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August 02, 2019

Open Thread 2019-44

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Posted by b on August 2, 2019 at 17:36 UTC | Permalink

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With the INF Treaty now dead, here is an article that looks at which American defense contractors will benefit the most from Washington's ongoing expansion of America's nuclear weapons program:

On the upside, profits and executive compensation at these three companies and other companies involved in the nuclear weapon supply chain continue to grow unabated.

Posted by: Sally Snyder | Aug 2 2019 17:42 utc | 1

In response to the Israeli aerial and cruise missile attacks, why don't the Syrians state the if a new attack occurs, that an Israeli military base in the Golan Heights or some other target will be attacked?

Posted by: chet380 | Aug 2 2019 18:05 utc | 2

I have been investigating the layout problem in the comment section and learned a little CSS. When someone posts a long link that cant be wrapped properly the with of the comments body increases to fit it, making the page too wide for mobile phone displays. This is difficult to solve for mobile browsers because they are very agressive in scaling content.

I am using the following CSS in a custom userscript to modify this website's stylesheet and it works quite well to mitigate the problem:

div.comments-body {
max-width: 95vw;
overflow-wrap: break-word;

The max-width puts an upper limit to each comment's width in percent of the device screen width. I tried other possible solutions but only this works.

The oveflow-wrap causes very long words or hyperlinks to break no matter what, otherwise the text would flow out of its container.

Posted by: Joost | Aug 2 2019 18:21 utc | 3

Humanity imprints upon the abstract and this explains us.

If we can start to recognize this we can free ourselves from it. Every person can do this alone, no one has to wait for anything.

(And that's about as far as I've gotten).

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Aug 2 2019 18:25 utc | 4

Joost : GOOD WORK !

I’m on an ipad mini, and this problem happens regularly, regardless of browsers. Fixing that would be GREAT.

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 2 2019 18:25 utc | 5

US Navy’s most expensive ship ever can’t get ammo to deck, can’t launch new F-35 fighters

Compounding the snafu is the fact that the Ford has not yet been subjected to ‘shock trials.’ This testing involves detonating underwater explosives near a fully-crewed ship to simulate the forces and stresses of combat. If the trials were to find the Gerald R. Ford lacking, the Kennedy too would be scuppered, and the Navy would be left with two combat-unready ships and a $24 billion bill.
Despite the ambiguity surrounding the Ford-class carriers’ combat effectiveness and cost, one party in the story is likely pleased: manufacturer Huntington Ingalls Industries, a shipbuilding spinoff of defense giant Northrop Grumman. In addition to the Ford and Kennedy, the US Navy has awarded the firm a block contract for the construction of two additional Ford-class carriers. Before the contract was awarded, more than 100 lawmakers wrote a letter to then-Defense Secretary Jim Mattis pushing for the two-carrier deal.

During the years preceding WWII (1938-1945), FDR temporarily installed socialism in the USA and developed a "dual industry" in the country. The purpose of the dual industry is to develop a war economy which can be converted back to a "peacetime industry" when the war is over. The concept of dual industry is not revolutionary by itself and certainly wasn't an American invention (the Soviets also applied this concept, hence the myth it spent 18% of its GDP in the military). However, the Americans were, by far, the ones who benefitted the most from it in the aftermath of WWII.

This post-war "boom" made the subsequent POTUS to transform this vice into virtue. The difference was that FDR did what he did by necessity, while his successors did it because they thought that was the way to go for perpetuity. A successful tactic can become a disaster when transformed into a strategy.

Posted by: vk | Aug 2 2019 18:29 utc | 6

How many barflies have Zarif's Twitter in their favs? IMO, the world would be a better place if Lavrov also tweeted. Do check out Zarif's latest as they're quite good.

No New Arms Race--NATO:

"VIDEO: NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg says the alliance will avoid "a new arms race" with Russia and will not deploy new nuclear missiles on European soil after a Cold War missile pact ended."

Now if only European nations would finally begin to deal with the actual, genuine, true threat to their interests--which the documents show has been ongoing for 75+ years--the Outlaw US Empire.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 2 2019 18:40 utc | 7

vk @6--

I know you're addressing political-economy, but did you see this report about the continuing deterioration of USAF readiness, now below 70%? The accompanying chart shows USAF B-1 & B-2 strategic bombers at 51.75% & 60.7%, respectively, with B-52s somewhat better at 69.3%--a total of just over 100 serviceable bombers at any one time! No wonder Iran doesn't fear the Outlaw US Empire's capabilities. And the readiness slide continues--now 6+ years--despite ever increasing monies thrown at the problem.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 2 2019 18:59 utc | 8

While I am aware of Eric Zuesse being somewhat controversial to some people, I do concur with his assessment of the party that should be stripped of the 'Democratic' prefix. There is nothing democratic in this organization and its members are either willful stooges, or the most gullible people on earth - responsible for heinous crimes against humanity under the cover of 'humanitarian aid'.

To even consider to allow this organization to continue in its deception of the American electorate, shows the deepest infiltration of foreign influence, for whom this deception is not only natural, but also compulsive. You may have guessed it, it's not the Russians.

The Democratic Party’s AIPAC Candidates

However, an article by the Strategic Culture Organization, linked to on MOA yesterday

The 'Special Relationship' is collapsing, goes even further. It makes obvious the unholy filth that has been plaguing humanity for a very long time. And while some may find it questionable, it turns out that the Queen does appear to be the longest sitting Fascist in the history of mankind.

Sometimes it is necessary to connect the dots beyond personal beliefs in regards to the real conspiracy against working people all over the world.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Aug 2 2019 19:08 utc | 9

The debate over Capitalism vs. Socialism is BS. The economies that work best are MIXED economies. Denmark, Sweden and Norway are prime examples. They're always referred to as Socialist, but they have mixed economies, as are the U$A and Venezuela. Even Cuba and China are tinkering with a mixed economy.

Could the candidates please grab a clue.


Posted by: ben | Aug 2 2019 19:22 utc | 10

Below is a link to a posting about the US Fed holdings since the 2008 crash

Socializing the profits of Wall Street 10 years on from 2008

The take away quote
WASHINGTON, Aug. 1 (Xinhua) -- Data released by the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) on Thursday showed that the central bank lowered its holdings of U.S. Treasuries and Mortgage Backed Securities.

For the week ending July 31, the average daily figure of Fed holdings of U.S. Treasury securities dropped 1,814 million U.S. dollars to 2,092,212 million dollars.

The majority of U.S. Treasury securities that the Fed holds were longer term securities issued by the U.S. government like Treasury notes and Treasury bonds, which totaled 1,952,410 million dollars, according to the Fed.

The U.S. Federal Reserve purchased government-issued securities and other securities like Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) from the market in order to boost the money supply and encourage lending and investment after the 2008 financial crisis.

The unconventional monetary policy, commonly known as "Quantitative Easing," left the central bank with a massive holding of securities.

This brings me to the question that is growing in my mind. I read on last night about US/China trade details (something like 3 papers/agreements) and then the concept words like upholding multilateralism, and urging "...the U.S. side to grasp the situation, abandon its illusions, correct its mistakes and return to the right track of settling problems via consultations based on equality and mutual respect."

So my question in relation to the context that I continue to push about what the premise of WWIII that we are in is, global private/public finance.

What is in the negotiations about that issue?

Is China being open more than the US about the contents of the negotiations?

The concept of multilateralism is not completely clear to me in relation to the global public/private finance issue and I am not of faith but of questions....

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 2 2019 19:36 utc | 11

An NBC News analysis of the main English-language news sites employed by Russia in its 2016 election meddling shows Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii...........

Since Gabbard announced her intention to run on Jan. 11, there have been at least 20 Gabbard stories on three major Moscow-based English-language websites affiliated with or supportive of the Russian government....

So, 20 stories, on three media outlets. That is 6+2/3 per media.
Since January 11, that is 6+2/3 months.

IOW that is one story per media per month.

Kremlin propaganda was never so brutal and amassed!

I got it americans do not study basic physics or chemistry in schools, but multiplication table they shoulg know. Who is TA for so pathetic propaganda???

Posted by: Arioch | Aug 2 2019 19:54 utc | 12

div.comments-body {

Posted by: Joost | Aug 2 2019 18:21 utc | 3

I suggested similar rule to B two weeks ago, seems he can not add this to forum template.

also, i believe your CSS selector is too generic, user agents (browsers) and sites in general often have special rules for "anchors", so your CSS rule better add yet one more, the anchor-specific selector there, or it can easily be ignored as not specific enough

Posted by: Arioch | Aug 2 2019 19:56 utc | 13

Zerohedge has a story referencing the remarks of the Chinese Ambassador to the UN. Reportedly, he said that Beijing is not going to permit the Hong Kong protests to carry on in the manner to which we have become accustomed.

Posted by: Tsar Nicholas | Aug 2 2019 20:18 utc | 14

I’m on an ipad mini, and this problem happens regularly, regardless of browsers. Fixing that would be GREAT.

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 2 2019 18:25 utc | 5

Frankly, this problm is not problem of B and his site, it is problem of programs we use to read internet, web-browsers. Because those are OUR programs which render his forum on our screens as they see fit.

For example, - first appeared in 2005, and on Apple phones in 2010 - but since then Apple periodically bans it to keep Safari monopoly despite it being obsolete, like Internet Explorer 20 years ago...

Opera in 2005-2006 solved the problem of too long links or other texts back then. Frankly, "small screen rendering" and "medium screen rendering" (aka Fit To Screen Width) were great features even on desktop computers (they were ported from phones to computers quickly) and absolutely needed on phones.

I don't know if they survived in Opera for Apple, it is not specified on Opera site in features list, Apple could request their removal to un-ban competing browser on iPhones.

For example Yandex Browser, which sought to copy many features of original Opera (it was quite popular in Russia), has that "Fit to Width" feature in their desktop and Android version:

But for iOS it seems to only have a read-only analogue:

Posted by: Arioch | Aug 2 2019 20:26 utc | 15

Excellent discussion on Neo-liberalism.

Posted by: ben | Aug 2 2019 20:37 utc | 16

Did a coup by Rosenstein just happen?

Ratcliffe is a no go for the DNI.

"Deputy DNI Sue Gordon is a proven patriot who understands foreign threats, respects the nonpartisan truth, and protects America 24/7. Daughter of a Navy Vice Admiral, mother of 2 Marine captains. Gordon is a great @realDonaldTrump appointee!"

Says Rosenstein.

Posted by: bjd | Aug 2 2019 20:44 utc | 17

@ben #10
Denmark, Sweden and Norway are all nations with enormous natural resources and small populations. The NY metropolitan area, for example, has more people than all 3 put together. Vietnam has almost 5 times the population of all 3; Iran has 4 times the population.
The Scandinavian nations also largely emerged unscathed from World War 1 and World War 2 - having been neutral or opportunistically assisting (to the Germans).

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 2 2019 20:47 utc | 18

@ Posted by: ben | Aug 2 2019 19:22 utc | 10

The Nordic nations are capitalist. The problem with social-democracy is that: 1) it is only possible in some very small countries and 2) even in those countries, it has an expiring date.

The welfare state is essentially dead. For the Nordic mirage of the 21st Century, see this.

Social-democracy is utopic essentially for two reasons:

1) its material base is what Marx called "super profit", i.e. when a national economy has a general profit rate above the global average. This happened in the post-war boom of 1945-1974, essentially because the so-called First World countries -- which make up a tiny fraction of the world population -- enjoyed overwhelming trade surpluses with the vast majority of the world population, which comprise the so-called Third World.

2) besides super profit, the country must have an exceptionally well-organized working class, with the backup of a decisive exterior menace to maximize the danger of a communist revolution. Western European working classes were blessed in the post-war period by its neighbor, the Soviet Union. Imagine the negotiations between the main trade unions of the UK with their bosses: "well, you can deny us that 15% raise, but then all we need to do is ask for some help of our Soviet friends and topple you". To put it simply, it was very easy for the unions at the time to, with minimum effort, extract maximum raises and rights.

When it became clear the USSR was not a menace, and the super profits dried up, social-democracy quickly fell in Western Europe very easily. From the oil crisis of 1974-5 to the double dip recession of 1980-2, there was nothing left standing up besides some remnants in the Nordic countries, France and the NHS in the UK (a relic from the welfare state era which will probably be destroyed now). Welfare State in Germany was finally destroyed in the 2000s, with the Hartz reforms. Italy, the Iberics and the USA never had true welfare states -- which speaks volumes about its restricted nature.

Posted by: vk | Aug 2 2019 20:59 utc | 19

Events in Hong Kong may be less about extradition laws and more about the upcoming election in Taiwan, where the two main candidates are largely identified with either the mainland or the USA. Using the HK protests to provoke a harsh reaction from the HK authorities and/or the Chinese government itself, provides a ready platform for the pro-American candidate. In light of this, the protests will likely continue indefinitely, including violent acts designed to provoke over-reaction.

Posted by: jayc | Aug 2 2019 21:30 utc | 20

don't know why that happened, but the link (s) bring you to the article..

Posted by: james | Aug 2 2019 21:39 utc | 22

I posted a recommendation on two books for this summer, but, I fear, as it got somehow long with the reviews translated, dissapeared into the ether...

A pity, me thinks....

Posted by: Sasha | Aug 2 2019 21:57 utc | 23

When you win the Democratic Party debates and the MSM and BigTech and DNC go into overdrive against you, it suggests you are a rarity, a truth-telling candidate:

Posted by: PJB | Aug 2 2019 22:26 utc | 24

interesting article from john helmer yesterday on russia and iran alliances in connection with navy and more... worth a read..


Posted by: james | Aug 2 2019 22:31 utc | 25

I use Opera Beta, it reflows the text to fit the page width.

Posted by: p | Aug 2 2019 23:00 utc | 26

@ 18 & 19; Soooo What is it you folks don't get about a MIXED economy?

It's a Capitalist Socialist mix. Maybe your Neo-liberal roots are showing?

So maybe you wanna' privatize Fire, police, public ed, and pay tolls for the highway system, to name just a few.

Posted by: ben | Aug 2 2019 23:04 utc | 27

P. S. The U$A has a mixed economy.

Posted by: ben | Aug 2 2019 23:11 utc | 28

good article from M. K. BHADRAKUMAR at indian punchline

Iran’s Zarif drives Trump to insanity

getting the mental midgit pompeo was only a small part of the problem..

Posted by: james | Aug 2 2019 23:30 utc | 29

I will mention this again, to see what people here think, as they are intelligent people. I sent mails to russian and chinese authorities about tjis.

"I will provide you with possible reasons behind the current trade wars and rejection of globalisation by the US. In short, they think that they will save their hegemony, to a certain degree, that way.

There are long term GDP Growth and Socioeconomic Scenarios developed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the OECD, and the world scientific community. They are generally used to measure the impact of Climate change on the World. In order to measure it, Socioeconomic Scenarios were developed, as the level of economic growth in the world is very important for determining the impact of Climate Change in the future. High growth levels will obviously affect Climate Change, so these GDP estimates are important. The scenarios are with time horizon 2100.

For more on this you can check these studies here, some of the many dealing with this topic. They describe the scenarios for the world.

There are 5 main scenarios, or "Shared Socioeconomic Pathways". All of them describe different worlds.

SSP 1 - Green World, economic cooperation, reduced inequality, good education systems. High level of economic growth, fast catch up of the developing world with the developed world. High level of multipolarity.

SSP 2 - More of the same/ Muddling through - continuation of the current trends. Relatively high level of economic growth, relatively fast catch up of the developing world with the developed world. Good level of multipolarity.

SSP 3 - Regional Rivalry - nationalisms, trade wars, lack of global cooperation, fragmentation of the word, environmental degradation. Low levels of economic growth everywhere, the developing world remains poor and undeveloped. Low level of multipolarity, West retains many positions.

SSP 4 Inequality - depicts a world where high-income countries use technological advances to stimulate economic growth; leading to a high capacity to mitigate. In contrast, developments in low income countries are hampered by very low education levels and international barriers to trade. Growth is medium, the catch up process between the developing world and the developed world is not fast. Medium level of multipolarity.

SSP 5 Economic growth and fossil fuels take priority over green world - High levels of economic growth, fast catch up of the developing world with the developed world. High level of multipolarity.

See SSP 3. A world of rivalry, trade wars, trade barriers, lack of global cooperation, and fragmentation, will lead to lower level of growth in the developing world, and thus a slow catch up process. Multipolarity in such a world is weak as the developing world is hampered.

In other words, a world of cooperation between countries will lead to higher economic growth in the developing world, faster catch up process, and thus stronger multipolarity.

Low cooperation, fragmented world, high conflict scenarios consistently lead to low growth in the developing world and thus to the US and the West retaining some of its positions - a world with overall bad economy and low level of multipolarity.

Basically, globalisation is key. The developing world (ex West) was growing slowly before globalisation (before 1990). Globalisation means sharing of technology and knowledge, and companies investing in poorer countries. Outsourcing of western manufacturing. Etc. After globalisation started in 1990, the developing world is growing very well. It is globalisation that is weakening the relative power of the West and empowering the developing world. The US now needs to kill globalisation if it is to stop its relative decline.

So what do we see: exactly attempts to create the SSP 3 scenario. Trade wars, sanctions, attacks on multilateral institutions - the WTO, on international law, on the Paris Climate Change Agreement (which if accepted would put constraints on the US economy), on the UN, bullying of Europe, lack of care for european energy needs, support for Brexit (which weakens Europe), crack down on chinese students and scientists in the US, crack down on chinese access to western science data, demands to remove the perks for poor countries in the WTO, etc. This is hitting economic growth in the whole world and the global economy currently is not well. By destroying the world economy, the US benefits as it hampers the rise of the developing nations.

US President Trump does not do that in order to dismantle the dollar or US hegemony because of so called isolationism, as some may think. Trump does that in order to save US hegemony, implementing policies, in my opinion, devised by the US military/intelligence/science community. They now want to hamper globalisation and create fortress US, in order to bring back manufacturing and save as much as possible of the US Empire. Chaos and lack of cooperation in the world benefit the US. They now realise globalisation no longer serves the US as it leads to the rise of developing nations. Thus they no longer support it and even sabotage it."

Posted by: Passer by | Aug 2 2019 23:39 utc | 30

psychohistorian @11--

You ask, "The concept of multilateralism is not completely clear to me in relation to the global public/private finance issue and I am not of faith but of questions...."

Wikileaks definition:

"In international relations, multilateralism refers to an alliance of multiple countries pursuing a common goal."

The key point for the Chinese during negotiations as I understand them via their published White Paper on the subject is development and the international rules put in place at WTO for nations placed into the Developing category, which get some preferential treatment to help their economies mature. As China often reminds the global public--and officials of the Outlaw US Empire--both the BRI and EAEU projects are about developing the economies of developing economies, that the process is designed to be a Win-Win for all the developing economies involved. This of course differs vastly from what's known as the Washington Consensus, where all developing economies kowtow to the Outlaw US Empire's diktat via the World Bank and IMF and thus become enslaved by dollar dependency/debt. Much is written about the true nature of the Washington Consensus, Perkins Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and Klein's Disaster Capitalism being two of the more recent and devastating, and many nations are able to attest to the Zero-sum results. The result is very few nations are willing to subject their economies to the pillaging via Washington Consensus institutions, which Hudson just recently reviewed.

The Empire is desperate and is looking for ways to keep its Super Imperialism intact and thus continue its policy aimed at Full Spectrum Dominance. But the Empire's abuse of the dollar-centric institutions of international commerce has only served to alienate its users who are openly and actively seeking to form parallel institutions under genuine multilateral control. However as Hudson illustrates, Trump doesn't know what he's doing regarding his trade and international monetary policies. Today's AP above the fold headline in Eugene's The Register Guard screamed "Trump threatens 10% tariffs;" but unusually for such stories, it explains that the 10% is essentially a tax on US consumers, not on Chinese companies, which provides a message opposite of the one Trump wants to impart--that he's being tough on the Chinese when the opposite's true. China will continue to resist the attempts to allow the international financial sharks to swim in Chinese waters as China is well aware of what they'll attempt to accomplish--and it's far easier to keep them out than to get them out once allowed in, although China's anti-corruption laws ought to scare the hell out of the CEOs of those corps.

The Empire wants to continue its longstanding Open Door policy in the realm of target nations opening their economies to the full force of Imperial-based corps so they can use their financial might to wrestle the market from domestic players and institute their Oligopoly. China already experienced the initial Open Door (which was aimed at getting Uncle Sam's share of China during the Unequal Treaties period 115 years ago) and will not allow that to recur. China invokes its right under WTO rules for developing economies to protect their financial services sector from predation; the Empire argues China is beyond a developing economy and must drop its shields. We've read what Hudson advised the Chinese to do--resist and develop a publicly-based yuan-centered financial system that highly taxes privatized rent-seekers while keeping and enhancing state-provided insurance--health, home, auto, life, etc--while keeping restrictions on foreign land ownership since it's jot allowed to purchase similar assets within the domestic US market.

The Outlaw US Empire insists that China give so it can take. Understandably, China says no; what we allow you to do, you should allow us to do. Trump and his trade negotiators continue to insist on China agreeing to an unequal trade treaty. Obviously, the latest proposal was merely a repetition of what came before and was rejected as soon as the meeting got underway, so it ended as quickly as it started. IMO, China can continue to refuse and stand up for its principles, while the world looks on and nods its head in agreement with China as revealed by the increasing desire of nations to become a BRI partner.

It should be noted that Trump's approach while differing from the one pushed by Obama/Kerry/Clinton the goal is the same since the Empire needs the infusion of loot from China to keep its financial dollarized Ponzi Scheme functioning. Russia's a target too, but most of its available loot was already grabbed during the 1990s. D-Party Establishment candidates have yet to let it be known they'll try to do what Trump's failing to do, which of course has nothing to do with aiding the US consumer and everything to do with bolstering Wall Street's Ponzi Scheme.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 2 2019 23:55 utc | 31

karlof1 | Aug 2 2019 23:55 utc | 31

Good comment, karlof1 , i think that the attack against China is attack against the heart of multipolarity. It will be good if b could post about the escalation of the trade war. This is important. The US clearly intends to resist multipoarity, and tries to stop it.

Posted by: Passer by | Aug 3 2019 0:06 utc | 32

@ karlof1 with the response...thanks

If I would have had my act together last night I would have posted another link fro Xinhuanet (can't find now) about how China wants to retain developing nation status and provides as data that the (I think) per capita GDP had gone down....gotten worse in relation to the US per capita GDP.

I keep going back to believing that multilateralism is a code word for no longer allowing empire global private finance hegemony and fiat money.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 3 2019 0:10 utc | 33

Passer by @30--

The continuing practice of Neoliberalism by the Outlaw US Empire and its associated corporations and vassal nations checkmates what you think Trump's trying to accomplish. Hudson has explained it all very well in a series of recent papers and interviews: Neoliberalism is all about growing Financial Capitalism and using it to exert control/hegemony on all aspects of political-economy. Thus, there's no need to sponsor the reindustrialization that would lead to MAGA. Indeed, Trump hasn't proposed any new policy to accomplish his MAGA pledge other than engaging in economic warfare with most other nations. His is a Unilateral Pirate Ship out to plunder all and sundry, including those that elected him.

In your outline, it's very easy to see why BRI is so attractive to other nations as it forwards SSP1. Awhile ago during a discussion of China's development goals, I posted links to its program that's very ambitious and doing very well with its implementation, the main introduction portal being here.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 3 2019 0:19 utc | 34

psychohistorian @11 asked: "The concept of multilateralism is not completely clear to me in relation to the global public/private finance issue and I am not of faith but of questions...."

karlof1 @31 covered it pretty well I think, but I want to try to answer in just a couple sentences (unusual for me).

Global private finance is driven by one thing and one thing only: making maximum profits for the owners quarter by financial quarter.

Global public finance is driven by the agendas of the nations with the public finance, with profits being a secondary or lesser issue.

This boils down to private finance being forever slave to the mindless whims of "The Market™" (hallowed be Its name), while public finance is, by its nature, something that is planned and deliberated. Nobody can guess where "The Market™" (hallowed be Its name) will lead society, though people with the resources like placing bets in stock markets on the direction It is taking us. On the other hand, if people have an idea which direction society should be heading in, public control over finance is a precondition to making it so.

Posted by: William Gruff | Aug 3 2019 0:28 utc | 35

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 3 2019 0:19 utc | 34

"The continuing practice of Neoliberalism by the Outlaw US Empire"

I'm not sure this will be the case anymore -

Former heads of DHS and NSA explain how the U.S. can keep Huawei at bay

"Perhaps more importantly, this proposal demonstrates one way the U.S. can reinforce elements of what the government calls the “national technology and industrial base” (NTIB), the collection of companies who design, build and supply the U.S. with vital national-security related technologies."

Posted by: Passer by | Aug 3 2019 0:32 utc | 36

Latest Jimmy Dore show. More subterfuge from our corporate masters.

Posted by: ben | Aug 3 2019 1:05 utc | 37

Passer by @36--

One of Neoliberalism's assets as Hudson explains is "Intellectual Property" which is another rent-seeking economic segment and part of Trump's Unilateral Pirate Ship. I think you'll benefit from this Hudson paper detailing Cold War 2.0:

"The objective is to gain financial control of global resources and make trade 'partners' pay interest, licensing fees and high prices for products in which the United States enjoys monopoly pricing 'rights' for intellectual property. A trade war thus aims to make other countries dependent on U.S.-controlled food, oil, banking and finance, or high-technology goods whose disruption will cause austerity and suffering until the trade 'partner' surrenders."

The Empire's dilemma is it's made education costs so high it can't get the domestic talent it requires to continue its rapidly diminishing technological superiority, thus the need for "more allies to bypass Huawei"--note the word usage, "bypass", not compete with or surpass, the connotation being its removal as a rival, thus continuing dependency on US-based tech.

Not entirely unrelated is my comment to vk at 8 above. The Outlaw US Empire is most certainly classified as a Complex Society that tries to solve its problems with ever more complex solutions that eventually lead to negative returns that further complicate the problem. (Listen to the podcast here by Joseph Tainter, author of The Collapse Of Complex Societies, where you can also download a pdf copy!) With the USAF and the military as a whole, increasing amounts of money are thrown at ever increasingly complex weapons systems yet performance in all sectors deteriorates while the ability to recruit also degrades. The problems are widely written about and are often cited here. And as we see with Iran and other examples, elegant simplicity can defeat multilayered complexity. But Imperial policy makers continue to double-down which further increases the complexity of the situation. Ouch!!

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 3 2019 1:17 utc | 38

William Gruff @35--

Nice analogy! Thanks much for your endorsement!

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 3 2019 1:18 utc | 39


So that's at least 35M Americans who would get outright rejected for basic Asian sweatshop work, even if they work for free.

But-but-but MAGA will make those Chinese manufacturing jobs return to 'murica!

Posted by: Jonathan | Aug 3 2019 1:20 utc | 40

Kamala Harris (Dem.-AIPAC) goes full-bore Mccarthy after Tulsi Gabbard skewers her in the debates. After attacking Biden in the first debate with a proven winning argument (Racist!), Harris and her campaign now employ the other proven winning argument (Assad apologist! Putin Apologist!) all over the Twittersphere: suddenly #5 trending on Twitter is Assad(!), with MSM joining the frenzy to attack Gabbard. NPR's approach is to never mention Gabbard's name; maybe the only lesson they learned from the 2016 election is to not give coverage to a candidate they despise.

Gabbard needs 130,000 donors ($2 will work) to qualify for the September debates; hope folks will step up, as she's the strongest voice breaking the MIC/Neocon Narrative. Without her in the race, I'd predict those issues will disappear from the media and Presidential campaigns. Of course that's the goal for those forces, but 2020 may be the best chance yet of bursting open that rotten fruit.

Posted by: kabobyak | Aug 3 2019 1:22 utc | 41

Another good essay on the push to take down Tulsi Gabbard:

Posted by: kabobyak | Aug 3 2019 1:48 utc | 42

@ William Gruff who wrote
Global private finance is driven by one thing and one thing only: making maximum profits for the owners quarter by financial quarter.
I agree with the rest but survival comes before the quarterly focused, nose-to-the-grindstone-so-you-can't-look-up profit aspect of the religion.

And right now I posit, China and late empire with the face of Trump are duking it out behind the scenes about public versus private finance changes going forward.

Us pond scum just don't have any view of the process, nor rights to effect the outcome other than through our textual white noise at MoA

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 3 2019 2:06 utc | 43


That's because despite increased overall spending, the infrastructure. maintenance and training budgets of the military are still cut to throw more money on acquiring more uber-expensive but very questionable and impractical shiny new MIC toys.

Posted by: Jonathan | Aug 3 2019 2:09 utc | 44

Is the UK the next target of US disaster capitalism and its asset-stripping vulture capitalists? An article at TruePublica claims exactly this.

A Hard Brexit as pursued by Boris Johnson and his neoliberal cadre in the cabinet would result in financial chaos in Britain - prime conditions for the carpet-baggers such as Paul Singer. Singer is already targeting post-Brexit acquisitions. Soros too would enjoy another crack at shorting the Pound, as he so notoriously did once before.

The Global Alliance Taking Over Britain

Brexit. I haven't really studied it, and emotionally I thought it was a good farewell to EU rule. I've noted that TruePublica has been against it but I resisted their stories until now. There does indeed seem to be a large financial-criminal environment promoting Brexit, and the outline of neoliberal deregulation and plunder rings pretty true to me:

They are rich, powerful, right-wing and made up of individuals, global transnational corporations and religious bigots. On their side, they have the social media and search engine giants. Their connections are a spider’s web that centres around the battle-hardened organisational skillsets of the American ultra-conservatives, and American corporations. Their aim is to dismantle the civil rights and civil liberties protections that have been fought over for the last 100 years. Collectively, they all despise media freedom and the true principles of properly functioning capitalism and of democracy.


In Britain, Brexit – the Trojan Horse of their values will come with the signing of the UK/US trade deal. A propaganda campaign will sell it to the public as the trade deal Britain cannot afford to lose. Any failure will be blamed at the feet of EU or those Remainers branded as disloyal to the nation-state. Once signed, they will start the real work of asset stripping Britain, tearing apart a way of life and reimaging the country in their distorted worldview.

I especially liked some of the links to the crimes both underlying and undermining the Brexit push. I found the article courtesy of Strategic Culture but linked directly to TruePublica, as the source, and because some of the collateral includes their previous stories at the same site.

The article itself paints on a fairly large canvas, large enough to think that in the US, and wherever else these global predatory corporations live, Europe itself must look like really rich pickings, if it could be edged increasingly into growing chaos and fragmentation.

Posted by: Grieved | Aug 3 2019 2:50 utc | 45

Let me go back to my spinning plate analogy in relation to late empire and narrative control/power projection

Late empire has all the spinning plates of conflict in Syria, Turkey, Iran, China, Venezuela, Russia, Cuba, Ukraine, Hong Kong, I am getting projections of "fiat" power and narrative control. I use the term fiat because you believe it until you don't and then it is not worth anything.

Next I want to describe two views of America

One is of a few hundred million folks that consume way more resources than the rest of the world, much of it wasted, because profit. Americans formed the engine of empire until 1971 when money became fiat and the financialization of everything became paramount, offshoring, etc. which led to the hollowing out, dumbing down and finance/service sector growth and loss of manufacturing sector capability. As karlof1 has explained and others, FDR created what represents the social safety net that the elite have been trying to destroy ever since. And that just may occur as the citizens of America are bankrupt by the government in the coming crash to protect the elite of global private finance.....more than was done in 2008. The West lives with a fiat money system which means that all "cash" is worthless and when the faith in it goes, as is the intention of China, I suspect, people will learn quickly the difference between and more of the history of debt/fiat money and precious metal backed will be ugly for a while.

The second view I want to share of America is the empire face that didn't use to be there as strongly or FDR would have never been able to do what he did back then. To me, one of the major inflection points was in the 1950's when the US government was manipulated enough as well as the public to change the US Motto form Out of Many, One (E Pluribus Unum) to In God We Trust. America was founded as a secular nation but has been corrupted by the monotheistic sorts to marry faith in "Christianity" with un-talked-about faith in global private finance/God of Mammon. Other have commented about how the US is a mixed economy and only since outsourcing misrepresentations came the clouding of the socialistic aspects of America, USPS, highway systems, BPA, TVA, and where I grew up Tacoma Power, all socialistic organizations. And then in 1971 the powers behind the US Nixon government went away from value backed money to fiat specie which is better know as reflecting debt.

The point I am trying to make here is that the West has a mixed economy but no civilization "culture" like China because the analogy in the West is the soap opera caused by the elite that own global private finance at the top and everybody else below......inheritance over merit makes for strange culture that idolizes bullies and might-makes-right methods of social "interaction". I expect the cancer of global private finance will be "tamed" in the West because of the China axis but there will be challenges to deprecate the God of Mammon culture with something better but still be Western.

What comes after the God of Mammon culture of the West?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 3 2019 2:53 utc | 46

re Posted by: Arioch | Aug 2 2019 20:26 utc | # 15

Has anyone ever got the Yandex browser to function reliably using english or any other non-Cyrillic script long term. Despite updating uninstall reinstall ad infinitum I have lost count of the number of times it decides to translate every site into Brazilian Portuguese for what reason I do not know. It is a shame because I would like to use it figuring that even if it is as nosily instrusive as all the other browsers which is doubtful, the data Yandex gathered off me from the other side of the planet wouldn't be much use to them,.

Most of the issues begin when I use a vpn and that it a nuisance because who doesn't use a vpn in 2019?

Posted by: A User | Aug 3 2019 3:15 utc | 47

The debate over Capitalism vs. Socialism is BS. The economies that work best are MIXED economies.
Posted by: ben | Aug 2 2019 19:22 utc | 10

I beg to differ.
The factor which shot the Capitalist Dream in the foot was the ability of the Rich to buy politicians in order to reduce, and all but eliminate, sane financial, and electoral, regulation. A Socialist govt could fall into the same trap if its politicians were For Sale to the highest bidder.

Prior to the 1970's in the West, the income of The Rich was taxed at a very high rate. When Rich individuals died their Estate was was subject to Inheritance Tax (Death Duty).

We don't need more mixed-up definitions of what constitutes a viable National Economy. We need whatever variety of National Economy we have at present to be strictly REGULATED for fairness and the Greater Good.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 3 2019 3:23 utc | 48

It's oh-so-easy to fall for fake news

someone somewhere @39: Epstein wanted to 'seed' human race ...

They don't want you looking any further than Epstein the perv.

I'm looking forward to the next article (last in the series) that will talk about Epstein's connections to the Mega Group and Mossad.

kabobyak @45: Empire coming for Tusli

LOL. Democracy Works!

Anyone that places any credence in this election farce is smoking something.

Grieved @48: A Hard Brexit as pursued by Boris Johnson

Fears of a harsh neolib regime and US takeover is simply FUD to allow BoJo to deliver exactly what the establishment wants: to remain in the EU.

The establishment have bemoaned the Brexit vote from the day it was cast, complaining that the people didn't really understand what they voted for. Now BoJo has tricked Corbyn into calling for a vote on his Brexit plans and Corbyn has said that Labor doesn't like those plans, they will campaign for "Remain" - which clearly indicates that 'Remain' (or suffer!) will be on the ballot.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 3 2019 3:24 utc | 49

It appears to me, a simple citizen of planet earth that the temporary joining together of both halves of the american empire party in order to prevent a fellow DC politician from being installed as the Director Intelligence will enter the history books as the classic example, the epitome of how the deep state or secret state or whatever this a-democratic & inhuman coalition of the ungood and the greedy is finally called.

The what to they call it in the US? Ah dog and pony show, that's right; anyway this dog and pony show has become much more practised and polished in its performance since the trump asshole was initially installed. It took them forever to purge Flynn as National Security advisor which wasn't even a cabinet position.
Now after one trump trial balloon tweet, the scum floating on the surface of the DC cesspool quickly drop all the animosity that they reckon they feel for each other and unite to make sure that the only advice the orange fool can access is their advice.

Trump should just go for temporary appointments, I dunno how disadvantaged a temp is at that level, but it would stop the MIC from gaining the complete control they currently have.

Posted by: A User | Aug 3 2019 3:40 utc | 50

737Max.---Boeing's Secret Nightmare.

Earlier in the 737 program, long before MCAS software addition, there were instructions for using "roller coaster " procedure to recover from stuck-stabilizer failure when excessive forces had to be overcome to use the manual correction wheel [next to each pilot's inboard knee] . At some early point, that procedure was no longer taught as there were only very rare causes of stuck/failed stabilizer that were easily handled [no MCAS software program that repeatedly forces the stabilizer to pitch-down, which counters each crew correction toward level flight].

With MCAS added to 737MAX, that "rollercoaster" procedure was neither taught nor even available in the existing simulators used for training. WHY?
Q--Well, what if it was taught? And in the manual? Then either the procedure must be added to all the existing simulators, worldwide, or new simulators designed and sold before any pilots could qualify.
Now you ask "So what?"
Kaboom! Then the real debacle would be discovered and quickly exposed to all training pilots and obxervers.

Namely, in simulator training, some male pilots would fail by not have the strength to manually turn the correcting wheel. Even more female pilots would almost certainly fail.
Recall that the wheel is next to the inboard knee of each pilot. Thus, except for ambidextrous pilots, the week arm would often be next to the wheel! [To wit: Right-handed left-seat pilot has strong arm next to wheel; but right-handed right-seat co-pilot would have weak arm next to wheel.

The 737 series was introduced in operation in late 1960s, when female commercial pilots were a rarity.

Now it is 2018, with MCAS added, how were the huge numbers of female pilots, worldwide, going to be accomodated? De-selected? A marketing nightmare!

Furthermore, without hugely expensive re-design/engineering/certification and re-training of all pilots and maintenance in brand new simulators? Well, that gives the lie to 737MAX being a routine upgrade needing just quickie updates for any 737-series pilots. And thus no sales advantages vis-a-vis Airbus ! Or Bombardier or Embraer. In fact, there would clearly be sales disadvantages including unworkable profit margins.

Besides, existing management will get rich and retire long before the problems ever appear!
We can just gum it to death and let the lawyers howl and feast on billable hours. Our personal success is certain. [The hired,chief execs viewpoint, as opposed to the long-dead founder's intent.]

Posted by: chu teh | Aug 3 2019 3:50 utc | 51

Adding to my comment @52 ...

The Biden-Gabbard ticket that may be developing is reminiscent of McCain-Palin and is likely to be just as successful (that is, NOT).

Trump needs more than 4 years to attempt restoration of the Empire - and he'll get it.

<> <> <> <> <> <>

In 2016, Sanders was Hillary's sheepdog.

In 2020, the Democratic Party sheepdogs for democracy itself.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 3 2019 4:05 utc | 52

@ 51 said; "We don't need more mixed-up definitions of what constitutes a viable National Economy. We need whatever variety of National Economy we have at present to be strictly REGULATED for fairness and the Greater Good."

Mixed economies isn't a definition, it's a reality, and you too live in one, if you have national healthcare. I Agree totally
with the STRICTLY REGULATED part. As long as fairness and the greater good are served...

Posted by: ben | Aug 3 2019 4:10 utc | 53

P.S. Any service paid for collectively through taxes is Socialism.

Posted by: ben | Aug 3 2019 4:17 utc | 54

jackrabbit @ 52

To add to that, Gabbard and Putin have been having sex for years. The NYT has discovered a sexual relationship has gone on for years having been conducted off Hawaii on a Russian ship.

Seriously, send her a donation. I would love to see her demolish a few more candidates.

Kamala Harris: A Study in Showboating

Kamala Harris: Part 2

Posted by: dltravers | Aug 3 2019 4:33 utc | 55

Gabbard needs 130,000 donors ($2 will work) to qualify for the September debates; hope folks will step up, as she's the strongest voice breaking the MIC/Neocon Narrative. Without her in the race, I'd predict those issues will disappear from the media and Presidential campaigns. Of course that's the goal for those forces, but 2020 may be the best chance yet of bursting open that rotten fruit.

Posted by: kabobyak | Aug 3 2019 1:22 utc | 44

Bow, bow, to the great kabobyak! Bow, bow, to the great kabobyak! (for the correct tune, check "Miya sama, Mikado", for original tune, check "Miya-san, miya san"). Our after the kabobyak appeal, Gabbard raised the number of donations above 150,000!

Some commenters had justified objections to Gabbard, but the game here is to shake the "bipartisan consensus" to inflict "maximum misery" to all perceived opponents of USA. It is not easy to convey this message to the American majority. And Tulsi has other positive messages too, she apparently eviscerated Kamala Harris for her past as a cruelly heartless prosecutor, fighting to keep innocent in prison. Mind you, Hillary, Kamala etc. do those things out of conviction that it is popular, or that the public is divided as follows: those who donate to campaigns and those who do not care. Once they are properly scared, politicians can actually improve. Alas, for decades they were "improperly scared", thus concluding that to survive on the national (or state-wide) arena they need a psychopathic persona.

BTW, there are websites tabulating donations and industries, and Gabbard is apparently supported by fitness clubs. Survival of the fittest may be actually a positive social value.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Aug 3 2019 4:35 utc | 56

@ 58; LOL!

Posted by: ben | Aug 3 2019 4:36 utc | 57

psychohistorian @49--

Since @ 1,000BC, what Class has benefitted the most and how was that done? Yes, their "God" has many names, the one you ascribe is Mammon. When Nixon went off gold, which Class benefitted the most and why? And before Nixon went off gold, FDR went off gold, which Class benefitted and why? I could continue enumerating the numerous Financial Crises that have occurred within the British and Outlaw US Empires--yes, the Brits have had their share but for differing reasons & ever since Thatcher have seen their Public Assets stripped ever more and to which Class's benefit?

It ought to be clear the Creditor Class--The Money Power--is the "Western" People's #1 Enemy over the past 3,000+ years, but where are the books detailing that fact or fictions related to it? Seems pretty quiet ever since Jesus threw out the money changers/creditors from the Temple--who else has done so and when or why not? What happened to the attempt to attack the Money Power via the Occupy Wall Street Initiative? William Greider wrote a great book, Who Will Tell the People that mainly fell on deaf ears as nothing stirred. Nader ran several times and was muted by Big Lie Media--why and which Class benefitted? The answers are always the same. Isn't it time the equation was changed so the answers are no longer the same?

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 3 2019 5:15 utc | 58

Is Josh Rogin at The Washington Post paid by MIC to trash a current U.S.service member Gabbard ? Thank you for speaking Truth Tulsi. BDS !!! Free Assange and Manning. Moosad may hire him. Oh wait, AIPAC if not already. What Freshman D # R Congress Critters are going on all expense paid visit to Israel very soon? A free young women from Israeli Occupied area hopefully will be in the U.S. for maybe a year. BDS

Posted by: chucknobomb | Aug 3 2019 5:21 utc | 59

c1ue @18

The Scandinavian nations also largely emerged unscathed from World War 1 and World War 2 - having been neutral or opportunistically assisting (to the Germans).

I don't mind criticism of my country, because there is a lot to criticize. We are indeed small with a lot of natural resources. However, your understanding of history is incomplete wrt. Norway and WWII. Norway was occupied by the German Nazis for 5 years (April 9, 1940 - May 8, 1945). A member of my family were put in concentration camp style prison. If you call that "opportunistically assisting" your dictionary is different from mine.

Posted by: Norwegian | Aug 3 2019 5:45 utc | 60

@57 ben quote - "P.S. Any service paid for collectively through taxes is Socialism."

you mean like wall street circa 2008??? is wall st now socialism?? looks like it..

Posted by: james | Aug 3 2019 6:03 utc | 61

B team tries to go via Iraq and Israel

Looks like Israel tries to pretend they can act independently from the US.
I don't know what this type of report tries to do.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 3 2019 6:34 utc | 62

Turkey, Russia and Iran’s joint statement rejects Kurds’ ‘separatist’ agenda in Syria

The three countries also declared their opposition to the autonomous regions set up by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and predominantly Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in northern Syria, saying in the statement that they “rejected … all attempts to create new realities on the ground under the pretext of combating terrorism.”

The Kurdish groups established a large, self-governing territory in the north and east of Syria after driving the Islamic State (ISIS) out of the area.

Kudish take on the US position

Jeffrey also provided some insight into the nature of the Islamic State: it is primarily local. That is similar to what Najmaldin Karim, governor of Kirkuk province until the October 2017 Iranian-Iraqi assault on Kirkuk, told Kurdistan 24. Jeffrey explained that the SDF holds some 10,000 “terrorist fighters” from the Islamic State. “Most of them, about 8,000, are Iraqi or Syrian nationals,” he said.

Similarly, the families of Islamic State members are predominantly Iraqi and Syrian. There are some 70,000 women and children at Al Hol camp, of which 60,000 are Iraqis or Syrians.

The Islamic State fighters from Iraq are to be moved to Iraq, Jeffrey explained, while the Syrian fighters are to be put on trial in Syria. He called on other countries to take their nationals back and put them on trial, as well.

Amb. Nathan Sales, the State Department’s Counterterrorism Coordinator, spoke alongside Jeffrey. Inadvertently, Sales suggested the inefficacy of the war on terror that the US has fought since the September 11, 2001, attacks: nearly 19 years ago.

The George W. Bush administration believed it would finish that war during its eight years in office. But, of course, that has not proven to be the case at all.

As Sales explained, the Islamic State may be largely defeated in Iraq and Syria, but its “brand lives on around the world.”

“ISIS-linked groups are on the rise,” he continued, citing Africa as a particular example. “ISIS branches and networks now span” the entire continent “from east to west and north to south.”

Asked about al Qaida, Sales responded that it “is as strong as it has ever been,” suggesting it has been rebuilding, while the US has been focused on the Islamic State.

The briefing concluded with the question: where have you been successful?

Sales responded, “Every time somebody is taken off the battlefield and incarcerated” and “especially every time one of those detainees is then taken back home and prosecuted, that’s a success story right there.”

A retired Army officer responded to that comment, asking “Does he remember Vietnam? That’s body counts!”

A key metric for the US military in Vietnam was the number of enemy killed in conflict. It proved meaningless.

Another retired officer, involved in post-Vietnam military reform, related a telling story. Older officers resented his efforts, which, in effect, were tantamount to the charge that their strategy had been fundamentally flawed.

They claimed the US had won in Vietnam. “How could they say that?,” this reporter asked in astonishment. “Because we killed more of them than they killed of us,” he replied.

But, of course, the US really did lose that war.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 3 2019 7:18 utc | 63

Ok. This explains why Israel tries to threaten Iraq,

PM Shtayyeh discovers genuine love for Palestine in Iraq

Ever since Adel Abdul Mahdi became the prime minister of Iraq, Palestinian officials have been encouraged to go to Baghdad. They were told that the new Iraqi prime minister who, according to PLO officials in Ramallah, spent time in the 1980s in Lebanon and was very close to the PLO at the time, and his team have a genuine love for Palestine and are willing to translate this into strategic support.

Nabil Shaath, senior international affairs adviser to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, paid a five-day visit to Iraq on June 23-27, where he met senior Iraqi officials and gave a series of lectures. After his return to Ramallah, Shaath told Al-Monitor that the trip was successful, saying that Iraq is coming back strong, is united and diverse and its prime minister has a genuine love for Palestine.

While much of Shaath’s trip was focused on countering the US-led Bahraini economic workshop — which Iraq, like Palestine, boycotted — the visit prepared for a much wider governmental visit that would deal with substantive economic issues.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 3 2019 7:39 utc | 64

The debate over Capitalism vs. Socialism is BS. The economies that work best are MIXED economies. by: ben @ 10

I beg to differ. <=The factor which shot the Capitalist Dream in the foot was the ability of the Rich to buy politicians in order to reduce, and all but eliminate, sane financial, and electoral, regulation. A Socialist govt could fall into the same trap if its politicians were For Sale to the highest bidder.

<=Prior to the 1970's in the West, the income of The Rich was taxed at a very high rate. When Rich individuals died their Estate was was subject to Inheritance Tax (Death Duty).

<=We (capitalism) (as opposed to economic Zionism) need whatever variety of National Economy we have at present to be strictly REGULATED for fairness and the Greater Good.

by: Hoarsewhisperer @ 51 < I agree.. the problem is corruption at every level throughout USA occupied America.
moreover, it is that only the corrupt are allowed to occupy a place of decision making in either government or corporations. The USA has totally corrupted America!

Brexit push links to anticipatory criminal predatory corporate plunder and the growing chaos and fragmentation. by: Grieved @ 48 <= i think you nailed it..
“Turns out it was Britain that was the foreign country interfering in American affairs,” (hope I got this right )

“Turns out it was Britain that was the foreign country interfering in American affairs,” former MP George Galloway told RT, speaking about the new revelations published by the Guardian about early British involvement in the ‘Russiagate’ investigation. <= blaming the UK for the Russian interference in USA politics.. ???

Posted by: snake | Aug 3 2019 7:41 utc | 65

Posted by: Norwegian | Aug 3 2019 5:45 utc | 62

and Danish people saved their Jews

Posted by: somebody | Aug 3 2019 7:46 utc | 66

Piotr Berman @59

Thanks for the bow, bow, I'm glad the appeal worked so successfully! I had underestimated MOA's wide reach; should be easy now to get Tulsi's polling to above 1%.

No claim here that Gabbard is perfect on every issue; even MOA commentators would disagree on defining what that would be. Her vote (along with 397 other Reps.) the other day for the awful Anti-BDS bill was disappointing, I'm not sure if that vote was heartfelt or just for expediency to avoid political suicide, but if she's going to shift at all the Empire's war stance acquiescing to AIPAC is not the way to do it.

As Caitlin Johnstone writes, the fact that Gabbard is under such attack by war cheerleaders like Lindsey Graham and Josh Rogin shows they view her as a threat to their narrative control. As Jackrabbit@52 says, the election may be a farce; but Tulsi Gabbard is using her campaign, appearances on MSM (and other media like Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore), and the debates to expose some rot to millions that is otherwise mostly hidden. I hope she's still in it for the September debates.

Posted by: kabobyak | Aug 3 2019 8:55 utc | 67

@ Grieved | Aug 3 2019 2:50 utc | 48

--Looks like the [Vikings] are pillaging the Isles again...

"Europe itself must look like really rich pickings, if it could be edged increasingly into growing chaos and fragmentation."

--Europe doesn't even need to be "edged"--it's already there.

Posted by: Anacharsis | Aug 3 2019 9:48 utc | 68

kabobyak #45

Whats the appeal of Tulsi? She is a former CFR member that is also in bed with the Adelsons. At best she would be another Obama, at worst a new Trump.

Posted by: d. | Aug 3 2019 10:31 utc | 69

d. @ 70

It seems people don't really want to see Tulsi as president so much as to see her on the next debate stage.

Posted by: Anacharsis | Aug 3 2019 10:44 utc | 70

I used to think the Guardian couldn't sink any further into hypocrisy but it has:

The internal emails, released after a freedom of information request by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, revealed the council attempted to assess the Big Ride website according to the rubric of the controversial IHRA definition.

A few months back the Guardian was pushing for various organisations, including the British Labour Party, to adopt the IHRA definition to combat so-called anti-semitism. I don't remember it suggesting then that the IHRA definition was controversial then.

BTW, it has become very clear to me that the US withdrawal from the JCPOA with Iran was co-ordinated with the western European signatories (France, United Kingdom, Germany and EU) so that "maximum pressure" can be maintained on Iran while F/UK/DE/EU do nothing to honour their commitments at the same time making it appear that it's Iran in breach rather than the US/F/UK/DE/EU. Iran is aware of this and taking action to ensure its preservation. War is coming and F/UY/DE/EU will be involved on the side of the Great Satan.

Posted by: Ghost Ship | Aug 3 2019 10:55 utc | 71

D. @ 70

I guess we don't really know what Gabbard would be. All the Dems and Repubs have bad connections; almost all have pushed (or are still pushing) the lunatic Russiagate hoax, and that includes Bernie. OK to sit back and watch the circus, but if Gabbard gets no support for what she is currently speaking out on, it sends a strong message to anyone else thinking of carrying the water further on issues of war and peace.

Posted by: kabobyak | Aug 3 2019 10:58 utc | 72

@ karlof1 | Aug 2 2019 23:55 utc | 31

A bit of quibble: The definition used:

Wikileaks definition:

"In international relations, multilateralism refers to an alliance of multiple countries pursuing a common goal."

That definition sounds more like a treaty for common support, much like the treaties among the Axis and the treaties among the Alliance that led into both world wars.

Multilateralism would be better defined as agreement that eack can pursue their own interests within the bounds stipulated by such agreement.

Now to take the time to read your essay and the intervening commentaries.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Aug 3 2019 11:08 utc | 73

Posted by: d. | Aug 3 2019 10:31 utc | 70

"At best she would be another Obama, at worst a new Trump."

--I think it may be more honest to history (of course I can't see the future) to say at worst another Obama, at best a new Trump: Obama waged much murder and mayhem worldwide with his left hand while denying (or just ignoring) it with his right and a smile on his duplicitous face; Trump has avoided all the wars everyone had pre-attributed to him. Go figure...

Posted by: Anacharsis | Aug 3 2019 11:13 utc | 74

@ # 41 > "With the USAF and the military as a whole, increasing amounts of money are thrown at ever increasingly complex weapons systems yet performance in all sectors deteriorates while the ability to recruit also degrades. The problems are widely written..."

Indeed, Ruskie General recently remarked specific to electronic countermeasures/jammers that the more complex they are, the easier they are to confound or defeat.

The general principle operates in all realms.

I did make a note of the guy's name...but it is obvious, isn't it? I mean one has only to look...

Posted by: Walter | Aug 3 2019 11:27 utc | 75

C1ue @ 18:

Both Denmark and Norway were occupied by Nazi Germany during the 1940s. Norway's metal resources were required by Nazi Germany for its war effort against Russia. Finland rather reluctantly was a German ally during the early 1940s, due to both countries having a common enemy in the Soviet Union for different reasons.

The issue of Danish and Norwegian collaboration with the Nazis seems still to be a controversial issue in those countries, though perhaps not so much as Swedish collaboration was with the Nazis. Incidentally the fact that Sweden collaborated with Nazi Germany was a sticking point with the public in Denmark and Norway for a long time, the feeling being that Sweden should have helped the resistance movements in those countries rather than work with the enemy.

The Norwegian government and monarchy opted to live in exile in London during the period of Nazi rule, whereas the Danish government and monarchy stayed put in Copenhagen.

Economically Sweden did well out collaborating with Germany as did Denmark but Norway's economy suffered. Finland had to build and industrialise its economy after the war due to large reparations it had to pay to the Soviets, which in time developed into a special economic relationship that actually benefited Finland in a way, as the Soviet Union became more or less a permanent market for certain of Finland's products, at least until the Soviet collapse in 1991.

Incidentally the "cradle to grave" social welfare society that people associate with the Scandinavian countries and Finland might not have been possible had these countries not had eugenics policies in place to weed out people (mostly young women and teenage girls) deemed "mentally defective" or undesirable in some way, and therefore subject to compulsory sterilisation. This eugenics policy lasted the longest in Sweden from the 1930s at least (and maybe starting a decade or more before) to 1975.

Indeed it seems that eugenics was the flip side of a view of a supposedly inclusive society in which everyone was part of one big happy family where they would all support one another - provided that everyone conformed to a very narrow set of rules and conventions in which individuality was stifled and no-one was better than anyone else.

"... While eugenic motives played a role in the sterilizations, economic aspects were also important. When child allowances - monthly payments to families for each child, administered by the tax-funded national social insurance scheme - were introduced in the 1950s, the number of forced sterilizations of the "undesirable" part of the population doubled. The Swedish concept of the "people’s home", formulated in the 1930s and the most influential vision in Swedish politics, was based on the ideal of a closely-knit, homogenous society - similar to a family - where all members would support each other. Each one would contribute according to one’s abilities and would receive according to one’s needs. The folkhem - as the concept is called in Swedish - was to become the foundation of decades of peaceful labor relations, far-reaching social reforms and unprecedented economic growth.

The dark side to this model was the harsh demand for conformity. People who did not correspond to the ideal of this new society were not welcome. For example, a recent newspaper article reported the case of a girl in her late teens who in the late 1940s was sterilized against her will. The justification given in her journal was the comment that she had often been seen hanging around the town’s dancing hall ..."

Posted by: Hor, Jennifer | Aug 3 2019 11:33 utc | 76

I would like to point to the following article ,for those who read French and are interested in the policies of the Macron regime towards protests from french citizens.It appeared on the website Agoravox,which offers a forum for anyone wanting to write and publish.Of course there are regular authors that publish on one specific subject,like Ukraine,or the Empire,but if you want- to write about gardening,or climate change ,you can do it.At the moment there is even an article of some iranian defending MEK,and an emirati author,who gives always a hallugenic view on middle-eastern events.

Anyways,this article provides a lot of information about the violence that is bestowed upon the protesting citizen,by an unleashed police force,who becomes more and more violent beacause of its uncountability.Whenever there is enquiry,it is police enquiring police.

I translate and paraphrase some quotes:
Since the beginning of the yellow vest protests end of november 2019 there have been made 11000 arrests,without proof,it's the police that decides.There are 2000 condemnations of people that never were known to be outside the law.The arrested people are kept in a small cell ,with up to twenty persons,without sanitary equipment,stinking piss,and maybe released after 24 hours.The Order of French Lawyers sais it has nothing to do with exercising justice,when after such a confinement you must chose to accept or refuse "comparution immediate",thus to accept being judged immediately,with a lawyer appointed,who has no time to study your file,or staying in detention for maybe months,to prepare your trial.

There have been 4000 injuries,300 grave injuries,like head injuries,losing hands,comas,26 people lost an eye.(While Macron and his ministers are concerned about the health of Navalny,they say bluntly that- those injuries are all fault of the protestors,who'd better stay home.)Police make a lavish use of LBD granade lancers,a weapon of war class A2 according to international standards.France is the only european country that uses them,and the Swiss manufacturer needed a derogation to export them.There have been 19000 shots of LBD and 4000 grenades fired.
The death of Zaynab Ridouane,in Marseille,a lady 82 years,on the second floor of her appartment,who was closing the volets of her window when two shots were deliberately fired.The enquiry said she died of heart failure.The death of Steve Maya Caniço,which is now focused upon in the media,was caused,on the day of la fête de la musique,when a police charge drove 14 people assisting a techno concert at 4 A.M on the quai of the Loire right into the river,after falling down seven meters.The young man,who couldnt swim drowned and his corpse was found last week.Police inquiry sais he was drowned but not in relation to the police charge.Now the prefect of Nantes has prohibited a memory march for Steve.At the same time white collar criminals like tax evading ministers are still walking free.Officials,ministers and Macronist party representatives are lying all the time now,rarely confounded in MSM.

The author's main point,and I think he is right,is that Macron has to fulfill the recommendations of the European Council,a.k.a. GOPE(Grand Orientations de la Politique Economique)like his predecessors Sarkozy and Hollande,and that in view of the protests to come he is doubling down on state violence to put fear in the citizens so that they will stay home.Of course the media in France,who put Macron in power,and 95% of which are owned by a handful of billionaires and weapon industrials,are minimizing protestors in numbers and legitimacy.,in the same time worrying about Russian and Chinese state violence towards Putin-contestot no.1 Navalny and HongKong protesters.
The GOPE are actually the directives that would completely abolish all the post-war social achievements of the french people.After the war de Gaulle and the communists put on a welfare system pensions,and other social and equal laws.Since the fall of the USSR they are demolishing it,bit by bit.Now the GOPE for 2019 show this:diminishing of social spending,and public spending.Gains in efficiency,etc.There is also the pension reform coming up.
Violence is the last resort of Macron and his fascist clique to get those thçngs done,and with less than 15% population support you can reign the world in France.

Where will it all end?Suicide among police man have reached 45 cases this year up till now,more than last year's total.This is not getting away by itself.

Posted by: willie | Aug 3 2019 11:50 utc | 77

willie @78

The young man,who couldnt swim drowned and his corpse was found last week.Police inquiry sais he was drowned but not in relation to the police charge.Now the prefect of Nantes has prohibited a memory march for Steve.

The situation in France needs a lot more exposure. It seems the prohibition was unsuccessful, there is a big march ongoing (video)

Protesters Hold March of Silence in Nantes After Man Dies Amid Clashes With Police

Posted by: Norwegian | Aug 3 2019 12:09 utc | 78


This almost makes me think shes a Zionist plant to destroy the Democratic candidates, not to win.

Posted by: j | Aug 3 2019 12:39 utc | 79


The entire situation going into war with Iran looks awful for the Zio-American coalition. Where will they even invade from? Iraq, invaded in 2003, is hostile to them...

Posted by: j | Aug 3 2019 12:43 utc | 80


Yes, Zionists have been working overtime for years trumpeting their message of anti-interventionism, no war with Iran, and curtailing the chaos wars in Iraq, Syria... Makes perfect sense they would recruit Tulsi Gabbard to spread those agendas far and wide to the masses. I'm glad to finally see the plot revealed.

Posted by: kabobyak | Aug 3 2019 12:57 utc | 81

Hor, Jennifer @77:

Thanks for filling in some history in Scandinavia. Refreshed my rather incomplete memory of that region's history.

Eugenics has always been, is always, about snotty rich people who don't want to "pay" for others with "their" money. And the corrective for that is to take back "their" money and put it back to use in the economy, i.e. have the government tax the heck out of them and "pay" that to anybody that needs it. Take it all if they won't sit down and shut up.

Nobody cares about the poor unless the poor get in their way or cost them some money. Otherwise they can just die where they are, no problem. Best solution really.

The essence of economic and political "equality" is to forbid great accumulation of wealth beyond personal need, forbid the treatment of government as a business. It is not a business, it's objective is not profit for itself. An egalitarian economy requires the government to govern the public and itself, and to regulate as its chattel the economy that meets its citizens' needs. Essentila to that is that the government be directly and promptly accountable to its citizens for its actions. Direct democracy is essential.

Unfortunately, since humans beings are big apes obsessed with social status and other monkey political obsessions like sex, tribal affiliations, and power, this can be tricky to pull off. But on the other hand, considering the situation we are in now, corrupting our own environment and unable to stop, I'd say we have nothing better to do than get our political act together, finally, instead of letting the greedist shitheads run everything.

Again, thanks for your additions to the conversation.

It doesn't seem to have panned out the way intended, in any case, all that purity shit went right out the window later on.

Posted by: Bemildred | Aug 3 2019 12:59 utc | 82

Anacharsis @ 71 and d @ 70

There is plenty not to like about Tulsi Gabbard. Maybe someday I will dislike her as much as I dislike Kamilla Harris and some of the others. Whoever wins, we will end up with the same bureaucracy anyway so it will pretty much business as usual.

Posted by: dltravers | Aug 3 2019 13:30 utc | 83

>> As Caitlin Johnstone writes, the fact that Gabbard is under such attack
>> by war cheerleaders like Lindsey Graham and Josh Rogin shows they
>> view her as a threat to their narrative control.

Yes, it “shows”.

The appearance of a fight “shows” they’re actually fighting. It “shows” you that the DNC and American democracy isn’t a complete sham. So you found someone (within the establishment and who votes establishment) you can pour your heart, energy, and money into. And who will, after the primary, endorse the establishment pick. And another election cycle passes with no effort for a genuinely independent challenge. Just like every prior cycle that I paid attention to.

Posted by: oglalla | Aug 3 2019 13:47 utc | 84

Posted by: dltravers | Aug 3 2019 13:30 utc | 84

"Maybe someday I will dislike her as much as I dislike Kamilla Harris"

Not a chance in hell--Kamala takes the despicable cake: people don't know the tip of the iceberg with regard to how genuinely corrupt she is. I'm pretty sure it is a travesty she's not in prison right now.

Posted by: Anacharsis | Aug 3 2019 13:48 utc | 85

RE Tulsi, other politicians, who to trust?

Well you don't trust any of them, but you vote for the ones pushing policy you want to see happen, and you vote for the ones that try to make that happen, and you abandon them immediately if they renege. In the current rigged system, you can't assume anybody can be relied on, I mean pressure will be applied, and all kinds of dirty politics is totally the way we do things here. So when one leader falls you look for the next to pick up the flag, and follow them now. It's not about the leader. Tulsi is talking the talk, that's all you can do in a campaign. I'd support her against anybody who is mouthing weasel words. Right now there are three candidates with something to say: Tulsi, Elizabeth, and Bernie, any will do, lets see who gets traction when people start to pay attention again.

Posted by: Bemildred | Aug 3 2019 13:50 utc | 86

Bemildred @ 87:

I have no illusions that there are any perfect candidates, but out of how many people in the U.S.?--These are as good as can be put up on a stage???

Posted by: Anacharsis | Aug 3 2019 13:56 utc | 87

Anacharsis @88: Well, on the one hand we have slid a long way downhill intellectually here, can't deny it.

On the other hand among 300-plus-something millions here, I'm sure we could find better, but they won't run, the system is rigged, and we know it. They rub it in our faces. Once it collapses of its own fecklessness, maybe then you will see some new faces worthy of respect here.

Other oligarchies get overthrown, oligarchy seems to be the human norm for humans, they fail with some regularity in history, it can for sure happen here too.

Posted by: Bemildred | Aug 3 2019 14:11 utc | 88

An acting Russian diplomat on Russia's motivation to intervene in the Syrian conflict and its relationship with the Syrian authorities.
For those wishing to better understand what and why Russia is doing in Syria.

Posted by: alaff | Aug 3 2019 14:17 utc | 89

@ Posted by: Hor, Jennifer | Aug 3 2019 11:33 utc | 77

The Nordic nations became rich welfare states in the post-war for different reasons.

Sweden already was a rich kingdom/country since the end of the 18th Century. In both WW it managed to stay neutral, so it went through them relatively unscathed.

Norway was a very poor country until North Sea oil was discovered at the beginning of the 1980s.

I don’t know the case of Denmark.

Finland was a poor country which was basically rebuild from zero in the aftermath of WWII, thanks to the neutrality pact between the USA and the USSR. It was decided that Finland would be a very prosperous country, without many inner social contradictions, in exchange for absolute neutrality during the Cold War.

Iceland was very frugal, simple and classless village of fishermen that suddenly became very prosperous after the 1990s thanks to the sudden expansion of the world banking sector.

You see, all these countries became prosperous for different reasons. But what they all had in common was:

1) they all had relatively strong socialist parties/well-organized working classes in the aftermath of the WWII (except Iceland); and

2) all of them were insignificant countries in a very significant geographic location (frontier between Iron Curtain and Western Europe). Iceland’s case is emblematic in this aspect, since it won the Cod Wars against a much more powerful enemy (the UK) solely on its geography (as the main outpost of the GIUK gap).

To put it simply, the countries which managed to create “welfare states” were countries usually at the cordon sanitaire area that, in a very smart and eventful way, managed to successfully use both superpowers to extract maximum wealth from an USA that, at the time, still had the material means to make small countries rich and prosperous (Taiwan and South Korea were the most emblematic cases in this aspect: both begun their respective industrialization essentially by blackmailing the USA and the USA/Japan, respectively).

As we well know now, the welfare state quickly evaporated when:

a) the USA begun to degenerate economically after the “stagflation” crisis (triggered by the oil crisis of 1974-5) that effectively destroyed the prestige of Keynesianism in the West and paved the way to the rise of Neoliberalism as the new main capitalist doctrine (Neoliberalism existed since the 1930s). According to the Keynesian “theory”, stagflation was impossible, since supply should always equal demand (so, when unemployment falls, inflation goes up and vice versa). Stagflation saw both high unemployment and high inflation. Capitalism’s “lifeblood” is the profit rate, and as those begun to fall, America begun to impose a series of financial weapons which undermined the spreading of the social-democrat consensus of the post-war, in a process that culminated with the Plaza Accord (1985) – which killed Japanese and German industrialization.

b) the USSR was destroyed from within in 1991, ending the menace from without and, thus, the working classes of the cordon sanitaire area main leverage against the capitalists of their own country. The USA now is the world solitary superpower and can do what it pleases.

Posted by: vk | Aug 3 2019 14:18 utc | 90

I know you're addressing political-economy, but did you see this report about the continuing deterioration of USAF readiness, now below 70%? The accompanying chart shows USAF B-1 & B-2 strategic bombers at 51.75% & 60.7%, ...

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 2 2019 18:59 utc

Ouch, and so far I dwelled in USA with the blissful conviction that of all things, I do not need to be afraid of a foreign invasion. Now my nightmare-free sleep is gone.

Perhaps our Pentagon should get more inspiration from a movie "Il deserto dei Tartari". "Young lieutenant Giovanni Drogo is assigned to the old Bastiani border fortress where he expects an imminent attack by nomadic fearsome Tartars." Thus the lieutenant, and later captain etc. starts his long life of unceasing dedication. Weapons are checked and tested, patrols are regular, from time to time a "false positive" raises a few companies to enter more deeply into the desert and check more thoroughly, troops occasionally succumb to exercise mishaps, exhaustion on patrols etc. but the spirit of readiness never abates. The closing scene shows Drogo, now the fortress commander, on his death bed, and seeing, for the first and last time, Tartar galloping from the horizon, presumably a hallucination.

Now imagine the fate of the Empire if we replaced this dedicated unit with a bunch of slackers.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Aug 3 2019 14:22 utc | 91

The end of the Japan-South Korea love story:

Japan 'crossed the line'

Posted by: vk | Aug 3 2019 14:23 utc | 92

Tulsi, Elizabeth, and Bernie, any will do, lets see who gets traction when people start to pay attention again.

Posted by: Bemildred | Aug 3 2019 13:50 utc | 87

"The people" are a bottleneck of the democracy. They have to select representatives to decide on complex issues that they scant idea about, and their access to information reminds my "The Library of Babel", a short story by Argentine author and librarian Jorge Luis Borges (1899–1986). The library contains every possible book, and for any "genuine book", every possible variation, with truth replaced with something else in every possible pattern -- the paradoxes of infinity were a major theme in Borges stories.

Creating a message that relates these issues to everyday experience of the people, so their common sense is switched on, is hard, but not impossible. For example, for all ravages of "imperial complex", military plus weapon making plus economic impositions and distortions, the largest loot is collected by business in all aspects of healthcare, be it making drugs and devices, administering insurance, "providing healthcare" etc. More than a sixth of American GDP at hugely inflated prices adds to... surely, these are trillions. This rapacity can be contained by a "single payer" system that can provide more care for more people at smaller costs (e.g. compare costs and outcomes in USA and Australia). Not so long time ago, you were a Commie or a Socialist (equally bad) if you were proposing that. Sanders championed it and failed, but now, it became a mainstream idea with a decent chance of being implemented in the next decade.

Even now there is unceasing propaganda for "creativity and efficiency of free market" in healthcare, but the shift in public opinion AND in political programs is clear.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Aug 3 2019 14:49 utc | 93

Karlof1 @ 31

It should be noted that Trump's approach while differing from the one pushed by Obama/Kerry/Clinton the goal is the same since the Empire needs the infusion of loot from China to keep its financial dollarized Ponzi Scheme functioning. Russia's a target too, but most of its available loot was already grabbed during the 1990s. D-Party Establishment candidates have yet to let it be known they'll try to do what Trump's failing to do, which of course has nothing to do with aiding the US consumer and everything to do with bolstering Wall Street's Ponzi Scheme.

The Chinese push the "dollarised Ponzi scheme" as hard as the Amerikkkans do for different purposes.

The Amerikkkan-Chinese relationship benefits the economic elites of both countries. Because of the stage of capitalist development in China the growth extends doen to the working class who were impoverished before Western capital opened the door to the "Chinese Miracle" beginnng in the 1980s. Note that the fortunes of Amerikkkan working classes began to wane during this same tme period.

There is a huge misconception born of ignorance rampant on this comment board regarding glabalised capitalism and the very willing role China plays within the system as obviously it has worked out extraodinarily well.

If you haven't heard of the "Triffin Paradox" google on it. The Chinese have been very aware of it for years and this is why they work so hard to keep the yuan subservient to the dollar on currency markets. At same time the strong dollar allows for cheaper Amerikkkan investment into the Chinese industrialisation which built China's capitalist economy to the great benefit of the Chinese, Amerikkkan financial elites and Amerikkkan consumers. The profits from these investments in what are essentially manufacturing subsidiaries of Apple Computer, General Motors, et al form the basis of much late stage imperialist wealth in the West. Stock market wealth.

The Chinese are full-on partners in this "Ponzi scheme". Trump, being as ignorant as many commenters on this board who believe the political rhetoric and the white papers of the CPC while ignoring the reality on the ground, is playing a losing hand with his tariff wars and the Chinese are content to wait him out because....Trump's self-defeating strategy only serves to strengthen the dollar which is in the best interest of China.

China is not seeking to leave the globalised system nor are they seeking reserve currency status for the yuan. They enjoy their World Bank and WTO status of "developing economy" very much, thank you and are laughing all the way to the World Bank to the tune of $60 billion in cheap loans. They do want a return to normalcy which Trump will only deliver if sees his re-election chances fade or the Demotards will deliver after winning the 2020 election.

Someday the yuan will likely become the de facto reserve currency which the CPC badly wish to avoid. This is why we suddenly read so much interest in a return to the Gold Standard (height of stupidity for reasons too many to ennumerate here) by the usual alt media paid propagandists or a push for a neutral currency designed only to settle international trade. Because when or if the yuan supplants the dollar the losers will be the Chinese working class and the winners will be the Chinese elites...and the Amerikkkan working class.

Trump would want a weaker dollar as well if he could see beyond his simpleminded zero sum game of winning/losing (which is similar to the many financially impaired ignorant commenters on this board who desperately wish the Chinese to "win" at the expense of Amerikkka).

His ignorance has taken him down another wrong road wrt tariff wars. What a surprise.

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 3 2019 14:49 utc | 94

The empire via the NYTimes has it’s knives out for Tulsi Gabbard doing a large front page hit piece spread on her today.

“Tulsi Gabbard Thinks We’re Doomed”

The author tries to mock her repeatedly and this is but one example

“Tulsi Gabbard is running for president of a country that she believes has wrought horror on the world, and she wants its citizens to remember that.”

It seems like they are pushing Kamala after Tulsi threw water on her in the debates and she melted.

Posted by: Stever | Aug 3 2019 14:51 utc | 95

Trump, being as ignorant as many commenters on this board who believe the political rhetoric and the white papers of the CPC while ignoring the reality on the ground

Warning to certain "troll-phobic" barflies:

"Ignore" is the root of "ignorance." Lol

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 3 2019 14:51 utc | 96

VK @ 93

Once more another false narrative becomes you. The Korean Japanese "love story"? Lol.

The Korean people maintain a lasting historical enmity for the Japanese that may never be fully washed away no matter the ebbs and flows of their trading patterns.

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 3 2019 14:58 utc | 97

oglalla @85


Bemildred @87:

Well you don't trust any of them, but you vote for the ones pushing policy you want to see happen, and you vote for the ones that try to make that happen, and you abandon them immediately if they renege.

Obama's election and betrayal proved that this strategy doesn't work.

Tulsi is not anti-war', she's anti-dumb wars. Just as Colin Powell was ('Powell Doctrine' LOL). Just as Obama was ("don't do stupid stuff"). Just as Trump is (amid howls of "isolationist!" LOL).

The fact is, every candidate will salute the flag as soon as the requisite false flag outrage occurs.

Furthermore, even if you ardently support Tulsi because she voices something that appears to be anti-war, you have to contend with passionate supporters of other candidates: those who want a candidate of color, those who want an older more experienced candidate, those who want a women candidate; those who want a socialist candidate, etc. In this way the electorate is played against each other and in the end the establishment's favored candidate emerges naturally as the "democratic choice" (with the help of establishment money and media support).

Relying on voting for change is not enough. There has to be independent Movements for each fundamental change: Democracy, Anti-war; Economic fairness. Like the Yellow Vest Movement.

The establishment's "Democracy Works!" propaganda seeks to stifle such Movements, directing attention to establishment candidates voice those concerns. But those candidates invariably prove to be ineffective because they can never get enough support to win and their efforts largely end with the election.

Welcome to the rabbit hole.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 3 2019 15:24 utc | 98

@97 donkey

Ok, now you're just riffing on yourself. lol

Clear sign that you are cracking up, sir. ;)

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Aug 3 2019 15:35 utc | 99


Cracking myself up you mean....

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 3 2019 15:38 utc | 100

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