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July 10, 2019

Room To Discuss The Epstein Case

It seems necessary to give some room to the discussion of the Epstein case. Vicky Ward, who wrote a 2002 portrait of Epstein for Vanity Fair, has a short recap of the case at the Daily Beast: Jeffrey Epstein’s Sick Story Played Out for Years in Plain Sight.

This bit from it is quite interesting:

Epstein’s name, I was told, had been raised by the Trump transition team when Alexander Acosta, the former U.S. attorney in Miami who’d infamously cut Epstein a non-prosecution plea deal back in 2007, was being interviewed for the job of labor secretary. The plea deal put a hard stop to a separate federal investigation of alleged sex crimes with minors and trafficking.

“Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings]?” Acosta had been asked. Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had “been told” to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,” he told his interviewers in the Trump transition, who evidently thought that was a sufficient answer and went ahead and hired Acosta. (The Labor Department had no comment when asked about this.)

'Belongs to intelligence' makes a lot of sense. The question is to which one. A lot of people will says "Mossad" but I don't believe that to be the (full) truth. 

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Arnon Milchan? He was Israeli. Should he be punished, absolutely. But you know who should be hung? Robert DeNiro. He knew Arnon Milchan was a spy and kept his mouth shut for decades. He is a POS of epic proportions.

Insofar as Epstein is concerned. It is all about timing. Mueller is set to testify and probably has skeletons in his closet with regards to Epstein's case. He is likely being told implicitly via the Epstein arrest to be on his best behavior by Barr, and Barr at this age probably can care less that Epstein is being sacrificed so he can make his point, particularly since Barr is probably the 2nd most powerful person in the USA right now.

Epstein was extremely likely an Israeli asset. The Israelis have through political power and force convinced many in the US IC that their ship is sailing in the same direction, and that they should be allowed to serve as the US's dog on a leash, and once in a while be unleashed to do what the US won't. So while he was an Israeli asset, his resources (that is compromising material) was often made available to the CIA, and thus Acosta was told that he is an intelligence asset.

The fireworks will start to fly if and when Epstein realizes he is being hung out to dry and won't be saved. But like almost every other case involving such rich and powerful people, don't hold your breath for justice to be served in the US.

Posted by: ekerbacker | Jul 11 2019 0:16 utc | 101

@96 and 33

What does protecting adolescent teenagers from predatory adults have to do with puritanism? Am I understanding this correctly that you advocate sex with minors as long as they have reached biological puberty? Never mind their mental maturity? So sexual relations involving young women is ok what about sexual relations with young men? This has nothing to do with a false pretentious morality but with the fact that teenagers have not yet reached the level of mental maturity that protects them from sexual exploitation that will haunt them for the rest of their lives, never mind their biological functions and ability to conceive or sire children. It is really puzzling that I even need to make these elaborations in here!

Posted by: Alexander P | Jul 11 2019 0:29 utc | 102

In many ways this thread is as sickening as the subject it discusses. All sorts of types left and right competing to show that they have the most insight into the forces behind the anal rape of a 12 year old girl See Andrew Kreig's excellent piece which does consider the horror of the acts, rather than just whether or not it plays into the particular vision of 'power politics' each poster invokes). In no instance does anyone express disgust at the actions of these low life scum other than for the corruption of the pols such as Acosta.
The glee which so many have displayed jumping into this horror story because it can be twisted and forced into their own particular theory about "how the world really works" while totally ignoring that these humans who were abducted at age eleven or twelve & then sold like cattle, now inhabit the netherworld of 'the great society' living in the fringes of prosperous cities in a ramshackle 'double wide', reveals a psychic corruption not a million miles away from that of the rapists.

This story is those young boys & girls, anyone who claims to want to use it to force the greedy rapists and warmongering grubs to face justice, will not succeed as long as they waste time speculating who works for who and who is really in control.

Prince Andrew still bludges off taxpayers despite being photographed with his arm around one of his victims, if you're english & really care about stopping this scum, instead of speculating on which shadowy 'palace spokesman suggested that the Daily Mail include the line "There is no suggestion that the duke had any sexual contact at the house, or knew what was allegedly going on there" you will find out how the at the time 17 y.o. Virginia Roberts feels about her public destruction now (A child the Mail described as an erotic masseuse - presumably to reduce the horror a normal human reacts to that pic whilst ensuring the victim is so humiliated she causes no further problem for "the royal family's" number one arms salesman). This victim first hung out with the andrew sleaze when she was 17 at the pimp's Florida hell hole where the age of consent is 18.

Concentrating on the effect on victims while protecting them from further harm will bring the creeps undone - nothing else will. It was only once people began to see past the priests claims that "the victims led me on" and considered the huge power imbalance that the catholic church came unstuck.
Most of all without humanity, there is no difference between any of us and the scum we criticise.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jul 11 2019 0:35 utc | 103

Woohoo! Debsisdead isn't dead!

Now, to be on topic, why the insistence that Epstein finally getting outed for real is some mysterious intel op? The CIA has been screwing up left, right and center for years, so is it any surprise that one of their major kompromat operations is getting exposed? Their foolproof plan to install their tool Clinton in the White House in 2016 failed spectacularly and blew up in their faces, so tell me again how great they are at running covert ops? The CIA's own version of James Bond gets snuffed by the CIA's own death squads in Benghazi, but people still think the CIA has a clue what they're doing? The CIA's operatives in multiple embassies are being incapacitated by freakin' crickets and people think these clowns still somehow maintain some vestigial link to reality?

No, this is simply another massive screw-up by the establishment. This blind-sided the Deep State and so much took them by surprise that they were too late to get it clamped down in the mass media. If Epstein dies before the real dirt starts getting exposed then it proves me right and proves wrong all those who worship at the alter of the omnipotent Deep State.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jul 11 2019 0:55 utc | 104

@105 debs.. welcome back! i think everyone is more then aghast at the actions-accusations of all this but don't have to say that, as it is a given.. what can you say other then that the upper echelon in power / politics are a group of really sick people? which coincidentally most here at moa are in agreement with about too..

Posted by: james | Jul 11 2019 0:56 utc | 105


“”Concentrating on the effect on victims while protecting them from further harm will bring the creeps undone - nothing else will.”

Concentrating on the effect on victims helps how? Its self evident, no concentration or visual imaging required.

How do you protect them when the “creeps” control government and the media? Thats why defining or figuring how the world really works is important because unless you are willing to accept the reality of the world you live in, change is not possible (might not be possible anyways)

Some of the creeps that do get exposed and sacrificed are exposed and sacrificed by other creeps for their own gains. Nothing really changes except maybe people get the wrong impression the system is working and relax.

Meanwhile millions of kids injected with toxins that are untested, causing chronic illnesses in over 50% of them, and many serious illnesses like autism, made possible because the creeps control the government and media.

You can tell a lot about a society and culture based on how they treat their children, poor and elderly. Scary thought. Maybe its true we need more “church” to combat the satanic cult the creeps represent. Maybe if they weren't a threat to the creeps those few deviants in the church wouldn't have been exposed. Something to think about.

Posted by: Pft | Jul 11 2019 0:57 utc | 106

To Pft @108 who said: "You can tell a lot about a society and culture based on how they treat their children, poor and elderly."

It's capitalism, baby! The Invisible Hand of the Market (hallowed be Its name) slaps a price tag on literally everything, and that absolutely does include children.

It is not healthy to try to fool yourself into believing otherwise. That takes too much Xanax.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jul 11 2019 1:13 utc | 107

"Their foolproof plan to install their tool Clinton in the White House in 2016 failed spectacularly and blew up in their faces, "posted by: William Gruff | Jul 11 2019 0:55 utc | 106

What makes you think that? In particular every good gamblers knows to hedge their bets. The why I see it the Sheldon Adelson faction beat out the Haim Saban faction but they still got what they wanted in the end.

Posted by: O | Jul 11 2019 1:24 utc | 108

@86 Mr Lucky: "I am not implying, I am stating that they absolutely have the goods on Trump."

Except that just stating it without proofs doesnt make it so and imo we wont get to see any. If they wanted to take him out, they would've done it around the same time Pizzagate broke out, in October Surprise fashion. The Steele dossier didnt stick, Putin's "pee tape" didnt stick, Stormy Daniels was at best trailer trash entertainment. So the Deep Sate has a smoking gun and waits more then 2 years to use it? Nah..

Posted by: Lozion | Jul 11 2019 1:56 utc | 109

"On the other hand, if the girls involved were old enough to pass as being of child-bearing age, and not pre-pubescent, when naked then this is a non-story"
Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 10 2019 20:23 utc | 33

That is creepy, are you one of those dudes that still hang around the old high school long after they graduated in no official capacity whatsoever? Like Wooderson from Dazed and Confused.

Posted by: O | Jul 11 2019 2:04 utc | 110

The elites control the politicians, judges, cops, CEOs etc via paedophile rings for blackmail purposes. Deep State compartmentalised security agents do the organising.





Posted by: PJB | Jul 11 2019 2:22 utc | 111

Robert Maxwell was a Mossad agent. He was assassinated in a slick Mossad operation but did get the Jerusalem burial that he so coveted. He biggest contribution to Zionism- achieved with the complicity of Mrs Thatcher- was his facilitation of the mass emigration of Russian Jews to Israel. There is even a "6 degrees of difference" association between Maxwell and Bin Laden, but that requires research.
Ghislaine and Jeffrey make a fascinatingly suspect couple. Vast wealth acquired nefariously, the manipulation of power through contrived sexuality, the cultivation of social elites, and an inviolable sense of exceptionalism. And in the background, only darkness. There's bound to be some kind of intelligence agency connection there somewhere. Methinks that Ghislaine's role as pimp was quite creative.

Posted by: Australian lady | Jul 11 2019 2:23 utc | 112

Trump labor secretary who cut Epstein deal plans to slash funds for sex trafficking victims

Alexander Acosta, the US labor secretary under fire for having granted Jeffrey Epstein immunity from federal prosecution in 2008, after the billionaire was investigated for having run a child sex trafficking ring, is proposing 80% funding cuts for the government agency that combats child sex trafficking.

Acosta’s plan to slash funding of a critical federal agency in the fight against the sexual exploitation of children is contained in his financial plans for the Department of Labor for fiscal year 2020. In it, he proposes decimating the resources of a section of his own department known as the International Labor Affairs Bureau (ILAB).

Think recent Epstein news may be part of plan to impeach Trump or worse, JFK Trump. CIA/Mossad asset Epstein was/is working with Mueller.

Acosta was put in his current position to further link Trump admin to Epstein story. Don McGhan, the most cited person in the Mueller report according to Wikipedia was the person who recommended Acosta for his current job.

Appears Trump may be on the other end of someone-else's maximum pressure campaign after balking on Iran.

Posted by: Zack | Jul 11 2019 2:23 utc | 113

The thread before this one was about Russia, and I just now made a comment saying that in my view, not all intelligence services throughout the world or throughout history have been degraded in the way that out western agencies appear very clearly to be.

I made the claim that the service which Putin led was one with a culture of honor and uprightness in its institutional fiber, which explains much about how he came to be leader of his nation.

One could look at the almost unthinkably corrupt and degenerate "leaders" in the west and surmise much about their intelligence services.


In some ways this is an interesting thread but in others an unsatisfactory one because the team is still performing forensics on the situation. I'm reading you and rooting for you, but otherwise have nothing to offer.

It's a dirty business being dissected here. But it's a necessary dissection. I offered a glimpse of honor and morality just to keep up the spirits of the team.

There is a thick layer of something very bad in the world, and it intends nothing good for children. To destroy one's own children seems to me the ultimate decadence. One hopes that the future holds the massive revealing of this layer. And that the global mind of humanity will change from this.

Please, don't mis-construe this as exculpating the culpable. Simply, that awareness is the beginning of change.

And please, carry on.

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 11 2019 2:34 utc | 114

Grieved @116--

Your indictment immediately brought Dickens and the US Congress's 1926 vote allowing of lead--a well known destroyer of youthful and adult brains at the time--to be spewed all over creation via the tailpipes of internal combustion engines; Rachael Carson and the trio of Our Stolen Future authors all to mind. Sadly, there are many more. I'm currently taking a course about Trauma; and it's the criminally immoral trauma children are subjected to that rightfully resurrected debsisdead. To put an end to most such trauma, the systems of unaccountable power must be eviscerated--All of Them, Clerical included. Someone up the thread alluded to the fact that most children are raped via corporations and are born with their own a priori trauma, pollution being universally ubiquitous. All of the above is the main reason I vehemently oppose the status quo, attempt to educate people about its evils, and work for its demise. I believe that all here at the MoA bar share that goal--except the trolls. I wonder if the trolls understand just how morally compromised they are through their support of evil, if they have children who're already carrying their own trauma which will afflict them sometime if they live long enough.

Trump, Macron, Obama, May, Blair, Bush, the Clintons, Pelosi, Walker, and all too many more are the manifestations of the evil spoken of above. And there is no God for them to fear; so, they must be taught to fear their fellow humans who must decide to no longer abide their behavior.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 11 2019 3:44 utc | 115

list of evidence, sensible account, explain impunity, explain relationship Epstein to agencies , demonstrate facts support the proposition by: steven t johnson @ 66 <=thanks

@steven johnson <=At the very least you could do a modicum of reading on CIA domestic operations. And that's from Jeff Bezos' CIA funded Washington Post.

KC@73 thinks running Epstein as Charles Augustus Milverton isn't a black op. I do. CIA agents helping the FBI get around domestic laws on intelligence gathering isn't the same thing at all, even if deplorable. Turning pretty much all US nationals abroad they can into assets is also deplorable, but still not the same. by: steven t johnson @ 83

After years of study and many many books I believe the Mossad and CIA are one and the same. The Mossad is very useful when leaving sovereign footprints is verboten--and vice versa. by: last day of grace @ 79

the interests of American, British, Israeli and other nations' intelligence agencies are surely so entwined that picking them apart is impossible. One thing for sure though: none of them serve the interests of the nations they supposedly work for. Posted by: Jen @ 80

awareness is the beginning of change. by: Grieved @ 116

Part two of three parts on the issues here..

In my opinion Grieved captured the essence.. if you are human then you will rebel that a poor sap holds up a liquor store for $100 to buy his girl friend a fix, gets 10 years, but the Intelligence agencies, kill millions, to pay bastards like those mentioned here millions and promote to President people none of us would want to be associated with, and provides life of Riley status to scum with get out of jail free cards.. BS.. we humans are better than animals. where is our pride, where is our humanity, I say get the prosecutors that do not imprison these low life for eternity.. blame the prosecutors.. and leave the victims and the perpetrators alone.. get the prosecutors make them do their job.. concentrate on that and that alone..

Posted by: snake | Jul 11 2019 3:50 utc | 116

The left is going wild thinking that this will "get Trump" but quite the opposite is happening. It appears to me to be a "limited hang out" of an operation that has lost its usefulness long ago. It surfaced during the election to damage the Clinton's but did not receive widespread acclaim.

Now this story will run into 2020 largely damaging democrats into the 2020 election. Trump's DOJ is running the operation. My question is will creepy Joe Biden figure into this? Those videos with his hands all over other people children are beyond weird and creepy.

Trump and some of the other socialites dumped Maxwell and Epstein after finding out what was going on. That is part of the record. The anti-goyim activists that own much of the mainstream media will trim the record accordingly as Trump appears to be their boy. They do not need to blackmail him.

The true sponsors of the operation will be left out of the mainstream accounts and the focus will be on the salacious details of sex with whomever and little girls. The "limited hang out" will bolster Trumps election opportunities into 2020. Once again, the Left will be Left with unconsumed egg on their faces. Like the idiots they are, they are driven by their hate and their ideology and not by intelligence, understanding, and facts.

This is a great opportunity to understand how the world works behind the scenes, use it.

Posted by: dltravers | Jul 11 2019 4:09 utc | 117

One reason he was able to bargain and got light sentence was his connection with intelligence. There were diplomats even high ranking officials, foreign dignitaries attending his special party and service. He had a trump card with several videos. More likely he is an Israeli Asset.

Posted by: Loyal | Jul 11 2019 4:45 utc | 118

Well, how about this take, sound about right to me:

Posted by: Moon Reader | Jul 11 2019 4:45 utc | 119

see, not even a speed bump. A slight slow down before everyone gets back to where they were, continuing the exploitation of these once children to further their own ends. With Trump, Clinton and the Windsor creep, their 'excuse' was that their innate instinct to spread their genes has become corrupted - no doubt as punishment for all their good works.

I dunno how anyone who has parented a daughter - no matter how long ago, can reduce this story down to dispassionate elements such as "Its mossad" or "no it aint, its those decadent brits/the cia/kgb blah blah". I think most of us know that 'it' could be any/all of the above.

Given the probably correct supposition that today's exploitation hasn't resulted in even a minor jism rush, what is the justification?

It's capitalism/communism/fascism?

I'll say it again. It doesn't matter what story about the forces behind this is portrayed as the truth, bugger-all is going to happen as long as the issue is which crooked pol took money from which crooked banker, or which two bit amerikan owned ME colony put the pimp up to kidnapping children and perverting them.
Insult to injury in addition to getting anally raped, at least one of these 11 year old girls then had to put up with a shouting match between Edelstein and a US prez about who had 'the right to take her virginity'

Deep down, even if they won't even admit it to themselves people already know that all pols are crooks, just as they know israel and saudi are a pair of manipulative pseudo-states run by corrupt asshats prepared to fight their indigenous population down to the last remnant of nato cannon-fodder.

As long as the issue is about allegedly omnipotent remote figures, everyone will shrug their shoulders and say "Yuk! - that's what you get eh, anyway I better get back to putting food on the table,"

On the other hand if ordinary humans are presented with the story of 11 year old girls being snatched off the street outside a pizza joint while mom is inside ordering the evening meal, the story stops being remote and becomes something so real they desperately search around to make sure the all young girls in their family are safe.
Do that while making sure the initial victims are adequately protected from thugs and exploitative 'journalists' and many many more victims will appear creating a situation mass media cannot 'massage' or ignore.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jul 11 2019 4:51 utc | 120

Another example of Occam's Razor? The thing that makes the most sense in a complex situation is probably the right answer. Seems like Epstein, a world class pimp, sexual predator and bagman for Mysterious Moneymen has been teed up this time to snare Trumptard, to sing a song or compose one (as they say in interrogation rooms) on the uncontrollable narcissist. Epstein and the Unmentionables were protected by the Cuban-American hack malpracticer Acosta in Fla. The message today to Epstein is: You are not protected this time unless... Do not be surprised to hear one day before too long that Epstein is swimming with the fishes, not unlike the fate met by Robert Maxwell (father of Epstein's Number 1 recruiter and gatekeeper of his secrets). The Mystery Men can always find another pimp and bagman on the dirty boulevard.

Posted by: mrtmbrnmn | Jul 11 2019 4:55 utc | 121

Additional Youtube discussions with further information on this massive international pedophile ring:

Posted by: Krollchem | Jul 11 2019 5:02 utc | 122

For more on the pedophile "epidemic in America and the purchase children for sex at least 2.5 million times a year in the United States.

The Heart of Darkness: The Sexual Predators Within America’s Power Elite
By John W. Whitehead

Posted by: Krollchem | Jul 11 2019 5:19 utc | 123

mrtmbrnmn @127

Cernovich and Dershowitz filed their suit on 19 JAN 2017, 10 days after Trump's inauguration. Obama's DoJ screwed up and the judge ruled in their favor 2.5 years later. Then Epstein's immediately arrested. This RT article reminds us the Republicans tried to use Bill's links with Epstein during the 2016 election, while providing other details. Maybe the stories used in the Steele Dossier on Trump aren't from Russia at all but were collected through Epstein's operation? Perhaps Trump is the target? Time will tell.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 11 2019 5:28 utc | 124

See also the global incident map for a small portion of sex trafficing in the US and around the world.

This site covers lots of other criminal incidents and other issues.

Posted by: Krollchem | Jul 11 2019 5:31 utc | 125

Epstein, being richer, gets to act out Weiner's fantasy for approximately the same price as the fantasy.

If Epstein was Mossad, then what is arch-zio Dershowitz doing in the trap?

- Shyaku

Posted by: Shyaku | Jul 11 2019 5:38 utc | 126

"Jeffrey Epstein shipped a shredder from the U.S. Virgin Islands to his Palm Beach home in July 2008, shortly after reaching a non-prosecution agreement with then-U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta, maritime records show. Then, in March of this year, shortly after a Florida federal judge invalidated that agreement, Epstein shipped a tile and carpet extractor from the Virgin Islands to his Manhattan townhouse, the records show."

Posted by: Krollchem | Jul 11 2019 5:46 utc | 127

(((Debisdead))) comes back from the dead to tell everyone the rampant child abuse is the fault of anyone except the jewish names actually involved

Billionaire pedophile (((Jeffrey Epstein)))….

billionaire (((Robert Maxwell))) and his daughter (((Ghislaine Maxwell)))…

(((Alan Dershowitz))), Epstein’s lawyer, also accused of raping children

billionaire clothing magnate (((Les Wexner))) who may have financed Epstein

(((Harvey Weinstein)))

billionaire (((Clare Bronfman))) charged with sex trafficking

etc etc etc... ad nauseum

Posted by: anon | Jul 11 2019 6:36 utc | 128

Mobster jeffrey epstein’s wealth didn’t come from being a “financier” ( he is a dull wit w/o market knowledge), it came from his fellow co-mobster , steven hoffenberger , swindling over $650 million from gullible goys in Towers Financial.

I believe nearly all of these ((( “financiers” and “hedge fund managers” ))) are just money laundering for the massive Israhell mob. Most are operated from offshore banks, without auditing, I.e. soros’ quantum fund.

Posted by: anon | Jul 11 2019 7:19 utc | 129

re # Posted by: anon | Jul 11 2019 6:36 utc | 134 whatever, coward. I won't be staying long I see little point is spending time at a place taken over by nonce's who can only read stuff that adheres to their tiny world view. Otherwise they lose their sh1t.

Even worse few do more than hunt out anything, including stuff from the very same msm they profess to eschew, which buttresses that view in an odd and pointless game of "see what I just read, one upmanship". Actually getting out and involved helping even one of the humans whose life is sh1t thanks to the empire is never even considered.

Of course the types who perpetrated this horror should go down but if you are naive enough to believe the lie that zionists pull all the greedies (jew/gentile/saudi) strings instead of the blindingly obvious, that all the greedies pull the strings of everyone they can, including those of the stupid & ignorant israeli settlers, then the odds of you anon, finding any 'truth' in the machinations of empire are slim.

If there weren't any twisted Clintons or Trumps prepared do do any damn thing just to sodomise a preadolescent girl, no one would abduct the girls in the first place.
Every f++ker who went to edelsteins island should be locked up for the rest of their lives unless they can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they only cut the grass/washed the dishes.

ps if 'the jews' control everything why are so many of em on the bones of their arses? Surely any jew who was stuck with driving a cab/pushing a pen/ or even robbing a bank would just manipulate the nearest billionaire 'goy' into handing over his/her dosh?

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jul 11 2019 7:45 utc | 130

@ anon

(((Debisdead))) comes back from the dead to tell everyone the rampant child abuse is the fault of anyone except the jewish names actually involved...

You said it.

What brought me here at 3:30 am was an Amber Alert on my phone, with an incrediblyably obnoxious alarm, for a child apparently abducted 500kms away. I've received three such alerts in the past hour so I know everyone in Ontario will be talking about it tomorrow.

Psych ops are ramping up ladies and gents. Get ready to be brow beaten by SJW Maoist Hitler Youth wherever you happened to be tomorrow.

Posted by: C I eh? | Jul 11 2019 8:01 utc | 131

Posted by: asdf | Jul 10 2019 18:13 utc | 1

Possible Mossad connection via Ghislaine Maxwell.

Spying for Israel Is Consequence Free

Posted by: curious man | Jul 11 2019 8:52 utc | 132

Trump is fighting for his life and money. Lose the next election and spend the rest of both fighting imprisonment.

What makes me think its time to remind people that the office of POTUS has teeth?

Posted by: harry | Jul 11 2019 9:12 utc | 133

“I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,”

does not say he "worked for intelligence". It might just mean that "intelligence" made the deal with him in return for information and that they then estimated the fall out and cleaned up (ie took people that could be blackmailed out of sensitive positions).

They don't care about the fall out any longer, so this now is allowed to blow up.

The plea deal was in 2007 under president Bush.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 11 2019 9:43 utc | 134

# 123 Travers

"The left is going wild thinking that this will "get Trump" but quite the opposite is happening. . . .

Now this story will run into 2020 largely damaging democrats into the 2020 election. Trump's DOJ is running the operation."

That is my perception, although I am not a qualified observer.

But as to the "why now" of Epstein, surely it is 2020. As for Barr being a CIA kid, that does give some pause, except he is working for Trump, and so presumably he is playing his part in the 2020 event.

From what I have read and heard, Trump is not tainted by teh Epstein story. The attempts of those on the left or whatever (I can't even call it the left anymore) to associate Trump with the Epstein story are very belabored. "Grabbing pussy" of adult women who cluster arouind one is not the same as recruiting young girls and teenagers and running sex camps for grown-up boys such as Randy Andy, RAndy Bill, and other Randy boys.

To me the big question is why Dersh was part of the FOIA action to unseal the docs. If just appearing in a photo with Epstein is enough for "the left" to try to hang Trump, the Dersh is in a lot more image trouble, with him name on the plane manifest. Is Trump's name on the plane log? I don't think so. So, imagewise Dersh is going to take a big hit. And, by defending Trump last summer as he did, he has now associated himself with both Trump and Epstein. Trump comes out clean. Dersh comes out Derty.

PS. Why is so much blacked out on the plane logs that have been published?

Posted by: Really? | Jul 11 2019 10:08 utc | 135

125 Moon Reader

the Macow sounds "about right" to me, but only "about."
I can very well imagine that Dersh is taking orders from the JSP, but if he rode the Lolita Expres, he is in trouble.

AFAIK Trump did not ride the Lolita Express.
The rumors about raping a 13-year-old in Epstein's apartment will have to become more than rumor to harm Trump, no matter how much the left pushes an Epstein = Trump narrative. As they pushed the Weinstein = Trump narrative. I.e., whenever you see Weinstein's name, think "Trump." But I don't think that really worked except with the very ones who were pushing that equation in the first place. In other words, auto-suggestion.

Posted by: Really? | Jul 11 2019 10:20 utc | 136

fastfreddy @ 17 says:

Point being that one admin bleeds into next, no matter the party

yep, with bleeds being the operative word here. just in the last 20 years we've watched the
Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government foment, facilitate, and appease some of
the most abominable crimes against humanity ever committed. millions slaughtered, tens of millions
displaced, entire nations destroyed…

...and while these obscenities were transpiring other departments and agencies under the tutelage
of the same branches managed to siphon off at least 21 trillion taxpayer dollars to god knows where.

presently we're privy to acts of sedition and high treason committed against a sitting president by
upper echelon government conspirators being swept under the rug…

and all this, and so much more, against the lurid backdrop of our statesmen, our representatives, our
legislators, our celebrities, engaged in the most abhorrent behavior imaginable...the manipulation and
debauchery(murder?) of the most vulnerable and valuable resource we have...our children.

if all this isn't noxious enough for you, if you don't yet see that your representative government is dead,
putrescent, well, come next year, you can go vote for change.

Posted by: john | Jul 11 2019 10:25 utc | 137

O @110 sez: "...every good gamblers knows to hedge their bets.

You bet equally on both wrestlers in the ring? You don't make much profit that way. Much better to arrange who wins ahead of time with the competitors and the referee and then just bet on the one everyone agrees to make the winner.

Sure, Trump was in on the fix, so even if he won the power elites still win, but that is true for all of the other contestants in the primaries as well, with the possible exception of Sanders. The problem is that the power elites have very specific plans, and those plans depended upon their tool in the White House being Clinton, not Trump. It isn't that Trump would be their enemy or anything silly like that, but rather that a Trump victory would not resonate; would not synergize with the megatrends they were manufacturing within the population. On the contrary, the Trump victory introduced a societal forcing function that is 180° out of sync with the larger narrative the power elites were trying to create. Trump was chosen to be the loser in the 2016 elections because his defeat would have had the opposite effect, damping trends in society that the power elites wanted quashed and reinforcing the ones that they wanted amplified. Hundreds of $billions in entertainment-base narrative generation that have been fed to the public since 2016, and had been in the production pipeline from years prior, were supposed to be reflected in the real world by the victory of the first woman president. Instead that media is being fed to the public while the top office in the world is occupied by an unrepentant pussy grabber. The messaging is diametrically opposed and interferes with itself rather than reinforcing itself.

Sure, Trump is still the tool of the power elites, but he is not the tool they were planning on.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jul 11 2019 11:00 utc | 138

@62 fastfreddy

"I am trying to link Wexner with the Bronfman's (Seagrams Liquor Family) via a source other than the Mega Group (which may not be credible, IDK)."

The existence of the Mega Group was revealed in the Wall Street Journal in 1998 under the headline 'Titans of Industry Join Forces To Work for Jewish Philanthropy'. According to the Journal , it was founded in 1991 by Wexler and Charles Bronfman.

Membership included Edgar Bronfman, the chairman of the World Jewish Congress, Charles Bronfman, Edgar's brother and a top executive of the family's flagship Seagrams Corp.; Leslie Wexler of Limited, Inc.; Charles Schusterman, chairman of Samson Investment Co. of Tulsa, Oklahoma; Harvey "Bud" Meyerhoff, Baltimore real estate magnate; Laurence Tisch, chairman of Loews Corp.; Max Fisher, the Detroit oil magnate and Republican Party powerhouse; bagel magnate Max Lender; Leonard Abramson, the founder of U.S. Healthcare; and hedge-fund manager Michael Steinhardt.

One of its so-called 'philanthropic' projects entitled “Wexner Analysis: Israeli Communication Priorities 2003,” was leaked to Electronic Intifada.

Leaked document exposes pro-Israel lobby’s manipulation of US public

Israel Shamir also writes about the Mega group in 2001 entitled Kugel Eaters,

"...when they met in the Edgar Bronfman mansion in Manhattan. The head of the World Jewish Congress hosted a meeting of the fifty richest and most powerful Jews of the US and Canada. There was no press coverage, no limelight, just a few lines in the newspapers. The gathered multibillionaires discussed the ways to achieve Jewish unity, and strengthen the Jewish identity of American Jews, tersely reported Shlomo Shamir for Haaretz. They also agreed to launch a PR program under the Orwellian codename of ‘Truth’ with the purpose of influencing American public opinion regarding Israeli policies.

The megabucks call themselves ‘Mega group’. This name appeared in the media a couple of years ago, as a name for the secret Israeli mole in the upper reaches of the US establishment. It came up in an overheard phone conversation, later denied by the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC. The newshounds and spook watchers got it wrong. ‘Mega’ was not an agent, Mega was the boss."

Posted by: pantaraxia | Jul 11 2019 11:20 utc | 139

Defense Department Computer Network Among Top Sharers of Child Pornography

Defense Department computers are among the top distributors of child pornography. An untold number of Department of Defense (DOD) employees and contractors have subscriptions to child pornography websites, and the problem is apparently so pervasive it requires new technical solutions to address it.

"Hundreds of DoD-affiliated individuals" were recently identified as suspects in child pornography cases, according to an investigation by the Defense Criminal Investigative Service.

So far, authorities have only looked into about 20 percent of these cases. But already, they've found "several" individuals "using their government devices to download or share said pornographic material."

Last year, an investigation by the National Criminal Justice Training Program found DOD computers were among the top networks nationwide for peer-to-peer sharing of pornographic images of minors. DOD's network ranked 19th out of 2,891 computer networks studied.

To prevent such widespread abuse going forward, the "End National Defense Network Abuse Act" would "crack down on this activity by upgrading the training and technical capacity of military criminal investigative organizations to confront the misuse of DoD computers, facilities, and equipment," according to a press release. It would also arrange for DOD authorities to work more closely with civilian law enforcement on these cases.

"The notion that the Department of Defense's network and Pentagon-issued computers may be used to view, create, or circulate such horrifying images is a shameful disgrace, and one we must fight head on," said Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D–Va.), who co-sponsored the bill with Rep. Mark Meadows (R–N.C.).

A companion bill in the senate has been introduced by Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R–Alaska) and Brian Schatz (D–Hawaii).


Posted by: curious man | Jul 11 2019 11:55 utc | 140

2014 Aerial drone video of Little St. James. The island is owned privately by Jeffrey Epstein and is located southeast of St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands.

Posted by: curious man | Jul 11 2019 12:02 utc | 141

@ Posted by: Moon Reader | Jul 11 2019 4:45 utc | 125

Mr Reader

Interesting post in that it raises many of the key issues and how they may fit together.
Generally agrees with my initial (or maybe secondary) impression that this is result of Trump triggering backmail clause by failing to act as required by those running the show.

But, I have I think a better theory more fits the situation.
Acosta (the human "sh*t-grenade) was hired because he knew stuff and knew people who knew stuff.
Trump was being blackmailed with Epstein affair - dems/cia/etc...
It almost work, he almost attacked Iran, was led to believe it could be done in a way that would not lead to war - likely by you-know-who.
He balked and called their "bluff". They were not bluffing.
Problem for them is that Trump can maybe weather the sh*t-storm they can bring - comey/brennan/clapper/et al...
For now, I am inclined to side with Trump.
I don't know why but in spite of his lack of polish, he's brought some crude and interesting results.

Posted by: jared | Jul 11 2019 12:11 utc | 142

Why would intelligence services want to make an intelligence op out of someone so sleasy and easily compromised?

Posted by: ralphieboy | Jul 11 2019 12:19 utc | 143

Epstein was just a young "dirty old man". Trump is innocent - can anybody point to any incident where Trump committed a real felony, not some breach of landlord regulations, For all the accusations of him being the capo di tutti capi, nothing has really stuck, so he gives the impression of being a criminal but really isn't but it's good theatre. So my guess is that Trump told Barr to go to it and bring Epstein in and bang him up for life. Reasons:
1. Trump was getting bored with Acosta
2. Epstein may drag down others - the Clintons being prime candiadates
3. This is a poke in the eye for Obama
4. Trump looks good when Epstein does the time he deserves
Meanwhile the anti-#resistance investigations role on and implicate Hillary for making false statements and Obama for trying to fix the 2016 election.
Trump'll romp home in 2020. If Adelson, etc. tries to push another Republican candidate, Trump'll run as an independent and probably still win. Trump now has his main "problems" by the balls.
As for the Daily Beast they have an article claiming that there was co-ordination between Trump and Russia instead of collusion. I'd love some of the shit the author's been smoking, 'cos it's up there with S T Coleridges Kubla Khan as a work of fantasy.

Posted by: Ghost Ship | Jul 11 2019 12:27 utc | 144

'Appalled' does not suffice any longer. All this shit is more than a mentally healthy Human Being can bear - and in that fact lies also a motive to bombard the population 24/7 with shit like that. Therefore it appears that this, too is part of an orchestrated effort to rile up people against each other and destroy whatever peace still exists.

You could call it 'distraction' from insurmountable problems created by this specific sub-species of Homo Sapiens. But I am not commenting about that.

I am as pissed as a decent person can get without losing its temper. But I am utterly disgusted that this childfucker Epstein has soiled the name of one of my favorite Human Beings in history:

Brian Epstein - the one person that gave Humanity The Beatles.

I can not emphasize enough how effed up this is. There must be a court order to rename him into Jeffrey Childfucker, in order to protect the name of one of the greatest music managers ever.

But I do concede to the fact, that this kind of damage might as well limited to people who know who The Beatles were.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jul 11 2019 12:52 utc | 145

The wealthy class has defeated the poor class. What we are seeing now is a civil war in the wealthy class. The Epstein business is just one of the skirmishes in that civil war.

Posted by: JasonT | Jul 11 2019 12:53 utc | 146

Today's CJR media feed focuses on Acosta and the 2007 plea deal without mentioning either Bush or Obama.
Focus is still on Trump.
Of course Acosta is now a member of the Trump adminsitration. But Trump was not in charge with this particular POS went down.


Posted by: Really? | Jul 11 2019 12:57 utc | 147

144 Gruff

Interesting way of looking at it.
Makes sense to me.

Posted by: Really? | Jul 11 2019 13:06 utc | 148

I have a jeopardy question.

Epstein, Madoff and Zionism...What Jewish corruption looks like?

Here's why I like Bernie Sanders:


Just think about it: they would pick Warren over Sanders. That, right there tells me everything. It's not socialism they fear with Bernie; IT'S THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF ZIONISM.

Posted by: Circe | Jul 11 2019 13:12 utc | 149

Zionism is here to stay. They are the only thing that has protected humanity from tearing itself apart.

It is a disturbing thought, but they are the best Overlords the planet has come up with to date.

Posted by: ralphieboy | Jul 11 2019 13:21 utc | 150


"does not say he "worked for intelligence". It might just mean that "intelligence" made the deal with him in return for information and that they then estimated the fall out and cleaned up (ie took people that could be blackmailed out of sensitive positions). "

Someone asked why intelligence wouild use someone as compromised as Epstein as an asset. Maybe the targets felt more confident knowing that Epstein was doing the exact same stuff they wanted to do, and that he could arrange for them. Isn't that the basic dynamic of "secret societies" ---everyone is compromised, so everyone feels safe. In fact, that is the basic dynamic of "inducting" a newbie into reituals, etc. To ensure that they all keep to the "pact," spoken or unspoken.

Posted by: Really? | Jul 11 2019 13:25 utc | 151

@150 ralphueboy

Are you kidding me? Zionists are responsible for all the wars in the Middle East in the past 60 years, the rise of terrorism, and the displacement and migration if millions of refugees!!! They, Ziofascists, protected humanity my ass!

Either you're joking, or you're a Zionist.

Posted by: Circe | Jul 11 2019 13:38 utc | 152

Corr. of millions of refugees

Posted by: Circe | Jul 11 2019 13:41 utc | 153

Is this part of trying to start a war with Iran - which Israel and the Saudis are pushing for. We have pictures that Prince Andrew was friendly with one of Epstein’s girls in major msm last few days. Now Britain is seizing an Iranian tanker and pushing story in NYTimes that Iran blocking British tankers.

Is this a message / blackmail to push those to get in board with the Iran War? Hope maybe b can look into this.

Posted by: Stever | Jul 11 2019 13:47 utc | 154

British intelligence of course. Perfidious Albion.

Posted by: Anon | Jul 11 2019 13:50 utc | 155

Child abuse, of all kinds including sexual, begins at home. Imagining vast conspiracies where the rich or the Jews are the ones doing this is partly a way to deny the truth and blame others, partly using inflammatory charges to support a crazed agenda. As individuals, rich people are very much like the rest of us. It's not as if there was really any way to make rich flesh different, any more than royal flesh. You can trot out ideas like privilege but the sad truth is an undefined and undefinable "idea" helps no one. Confusion always helps the powerful in the end. It is clarity they fear. Instead of reveling in secretly envious lurid fantasies about how sexually perverted rich people are, calling that a critique instead of projection? Criticize rich people for what they do with their money, their economic power.

No one who tells you horror stories so that you stop thinking is a good guy.

The nastiness about Jews is both disgusting and ridiculous. The tail does not wag the dog, Israel and Mossad do not run the US behind the scenes.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jul 11 2019 13:50 utc | 156

British intelligence aka the financial Oligarchy. Why do you think peace is never an option.

Posted by: Anon | Jul 11 2019 14:04 utc | 157

Thanks. Wayne Madsen does very cutting-edge work on this, mostly published necessarily behind a paywall to keep going but often on radio and Twitter. He not only goes to courthouses and to victims but with his track record has remarkable tipsters. There is a circle of in-depth investigators but it's very hard to find an outlet for anything approaching a full story, which is filled with both corruption and nuance. His column yesterday noted that the Trump appointed U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman, a former law partner of Giuliani, was also a primary mover in the "Megan's Law" protecting child victims. As another twist, Acosta has a long record of covering up other crimes, including a leading UBS financial scandal. The plot sickens.

Posted by: Andrew Kreig | Jul 11 2019 14:16 utc | 158

@139 pantaraxia - Hi, very interesting research you have done regarding the Bronfmans.
I worked on a true crime show about a guy the press named the Unicorn Killer, Ira Einhorn. He was a self proclaimed "Hippie Guru" in Philadelphia in the late 60s early 70s.
He tried to claim he founded Earth Day and shared the stage at the first Earth Day with Allen Ginsburg.
Einhorn killed his girlfriend, Holly Maddux and kept her body in a trunk in his apartment for over a year until Philly homicide finally popped him. His lawyer got him freed on bail.
That lawyer was none other than Arlen "Single Bullet" Specter.
Barbara Bronfman, Edgar's ex-wife and mother of Claire, spoke as his character witness in the bail hearing.
Ira was freed on bail and then he BAILED.
Barbara Bronfman bankrolled him while he was on the lam for 19 years.
When I was working on the project, I smelled a rat, did a bit of research, and came to the conclusion that Einhorn was some sort of cointelpro / mk ultra mole.
There's a bit of information about a weekend conference about psychedelics that Einhorn held at Penn State in the summer of '68 or '69 where the name of the person who I think was his handler shows up as one of the conference members. Some military/intelligence guy who seemed out of place to me. I can't recall his name at the moment. When that guy passed away, Einhorn finally got picked up in southern France. His usefulness must have reached its end, or he was no longer protected.
The Einhorn case is another weird one, too. Nothing as big as Epstein, though. Peter Gabriel bankrolled Einhorn when he was on the run, as well.
Thank you for the new to me infomation.

Posted by: roza shanina | Jul 11 2019 14:23 utc | 159

@144 Ghost Ship

You, my friend, not, are a Trump tool, not smoking something, but worse; pushing Trump delusion juice, and peddling the biggest SLEAZECON to ever dirty the the Oval Office. Your theory of Trump resurrecting the child molestor to get Acosta out is tear-stitches laughable.

Daddy Trump

Trump admitted to being a pussygrabber, and has been accused multiple times of sexual assault in that regard.

However, in regards to the innocent pictures and his present denial of any association with Epstein, the least offence, feels like a case of the mind being a sewer of intent.

Posted by: Circe | Jul 11 2019 14:32 utc | 160

Peter Gabriel the singer bankrolled Einhorn?

Posted by: Alaric | Jul 11 2019 14:33 utc | 161

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jul 11 2019 13:50 utc | 156

You are correct. Technically it is not "child" abuse Epstein is accused of but the prostitution/grooming of very young women with their consent.
According to US law you used to be able to marry at a very young age. It is slowly changing but this here is Florida

Some 16,400 minors were married in Florida over the 15-year period. The vast majority — around 87 percent — were girls. Around a handful of minors in Florida were 13 years old.

In recent years, several states have started to reexamine their laws around marriages involving minors. Advocates for reform say existing laws are failing to protect minors who may be pressured or forced into a marriage. Others, however, are wary of completely banning marriage for minors and argue that teenagers should have the option to get married, especially if a pregnancy is involved.

In this case the filthy rich are involved. But you don't have to be rich to go after vulnerable teens and lots of the cases happen under the noses of the youth welfare office. And yes, with people close to the family.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 11 2019 14:35 utc | 162

Let Netanyahu have his war on Iran. Once the body bags start rolling in, the American people will serious question why they support that shitty little country. With Iraq the WMD/AlQaeda garbage worked because of 9/11. A war with Iran will be seen as a ear for Israel and people will ask 'why are Americans dying for Israel". Netanyahu is an idiot.

Posted by: Ghost Ship | Jul 11 2019 14:41 utc | 163

Circe 152,

yes, just like Zionists are certainly responsible for the rise of Nazi Fascism...and did a great job of murdering their own to cover their tracks...

Face it, without Zionist Jewish Overlords keeping the rest of us idiots in line, Western Civilization would have gone down the tubes ages ago, taking them along

I am not a Zionist, I would just rather have them running things than a Hitler, a Stalin, a Mao or whatever monsters our society is so good at producing and elevating to power.

Posted by: ralphieboy | Jul 11 2019 14:45 utc | 164

he nastiness about Jews is both disgusting and ridiculous. The tail does not wag the dog, Israel and Mossad do not run the US behind the scenes.

Posted by: steven t johnson

Your interpretation is disingenuous.

First of all, one can refer to Jewish corruption like one refers to Catholic corruption. Got it? Jews may be protected in many ways, but depravity should not be protected under that umbrella, especially the organized type of depravity.

Secondly, Israel itself doesn't run the U.S., but Zionism's power is not merely contained to Israel. Zionism is a global force corrupting governments, and it's organized and widespread and, oh yes, that makes it depraved.

Posted by: Circe | Jul 11 2019 14:58 utc | 165

@164. ralphieboy

Zionism is a much more conniving monster than those you listed and just as destructive but obviously--you being unscathed from your centric, comfortably numb existence--the millions destroyed and hurt by Zionism be damned!

Posted by: Circe | Jul 11 2019 15:09 utc | 166

Posted by: Anon | Jul 11 2019 13:50 utc | 155

Posted by: Anon | Jul 11 2019 14:04 utc | 157

You can be interested in the following:

Upgrade your Israel Activism - Intro to the New Act-IL App

How Israeli spies are flooding Facebook and Twitter

Inside Israel’s million dollar troll army

Podcast Ep 7: Behind Israel’s troll army

Posted by: John Doe | Jul 11 2019 15:15 utc | 167

German Ex-Spy Chief: Mossad Behind Video Leak That Led to Austria Gov't Collapse

Posted by: John Doe | Jul 11 2019 15:16 utc | 168

Posted by: ralphieboy | Jul 11 2019 14:45 utc | 164

Some people don't understand satire.

Posted by: Circe | Jul 11 2019 15:09 utc | 166
Zionism is nationalism for Jewish people. If you you widen your statement to nationalism full stop I might agree.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 11 2019 15:17 utc | 169

Posted by: somebody | Jul 11 2019 15:17 utc | 169

Zionism is nationalism for Jewish people.

And racism and nazism for all other people...

Posted by: John Doe | Jul 11 2019 15:20 utc | 170

Really? @135--

Yeah, Dershowitz wanting to unseal the case also seemed odd to me which is why I sought out his motive, which he does provide and I linked to. Not so clear is Cernovich's motive. See my 124 comment for timing coincidence with Trump's inaugural and other possible motivations. Given the type of case, it's not unusual for it to take the 2.5 years it did to reach a verdict. IMO, how the new Epstein case is used will hint at the underlying motive, but that has yet to develop. The nature of the case makes it difficult to keep it constantly in the public's eye. There's not much to do now other than wait and watch.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 11 2019 15:34 utc | 171

Posted by: John Doe | Jul 11 2019 15:20 utc | 170

;-)) Sounds good but is a case for set theory. I suppose being zionist and nazi is exclusive but not being zionist and racist. Being nazi should include only Aryans and suicidal masochists. Being racist is universal.

I think the word antisemite (used without including Arabs) is what you are looking for but that is directed not only against zionists but antizionist jewish socialists, orthodox jews or anybody with jewish ancestors.

There is no logic in discrimination except that people feel a need to do it.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 11 2019 16:03 utc | 172

It's funny how some people are convinced that the power elites who run and profit off the US-based empire somehow give a rat's arse about some dumpy scrap of land in the Middle East. Israel is just a big military base for the empire, and the only reason it exists at all is because of oil. Israel was created only to destabilize the region so the locals don't develop the opportunity to use their oil for themselves. As for "Da Joos!" in Israel, they don't even get the oil. Their culture of self-pity (which was culturally appropriated and transformed into "identity politics" in the West) is exploited to turn them into arrogant and paranoid assholes; behavior that alienates them from their neighbors and keeps things stirred up in the region.

If the oil in the region is exhausted before the empire is toppled and a post-capitalist multipolar world established, then everyone will forget about Israel. People will concern themselves no more with Israel than they do with Burundi. The empire will reallocate its resources elsewhere and Israel will become no different from Lebanon.

All of this anxiety over the evils of "Da Joos!" is just a silly distraction. The problem with Epstein is not that he is Jewish, but rather that he is a scumbag tool for CIA gangsters.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jul 11 2019 16:03 utc | 173

OT and as much for b in future analysis as for anyone looking for detail.

Give what is known of the legal background to Grace1 detention.

It suggests US asset forfeiture might also be applied.
It does not directly answer if the naming of Grace1 as specific ship under EU reg., or if non registration, overrule innocent passage clause in UNCLOS.

Feel free to delete this comment b.

Posted by: gzon | Jul 11 2019 16:14 utc | 174

@173. Yes. And again.. Yes!

Posted by: Lozion | Jul 11 2019 16:17 utc | 175


Gabbard has teamed with Sanders:

"It’s time to hold Big Pharma opioid pushers like Purdue Pharmaceuticals accountable for the opioid crisis they helped cause. That’s why Senator Bernie Sanders and I have written and introduced a sweeping, bicameral bill to hold top pharma execs criminally liable for their role in creating the crisis.

"Other bills passed in Congress address the painful realities of addiction. But what about the root causes of that addiction — corporate greed and corruption?

"The bill Bernie and I introduced goes after the companies that pushed doctors to overprescribe opioids, marketed them with lies and hid the highly addictive nature of their drugs. Our bill would cancel the tax credits these companies currently get, and instead require them to pay the country back for the cost of the epidemic they caused.

"Our bill gives the fight against opioid addiction some teeth — and it’s the kind of legislation I’d push Congress to pass and then sign into law as president."

Gabbard and Sanders are both on a roll fighting not only Trump and Republicans but Blue Dog Democrats like Pelosi and the entire corporate wing of the D-Party. Was this news published anywhere today aside from the emailer I got from Gabbard's Campaign? Not even CommonDreams which announces everything Sanders does has this news at its site. Instead, it chose to highlight the battle AOC and the Progressive Caucus is having with Pelosi.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 11 2019 16:31 utc | 176

b quoting Vanity Fair, never thought to see the day, :)

This piece from VF is historical, 2011.

The Rose of the Desert, Asma al-Assad, with her hubby keen on 'reform'.

as it shows up a fast turn about from the US PTB.


oct. 2016, the docs of J. Doe vs. Trump lawsuits (includes orig. complaint with details)

complete? idk

Jane Doe (Katie Johnson) who claimed that she was raped by Epstein and Trump when she was 13.

The Daily Mail were the only ones who did an interview w. pix, they had the scoop

Posted by: Noirette | Jul 11 2019 16:32 utc | 177

@alaric 161

Uri Geller and Issac Assimov, too.

friend of the unicorn

Posted by: roza shanina | Jul 11 2019 16:40 utc | 178

@51 pft

Re: 13-year old allegations with trump.

There could be truth to those allegations, but is it not reasonable to assume that even the deep state msm knows what bridge to be too far? It seems that outlandish allegations geared towards trump often has the opposite effect intended and more so than nought further entrenches Djt as a victim of a broad conspiracy. Iow, it helps him.

Posted by: Nemesiscalling | Jul 11 2019 16:43 utc | 179

So it's obvious that the trial of Epstein in 2007 was a travesty used for show justice and then to give Epstein years of freedom to destroy evidence that no one bothered to chase down at that time.

We'll see what comes of this. Around the time of the previous trial you had that inventor of the unscrupulous legal lingo and legal legititimizer of moral turpitude and war crimes, Alberto Gonzalez, followed by Michael Mukasey who today is just another Trump airwaves legal tool like Dirtbag Dersh and earlier Barr who was then promoted to Trump's AG for his unflinching dedication to the innocence of the Sleaze-in-chief.

So here we are today over a decade later and so much evidence bleached, shredded and renovated out of existence. Why should Trump or Clinton or a dirtbag lawyer or anyone else worry about having partied with Epstein?

Posted by: Circe | Jul 11 2019 16:56 utc | 180

pantaraxia @139, I find the Mega Group angle to be really interesting. Perhaps Epstein is the red thread that can unravel much deeper secrets. It also leads me to the notion that Larry Silverstein has connections to this cabal of billionaires. I hope Bernhard finds it worthwhile to dig into the Mega Group's activities from 1998 and beyond.

Posted by: Roy G | Jul 11 2019 17:03 utc | 181

If you know how J. Edgar Hoover controlled Congress and the power structure, it was blackmail of the powerful. No one knows power better than the Israeli lobby. If money is not enough to buy a politician, then its sex that buys you a politician with the corresponding blackmail. Start looking a Mossad. Since this indictment is in New York, a hotbed of Mossad activity, one must look at the deals that will happen.

Posted by: El Cid | Jul 11 2019 17:15 utc | 182

Posted by: William Gruff | Jul 11 2019 16:03 utc | 173

Your analysis fails to take into account that the formation of the Zionist Jewish ethno state was a long term plan going back to at least 1897. Members of the First Zionist Executive came from a wide array of nations many who would participate in the First World War. There is a reason why it is called the Anglo-Zionist empire. Israel is meant to be more than just some military post. Aside from the known "Greater Isreal Project;

What The World's Top 10 Tech Firms Have In Common
The world's top ten tech companies --Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Intel, Oracle, Samsung and Baidu--increasingly have something in common: they're doing mission-critical work in Israel that's core to their businesses back at HQ. Let's take a look at how this trend is playing out.

Posted by: O | Jul 11 2019 17:22 utc | 183

There were/are "CD's" (oddly, not DVD's???) collected as evidence. (can you tell the difference btw a CD and a DVD? No, you can't until you play it in a machine.)

A raid on his Upper East Side residence, which is said to be worth $77 million, yielded “an extraordinary volume of photographs of nude and partially-nude young women or girls,” a court filing states.

It said Epstein, a registered sex offender had “hundreds—and perhaps thousands—of sexually suggestive photographs of fully- or partially-nude females,” and some of them appear to be of underage girls.

Some were in a locked safe that contained CDs labeled “Misc nudes 1,” and “Girl pics nude,” or even individual names, prosecutors said.

Posted by: fastfreddy | Jul 11 2019 17:23 utc | 184

Exploitation of young people to their detriment is part of Epstein's baggage as pointed out and commented upon by myself and others. So what differs from what Epstein did to what the Outlaw US Empire's military wants to do as stated in The Army Times item, "Why we should lower the age of recruitment to 16":

"It’s also significantly cheaper to digitally target a younger audience — about 30 percent cheaper for ages 13 to 16 than ages 17 to 24. And 16-year-olds show a greater propensity toward military service than 18-year-olds."

Thanks to Caitlin Johnstone for retweeting the above which enabled me to catch it. "Recruiters" already invade middle schools in poverty stricken areas and even have someone stationed at a few select high schools.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 11 2019 17:26 utc | 185

Strange that Epstein would have kept that material around, when he had 10 years to destroy it.

I guess he did destroy some of it with the shredder and the carpet removal. But still, a whole bunch of likely incriminating material to pin on one or more fellow pedophiles. As if it were made available purposely to bring down one or more persons.

Posted by: fastfreddy | Jul 11 2019 17:29 utc | 186

OT but thematically related...

BBC's DW echo is reporting on a Sexual Harrassment case in Indonesia in which the victim has been jailed for 6 months.
An adult female assistant to the principal of a school got sick of her boss phoning her seeking sexual favours. She recorded one of his phone calls as evidence and requested that he be warned off by the police.
The case went to trial and was settled in her favour but the Prosecutor took the case to the Supreme Court and she was found guilty of spreading malicious rumors. When the case was sent to the Supreme Court, Prez Widodo expressed support for the woman's plight and hinted that if the Supreme Court found her guilty then he would consider PARDONING her.
She's now in the slammer serving her 6 months and has written to Prez Widodo requesting that he personally review her case. Indonesia is waiting with 'bated breath...
This story, and the Epstein saga, are as much about women being regarded, unofficially, as second-class citizens in a male-dominated world, as they are about unseemly behaviour by men. Or to put it in religious or 10 Commandment Biblical terms - "chattels" or "property" whose opinions may often be safely ignored.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 11 2019 17:31 utc | 187

Stever @154

Well, the timing is suspicious anyway as it comes right after Trump decided not to attack Iran as response to Iran's downing of the drone.

But then it also makes some sense in reverse: perhaps Trump demands that his blackmailers free him before he initiates any war against Iran.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <>

I've refrained from commenting 'til now because the whole matter is so strange, however, the best explanation for Epstein's activities appears to center on the Mega Group's Zionist interests. Epstein even hints at this in his interview with Vicky Ward. Epstein claims his only clients are billionaires and that his role is not really to make them money but to safeguard their position. These billionaires might well view compromising important people as helping to safeguarding America's pro-Israel orientation.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 11 2019 17:38 utc | 188

Insectiod Alexander Acosta and Trump's remarks -- “...I feel very badly, actually, for Secretary Acosta because I've known him as being somebody that works so hard and has done such a good job. I feel very badly about that whole situation...” aka sorry you're on your own kiddo... Oh please please let there be some that have freakin' woken up and see the stakes being 'played'... Fasinating...

Posted by: Jayne | Jul 11 2019 17:42 utc | 189


" The tail does not wag the dog, Israel and Mossad do not run the US behind the scenes. "

How do you know?
Better minds have been mulling over who's zoomin' who for a long, long time.
The honest position: It's not clear who's zoomin' who! But a lot of indications have the Zionist "tail" wagging the Western "dog."

Posted by: Really? | Jul 11 2019 17:43 utc | 190

The question becomes how does a nobody (Epstein) without a degree first get a gig at a prestigious Dalton School teaching mathematics (calculus) and physics, then is hired by Greenberg at a prestigious investment firm Bear Stearns, only to end up a multi-millionaire bankroledby an ultra-Zionist billionaire by Wexner (owner of Victoria's Secret and the Limited brands including Abercrombie & Fitch)? Nepotism!

per Wayne Madsen:

It is noteworthy that Attorney General William Barr, seen as Trump's personal lawyer and hatchet man, may have known Epstein in the 1970s. In 1973, Donald Barr, the headmaster of Manhattan's elite Dalton Schoola private school for children of some of New York's wealthiest families, hired Epstein, who did not even possess a college degree, to teach mathematics, physics, and calculus. Students attending Dalton at the time included the son of Alan Greenberg, the chairman of the now-defunct Wall Street firm Bear Stearns. In 1976, Greenberg hired Epstein to be a trader at Bear Stearns and the degree-less math teacher soon became a billionaire,. Others attending Dalton during Epstein's tenure include actresses Jennifer Gray and Tracy Pollan and television's "Bizarre Foods" chef Andrew Zimmern. Epstein's association with Barr have some observers jokingly referring to the matter as the "Epstein-Barr" case.


What is most interesting is the fact that the SDNY's Public Corruption Unit (PCU) is handling the case against Epstein. This has raised eyebrows among experienced former federal prosecutors because it indicates that the Epstein case may involve malfeasance in office by government officials. Also, one of the SDNY prosecutors handling the Epstein case in Maureen Comey, the daughter of former FBI director James Comey, who Trump fired in 2007 during a fit of rage. Ms. Comey, a graduate of Harvard Law School, has been with the SDNY since 2015 and is with the Office's Violent and Organized Crime Unit. WMR has compiled a 'massive database showing thousands of Trump links to organized crime elements in New York and elsewhere'.


Epstein victim, Giuffre, represented by David Boies, the chairman of Boies, Schiller & Flexner, has a pending lawsuit against Maxwell, claiming that Epstein's assistant turned her into a "sex slave." The suit also involves making public sealed court documents that not only implicate Maxwell in Epstein's trafficking ring but also Dershowitz and other VIPs.

The involvement of British citizen Maxwell and Prince Andrew in the Epstein matter is drawing attention to another recent story concerning top secret cables sent to London from Washington by British ambassador to the United States Kim Darroch. Among the recipients of Darroch's cables was Mark Sedwill, the British national security adviser and Cabinet Secretary. Darroch warned in one dispatch to London that, with Trump, "we could also be at the beginning of a downward spiral, rather than just a roller coaster: something could emerge that leads to disgrace and downfall."

With the FBI involved in the renewed criminal probe of Epstein that links to Maxwell and Prince Andrew, the British ambassador would have, as a matter of course, been briefed by federal authorities on prominent UK citizens being in legal extremis in the United States.

Posted by: jsb | Jul 11 2019 17:45 utc | 191

@172 somebody

I kinda like John Doe's simple zinger as opposed to your convoluted detour into an insinuation that pegs the obvious as anti-semitism.

Fake premise.

@173 William Gruff

I know you want us to believe that the Adelsons, Sabans and other Zionist oligarchy, Lobbies, media and think tanks are powerless to derail the Corbyns and Sanders of the world or to pull the right levers to instgate wars, and install puppets like Trump, but I ain't buying it. In this case, reduced to Epstein, he only had a powerful, well-connected uber-Zionist lawyer to get him off the hook, THAT'S ALL. The problem is not that he's Jewish; the problem is that Zionist power helped him get that sweet deal and cover up the wholesale depravity.

Oh and that speck of shet arsenal in the Middle East is the perfect blackmail by guilt decoy for the powerful Zionist elite that created it for that purpose, but would never make it a permanent home, because they prefer to rule where they are with all the trappings and comfort wealth affords. Let those lowly, rabid Russian squatters tend to that front!

Posted by: Circe | Jul 11 2019 17:52 utc | 192

@103 Debsisdead

This is the piece that you are referring to done by both Andrew Kreig and Wayne Madsen

A woman whom Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein allegedly sodomized and raped at the age of 12 along with at least one other underage girl at a midtown Manhattan townhouse in 1994 is alive and trying to maintain obscurity from alt-right operatives who have identified her and her current residence.

The Wayne Madsen Report (WMR) and Justice Integrity Project (JIP) are revealing here for the first time the story of “Maria,” who was identified as such in two 2016 federal civil lawsuits brought against Trump and Epstein by another underage victim of the pair, Katie Johnson (aka, "Jane Doe").

The product of a month-long investigation that took us to the site of the girl’s kidnapping in Waterbury, Connecticut, this information comes from confidential sources in multiple states. They have been pursuing the “Maria” story since the 1994 incident was first referenced in Johnson’s lawsuits. Johnson dropped the suit after she became the victim of physical threats by individuals who claimed to be Trump supporters, according to her account in court records.

jeffrey epstein at harvard universityThe original tip came to WMR, which can report exclusively that a Waterbury girl, “Maria,” was the 12-year old alleged to have been a child rape victim of Donald Trump and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, shown at right. The crimes allegedly occurred at a midtown Manhattan mansion then owned by Epstein’s friend Les Wexner, a billionaire retailing mogul.

Maria was kidnapped on March 19, 1993, when she was 11-years old from the front of Nash’s Pizza in Waterbury. The girl's kidnappers were involved in a child trafficking ring that provided abductees to wealthy individuals like Trump and Epstein in Manhattan, according to our information.

Posted by: jsb | Jul 11 2019 17:55 utc | 193

People are asking, "why now?", and "which intelligence agency does
Epstein belong to?"
Don't know if this is a piece to the puzzle but I could not
help but note convergent timelines.
In 2007 the Epstein case went to a whole new level.
In 2007 Mossad felt protected enough to openly pose as CIA
agents in a false-flag that sought to have Iran retaliate
and kill Americans.

July 2006: After pressure from the Palm Beach police chief, the FBI opens a federal investigation, dubbed “Operation Leap Year.’’ Documents list the possible crime as “child prostitution.’’

November 2006: The FBI begins interviewing potential witnesses and victims from Florida, New York and New Mexico.

May 2007: As the U.S. Attorney’s Office prepares to present the case to a federal grand jury, Epstein’s attorneys request a meeting to discuss the investigation.

June 2007: A 53-page indictment is prepared by the U.S. Attorney’s Office as, simultaneously, plea negotiations are initiated with Epstein’s legal team.

July 2007: Grand jury subpoenas are issued for Epstein’s computers, which were apparently removed from his Palm Beach home prior to the police search.

August 2007: The U.S. attorney in Miami, Alexander Acosta, enters into direct discussions about the plea agreement; a motion to compel production of Epstein’s computers is delayed.

September 2007: Federal prosecutors draw up several federal plea agreements that are rejected by Epstein and his attorneys. Epstein signs a non-prosecution agreement on Sept. 24, but his attorneys continue to delay his court appearance.


continues into 2008

June 2008: Epstein’s lawyers revisit plea negotiations, and on June 30, Epstein appears in a Palm Beach County courtroom. He pleads guilty to state charges: one count of solicitation of prostitution and one count of solicitation of prostitution with a minor under the age of 18. He is sentenced to 18 months in jail, followed by a year of community control or house arrest. He is adjudicated as a convicted sex offender who must register twice a year in Florida.

But while the memos show that the United States had barred even the most incidental contact with Jundallah, according to both intelligence officers, the same was not true for Israel’s Mossad. The memos also detail CIA field reports saying that Israel’s recruiting activities occurred under the nose of U.S. intelligence officers, most notably in London, the capital of one of Israel’s ostensible allies, where Mossad officers posing as CIA operatives met with Jundallah officials.

The officials did not know whether the Israeli program to recruit and use Jundallah is ongoing. Nevertheless, they were stunned by the brazenness of the Mossad’s efforts.

"It’s amazing what the Israelis thought they could get away with," the intelligence officer said. "Their recruitment activities were nearly in the open. They apparently didn’t give a damn what we thought."

Let us not forget how "owned" by Israel the Bush admin was at this time.
Israeli Prime Minister Olmert could publically taunt and humiliate Bush.

Olmert Brags About Embarrassing Rice in UN Gaza Vote
Israeli Prime Minister Demanded Bush Halt Lecture to Stop Gaza Truce Vote
Jason Ditz Posted on January 12, 2009

Taking a short break from lashing out at the international media for reporting the growing civilian death toll in the Gaza Strip, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert spoke in detail about the events leading up to the US abstention from the United Nations Security Council’s vote on the Gaza Strip ceasefire.

“Early Friday morning the secretary of state was considering bringing the cease-fire resolution to a UNSC vote and we didn’t want her to vote for it.” Olmert said. “I said ‘get President Bush on the phone.’ They tried and told me he was in the middle of a lecture in Philadelphia. I said ‘I’m not interested, I need to speak to him now.’ He got down from the podium, went out and took the phone call.”

A beaming Olmert then described telling President Bush “the US cannot possibly vote in favor of this resolution,” and spoke with pride of how embarrassed US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was at having to abstain from voting for a resolution she helped to organize and gather support for.

The US abstention shocked diplomats, and made it easier for Israel to dismiss the ceasefire out of hand. At the time of the vote Rice declared that the United States supported the draft but could not vote for it because of their “special relationship” with Israel. Just days later Rice too was lashing out at the resolution as “unacceptable.”

Israeli influence is nothing new, to say the least, but in 2007, 2008, 2009 the Israelis were especially brazen.

Did the Israelis have something new on US politicians, c/o Epstein, or was it something else?

No one is more dangerous than someone that doesn't have anything else to lose.
Might it not also be explained by Prime Minister Olmert being a sinking lame duck that already knew he was going down.
Because of Olmert's disastrous 2006 false-flag invasion of Lebanon, and the perfidious sacrifice of Israeli border guards, Olmert was no longer politically protected.
Olmert was indicted in August of 2009, and after a lengthy process Olmert was ordered to begin his prison sentence
on September 1, 2014.
No one is more dangerous than someone that doesn't have anything else to lose.

Posted by: librul | Jul 11 2019 17:56 utc | 194

From Wonkette

After "consulting with career ethics officials," the Attorney General has decided that he need only abstain from retrospective investigations of the pathetically lenient plea agreement negotiated by current Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta in Florida back in 2007, when Acosta was the US Attorney in the Southern District. Barr signed his own permission slip to ratfork the current New York investigation at will.

Posted by: fastfreddy | Jul 11 2019 17:58 utc | 195

Posted by: somebody | Jul 11 2019 16:03 utc | 172

It seems you are a great connoisseur of all shit, if you can distinguish 200 shades of it.

When will the next LGBT parade take place in which you are going to participate?

Posted by: John Doe | Jul 11 2019 19:07 utc | 196

Posted by: Circe | Jul 11 2019 17:52 utc | 193

"Liking" something does not make it true.

Let me tell you without the satire you do not understand

Trump was not installed by the "Adelsons, Sabans and other Zionist oligarchy, Lobbies, media and think tanks" but by Robert Mercer who is a Christian Conservative which I guess means Evangelical Protestant, and that - Protestantism - is where the majority of US political and economic power still is.
Fox News - where the media power in support of Trump is - is owned by Rupert Murdoch whose father was a presbyterian pastor.

You may not "like" this but it is factual.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 11 2019 19:20 utc | 197

@198 somebody

but by Robert Mercer who is a Christian Conservative which I guess means Evangelical Protestant

No, he is not he is Jewish. Look here and here.

Posted by: jsb | Jul 11 2019 20:05 utc | 198

somebody @198--

Yes, the Old Money and major faction within the Current Oligarchy is Protestant. For decades, Jews tried very hard to crack open the protective shield of Old-line New England Puritanism; and after numerous rebuffs, many ugly, they formed their own alliances--Texas is an excellent example. Yet, it wasn't publicly cool to be Jewish until the 1960s. There was lots of hesitance in supporting Zionism's colonization of Palestine with the rabid Anti-Communists finally winning. AFAIK, the story's yet to be fully told, although bits and pieces are available.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 11 2019 20:06 utc | 199

Re "Bob" Mercer (as the dotard calls him) there is an interesting article at titled "Money man" written by Keith Boag.

Posted by: spudski | Jul 11 2019 20:30 utc | 200

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