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September 09, 2019

A Small Reminder Of The Lower-Than-Zero Value Of Partisan 'Analysts'

Avi Issacharoff is an Israeli 'Middle East analyst' who writes for the Times of Israel and other such outlets.

On August 27 he asserted that the drones which attacked Hizbullah in Beirut were not from Israel and that Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah was lying about them.

Nasrallah is lying about Israeli drones in Beirut; Lebanon must urgently wise up

[W]hen it comes to the recent developments surrounding the Israeli attack at Akraba south of Damascus on Saturday night, and especially surrounding the two mysterious drones that subsequently crashed/exploded in the Hezbollah stronghold of Dahiyeh in Beirut, Nasrallah is lying. Lying through his teeth.

He lied in his speech on Sunday night when he described these two recent events. And he lied in the statement that his organization published on Monday night claiming that the two “Israeli” drones in Beirut were carrying explosives.

First of all, as has already been widely reported, these were not Israeli drones. Nor did they look like Israeli drones.

Every child in Dahiyeh knows that if Israel were involved in this incident, there was certainly no intention to blow up or assassinate but rather to convey a message.

Even if we believe for a moment the narrative Nasrallah advanced in his speech, where he described how one of these drones flew at such a low altitude that people in the neighborhood were able to bring it down by throwing stones at it, does anybody in the Middle East who’s ever encountered an Israeli drone find that description credible?
In the meantime, the official Israeli explanation of what really happened has not been heard, and therefore the field has been left open to the deluge of lies and fabrications being disseminated by Hezbollah. And through these lies and fabrications, Nasrallah has, in turn, painted himself and all of Lebanon into a corner.

Just five days after accusing Nasrallah of being a liar Avi Issacharoff exposed himself as such. Suddenly he had no doubt at all that the drone had come from Israel and were used against Hizbullah:

Hezbollah had vowed to exact revenge on Israel over the IDF’s operation in the Dahiya neighborhood in Beirut last week, as well as for the killing of two operatives south of Damascus, ...
[A]t the end of the day, the complex operations that took place almost simultaneously in Akraba, south of Damascus, and in Beirut’s Dahiya – the details of which remain largely classified at this time – did not provoke an overly forceful response from Hezbollah.

There is of course no remorse about the false 'analysis' provided previously nor a retraction of the nonsense Issacharoff had written five days earlier.

In response to the Israeli attack Nasrallah promised to take down Israeli drones if they fly over Lebanon. Today that promised was fulfilled for the first time:

The Iran-backed Hezbollah movement said Monday it had downed and seized an Israeli drone as it flew across the Lebanese border, a week after a flash confrontation between the arch-foes.
The Shiite militant group said it subsequently retrieved the device, but did not provide pictures.

An Israeli army spokeswoman told AFP a drone "fell" in Lebanese territory, adding that "there is no risk of a breach of information".

Nasrallah is expected make another speak tonight. He may make some additional announcements which Avi Issacharoff and other 'analysts' may then again question.

They are free to do so but it is obvious whose words deserve more trust.

Posted by b on September 9, 2019 at 18:35 UTC | Permalink


Thing is, the public in Israel believes Nasrallah. They know he is a man of his word.
Maybe that is the reason for "pundits" "analysts" and "experts" to claim the contrary. Simple info war, even though it wont work.
The Israeli public knows better. From experience.

Posted by: DontBelieveEitherPr. | Sep 9 2019 19:29 utc | 2

breaking news! breaking news! Israelis lie!!

uh, ok. That never occurred to me before.

Posted by: ToivoS | Sep 9 2019 19:50 utc | 3

Brexit is more fun. More and more lies, but less blood. Not a single Nasrallah to trust in the London blame game.

Posted by: Bob | Sep 9 2019 19:59 utc | 4

@ ToivoS | Sep 9 2019 19:50 utc | 2

Top Breaking News! Top Breaking News! Generalisimo Franco is Still Dead!!!

The good news never quits!

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Sep 9 2019 20:02 utc | 5

In the Reuters early story about the latest Occupied Palestine drone downing there was more obfuscation or outright lying
In a separate statement, the Israeli military said Shi’ite militias operating under the command of Iran’s Quds Force, the overseas arm of Tehran’s Revolutionary Guards, fired a number of rockets at Israel from Syria on Monday but they failed to hit Israeli territory.

The military said the rockets were launched from an area near Damascus.

Of course, Occupied Palestine is just trying to protect itself.....they would never be the aggressor......

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 9 2019 20:19 utc | 6

Look out,lebanese youngsters,the next one drone you running after might be booby-trapped with timer!

Posted by: willie | Sep 9 2019 20:39 utc | 7

I'm sorry to report lots of apparent ennui as a result of b's revelation as Occupied Palestine's BigLie Media apes its leader and benefactor Nuttyahoo who himself just lied once again about Iran's nuclear program, to which Iran's Zarif said:

"The possessor of REAL nukes cries wolf—on an ALLEGED “demolished" site in Iran

"He & #B_Team just want a war, no matter innocent blood & another $7 TRILLION

"Remember his “GUARANTEE” of "positive reverberations" in ’02?

"This time, he assuredly won’t be on the sidelines watching."

The side/side photos Zarif attached are supposedly of a "nuclear weapons development site called Abadeh, to which he provides the coordinates, Nuttyahoo claimed is a site that was destroyed once discovered. I scrutinized it and the before pic looks doctored compared to the after pic, or you could even say vice-versa. RT's article on the "discovery" comes close to lampooning Nuttyahoo, which I thought 100% appropriate.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 9 2019 20:56 utc | 8

@Willie #6

This is exactly what I thought when the young man was shown holding the drone.
could have been booby trapped.

Posted by: CarlD | Sep 9 2019 20:58 utc | 9

Screw em' all, zeros included. Off topic though but very interesting!

..."Iran is feeling stronger: it has downed a US drone, sabotaged several tankers and confiscated a British-flagged tanker despite the presence of the Royal Navy nearby"..."Macron understood that the problem doesn’t lie with the US President but in his consigliere Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and his neo-con team Pompeo-Bolton."...

Iran a Full Nuclear Power 2020


Posted by: Taffyboy | Sep 9 2019 21:02 utc | 10

Anyone who actually pays attention will know that Nasrallah is far more truthful than Satanyahoo, Israeli press or Ehud Barak-Jeffrey Epstein rapists or the NeoCon AIPAC Congress/Exec branch/military/State Dept/intel servile lap dogs in America.

Posted by: Jerry | Sep 9 2019 21:22 utc | 11

If any of you live in this part of Amerika here's some one you might want to vote for.

Posted by: jo6pac | Sep 9 2019 22:03 utc | 12

I note in the newest Magnier article linked by Taffyboy @9, that he too has dropped the use of the dollar, in his case in his referral to the line-of-credit Macron offered Iran that Trump refused to provide a waiver for where Euros are used instead. Magnier closes his piece with the following allegory:

"Iran is handling its policy towards the US and Europe in the same way Iranians weave carpets. It takes several years to finish an artisanal carpet and many more years to sell it. The nuclear deal needed several years of preparation but even more time for establishing acceptance and the bona fides of the signatories. Trump’s simple-minded decision destroyed all that work. The US and Europe have lost the initiative. Europe is not politically in any position to stand against the US sanctions, nor does it have sufficient tools or standing to offer Iran and thus force it to the negotiating table."

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 9 2019 22:14 utc | 13

I thought of Zanon and some others while reading this article but all of us could fall for disinformation spread by some Israeli sources, especially disinformation that boosts Israel as a major power in the Middle East whose opinion and advice matter to the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin in particular.

"Israel Hayom", connected to US casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson through a relative, comes to mind.

Posted by: Jen | Sep 9 2019 22:16 utc | 14

I find it interesting that Occupied Palestine is limiting itself to using drones when it has the magnificent US made F35 "stealth" plane.

A couple of months ago there was a downing of something from Occupied Palestine that, to me, was quickly "hushed up" and I wonder if it wasn't one of those F35 aircraft.....hence the resorting to drone "warfare" to not lose pilots that no longer believe the "stealth" claim

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 9 2019 23:16 utc | 15

G W Bush was responsible for North Korea developing nuclear weapons, the North Koreans did a deal whereby the US would supply several light water reactors and 500,000 tons of oil per year in exchange for NK not pursuing its nuclear program, the US accused the Koreans of cheating [with no proof] and cancelled the agreement, thinking that sanctions and military pressure would force Korea to capitulate. North Korea then decided to go nuclear. That same US mistake is happening again with Iran, US hubris is on full display,but this time Iran has the 'arc of resistance. on its side plus Russia and China. Trump will not go back to the JCPOA it is not in his nature, the only thing we can hope for is a Trump defeat at the next election, and hope an adult wins.

Posted by: Harry Law | Sep 9 2019 23:21 utc | 16

Harry Law #15. Harry, have you seen the people running for the Democratic nomination? Hope is not a word I would use. Gabbard at least wants peace, but she will not be allowed to win the nomination (she is too young in any case). And if by some miracle she were to be nominated and win, she would not be allowed to carry out her own goals for peace. She would be defeated or failing that, killed. As would anyone who really went up against the most powerful political party in America, the War Party.

Posted by: SteveK9 | Sep 9 2019 23:47 utc | 17

Hey B,
When you have time, can you dig and write about the AMIA incident and how it is alleged to Hezbollah? I'm quite certain there is no connection to Hezbollah and it's just a sham, with all the surroundings. But you might be able to dig it up better.


Posted by: A | Sep 9 2019 23:51 utc | 18

Anyone who actually pays attention will know that Nasrallah is far more truthful than Netanyahoo...
Posted by: Jerry | Sep 9 2019 21:22 utc | 10

Some people doubt the most reliable ones and worship the enemy. Perhaps you are one of those people who would rather believe Putin than Boris "all truth and nothing but the truth" Johnson, merely because Putin seemed to make sense and BJ did not? The tale of Porton Down experts finding tiny signatures "ВВП" on the molecules of the devilish poison unleashed by the Russian agents on a former spy, innocent children and hapless ducks may seem absurd, but if you conclude that it is false, you would make Putin happy, wouldn't you? Making Nasrallah happy is almost as bad.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Sep 10 2019 0:17 utc | 19

PB makes some good he so often does.

Putin has been photographed without his shirt and is obviously homophobic. Nasrallah wears funny clothes and speaks Arabic.

There's really no choice. We must trust Netanyahoo. He is one of us.

Posted by: dh | Sep 10 2019 0:43 utc | 20

Sharmine Narwani provides a much more credible explanation:

"Israel concocts fake Syria/Iran attack story because Hezbollah downed an @IDF drone today and Netanyahu is too shit-scared to retaliate against Lebanon."

Yes, it's all about the Nutty one's attempt at remaining in power. To tell the truth, I've grown so damned tired of the man that I want him to lose regardless of his replacement. Sharmine's 100% correct. And it's about time Lebanon began shooting down Zionist aircraft after thousands of violations and attacks made on Syria using Lebanon for cover.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2019 0:45 utc | 21

thanks b.. the reporter is a liar and propagandist.. that is a good part of the reason why he got the gig!

hopefully iran has figured out that they can't trust liars.. i think they have been slow to gain full independence, but hopefully they can see clearly one can't bargain with a liar-con artist.. as for the propagandist netanyahu - he is another perfect leader for israel at this point in time... a known criminal leads israel... a con job jackass leads the usa.. and at present the other ugly duckling in the war party - the uk - can't get their shit together, in spite of having bojo the clown as pm for the moment...

@13 jen... where is zanon lately? i miss the israel times lying stories, but b has made up for it today!

@15 harry law.. i agree with @16 steveK9's comment..short of tulsi, they are all first class rejects, put in place by the same war party that runs both parties...

@19 dh... lol... keep it up!

Posted by: james | Sep 10 2019 1:06 utc | 22

Drones are flying on both sides of the border. Here is Hizbullah drone footage of deserted Israeli base:
Video of

Too bad Lebanon cannot acquire Pantser S2 defense systems to stop illegal Israeli warplane overflights.

Posted by: Krollchem | Sep 10 2019 1:30 utc | 23

karlof1 @20

And don't forget, it's Netanyahu that started the latest round of tensions as an election ploy. We can surmise this because of the hasbara propaganda that suddenly appeared lauding Netanyahu for heroically protecting Israel.

So he's a dumbass as well as a jackass because Nasrallah is too smart to do what is expected. He won't play Netanyahu's game.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 10 2019 1:42 utc | 24

As newly appointed US Defense Secretary, Mark Esper, was reported to have claimed about wanting for Russia to ''behave like a normal country'', Sergey Lavrov urged for him to clarify what he means by ''normality'' during a press conference in the Russian capital; if Russia was to behave like the US, it would have had to bomb Iraq, Libya, supporting an armed, anti-constitutional coup in Kiev, and allocating millions in the interference in the affairs of other countries, as in the ''promotion of democracy'' in Russia. Sergey Shoygu did not have much to add, but what he did add could not be clearer: Russia will probably have to remain being ''not normal''.

Posted by: Martin | Sep 10 2019 4:56 utc | 25

There are many things drones can achieve that $35million++ dollar jet fighters cant achieve. Just ask the Russians in Latakia air base. Assymetric war has many dimensions.

I suspect the reason we have an absence of hasbara trolls here is because the trigger words Ghislaine Maxwell, Les Wexner, Epstein are absent.

Maybe i speak too soon.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 10 2019 4:57 utc | 26

"...and hope an adult wins."

This can never happen. All Americans are inherently childish. They are all a product of the same environment, the same educational system and the same all pervasive 'cultural' influences. This transcends ethnic boundaries for those born in the US or those who arrived at an early age.
For the detached observer the juvenile behavior of groups of Americans is plain to see, both in this comment section and in the world at large.
A recurring theme in international relations and diplomacy is that dealing with 'the Americans' is like dealing with children.
Of course when the American is trying to kill you, as they a wont to do,the actions of the petulant child take on new meaning.

Posted by: ted01 | Sep 10 2019 7:17 utc | 27


Because maintaining that cult of invincibility of shiny US weapons has turned the empire and its cronies into masters of risk aversion.

Posted by: JW | Sep 10 2019 7:19 utc | 28


Thanks. Haven't Seen Lavrov in action for awhile. Seems he is getting better with age. Shoygu is picking upon or has more time for satire. I guess he's got defence up to scratch now and can indulge in a little shit stirring.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Sep 10 2019 7:37 utc | 29

SteveK9 @16:

Gabbard is 38. Minimum for POTUS is 35. I agree Gabbard wouldn't get the nod from the DNC. And IF Gabbard manages to pull it off like Trump did, she'd face the same obstacles that Trump is facing now. I doubt assassinations are required today as majority of the bureaucracy have already been taken over.

Posted by: Ian | Sep 10 2019 8:50 utc | 30


The New York Times reinvents the Russia collusion hoax. This time the proof comes in the words of a secret CIA mole that has been operating in the Kremlin for over 20 years. The story is identical to what the Steele dossier claimed: Putin personally directed a campaign to interfere in the US presidential elections.

Every part of Steele narrative has already been shown to be a hoax and a fabrication. What proves that the Steele dossier is a work of fiction is that it is written from a fly-on-the-wall point of view. Only a person who was sitting in the same room with Putin when he had secret meetings could have written it. So how many moles did the West have sitting on Putin's desk? It seems more likely that the CIA mole and Steele's secret source are one and the same source. But if the CIA mole was their most tightly guarded secret, how did the information end up in Steele's dossier?

C.I.A. Informant Extracted From Russia Had Sent Secrets to U.S. for Decades

As American officials began to realize that Russia was trying to sabotage the 2016 presidential election, the informant became one of the C.I.A.’s most important — and highly protected — assets. But when intelligence officials revealed the severity of Russia’s election interference with unusual detail later that year, the news media picked up on details about the C.I.A.’s Kremlin sources.

C.I.A. officials worried about safety made the arduous decision in late 2016 to offer to extract the source from Russia. ...

The Moscow informant was instrumental to the C.I.A.’s most explosive conclusion about Russia’s interference campaign: that President Vladimir V. Putin ordered and orchestrated it himself. As the American government’s best insight into the thinking of and orders from Mr. Putin, the source was also key to the C.I.A.’s assessment that he affirmatively favored Donald J. Trump’s election and personally ordered the hacking of the Democratic National Committee.

The informant, according to people familiar with the matter, was outside of Mr. Putin’s inner circle, but saw him regularly and had access to high-level Kremlin decision-making — easily making the source one of the agency’s most valuable assets.

The informant’s information was so delicate, and the need to protect the source’s identity so important, that the C.I.A. director at the time, John O. Brennan, kept information from the operative out of President Barack Obama’s daily brief in 2016. Instead, Mr. Brennan sent separate intelligence reports, many based on the source’s information, in special sealed envelopes to the Oval Office.

The decision to extract the informant was driven “in part” because of concerns that Mr. Trump and his administration had mishandled delicate intelligence, CNN reported. ...

Mr. Trump was first briefed on the intelligence about Russian interference, including material from the prized informant, two weeks before his inauguration. ...

But the government had indicated that the source existed long before Mr. Trump took office, first in formally accusing Russia of interference in October 2016 and then when intelligence officials declassified parts of their assessment about the interference campaign for public release in January 2017. News agencies, including NBC, began reporting around that time about Mr. Putin’s involvement in the election sabotage and on the C.I.A.’s possible sources for the assessment.

The following month, The Washington Post reported that the C.I.A.’s conclusions relied on “sourcing deep inside the Russian government.” And The New York Times later published articles disclosing details about the source.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Sep 10 2019 9:44 utc | 31

I feel better knowing that we are only dropping messages.
Seems Avi does not worry himself much with accuracy, more important that he is saying good things about Israel and bad things about those other people who don't provide them with money or weapons.
Pat on head, Avi.

Posted by: jared | Sep 10 2019 10:19 utc | 32


Voting for the CIA is a bad idea.

Posted by: SharonM | Sep 10 2019 10:33 utc | 33

Hassan Nasrallah - restrained, thoughtful leader

Any statements I've read from him sound reasonable. So is it a memem that Hezbollah is dedicated to the total destruction of Israel. When calling Iran a terrorist state, their support for Hezbollah is always the crescendo. For the past decade, Hezbollah's actions have always been defensive in nature but it is claimed that their manifesto calls for the destruction of Israel.

Media accountability

I'm still steamed that in March the MSM interviewed expert, after expert telling us how 'no one supports Maduro except a few corrupt Generals, not even the rank and file military'. Then after weeks of goading the rank and file military to defect, including a coup with backing of the U.S. (at least promise of asylyum and protection of arrest) almost no one defects and our gullible MSM still believes every word our 'experts' have to say about Venezuela.

Talk about being asleep at the wheel, some watchdog press. Is there any counter-example that will get them to question our govt? Apparently not.

Posted by: Christian J Chuba | Sep 10 2019 11:45 utc | 34

Christian J Chuba | Sep 10 2019 11:45 utc | 32

MSM and watchdog do not mix. Presstitute is the right word.

Posted by: Nathan Mulcachy | Sep 10 2019 11:53 utc | 35

@31 Petri Krohn - Yes, that redoubt of Truth (better known as Lies) the BBC World Service adverted to this story with a full-on revival of Russiagate misinformation (sorry, the "truth" because, well, it's the Beeb and so verifiably truthful) *and* a revisiting of the bad Russians attempt at murdering the Skripals...

And, to ensure that what we plebeians hear (and see or read I suppose) is the truth, the whole truth etc... the BBC World Service (that section of the state funded, controlled propaganda organ which blares its stories to the world akin to VoA and Radio Marti) told us plebs that we should rest easy now that they, the BBC, are partnering with DARPA-Mossad - oops, sorry, Google, FB, Twit etc... to ensure that we can be sure that everything we see, hear and read is the truth etc etc and *not* any (Russian, Chinese...) dis/misinformation...

To further ensure that we Americans are only truthfully informed of national and world events, that aforementioned stalwart of real news, NPR-PBS, is to be led by a John Lansing who till this change of propaganda (sorry, news, information) spreading venue oversaw such veritable truth dispensers as VoA and Radio Marti (Edward Curtin has a nice piece about this on Off Guardian). So we, the mindless bewildered herd can know without doubt that what we see, hear and possibly read is the real news, not dis/misinformation.

Now does it count as "truth" or misinformation to note that NPR and likely PBS *never* mention the main sources of their funding: the US govt and corporate-capitalist foundations and individuals. Yes, yes lots of crap about the plebs who "subscribe" and indeed the corporate-capitalist foundations are (or some of them) are mentioned/listed but never a whisper about the political, national, monetary interests of these foundations, these corporate individual "donors."

Posted by: AnneR | Sep 10 2019 12:39 utc | 36

And nor does the BBC *ever* mention that it is fully taxpayer, via the government funded. Never. But it, like NPR, is always ready to smear Russian, Chinese and Iranian or whatever the present bugaboo nation state funded media as "state-funded," as "state-controlled."

As ever these voices of the ruling elites are duplicitous, propagandist and increasingly so.

Posted by: AnneR | Sep 10 2019 12:43 utc | 37

MI5 used to have an office in the BBC and strong influence on hiring and firing. I don't know whether it, or related bodies, still do but BBC News, as you know, behaves as if they do.

Posted by: montreal | Sep 10 2019 12:52 utc | 38

@31 So someone close-but-not-too-close to Putin was working for the CIA, and was then suddenly extracted from Russia?

Someone who "saw him regularly and had access to high-level Kremlin decision-making" only to suddenly disappeared in 2017, never to be seen again?


How difficult would it be for the presstitutes of the West to use a bit of deductive reasoning to put a name to that alleged super-spy?

I mean: someone who had access to the inner workings of the Kremlin, and who then disappeared suddenly and without explanation in 2017? The list of "suspects" would be very, very small, I would have thought.

Honestly, I do not believe a word of it.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Sep 10 2019 12:52 utc | 39

@25 It is ironic indeed for the USA to be urging other countries to "behave like a normal country" seeing as how the USA insists that it is an exceptional country.

Do as we say, not as we do.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Sep 10 2019 12:56 utc | 40

@31 "It seems more likely that the CIA mole and Steele's secret source are one and the same source."

Unlikely. Steele wrote his dossier mid-late 2016, but this CIA mole was not extracted from Russia until mid-2017. Unless the CIA was directly feeding the information to Steele then the information that was being provided by that source was not accessible to him at the time he wrote his nonsense.

If you want to know who Steele's secret source is then I'd suggest you avert your gaze from Moscow and direct it to Salisbury, England.

BTW, the CIA spy is being widely reported in Russia media as one "Oleg Smolenkov", who at first glance did not appear to have the level of access that is being claimed from the CIA. But good enough access to be a source for gossip, apparently.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Sep 10 2019 13:47 utc | 41

Montreal @ 38
‘’MI5 used to have an office at the bbc’’
Now they have taken over the whole building !
Rothschild family controlling the news (true)
Spooks picking the audience. the dam bbc news ect ect is a fictional soap opera.

Posted by: Mark2 | Sep 10 2019 13:48 utc | 42

reply to
@Willie #6
This is exactly what I thought when the young man was shown holding the drone.
could have been booby trapped.
Posted by: CarlD | Sep 9 2019 20:58 utc | 9

My guess; not booby trapped, installed with a tracker so they can target where ever it is taken to for analysis.

Posted by: frances | Sep 10 2019 14:47 utc | 43

This Israeli author is a mere thread in the carpet of Israeli disinformation. This article from ZeroHedge, which is rather misleadingly titled, describes the Israeli network within the US govt and its control of all national communications/security/data/contracts.
The author deserves a medal and probably a 24/7 security detail for the depth of her very detailed analysis.I will never be the same after reading it.
As the title of the article is long and as I don't want to post the link incorrectly; I have posted the title here and invite you to go to google it.
ZeroHedge article: Webb: How The CIA, Mossad, & "The Epstein Network" Are Exploiting Mass Shootings To Create An Orwellian Nightmare.

Posted by: frances | Sep 10 2019 15:10 utc | 44

@ frances #46 with reference to Mintpress article on ZH

Here is the correct link to the Mintpress article

How the CIA, Mossad and “the Epstein Network” are Exploiting Mass Shootings to Create an Orwellian Nightmare

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 10 2019 15:27 utc | 45

@48 truth.. that is pretty impressive, if true... if true, they have a lot more of israel too...

Posted by: james | Sep 10 2019 15:49 utc | 46

John Bolton fired

Posted by: vk | Sep 10 2019 16:04 utc | 47

Off-topic but Ding-Dong John "the 'stache" Bolton has just been fired by Trump. I guess Trump got tired of being constantly overruled by Bolton.

Posted by: Kadath | Sep 10 2019 16:06 utc | 48

Finally one freaking zero gone!

Posted by: Taffyboy | Sep 10 2019 16:09 utc | 49

White Helmet Terrorists in Hong Kong? Syrian MP Fares Shehabi discovers an interesting, damning, photo and says:

"What is White Helmets' Syrian puppet Raed Saleh doing with Hong Kong's Joshua Wong?! Let's ask the MI6."

The news item that published the photo on Twitter says: "My town is the new Cold War's Berlin."

The exposure of this link between the two terrorist factions connected via MI-6 must be spread so more can learn of the 100% vile nature of the Hong Kong protesters and who their benefactors are. But one correction for the CNA quote cited above: What's happening isn't a new Cold War; rather, it's the waging of a Hybrid Third World War that's been ongoing since Libya and arguably even longer.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2019 16:10 utc | 50

On Bolton, the key portion of Trump's axing tweet:

"I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the Administration."

This begs the question: Since Pompeo and Bolton essentially aped each other with their "suggestions," when will the Pompous one be axed?

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2019 16:16 utc | 51

Anyone care to hazard a guess for Donald's next national security adviser......Ron Paul? Tulsi Gabbard?

Posted by: dh | Sep 10 2019 16:32 utc | 52

For any one who doesn't know ( I am sure b does ) Israel has military censorship of all news stories. Or to put it another way all stories have to be reviewed and cleared by the military. The worse part is even with mandatory censorship the level of discussion and honesty in Israeli news papers far exceeds any thing you will see from the MSM where whole sectors of Israeli misdeeds are buried. That is why I keep saying that any one that wants their western country to stop being a lackey to Israel should start reading Israeli papers. It won't take you long to start seeing the enormous number of lie we are treated to in the west to make you love Israel and HATE!!!! any country Israel wants to dominate.

Posted by: BraveNewWorld | Sep 10 2019 16:45 utc | 53

reply to
Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 10 2019 15:27 utc | 49

Thank you, I didn't want to post it incorrectly. I again urge everyone to read it, she did a remarkable job.

Posted by: frances | Sep 10 2019 16:46 utc | 54

reply to
Anyone care to hazard a guess for Donald's next national security adviser......Ron Paul? Tulsi Gabbard?
Posted by: dh | Sep 10 2019 16:32 utc | 56

How about Rand Paul or, if we are lucky, our master barrister Ms Sidney gets Flynn a full pardon in the next few months and Flynn goes back to the WH.

Posted by: frances | Sep 10 2019 16:56 utc | 55

dh @56--

Here's my pick as it follows Trump's preferred pattern:

"Paul Miki Nakasone (born November 19, 1963)[1][2] is a four-star general in the United States Army who currently serves as the commander of United States Cyber Command. He concurrently serves as the director of the National Security Agency[3][4] and as chief of the Central Security Service. Previously, he was the commander of the United States Army Cyber Command.[5][6] Nakasone took command of the United States Second Army and Cyber Command in October 2016,[6] until the Second Army's inactivation in March 2017.[7] In May 2018, he became head of the National Security Agency, the Central Security Service, and the United States Cyber Command."

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2019 17:14 utc | 56

Expanding on what's reported @54 is the content of this tweet, its thread and the additional photos it contains. I knew I recognized the big man on the right of Wong but couldn't place his name:

"Can't make this up #CIA #NED mascot Joshua Wong in Berlin next to Klitschko."

The photo in the thread provided by Honey Pot is also very revealing of the actors involved in the Hong Kong Color Revolution attempt--all are from b's part of Europe. Thread commentators know quite a lot!

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2019 17:55 utc | 57

Benjamin Netanyahu has announced he will annex large swathes of the occupied Palestinian territories if he is re-elected, a decision that for decades has been considered an endgame scenario for Palestinians’ aspirations of statehood.

The Israeli prime minister said on Tuesday that he planned to make the move, which would permanently seize up to one-third of the West Bank, after the election next week and hinted it may have been approved by Washington.

“I am waiting to do this in maximum coordination with [Donald] Trump,” he said in a speech broadcast live on Israeli television.

Posted by: Sergei | Sep 10 2019 18:43 utc | 58

karlof1 @55:

LOL Nice. Thanks for the info regarding Joshua Wong. I can't say I'm surprised.

dh @57:

Ron Paul is retired from politics. Unless Gabbard withdraws from the 2020 election race, she would be unavailable.

Posted by: Ian | Sep 10 2019 19:00 utc | 59

This ought to get more exposure:

"No state propaganda in America. No state propaganda in America. No state...oh, that’s right, NPR is gonna be run by Trump’s state propaganda honcho."

Yet another reason to get with Caitlin's program and become a dissemination guerilla.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2019 19:01 utc | 60

I should have mentioned the ukie when I saw your post. I had run onto the pic at another twitter account.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Sep 10 2019 19:52 utc | 61

Ben Norton's on fire in outing CNN's Clarissa Ward as just another presstitute in this fact filled, narrative negating thread. She turns to ad hominins as her only means of defending her actions, as usual. I wonder if Ted Turner had any idea what his creation would become when he sold as it was fairly honest during his reign.

Peter AU 1 @ 61--

Thanks for your reply! I've encountered that photo at a half-dozen Twitter accounts, so it's making the rounds as it should. I bet the NATO Terrorist links aren't being lost on Hong Kong and PRC officials.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2019 20:08 utc | 62

Don't mean to pump Blumenthal's newest book but to add further endorsement to the importance of breaking the Narratives by becoming a Dissemination Guerilla:

"Yes but reading @MaxBlumenthal’s excellent book would destroy comforting narratives with inconvenient facts. Far better to just relentlessly demonize him and any other journalist who dares challenge US regime line on Syria and the wider region."

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2019 20:21 utc | 63

Related to the topic of Outlaw US Empire military preparedness and morale level, we have this McClatchy News report:

"Mold surfaces in Army housing and families fear ‘retaliation’ when they complain."

Molds are capable of poisoning humans slowly and can retard a child's development significantly if exposed long enough. I know from personal experience in dealing with a black mold infestation in my home that cost me $40K to repair. Forts Jackson and Bragg are the two mentioned in the article, but I'm willing to bet it's widespread due to the use of sub-standard construction materials, poor design, and local environmental conditions--and it can happen as quick as it takes dry-rot and its accompanying insects to attack and take hold. And it should be of little surprise that the military bureaucracy views such cannon fodder with contempt.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2019 20:37 utc | 64

He-he! Nuttyahoo runs then hides his running:

"After the embarrassing campaign speech, Netanyahu's Facebook account deletes the live broadcast where he was recorded fleeing the stage after sirens were heard in Ashdod city today."

I wonder how Zionist BigLie Media will spin that!

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2019 20:55 utc | 65

@ Karlof1

Buy yourself a couple of grams of salicylic acid (Aspirin won't work) and some ethanol. If there's mold somewhere dissolve a small quantity of salicylic acid in ethanol (~1:100) and paint over the mold. It'll also kill the spores.
Black mold will turn white that is how you'll know it worked as intended.

Posted by: Hmpf | Sep 10 2019 20:58 utc | 66

Hmpf @66--

Thanks for your reply! That may get rid of the mold on the surface, but it infiltrated the dry rot and areas of insect infestation. Yes, it was very pervasive. We knew about it but decided to wait until my mother passed from her Alzheimer's--she occupied the adjacent room--before attacking the problem. Poor design and workmanship allowed the dry rot to set-in and the insects followed. An ugly problem now resolved.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2019 22:22 utc | 67

@ karlof1

True, once it's got underneath the surface this won't help anymore, though, it is very good at combating any kind of mold infestation in its early stages.

Posted by: Hmpf | Sep 10 2019 22:32 utc | 68

"Partisan analysts" from Israel sounds like "activist reporters" in Syria. And their reporting should be suspect until proven via other sources. Break out the grains of salt.

Posted by: Curtis | Sep 13 2019 19:30 utc | 69

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