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July 14, 2019

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2019-39

Last week's posts at Moon of Alabama:

Related: US-Iran escalation: It’s message-sending, but the risks are high - CS Monitor

“Iran’s strategy has shifted from strategic patience to escalation-for-escalation,” says Hassan Ahmadian, a political scientist at Tehran University and research fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

“That’s because Iran cannot afford, I think, to live in a situation of strategic stalemate, so it has to change the situation, it has to create a way out of a stalemate that the Trump administration is trying to box Iran in,” says Mr. Ahmadian.

The Iranian aim, he says, is to impress a “realization of danger” upon the White House in a way that leads to “de-escalation at the end of the day.”

Related: Global Power Shifts Sparked in Syrian Hornets’ Nest - Lobe log / Helena Cobban

A look at Turkish media shows that Erdogan's S-400 purchase has support from all political parties except the Kurdish aligned HDP. The Turkish cooperation with Russia will not end if/when Erdogan loses power. Some U.S. experts begin to understand that:

Why Turkey Turned Its Back on the United States and Embraced Russia - Foreign Affairs

[S]ince the U.S. invasion of Iraq, which paved the way for a more assertive Kurdish regional government, Turkey has viewed the United States as a destabilizing force in the Middle East. U.S. support for Kurdish militias in Syria has cemented that view in Ankara, driving Turkey into Russia’s arms and raising questions about the country’s commitment to NATO.

Other issues:

Form a portrait of Seymour Hersh in the German weekly Die Zeit (my translation):

The whole story of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is "crazy," he says. Hillary Clinton had done everything wrong as a candidate, had led the Democratic Party into misfortune. There was no need for anything Russian. "Where is the evidence? There is none."

Use as open thread ...

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I wonder if Hersch's analysis is a first in a major German newspaper. If so, that is major breakthrough into Western MSM.

Posted by: bjd | Jul 14 2019 13:30 utc | 1

1789 06 14 the Bastille was stormed.
2019 06 14 the past mocks the present.

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Jul 14 2019 13:31 utc | 2

When if ever is Hersch going to publicly voice his thoughts on Seth Rich, as shared in the following phone recording?

Posted by: asdf | Jul 14 2019 13:44 utc | 3

The offer by UK to release Grace1 if a non Syrian destination is shown has the following difficulties :

It partly legitimises the detention of the tanker.
It partly legitimises sanctions on Syria.
It humiliates Iran by it admiting to British authority by providing a reply.
No reply implies guilt in the public media.
To provide a different destination than that known (let us assume Syria) it provides leverage to UK where it might then show Iran is lying (based on the information it has taken from crew and database).
There may not be any believable destinations that do not follow US or EU sanctions.
Those destinations might find themselves subject to direct US sanctions if they say they were taking the order.
The processing of this incident is vague in terms of jurisdiction, this should now be EU court decisions, not UK authority. The UK made the detention under EU law, therefore it is an EU court that should be ruling on the procedure.

So this is hopefully a fudge to end the incident, or it is a trap designed to lay blame and possiby further antagonise Iran, making it look guilty to public view.

Posted by: gzon | Jul 14 2019 13:59 utc | 4

Hassan Ahmadian has it right I think. It used to be called standing up to bullies....calling a bluff in poker. Probably the only language Trump will understand.

Posted by: dh | Jul 14 2019 14:01 utc | 5

B.b.b...but it's not Venezuela!

Colombia Reports: A judge asked the international police organization Interpol to issue a red notice for Masoud Deidehban, a former program director of CB&I, which is now part of Texas-based engineering firm McDermott International. The judge also ordered the incarceration of former CB&I CEO Philip K. Asherman, the Prosecutor General’s Office announced on Twitter. Both men allegedly joined executives of Colombia’s state-run oil company in an unprecedented corporate heist that led to at least $2 billion in losses at Ecopetrol’s oil refinery in coastal city Cartagena.

Posted by: Maracatu | Jul 14 2019 14:06 utc | 6

@4 Yes it's a typically crafty British move. On the other hand they aren't sayin Iran can't export oil...which is the US position.

Posted by: dh | Jul 14 2019 14:09 utc | 7

A second vote for Hassan Ahmadian, that's what I see, and because the opportunity to wrong foot Uncle Sugar so dramatically may not come twice, as with the drone shootdown and "cancelled attack", they need to press the point now, while they have the initiative. It won't last if they don't press it.

Further, now that the US is aware of it's true situation there, we are starting to try to adjust, more troops for defense, more platforms.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jul 14 2019 14:15 utc | 8

One needs to know a bit of the history of Turkey to understand what is going on now. In the briefest, Turkey is a rare medium power which was allowed to exist without being cut down by the big powers of Europe and now including US. There are several reasons why it was allowed this disliked status, the main one is its amazing geostrategic position of a bridge and a cross-road. The second one is its military proves second to none.

I would never say that Russia won a Turkey, it is not Russia’s own achievement at all. But Russia and China are offering an alternative path to Turkey away from the West. The Europeans did not accept Turkey into EU and the US hubris thought that it could manipulate Turkey just as even bigger former European powers. The US simply does not understand Turkey at all, because history is generally an unimportant word in US and because US does not care to understand. Turkey is a corrupt country, but the corruption there does not work the same way as in Europe, mostly because of a tradition of strong nationalistic and imperialistic leaders that Turkey tends to have. This is why the US model of manipulation did not work there.

Russia needs Turkey and Turkey needs Russia right now. But the Turks are never to be trusted and the Russians should know this very well. The relationship between the two countries will always be a tug of war, and the Turks are good at any war. The moment the Turks do not need Russia any more, they will start expanding to the North and to the West (back to the Balkans). For Turks, what they conquered once, must be returned. It is not only Erdogan who is the wannabe neo-Ottoman sultan, all Turks are, all.

When the CIA organised the shooting down of the Russian bomber by a Turkish planes over Syria, this had nothing to do with Erdogan and everything to do with CIA assets in the Turkish Airforce. Yet, Putin blabbered at that time one of the stupidest statements ever - that “Erdogan/Turks knifed him in the back”. Even if the Russians did not know that US controlled a good number of the Turkish Airforce generals, ONE NEVER OFFERS HIS BACK TO THE TURKS. Anyone who forgets this maxim whilst listening to the Turkish declarations of friendship, fully deserves the reward of the knife in the back. As a nation, the Turks are extremely militaristic and untrustworthy. This is how they managed to survive as a medium shark among the big sharks.

Posted by: Kiza | Jul 14 2019 14:24 utc | 9

This article that came out today is very important as an illustration of the challenges faced by Chinese socialism. I strongly recommend people here and beyond to read it very carefully, word by word:

Economic improvement in China’s northeast rust belt is just skin deep as state firms continue to bleed

Posted by: vk | Jul 14 2019 14:26 utc | 10

@10 That article comes from Hong Kong needless to say. And I don't see how Chinese government job creation is much different from the way things work in the US with the MIC. Except that they don't need massive debt to finance it.

Posted by: dh | Jul 14 2019 14:36 utc | 11

One - bjt

Two years ago Hersh published a piece on Syria in Welt. He needs to go to Deutschland to get published, being banned from the MSM.

Just like Col. Lang, Juan Cole and so many others. Our press is strictly controlled to focus on The Narrative.

Posted by: Bart Hansen | Jul 14 2019 14:56 utc | 12

An OT, just in time ;-)

The MSM is abuzz with headlines like this..

'MUslim THE WEST led 22 countries rebuke China's gulags for Muslims'

What, no Muslims in sight ?
its The great satan appointing itself as
Spokesman for moslems ?


'22 countries. Australia, Canada and Japan were among them, along with European countries including Britain, France, Germany and Switzerland, but not the United States which quit the forum a year ago. '

Jp is confered the title of 'honorable whitey'...
Reeks of the eight nations alliance eh...led from afar in Washington ?

'It fell short of a formal statement being read out at the Council or a resolution submitted for a vote, as sought by activists. This was due to governments’ fears of a potential political and economic backlash from China, diplomats said. ' [sic]

All these countries earn big bucks from China, but that didnt stop them from screwing the Chinese given half a chance, assholes just couldnt help it,
nature of the beast.

'In a statement, Human Rights Watch later welcomed the letter as “important not only for Xinjiang’s population, but for people around the world who depend on the U.N.’s leading rights body to hold even the most powerful countries to account.” '

When was the last time any of the eight nations alliance, especially the most powerful country on earth, was called out for genocides on Muslims ?

'It pointedly cites China’s obligations as a member of the 47-member state forum to maintain the highest standards.'

Got it now, we should all hold 'evil' China to a higher standard than the 'democracies. '

'The letter urges China to allow international independent experts, including U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, “meaningful access” to Xinjiang. '

Fine, iff....
the UN launch a comprehensive audit of war crimes committed in Iraq, LIbya , Syria, E Timor, West Papua, Ex Yugo,Diego Garcia, Jeju, Okinawa, Indonesia,

'No Western delegation was willing to take the lead and expose itself as a “ringleader” through a joint statement or resolution, diplomats said. China’s delegation is “hopping mad” at the move and is preparing its own letter, a diplomat said. '

No prize for guessing, who's the ring leader leading from afar !

dont get mad, get even...
Convene a tribunal on crimes against humanities committed by the fukus led eight nations alliance.
Get witness from Iraq,LIbya, Syria, Indonesia, Ex Yugo,Diego Garcia, OKinawans, exiled Jeju residentgs,
Native Americans, Aborigines, testity.

Two can play at this game.

LIke the one convened in 2013 KL, which indicted Bush, BLair as war criminals.

Posted by: denk | Jul 14 2019 15:09 utc | 13

@7 dh

I think technically EU is allowed to import Iranian oil for now, however any company doing so will face US sanctions. Oil shipment from Iran to EU did not pick up much after the EU ended its oil embargo for JCPOA.

So UK which has no direct sanctions on Iranian oil would not be in a position to detain Grace1 over the fact that it contained Iran oil, that is known and it is known that Iran can still trade oil where US sanctions are ignored.

The detention of Grace1 might lead either to testing EU cooperation with US sanctions (if an EU destination is given), or to testing EU resolve in terms of fulfilling existing EU sanctions on Syria. Either way, and adding the delay and uncertainty caused to Iran, this ups pressure and is being used politically to forge some kind of new stance in terms of how different unilateral sanctions integrate with each other - i.e. it might make visible that US influence is the de facto resulting order.

So there is a lot of untested in all of this.

Posted by: gzon | Jul 14 2019 15:10 utc | 14 best read ever posted yesterday
don't miss it. worth repeating..
Hitler expressed in his memoirs the view that behind the Zionist wish
for a Jewish homeland the real aim was conferring sovereign immunity on a criminal tribe.

Posted by: snake | Jul 14 2019 15:11 utc | 15

My experience of Turks is that the last thing they are is untrustworthy.

Posted by: lysias | Jul 14 2019 15:15 utc | 16

@ dh | Jul 14 2019 14:36 utc | 11

Read again, carefully.

The article states that the "losses" from the local SOE comes from its effort to automate its production in a revolutionized form.

If it was capitalism, this automation effort would never happen, the company firing staff a selling off its assets to cover its profits instead.

Capitalism is not the owner of the concepts of productivity and to work for a living. Labor is a universal capacity of humab beings: you don't need capitalism to have an incentive to work (the myth of laziness).

Posted by: vk | Jul 14 2019 15:31 utc | 17


"For Turks, what they conquered once, must be returned. It is not only Erdogan who is the wannabe neo-Ottoman sultan, all Turks are, all."

That is total bullshit...

What is true is that Turkey is a developing country with a low education level and as a result very gullible. The Erdogan-like ugly politicians use and abuse it. So yes, it might look like the people are vindictive and ready to go to war with anyone. But that's only in the 90% Erdogan owned media.

Don't forget that 1/3 of the country is 100% behind Atatürk which moto was "yurtta sulh, cihanda sulh" (Peace in the country, peace in the world) so at least 30% of the Turks are totally against war. Given proper explanations and looking at a few body bags, my guess is that at least another 30% would be very reluctant to send their kids to die.
(,_Peace_in_the_World )

So maybe 1/3 of the dumbest Turks, the hard core Erdogan voters, could be as you describe... That's very far from your "all the Turks" and their number is going down every day...

Look at the last election results... The 3 largest cities and 80% of the economic tissue of Turkey slipped out of the hands of Erdogan. And as the economy continues to crumble, more and more of his followers will flee the ship...

Are all the "Kiza" close minded as miss-informed as you are ? :)

Posted by: SysATI | Jul 14 2019 15:42 utc | 18

The offer by UK to release Grace1 if a non Syrian destination is shown has the following difficulties :
So this is hopefully a fudge to end the incident, or it is a trap designed to lay blame and possiby further antagonise Iran, making it look guilty to public view.
Posted by: gzon | Jul 14 2019 13:59 utc | 4

...or might it not leave Iran with no other choice than to kidnap a UK tanker and negotiate the return of Grace1 from a (humiliating) position of strength?
If Iran's friends support the tit-for-tat kidnapping idea then they are tracking EVERY UK tanker in search of a Golden Opportunity and updating Iran on progress...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 14 2019 16:32 utc | 19

@Kiza: Thanks for your analysis. IMHO it touches some important, but often overlook points. But those will define Turkey now, and at least for generations to come.
And in turn all relations to other countrys, including EU states, US and of cource Russia.
Not to speak of Syria, what we can expect on that front from Erdogan and nearly all his people (no matter what party except the Kurds) should be clear to everyone.
That includes Idlid.
Even if Erdogan wanted to, he could never give it back to Syria. The ultra nationalistic sentiment in the whole country, through all classes and affiliations, makes shure of that.

Posted by: DontBelieveEitherPr. | Jul 14 2019 16:46 utc | 20

English does not have words strong enough to adequately describe the barbarism, sadism, and corruption of Uncle Sam's goons in blue. Here is a quote from a BBC article:

Bodycam footage of the incident... showed Mr Shaver on his knees asking officers not to shoot him. But he was shot five times with a semi-automatic rifle as he crawled towards the officers while sobbing.

The article includes a short video of an unarmed civilian in a hotel corridor, on his knees, hands up, attempting to crawl towards the police. He was killed for incorrect crawling, that is, he failed to crawl exactly according to instructions.

This case is unusual in that the sadistic killer cop was actually charged with murder. But as usual, he was acquitted. This all happened three years ago. The now-former cop is back in the news because he was recently re-hired for a month in order to qualify for $2500 per month disability benefit for the rest of his life.

Anyone care to guess the claimed disability? By killing an unarmed civilian, he gave himself post traumatic stress disorder.

Posted by: Trailer Trash | Jul 14 2019 16:48 utc | 21

Another gem about the lovely Jewish settlers from ELAD:

Israels' machinery of dispossession

And the holocaust on the Palestinian people continues without as much as a whimper by the so called West of 'values'. What a freaking shame this is.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jul 14 2019 17:07 utc | 22

@18 I thought I read the article carefully the first time....but if you insist. Anyway it is very nice of Ms. Chan to show such concern for Chinese industry and I'm sure the Chinese government will move to rectify the situation.

Posted by: dh | Jul 14 2019 17:20 utc | 23

@ SunnyRunnyBurger. One month out. Bastide day is the 14 of July...

Posted by: Beibdnn. | Jul 14 2019 17:43 utc | 24

gzon | Jul 14 2019 13:59 utc | 4
dh | Jul 14 2019 14:09 utc | 7

It's not about Iran. It's all about bringing Syria to it's knees by cutting off its oil supplies. This strategy has been on-going for years. Recent examples:

Terrorist attacks knocks major gas pipeline out of service

Syria's Mediterranean oil pipeline mysteriously attacked

Syrian ship carrying oil struck by missile

Posted by: TheBAG | Jul 14 2019 17:54 utc | 25

@ 20 HW

That as well. I am not sure how the UK and west would react to that, but normally they would not want to be seen to giving in to an act of piracy, using their definitions of capture in international waters vs. detention in territorial waters. My intuition is that that circumstance would be used to denigrate Iran, and might lead to the end of diplomatic relations between UK and Iran, plus further escalation. It would not be over the tanker per se, but to establish recognition of a certain order. I am guessing there though.

I am sure Iran could take a tanker if it wanted to, it might find there was a security attachment on the ship though, and/or the capture might be met with a military response before it left international waters, being a hostage situation for the crew maybe not though. There are several British tankers around at any point in time and certainly they don't all have close naval support at once.

Posted by: gzon | Jul 14 2019 17:54 utc | 26

Quoted by denk @14 above: 'The letter urges China to allow international independent experts, including U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, “meaningful access” to Xinjiang.'

Do these idiots think the Chinese are fools who didn't notice the obscene pack of lies that Bachelet just recently spewed about Venezuela? She would just talk to some sinophobes who haven't even been in China for decades, base her report on what they say, and ignore everything she sees in Xinjiang.

That these delusional idiots think they can get away with the same trick over and over again is amazing.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jul 14 2019 17:56 utc | 27

@25 Not about Iran? Syria is certainly a target but the ultimate goal is 'regime change' in Iran preferably with maximum damage along the way. Syria is currently holding up the project.

Posted by: dh | Jul 14 2019 18:04 utc | 28

@25 TB

That interrelates with Iran though. One facet is to overthrow Assad, another is to remove Iran presence from Syria, and another is to limit Iran weapons capability. They are all at play at once. EU is concentrated on Syria more, the US on Iran wherever, the UK follows EU but works more closely with US. With these different priorities all (probably purposefully) mixed together there is now confusion and also a move towards a common cause, which would be to simply target Iran.

Posted by: gzon | Jul 14 2019 18:04 utc | 29

William Gruff | Jul 14 2019 17:56 utc | 27

The advantage of these criminals lies within the fact that most people in the Western hemisphere appear to be utterly gullible and consumed by hypocrisy. Maduro hits the nail on the head.

Maduro Response to Bachelet Demagoguery

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jul 14 2019 18:12 utc | 30

William Gruff 27

UNfortunately, they do get away with
total impunity, they already find out
most of the sheeples can be fooled
most of the time, including many right here, like pft, donkey and their admirers, who lap up every fukus agitprop about China with relish ! :-(

Posted by: denk | Jul 14 2019 18:21 utc | 31

How much have recent events raised the price of insuring tankers transiting the Persian Gulf? How high does that price have to be before it becomes uneconomical to transport oil in that way?

Posted by: lysias | Jul 14 2019 18:23 utc | 32

I’ve come to believe that the capture of the tanker was rather something like an “honest mistake”. Unfair, illegitimate and stupid, but not with bad intentions. It’s been mentioned here that Gibraltar had enacted tougher rules on enforcing EU sanctions shortly before the incident. I find it plausible that because of this, there is heightened sensitivity for the topic of possible sanctions evasion within the government and authorities of Gibraltar. They were simply hyped up. They had probably also been facing pressure by the EU to “do something”. Not everyone in the EU’s institutions is that fond of Gibraltar. There are taxation issues and Gibraltar hosting a sizeable gambling industry is also seen as a problem. But since Gibraltar is basically pro EU they probably felt some sanctions legislation might be a way of sucking up to Brussels. How were they to know that a Panamanian ship carrying Iranian crude was coming their way, possibly heading to Syria? All the way around the cape and through the Strait? A very unlikely thing. And they would have to figure out that even with this new legislation in place, such a shipment would be none of their business. But since no-one knows much about the particulars of EU sanctions they made the wrong decision. Now both Britain as well as Gibraltar have egg on their face. Gibraltar because its reliability and impartiality as a port of call (something they depend upon) can now be questioned. Britain because it destroyed its reputation vis-à-vis Iran as a signatory of JCPOA and as a supposed broker for INSTEX.
What we still don’t know is where the ship was heading to. It may have been just Italy. Most Iranian crude exports that go to the EU are bought by Italy (to the order of 3 billion USD in 2017). By contrast, there have never been any (documented) crude deliveries to Syria. Imagine that.

Posted by: Scotch Bingeington | Jul 14 2019 18:40 utc | 33

Finian Cunningham on the absurdity of the British government blocking accredited media from a "media freedom" conference.

"If we go down that route of bans and counter-bans, then international news media, journalistic integrity and the principle of free speech will be increasingly eroded. Perhaps that baleful outcome is exactly what the British and other NATO governments want to achieve in a desperate, underhand attempt to shut down Russia’s news perspective."

It is, in fact, what the NATO governments want. Several months ago Canada sponsored a well publicized "Lima Group" conference and banned both Sputnik and RT from that event as well. Canada's foreign minister Freeland was actually quoted at the time saying she fully expected reciprocal action on behalf of the Russians - i.e. it was a deliberate policy decision to provoke a shutting down or closing off of professional journalism from being practiced.

Posted by: jayc | Jul 14 2019 19:05 utc | 34

William Gruff 27

whaddya know ?

Muslim countries to great satan..
'Sorry, we never appoint you as
spokesman' !


Posted by: denk | Jul 14 2019 19:06 utc | 35

Beibdnn you are of course entirely correct X)

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Jul 14 2019 19:26 utc | 36

>>>>: denk | Jul 14 2019 19:06 utc | 35

Western states such as UK and US have used Islamists repeatedly to achieve their foreign policy objective which have included destabilizing Muslim states so it's hardly surprising they might vote for a statement opposing western BS.

Posted by: Ghost Ship | Jul 14 2019 19:57 utc | 37

Twitter has suspended @Unity4J account, the main account organizing people in support of Julian Assange. Caitlin Johnstone wrote a piece on this, which ends thusly:

Top Assange Defense Account Deleted By Twitter

In a corporatist system of government, in which there is no meaningful separation of corporate power and state power, corporate censorship is state censorship. With giant Silicon Valley corporations aligning themselves with shady state-funded propagandistic think tanks like the Atlantic Council, being admonished on the Senate floor that they must help quash political rebellion, and being targeted for narrative control influence by the US military, there’s vanishingly little difference between what’s happening more and more to political speech with these tech giants and what happens in overtly totalitarian governments. The only difference is the stories people choose to tell themselves about it.

Posted by: S | Jul 14 2019 20:08 utc | 38

Still waiting for some Dem. candidate to present the revelation that the debate isn't about Capitalism vs. Socialism. That's a phony debate. What's worked best, is a MIXED economy, combining elements of both systems. Results around the world, prove that.

Grab a clue, or maybe they don't really want to. They just want to APPEAR like they care about working people..

Posted by: ben | Jul 14 2019 20:10 utc | 39

I would really like to read the Symore Hersch article but it appears to be behind a paywall. If I can find it in German I can machine translate it. If anyone knows where to get it please post.

Posted by: Babyl-on | Jul 14 2019 20:27 utc | 40

@33 SB

Personally I'd be willing to let it go as an honest mistake, but then it isn't my tanker. You know when we write here we are ever so slightly affecting the mood or opinion relating to a subject, and so I am not going to push criticism of UK because just possibly your comment is paving the way for a misunderstanding to be resolved somehow. On the other hand there is the reality that western pressure and antagonism towards Iran is dangerous, that media manipulation and political conspiracy need to be watched by us, the public - no one else is going to provide a bound to the ambition of some. So having said that it is "considered by some" that moves by Gibraltar were in full anticipation of the tanker which was known tracked, that placing EU law onto the books was related, as was deregistration of the tanker and supplying a contingent of marines from UK. Certainly Iran will see it like this. Where exactly Gibraltar stands with regard is something different, and you know how complex the EU UK Gib. Spain framework is - so if anything I see more UK than Gib. decisions here. Gib. has little to gain from EU for this approach, except maybe as a theme to affirm maritime boundaries, but I don't think it would go to this extent . I think the Masal tanker delivered Iran crude to Baniyas not long ago, but is no longer transiting Suez since the waivers finished. Italy...

LONDON (Reuters) - Iran’s oil minister on Tuesday criticized Greece and Italy for not buying its oil despite U.S. waivers and said they had not offered Tehran any explanation for their decision.

I don't think so. However I leave it all open and would be more than happy to see this all put down to over exuberance and honest mistakes or whatever. Gib. should hand the tanker to EU now to maintain impartiality, as the law it annexed is not of own authority but belongs to EU...unless you think own sovereignty be used to serve EU without EU taking responsibility in any way.

Posted by: gzon | Jul 14 2019 20:52 utc | 41

Babyl-on | Jul 14 2019 20:27 utc | 40

I just looked it up on all the relevant German websites. Only Die Zeit has this article by Seymour Hersh. However, there is one site that has already published him earlier, so they might do that again.

Rubikon - Magazin für die kritische Masse

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jul 14 2019 22:04 utc | 42

Posted by: Scotch Bingeington | Jul 14 2019 18:40 utc | 33
I’ve come to believe that the capture of the tanker was rather something like an “honest mistake”.

Is that to be said with the voice of Bertie Wooster?

Posted by: aspnaz | Jul 14 2019 22:31 utc | 43

Day about 37 at Calderstones Park, Liverpool. I will take advantage of an open forum to discuss the Western Red Cedar Tree which is not a real Cedar because Cedars grow on a belt through Morocco to India whereas Western Red Cedars have always grown in the Pacific North West of the USA and Canada. English posh dudes recalling biblical references to Cedars as the wood that made the Temple of Solomon decided to name this tree as a Cedar when in fact it belongs to the Cypress family. For the tribes of the Pacific North West the tree gave them a brilliant light but extremely strong wood for canoes, flutes and a multitude of other things.

Identifying a real Cedar among Cedars and even a Western Red Cedar among Cypresses is pretty hard. They say the Deodar branches droop down, the Cedar of Lebanon is horizontal and the Atlas branches ascend. Which sounds great in theory… In my – for me – famous local park and local also to John Lennon and the Beatles - some genius put all three together side by side as I discovered yesterday with 3 examples of Cedars with drooping, horizontal and ascending branches respectively.

What does this mean? It means following Hegel that you create a thesis: The Western Red Cedar is a Cedar. Then you create an anti-thesis. The Western Red Cedar is not a Cedar; it is a Cypress. Then you create a synthesis. The Western Red Cedar is not a Cedar but is extremely difficult to identify. That’s my today’s version of the Hegelian dialectic

Posted by: Lochearn | Jul 14 2019 22:42 utc | 44

There is a great deal of 4D Chess-beating that Epstein is "Trump's revenge against the DNC" (Hillary) Steele dossier attempted coup, and 'now we'll drain the swamp!' Hoo-ahh!

I find that boast problematic. Trump could not (would not) have ordered Epstein's arrest. Those who serve the DNC within FBI (CIA-NSA) would have informed Epstein in advance, and no doubt, bleached Hillary and Bill and Clinton Foundation's servers before the arrest. So the order didn't come from Trump. And the 'lone prosecutor' and 'honest judge' theory is simply not possible in that district, where human trafficking, fashion industry and sex slavery is one of their biggest profit pipelines.

It has to be a DNC Hail Mary. DNC needs to impeach Trump so badly, they've already committed treason! The 2011 Budget Control Act keeps the lid on Federal spending, but only until 2021. That's why DNC is desperately trying to seize the reins of power for 2020-2024, when the budget caps come off, then it's laissez les bon temps roulez! and $5,000 BILLION a year Fed bleedout, at 10% increase every year Open Boarders Green New Steal, ...until USA folds under the sheer grift of the Social Democrats.

That griftfest was actually their plan way back in 2016 with Rodham. But wait! There's MOAre!

Not once in 80 years has a president who supported Pentagon-MIC-AIPAC **NOT** been re-elected!

- Kennedy: refused to start a war with Cuba -- assassinated
- Johnson: could not stomach Kissinger-Pol Pot -- gone
- Carter: refused to start a war in Iran -- gone
- George HW Bush: tried to cut Pentagon budget in half after Soviets fell -- gone

Since Roosevelt in 1933, every president who supported Pentagon-MIC-AIPAC got re-elected!

So Democrats have an APPROACHING ZERO chance of winning in 2020. Biden is their one shot, and he's a perv peacenik! DNC are using Epstein virus to white-wash Old Joe, and to flog Trump in a desperate attempt to lure the Single White Female block, after an astounding poll came out that 69% of Democrat voters are TURNED OFF BY SOCIAL DEMOCRATS and their 'Free Stuff' and 'Open Borders' Antifa Bolshevism.

2020 will be the End of Days for one Party or the other. Whoever wins will ride the Golden Chariot of Blowout Spending, but the loser ... the loser gets only a mouthful of sand. DNC's only chance to survive is to impeach (or assassinate) Trump, by hook or by crook.

Paging Ms. Clinton, please come to the Red Phone! /s

Posted by: Tom Lawrence | Jul 14 2019 22:54 utc | 45

@33 Scotch Bingeington.. 'honest mistake' idea... do you think the uk thinks following the us into the war on iraq was an honest mistake too? i am curious.. i always enjoy your posts, but i'm a bit mystified by your comment on this one.. cheers..

@44 lochearn... maybe you need to take a trip to vancouver island to see for yourself what a western red cedar looks like!

i liked this quote taken from elijah j magniers latest post here .. It is time for the UK to behave as a European country and not as an American colony”.

Posted by: james | Jul 15 2019 0:10 utc | 46

Many ask psychohistorian to provide greater detail to the Why of his Crusade against Private Finance, but find he's at pains to do so, which I understand having met and talked with him several times a month. Here's Robert Bridge to provide us with some of that greater detail in his "An Idiot's Guide to Destroying Your Country in Six Easy Steps," which opens thusly:

"Before a nation can be effectively destroyed from within it is necessary first that it be owned lock, stock and barrel. An independent, freedom-loving people are less easily controlled than one that is effectively ball and chained, which brings us to the first step in the program.

Create a Central Bank" [Emphasis Original]

Bridge cites Trump tweets to portray him as anti-Fed, but is he really? For a more insightful look at Trump's economic behavior, I highly recommend this recent Michael Hudson Guns & Butter interview.

Unfortunately, after an excellent beginning, Bridge succumbs to using mostly Culture War crap to bolster his argument. He should have stuck with Private Finance and the Military Industrial Complex and resulting Outlaw US Empire which are far more powerful forces destroying the fabric of the USA. For example, no aspect of the Culture Wars offshored the vast majority of the USA's industrial base or causes the devotion of more than 50% of discretionary federal spending on that Empire. But, the beginning is sound, and do read the Hudson interview if you haven't yet and spread it around as it tells a very sordid if abridged story of Why we are Where we are today.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 15 2019 0:22 utc | 47

Tom Lawrence @45--

There's zero evidence that Epstein's arrest is going to be used to make political hay. The motivations of the entities that sued to unseal aren't political in the sense of electoral politics.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 15 2019 0:28 utc | 48

@SysATI 18

Reading what you typed I had an impression that I was reading about US. Not everybody in US is for conquest and subjugation. Also, my "all Turks" really means the dominant majority of Turks and those who run the show. Should I change my view because of a cluster of secular Turks who blame Erdo and his provincial rednecks for everything?

However, one needs to look only at the Cyprus situation and Turkish drilling for oil in Cyprus to understand that it was you who typed total bullshit. But I would not expect anything different from a Turk (although I have met a few wonderful Turks, just as a few wonderful US people).

The bottom line is that as a nation Turkey is militaristic, hyper-nationalistic and aggressively expansionist, in short a neighbor that you would never wish. In this big picture, you few seculars mean absolutely nothing. As long as Turkey is under the current economic and financial pressure by US and Europe, it will behave. But as soon as it returns to economic prosperity, it will be back to its usual behavior. The Russians helping return economic prosperity to Turkey via oil, gas, trade are digging their own graves, but when did oligarchs care?

Turkey is not the only such nation in this World. But it is because of such alpha-nations, the bullies, the takers, the imperialists (US, UK, France, Turkey, Germany, Japan ...) that the whole of humanity needs to keep spending resources on military defense instead of on betterment.

Posted by: Kiza | Jul 15 2019 0:50 utc | 49

I write here about how empire needs to collapse of its own internal inconsistencies and I have an example of how that is progressing.

The following is a quote from Reuter without a link, because
(Reuters) - A proposal to prevent big technology companies from functioning as financial institutions or issuing digital currencies has been circulated for discussion by the Democratic majority that leads the House Financial Services Committee, according to a copy of the draft legislation seen by Reuters.

The observation I would have about this move by Big Tech is that it is forcing the education of the public about finance in a way that should make the differences between public and private finance glaringly apparent. Of course it is greed that is driving Big Tech to want to carve a chunk out of private finance, not the public's interest and this should become apparent as well.

And US Congresscritters will foul themselves with excremental verbiage about the issue because they are puppets of the current private holders of finance that don't want to share, let alone do what they do in the public interest.

Hey China!!!!! Now is the time to explain to the listening world how MMT works in your world and the social benefits of such.

Bring on the education of the masses to end their FAITH in global private finance....and may it happen quickly

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 15 2019 1:05 utc | 50

@DontBelieveEitherPr 20
Yours is a wonderful summary of the Turkish situation: "The ultra nationalistic sentiment in the whole country, through (sic) virtually all classes and affiliations, makes sure of that."

Posted by: Kiza | Jul 15 2019 1:15 utc | 51

Rouhani: Lift the sanctions and we can talk. An interesting move on the chess board puts Trump in check again.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 15 2019 1:37 utc | 52

karlof1 @ 47

I am not so sure about that because of the timing of the event. These cases move slowly and all this will dribble out during the primaries.

The nation almost elected a women who's first man appears to be an unrepentant child molester. His abuse of women is legendary and they were in no way treated like Stormy Daniels who was punching in 100 interviews a week. Clinton's accusers cowered in silence and fear in the 90's and for good reason. I am very familiar with that machine personally. I think this will play out in the minds of the independent swing voters that will decide the election.

This may again blow over as a guy just trying to blackmail some people for personal benefit. It appears that is the best "limited hang out" story being floated so far. I have never seen a major NY newspaper base a story of that magnitude on a anonymous poster. Very suspicious.

I strongly suspect that Pence will graciously step aside and let Mad Dog Nicky Haley run as VP as Trump needs a women on the ticket to have a decent chance at winning. Another thing I find interesting is that all the Democrat candidates are most likely not connected to Epstein in some fashion. Biden is not going to make it as he is too old and too weak physically. Bernie sounds like an angry old man telling the kids to get off his lawn. The new faces have the best chance.

We live in one very sick country that appears to be in a terminal condition. I do not think we will recover.

Posted by: dltravers | Jul 15 2019 1:48 utc | 53

VK, DH re linked SCMP article @ 10:

Northeast China (the old Manchuria) is clearly undergoing a transition away from iron and steel manufacturing and the industries associated with those, which have been its mainstay for 70 years. This is the area that Japan conquered in the 1930s (and renamed Manchukuo) for its minerals.

Elaine Chan's article takes a short-term microeconomic view of the situation but it is clear from the article itself and other articles it links to that Beijing does have a long-term plan for the region by investing in education and R&D projects there, especially in Shenyang. This is far, far away from what the UK and US have done for their deindustrialised rust-belt regions (which appears to amount to very little in both countries).

You would hope that Beijing would also consider investing in technologies that clean up polluted soil, groundwater, rivers and other parts of the natural and urban environments, and remove chemical and other toxins, to make the region viable for agriculture, conservation efforts (esp efforts to conserve Siberian tigers and their habitats) and immigrants.

Incidentally the news of the depopulation of China's Northeast (with young people leaving the area looking for jobs elsewhere) pulls the rug out from under those people who believe that China will some day reclaim Russia's Primorsky Kray (the area just east of NE China, north of North Korea and bordered by the Sea of Japan, with its capital at Vladivostok) because of the supposed pressure of population in NE China. The fact is that people originally went to NE China because of the industry and the jobs there, not because of the balmy (not!) climate.

Posted by: Jen | Jul 15 2019 1:48 utc | 54

Russia and China must get it through their thick armor plated skulls that Iran's fate is crucial to them. If they allow the Hegemon to strangle Iran's economy they are basically ceding to the Hegemon ultimate and near absolute authority over every country, including Russia and China. As powerful as Russia and China are they cannot stand up to the Hegemon to any significant extent by themselves. Likewise Russia and China must recognize that the fate of the Grace is a crucial moment. If they stand by and allow the UK to get its way here it will amount to an acknowledgement to not only define international law, but to enforce it or not enforce it at will.

We all know that the last thing Putin and Xi want to do is take a resolute stand. Now they have to.

Posted by: paul | Jul 15 2019 1:50 utc | 55

... it will amount to an acknowledgement that the Hegemon has the right to define international law and to enforce it at will...

Posted by: paul | Jul 15 2019 1:52 utc | 56

@ paul with comments # 54, 55 saying China and Russia must do this or that or they are losers

I think your perspective is a bit limited to be making the leaps of "crucial moment" claims you do.

But maybe you are doing God's work and are all knowing.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 15 2019 2:05 utc | 57

@53 Jen and vk and dh

Many thanks for your information, Jen. The picture I get from the article is one of Beijing pursuing a policy in the north east, and the local power structure resisting. This would seem to be a typical picture of the struggle of reform in China:

Shenyang Machine Tool’s plight exemplifies the dilemma faced by most state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in China’s northeast, whose futures often depend on their ability to innovate successfully.

And that in turn is key to the success of Beijing’s drive to revitalise the so-called rust belt, which also comprises the provinces of Jilin and Heilongjiang.
The recent upturn in Liaoning’s fortunes comes after years of dwindling economic performance and accounting scandals. After the local government admitted to falsifying its figures between 2011 and 2014, the provincial economy actually contracted by 2.6 per cent in 2016.

“The 6 per cent growth figure holds huge meaning for Liaoning, as it shows the economy has walked out of its most difficult period,” provincial governor Tang Yijun said in a press conference in Beijing late last month.

And this is what Beijing has always had to contend with, attempting to rule and better its many far-flung provinces. Despite its headline and sub-heads, the story reported seems to be one of China asking its rust belt to innovate itself into the present - which in China is practically the future, of course - and facing a lot of inertia.

But Beijing seems to have won. One wonders what happened to officials in the local government who falsified figures. Somehow, the correct figures were acknowledged, and the region is now growing, according to accurate data. Some firms are still not performing well, including what was taken to be the intended flagship. But was it a flagship, or simply the most difficult case to reform? And one with a strong business connection to the US to boot?

First, Beijing had to reform the provincial government. Then, it had to reform the local firms. The latter task is still in progress.

I must say, if I read it right, that it all strikes me as a successful operation rather than a failing one. Who writes these headlines for the South China Morning Post? The same local government that previously falsified economic figures?

I hope I have a decent take on this story, but I would welcome any correction anyone wants to offer.

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 15 2019 2:15 utc | 58


I don't know the figures except that there have been increases.

"Uneconomical" is relative. The increase of price of shipping gets added to the customers bill, i.e. you end up paying more for a tank full of gas. As prices increase due to shipping, other supply options become interesting, so depending on how fast they increase you might find that more expensive unconventional sources begin to replace gulf oil in competition. This sets up an alternate economy, say shale earnings will be invested and spent in US by Americans as an example, the increase in prices is actually paid to themselves in a sense, but it changes the distribution of wealth in society at the same time. Equally efficiency is chosen to reduce consumption if that is seen as a nescessary or worthwhile economy.

The above are gradual changes and are always at work, in an environment where global oil or energy supply is more or less stable. However if there is a large fast drop in supply of oil, then it becomes much more difficult as you end up with a lot of price competition to buy the limited supply, and inevitably some do not receive expected supply. This causes a lot of financial difficulty, but more importantly actually stops the economies of the world from functioning - they are litterally out of fuel.

It is said that part of the reason for the gfc was high fuel prices, meaning that the balance between finance, production and consumption (of all goods) as reflected in the price of oil was unsustainable - oil price rises being like the dollar losing value due to trade deficit via asset monetisation. Eventually something gave, which was asset values, and that affected consumption and so oil prices descended . So in a case like that even gradual changes in oil price, if they are not compensated by sensible national readjustment that keeps the economy balanced in a sustainable way, may end up making access to oil or products that have a large oil component in cost, uneconomical - you notice it when you can no longer afford those things. I don't think there is a set point or figure though, because there are so many variables.

Posted by: gzon | Jul 15 2019 2:26 utc | 59

@56 Why bother with paul? He's been pushing that line in every post he makes. Putin and Xi just aren't aggressive enough for him. They should start sinking US warships etc. etc.

Posted by: dh | Jul 15 2019 2:45 utc | 60

dltravers @ 52

Getting rid of the fundamentalist Israel worshiper Pence for the 2020 election would be a smart move for Trump's reelection campaign, but please God not the ultraZionist Nicki Haley. She brings nothing to the table, coming from an unimportant state electorally speaking; her only contribution would be a never ending gush of neocon hogwash. Her warmongering threats at the UN were an embarrassment. Nix. If Pence chooses not to "gracefully step aside," Trump should throw him overboard.

Texas is the key to the election. Trump needs a running mate who can help deliver the state be that a woman, a Hispanic, or whatever. Without TX Trump's chances of reelection are poor. Winning combo for Democrats: Kamala Harris/Julian Castro.

Posted by: Donnie | Jul 15 2019 2:49 utc | 61

Below is a quote from a posting at Xinhuanet without link, because
"AIIB members collectively account for 78 percent of the world's population and 63 percent of global GDP. With the backing of all of our members, we are building a lean, clean, and green institution that can help to support their sustainable development,"said AIIB President Jin Liqun. (Xinhua/Zhang Cheng
AIIB is China's version of the World Bank/IMF of the may be small but is growing and now has representation on every continent.

And for those wanting a link to efforts China is making to deal with its growth

China to reduce waste with green packaging

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 15 2019 3:05 utc | 62

Keiser Report: And Forgive Them Their Debts (E1409)

In this episode of the Summer Solutions 2019 for the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy are joined by Dr. Michael Hudson, author of many books, including “And Forgive Them Their Debts,’ for his ideas on solutions to the ever growing wealth and income gap currently ‘solved’ with ever increasing amounts of debt. They discuss the reason for the huge surge in this wealth and income gap that began in the early seventies as the top once percent ran off with all the productivity gains. What role, if any, does the post-Bretton-Woods-all-fiat-dollar-reserve-system play in this economic injustice?

The discussion then moves to Representative Brad Sherman’s recent claim that, "An awful lot of our international power comes from the fact that the U.S. dollar is the standard unit of international finance and transactions. Clearing through the New York Fed is critical for major oil and other transactions.”

Posted by: curious man | Jul 15 2019 3:39 utc | 63

Ghost Ship 37

uncle scam, The man who wont take no for an answer,

Ironically, the US-led orchestrated media campaign on the “internment camps” in Xinjiang is fizzling out. The US failed to make Xinjiang a Muslim issue complicating China’s relations with the Islamic world. The two most important beacon lights in the Muslim world — Saudi Arabia and Iran — dissociated from the western campaign on Uighur Muslims. The Saudi Crown Prince Salman bin Mohammed actually commended Beijing’s national policies toward Muslim populations in Xinjiang and other provinces.

Suffice to say, the US’ game plan to repeat the cold-war era strategy to pit socialism against Islam hasn’t gained traction in the present case involving Xinjiang. The US campaign on Xinjiang suffered a severe setback when the recent foreign-minister level meeting of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) in Abu Dhabi on March 1-2 decisively turned its back on Washington. The OIC resolution, inter alia, recalled the “outcomes of the visit” of the group’s delegation last month to China (including Xinjiang) and said that the OIC “commends the efforts of the People’s Republic of China in providing care to its Muslim citizens; and looks forward to further cooperation between the OIC and the People’s Republic of China.”

Yet, the OIC resolution was pretty harsh in its criticism of the present Hindu nationalist government in India:

“Expresses deep concern over the growing activity of the extremist Hindu groups against Muslims in India trying to build a Hindu temple on the ruins of the historic Babri Mosque; also expresses concern over the unnecessary delay in determining responsibility for the demolition of the Babri Mosque; and urges the Indian Government to see to it that the Babri Mosque is rebuilt on its original site”;

“Invites the (OIC) General Secretariat to continue to monitor the situation of Muslims in India and to collect further information on the challenges and difficulties they are facing, politically, socially and economically with a view to offering them the required assistance, and to report on the matter to the next ministerial conference”;

“Urges the Indian Government to take steps to improve the economic conditions of Muslims in India in line with the recommendations of the Sachar Committee Report”;

“Express deep concern over reports regarding ‘Forced Conversion’ of minorities in India by Hindu extremist elements through ‘Ghar Wapsi’ or ‘Home Coming’ campaign and education programmes aimed at obliterating practices and rituals related to other religions and distortion of historic facts”;

“Taking note with grave concern of a number of incidents in India where people have been killed, imprisoned and fined for slaughtering cows, especially on Eid- ul-Azha”.

Suffice to say, Beijing has been remarkably successful in persuading the Muslim countries that Xinjiang is not a Muslim issue. But, quite obviously, Washington won’t take ‘no’ for an answer from the Muslim world. '

uncle always knows best innit. ?

Hence we've this farce going on, 22 whities led by the great satan appointing themselves the spokesman for Islam.


The Nixon/KIssinger doctrine'
The UIghurs issue is too important to be left for the moslems to decide themselves.

Posted by: denk | Jul 15 2019 4:24 utc | 64

Aaron Mate says:

"Please watch this clip. It captures Russiagate perfectly: blaming Russian bots, neoliberals like Kamala Harris show ignorance about domestic injustices & contempt for those fighting it; while at the same time, sounding like deranged conspiracy theorists in the process."

Intro to most recent In The Now:

"This is really good — from calling out U.S. foreign policy that causes ppl to migrate to the history of the term ‘concentration camps’ to the larger tradition of racist, state sanctioned violence against ppl from the Southern border region."

Lots of garbage trying to pollute our minds. Truth is the only antidote, but at times it's hard to find. Search for it and fight complacency.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 15 2019 4:57 utc | 65

Below is a link to a picture/story from the web site "Reading the Pictures" which I frequent.

Amish and Mennonite Photo Coverage in Face of Sexual Abuse, #MeToo

So here we have the ultimate hypocrisy of one of the monotheistic faith groups having to admit at some level sexual predation by the clergy......and these folks consider themselves a step better than evangelicals with their Old Order ways.

I think it would be nice if humanity could evolve to place reason and logic above faith like China's example of religious elimination from any part of governance......I may be a dreamer but I'm not the only one.....or in the out of context song words from Sleepy John make call me crazy but at least I know right from wrong.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 15 2019 5:36 utc | 66

yes, I am still ADD.....make = may

but I am off my meds and we fixed me on them so just more tweaking....sigh

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 15 2019 5:39 utc | 67


I want you to know aomething seriously.

You argue your points persuasively. Respect, bro.

This may come as a shock to you but I have my own addiction issues.

Posted by: donkeytale | Jul 15 2019 6:18 utc | 68

TB completely H, I had my best success at AA. AA changed my life even though I failed AA too.

Court ordered.

Posted by: donkeytale | Jul 15 2019 6:54 utc | 69

ok, ok. a lot was discussed, but what was settled.. ?

will the British do a Grace I striptease? or will the Iranians continue to float their light oil.. ?
Is Gibraltar a safe port? It hit me, that an Iran tit for tat could demo the capability of Iran rocket technology.
on the in port en-pounded grace... followed by a free webinar on Gibraltar oil spill cleanup technology

Unless Britain, properly responds to Iran I fear more than less will come of the repercussions.

Posted by: snake | Jul 15 2019 7:16 utc | 70

|@ karlof1 | Jul 15 2019 0:22 utc | 46

With respect, your narrative re banking has its parallel in the sightless men describing the elephant; this narrative also appears in the historian's repeated ravings on the subject. There must be some failure of understanding that has taken place, either of the workings of banks or the functions needed to create credit needed to provide investment in production. The history of the early economic development is replete with recurring banking or credit failures all involved in asset illiquidity; look at creditor's calls for sound currency that triggered most of the various panics. The complete failure of asset illiquidity in the Panic of 1907 (IIRC) was narrowly avoided by all the maximum considerable resources of the House of Morgan. Only the resources of national banking were greater if they could have been made available. The Fed provided such a system where the full resources could be utilised. And yes, it was peopled by those familiar with banking, private bankers of course, using those most successful or held in greatest esteem amongst their peers; one does not obtain banking experience from dogcatchers. The hue and cry about the evils of central banking are pure emotional rage, not a rational response of knowledgable, educated people.

I suspect your historian, not having a functioning economic education that has banks and money included in its catechisms for MBA credentialism has latched onto some youtube presentation ballyhooing the evils of banking but can no longer recall who, where or the whats of that presentation but the repeated repetition has created an emotional tract in their mind deeper than the Natchez Trace. Having worked in the industry that makes such presentations, I would point out that the more honest of these productions will, at the end of their presentation, provide production credits to the staff producing the product. Most times these credits will be quite lengthy. I recommend considering what these production staffs are being paid, they seldom work pro-bono. Ask yourself what is so important to present some narrative at such a cost. Your call.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Jul 15 2019 7:17 utc | 71

The economics will always be more skeptical than the politics.

Posted by: donkeytale | Jul 15 2019 7:36 utc | 72

@9 Kiza
“I would never say that Russia won a Turkey, it is not Russia’s own achievement at all”
when Turkey shoot down Russian Fighter jet, most analysis scared the world of comming WWIII. But Russians art of diplomacy prevailed and turned an enemy to a friend, and a deliberate attack to a conquest. How may times, over history, you can show us such diplomatic achievement?
Are you talking about Turkey history or Ottoman Empire?
History something, and believing in determinism of history is something else.
It seems that you think a national character is coined in some where in the beginning and the rest can be read from foreheads.
Turkey “ was allowed to exist without being cut down by the big powers of Europe”.
Tell us “ a bit of history” of Sykes-Pico agreement. Was it cut down to pieces or NO?
What else your admirable European power would do?
“ Turks are extremely militaristic” it would be better if you compare it with European and USA, which one is most “extremely militaristic” ? Which one made more destruction to humanity?
Who initiated WW2, WW1, Napoleonic wars, Vietnam war, Korean War, Boer war, ….Hiroshima?
Tell us “ a bit of” western civilization “history” , too.
Tell us “ a bit of history” of invention of fire arms, bombs, fighter jets, bombers, Atomic Bomb, Hydrogen Bomb, Chemical bomb?
Do a bit comparison then write better story.
Also tell us “ a bit of history of” who was behind Grey Wolves organization?
Who has organized multi billion dollar Fatullah Gulan network across Turkish speaking nations.

Posted by: arata | Jul 15 2019 8:21 utc | 73

Well coordinated: kidnapping of the tanker by Gibraltar under UK orders lets the UK keeps its authority over mute Spain on the Gibraltar issue. Plus the return of the EU powers that includes the UK (France-Germany-UK) today with their joint declaration calling for renewed negociation with Iran. Leaks came on time to put a bit of pressure on the US. Notice that Hunt is the UK FM who represents the UK in the declaration.
UK/France are so deep into the war in Syria (and still are: sending special forces to let the US withdraw them, according to Foreign Policy? or it is an old piece of news?) that they can't allow for a chaotic Brexit, and the Brits can't allow for a FamilyTrump and the B-team Inc. to run the show since they don't know where they are going.

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 8:40 utc | 74

Posted by: Kiza | Jul 15 2019 1:15 utc | 50

Kiza must be a Greek, as he/she is completely obsessed about Turkey. A deep obsessive hatred of Turks. Very common among Greeks, rare among others except Armenians (who wouldn't use such a handle).

Posted by: laguerre | Jul 15 2019 8:46 utc | 75

Nothing on his wiki page?? Cleaned everyday?

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 10:39 utc | 76

Boeing has found a brilliant solution to overcome the problems with the 737 MAX: rename it to 737-8200.

Posted by: S | Jul 15 2019 10:43 utc | 77

@Mina #75: The "Virginia Roberts lawsuits" section is still there.

Posted by: S | Jul 15 2019 10:45 utc | 78

Another failure of pro-immigration liberals...

One in two Germans says Islam is a threat
Half of Germans sick and tired of 'multiculturalism' forced upon them

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 15 2019 11:03 utc | 79

@ Zanon | Jul 15 2019 11:03 utc | 78

Seriously?! Referencing to a poll conducted by the hardcore neo-liberal Bertelsmann foundation? A think tank close to the Springer 'News' Corp with Liz Mohn and Friede Springer being best buddies.

Try instead.
Poll Islam Threat 2017
Poll's title reads: 'Do you feel threatened by Islam'.

There's been millions of Muslims in this country with no major problems at all for more than half a century. Back in the 70s we used to play soccer together and much more. Btw my garage's run by a Sunni Muslim and his family, nice and competent guy.
Does a certain type of Muslim cause problems? Yes, but same is with native Germans.

Do you happen to know how many residents of Islamic faith have been murdered in Germany since 1990? Murdered by right wing nutters for one reason only, being Muslim. The number is in the hundreds.
Now, how many native Germans were killed by Islamist fanatics? Still to this day a tiny fraction of that number.

What's next? Some drivel spewed out by the 'Gatestone Institute'?

Posted by: Hmpf | Jul 15 2019 11:56 utc | 80

The article includes a short video of an unarmed civilian in a hotel corridor, on his knees, hands up, attempting to crawl towards the police. He was killed for incorrect crawling....

This case is unusual in that the sadistic killer cop was actually charged with murder. But as usual, he was acquitted

Posted by: Trailer Trash | Jul 14 2019 16:48 utc | 21

As far as I remember that story...

1) the cop had is SMG ornamented with words like "you are dead now" or something like that. No one told it to judge and never judge asked. It was oh so sadly overlooked....

2) the order to crawl on knees and to hold hands up has a trick: you just can not crawl like that without trousers starting pulling off you.

Normally you would try to hold the pants with at least one hand - and you are killed.

If not, then as trousers are dragged down by the friction with the floor - they trap your legs, and in the end you can crawl no more and you stop - and you are killed.

Or you do not stop despite unable to crawl and you fall face-forward. As you would be falling face-forward your hands would move forward to protect your face - and you are killed.

If you manage to control your hands even as you are falling - you end up lying on the floor, and ordered to crawl forward. Then you "refuse" to get up while holding your hands right up away from your head - try to do it! - and you are killed.

Or you try to get up using your hand to push yourself form the floor - and you are killed.

Choose the rest of your pathetic life wisely to give American freedom-enforcers a good laugh, as they would be sipping beer in the pub tonight.

Posted by: Arioch | Jul 15 2019 12:08 utc | 81

The Real Donald Trump is tweeting sad at 7:30 AM EST

If Democrats want to unite around the foul language & racist hatred spewed from the mouths and actions of these very unpopular & unrepresentative Congresswomen, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. I can tell you that they have made Israel feel abandoned by the U.S.

Posted by: Kristan hinton | Jul 15 2019 12:37 utc | 82

> The Russians helping return economic prosperity to Turkey via oil, gas, trade are digging their own graves

Posted by: Kiza | Jul 15 2019 0:50 utc | 48

Oh, "Turkish military prowess", again.

Well, can we be a little less dramatic?

Please, when it was last time that Turkey won a war against Russia without UK or France or other "free world" armies fighting under Turkish flag?

Posted by: Arioch | Jul 15 2019 12:37 utc | 83

Hmpf @ 79:

Well that's our Zanon, always referring to the most hysterical sources of (non)-information to buttress and reinforce his prejudices.

Posted by: Jen | Jul 15 2019 12:37 utc | 84


A poll is a poll whoever is behind it. It is the people that have voted, not anyone else. Its totally legitimate just because you dont agree with the way people see Islam. That is why I said the failure of liberalism, you fail to see what regular people think of your pro-immigration policies.
I guess the robbery, violence, assault, sexual assaults, murder, harassment, discord caused by the immigration and have been directed against native germans is one reason for why people has voted as they have. Dont you think?

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 15 2019 12:39 utc | 85

Kiza must be a Greek, as he/she is completely obsessed about Turkey. A deep obsessive hatred of Turks. Very common among Greeks, rare among others except Armenians (who wouldn't use such a handle).

Turkish Delight and the Sultan's Finger - Is There a Turkish Lobby in Moscow? Who Does it Feed In the Kremlin

Regardless of what one might say about a Turkish lobby in Russia, the Turkish lobby at MoA is rather pronounced.

Posted by: C I eh? | Jul 15 2019 12:47 utc | 86

@ Posted by: Jen | Jul 15 2019 1:48 utc | 53

Yes, we have to keep in mind that the SCMP is a liberal newspaper.

If you take out the liberal moral judgements of the article, you can clearly see that the reason the SOE in the case registered a loss was because it bought a state-of-the-art automation system (i5). It's not like it is inneficient (like it was the case in the post-1975 USSR). Once implemented, that Chinese SOE will see its productivity go through the roof; maybe its profitability will also rise (probably not) -- but it will certainly be much bigger and more efficient than it was before.

To cite an example which Americans can understand, you can say that, if you want to resign Aaron Rodgers, you have to pay the price. It doesn't mean the Green Bay Packers are a corrupt, inneficient and/or badly run corporation just because they sacrificed one year of profits to do it.

A typical, capitalist enterprise would never sacrifice one year of its profits to modernize itself. They would sell its productive assets (disinvestment), fire workers, depress wages of the non-fired workers and cut costs of the units produced (worsen the quality of the final product) in order to preserve its profit rate.

Posted by: vk | Jul 15 2019 12:55 utc | 87

We need to get The Real Donald get a new life back to his golf playing and booze parties. A new leak? sending him good waves?

(thanks S for the ref)

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 12:57 utc | 88

Speaking of the French Revolution, John Helmer has yet another useful piece in his archive, tying events of the past to the present.

Dmitry Peskov and the Talleyrand Precedent -How Full Can a Silk Stocking Get Before Removal

To the Tuileries Palace in Paris on Saturday, January 28, 1809, Napoleon Bonaparte, then France’s Emperor, summoned five of his closest advisors. He had just raced back from the war front in Spain, and wanted to discuss the course of the war and the growing discontent among the French with Napoleon himself.

Accusing Charles-Maurice Talleyrand-Périgord of betrayal, Napoleon launched at him the most famous line of contempt a politician has ever publicly issued to a subordinate. At the time Talleyrand, the foreign minister, was secretly selling his intelligence on Napoleon to the Russian ambassador in Paris. Four years later, in March 1814, when Tsar Alexander I entered Paris with his troops and Napoleon was in temporary retreat on the island of Elba, Talleyrand hosted the tsar overnight at his Paris mansion. They were together as the instrument of the city’s capitulation was being drawn up. Aside, Talleyrand told the tsar’s intelligence chief he was ready to switch sides if paid a much larger stipend than he had taken for his spying to date.

“What are you planning? What do you want?” Napoleon had shouted earlier at Talleyrand. “Tell me, I dare you! I should break you like a piece of glass; you deserve it. I have the power, only I despise you too much to take the trouble. Why haven’t I had you hanged from the Carousel railings? There’s still time. You are a…a…a shit in a silk stocking.”

Posted by: C I eh? | Jul 15 2019 12:57 utc | 89

Interesting to see that Dershowitz is an essential tool in criminalizing BDS and has been important in pressures against scholars such as Norman Finkelstein.

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 13:00 utc | 90

@78 Zanon

The mistake is to pick on certain outside groups instead of defending your own. To defend your own population you have to use stats on cost/benefit of migration, of demographic changes related to nationality and migration, you have to look at the subsidy to migration, who spends it and where, at wars and attempted hegemony abroad, who gains migrant votes, you have to look at and understand your nationality law, if it is weak or unreasonable. You'll find all that information speaks in your favour in a way that others will not be able to deny except by venturing into idealism or emotional appeals. I'm a very international person, a migrant myself you could say, but I always pay my own way and abroad few countries offer you anything except friendly acceptance of you presence. In short in the west selling out own countries is about all some can think of to get ahead. It isn't personal about migrants, there are all sorts and most are just accepting what is offered by our own governments.

Posted by: gzon | Jul 15 2019 13:21 utc | 91

The New York Times continues to demonize Russia, effectively pushing for war:

American Commandos Gear Up for New Shadow War With Russia (by Eric Schmitt, July 12, 2019)

… In a recent early morning training exercise, two dozen Hungarian commandos armed with M4 rifles and gas masks conducted a mock raid on an abandoned building where authorities suspected that notional Russian-backed Hungarian separatists were making a dirty bomb out of chlorine and other hazardous chemicals.

With a Cougar helicopter whomp-whomping overhead, the commandos stormed up two flights of stairs, seized the bomb-making materials and captured the terrorist leaders. …

Russian-backed separatists (even if they are Russians themselves, like the 76% of Crimea residents) are now equated to CW terrorists. That’s the message. But I guess Western-backed separatists (=West Ukrainians in 1917, 1941 & 1991) are totally OK. Not separatists even, but a “captive nation”. Why are not Abkhazia and South Ossetia captive nations of Georgia then? Why is not Quebec a captive nation of Canada? Why is not Occitania a captive nation of France? Etc.

Posted by: S | Jul 15 2019 13:46 utc | 92

This is funny:

World's">">World's Biggest Secret Money Lender Revealed - Report: China is already the world's largest official creditor, second only to the US in total amount of loans issued, however, the question of who dominates in “under the radar" export of capital has been shrouded in mystery [working paper link in the article]

The working paper states that:

Unlike other major economies, almost all of China’s overseas lending and investment is official, meaning that it is undertaken by the Chinese government, state-owned companies or the state-controlled central bank. Most notable is the fact that the documentation of China’s capital exports is (at best) opaque. China does not report on its official lending and there is no comprehensive standardized data on Chinese overseas debt stocks and flows. Documentation of China’s overseas lending literally falls through the cracks. Credit rating agencies, like Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s, monitor sovereign borrowing from private creditors (banks, bondholders, or others); official lending to sovereigns is off their radar screen. The Paris Club tracks sovereign borrowing from official bilateral creditors (i.e., other sovereigns), which in principle, should cover most of China’s overseas lending. However, China is not a member of the Paris Club and therefore has not been subject to the standard disclosure requirements.

So, just because China doesn't report to the Western system, it means its credit operations are "opaque". Translating from "Academician": "I can't use my army of cheap/free interns to crunch data about China for me to meet my publication quota and keep my six-figura salary or advance my career, so I'm just calling it shadow banking".

Posted by: vk | Jul 15 2019 14:01 utc | 93

It feels like "it" is all going to come crashing down soon.

The racist comments by Trump further clarify the true face of dying empire. What use to be hidden is now out in the open for all to see.....if it walks and talks like a bully racist repeatedly then just maybe it is a unrepentant bully racist

The subject of who/what messed up all those countries that Trump wants these folks to go back and fix would make for a good story by someone like Michael Hudson.

May it all come tumbling down soon so humanity can pick up the pieces and move on.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 15 2019 14:25 utc | 94

India, Russia Seek to Skirt U.S. Sanctions Threat to Arms Deals

India and Russia have agreed on a new payment method through their national currencies for multi-billion-dollar defense deals, in a bid to avoid risks created by the U.S. threat of sanctions and banking restrictions.

The arrangement would enable India to pay the first installment soon for two warships that Russia is building for its navy, two people familiar with the matter said in New Delhi, without elaborating. Defense contracts will be settled in rubles and rupees under a payment agreement reached by the central banks of Russia and India, said a person in Moscow with knowledge of the preparations.

Posted by: curious man | Jul 15 2019 14:30 utc | 95

Today, the 15th of July, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt:

“Iran is still a good year away from developing a nuclear bomb. There is still some closing, but small window to keep the deal alive,” Hunt said before a foreign ministers’ meeting in Brussels. (

This is an ominous and very serious misrepresentation.
The British FM makes it seem as though a nuclear bomb is like having a baby: fertilisation, pregnancy, childbirth. The fact that Iran is stepping up its nuclear enrichment does not automatically lead to a nuclear bomb being 'delivered' after 12 months.

Posted by: bjd | Jul 15 2019 14:31 utc | 96

Clearly I am racist as all get-out, but when I go to Germany I want to see blonge haired and blue eyed lederhosen-wearing men playing oompah music and dirndl-wearing beauties bearing giant steins of brew. I want brats and schnitzel and kraut and... well, you get the idea. If I want falafels and baba ghanoush (which I certainly do on occasion) and see guys in jubbeh and girls in jillayeh then I will go to Syria or Palestine... or rather, I would if you neolib scum hadn't wrecked those places!

I absolutely want a world with multiple cultures, not a world with all of those cultures blended into a generic, nasty, baby poop colored mess. I love all of the varied and colorful cultures I have been able to experience in my travels, but mass migration doesn't lead to that. Mass migration leads to, at best, toxic pureed crap culture.

"Oh, the humanity! What about those poor people trying to escape misery where they come from?" the neolibs cry.

This is so obvious that it really shouldn't need saying, but stop exploiting and destabilizing and bombing the places those migrants come from and they won't be miserable there anymore! Don't let yourself imagine that you can "help them" because you cannot. You neolibs' "help" always does more damage than good and usually results in bombs and death squads at some point. Once you stop interfering in other countries and imposing your culture on them then those peoples will rebuild their cultures as they see fit, not as you want them to. The result will be real global multiculturalism, and that is something real progressives should embrace.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jul 15 2019 14:36 utc | 97

@97 It's hard to know who Hunt's remarks are aimed at. Does he want Trump to return to the original nuclear deal? Is he trying to pressure the EU into dropping sanctions on Iran? Or is he just hoping to be the next PM?

Still it's a small improvement on all the sabre-rattling.

Posted by: dh | Jul 15 2019 14:43 utc | 98

This looks like a $30M a year or more setup.

- c1ue @ 178, on the previous Epstein thread.

gave it a shot as well, trying to estimate the outlay / expenditure, couldn’t get it together, as expected, because, ex. how many properties? .. saw some listed etc. ?

also tried to look up Epstein’s donations, gifts, etc. which are hefty, he hands out 300k like candy, to e.g. various Dems., to silence witnesses, he has spent on ‘art’, his lawyer bills must be thru the roof, he gives donations to girl’s schools ! (to charities, as usual, link)

this approach rests on the assumption that Epstein is just one man who is a ‘con man’ - fantastic hedge fund manager, whatever :) - sex offender, possibly actioning kompromat, etc.

the assumptions may be false, the *one man part* (sex offender other story.)

my stab in the dark guess, i found it gripping along the way, was between 10 and 50 million p. y. , wide berth back of the envelope scribble, sorta corresponds to c1ue.

top of goog, 3 links - msm

another link states he donated 6.5 million to Harvard and that they won’t return it. (goog: J Epstein donations)

Epstein cannot possibly be ‘one guy,’ a lone operator, actor, who had stellar success in finance, etc.. No.

Posted by: Noirette | Jul 15 2019 14:43 utc | 99

The relationship between the two countries will always be a tug of war, and the Turks are good at any war. Posted by: Kiza | Jul 14 2019 14:24 utc

A note from Grammar NAZI: wrong tense. Back in the time of Suleyman the Magnificent, and for some time afterwards Turks WERE very good. After 1700 AD, not so much.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jul 15 2019 14:44 utc | 100

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