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August 16, 2019

Epstein Suicided - Thread 2

There are nearly 550 comments on the Epstein Suicided thread. A second one is thus justified.

As I did not follow the development of that case as diligently as some commentators here I have, for now, little to add.

The British Daily Mail reported that Epstein had this painting in his New York mansion.


One wonders if Bill and/or Hillary knew about it.

Please use this thread for the continuing discussion of the Epstein issue.

Posted by b on August 16, 2019 at 16:59 UTC | Permalink

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Now all of Hillary's gay supporters want to date Bill. Do it Hillary!!!! Set the man free!!!!

Posted by: Erelis | Aug 19 2019 3:40 utc | 301

It's a good bet that Ghislaine's catch-me-if-you-can stunt is meant to deceive.

Everyone thinks that Ghislaine is eulogizing Epstein, but her own father is said to have died in the service of Mossad. For that reason, her supposed comments about being consoled by a purposeful death is hollow. She's been through this before so she knew full well how the life that her and Epstein led could end up.

In fact, I've previously surmised that her father's death is likely to have been faked because IMO it's strange that a son or daughter would follow in the footsteps of a father knowing where that path could lead. The rumors are that Mossad had her father killed because he demanded money to rescue his business empire (which he had allowed Mossad to loot).

Aside: Robert Maxwell and Epstein are each connected to massive robberies as well as influence operations: Maxwell/Mossad stole hundreds of millions of dollars of pension money while Epstein helped Hoffenberg to steal and hide hundreds of millions of dollars in a ponzi scheme at Towers Financial. No doubt Mossad is super grateful for this big pile of money to fund black ops like blackmailing.

Ghislaine's stunt may anticipate her own faked-death 'retirement'. We are given one-last-look ("I guess I won't be coming here again") that fixes her visage in people's mind before she changes it to avoid being recognized.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 19 2019 4:02 utc | 302

If You, dear b, undestand German here is a Video that mentions the very important but hardly known "MEGA GROUP", Epstein was member of.
Jump in at

Posted by: Joerg | Aug 19 2019 7:01 utc | 303

The UK royals have no shame

Posted by: Mina | Aug 19 2019 7:25 utc | 304

Posted by: Joerg | Aug 19 2019 7:01 utc | 305

This "Mega Group" thing seems to be a myth. I guess it is shorthand for "Mega Donors".

Posted by: somebody | Aug 19 2019 10:02 utc | 305

If Bill Clinton said he did not have sexual relations with that bj, then he didn't. I mean he did.

Posted by: Vlad the Impala | Aug 19 2019 10:17 utc | 306

JR belief in Robert Maxwell faked death + Jeffrey Epstein faked death + Ghislaine Maxwell [soon to be] faked death = extreme foolishness

JR putting words into people's mouth = straw rabbit.

JR logical argument = nonexistent

JR dishonest argument = bingo!

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 19 2019 10:29 utc | 307

"donkeytale wants to recall @ 309."

I recognise JR's idea is to push an extreme, illogical position in order to challenge the PTB status quo. If he requires other commenters to become collateral damage, then that is worth the price.

I loves me sum jackrabbit.

Apologies to both he, b and all barflies for staining the thread with this unwarranted overreaction @ 309.

I'm done with Epstein...until the second coming...

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 19 2019 10:48 utc | 308

Titans of Industry Join Forces To Work for Jewish Philanthropy

. . .

Formed seven years ago by Leslie Wexner, chairman of Limited Inc. and Charles Bronfman, Edgar's brother and Seagram Co. cochairman, the group meets twice a year for two days of seminars on topics related to philanthropy and Jewishness.

. . .

"We want to make it cool to be Jewish," says Edgar Bronfman, whose company's keen sense of image has made it one of the world's most successful marketers.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

I guess, for a time, Epstein and Ghislaine were "cool". Now they are just more shocking examples of Jewish sexual predation and criminality like Harvey Weinstein. Not cool.

But the scandal, with links to the MEGA Group, has succeeded in showing us why our politicians are publicly so devoted to Israel and why few people of any importance have expressed any misgivings about that fact.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 19 2019 12:20 utc | 309

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 19 2019 12:20 utc | 311

Sure. It is a Rorschach test. You see what is in yourself.

Most of this took place in Miami which is a famous place for Latin American exiles, drugs and weapons dealers, mafia and the CIA, but what you see is Israel.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 19 2019 14:09 utc | 310

"It is not possible that he did not have insurance.” I think there was no insurance or dead man switch. Epstein was a pimping pedo guy, not a nerd like Assange. He chose to live fast and die young.

-joost 220.

I have thought similar, in the sense that ‘dead man’s switch’ seems out of character. The social circles of the ‘famous’ plus with a rep of dealings in ‘high finance’ are tightly tied in solidarity.

The participants spend time together to be ‘in groupy’, and if one likes, to bond. Trust is a major component. Of course sometimes it is betrayed, but very rare. Epstein has allegedly stated (no link sorry, can’t remember, to his part time driver in Florida) that ‘he knows secrets’ (implied about powerful ppls sex lives?) and thus has some ‘power’. Which sounds very like feeble bragging.

If there was even a faint hint of blackmail or the possibility of such attached to Epstein he would never have risen, or kept his position, as he did. Extorting one person, or forcing them to act in ways he/she would not normally even with the *hint hint* method, would be the end for him. (In the extreme version of this view.)

Epstein was a superb con-man, see his ties to Science (paying for a look in essentially), etc. and besides his sex-related crimes, which were, in that milieu a social boost (fascinating, a sign of daring, power-protected-connections, and impunity) the guts of the story are most likely financial.

see also steven at 302

one article about finance

Posted by: Noirette | Aug 19 2019 14:20 utc | 311

somebody: It is a Rorschach test. You see what is in yourself.

Or you see what you are guided to see.

There is a distinct public relations effort to:

> Ensure that we believe that Epstein is dead;

> Minimize Epstein's crimes (not a pedo! paid the girls!, etc.), so as to ...

> ... talk past the Jewish/Mossad/Israeli connections:

- Ghislaine is the daughter of an Israeli/Mossad hero;

- Epstein's main benefactor, Les Wexner, is a super-Zionist;

- Dershowitz, Epstein's lawyer and advocate, is also a super-Zionist;

- MEGA Group began operating in 1991 - about the same time that Epstein and Ghislaine got together.

- Epstein got this start in business via Alan "Ace" Greenberg who hired the college drop-out into Bear Stearns, a major Wall Street firm.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 19 2019 15:57 utc | 312

Interesting read.

2/1/2002: Israeli Espionage: The Corporate Nexus(pdf)

Posted by: Zack | Aug 19 2019 16:16 utc | 313

314;steven j johnson will not like it.

Posted by: dahoit | Aug 19 2019 17:03 utc | 314

Jackrabbit | Aug 19 2019 15:57 utc | 314

One thing you did not mention: Epstein had 2 legs, like all known Zionists as well. I am sure we all can find much more correlations. But would it convince the naive ones?

Posted by: Hausmeister | Aug 19 2019 17:24 utc | 315

Hausmeister @317: Epstein had 2 legs ... But would it convince the naive ones?

LOL. All the naive ones need to know is this: nothing to see here! Everyone can go back to sleep now.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 19 2019 17:49 utc | 316

@ "somebody" (307)
Here You find something about the "Mega Group":

Posted by: Joerg | Aug 19 2019 18:04 utc | 317

Noirette, I disagree. He asked Virginia to give him reports on ppl's sexual preferences so that they "owe him something". He was not a pedo as much as he was a maniac with an obsession for power/luxury (young girls, preferably virgins, Virgin Islands? just at the time they go from child to young woman) who needed some complicate stuff to get high coz he had a very small, maybe disformed organ (one of the victims said 'it had a very stange form, he had been circumcized you know' possibly meaning it went bad). With the backing of Dersho and Lex it is sure that it was not him who blackmailed but that his handlers could use the info for blackmail when needed. I guess the rich and powerful know they have to deal with such ppl and even to keep some in their circles.

Posted by: Mina | Aug 19 2019 18:36 utc | 318

Jackrabbit | Aug 19 2019 17:49 utc | 318

Not complete. Those who find „nothing to see here!“ boring may entertain themselves with nicely compiled stories with varying percentages of phantasy. The chance is always there as those people whose bad deeds are disputed have the habit not to write protocols when they meet and make plans. This bad habit can be countered by well done constructs:
"...and his ties to the “informal” pro-Israel philanthropist faction known as “the Mega Group.” You see: “informal”. Staying on this level means for you: you never interrupted your sleep.

Posted by: Hausmeister | Aug 19 2019 19:04 utc | 319

Barr has fired or promoted (take your pick) Hugh Hurwitz, acting director of the Bureau of Prisons....

Posted by: dh | Aug 19 2019 19:13 utc | 320

Posted by: Joerg | Aug 19 2019 18:04 utc | 319

Yep, the WSJ article describes "legitimate" philantrophy. It is pretty feudal but this is how society is run in the US. There is also eg Catholic Irish philantrophy to “promote and support peace, culture, education and community development throughout the island of Ireland, and Irish-related causes around the world.” You bet some of them gave money to the IRA.

The organized crime connection in the Mintpress article is a bit far fetched. It is like connecting Trump to organized crime because his apartments have been used by money launderers, the cement his company needed was controlled by the mob, and he owned casinos.

Bob Fitrakis claims that Wexners logistics were run by the mob, his planes were used by the CIA, and Epstein organized it all.
I think you have to go back to Richard Nixon's attorney general John Mitchell and the weapons dealer Douglas Leese who introduced Jeffrey Epstein to Hoffenberg who ran the Towers Financial Fund.
John Mitchell and CIA director William Casey were part of the parties Craig Spence did in Washington. Craig Spence ran a homosexual blackmail ring in the 1980's.

Hoffenberg claims he was introduced to Epstein by Douglas Leese, a mysterious British arms dealer, and that he paid Epstein $25,000 a month as Towers Financial began making risky plays to take over companies like Pan American World Airways and Emery Air Freight. Advisers on the Pan Am deal included Richard Nixon’s attorney general John Mitchell, Nixon’s brother Edward, and John Lehman, a former secretary of the Navy. The move fell apart after the Lockerbie bombing, and when Towers Financial later went belly-up, Hoffenberg says, the two of them engineered a Ponzi scheme to fill the hole.

The mention of Lockerbie is curious. Same as Emery Air Freight. It certainly suggests that Epstein was involved in procuring planes for the CIA. This is the 1980's and Iran-Contra.

There is someone else involved in Iran-Contra weapons and drugs - Bill Clinton in Arkansas.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 19 2019 21:13 utc | 321

Another interesting podcast from The Outer Light (IMO). Further analysis of the In-N-Out Burger photo and issues around Epstein's death e.g. I wasn't aware that while Epstein body was taken to hospital in Orange jumpsuit, according to the podcast the prisoner uniform at MCC is brown?

Overall, the podcast provides analysis and information that indicates that Epstein may have been extracted (or it is all distraction?).

Secret code “Good boys” Photo-Shopped-in photo of Ghislaine Maxwell at In-N-Out Burger

Posted by: ADKC | Aug 19 2019 23:22 utc | 322

From Somebody's 1st link
the use of boy prostitutes and surveillance for the purpose of blackmail by the highest levels of government. In one instance, dignitaries from 17 countries attending a 1993 APEC conference were placed under surveillance while some were being compromised by a child sex ring

that's exactly what an Austrian passport with an address in KSA would help do if one wanted to blackmail some Gulfies' governments through the behaviour of their representatives at the OPEP conf's in Vienna

Epstein was introduced to James Backer, a close member of the Bush/CIA mafia circle.

Posted by: Mina | Aug 20 2019 7:34 utc | 323

and some kind of Columbian connections must have remained in place

Posted by: Mina | Aug 20 2019 7:41 utc | 324

Signed his will 2 days before getting a little help to get out of the picture. One must admit that ppl making money with the stocks need to be well organized.

Posted by: Mina | Aug 20 2019 8:01 utc | 325

Posted by: Mina | Aug 20 2019 7:34 utc | 325

APEC is the Asia Pacific Economic Forum. Members are Australia, Brunei, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Russia .....

The Sultan of Brunei does have a Clinton, Epstein connection.

That passport presumably was issued via Ronald Lauder who was the US Austrian ambassador then. It may have been for what Epstein's lawyers said it was. Hijackers had separated Jewish from non-Jewish passengers.

When Seymour Hersh claimed that Robert Maxwell was a Mossad agent he also claimed that Mirror reporter Nicholas Davies was involved in Iran Contra. The Mirror was part of Maxwell's empire. William Casey - who took part in the Craig Spence parties - engineered Reagan's october surprise with Iran. Seymour Hersh won the libel case after Maxwell's death and got an apology.

It is possible that Jeffrey Epstein meeting Ghislaine Maxwell was no accident.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 20 2019 8:58 utc | 326

add to 328

It is interesting how Iran Contra people turn up in Donald Trump's administration. There is Bolton who was assistant attorney general in the Reagan administration during Iran-Contra. There is Elliot Abrams. And there is William Barr.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 20 2019 9:10 utc | 327

Further podcast from The Outer Light which discusses another photo of Ghislaine Maxwell at the In-N-Out Burger Bar and shows that it is obviously (and badly) photoshopped. Suggests purpose is to create a rabbithole.

“Another photo” of Ghislaine Maxwell at In-N-Out Burger shows "clear evidence" of being photoshopped

The side-on pic of Ghislaine Maxwell is most likely photoshopped. Analysis by Conspiracy Subreddit that The Outer Light podcast relies on.

There is a lot of stuff about Epstein on the conspiracy subreddit including:

Epstein Files Breakdown - Part I

Epstein Files Breakdown - Part II

Posted by: ADKC | Aug 20 2019 9:52 utc | 328

Jeffrey Epstein, this piece of trash, has placed all his money in a trust in the offshore US Virgin Islands, so it will be more difficult for his victims to attack the trust.

The perfect timing, signing the will, get his cellmate out of the way, in the two last days of his life is more than suspicious.

What is exposed is again that the US/royals established financial system is made to cover crime and prevent victims to get justice.

Posted by: Mina | Aug 20 2019 10:15 utc | 329

Ref the photoshopped photo, it makes sense for the FBI to protect her since she has been said to cooperate. That implies getting people away from where she really was in Boston. Not anymore anyway, since her sister took her things with a friend's help a couple of days ago, as reported by the tabloids.

Posted by: Mina | Aug 20 2019 10:34 utc | 330

Mostly Fox.

"Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham (and guests) express doubt about the official Epstein autopsy narrative, that his death was a suicide."

Posted by: imo | Aug 20 2019 13:25 utc | 331

Posted by: imo | Aug 20 2019 13:25 utc | 332

Yes, Trump does not like Fox News any more.

I can smell a Republican putsch.

The interesting thing is that the protester in the above Fox News link calls Trump corrupt.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 20 2019 14:27 utc | 332

photoshop explained: it was PR

Posted by: Mina | Aug 20 2019 17:49 utc | 333

@334 Girls just wanna have fun....

Posted by: dh | Aug 20 2019 19:01 utc | 334

Bill Gates Adviser ‘Shocked’ Jeffrey Epstein Named Him in Will

But the document shows the disgraced money-manager also selected an alternate executor in the event that Indyke and Kahn can’t carry out their duties: Boris Nikolic, an immunologist and biotech entrepreneur.

Nikolic was reportedly “shocked” to learn that he was listed in the will—which dictates that all of Epstein’s personal property should go to the trustees of a mysterious entity called The 1953 Trust.

“I was not consulted in these matters and I have no intent to fulfill these duties, whatsoever,” he said in a statement obtained by Bloomberg.

Why would Epstein involve this guy? What is the 1953 Trust?

Found this Delaware court document(pdf) which involves a trust named the 1953 Trust from Nov. 13, 2013. Predating the trusts Epstein reportedly created recently.

Posted by: Zack | Aug 20 2019 21:31 utc | 335

The Catholic Child Welfare Society and others (Appellants) v Various Claimants (FC) and The Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and others (Respondents)(pdf)

From page 5:

9. The Rule is highly particular and governs all aspects of the life and conduct of a brother including such matters as the taking of communal meals and other required communal activities. It contains provisions governing how the children taught are to be treated, including a chapter on correction or punishment which prohibits touching a child or corporal punishment. One chapter deals with chastity and this includes a provision that “They shall not touch their pupils through playfulness or familiarity, and they shall never touch them on the face”. There is a requirement to advertise to each other any faults of which they are conscious and extreme reserve is required, for example in speaking to women. Pursuant to the vow of poverty, any brother who is employed to teach by an outside body has to hand over all his earnings to the Institute. In England this duty is performed by entering into a deed of covenant to pay the earnings to a charitable trust. The pleadings disclose that there is a 1947 Trust relating to property held in connection with first the London province and subsequently the Great Britain province, and a 1953 trust relating to property held in connection with the England province. Judge Hawkesworth at paras 30 and 31 recorded that Brother Thomas gave evidence that “the DLS trust had substantial funds derived from the sale of its properties and from the covenanted funds of the brothers employed in education at St William’s and elsewhere”. The Institute provides the brothers with the “wherewithal to live” and looks after them after their retirement.

What are the odds?

Posted by: Zack | Aug 20 2019 22:40 utc | 336

US police at its best

Posted by: Mina | Aug 21 2019 7:48 utc | 337

From the same source in previous comment. Found this document when searching google for: "1953 Trust"+ext:pdf.

Think it's possible that Epstein was sending a message(vicarious liability) to his victims on how to sue the organizations he was working for by leaving his assets to the 1953 Trust.

Page 21:

“...there must be a strong connection between what the employer was asking the employee to do (the risk created by the employer’s enterprise) and the wrongful act. It must be possible to say that the employer significantly increased the risk of the harm by putting the employee in his or her position and requiring him to perform the assigned tasks.”

Page 25:

“...Giving the leading speech Lord Nicholls held that it was necessary to apply the legal policy underlying vicarious liability, which he stated at para 21: is based on the recognition that carrying on a business enterprise necessarily involves risks to others. It involves the risk that others will be harmed by wrongful acts committed by the agents through whom the business is carried on. When those risks ripen into loss, it is just that the business should be responsible for compensating the person who has been wronged.”


76. When considering the stage 2 test of “the ordinary course of employment” he suggested at para 23 that the wrongful conduct must be so closely connected with the acts the employee was authorised to do that the wrongful conduct might “fairly and properly be regarded” as done in the ordinary course of employment.

Page 27:

85. The precise criteria for imposing vicarious liability for sexual abuse are still in the course of refinement by judicial decision. Sexual abuse of children may be facilitated in a number of different circumstances. There is currently concern at the possibility that widespread sexual abuse of children may have occurred within the entertainment industry. This case is not concerned with that scenario. It is concerned with the liability of bodies that have, in pursuance of their own interests, caused their employees or persons in a relationship similar to that of employees, to have access to children in circumstances where abuse has been facilitated.

86. Starting with the Canadian authorities a common theme can be traced through most of the cases to which I have referred. Vicarious liability is imposed where a defendant, whose relationship with the abuser put it in a position to use the abuser to carry on its business or to further its own interests, has done so in a manner which has created or significantly enhanced the risk that the victim or victims would suffer the relevant abuse. The essential closeness of connection between the relationship between the defendant and the tortfeasor and the acts of abuse thus involves a strong causative link.

Page 29:

94. This is not a borderline case. It is one where it is fair, just and reasonable, by reason of the satisfaction of the relevant criteria, for the Institute to share with the Middlesbrough Defendants vicarious liability for the abuse committed by the brothers. I would allow this appeal.

Posted by: Zack | Aug 21 2019 20:16 utc | 339

2TricksPony | Aug 16 2019 19:25 utc | 29

Fully agree with those who think this piece of sh!t was 'suicided'. But... He wasn't a dumb idiot, so he MUST have had a dead man's switch in palace. A week have passed and nothing happened. Ergo the motherf*cker is still alive.

In the correspondence in UR about this "suicide" there was a composite pho that showed side-by-side Epstein's face (Particularly ear and nose.) alive in court and "dead" on a trolley (gurney), being wheeled into a "Hospital"(?) that looked awfully like a fire station! There is no doubt in my mind that the noses and ears shown belonged to two different people. That is to say, the nose just might, conceivably be the same but the ear was completely different.
I am not sure where I heard it, I am not entirely sure I did hear it, but I think I heard that about the time this event took place a man who sold fast food near the prison disappeared without explanation. Does anyone have any info on that?

The fact that the authorities wanted their own coroner and pathologist (The same one as examined JFK) and their own team to investigate the "death", is surely proof that there is something very fishy about this suicide. The fact that no "Dead-Man's-Handle" seems to have operated, indicates that Epstein is not dead.

Posted by: foolisholdman | Aug 22 2019 10:38 utc | 340

bevin | Aug 16 2019 20:50 utc | 50

What Epstein is said to have done has nothing to do with pedophilia, apart from the fact that it suggests that he was not likely to have been involved in it.
So far as the evidence goes Epstein was no more interested in pre-pubescent children than he was in sheep: he was clearly obsessed with nubile young women and very successful in seducing them. You may not like it but that is not pedophilia, any more than it is bestiality.
There is a racist, specifically anti-semitic, sub-text in these charges which gybe with the common anti-islamic "grooming" of "white girls" slander.

The Important thing about this case is not the pedophilia or any other sexual crimes. Yes, I have no doubt they are important to the women, girls, boys or young men involved, but the important point from the public pov is BLACKMAIL that is that NO ONE who ever partook of Epstein's hospitality should be allowed to hold a public office. EVER! They are all deeply suspect of not being independent actors.

Posted by: foolisholdman | Aug 22 2019 11:03 utc | 341

well designed but Brunel should be among facilitators I suggest

Posted by: Mina | Aug 22 2019 12:31 utc | 342

High quality copy of Epstein's last will and testament. Found it on accident when searching google for: "1953 Trust"+ext:pdf. It is the 3rd result down labeled Untitled.

Posted by: Zack | Aug 22 2019 17:00 utc | 343

WSJ: Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Creates Legal Morass for His Accusers

"Mr. Epstein signed his will on Aug. 8, two days before he was found dead in jail. The will directed that his assets be placed in a trust, whose beneficiaries haven’t been made public. His closest relative is his brother, Mark Epstein."

Why would the WSJ not report the name of Epstein's trust? Other MSM outlets have already reported on the 1953 Trust?

"The will named Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, two longtime associates of Mr. Epstein, as the estate’s executors who are responsible for locating his assets and distributing them."

Epstein listed Boris Nikolic in his will which reportedly came as a surprise to Mr. Nikolic, who stated he has no intentions of getting involved.

Why would the WSJ not name Boris Nikolic who is listed in Epstein's will as an alternate executor?

Posted by: Zack | Aug 23 2019 15:46 utc | 344

Info/discrepancies regarding Boris Nikolic.

World Economic Forum Bio for Boris Nikolic

MD, Zagreb Medical School; clinical training, Medical Centre, University of Zagreb, Croatia. 1994, Harvard Graduate Program in Immunology; postdoctoral fellowship in transplantation immunology; Instructor in Surgery; Instructor in Medicine; Assistant Professor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School; since 2002, Founder and Director, Advanced Immunology Laboratory for Tolerance Induction Stem Cell Transplantation, Renal Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital-Harvard Medical School; since 2007, current position, on leave from faculty position, Harvard Medical School. Author of over 50 articles and patent applications. Co-Founder, three biotechnology companies. Research interests: immunogenetics, immunological tolerance induction for transplant, auto immunity and stem cell research. Recipient of awards.

Now an article removed from Duke Magazine's page, but accessible through the wayback machine.

Surviving a Civil War

In the spring of 1992, as most seven-year-olds in America were just finishing the first grade, Boris Nikolic was packing up his belongings in Banja Luka, Bosnia. Two months earlier, Bosnia had declared its independence, and, with Slobodan Milosevic encouraging Bosnian Serbs in a vicious campaign of "ethnic cleansing" to create a "Greater Serbia," suddenly there was no room for Croatians like the Nikolics in their home country. "Basically, if you stayed, you were taken to a concentration camp or shot," Nikolic says.
The Nikolics decided it was time to move once again. In October 1997, a little more than five years after they first came to Croatia, the family, now reunited, left for the United States. Working through Lutheran Family Services, they were assigned residence in Greensboro, North Carolina, a city with a large refugee population. Last spring(2003), at age nineteen, Nikolic graduated from Greensboro Day School, where his father works as a janitor, and entered Duke this fall as a Robertson Scholar.

Enrolling in the Humanitarian Challenges FOCUS program for freshmen, Nikolic seemed immediately at ease. His sister, Ivana, a medical student at Duke, is nearby; her presence was a powerful influence in Boris' decision to come here.

Greensboro Day school is a K-12 school.

WHO IS THE ADVOCATE WHICH THE MONSTROOUS RICH MAN APPROVED FOR THE PERPETRATOR OF YOUR WILL 'Boris is extremely intelligent, dedicated to working at Harvard'
[translated by google]

Boris Nikolic was born in Zagreb, where his brother is still a doctor. He graduated in 1994 from the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb. His colleagues and professors at the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb remember him as one of the best students of the year.

He then went to America to pursue his scientific studies at Harvard's best university in the world, where he studied immunology. From that period he is well remembered by journalist and publicist Sanja Muzaferi, who intensively hung out with Nikolic in the mid-1990s in Boston.

So Boris graduated med school when he was 9yrs old? In addition, how was Muzaferi hanging out w/ Boris in the mid 90s in Boston, when it appears Boris and his family did not move to the US until October 1997?

Something strange is going on here...

Posted by: Zack | Aug 23 2019 20:56 utc | 345

MotherJones: Jeffrey Epstein, My Very, Very Sick Pal

And you think Jeffrey had a perversion?

Jeffrey was ill. Jeffrey was born with a case of satyriasis. Somebody like you, incidentally, who wants to be writing on the subject, should know a thing like that.

Okay. This is the first time I’ve heard it in connection with him.

What do you mean? Isn’t it quite obvious that Jeffrey was pathological?

There are plenty of people with satyriasis like there are plenty of nymphomaniacs, except very few of them have the money to, let us say, treat themselves to sex three times a day with young girls. That was what he had to do. Other people, there are plenty of cases, presumably, if you want to read up on the subject—it’s called satyriasis, right? It’s the male version of—did you ever meet a nymphomaniac?

This is incredible. Sure would explain Epstein's comments about his biological need to have sex multiple times a day. If this is true it would mean the intel agencies/mob exploited this and used it against Epstein to further their aims.

Epstein may have been working against these people for some time. Remember the flags being lowered to half mast on his island after he died?

Do not have much evidence for this yet, but suspect that the 1953 Trust and Boris Nikolic are Epstein's dead man's switch and the switch has been triggered by their inclusion in his will. Suspect he knew he was going to die, in fact it may have been part of his plan.

Could Epstein be behind the Qanon phenomenon?

Posted by: Zack | Aug 24 2019 17:30 utc | 346

Pathologizing Male Desire: Satyriasis, Masculinity, and Modern Civilization

Satyriasis had long been familiar to physicians as, in very rough terms, the male equivalent of nymphomania. The name of the condition evoked the satyr, the half-beast and half-human figure of Greek mythology famed for lustfulness and promiscuity. In a book written in the first century AD, Aretaeus of Cappadocia defined satyriasis as a condition of excessive desire in men that, by inducing a state of severe sexual frustration, would lead to sickness and death. For Renaissance writers, satyriasis was characterized by excessive and unrequited passion for another. In his Treatise on Lovesickness [End Page 25] (1610), the French physician Jacques Ferrand classed satyriasis as a variant of “love melancholy” or “love madness.” A French dissertation from the early nineteenth century described the sufferer as red in the face and extremely animated, and it listed death due to gangrene in the genitals as a likely outcome.

Sure sounds like they are talking about Pan, which will be interesting to some people here.

Don't subscribe to everything in this article, but highly suggest reading it. Stanisław Szukalski was a master dot connector. Pretty hard to miss the similarities to Epstein's behavior.

Posted by: Zack | Aug 24 2019 18:14 utc | 347

@347 Yep, would explain the NY mansion entrance. Pan is a satyr. He is also associated with Tammuz.
I'll let you make of that what you will..

Posted by: Lozion | Aug 24 2019 20:34 utc | 348


Only truth can get this crazy.

Posted by: Zack | Aug 25 2019 22:01 utc | 349

Others have now noticed the Epstein/Ghislaine pics being sourced to the Mega Agency. Some additional info found in the comments of this Epstein reddit thread.

Interesting that all these Epstein photos are credited to the Mega Agency

According to their website, Mega agency has partnered with Mirrorpix last december.

We're delighted to be partnering with Mega to develop out international sales reach even further

Mirrorpix is part of Trinity Mirror plc, called now Reach plc.

In the 80s Trinity Mirror/Reach company was called The Mirror Group and was owned by... Robert Maxwell.

Some interesting info can be found in Reach plc's wiki.

Posted by: Zack | Aug 27 2019 15:08 utc | 350

Google shows no search results found for: "1953 Trust"

Duckduckgo shows results for: "1953 Trust", but google does not report any.

Why does google not have any results indexed for this search query even though duckduckgo does?

Posted by: Zack | Aug 28 2019 18:46 utc | 351

Just for the MoA record.

"How the Alliance of Intelligence & Organized Crime Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein
Guest: Whitney Webb"

Posted by: imo | Aug 30 2019 8:49 utc | 352

Whitney Webb should never have to pay for anything again in her life and she should be protected by the public if the need ever arises. She has done more in her 4 part series than most will ever do in their life in regards to taking this criminal network down and shining light on their dirty deeds.

Posted by: Zack | Aug 30 2019 16:12 utc | 353

Google reports no search results found for: "boris nikolic".

DuckDuckgo shows results for the same search query as above.

Bing has similar results to DuckDuckgo.

Is there a reasonable/harmless explanation for google not reporting any results for this search query?

Posted by: Zack | Aug 30 2019 20:38 utc | 354

Posted by: Zack | Aug 30 2019 20:38 utc | 354

Might be Google having become slow to index. Might be because of Google's localisation.

My guess is that Google has become so embarrassed by offering search results from fringe sources that they give preference to "respected" news sources.

If you look for just "Boris Nikolic" first page of search results are mainstream media second page is fringe.

If you google just results exist but are not really useful.

Moon of Alabama is not optimized for Google but I doubt this is the reason,
If you just look for "Boris Nikolic" in DuckDuckGo you get a list of people with that name without special consideration for the guy who has become topical.

Google has been guessing what people are searching for when they type in one or two words for quite a while, plus trying to decide what are "trustworthy" sources.

They are not ranking down certain sources they just have trusted sources they give preferential treatment. So I assume they are simply slow to index. Try putin and you will get a full list. Try again in a month and you will probably find "boris nikolic".

Posted by: somebody | Aug 30 2019 22:10 utc | 355


Thanks for the additional info you've been providing.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 31 2019 0:30 utc | 356

@355-Thank you. Greatly appreciated.

@356-No problemo.

Posted by: Zack | Aug 31 2019 6:42 utc | 357

Not the best translation, but has a few bits of info I had not seen before.

INQUIRY FRANCEINFO. Jeffrey Epstein, "a polite and generous man" who "loved the company of women", according to his French handyman[google translated]

Despite the death of his boss, Gabriel remains today a busy man. "He is not unemployed , his wife confirms, there is a trust that decides everything and works for them." Two days before his death on August 10 in a federal prison in Manhattan, the US financier has left precise instructions. In a will, whose contents were revealed by the American press, he mentions having confided all of his fortune - about 577 million dollars - to the care of the 1953 Trust registered in the US Virgin Islands. Beyond the delicate inheritance management, this company also seems to have authority over former Epstein employees.
Despite these socialities and Epstein's relations with the global Gotha, Gabriel describes a relatively lonely boss who spent a lot of time on his computer. Worried in recent years for his safety, he had used a bodyguard and bought an armored car. In the end, "I prefer my life to the one he had," admits the steward. In 18 years in his service, he never met, for example, Mark's brother, Mark, whom Jeffrey Epstein rarely spoke. He could inherit a portion of his fortune.

Posted by: Zack | Aug 31 2019 9:22 utc | 358

Posted by: Zack | Aug 31 2019 9:22 utc | 358

The French Butler claims to have seen Steve Bannon at Epstein's place.

Supposing a connection to the Qanon fantasies is interesting.

Like Batman, QAnon's identity is supposedly a deep, dark secret, and so the kookosphere swirls with speculation. Some name "NSA whistleblower" Thomas Drake, whose anti-Obama posture has gained him somewhat of a fanbase on the far-right.[16] Others say it's Steve Bannon. Or Trump himself. Or Donald Trump Jr. Or an artificial intelligence.[17]

Adding to the confusion, a number of "Q impostors" and fakes have appeared, as well as copycat Anons such as "MegaAnon" and "WH Anon", prompting the faithful to conclude it's all just part of a "deep state" plot to smear QAnon.[18][19]

In reality, however, the supposed deep cover agent QAnon is most likely a 4chan troll doing it for the shits and giggles. At the very least, Russian troll accounts were pushing the QAnon bullshit to idiots on Twitter before being purged.[20]

The sad truth however is probably how Stuart Pivar states it in the Mother Jones interview: Epstein was a sexual addict and his procurers were women.
The Maria Farmer story is exceptional in that Epstein chose a young woman who was not poor but not exceptional that he was allegedly enabled by a woman.

Epstein seems to have "commissioned art" as he "commissioned science" - without knowing anything about it. He used people who knew - like Stuart Pivar and John Brockman.

I think it is quite possible that he worked for the CIA as a front and that his money was CIA money.

After a couple of days, R would invite the scientist to lunch or dinner and make his pitch: his company was interested in the scientist’s field, and would like to support their work. “Every academic I have ever met is constantly trying to figure how to get grants to continue his research. That’s all they talk about,” he explained. They would agree on a specific project, and the price, which varied by the scientist’s country: “$1,000 to $5,000 for a Pakistani. Korea is more.” Once the CIA pays a foreign professor, even if they are unaware at first of the funding source, it controls them, because exposure of the relationship might imperil their career or even their life in their native country.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 31 2019 16:22 utc | 359

This has somehow escaped my attention.

Trump White House Weighing Plans for Private Spies to Counter “Deep State” Enemies

The Trump administration is considering a set of proposals developed by Blackwater founder Erik Prince and a retired CIA officer — with assistance from Oliver North, a key figure in the Iran-Contra scandal — to provide CIA Director Mike Pompeo and the White House with a global, private spy network that would circumvent official U.S. intelligence agencies, according to several current and former U.S. intelligence officials and others familiar with the proposals. The sources say the plans have been pitched to the White House as a means of countering “deep state” enemies in the intelligence community seeking to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency.

This explains the re-emergence of the Iran-Contra people surrounding Jeffrey Epstein?

Global private is ominous. Saudi-Israeli-private US?

Posted by: somebody | Aug 31 2019 16:52 utc | 360

add to 360

John R. Maguire who is supposed to work with Eric Prince on this:

Maguire spent more than two decades as a paramilitary officer in the CIA, including tours in Central America working with the Contras. He has extensive experience in the Middle East, where he helped plan the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 31 2019 16:58 utc | 361

Trump Jr. and Other Aides Met With Gulf Emissary Offering Help to Win Election

Erik Prince, the private security contractor and the former head of Blackwater, arranged the meeting, which took place on Aug. 3, 2016. The emissary, George Nader, told Donald Trump Jr. that the princes who led Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were eager to help his father win election as president. The social media specialist, Joel Zamel, extolled his company’s ability to give an edge to a political campaign; by that time, the firm had already drawn up a multimillion-dollar proposal for a social media manipulation effort to help elect Mr. Trump.

Qanon type social media manipulation effort?

Then on Nov 4th, 2016 this article:

Erik Prince: NYPD Ready to Make Arrests in Anthony Weiner Case

3 days after this article Epstein's plane is in Saudi Arabia for 2 days during the US election.

About a month or so later Epstein's personal pilot is pictured smiling with Kellyanne Conway.

Jeffrey Epstein’s pilot deletes Instagram after Kellyanne Conway pic surfaces

Prince's team must be responsible for Qanon. Suspect Epstein may have been working with them and he was a loose end that got tied up. The Iran Contra people are also the Rex84 people.

Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was a classified scenario and drill developed by the United States federal government to detain large numbers of United States citizens deemed to be "national security threats", in the event that the president declared a National Emergency. The plan was first revealed in detail in a major daily newspaper by reporter Alfonso Chardy in the July 5, 1987 edition of the Miami Herald. Possible reasons for such a roundup were reported to be widespread opposition to a U.S. military invasion abroad, such as if the United States were to directly invade Central America. To combat what the government perceived as "subversive activities", the plan also authorized the military to direct ordered movements of civilian populations at state and regional levels, according to Professor Diana Reynolds.

Hmmmmm. Ominous indeed.

Posted by: Zack | Sep 1 2019 19:38 utc | 362

Posted by: Zack | Sep 1 2019 19:38 utc | 362

And Epstein had a portrait of the Saudi prince on his wall.

There is also this:

Miami Herald whose stories started the retrial of Jefrey Epstein is owned by McClatchy is owned by Chatham Asset Management which also owns the National Enquirer of Trump Michael Cohen Pecker fame.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 1 2019 21:08 utc | 363

There is also this on Jeffrey Epstein's estate and the 1953 trust

The will was filed on Thursday, Aug. 15, in Superior Court in the U.S. Virgin Islands and shows that Epstein signed it on Aug. 8, declaring "this to be my Will hereby revoking all prior Wills and Codicils made by me."

So there were prior Wills and Codicils. Was Epstein's money Iran Contra money and did they try to get this money for a new conspiracy?

Posted by: somebody | Sep 1 2019 21:13 utc | 364


Iran Contra people appear to have been involved in 9/11.

FEMA Investigator Claims World Trade Center ‘Vault Contents Emptied Before Attack

The Million-Dollar Diamond Theft at the World Trade Center on 9/11

Precious Metals in WTC 4 Vault: Only a Fraction Recovered?

Wonder what happened to the gold/silver/diamonds/cash/bonds in the vaults under the WTC complex? Would not be surprised if Epstein ended up with some of this.

Posted by: Zack | Sep 5 2019 16:42 utc | 365

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