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July 10, 2019

Room To Discuss The Epstein Case

It seems necessary to give some room to the discussion of the Epstein case. Vicky Ward, who wrote a 2002 portrait of Epstein for Vanity Fair, has a short recap of the case at the Daily Beast: Jeffrey Epstein’s Sick Story Played Out for Years in Plain Sight.

This bit from it is quite interesting:

Epstein’s name, I was told, had been raised by the Trump transition team when Alexander Acosta, the former U.S. attorney in Miami who’d infamously cut Epstein a non-prosecution plea deal back in 2007, was being interviewed for the job of labor secretary. The plea deal put a hard stop to a separate federal investigation of alleged sex crimes with minors and trafficking.

“Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings]?” Acosta had been asked. Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had “been told” to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,” he told his interviewers in the Trump transition, who evidently thought that was a sufficient answer and went ahead and hired Acosta. (The Labor Department had no comment when asked about this.)

'Belongs to intelligence' makes a lot of sense. The question is to which one. A lot of people will says "Mossad" but I don't believe that to be the (full) truth. 

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Nice article by Phillip Giraldi. Epstein’s operation has all the hallmarks of espionage for Israel to recruit ”agents of influence”.

Posted by: Uncle Jon | Jul 11 2019 20:49 utc | 201

Really? @89

“‘Pizzagate’ debunked” was the chant in unison by the MSM Mockingbird Media chorus.

You’re correct - it was not at all debunked.

Anyone who looked at evidence carefully and rationally compiled would weep - if they have a heart that is.


Posted by: PJB | Jul 11 2019 21:26 utc | 202

Posted by: jsb | Jul 11 2019 20:05 utc | 199

Your links don't say that. The first link has some vile stuff in it so I suggest people don't click it.

Mercer sounds very much like a certain type of predestination protestant.

He said that Mercer wanted to shrink the government to the size of a pinhead and that he doesn't think that - he basically has a philosophy, according to Magerman, that values people on the basis of what they earn. He doesn't think human beings have intrinsic value. He thinks that if you are a schoolteacher and you earn 2 million times less than Mercer earns, then you're 2 million times less valuable than Mercer is. And he believes that if you are on welfare, you have negative value. And what Magerman said was, and he's not talking about economically. He means as a human being.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 11 2019 21:33 utc | 203

This just keeps getting darker and deeper! Seems there was a conspiracy at BushCo's DoJ that provides the meat for this in-depth article. I knew Dershowitz was involved but not as THE main attorney depending Epstein, which makes his suit to unseal even more suspicious.

Multiple outlets report a much younger "Trump and Epstein hosted party with 28 girls in 1992."

Sill hard to see through the noise, but BushCo DoJ people look like targets too.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 11 2019 21:52 utc | 204

Special Moon of Alabama meet-up announcement

For the July Moon of Alabama meet-up, regular M of A commenters are in for a real special treat!

A chance to meet all of your favorite semitic child rapists in person, and possibly get recruited into one of their pedophile rings

The meeting will include a quick trip to an identical replica of the luxurious 40 room “jew heaven” joke prison with 15 feet high oak doors, for the central kosher “villain Jeffrey Epstein

In this special meeting you will be instructed on how to parrot the semitic drivel that you need so you can keep your pathetic little sinecure as a Moon of Alabama commenter (not that any of you need this) but just so you can keep getting those crumbs that fall off the jewish plate to you, the dogs.

Imagine being so debased you actually believe this semitic drivel. Well, this is the condition of most Whites who have the power to resist the rot: TOTAL COWARDICE, polly-want-a-cracker recitations of delusional nonsense and an eagerness to betray everything that matters for one more day of farting through silk.

This meet-up will also feature a special appearance by “Debisdead”, who although dead and buried, you will get to watch as he literally rises up from the grave in Trumpeldor Cemetery in Tel Aviv (yes, that it’s real name, I'm not joking, also known as Old Tel Aviv Cemetery) to shriek and screech “anti-semitism! anti-semitism, anti-semitism!”

Don’t miss it!

Please note: Circe is NOT welcomed to this special meet-up and one more thing, I don’t think this ever would happen, but just to make sure: if anyone should try to bring a guest who is also one of the regular commenters at Unz review, Israeli security guards know who they are, and they will NOT be allowed to enter this special Meet-up!

No, this special meet-up is for Moon of Alabama regulars and philosemites ONLY, but I repeat myself

When and where: 10:30 AM Sunday, July 28, 2019
Trumpeldor St, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv District, Israel

Posted by: Anouk Aimée | Jul 11 2019 22:00 utc | 205

It sounds a lot like lawyers fighting it out being the main reason for some justice now.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 11 2019 22:12 utc | 206

And now it gets complex.

American financier Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender now embroiled in a sex-trafficking case involving minors, was an active business partner with former prime minister Ehud Barak as late as 2015.


Former Israeli PM Ehud Barak Gave Harvey Weinstein Info on Israeli Firm Hired to Fight Accusations

According to the New Yorker, Weinstein first mentioned wanting to hire Black Cube, which earned an international reputation for digging up business intelligence around the world through legally murky methods, last year. David Boies, Weinstein's lawyer who is renowned for championing liberal causes at the highest level of the U.S. judicial system, offered Black Cube financial incentives for preventing the articles' publication and obtaining drafts of McGowan's books. Boies confirmed hiring the firm to the New Yorker.


David Boies defends Epstein victims pro bono.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 11 2019 22:25 utc | 207

@206 Thanks for the invite. I'm a goy and I keep hearing stories about Hizbullah having thousands of rockets. So I'm a bit nervous about coming. Will the Iron Dome be fully operational?

Posted by: dh | Jul 11 2019 22:26 utc | 208

@206 Hi. Is YHWE scheduled to make an appearance for the sacrificial workshop or has he again delegated to job to Moloch?

Posted by: Lozion | Jul 11 2019 23:07 utc | 209

You know, what I was thinking, what if this is all about Israeli politics, if Bibi wants Ehud Barack to retire again, throwing Epstein under the bus is a way to do it.

Jeffrey Epstein Ties To Ehud Barak Becomes Israeli Election Issue

Posted by: Bemildred | Jul 11 2019 23:12 utc | 210

I wasn't going to comment here, but this from Grieved stirred me:

"...There is a thick layer of something very bad in the world, and it intends nothing good for children. To destroy one's own children seems to me the ultimate decadence..."

I have been over at on a thread whose subject was the indebtedness forced upon so many adults and younger people by the student loan system in the US. This system has been in force (I use the term adviseadly for many years now, having placed upon those less fortunate than others an unbearable burden. It came to me as I was commenting that many people seemed not to know how devastating this system has been to young people college bound, and while it doesn't have the extreme ramifications that this thread contemplates, I concluded that the system has been psychologically harmful both to the well-off and to the poor.

Education may not compete with purity as a desirable attribute of the young, but in its own way, the evil intent described by Grieved as 'a thick layer of something very bad' is also evident in this country's purposeful attitude towards students - corrupt the well off and destroy the poor seems to be its purpose.

KC @ 54:

"...Are you telling me that the various groups of people protesting the concentration camps on the border care about the rot that goes to the core of the Democrat AND Republican parties, or that Hillary and Obama's coup in Honduras ca. 2009 is what's causing them to come here?..."

I wrote at NC that we are experiencing in this country the setting of an enormous divide that is like sending our poor to fight a meaningless war in Vietnam while sitting back and experiencing the thrill of voyages to the moon. It is like living in Gaza what life is possible there while concrete massifs separate us from life as it can be lived in 'normal' conditions of wellbeing. And many of us, including we ourselves typing away on our computers, are on one side of the divide, but many, many more on the other. And that now includes our own children, our own students, our own poor people.

There are huge disconnects, as KC points out. And corruption has been internal to this country for so long, and it has been used as a distraction, as well as to blackmail or even just 'paper over' worse crimes currently underway. The corrupt won't fix themselves, but we can at least call attention to what they have done, what they have ALL done - loud attention! - so that (as one politician said in my own youth "Sunlight is the best disinfectant") we not be distracted from speaking truth to power in a fervent desire for a better world.

Posted by: juliania | Jul 11 2019 23:42 utc | 211

Sorry about misspellings and dangling parenthesis - stuff happens, as b also knows.

Posted by: juliania | Jul 11 2019 23:44 utc | 212

Well, I can only speculate as to what will happen to the pedophilia czar, Jeffery Epstein.

He will go through a sham trial just to appease the population. But, since many of the characters in this tragic comedy, who happen to be in the highest echelon of the government and the world of finance from all over the world, have taken a ride or two in the Lolita Express to the Orgy Island and participated in the all-night cocaine driven child abuse, will intervene and banish this guy to his real country, Israel. After all they can’t afford to have the video of their activities posted on instagram and such.

Then, the pedophilia czar, being a liability even in Israel, will be shipped to the newly found BFF, Saudi Arabia, to be lost in the desert somewhere until the proverbial dust settles.

In the meantime, since the czar’s illness is incurable and a fix is needed everyday or so, he can dabble in his pathetic lifestyle with total impunity where child rape and abuse is not only legal, it is expected of a “man” and encouraged with full blessing of the laws.

So for those who booked their trip to the Orgy Island in advance, regrettably, you have to change your itinerary and find your way to the Red Sea aboard the MBS’s yacht where the festivities will continue with armed guards in your bedroom for your security and convenience.

Must we be witness to yet another Jewish dual citizen get away with murder, pedophilia, theft of our secrets and extortion of our leaders only to find out 10 years later that he worked for Mossad and had direct involvement in our countries policies through threat of exposure? Should we just sit idle and watch the world stirred into the point of no return just to benefit this pathetic little country and its supporters?

Let’s face it folks. We can only hope that Iran delivers on its promise, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief, for the world needs to rid itself of Zionism. After that, we the citizens, can start with the congress and on down, for there is no more protection.

Posted by: Uncle Jon | Jul 11 2019 23:54 utc | 213

Thanks, karlof1 at 176 - I will be watching. In light of the content of this thread, your news may not be as off topic as it seems. There might be very few politicians who can escape the contagion, but I am hoping these two can.

Posted by: juliania | Jul 12 2019 0:04 utc | 214

"In fact, [Bob] Mercer was the third-largest Republican donor ($25.5 million) in the 2016 presidential race. In the New Yorker profile, a “high-level Renaissance employee” is quoted as saying, “Bob thinks the less government the better. He’s happy if people don’t trust the government. And if the president’s a bozo? He’s fine with that. He wants it all to fall down.”

- K Boag

Posted by: spudski | Jul 12 2019 0:34 utc | 215

@ Andrew Kreig who wrote
Our view is that this is an intelligence / foreign policy operation and it's likely that Epstein's time has run out, an occupational hazard in that field. Further, Madsen and I have written separate books years ago documenting that all U.S. presidents after Carter -- but not yet Trump as proven -- have been covert assets of the CIA or FBI before -- stress that -- they entered politics. That's the way it is, and helps explain a lot of the complaints in comments above. Trump is in his own category of a corrupt stooge -- that's not necessarily better.

The strategy of having compromised puppets in positions of government is one that goes back centuries. What I find interesting about this "spinning plate" of late empire is what I see being set up. What I see being set up is the non-comparison of evils. As many have written, sexual crimes against the unprotected is heinous and all involved should be prosecuted to the max...........but here we are again addressing a symptom of the structural problem of global private finance that FUNDS all this perfidy so you never focus your ire on that structural cancer in Western society.

From what I see of all these comments they continue to succeed with the ongoing misdirection of the core cancer in our society.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 12 2019 1:06 utc | 216

"but here we are again addressing a symptom of the structural problem of global private finance that FUNDS all this perfidy so you never focus your ire on that structural cancer in Western society.

From what I see of all these comments they continue to succeed with the ongoing misdirection of the core cancer in our society"
Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 12 2019 1:06 utc | 217

So in essence what you are saying is the root problem is the commodification of everything? For if that is what you are saying than I totally agree with you upon that. There was a commenter earlier in this thread who spoke of that you can tell alot about a society on how it treats its children. Capitalistic centric society has commodified it's very children and future not realizing this is suicidal to the society itself. An ever downward spiral into oblivion.

Posted by: O | Jul 12 2019 1:48 utc | 217

@ O who wrote
So in essence what you are saying is the root problem is the commodification of everything?
Obfuscate much?

The root problem is that everyone in the West is born into the God of Mammon religion when they enter the world because that religion represents private control of global finance which is the lifeblood of our species interaction. That private control of finance is the problem and China is a threat to that because they believe in public controlled finance.

Commodification is a symptom....can I go back to ignoring your ongoing misdirection/obfuscation now?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 12 2019 2:08 utc | 218

"The root problem is that everyone in the West is born into the God of Mammon religion when they enter the world because that religion represents private control of global finance which is the lifeblood of our species interaction. "
Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 12 2019 2:08 utc | 219

So what you are saying here is the "religion" of Mammon is the problem.
Can you explain more what that religion is? Is that the religion of greed? Are we now talking about virtues and vices of the human condition where in this religion 'greed is good'?

For if we are talking about virtues and vices of the human condition than you are correct, 'commodification' is a symptom of the problem however I argue it is the physical manifestation of this 'spiritual' imbalance. An intentional miscatergorization of what are universal virtues and vices.

I would say this is the result of the forceful pushing of a meme that states that 'competition' is what brings out the best in humanity, when actuality it is cooperation. This also comes from an intentional mischaracterization of evolutionary theory that social darwinist and eugenicist have used as a bedrock for their inhuman evil purposes. Although species may compete at certain levels, the biosphere is made up of symbiotic/codependent relationships. The web of life is a real natural phenomenon and when one part of the web is disturbed the entire web reacts.

In conjunction this 'religion' also pushes the meme that we humans are separate from the natural world. This goes back to commodification, for we all know you can not eat money. I always found it odd in the prepper community that they often stress storing up gold. If and when the world goes to hell or shtf. how useful gold will actually be? Should they not be more into cultivating bonds with their neighbors and others who through cooperation may survive some severe cataclysm?

Posted by: O | Jul 12 2019 3:41 utc | 219

Here's my take, and it ignores PubescentGate and IranGate, so let's dispose of those miffs first:

PubescentGate: 880,000 USA women and girls are molested, raped, kidnapped or murdered, every year. Look it up. So the quiet comings and goings of The Rich are of no concern to anyone, unless someone famous gets outed with a d*ck pic. Nobody cares! They got Clinton with Lewinsky to kompromat him for Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and in the end, didn't need his signature, it was passed veto proof by Gingrich and all the other Congressional PubescentGaters. Elliot Spizer, same thing. He was coming down hard on Wall Street, so they took him out. With Hookers! The Horror!

IranGate: Trump has already been 'bent'. He attacked (sic) Syria with a fake display of cruise missiles at an empty air base. There are reports his people offered the Ayatollah's people to make another fake display of cruise missiles at an empty Iranian military base. It's all a huge charade to achieve sanctions, but NOT a hot war. MIC wants their reliable $750BILLION slush fund fed by 'Islamic Jihad', and the Pentagon wants their pensions. They don't want war, they want a black market in oil!

So why Epstein, and why now!? The DNC Dirty 16 have gained zero traction! Biden is their Great White Hope, and he doesn't have a prayer. Despite relentless psyop about 'Medicare for All' and 'Green New Deal', #MeTooEqualPay' and Reparations, DNC's 'Free Stuff' is NOT getting the numbers it needs. They are desperate to convert the huge Single White Female voting block that may swing the victory in 2020.

Epstein is the perfect trope. The lurid details galvanize the SWFs and disgust the DARs against Trump by osmosis. A long and luridly complicated trial, lasting right up until the election, and a massive ad campaign showing Epstein next to Trump with big banner headlines "WHAT IS TRUMP HIDING!?" Perfect!

If that theory is correct, it will be revealed before the DNC Primary. If it doesn't play the numbers, if Americans get repetitive stress syndrome and shut down, then the DNC Primary becomes a fiasco of low poll numbers, and by Christmas, you won't ever hear the name Epstein again. But if Kamala or one of her co-conspirator ilk can notch 30%, you will have Epstein-Barr Syndrome.

Posted by: Tom Nelson | Jul 12 2019 4:31 utc | 220

@ O + psychohistorian,

if you don't mind I'd like to use your little spat to highlight a component I think is missing from this conversation, and that's the spiritual component. one reason is you see someone say the word "spiritual" and it's like, ok, are you some new ager or bible thumper or cult follower or something.

I get why Debs came in and blasted the forum about how this case is being gobbled up and analyzed like any other political development. while there are obviously immense political elements at play, the unimaginable horror that is being perpetrated on children, boys and girls, and the ripples of trauma that emanate from that abuse is not being fully acknowledged.

for those of us who have researched other instances of this organized evil having one of its tentacles exposed, it's difficult to be hopeful anything meaningful will come from this latest sickening development.

I wish it was possible to discuss the spiritual aspect of what is transpiring without inviting the predictable mockery. opposition to the still-active effort to move the global population into a centralized power structure of one government, one currency, and one religion must happen on all fronts.

Posted by: lizard | Jul 12 2019 4:54 utc | 221

@ Tom Nelson 221

Epstein-Barr Syndrome. That’s pretty good. A whole new syndrome to add to Harrison’s.

Posted by: Uncle Jon | Jul 12 2019 5:18 utc | 222

Read it and weep This is the kind of sick sh*t that money and power protects.

Posted by: the pessimist | Jul 12 2019 5:41 utc | 223

"I wish it was possible to discuss the spiritual aspect of what is transpiring without inviting the predictable mockery. "
Posted by: lizard | Jul 12 2019 4:54 utc | 222

I agree, there is something more profound is at the root then the surface level political machinations. There is something as you say akin to organized evil being pushed on the masses. Some may argue that it is just resurget millennialism in the age of the internet. If this is so, would it not be the by product of the monotheistic belief systems that have spread throughout the planet like a virus? The abrahamic mythology is rife with child sacrifice and ethnocentrism and the most vile characters being rewarded by this perverted version of a supreme deity. Abraham pimps his wife and is about to "sacrifice" his only son , Jacob swindles his brother and lies to his dying blind father. Even in the new testament this supreme deity kills his only son to prove a point? Moreover at the center of this theology is separation, from believer and non believer, from human and the rest of nature. This belief that god has chosen some over others directly precedes the "Doctrine of Discovery" that later translates to Manifest Destiny and "white man's burden" then coming back full circle with the pseudo justification for the creation of Israel.

To me there is a spiritual imbalance, in particular in the practice of the Big 3, a concerted effort in the suppression of the female aspect of spirituality. In the polytheistic belief systems there is a plethora of male and female gods who are equally powerful. Even in pre-literate cultures the sanctity of life itself was recognized and that the gifts of nature are gifts to us all.

If this hokey to some, so be it.

Posted by: O | Jul 12 2019 6:02 utc | 224

Those who followed the World bank created war against Yugoslavia will remember that the SFOR and KFOR staff and Dyncorp security were running sex slave operations. Apparently Jeffrey Epstein was part of this sex slave operation in the 1990s.

CIA contracted aircraft were used in this sex traffic operation:

"Jeffrey Epstein Victimized Serbian Children – Shared a Plane With Dyncorp, State Department, and CIA"

Posted by: Krollchem | Jul 12 2019 7:22 utc | 225

That is creepy, are you one of those dudes that still hang around the old high school long after they graduated in no official capacity whatsoever? Like Wooderson from Dazed and Confused.
Posted by: O | Jul 11 2019 2:04 utc | 110

No. But thanks for deliberately missing the point I was making.
I will concede that a couple more explanatory sentences wouldn't have gone astray. However, my effort couldn't have been excessively obscure because it struck a chord with...
Posted by: bevin | Jul 11 2019 0:06 utc | 94
...who picked up the crux of the point I was making and expanded upon it in a sympathetic manner.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 12 2019 8:26 utc | 226

So Jeffrey Epstein had help from prominent Zionist lawyers to beat the charges for his depravity in 2007 and Harvey Weinstein got help from a Zionist intelligence firm, Black Cube that also tried to interfere with the Iran Deal. But hey, it's anti-Semitic to claim that Zionist power owns the U.S., and not only the U.S.

I...DON'T...THINK SO, some body!

What is definitely a travesty is that some people here want us to deny the obvious and the truth.

So what, if Mercer who by the way supports Zionist causes, largely funded Cambridge Analytica to get Trump elected, when billionaire Zionists, Sheldon Adelson, Bernard Marcus, Paul Singer, Leo Blavatnik, Viktor Vekselberg and more threw all their weight behind Trump and to, among other things, have him kill the Iran deal and get back to escalating hostility with Iran.

Anyone who plays the anti-semitic card to deviate from the truth, like somebodydid with me, has an ulterior agenda.

Posted by: Circe | Jul 12 2019 9:38 utc | 227

Posted by: Tom Nelson | Jul 12 2019 4:31 utc | 221

Women care. I guess it is an effect of #metoo. Epstein - all predators - choose their victims carefully - the vulnerable ones with no support, the ones noone will believe.

David Boies got his reputation seriously damaged representing Weinstein and using Black Cube, so now he represents the victims of Epstein pro Bono.

Somehow both cases involve Ehud Barak, and this now is an Israeli election issue.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 12 2019 10:12 utc | 228

It looks like the Miami Herald restarted FBI investigations into Jeffrey Epstein by a series of articles late last year.

The Miami Herald is famous for Pulitzer prize worthy reporting and that is what they did on Epstein.

The Miami Herald is economically non-viable.

The owners, McClatchy, are kept afloat by Chatham Asset Management hedge fund, a company in control of papers that they can use for their own interest.

The 2016 presidential campaign had just ended, and Michael Cohen was fresh off handling hush money for Donald Trump. Now he was working on behalf of Chatham Asset Management, a $4.3 billion hedge fund that owns the National Enquirer.

Chatham and the Enquirer’s publisher, David Pecker, had turned to Trump’s fixer as a mediator. They wanted to kill a lawsuit by the former head of another Chatham company. Before long, the Chatham camp would make good on its threat against that executive, unleashing a tale of sex and money worthy of the Enquirer.

Chatham owns a lot of pro-Trump US media.

Chatham seems to be kept afloat by pension funds from Republican states.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 12 2019 11:44 utc | 229

@Posted by: somebody | Jul 12 2019 11:44 utc | 230

Didn't click any of your links, but tell me if I have this right.

A pro-Trump outfit owns the Miami Herald which

It looks like the Miami Herald restarted FBI investigations into Jeffrey Epstein by a series of articles late last year.

The outfit is pro-Trump and anti-Epstein which would suggest that someone believes Trump is not going to take a hit from the Epstein fallout.


Posted by: librul | Jul 12 2019 11:57 utc | 230


"So why Epstein, and why now!? The DNC Dirty 16 have gained zero traction! Biden is their Great White Hope, and he doesn't have a prayer. Despite relentless psyop about 'Medicare for All' and 'Green New Deal', #MeTooEqualPay' and Reparations, DNC's 'Free Stuff' is NOT getting the numbers it needs. They are desperate to convert the huge Single White Female voting block that may swing the victory in 2020."

I just don't think this is going to work. And therefore I don't think this program is driving Epstein Redux .

Posted by: Really? | Jul 12 2019 12:32 utc | 231

231 - Trump seems pretty relaxed about it. In Israel Ehud Barak gets hit, he competes with Netanyahu.

How these things work
The attempted blackmail of Jeff Bezos.

There seems to be a Saudi angle in it involving Kashoggi.

Yes, Epstein was a Democrat, but hey, Trump used to be a Democrat.
I guess whatever Michael Cohen handed over will have impact on Democrat donors - as will the Epstein files.

I am not sure the Miami Herald is pro Trump - they are kept afloat by a hedge fund connected to Republicans.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 12 2019 12:37 utc | 232


"If this hokey to some, so be it."

Not at all hokey.
one needs to ruminate on the underlying premises of all colonialism and justifications for conquest.

I do think that htere are deep ills with multitheistic religions, which also are used to justify hierarchy, dominance, etc. E.g., Hinduism, generating the caste system, including the concept of Untouchables.

Though not an active Christian, I do feel that Christianity had a few good ideas. But the human conviction of rightness, self-righteouisness, has subverted the main good idea of Christianity.

Posted by: Really? | Jul 12 2019 12:37 utc | 233


Correct. I don't think Trump is going to take a hit from the Eptstine thing. As others on this thread have pointed out. The Dems are trying to turn it that way, but I don't think the s--- is going to stick to Trump. The plea deal went down under Bush.

Posted by: Really? | Jul 12 2019 12:41 utc | 234

Well it worked. There have been all kinds of attempts to get at Trump with #metoo recently. Epstein has taken these reports from the headlines and will involve Democrats.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 12 2019 12:49 utc | 235

@206 aa

Tel Aviv? ... What was and probably still is the sex slave capital of the world ...That Tel Aviv?

"In July 2001, the U.S. State Department placed Israel on a “third tier” list of countries, or worst offenders, of Traffickers in Persons. In the shadows of the “beacon of light” lurks a brutal and inhumane abuse – trafficking of women and children for the sex-slave trade. "

Hope you extended the invitation to Epstein and Clinton. I'm sure they'll accept although Epstein seems a little tied up at present.

Posted by: pantaraxia | Jul 12 2019 13:55 utc | 236

Posted by: Circe | Jul 12 2019 9:38 utc | 228

Anyone who plays the anti-semitic card to deviate from the truth, like somebodydid with me, has an ulterior agenda.

The Fantasist, New York Magazine, Dec 17, 2007:

One of Epstein’s friends told me, “He thinks there’s an anti-Semitic conspiracy against him in Palm Beach. He’s convinced of that. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism.” Palm Beach was historically a bastion of Gentile privilege. Vanderbilt and Glendinning and Dillman and Warburton are still engraved on the public fountains, and the Everglades Club with its espaliered trees and brass plates reading private seems stuck in the time of the Gentlemen’s Agreement. Yet the anti-Semitic charge disturbed Jews whom I asked about it in Palm Beach. Michael Resnick, rabbi at the oldest synagogue on the island, Temple Emanu-El (circa the sixties), says he strongly doubts that Epstein is a modern Dreyfus. “There’s no way, shape, or form that you can say that Palm Beach is a bastion with respect to religion. Individuals, yes. And there are some places that it is not an asset to be a Jew.” Once Palm Beach tried to keep synagogues from opening. There are now four on the little island, including an Orthodox shul started by Slim-Fast founder Danny Abraham. Josè Lambiet, gossip columnist for the Palm Beach Post, says, “Half my sources on the island are Jewish socialites.”

Lambiet says the case has fed rage within the community over Palm Beach rules: The rich never have to do time. William Kennedy Smith in 1991, Rush Limbaugh, lately Ann Coulter for a voting infraction.

Maybe it was inevitable that religion would come into the case. Peggy Siegal says Epstein’s two big charitable causes are science and Israel. His Brooklyn homies Dershowitz and Rubenstein are also major Israel supporters. Dershowitz has written a book about lingering anti-Semitism in elite life. Now throw in the fact that the Palm Beach police asked at least three of the girls whether they had noticed whether Epstein was circumcised. “I asked … if she knew what being circumcised meant,” the officer stated in regard to the 14-year-old.

Of course, that might be evidence. But other details in the police narrative seem to derive more from Edgar Allan Poe’s psychological tragedies than from Philip Roth’s sociological comedies.

Posted by: curious man | Jul 12 2019 14:00 utc | 237

Israeli minister called accusation of “anti-Semitism” a “trick” to silence criticism of Israel

Posted by: curious man | Jul 12 2019 14:06 utc | 238


Alex Acosta is resigning as Sec of Labor

Posted by: librul | Jul 12 2019 14:33 utc | 239

The notion that evil Jewish Zionists are an (all-powerful? or just nearly so?) conspiracy that is perverting US policy, foreign and domestic, is a swindle. It's a Big Lie of omission, true, but a Big Lie nonetheless. There is Christian Zionism, where Christians think the Bible says Jews can go to their country and almost all will be burned forever and ever when Jesus comes back, except for a handful (some give the specific figure of 144 000!) who acknowledge the superior of Christians by worshiping Jesus. Christian Zionists, like Jewish Zionists, think the Bible proves God gave Palestine to the Jews. Many of the Christian Zionists are not personally very anti-Semitic. But many of those approve of Israel as a white colony conquering non-white Muslims. Christian anti-Semites smear all Jews as Zionists (not true, any more than all Christians are Zionists,) rather than admit their fellow Christians support Zionism.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jul 12 2019 14:34 utc | 240

Acosta out, a dozen more women come forward.

Posted by: the pessimist | Jul 12 2019 14:36 utc | 241

@222 lizard. Yes, the spiritual aspects are important to discuss. Fritz Springmeier expands on this. Why is Kompromat so common in the upper echelons? The "family" uses mind control by induced schizophrenia through trauma (incest) to create sex slaves and soldiers for their various programs. Its a generational phenom among a super sheltered, very small clique devoid of scruple and empathy for their non-peers. Sounds like Zionism? No, thats a misdirection the likes of Circe pushes, as this minority is also devoid of concepts like country, religion or faith, except in their own supremacy, a fallacy..

Posted by: Lozion | Jul 12 2019 14:38 utc | 242

@Posted by: curious man | Jul 12 2019 14:06 utc | 239

Israeli minister called accusation of “anti-Semitism” a “trick” to silence criticism of Israel

This isn't meant to sound disrespectful but rather affirming:
Your post goes under the "no duh" category.

I am quoting someone else out there On Internet:

The accusation of Anti-semitism is used as
"faux-outrage, hypocrisy and opportunism".

Kinda sums it up nicely, don't you think?


I remember as a wee kid my parents explaining the Holocaust to me, that
"Nazis were evil men that said horrible things about Jews".

Today, Israel through it's actions says horrible things about Jews.

Posted by: librul | Jul 12 2019 14:43 utc | 243

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jul 12 2019 14:34 utc | 241

Obviously the Epstein case is not about all powerful zionists (how come he ended up in prison?) but about corruption and the way politics are done in the US.

Posted by: librul | Jul 12 2019 14:43 utc | 244

Yeah, funny you say Nazis and not Germans and strange how you equate killing people with "saying things".

Epstein, Clinton and Trump were all on the same parties and Epstein did something similar to Trump - get access to young women by promising a career as a model.

Just Epstein had the problem that he was into "very young women", a problem Trump seemingly did not have.

It was all okay in the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's up to the impeachment attempt on Bill Clinton, but has - maybe - finally changed with #metoo.

In any case, the amount of people involved in the Epstein case makes sure this will be in the headlines for years to come - at least as much if not more than women accusing Donald Trump.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 12 2019 15:23 utc | 244

steven t johnston at 65. agree somewhat…

Kompromat, yes, if one likes. How it all worked in this case is not known, and along with many others above I doubt we will ever find out, because Epstein himself / some other-s (?) will take a ‘light’ fall.

Yet, the fall will be worse, the impact will be higher, than previous (e.g. Epstein case in Florida.) Some top names may be impacted.

Imho what ppl are underestimating is the informality aspect. Jane Pleb and Joe 6 and myself 25 years ago tend to corral ‘evil’ to certain ppl with devilish intentions, who act in secret, coerce others, forcing them into silence or committing ‘bad acts’, setting up and carrying out fantastical ‘conspiracies’ including blackmail, dire threats, murder and so on. Slavering psychopaths! Like in the movies.

They don’t grasp that some sections of the rich and powerful (not detailed for now) correctly consider themselves above the law. They swerve around in fairly circumscribed circles, protect each other, etc. They can literally kidnap and rape, kill, children and nobody will know.

Note: Weinstein, a victim of MeToo was not a child killer, and Epstein is not - by strict definition - a pedophile, but a lover of young girls (as reported?) or possibly just a modern-style pimp aiming for the most lucrative and easeful part of the market. Sexual majority in many countries is 14 - with consent of course. The Epstein actions (previous court case + ..) are vile in the extreme, I'm not defending him in any way at all, but in Anglo sex-type scandals a standard technique is to use one to cover up worse doings.

Court-cases erupt because: a) the plebs have to be thrown a bone, we will pretend to punish, the rule of law prevails, even super power oligarch rapists can be jailed for 5 weeks! b) internal fights among PTB factions are devolved into the public place and the ‘law’ courts, for cheap points and revenge, much to their collective dismay and disasproval.. Still, the pretense of a fair ‘judiciary’ has to be kept up, so they have put up with some accusations, court cases, etc.

Posted by: Noirette | Jul 12 2019 15:37 utc | 245

@241 steven t johnson - re Christian zionism

The origins of the Christian zionist movement can be traced back to the Scofield Bible, first published in 1909. It printed an annonated commentary on the biblical text alongside the Bible. This commentary rather than the Bible itself was a significant factor in shaping the fundamentalist themes found in the CZ movement.

The Scofield Bible—The Book That Made Zionists of America’s Evangelical Christians

"Since it was first published in 1909, the Scofield Reference Bible has made uncompromising Zionists out of tens of millions of Americans.

More than any other factor, it is Scofield’s notes that have induced generations of American evangelicals to believe that God demands their uncritical support for the modern State of Israel.


"The New Scofield Study Bible, published by Oxford University Press in 1984, intensified Scofield’s interpretation by adding, “For a nation to commit the sin of anti-Semitism brings inevitable judgement.”

“Sustained by a dubious exegesis of selective biblical texts,” Sizer concludes, “Christian Zionism’s particular reading of history and contemporary events...sets Israel and the Jewish people apart from other peoples in the Middle justifies the endemic racism intrinsic to Zionism, exacerbates tensions between Jews and Palestinians and undermines attempts to find a peaceful resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, all because ‘the Bible tells them so.’”

Scofield himself had a somewhat shady past.

"in 1879, the Atchison Patriot was less than impressed. Describing the former Atchison resident as the “late lawyer, politician and shyster generally,” the article went on to recount a few of Scofield’s “many malicious acts.” These included a series of forgeries in St. Louis, for which he was sentenced to six months in jail."

Scofield's story gets quite interesting around the turn of the century:

"Being a “born again” preacher did not preclude Scofield from becoming a member of an exclusive New York men’s club in 1901, either. In his devastating biography, The Incredible Scofield and His Book, Joseph M. Canfield suggests, “The admission of Scofield to the Lotus Club, which could not have been sought by Scofield, strengthens the suspicion that has cropped up before, that someone was directing the career of C.I. Scofield.”

That someone, Canfield suspects, was associated with one of the club’s committee members, the Wall Street lawyer Samuel Untermeyer. As Canfield intimates, Scofield’s theology was “most helpful in getting Fundamentalist Christians to back the international interest in one of Untermeyer’s pet projects—the Zionist Movement.”

Others have been even more explicit about the nature of Scofield’s service to the Zionist agenda. In “Unjust War Theory: Christian Zionism and the Road to Jerusalem,” Prof. David W. Lutz writes, “Untermeyer used Scofield, a Kansas City lawyer with no formal training in theology, to inject Zionist ideas into American Protestantism. Untermeyer and other wealthy and influential Zionists whom he introduced to Scofield promoted and funded the latter’s career, including travel in Europe.”

Posted by: pantaraxia | Jul 12 2019 15:51 utc | 246

@Posted by: somebody | Jul 12 2019 15:23 utc | 246

Yeah, funny you say Nazis and not Germans and strange how you equate killing people with "saying things".

You are over-parsing, would you then agree with:
Funny that you, *somebody*, uses the word "funny" when discussing killing people.

Also, I most certainly did not equate "killing people" with "saying things".
That is your faux-outrage at work and bad aim.

The Nazis were known for their propaganda speeches and publications - "saying things".
They were also known for the Holocaust - "killing people".
(and the role of Zionists in perpetrating the Holocaust is lesser known true history - big surprise there)

Posted by: librul | Jul 12 2019 15:59 utc | 247

Hedge funders have some thoughts on what Epstein was doing

“Given this puzzling set of data points, the hedge-fund managers we spoke to leaned toward the theory that Epstein was running a blackmail scheme under the cover of a hedge fund,” New York Magazine reported Thursday.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 12 2019 16:02 utc | 248

@ Posted by: pantaraxia | Jul 12 2019 15:51 utc | 248

Assuming this is legitimate point of history.
Is disturbing that such sketchy work could create such a potent and lasting fork in history and opinion.

It seems to me that at some level, the chaos in the middle east is low grade religious (as well as economic) war.
Or is religion merely used to promote the war, without stating.

Posted by: jared | Jul 12 2019 16:26 utc | 249

nobody asks how many Christian Zionists I know personally? My entire family for a start.

pantaraxia cites a book to prove Christian Zionism is just Zionism, but the Scofield study bible is largely about dispensationalism. An introduction into the odd origins of dispensationalism is provided by Dave McPherson's The Incredible Cover-Up, which shows dispensationalism predates Untermeyer.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jul 12 2019 16:31 utc | 250

Lozion & lizard -- I agree. Glad there are others like myself who have gone done that rabbit hole after the political and surface games didn't seem to make 'total' sense. IMHO the NWO thesis and MKUltra etc. etc. needs be covered as this brings in a whole new layer and context that brings in the Light (literally). People would need to do their homework and research first before they think of ridiculing this topic because it's vast, and if you tend to watch MSM for your education it will take some time to process.

Posted by: Jayne | Jul 12 2019 16:58 utc | 251

@226 krollchem - Thank you for posting that. The crimes that happened in Serbia no no end it seems.
It makes me think of A Serbian Film directed by Srđan Spasojević.
The rape of a nation. A Slavic nation.

Posted by: roza shanina | Jul 12 2019 17:02 utc | 252

Acosta's resignation may mean that we will never find out who told him to back off, because Epstein belonged to intelligence.

Posted by: lysias | Jul 12 2019 18:45 utc | 253

- My take is that the "Deep State" didn't succeed taking down Trump with "Russiagate". But now they are trying to take down Trump with the help of "The Epstein Case".
- I think that both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are shaking in their boots. I think that Trump has to fear the most the Epstein dossier.

Posted by: Willy2 | Jul 12 2019 19:36 utc | 254

Tom Nelson @221--

Nice hypothesis except that the suit to reopen Epstein's case was filed on 27 JAN 2017 just after Trump's inaugural by Alan Dershowitz and Mike Cernovich, Dershowitz having been Epstein's lead defense attorney involved in the plea deal.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 12 2019 20:28 utc | 255

There’s many insightful comments on this thread, but no one that I’ve seen has mentioned ‘Qanon’.

Q is something of an elephant in the room at this stage. Having read every Q post (not on 8Chan where they occur, but on one of the websites that compile the posts (or ‘Q drops’ as they’re called), I can say that Q has credibility for front-running the news and bona fide close connections to Trump.

Doesn’t mean I’m totally sold on the idea that Q represents all goodness and light, military faction of shining ‘white hats’ like many Q fans do. BUT there is without doubt a massive split in the US elite/Deep State. It seems one side (Q team) draws the line on heinous sex and sacrifice crime against children.

Follow Q - whether you think it a LARP, a psyop, or the White Hats come to save us. It is a fascinating and many times prescient phenomena:

Posted by: PJB | Jul 12 2019 20:43 utc | 256

241 Steve T

"The notion that evil Jewish Zionists are an (all-powerful? or just nearly so?) conspiracy that is perverting US policy, foreign and domestic, is a swindle. It's a Big Lie of omission, true, but a Big Lie nonetheless. "

Huh. Are you paid to keep saying this over and over?
The evidence of Zionist influence on US foreign policy is overwhelming. It doesn't matter whether this is a "conspiracy" or just everyday business. I tend t o assume the latter, but there is also definite evidence of a racket and clearly articulated aims by Zionist players. Your attempt to sideline this Truth by bringing in the big C-word is laughably transparent. The rhetorical use of u.c. letters (Big Lie) doesn't make you look any more authoritative.
Give it a rest! Except, maybe your pay depends on a certain number of such comments at this blog.. .

Posted by: Really? | Jul 12 2019 21:06 utc | 257

Here's my studied guess as to what's really going on:

Epstein's Arrest: Rothschild vs Trump's%20Arrest-Rothschild%20vs%20Trump.pdf

Posted by: sarz | Jul 12 2019 21:12 utc | 258

@260 sarz. Interesting read and hypothesis. Not sure I fully agree but I see the merit of it: Crypto Trump fucks up the Globalists plans by going too hard on Iran, pushing them in a corner and with Russia's help defeat their NWO..

Posted by: Lozion | Jul 12 2019 22:25 utc | 259

@ Really? #259

Here’s a depressing thought. What if Steven T is not getting paid and really believes what he wrote in his comments?

Contrast his comments (and many, but not all, of the comments on this thread) with the comments on the Unz Review thread, in response to an article by Philip Giraldi, called “Did Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Work for Mossad”

The contrast could not be greater

One of the best is by Karoffelstampfer, comment #96, which I believe gets to the heart of the matter, especially the last paragraph

I’m not quoting it here, but the comment is easy enough to find for anyone interested

Posted by: tanya | Jul 12 2019 23:08 utc | 260


I appreciate this forum because it mostly avoids getting sucked into psyops like Qanon. that said, I stay open to lots of psyop garbage out there because whatever the percentage of usable info/disinfo it's still a part of the narrative someone/something is putting energy into.

I completely agree with Caitlin Johnstone when she emphasizes the supremacy of narrative over all else. Without stories we lose our bearings, and if you take away cultural stories, traditions, myths, legends which make up the fabric of our different cultures then the collective trauma and disorientation from that loss would (will) make us perfect targets for reconditioning along whatever lines the .01% sociopath-bred class have dreamed up for us.

I lost my bearings after reading weird scenes inside the canyon. the laurel canyon project hit me because I'm a white American male who grew up in the suburbs and "rebelled" with counter-culture music and drug experimentation, a total cliche I know. I loved Kerouac and Ginsberg and Kesey and the whole Beat movement. I assumed what they were all doing was subversive to the establishment, but I know better now.

QAnon pushes a dualistic light/dark fantasy battle to theUber Patriots who still think Trump is a mastermind playing 4D chess, and not the populist fall-guy who (I think) got suckered into the White House hot seat for the great bursting of the everything bubble. not really worth wasting much time on, imho.

but what do I know, I'm still reading books about UFOs (just getting familiar with the one world religion they're getting ready to roll out soon)

Posted by: lizard | Jul 12 2019 23:17 utc | 261

tanya @262--

There's no commentator "Karoffelstampfer" (Charcoal steamer) at "comment #96," rendering your comment worthless.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 12 2019 23:41 utc | 262

@ Karlof1 #264

96. Kartoffelstampfer says:
July 12, 2019 at 11:00 am GMT • 300 Words

One aspect of this entire Epstein Talmudic child abuse saga that really p*sses me off is the active participation of the IRS. It was the same with Madoff and Maxwell. None of these talmudic ponzi’s could have gotten off the ground if these gangsters had been correctly filing all the correct tax forms like all the other goy schmucks.

Since 2012, with the Statute of Limitations retroactively extended 3 years to a total of 6 years backwards to 2006, all undeclared foreign bank accounts of US persons or green card holders on IRS FBAR forms (Foreign Bank Account Report), and since 2012 form 8948 (Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets), which is even more intrusive, face IRS penalties of 50% of the highest annual balance, and many tax sinners have been forced to pay more in taxes than these bank accounts ever contained. This is the tip of the iceberg compared to jewish charity and foundation and estate fraud.

Epstein supposedly was “gifted” the NY mansion from his “mentor” at the defunct and fraudulent money changer Bear Stearns for what must have been more than 50 Million. Rick Wiles drilled down in detail into this gift on Thursday.

These kinds of shenanigans, like flying “friends” around the world to your various child abuse temples in your private jets, are taxable gifts. In fact double taxed, taxed first as income and second with the gift tax. The Lolita Express could never be declared as a business expense either.

The entire rotten affair stinks on every level and it gets more putrid at every layer of talmudic control is peeled bank. At each level more Jews and Zionists come wiggling out and scurrying off to disappear from social and dinosaur media. But also as each layer gets peeled bank we get closer to the core, which with ever more certainty is ritual child sacrifice used for talmudic control.

Posted by: tanya | Jul 12 2019 23:48 utc | 263

"more certainty is ritual child sacrifice used for talmudic control."
Sigh, again that red herring. Child sacrifice predates the Talmud. See Moloch for example.
Its not about Judaism or religion, its about knowing the mechanisms of the human nature and how to manipulate them.
You think Kabbalah relates to faith? Think again..

Posted by: Lozion | Jul 13 2019 0:33 utc | 264

tanya @265--

Thanks for supplying that comment, but the fact remains it wasn't made at Moon of Alabama, and it would be helpful to know where it was made. It makes zero sense to refer to comments made at other websites, particularly when you're agreeing with it.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 13 2019 0:53 utc | 265

Something new was published today I discovered thanks to Chinahand. His Twitter summarization follows:

"Prince Andrew had Jeffrey Epstein's alleged 'madam' bring women to Buckingham Palace, report says sez epstein paid off fergy's debts. her debts were as much as 2 million EP, apparently"

The initial story was reported by The Daily Beast, but The Mercury News didn't provide a link, although it does link to several related articles. In the writer's opinion, Andrew's in deeper water than Trump due to the chronology.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 13 2019 1:09 utc | 266

@ lizard | Jul 12 2019 4:54 utc | 222

I have come here from the beginning of it on. I had to take
time outs, as over the years topics arose that defied reasonable
participation. Dead ends are a turn off for me. And there have
been plenty - because what you alleged was certainly missing.

However, this is the comment section of a blog dedicated to the
analysis of political affairs and geopolitics. The host is very
knowledgeable and often hits the mark. Although I do not expect
to see incorporated 'The Bigger Picture' and don't see it as a
flaw not to have spiritual aspects incorporated into the analysis.

Spirituality is always part of the discussion though. to the degree
the participants allow for it to be. I am not talking about pay-
trolled folks of various unintelligence agencies. No, real people,
wanting to get the drift of where we - as humanity - are pushed

Now for a moment, forget about spirituality and take a deep breath.
Because the real McCoy is a double whammy. And I ask everybody here
a simple question:

Do you believe we are done evolving as human beings, as Homo Sapiens?

If we are not done evolving, then what does it mean
that we still do? How?

At one point 'spirituality' shows up again - as the ultima ratio to
make sense out of no sense. The case in question here belongs to that
category. This is a low point in the collective spirituality of
Western societies - as they have lost their minds due to mindless
consumerism. But it is again part of evolution what we - as the
collective - will do about mindless consumerism that is orchestrated
and fueled by those who practice 'planned obsolescence'.

Planned Obsolescence is the greatest perversion of Life. It is part
and parcel of the oppression of the working class. Everybody knows
there is no planned obsolescence for toys for the rich. At least to
a much lesser degree than for the workers. The difference between
a Rolls Royce/Benz and a Hyundai (just an example) goes far beyond
their price tag. Here in South America, you can see Benz's cruising
around that are 60 years old. Can you imagine a 60 year old Hyundai
for a daily driver?

It's all about evolution. And it is painful to witness that nobody
seems to pay attention to this very aspect that will shape our future
existence - however that might look like. But we are not the ones -
as individuals - to evolve Humanity. We are definitely an inseparable
part of the collective, but are swept with the species to wherever
destination evolution will lead us.

We are the Universe. We are not just sitting in it typing. We are
the Universe typing meaningful words at best and doing extremely
contrasting actions because we don't know who we are.

Evolution tops* spirituality - spirituality is the result of
Human evolution.

*I chose 'tops' because the other word would have been to painful
a pun.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jul 13 2019 1:09 utc | 267

@ Lozion #266

I said I didn't want to quote the article on this blog because I already knew that any response would be something like yours. As far as I can tell the commenters on this blog don't even question the official version of 9/11 and so I have no interest in debating any of you. The ONLY reason I copied and pasted the entire comment above is because karlof1 said he couldn't find it, and added that my comment was useless, even though I had provided the website, the name of the article, the name of the commenter and the comment number, and so I found it again in less than 5 seconds, and copied and pasted it here for karlof1.

Big mistake!

Concerning child sacrifice, Professor Ariel Toaff has spent his life researching the matter and in 2007 he published a controversial book called Pasque de Sangue, in which he reluctantly affirmed that the ritual murders of Christian children was often NOT invented, but real

Ariel Toaff is a professor at Bar-Ilan University in Israel who made a name for himself for his study of medieval Jewry. He also happens to be the son of Elio Toaff, former chief rabbi of Rome.

Posted by: tanya | Jul 13 2019 1:22 utc | 268

tanya @270--

You provide no link in your initial comment @265 and continue to dig yourself a hole through what can no only be considered lies. Read what you wrote @270, read what you posted @265, then apologize or be considered non-credible. Yes, it was a mistake--100% of your making!

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 13 2019 1:42 utc | 269

@270 tanya

Thank you for your comments. Context is everything - I was able to follow it all because I was still reading to catch up and not yet involved in commenting. Others were already on a roll. We must extend some give and take: the people you cite are valuable contributors, and this is a collaborative discussion to arrive at a consensual truth, a win-win objective, rather than one view taking the pot, to the loss of all other views.

I wanted to welcome you to the discussion. Everyone here knows Unz, and the superb work done by Ron. If you think people here believe the official 9/11 narrative - or the official anything, for that matter - then I can only invite you to stick around longer, and see that this is absolutely not the case.

We do have our trolls, and this is at a fairly high level currently, especially as trolls are nowadays practicing to become moles, and live among us, as if of us ;)

But none of the people you have mentioned, nor you, nor I, should feel in opposition to each other. Stick around.

Thanks for your posts.


When I read the part about child sacrifice I had to take a little stroll for a moment just to gather myself. But I think Lozion is correct in trying to point out that this is a trigger somewhere in the entire collection of human temptations and downfalls, and in suggesting that forces with evil intent have some skill in pulling that trigger.

If this is so, then it behooves us to learn more about how it works, and where it lurks within us, and who's using it to effect, and how to combat it.

And by the way, I'm quite sure that players and organizations we already know by name do have a very active presence in these happenings and these horrors - and this includes the Talmudists, the Pharisees, the Zionists, and many of the simply rich, by whatever names they can best be identified.

I guess, since this is the dark road we have walked down since b opened the thread, that I would like to discuss this more.

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 13 2019 1:50 utc | 270

Obviously, this affair has all the ingedrients for very sick people to fantasize about.

I am still waiting for the Russian in this story. Prince Andrew is not good enough.

MI5 considered Ivanov a possible defector, and sought Ward's help to this end, allocating him to a case officer known as "Woods".[23][24] Ward was later used by the British Foreign Office as a backchannel, through Ivanov, to the Soviet Union,[25] and was involved in unofficial diplomacy at the time of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

Posted by: somebody | Jul 13 2019 1:54 utc | 271

@271 Actually tanya's initial comment was #262 wherein she mentioned Philip Giraldi's article in the Unz Review. Minus any link. The mysterious comment #96 refers to that.

Perhaps tanya could have made things clearer.

Posted by: dh | Jul 13 2019 1:57 utc | 272

@270 "Evolution tops* spirituality - spirituality is the result of
Human evolution."

I posit that consciousness is the result of human evolution and that the natural course of Homo Sapiens "would" be for it to become Homo Ethicus. I put would in quotes because that natural process has been harnessed and deviated to a large degree by the PTB to prevent that outcome by any means necessary (hence all the nasty stuff surfacing). Mankind, instead of fixing its problems with ethics (essentially in rapport driven relationships instead of rivalry) and other tools that consciousness provides, may end up fulfilling Singularity, the transhumanist course we are now on..

Posted by: Lozion | Jul 13 2019 2:00 utc | 273

For the record, this is the article at Unz that Tanya offered:
Did Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Work for Mossad?

And this is the comment she cited, and subsequently quoted here: #96

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 13 2019 2:06 utc | 274

@ Lozion #266 I said I didn't want to quote the article on this blog because I already knew that any response would be something like yours.

Then why did you? Or do you not agree that child sacrifice is agnostic (not attributable to a specific religion)?

Posted by: Lozion | Jul 13 2019 2:07 utc | 275

Correction my @275 should quote @269, not 270..

Posted by: Lozion | Jul 13 2019 2:15 utc | 276

tanya = troll...

Posted by: james | Jul 13 2019 2:35 utc | 277

@279 Why do you say that james? Admittedly tanya made a mess of her first post but the comment #96 she refers to (I don't want to cut and paste it because it belongs on Unz Review) made some good points about the IRS and the way they seem unable to catch crooks like Epstein.

Posted by: dh | Jul 13 2019 2:49 utc | 278

@ dh... good question... maybe tanya doesn't speak english as her first language.. this would explain her opaque posting style.. the fact there is no follow up is another reason i question her motive.. the focus on jews in a negative light is more along the same lines.. bottom line, i am making a guess and that might premature given the limited posts to go by..

Posted by: james | Jul 13 2019 3:16 utc | 279

@28 Well don't worry about it. She's been called a liar and accused of supporting child sacrifice so I doubt if she'll be back.

Posted by: dh | Jul 13 2019 3:29 utc | 280

Wow! What a Clusterfuck! Better commentary by tanya would have exculpated it, like providing a link to the article being cited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the MoA comment #96, there's no referral to Unz; rather, it links to a blog that does provide commentary about Epstein. I'm sorry for my participation; but if tanya had proofread, then I wouldn't be typing this and this incident would never have occurred!

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 13 2019 5:59 utc | 281

Re Tanya and the UNZ post. I have followed this issue here, having first spotted the UNZ article and considered it well before B opened this thread, and I completely fail to see what the hell the fuss is about.

What was posted is hardly trolling as I understand it.
The UNZ article is one perspective, one of many, and intelligent people consider as many perspectives as are available when forming their view on any matter. Picking one and arguing for it in a matter like the Epstain thing is simply dumb. There are simply too many moving parts us observers cannot possibly know about, and their possible interactions spin out in infinite directions, some more cardinal than others.

So far I do not know who is up who and who is paying for what, but it does seem to me that Epstain is an asset, most likely of Mossad, that at least one and probably several devious games are being played on the same pitch at the same time, and that several of the posters on this board have a vested interest in ensuring that the number of perspectives getting considered is limited to the ones they are promoting.

Beyond that, I know nothing except that the mainstream media here in Australia are far less invested in this story than they have been in any number of non stories about Trump.

Posted by: eagle eye | Jul 13 2019 6:16 utc | 282

Posted by: xlibris | Jul 13 2019 9:14 utc | 285

So much nonsense on the internet.

1. James Rusbridger has been dead for quite a while so he has got nothing to do with this tweet
2. Moloch is depicted as a bull - at least in Wikipedia
3. The owl is a symbol for science and wisdom - see owl of Athena

and main of all - Epstein was not a pedophile. He was into very young women.
Pedophilia is an ongoing sexual attraction to pre-pubertal children. Epstein's victims were post puberty, they were poor, wanted a career as models or actresses and were made into co-conspirators by bringing in their friends.

This was done in Miami in plain sight, lots of people knew and did do nothing - e.g. looking after the girls or warning them off.

Finally something was done in 2007 when a 14 year old girl had parents who went to the police.

In 2005, the parents of a 14-year-old girl told police in Florida that Epstein had molested their daughter at his Palm Beach home. A police search of the property found photos of girls throughout the house. .... "He has never been secretive about the girls," columnist Michael Wolff told New York magazine for a 2007 profile piece, as the case against Epstein moved through the courts.

"At one point, when his troubles began, he was talking to me and said, 'What can I say, I like young girls.' I said, 'Maybe you should say, 'I like young women.'"

This is a scandal about the justice system and corruption. But of course it is material for sick fantasies.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 13 2019 9:48 utc | 283

xlibris @287: as all the children involved were goyim

If it were the other way around, there would be demands to investigate it as a 'hate crime'.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 13 2019 13:21 utc | 284

yeah right, sick fantasies. people get killed, suicided, have accidents all just to protect sick fantasies that aren't really happening.

was Johnny Gosch getting abducted some sick fantasy?
was Madeleine McCann getting abducted some sick fantasy?
how about Jimmy Saville and the horrors he perpetrated?

if the public was forced to accept the scope of what is happening, like they were and still are in Belgium over Marc Dutroux and his unnamed accomplices, maybe the streets would fill and again.

anyways, thanks for the comment "somebody". I was wondering who here might pipe up for some damage control.

Posted by: lizard | Jul 13 2019 14:02 utc | 285

@289 lizard, forget about that anon, he/she is what Grieved described earlier, a troll who became a mole..

Posted by: Lozion | Jul 13 2019 14:33 utc | 286

As far as I can tell the commenters on this blog don't even question the official version of 9/11 and so I have no interest in debating any of you. — tanya.

Well then don’t.

It is interesting though that NOT questioning the official 911 absurdly tall-tale is used as an insult, a kind of mark of being blindly conventional, a dumb person, a nobody, or as kissing ass to get ahead, i interpret (?)

I have encountered this attitude from 3-5 Russians, 9-11 (sic) ppl from ex-Yugo (all expats obviously but from all sides) but that is all. (From CH, where a huge no. of ex.-Yugo live, about 10% of the original pop. of Kosovo for ex.)

In other spheres 9/11 intuitions, stances (aka beliefs) are not used in this way. tanya of course doesn’t know anything about what posters 9/11 analysis or conclusions consist of.

Posted by: Noirette | Jul 13 2019 14:36 utc | 287

lolita island is mossad op and you can bet Israel is never gonna let justice see the light of day hear as there is so much blackmail potential to be lost

Posted by: Ken | Jul 13 2019 15:07 utc | 288

Although the thread is getting huge, here is the latest from the WSWS:

The Case of Jeffrey Epstein

It sums it up very well.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jul 13 2019 15:13 utc | 289

Posted by: lizard | Jul 13 2019 14:02 utc | 289

Children are dying from war and hunger. In the case of Epstein a girl prostituted herself to get money for shoes as her shoes were three years old. THIS in the "rich" US.
How come you don't get worked up about this? How come you aren't upset about a system that caters only for the rich? That thrives on child poverty?
Because it does not arouse you to fantasize about? But is sad reality in the United States?

For some 5 decades now, the United States has been a clear and constant outlier in the child poverty league.34 As a nation, it does less to help children and their families than any of the other rich countries and therefore finds itself with the highest child poverty rates and the least upward mobility for poor children. Although deliberate efforts to stabilize incomes during the great recession helped decrease United States child poverty rates below what they otherwise would have been, these programs are now being cut back by fiscal restraint, for educational investments and also for income support. Child poverty has time and again been shown to diminish life chances and future outcomes. A modest increase in the level of support for public investment and income support programs can radically affect child poverty and improve child outcomes.35 But it takes political courage to raise awareness on such topics and make the required investments.

So when there is finally "political courage" to go after Epstein, where is the political courage to end child poverty?

Posted by: somebody | Jul 13 2019 15:19 utc | 290

From the WSWS article linked at #292:

By all accounts, Epstein, to satisfy his and others’ sexual or psychological needs, deliberately set out to prey on the poor and defenseless. Courtney Wild, who says she was 14 when she met Epstein, told the Miami Herald, “Jeffrey preyed on girls who were in a bad way, girls who were basically homeless. He went after girls who he thought no one would listen to and he was right.”

Billionaire Epstein was not doing his part to end child poverty.

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 13 2019 15:51 utc | 292

@291 nottheonly1

Thank you for the link to that article. Well written and pointing out the wholesale rottenness of a top-tier system, corrupted and morally impoverished from its obscenely huge, easy-money wealth, stolen from the productive economy by the financial scams of Wall St. and Capitol Hill.

The closing paragraphs are worth quoting, for the true indictment of Epstein and his ilk:

Helaine Olen makes a stronger case in the Washington Post that the Epstein scandal tells us something more far-reaching and important about “how our current age of wealth excess might come to an end.” She suggests that the affair “will come to be viewed in future years as one of the defining events that brings our age of excess to a close,” and that people will study it in years to come as they now do the conduct of Marie Antoinette and Rasputin on the eve of the French and Russian revolutions.

“Our era is one of exploding and all but unpunished crime by the wealthy and connected,” she writes. “The Epstein scandal blows holes through the foundational myths of our time, revealing them for the empty and sickening bromides used to justify obscene wealth and power and privilege that they really are.”

Strong words, whose implications Olen has undoubtedly not thought through. The issue is not so much individual retribution against Epstein, although he deserves punishment if he is found guilty, as it is the organization of mass political action by the working class to do away with the entire rotten social order.
- The case of Jeffrey Epstein and the depravity of America’s financial elite

The best way to end child poverty is through the "political courage" to sweep away all that rottenness at the top.

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 13 2019 16:13 utc | 293

Here in Act.IL headquarters (Israel), we’ve been closely watching the comments regarding Agent Epstein, and for those who don’t have time to read almost 300 comments, we’ve narrowed it down to the Top Six, listed below (for your convenience) with the overall winner at the bottom:

Top Six comments from the Epstein thread:

1. Hoarsewhisperer: (comment #33): “…if the girls involved were old enough to pass as being of child-bearing age, and not pre-pubescent, when naked then this is a non-story...”

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 10 2019 20:23 utc | 33

2. Ghost Ship: “The Epstein case might have similarities to the disproved Pizzagate conspiracy theory (i.e., paedophilia) but that's all so the Epstein case is not proof that Pizzagate was true.”

Posted by: Ghost Ship | Jul 10 2019 21:09 utc | 46

3. bevin: (responding to Hoarsewhisperer @ 33)

“A very good point and one which reminds one that the corruption in our society is not exemplified in what is wrongly called 'pedophilia'...”

Posted by: bevin | Jul 11 2019 0:06 utc | 94

4. somebody (quoting Michael Wolff…."He has never been secretive about the girls," columnist Michael Wolff told New York magazine for a 2007 profile piece….

"At one point, when his troubles began, he was talking to me and said, 'What can I say, I like young girls.' I said, 'Maybe you should say, 'I like young women.'"

Posted by: somebody | Jul 13 2019 9:48 utc | 286

5. Noirette: “It is interesting though that NOT questioning the official 911 absurdly tall-tale is used as an insult, a kind of mark of being blindly conventional, a dumb person...

Posted by: Noirette | Jul 13 2019 14:36 utc | 291

6. (enough about Epstein already), where is the political courage to end child poverty?

Posted by: somebody | Jul 13 2019 15:19 utc | 294

And the winner is…..drumroll here please...

somebody comment #294

Excellent work, somebody!

Here at Act.IL headquarters in Israel our number one priority is ending child poverty, especially among rural whites in Eastern Kentucky: The Heart of Appalachia.

Second prize to be divided among: Hoarsewhisperer, Ghost Ship, bevin, Noirette, and somebody (again!) for finding that brilliant Michael Wolff quote (that even we had forgotten) concerning Agent Epstein “maybe you should say, you like young women”

Posted by: Yarden Ben Yosef | Jul 13 2019 16:27 utc | 294

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 13 2019 15:51 utc | 294

Sure. Who IS doing something about it?

Posted by: somebody | Jul 13 2019 16:36 utc | 295

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 13 2019 16:13 utc | 295

And what do you suggest to replace it with? Sweeping away the rotten top sounds good, and what then?

Posted by: somebody | Jul 13 2019 16:39 utc | 296

Here I am repeating my comment that says that the Western social contract with global private finance at the center is the problem. If you think that by getting rid of all the toady's at the top that the structure will change automagically you are delusional. If you eliminate the current set of puppets and not change the social contract to public finance you end up in the same position in X amount of time.

Wake up folks. It is a structural problem that can only be fixed by changing the rules of the social contract. Make finance totally public and then we will no longer have an elite that can pressure our world into dysfunction to pleasure themselves and their inheritors.

Focus on the structure instead of current personal reflections of the sickness of that structure, please and thank you

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 13 2019 16:51 utc | 297

Trump is now out for blood and that is why Epstein was arrested.
But his enemies are not just going to go belly-up, how will Trump's enemies play this? - See Act I

Act I is the outrage and the attempt to keep the focus on the pervie side of things. Keep people focused on their disgust circuit and, hopefully, off the man behind the curtain.

Posted by: librul | Jul 13 2019 16:54 utc | 298

From Alex Acosta's wikipedia page.


In 2019, Acosta proposed cutting the funding of his department's International Labor Affairs Bureau from $68 million in 2018 to under $20 million in 2020. That agency combats human trafficking (including child sex trafficking), child labor and forced labor internationally.

During Acosta's confirmation hearing, he discussed the need and his support of apprenticeship as a workforce development tool to close the skills gap. On June 15, 2017, President Trump signed Executive Order 13801, "Presidential Executive Order Expanding Apprenticeships in America," establishing the Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion with Acosta serving as the chair.[64][65] The Task Force held five public meetings and issued their final report to President Trump on May 10, 2018.

Following the Task Force final report, the U.S. Department of Labor announced the following initiatives to expand and promote apprenticeship opportunities:

Create a new industry-recognized apprenticeship program system to complement the registered apprenticeship system.

Launch as a "one-stop source for all things apprenticeship." Acosta announced that the Trump Administration maintained a goal of one million new apprentices.

Acosta intends to resign as Labor Secretary, effective July 19, 2019, following criticism of his role in the Epstein case.

Just a reminder that Trump's TV show was called The Apprentice. Wouldn't a master grifter be able to see right through this obvious attempt to game his ego?

Posted by: Zack | Jul 13 2019 17:11 utc | 299

somebody @ 297 says:

Sure. Who IS doing something about it

lots of people. powerful forces are at play this very moment doing something about it. problem is, at least as i see it, is that what they're doing is attempting to normalize it(pedophilia that is).

and there seems to be plenty of political courage to make it happen.

Posted by: john | Jul 13 2019 17:14 utc | 300

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