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August 11, 2019

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2019-47

Last week's posts at Moon of Alabama:

Related: Inside Kashmir, Cut Off From the World: ‘A Living Hell’ of Anger and Fear - NYT

Imran Khan @ImranKhanPTI - 9:58 AM · Aug 11, 2019

The curfew, crackdown & impending genocide of Kashmiris in IOK is unfolding exactly acc to RSS ideology inspired by Nazi ideology. Attempt is to change demography of Kashmir through ethnic cleansing. Question is: Will the world watch & appease as they did Hitler at Munich?
I am afraid this RSS ideology of Hindu Supremacy, like the Nazi Aryan Supremacy, will not stop in IOK; instead it will lead to suppression of Muslims in India & eventually lead to targeting of Pakistan. The Hindu Supremacists version of Hitler's Lebensraum.

Kim Jong Un fired off another new missiles type: North Korea tests 'short-range ballistic missiles' - BBC


Daily Mail: >Jeffrey Epstein told prison guards and fellow inmates that he believed someone had tried to kill him in the weeks before his death, a source has revealed to

The insider, who had seen the disgraced financier on several occasions during his incarceration at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, also claims that the normally reserved Epstein seemed to be in good spirits.<

Whitney Webb wrote a well researched series on Epstein for MintPress News:

NY Post: >Kasman said he heard US Attorney General William Barr personally made a hush-hush trip to the [Metropolitan Correctional Center] two weeks ago, about the time Epstein was found in his cell with bruises around his neck.

“When does that happen?” he asked. “The attorney general never visits jails. Something’s not right there.”<

Other issues:


The Saudi plan to occupy and steal their southern neighbors oil is not going well. The UAE pulled most of its troops out from Yemen after training ten thousands of southern separatists. The mercenaries from Sudan also left. Recently the separatists attacked the Saudi supported 'government' troops in Aden and kicked them out of the presidential palace. The Saudis then bombed the separatist. Meanwhile the Houthi are laughing their assess off as their enemies fight each other. They continue to attack Saudi airports by drones.

Use as open thread ...

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thanks for the week of insights b.... khans comments from today sound quite foreboding..

as for uae and ksa on yemen - is this uaes chance to get a leg up on ksa? they have more money then brains, that is for sure..

Posted by: james | Aug 11 2019 17:58 utc | 1

Interesting new (a few days ago) article from Elijah Magnier, surprising in numerous aspects:

"Israel has increased its firepower and military capabilities, but Hezbollah also moved from being a tactical local organisation to becoming a strategic player in the Middle East. The group’s superior fighting abilities have been enhanced by new military hardware. This has had the effect of rendering war in the Middle East unlikely any time in the near (or medium-term) future."

From 2006 to 2019: after failures in Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Yemen, war is no longer an option for Israel

Posted by: BM | Aug 11 2019 18:30 utc | 2

Regarding Kashmir, I am informed from Ladakh that the situation in Ladakh is very quiet, and internet is operating normally. There are a few small protests, but others (namely pro-BJP) are celebrating. From Jammu and Kashmir districts by contrast, "everything is cut, everything is silent". Such isolation would be very convenient for pogroms by the hindu extremists, and it should be assumed that silence is bad news.

Posted by: BM | Aug 11 2019 18:43 utc | 3

Imran Khan is right, but should have continued with his comparison with Hitler's Lebensraum.... by adding the Zionist claim of racial supremacy and the associated right to expand Lebensraum for Jews in occupied Palestine.

Posted by: Nathan Mulcahy | Aug 11 2019 18:44 utc | 4

CARACAS -- With the US sanctioning his regime harder than ever, embattled Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro really wants to get China involved. Thursday night, Maduro and representatives from China National Petroleum Corporation, signed an agreement to increase output from their joint venture Sinovensa to 165,000 bpd.

Colombia Reports: According to the ONIC, the escalation of ethnic violence began after a peace agreement with the FARC that left a power vacuum in the often remote regions around indigenous territories, got worse after President Ivan Duque took office in August last year and escalated to unseen levels after the indigenous peoples called a “Minga,” a mass mobilization, in March to demand attention for their plight. In Cauca, which has seen most violence, a group calling itself the “New Generation Sinaloa Cartel” threatened to kill any member of regional indigenous authorities earlier this month.

Colombia Reports: Colombia’s State Council upheld a Supreme Court decision to shield all criminal investigations against former President Alvaro Uribe from a controversial magistrate. The magistrate, former Army Major Cristina Lombana, was taken off the cases in May after press revealed she had failed to tell the court she used to work with Uribe’s defense attorney.

Posted by: Maracatu | Aug 11 2019 18:46 utc | 5

Epstein was in custody of someone. Whether Epstien was "suicided" or his death was faked, in a functioning state that someone would be brought to justice, and that would go up the chain of command until the highest culprit is found. But we live in a system that is either a Banana Republic or a Mafia State

Posted by: Nathan Mulcahy | Aug 11 2019 18:51 utc | 7

@ Nathan Mulcahy | Aug 11 2019 18:51 utc | 7

Had you given thought to: Banana Mafia State Democracy?

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Aug 11 2019 19:46 utc | 8

false choices and a load of shite.. how is a crony capitalism, banana mafia run country supposed to be a sovereign state?? personally i can't see it.. pat lang as usual is for the most part, off his rocker..sovereign state my ass..

Posted by: james | Aug 11 2019 20:04 utc | 9

FWIW New Eastern Outlook is running a story by Gordon Duff on Epstein's murder including citing Bill Richardson and plutonium theft from USA stockpile. Messad gets a mention.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 11 2019 20:42 utc | 10

After good pressure from its readership, it seems the NYT is caving in and beginning to do some "investigative journalism":

Before Jail Suicide, Jeffrey Epstein Was Left Alone and Not Closely Monitored

I put invetigative journalism between quotation marks because the editors of the NYT probably alredy know who killed Epstein. "Playing along" with the invetigative narrative would be the more appropriate term.

Posted by: vk | Aug 11 2019 20:42 utc | 11

Even the New York Times is reporting that 2 guards who were supposed to check on Epstein every 30 minutes since he was in "protective" custody didn't do their rounds, or not all of their rounds, on Friday night into Saturday morning:

Paragraph three, quoted in full:

Mr. Epstein was supposed to have been checked by the two guards in the protective housing unit every 30 minutes, but that procedure was not followed that night, a law-enforcement official with knowledge of his detention said.

Nothing to see here, move along, don't care that the doctors at Parkland said publicly and unambiguously that day that JFK was shot from the front.

Posted by: Jay | Aug 11 2019 20:56 utc | 12

Hong Kong Maidan starts crossing the Rubicon from bricks and umbrellas to US-made grenade launchers...Do you recall the moment the Maidan snipers arrived and Pravy Sektor battallions trained months before in Poland took over from the initially seemingly popular uprise?

This follows the book to the letter...

Posted by: Sasha | Aug 11 2019 21:00 utc | 13

If you look at Epstein, he was a cog in the one of the largest White Slave trade endeavors for a country that begins with I and ends in an L (or better known as Occupied Palestine). Israel has been noted for years to have one of the largest white slave sex trade operations in the world. Bringing in young white Estonian, Latvian, and other eastern european white girls for jobs as maids, nanny's, and other domestic help, until upon arrival their passports are taken and they have to work in brothels for 16 hours a day to pay off fees the fends impose upon them. I could provide sources from the UN to other bodies but look it up yourself. Epstein was only doing God's work for the chosenites.

Posted by: Tonymike | Aug 11 2019 21:00 utc | 14

Posted by: Nathan Mulcahy | Aug 11 2019 18:44 utc | 4

It would be more impressive if Pakistan's secret services (and army) were not suspected to support insurgency in Kashmir and Afghanistan.

A complete blackout for four days is ominous of course and raises the question how Modi intends to lift the curfew or what to do with the politicians and organizers the army has jailed. And how to deal with the crimes committed during the blackout. He will be lucky should the Supreme Court stop him.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 11 2019 21:04 utc | 15

If there is an insurgency in Kashmir, will China support it?

Posted by: lysias | Aug 11 2019 21:16 utc | 16

Nathan Mulcahy@4
Khan is certainly right. Modi is a member of the RSS. No doubt this Wiki entry has been sanitised but it gives the basic history:

As to Israel, which also has a ruling party with fascist principles, it is Israel's bosom buddy. Both regimes not only hate muslims but believe in genocide and ethnic cleansing. They also enjoy the support of the US and UK governments.

Posted by: bevin | Aug 11 2019 21:16 utc | 17

Responding to several questions in the last open thread, I mentioned the fact that Epstein's case reflects the great amount of corruption prevalent within the Outlaw US Empire, and it's that aspect of the case that might be used as a campaign issue, particularly since Sanders is going to great lengths to point to the utterly corrupt and immoral nature of "health" insurance and Big Pharma. That was exactly the line he presented on today's Face The Nation program, despite the primary fccus being gun control:

"'The American people are sick and tired of powerful corporate interest determining what goes on in Washington,' Sanders said. 'You know that's whether it's the healthcare industry, whether it is the fossil fuel industry, whether it is the NRA.'"

The other important point Sanders made was the divisive nature of Trump's rhetoric--that becoming more divided now isn't in the nation's best interest:

"He is creating the kind of divisiveness in this nation that is the last thing we should be doing."

Ah, but that's exactly what the Current Oligarchy wants done--create an ever more divisive nation such that solidarity--and thus Movement Building--becomes ever harder to attain and realize.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 11 2019 21:27 utc | 18

Any NYT reporting on Epstein is meant as a distraction -- to cover up the facts.
The NYT is the elites' protector, it punches down instead of up.
The NYT 'revelations' about guards are a) punching down to protect elites and b) a distraction to protect elites.
The NYT is one of the Augean Stables.

Posted by: bjd | Aug 11 2019 21:33 utc | 19

@Posted by: james | Aug 11 2019 20:04 utc | 9

Pat Lang is trying to hide all the way Trump´s implication in Epstein affair, then he says he does not support Trump...

He deleted the comment ( and it seems that also whole history of comments in one of those rage attacks of his when someone starts getting sharp in any issue ) of a new commenter from some days ago, Agnes Smedley, who was pointing out in the Epstein suicide thread that both parties are benefitting form Epstein dissapearance and Trump´s funders were also well known of Epstein after all...

I then noticed that he had deleted the interesting comments the woman made at Armstrong SitRep...I got astonished, since I naively tought, by seeing Armstrong telling one commenter that was the last comment he approved of him, that the authors had certain sovereignty over their post´s comments, well, I see that is not the case....Too much for being 24/7 talking aboyut sovereignty....

The woman seemed to me polite enough and making legitimate sober comments, but Pat came and curtailed the whole posts, go to know as a result of which change of wind, as he usually does, remaining only his usual hostile responses full of ad hominem he so harshly criticizes in others, against anybody who does not follow his line of thinking....Too much for being 24/7/365 criticizing Soviet Nomenkaltura privileges...It´s a shame how he labels everyone who does not support Trump´s economic policy which he sees so advantageous for himself as marxist...

Then he thinks he owns a forum of discussion...Too much for being 24/7 with the 1st Amendment in his mouth. To my view he simply owns a platfrom to advance his idelogy and that of most of his servants/fixed commenters.

Posted by: Sasha | Aug 11 2019 21:50 utc | 20

If there is an insurgency in Kashmir, will China support it?

Posted by: lysias | Aug 11 2019 21:16 utc | 16

We can only speculate of course, but it does seem to me that when faced with such a conflict situation, both China and Russia will use their influence to try to mediate, to de-escalate. The vile war criminal Ariel Sharon's favoured axiom was 'always escalate' and unfortunately that psychopathic Likudism seems to drive western policy currently. Worryingly, in this instance, I suspect Modi is more Sharon than Jinping.

Posted by: Ross | Aug 11 2019 21:51 utc | 21

18 Cont'd--

IMO, it matters not whether Epstein's alive or dead. What matters is that a person like Epstein was able to become what Epstein became, which was enabled through the great, vast cesspool of corruption that the global elite inhabit. Epstein ought to become the Poster Boy for ridding the nation of government and elite corruption that affects every aspect of life here and everywhere. As many have said, Billionaires ought not to exist--no one individual should have that much wealth and power. The thesis embodied within Andrew Carnegie's Gospel of Wealth (PDF) ought to be made into law such that it's ensured that those fortunate enough to become well-off thanks to the public--directly or indirectly via government--return a great proportion of that wealth to their benefactors. IMO, had such a law been in force, the corruption that enabled Epstein would have had a more difficult time doing what it did.

Yes, there are other factors/actors involved that aided Epstein's racket. We have an excellent idea of who and what--China has the proper solution for such corruption. Ridding the world of those factors/actors ought to be equivalent to the Quest for The Grail.

At least comfort can come from knowing that the evil within Syria is currently being eradicated, and that additional evil plans are being thwarted thanks to the Forces of Resistance.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 11 2019 21:54 utc | 22

A few odd and unimportant links (crossing my fingers the spam detection thing doesn't protest) that people might not care for but which are intended for anyone tired sick of the current batch of drama and deception:

- New Iranian radar system called Falaq. Some other Iranian hardware is or was also named Falaq according to Wikipedia who didn't have anything on this new radar when I checked.

- Chinese Global Cooling. Notice the added drama of "no inaction" (added by the journalists and not the scientists if I read it correctly). The manipulators might as well shout "Bring in the next batch of idiots please!". And don't worry we're all idiots at least part of the time on something (in before the "You're the idiot!" replies who by their nature miss both the point and the admission or if they think they're clever will assume the admission to be about whatever they themselves fancy it should be rather than display any kind of reading comprehension).

- Hanging doesn't require jumping off anything or even standing up in case anyone thinks so.

- BlueFire archive of a very old site. Practical (or maybe not) particle beams is the most interesting part in my opinion.

- I'm not bothering to link this one but it was reported by that there was another case of a little bit of what is most likely diluted and somewhat decomposed "poison gas" drifting in towards south England (Worthing in this case, nice pier, been there long ago). Could easily be from a little bit of old WWII ordnance dumped in the sea long ago having finally lost structural integrity. If so there's plenty more from where that came and elsewhere too. Happens yearly now? More frequently?

- Some slightly old news reporting: Finnish and Japanese studies concerning global warming. The interest is mostly in it being reported.

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Aug 11 2019 22:10 utc | 23

Furious pushback this week by the US State Department after a photo of a US consular official meeting with “pro-democracy activists” was published in Hong Kong media. The National Endowment for Democracy money is distributed through the HK consulate. The NED spent about $8 million from 1998-2015, promoting “civil society” organizations and trade unions, and training democracy “activists”, yet has remained almost invisible to the western press.

Numerous HK protesters have stated publicly they seek a “return” to democracy and freedom. Semantically, this suggests that democracy and freedom was something the HK people once possessed. The young protesters seem ill-informed on HK’s colonial past and the dynamics of the city’s internal politics. Surely the NED’s millions haven’t been squandered promoting false narratives?

Engagement in regular street battles with the police would not be tolerated anywhere. If anything, the HK police have been relatively restrained, though the protesters believe otherwise. They seem to believe that if the government does not immediately institute their demands and "listen" to them, then the next logical step is vandalism, street blockades and attacks on police stations. What are the NED educational programs on democratic functions actually teaching people?

The current battles don’t match up to the fury of HK riots in 2016, when police tried to shut down unauthorized street vendors. The emotional pitch of those battles are quite shocking, and perhaps suggest that commerce is ultimately the most cherished freedom in HK.

Posted by: jayc | Aug 11 2019 22:27 utc | 24

@20 sasha.. i got banned from posting a long time ago... i just use him to highlight the type of thinking, or lack of thinking that permeates the usa today... all as how i see it, but i relate to what you say and don't have put up with any of it.. in fact, i am surprised i still go and read his site.. i like patrick armstrong and larry johnson posts.. i usually laugh at pat langs comments.. i relate to his liking tulsi gabbard to a point..

Posted by: james | Aug 11 2019 22:34 utc | 25

@24 jayc... usa sovereignty would do away with ned... that why some up thread called it the banana mafia state dumbocracy... it sure ain't sovereignty as pl likes to yammer on about..

Posted by: james | Aug 11 2019 22:37 utc | 26

more to Epstein than Epstein try MEGA.

Posted by: snake | Aug 11 2019 23:12 utc | 27

I don't believe Pat Lang is trying to hide Trump's implication in the Epstein affair, but believes Trump has nothing to hide in the Epstein affair. I don't think that is an unreasonable belief. Trump strikes me as a pompous pig, a chauvinistic dog and arrogant fascist buffoon, but I don't believe he is a pedophile or a rapist. Judging from the way the media and various trolls have reacted to Epstein's murder/suicide/disappearance, I'd say there is something to this.

I guess it is that time of the year to defend Sic Semper Tyrannis again, like Lang or like him not, his site is one of a handful of good sources of news analysis and geopolitics here in the USA, and I am glad it exists.

That said, Lang wouldn't know a socialist if one bit him in the ass, he is ignorant of Marxism and political theory in general, and his knee jerk reactions to anything he deems "socialistic" are annoying.

I am not fond of his heavy-handed moderation, but I prefer that to 90% of discussion boards which tend to devolve quickly into a trolling/flame fest. 1st Amendment doesn't apply to a private blog, and Lang has every right to moderate and control the discussion.

Posted by: Hassaan | Aug 11 2019 23:20 utc | 28

Sasha | Aug 11 2019 21:50 utc | 20

Lang's site has gotten noticeably worse over the past 6 months or so. In terms of domestic economic policies he's far right and dumb as a rock. His middle east expertise can be found on a number of other sites.

His calling posters marxists and conservadems like Harris socialists is as asinine as it gets.

Posted by: sleepy | Aug 11 2019 23:38 utc | 29

re Epstein, see xymphora, point 9

Posted by: Evelyn | Aug 11 2019 23:48 utc | 30

karlof1 @22: IMO, it matters not whether Epstein's alive or dead.

If the supposed suicide was cover for Epstein's arranged escape then Epstein will be free to conduct, or help start, a similar operation elsewhere.

In addition to lack of evidence that he is dead, there are uncanny parallels between Robert Maxwell and Epstein that raise serious questions about Epstein's "suicide". We know that RM was a Mossad operative who also conducted influencing and possibly blackmail ops. Some believe that RM's death was faked(!) which would have allow him to continue to provide his knowledge/expertise to others, notably Ghislane.

If Epstein was helped to escape prison then thousands of girls may be placed at risk of falling victim to a future blackmail op and the integrity of our democracy/free society continues to be at risk.

IMO we must be certain that Epstein is dead.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

The authorities should produce evidence that Epstein is, in fact, dead.

It'd be easy to allow the victims to examine the body. Why don't they do THAT? After all, Epstein has no family to object.

CCTV's "malfunction" is too convenient.

If Epstein committed suicide (the official story) then there would be no reason for this "convenience".

The "malfunction" means that we can't see if Epstein was attempting to kill himself or if someone was attempting to kill him. But we also can't see if neither of those occurred.

If someone killed Epstein, there should be signs of a struggle on the body. If Epstein's "suicide" was a means of arranging for his escape, then his body was replaced with someone else's body.

Produce the body

Let the victim's examine it. Televise their examination in real-time. Allow them to bring their own medical examiner. It's the only way to know if Epstein is truly dead.

Those that are not demanding that the authorities produce the body and arrest Ghislane are most likely working to distract and confuse us.

The Epstein case has been botched in so many ways that we can no longer trust the authorities. It's reasonable, at this point, to question anything they tell us, and demand accountability.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 12 2019 0:45 utc | 31


Brits used chemical weapons in secret tests

Posted by: Some Random Passerby | Aug 12 2019 0:48 utc | 32

@ karlof1 #22

IMO, it matters not whether Epstein's alive or dead. What matters is that a person like Epstein was able to become what Epstein became, which was enabled through the great, vast cesspool of corruption that the global elite inhabit. Epstein ought to become the Poster Boy for ridding the nation of government and elite corruption that affects every aspect of life here and everywhere.

Likely to get the brushoff yet again, but here goes anyways. I bring this to your attention karlof1, because you seem to expound the most for the need of a movement, that could be turned political. Sure seems like most of the people in america, if not around the world are pretty outraged by these turns of events with Epstein and all connected to him. WHY then, couldn't this be the base for the movement you espouse about? Forget Sanders and Gabbard and anyone else connected to the party's that have been dragging this nation down for decades, if not more than a century?

Grass roots organization of folks keeping the flames burning, whilst others try and put a new party on every state ballot in the union. Seems, if done with precision and again organization you should already have a popular base, would you not? The Movement could have justice where ever it leads, which likely would include the political leadership of is ray ill, as it's direction and perhaps the Movement's mantra could be a paraphrase of Peter Finch's quote from the film Network where he repeats over and over 'We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore'!?

Can anyone here tell me why this would be a bad idea?

Posted by: aye, myself & me | Aug 12 2019 0:51 utc | 33

JAYC @ 24:

The protests in Hong Kong are starting to look more and more like the events at the Kiev Maidan in late 2013 / early 2014. Apparently someone got hold of a US-made M320 grenade launcher.

Petrol bombs are also being used.

Next thing they'll need will be tyres to create barricades and to burn.

BTW that US consular official giving orders ... ahem, meeting with "pro-democracy activists" was identified as Julie Eadeh.

Strange that the US didn't deny that Julie Eadeh met with these people but instead labelled China as "thuggish" for doxxing Eadeh in Hong Kong media. Looks like the US doesn't even bother any more to advise its diplomats to take care in meeting dissidents and regime-change activists, and not to get themselves into situations where people can photograph them on their cellphones and spread the news on social media.

Posted by: Jen | Aug 12 2019 0:57 utc | 34

Aye, Myself & Me @ 33:

You could try forming the movement and see how far you get without it being infiltrated by the police, the FBI or any other law enforcement agency in the area where you live, assuming that you live in the United States.

This could very well mean that you and your followers will have to communicate and do everything "off the grid" - that means no online contact, no email, maybe even no cellphone contacts at all. How far would you all be able to go with that? You could use old-fashioned snail mail but I understand the US Postal Service is now photographing and scanning all mail and may share information about senders and recipients with law enforcement agencies.

How will The Movement be organised? Will it have a centralised leadership to control the agenda, aims and membership? Or will it be a network of decentralised cells with the problems that that arrangement might have (fragmentation, disagreement over goals, objectives and agenda and how to carry it out, whether you are prepared to use violence or not)?

I'm not saying your suggestion is a bad idea but to form a grassroots movement these days is not as easy as it might have been in the past (and that wasn't easy for those who did form such organisations).

Posted by: Jen | Aug 12 2019 1:15 utc | 35

@ 33 said;"Can anyone here tell me why this would be a bad idea?"

Good idea, but, totally impossible, because the real third party, the party of big organised $ owns the empire, lock, stock,
and barrel, and 98% of all media in the U$A, and most of our so-called "reps".
Watch and see how ANY progressive candidates are undermined and marginalized by the REAL 3rd party, the party of $.

Conditions would have to get much worse in the U$, for any "groundswell" by the peons. Bread & Circuses work....

Posted by: ben | Aug 12 2019 1:19 utc | 36

Julie Eadeh did not have a typical career path in East Asian affairs, as one would expect from a political officer in a Chinese consulate. No, she had recent assignments in trouble spots in the Middle East. She's CIA, with a diplomatic cover.

Posted by: lysias | Aug 12 2019 1:25 utc | 37

What we must do is what the philosophes did in 18th century France: by discussing the true facts to undermine the legitimacy of the current system. When there is a crisis, then there can be a revolution against a discredited system.

Posted by: lysias | Aug 12 2019 1:31 utc | 38

There's a lot about what the French Revolution did which I regret. I regret the execution of Louis XVI, who was a good man trying to do good. I regret the destruction of so much church art. But the ancien regime was a corrupt system which deserved to die.

Posted by: lysias | Aug 12 2019 1:45 utc | 39

"Meanwhile the Houthi are laughing their assess off as their enemies fight each other. They continue to attack Saudi airports by drones."t

Saudis spent at least 10% more than Russia in military this year, and yet they are utterly humiliated by a comparative bunch of nobodies.

Iran isn't even in the top 15 countries in the size of military budget, yet both the US and the UK are terrified of their missile arsenal.

We are truly living in an era where military budgets means absolutely jack shit without proper real-world context.

Posted by: JW | Aug 12 2019 1:46 utc | 40

The Epstein case is very simple: had a trial taken place-and proper trials are increasingly rare in the USA, as the record of his Florida 'trial' shows- it had the potential of being extremely embarrassing to a number of prominent and powerful people.
On the other hand, now that he is dead, there can be no limit to the enormous number of allegations that can be made against him and them.
From the point of view of The Establishment, this death is far from convenient. It will redound to the advantage of many individuals but in the long run it will contribute to an increase in popular distrust of the entire system. And at no point will there be any of the damage limitation that a trial, requiring and weighing evidence, would have put on the mushrooming of charges, rumours and speculations which has been taking and will continue to take place.
In realistic terms the damage to the system of a few outliers, like Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew or Dershowitz being driven, red faced from public life, would be minimal. In fact it could easily be spun as am indication that the system worked and that, in the end, an obscure former masseur could be vindicated against Princes and ex-Presidents.
The danger is that this sordid but very routine 'scandal' will blot out real and important matters that require public debate. How many US Presidents and English princes have not been involved in the sort of things said to have been facilitated by Epstein? So far as Princes go, I can think of none. And many of them, including future Kings, have done a lot worse things than fuck teenage girls, though that has been routine for all who didn't prefer boys.
It would be interesting to learn what lessons it is thought this affair should teach us? Should the age of consent laws be revised to ban sexual relations between rich and poor? Or to legislate against sexual partnerships involving an age differential of more than, say, ten years?
Or should class society and the capitalist system, which commodifies everything and puts the poor majority in positions in which they are vulnerable to prostitution, be abolished? This would involve something a little more substantial than a lynch mob led by unprincipled, loudmouth demagogues feeding off the obsessions and frustrations of the sexually disfranchised.
These last we have had in America since the Pilgrim Fathers stumbled ashore, clutching their Old Testaments angrily and looking for others to blame. And be punished.
As to the nonsense that Epstein has been spirited away, is not really dead and will, like Merlin, one day return...that way madness lies.

Posted by: bevin | Aug 12 2019 1:54 utc | 41

@ Posted by: vk | Aug 11 2019 20:42 utc | 11

Oops, it seems I was too optimistic about the NYT. Not even 24h later, we already have these in its home page:

Jeffrey Epstein’s Opaque Finances Could Become a Focus for Investigators

[emphasis on the "could"]

Epstein Suicide Conspiracies Show How Our Information System Is Poisoned

Now, people who are doubting the USG are automatically labelled "conspiracy theorists". Except that, in this case, it is perfectly sensible to doubt about his death. He could've put down really powerful people. He wasn't your daily mafia-boy struggling against his mafia boss over US$ 1 billion in cocaine; no: he could put down half the American royalty.

Posted by: vk | Aug 12 2019 2:05 utc | 42

bevin @41: ... that way madness lies.

The establishment have paved the way with their maddening bullshit.

The bullshit you posted @41 is meant to distract and confuse the issues. As such, it's practically a sign post advising those with half a brain to go the other way. Thanks for that.

That you would write such bullshit shows how desperate the establishment is to cover up the Epstein affair - especially the well-founded suspicions that Epstein's "suicide" is cover for his arranged escape.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 12 2019 2:20 utc | 43

@ Posted by: Jen 35.

"You could try forming the movement and see how far you get without it being infiltrated by the police, the FBI or any other law enforcement agency in the area where you live, assuming that you live in the United States."

Wow, a wee movement and from a poster i've admired, Australia i think? Your posts are direct and informative.
I could do as you suggest IF i knew it was occurring elsewherez too, otherwise it'd be a colossal waste of time.

"This could very well mean that you and your followers will have to communicate and do everything "off the grid" - that means no online contact, no email, maybe even no cellphone contacts at all. How far would you all be able to go with that? You could use old-fashioned snail mail but I understand the US Postal Service is now photographing and scanning all mail and may share information about senders and recipients with law enforcement agencies."

Undoubtedly true, Jen, but that could be accomplished by enough concerned citizens to hoof it everywhere to collect the signatures needed to put a new party on each ballot in the various states, which would probably have to be filed everywhere at nearly the same time and as late as possible.

"How will The Movement be organised? Will it have a centralised leadership to control the agenda, aims and membership? Or will it be a network of decentralised cells with the problems that that arrangement might have (fragmentation, disagreement over goals, objectives and agenda and how to carry it out, whether you are prepared to use violence or not)?"

I suck at organization, Jen and i mean really, really bad. But hey i was the idea guy, right?=) I'm hoping if karlof1 somehow finds this a novel idea perhaps he could suggest organizational boundaries?

"I'm not saying your suggestion is a bad idea but to form a grassroots movement these days is not as easy as it might have been in the past (and that wasn't easy for those who did form such organisations)."

If done organized and low key by door to door and word of mouth only, who knows. However, the work would be enormous, but think of the possible rewards?


@ Posted by: ben 36

"Good idea, but, totally impossible, because the real third party, the party of big organised $ owns the empire, lock, stock,
and barrel, and 98% of all media in the U$A, and most of our so-called "reps".
Watch and see how ANY progressive candidates are undermined and marginalized by the REAL 3rd party, the party of $."

This wouldn't be run thru any present party. It'd have to be a brand new one that's sprung on the regime, at the last moment, tho hopefully the electorate would be more aware of it. The single hardest thing would be trying to keep it a secret from the feds.

"Conditions would have to get much worse in the U$, for any "groundswell" by the peons. Bread & Circuses work...."

I believe we're already there ben, just reading other posters here the slant against our 'outlaw regime' seems pretty real from folks around the world, not just here. Perhaps some of the coordination for some of the aspects of the campaign could be done outside the country to reduce visibility. Maybe avoid using Russia tho, eh?

However, thank you both for posting something, much appreciated.

Posted by: aye, myself & me | Aug 12 2019 2:22 utc | 44

aye, myself & me @44

Movements are independent of political parties. It makes no sense for a Movement to form a Party. Movements pressure all Parties by educating the public.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 12 2019 2:34 utc | 45

Bevin @ 41

Exactly. Jackrabbit, you should put your overwrought imagination to work writing a script for the next Batman movie.

It is this same type of "thinking" that moved you to vote for are very obviously clueless outside your fantasy world...reality is too difficult for your "hare" brain. ;)

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 12 2019 2:37 utc | 46

Jen @35 & aye, myself & me @33--

That's why what Sanders has already started must be the base to build upon. Yes, we all know about infiltration and all that jazz, that's why using a legitimate political campaign is the only real means to accomplishing anything--AND--Sanders is getting BigLie Media attention as the link I posted proves as do a score more posted before. He has a "visibility platform" of the sort Gabbard could never buy. As anyone can tell from his tweets, Sanders has assumed the role of Agitator; and as everyone knows, it's the Agitator's job to get the dirt out--to put in on public display. Epstein's case--death and all--also does that. It ought to be a simple task to connect the dots in a very public manner. I know Sanders is capable of doing that; the main question is will he? AOC has already rather prominently said this whole event screams lots of questions requiring straight answers. The Republican-leaning Twitter commentators I read yesterday are saying essentially the same thing--government corruption needs to be addressed and put to death.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 12 2019 2:42 utc | 47


Ah yes, that self-admitted CIA linked, totally-not deep state propaganda puppet outlet lecturing the rest of us about the virtues of fact-checking and journalistic integrity...

Posted by: JW | Aug 12 2019 2:48 utc | 48

donkeytale @46

This progressive voter held his nose and voted against your beloved Hillary (as you already know).

The democratic butt-hurt from 2016 still stings, huh? LOL.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 12 2019 2:55 utc | 49

Karlof1 agree with you although I dont think Sanders will get much himself politically out of Epstein.

AOC otoh has committee oversight responsibility for this corrupt mess. She will be in position to hammer on the handling of Epstein.

Sanders created the movement and a growing number of Amerikkkans especially youth approve his message. This is how it works in the US. Ideas must first find critical mass acceptance before the paradigm shifts. The Right has proven this through 40 years of staying on course politically no matter what short term ups and downs.

Thanks for not succumbing to the rampant cynicism which history proves is the breeding ground for fascism.

Gabbard needs to join forces with Bernie and both need align with Warren. This represents more votes than Biden. Building the movement for 40 years is more important than the candidates.

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 12 2019 3:03 utc | 50

@2 BM

Wow, that is an outstanding tour d'horizon from Magnier you linked. This is a keeper to show others who may be amenable to learning about today's Middle East balance of forces, and how it has been arrived at.

Succinct yet very comprehensive, the piece not only catches up the histories of recent years, but provides an analysis of today and the near-to-mid-term future - both military and geopolitical. It speaks of the various lessons learned along the way, including the lessons being absorbed in real time today as the confrontation between Iran and the US has barely yet begun and yet racked up totally instructive scores.

The new war is essentially economic; it is a war of sanctions and limiting free movement of ship movements around the globe. It is a war of tankers and oil platforms. It is a starvation war where no one can threaten the enemy with a return to the “stone age” because the firepower is now universally available. Yemen is the best example: the threat of bombing Dubai forced the Emirates to seek Iranian mediation to prevent a missile attack against them. The Houthis, despite years of Saudi bombing of Yemen, have also managed to bomb Saudi airports, military bases and oil stations in the heart of Saudi Arabia, using cruise missiles and armed drones. [My emphasis]

And Hezbolllah has cemented its standing with nations in the region, expanded its skill from guerrilla and small-theater to nation-size theater, and this:

It has run intensive courses in the use of its drones, used its precision missiles with accuracy, produced thousands of highly trained Special Forces and it has fought an enemy (al-Qaeda) that is much more motivated to fight to the death than any Israeli Special Forces units. [My emphasis]

Israel is essentially paralyzed. Even to the extent, as Magnier relates, of being careful to warn Hezbollah drivers before bombing its supply trucks, because "Israel wanted to avoid human casualties among Hezbollah officers, fully aware of the price of retaliation." My emphasis again.

The bad guys have fallen behind - as we know, but as Magnier illustrates so clearly in this appraisal, with his review of the initial western strategies just a few years ago and how they have all been rendered null. Even the US now is an antique target for modern missile and drone technology - and the battle-hardened skill with these weapons definitely resides with the Levant axis rather than with the imperialists and their dogs.

The future? This:

Gaza, along with Beirut, Damascus and Baghdad, are all highly equipped by Tehran with sufficient missiles to inflict real damage on Israel and on US forces deployed in the Middle East. Israel is playing around by targeting various objectives tactically but with no real strategic purpose- only for Netanyahu to keep himself busy and train his Air Force, and to gain publicity in the media. Soon, when Syria recovers and Iraq is stronger, the Israeli promenade will have to cease. Hezbollah in Lebanon may also find a way in the near future to keep its irregular but organised army busy by firing anti-air missiles against Israeli jets and imposing new rules of engagement.

Here's the link again:
From 2006 to 2019: after failures in Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Yemen, war is no longer an option for Israel

Great job, Elijah J. Magnier!

Posted by: Grieved | Aug 12 2019 3:09 utc | 51

JR - please dont keep repeating the same mistakes!

I hate Hillary and Bill. You can search my track record.

I'm a leftist. I supported Bernie. I still support Bernie or rather the movement he created and believe it worth building.

I also agree with you about outside movements and direct democracy. These are not mutually exclusive!

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 12 2019 3:12 utc | 52

the Epstein story is over. The culprit will never be found despite a diarrhea of media articles and promises. it will join the cohort of unsolved murders that are so frequent in the 'tranparency' and rule of law that the USA boast to follow..
Another murder buried and forgotten

Posted by: virgile | Aug 12 2019 3:24 utc | 53

I may remember this incorrectly, but I recall that b stepped in here once to warn two regular commenters to cease their personal disputes with each other or be banned. It seems to be happening again.

Catfights where commenters scratch each other's eyes out are nothing more than simply boring, but they do serve a purpose if your agenda is to waste, fragment, distend and spoil a discussion thread.

I don't read either commenter, but I sure notice their pervasiveness as I step over them every other comment or so, and I can't help but hear the bitchiness in the whine.


And has no future, not in a world of informed and free-thinking humans. And that future will prevail, despite all the panicked efforts to stop it.

Posted by: Grieved | Aug 12 2019 3:26 utc | 54

Ellen Brown has a good blog post up on China,

Basically stating that China is too powerful for the US to overcome with its typical attempts to destroy anything that isn't completely controlled by private finance.

""What is mainly devalued when a currency is devalued, says Hudson, is the price of the country’s labor and the working conditions of its laborers. The reason American workers cannot compete with foreign workers is not that the dollar is overvalued. It is due to their higher costs of housing, education, medical services and transportation. In most competitor countries, these costs are subsidized by the government.""

""China today is a peer competitor that is more formidable economically, more sophisticated diplomatically, and more flexible ideologically than the Soviet Union ever was. And unlike the Soviet Union, China is deeply integrated into the world and intertwined with the U.S. economy.""

"" The Chinese have proven the effectiveness of their public banking system in supporting their industries and their workers. Rather than seeing it as an existential threat, we could thank them for test-driving the model and take a spin in it ourselves.""

Posted by: financial matters | Aug 12 2019 3:30 utc | 55

Grieved thanks for the warning but we are exchanging ideas too not simply adhomming. I think you are overstating our animosity here.

I'm searching for common ground with jackrabbit but with all political cynics. I get how the cynicism developed, we all feel the system is rigged of course but bottom line the cynical attitude only makes things worse...for the cynic too.

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 12 2019 3:38 utc | 56

Imran Khan’s equating India’s abrogation of Article 370 for Kashmir as equivalent to Hitler’s lebensraum is pure Huber ole designed to excite a Western audience w facile analogies (comparing someone to Hitler is always a safe bet).

Whether one agrees with Modi’s decision (as finally treating the Kashmiri accession to India in the same way as other princely states that acceded to India during partition becoming unquestioningly part of India with free labor and capital movement across regions leading not just to greater integration as a country but more investment opportunities) or disagree (by noting that a majority of Kashmiris - unlike the majority Hindu Jammu-ites and culturally separate Ladakhis, do not want to be under rule and either prefer complete independence or union with Pakistan and this decision was forced on them), Modi or India have no need for more space or cheap labor (the driving forces behind Hitler’s lebebsraum which basically was Germany trying to colonize Europe like Europe colonized Asia and Africa - except how dare Germany do that to civilized Europeans vs the savages in Asia and Africa?!!)

While the core Indian identity goes back millennia and includes both the various Islamic invasions and British colonization, Oakistan’s identity revolves mostly around “not-India”. In other words Pakistan by itself doesn’t have a positive identity. I’m theory it was to be the haven for Muslims in India but in reality there are around as many Muslims in India as in Pakistan.

For Pakistan or “not-India” then, Kashmir, as a region whose people’s dont want to be part of India, is then part of its very identity. Kashmir is another “not-India”. In reality Pakistan itself has regions which don’t get along with each other with Balochistan having a low-level independence movements. What holds Pakistan together culturally is being “not-India” and politically it is its army whose entire raison d’etre is being against India.

For India to ever move into Pakistan would be madness since besides a quickly escalating war against a formidable defensive army, the sheer density of the population would be a deterrent. And nothing in the BJP manifesto has ever called for this (unlike the abdication of Article 370 which was promised in its election manifesto).

So putting aside the morality of what happened and looking at it practically, Imran Khan is mostly trying to fight off the powerful military and intelligence services who are no doubt readying to escalate the proxy war by directly and indirectly aiding disaffected youth in the Kashmir valley, by promising to bring in the powerful West into the dispute (which is ironic since Imran Khan has been wary of Western imperialism and its propensity to divide-and-conquer).

As for the Indian-part of Kashmir a few things: the new union territory of Ladakh is going to be easily assimilated since there’s a large support for it from the indigenous population. In the remaining rump Jammu & Kashmir, the Jammu district - majority Hindu - is on board. This leaves the populous and Sunni Muslim majority Kashmir valley, the heart of the erstwhile Jammu & Kashmir. Modi is gambling that increased investment from the Indian core - now that there’s greater homogenization of state laws - will raise living standards to offset the resentment of the loss of the “one country, two systems” special status and the general anti-India sentiment.

It’s hard to see how investments can pour in with results faster than the resentment and violence both home-grown and stoked by Pakistan that’s likely do follow.

Posted by: Sid | Aug 12 2019 3:45 utc | 57

@ financial matters with the Ellen Brown link...thanks

Let me repeat one of the quotes that I want to expand upon

"" The Chinese have proven the effectiveness of their public banking system in supporting their industries and their workers. Rather than seeing it as an existential threat, we could thank them for test-driving the model and take a spin in it ourselves.""

While I agree overwhelmingly with the concept, I have come to think that Trump was (s)elected by the global elite to speed up the demise of he current Western way before enough "knowledge" of the China/Ellen Brown concept is widely held. I read an article at Strategic Culture (no link) about how the EU has ensconced the financial independence of the banking system in treaties that are much harder to change than by the politicians in Brussels.

The point I am trying to make is that the sooner the world crisis is brought to a head, the better chance global private finance has to survive the resulting reset. If the elite were to let the Western crazy go on longer there would be more of a chance of ALL the Western countries agreeing to try the China way....which is almost a prerequisite for success. The elite of global private finance need to survive in some form to stay relevant in the world and if China had more success under their belt (and road...grin) the glaring difference between the financial perfidy of the West would be more glaringly obvious that it is to many at this juncture.

I have been pondering what the heck is going on since Trump "won" and this now makes the most sense to me.

As example of the ignorance of the public I submit the limited support I get for my one note Samba here at what is purported to be an enlightened gathering of humanity....

The elite need to make their move while they still have control of the media/propaganda machine that continues to be very effective....but slipping

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 12 2019 3:59 utc | 58

@55 financial matters

Wonderful link, thank you for the Ellen Brown piece. That Hudson interview at Guns and Butter is the gift that keeps on giving. Hudson is like a beef-stock cube: you have to give it time and add things to it but it's the highly condensed basis of a powerful stew. And what Brown adds is formidable.

It almost seems as if everyone is fine with how money is created. What's more important is how it circulates, and what it achieves. I love her remarks that China can add or subtract interest, carry or write off a loan, and in effect do everything with the money that it deems necessary to produce socially useful results.

The mistake of the old communist model was to "own" the means of production. The success of the new socialist systems that have learned from this lies in not caring who actually "owns" anything, but in making sure that the money of the economy works to produce the social good. If "ownership" is good for the people, let them own. But the money? That belongs to state control.

I enjoyed all the quotes from Ellen Brown's article you supplied - as I enjoy everything you infrequently post, by the way - and how about one more quote, addressing the threat of the Asian Tigers to the Chicago model, and how it was dealt with:

Just as the US had engaged in a Cold War to destroy the Soviet communist model, so Western financial interests set out to destroy this emerging Asian threat. It was defused when Western neoliberal economists persuaded Japan and the Asian Tigers to adopt the free-market system and open their economies and their companies to foreign investors. Western speculators then took down the vulnerable countries one by one in the “Asian crisis” of 1997-98. China alone was left as an economic threat to the Western neoliberal model, and it is this existential threat that is the target of the trade and currency wars today.

And what the west saw as the main threat was the state involvement in the economy. It was proving its value, as it did in creating the American Dream of the nineteen-fifties in the USA itself, and as it continues to do in all the modern socialist revolutionary states with their amazingly healthy economies - all tested in the trial-by-fire of US sanctions.

Many thanks again for the link. I would have missed that one, and it's a gem!

Posted by: Grieved | Aug 12 2019 3:59 utc | 59

Jen @34,

When I was in late elementary school, one of our class assignments was to read a one-act play called "Do Not Spit At Random", published in The Atlantic during the Cold War, and presented to us as an example of how publicly shaming the abuse of public goods was "oppressive".

If the US really wants to see thuggish, perhaps China should open-source that OPM payroll list they snagged a while back. I think everyone in the USA who isn't bent would want to know whether they're living next to a traitor to the people. The only downside would be that the rent in Latin America would get too damn high.

aye, myself & me @44,

Surely you know that the system is not a suicide pact, and that it can and will ignore its public rules in self-preservation with not the least hesitation or remorse. The private rules allow for lying, cheating, stealing and killing. Indeed, the private rules require as much when the presumptuous, er, presumptive winners are in danger of losing. And, thanks to other "multipolar" powers having been enchanted with bourgeois liberalism, except for one laggard who may yet turn out to be the exception, there isn't even a power vacuum into which to collapse. The present globalized elite has more common interest than any of them do with those born in the same country as them. In order to preserve "continuity" against domino theory, faces will change, but the song will remain the same, or, as a colony of another power, worse. International finance won't have it any other way. Everything must be for sale.

I'm not counseling apathy. I'm counseling watchful readiness, mending one's tack, minding one's logistics (like any good general), and finding and joining "your people". MoA is a decent start on that last.

Grieved @59,

Defused, but they still whine about the Bank of Japan not borrowing from private foreign interests and keep predicting their system's eventual demise. Japan is, more or less, working for itself. "Increasingly Nervous Bankers Predict Failure of Japanese MMT for 20th Year in a Row"

Posted by: Jonathan^-1 | Aug 12 2019 4:07 utc | 60

The 2 cameras in Epstein’s cell malfunctioned. Obviously yet another example of Russian Malign Activities (Electronic Warfare + Hacking). DAMN YOU, VLADIMIR PUTIN !!!1

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 12 2019 4:12 utc | 61

17 secret agencies + 4 out of 5 dentists agree.

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 12 2019 4:14 utc | 62

It is HIGHLY LIKELY the Kremlin used Facebook to manipulate the prison guards and interfere with their work.

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 12 2019 4:18 utc | 63

Grieved thanks for the warning but ...

Sometimes it's appropriate to call out, for the benefit of others, the propaganda memes and dishonest arguments employed by a pro-establishment commenter.

One such trick is the pretense that a pro-establishment commenter is concerned about "cynicism" or "conspiracy theories". You see, thinking for yourself may cause a reluctance to love Big Brother. And sharing that thinking in an open forum is even more problematical.

A pro-establishment commenter with pro-establishment concerns often attempts to cover their tracks. They claim to be socialist and/or that they are seeking "common ground" but such characterizations are merely honey for the distasteful medicine that the pro-establishment commenter seeks to administer.

Unsuspecting readers often fall prey to the soothing words of a pro-establishment trickster. Sometimes even supporting the pro-establishment commenter's right to express views that are already well-covered in MSM. But just as "SALE" sounds sooo appealing yet often is not what it seems, concerns of a pro-establish commenter are often misleading and crafted to confuse and misdirect.

So I implore you ... don't be fooled. Think for yourself. And don't take allow yourself to be swindled by a "SALE" that is really just bait and switch.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 12 2019 4:24 utc | 64

I never mentioned names. I still don't.

But as the old proverb advises: If the shoe fits...

(...consider you just threw it at yourself)

Posted by: Grieved | Aug 12 2019 4:29 utc | 65

Below are some quotes from a Reuters link

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - China is unlikely to face serious consequences from the Trump administration’s decision to label it a currency manipulator given the apparent lack of G7 and IMF support for the move, former and current U.S. and G7 officials said.
An accord agreed by the Group of Seven of the world’s most advanced economies in 2013 says that members should consult each other before taking major currency actions.

But former and current officials said the Treasury failed to make those consultations, contradicting White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow’s claim that G7 members were on board.
Naoyuki Yoshino, dean of the Asian Development Bank Institute and former chairman of the Japanese Ministry of Finance’s council on foreign exchange, said the announcement was all about politics, not economic fundamentals.

“The best solution is (for China) to open its capital market,” he said. “Then, if their exports keep on going, capital inflows will come and then the (yuan) should automatically appreciate,” he said.

That last quote is the hook, line, and sinker......"The best solution is (for China) to open its capital market,” he said.
That is the dog whistle of saying that China needs to allow its banking system to become privately controlled.

WWIII is being waged on this issue, dog whistles and all.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 12 2019 4:40 utc | 66

Below is a link to a Strategic Culture posting that speaks to my comment above (#58) claim of public ignorance and ability to be manipulated

Moscow Mitch, Secret Russian Subs… and Russophobia Derangement

The take away quote
At a recent political event in his home state of Kentucky, McConnell was heckled and booed by Democrat supporters chanting “Moscow Mitch, Moscow Mitch!” The protesters were wearing T-shirts and brandishing placards with images of McConnell donning a Cossack hat with Soviet-era hammer and sickles.

Understandably, the 77-year-old senator has reacted with aghast over the political attacks. He called it “modern-day McCarthyism” harking back to the Cold War years of Red Baiting. He even said it was worse that the past McCarthyism. And he has a point there.

McConnell’s exasperation is borne out of the complete irrational vacuousness of the accusations. The six-time elected lawmaker is the longest-serving Republican senator. He is a grandee of the traditionally rightwing party, with an “impeccable” record of being hawkish towards Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

How anyone can construe that good ole boy McConnell is a Russian stooge is too absurd for words. What the accusations do betray is the total derangement and politically illiterate condition of mainstream American political and media culture.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 12 2019 5:03 utc | 67


These delusional neolibs are better off sticking to their eternal Tiananmen propaganda than to sell an even dumber idea to the CPC that will make them laugh their whole asses off.

Posted by: JW | Aug 12 2019 5:21 utc | 68

@66 psychohistorian

Good to catch you around these economic matters. The WWIII is actually just being waged by one side, I think. China is the caravan moving on. The fading bark of the dogs is the western end of the deal, I think. But no time to enlarge on this right now, what with Europe having the vapors...

Everybody got economics going on, it seems like, and Europe is no exception. Check out below.


Brexit and the EU

Alastair Crooke has a new piece out, riffing largely on a Pritchard Evans article in the Telegraph, and including a very hot video clip from the heart of German concerns as the UK executes Brexit.

I didn't realize how important the UK is to the EU and how its exit changes everything for Germany. But the EU realpolitik illustrated in this Crooke article and in the 6-minute video clip of the German speech is an entire facet of Brexit I had never seen until now. Check this quote:

Speaking in the German parliament, Alice Weidel, the AfD leader, tore into Chancellor Merkel for her and the Brussels botched handling of Brexit (for which “she, Merkel bears some responsibility”). Weidel pointed out that “the UK is the second biggest economy in Europe – as big as the 19 smallest EU members combined”. “From an economic perspective, the EU is shrinking from 27 member-states to 9." [My emphasis]

Crooke and co are saying that the UK departure from the EU changes the entire regime of monetary controls within this economic union. Crucially, the lead is now shifting away from Germany and to the failed economic model of France.

To make the chronic acute, now Trump cares, and the US has a stake in this - who knew? The EU didn't know. It always thought the US was a partner, but maybe not.

If you want to dive straight into the German angst, here's the six-minute video of Alice Weidel ripping German complacency apart with a call to attention from her constituency in marginalized eastern Germany:
German view of Brexit

And for the containing article from Crooke - be warned that he quotes Paul Krugman but I have to say it sounds pretty good to me - here's his article:
Germany Stalls and Europe Craters

Posted by: Grieved | Aug 12 2019 5:29 utc | 69

"@61 -- "The 2 cameras in Epstein’s cell malfunctioned."

Clearly why Huawei 5G posses a major deep-state risk ... they won't be "fail-able" on DC-backdoor command.

Posted by: imo | Aug 12 2019 5:35 utc | 70

@18 -- "The American people are sick and tired..."
Well, he got that part 100% correct.

Posted by: imo | Aug 12 2019 5:43 utc | 71

@ Grieved with the comment about the Strategic Culture "Germany Stalls and Europe Craters posting that I referred to in my comment #58 referring to how the EU finance structure is fixed in treaties that are less easier changeable than laws from Brussels...thanks

Let me add another quote from that posting that I think is applicable
There has been a call from all sides to try something different: such as relaxing the fiscal rules that are destroying public services; or, more daringly, to touch the ‘holy grail’: of reform of the financial and banking system.

But here is the rub: All such initiatives are prohibited in the locked-down treaty system. Everyone might think to revise those treaties. But that is not going to happen. The treaties are untouchable, precisely because Germany believes that to loosen its hold over the monetary system will be to open Pandora’s Box to the ghosts of inflation and social instability rising, to haunt us anew. Weidel was very clear on this danger.

Lest any forget, Germany, like Japan, are the "losers" of WWII and under the direct control of empire.....why would a country the size of Japan currently hold almost as much US Treasuries as China?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 12 2019 5:47 utc | 72

"The thesis embodied within Andrew Carnegie's Gospel of Wealth (PDF) ought to be made into law such that it's ensured that those fortunate enough to become well-off thanks to the public--directly or indirectly via government--return a great proportion of that wealth to their benefactors. IMO, had such a law been in force, the corruption that enabled Epstein would have had a more difficult time doing what it did."
Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 11 2019 21:54 utc | 22

That's precisely how Western economies operated until the 1960s. The UK was an outstanding example. Lord Nuffield (British Motor Corporation) paid 19 shillings and 6 pence on every Pound of income beyond the top threshold. The Beatles switched their affairs beyond the reach of the UK Taxman because their success yielded Nuffield-ish levels of income.
And Income Tax was just the tip of the iceberg. Estate Tax resulted in many Tr-raditional Old English estates being sold off to pay the Death Duties.

I have a hazy recollection that you're a fan of Michael Hudson's economic philosophy. If two-way communication is an option on Hudson's website, ask him to publish a chart hilighting the difference between Tax Scales of the 1950s and Tax Scales post-2010 in any Western country of his choice. It'll make your hair stand on end but it will also make it crystal clear WHY the Rich are getting richer and the Poor poorer in the (Thoroughly Modernised) 21st Century.
Buying politicians is the most lucrative investment of all...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 12 2019 5:54 utc | 73

Craig Murray's sober, reflective note on Epstein begins and ends with corruption as its main theme. I hope people find the time to read it. He doesn't delve deeply, but at base it what is known as seigniory rights--the right of the lord to take and rape whomever he wants with impunity, which is one of the most brutal forms of corruption imaginable. Epstein's business was to facilitate that form of corruption. Yes, it's illegal and immoral, but the primary fact is that its corrupt--it has no sanction whatsoever. And it's exactly that sort of primal corruption that is visited upon the vast majority daily. Passing legislation that will knowingly result in the poisoning of millions--stunting the brains of the young--which was just done and signed into law by Trump is what I'm writing about. It's a different form of rape, but it's rape nonetheless. But it seems that only bothers me, and Craig Murray.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 12 2019 5:55 utc | 74

Hoarsewhisperer @73--

Thanks for your reply! Yes, I'm a Hudson fan. And I'm aware of what the tax levels were once-upon-a-time. The "Libertarian Swindle" that in part gave us Neoliberalism and Junk Economics was the active power behind the massive sea-change that has ruined so many good public works. Milton Freidman, Margaret Thatcher, and several others on both sides of the pond deserve to have their bodies exhumed, drawn and quartered, then burned and the ashes thrown into the ocean for the evil they worked.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 12 2019 6:06 utc | 75

Forward: Jeffrey Epstein Is NOT a Shanda for the Goyim

Here’s an essay by an obscure writer in a modest magazine, so don’t treat it as authoritative. Still, in its artlessness, it makes clear the conventional wisdom: some people are above criticism.

Personally, as somebody who has been criticized upon occasion, I find that criticism, while unpleasant, tends to make people better. But the current view is that a powerful ethnic group is too fragile to endure criticism, even self-criticism.

Posted by: onlooking | Aug 12 2019 6:38 utc | 76

Permanent Record Hardcover – September 17, 2019
by Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden, the man who risked everything to expose the US government’s system of mass surveillance, reveals for the first time the story of his life, including how he helped to build that system and what motivated him to try to bring it down.

In 2013, twenty-nine-year-old Edward Snowden shocked the world when he broke with the American intelligence establishment and revealed that the United States government was secretly pursuing the means to collect every single phone call, text message, and email. The result would be an unprecedented system of mass surveillance with the ability to pry into the private lives of every person on earth. Six years later, Snowden reveals for the very first time how he helped to build this system and why he was moved to expose it.

Spanning the bucolic Beltway suburbs of his childhood and the clandestine CIA and NSA postings of his adulthood, Permanent Record is the extraordinary account of a bright young man who grew up online―a man who became a spy, a whistleblower, and, in exile, the Internet’s conscience. Written with wit, grace, passion, and an unflinching candor, Permanent Record is a crucial memoir of our digital age and destined to be a classic.

Posted by: onlooking | Aug 12 2019 6:43 utc | 77

THE FAMILY. We moon-bats talked about this nearly two decades ago...

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Aug 12 2019 7:06 utc | 78

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 12 2019 3:59 utc | 58
That is an interesting theory but i do not agree. A quick (French-style?) revolution is not good for the elite, but endless war is. Also, why did the media try so hard not to get Trump elected if he has the support of the elite?
Perhaps there are a few that (secretly) support him though. I dont think the elite behaves as one swamp creature with only one opinion. There is some division. I do have my own views on Trump but I am not going to rat on a mole if you know what I mean. Remember the first two rules of Fightclub.

Posted by: Joost | Aug 12 2019 7:36 utc | 79

I can't find the link again but thanks to who posted the link with the material on Brunel (from the lawyer interviewing one of his assistants). It points to Epstein telling Brunel to open an account in the UK Virgin Islands (how convenient to have both UK and US Virgin Islands for offshore) so that their deals can stay in the shade. In some Bloomberg articles, it was also mentioned that Epstein and his companies/funds showed up in the Panama papers and that is when the Deutsche Bank started to look into it. As a result they found dozens of accounts and had not managed to close them all at the time of the article, months after the initial discovery (not that they needed the money, of course...)

Posted by: Mina | Aug 12 2019 8:13 utc | 80

Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck

Posted by: Jessica | Aug 12 2019 8:42 utc | 81

@ karlof1 | Aug 12 2019 6:06 utc | 75

Thanks for mentioning '"Libertarian Swindle"' as door opener for the neoliberal economic agenda but it actually predates that. One must go back to post WWII politics with the early rebound of conservative efforts to regain political dominance; e.g. communists in state department (ca 1946-7); communists in military (McCarthyism 1947-9); Who lost China (1950-3); John Birch Society (1953-); a tome deaf Eisenhower administration (Dulles Bros. et al); Loss of Cuba (1958-present); 1968 Nixon "Law and Order" opening DoJ removing enforcement of regulatory law resulting regulatory capture by 'business'; 1980 smarmy election of Reagan using "Moral Majority" to open capture of government itself. Yes "Libertarian Swindle" was present in all this history and much more but that history is being clouded, subverted, destroyed and being made useless as more ignorant opinion is being used to replace knowledge of where we once were and where we had been. Once that takes complete effect, it shall be a house of mirrors henceforth; see how well any can navigate under those circumstances. Should predict that nothing will end well at that point.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Aug 12 2019 8:58 utc | 82

Aye, Myself & Me @ 44:

You should try watching the recent documentary "Hail Satan?" by Penny Lane. It's about the founding and evolution of The Satanic Temple, an organisation masquerading as a Satan-worshipping religion, whose members stage various stunts that expose the hypocrisy of governments and mainstream religious organisations in pushing for greater freedoms and rights for themselves but denying freedom of speech and freedom of religious worship to others, and in the lip service these institutions pay to the separation of religion and the state.

The only disappointing aspect of the documentary is that most of the in-fighting amongst the different chapters of The Satanic Temple was edited out of the film to preserve its flow and emphasise the documentary's main themes. You only get a hint of the differences that developed among the members in how they interpret the organisation's agenda and tenets, and in their attitudes towards working within the system to change it or not working within it but challenging it instead. You do get a sense though that many people around the world must have been waiting for an organisation like TST to come along, that the organisation taps into a deep yearning among people for something or someone to challenge the authorities, and that the organisation grew very quickly, perhaps too quickly for its founder members to get a handle on.

Interestingly, the director became a member of The Satanic Temple after she completed filming and editing the documentary.

Posted by: Jen | Aug 12 2019 10:54 utc | 83

They are talking about Neil Armstrong's first moonwalk and so on because it has been fifty years ago that this world wide scam happened.Well ,that is,I for one call it a scam,but there are still a lot of intelligent people who think this was all real.
Well to those folks,I would like to give my following reflection to consider:

Imagine yourself in the place of Neil Armstrong.You are on the surface of Terra's satellite the Moon.A barren landscape,in a flood of yellowish light.One big thing sticks out on its surface:the vehicle you came with,the Moonlander.Because you are equipped with a camera,you will take pictures of it.(Supposing the camera supports over 120°C in the sunlight,and minus 150°C in the shadow parts,without transition or intermediary temperatures).Now you look to the sky.It bares two outstanding objects,the Earth,where you came from,a blueish jewel ,maybe ten times bigger than what you are accustomed to on Earth viewing the Moon, and secondly,the source of all light and brilliance the Sun,undiluted and contrasting sharp to the black starstrewn skies.Would you forget to make pictures of those objects?

Case dismissed,in my opinion.

Posted by: willie | Aug 12 2019 11:11 utc | 84

Interesting list, sorry about the length of copy and paste, from Zerohedge then.

In 2016 CBS Las Vegas posted a list of Bill and Hillary Clinton associates alleged to have died under mysterious circumstances.

Here is that list.

1- James McDougal – Clintons convicted Whitewater partner died of an apparent heart attack, while in solitary confinement. He was a key witness in Ken Starr’s investigation.

2 – Mary Mahoney – A former White House intern was murdered July 1997 at a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Georgetown .. The murder …happened just after she was to go public w:th her story of sexual harassment in the White House.

3 – Vince Foster – Former White House counselor, and colleague of Hillary Clinton at Little Rock’s Rose Law firm. Died of a gunshot wound to the head, ruled a suicide.

4 – Ron Brown – Secretary of Commerce and former DNC Chairman. Reported to have died by impact in a plane crash. A pathologist close to the investigation reported that there was a hole in the top of Brown’s skull resembling a gunshot wound. At the time of his death Brown was being investigated, and spoke publicly of his willingness to cut a deal with prosecutors. The rest of the people on the plane also died. A few days later the Air Traffic controller commited suicide.

5 – C. Victor Raiser, II – Raiser, a major player in the Clinton fund raising organization died in a private plane crash in July 1992.

6 – Paul Tulley – Democratic National Committee Political Director found dead in a hotel room in Little Rock , September 1992. Described by Clinton as a “dear friend and trusted advisor”.

7 – Ed Willey – Clinton fundraiser, found dead November 1993 deep in the woods in VA of a gunshot wound to the head. Ruled a suicide. Ed Willey died on the same day his wife Kathleen Willey claimed Bill Clinton groped her in the oval office in the White House. Ed Willey was involved in several Clinton fund raising events.

8 – Jerry Parks – Head of Clinton’s gubernatorial security team in Little Rock .. Gunned down in his car at a deserted intersection outside Little Rock Park’s son said his father was building a dossier on Clinton He allegedly threatened to reveal this information. After he died the files were mysteriously removed from his house.

9 – James Bunch – Died from a gunshot suicide. It was reported that he had a “Black Book” of people which contained names of influential people who visited prostitutes in Texas and Arkansas

10 – James Wilson – Was found dead in May 1993 from an apparent hanging suicide. He was reported to have ties to Whitewater..

11 – Kathy Ferguson – Ex-wife of Arkansas Trooper Danny Ferguson, was found dead in May 1994, in her living room with a gunshot to her head. It was ruled a suicide even though there were several packed suitcases, as if she were going somewhere. Danny Ferguson was a co-defendant along with Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones lawsuit Kathy Ferguson was a possible corroborating witness for Paula Jones.

12 – Bill Shelton – Arkansas State Trooper and fiancee of Kathy Ferguson. Critical of the suicide ruling of his fiancee, he was found dead in June, 1994 of a gunshot wound also ruled a suicide at the grave site of his fiancee.

13 – Gandy Baugh – Attorney for Clinton’s friend Dan Lassater, died by jumping out a window of a tall building January, 1994. His client was a convicted drug distributor.

14 – Florence Martin – Accountant & sub-contractor for the CIA, was related to the Barry Seal, Mena, Arkansas, airport drug smuggling case. He died of three gunshot wounds.

15 – Suzanne Coleman – Reportedly had an affair with Clinton when he was Arkansas Attorney General. Died of a gunshot wound to the back of the head, ruled a suicide. Was pregnant at the time of her death.

16 – Paula Grober – Clinton’s speech interpreter for the deaf from 1978 until her death December 9, 1992. She died in a one car accident.
17 – Danny Casolaro – Investigative reporter, investigating Mena Airport and Arkansas Development Finance Authority. He slit his wrists, apparently, in the middle of his investigation.

18 – Paul Wilcher – Attorney investigating corruption at Mena Airport with Casolaro and the 1980 “October Surprise” was found dead on a toilet June 22, 1993, in his Washington DC apartment had delivered a report to Janet Reno 3 weeks before his death.

19 – Jon Parnell Walker – Whitewater investigator for Resolution Trust Corp. Jumped to his death from his Arlington ,Virginia apartment balcony August 15, 1993. He was investigating the Morgan Guaranty scandal.

20 – Barbara Wise – Commerce Department staffer. Worked closely with Ron Brown and John Huang. Cause of death: Unknown. Died November 29, 1996. Her bruised, naked body was found locked in her office at the Department of Commerce.

21 – Charles Meissner – Assistant Secretary of Commerce who gave John Huang special security clearance, died shortly thereafter in a small plane crash.

22 – Dr. Stanley Heard – Chairman of the National Chiropractic Health Care Advisory Committee died with his attorney Steve Dickson in a small plane crash. Dr. Heard, in addition to serving on Clinton ‘s advisory council personally treated Clinton’s mother, stepfather and brother.

23 – Barry Seal – Drug running TWA pilot out of Mena Arkansas, death was no accident.

24 – Johnny Lawhorn, Jr. – Mechanic, found a check made out to Bill Clinton in the trunk of a car left at his repair shop. He was found dead after his car had hit a utility pole.

25 – Stanley Huggins – Investigated Madison Guaranty. His death was a purported suicide and his report was never released.

26 – Hershell Friday – Attorney and Clinton fundraiser died March 1, 1994, when his plane exploded.

27 – Kevin Ives & Don Henry – Known as “The boys on the track” case. Reports say the boys may have stumbled upon the Mena Arkansas airport drug operation. A controversial case, the initial report of death said, due to falling asleep on railroad tracks. Later reports claim the 2 boys had been slain before being placed on the tracks. Many linked to the case died before their testimony could come before a Grand Jury.

28 – Keith Coney – Died when his motorcycle slammed into the back of a truck, 7/88.

29 – Keith McMaskle – Died, stabbed 113 times, Nov, 1988

30 – Gregory Collins – Died from a gunshot wound January 1989.

31 – Jeff Rhodes – He was shot, mutilated and found burned in a trash dump in April 1989.

32 – James Milan – Found decapitated. However, the Coroner ruled his death was due to natural causes”.

34 – Richard Winters – A suspect in the Ives/Henry deaths. He was killed in a set-up robbery July 1989.

35 – Major William S. Barkley, Jr.

36 – Captain Scott J . Reynolds

37 – Sgt. Brian Hanley

38 – Sgt. Tim Sabel

39 – Major General William Robertson

40 – Col. William Densberger

41 – Col. Robert Kelly

42 – Spec. Gary Rhodes

43 – Steve Willis

44 – Robert Williams

45 – Conway LeBleu

46 – Todd McKeehan

And the most recent, Seth Rich, the DC staffer murdered and “robbed” (of nothing) on July 10. Wikileaks founder Assange claims he had info on the DNC email scandal.

Not Included in this list are the 4 heroes killed in Benghazi.

And now you can add multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein to the list...

Posted by: Taffyboy | Aug 12 2019 11:25 utc | 85

Callamard writes to the French gov to ask about the fate of some French djihadists arrested by the Kurds in Syria and transferred to Iraq "with the active support of the French gov and the coalition" where they have been condemned to death, so that no other trial could take place. This is confirmed by judicial sources in Syrian Kurdistan.
Not yet available in English versions but everywhere in the Fr papers

Posted by: Mina | Aug 12 2019 11:29 utc | 86

karlof1 | Aug 12 2019 5:55 utc | 74

Craig Murray assumes that we Iive neither in a Banana Republic nor Mafia State. That's where he has gone wrong.

Posted by: Nathan Mulcahy | Aug 12 2019 11:59 utc | 87

Posted by: Grieved | Aug 12 2019 5:29 utc | 69

Alastair Crooke is a real Europhobe, isn't he? On the evidence of that article, at least. His main crutch is the chief of the AfD, of all people! Grieved calls it "German view of Brexit". Well no, if you cite the far right in France or the UK, you are not citing a mainstream view. And add in Krugman! Crooke maintains it is a surprise discovery for the Germans that the US is hostile to the EU. Well, if it were the case, the Germans would have had to be seriously negligent in their diplomatic intelligence. I've known it for years, so I imagine Berlin has known it too. It was just concealed under Obama; Trump isn't bright enough to keep the policy secret, as he should have done.

EU about to collapse has been the Brexiter theme for 40 years. It hasn't happened yet. This is just another round of the same. As in fact Crooke indicates, but not intentionally, the real cause of EU recession, if it is real, is Trump's worldwide trade war, and nothing to do with Brexit. Of course Trump will end up bringing bad news to everybody.

Crooke also evidently hates the French. Wants to revive the 100-years war which he's never forgotten. The general opinion in France now on Macron is "not too bad", which is about as good as you can expect from a politician, compared with the catastrophes of Trump and Johnson. Grieved shouldn't take seriously an article which is mainly driven by ancient visceral prejudices.

Posted by: Laguerre | Aug 12 2019 13:16 utc | 88


How is the NY Times reporting the guards didn't do required rounds "punching down"?

The NY Times ain't saying the guards fell asleep. I think you should read the article, or at least what I quoted fully.

Now you may be correct that the NYT will bury the fact that the guards were [likely] ordered from above to change their normal routine, but we're not there yet.

But it looks to be a case of real news slipping by in a crisis, or the reporters are working under pressure to say something about the "suicide", and the editor didn't notice.

It's clear that the OpEd columnist I cited (an NYT employee) had no idea that there were obvious big holes in the story which contradicted his opinion, and that even the NY Times has reported some of those holes, eg Bill Clinton on the private jet and the Giuffre civil suit filing.

Posted by: Jay | Aug 12 2019 13:19 utc | 89

Posted by: Nathan Mulcahy | Aug 12 2019 11:59 utc | 87

Craig Murray assumes that we live neither in a Banana Republic nor Mafia State. That's where he has gone wrong.
No, not at all the case. He's been bashing on about causes since he started the blog, and indeed since he was sacked as ambassador. He used to believe in it all, he says, but he's been disabused. Mind you, he was somewhat naive during his time in Uzbekistan, a region he didn't know well (I'm sure Islamkarimov did boil in oil more than the one opponent Murray cites). He's now pretty anti-government.

Posted by: Laguerre | Aug 12 2019 13:33 utc | 90


So "it's all the fault of the Jews and the Israelis, no one else is ever involved in sex trafficking of young "white" girls", sarcasm from me.

Why don't you drop your BS auto-anti-Semitism and look at everyone else documented to have been involved.

Posted by: Jay | Aug 12 2019 13:35 utc | 91

Grieved |@69, Laguerre @88

IMO the horrors of a no-deal Brexit is fear-mongering/FUD that is meant to lead to a re-vote that delivers the result that the establishment wanted from the beginning: REMAIN.

I'm not surprised to see Alastair Crooke involved in the FUD effort.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 12 2019 13:36 utc | 92

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 12 2019 13:36 utc | 92

IMO the horrors of a no-deal Brexit is fear-mongering/FUD that is meant to lead to a re-vote
No, it's not FUD. Brexit is a genuine revolution, whose partisans are out to upend everything in the system, and now they're in power. Read up on Dominic Cummings, the strategist who's running the show.

Posted by: Laguerre | Aug 12 2019 13:53 utc | 93

For those who claim public view of Epsteins corpse,very understandably and necessary ,I would say,that even then there's possibility of being misled.The film industry manages to produce props that look very real,human face included.I stood once before a prop representing the corpse of a shot down horse,even at fifty cm from it I thought it was real.There was no smell of course,but even that can be staged.The people allowed to view Epsteins cadaver really would need to put a knife in it,to assure its being real,and then try to pull off the mask that could be his face.

Posted by: willie | Aug 12 2019 14:02 utc | 94

Laguerre @93

Corbyn has already called for re-vote and said that Labor will campaign for REMAIN if Brexit plans don't protect against a variety of hardships.

I fully expect that re-vote to happen and that the fear-mongering will lead to a vote to REMAIN.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 12 2019 14:19 utc | 95

Brazil officially in recession:

Governo Bolsonaro: Brasil está oficialmente em recessão

The astonishing fact isn't that Brazil is in recession per se, but how fast it entered into one. Usually, the markets are extremely generous with Brazil when it adopts aggressive neoliberal policies and keep the flow of foreign capital going on for years even when the fundamentals are clearly deteriorating. But Bolsonaro doesn't have even one year in office.

I know it's early, but I'm disappointed with Bolsonaro: when he was elected in October last year, I though he would be a much more formidable enemy. The boom (so far) turned out to be a wimp.

Meanwhile, his Argentinian colleague (Mauricio Macri) has just been trounced in the primary elections:

Argentina: kirchnerismo ganha primárias com cerca de 15 pontos de vantagem sobre Macri

Macri lost by 15 percentage points. If this result repeats in October, Fernández (the Kirchnerist candidate) will win the presidency in the first round (in Argentina, if a candidate doesn't get 50% plus one vote outright, there's a second round between the two most voted candidates). Better the USA put that hybrid war machine to work full-speed, full time, because only that will stop Macri's defeat.

Argentina's case is even more scary than Brazil's. During Kirchner's last mandate, there was a visceral, fraticide debate in Argentina about which was the best path to solve its sovereign debt problem: the Kirchnerists proposed for Argentina to show the middle finger to the "vulture funds", while the neoliberals proposed to capitulate to them (i.e. doing whatever was necessary to pay back the debt to the vulture funds). Those vulture funds are mainly American, so USA's interests were (still are) directly at stake there.

After a brutal election, with one of the most grotesque spectacles of fake news enforced by the local MSM, Macri (the neoliberal) won by hair. Immediately, he begun to use brute force, with the help of the unelected judiciary power, to enforce cruel and insane austere reforms -- comparable to the Greek reforms. He also brutaly repressed many strikes and popular protests while doing so.

Contrary to Brazil, Argentina is being very well treated by the USA. The IMF extrapolated its own statutory limits of lending and essentially gave Macri an endless line of credit. This was done, in part, to save the vulture funds (the same way the Troika did what it did to Greece in order to save the German and French banks, not Greece itself). But Argentina's case also resembles Ukraine's -- who is also being constantly rescued by the IMF for pure ideological reasons.

The astonishing fact with Argentina is that this old and time tested American tactic of sustaining and propping up neoliberal governments in Latin America is not working: in the 1990s, much smaller rescue packages by the IMF were more than enough to save neoliberal governments both in Latin America and in SE Asia. The reason is clear and simple: excess capital from Western European and Japanese pension funds which abounded in the 1990s has dried up. There is no more short-term dollars willing to constantly flow to "emerging economies". The IMF knows it -- it simply doesn't want admit to it/believe it. From the same ailment suffer Bolsonaro and his liberal ilk.

Now, rescue packages are larger than ever and diplomatic support is more eloquent as ever -- but Argentina (and Ukraine, and Greece, and soon also Brazil) is simply not working.

Not only it isn't working: it's quickly walking in the direction of a failed state. Rio de la Plata is where Greece meets Ukraine.

Posted by: vk | Aug 12 2019 14:19 utc | 96

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 12 2019 14:19 utc | 95

The Brexiter strategists have calculated that they don't need to hold a vote, either in parliament or in public, and Brexit will automatically happen by default on October 31. Even if a vote of no confidence succeeds, Johnson will not resign, but merely postpone the obligatory election till after Brexit has happened. Many doubt that such a plan can be stopped. It's a real coup d'état.

Posted by: Laguerre | Aug 12 2019 14:39 utc | 97

@JW #40
To be fair, the US has a fantastic record of f***ing up countries with aerial bombs.
The part which the Saudis failed to understand is that the US isn't next to any of these countries...
Yemen has a population slightly lower than Texas. Imagine, Washington bombing Texas, only filled with Texans that have more and heavier weapons(?).
The question mark is because I am not entirely certain that Yemenis are more heavily armed than Texans, but certainly they're at least as fierce defending themselves.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 12 2019 14:53 utc | 98

Some actual factual studies on "global warming":
This study says that Greenland was warmer in the Medieval period (i.e. Vikings), cooled 2 degrees C rapidly from the 1930s to 1980s, and has no ice accumulation trend over 1800 years. Or in other words, it is not different this time.
This study says that the Greenland ice melting in the last glacial cycle contributed a minority to sea level rise; the majority of sea level rise in that period (130K years ago) was from Antarctica.
And NASA says that Antarctic ice mass is growing.
Europe heat wave not unprecedented: 1947 was hotter and over a larger area.
Yes, maximum temperatures should be increasing because we're in a warming trend, post Little Ice Age, but the European heat wave this year is due to an atmospheric event which has occurred before - not due to climate change. And at least some of the recent "records" are due to urban heat island effect and poorly sited thermometers. Here's one of these "record" sites vs another that is 20 km away - note the dramatic daily temperature swing differences. This type of swing is what you see with concrete.
And while I support research into alternative energy, the present primary modes for alternative energy are extremely not good.
This article talks about why

A single electric-car battery weighs about 1,000 pounds. Fabricating one requires digging up, moving and processing more than 500,000 pounds of raw materials somewhere on the planet. The alternative? Use gasoline and extract one-tenth as much total tonnage to deliver the same number of vehicle-miles over the battery’s seven-year life.


Building one wind turbine requires 900 tons of steel, 2,500 tons of concrete and 45 tons of nonrecyclable plastic. Solar power requires even more cement, steel and glass—not to mention other metals. Global silver and indium mining will jump 250% and 1,200% respectively over the next couple of decades to provide the materials necessary to build the number of solar panels, the International Energy Agency forecasts. World demand for rare-earth elements—which aren’t rare but are rarely mined in America—will rise 300% to 1,000% by 2050 to meet the Paris green goals. If electric vehicles replace conventional cars, demand for cobalt and lithium, will rise more than 20-fold. That doesn’t count batteries to back up wind and solar grids.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 12 2019 15:11 utc | 99

featherless comments... thanks for those! they're funny! and clearly you have the skills of a journalist in today's world!!!

about pat lang again... in reading my book by nassim taleb 'skin in the game', i have to say the only way to respond to intolerance is with intolerance.. in this regard pl and sunni-salafi cult share a lot in common! that is how i see it.. intolerance breeds intolerance.. the only way to respond to it is with intolerance... maybe others have some thoughts on this??

Posted by: james | Aug 12 2019 15:29 utc | 100

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