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August 04, 2019

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2019-45

Last week's posts at Moon of Alabama:

Some outlets fell for the Israeli propaganda: Tinderbox: Israeli military attacks in Iraq could complicate US strategy in Middle East - AL-Monitor

Hundreds attack Hong Kong police station after Tseung Kwan O march turns ugly, with police warning they will disperse protesters - SCMP
Riots in multiple parts of the city, disrupting local businesses. Attacks on police stations, Molotov cocktails thrown against police lines ... It seems the rioters are trying for some Maidan style regime change. Not gonna happen. The police is still holding back but that is likely to change soon.

The UAE tiptoes away from the conflict: Risk of Iran Conflict Forces U.S. Gulf Ally to Rethink Policy - Bloomberg
Trump, via Rand Paul, offer Zarif a sit down in the White House as a way to avoid sanctions against him. Zarif declined. Iran’s Foreign Minister Was Invited to Meet Trump in the Oval Office - New Yorker

A Raytheon salesman leads the Pentagon: Pentagon Chief in Favor of Deploying U.S. Missiles to Asia - NYT

Other issues:

Last week the Syrian army made some progress in Idleb. Starting Friday there was another cease fire but the terrorists broke it the very same day. The intense bombing campaign (vids, English subs) against them will thus continue.
Asma Al-Assad defeated her breast cancer. She gave an interview to Syrian TV: Video with English subs.

737 MAX:
Boeing's Killer Planes - vid, BBC Panorma
Newly stringent FAA tests spur a fundamental software redesign of Boeing’s 737 MAX flight controls - Seattle Times

Gun control:
It's the 215th day of the year. There have been 251 mass shootings in the United States this year. Just imagine what the media would write had those happened in Russia.

US federal court exposes Democratic Party conspiracy against Assange and WikiLeaks - WSWS

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"The Fed is about to embark on a rate cutting cycle that could stoke asset bubbles, forcing it to later cut interest rates back to zero or even negative levels in the future, according to Scott Minerd, global CIO at Guggeheim.

Minerd expects the Fed to cut interest rates by a quarter point Wednesday, but he says the economy is much more in need of better fiscal policy than easier monetary policy. Fiscal policy is not addressing income inequality and other structural issues that are constraining out put and depressing prices.

“The Federal Reserve at the end of the day is combating recession. The only thing it can possibly do is inflate an asset bubble that ultimately is going to unwind and create a problem that is bigger than the one they face today,” said Minerd in a phone interview with CNBC.

“Monetary policy is not going to address the ills in the economy which are more supply-side related. Whether we go straight into a recession from here or the Fed manages to reflate the economy...we’re going to end up in the same place. Maybe it can buy some time but the mop up period, if we have a period of accommodation, would be worse than if we went into recession right now,” he said.

Posted by: O | Aug 7 2019 16:54 utc | 201

the poster o - you're not going to fit in here attacking other posters,...

Posted by: james | Aug 7 2019 18:12 utc | 202

Donkeytale: hmm then I've misunderstood you completely, sorry about that and also for replying late.

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Aug 7 2019 22:06 utc | 203

@ donkeytale | Aug 7 2019 14:56 utc | 194

My thanks go to You in return.

You made a very important statement. Martial Law already exists in the US - but also in other countries that use a variant of the US version. It is called 'Structural Violence' in psychological terms. Those who do not comply with a regime's orders will be crushed by bureaucracy. No where to go - nowhere to hide. This form of violence was first implemented by the Nazis in Germany and that is also where it is widespread today. What people believe about the Germans and their Prussian inheritance is often depicted as being 'overly orderly', but it is much more devastating than that.

Specifically over the last ten years on Hawai'i Island, I witnessed how this form of oppression overgrows a society that proclaims to be one of the 'free', but a quick visit to any of the regime's public offices will suffice to see that this is no longer the case. The America of the 50ies was more humane in this regard. You have an idea for some endeavor - You go for it. That might be a bit simplistic, but applying for a building permit in Hawai'i (and thus likely in other states as well) is an utter nightmare. You wonder if they not only want to wear You out, but also prevent You from building the house You want to live in. DMV, social security, police station, county council - they all have little placards that state that there is no discrimination based on whatever. But there is a directive, an ordinance, a paragraph, or law that will make it a tremendous pain to deal with the regime's public offices. And while people certainly have the means to elect the persons to public office they like to see in those, they have no means to influence the bureaucracy that keeps churning out limitations to the lives of the population.

With close ties to Kanaka Maole - my Hawai'ian friends and family, I have witnessed first hand the ill treatment and siege like limitations thrown at the Hawai'ian people and their culture. Like having forbidden them to speak their language. A martial law on language of sorts, but definitely structural violence of the worst kind. Like throwing Japanese Americans into internment camps because the regime of the time could. Which reflects itself into the present via similar internment practices for another form of 'unwanted' human beings.

Giving up is no option. Although, I have thought about that many times. The ultimate giving up at that. The getting out of life kind. However, I see it now more of a school to deal with the really unwanted stuff. And where there is unwanted stuff, there is also the wanted one. That's the one I focus on. While I moved to another country for reasons of health, I can attest to Your statement of these other countries not only catching up, but really already being there. In ever so subtle and not so subtle ways.

Especially the remark about ideas needing to find a critical mass rings extremely true with me as well. I call it 'self-dynamic' - the Universe's support for an idea whose time has come. When there is more energy in the idea, than in the numbers of people that support it. Such ideas are already growing and nothing can stop them from unfolding. Personally, I am of the inventing kind. Without ever applying monetary considerations to those ideas - as I know that those ideas are not mine in the first place. They were born out of living in this day and time, out of a certain need for e.g. methods of energy use that are more balanced. Like electric cars are fancy - but the cost to create them and dispose of them is never really included. No tail pipe - but strip mining of lithium in the Republic of Congo.

The reason why I accept the right/left divide as being part of the human condition, but not as an ultimate divide of the population lies within the observation that it does not exist in the 'natural' world. It is artificial and not present at birth. Imagine two babies - one of a conservative, the other one of a liberal couple. A sure thing is to allege that the parents will program the babies and subsequent children the same way they were programmed. But it is not in their DNA to remain in the program. Epi-genetics - the child might turn out to be the opposite of what the parents became. In my view, they both need food, clothes and shelter, no matter what political proclivity, or program exists. Now, how the growing people go about their lives will be a reflection of their programming, but nothing is really hardwired. These are more convictions and those can change in a whiffy involuntarily. Do You remember the movie 'Enemy Mine', where two members of a different species end up crash landing on a planet in a space war? A fantastic depiction using metaphorical beings to express one truth: when the situation requires, there are no more differences, or no differences that cannot be bridged.

To stay with this analogy and not really hoping for it, but then maybe wishing for it - a situation in which the American people not only have to, but really decide to overcome this artificial divide when the need arises. Like an asteroid scraping over North America from LA to NY. There are other situations that could create this need to unite a people that were never really separated. My argument has always been that left mothers love their children as much as right mothers. Maybe a bit too simplistic? But I truly believe that - when I remove the outside influence of hate and manipulation, I will arrive at two Mom's who can discuss their experiences in regards to the diapers they use for their babies. Mutuality needs to be given a space, it does not swing by automatically. Not in a world where the only thing that trickles down from the top is division and demagogy.

Last but not least I am also of the belief that 'Direct Democracy' is the way to go. Overboard with the belief that people are too stupid to know what is actually good for them. That is a lie of course and while Switzerland might not be a perfect example, it could point into the general direction of a system of governance that is all-inclusive. Absolutely nobody, no member of the society that they constitute is excluded from finding the necessary solutions that are required for mankind to grow up and out of this pathetic burning of common wealth for the benefit of a few maggots that munch through the public bacon.

Thank You very much for Your response. It is much appreciated. And if I may have come over as impatient, or absolutist, I apologize. My life situation is as dire as it is for way too many people. That makes glitches in conduct possible.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Aug 7 2019 22:14 utc | 204

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