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August 10, 2019

Epstein Suicided

Unsurprisingly Jeffrey Epstein was found dead, presumably by suicide, as that is what 'officials' claim:

Jailed multimillionaire financier and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein has died by suicide, according to two law enforcement sources.

He was taken from New York's Metropolitan Correctional Center on Saturday morning in cardiac arrest and died at an area hospital, the sources told CNN.
Just weeks ago, Epstein was placed on a suicide watch after he was found July 23 in his Manhattan jail cell with marks on his neck, a law enforcement source and a source familiar with the incident told CNN at the time.

Just yesterday a court released the first 2,000 pages of a civil case against Epstein's madame, Ghislaine Maxwell:

The documents, the largest cache to be released in the 13 years since Epstein’s case began, offer brutal details about Epstein’s trafficking of teenage girls in Palm Beach, New York and overseas — as well as Maxwell’s obsessive and often abusive quest to provide him with new girls over a span of years in the early to mid 2000s.
[Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre], who turned 36 on Friday, names a number of other men in politics, academia and business that she says she was directed to have sex with. In a 2017 interview with the Miami Herald, Giuffre said that Epstein wanted her to please various influential people then so that he could learn about their sexual peccadilloes and use them as leverage if he needed to.

While there’s no direct evidence contained in the court record substantiating her accounts with prominent men, Giuffre did provide testimony and evidence to corroborate her claims of exploitation at the hands of Epstein and Maxwell through photographs, plane logs and even a medical record from Presbyterian Hospital in New York where Giuffre was taken by Epstein after a particularly abusive sex episode.
Some of the testimony released Friday is difficult to read, as when one 15-year-old Swedish girl, shaking and crying in fear, told a butler who worked for two of Epstein’s closest friends that she had been taken to Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean and ordered to have sex with him and others. The butler, in a sworn statement, said the girl, visibly traumatized, told him that Epstein and Maxwell had physically threatened to harm her and seized her passport to keep her on the island, according to the butler’s statement.

The released court papers can be found via Courthousenews.

Some of those influential people who Epstein, or the organization behind him, blackmailed, will be quite happy that he is gone. They will now try to bury the rest of the case. Giuffre and other witnesses better watch their backs.

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flankerbandit | Aug 11 2019 21:28 utc | 375

Can be please come up with something convincing? In this form it only poisons the thread.

Posted by: Hausmeister | Aug 12 2019 5:30 utc | 401

Binoy Kampmark's piece on Epstein, must read:

Posted by: Barovsky | Aug 12 2019 7:44 utc | 402

Epstein and Clinton may have been involved in sex trafficking and child prostitution in Kosovo. If so, it seems to me that they would have been involved in setting up a nascent industry in the then recently created western protectorate of Kosovo. A process of extracting resources and exploitation (in a way that parallels that of the drug trade) was set up in Kosovo and Clinton and Epstein helped out, in the area of their expertise, and did this on behalf of the West.

Fort Russ article on Epstein & Clinton involvement in Kosovo Child Prostitution

Since Kosovo was set up as a western protectorate there have been constant rumours of prostitution & human trafficking, drug running, human organ trafficking, and arms (weapons) trafficking.

There is very little discussion in the West about this, because, it would essentially come down to western institutional (state, government, military and elite) involvement in criminal behaviour (as opposed to what could otherwise be portrayed as the crimes of an individual, or blame directed at other countries intelligence service [i.e. not the fault of the "well-meaning" US]). So was Epstein set up to take the blame and then silenced so the finger could never be pointed anywhere else?

The focus should now be on Ghislaine Maxwell - it is absolutely essential that Ghislaine Maxwell is located and detained; but this does not appear to be on the agenda????

I find Barr's behaviour and Trump's recent tweeting to be very unconvincing.

Posted by: ADKC | Aug 12 2019 8:27 utc | 403

Yeah, Right @400:

Epstein would have no way of telling a "get out of gaol" pill from a cyanide pill.

Well Epstein had already trusted someone enough to fly back from Paris.

And, from the standpoint of intelligence agencies, Epstein's expertise in the black arts of money laundering and blackmail are valuable skills.

And Mossad would want to save Epstein so that future operatives are not discouraged by the agency's inability to protect agents.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

Once again, the above, plus the fact that the authorities considered the case closed for years (no one was seeking "justice" or retribution except the young women he abused) all point to Epstein's arrest as being a public relations stunt and Epstein's "suicide" being a means and cover for an arranged escape.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 12 2019 8:48 utc | 404

Anybody know where the lovely Ghislaine
is at this point in time? There would seem to be several potential dangers lurking.

Posted by: Mcast | Aug 12 2019 9:30 utc | 405

Who pulled the trigger? Maybe Netanyahu? Trump would certainly have pleased him if he offered to help the case get traction (the Miami Herald articles were published last November and no one cared, that was just business as usual and how do you want the US/UK make money if they can't do human trafficking and money laundering?). The already known pictures of Ehud Barak visiting Epstein, even after his release from jail, were available, and Barak's plans to come back into politics (did he get loans from Epstein?) would have made the perfect momentum.
At least now that he is dead, the European newspapers start talking about him. Before that it was rather a no-go topic.

Posted by: Mina | Aug 12 2019 9:31 utc | 406

Barovsky says "Since Kosovo was set up as a western protectorate there have been constant rumours of prostitution & human trafficking, drug running, human organ trafficking, and arms (weapons) trafficking."

Why do you call it rumours? They now have the refugee camps in Greece, Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon to provide for organs, but as far as human trafficking is concerned, Eastern Europe, Africa and South America are well known big markets. How do you want prostitution and internet porn to be juicy businesses otherwise?

Posted by: Mina | Aug 12 2019 9:34 utc | 407

Maxwell was still actively opposing the release of the documents during the first semester of 2019.
She is now said to be cooperating (i posted that link yesterday).

Posted by: Mina | Aug 12 2019 10:18 utc | 408

Mina @408

Not Barovsky, me.

I could have used 'rumours, stories & reports' but had a lack of evidence to hand, but I didn't expect the use of the word 'rumours' to draw attention away from the proposition that in Kosovo, these activities are western (state level, not independent rogue criminal) organised activities and that Clinton and Epstein were involved in setting them up.

Posted by: ADKC | Aug 12 2019 10:31 utc | 409

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 12 2019 8:48 utc | 405
"... being a means and cover for an arranged escape."

Exactly, and now he's "born again" fresh without sin on the books. I'm sure his Saudi passport can be reissued without too much officialdom. Let's see: "Izz bin Layinrnd"?

Unless 'the people' are cutting chunks out of the corps and getting 100% DNA matching with known historic samples then your scenario is definitely plausible. Then again, given the gravity of the situation (for some of the 1%), who'd trust the DNA results in any case?

Dead men cannot be sued, nor speak. The wave was coming in any case and a controlled demolition was a nice short-circuit of the official process. 9/11 worked well it seems. As long as the lie is big enough and bold enough then cognitive dissonance kicks in. And it's been known since mid-20th century the public (mind) cannot handle the truth of such blatant deception. At 66 years (and a few vital organ transplants) he'll probably live as long as Henry Kissinger in a nice retirement Villa du Lux.

Either he's dead as the narrative goes. Or he's done a runner and proven, yet again, that there is no Rule of Law in the USA today -- it is simply the best two-tier justice system money can buy.

Posted by: imo | Aug 12 2019 11:01 utc | 410

@405 Jackrabbit "Well Epstein had already trusted someone enough to fly back from Paris."

I would suggest that would have the opposite effect i.e. having had his trust rudely abused once Epstein had no reason to trust anything that anyone told him from that point on.

"And, from the standpoint of intelligence agencies, Epstein's expertise in the black arts of money laundering and blackmail are valuable skills."

Oh, please, pull the other one.

Money laundering and blackmail "skills" are not exactly in short supply, and the pool of possible recruits are not limited to intelligence assets. All an intelligence agency needs to do is to head over to the Bahamas and put an add in the local paper.

"And Mossad would want to save Epstein so that future operatives are not discouraged by the agency's inability to protect agents."

Ludicrous. That only works if his continued existence is widely advertised which, for obvious reasons, is not a viable option for Mossad.

Mossad: Here, look! Epstein, safe and sound and livin' the good life!
CIA: Pardon me?
Mossad: Err, umm, you were listening, were you?
CIA: Yeah, and you distinctly said Epstein is still kicking.
Mossad: Err, umm, OK, yeah, he is.
CIA: So he was one of yours?
Mossad: Err, umm, what if he was????

You get where I'm going with this, don't you?

If Epstein's entire pedo-adventure was a Mossad honey-pot operation then spiriting him away to Tel Aviv is as good as admitting that Israel has been blackmailing the entire political class in the USA.

It's not a good look, no matter how you try and honey-coat it.

"Once again, the above, plus the fact that the authorities considered the case closed for years (no one was seeking "justice" or retribution except the young women he abused) all point to Epstein's arrest as being a public relations stunt and Epstein's "suicide" being a means and cover for an arranged escape."

This is nonsense. Utter nonsense.

If you want to cover this up then you buy off the young women.
Failing that you threaten them off with extreme prejudice.
Failing that you cut your losses and snuff Epstein on his island.


That idea is so preposterous that you can't seriously think it is true.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Aug 12 2019 11:29 utc | 411

Yeah, Right @412

There are reasons why Jackrabbit's proposition should be regarded as very plausible. They come down to the legal case unavoidably opening up and attention being back on Epstein, this time to actually provide information. I believe that in the first case Epstein provided no real information and just admitted guilt as part of a plea deal.

What the apparent death of Epstein, witnessed before the whole world (but not really when you think about it), achieved is the end of unexplored avenues of enquiry. Which is why locating and securing Ghislaine Maxwell should be an absolute priority, but this doesn't seem to be so, does it?

There are also a number of other cases where something similar may have happened; Robert Maxwell, Marie Colvin, Jo Cox come to mind.

The whole Epstein death thing looks like theatre!

Posted by: ADKC | Aug 12 2019 11:52 utc | 412

And here (from ZH comments) is an Aussie interview with a US pundit that conveniently 'suicides' just before the truth ...

Posted by: imo | Aug 12 2019 11:56 utc | 413

Rumors circulating in the Kremlin today indicate that the KGB now knows with great certainty that a small, silvery, disc shaped object that was spotted on radar moving at well over 15,000 mph was observed hovering over the New York Metropolitan Correctional Center prison that was holding Mr. Jeffrey Epstein. Russian agents who happened to be stationed near the prison observed that the very small craft "spirited" Mr. Epstein away, and then flew with astounding speed in a southerly direction.

Secret informers stationed in the area of Arlington in the US State of Virginia observed the small craft to crash into the US military building known as the "Pentagon", causing minor damage. Unfortunately the CCTV video system that should have recorded the event was not working at that time, and in any event the entire episode has thus far been covered up by the US media organs.

Posted by: blues | Aug 12 2019 12:12 utc | 414

Blues and ADKC

Difficult to determine whose take is more credible between the two of yours....and the money question...where is Maxwell????

Why, she's lying on the deck of that beachfront Mossad safe house/villa in Tel Aviv of course, right next to the love of her life, a relaxed, smiling, smugly self-satisfied Epstein. He's so happy to be able to get out of that scratchy black turtleneck he wore on the flight over.

Occasionally she rises up to freshen both their drinks from the ice trolley, then leans over the rail to wave at all the contented zionist beach goers on holiday as they stroll by in the summer fun 'n sun of Occupied Palestine.

The world is their oyster!

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 12 2019 12:39 utc | 415

donkeytale @416

I think Epstein is dead, killed or compelled to commit suicide, but I still think Jackrabbit's proposition is very plausible.

And, if course, you choose to deride by focussing on the whereabouts of the only (known) person who looks like they were in a position to shed light on the true scope of the operation Epstein was involved in and the true extent of his and other's crimes, but that's just a laughing matter!

Posted by: ADKC | Aug 12 2019 13:04 utc | 416

So the Columbia School of Journalism media news feed is full bore on dismissing questions about Epstein's death as ridiculous products of deranged minds.

They provide a perspective piece on conspiracy theories, accepting as fact that questions about the death are of course CTs. A priori. CJR accepts the suicide story without question.
Is this good journalism? Are they asking the questions a reporter would ask, as listed in an earlier post: What are the details? How did he do it? What was wrong with the CCTV? Who was supposed to be watching him? Etc.

Below is a taste of their paternalistic, tut-tutting dismissal of ALL conspiracy theories---even if it's the supposed conspiracy theorists who predicted the "suicide," hence should at least get points for being right. They also do the typical thing of going into an eye-rolling general discussion that effectively shuts off discussion of this specific situation. It is a well-known rhetorical technique, under the general rubric of "changing the topic" and replacing specifics with generalities and unconnected situations.

Actually, as for the Trump era spawning conspiracy theories, that neatly tars Trump with the brush that actually has been wielded by the Democrats. And ignores the Obama era CTs, such as that Michelle is a tranny, that Obama was a CIA brat and a Manchurian candidate, that he actually was born in Kenya, that the official Benghazi story was a crock and cover-up, etc. etc.

Oh, but they do have this regarding the autopsy:
"Epstein’s lawyers hired Michael Baden, a private pathologist (and Fox News contributor), to oversee Epstein’s autopsy, which already took place. According to the Times, New York’s chief medical examiner is confident Epstein killed himself, but . . ." So, examiner is confident . . . that actually sounds like maybe examiner is not confident . . .

So, the CJR (a couple of grafs):

"The Trump era has been marked by the proliferation of wild conspiracies—Seth Rich, Pizzagate, QAnon, the list goes on. The Epstein case has the potential, going forward, to top them all. “Conspiracy peddlers are going to use Epstein's death to rally their political bases, smear their enemies, peddle their products and their podcasts, do everything possible except turn their attention to the victims,” Anna Merlan, who recently wrote a book about conspiracy theories, tweeted. “This is a windfall for them. It's fucking Christmas.”

Epstein trutherism has already gone mainstream. Over the weekend, it echoed through news outlets: people close to Epstein told The Washington Post that he had been in “good spirits” lately and “expressed concern about the possibility of foul play”; an anonymous former inmate of the facility that was holding Epstein told the New York Post that there’s “no way” Epstein could have killed himself given internal precautions at the jail. (The paper ran the account verbatim.) Online, a handful of high-profile journalists speculated openly about Epstein’s demise�Joe Scarborough, of MSNBC, for exxample, tweeted that the circumstances were “predictably� Russian�” and reeked of “bullshit.” He wasn’t alone. As The Wall Street Journal’s Benjamin Mullin noted, the mainstreaming of actual bullshit was rather ironic given that it was meticulous, fact-based reporting that put Epstein in jail in the first place."

Of course the suicide story itself is the "mainstreaming of bullshit."

Posted by: Really?? | Aug 12 2019 13:06 utc | 417

The evidence for suicide is equal to the evidence for murder and also not equal to the evidence for secret release. They always lie. What would anybody believe suicide instead of murder? The evidence is equal, almost. The history and circumstance strongly favor the idea that our boy is being de-briefed in Tel Aviv.

I notice the blast of repetition of the word "suicide"...big lie reperat in standard propaganda method.

Posted by: Walter | Aug 12 2019 13:40 utc | 418

To Grieved 294 and to karlof1 368

My sincere gratitude for your brave support and true kindness goes right here. Hope to be discussing the way out of the human species' globalocal emergency with both of you in future. Posterity - if there is to be any - requires every thought-full mind to find the discipline to get focused on the thing that is doing the greatest harm to our safety, happiness, survival - so we can remove it and the harm. It is a mystery to me why so many people are so determined to keep their brains so far away from the biggest picture of the reality we are awash in. How can humans fail to see that the next Epstein/Wexler/Maxwell (Abrams/Kissinger/Pompeo/Bolton/Netanyahoo) etc etc etc are waiting in the wings for as long as giga-overpower overfortunes are tolerated/applauded/excused??

Posted by: Phryne's frock | Aug 12 2019 13:51 utc | 419

@413 ADKC I think that Epstein is dead.

I do not think it was "suicide" in the sense that he decided to top himself once he had spotted a flaw in the prison security protocols that nobody else had been clever enough to see.

Absolutely not.

I have an open mind that the prison staff were, ahem, encouraged to not follow that prison protocol. I also don't discount the possibility that someone went into that cell and strangled him (again, while the prison staff were encouraged to be elsewhere).

Either is possible.

But Jackrabbit isn't proposing any of that.

Jackrabbit wants us to believe that The Powers That Be decided to fly him back to the USA just so they could fake his death in order to fly him back out again.

It is an utterly ludicrous proposition.

Just have him fall off his yacht as he was partaking of his second-favourite pastime at Pedo Island. Then declare that, well, OK, sure, there is no body but trust us he's feeding the fishes. Here's the death certificate, made out by his very own doctor.

THAT's plausible because it is simple.

But a cunning plan that involves flying him into US custody just so that they could fake his death so that they could fly him back out of US custody is not plausible, precisely because it is the very opposite of simple.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Aug 12 2019 13:52 utc | 420

yeah right at 383 - thx for the photo which I had no seen, the whole photo thing would take a solid week of analysis.. by a keen team..

Yes, a mock Epstein head may have been inserted merely for sale value. Which means it was done by the NY Post, or by ‘someone’ who ‘sent in’ the photos which they ‘trusted’ (argh.) Imho the head is not Epstein .. yikes this gets too complicated.

*Imho*, basics: Epstein was not transported alive / half dead / presumed stilll had a chance, from prison to the New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital. The pix are just too strange in locale, surroundings, decor, insertions, etc.

Posted by: Noirette | Aug 12 2019 13:58 utc | 421

too bad those in charge of watching him weren't offed for allowing him to escape

Posted by: ken | Aug 12 2019 14:01 utc | 422

Yeah, Right @421

I know what Jackrabbit thinks and I know what you think and @413 you know what I think, which is that Jackrabbitt's proposition is not as unreasonable as you make out for the reasons that I allude to @413 and to which you give no weight.

From what I have read, effectively Epstein and Maxwell have given no information whatsoever. Epstein just admitted guilt as part of a plea deal, nothing more. And his punishment amounted to just some minor inconveniences (and during the 13 months of his punishment he still lived better than 99.9999% of Americans). Maxwell disputed everything and just agreed to pay a financial settlement to make the issue go away.

And the reason why Jackrabbit's proposition is not as ludicrous as you suggest is that the case was reopening and Epstein was returning to the spotlight (this had been building up for a considerable length of time). Now Epstein is beyond the reach of justice (and he cannot be compelled to provide real information) because he, regretfully, is the victim of suicide and this has been demonstrated to the American people as it happened (almost) on TV so it must be true. It was too late to have him die in the way you suggest because the case was reopening, it would not have been believable.

Epstein is now "gone" and Maxwell may never be seen again (because there is very little interest in finding her whereabouts as far as I can see). All that we will be left with are victims who will never really get justice and who people like Dershowitz can safely call liars all day long and on all the big MSM outlets until' the day he dies.

Posted by: ADKC | Aug 12 2019 14:38 utc | 423

Think if there is any chance Epstein is still alive it would be the US gov that has him and that "busted" him out of jail.

Would be interesting to know what was said at Barr's meeting with Epstein a couple weeks ago.

Posted by: Zack | Aug 12 2019 14:47 utc | 424

Nobody seems to be aware that there is a schism in the Deep State, and it goes back quite a way. George Herbert Walker Bush was a Company man, through and through, having run the agency himself. William Jefferson Clinton was a nobody from the poorest state in the union, yet he won against the Company's man. Upon closer inspection, one notices that W.J.C. was early on compromised by the Company, along with Harridan Hillary and members of their entourage, hence making them presidential material. This would create the schism. Billy Jeff Clint could not have made it to Swamp Central without company support, support that had to be greater than that offered to G.H.W.B. So, the Clintonites won that round.

Since the Mueller inquiry did not provide the evidence (much less the proof) that the Great Gold Grifter came to Swamp Central owing to the intervention of Putin, the Clintonites and their arm of the Deep State had to find another means to remove him.

Somebody in the Deep State obviously managed to assure Jeffrey Edward Epstein that there was nothing to fear in his returning to the Hew Hess Hay, in spite of the reopening of the whole Epstein can of worms. So, he returned -- and was promptly arrested.

The Clintonites thus had their man, implicated in a law suit filed in 2016 then withdrawn, then refiled recently by "Jane Doe". According to the filing, Epstein and the Great Grotesque Grifter raped her several times in the Manhattan townhouse. Further, according to the filing, there was a second, younger girl there, "Maria", kidnapped in Waterbury, Connecticut. Both were badly abused and sequestered.

Maria was believed dead until recently.

In the plethora of witnesses against Epstein in court, it would have been possible to call Jane Doe and Maria to the stand to testify under oath, and have them reveal that what they had suffered was a tandem exercise conducted by Epstein and The Don.

There is no statute of limitations possible for kidnapping and human trafficking, which are crimes against humanity. There is also no presidential pardon possible (theoretically, at least, but there is no knowing what Pence the Prim might do).

As Epstein was a Mossad man, the Mossad would be loath the let him hang in the wind, much less risk speaking out of turn. And then there is no knowing what sort of insurance policy he had through all the information in the hands of Ghislaine, ready to be spewed out in case Eppie came to grief. Also, the Mossad would want to protect The Don, the greatest friend Israel ever had in the Hew Hess Hay. So, they had Jeffrey removed, thus foiling the plan of the Clintonites to use his prosecution to get at The Don.

Now, there are enough people threatened by this to create great pressure to elaborate a happy ending to the narrative. (Nobody really did anything wrong, and nobody is to blame for anything...)

Yes, stay tuned, for the plot thickens.

Posted by: RJPJR | Aug 12 2019 14:49 utc | 425

Craig Murray hits the spot!

There are a number of royal palaces and grand residences of former Presidents and Prime Ministers where the inhabitants have a little bit more spring in their step following the death of Jeffrey Epstein. The media is rushing to attach the label “conspiracy theory” to any thought that his death might not have been suicide. In my view, given that so many very powerful people will be relieved he is no longer in a position to sing, and given that he was in a maximum security jail following another alleged “suicide attempt” a week ago, it would be a very credulous person who did not view the question of who killed him an open one.

Posted by: Barovsky | Aug 12 2019 15:01 utc | 426

Yeah, Right @421

1) No one was angry enough or threatened enough by Epstein to 'off' him in the years before he was arrested.

They really just didn't care. It's only the lawsuits from a few of the victims, culminating in the Miami Herald reporting, that kept the issue alive.

TPTB have shown no interest in pursuing Epstein. None whatsoever. It was "settled business" as of 2008.

2) The embarrassment of how the Epstein case was handled in 2008 had to be addressed. TPTB had to recover by "bringing Epstein to justice".

3) Some have noted that about a week before Epstein's supposed death, AG Barr had said that justice was about outcomes, not process. Some have taken this to imply foreknowledge as it suggests that Epstein's supposed death satisfies our need for justice, even if it short-circuits the judicial process.

4) When Epstein flew back from Paris, he knew that the document release had already been approved and that a public-relations shit storm was brewing. In normal circumstances that would mean that any assurances that things would work out would be highly questionable. Anyone with hundreds of millions of dollars could easily avoid that. And Epstein in particular, had the option (as a Jew) of 'retiring' in Israel (which AFAIK does not extradite). But he flew back anyway.

5) The document release has been a sensational nothingburger. It appears to have been used to feed the public info that is net positive for certain suspects:

> Trump: a single victim says he had no interest in her;

> Dershowitz: an email contains a sentence that says he suspected of being a pedo but adds that there's no proof;

> Clinton: we learn nothing more than what we already knew (that he flew on "Lolita Express" at least 26 times).

These narrow facts are being used by these men and their public relations people to imply that they are exonerated.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 12 2019 15:16 utc | 427


I know what Jackrabbit thinks and I know what you think and @413 you know what I think, which is that Jackrabbitt's proposition is not as unreasonable as you make out for the reasons that I allude to @413 and to which you give no weight.

What were the reasons you gave at 413 that indicates JR's thesis is not as unreasonable as Yeah, Right makes out?

I see nothing there from you. Nada. Connect the dots and maybe I can agree with you. Maxwell may now become implicated in a civil suit or even be indicted (was she indicted first time around?)....maybe....if one is filed against her....but as you yourself indicated, you believe Epstein is dead and Maxwell can simply settle a civil suit (like 97% are if not dismissed). Is she even currently being sued?

But why does this possibility require Epstein to be alive?

I mean just because something is teensily, tinily, remotely possible (if you squint your eyes, shut your ears and ignore all reason...and you just admitted you don't believe it) doesn't make it "plausible" or "not unreasonable" at all.

Or are you simply trying to provide a participation trophy to a special snowflake?

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 12 2019 15:16 utc | 428

G.H.W. Bush was unable to get NAFTA through the Democratic Congress. The obvious alternative for the plutocracy was a reliable Democratic president like Bill Clinton. To assure Bush's defeat, Ross Perot was brought into the race to split the Bush vote. When Perot did too well in the polls and it looked like he might actually win the election, he was induced to withdraw. Later in the race, when there was no longer any possibility of Perot winning, and when Bush was doing so well in the polls that it looked as if he might actually win, Perot was induced to re-enter the race, thus splitting the Bush vote and enabling Clinon to win. President Clinton then got NAFTA approved.

As a bonus for the plutocrats, the labor unions were so angered by NAFTA that the Republicans took Congress in the next election.

And that is how the Democratic Party ceased being he party of the working class.

Posted by: lysias | Aug 12 2019 15:19 utc | 429

Posted by: lysias | Aug 12 2019 15:19 utc | 430

That has been a common story in Europe - Blair, Schröder et al, they sold out their base better than conservative parties could have done.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 12 2019 15:38 utc | 430

So the organization behind Epstein used to blackmail powerful men was the CIA.

Posted by: Seema Sapra (@SeemaS | Aug 12 2019 15:38 utc | 431

donkeytake @429

No, I sincerely believe it is very plausible that Epstein death was faked. I chose the term "very plausible" because I see it as more than plausible but less than likely.

I also see the arrest of Epstein and his silencing as theatre (which Epstein may not have been aware of). The important intention was to demonstrate to the world that he is dead.

It was possible for him to die quietly, out of the public eye, in some out of the way place, a few years ago, but that was no longer possible because the reopening of the case against him was gathering pace. Epstein had to be made unavailable for evermore. No one would believe it if he was declared dead or killed, so they arranged a believable reason for his suicide (arrest, imprisonment, having to face justice) then he was suicided, compelled to commit suicide, or his death was faked (via suicide) and he was extracted.

It is likely Epstein was working for intelligence sevices (Acosta actually said that was what he was told). I think US intelligence, most think Mossad (if Mossad, I think it would as a sub-contractor for US); regardless, it's not good for morale to kill off your assets!

I think that Epstein is dead but I don't think Jackrabbit's view (that Epstein was retired as an asset and extracted) is unreasonable. If Jackrabbit is correct I doubt there will ever be proof, but there will be plenty of 'sightings' over the next 20 years (à la Lord Lucan) to look forward too!

Posted by: ADKC | Aug 12 2019 16:10 utc | 432

Too many things could go wrong keeping Epstein alive; so, IMO, he's dead as that's the simplest, most secure option.

Epstein as designed threatened all sides, that's why all sides wanted him to testify (by all sides I'm referring to political factions globally).

Otherwise, I see no reason to alter what I've written about this case: Born in corruption; died in corruption; and the corruption will continue. As The World Turns.

Phryne's frock @420--

Thanks for your reply! I look forward to your further contributions.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 12 2019 16:39 utc | 433

ADKC @433: plausible but less than likely

I agree!

CIA/FBI/DOJ need for closure probably trumps Mossad's desire for Epstein to escape and retire peacefully.

But after the miscarriage of justice and the prison screw-up, it's difficult to give the authorities the benefit of the doubt wrt whether Epstein is dead or alive.

We've learned from past experience that people who do the bidding of TPTB are not held accountable.

Meanwhile, AG Barr tells us:

Epstein's victims "deserve justice... and they will get it."
... as Ghislaine remains free.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 12 2019 16:45 utc | 434


Fair enough. Based on that explanation, "plausible but unlikely" I can't disagree with you.

However, it is also my professional duty as a Phd in English (see comment #315 above for d-tales regarding my hard earned credentials) to inform you that what you are describing as "plausible but not likely" in fact conflicts with the very definition of the word "plausible":


(of an argument or statement) seeming reasonable or probable.
"a plausible explanation"
synonyms: credible, reasonable, believable, likely, feasible, probable, tenable, possible, conceivable, imaginable, within the bounds of possibility, convincing, persuasive, cogent, sound, rational, logical, acceptable, thinkable; More

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 12 2019 17:11 utc | 435

Not to g0 all pedantic on you here here but this statement is quite illuminating:

If Jackrabbit is correct I doubt there will ever be proof

Gets to the heart of a logical mathematical conundrum wrt conspiracy theorising. Godel's theorem:

A formal language system is said to be incomplete if there is at least one valid proposition of that system that cannot be proved within that system, and neither can its negation (by valid we mean a grammatically correct proposition).

A formal system is called complete if, for every valid proposition of the language, either that proposition is provable, or else its negation is provable.

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 12 2019 17:35 utc | 436

donkeytale @436

Well, (based on the info you have supplied) that would mean plausibe, likely, possible & probable all mean the same thing??? Next you'll be saying there's no difference between Coke & Pepsi! 😵

Posted by: ADKC | Aug 12 2019 17:36 utc | 437

FT: Barr cites ‘serious irregularities’ at jail where Epstein died

The American investigation has brought to light connections with France,” said Marlène Schiappa and Adrien Taquet, junior ministers for women-men equality and for solidarity and health, in a joint statement on Monday.

“It therefore seems to us essential, for the victims, that an investigation be launched in France so that all can be revealed,” they said.

Got me wondering where Ghislaine Maxwell has citizenship...

Later in same article

Among Epstein’s associates was his longtime companion Ghislaine Maxwell, who has French as well as US and UK citizenship.


Noticed her wiki does not once mention Israel in it. The word Jewish is there, but the word Israel is not. Not sure that means anything, just thought it interesting.

Posted by: Zack | Aug 12 2019 17:47 utc | 438

Definitely interesting.
Like the dog that did not bark . . .

Posted by: Really?? | Aug 12 2019 17:50 utc | 439

Only a donkey would conflate a formal language system with speculation about Epstein's death.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 12 2019 17:56 utc | 440

ADKC - Correct, you win again!

How about the secondary definition, which I left out for obvious reasons?

(of a person) skilled at producing persuasive arguments, especially ones intended to deceive.
"a plausible liar"

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 12 2019 17:58 utc | 441

442 comments now. Anything like a gain visible? The only undisputed thing seems to be that there is a claim that Mr. Epstein is dead.

Posted by: Hausmeister | Aug 12 2019 18:44 utc | 442

Is it too far fetched supposing that the ten hour luggage handling problem at Ben Gurion Arport in Tel Aviv causing thousands of voyagers to stay put has been caused by Mossad loosing track of the chest that Epstein travelled in?Or them not knowing where to look for it?

Posted by: willie | Aug 12 2019 18:46 utc | 443

Hausmeister @443--

There's also the truths that Epstein's racket resulted from corruption and the entire affair remains mired in corruption--his demise changes none of that. Nor does it alter the need to oust that corruption which permeates almost everything.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 12 2019 19:03 utc | 444

karlof1 | Aug 12 2019 19:03 utc | 445

Yes, true. But this is another thing than to engage in unsubstantiated speculations about what has happened to Mr. Epstein now. Good so. As with you demand there is not the danger to ridicule oneselve.

Posted by: Hausmeister | Aug 12 2019 19:15 utc | 445

Unfortunately it was not possible to get any perceivable public attention to the fact that nobody knows whether in the so called Skripal case anything really has happened. According to what has been shown in the public sphere there are only many one-sided statements, no proof of any kind.

Posted by: Hausmeister | Aug 12 2019 19:18 utc | 446

Unredacted version(pdf) of Epstein's black book.

Posted by: Zack | Aug 12 2019 19:26 utc | 447

Posted by: Zack | Aug 12 2019 19:26 utc | 448

Zack: Is this for real? What's its source please?

Posted by: Barovsky | Aug 12 2019 19:36 utc | 448

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 12 2019 19:03 utc | 445

It is about blackmail, the power of media, Robert Maxwell, New Labour and Bill Clinton.

Irish Times, 1996

Andrew Lloyd Webber's Really Useful Company owned the company which published Maxwell. The Outsider. Lloyd Webber invited Maxwell to dinner in a Mayfair restaurant to try and resolve the lengthy and expensive litigation which arose from publication of the book. Maxwell told the composer that the Mirror had been offered photographs of him dancing with young girls in nightclubs. The threat was unstated but typical of Maxwell.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 12 2019 19:39 utc | 449

Posted by: somebody | Aug 12 2019 19:39 utc | 450

Surely it's about power? Period.

Posted by: Barovsky | Aug 12 2019 19:42 utc | 450

add to 450

Robert Maxwell and the Labour Party

Yet long before New Labour, Maxwell was Labour’s businessman. Indeed the whole New Labour operation was about breaking the party’s links with organised workers and bringing in more people like Maxwell.

Among Maxwell’s Labour cronies were Geoffrey Robinson – Tony Blair’s former paymaster general and the man who provided Peter Mandelson with an interest free mortgage.

Robinson was a director of one of Maxwell’s companies. Another crony was Peter Jay, a former ambassador and son-in-law of former Labour prime minster Jim Callaghan.

In 1991, when he was a Mirror journalist, New Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell was so attached to Maxwell that he thumped Guardian journalist Michael White for making a quip about “Captain Bob, Bob, Bob” after Maxwell drowned falling from his yacht.

Maxwell did sterling service for the Labour Party. He used his ownership of the Daily Mirror, to run a smear campaign against Arthur Scargill, leader of the National Union of Mineworkers, alleging he was corrupt.

Scargill and the socialist values he represented were seen as a barrier to the “modernisation” of the Labour Party.

The vile attacks, which lasted for the best part of a year, were baseless, yet they did terrible damage.

Another set of Maxwell’s friends who get off far too lightly are those in the boardrooms of the City of London.

These people had known for decades that Maxwell was a crook, but they cared little so long as they got a percentage of the ill gotten gains.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 12 2019 19:42 utc | 451

The black book has been known for more than ten years, just google it, there are even searchable versions online.
One name I haven't seen mentioned in the articles appears on the same page as Ehud Barak: Prince Bandar... with a contact in Aspen

Posted by: Mina | Aug 12 2019 19:46 utc | 452

The Guardian on Ghislaine Maxwell

When Robert Maxwell acquired the New York Daily News, he reportedly sent Ghislaine to warm up Manhattan society for his arrival.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 12 2019 19:46 utc | 453

and yes, there is a page for Israel that has some government people numbers.

Posted by: Mina | Aug 12 2019 19:48 utc | 454

Posted by: Hausmeister | Aug 12 2019 18:44 utc | 443

You sometimes learn a lot from posters though you have to scroll through a lot of stupid stuff
eg here
Posted by: lysias | Aug 12 2019 15:19 utc | 430
who reminds us that some people were sure they had Bill Clinton in their pocket.

And there may be people who have kompromat on Donald Trump that was not filmed or done by Russia.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 12 2019 19:54 utc | 455

Ehud Barak is currently still running against Netanyahu.

Barak linked to Epstein. Barak stayed at the apartment building (many times) at 301 66th St. This was Epstein's brother Mark's building or it belonged to both brothers.

It is located one half mile from Epstein's Mansion at 9 E 71st St. Trump's 5th Avenue Tower is a half mile from Epstein's Wexner mansion. Trump Tower allegedly contains bordellos.

Israel has a backdoor on the Prism software. Nettyahoo wanted to smear Barak.
Nettyyahoo got the (broke ass money loser) Miami Herald to stir the pot again.

Epstein has done his job. He's gone home. He's got the dead man's switch. You can't kill him.

Posted by: fastfreddy | Aug 12 2019 19:58 utc | 456

To clarify for someone up thread,

G H W Bush is the deceased bloodsucker Poppy Bush who was CIA when JFK was murdered. He was George Herbert Walker Bush. The Scott Walker jackass that was goobernor (Wisconsin) is of the Bush Clan. Nobody wants us to make the connection.

G W Bush (Dubya) is the idiot son. No "H". 911, Cheney, Compassionate Conservatism.

Posted by: fastfreddy | Aug 12 2019 20:05 utc | 457

@ Barovsky | Aug 12 2019 15:01 utc | 427

Re the Craig Murray quote –

On NPR this morning, reporters (plural) – who do not know how or if Jeffrey Epstein died – were referring to everyone who expresses any suspicion about the matter as “conspiracy theorists.” Because NPR is simply a mouthpiece for the oligarchy, and because Epstein's customers and enablers belong to the oligarchy, this shows that there is something about Epstein's life and possible death that the rich and powerful desperately want covered up. They don't know when their best interests would be served by shutting up, and I hope that they'll keep on babbling, stirring up public interest in all the questions that will then be circling over the case for some time to come.

Posted by: AntiSpin | Aug 12 2019 20:16 utc | 458

Posted by: Barovsky | Aug 12 2019 19:36 utc | 449

Appears to be, but I'm no expert. Had only seen groups of unredacted pages prior to today. Thought the full pdf might be useful to someone. Sounds like there may be searchable versions available somewhere.

I saw it here on reddit.

Posted by: Zack | Aug 12 2019 20:18 utc | 459

Posted by: Zack | Aug 12 2019 20:18 utc | 460

Okay, I took a look at the Reddit page and am none the wiser but apparently, some of the numbers actually work. Have you tried any? Thanks for the link.

Posted by: Barovsky | Aug 12 2019 20:43 utc | 460

you guys made it sound like mossad is the army slogan of leave no one behind, bs, that they or the army are actually able to actually switch his body complete with blood/hair/teeth/tissue samples without anyone poking their nose into it to double check their senior or junior staff members. although most of new york's medical centers are ran by jewish people, this is no sarcasm or insinuation, yet not all jewish people are zionists or whatever group you are insisting this is.

more likely mossad can just say he went rouge. this is easier and much more profitable, should he EVEN be a "full time" agent, since they would have his information to trade anyways. it's just business.

and whoever said that there are lots of good people with this much money really needs to provide me with some details of who these people are. no offense but george soros is one that is always attempting to convince and successfully do it to the populace into thinking he is a philanthropist and a good person, hillary is another one. yet he seems and looks and does things like jeffrey epstein does, sell u an image.

i believe jeffrey is dead. doesn't really matter if it was suicided or not. what matters is will this case be closed off to public. which it seems it will be then he is definitely dead. that girl is not important neither, as she will just pin everything on him since thats all what poor little girls say.

there is nothing to debate over. he is dead. white bulger is dead too. end of story.

Posted by: jason | Aug 12 2019 20:44 utc | 461

If Epstein has indeed been murdered, the intention behind it would surely have been to “kill” both the trial and any media interest in the whole sordid affair, along with Epstein the person. But quite the opposite has happened. It’s all over the pages of media outlets big and small, conventional and alternative, all over the world. I got to say, what a way to have a measure backfire!
Think of what might have happened if the guy were still alive. The trial is (or was) scheduled for June 2020. That’s almost a year from now. The MSM would have lost any interest whatsoever in the case by then, and so would much of the general public.

Another thing, regarding possible surveillance recordings from inside the prison and the smug assumptions that “of course there aren’t any, oh what a surprise, oh how convenient” (not so much here, but elsewhere on the Internet). Just because there are cameras doesn’t mean that anything is recorded. Those two don’t have to go together. On the contrary, it is far more likely that the cameras inside the prison just send live feeds to a set of monitors inside some central control room. Nothing else, no recordings to store. A classic CCTV installation. Why should the prison administration be in the habit of making extensive recordings of what’s going on in prison halls? And who would look at those and for what purpose? It would be costly and time-consuming, but pointless on the whole.

Posted by: Scotch Bingeington | Aug 12 2019 20:53 utc | 462

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 12 2019 17:11 utc | 436

"Phd in English" & "hard earned": I smell a misnomer cooking...

Posted by: Anacharsis | Aug 12 2019 23:54 utc | 463

Posted by: Phryne's frock | Aug 12 2019 13:51 utc | 420

"Posterity - if there is to be any - requires every thought-full mind to find the discipline to get focused on the thing that is doing the greatest harm to our safety, happiness, survival - so we can remove it and the harm."

--The "thing that is doing the greatest harm" is humans, so doesn't that make this a non sequitur at best?

Posted by: Anacharsis | Aug 12 2019 23:59 utc | 464

Today's Techno_Fog thread answers his and our question: "With Jeffrey Epstein dead, where does it all go from here?"

Lots of developments as the case continues. Scroll down to read the financial records development. "With respect to Epstein’s finances, NYT reports that Epstein’s financial lawyers have retained criminal defense lawyers."

Epstein was one cog in a larger Racket--a conspiracy by definition--and the investigation into that racket is going to continue. I suggest following Techno_Fog's Twitter as he's been an exceptional source.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 13 2019 0:16 utc | 465

@463 Scotch "It’s all over the pages of media outlets big and small, conventional and alternative, all over the world. I got to say, what a way to have a measure backfire!"

But look at how that measure is being managed in the MSM.

They are trying mightily to turn the spotlight onto those who find the circumstances of his "suicide" as, literally, unbelievable. So the story is becoming the "conspiracy theories" surrounding his death, and not about his peddling of underage girls to the rich and powerful for.... reasons that he could have answered but now never will.

The more outlandish the theories - say, that he faked his death and even now is sipping cocktails on a beach in Tel Aviv - the easier that work of diverting attention becomes, almost to the point where one might suspect the outlandish claims are deliberately being put forward for that purpose.

The attention should still be on what he was doing in life, *why* he was doing, and to who's benefit.

Purely for his own benefit? Then he is a scumbag, and his death is richly deserved even if (as I assume) it was "assisted".

But what if this pedo-ring was run at the behest of and for the benefit of others?

In that case his death - assisted or by his own hands - should not obscure the need to find out who was behind this operation.

I suspect very much that Maxwell was Epstein's handler i.e. Maxwell was running the honey-pot and Epstein was merely a necessary part of the cover-story.

I also suspect that if this is ever revealed in a court then a certain "special relationship" is toast, because it will be revealed that a major plank of that "special relationship" is.... nothing more, and no less, than blackmail.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Aug 13 2019 1:07 utc | 466

@467 Normally I would agree with that. Ordinary folk don't like to be thought of as 'conspiracy nuts'. But this Epstein thing is so over the top no thinking person is going to swallow it. Whether ordinary folk are pissed off enough to demand answers is another matter.

Posted by: dh | Aug 13 2019 1:58 utc | 467

Yeah, Right @467:

The attention should still be on ... *why* he was doing [what he was doing], and to who's benefit.


But why not produce the body? Why not allow the victims to do their own examination? They know his body better than anyone. Does the Medical Examiner have Epstein's dna? Was he forced to provide that (since he was a registered sex offender)? Why haven't we heard about a dna matching? That's not a state secret - is it?

Would it surprise you if Epstein has NOT provided his dna? Would you be more inclined to believe that his death was faked if there is no dna match?

I suspect very much that Maxwell was Epstein's handler ...

The fact that she has likely gotten away suggests this is so.

However, I suspect that the Madam-Pimp duo is no accident. They each played an important part. One worked the girls, the other worked the 'marks'.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <>

Since we're voicing suspicions ...

I suspect that Maxwell didn't die in a boat accident on his yacht "Ghislaine".

IMO if a women's father met with such an untimely end due to his involvement with Mossad ops (as is rumored) then she's very unlikely to take up the same line of work (covert ops) - and the father is equally likely to discourage any interest in such work.

This suggests (once again) that Mossad would push hard to fake Epstein's "suicide" as a similarly convenient means of 'retiring' an asset that got into a public mess.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 13 2019 2:11 utc | 468

I wonder if some of the women have Epstein's dna.

Monica Lewinsky saved the famous blue dress with Bill's dna.

Did any of the girls also save clothing with dna evidence?

Is that why the press is silent about a dna match?

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 13 2019 2:47 utc | 469

Produce the body!

Make it available for examination by the victims.

He has no family, so no one has standing to object to such an examination.

An examination of the body is in the public interest.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 13 2019 2:50 utc | 470

In an informal poll of over 1,400 'preppers' (as of this writing), 33% think Epstein is still alive:

- 18% think he escaped.

- 15% think he went into witness protection.

Only 4% accept the official story.

Yeah, I know, 'preppers' are likely to be more skeptical than most. But that is not necessarily a bad thing as most ordinary people are biased to accept the official version and probably have difficulty conceptualizing how an escape might have occurred.

(ht Zerohedge)

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 13 2019 3:04 utc | 471

@472 I think you are talking about the MSM headline version i.e suicide. Barr and De Blasio are probably as official as it gets and they don't believe it. Not sure Trump does either. We are still waiting for the 'official version'. All we have is a news release from the Bureau of Prisons that said he was found 'unresponsive in his cell in an apparent suicide'. Maybe the autopsy will come up with something more definitive.

Posted by: dh | Aug 13 2019 3:19 utc | 472

ZH commenter DEDA CVETKO has pieced together the narrative. The juicy bits:

Epstein was in a room by himself - with a bunk bed for two?

Epstein was watched hourly ... except - surprise, surprise! - that particular half-hour segment when he went clairvoyant and divined that he wasn't being guarded at all and that CCTV camera was off ...

We've been shown pics of his body on a gurney ... all showing paramedics conveniently standing in the way of the critical part of his body where the hanging wounds might appear.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 13 2019 4:21 utc | 473

Here’s a three part series which links Epstein’s organization, the CIA, Mossad, the Mafia, etc and takes you deep down the rabbit hole. Well researched, written by Whitney Webb

Posted by: Ophita | Aug 13 2019 4:45 utc | 474

OK, so someone's got Epstein's nuts, ... might even still be Epstein himself. But where are the squirrels? Something is Up. Is there a new mass-distraction psycho-script in the works? Otherwise, Epstein is the squirrel. If so, what for?

Posted by: imo | Aug 13 2019 6:59 utc | 475

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell?

According to Huffington post, Ghislaine Maxwell was last photographed in public in 2016. Pretty useless information when it comes to trying to locate Maxwell's current whereabbouts, but lets look at UK newspapers...

The Telegraph report (12/8/2019) that Maxwell told friends that "told friends in recent weeks that she planned to “totally disappear”." "She told everyone that it was just a rehash of the same old nonsense." "She said that she planned to totally disappear and not say anything. Since then people haven't heard anything from her at all." "Miss Maxwell has not been in contact with her London lawyers in recent weeks, it is understood. Neighbours at her homes in London and Salisbury said she had not been seen for a number of weeks." - So Maxwell's last known location was the UK, until' any proof to the contrary the UK should be assumed to be the location of the UK, which indicates that UK are harbouring Maxwell.

The Times have done a puff piece portraying Ghislaine Maxwell as a victim - "She lived in thrall to two powerful men, first her father then Jeffrey Epstein." The Times report on Maxwell's whereabouts are quite feeble - "There were reports of her being in London in 2017, but no confirmed sightings."

(The Telegraph has historically been regarded as the UK's most authoritive newspaper and the The Times regarded as being the paper as the 2nd best authritive daily.)

The Daily Mail report that "Ghislaine Maxwell was last night reported to be ready to co-operate with the American authorities in their ongoing investigation into Prince Andrew’s late friend Jeffrey Epstein."
But not sources for this information is provided.

The Daily Mail is another UK daily.

I think Ghislaine Maxwell is in UK?

Posted by: ADKC | Aug 13 2019 10:03 utc | 476

Anarchasis @ 464

My dissertation was entitled "Cooking with non Hyphenated Oil."

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 13 2019 11:29 utc | 477

"s, it is understood. Neighbours at her homes in London and Salisbury"

Salisbury???? !!!

OK, certified Conspiracy Theory on the way.

What IS it with Salisbury and spooks??

Posted by: Really? | Aug 13 2019 12:23 utc | 478

donkeytale @ 478:

"Free(-)range Pedantry."

Posted by: Anacharsis | Aug 13 2019 13:00 utc | 479

Hahaha. Yes exactly. Im sure Im the only ine!

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 13 2019 13:08 utc | 480

Some interesting insights into Epstein's holdings. Apparently his brother Mark is in line for any money left after lawyers get their take.

"After multimillionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s dramatic death in a New York jail cell, both alleged victims and a curious public have turned their attention to the former financier’s only remaining close relative: his younger brother, Mark Epstein."

Posted by: dh | Aug 13 2019 14:35 utc | 481

Checkout counter of a small working-class food market in a small Massachusetts city, with checkout lady, with stringy peroxided hair and poor complexion, looking at headline "here's how he did it!" on front page of a Boston daily.

Supposedly with a bedsheet, on his knees.

I asked her, what do you think?
She shook her head dismissively, making a face. "Something is funky here. This doesn't sound possible"

Posted by: Really? | Aug 13 2019 15:13 utc | 482

I have searched the internet and can't find any records
of any successful suicide attempts at MCC and MCC has
been in existence for nearly forty years. Does anyone
have any evidence to the contrary? If not, then Epsteins's
suicide may be unprecedented. Nor can I find any evidence
that there are structures in the jails cells from which one
can hang oneself. Maybe people better at ferreting out info can
provide definite answers to these details. At any rate it appears
we are being snowed yet again. The monsters who created Epstein from
some NYC sewer slime have the type of money that could buy the entire
federal bureau of prisons. They already own the mass media.

Posted by: evilempire | Aug 13 2019 16:36 utc | 483

Former MCC inmate: There’s ‘no way’ Jeffrey Epstein killed himself (August 10, 2019, The New York Post)

The following account is from a former inmate of the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan, where Jeffrey Epstein was found unresponsive Saturday, and declared dead at a hospital of an apparent suicide. The ex-convict, who spoke to The Post’s Brad Hamilton and Bruce Golding on the condition of anonymity, spent several months in the 9 South special housing unit for high-profile prisoners awaiting trial — like Epstein.

There’s no way that man could have killed himself. I’ve done too much time in those units. It’s an impossibility.

Between the floor and the ceiling is like 8 or 9 feet. There’s no way for you to connect to anything.

You have sheets, but they’re paper level, not strong enough. He was 200 pounds — it would never happen.

Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself with prison bedsheet: source (August 12, 2019, The New York Post)

Jeffrey Epstein was found hanging in his lower Manhattan jail cell with a bedsheet wrapped around his neck and secured to the top of a bunk bed, The Post has learned.

The convicted pedophile, who was 6 feet tall, apparently killed himself by kneeling toward the floor and strangling himself with the makeshift noose, law enforcement sources said Monday. He hadn’t been checked on for several hours, sources said.

So which is it? Also, the schematic drawings of his cell do not show a bunk bed — just a regular bed.

Posted by: S | Aug 13 2019 17:49 utc | 484

(ref link above)
Apart from that interesting piece of information, it's probably one of the worst article I've ever read:
possible motive for his lenient sentencing – that it was the result of Epstein being a cooperator for the government investigating on post-financial crisis-related crimes, including the prosecution of two Bear Stearns executives who ran an ill-fated hedge fund that sparked the meltdown.

I found it an odd rationale for letting someone escape serious jail time for child-sex trafficking mainly because if he was a cooperator, he was a weak one. I covered the financial crisis and its aftermath closely. The feds didn’t charge a single major Wall Street executive with a crime related to the crisis. There were few civil charges against big firms but that's about it. The hedge fund managers were acquitted at trial. Epstein's name never appeared on any witness list.

Posted by: Mina | Aug 13 2019 20:58 utc | 487

This is a quote from wikipedia:

The 9-South wing is a designated SHU. It houses inmates that violated prison rules; new arrivals that have not been medically cleared for General Population yet; and inmates in Protective Custody (PC). Both inmates in a cell are cuffed in the back through a food slot every time the cell door needs to be opened. Inmates are escorted to the shower three times a week, always cuffed.

Was Epstein housed in this unit? If so, it is very unlikely he had the
opportunity to commit suicide.

Posted by: evilempire | Aug 13 2019 22:18 utc | 488

Body identified! Unquestionably. Without a doubt.

According to CBS News, Epstein's estranged brother Mark has identified the body. Meanwhile, the autopsy reports are still pending.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

Police: Is that your brother lying there, or do we have to start a manhunt to find him?

Brother Mark: That's him. That's my brother lying dead there. No doubt about it.

Police: Ok, that settles it. Positive ID from the family.

Ordinarily we'd be skeptical about an ID from someone that stands to inherit hundreds of millions of dollars from the deceased's estate, but you look like an honest guy.

Oh, and thanks for the donuts.

Brother Mark: Sure thing officer, have a nice day.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 13 2019 22:32 utc | 489

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 13 2019 22:32 utc | 490


Posted by: Barovsky | Aug 14 2019 9:10 utc | 490

who removed the computer at Epstein's US Virgin Islands in july?

Posted by: Mina | Aug 14 2019 9:42 utc | 491

Epstein was killed by the same people that started the thing again. They didnt want the entire story out. It was the neocons.

Posted by: j | Aug 14 2019 12:04 utc | 492


Not implausible.

Posted by: j | Aug 14 2019 12:10 utc | 493

Two to consider:

Suicide Watch Really Works
If Jeffrey Epstein’s death turns out to have been self-inflicted, it would represent a complete breakdown in the system that was supposed to protect him.


Epstein’s Death & the Investigation of Powerful Networks
Craig Murray delves into allegations against Jeffrey Epstein and another suspicious death that the case recalls.

Posted by: Barovsky | Aug 14 2019 14:45 utc | 495

Jeffrey Epstein’s gal pal Ghislaine Maxwell lying low at Massachusetts mansion

Jeffrey Epstein’s former gal pal Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been accused of procuring underage victims for the millionaire pedophile, has been living in a secluded Massachusetts mansion with her new beau, according to a report.


The mansion where Maxwell has been ensconced recently is a stately three-story colonial property with five-bedrooms and wraparound terraces, according to the Daily Mail.


The mansion where Maxwell has been ensconced recently is a stately three-story colonial property with five-bedrooms and wraparound terraces, according to the Daily Mail.

Borgerson, the owner, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the co-founder and CEO of CargoMetrics Technologies, an investment management company that specializes in analyzing data on global shipping, according to a bio on LinkedIn that bears his name.

The former Coast Guard officer, who earned a Ph.D. from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, “has advised the White House on maritime policy” and “testified a number of times before Congress as a nonpartisan witness,” according to the bio.

Last month, the Daily Mail observed Borgerson running errands in the affluent community of Manchester-by-the-Sea, about 25 miles northeast of Boston.

Later, he was seen walking Maxwell’s pooch on Boston Common near his apartment where he lives during the week while running his company.

Posted by: Zack | Aug 14 2019 16:24 utc | 496

Can anyone link James Alefantis to Epstein?

Posted by: Lozion | Aug 14 2019 17:17 utc | 497

Zack @497

As you might expect Scott Borgerson denies that Maxwell is living in his mansion and denies that he is in a relationship with her.

It would be shocking if Maxwell is in the US and has not been detained and secured. If the Daily Mail can locate her then any newspaper, MSM and appropiate state and government body could.

Original Daily Mail article.

Top rated Daily Mail reader comment: "Now go pick her up"

Posted by: ADKC | Aug 14 2019 17:50 utc | 498

Suicided: The Final Days of Jeffrey Epstein

In this in-depth exploration of the death (?) of Jeffrey Epstein (?), James and The Corbett Report community members tackle 3 questions: What do we know about this incident? What do we not know? And what does it all mean?

You Tube


Posted by: ADKC | Aug 14 2019 17:58 utc | 499

Epstein's black book has 3 entries for someone named Scott under Ghislaine Maxwell's name. One is for a cell phone with NYC area code. Next number is a New Jersey number and the last one is a toll free number.

The toll free number is associated with a guy name Howie Goldstein VP of Center for Digital Imaging, Inc. His listed cell phone number is one digit off from Scott's cell phone number according to Epstein's black book, which seems very odd.

Found a SCOTT BORGERSON TRUST that appears to own this property in Maricopa county Arizona. Here is a link to the special warranty deed on the property.

Posted by: Zack | Aug 14 2019 18:07 utc | 500

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