanks for your reply and astute reading of the those two items. RT reports today that Rouhani will offer a peace plan in his UNGA presentation: "‘Don’t send warplanes & bombs’: Rouhani to present Persian Gulf ‘peace plan’ at UN." IMO, it will be modeled on Russia's proposal for Persian Gulf Collective Security that was published at the end of last month that I linked to and have hyped. It ought to be added to those two to form a trio. It will be interesting to see how coordinated other UNGA speeches accord with them.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 22 2019 18:38 utc | 42

The press has told you about Greta Thunberg's trip across the Atlantic to save the CO2 footprint of a transatlantic flight. What they have not told you is that the crew will return to the UK by plane and A NEW CREW will fly to NY to return the ship.

I was already thinking that sailing for 14 days was way too tiring for the Monegasque as to repeat the travel in reverse....all the more with all those huracans and all that saltpetre over there...not cool....

I would bet you there is no "green" of these who knows what it is it have a real back pain out of working really whatever...wherever...

Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22 2019 18:41 utc | 43

As part of the initiative led by Greta Thunberg, the Zionists wear red to protest the international indifference towards the extinction of endangered animals. They concentrate efforts on annihilating the Palestinians. #Ecosionism #Climatic Change

If this is not ecofascism, you tell me what it is...

Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22 2019 18:44 utc | 44

Remember in the 70s the population bomb? They even started to force poor people in India poor women to sterilize

Posted by: Bob burger | Sep 22 2019 18:48 utc | 45

Then in 90s America had a crime bomb, criminal activity was going to skyrocket so they locked all the black people they can catch but crime didn't explode

Posted by: Bob burger | Sep 22 2019 18:50 utc | 46

Fossil fuel funding: it is true that Koch and others contribute funding to various organizations.
However, the question is the relative funding.
Greenpeace 2016: 76 million euro revenue
Heritage foundation in 2016: 85 million USD revenue
WWF 2018: 335 million USD revenue
EDF 2018: 223 million USD revenue
The Obama stimulus bill in 2009: 26 billion USD for climate change programs with 641 million USD for climate research.
If the fossil fuel industry is winning due to money, it would only be because it has immensely more effective spend, judging from the actual numbers. Note that not insignificant portions of many "green" nonprofit budgets are contributed by fossil fuel companies: EDF, WWF, Sierra Club etc.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 22 2019 18:52 utc | 47

What is most important, at least for Greta, and nobody says...

To give a voice in the UN to a girl who dedicates herself to school absenteeism manipulated by her parents, governments and multinationals, undermines the foundational principles of the United Nations in defense of education and culture. Very bad example to promote famoseo in front of study.

Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22 2019 18:53 utc | 48

The true utility of the "rules-based international order", as Lavrov observes, is its lack of definition. Canada announced, earlier in the year, that this undefined elastic concept was central to its foreign policies:

Fealty to the "rules-based" order apparently means extensive efforts to overthrow Venezuela's elected government in favour of an unelected hard right faction, and the recent participation of the Canadian military in ceremonies commemorating WW2 era fascist militias. Canada is in the midst of a federal election campaign which is studiously avoiding discussion of any policy issues whatsoever. Apparently the sole concern is individual feelings about the PM's choice of costume at an event twenty years ago. While the Conservative Party remains unpopular outside its base (approx 25-30% of the population), the stage may be set for Justin Trudeau's demise and the installation of Freeland, and her version of "feminist international policies, programs and initiatives" after the election.

I'm surprised the Liberals don't simply run on the slogan "Hey - we legalized pot"

Posted by: jayc | Sep 22 2019 19:05 utc | 49

Ref Egypt: the Egyptians are starved. Mrices have been skyrocketting, making Egypt almost as expensive as Europe or Jordan. No wonder some riots are happening here and there. Probably they are not broadcasted usually. But what is the solution when you have 100 million mouths to feed and almost no tourism?
Same as the climate demos: I've seen some posters saying we want money to study not to bomb countries some months ago. Hardly reported on the MSM of course.
Americans really have a problem with their 'intellectual elites' enabling for AI takeover and the soon to come Libra momoth. All that based on the cowardness of their peers, the internation political elite, who have let complete deregulation occur instead of fighting back.

Posted by: Mina | Sep 22 2019 19:06 utc | 50

People here who say that the climate has been changing naturally recently seem to have been locked in appartments for the last two decades. In Europe, one can see on a daily basis the changes in the birds populations, and fishermen know that the southern species are now found much more to the north than before, just as the birds. The vanishing of more than 1/3 of all insects and frogs is now documented.
It is possible that the same changes do not affect the US for various geological and environmental reasons, but in Europe, it is true and proportional to the numbers of cars (in fact, France has managed to get the same results in its colonies in the Atlantic).

Posted by: Mina | Sep 22 2019 19:12 utc | 51

All those smarties who fart against Big Bad Oil, next time you go to store to buy some bananas and fresh strawberries ask yourself how did those tasty treats managed to get there. By flying carpets? And I bet all of you take a flight to go to vacation or some trip or what not. Those planes fly on what, on unobtanuim? Taking a ferry or a cruise ship to have some fun? Typing on a keyboard made of plastic, which is made of guess what material? Big Bad Oil my ass.... oh wait a minute you are actually not against oil, but against big evil oil corporations. Little good oil would be fine. And Russian Oil of course is totally OK, Russian gas, even better!
Gazprom Good! Exxon Bad! Rosneft Good! BP Bad!
The truth is: humans have been changing climate since they invented agriculture and civilization.
The largest contributors to destruction of our environment by far are our activities to get food and shelter for ourselves. "Big Oil" is just one component of that.

Posted by: hopehely | Sep 22 2019 19:36 utc | 52

thanks b and to the thoughtful posters here as well..

Posted by: james | Sep 22 2019 19:37 utc | 53

@65 hopehely.. it is true what you say... one small solution was to live and act locally.. buy food that comes from where you live and etc. etc.. i know it is a small step, but one in the right direction..

Posted by: james | Sep 22 2019 19:38 utc | 54

Sasha, that's interesting about Greta and magical thinking. There's a lot of it going around these days. It has thoroughly polluted the scientific knowledge base. But reality always triumphs over magic, so we have engineering results like 2 out of 5 (40% - yikes) US space shuttles broken up in flight and Boeing airplanes that are self-crashing. In "green" energy we have frequent smaller engineering disasters like wind mills going up in smoke (when they are not killing birds or sonically harming neighbors).

Research universities are now mostly just money pumps. The administration takes a cut of everything and depends on researchers to bring in the dough. If researchers don't get published, they don't get grants. No grants, no job, no way to pay back huge student loans needed to buy a PhD. There are big incentives to produce the "right" conclusions, and not much incentive to do good science for its own sake.

In the current research climate, allegiance to global warming greases the money pump. Researchers have bills to pay, too. Go along to get along is required for financial survival throughout society. Too bad if the light of knowledge gets a little dim.

Poor research is widespread throughout medicine. Psychology research seems to be the worst; almost none of it can be replicated due to poor methodology, incompetence, and outright fraud. There is even a recent book titled "Psychology in Crisis", by Brian Hughes.

For more than 15 years I have been dealing with a devastating chronic illness called "myalgic encephalomyelitis". A few decades ago private disability insurers started seeing a rise in claims due to ME. People are usually sick for many years (decades even) and a high percentage are unable to work (I have been mostly housebound for about five years). Insurers such as UNUM and SwissRE became alarmed at the prospect of paying billions to us useless eaters.

Fortunately for them, a group of UK psychiatrists (the Wessely School) rode in to save the day, by renaming the illness to "chronic fatigue syndrome", a name easy to stigmatize, as was pointed out at the time. Even better, their "research" (marketing, really) "proved" the illness is mental, not physiological, and could be "cured" by convincing the patient they are not really sick and by forcing them to do ever-increasing amounts of exercise. If they refuse to do the "treatment" then they are fakers and can be cut off benefits.

Calling "CFS" a "mental" illness has an added benefit for US disability insurers: "mental health" benefits only last six months. This is purely co-incidental, of course.
Pay no attention to that Warren Buffet getting richer on the backs of devastated patients.

There are two little problems with this treatment of psychotherapy and especially graded exercise therapy (GET) for ME patients:
#1 It doesn't work.
#2 It makes most patients sicker.

The hallmark symptom of ME is that any kind of exertion (physical, mental, emotional) that exceeds a patient's "energy envelope" can and usually does cause much worse symptoms. These crashes, often delayed by a day or more, can last days, weeks, or sometimes until the patient dies, connected to a feeding tube, in a dark silent room. This is no exaggeration. Even AIDS patients now have better treatment and quality of life.

To say it shorter: exertion makes us worse, rest makes symptoms less bad, but exercise and therapy is the only treatment offered to most of us. Everywhere we go in the medical industry we are treated with disdain, disbelieved, insulted, and generally treated badly. That attitude was spread to general society through insults like "Yuppie Flu" and "Everyone Gets Tired" and an endless campaign that attacks patients and our advocates for criticizing bad research and harmful treatments.

One might think it would be unethical for doctors to stigmatize and attack their own patients. Unfortunately ethics don't count for much when profits are involved.

In case it's not clear, in my experience, most doctors suck at their job. They may be great at memorizing stuff, but are almost universally incompetent at diagnosis, and are completely unaware of it. But who cares, as long as they have high status and a big income...

Posted by: Trailer Trash | Sep 22 2019 19:50 utc | 55

@hopehely #65 -

LOL. Does somebody or did somebody's daddy work for "Big Oil"? See the problem is *not* that "big oil" exists - it's that they pump hundreds of millions of dollars into the dynamic and have succeeded in artificially framing the science as a "debate" - as well as capturing governments in the same way that basically all mega-corporations have and turning the focus to their shareholders' profits at the *expense* of the environment. Anyone who denies this is just flat out stupid. Other commenters above have correctly pointed out the built-in purity requirement of your argument - i.e. nobody is allowed to criticize "big oil" unless they wear a hair shirt, live in a cave, and hunt/gather for their subsistence. Otherwise we're all just massive hypocrites for taking a flight and still bitching about "big oil" right?

The Russia/Gazprom nonsense is absolutely irrelevant to the argument, but it did accomplish one thing - rendering any future post from you unreadable and discredited in advance.

Seriously, you made it *that* obvious that you or a family member work for "big oil"...

Posted by: KC | Sep 22 2019 19:52 utc | 56

@Posted by: Grieved | Sep 22 2019 18:06 utc | 39

Your welcome, it´s nothing since I am just fighting for myself and mine....
But, Grieved and all, the pension funds is only one of the targets they are thinking about, and the most urgent to be fought by especially you, the elders, including Pat Lang, btw..

If you read at least the two ACTS of the series I have linked, you will discovered that the usual complaint amongst suffered citizens on that "one day they will be taxing even the air we breath" is closer than we think...The business passes also for provatization of forest, oceans, and national parks which then will be managed by private entities and make us pay for what they call "environmental services". This is not but a grade beyond the precedent wave of privatizations of basic indispensable goods and services like water, electricity, public transport, snailmail, and so on...

There is article linked about one of this "experiments", wait for me to see if I can find it amongst the huge report...Here it is The case of the Banc d’Arguin National Park, Mauritania

Of this, Cory tells us,

In addition to the support provided to the WWF, Luc Hoffmann served as director of Wetlands International, was vice-president of the IUCN (World Union of Nature Conservation) and established the International Bank of Arguin Foundation in Mauritania. This is important to recognize, as in 2013, this project received the “first international payment for marine ecosystem services”

Very interesting to read Hoffmann´s profile in this report,

André Hoffmann is a Swiss industrialist belonging to one of the wealthiest dynasties in Europe. He served as vice-president of WWF from 2007-2017 and as WWF honorary chair from 1998-2017. He is president of the MAVA Foundation (a key funder of the Natural Capital Coalition) and vice- chairman of the board for Roche, the pharmaceutical and chemical giant founded by his family. [Bio]

Roche is the world’s largest biotech company. It is headquartered in Switzerland and has operations in over 100 countries. As one of the early adopters of the Natural Capital Protocol, the pilot summary report made mention that “an important point raised by the study was the fact that Roche generates considerable unaccounted for positive social value from use of their products and other socially responsible activities, which likely far outweigh any negative environmental impacts.” [Source] [Emphasis added]

Hoffmann also serves as senior advisor at Chatham House and numerous other boards, including the World Economic Forum, the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and SYSTEMIQ.

André Hoffmann’s father, Luc Hoffmann served on the first international board of the WWF (co-founders include Goddfrey Rockefeller). In addition to his contributions to the founding of WWF, Luc Hoffmann also founded WWF France and WWF Greece. He served as honorary vice-president to WWF until his death in 2016. [Source]

Thus, they have just discovered another window of profit in a zero growth late-capitalism environment...Not just for totax us on nature for their personal profit, but also achieve reversing the environmental damage they produce by their huge companies through the acqusition of "social capital" ( this is the next to come...still in diappers...) by means of financial engineering and diversification of business...that is for to catch public funds to wash their carbon footprint...Round business...

The above disclosure opens up yet another layer of depravity. If we can assign monetary values to nature – we can assign monetary values to culture as well. Enter the assigning of monetary value to “social capital” in the language of “social capital markets”. [Social Capital Markets website: “dedicated to catalyzing world change through market-based solutions.”]

NextBillion was launched in May 2005 by the World Resources Institute. The “development through enterprise” project shares an interest in the development of social capital. In 2010, the William Davidson Institute (WDI) at the University of Michigan joined the World Resources Institute as partners in ownership of NextBillion. As of December 4, 2012, NextBillion is managed exclusively by WDI, which is focused on providing private-sector solutions in emerging markets.

“Social Capital Markets is Dedicated to Accelerating a New Global Market at the Intersection of Money + Meaning”. — Social Capital Markets Website

The 2017 Social Capital Protocol states that, “integrating approaches between social and natural capital” are driven by the same purpose and based on the same concepts and principles as the Natural Capital Protocol developed by the Natural Capital Coalition. [p. 6]

Although the social capital concept is still in its infancy [“the measurement and valuation of social capital is a relatively new concept”], its goals are clear: “Over the coming years, the Social Capital Protocol initiative will shape and drive collaborative action to achieve four goals.” The last goal can best be described as what will be the coup de grâce for the last vestiges of human normality: “Enable companies to capitalize on their implementation of the Social Capital Protocol by ensuring the finance community and capital markets recognize and reward social value creation.” [p. 5]

From ACT VI-Crescendo, other pearls.......

One not familiar with the inner workings and functions of the non-profit industrial complex might wonder why the executive director of Greenpeace International be invited to attend a discussion regarding the implementation of “payments for ecosystem services” (PES), global in scale. That is, monetary value being assigned to all nature, under the guise of environmental protection. That is, the financialization and privatization of all nature – on the entire Earth.

Here it is critical to recognize that the World Resources Institute is a founding partner of Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA), and that the New Climate Economy – a project of Global Commission on the Economy and Climate launched in 2013 – is also founded by the World Resources Institute.

What the New Climate Economy is expressing when it states that, “the shift to a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy is only one – potentially small – part of a much broader economic transition that is under way” is this: the transformation of global finance via the economic valuation and payment for environmental services.

“The failure to price our natural capital, on which our wealth and well-being depends, is a serious failure in the global capital market. Worth many trillions of dollars in financial assets, the global capital market shapes the world we live in, and which our children will inherit.” — Kitty van der Heijden, Director, World Resources Institute Europe and Africa, Finance for One Planet, 2016

Alnoor Ladha is a founding partner and the head of strategy at Purpose. With its expertise in behavioural change, Purpose is most renowned for its White Helmets campaign – a 21st century hybrid-NGO serving NATO states. Ladha is a founding member and the executive director of the Purpose project, The Rules. Ladha serves on the board of Greenpeace USA where its executive director, Annie Leonard, has co-founded Earth Economics. Yet another institution created to aid, abet, and, most importantly, profit off the financialization of nature scheme, now well underway as demonstrated in this series. Leonard’s Earth Economics [4] is a member of divestment partner CERES, which is in turn a partner of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). Purpose (PR arm of Avaaz) manages The B Team (co-founder of We Mean Business) the official address of which, is the office of Purpose.

The link between most, if not all of these NGOs, institutions and high-level individuals, is the shared desire for carbon markets and/or the implementation of payments for ecosystem services (PES).

Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22 2019 19:54 utc | 57

@Trailer Trash - I'm glad you brought this up:

Research universities are now mostly just money pumps. The administration takes a cut of everything and depends on researchers to bring in the dough. If researchers don't get published, they don't get grants. No grants, no job, no way to pay back huge student loans needed to buy a PhD. There are big incentives to produce the "right" conclusions, and not much incentive to do good science for its own sake.

In the current research climate, allegiance to global warming greases the money pump. Researchers have bills to pay, too. Go along to get along is required for financial survival throughout society. Too bad if the light of knowledge gets a little dim.

You DO realize that "big oil" and other energy corporations are also capturing university research departments and directing research AWAY from climate science by refusing to fund research that might cast a negative light on the activities of these industry giants, right? It's happening at Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, Cal Tech, and most other research universities.

I always find it funny when the deniers try to paint a picture in which the scientists are all getting rich for criticizing the poor little petroleum industry and pushing tighter regulations, "earth-friendly" or "sustainable" forms of energy generation. Suddenly every right winger becomes a PETA type activist about some birds of prey being killed by windmills. As though they never saw the pictures of oil spills and ignored the environmental devastation wreaked by the coal and oil industries prior to enhanced regulations.

Posted by: KC | Sep 22 2019 20:01 utc | 58

From the study I linked above (published in 2010 - these companies have only INCREASED their funding of preeminent research university programs in the time since):

The world’s largest oil companies are showing surprising interest in financing alternative energy research at U.S. universities. Over the past decade, five of the world’s top 10 oil companies—ExxonMobil Corp., Chevron Corp., BP PLC, Royal Dutch Shell Group, and ConocoPhillips Co.—and other large traditional energy companies with a direct commercial stake in future energy markets have forged dozens of multi-year, multi-million-dollar alliances with top U.S. universities and scientists to carry out energy-related research. Much of this funding by “Big Oil” is being used for research into new sources of alternative energy and renewable energy, mostly biofuels.1 Why are highly profitable oil and other large corporations increasingly turning to U.S. universities to perform their commercial research and development instead of conducting this work in-house? Why, in turn, are U.S. universities opening their doors to Big Oil? And when they do, how well are U.S. universities balancing the needs of their commercial sponsors with their own academic missions and public-interest obligations, given their heavy reliance on government research funding and other forms of taxpayer support? The answers to these three questions are critical to energy-related research and development in our country, given the current global-warming crisis and the role that academic experts have traditionally played in providing the public with impartial research, analysis, and advice. To unpack these questions and help find answers, this report provides a detailed examination of 10 university-industry agreements that together total $833 million in confirmed corporate funding (over 10 years) for energy research funding on campus. Copies of these contractual agreements were obtained largely through state-level public record act requests (see the table on pages 13 and 14 for a list of these 10 agreements, and see page 15 for the methodology used for obtaining and analyzing them). Each agreement spells out the precise legal terms, conditions, and intellectualproperty provisions that govern how this sponsored research is carried out by the faculty and students on campus. (See methodology on page 15 for a discussion of how practices that are not required in these conflicts fit into the analysis.) [ctd...obviously]

Posted by: KC | Sep 22 2019 20:04 utc | 59

I should also have noted that when these studies or investigations are actually done, what they find is that most of the money spent is NOT put toward "alternative" forms of energy - but RATHER on finding ways to more *cheaply* and in some cases *cleanly* extract more and more fossil fuels from the Earth. Further:

• In nine of the 10 energy-research agreements we analyzed, the university partners failed to retain majority academic control over the central governing body charged with directing the university-industry alliance. Four of the 10 alliances actually give the industry sponsors full governance control. • Eight of the 10 agreements permit the corporate sponsor or sponsors to fully control both the evaluation and selection of faculty research proposals in each new grant cycle. • None of the 10 agreements requires faculty research proposals to be evaluated and awarded funding based on independent expert peer review, the traditional method for awarding academic and scientific research grants fairly and impartially based on scientific merit. • Eight of the 10 alliance agreements fail to specify transparently, in advance, how faculty may apply for alliance funding, and what the specific evaluation and selection criteria will be. • Nine of the 10 agreements call for no specific management of financial conflicts of interest related to the alliance and its research functions. None of these agreements, for example, specifies that committee members charged with evaluating and selecting faculty research proposals must be impartial, and may not award corporate funding to themselves. (See summary of main findings for details, pages 52-59, and the Appendices beginning on page 75.)

Posted by: KC | Sep 22 2019 20:06 utc | 60

>People here who say that the climate has been changing naturally
>recently seem to have been locked in appartments for the last two decades
>Posted by: Mina | Sep 22 2019 19:12 utc | 64

I live on 50 acres I purchased in 1979. This year I expect the ground to be snow covered by Thanksgiving, and most likely stay that way until May Day, just like 40 years ago.

But we may be headed for a new Ice Age, because last year I plowed snow in October, which is Unprecedented in 40 years of records.

See how silly that sounds? Once again, correlation is not causation and anecdotes are very poor quality evidence.

Posted by: Trailer Trash | Sep 22 2019 20:12 utc | 61

You are relly a moron, right!
Gretha Tunberg is Swedish , you fucking piece of shit. At leeast get your particulars right before accusing, piece of garbagde

Posted by: Den lille Abe | Sep 22 2019 20:13 utc | 62

Fucking idiot

Posted by: Den lille Abe | Sep 22 2019 20:15 utc | 63

@Trailer Trash -

But we may be headed for a new Ice Age, because last year I plowed snow in October, which is Unprecedented in 40 years of records.

As "silly" as your conclusion might have been (intentionally), the fact is that what's happening in your area is also a part of the larger trend.

Here's a decent write up on how.

Posted by: KC | Sep 22 2019 20:20 utc | 64

@Posted by: Trailer Trash | Sep 22 2019 19:50 utc | 68

Man, what to say, I feel very sorry for you, since seems a very desperate situation living that way in the US.

If it serves you of something, and no doubting at all your diagnosis, the other day I heard in local radio that 7 out of 10 Spaniards felt, or tired, or very tired due to job stress and lack of sleep...I myself feel not few times very, very tired, especially when I give myself an oversession of internet activism like today´s ( but, wtf, sometimes, it is just needed to do it...)and when that happens, belive me, the best is to stop a bit and go out at least for a walk.

Soft exercise like walking with a good isolated trainers can not damage you more, and soft and regular exercise produce endorphines which act as painkillers and muscular relaxants. There are a lot of neurological and reumathologic conditions which increasingly leave chronic pain and dissablement, but, try please to conserve you mobility as if there was no tomorrow, mobilize, mobilize, mobilize, you will even sleep better as you will tire your body a bit more. So bad is doing excesive exercise as not doing anything at all.

Some years ago I broke my left elbow...a very complicated fracture at two different places...I went through excruciating pain since the accident through post-operation and rehabilitation. My phisioterapist confessed in the end that one or two months before my almost full recovery she was not giving two cents for my elbow, thinking I will stay like many people gets in these cases, with the elbow 45º bent ... ( and I truly believed her, since I noticed, all the time, her lack of interest....), but,v while she wasted my rhb time turn without doing nothing with me, I was there straighting my elbow with whatever artifact there was at my hand in the rhb room... Then, as soon as I could, I went to swim, and when not swimming, I was walking the beach ffrom one end to the other, and when finishing one round, I was turning my elbow to one side and the other, like a grinder, 10, 20 times, each side...then, when walking in the city and saw some trellises in the park, I hanged myself leaving my foot on air....Well, all these activities were very painful, especially when finishing ( oh, what I feared that moment!...) but, wtf, today I have my elbow straight, in spite of that lazy phisiotherapist, if not for a slight, and not appreciable at simple sight, curvature...

This is why I advise you to move yourself and try to keep your independence as you can. It´s not easy, I know, and sometimes we have everything against us, I know, but just try to start...with some minutes today, and then increasing slowly... each day a bit more...

Wish you the best!

Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22 2019 20:46 utc | 65

... “And people have asked me before, ‘Well, we can’t be the policemen of the world.' The hell we can’t,” he said. “I think this is what American leadership is about. You have to recognize that our interests are no longer just in the borders of the United States.”...

This parasite has it right! Just look at what they draw from to complete their cannon fodder army. Someone else's children, raided as debt serfs from the student debt debacle. Finalization of human beings targeted by the US government and the population let's them get away with it. Rah, rah, sis boom bah, MAGA/ here you puke your dinner.

..."One of the national crises right now is student loans, so $31,000 is the average," Muth told reporters. "You can get out [of the Army] after four years, 100 percent paid for state college anywhere in the United States."...

Posted by: Taffyboy | Sep 22 2019 20:47 utc | 66

@Taffyboy -

Crazy, isn't it? But you (and the ZH author) are spot-on. This is yet another one of the intended consequences of financializing every aspect of Western society, with the U.S. being the petri dish in which the most extreme forms of disaster/war capitalism are tested out on the masses - until the AI-bot army is built, anyway.

Here's my question: It's widely known now that the U.S. government will try to extricate itself from *any* contractual agreement, treaty or what have you in the interest of this week's financial or resource-related issue. They are currently denying - on a large scale - previously promised student loan forgiveness to people who went into a career of "public service" after amassing the previously unheard of levels of student debt that it now takes to get a college degree. They were promised this debt forgiveness as a reward for serving the public and working underpaid government jobs for up to 20 years of their lives and now those promises are being reneged upon. So why would any of these cannon-fodder millennial recruits expect, even for a second, that the government would honor their promises *this* time? I don't even need to get into the VA and how they have been systematically denying benefits to veterans of our foreign wars of aggression for resources.

99% of debt forgiveness promises not being honored

Posted by: KC | Sep 22 2019 20:57 utc | 67

@63 Txs Mina.
Sigh, a climate change thread. My only input on the subject: If you believe (and most do here @MoA) in social engineering then read up on geo-engineering, as we have been smack in it since the early '90's..

Posted by: Lozion | Sep 22 2019 21:05 utc | 68

Unfortunately and tragically, the Greta Thunberg phenomenon and Cory Morningstar's extensive critique of it is another instance of discourse degenerating into a fractious mêlée fueled by binary thinking.

I came across the same Morningstar critique referenced here at another (self-identified) leftist blog; there were a few appreciative comments. I added my 2¢, to wit:

I can see two obvious negative responses from Thunberg fans: 1) TL;DR. 2) Geez, this Morningstar person has created a decidedly huge hammer to smash an upstanding young flower; surely this tells readers more about the overweening animus or grudge the author has against Thunberg that it actually tells us about Thunberg and her various sources of unconditional positive regard and support.

Afterwards, I stumbled upon the comments thread to a Truthdig article: "Greta Thunberg Leads Climate Strikes in 150 Countries (Live Blog)". Truthdig is a typical "progressive" site that caters to "leftish" moderates and the TDS-afflicted (the categories are not exclusive); their favorite pundits dilate on the evils of Trump, and the necessity of electing more and better Democrats to defeat the Dark Lord and make straight the way to political salvation.

Anyway, someone in the Truthdig thread referenced this very Morningstar investigation, which precipitated exactly the kind of (self-) righteous exasperated furor I anticipated.

I didn't join the rumble. But anyone who expressed skepticism of the Thunberg phenomenon was set upon and excoriated; even explicitly non-rancorous comments were characterized as "attacks" on Greta, and anyone who didn't agree that Greta should be praised for her "glass half-full" qualities was wrathfully accused of aiding and abetting the right-wing, etc.

None of this is new, but it's a real drag to observe. None of the outraged parties cared to see if Morningstar shed light on the subject; they only wanted to turn up the heat on the "haters" and "purists".

There's a "discourse climate-change" or "discourse pollution" joke in there somewhere.

I'm glad to see that (so far) the comments here haven't similarly boiled over. I guess that's because this bar serves a more international clientele.

Posted by: Ort | Sep 22 2019 21:08 utc | 69

KC @80

Ouch, $5.52 million USD by 96 discharged loans, being $57500.00 USD average per claimant since 2007!

..."Borrowers also need to make at least 120 on-time monthly payments — or 10 years’ worth — on their student loans to be eligible to have them forgiven."...

That's a laugh as some of those student loans are guaranteed by aging parents and grandparents and thus default will jeopardize their Social Security benefits. Quite a racket, criminal and immoral, a blight on society.

Thanks for the link.

P.S. yes, I know about the V.A. bullshit operation also.

Posted by: Taffyboy | Sep 22 2019 21:19 utc | 70

Thanks for this link b
Crash Course - How Boeing's Managerial Revolution Created The 737 MAX Disaster - New Republic

MBA must mean Mob of Blundering Arseholes or perhaps Bullshitting Arseholes.

Climate Change? Tax the rich, and turn the entire planetary wealth to work for humanity. Greta might be able to see CO2 but I can smell BS. Thanks Sasha I always look forward to your analysis.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 22 2019 21:26 utc | 71

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu gave a long, wide-ranging interview to Moskovskiy Komsomolets, the first such interview in seven years: Sergey Shoygu on how they were saving the Russian Army (machine translation). Here are a few snippets:

Commanders of regiments, brigades, divisions, commanders of armies, commanders of troops of military districts, heads of central bodies of the military administration of the Ministry of Defense, and also the teaching staff of almost all higher military educational institutions went through Syria. As a result of the hostilities in Syria, we naturally had a great debriefing, not one, not ten, [but more]. I can tell you that about 300 types of weapons were finalized taking into account the Syrian experience, and we simply removed from production 12 weapon types that were [previously] considered promising.

And when you think how the United States continues to believe by inertia that a balance of power has developed in their favor, a variety of ideas may come to their head, including not the most reasonable ones. It is in this situation that I see now the main threat, and not only for Russia.

Ukrainians are brotherly people. My mother's relatives are from Ukraine. My grandfather is buried there. In the Great Patriotic War, mother survived the occupation there. From Ukraine, my mother’s brothers went to the front. And by the way, I was baptized at the age of five in one of the churches in Stakhanov, Lugansk region. And I am absolutely convinced that with the Ukrainian people we will live in peace and as good neighbors. The time for this, I am sure, will come.

We did not understand at the time, and for a very long time could not understand the essence of what was happening around us. I will allow myself to sharpen my thought even more. If the West continued to behave as it began to behave during the time of Gorbachev, i.e., fulfilled all its promises, did not push NATO closer and closer to our borders, did not expand its influence in our neighboring countries, did not interfere with the internal affairs of our country, then, it seems to me, in the end they would have succeeded in everything. They would be able to solve the problem that they set for themselves – the task of destroying and enslaving our country. The way this was actually done with the "Young Europeans" and the former Soviet republics.

There are many more topics discussed, so I suggest you go and read it in full.

Posted by: S | Sep 22 2019 21:51 utc | 72

Trailer Trash
When I first become ill, doc's would simply diagnose that(myalgic encephalomyelitis - chronic fatigue syndrome) This seems to have been designed as a dumping ground for doctors that couldn't be bothered with investigating an illness. The great list of symptoms covers all mild problems and fatigue that is associated wth any debilitating illness.
Overthe years and much research, I have made a bit of headway. Early on, after I had been ill for a couple of years I ran on a bug that is considered opportunist in that it hits you when another illness weakens you. It was listed by the WHO as being a major problem in developing countries but is virtually never tested for in the west. One place in Sydney tested for it and treated it. I contacted them, tested positive with high numbers of the bug and took a course of three different antibiotics. Made a huge difference but still hadn't found the underlying illness.

A few years ago a run onto a news article on a doctor who had research some of the chronic fatigue type stuff associated with tick bite. It turns out some people develop an alergy to mammal products. This became a recognised medical condition about seven years after I first become ill.
I was fairly sure I had it going by the symptoms but diet cutting out did not seem to make a lot of difference. It was not until ny daughter who now has a batchelor in nursing plus a few years in private hospital, suggested I had two food allergies that I began to make headway.
I have now isolated the two allergies, mammal alergy and also alergy to a compound that is found in seed and nut oils and is also made synthetically as an emulsifier that is used in margarine and bakery products amongst other things.
The visible part of both allergies is hives, but they also seem to cause some food intolerances and a few other problems.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Sep 22 2019 21:51 utc | 73

And I have not even finished pointing out all the outrages this movement includes maskeraded as "environmental protection", that the only two reports I have read by Cory Morningstar show...

Another one is fighting of communal and family agriculture and cattle raising for human consum in beneffit of extensive agriculture and industrial livestock...This has nothing to do with "environmental protection" and eveything with assaults on food sovereignity of the peoples and intends of monopolization of basic goods like those destined to food...No wonder the call of Greta to "strike" did not resounded so loud in LatinAmerica...

From ACT VI-Crescendo:

October 29, 2018, WWF Press Release, “WWF Report Reveals Staggering Extent of Human Impact on Planet”:

“A global deal for nature, similar to the Paris Climate Agreement, can ensure that effective conservation methods continue, and more ambitious goals are set.”

The report states that “the biggest drivers of current biodiversity loss are overexploitation and agriculture, both linked to continually increasing human consumption.” Yet, nowhere does it mention the ecological impacts of militarism. As a collective, we have become so conditioned to this incredible “oversight”, that we no longer take notice of its omission. The report draws attention to agriculture, but not to industrial livestock with its staggering ecological impacts coupled with its grotesque cruelty. It draws attention to increasing number of mountain gorillas – just prior to Jane Goodall’s promotional support of a fourth industrial revolution in January of 2019, in Davos. A revolution that consequently demands fivefold the minerals and metals we are already using as fast as we can. The very same metals that cause the conflict and resulting death of Congolose men, women and children – and gorillas. Here we can only conclude what those in the Global South have always known: technological “progress” is always intended to serve the West at the expense of what life and what resources remain.

As we peel back the layers, the “New Deal for Nature” is even more egregious than the Green New Deal. Yet, if the NGOs can create enough collective hype around the Green New Deal, in servitude to their funders, the more sinister deal can be brought into legislation without opposition. This bears resemblance to the anti-pipeline NGO campaigns. While Americans were hypnotized by a single pipeline, American business magnate Warren Buffett built a 21st century rail dynasty to ship oil via rail, and the oil continued to flow – only even faster.

Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22 2019 21:53 utc | 74

There are numerous steps required to get anything done within the Outlaw US Empire regarding the Climate Crisis, first and foremost the requirement its existence be acknowledged. To accomplish this primary step, the young lady told the US Senate:

"Don't invite us here to just tell us how inspiring we are without actually doing anything about it because it doesn't lead to anything … If you want advice for what you should do, invite scientists, ask scientists for their expertise. We don't want to be heard. We want the science to be heard."

Yes, do invite experts of all types, as that's what must be done in any event. And if you haven't learnt already, Congress and the testimony given before it has always needed to be closely examined regardless of the topic being aired.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 22 2019 21:53 utc | 75

good read on Eurasia Future about how enviro policies push the world into greater conflict:

The Green Movement is a Pro-War Movement

Posted by: ziogolem | Sep 22 2019 21:55 utc | 76

>just try to start...with some minutes today, and then increasing slowly...
>each day a bit more...
>Wish you the best!
>Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22 2019 20:46 utc | 78

Thank you for the kind sentiments. Unfortunately, increasing activity slowly in the believe that one's capacity will increase just doesn't work with this illness. It's like a bad cell phone battery: no matter how long it is charged, it will only make calls for ten minutes. Starting at 5 minutes between charges and increasing one minute per day will not make the battery hold 11 minutes of call time. It still dies at ten minutes every time.

It's even worse for me than a cell phone battery, because my capacity is different every day, and is unpredictable. For instance, yesterday I was able to spend two hours on low-exertion home maintenance. Today I have a migraine, tachycardia, low blood pressure, weakness, etc., and spending all day on the couch. Tomorrow I may be able to do a little something. Or maybe not.

ME patients in Spain are no better off than in US. They are almost guaranteed to be diagnosed with "chronic fatigue" (which is not ME), told that "everybody gets tired", and sent home to do exercise and psychotherapy. After that every new or worsening symptom will be attributed to "chronic fatigue", which conveniently saves the expense of proper investigations. Maybe there is an effective treatment for the new ailment, but useless eaters deserve only contempt, not treatment.

More and more chronic illness patients are being told it is their own fault for not eating right, too much salt, too little salt, not exercising right, not reducing the magic all-purpose "stress", not sleeping enough, sleeping too much, complaining too much, too pessimistic, too perfectionist, not trying hard enough, thinking the wrong thoughts, whatever. The patient didn't follow the rules and so now must suffer. It's irrelevant that the rules change everyday. Obey or suffer is the organizing principle of every hierarchical society, after 10,000 years of "civilization". Why should medicine be an exception?

It's all magical thinking but so what. It doesn't matter as long as the patient goes away. When patients don't come back because they figure out it is useless, the doctor assumes the patient must be better. My current doctor actually said that to me. My records say that I am seeking attention even though I only show up once a year. I am forced to go because they will not renew prescriptions if I don't show up. Doesn't matter if I am too sick to go to the clinic. Home visits by doctors are so last century, and so not profitable for doctors that owe $200,000 on school loans.

The medical industry is badly broken. It is made for people who are mostly well but have money or insurance for birth control, vaccines, statins, etc. Really sick people can go suck an egg. Patients hate it. Doctors hate it. But bankers and insurers love it, and they are the ones that count.

Posted by: Trailer Trash | Sep 22 2019 21:56 utc | 77

S @86--

Perhaps you'd like to comment on the analysis that accompanied the translation of that interview I linked to @26 above.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 22 2019 21:58 utc | 78

>they only wanted to turn up the heat on the "haters" and "purists".
>Posted by: Ort | Sep 22 2019 21:08 utc | 82

I always wonder, are "we" supposed to hate the haters? "Hate the sin and love the sinner" seems terribly old fashioned somehow.

Posted by: Trailer Trash | Sep 22 2019 22:04 utc | 79

Thanks Peter AU 1 #87,

What was the bug that the Sydney clinic tested for?
What is the name of the compound derived from nuts etc?

Many obscure gut bugs that sometimes surge in population are controlled by regular consumption of pawpaw seed. My daughter had H.pylori in excess and the antibiotics are considered marginal as a treatment so I went for wormwood first week then a fortnight later pawpaw seed (dried and ground to help swallow as it is hot peppery fresh)as a combined remedy. Immediate clear of H.pylori at next stool test. Had a cooperative Dr.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 22 2019 22:14 utc | 80

There is reality. There are facts. Science helps mankind understand them.

During reproduction genes are passed on to following generations. There is a natural selection of mutated genes if they provide advantage for survival and reproduction. Homo sapiens evolved to live on an African Savannah on a planet revolving around a yellow sun. If genetic analysis is correct once there were only 40 breeding pairs of humans after the Toba supereruption only 70,000 years ago. We are their ancestors. Around then humans learned to use tools and starting burying the dead. 10,000 years ago mankind developed agriculture. Civilization and taxes to pay for it rose from that discovery. Culture and knowledge allow humans to change the world to their advantage. Families and education pass this on to the next generations. But, the basic tribal hierarchy and beliefs, animal emotions and pain survive.

Mankind is at its limit. We must learn to share, cooperate and survive on limited resources on a finite planet. The one sure thing is that greed and ignorance will hasten our deaths. The only way to have the means for future generations to survive is to end global warfare. We must provide education and healthcare; a good life for all.

Americans fought two wars for the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone equally and jailing all criminals if found guilty by their peers. Only to have the Empire take it away for a perpetual world war.

Posted by: VietnamVet | Sep 22 2019 22:23 utc | 81

Trailer Trash
One other thing is mineral deficiencies due to various chronic illnesses. Virtually no research is carried out on symptoms associated with mineral deficiencies in humans, although a huge amount of research has gone into livestock mineral deficiencies and the associated symptoms.
This was one area I researched a lot and after testing can now associate a number of symptoms with a number of minerals.
The opportunistic bug I mentioned in the previous comment blocks the uptake of molybdenum in the gut, the resulting molybdenum deficiency is very debilitating.
Magnesium is one of the first to go and also occurs through age. Sensitive teeth is one of the first signs of magnesium deficiency, but never treated.
Large amounts of vitamin C deplete copper and cause copper deficiency (symptoms diarea and the good old debilitating fatigue). Too much copper causes abnormal growths that can turn cancerous. Copper is required for the construction of blood vessels. As far as I am aware, no research has been conducted into the relationship between high levels of copper and cancer.

I now take a few mineral supplements that help a good deal and another person I know with similar condition has also found that mineral supplements rather that vitamin supplements help relieve some of the problems.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Sep 22 2019 22:25 utc | 82

>I have now isolated the two allergies
>The visible part of both allergies is
>hives, but they also seem to cause some
>food intolerances and a few other problems.
>Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Sep 22 2019 21:51 utc | 87

Hi Peter, without anti-histamines I would be bed bound instead of housebound, a terrifying prospect for sure. I had to figure this out on my own, of course. I don't get hives. This is unfortunate, because without hives doctors won't consider the possibility of allergies or mast cell problems.

I figured out that I am allergic to peanuts; they cause high adrenaline/noradrenaline for me, so it looks like a panic/anxiety attack or dehydration to the doctors, which confirms their suspicion that I need psychiatric help.

I have a friend who suffered from a chronic cough for years and years and years until a doctor finally figured out she has a corn allergy. She grew up on a farm growing corn, so maybe all the corn pollen triggered the problem. I wonder how many people have weird unexpected allergic reactions that are simply written off as "psychological". Probably millions.

Many ME patients report allergies and probable mast cells behaving badly. But so do many people in the general population, so neither clinicians nor researchers are interested in following that lead. I think this is a huge mistake.

Posted by: Trailer Trash | Sep 22 2019 22:30 utc | 83

Thanks to Grieved and to Bongbong for comments. I would urge Sasha not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

As Grieved commented:

"...The financializarion of a pretended "solution" to climate change is the only thing that has changed in all this time of alarm over the melting ice.

The ice itself, has continued to melt."

Some of us take this situation seriously because we see the effects of a very rapid ongoing problem. That does not mean we support the financialization of the crisis in ways that do not do anything but enrich the powers that be. And I do not think that going into hysterics about whether the crisis is manmade or not helps any of us, nor does castigating those of us who promote human effort to mitigate the situation.

There are some things we can stop doing and ought to stop doing. There are some things we can do and should do. Governments can be important instruments of change. And it is already happening. Because the giant fossil fuel companies supported pseudo-scientists in the past, we have a lot of catching up to do, but we can walk and chew gum at the same time - this is not anti commendable efforts to have a peaceful world! It's the same world we are seeking to preserve, so there's no need for recriminations against those who put their efforts into healthy ecological programs.

We need to pay attention to both crises, neoliberalism in world affairs and the ongoing pollution of the air, sea and land. Once we thought the former was winning, but we have paid attention, and it looks as though the world is changing course on that - don't lose sight of this enormous accomplishment! We have also to do what we can to pollute less and to return to time honored practices of farming - many good voices have championed this.

Please, both are critically important and worth our advocacy!

Posted by: juliania | Sep 22 2019 22:31 utc | 84

Trailer Trash @ 68:

Have you been tested for Lyme disease and Alpha-gal / mammal meat allergy?

Also, depending on where you live in the US, and if you received a blood transfusion within the last five or ten years (say), you might want to consider being tested for Chagas disease.

Posted by: Jen | Sep 22 2019 22:34 utc | 85

You let the dogs out, b.

Posted by: Bart Hansen | Sep 22 2019 22:41 utc | 86

Trailer Trash
Antihistamines and anti inflammatories are now a constant for me along with just a few mineral supplements.
Magnesium, then a molybdenum - zinc - copper mix. Used to be able to get balanced mix of these in the one capsule, but that's not made any more so I have got onto a copper - zink supliment plus a straight molybdenum supliment.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Sep 22 2019 22:43 utc | 87

But the "New Deal on Nature" by itself is not enough for implanting ecofascism...For that, and before the mother of all crisis explode, and all the cuts in democratic rights and remaining welfare-state are justified by "climate emergency", you need to assure that, by law, every dissident will be targetted, and for that, in the prospect of rising socialist ideas ( "real", not collaborationist and Troy Horse of corporatocracy Trostskyism...), you need to go building the "story" by the "Ministry of Truth"...

This is being made by rewritting of history to, first, demonize communism ( and thorugh it socialism ) by equating it with nazism ( something already being spread from the US by the "alt-right" of Bannon...) and, second, as a final step, illegalizing communism...Eventhough you could find this unbelievable, believe me, this process is right now in march in the EU...what started as plain Russophobia, seems to have further goals beyond underminig rising from its knees Russia, and this could well be the reason why nobody takes any measure to fix the Ukraine abscess suppurating just in the core of Europe....

From @berlinconfidenc, Twitter account currently suspended for "unusual activity"...

In the decrepit parliamentary Europe controlled by George Soros and Washington they want to rewrite the history of the IIGM and say that the USSR and the III Reich initiated the IIGM through the Ribbentropp-Molotov pact, dismantled a thousand times as anti-communist propaganda.

The pompously so-called "European Parliament Resolution on the importance of European memory for the future of Europe" is an ideological key aimed at strengthening financial elites and crushing any dissent that attempts to dismantle the New Globalist Order.

Behind this new anti-communist cold war, without communist representation in Europe, lies the attempt of the imperialist elites to shield the mafioso-political structures of the EU and advance the genocidal expansionist policy of the US and NATO until reaching the Urals.

They cynically declare that "two totalitarian regimes shared the objective of the world conquest and divided Europe into two areas of influence" while hiding the embarrassing German-Franco-British Munich Pact that resulted in the delivery of Czechoslovakia to Hitler.

In the infamous resolution they propose, the enormous sacrifice of the Soviet people and their decisive contribution to the victory of the Allies in the IIGM are totally overlooked, so much so that without the heroic Soviet effort today the swastika crosses in Europe would be waving.

The indignity is such that Soros´ hucksters dare to match the Nuremberg trials to "the opening of a legal evaluation and investigation into the crimes of Stalinism and other dictatorships." Anyone knows that a complete farce was made in Nuremberg.

Now we evaluate the crimes of the US and NATO, the coup d'etats of the CIA, drug trafficking and the Gladio network since the end of the IIGM. The US began more than 200 imperialist conflicts since 1945, which resulted in the loss of millions of lives, surpassing Nazi Germany.

Thanks to the determined military support and advice of the United States and its allies (which today declare the "war on communism" again) there were cruel coups throughout Latin America, with tens of thousands of people killed, tortured and disappeared.

The dirty war by US and Western Europe in South America materialized in the protection and refuge of Nazi war criminals, in Operation Condor and in the training of neo-fascist terrorists recruited by the CIA to exterminate opponents of the dictatorships.

In Southeast Asia, the US, with the support of EU member countries, carried out a computerized genocide against millions of supporters or members of communist parties in Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. US and UK supported the Khmer Rouge.

In countries like the RFA, countless Nazi war criminals lived a relaxed life and received their pensions thanks to the support granted by the German state. All the chancellors of the RFA, with the exception of Willy Brandt, until 1990, were linked to the Nazi Party.

The "founding fathers" of the EEC, today EU, were all former Nazis or Nazi collaborators, such as Walter Hallstein, Robert Schuman or the Waffen SS supporter, Konrad Adenauer, knight of the Teutonic Order Krypton. Others were CIA agents, such as Jean Monnet.

The creation of the Gladio network meant the execution of indiscriminate terrorism throughout Europe under the operational cover of the CIA, NATO and intelligence agencies of Italy, the RFA and Spain. There were over a thousand deaths of innocent civilians from the late 1960s until 1990.

The CIA carried out secret drug trafficking operations from Vietnam, Thailand and Laos to Europe and the US to cover Operation Gladio, through deals with the Sicilian mafia and the Cosa Nostra. Later the CIA operated in Colombia carrying tons of drugs to the US.

Recently, countless crimes of NATO: Afghanistan (30 thousand civilian deaths), Yugoslavia, Iraq (more than 1.5 million deaths between embargoes and US crimes), Libya or Syria, which match or overcome any previous horror.

Here the resolution:

Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22 2019 22:43 utc | 88

Sasha 16:06 utc | 14
And again, it's not about some girl. It's about climate. You're right, this spells no danger for the capitalist system, but - have you a better idea how to achieve a result? I doubt it. Your critique only means you do not understand what's at stake either. In other words, you're a lighthearted ignorant.

Posted by: Pnyx | Sep 22 2019 22:44 utc | 89

@ Trailer Trash with ME and Sasha/others with pain

Today is my 71st BD and I am headed out for a hour long walk in the rain after 90 minutes of ecstatic dance this morning....and I took the side mirror off a SUV with the back of my head 13+ years ago..... I am on NO drugs finally and use a photobiomodulation unit for pain called a Medlight 630PRO ($175). I healed my TBI and come to find out infancy trauma with $40K of neuromodulation therapy from 3 providers over 3+ years....out of pocket because insurance doesn't cover but is starting to. The neuromodulation therapies that healed me were QEEG and tDCS by the 3rd provider...116 sessions.

Go to my moniker linked web site and add /neuromodulation to the end and it will take you to the outline of a presentation I have given twice now and intend to do more of.......we are more bio-electric than bio-chemical but bio-chemical is where the money is and they don't want to give it up.

I am willing to write more but need to get my walk in before dark...if interested, ping me through my web site.

In healing,

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 22 2019 22:48 utc | 90

@karlof1 #92:

Sorry for missing your post. I've searched for "Shoygu" before posting, but you used a different spelling, "Shoigu".

In any case, I've selected different snippets than Southfront did (well, except one). I think the last one is the most interesting. Similar thoughts have been expressed before, but this is the first time it comes from such a high-ranked person, one of the leaders of Russia. Russians usually say that "if only the West behaved in a friendly manner, as it had promised to Gorbachyov, everything would have been great". What Shoygu says here is the exact opposite: "If the West behaved in a friendly manner, we would have been completely destroyed and enslaved by now."

Posted by: S | Sep 22 2019 22:53 utc | 91

Lorenz 16:34 utc | 17
You're obviously a climate denier. Anyone who wants to argue about individual weather events in today's situation - Texas is a current example - makes himself ridiculous. The facts are clear and there is plenty of empirical evidence. It doesn't matter who represents them either. Young people, however, have a particularly good motivation. They still have almost a whole life ahead of them.
Last Friday millions protested worldwide. That's too little and too late, but so is the state of current human society - too ignorant to defend itself against those who cause its downfall.

Posted by: Pnyx | Sep 22 2019 22:59 utc | 92

"Ouch, $5.52 million USD by 96 discharged loans, being $57500.00 USD average per claimant since 2007! "
The us is one sick puppy, please fuck off!

Posted by: Den lille Abe | Sep 22 2019 23:00 utc | 93

@Bonbong #61
There would need to be literally hundreds of such organizations...above the hundreds of eco/green organizations that also exist.
Net net - the notion that the "good guys" are outfunded is bullshit.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 22 2019 23:03 utc | 94

Just as the Hong Kong "protesters" are ignoring the biggest crisis facing HK - that crisis being the housing shortage and what fuels it: among other things, Hong Kong being a low-taxation tax haven for Chinese billionaire money to come sloshing in and drive up property prices - so it seems that Greta Thunberg's school strike for climate change movement ignores the biggest driver of climate change, and that is war.

If there is one single thing, or industry, or sector, that emits more carbon emissions than any other and which is influencing climate change across the planet, it is the Military-Industry Complex and its handmaidens in the global financial industry and political / intelligence elites in North America and Europe and elsewhere where political leaders are in thrall to Washington and London.

That Thunberg's movement is silent on war, and that war is more likely to affect young people directly than climate change emergencies in the near future, must surely tell us that the movement is being driven by a hidden agenda.

It seems unbelievable that few people seem to link the huge amounts of pollutants and toxic substances left behind by the US military everywhere it goes, especially in aerial bombardment campaigns involving the use of DU, with changes in weather and climate patterns in those parts of the planet most affected by US military invasions and other activities. The huge amounts of uranium oxide particle dust and other chemical particles circulating in the atmosphere over northern Africa across to Afghanistan must have some impact on atmospheric humidity, temperatures and air circulation in those regions. The military bases built for American forces consume huge amounts of oil and I hardly think the people who live in those bases are good environmental citizens in controlling waste they generate.

Posted by: Jen | Sep 22 2019 23:08 utc | 95

@Posted by: Trailer Trash | Sep 22 2019 21:56 utc | 91

You are right in that, increasing brutalization of medicine ( private, by looking only for profit, and public, by massification and consequent increasing sooner burn out of professionals..) and labelling of patients who are "difficult", especially those who have no cure...but all these trends are directed at ending what of public health care remains...

What to say, are you on your own? What about family, friends or close community? Could you ask them for some help, at least in those horrible days when you can not move yourself at all? I mean asking for someone to bring you some food from the grocery or cooking something for you...May be you can offer them some service in return, whatever ability you could have, I dunno, may be you are what we call here a "manitas" at home, and can fix things when break down, or you could cook for someone, may be a student/-s living alone, in exchange of him/her/them cleaning your home those days...May be you can put and advertisement in the village shop or the library to make know your offer and request...

In places where governments have absolutely abandoned the people they rule over, we have no other way than to try to get it done amongst ourselves, while not forgetting giving them the brasa denouncing their misdeeds and negligences publicly...

A hug!

Posted by: Sasha | Sep 22 2019 23:19 utc | 96

1/ Thanks for this link
PROGRESSIVE REGRESSION Metamorphoses of European Social Policy (pdf) - Wolfgang Streek - new left review
The article in question ought to be read by anyone wishing to understand the EU or Brexit.

2/ The tedious debate between Greta and Cory is beginning to obscure the reality of the actual environmental crisis which arises, as it was always bound to do, out of the nature of capitalist economics. Growth driven by the senseless marketplace without thought of the consequences, human and otherwise, can only lead to the ruination of the planet and the deaths of billions of every species.
Clearly capitalism has no answer to the consequences of its existence. Any answers must be predicated upon the end of capitalism and the replacement of private property by commons, democratically governed.
There is no doubt that Ms Morningstar, and b', are absolutely correct to insist that tinkering with the tax system will only have the effect of increasing the power of capitalist monopolies while restricting the liberties of the individual-which will inevitably postpone his leap into the freedom implied by democratic government of the means of production and common resources.

In the end all this is about politics: and those promoting the Greta phenomenon will be delighted to use her as a lightening rod bringing out everything that is suicidal on the left: the sneering, the attribution of bad motives to the victims of the shrewd capitalist agents ensnared by the false campaigns.
Because while Greta might be naive-it does not take a great deal of analytical sophistication to conclude that a 16 school girl is what 16 year old girls generally are- she is right about the big question: something must be done to arrest the decline into disaster. The millions of people following her example and repeating her conclusion are also correct: something must be done and it can only be done by mass participation.
Instead of preening ourselves on our relative wisdom and sneering at the naifs we ought to be urging them to answer the obvious next question: What is To be Done. And insisting that to answer that question they must reason together.
It will not be difficult to convince these people that the people proffering the false solutions are agents of the dark forces that lie behind the problems themselves.
First the Capitalist class caused the crisis, then they offered themselves as the means of solving it.
A child of five could see through such nonsense.
The problem is that instead of engaging with the followers of the forces behind Greta the natural critics of capitalism are splitting up into idiots who deny the existence of and the dangers implicit in climate change, and their natural sparring partners, the sectarians who trust that by mumbling 'capitalism is to blame' while nothing will come of their musings, they will, at least be able to turn to one of the last survivors and say "I told you so."
It can not be pointed out too often that while "investigative journalism" is a useful means of testing ideas and facts of itself it has no power. Ideas in the minds of practical people, who understand the class nature of society and power, can move mountains. But only when the latent power of the many is realised and aimed at dethroning the few.
In short, the answer to the movement of which Greta is the figurehead is to engage with its rank and file, to promote the many aspects of its alarmism which are true and to excise the influence of the capitalist ideologists from it.
And above all we must not allow the central truth, that a system motivated solely by the evil of greed is what must be changed, to be obscured by dilettante wrangling over the details of environmental degradation.

Posted by: bevin | Sep 22 2019 23:21 utc | 97

Here's a look at how the evil fossil fuel industry utterly failed in its predictions for shale - both oil and natural gas.
Around 1 trillion cubic feet produced per year prior to 2005, we're at 15+ TCF and the number is expected to keep increasing.
This is what real technological innovation does.
Contrast the amount of energy produced by shale (60 or so TCF) vs. the amount of energy produced by the solar, wind and biomass alternative energy sectors in the US over the same period: 1 cubic foot of natural gas produces about 0.29 kwh = so the shale revolution has produced 9 trillion kwh since roughly 2010. This is more than 2 years of annual US electricity consumption, all by itself although certainly not all of that natural gas has gone to producing electricity. Average natural gas price has been under $5 per thousand cubic feet, so under $0.017 per kwh.
Alternative energy is producing about 710 billion kwh (17% of US electricity), not known how much of this is wasted due to offpeak. Cost of this electricity is hard to judge, but there are documents available such as for New York: Long Island Power Authority latest approval
This document notes. among others, a feed-in tariff proposal of $0.0225 per kwh under one program, and $226 million in various subsidies to LIPA customers since 2000.
Here's one database of renewable energy subsidy documentation.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 22 2019 23:25 utc | 98

There are a few ways to check if the Thunberg movement is serious or a fraud.
For instance, at this point in time, it should be blatantly obvious to anyone not totally retarded that mankind's survival is not compatible at all with capitalism. If we want to survive, if we want to reduce global warming, we need to fully dismantle capitalism, and we need to do it now and not at the end of the century. Did Greta and his pals mention this? Do they demand it? Do the protest against capitalism as such?
Another key point is: did they mention demography and out of control population growth at any point in time (and for those unknowledgeable, pretty much any population growth should be considered as out of control, considering the ridiculous and wholly unsustainable in any way level of current global human population)?
If they didn't mention reduction of global population - and of the population of pretty much every single country, Western or not, developed or not - and didn't mention capitalism, then the whole thing is a complete fraud and a distraction aimed at making us lose time - and making the 1% keep doing their shitty shit for a few more years. If they mention one and not the other, then they might be genuine, but seriously (and, since we're talking about mankind's survival and the future of the world at large, dangerously) deluded.
If they actually talked about both, then why are the fucking media not mentioning these key points at all and keep sticking to lesser points - that won't save us if we just fix these and not the bigger issues?

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Sep 22 2019 23:29 utc | 99

reply to
Posted by: Trailer Trash | Sep 22 2019 21:56 utc | 91

This info may be useless, but on the chance it may help, here goes.
A friend is a personal trainer, her daughter from about the age of nine was in pain, no energy, could not attend school she was so weak.
Tests were run, specialists were seen. Nothing. She was diagnosed as having chronic fatigue syndrome.
Her mother would have none of it. She went to a homeopathic healer who asked if she had been very sick at some point and was given prescription medicine.
The answer was yes. The healer then said that she wanted to check her for yeast.
It turned out that the medication she was given when she was nine had killed off almost all of the microorganism in her system allowing yeast to grow not only in her stomach and intestines, but it had grown outside of her digestive system and was everywhere.
She was put on an extremely restrictive diet and after about 7 months began to feel better. After about a year they introduced one food at a time, waiting to see what its impact was on her system for many months before introducing a second food.
It took several years but she now is fine.
This may not be what happened to you but I offer it to you as a possible avenue to pursue.
You are in my prayers:)

Posted by: frances | Sep 22 2019 23:44 utc | 100

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