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July 28, 2019

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2019-43

Last week's posts at Moon of Alabama:

Peace in Ukraine? - The friends and foes of a Kiev-Moscow settlement - The Nation
There are rumors that the U.S. attempts to block the person President Volodymyr Zelensky selected as new prime minister.

The Two Jacobs - James Meek on Post-Brexit Britain - LRB
Brexit, Britain and the Permanent Crisis in the Gulf - Patrick Cockburn- Counterpunch

Other issues:

Craig Murray worked on the laws of the sea. He calls the British heist of an Iran tanker illegal:
Tanker Seizures and the Threat to the Global Economy from Resurgent Imperialism

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Posted by b on July 28, 2019 at 19:08 UTC | Permalink

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The rise of Boris Johnson to power in Britain is a great shame and represents the feudal nature of British society with an elite drawn from the aristocracy and upper middle class lording it over the masses. Both Johnson and Cameron are ex-Etonians and 'chums'. Cameron ruled the UK from 2010-2016 and if Johnson does from 2019 to 2022, it would mean that 9 out of those 12 years (2010-2022 would have seen Britain) governed by an old Etonian. Johnson spoke in prime minister's question time clearly in a juvenile manner that only those with the privilege of being of the elite and educated in a public school would, he was acting as it was all pantomine and 'a jolly good laugh'.

It's a sad day for British democracy and the world in general.

Posted by: Muslim_Dude | Jul 28 2019 19:31 utc | 1

We still do not know how, when and where the Iranian tanker was captured. There are two mutually exclusive narratives.

1) Grace 1 “freely navigated into UK territorial waters” as Jeremy Hunt claims.

2) The capture of Grace 1 was ordered by the US long before Grace 1 entered the Strait. Panama revoked the ship's registration and Gibraltar changed its sanction laws.

Would the US know weeks in advance that Grace 1 is about to stop in Gibraltar? On the other hand, If Grace 1 had known that its registration had been revoked, would it not have avoided British waters.

I suspect Grace 1 was captured out on the Atlantic, days before the news was made public. The Royal Marines would then reprogram the automatic identification system (AIS) to show Gibraltar as the destination. We still have not heard from the crew. What is their story?

Thanks for the link to Craig Murray 's article. I have been collecting sources and analysis on the tanker seizures here.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Jul 28 2019 19:46 utc | 2

Strait closed, world island cut off.

<> <> <> <>

Same thinking as: “Fog in Channel, continent cut off.”

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 28 2019 19:53 utc | 3

Bolsonaro has announced he essentially sold the Amazon rainforest to the Americans:

Bolsonaro anuncia entrega da Amazônia aos Estados Unidos

What's interesting is his speech:

Estou procurando o primeiro mundo para explorar essas áreas em parceria e agregando valor. Por isso, a minha aproximação com os Estados Unidos

[I'm asking the First World to exploit these areas in partnership and aggregating value. Hence my approximation with the USA]

This makes it very clear Bolsonaro is not choosing his economic partners on the basis of what is better for Brazil, but for what is better to the (neo)liberal order (i.e. the West). His usage of Cold War propaganda terminology ("First World" as a synonym to "USA") gives him up.

The Brazilian government knows there's a massive mineral reserve in Amazon territory (Serra dos Carajás, eastern Amazon rainforest) since the times of the military dictatorship (1964-1985); however, the importance of the rainforest in the ecological regulation of the world kept them from fully exploiting them -- until now.

There are plenty of minerals the Americans can get their hands at in the Serra dos Carajás (mainly iron, but also rare metals and uranium), but Pepe Escobar rose an interesting hypothesis in a recent article for the Asia Times, where he stated that:

And then there’s the crucial – for the industrialized West – niobium angle (a metal known for its hardness). Roughly 78% of Brazilian niobium reserves are located in the southeast, not in the Amazon, which accounts at best for 18%. The abundance of niobium in Brazil will last all the way to 2200 – even taking into consideration non-stop, exponential Chinese GDP growth. But the Amazon is not about niobium. It’s about gold – to be duly shipped to the West.

We already know Russia and China have been stocking up gold to their reserves in order to prepare a dedollarization process. Gold is the shortest path to dedollarize a national and/or regional financial system because, traditionally, it served as universal money until the fiat currency era (1971-). It's a universal language in the financial world to tell another country that you ultimately have the leverage to do finance outside the American system (i.e. that you're not bullshitting).

With this seemingly rushed decision to seize Amazonic gold from the Brazilians -- and right after the last disappointing 2.1% GDP growth in this last quarter -- it looks like the dedollarization enforced by China and Russia is finally beginning to bite in the USA.

But we must not get to the illusion the gold standard will come back: if this is the beginning of a new Gold Rush, then it will not last for much, since most geologists agree the world reserves of gold are almost all exploited (they can do a good extrapolation to the gold available in the Earth thanks to some cosmologogical science about the origins of the planet that I don't understand very well, so this diagnosis is -- contrary to the infamous oil predictions -- pretty much definitive). The gold standard, by the way, was terrible: it was a deflationary system that led to periodical famine in Europe during the Industrial Revolutions (gold could not be produced, so production stopped when prices went down too much) and probably was the main factor that triggered the French Revolution of 1789.

Posted by: vk | Jul 28 2019 20:36 utc | 4

@ vk | Jul 28 2019 20:36 utc | 4

Bolsonaro has announced he essentially sold the Amazon rainforest to the Americans...

I believe that Bolsonaro has insisted on retaining ownership of at least one tree, in case he gets a chance to hang Glenn Greenwald from it.

See: "Greenwald calls Brazil’s Bolsonaro a ‘wannabe dictator’ after threats of ‘jail’ for explosive leaks" [RT]

Posted by: Ort | Jul 28 2019 20:59 utc | 5

Epstein found collapsed in his cell with marks on his neck. Now on suicide watch.

Who would've thunk?

Posted by: Lozion | Jul 28 2019 21:43 utc | 6

@ vk with the report on the empire rape of Brazil and words about gold as a value attached to "money"

Sorry about what is slated to happen to the Amazon region.

Gold has been historically attached to the "value" of money and silver as well to a lesser degree. That said, they represent physical value to the specie of exchange, if attached.

Specie with physical value is one step removed from barter. If/when the specie becomes fiat, meaning no more connection to physical value then it becomes debt at its core unless you and others have faith that it has more than the "paper printed on".

And that is where we are at today. In 1971, gold was removed from connection to the global Reserve Currency which then made "money" fiat and it has been that way until the present.

But that debt laden fiat money system is a cancer on the lifeblood of human interactions and China and other countries are saying to the elite that own global Western private finance that they want to return to value associated money AND the controls over the manipulation/elimination of that value.

Socialism or barbarism is the question on the table.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 28 2019 22:27 utc | 7

Petri Krohn @ 2:

If you know which shipping company owns a certain cargo ship or tanker, you can usually look up that company's database and find the ship's scheduled voyage. This is crucial knowledge because usually cargo ships will be carrying several lots of cargo to be offloaded at ports along the way, and new cargo taken on at the same time, so importers and exporters need to know exactly when the ship docks at X place and when it leaves. It would be very easy for the UK or the US to know in advance when the Grace 1 docks at Gibraltar; they only need to know who owns the tanker, find the owner's website and look up the schedules of all the owner's ships.

See here an example of how a company can choose a ship and a schedule that fits in with its import / export schedules. Another example here.

In fact the Grace 1 tanker might not have been the specific target; as long as there was a ship purportedly carrying Iranian oil passing through the Straits of Gibraltar, it would have been fair game. So all the British would have needed to know is which tanker or tankers from the Middle East would have been scheduled to dock in at Gibraltar and they get that information from the relevant port authorities.

Posted by: Jen | Jul 28 2019 23:08 utc | 8

So the Amazon is to be destroyed. The last piece of sacred creation. Because, I suppose, if the ice is gone, what else is there to destroy?

I have long thought that the despoiling of this planet is an act of such utter horror, that only a spiritual view can encompass it.

I can only view it through a long lens, a timeline of centuries. But in that timeline, I suppose that the ecosystem can be restored.

So, there's some good news in this regard from China:
Xi calls for turning more deserts green

Xi says an odd thing: "anti-desertification is a great cause closely related to human development"

I suppose he's referring to the development of human society but at first I took it as if he was talking about personal development, of character and values. I still like it best that way. What kind of personal degradation does it take to wipe out the Amazon rain forest? What could the opposite action do to restore some personal integrity?


I should add that I think it's crucial to work for the good of the ecosystem every day as if it were the last. But one should only place one's hope for the eventual outcome in a future very far down the road. We will all work, then, for our grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren.

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 29 2019 2:39 utc | 9

Below is a Xinhuanet link about the meeting in Vienna relating to the JCPOA

JCPOA signatories reaffirm commitment to Iran nuclear deal: Chinese delegate

Take away quotes
"I have two take-away messages from today's meeting," said Fu Cong, director general of the Department of Arms Control at the Chinese Foreign Ministry, at a press conference following the meeting. "First, all sides have expressed their commitment to safeguard the JCPOA and to continue to implement the JCPOA in an objective manner, and a balanced manner."

"The second point I take away from the meeting is that all sides have expressed their strong opposition against the U.S. unilateral imposition of sanctions, especially the extraterritorial application of the sanctions, and they also expressed support and appreciation of China's efforts to implement the JCPOA, in particular China's effort to maintain normal trade and oil relations with Iran," Fu said.
At the meeting, China urged the three European countries to expand INSTEX, a payment system to facilitate trade between the EU and Iran to get around U.S. sanctions, and open it up to third countries, said Fu.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 29 2019 2:57 utc | 10

Another link from Xinhuanet about Iran sentiments today

Iran warns presence of foreign forces cause tension in region

Empire is still trying to start a war with Iran by moving more tin can coffins into the Straight of Hormuz so they can do more bullying under the lie of protection.

@ snake who broke page formatting with their unformatted link like b suggests.....why should anyone read what you have to say when you disrespect us and b?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 29 2019 3:07 utc | 11
Trump says US intel chief Coats is leaving Replacement Ratcliffe agrees with president on North Korea, Iran, Russia

Posted by: snake | Jul 29 2019 3:31 utc | 12

Why is because those links are important.. to the facts necessary to assess the current situation.
Secondly, if I violated a protocol I am unaware of it. please explain.?
btw thanks for calling my attention to it.. but I still don't know what is wrong.. I guess you are saying something is wrong with the way the links were posted?

Posted by: snake | Jul 29 2019 4:29 utc | 13

Below is a link from ZH about the latest killings in America....shooting up a garlic festival....

16 Shot, 3 Dead At California Garlic Festival; Shooter Still At Large

Socialism or barbarism is still the question on the table

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 29 2019 4:35 utc | 14

Anyone have more information about Mary Alice Hayward the new IAEA director general ?

Posted by: HW | Jul 29 2019 4:46 utc | 15

@15 snake... thanks for the links.. i was able to open them... you need to learn how to use the code to the right of where you type your name and e mail address in, so that your links don't break the format here.. i have a large screen, so i generally don't notice it, but others very well might.. cheers james

Posted by: james | Jul 29 2019 4:52 utc | 16

I'm leaving all but one link as text to try to avoid the spam filter. Long URLS are broken by an inserted *snip*'s and a line break despite being text. I used the HTML version of the DuckDuckGo search engine and ignored some stuff (there wasn't much). If it looks okay in preview I'll post it and hope it doesn't mess up the page for anyone (smartphones might not cope though).

Not sure if it's "more" but there's her IAEA page.

201702-now: IAEA
2009-2016: AREVA (French state)
For 15 years before that: US government
Before that most likely only studies
[Adds a little bit more detail, has been part of US GAO, hispanic]
[PC brigade check]
[PC feel-good BS modern US edition]

To me this looks like a typical creature of management, unlikely to risk anything much but obviously a short-cut for US interests keeping up with anything behind the scenes. Just a typical management careerist.*snip*
["...appointed by Virginia Governor McAuliffe to serve on the board of the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium Authority..." and "...July 23, 2014, and continues until June 30, 2015..."]*snip*
[Perhaps unimportant but she seems to do a lot of this kind of thing (same with the two items below)]
["Acting chief: IAEA has excellent cooperation with China" 20180918]
["Parliamentary Vice-Minister Kiyoto Tsuji received a courtesy call from Ms. Mary Alice Hayward, Deputy Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)" 20190122]

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Jul 29 2019 6:19 utc | 17

I forgot this one (it was the parent company):

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Jul 29 2019 6:35 utc | 18

Maybe a stupid way to do it but I also removed any http(s) etc. and www from in front of the text versions of the URLs but browsers should cope with that if you copy the complete URL into them after having removed the *snips*'s and line breaks.

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Jul 29 2019 6:40 utc | 19

Seen yesterday:

Censorship in Turkey: When the censor is censored
From a Turkish channel: article

It is not adequate to censor when we complain against MSM censorship trials, is it? In Germany Can Dündar, who works now for the transatlantic bridge orientated newspaper ZEIT, mocks about this example of bootlicking.

Posted by: Hausmeister | Jul 29 2019 7:54 utc | 20

Posted by: Hausmeister | Jul 29 2019 7:54 utc | 22

Sputnik Turkey seems to do the censuring, too.

It is stupid, as they have now lost all credibility in Turkey, and Erdogan will not survive eternally.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 29 2019 8:08 utc | 21

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Jul 29 2019 6:19 utc | 19

Everything below is a repost of the above, with the links in a more user-friendly format. I am just reformatting the links as given in the original post and assuming they were correct!

It is obviously a worthwhile set of links, so if it gets blocked by the spam filter I dare say B could unblock it in due course!

In reply to
Anyone have more information about Mary Alice Hayward the new IAEA director general ?
Posted by: HW | Jul 29 2019 4:46 utc | 17

Here is her IAEA page.

201702-now: IAEA
2009-2016: AREVA (French state)
For 15 years before that: US government
Before that most likely only studies

Adds a little bit more detail, has been part of US GAO, hispanic

PC brigade check

PC feel-good BS modern US edition

To me [SRB] this looks like a typical creature of management, unlikely to risk anything much but obviously a short-cut for US interests keeping up with anything behind the scenes. Just a typical management careerist.

"...appointed by Virginia Governor McAuliffe to serve on the board of the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium Authority..." and "...July 23, 2014, and continues until June 30, 2015..."

Perhaps unimportant but she seems to do a lot of this kind of thing (same with the two items below)

"Acting chief: IAEA has excellent cooperation with China" 20180918

"Parliamentary Vice-Minister Kiyoto Tsuji received a courtesy call from Ms. Mary Alice Hayward, Deputy Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)" 20190122

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Jul 29 2019 6:19 utc | 19

I forgot this one (it was the parent company)

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Jul 29 2019 6:35 utc | 20

Posted by: BM | Jul 29 2019 9:05 utc | 22

Korea losing economic vitality

Let this be a lesson to the working classes who got illuded by the myth of the inevitability of "Western-Europeization" of the world.

The game is over for South Korea.

Posted by: vk | Jul 29 2019 12:11 utc | 24

It is a fussy detail maybe, but that is how law is defined :

International Hydrographic Organization defines the Strait of Gibraltar as ending in a line between Europa Point and P. Almina. Straits passage would be within that presumably, Grace 1 will have exited and turned north out of that into Gibraltar territorial waters outside of the strait, instead of carrying on into international waters.

So as far as straits passage is concerned, or it being violated, then it is a question of at what point the ship was boarded.

The sides involved will not go to Craig Murray to resolve the dispute, they will go to international court to do so.

(And I say that as much as understanding Craig Murray tends to fairly raise polemic and questions narrative)

Posted by: gzon | Jul 29 2019 12:40 utc | 25

Thank you BM, all the links worked and by the timestamps it looks like it didn't get stuck which surprises me since there were so many.

Want to add that I'm not blaming b; it's the program/service looking through links for what it considers spam which sometimes fail. After stuff gets stuck in the spam filter and b approves it the comment (correctly, as it should) appears among the comments at the appropriate place for the time it was submitted but this means that people who have already read the tread (looking for replies and answers to questions) are unlikely to see and read it as they would have to go back through the thread they think they have already read. That's why I was trying to be extremely careful and conservative.

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Jul 29 2019 13:01 utc | 26

A topic that could be regarded as populist, but which is very clearly subject to the full Israeli propaganda arm and so is worthy of study if only for that, is the alleged rape by twelve Israelis of a British tourist who allegedly invented the accusation, in Cyprus. It carries a deep significance on public perception. In fact the only mainstream thread I found, which was in UK, that was holding critical discussion of this was just deleted as well, for being inflammatory.

Anyone would have to read up the press in sequence to see how the story evolved, how it was presented by various sides, particularly Israel press. In short though what it looks like to me is that the (we just put "alleged" at all points here for the sake of simplicity) victim was likely pressured into changing her statement, because she might have been convinced of being wrong on one of those present. That is because a dated selfie of being elsewhere was presented by one of the accused (apparently with the date etched visibly on the photo). There seems no forensic questioning of that photo has taken place. The fact that only certain (presumably illegal) videos of the event were presented (and I have heard appeared online, which is also illegal), and others were purposefully deleted, raises more questions.

So you have a tourist, dating with some of the accused, maybe being foolish somewhat, and it turns into a circumstance of abuse where she emerges distraught and has to face off against twelve others, their families, the Israel press, Israeli connections, which are going to whatever length to defend their reputation.

They were all freed after she changed her statement, she is accused of making false allegations, the accused are threatening damages and basically celebrating, going from saying it was all "love and consent" to calling her a whore.

I suppose a clearer understanding of this will emerge in time...but and her, if she is truly the victim of a forceful abuse ?


Posted by: gzon | Jul 29 2019 13:37 utc | 27

Insane acts like this will just go on with the influx of migrants to europe,

Boy, 8, dies after being pushed in front of train in Frankfurt

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 29 2019 15:10 utc | 28

to curious man various through #34. First thanks for the laugh "Too corrupt for Eric Holder" yoryoryor.

Second, in sadness, I have read the PCR essay you quote - and I have many times made similar remarks to friends/ acquaintances. For example, the combined worth of just 3 (three) US billionaires: Buffett, Gates and Bezos, is not far from the GPD of Russia. !!!! As you say, how could Russia outbid them. That the combined "wealth" of these 3 (three) persons is equal to the combined wealth of the poorest 50% of the US population, approx 165,000,000 people - brings only yawns from the rabid anti-ruskie crowd. Terminal stupidity I'm afraid - but the very best to all the fine commentators at MoA.

I learn something every day.

Posted by: Miss Lacy | Jul 29 2019 15:14 utc | 29

The very rich know without even having to discuss it between themselves that the depletion of resources and the coming climate shocks may well kill off a large portion of the human race. The rich will survive, of course, they assume. Grieved 231 - past thread.

Many of them for sure… Yet the society as a whole reacts too.

In Europe, the first evident sign was the UK’s explicit de-population scenario. Ex, child benefits for the first two children only (replacement value but no more), an obligatory wait to obtain ‘benefits’ (May’s ‘universal credit’..), the shocking treatment of the disabled, poor children (see UN special rapporteur report.)

All often lodged under the rubric of ‘Cameron austerity’ - presented as misguided policies based on faulty analyses (the role of debt, etc.) when of course the policies are actioned to have the result they do. See also May’s virulent ‘xenophobia’ and limiting immigration as much as she could.

Brexit comes from two prongs, provoked by ressource depletion, and the inevitable limits to FIRE profitability.

— Disaster Capitalists, via asset stripping / sales, captive labor, escaping tax (new tax moves by EU, gulp) actioning private security etc.

— The plebs, ordinary mopes, ‘leftists’ who want to stick it to da man and grab the tiny portion of pol. power which might hopefully afford them, *some* influence and control. In the UK 1> quit the EU. In France 1> get rid of Macron and have referendums.

In dire straits, radical forward seeming paths, philosophies, beliefs, are often adhered to. Blindly! Dominic Cummings is the new generalissimo, influencing Bojo.

Posted by: Noirette | Jul 29 2019 15:40 utc | 30

snake | Jul 29 2019 4:29 utc | 13:

The way this website is setup, you have to use the < A HREF > html tag when posting links. Otherwise, the page formatting goes weird for some people. Like James, I use a PC with a wide monitor so I don't notice it. I suspect those that are annoyed are cell phone users. There instructions in the comment box area on how to do it. Look for the

Posted by: Ian | Jul 29 2019 16:16 utc | 31

*Look for the < A HREF > part under the Allowed HTML tag.

Posted by: Ian | Jul 29 2019 16:18 utc | 32

@ Noirette 37

Have to disagree with you somewhere there. The two facets you mention do exist of course, but there is much more.

Xenophobia - the establishment speak out of both sides of their mouths at once, if you look at population numbers and net migration figures, you find UK nationals leaving, foreigners migrating in, very clearly, giving a large rise in population. The UK is increasingly overcrowded, the migration figures favour the left. Votes and money and the granting of favours.

EU bureaucracy is not compatible with UK identity.

Entry into EEC has been shown for what it is, that it was unconstitutional and by fraudulent maneuvers.

Those that voted in, in the first post factual referendum, are those voting out now - the older generation.

Many don't want EU military command, or subservience in a superstate aparatus.

I could go on. Brexit is the first step in bringing politics back to local accountability, but sure as well the public are being played off time and again, Brexit might be preparation for a hard swing in another direction, but you know the Brits won't let it go once achieved.

Anyway I think EU has enough problems of its own to be dealing with now, and once we are out it will be "mind your own business" and stop using us as backdrop. Then we will see who is who.

Posted by: gzon | Jul 29 2019 17:03 utc | 33


I should always trust my instincts. Attending an event hosted by the Adelsons was disturbing enough, but I trusted people here instead and brushed off my suspicions.

She's finished!

Posted by: Circe | Jul 29 2019 17:07 utc | 34

India and many other countries have done like China and reduced poverty on a massive scale (from RT, includes link to UN source report). I'm not certain I fully believe it but I sure want it to be true. I have not read the UN report.

In other good news India's tiger population has also increased —doubled they say (it might have been who reported that if RT didn't).

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Jul 29 2019 18:13 utc | 36

looks like they are losing another one--

"UAE Troop Drawdown: Beginning of the End for Yemen War"

Posted by: arby | Jul 29 2019 19:04 utc | 37

Israel is the litmus test issue in American politics for a lot of good reasons. It may or may not be the worst regime in the world. There are a lot of bad ones competing for that title, many of whom we support. But Israel is the candidate we not only support but sponsor and champion to the point where it is at times very very hard to tell who is leading and who is following, between Israel and the US. This seems to have a lot to do with the end-times preoccupations that seem to have been at the heart of what passes for American spirituality since the earliest colonial days.

Gabbard has now broken a lot of hopes. She has jumped the shark spectacularly, shamelessly craving the support of the 'Israel Lobby'. Her claims to be against the regime change wars when these wars are relentlessly pushed by the Israel Lobby she is now shamelessly courting?!!!

I suppose we can hope that Tulsi takes a flying leap back over the shark, say by visiting Gaza the way she recently visited Puerto Rico. If she doesn't now make a huge point of it, in words and actions, that she will NOT be yet another tool of the Israel Lobby, the neocons, the neolibs, etc., then she must be opposed as the turncoat shill she now seems to be.

Posted by: paul | Jul 29 2019 19:17 utc | 38

Cyprus surrounded by warships and drill rigs; Turk cannon ready to fire 150k 'migrants' into Europe at any moment; so says John Helmer.

Posted by: C I eh? | Jul 29 2019 19:45 utc | 39

@34 Circe

I once had high hopes - they're long gone now.

Posted by: spudski | Jul 29 2019 19:47 utc | 40

@ Circe #34
@ Paul #38

After 21 years on both Maui and Hawai'i Island, I have become very skeptical of politicians. Way too often the discrepancy between what is proclaimed and what manifests is gaping huge.

Gabbard is the military voice for Hawai'ians and there are plenty of vets living in the cheapest parts of the Big Island. More than once these vets voiced their doubts that she is genuinely against endless wars. Your words would reflect that as would your actions.

She is using 'Aloha' like a mainland corporation to allege that she carries some sort of allegiance to the Hawai'ian people. Many Hawai'ians don't see it that way. Aloha is much more than an empty phrase to sell oneself or goods of any kind.

It has not made it into the MSM, but the protests against the TMT on Mauna Kea are an indicator of Gabbard's allegiance to the donor class. She refuses to speak about the military use of the TMT and all the MIC peddlers are clogging up the local commentary pages (Hawaii Tribune Herald/West Hawaii Today - both Stevens 'media') with the exact same lies: that the University of Hawai'i and mankind needs this aberration on Mauna Kea.

It is part of the renewed effort to weaponize space. My Aunties/Kupuna that keep going up to protest the construction are painted as backwards and in the way of progress. Ms. Gabbard failed to acknowledge the military use of the installation. She will have to do without 'Aloha' now and everybody will see what that means.

She attempts to dance on more than one wedding and while that might not be a problem per se, it is the kind of weddings she is dancing on that will definitely dismantle her reputation. In her home state. Hawai'ians want their Kingdom back and I support their efforts since 22 years.

No more military on Mauna Kea. Period.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jul 29 2019 21:07 utc | 41

No use wasting breath on Gabbard. Trump vs. Biden in 2020 with Trump taking the Midwest and the electoral college like 2016 is unavoidable. If undermining Gabbard is your deal, I'd wait until 2024.

Posted by: Jason | Jul 29 2019 21:51 utc | 42

Circe, Paul, Nottheonly1, and everyone

I took a lot of flak when I pointed out the simple truth that Gabbard is not against war and not against US/NATO imperialism but simply against "regime change wars" that USA failed to win.

Trump was also against dumb wars and his imperialist detractors called him an isolationist - but that was merely a neat way to burnish his populist credentials. Trump has acted much like his imperialist predecessors who hedge their peace talk with exceptionalist morality that requires utmost strength in a "dangerous world". And these faux democratic leaders are all-too-willing to lead the propaganda effort when called upon to support Deep State objectives.

Democracy Works! (no, not for YOU)

It's for the children! (no, not YOUR children)

Welcome to the rabbit hole.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 29 2019 21:54 utc | 43

At these moments of jagged clarity; at these moments when nothing is happening and everything could; at these moments when our imperial rulers have stopped making sense - to echo a Talking Heads theme. At these moments we have to reach out to get energy from beyond the word, the screen, the incessant waiting for new news, and seek energy in nature.

I have found that old, special trees love tape measures around them as you calculate their age. It is a recognition and it is a respect. This makes you one of theirs and today as I tramped down nettles and thorns and negotiated sloping roots to get round a massive beech it seemed like something happened when I finished. 350 years old I shouted. Then it was like all the trees had decided to fill me with amazing energy. And as I walked out I thought This is God.

Posted by: Lochearn | Jul 29 2019 22:38 utc | 44

Gabbard reminds me that the leaders of every nation should be watching re-runs of Mister Roger's Neighborhood and apply its lessons to the abstract and Alpha-male dominated world of international relations.

I'm only half-joking. In a world of technological parity, real-time communication, and rapid travel the importance of being a good neighbor has never been more important. At the minimum, that means doing no harm and, at the max, doing nice things with no expectations.

Alas, we're stuck with countries building walls, using prosperity as a weapon, and thinking that power never waxes and wanes. Shame that human wisdom hasn't kept up with material progress.

Posted by: OutOfThinAir | Jul 29 2019 22:40 utc | 45

I had an uneasy interest/hope in/for Gabbard. No more after she sold herself to Israeli interests.

Lets face it, nobody worth his/her salt can get close to the Presidency without being backed by one or more factions of the elite. The unrepresented bottom 90% (non military/vet) simply has no representation, and more than half are too stupid to know it.

Change for the better will never happen under the present system. The US and the world will continue falling into the abyss. One day soon the people find out what that means. Thats when the gloves come off. Nowhere to hide then. Serve your masters well or be disappeared.

Posted by: Pft | Jul 29 2019 22:47 utc | 46

Jason @42 is right. Gabbard was never going to make it anyway. She's there because fake democratic choice is the establishment's way of cementing their control.

As in:

- STFU, you shoulda voted for Tulsi (faux anti-war choice)

- STFU, you shoulda voted for Bernie (faux anti-wealth inequality choice)

- STFU, you shoulda voted for Kamala (faux civil rights choice)

- STFU, you shoulda voted for Biden (faux anti-Trump choice)

- STFU, you shoulda voted for Warren (faux business regulation)

- STFU, you shoulda voted for ...


Democracy Works! (no, not for YOU)

It's for the children! (no, not YOUR children)

Welcome to the rabbit hole.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 29 2019 23:38 utc | 47

@Lochearn | Jul 29 2019 22:38 utc | 44

I had a similar experience today.
Mind You, it is winter where I am.
Not the kind with snow and ice.
But the wet and cold one. Like
a Mediterranean one.

Last week Sunday 28ºC. A day later
2º. Heavy on not only my health.
Coping with pneumonia.

Stepping out today to look for
my rascal Cats.

My eyes are guided like on
strings - looking at a fresh

So yellow and so resilient.
So just there.

Here comes a Bee - landing on it.
Working it, back and forth. Round
and round until she is taking off
again. More flowers to visit.

I am desensitized to Bee poison.
Because from 2 years old on I wanted
them to be in my hand. Watching them.
Getting stung. Stopped hurting after
a while. I still love Bees - just
don't grab them anymore. Sometimes
they seek me and I watch them in
deep admiration.

Today the Universe showed me what
really matters. Not the screen.
The Bee mattered more to me than
words can express.

A pretty Flower and a busy Bee.
Life is good - no matter what.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jul 29 2019 23:59 utc | 48

The thread here at MoA on the Democrat debate is still available for people to read and contemplate.

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Jul 30 2019 0:07 utc | 49

Below is a link to the Elizabeth Warren web site page that speaks to her Wall Street vision. Of course she doesn't talk about fiat money like the rest of the world is but I was thinking that her positions are not bad for an insider

Elizabeth Warren web site on Wall Street

What do other barflies think of Warrens chances, strengths/weaknesses?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 30 2019 0:21 utc | 50

I like Elizabeth Warren, I would vote for her, I believe she has authenticity as far as being anti-Wall Street. Not fond of some of her foreign policy positions, and I don't like how worked up Trump gets her. Forget about Trump, lets here what you plan on doing with the presidency E. Warren!

In the primaries I will support Gabbard, I believe she is as real of an anti-war candidate as there is, not perfect, but it is all relative.

Sanders would get my vote, too, although I do fear he is a bit of a "sheep-dog" but I'd give him a shot.

If not one of those candidates, oddly, I'll vote for Trump. Biden and Harris are both IMO DNC monsters like Clinton who will get us into nuclear war due to a combination of excessive hubris and flat out neocon/neolib stupidity.

I see a repeat of the 2016 election on the horizon, with the DNC doubling down on idiocy and losing in a similar fashion. They haven't learnt a thing from 2016 and think hyperventilating while screaming Trump, Trump, Trump is going to win the election.

Posted by: Jason | Jul 30 2019 1:20 utc | 51

reply to Posted by: gzon| Jul 29 2019 13:37
I read that:
one of the men she identified has a photo he took while in bed with his girlfriend at the time of the attack
her story
After saying she was attacked by 11 of them while having sex with one. She later said that she was having sex with one, then two more jointed in, which she apparently was ok with.
But then they began filming her and she was upset. Perhaps she didn't know who was filming and blamed them all to be able to get the video??
Sounds plausable, this info comes from the much revered Daily Mail:) and Sputnik.

Posted by: frances | Jul 30 2019 1:50 utc | 52

Many in the comment section seem aware of the Grand Solar Minimum. How many are aware that
This is combined with a pole shift that is rapidly approaching.

Gene Beards is a scientist who has sent magnetometers worldwide to monitor the rapid shift.

Link to YouTube page. This has implications far outweighing a mere Solar Minimum

Posted by: Don Task | Jul 30 2019 1:51 utc | 53

@Don Task #53

The world's environment is currently undergoing change on many fronts.

The pole shift and subsequent (overdue) polarity inversion with consequent reduction in magnetic field strength (though temporary on a geologic time scale) will certainly add to the mix.

As well, greenhouse gas levels are increasing, and ecosystem destruction by humans is increasing.

All of this leads to dramatic reduction in biodiversity (i.e. extinction event). The convergence of all these factors is leading to a major extinction event (i.e. K-T style extinction event), especially if we pile nuclear poisoning (Chernobyl and Fukushima) on top of that. With the strong likelihood of nuclear war in the near future, things are not looking good for existing species on this earth.

The capper would be a large asteroid/comet impact, which is always possible though I have yet to see any serious candidates.

Posted by: JasonT | Jul 30 2019 2:20 utc | 54

reply to Don Task 53
I am familiar with the possible minimum and polar shift. However until yesterday I wasn't familiar with this hypothesis:
I watched the series, there are 11 or 12 videos, and I think this event having occurred and occurring again soon is plausible.

Posted by: frances | Jul 30 2019 2:27 utc | 55

Below is a ZH link about a potential Iran/Russia naval exercise in the Gulf

Iran, Russia Planning Joint Naval Drill In Contested Gulf Waters

This seems to say the relations between Iran and Russia are strong(er)

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 30 2019 2:28 utc | 56


these messages from russia to the usa are getting more frequent.. how long before the shit hits the fan??

Russia accuses US of hijacking ISIS oil trade in Syria

Posted by: james | Jul 30 2019 2:37 utc | 57

Below are two links to ZH and both presage disaster

One is Mother Nature

Over 80,000 Quakes Have Hit California Since July 4th, Aftershocks Headed "Toward The Garlock Fault"

And the other is late empire

US Treasury Now Expects To Borrow Over $800 Billion In Debt In Two Quarters

As a West Coaster I worry about major earthquake potential but one can only prepare so much.

As to the late empire borrowing dream, one has to ask how that fits with the evolving move away from the dollar?
When the faith in fiat goes, the end will come quickly.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 30 2019 2:48 utc | 58

Greetings from a longtime lurker and learner! Thank you b for your sharing your insights and analysis and thanks to the many commentators who add so much to the conversation.
I just wanted a to mention a story that's not given much attention in the MSM.
Not too many of us have the opportunity or means to do as much evil as MbS(Muhammad bin Salman) or the BOY(Butcher of Yemen) as I like to refer to him. In addition to mercilessly starving and destroying weak and impoverished nations such as Yemen, funding terrorists around the world, and butchering up his opposition, His Royal Lowness has been busy supporting and bankrolling the persecution of the followers of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, headed by Shaykh Ibrahim Zakzaky.
Using President Buhari and the Wahhabist in his government as tools, in December 2015 MbS instigated the Zaria Massacre which killed hundreds of the members of the IMN in cold blood including 3 of Shaykh Zakzaky's sons. The Shaykh and his wife were badly injured, but survived and have been under house arrest since then with no charges filed against them. The evidently powerless High Court of Nigeria ordered their release, but was ignored. World wide protests are being held to demand his release, especially as he needs medical treatment, having been blinded from his injuries and being slowly poisoned by the bullet still left in his body.
The Shaykh has been speaking out against corruption in the government for years which earned him a 9 year prison stint, as well as speaking up for the Palestinian cause, which is probably the crux of the issue. He has also spoken out against the seizing of the oil resources of the country by the multinationals.
He has spread his message by peaceful means, including education, medical care, food distribution and other aid to the needy. The Shaykh is loved and respected as a promoter of unity among Muslims and Christians alike, counting several Christians as followers of his movement.

Posted by: sampat | Jul 30 2019 3:01 utc | 59

james @57--

Yep it sure seems like the Outlaw US Empire has taken over Daesh's oil smuggling racket. Here's more from the Russian Bear's mouth:

"Russia's Defence Ministry: US private military companies (w 3500+ mercenaries deployed) are busy plundering 🇸🇾 Syrian oil facilities under the guise of the international anti-terrorist coalition - this crude is being illegaly sold and the revenues used to train more militants."

Meanwhile, another tweet advances an unconfirmed possibility of some sort of treaty to be signed tomorrow by Iran and Russia's Ministry of Defense. I shall watch for confirmation.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 30 2019 3:04 utc | 60

@karlof1.. thanks man... appreciate it..

Posted by: james | Jul 30 2019 3:10 utc | 61

@59 sampat.. thanks for the overview on that sampat.. i know mbs is a horror, but it is discouraging he is still in power and i hope that ends soon, to be replaced but someone is can act like a normal person, as opposed to a monster..

Posted by: james | Jul 30 2019 3:15 utc | 62

Has there ever been a poll in the US asking

"Who would you vote for if you've believed that he/she could win?"

Posted by: Acar Burak | Jul 30 2019 3:55 utc | 63

For me it's, Sanders, Warren and Gabbard. With Sanders being #1, but not to worry, none of them will make the final cut.

Our rulers are pushing Biden and Harris, or anyone else who'll do their bidding..

Posted by: ben | Jul 30 2019 4:03 utc | 64

P.S.- Still waiting for the question how each candidate funds their campaigns..

Posted by: ben | Jul 30 2019 4:07 utc | 65

ben @ 65:

"P.S.- Still waiting for the question how each candidate funds their campaigns.."

-Good vibes, of course. [NEVER corporate dollars!!!]

Posted by: Anacharsis | Jul 30 2019 4:35 utc | 66

james @ 57:

"these messages from russia to the usa are getting more frequent.. how long before the shit hits the fan??"

--As David Byrne sang: "same as it ever was"...

Posted by: Anacharsis | Jul 30 2019 4:43 utc | 67

To add to a question I posted earlier this week and partially answer it:
US naval base rumours in Sri Lanka spark alarm as Washington and Beijing tussle for influence in Indo-Pacific by Bhavan Jaipragas published 20190727 by SCMP.

"Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s headache over the US naval base speculation has worsened in recent weeks after a local newspaper in late June published what it said was a leaked copy of a draft Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) between Colombo and Washington."

A lot of good information but no direct or indirect link is being made with the terrorist attack or any evidence for or against such a possibility.

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Jul 30 2019 5:06 utc | 68

Recent articles on the Epstein case listed here

Posted by: Mina | Jul 30 2019 6:11 utc | 69

Money laundering and a Pakistani on the board for... Gulf connections?

Posted by: Mina | Jul 30 2019 6:21 utc | 70

Lochern @ 44
Sad to say, here in the U.K. we are just about to lose over 30% of our total trees and this will happen within the next 3 years !
I have spent my life working with trees (over 50 years)
‘Ash die-back’ is spreading throughout the country (wind blown)
Here in Somerset it has infected whole woodlands.
Ash trees represent 30 % of Britain’s tree population.

Posted by: Mark2 | Jul 30 2019 6:38 utc | 71

Bloody Putin's assassins crack down on desperate people craving for peace and love!

Posted by: Arioch | Jul 30 2019 7:30 utc | 73

You want to start looking at the election laws which favout the Democrat/Republican duopoly. The democrats are finished as a party of progress since their constitutional change with super delegates etc.
Also consider this analysis

Posted by: Mathias Alexander | Jul 30 2019 8:13 utc | 74

@ frances 52

Her version has been mostly through hearsay, so it goes from having a relationship with one, to having had a relationship with three, to voluntarily having relationship with all. She was first said to make the complaint because she was kicked out of the apartment, then because of the filming.

She changed her version from being abused by various, to just saying that because she did not agree to be filmed, that is the only known fact.

The reason given for her changing her story is that one of the group presented a photo which was date stamped showing he was elsewhere. Here lawyer is returning from UK today, she spent the night in jail, he might not have been in Cyprus while this change occurred, I don't know. She might have been given a (poor or corrupt) public lawyer and been confronted by a heavy legal argument by the defence backed by that lawyer (I have seen this happen in person in other cases), and been told by both her case would not stand now , that she was wasting time and causing a serious incident, that the way out was to change her statement. After agreeing to, because she could not be certain even if she had made a mistake on who was present, the accused are released and they turn on her.

I have seen this sort of manipulation go on, it is not uncommon, and I get a strong sense this is what has occurred here, but obviously it is based on speculation.

For photo evidence to be valid it has to be shown that the phone could not have been date tampered with during the intervening days, forensics would say it was not proof normally, unless the phone was taken at initial arrest of first suspects and safeguarded. Even then it could have been tampered with.

I tried to look up Cyprus laws on filming but could not find the detail one way or another, sure to be some law somewhere against, or needing consent.

So the whole circumstance of their release seems very dubious to me, but really who knows. In time we might hear the now defendant full version and understand if she was coerced, if the case is corrupted.

Posted by: gzon | Jul 30 2019 10:54 utc | 75

@ Lochearn 44 & nottheonly1 48

A few years ago I was sitting at my desk by an open window on a hot summer’s day. A curious wasp flew in to investigate. I bore it no ill will, as I knew it bore me none, so I remained motionless. It seemed intently interested in me and slowly flew very close. So close in fact I could actually feel the gentle waft of air from its wings on my forehead. It was quite magical. The moment passed, the wasp flew away and it was done. A tiny, utterly inconsequential episode yet somehow it was quite exquisite. Hence such a vivid memory, which I suspect will always remain with me.

Posted by: Ross | Jul 30 2019 11:14 utc | 76

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 30 2019 0:21 utc | 50

All candidates represent parts of the Democratic Party. Elizabeth Warren represents academics. Biden and Kamala Harris Wall Street. Judging from precedence - Elizabeth Warren willing to co-run with Clinton and not endorsing Sanders, she will ally with the party establishment. She has some socially conservative parts in her personality and might sell in that respect.

It depends on how the new Democratic party rules will work. They used to be skewed to prevent an outsider from running.

My feeling is that the Democratic party establishment have gladly accepted Trump's challenge to concentrate on race for the next election - which should be a non issue compared to poverty, health and ecology, issues that concern the 90 percent. But it allows them to argue for Kamala Harris as Biden presumably will not be making it.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 30 2019 11:47 utc | 77

The indian captain of Grace 1 has been anonymously interviewed by the BBC though considering it IS the BBC I wouldn't expect much to come from it.

He reports excessive force used by the marines (denied obviously) but that's about all.

Posted by: S.O. | Jul 30 2019 11:52 utc | 78

More on the Asian Paper Tiger (South Korea):

LG Uplus desperate to lead in 5G

Such a pathetic end to the illusion of an industrial revolution-capable Third World...

Meanwhile, Huawei reaps what it sowed:

Huawei first-half revenue surges 23 per cent as China telecoms giant fights off US tech ban impact


On the Hong Kong ongoing counter-revolutionary effort:

HK protesters target subway, disrupt city life

The body count tactic not working (because the HK police didn't fall into the trap), now the counter-revolutionaries are desperately trying to burn some phases in the hybrid warfare textbook and going directly to unconventional warfare phase (perpetual low intensity warfare). The aim in this phase is to disrupt the economy in order to bring down the legitimate government (target government -- TG).

Posted by: vk | Jul 30 2019 12:02 utc | 79

Stages of capitalist development explain more than white papers and propaganda can conceal. The relevant comparative period is 1990 - present (China/Russia) versus 1950-1980 (US/West).

Ex-communist countries like Russia and China have experienced the same decline in the share of public property, but starting from a much higher level of public wealth. The share of net public wealth was as large as 70–80 percent in both countries in 1980, and fell to 20 percent (Russia) and 30–35 percent (China) in 2015. The Chinese share is higher but not incomparable to that observed in Western high-income countries during the “mixed economy” period (1950–1980). In other words, China and Russia have ceased to be communist in that public ownership is no longer the dominant form of property. However, these countries still have much more significant public wealth than Western high-income economies, due largely to lower public debts and greater public assets.

Posted by: donkeytale | Jul 30 2019 12:10 utc | 80

@Ross | Jul 30 2019 11:14 utc | 76

It is my understanding that once we become still - remove ourselves from the alleged business of being busy all the time - our Mother Nature waits with her prose, her incredible beauty to be discovered in everything. These are the moments that connect us - versus the disconnect as expressed by "Go shopping" and worse.


Speaking about the 'Sudden' Death Syndrome that is occurring all over the planet, but might as well have been invented by the people in control of the narrative in Hawai'i, where it was dubbed 'Sudden Ohia Death Syndrome'.

Starting in 2013, Ohia trees - not the junk trees like Albesia - began to display signs of illness. Ohia trees are among the slowest growing trees on Earth. They are perfectly adapted to the climate of the Hawai'ian Islands. What they had no defenses against was the fungus that was growing on them. Suffocating them. They turned black and died quickly.
Mind you that I was observing this tragedy from my windows in the Rain Forest of Leilani Estates. One after the other succumbed and had to be cut out. Their wood was quickly prohibited to be used for anything and not permitted to be transported from one part of the island to another.

In spite of these 'precautions', Ohias wilted and died away rapidly. So called 'scientists' came up with all kinds of explanations as to what was happening. NOT ONE OF THEM mentioned the Fukushima Fallout that had hit Hawai'i really hard. NOT ONE OF THEM mentioned the heavy chemtrail operations over the Hawai'ian Islands. They were all sucking on their corrupted thumbs - playing dumb.

Having ultimately changed location due to the eruption of 2014, culminating in the overflow of my neighborhood - Leilani Estates - I soon found out, that the 'Sudden' Ohia Death, was now called the Sudden Oak Death, Sudden Beech Death, Sudden Fir Death - You name it. The trees are dying rapidly. At no point in time, spraying operations were connected to the fungus that killed all of these trees.

This fungus is now killing other life forms as well. It is killing Humans in the same way. Nobody is calling it 'Sudden' Human Death Syndrome though. People are dying in record numbers from respiratory illness and subsequent failure. My life partner was the first. Many have since followed.

I demand proof to the contrary, that these spraying operations that are excessive in South America as well, are not to destroy natural life on Earth - leaving only genetically manipulated Monsatan crop to survive. And one should ask oneself the important question, why it is now necessary to genetically manipulate our trees.

In the light of the consequences of this most tragic fusion of man made infections of plant and animal life with naturally occurring changes - after all, everything always changes, whether humans like it or not - it is incomprehensible that the Fascist US regime is allowed to continue its life destroying operations to the tune of TRILLIONS of worthless paper that ought to be paid back.

We starve, look at one another, short of breath
Walking proudly in our winter coats
Wearing smells from laboratories
Facing a dying nation of moving paper fantasy
Listening for the new told lies
With supreme visions of lonely tunes.

We are facing more than a dying Nation.
We are facing a dying species - of moving
paper fantasy armies.

Everything is a distraction from this unfolding
GENE-O-CIDE. Perpetrated willingly and eagerly
by those who believe that some dude will descend
from the sky and save just a few assholes, while
the majority of decent members of mankind has to
croak for not having separated the human chaff
from the real humanities.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jul 30 2019 12:32 utc | 81

Globalism 101

China borrows billions from the World Bank.

China is borrowing billions of dollars each year from the World Bank, despite its position as the world’s second-largest economy, according to a study released Thursday.

The Center for Global Development found that the World Bank’s International Bank for Reconstruction and Development loaned China an average of $2 billion a year, totaling more than $7.8 billion, since the country surpassed the bank’s income threshold for lending in 2016.

Total World Bank loans to China exceed $60 billion.

Do US elites truly want China to fail? Or is that just Trump faking it to pump up his base prior to the 2020 election?

Posted by: donkeytale | Jul 30 2019 12:37 utc | 82

A surprisingly good (well researched) little article:

The Moon Landing & the Cold War

Posted by: vk | Jul 30 2019 13:09 utc | 83

Gabbard: One can either give up participating (definitely an option) or look for the best alternative to doing nothing. As pointed out by others there is a power structure in America, which cannot be opposed in totality. On the other hand, politicians are famous for not keeping their promises. There is the possibility of not keeping promises to Adelson as well. One person can only do so much, even the President. So, we have to keep supporting alternatives, if there is any chance at all to change direction. Outside forces are definitely going to help here ... Russia and China are busy building a new 'World Order' which will be very good for America, when we finally give up the Empire.

Environmental fanatics: The two essential factors in preserving Earth's ecosystem are: 1) limit to human population ... I believe this is happening and human population will reach a peak and begin to decline I think best estimates are ~ 2050 at 10 billion, 2) widespread, near total replacement of fossil energy use by nuclear power, which can easily be made to have virtually zero environmental impact, while allowing a high standard of living for Earth's entire population.

Posted by: SteveK9 | Jul 30 2019 13:33 utc | 84

Warren's okay but it's hard to get past her support for Hillary in 2016 and not for Sanders whose policies reflect hers. So for me, Sanders is still the best, Warren 2nd. However, Trump will destroy him with Socialist scaremongering.

My bet is that the nominee will be Biden, because Biden can beat Trump in the election and Democrats, at the last minute, will vote out of fear of running someone who might lose to Trump.

My feeling is that there will be war in Trump's second term. Trump will be much bolder and more fascist after getting another mandate and having nothing to lose. Trump will be a war President having invested more than any other President on military hardware and itching to show it off. He hasn't fired his hawks for a reason. He will be more full of himself and his own importance in history. His Zionist financiers will get their money's worth in spades. His agenda will be more hostile on Iran and China and he'll finish what he started in Venezuela. He will lose the detente with NK, and after the election, he will no longer give friendly lip service to Russia especially on Syria and Venezuela and will expect Russia to go along with what he has planned for Iran.

Biden is older and will not want war (with any country) complicating his Presidency, and may choose a VP ready to succeed him if he decides not to run for a second term. He will return to the JCPOA. I don't like Biden's ingratiation with Zionists, but the reality is that Biden and Trump will be the choices, so hold your nose, because it's Biden or war and further regime change ambitions with Trump and maybe even a manipulated Trump 3rd term using war as the excuse to prolong his mandate!

Posted by: Circe | Jul 30 2019 13:37 utc | 85

I wonder when people will start to call the executive of the US what it has been for some time now:

The Fascist US Regime

Does anybody believe this is going to end well?

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jul 30 2019 13:44 utc | 86

Posted by: SteveK9 | Jul 30 2019 13:33 utc | 84


1) Pray tell me what type of humans do you plan for to have to go?

2) Of course. See here

Disposal of radioactive waste appears to be far more costly than was ever envisioned. Although public opposition has played a role, the cost is due primarily to two factors: the increased knowledge of geochemical processes that can mobilize radioactive materials stored underground and the complex models needed to predict repository behavior for 10,000 years or more. Burial in the ground, even in the deepest-mined repository, does not ensure adequate environmental protection for municipal solid waste, chemically hazardous waste, or radioactive waste. Satisfactory engineering of both a repository and a waste form is difficult and expensive, and reutilization options are becoming increasingly attractive. Reprocessing radioactive waste materials for use is no longer out of the question.

Reprocessing of commercial spent fuel has not been entertained as a serious option in the United States since the program was canceled in the mid-1970s. However, as the expense of storage and disposal increase, and as a viable disposal option seems further and further in the future, interest in reprocessing and formation of mixed (uranium and plutonium) oxides fuel is reviving.

In short - there is no safe solution for radioactive waste at present.

And yes, there was this nuclear cloud over Europe a few years ago - presumably produced by Russians.

There has been a rise of thyroid cancer from Cernobyl as far as in Bavaria.

But yes, I guess, your plan depends on fewer humans anyway.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 30 2019 13:51 utc | 87

Now Israel have begun to attack Iraq,

Shame on Russia, US that work with this regime that threat the peace like that!

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 30 2019 13:57 utc | 88

@69 Txs Mina. But Vicky Ward is to join CNN as a senior reporter? How to steer a narrative..

Posted by: Lozion | Jul 30 2019 14:11 utc | 89

@88 Zanon

The Zionist Terrorist State could care less about international law regarding sovereignty. Mossad is busy in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq staking out intelligence. This is a precursor to war with Iran. Israel has executed multiple lawless attacks on Iran in Syria killing civilians in the process. Expect this to escalate.

Posted by: Circe | Jul 30 2019 14:21 utc | 90

I admit I am surprised to see Vanity Fair going after the Elite. But why not. They need to keep selling and if only 1% buys it that won't be enough profit for them! She wrote a book about Kushner, seems worth having a look at. If only I had time...

Posted by: Mina | Jul 30 2019 15:18 utc | 91

To the empire's tools who pretend to worry about China borrowing from the World Bank: China needs (US$ denominated debt) = (US$ reserves), or at least as much US$ debt as possible since they are unlikely to be able to borrow that much. China needs this before the US dollar implodes with the coming Return of the Evil Dead Derivatives. The US cannot refuse US$ payments on dollar denominated debt, so the more of this debt that the Chinese have racked up before the dollar dies, the less painful that death will be for China. The reserves and debt can be used to cancel each other out (if there is enough debt) and China walks away from America's fecal-storm financial death throes smelling like roses.

Of course, China is trying to accumulate US$ denominated debt in many ways other than the World Bank, so that $60 billion is only part of the plan. Boeing's big-ticket aircraft sales to China were supposed to be part of that debt accumulation. They are also dumping dollar reserves as quietly as possible. Every US dollar of debt is one less dollar of exposure to the next western financial meltdown, and everyone knows that meltdown is unavoidable. Being able to pay off debt with worthless paper makes it less painful that the paper lost its value in the first place.

More of concern for those of us in the West, though, is that China is moving in this direction now. This suggests that they expect the financial firestorm to turn dollars to ash in the relatively near-term future. Sure, "near-term" can still be five years out or more, so we probably still have time to stock up on canned goods and ammo.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jul 30 2019 15:25 utc | 92

"My bet is that the nominee will be Biden, because Biden can beat Trump in the election and Democrats, at the last minute, will vote out of fear of running someone who might lose to Trump....."
Biden is Hillary without the feminist support. No way that he could beat Trump.
"Biden is older and will not want war (with any country) complicating his Presidency, and may choose a VP ready to succeed him if he decides not to run for a second term. .."

Biden has no conception of giving up office. As to war he will be as ready to start wars as he was when he and Obama and Hillary were all part of the same administration.

There is only one Democrat, among the announced candidates, who can beat Trump and his name is Sanders.

Posted by: bevin | Jul 30 2019 15:29 utc | 93

gzon @ 33 - about immigration, you are right, it has gone steadily up, and the UK never even actioned limitation(s) to EU migration, which they could easily have done (and other immigration was up to them in any case.) My meaning was that May’s efforts (“hostile environment” and so on) were not only for the gallery! Plus, I was trying to fit her doings to a down-sizing of population.

Now Bojo, who is a born cosmopolitan and for free movement, is proposing to legalise half a million ‘illegals’.. plus he mentioned a ‘points’ system, Australia model. This idea of a points system comes from focus groups run by Cummings. I mean the uptake of it, obviously BJ knows all about it, but it appears to be a model that the public likes (? maybe, not sure? gives ‘control’ ?) Big Biz. want the possibility of cheap labor to hand, and that will continue. “Growth” reigns supreme.

EU bureaucracy is not compatible with UK identity.

I agree re. a sort of fundamental ‘spirit’. So far, since 1973 (EEC, idk if this was properly done, you say not: fraudulent) EU-UK relations have not been riven by disruptive strife or even temp. explosive argument (in part due to EU rules etc.) Accomodations were made.. An apogee of hand-holding-harmony was reached when Mitterand and Thatcher convinced the Germans to give up the D-mark in return for blessing the re-unification of Germany. The UK did not join the Euro zone (1992). So the UK was overall a big ‘winner’ on several levels (imho.)

Brexit is the first step in bringing politics back to local accountability

I hope so but dangers lurk and i am pessimistic. Crash-out on 31 Oct. will happen, and will have a horrific impact. In any case the political accountability of the Gvmt. in the UK is at present abysmally low.

Posted by: Noirette | Jul 30 2019 15:42 utc | 94

Circe;biden?zionist warmonger.huh?

Posted by: dahoit | Jul 30 2019 15:43 utc | 95

@67 anacharsis.. don't get caught with your pants down when it does indeed change, as it is coming..

@82 donkey... interesting set up with china holding all those usa treasury bills, while at the same time oweing the world bank, which as everyone knows is just another front for the usa banking system... maybe china is thinking when the us$ is no longer king, they can trade their usa- iou's (usa treasury bills) for the money they owe the usa banking system.. should work out fine, lol..

i see william gruff gave you an answer at @92 as well...

@93 bevin... but sanders is a real push over as i see it.. the whole democrat party are hopeless... you have trump - maybe the worst president the usa has ever had, and you have an opposition that are completely hopeless... the 2 system thang needs to die really fast and of course it won't..

Posted by: james | Jul 30 2019 15:51 utc | 96

and there is no hope for people reading cnbc either... garbage in, garbage out..

Posted by: james | Jul 30 2019 15:54 utc | 97

Earlier this month, Mangnier told us UAE sent a delegation to Iran for talks. Here we're told UAE and Iran will hold their 6th joint coast guard meeting in Tehran, the first since 2013 just as the Outlaw US Empire goads NATO to send warships to the region. I've no doubt that UAE wants no further escalation and would likely join Iran in telling NATO to go away.

Meanwhile in Syria, the SAA offensive to take Kobani and press on further continues fiercely, with RuAF employing its version of bunker-busters on the many underground terrorist facilities constructed with Turkish/NATO aid.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 30 2019 15:55 utc | 98

Noirette - 94
Indeed, considering the ruling elites are all about immigration and population increase to have more serfs and put more pressure on wages, the only way to ensure low immigration is to have it hard-coded in the law. As in a maximum % of yearly increase in either migrant or foreign population (including every possible kind of foreigner, migrant, asylum seeker, foreign student, diplomats), or even better, as an absolute number, and when the limit is reached, then the border basically closes - well, not fully, but basically no one is allowed to settle until the next year, or at the very least until some previous migrant departs.
Obviously, there aren't many countries where this would ever happen, because you need a hardcore government that doesn't give a shit about globalization, or a place with strong democratic principles, referendums, and an utterly pissed off population.

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Jul 30 2019 16:07 utc | 99

Russia's Syrian Embassy's Twitter suspended:

"I think we all know by now that a 'violation' of Twitter 'rules' means the account was posting factual information that exposes the fakenews corporate media lies."

Pretty blatant censorship by Outlaw US Empire-based "media" perhaps better called social information collectors. For the segment of the world with its eyes and ears open, the White Helmets are clearly Terrorists and abet them as disinformationists, and Twitter is clearly allied with the forces enabling them and other Terrorists.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 30 2019 16:10 utc | 100

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