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September 08, 2019

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2019-52

Last week's posts at Moon of Alabama:

Former Boeing official subpoenaed in 737 MAX probe won’t turn over documents, citing Fifth Amendment protection - Seattle Times
This is the Boeing pilot who told the FAA that MCAS does not need to be mentioned during pilot training. The FAA agreed with him.

Door blows out during ground test on Boeing 777X jet - Seattle Times
This happened during an overpressure and wing bending test on the new version of the 777. Maybe it is an easy to fix issue. But this learned speculation lets me assume that there is a much bigger issue behind it:

Frames were changed from sheet metal to milled aluminum and reduced by 2" thickness each, giving a total of 4" additional space.

So they might be as strong as on the "traditional" 777 but more flexible (stiffness increases at the order of 4 with thickness), causing more deformation to the door surround structure and putting more loads on the locking system.

Rob Slane at The Blogmire explains the current Brexit situation:

There are a number of parties. One of them wants to take us out, but there are some within that party that didn’t want to take us out, so they were kicked out by the man who just came in. In order to get us out, the man who just came in tried to get himself out, so that he could then get back in, in order to take us out. But he was thwarted by the other parties, who despite wanting him out, kept him in because they fear that if he gets out, he will then get back in and will then take us out. But if they can keep him in long enough, and prevent him from taking us out, they figure that soon after he has failed to take us out, they will be able to get him out and get themselves in. And then after he gets out and they get in, they may try to take us out or they may try to keep us in. It’s anyone’s guess. Then again, it’s entirely possible that if they do get in, they might try to get us out, then campaign against their deal for taking us out to try and keep us in. It really is that simple.

When panic sets in:
Air Force Puts Out Contract Opportunity Announcement For Literally Anything Hypersonic - The Drive

How India secretly armed Afghanistan’s Northern Alliance - The Hindu

Other issues:

How the CIA, Mossad and “the Epstein Network” are Exploiting Mass Shootings to Create an Orwellian Nightmare - Whitney Webb/Mintpressnews

Xeni Jardin @xeni - 17:07 UTC · Sep 7, 2019
I told the @nytimes everything. So did whistleblowers I was in touch with inside @MIT and @edge. They printed none of the most damning truths. @Joi is on the board of the NYT.
THANK GOD FOR @RonanFarrow

How an Élite University Research Center Concealed Its Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein - Ronan Farrow/New Yorker

𝙻𝚎𝚎 𝚂𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚊𝚑𝚊𝚗 @stranahan - 6:03 UTC · Sep 1, 2019
It's time for a pretty exhaustive late-night THREAD on the biggest story in the world right now being covered up in near real-time: the clear, easy to confirm connections between pedophile blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein and Zionist elitists, who I will name here.

From mind control to murder? How a deadly fall revealed the CIA’s darkest secrets - Stephen Kinzer/Guardian

Use as open thread ...

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Everyone should read The Lee Stranahan twitter reveal.

(On a tangent) in the comments to Lee Stranahan's twitter reveal there is post about most of the people connected to WikiLeaks now being dead. I had come across a death (dating back to 2016) only this week and had been aware of some other WikiLeaks deaths (they get reported and then you forget - many will be able to recall the disappearance of Arjen Kamphuis [the police believe he died in a kayaking accident but, so far, I don't believe that his body has been found]). This suspicion (that people involved in WikiLeaks were being/had been killed off) is a neglected area of research.

Posted by: ADKC | Sep 8 2019 14:52 utc | 1

Latest video from The Corbett Report, relating to WTC 7:

The Corbett Report - 9/11 Whistleblowers: Barry Jennings

Posted by: ADKC | Sep 8 2019 14:58 utc | 2

The lockdown in Indian Occupied Kashmir is horrifying. There have been reports of food and medicine not being able to make it through because of the lockdown. There have also been reports of mass detentions and torture as well. Listen, I am not really in the mood to get in an argument about whether Kashmir belongs to India or Pakistan, I just want everyone here to realize that the basic civil liberties and human rights of the Kashmiri people are being violated and it needs to stop.

Posted by: Azul | Sep 8 2019 15:00 utc | 3

The "Epstein Network?" And, "THANK GOD for @Ronan Farrow?"

From the wikipedia on Ronan Farrow: "From 2001 to 2009, he was a UNICEF Spokesperson for Youth, advocating for children and women caught up in the ongoing crisis in Sudan's Darfur region and assisting in fundraising and addressing United Nations affiliated groups in the United States. During this time, he also made joint trips to the Darfur region of Sudan with his mother, actress Mia Farrow, who is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. He subsequently advocated for the protection of Darfuri refugees. Following on his experiences in Sudan, Farrow was affiliated with the Genocide Intervention Network.

During his time at Yale Law School, Farrow interned at the law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell and in the office of the chief counsel at the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs, focusing on international human rights law.

In 2009, Farrow joined the Obama administration as Special Adviser for Humanitarian and NGO Affairs in the Office of the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. He was part of a team of officials recruited by the diplomat Richard Holbrooke, for whom Farrow had previously worked as a speechwriter. For the next two years, Farrow was responsible for "overseeing the U.S. Government's relationships with civil society and nongovernmental actors" in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In 2011, Farrow was appointed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as her Special Adviser for Global Youth Issues and Director of the State Department's Office of Global Youth Issues. The office's creation was the outcome of a multi-year task-force appointed by Clinton to review the United States' economic and social policies on youth, for which Farrow co-chaired the working group with senior United States Agency for International Development staff member David Barth beginning in 2010. Farrow's appointment and the creation of the office were announced by Clinton as part of a refocusing on youth following the Arab Spring revolutions. Farrow was responsible for US youth policy and programming with an aim toward 'empower[ing] young people as economic and civic actors.' Farrow concluded his term as Special Adviser in 2012, with his policies and programs continuing under his successor."

Now this is the biography of someone who actually was groomed for a political faction, starting about thirteen, fourteen.

The Epstein affair is now nothing but a series of untested allegations that in the mind of the press must be treated as gospel truth, aimed at the Demcratic (aka "Democrat" aka "Pedophile") party with a side dish of antisemitic conspiracy mongering. Aiming this gun at academia, whose elite tend to be anti-Trump because he's uncouth, serves Trump. It is not at all clear in what sense the "Epstein Network" is a sinister newtwork. What politics are served by the Media Lab? I can't figure. What politics are served by a cloud of suspicion on all Democrats? Trump's.

What politics are served by painting Democrats as Zionist puppets? Trump's, because the mass media will not permit any tar to stick to him. What politics are served by painting US Jews who support the Democratic Party as supporters of the Pedophile Party? Netanyahu's.

The opposing theory is that the Democratic Party really is the Pedophile Zionist puppet party, and that Jeffrey Epstein not only pimped/blackmailed all his money without any blowback from his victims for decades, but that his defense was going to be total confession about the Democrat Party's Great Pedophile Conspiracy, because confessing would get him acquitted? The only evidence against this vast conspiracy being purely the word of Jeffrey Epstein of course killing him would remove all the evidence of the vast Democrat Pedophile Party conspiracy.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Sep 8 2019 15:01 utc | 4

Make sure Putin gets that Pentagon request for sources, he already said he was ready, and we know Russia wants to sell weapons.

WRT Farrow and his grooming, he has some very rich parents, which is really all you need with a modicum of smarts to explain his CV. Which not to say he should be taken at face value either, he has agenda(s), but he has done some great exposes, you've got to read about what he writes about.

Posted by: Bemildred | Sep 8 2019 15:16 utc | 5

PS: WRT Farrow, I notice Woody Allen is out and about, with Scarlett Johansen defending him, and him claiming he should be an icon of the MeToo movement. Now that Epstein is "dead" and his files no doubt secured, we may see more of this.

Posted by: Bemildred | Sep 8 2019 15:20 utc | 6

Mr. Steven t Johnson.@4.. Epstein affairs may expose CIA and others throughout world..
people are dying and retiring and hiding.. AFAICT.. deep state <=> CIA <=> Epstein <=> Universities <=>foundations <=> NGOs <=> Bureaucracies <=> monopoly powered private corporations I am not convinced its Jews, I propose situs to be within the inter-sanctum of Economic Zionism, Jewishness is not required for admission...

Posted by: snake | Sep 8 2019 15:25 utc | 7

Bemildred it is more than just "rich parents".

Mia Farrow has served as a UN NGO whatever in Africa and maybe other 3rd world "hellholes" (not sure and not caring enuff to google up the details) for a long long time. Her adopted brood, at least one of whom the Woodman, uhm, ya know, represents a weirdly Amerikkkan Exceptionalist family.

My point being not only rich but famous and also well connected in that arena. I'm sure her and Frank's son accompanied her on many of her...missions or wtf she did.

And no I'm not a fan of any of them. But as you indicate the whole shebang is a good microcosmic illustration of the sickness unto death of this grate nation.

Of course Mia herself was the child of a famous actor or 2 (again dont know or care to search for details) so we are talking 3 generations of nepotismic enterprising.

Posted by: donkeytale | Sep 8 2019 15:54 utc | 8

Oops. 2 far...

Posted by: donkeytale | Sep 8 2019 15:56 utc | 9

The lockdown in Indian Occupied Kashmir is horrifying.
Posted by: Azul | Sep 8 2019 15:00 utc | 3

Azul, can you recommend any online sources in English?

Posted by: BM | Sep 8 2019 16:00 utc | 10

@AKDC @2

Thanks for posting the Corbett report video on WTC7. I had seen the Barry Jennings interview before, but had not read it in detail for many, many years. It is very significant, just as is the way the official narrative has ignored it.

Also, this morning, Sputnik news has picked up on the UAF WTC7 report. The word is spreading, slowly, although in this case the authorities will probably just blame in on Putin causing trouble. I still have not seen a mainstream news outlet pick it up yet though. Maybe this will change on Sept. 11th. Or maybe they will just pretend it doesn't exist.

Also, just for continuity, the UAF WTC7 report was discussed extensively on last week's open thread, starting at comment #131. I have really enjoyed being part of the discussion. And as Jackrabbit said so eloquently in his post, there are so many other aspects of the official 9/11 narrative that "stink", that it is hard to know where to start when performing a critique.

Sputnik WTC7 Coverage of UAF Report

Posted by: retiredmecheng | Sep 8 2019 16:03 utc | 11

donkeytale @8: There is no "just" about very rich parents, the rich are not like you and I (Babbitt wasn't it?). Money warps everything. Mia's upbringing IIRC illustrates that well. Rosemary's Baby, she was a star, I watched some of that once, it would warp anyone.

That said, yeah, they all bear watching, anybody with a lot of money bears watching. They get into all kinds of mischief, amazingly poor judgement some of them.

Wiki on Rosemary's Baby

Posted by: Bemildred | Sep 8 2019 16:13 utc | 12

steven t johnson @4

STFU about Epstein or Trump wins?

This is just using politics to obscure the serious issues related to blackmail, criminal conspiracy, etc.

IMO the duopoly is fundamentally corrupt so let the chips fall where they may.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 8 2019 16:14 utc | 13

Wait a sec, one could go on and on, etc. ad nauseum. Mia herself was like a 19 year old waif when she married the big bad wolf Frankie the Machine. Then she bacame an international movie star in the subtle and subversively class-based NYC upper crust satire Rosemary's Baby, directed by one Roman Polanski.

Say what you will but Polanski is the greatest, as well as most disturbed filmmaker of the entire postwar era worldwide, IMHO. Easily the best, IMHO. Chinatown in 1974 was the most perfect as well as most perverse mainstream Hollywood flick ever made. His Polish films such as "Knife in the Water" are also excellent films of the highest artistic and entertainment values. A very difficult feat to successfully combine even once and he had done so again and again.

Then she hooked up with the Woodman whose well know affinity for pubescent vagina meat was documented in his "Manhattan" co-starring the lovely, talented yet some Mannish Girl Mariel Hemingway, whose own Grandaddy was also know to have a thing or two for nubile young ladies. Seems to me he was married to a talented investigative reporter by the name of Martha Gellhorn who was seriously younger than him at the time.

The age difference there may not shock as much because in those days people especially men tended to live shorter lives. 50 was the beginning of old age as I recall from my youth.

I'm sure all these connections would win me a free pizza from the Cosmodemonic Ping Pong Pizza Palace if I had the connective talents of say, jackrabbit.

And jack, I offer my condolences to you on the trauma of 9/11. It explains a lot and helps me to understand you better. I always thought you were sharing a trailer with Russ up in Idaho along the Canadian border....j/k. I loves me sum jackrabbit.

Posted by: donkeytale | Sep 8 2019 16:15 utc | 14


I am glad you enjoyed it. I think I may have said that one must find consilience after a sort of "global" evaluation...when the impossible sets are eliminated from the global picture - what remains is, as Sherlock said...

And stuff that's, well, you know the story about zebra and antelope?

If you're hunting along a muddy trail in Wyoming and see footprints that look like zebra footprints, you have made a mistake - they're antelope prints.

Magic stuff just leads the logic astray. But the scale, not only of B7, but the entire business, even to the exercises to move fighters away - implies a scope that's highly disturbing.

There's a formal statistical method for this sort of overall evaluation, but I have forgotten the name. Perhaps you recall it.

Posted by: Walter | Sep 8 2019 16:15 utc | 15

Oh and I loves me some Russ too.

Sorry, I'll stop polluting the thread now with add-on comments....

Posted by: donkeytale | Sep 8 2019 16:16 utc | 16

see 9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money (2015) at Corbett


Episode 346 – 9/11 War Games (Corbett)

His Oklahoma investigation also> and an interesting evaluation of T McVeigh's - strange life, which may continue (he says) - that dovetails to the Epstein "suicide"...which may also have been a jailbreak.

Like I said - it's a Big Global Picture, and disturbing.

Posted by: Walter | Sep 8 2019 16:22 utc | 17

Bemildred, we were working that mental telepathy thing wrt Rosemary's Baby which I posted above before seeing your comment.

very deep film, highly boffo box office in its time yet not appreciated for its sociolological dive into the "elites" during its initial fame, at least.

I recall seeing it when it came out and LMAO all the way through. Love it. Especially because it co-starred another of the best postwar filmmakers, John Cassevettes. If you haven't studied his flicks they are somewhat talky but generally rewarding films.

Saying all this, I can also count on one hand the number of movies I've watched anywhere made after about 1984.

Posted by: donkeytale | Sep 8 2019 16:29 utc | 18

donkeytale @14: RE Polanski, see there is that fondness for jailbait cropping up again, I remember it well from my youth, various crude sayings come to mind. I grew up in the 50s & 60s and I could tell some stories. I remember there was a kind of fad of boinking the underage groupies in the Rock & Roll business in the 70s. I've always found it repellent. This is all karma coming home to roost.

Posted by: Bemildred | Sep 8 2019 16:32 utc | 19

Why no announced aid to the Bahamas? From anyone?

Posted by: Mischi | Sep 8 2019 16:33 utc | 20

jackrabbit@13 pretends that the chips will fall where they may and he doesn't care. The chips are falling exactly where they are aimed, which is against Trump's enemies, not him. I think that is why jackrabbit likes accepting rumors about Epstein as facts with only one invidious interpretation.

Bemildred@6 seems to hint with scare quotes that Epstein is not dead, which is crackpot. The notion that it would take Epstein's files to investigate a giant prostitution/extortion/spy ring is preposterous. Epstein would be convicted by the accomplices flipping. The notion that Epstein would use the files to convict himself in court is equally preposterous. Such files would be used to prevent prosecution. Since they didn't, not even ten years ago, it strongly suggests the giant prostitution/spy ring didn't exist, that it was just Epstein paying hookers, some of whom were underage. Nasty, criminal, but *not* the discovery the Democrat Party is really the Pedophile/Jew Treason party. The latest round appears to be a double jeopardy prosecution to intimidate/embarrass the Democrats. And Epstein's death conveniently removes any chance of him casting any doubt upon the convenient story. It's like Milosevich dying before his war crimes trial: Now the official story is he's guilty of everything alleged, and more if convenient.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Sep 8 2019 16:34 utc | 21

I think the Car Wash conspiracy against Lula is a bombshell, and Pepe Escobar’s prison interviews with Lula provide insight to the larger global Borgist conspiracy. Check out what Lula had to say about the JCPOA. Be sure to read partsI I and II as well.

Posted by: Roy G | Sep 8 2019 16:34 utc | 22

donkeytale @18: I stopped being able to watch about then too (80s), though I binge-watched my brothers VCR collection after he "passed on" a few years ago. Like having an enema, overall. Cassavetes was all right, & his wife. I can think of some others, not too polluted by the money ...

Posted by: Bemildred | Sep 8 2019 16:37 utc | 23

@14 This may come as a shock to some but there are young women who actually prefer older men! They find young ones immature and childish. There have even been cases of young women taking advantage of older men to the extent that they expect to get gifts and pocket money. Some even want to be written into wills!

Posted by: dh | Sep 8 2019 16:43 utc | 24

Bemildred @ 12 - There is no "just" about very rich parents, the rich are not like you and I (Babbitt wasn't it?)

I think it was F. Scott Fitzgerald, maybe in The Great Gatsby?

Posted by: runaway robot | Sep 8 2019 16:56 utc | 25

re 737MAX--FAA collusion in b's link,above

Chief Test Pilot on 737MAX involved in cover-up:
[snippet from Sept 8 Seattle Times ]

"...During the certification process, Forkner suggested to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that MCAS not be included in the pilot manual, according to previous Seattle Times reporting.

The FAA, after internal deliberations, agreed to keep MCAS out of the manual, reasoning that MCAS was software that operates in the background as part of the flight-control system, according to an official familiar with the discussions.

In addition, Boeing won the FAA’s approval to give pilots just an hour of training through an iPad about the differences between the MAX and the previous 737 generation. MCAS was not mentioned. ..."

Posted by: chu teh | Sep 8 2019 16:56 utc | 26

runaway robot @25: You are correct, thank you, I had a hunch that (Babbitt) was wrong, hence the "?". Gatsby. Babbitt was Sinclair Lewis.

Posted by: Bemildred | Sep 8 2019 17:01 utc | 27

Bemildred, this was definitely a feature of those many runaways in LA and SF (and most coastal points between), middle class white grrls age of 14-17 hitchiking by themselves along PCH. Ah the memories.

The whole Manson vibe of course grew out of this scene. Altamont too. I hesitate to see the new Tarantino flick because he takes a few good ideas and ends up trashing them in hack fashion so often that one imagines he can only write his scripts when higher than a kite. Or he gets bored and starts mailing it in.

I had a few dalliances during the era although I was basically just a kid I recall somewhat well (because I was generally the worst looser of all time with girls) coming home for Christmas break from College when I was 19 and hooking up with a 14 year old runaway. This would be cosidered criminal today. Actually, it was a crime then too. "Statutory rape" in California is or was a felony, no alibis considered, no questions asked. Boom, you have the right to remain silent you sex pervert.

My friends at home often bought dope from this 37 year old apt dwelling weirdo with a cheshire cat smile who lived in seedy Pomona. His wife and kids moved out at some point because he had a penchant for taking in kids off the street.

Went there to score a bag of weed (poor quality Mexican leaf/stems/seeds for $10 a lid) for teh Rose Parade festivities. Met the girl there. She was keenly interested in attending the parade for something to do so off we went along with my buddy in his Chevy van. I don't recall too many details but I do remember a couple. We drove up and down through the traditional night NY Eve traffic jammed pre-parade route party along Colorado Blvd, smoking weed, drinking Red Mountain, me and her making out for what seemed like hours in the back of the van. Finally, my buddy parked it off on a side street and left the two of us alone.

Turned out to be a doubly good night for me because our first idea before I met this girl had been to camp out with some friends along the Parade route in front of Pasadena City College. Come to find out a day or two later the police had descended on the area in front of the big fountain and started rousting dopers with their nightsticks. When the dopers objected, including two of my friends, they were rolled up into waiting police vans, thus celebrating a nice New Year's weekend 1972 in the Pasadena municipal jail.

Posted by: donkeytale | Sep 8 2019 17:08 utc | 28

Thanks for that bit of humour regarding Brixit ‘B’ as crazy as it is, it’s a correct summary!
So included on this open thread we have - - -
Brixit. Epstein. Israel. And 9/11
This link covers just about all four i’ll Call it how to distroy UK and US politics in 4 videos !
This link has been on here before, but never so relevant as now,
long vids,
My estimate would be worth spending a few days on this, then connect ALL the dots.
Must see !!!

Posted by: Mark2 | Sep 8 2019 17:33 utc | 29

K. I'm done. Thanks for letting me indulge.


Posted by: donkeytale | Sep 8 2019 17:42 utc | 30

dh @ 24

@14 This may come as a shock to some but there are young women who actually prefer older men! They find young ones immature and childish. There have even been cases of young women taking advantage of older men to the extent that they expect to get gifts and pocket money. Some even want to be written into wills!

dh, yes this is as regular a feature of postmodern internet fed life as picking up runaways in the 60-70s.

And to be fair, in these enligtened times an older female or two may have actually flipped the script rather successfully on occasion....

But no, I will not dish on this particular aspect... Lol

Posted by: donkeytale | Sep 8 2019 17:47 utc | 31

donkeytale @28

You just have confessed to a Class A Felony; the statute of limitations does not apply to Class A Felonies.

And you just told the whole world...

Posted by: ADKC | Sep 8 2019 17:56 utc | 32

...but you were not older than 21 so you're okay!

Posted by: ADKC | Sep 8 2019 17:57 utc | 33

The discussions on this thread about sex with underage women have the effect of minimising Epstein's crimes. Basically, some commentators are polluting the discussion about Epstein by using arguments that effectively range from "Epstein did nothing wrong" to "We've all done the same thing" to "Men are the victims and the minors the abusers". It's pretty jaw-dropping stuff and very disappointing!

Posted by: ADKC | Sep 8 2019 18:19 utc | 34

I saw this on Muslim Brotherhood Media I mean Qatari State Media I mean al Jazeera re: Hong Kong and thought to myself, "these scumbags can't really mean to try the same sheise they pulled in Ukraine...?" Like that has turned out to be such a resounding success...
The sooner the 50 states secede from that cesspool in Maryland and try something different, the better.

I agree, b; the panic amongst US military planners is indeed setting in; all the resources wasted in developing dubious-quality weapons systems has been made plain for all the world to see with the rapid (and highly cost-effective) counter-measures both Russia and China (and now Iran) have been able to put into serial production (pretty sure this ain't an RC video)

Posted by: robjira | Sep 8 2019 18:20 utc | 35

@steven t johnson

There are dozens of witnesses who spoke on the record about Epstein and his lust for teen girls. Those girls were not prostitute until Epstein paid them and made them such. That he was part of a (Israel run) blackmail campaign becomes obvious when one looks at the connections.

BTW - the whole Epstein issue only creeped up again because one reporter at McClatchy dug into the old files, spent some shoe lather and talked to witnesses. It had exactly zero to do with Trump.


That some girls who have not yet a fully developed mind may fall for older man and 'like' them is one reason why most societies prohibit such relations. A kid asking for something 'nice' that will likely hurt it is not at fault. It is solely the grown up who gives that 'nice' to the kid who is to blame.

Posted by: b | Sep 8 2019 18:47 utc | 36

b - thanks for your posts and the many interesting links that you share.. ditto to the other posters here too.. thank you all!

i loved rob slanes description of the brexit situation! thanks for that... sums it up well..

that last link on the cia murder ought to come as no surprise to anyone who has learnt anything about the cia..

Posted by: james | Sep 8 2019 18:55 utc | 37

In previous times the matter of the arrangements between girls and older men fell into several categories. White slavery/child rape/prostitution - paired with men from superior classes for money - that would be the matter of fact into the 1930's for the US, and a bit into now, in an underground way. Anything can happen to them.

Another, more decent, is an arranged marriage between a well-off old man and a young girl - perhaps 14. The deal? She runs things and takes care of the old man, then become a young, wealthy, widow. I believe G G Coulton had something about that in "The Medieval Scene" . Anyway, an honorable deal, and not prostitution. Not the way we do things, but...Justice Douglass married a 22 year old... (see his wiki!)

And there's stuff in between - even respectable girls - you just don't hear about the 500 bucks she got for dating a guy she's date anyway.

Prostituted girls can switch class, with luck and skill - some of Mr E's girls may have sought or imagined, commitment, marriage, after a suitable interview.

Posted by: Walter | Sep 8 2019 19:25 utc | 38

I ought to have mentioned Franklin is Paris, and the chambermaids in his bed...maybe 13 years old, and happy! Standards, circumstances, change...

Posted by: Walter | Sep 8 2019 19:26 utc | 39

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong rearrested based on bail violations, which supporters claim represents political persecution. After being released on bail last week, Wong published an op-ed in the New York Times declaring the protests as the “front line” in a hybrid war vs the PRC, and travelled to Taiwan where he urged the government there to join forces with HK activists in open conflict against Beijing. In both forums, Wong hinted a major provocation was in the works to disrupt the October 1st celebration of the PRC’s 70th anniversary.

Meanwhile, “thousands of people converged at a park in central Hong Kong, chanting ‘Resist Beijing, Liberate Hong Kong.’ Many of them, clad in black shirts and wearing masks, waved American flags and carried posters that read ‘President Trump, please liberate Hong Kong…Protesters urged Washington to pass a bill, known as the Hong Kong Democratic and Human Rights Act, to support their cause. The bill proposes sanctions against Hong Kong and Chinese officials found to suppress democracy and human rights in the city, and could also affect Hong Kong's preferential trade status with the U.S.”

That is, just as the Maidan protesters, knowingly or not, demanded that the IMF impose an austerity program on them, the Hong Kong protesters demand sanctions and the withdrawal of preferential trading deals. The Maidan protests have been deliberately seeded as a correlating event to the HK protests, with numerous public screenings in HK of the contentious “Winter On Fire” documentary. This comparison first appeared in online journals such as Quartz many weeks ago, and appears to be one of the originating “memes” promoted by the PR people working behind the scenes.

Posted by: jayc | Sep 8 2019 20:00 utc | 40

donkeytale @ 14 says:

...pubescent vagina meat...

gosh, donkeytale, your descriptor shimmers with raw animalism...

or are you a vegetarian?

Posted by: john | Sep 8 2019 20:27 utc | 41

Posted by: b | Sep 8 2019 18:47 utc | 36

BTW - the whole Epstein issue only creeped up again because one reporter at McClatchy dug into the old files, spent some shoe lather and talked to witnesses. It had exactly zero to do with Trump.

Journalists don't just "dig up" issues that had been closed 10 years ago. Julie K. Brown worked for the Miami Herald in 2008 when the sweet deal was done. She did not start digging then. Journalists (and photographers) go to work because someone gives them a tip that this will be a huge story. The context is always political.

For ten years the Epstein issue had been successfully kept out of the news.
What had changed?

When Julie K Brown of the Miami Herald approached a former police chief of Palm Beach, Florida, in 2017, hoping to get him to open up about his investigation of the child sex crimes for which the wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein had been fleetingly jailed a decade earlier, she was surprised by how unresponsive he was. Michael Reiter told Brown he had been down this road many times and was sick of it. As Brown recalled in a WNYC interview last month, Reiter said he had talked to many reporters and told them precisely where to find damning evidence against Epstein. But nothing ever came of it. “He was convinced that a lot of media had squashed the story and he was fed up,” she said. Reiter warned Brown what would happen were she to continue digging: “Somebody’s going to call your publisher and the next thing you know you are going to be assigned to the obituaries department.”
Julie K. Brown obviously had the support from her paper in doing what she was doing.

Something seems to have happened in 2014 when Virginia Giuffre got a first class pro bono lawyer.

Successful pro bono cases are PR for law firms, so David Boies likely had a hunch something was going to happen and this was before Trump and before the Weinstein case.

So what had happened in 2014? I guess, some people had decided that Epstein needed to be taken out.

That he was part of a (Israel run) blackmail campaign becomes obvious when one looks at the connections.

Connections are to Iran-Contra.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 8 2019 20:35 utc | 42

re my #24 I was careful to mention young women and not girls. The difference was discussed elsewhere and I didn't want to reopen that can of worms.

Much as I dislike posting personal information on the internet I should add that I have 2 grand daughters who are just becoming aware of their charms. They are intelligent of course (good genes) and well brought up but ultimately one can only hope they are immune to the Epsteins and Maxwells of the world.

Posted by: dh | Sep 8 2019 20:39 utc | 43

@b | Sep 8 2019 18:47 utc | 36

This is exactly the heart of the matter. A healthy relation involving sexual commitments is based on sharing of vital affect between two people in the fullest sense. A disequilibrium of power between the partners essentially precludes just that.

A healthy society does not accept such relations based on mutual taking against a backdrop of inequality, because it undercuts the basic trust that gives substance to a healthy social substrate. Past conditions of feodalism, slavery and similar forms of exploitation where this was "normal" are not an excuse precisely because we should not want to regress to these socially impoverished conditions.

For sure, mature men may occasionally encounter young girls eager for the opportune benefits of some sort, be it material or immaterial. Those men who do not feel the painful deficit in such girls should question their ability for healthy empathy and their own maturity in general.

Just wonder why your own daughter would want such a thing from one of your peers instead of one of her own. Any argument that is made in favor of such an arrangement is a terribly damning argument against the health and sanity of society.

Posted by: Lurk | Sep 8 2019 20:41 utc | 44

@44 Clearly you want to make marriage a political issue related to society as a whole but divorce is the main reason kids go off the rails and people get divorced for all kinds of reasons.

Posted by: dh | Sep 8 2019 20:50 utc | 45

@4 steven t johnson - check out some of George Webb's youtube videos pertaining to Epstein .. he believe the pedophile angle is largely missing the point and that Epstein represented a drug / weapons trade more than anything if i recall correctly.. interesting take at the very least

Posted by: AuGold | Sep 8 2019 21:01 utc | 46

Wow those hongkong protesters are not even shy about their call for regime change by Trump against China/Hongkong:

Hong Kong protesters cozy up to US, ask to ‘liberate’ city amid ongoing violence (VIDEOS)

Scary with such ignorant people.

Posted by: Zanon | Sep 8 2019 21:04 utc | 47

@47 What do they expect Donald to do? Send in the 6th Fleet?

No Union Jacks being waved this week. I guess they've given up on Britain.

Posted by: dh | Sep 8 2019 21:14 utc | 48
"AKCAKALE, Turkey/TAL ABYAD, Syria (Reuters) - Armed Turkish military vehicles crossed into war-stricken Syria on Sunday to begin joint patrols with U.S. counterparts to establish a high-stakes “safe zone” along a border region controlled by Kurdish forces."
"DAMASCUS, SYRIA (4:30 P.M.) – Scores of fuel tanks have entered areas controlled by the Syrian government in northeast Aleppo following agreement with the predominantly-Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces, a monitor group reported.
The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) released a video showing a convoy of fuel tanks crossing toward areas controlled by the Syrian Army, supposedly coming from SDF-held territories.
The footage was filmed in Manbij crossing located to the southwest of Manbij city, located in northeast Aleppo."

Erdo's doing his bit and pushing the Kurds away from the yanks and back to Syria.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Sep 8 2019 21:34 utc | 49

"Connection" are Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. No, it is not at all certain Epstein was a spy.

Nor is it certain Epstein was pimping an army of girls or an extortionist, much less that he made hundreds of millions from it. The allegations are that the girls were recruited by other girls, who would be the ones turning their friends into prostitutes. It is amazingly unclear that the recruiters were paid. It is clear Epstein was a customer, which is indeed criminal. I have no idea how you can honestly excuse the alleged accomplices (which you and everyone else really do.) The girls were reportedly neglected and abused by their families but the families get excused too, because apparently sexual purity is far more important than anything else about these girls. The issue is never whether Epstein was a criminal. The issue is whether Epstein was the mastermind of a vast pedophile conspiracy masquerading as the Democrat Party, whether he made his fortune as a pimp selling pre-pubescent little girls to Democrats, whether his extortion made him millions or even tens of millions, whether Epstein's services to the pedophile conspiracy of the Democrat Party turned the Democrat Party into a bunch a Zionist traitors. Those are the issues. Saying it's about minimizing the crime is a lie meant to ram through everything else.

Last the notion that Trump has nothing to do with the Justice Department as it started what may have been a violation of double jeopardy to attack the Democrats for the upcoming election is excessively naive. Acost wasn't even on good ground with Trump at the Labor Department, either. The notion that Acosta wasn't concerned with Republican Party politics in 2008 is about as dubious.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Sep 8 2019 22:04 utc | 50

@36 b - "It is solely the grown up..."

Thank you for pouring some cold water on the "Jailbait Nostalgia Hour" discussion that was simmering. Jesus...


@ 42 dh - "...well brought up but ultimately one can only hope they are immune"

Of course they are immune - they have resources that you and your family have given them to operate in this world. They are thus not helpless and vulnerable.

Epstein never took on young women with resources, he recruited those who had none. This whole scene has little to do with sexual norms and everything to do with the power of money over poverty, privilege over disenfranchisement, resource over hollowness.

It's a class struggle, as with everything else.

Posted by: Grieved | Sep 8 2019 22:41 utc | 51

One can almost hear the "I got this bro" as donkey defends Epstein by recounting his own extra-legal sexual encounter.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 8 2019 22:43 utc | 52

somebody @42

So what had happened in 2014?

Maybe Israel/Mossad tried to use their blackmail material after Russia blocked Obama from bombing Syria? Isn't that when calls for a 'No-fly Zone' started?

Connections are to Iran-Contra.

The "connections" go well beyond Iran-Contra. Whitney Webb at has described how Jewish gangsters provided blackmail services to CIA/FBI and how Epstein was connected to the 'Mega Group' of billionaire Jewish philanthropists (some with gangster pasts) as well as other groups and individuals that are likely to have connections to Mossad.

Her latest: How the CIA, Mossad and “the Epstein Network” are Exploiting Mass Shootings to Create an Orwellian Nightmare.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 8 2019 23:02 utc | 53

It is a worrying time those first years after your daughters leave home. Will they make it through the learning curve.

My youngest daughter met up with a couple of recruiters at the hong kong airport. She was 23 at the time and luckily we had gone on the trip together. I had noticed them walking about the airport when we first went in. Their actions were a bit odd and I wondered what they were up to.

We had a while to wait, so I went outside for a smoke. When I came back they were with my daughter. She had waited for me well away from the crowd and is small and very young looking for her age. One of the recruiters was a very tall girl and both were standing so my daughter could not just walk away from them as she had been leaning against a railing.
I stepped between them and my daughter and asked them what they were doing. They said they had to do a questionnaire for their uni course. I told them to piss off which they did. Daughter was quite angry with me over that for some years but now she realizes what was happening.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Sep 8 2019 23:03 utc | 54

steven t johnson @50

Possibly the most disturbing whataboutism I've ever seen.

<> <> <> <> <> <>

It is amazingly unclear that the recruiters were paid.

How stupid do you think we are?

The girls were reportedly neglected and abused by their families ...

Epstein chose to victimize those that he could most easily control.

The issue is never whether Epstein was a criminal.

Epstein is a convicted sex offender.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 8 2019 23:19 utc | 55

@51 and 54 Can't help worrying. There are so many potential pitfalls for kids. Don't want them living in a bubble and they resent being lectured. Teenagers face so much peer pressure.....girls especially. Most of Epstein's victims seem to have been at modelling/acting school. The perfect hunting ground for him.

Posted by: dh | Sep 8 2019 23:28 utc | 56

Regardless of the girls upbringing, if the initial con is successful, a secure site, drugs and force, will do the rest.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Sep 8 2019 23:35 utc | 57

The speech (Sept 2nd) by Hezbollah's Secretary General Nasrallah
"No red lines anymore, all occupied Palestine can be targeted".

Posted by: k | Sep 8 2019 23:53 utc | 58

dh "Don't want them living in a bubble and they resent being lectured."

Just a few carefully selected words of advice now then and at the right time is all that can be done. Then sit an worry and be ready to give them a helping hand or advice and support when they need it.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Sep 8 2019 23:55 utc | 59

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 8 2019 23:02 utc | 53

A lot of this is conjecture. Epstein's funding a certain type of research certainly looks like him acting as a kind of front possibly a CIA front.

The way he was shielded from the law in 2008 suggests he was a US secret service asset for what other agencies he might have worked for or not.

It looks like Victoria Giuffre moving from Australia back to the United States made all the difference.

Giuffre said she contacted the FBI in April 2014, months after she moved back to the United States. “But, it seemed like the hands of [assistant U.S. Attorney Marie] Villafaña and the FBI were always tied by someone else with more authority,” she said.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 9 2019 0:03 utc | 60

What an amazing display of hypocrisy and puritanism!
I hold no brief for Epstein, anyone who got that rich that quickly is probably criminal, but what evidence is there that he committed any crimes? Except minor breaches of the state laws regarding consent, most of which are ludicrous invasions of the individual's privacy. Not to mention a woman's right to control her own body.
Anyone who thinks that nubile young women suddenly started attracting male attention in the 1970s has obviously never listened to the stories in the Bible, quran etc.
And then we have those who believe that society-aka the Capitalist ruling class- should determine whether young people (such as Emmanuel Macron) should have sexual relations with their elders? Why not leave them to decide? There is the matter of power differential but is that remedied by removing the power to choose from the weaker party? And is the younger or less established necessarily the weaker?
Let us work to make a free society, in which exploitation and the power of wealth are neutralised, and the rest will take care of itself.
The sad thing is that there really is a case to be made against pedophilia- the sexual initiation of prepubescent children.
But that is not what this-though it constantly invokes the name oif that perversity- is about; this is about millions of people rushing forward to tell us that young women are not attractive except to men of their own age (or three or four years older). Which everyone, not just Roman Polanski and Woody Allen, knows is untrue.
That is the sort of society we live in: one in which the truth, whether it be about private property, class rule or the basic imperatives of sexuality is masked by lies and hypocrisy, guilt and insecurity. And, worst of all, a longing to be in conformity, going along with the crowd/lynch mob and not attracting attention from Mrs Grundy and her government.

Posted by: bevin | Sep 9 2019 0:17 utc | 61

James @ 37:

I'm still scratching my head about the death of Shoucheng Zhang who apparently committed suicide by falling through a window of a room in a building in California (San Francisco? somewhere in the Silicon Valley area?) on 1 December 2018 on the same day that Huawei chief financial officer Sabrina Meng was arrested in Vancouver.

Meng and Zhang were supposed to attend a dinner at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires.

About the same time Zhang died, there was a fire in a factory owned by a Dutch firm that makes extreme ultraviolet lithography technology, needed by the next generation of semiconductors that draw heavily on Zhang's work.

Coincidence, would you say?

Posted by: Jen | Sep 9 2019 0:19 utc | 62

Bevin @ 61:

No-one was talking about paedophilia on this comments thread until you decided to butt in and mention it. What are you trying to insinuate?

People were talking about trafficking young women, most of them from impoverished backgrounds or dysfunctional families afflicted by violence or alcoholism, and recruited with promises of easy wealth and security, as prostitutes / sex slaves for wealthy men. No-one was talking about consent laws.

The more you pontificate on this issue in the way you have done on past MoA comments forums and elsewhere, as though to muddy the conversation with irrelevant information about age of consent laws and how to slice-n-dice the definition of paedophilia, encourages people to suspect you have a hidden agenda, and perhaps not a pleasant one at that.

Posted by: Jen | Sep 9 2019 0:28 utc | 63

bevin defends perversity with circular logic that will make your head spin.

40 year olds with 14 year olds? Its only natural, he claims. To think otherwise is defending the wealthy who have imposed this outrage upon us. Yeah, the old scumbags that want to bed 14 year olds TRICKED us into enacting bizarre laws that protect our children from them. LOL.

It would all be devilishly clever, if we were stupid enough to believe bevin's outlandish drivel.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 9 2019 0:44 utc | 64

@61 OK maybe there was no crime but whichever way you cut it Epstein was exploiting young girls for his own and his friends amusement. How is pointing that out 'puritanical'? Is morality obsolete?

Posted by: dh | Sep 9 2019 0:56 utc | 65

@61 bevin.. i often admire your commentary and insights, but have to agree with @ 63 jen in her words to you..

@62 jen.. well, the coincidence was noted back when that happened.. it sounds very similar to the story b linked to on the bottom.. thanks for mentioning this here again.. it was suspicious then and continues to be now.. i think the subject matter and title of your link sums it up well - There is a covert war going on over technology / Connecting the Dots in the Huawei Kidnapping..

Posted by: james | Sep 9 2019 1:35 utc | 66

steven t johnson @50 & before:

Your use of the phrase "democrat party" gives your intentions away.


Posted by: ben | Sep 9 2019 2:19 utc | 67

Why are 4 or 5 MoA regulars defending Epstein - weeks after his demise?

Who would defend Epstein except hasbara propagandists? They know that Epstein is Jewish and believed to be (with good reason!) a key member of a Mossad blackmail op.

It's almost comical to see them in action. @4 steven t johnson wraps his pro-Epstein views in the colors of democracy but his STFU message comes through loud and clear.

bevin, who has previously been warned about his twisted views about child sex (as Jen appropriately points out), can't resist regaling us once again(!) with the same crap.

donkeytale attempts to use bro culture to defuse the outrage.

Walter handles the historical angle. Would you defend child sacrifice Walter? (Historical antecedents!)

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 9 2019 2:41 utc | 68

Thanks Jen #62, no way was China permitted to get on the elevator of latest generation of micrchip fabrication. Yankee capitalists just love burning competitors factories. The global oligarchs club imagines it has control but is securely locked out of China. So far at least.

On an equally interesting topic, Whitney Webb deserves an authentic global peace prize for her meticulous research and clarity of presentation. I have posted on an earlier thread but just repeat it here - Amazing Polly has published an interesting piece on Ghislaine's two sisters. I know Polly is from the conservative side but all data is welcome.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 9 2019 2:53 utc | 69

jack rabbit I didn't address Epstein whatsoever in this thread. So your comment at least wrt moi is twisted beyond any recognisable shape you generally twist your comments even under your normally abnormal twisted sense of unreality.

And very heartened to see you finally admit Epstein is dead after wasting so much time, energy and MoA eyeball space with mountains of your conspiratard baloney for weeks. I believe this is the first time I'v ever seen you actually confess to being FOS.

I do love you tho bro so carry on with your bad self...even tho you are FOS on this take too.

Posted by: donkeytale | Sep 9 2019 3:02 utc | 70

@ 68." Walter handles the historical angle. Would you defend child sacrifice Walter? (Historical antecedents!)"

Alas, paralipsis again! I defended nothing. I will defend the good, when it's practical. But you knew I defended nothing...trollish?

Kindly avoid errors in reading. Do you often have these episodes?

Posted by: Walter | Sep 9 2019 3:02 utc | 71

I don't get the confusion over the Pimp Epstein, perverse purveyor of young women to the rich and famous.

Ain't rocket science, it's as old as humanity..

Posted by: ben | Sep 9 2019 3:12 utc | 72

Thank you jackrabbit #68, the combined effort of the apologist team is disgusting and totally exposes their ulterior motive - to excuse the Maxwell and Wexner complicity in this ongoing crime. THESE TWO above all else must be protected by lowering the Maxwell Smart cone of silence.

Your succinct rebuttal is welcome as are the sane words of jen.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 9 2019 3:21 utc | 73

When I stumbled across the New Yorker article about the Epstein rock spider's control over MIT Media Labs, the first thing which occurred to me was "that's interesting, WTF does this MIT Media Labs thing do?"
After googling, duckduck going and yandexing this joint I am still none the wiser.
eg Check out this sleazy operation's wikipedia page & see if you become enlightened.

No? Same here, I particularly like this piece of what used to be called guff:

"Some recurring themes of work at the Media Lab include human adaptability,[18] human computer interaction, education and communication, artistic creation and visualization, and designing technology for the developing world. Other research focus includes machines with common sense, sociable robots, prosthetics, sensor networks, musical devices, city design, and public health. Research programs all include iterative development of prototypes which are tested and displayed for visitors"

Hmm not good, the news media is saturated with articles about how the rock spider would turn up to meetings with a female child on each arm, a couple of scientist virtue signalled how they would rescuse the children although none did, yet there isn't anything anywhere in any article which specifically deals with what was discussed. Isn't that rather odd?

I thought so then I came across this list of Media Lab spin off corporations.

Nearly all the corporations listed had links to their web site conveniently included which was handy since apart from Buzz Feed News I was unfamiliar with most.
I Haven't included any links altho the 'about page of Buzz Feed is an indication of their propaganda bent and the Crowd Supply page had me wondering if MIT Media Labs was about developing spy ware.
Well spyware and a lot of other nefarious shit I would say. No wonder MIT bosses rid themselves of Joi Ito so fast, not doing so would almost certainly have caused investigation of the Media Labs and could have caused some otherwise dutiful believers to wonder if MIT really was into 'academic objectivity'.

Posted by: A User | Sep 9 2019 3:25 utc | 74

Also these prudish puritannical overreactions to bevin's comments, especially the insinuations he has some sort of hidden agenda, while the rest of us are supposedly "hasbara trolls" because we decide to speak our minds on an open thread.

if anything the hidden agenda belongs to the comically outraged buffoons overreacting. Clowns.

Srsly. Bad enough so many MoA regulars are head over heels in love with conservative authoritarian fascism (overreaction alert) but there was nothing in bevin's comment (or any of mine for that matter) that excused Epstein, endorsed NAMBLA, or anything remotely close like what's going on in your wickedly closed minds.

I was discussing Polanski films! Brilliant works of cinematic storytelling

And the story I told upthread was also a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual people or situations in my life or the lives of others is purely coincidental.

Posted by: donkeytale | Sep 9 2019 3:37 utc | 75

John - I am not a vegetarian.

I love meat with a warm pink center.

Posted by: donkeytale | Sep 9 2019 3:41 utc | 76

donkeytale @70: heartened to see you finally admit Epstein is dead

"Demise" is not "dead". If he is alive, he's been retired and will not be heard from again.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 9 2019 3:43 utc | 77

"WTF does this MIT Media Labs thing do?"

A good guess would be research regime change and population control, foreign and domestic.
From your wiki link ..
"The Media Lab was founded in 1985 by Nicholas Negroponte and former MIT President Jerome Wiesner, and is housed in the Wiesner Building (designed by I. M. Pei), also known as Building E15. The Lab has been written about in the popular press since 1988, when Stewart Brand published The Media Lab: Inventing the Future at M.I.T., and its work was a regular feature of technology journals in the 1990s. In 2009, it expanded into a second building"
"In August 2007, he was appointed to a five-member special committee with the objective of assuring the continued journalistic and editorial integrity and independence of the Wall Street Journal and other Dow Jones & Company publications and services"
"August 1, 2007, News Corporation and Dow Jones entered into a definitive merger agreement.[31] The US$5 billion sale added The Wall Street Journal to Rupert Murdoch's news empire, ..."

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Sep 9 2019 3:45 utc | 78


1. a person's death.
"Mr. Grisenthwaite's tragic demise"
synonyms: death, dying, passing, passing away, passing on, loss of life, expiry, expiration, end, departure from life, final exit;

conveyance or transfer of property or a title by demising.

Posted by: donkeytale | Sep 9 2019 3:47 utc | 79

Oh and I should add, aged meat. LMAO

Have a nice night everyone. Try to keep your blood from boiling too much. Unhealthy.

This cretin is out.

Posted by: donkeytale | Sep 9 2019 3:53 utc | 80


demise noun
de·​mise | \ di-ˈmīz

1a : death
b : a cessation of existence or activity
c : a loss of position or status

2 : the conveyance of an estate

3 : transfer of the sovereignty to a successor

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 9 2019 4:20 utc | 81

While some believe that Epstein was extracted from the prison and continues to live, it's clear that his life as "Jeffery Epstein" has ceased. If he is alive, he would get a new identity and a makeover that ensures that he isn't recognized.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 9 2019 4:28 utc | 82

Had read somewhere awhile back that the WTC towers had to have some sort of demolition plan built into them from the beginning in case one started to tip over onto other buildings and/or for whenever they needed to be demolished.

Instead of having to rig up the whole building for destruction wouldn't it be easier just to put the building into an unsafe condition that triggers the buildings own self destruction mechanism?

Could the towers have come down perfectly because they were designed to go down like that from the beginning?

Think about Larry Silverman's "pull it" statement...

Posted by: Zack | Sep 9 2019 4:40 utc | 83

Sputnik WTC7 Coverage of UAF Report
Posted by: retiredmecheng | Sep 8 2019 16:03 utc | 11

Thanks for the heads up on Sputnik.
Sputnik cites Richard Gage's Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Trufe as a reliable or honest source. They obviously didn't bother to read Gage's membership list which is notable for the near-total ABSENCE of qualified, licenced, currently practicing structural engineers and architects.
If the folks at Sputnik are so lazy and gullible as to take Gage and his list of everyone-but-engineers seriously, then there's no limit to the puerile garbage they'd swallow.

It's ironic that the Uni of Alaska asked some PhDs to make up some new bs about the NIST Report because in Oz, PhD = Piled Higher & Deeper...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Sep 9 2019 4:43 utc | 84

Adding to 83

Also you could only take them down safely and protect the other buildings by obliterating them before they fell on the other buildings. How could ensure that? Nuclear demolition. This reeks of the COG people.

This is all starting to make sense now...

Posted by: Zack | Sep 9 2019 4:58 utc | 85

The most fascinating aspect of 9/11 is the speed with which the Cheney Gang decided that a large scale military response was the only 'logical' option.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Sep 9 2019 5:02 utc | 86

Nicholas Negroponte - brother of John Negroponte - war criminal, facilitator of right wing paramilitary death squads & supporter of your 80's style Central American military dictator. As Reagan's man in Honduras,that country became the headquarters for the Contras in their bloody campaign against the people of Nicaragua. This is only a small part of what this shitstain has inflicted on the world.

A true American hero - I very much doubt that young Nicholas is much different.

Posted by: ted01 | Sep 9 2019 5:04 utc | 87

ben @67,

1. Don't engage with Israeli shills.
2. Economic right-wingers aren't human and don't get to choose their own brand names. The right-wing Democrat Party can earn the "-ic" back when they've thrown all their managerial caste out of helicopters.

Posted by: Jonathan^-1 | Sep 9 2019 5:22 utc | 88

@Hoarsewhisperer @84

I am glad that you brought the subject of "qualifications" for AE911truth.

Let me share my experience. I have a B. ApSc. and a M. ApSc. from a reputable Canadian university (UBC). While I don't consider myself to be a "peer" of Hulsey (not even close), I did spend 8 years of my career in the process safety field, and I studied many incidents that involved fire and explosions in the oil and gas sector. I signed their petition (finally) a few weeks back. They insisted on seeing a copy of my diploma before I could get listed as a "licenced, but retired" engineer. Unfortunately I couldn't find my diploma(s), as they have long since been stuffed away in some unknown corner of the house. I was able to give them my registration number with APEGBC (our provincial licensing organization), but they insisted that I submit the diploma. I first thought that they were going overboard, but in seeing your comment, and your (totally unfounded) accusations against the group I can now see why they have that policy. If you took the time, you can go to their website and see the details on the licensed engineers and architects that have signed the petition. If necessary, I can even send you the link. These are professionals that risked their reputations and their careers to help laymen like yourself to understand that you have been lied to. And yes, some of them are retired, because they know that many employers do not take kindly to independent critical thought. If you have any credibility on this subject, I expect you will check out the AE911Truth website, and come back with an apology.

You also seem to have the attitude that if you don't like the message - attack the messenger. You also clearly don't have any respect for academics. For you, it appears that it's got to be simple, and if it doesn't make sense - that's okay.

Posted by: retiredmecheng | Sep 9 2019 5:29 utc | 89

Fromthe Truth funded 'research' report
"The simultaneous failure of all core columns over 8 stories followed 1.3 seconds later by
the simultaneous failure of all exterior columns over 8 stories produces almost exactly the
behavior observed in videos of the collapse"
"It is our conclusion that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near
simultaneous failure of all columns in the building and not a progressive collapse involving the
sequential failure of columns throughout the building. Despite simulating a number of hypothetical scenarios, we were unable to identify any"

The most observable part of the sequence of collapse is the eastern main block of the penthouse sinking into the roof with several second before anything else happens. There are two core columns under that section of the penthouse.

Although best internet rumors say otherwise, the NIST scenario will most likely prove very close to what occurred.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Sep 9 2019 5:31 utc | 90

As if the advent of flesh eating bacteria wasn't enough, now there's Deadly Green Slime fouling French--Brittany--beaches. The situation is supposedly better than in the past, but stepping on a mat of decaying seaweed that exhales accumulated hydrogen sulfide gas in quantity capable of knocking one out isn't my idea of a relaxing walk on the beach. The article tells the reader what's responsible, and it ought to make those with a modicum of intelligence think.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 9 2019 5:44 utc | 91

@Peter AU1 @85 @92

@85 It seemed that just yesterday you promised to not take cheap, unfounded shots at people. While that lasted a day...
@92 While at least you attempted to provide an alternative explanation for the primary conclusion in the UAF report. It is a tad light on detail, so you might want to flush out some specifics. In particular, how does your theory account for 2.5 seconds of free fall acceleration? Hint - it doesn't... How do those two core columns fail? Any theories?

Posted by: retiredmecheng | Sep 9 2019 5:45 utc | 92

Well that is interesting as it seems many posters prefer discussing tabloid gossip whose effect is pretty much confined to the participants, than issues which could effect all of us.

Peter AU, one of the few who considered this highly relevant issue, has interpreted the Media Lab mission statement or WTF it is as, "research regime change and population control, foreign and domestic", which it may well be that open ended guff at the site certainly doesn't preclude it but it also doesn't satisfy my point about how it is that everyone in journalism appears completely untroubled by the complete paucity of information that an organisation which troubles them because of its close relationship with a notorious rock spider, has been permitted to blithely skate through upon.
If this organisation is shady because it enabled Epstein's reprehensible behaviour surely that organ of democracy, a free press would also check out what it was that this organisation did to attract the largesse of a pedophile.
Incidentally FWIW, I have no doubt that the Epstein gang committed genuinely evil acts against children.

There was a link here a coupla months back to a Whitney Webb article which detailed how one of Epstein's 'girls' had been kidnapped off a NJ street when her mother went into a store to pay for some takeaway pizza. That 'young adult' was 11 years old and she had to endure an argument between Epstein & one of his clients about which one had the 'right'
to take her vaginal virginity after both had just sodomized her.
Tell me again this was just a bit of fun between some high spirited fellas.

I have known a few women 'on the game' in the course of my life and too many of them had horror stories of pre-teen rape and other abuse in their past for me to believe that it is all jolly hockeysticks and bluebells. I should also point out that where I live prostitution has been legal for more than 20 years.
It makes no difference because although some women are smart and self-motivated enough to dealt with the hypocrisy of a society which allows prostitution while is disparages the prostitutes, reality is that a majority of women hawk their forks because they have been made to feel that their vaginas are their sole marketable feature, and the disparagement they cop from nearly every part of society reinforces that.
People who have been subjected to abuse as a child frequently have a substandard education because for example, at the time other kids are asking their Dads to lend a hand with a science project, they are having to devote their time and energy to ensuring that they are never alone in a room with 'Dad'.

Posted by: A User | Sep 9 2019 5:48 utc | 93

@Peter AU1 @92

This is my second attempt at this post. The first one disappeared. Apologies if it shows as a duplicate.

Professor Hulsey did a presentation this week to accompany the draft UAF report. A youtube of the slides, with audio, is attached. For those that are serious about critiquing the report, I strongly recommend that you listen to the presentation, as well as (please) read the report carefully.

Let me know if the link doesn't work.

Hulsey WTC7 Presentation

Posted by: retiredmecheng | Sep 9 2019 6:16 utc | 94

"everyone in journalism appears completely untroubled by the complete paucity of information that an organisation which troubles them"

Robert Parry's pieces on perception management. They come up by putting perception management in the site search at Consortium News. Parry read through the Reagan papers.

"Declassified documents now reveal how extensive Reagan’s propaganda project became with inter-agency task forces assigned to develop “themes” that would push American “hot buttons.”"

But things were about to change. In a Jan. 13, 1983, memo, NSC Advisor Clark foresaw the need for non-governmental money to advance this cause. “We will develop a scenario for obtaining private funding,” Clark wrote. (Just five days later, President Reagan personally welcomed media magnate Rupert Murdoch into the Oval Office for a private meeting, according to records on file at the Reagan library.)

As administration officials reached out to wealthy supporters, lines against domestic propaganda soon were crossed as the operation took aim not only at foreign audiences but at U.S. public opinion, the press and congressional Democrats who opposed funding the Nicaraguan Contras."

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The MIT founder is associated with Murdoch who was a founding member of Reagan's perception management. The MIT's founder was put in charge of Murdoch's propaganda purchase to ensure editorial integrity.
MIT researches perception management.
The wheel revolves.

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MIT are the techbros par excellence. From the very early days of the “internet” and personal computers, they were at the forefront to popularises this thing (and making all its surveillance / spying / controlling origins.

See Yasha Levine’s “Surveillance valley”.

Posted by: phiw13 | Sep 9 2019 6:54 utc | 97

I ran onto a couple of old twitter accounts the other day.

6 Aug 2012
I despise the "journos could not confirm b/c Syria is soooo dangerous" line. It is simply, empirically, factually untrue. Quit repeating it.

Not long after that tweet, Tice embarked on a short lived acting career.

A pity fish cannot read. All I would have to do is plaster the words 'democracy' and 'truth' all over my hook and I would have a bucket full of fish in no time.

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“We will develop a scenario for obtaining private funding,” Clark wrote.

This would explain Epstein's role.

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somebody | Sep 9 2019 7:58 utc | 100

...“We will develop a scenario for obtaining private funding,” ...

Drug trade + weapons trade + energy prime sources trade [petroleum and U235 + nuclear reactors]operating under "cover of law" using "national security" as perfect cover to enable secret/off-the-books operations by private groups without actual government oversight. The surveillance/assassination state.

A. McCoy [Politics of Heroin in S Asia] explained how, under DeGaulle, France was able to covertly fund secret operations after WW2 using opiate drugs. The above is the natural extension of that successful policy.

That is Epstien's world. His pedophilia is a sensational attention grabber [Hey! Look at that red herring!] albeit despicable, so we do not see the rest.

All of us have been programmed, some more spinny than others but most unable to confront the utter lies of the collapse of WorkdTradeCenter Bldg. #7 or the JFK Magic Bullet or What were we doing killing millions in Viet Nam and leaving the legacy of unexploded bomblets and Agent Orange.

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