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July 08, 2019

"Pretty Please" - Trump Asked Iran To Allow Him To Bomb It

On June 20 Iran shot down a U.S. spy drone. U.S. President Trump decided not to retaliate. The White House and the media claimed that Trump had ordered a strike on Iran but pulled it back at the last minute. We said that this was likely bullshit:

The whole storyline of "a strike was ordered but Trump held back and saved the day" might well be fake.
A strike in retaliation for the downed drone may have never been on the table. An alternative interpretation is that the U.S. sought agreement for a symbolic 'strike' from Iran. It would hit some empty desert place to allow Trump to save face. Iran would have disagreed with that plan.

The British ambassador to the U.S., who's briefings to London leaked yesterday, agrees with that take:

[Sir Kim Darroch] questioned Trump's recent claim that he aborted a missile strike on Iran because it would have caused a predicted 150 casualties, saying it 'doesn't stand up'.

'It's more likely that he was never fully on board and that he was worried about how this apparent reversal of his 2016 campaign promises would look come 2020' – at the next Presidential election.

Elijah Magnier reported that Trump had asked Iran to allow him to strike back, but was rebuffed:

According to well-informed sources, Iran rejected a proposal by US intelligence – made via a third party – that Trump be allowed to bomb one, two or three clear objectives, to be chosen by Iran, so that both countries could appear to come out as winners and Trump could save face. Iran categorically rejected the offer and sent its reply: even an attack against an empty sandy beach in Iran would trigger a missile launch against US objectives in the Gulf.

An Iranian general yesterday confirmed Magnier's take (also here):

A senior Iranian general has revealed that Washington, through diplomatic channels, recently asked Tehran to allow it to conduct a small-scale operation in the Iranian airspace in order to save its face following the IRGC’s shoot-down of a US spy drone.

Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, the Head of Iran’s Civil Defence Organization, said Iran vehemently rejected the US request, saying that it will respond to any act of aggression.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran responded that it views any operation as a war and will give a crushing response to it. You may initiate a war but this is Iran which will finish it,” he said Sunday.

The idea that the U.S. would ask Iran to allow it to bomb some targets without hitting back sounds crazy.

Dear Mr. Rouhani,

could you please name me three targets in your country that I am allowed to bomb?

It is urgent as I need to look tough on Iran.

Pretty please!

Donald Trump

But this is the Trump White House and the only thing Trump really seems to care for is his own rating.

Trump wants a new nuclear deal with Iran. One with his signature, not Obama's, on it.

Trump's nuking of a deal while pressing for a new one shows that he has not the slightest idea how Iran, or any other independent country, reacts to such pressure. There will be no talks unless Trump rejoins the deal and lifts the sanctions:

The US sent over 60 diplomatic delegations to Iran as mediators to hold talks with Iran but the leader of the Islamic Revolution rejected the US calls for talks and Iran began to scale back its commitments under the JCPOA.

The Trump administration seems to have genuinely thought that Iran would not react to its ever tightening sanctions by exceeding the technical limits of the nuclear deal, which it now does. Back in November Secretary of State Pompeo opined that Iran would not do this:

Asked what the administration would do if the Iranians restart their nuclear program, Pompeo replied, “We’re confident that Iranians will not make that decision.”

That was of course nonsensical. Why was Iran expected to stick to a deal it does not benefit from? Such wishful thinking has no base in reality:

A U.S. official familiar with the issue told POLITICO on Sunday that the Trump team hopes for three things: that Europe imposes some sanctions on Iran to keep it from further violating the deal; that a financial mechanism the Europeans have set up to help Iran obtain non-sanctioned goods succeeds; and that recent U.S. military maneuvers in the Middle East are enough to deter Iran from further military escalation.

“Fundamentally, we want them to stay in the deal,” the U.S. official said, when asked why the Trump administration wants the European financial mechanism, known as INSTEX, to work. There’s no desire to engage in an all-out war with Iran or see it build a nuclear weapon, the official said.

Europe is for now unlikely to impose sanctions on Iran for a deal that Trump broke. If it does, the whole JCPOA deal is off. INSTEX is a joke. It 'allows' Iran to barter only something other than oil, and only against humanitarian goods which are not under sanctions. It is worse than the 1990s oil for food program that caused major economic destruction in Iraq. Iran does not fear U.S. military might. U.S. military assets in the Middle East do not deter. They are targets. Iran knows that Trump wants to avoid a war.

The little thought out U.S. policy gives Iran escalation dominance. It can and will increase its nuclear activities, as it announced, every 60 days. Tankers and other interests of its enemies around the Gulf will receive more damage. Trump will come under ever increasing pressure. Iran's actions, like the sabotage of some ships near Fujairah, already show results:

[D]emand for ship fuel at Fujairah, the United Arab Emirates coastal shipping hub close to the Strait, has waned as some tankers stay away, traders involved in the regional market said.

The British ambassador expects no change in the confused White House policy on Iran:

One memo, sent by Sir Kim on June 22, refers to 'incoherent, chaotic' US-Iran policy, adding: 'Its unlikely that US policy on Iran is going to become more coherent any time soon. This is a divided Administration'.

But the British policy on Iran is no better. On one side it is a signatory of the nuclear deal with Iran and claims that it wants to uphold it. On the other side it follows orders from the White House and hijacks a tanker that carries Iranian oil which it claims is going to Syria. Britain has absolutely no legal basis to do such. Even the former Swedish prime minister and rumored CIA asset Carl Bildt finds that behavior too crude:

Carl Bildt @carlbildt - 9:24 PM - 7 Jul 2019

The legalities of the UK seizure of a tanker heading for Syria with oil from Iran intrigues me. One refers to EU sanctions against Syria, but Iran is not a member of EU. And EU as a principle doesn’t impose its sanctions on others. That’s what the US does.

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi called the British act "robbery" and said that the ship was not heading to Syria. Its real destination is said to be "a new southern European customer" for Iranian oil, probably Italy. Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier-General Amir Hatami promised to respond to the British act of piracy.

As usual the response will be asymmetrical and will come at a time and place of Iran's choosing.

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Once again Laguerre entirely misses the point. The english cables which span across about 18 months of the messages sent from the DC embassy to London only cover the topic of the orange orangutan. They have been carefully selected from all the transmissions out of DC which tells us that transmission security or encryption is irrelevant, that some human being, most likely someone who has a senior position in the Foreign Office leaked them to the daily mail.
Jeremy C**t is the Foreign Minister, a job he has held in the months since Bozo the clown quit that job. Acolytes of either would be the most likely leakers. Whoever did it will be caught and go to prison for some time, but the scumbag who put the fool up to it (either Jeremy C**t or Bozo) will skate away scot-free. Ain't england grand?

Posted by: Dolores P Candyarse | Jul 9 2019 4:40 utc | 101

Thank you b for the perspective and sharing of the information.

@Lochearn @karlof1
The Dawn Redwood's roots worked their way tirelessly for ages, having positively penetrated the bedrock bellow the new and shallow soil. I also have trees of a Chinese origin, I tossed a few hundred
Paulowniaceae seeds in an area of my property that borders a wheat field, they are alive and spreading like wildfire for being so out-of-place in Ohio. The brit's seamen reenacting the adventures of walter raleigh is a spectacle but Grace 1 is safe ashore and now with only registered cargo, perhaps thanks to 14 Russian navymen. 12:45 time to drift asleep on the Davenport.

Posted by: nJH | Jul 9 2019 4:48 utc | 102

display of the houthis weapons.. .. quite interesting and relevant to this Grace 1 event.. I think. as the power in the middle east is rapidly switching .. whoever ordered the piracy of GRACE 1 is going to regret it I feel. Great Britain or the UK or the city of London, or whatever they call themselves are in for some fun.. I think..
and MBS needs to hold tightly to his head,, as the Yemeni Houthis seem to be fitting its body attachment for a separation event and post severance party.. very interesting display.

Posted by: snake | Jul 9 2019 5:30 utc | 103

The Iranian "breach" of the JCPOA is due to US sanctions against companies buying Iran's enriched products. Could, say, Russia make the "breach" go away by making a state purchase of enriched product? And if so why doesn't Russia do it?

Posted by: Keith McClary | Jul 9 2019 5:32 utc | 104

@Hoarsewhisperer 25

I like your theory, even if I don't buy it...makes sense in some regards. It would explain why the neocon/neolib media hates Trump, despite Trump's apparent effort to give the zionists everything they want. Underneath it all, they know he isn't their ally.

Who knows what he really thinks of his daughter's husband.

Maybe his years as a New York City Real Estate Guy left him with less then favorable impressions of Jewish Business people.

His VP pick is an Evangelical Christian, on the surface, a friend of Israel, but in The End, Evangelicals believe the Jews need to be converted or eradicated, not allies so much, but props for their Prophesies.

There is a good chance giving Israel everything it asks for will see it destroyed. At some point the Israelis may wake up to this fact and indeed beg Trump "to stop".

We will see, until Trump actually gets us into a war, or covertly overthrows a sovereign nation, he is a step better then his predecessor. Sure, he may just be incompetent, but I wouldn't take Trump at face value.

Posted by: Hassaan | Jul 9 2019 5:49 utc | 105

@ Hassan who wrote
We will see, until Trump actually gets us into a war, or covertly overthrows a sovereign nation, he is a step better then his predecessor.
We are picking nits about the puppets of dying empire here. Trump is as much a war criminal now as his predecessor and others here would argue that Yemen and some of Syria are attributable to Trump as war and just because he has not succeeded in overthrowing a sovereign nation does not mean he has not tried.

Trump just represents a different strategy for global private finance to hold onto power and control. And I have yet to see proof that the owners of global private finance are all or mostly jews so the geo-political dynamic is hidden from public and folks primed to attack groups of people that may be totally unrelated to those that own global private finance.

It is the strategy of the controlling elite to have the public tilting at people that come and go as long as there is never a concerted effort to change the underlying social contract that has the God of Mammon religion with the private jackboot on what should be global public finance.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 9 2019 6:12 utc | 106

@ Psychohistorian

I mostly agree with you on this, but I don't have the information required to say anything for certain, so I don't mind exploring where different lines of speculation lead. Mostly I was just saying Hoarsewhisperers speculations aren't all that radical, and interesting to boot.

As far as private finance and the God of Mammon go, I believe these things are ultimately Caucasian creations. Caucasians didn't exist before the last ice age, in fact were the results of homo sapians environmental adaptations to the coming and going of the ice age in a particular region, the area between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea.

These environmental adaptations led to a brutally aggressive proto-race, of which the God of Mammon is an aspect. Anglo-Saxon and Ashkenazim represent two of the most "successful" branches of the genocidal Aryan Lineage. Anglo-Saxons and Ashkenazim Jews probably do represent the bulk of the power behind private finance with a handful of other Caucasian subtypes thrown in for good measure.

Posted by: Hassaan | Jul 9 2019 6:52 utc | 107

Don Bacon@29

Fuel for nuclear submarines is generally 90% enriched and in fuel rods as metallic (pyrophoric) uranium metal to extend the life of the submarine. In the US case, after the fuel has reached a high burnout state, say 20 years, the submarine is cut up and the reactor portion is shipped up the Columbia River by barge and then transferred to a fifty or so wheeled rig. The reactor is then pulled to the burial site at Hanford Nuclear Reservation by several very slow earthmovers and some 20 or so security vehicles.

Russia has announced that it will soon be constructing submarines where the reactor can be refueled. Not sure of the details for obvious reasons.

Posted by: Krollchem | Jul 9 2019 6:57 utc | 108

@14 Laguerre

“It is the Iranian (upper/middle class) exiles who hate and detest the revolutionary regime, because the regime has deprived them of the right to rule”

To rule a country like Iran needs some statesmen to understand, think and investigate chronical problems facing the country, and have will to act and learn deeper. Iranian Upper/middle class had vast time since 1906 but could not produce any valuable statesman. Some exceptional statesman like Mohammad Mossaddegh or Ahmad Ghavam were last men who grown up from older generation, Ghajar nobility, nurtured from traditional older culture.
upper/middle class produced almost nothing for state.
Upper/middle class only complains and complains and complains. Talented ones are obsessed with mathematics, scramble to enroll to Sharif university and end up at some American universities, for a brain slavery, call it PhD.

Hating mullahs is everywhere, every gathering and every family debates. But nobody bother to think that ruling the country is an extra task for clergy. Iran, for generations has not produced capable statesman to rule the country.
Western solutions did not work for Iran, economically, financially, politically, militarily, culturally, socially. Western educated scholars bring wrong remedy.
That is the reason revolution is going for 40 years nonstop, longer than French and Russian revolution. That is too painful.

Posted by: arata | Jul 9 2019 7:53 utc | 109

@100 and others Concerning the leaks:

"These Darroch telegrams would be addressed formally to the Foreign Secretary but have hundreds of other recipients, in the FCO, No.10, Cabinet Office, MOD, DFID, other government departments, MI6, GCHQ, and in scores of other British Embassies abroad. The field of suspects is therefore immense."

Posted by: blue | Jul 9 2019 8:23 utc | 110

@ Krollchem #107. It is my understanding that Russian Nuclear submarines have been refueling for decades. As have the ones of the U.S.N. Many years back in the early eighties I recall watching a documentary showing the difference in how the then Soviet Navy refueled it’s submarine reactors compared to the U.S.N. The U.S. used a very sophisticated remote controlled machine in port where as the Soviets had men hanging off the top of the reactor in anti radiation suits whilst guiding in the new rods with a crane at sea...

Posted by: Beibdnn. | Jul 9 2019 8:42 utc | 111

Hassaan @104: Yes, I have trouble taking Trump at face value too, he's a con-man, spent his life playing with people.

But on the other hand, after some years working at it, trying all sorts of theories, I can't find a way to make him look really smart or well-informed. So he still needs explaining some. Why the fuck is he up there at all? Does he really need all this? Maybe his ego does, but that then needs explaining too. Why does he have all those people around him who he supposedly does not agree with? Is that really Trump-like? No, it is not Trump-like. His relationship with Melania is interesting too, I think she is the smartest of the lot there, the only one that knows to keep her mouth shut, and speak well when she doesn't.

Adelson is easy, he does whatever his wife says, but Trump does not look controlled at all. He looks like he is out of control one day and under control the next. An undisciplined narcissist who nevertheless can't be replaced? That sort of works. So who's got the whip?

The present situation with Trump is interesting though, since he "called off the attack", something is up, and I expect further outbreaks of honesty and public disagreement. Some wild theories about Epstein too, he's going to take down a.) Trump, or b.) Trump's enemies, depending, but those theories too don't really have much to back them but confirmation bias.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jul 9 2019 10:52 utc | 113

arata @108: Iran recently replaced the head of Basij, do you think that is significant?

Posted by: Bemildred | Jul 9 2019 11:01 utc | 114

Good god people trump is a confirmed liar. you cannot negotiate with a lair. He is a sexual predator who lies. He is a coward who lies. He has less knowledge that mot 5th graders, he lies about his education. Trump is a walking violation of the Constitution. He and Pence (dense Pence) need to be removed from office full stop. His entire administration is capable of nothing but lies and are always on the full grift. Stealing American wealth before your trump eyes. Any normalization of Trump is a crime. Oh by the way how's that NK master deal working out? The man had to publicly beg Kim for his NK hand shake. But of course he begged Iran to save face. He has a proven pattern of begging.

Trump would have to stand on his mommas shoulders to kiss Obamas ass. Run him out of town on a rail tarred and feathered. Him and entire family need live in shame for the rest of their natural born lives.

Support for trump is support for concentration camps.

Posted by: rattlemullet | Jul 9 2019 11:35 utc | 115

Regarding *Carl Bildt*:
Yes, 99%+ most likely a CIA-asset since the early 1970's.
I've been 'following' him since I first came to Sweden.
I even had the opportunity to pose a serious question to him in the Aftonbladet newspaper in 1986(?). It concerned Regan's & Nato's troops and Bildt's Conservative Party's position.
Anyway, I have....'tons-of-circumstantial evidence' which most definitely confirms the aristocratic Greve/Count is a nwo-creature as well as an ass-ett.
He's an ass_ole 1st, asset 2nd.
In swinglish: ass-ett = ass_ole 1st
Cheers X-

Posted by: Veritas X- | Jul 9 2019 11:59 utc | 116

Posted by: rattlemullet | Jul 9 2019 11:35 utc | 115

"He and Pence (dense Pence) need to be removed from office full stop."

To replace them with what?

"Trump would have to stand on his mommas shoulders to kiss Obamas ass."

Trump and Obama are substantively identical, just as both are identical to Bush and Clinton.

"Support for trump is support for concentration camps."

Support for the US corporate state, including its fake "two party" pseudo-democracy, is support for concentration camps.

Posted by: Russ | Jul 9 2019 13:13 utc | 117

Seems like a lot of brain power and time wasted on a trivial, though humorous event.
Interesting post on strategic-culture, Eric Zuesse re. soros and kochs and neocons - where the trends are shifting.

Posted by: jared | Jul 9 2019 13:36 utc | 118

Pretty please!!! Just a few leaks and the guy is COOKED

Posted by: Mina | Jul 9 2019 13:38 utc | 119

I don't trust any information at all anymore. Especially since Israel behind a good amount of this BS.

Posted by: rocco | Jul 9 2019 13:43 utc | 120

The problem with Trump's "maximum pressure" foreign policy doctrine is exactly that what I linked here some posts ago about the trade war with China: he wants to implement a Fabian strategy but without the part where he gets hurt.

The Fabian strategy only works when your side is decided to go until the last consequences. It requires a united and decided people, willing to sacrifice their welfare and even lives for a long period of time in order to subjugate the enemy.

The problem is that is not how the USA should work: it is a society based on hyperconsumption. Its GDP growth essentially depends on ever rising levels of household consumption. Fabian strategy is not viable for the American capitalist society. In this sense, the USA is a victim of its own success, since it was its prosperity that directly resulted in its downfall (financialisation, consume more than it produces, high dependence on imports, ever increasing twin deficits).

Trump knows that. That's why he created this chimera called "maximum pressure": an indirect and low intensity Fabian strategy, where both sides lose (lose-lose), but not so much. When the USA is pressured a little bit more, he steps back and renegotiates. The aim is to appear strong to his electorate without having to put up with body bags like in Iraq-Afghanistan in 2003-2008. This highlights the pattern of far-right concept of politics, which is that appearance is more important than substance; the aestheticization of politics.

Posted by: vk | Jul 9 2019 13:52 utc | 121

But this is the Trump White House and the only thing Trump really seems to care for is his own rating.

This is the most unhinged white house ever. It found its perfect match with Trump. Trump is the narcissist that is (based on the underlying mental disorder) incapable to call the shots. He allows his little banner to fly with wherever the neo-con wind blows.

The image of Pence talking at the 'Christians United for Israel' is of course a misnomer. It's 'United Fascist Christians for Fascist Israel' and to ponder about all these degenerates that still scream about Russian interference into their affairs, while willfully ignoring the fat that Israel runs the Untied States is incredibly vomit inducing.

America, you deserve to get shafted like never before. You and your parasitic tumor are a disgrace to Humanity. All you can do is lie like a toddler. Never accepting responsibility for your terroristic actions and rigging of Humanity's economy to the advance of your own multinazi corporations.

Iran is not some scum having drifted from the ancient past all the way into the present. It is part and parcel of the path Humanity took from the African Savannah over the what goes for the Middle East now. Iran has a spine, integrity and resolve. Fascist US and Fascist Israel will never succeed in crushing it.

The Universe is preparing corrective measures as we type. A rattling quake here, inexplicable explosions all over the Nation. You are going down. Nothing can be done about it, because the only thing that could be done about would have to come from you - reparations for those you tormented throughout your existence.

I would like to also state that, as long as you have no evidence to the contrary, you should presume that Iran does indeed have nuclear warheads at the ready for your meschpoke. They bought them after they saw what had happened to some one who agreed to end all programs to acquire WMD's - the only deterrent against Fascist US and Fascist Israel. When Qaddafi talked about what would happen after he would be ousted, one country was not laughing - Iran.

To the fake Christians it might be worth to remind them that 'he who rules by the sword - will die by the sword'. America, you are a death cult like none before you. Shame on you and your pathetic lies and deceptions.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jul 9 2019 13:56 utc | 122

Regarding Bildt we ought to focus on the message, in this case sensible and favorably received by Iran, and not go on with irrelevant chatter about the messenger.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jul 9 2019 14:51 utc | 123

America, you deserve to get shafted like never before. You and your parasitic tumor are a disgrace to Humanity. All you can do is lie like a toddler. Never accepting responsibility for your terroristic actions and rigging of Humanity's economy to the advance of your own multinazi corporations. by nottheonly1 @| 122

I am afraid you are aiming your hate at the wrong party.. America is a nation of breed mixed proud but often desperate persons who immigrated here from all over the world.. its 350,000,000 persons strong, and every single one of us is governed by the USA.. In the USA there are only 527 persons (the elected, salaried governors) but the USA is governed by folks in layers higher even than the governor layer and collectively these higher layers share taxpayer-paid-fors ( I call them) secret government technology, advanced privately owned technology, military might like the world has never seen (<=again funded by extraction from taxpayer pockets,) advantage in that the higher layers dictate the laws that the governor layer imposes on the governed in the case of the USA), structured political, educational, propaganda and banking systems that work to defend the authority of the governor layer to rule and to enforce that rule. Of the few governed Americans qualified to vote, each gets to vote three times that count and two that don't count: one vote for each of three different candidates<=but there are 527 positions in the USA? Domestic and foreign Oligarchs, corporations and their owners control the activities, decisions, plans, the 527 elected, salaried position holders engage in.. .. with out the higher than government layers, Americans would be able to elect their own people instead of being limited in choice to candidates they don't know, who have been placed on the ballot by persons they don't know, etc. <=If that were not true, then the blame you aim at Americans might then be justified. But America is not the only place the government layer and the higher layers manipulate those who can be the governors and dictate how the governors must perform.
These governments often operate in total disregard to the needs, wants and intentions of those it governs.

Your verbal anger directed at the governments that rule the people in America, England, Saudi Arabia, Zionist occupied Palestine, Germany, Turkey, and whomever else, may be justified, because the governed people<= in each of those nations states=> are in the same position as the Americans AFAICT. The governed are not part of the layer that governs nor are they part of the higher layers that play in the global games of banking and economics that keep the wars going.
For those in government the driving force is economics for the benefit of the bankers, but for those in governed layer, the driving force is qualify of life, security of certainty, tending to the omnipresent need to educate properly the young, and the life time hope that things can get better for their next generations.

Posted by: snake | Jul 9 2019 14:52 utc | 124

@122 n

Death by the sword is only temporal - there is a FAR worse warning to fake "Christians", spoken by Jesus Himself:

“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’"

The above could not be more ominous & apropos if He called out Pence, Pompeo, Robertson, etc by name...

Posted by: xLemming | Jul 9 2019 14:57 utc | 125

Slightly OT

Norwegian Tanker 'Attacked' in Gulf Set to Dock in Iran Despite US Blame-Game

Andrea Victory, a Norwegian tanker that suffered a significant blast on 12 May while sailing in the Gulf of Oman near a UAE port, is readying to dock at Iran’s Bandar Imam Khomeini port, almost two months after the attack, the research company Refinitiv Energy reported on its Twitter.

I think we can conclude that Iran was not behind the attack...

Posted by: Norwegian | Jul 9 2019 15:05 utc | 126

But this is the Trump White House and the only thing Trump really seems to care for is his own rating.

A politician standing for reelection in 2020 and only caring about his ratings: The bastard, the insight!

Posted by: aspnaz | Jul 9 2019 15:29 utc | 127

@114 Bemildred

I have not followed changes on Basij head recently, I do not know about changes.
If you are asking me about the news related to Sradar Jalali, IMO has no significance. Iranian are expert in confusing enemies with their layered fake news.

Posted by: arata | Jul 9 2019 15:45 utc | 128

Putin sent his envoy to Tehran to report trilateral security meeting in Israel

Despite widespread media attempts to turn a recent trilateral meeting between the security officials of Russia, US and Israel into an anti-Iran event, Lavrentiev said that “Russia’s clear and explicit stance on Iran’s legitimate presence in Syria and its opposition to ineffective maximum pressure policy on the Islamic Republic was conveyed to the participants at the summit.” see the full story here

Posted by: arata | Jul 9 2019 15:57 utc | 129

No air exclusion zone was declared.
There was no planned attack at all, simple.
I posted the same at the time,all Trump bluff and BS.

Posted by: Winston2 | Jul 9 2019 16:00 utc | 130

"The UK badly needs the USA after Brexit, as it may go bankrupt."
This is untrue. There are many alternatives in the world to dealing exclusively with those permitted by Washington or Brussels (spot the difference).
Given the UK's traditional areas of expertise it would make a good complement to such economies as those of Iran, Russia, Venezuela and China. Russia, for example is crying out for western European partners.
"It (UK) would do anything to please the USA.. total prostitution..."
The US and UK ruling classes are interdependent. The UK forms one end of the axis whereby the US controls Eurasia-Japan is the other.
The problem is that some people, Virgile, seem, unable to conceive of a world in which the US is not hegemonic and the UK is not dominated by its capitalist class using US power to deter democracy. In fact the interests of 99% of the UK's population lie in the assertion of sovereignty and the expulsion of US imperialist bases and agents from the country.

Posted by: bevin | Jul 9 2019 16:19 utc | 131

lysias' notion that somehow Epstein is a CIA asset seems to miss that Epstein isn't necessary, hence the protection is a sign of nothing. Does anyone truly believe the supposed extortion materials haven't long been in somebody's hands?

The notion that the Iranian government has a powerful military than can invade other countries forgets that air power really is very good at blocking transit in open terrain, like deserts or the Gulf. Worse, the notion that the Iranian government really can tolerate massive civilian casualties while its victories defeat oil tankers strike me as a huge assumption, possibly even unhinged wishful thinking.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jul 9 2019 16:30 utc | 132

Pepe Escobar's been busy and has two new articles published today, here and here. They blend together and mix well with Alastair Crooke's latest. Crooke touched on a topic seldom mentioned regarding Occupied Palestine--Yahwehism--its leading acolyte threatening Iran with Zionist warplanes since he can't get Trump to do what he wants. But when looking at the Chessboard, isn't he being a fool in threatening Iran given its importance to BRI which is actually open to Palestine's participation but won't reach there without Iran's required participation?. In his second piece, Pepe mentions the ongoing, under-the-table workings of a Turkey-Iran-Qatar "interlocking transportation cooperation agreement" which is also more overtly developing between Iran-Iraq-Syria. Crooke mentions the Saudi lack of "vision;" however, it seems UAE has finally seen the light. If only Modi would lose his blinders.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 9 2019 16:59 utc | 133

Will Donald be putting sanctions on Britain now ? I hope so,
I have zero sympathy or empathy for the US politicians or the US public ! Ditto the U.K. there’s a long long queue for my sympathy, and the above are right at the back of the queue.
Both empires need to collapse now for the benifit of humanity and our planet !
Or as an alternative the rest of the world realistically could sanction the US and U.K.

Posted by: Mark2 | Jul 9 2019 17:00 utc | 134

According to this EU Sanctions Map there are no sanction grounds for taking over the Grace 1 tanker which carried crude oil. . .from the doc:
>Aviation and jet fuel
It is prohibited to export jet fuel and additives
listed in Annex Va of Council Regulation (EU) No 36/2012 to Syria. Related financial assistance is also prohibited.
>Petrol products
It is prohibited to import crude oil
and petroleum products as listed in Annex IV of Council Regulation (EU) No 36/2012 from Syria. Related financial assistance is also prohibited.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jul 9 2019 17:26 utc | 135

A new piece on the Daily Beast says that Acosta says that the reason he signed off on the cushy deal for Epstein is that a superior told him that Epstein belonged to intel and he should back off.

As a young dropout from NYU without a degree or teaching experience, Epstein was hired as a teacher by the exclusive Dalton School in New York. The school's president at the time was Donald Barr, the father of Attorney General William Barr and a former officer in the CIA's predecessor, the OSS. William Barr's first job was with the CIA. At Dalton, Epstein made contacts and his career blossomed.

Nobody has ever explained the source of Epstein's wealth.

And it is notorious how leniently CIA assets are treated by the criminal justice system.

An organization like the Mossad may later have become involved in the mix, but there is goid reason to believe that the oriinal association was with the CIA.

Posted by: lysias | Jul 9 2019 17:35 utc | 136

arata @128: They didn't seem to want to push it, so I thought it didn't mean much, but I don't know much. They have been moving people around anyway. Thanks.

Winston2 @130: Good point. I always thought it was BS, he looked like a cat who accidentally walked into a dog for a day or so after that shootdown.

bevin @131: Yes, I think the British would be better off without both the EU and their ruling class, which appears to have reached a level of fatuous decadence we haven't seen in 100 years (like right before WWI.)

steven t johnson @132: The idea is that Uncle Sugar is not going to have air superiority in a war with Iran, Iran can give as good as it gets, missile for missile, except for nukes, and probably better not having any long logistics train into hostile ground like we do. And nukes would be a really stupid thing to do.

karlof1 @133: Thanks for Pepe's Erdogan piece. The "Shiia Crescent" seems to be shaping up, solidifying. And Crooke, I look for Crooke.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jul 9 2019 18:14 utc | 137

Laguerre, sir. You say there will not be war because it would not correspond with Trump's desire for re-election. I say that desire is quite irrelevant. It was always likely that they would mask the coming financial crisis with war, and lately has been looking likelier still.

A scary war, ostensibly with Iran, and very possibly including a tactical nuke or few, and global economic dislocation following, would be the perfect set-up for the only bonafide national socialist candidate, the anti-interventionist Nuclear 'Oracle' of Oahu, Tulsi Gabbard. My call is that things will heat up between the second and third debates, and her meteoric rise (fall) as the princess of peace will commence.

It's all done been stripped, and the forward-looking, graceful nature of Tulsian national socialism means safety for the elites and, on a technical level, national socialism always has been best adapted to post-peak economic contraction; though they call it Progressivism, it's the re-engineered Hitlerism/Putinism/Xi-ism for the current climate. Goodbye Democrats,goodbye republicans, hello meritocratic bilateralism. Calling all oxen.

Posted by: reante | Jul 9 2019 18:21 utc | 138

Magnier's latest needs to be added to the brew of articles I linked above, although it's more tactical focusing on the duel happening between Iran/Iraq and the Outlaw US Empire within Iraq. Clearly, Iraqi PM Mahdi needs to grow a spine and tell the US pukes where they can go. Why that hasn't happened yet is a major head-scratcher.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 9 2019 18:29 utc | 139

@138 r

Your post reminded me of that short-lived TV series from 2006 called "Jericho"... where nukes were set off in key US cities & blamed on Iran, which was promptly obliterated, only to find out later on that the perpetrators were domestic, not foreign, and had intended to fracture the US & establish a new, more tyrannical government.

Perhaps the show got cancelled 'cos the story-line was too close to the future truth...

Posted by: xLemming | Jul 9 2019 18:59 utc | 140

"Imo, Trump wants to kick "Israel" OUT of US politics. Therefore he's jumped on "Israel's" Iran hobby horse and will use it, and "Israel's" devotion to its own moronic bs, to do the heavy kicking."
Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 8 2019 17:51 utc | 25

I think your viewpoint is entirely plausible, it just means Trump is giving Bibi and his Party enough rope to hang themselves.
If you want to understand Trump IMO, you need to think like a NY developer, because media career aside that is what he is. If someone has a hold on him, financial in this case as he is about to run again, he will just yes you to death and bury you with the results; you said you wanted me to threaten Iran didn't you?
As for the bomb Iran story I think Bolton got ahead of himself (he is Adelson's minion isn't he?) and tried to force Trump into an attack, Trump said no.
Bolton may have come up with, well at least tell them we were going to story and Trump allowed that. Bolton was then sent to Mongolia, surely that sent a message to someone?
Trump has survived the greatest political witch hunt in the history of political witch hunts and is still standing. Why people assume he is stupid is beyond me.
As for this UK clown, he is just a feature of round 2 of the UK's involvement in said failed witch hunt. Nothing more and he is right to bury the guy in tweets along with May.
Is Trump a good guy, is there such a thing as a "good politician"?? I think he wants to be remembered as a great President, and if we can know a person by their enemies, he just may have that potential. IMO he is all we have, so I give him the benefit of the doubt.

Posted by: frances | Jul 9 2019 19:49 utc | 141


"IMO he is all we have, so I give him the benefit of the doubt."

I think it would be much wiser to accept that you don't have anyone. The people are not in control and need to accept this as much as it may pain you. Only when that realization fully sinks in, will Americans eventually rise up to the current situation. Until then we will continue to see silly excuses of why Trump must be this or that or how he is just 'being led' and 'doesn't know any better' etc. These excuses play into their hands and the current divide and control game being played on the masses.


Interesting thoughts you have there, tbh I am also seeing a lot of possible 'excuses' (trade war, lethal war), fall into place for the upcoming economic crash. People being placed in the 'right' positions also in Europe for it 'von der Leyen' an Atlanticist hawk that will be supportive of upcoming US foreign policy adventures. The global economy is already faltering and it is up to them (BiS) to decide when they will tighten credit markets sufficiently for the masses to find out about this and begin to panic. I was under the assumption that they wanted to hold back and secure a second term for their man in the WH and then make a move. But I might be wrong and they might move sooner, as time is not on their side.

Posted by: Alexander P | Jul 9 2019 20:22 utc | 142

"IMO he is all we have, so I give him the benefit of the doubt."
I think it would be much wiser to accept that you don't have anyone. The people are not in control and need to accept this as much as it may pain you. Only when that realization fully sinks in, will Americans eventually rise up to the current situation.."
Posted by: Alexander P | Jul 9 2019 20:22 utc | 143

You are right, in an ideal world the US people would rise up and demand change. In this real world that is NOT going to happen. I live here, I see these people and revolution is not in the cards.
He is the only option at the moment I can see for some level of change and awakening to ever happen. For if the people who are behind him see him fail to deliver they will be livid, which is good. For the people who hate him, no matter what he does, they are engaged, which is also good.
Will anything come of this, maybe. But it won't be the change you envision, too large a country, the media is too pervasive and controlled, too many who just don't care. The best we can hope for it a shake up of the system and for that, Trump is the best shot we have.

Posted by: frances | Jul 9 2019 21:53 utc | 143

frances @144: I'm with you, Trump is a wrecking ball. No sincere well-meaning President elected by the people to reform the system would have got half as much done in terms of dismantling the US "exceptional" status, and that has been my one hope for him since he "wrecked" Clinton.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jul 9 2019 23:02 utc | 144

@143 AP

They can't have Trump in the White House for long after the war crisis starts. Everything big and private will have to be nationalized in pretty short order, in an attempt to maintain some semblance of continuity. This wartime mass receivership will probably come under his watch but as an avowed anti-socialist he can hardly preside over the new status quo with any political effectiveness during the post war (economic) reconstruction, because there will be no petrodollar, no international reserve currency that is the foundation of modern capitalism.

Trump is, roughly speaking, the figurehead for the first step of the management's forward-looking populist transition from international capitalism to national socialism, insofar as he has singlehandedly gone a long way to dismantling the post WW2 internationalist order. (LOL, as if... what a farce.)

Posted by: reante | Jul 9 2019 23:26 utc | 145

@Uncle Jon | Jul 8 2019 18:09 utc
You posted:

“Imo, Trump wants to kick “Israel” OUT of US politics........”

It’s a nice thought but a bit outlandish, don’t you think. He is where he is because of the pact he made with the devil. And if your assertions true, combining it with his character, he would have never allowed his daughter to be married a to a first rate Zionist spy and furthermore, convert to Judaism."
My reply:
Not only has Trump's daughter married a Zionist and converted to Judaism, apparently Trump considers Kushner to be the Jewish messiah and wants him to be VP in 2020.
Plus Trump himself has converted to Judaism.
These are the assertions of David Goldberg who died (killed?)a month ago.
The guy was trying to tell people about how a false flag will be used to start a war with Iran.
He claimed that the source of his info is a White House insider.

The article on Jared Kushner as the Jewish messiah:

The article on Trump having converted to Judaism:

War with Iran:

Kushner as Vice President in 2020?

Posted by: anon | Jul 10 2019 0:44 utc | 146

@140 xL

I watched the Jericho series around 2010, was good.

I do not expect any nukes to detonate inside the US in this particular conflict, whether resulting from an inside job or not.

Politically speaking,i don't expect the House of Saud to survive it nor King Hamad of Bahrain, nor the Likud Party. It will effectively end Zionism. (Oh the irony, right?)

It will also end US military occupation of the region.

I do expect Khameini to survive it. (And Assad.) The above casualties and the relegation, to the past, of international sanctions, are what Khameini and his country get in return for agreeing to 'pick three targets' for the US, so to speak, after all. The first boastful refusal to pick three targets was lodged in order to provide political cover to both sides for the carefully managed war to come.

Or something along those lines.

I do believe that Khameini has to play ball in an engineered war with the western mafia. You can't just play ball for decades and then up and leave before the big show. The only way you leave is in a body bag, and mister supreme leader can't do that to his country now can he?

Posted by: reante | Jul 10 2019 1:03 utc | 147

@ reante with comments # 146 & 148

Interesting scenario but it doesn't include China and Russia so I see it as incomplete

I also thought it a bit hubristic to credit Trump as you write, "....insofar as he has singlehandedly gone a long way to dismantling the post WW2 internationalist order."

I see this as a very Western centric view while others might say that China/Russia are dismantling the post WW2 internationalist order and Trump is the puppet face of empire's reaction to the challenge to the global private finance order that goes back way before WWII

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 10 2019 1:32 utc | 148

@ psychohistorian


China and Russia can't do a thing to actively dismantle empire. All they can do is stand their ground and lean on empire a little here and a little there. Both of which they've been doing in increasing measure now that the zero sum game is afoot.

Empire can only ever be dismantled by the entropy that lies beyond the limits to its growth, and picked at at its periphery by also-rans or wannabees on the way down.

Empire is empire for a reason: it has no challengers. Nationalism, which is to say a nation that independently controls it's money supply via a public Treasury that bases that supply on the productive value of its natural resources, cannot challenge imperialism (internationalism) because it exists on a smaller scale, and is not itself ideologically hegemonic in nature.

Posted by: reante | Jul 10 2019 2:33 utc | 149

Bemildred I think forgets that when it comes to air war, it's a labor-intensive job the guys with the experience wins. The US never stops, it's like Spartan hoplites who trained constantly whipping the part-time soldiers from other city-states. Worse, it's not the length of the logistic tail but the weight and spare parts and maintenance facilities are very heavy for country that doesn't spend hundreds of billions year in and year out. Worst of all, the US military does intend to use nukes if threatened with defeat by conventional means. The military is semi-independent and will do this no matter how much it screws up the actual political goals of any conflict.

lysias' CIA theory says that Epstein was mostly extorting Clinton etc. while passing on extorting Trump; then let Epstein get burnt as an extortionist burning Clinton with Pizzagate while passing on extorting Trump; then Trump (ultimately) is re-litigating Epstein to not just embarrass Clinton with rumors but to lock him up. All this while Trumpery says the intelligence services are the deep state who have been supporting Clinton while opposing Trump. I'm sorry but the lurid sex has got lots of people fantasizing all sorts of bizarre things.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jul 10 2019 2:41 utc | 150

@ reante who wrote
Empire can only ever be dismantled by the entropy that lies beyond the limits to its growth, and picked at at its periphery by also-rans or wannabees on the way down.

YES! Many of us MoA barflies have expressed that similar understanding....empire must die of its internal inconsistencies.

I don't agree or don't understand completely your last statement about how an independent nation "....cannot challenge imperialism (internationalism) because it exists on a smaller scale, and is not itself ideologically hegemonic in nature."

China's Belt and Road initiatives do represent a direct threat to imperialism, IMO, by their win/win structure that is scaling across/around the world. They are providing an alternative investment structure than the Western global private finance one. The fact that these initiatives are not "...ideologically hegemonic in nature" is their strongest selling point.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 10 2019 2:51 utc | 151


Life is membraneous in that it can be simultaneously symbiotic and antagonistic.

Empires cannot exist without an official currency. It is the fundamental aspect of empire. China is fully integrated into empire by 'virtue' of the fact that it's renminbi is always exchangeable with dollars, and the PBOC is a member bank of the BIS. Same goes for Russia, fifth column and all. The global, industrial empire.

China is also Marxist (sorta not really), the management's sister hegemonic operating system to interest-bearing capitalism. The two represent the great, imperialistic, false dialectic, and China's big, recent con is to a monstrous F1 hybrid of the two.

China is not bringing wins it's just bringing more resource waste and economic colonialism, man. Another boot on another hundreds of millions of faces. Let's call a spade a spade.

Posted by: reante | Jul 10 2019 3:22 utc | 152

@ reante with the claim that there is no difference between the "jackboots"

I understand and read your concerns but disagree that the organizational structures are sympatico or why would we be having all this international brinksmanship going on?....are you saying it is all kabuki for the masses?....I don't think so but could be wrong.

I expect we will find out soon enough if kabuki might be reflective of the geo-political dance we are watching or not.

As to this all happening within an ecosystem that has the final vote on whether our resource waste and "excesses" are terminal, I don't think anyone knows or can prove either side conclusively. That said, to counter the ideology of the West, China has been forced to play the Western game of consumption to a degree just to "catch up" and be a "player".

Intention and reality based on that intention change over time. I read China's intention as structurally different from the West based on public/private finance assumptions that are at risk as I have reported recently in China's opening up of its financial sector......I think it is a trap but don't tell anyone......grin

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 10 2019 3:58 utc | 153

Thanks psychohistorian but I'm afraid you're barking up the wrong tree. States, without exception in the history of intensive agriculture, are coercive and chickenshit at root. They are populated entirely by broken peoples, broken peoples breaking each other, generation after generation after generation. It's an exercise in mass self-loathing which, by definition is self-ish. They are an offense to god.

To answer your question, the current brinkmanship exists because broken humans that stupidly identify as Chinese ultimately care about China more than they care about iphones, and broken humans that stupidly identify as Americans ultimately care about America more than they care about cheap ass shit. Hoocoodanode?


Posted by: reante | Jul 10 2019 5:15 utc | 154

A lot of crap has been written on this channel.

Brick and and Road is the greates challenge yet to the evil empire, but the evil empire is not as strong as it once was: Practically non production facilities, an economy based on FIRE and an aeronautical industry taking a hit... Whats not to like?
The US meddling in Iran will go sour, Iran is 85 million people, it is NOT Iraq with 18 million, it is heavily armed and ready, has for 40 or more years. The US cant air bomb it ( Too many missiles) and they cant invade it ( 1 million ground combatants) is too big a mouth full... What then? Sanctions, sanctions and sanctions! But all do not really play it do they... China and Russia do not, and the EU is half baked.
Let the US throw themselves into another in winnable war, that will finally depose them as the worlds "leader", it will be great to watch!

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Jul 10 2019 6:25 utc | 155

reante , remember to take your meds!
Incoherent babbling could be signs of severe trauma to the brain, have you fallen recently?

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Jul 10 2019 6:36 utc | 156

On topic
A blockade by the invicible armada? That's all they came up with as a new provocation?

Posted by: Mina | Jul 10 2019 6:52 utc | 157

mina @158: I think the idea is to prevent a "chill" on traffic through the strait of Hormuz by providing escorts to deter those little Iranian boats. It is also a good indication that we don't (somebody anyway) want to provoke a war since we would not put all those "escorts" in harms way if we did, all those hostages ...

Dunford: US Will Provide Intel, Not Escorts, In Strait Of Hormuz

Posted by: Bemildred | Jul 10 2019 7:58 utc | 158

Den, if you'd like to back up your criticism with a substantive argument I'm all ears, but even if you'd like to you couldn't.

You can't handle the truth brother.

Posted by: reante | Jul 10 2019 13:39 utc | 159

Trump is, roughly speaking, the inverted -- and in more than one way -- shitshow-style Gorbachev. This was obvious from the beginning; the peasant Gorby transitioned international socialism to national capitalism, roughly speaking, and the elitist Trump is transitioning international capitalism to national socialism.

Believe it or not, his shitshow is American perestroika, the ruptured NATO wake he is leaving is glastnost.

As with Gorbs and all reformers, Trump will oversee the transition, the scary climax, and then take his leave at the beginning of the hard, new dawning of the national socialist hangover, whence the Samoan warrior princess will demand that man restore character to its rightful place, over personality, LOL.

FWIW to the BRI junkies, I expect Andrew Yang to be her Veep. He is a national socialist/capitalist cross, and a perfect fit. His stated priority is to restore a constructive relationship with China.

Marianne Williamson, BTW, is the third national socialist, but she is just a plant, there to provide a critical mass, and provide the stage with an exigesis of the cast of characters, like a one-woman chorus in an Aristophanes play, thanks to the Management's bright young interns hard at work in the literary dep't.

Posted by: reante | Jul 10 2019 15:06 utc | 160

The Outlaw US Empire insisted on calling an IAEA meeting and is suffering the consequences of its inanity outlined so well by Zarif:

"Irony of IAEA Board meeting on US request:
a. US abhors JCPOA, axed & violates it, and punishes all who observe it;
b. US has no standing to raise JCPOA issues;
c. Iran fully complied with JCPOA per 15 IAEA reports;
d. Iran's actions are lawful under para 36 of accord: [chart follows]"

The Irony aspect is THE Iranian talking point as shown by Rouhani's words in this RT report:

"Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called it a 'sad irony' that an International Atomic Energy Agency meeting is being held at the behest of the US despite President Trump being the main contributor to the demise of the Iran deal."

The level of ineptitude displayed by Team B is startling and tragically ironic!

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 10 2019 17:20 utc | 161

reante @160: I think Trump is more like our Yeltsin, he's put our government up for sale, he was elected to blow up Bannon's "Administrative state"; Obama was our Gorbachev, the nice-talking ineffective reformer. Obama's main good point, like Trump's, was not wanting to get into more wars, the "legacy" thing.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jul 10 2019 19:27 utc | 162

Bemildred @ 162

Obama wasn't a reformer, he was status quo neoliberal imperialist as they come. Libya and Syria and Ukraine and Egypt were on his watch, as was Honduras...

Gorbachev created the conditions for Empire to fallback on its terms. Trump is doing the same.

Yeltsin shepherded the economic transition to national capitalism that will also be Tulsi's role except towards socialism. Tulsi may end up being a combination Yeltsin-Putin figure.

Posted by: reante | Jul 10 2019 21:33 utc | 163

Fwiw I agree with reante. I agree the fix is in. Tulsi in 2024

The fix is in.

Posted by: donkeytale | Jul 11 2019 4:17 utc | 164

Tulsi in 2020.

Fixed that for you. ;)

Posted by: reante | Jul 11 2019 4:55 utc | 165

Iranian boats attempted to impede British tanker in the Gulf: UK

Iran have put itself in a bad place now, apparently now they have to deal with the UK too, they cannot do anything against any of these
powers, its ridiculous.

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 11 2019 10:27 utc | 166

Zanon @ 166

Think about the sequence of events that would need to have transpired for that to be true. It doesn't add up. If the Iranian army really tried to seize a tanker, it would have tried more than asking nicely, especially given the British military presence.

Also, I've noticed that every time someone writes an article that's complete bull****, the writer is careful to show that the article is merely quoting someone else.

For example, the title "British Military Claims Iranian Boat Seizure Attempt" is different from "Iranian Army Tries to Seize a British Boat." By making the article about the British military's claim, the reporter gives himself to change the details without being technically wrong.

Posted by: Timothy Hagios | Jul 11 2019 11:47 utc | 167

I dont think they tried to board it, but likely teased it and unfortunately that doesnt get you anywhere with power like UK.
UK have the guts to take an iranian tanker, Iran does not and now UK, US know that definately.

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 11 2019 12:26 utc | 168

My point is that the incident referred to in the article probably did not happen--they made it up in order to further antagonize Iran.

Posted by: Timothy Hagios | Jul 11 2019 12:37 utc | 169

As per Times, Iran offering 2 year crude futures contracts.
Trying to partially protect China from price melt-up?

Posted by: necromancer | Jul 11 2019 13:26 utc | 170

If the incident did happen as reported, then it was recon. The recon, apart from what it yields in and of itself as a military operation, also serves to indicate that Iran is setting about doing what they said they would do. The empire is stretched thin and wars of attrition can be two-way streets.

Moreover, the alleged verbal order to the EMPTY tanker to set anchor in Iranian water was likely intended as nothing more than an addition of insult to injury, on the heels of the tanker having reportedly pussied-out two days prior, and canceled it's crude order 40km before it reached Basra... as if a tanker with a military escort by air and sea would possibly pull over for a few dinghies, LOL.

Good stuff.

This war of attrition is a two-way street, and the EROEI of middle East crude has just ratcheted down a notch.

Posted by: reante | Jul 11 2019 14:54 utc | 171

The Outlaw US Empire insisted on calling an IAEA meeting and is suffering the consequences of its inanity outlined so well by Zarif:
Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 10 2019 17:20 utc | 161

The Outlaw US Empire is on pretty shaky ground here. The 171 member states have NOT elected AmeriKKKa as the IAEA's Boss or Spokes-twit.
Zarif still has a killer punchline up his sleeve...
If one makes a list of countries which do NOT allow the IAEA to inspect and report on the Current Status of their Nuclear Weapons Programs (and in "Israel's" case, their Imaginary Nuclear Weapons Program), it turns out that Iran is the ONLY country which allows such inspections.
And Iran hasn't got a NWP.
Zarif should insist that people should stop abbreviating the IAEA's name and refer to it by its full and correct name...
Iran Atomic Energy Agency.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 11 2019 14:55 utc | 172

I imagine that the IRGC probably sent its blue-chip recruits out there in those swift boats. It's another badge of honor to have the empire's 30mm guns trained on you.

Posted by: reante | Jul 11 2019 15:19 utc | 173

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