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July 06, 2019

Fakenews Spotting: Quake Causes Damage! ... Did It?

From the Washington Post homepage a few minutes ago:


This scheme isn't uncommon. Sensational headline claims X, text says the opposite is a well established practice in main stream journalism.

Its rare that it is so obvious. But cursory readers will still fall for it.


Posted by b on July 6, 2019 at 7:26 UTC | Permalink


There are specialist headline writers. The journalists who write an article have no control over the headline.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 6 2019 7:37 utc | 1

On an internet news web page it is called click bait.

Posted by: Ernesto Che | Jul 6 2019 9:27 utc | 2

In the case of an earthquake, it's reasonable to expect that damage and injuries will be inevitable. This may be a case of the headline being written with the expectation that the text of the article will be updated once reports of damage and injuries come in. I don't quite see this as fake news. But I do find the practice of misleading headlines in general to be very dubious practice.

There should perhaps be a code of conduct that regulates that the headline must correlate to the article text. Is there any organisation that monitors the press and produces reports that show how well each press outlet follows the regulations?

Posted by: SayLess | Jul 6 2019 9:53 utc | 3

Not all of Southern CA is like LA. There are large areas that are sparsely populated. The report I read said the quake occurred in the Mojave desert. The driest desert in North America.
Another report claimed that another quake is due within the next 20 days but gave no information on why they believed this might happen.
It did allow the Mayor of a small town near the epicenter to declare a state of emergency for anticipated damage. Go figure.

Posted by: CD Waller | Jul 6 2019 10:07 utc | 4

Posted by: SayLess | Jul 6 2019 9:53 utc | 3

"There should perhaps be a code of conduct..."

There is a journalistic code, at least informally (many publications and groups of publications have formal codes), and it's just empty words, just for show, which they deliberately and systematically violate.

Same with the Constitution, same with the Hippocratic oath ("do no harm", right), same with Popper's myth of the "scientific method", same with the ethical codes of every professional body, same with the mission statements of almost all system NGOs, and so on.

Posted by: Russ | Jul 6 2019 10:47 utc | 5

In an age when major national newspapers are so strapped for cash (due to years, even decades of falling revenues and posting loss after loss every year in the financial accounts) that they have to sack their entire editorial and other back-office staff, re-hire some of them on short-term low-pay contracts and then load them with work that they need their whole sacked office staff to do, is it really so surprising that the co-ordination of text with headlines (and probably the co-ordination of other things too) has gone into the dustbin of past Palaeolithic news reporting standards?

Posted by: Jen | Jul 6 2019 10:59 utc | 6

People defending this trash. No, misleading headlines aren't dubious practice. They are lies. For example, a headline saying "Iran Violates Treaty" when said treaty has long since been violated by the other participants, isn't dubious. It's a lie. It 's a vicious, warmongering lie. And that kind of garbage is standard.

Posted by: paul | Jul 6 2019 11:05 utc | 7

Reports of a 7.1 quake struck about 150 miles NE of LA today.

Posted by: Ralph | Jul 6 2019 11:31 utc | 8

Sorry, it was yesterday evening in the USA.

Posted by: Ralph | Jul 6 2019 11:39 utc | 9

Trump requested an emergency meeting for JCPOA, returning back, without entring again, the shock was tremendous, human beings was ignorant of truth, but earth quaqed 7.1 scale

Posted by: Arata | Jul 6 2019 12:03 utc | 10

Title: Quake causes damage
Subtitle: ... but there are no immediate report of damage

??? Oh, I get it. It's from Washington Compost - one of the shining American presstitute jewels ....

Posted by: Nathan | Jul 6 2019 12:39 utc | 11

Amazing enough I live 200 miles north of there in the central valley and I felt it. it lasted a long time.

Posted by: jo6pac | Jul 6 2019 13:01 utc | 12

As somebody led into in #1, journalists write what they see and learn, headline writers try to sell newspapers to sustain higher advertising rates. Journalists are in the news business, headline reporters in the entertainment business. (The two professions are capable of agreeing when it comes to wars and and stuff like that.)

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jul 6 2019 13:10 utc | 13

@Don Bacon #13
One small correction. Headlines are not written to entertain, they are written to sell advertising.

Posted by: Bill H | Jul 6 2019 13:14 utc | 14

With the introduction of machine-written news, the automation of journalism has entered a new phase. Algorithms can now automatically generate news stories on the basis of statistical information and a set of stock phrases, without interference from human journalists.

Posted by: O | Jul 6 2019 13:20 utc | 15

It is when you get no coverage that you know something is up.

Here is a similar headline from this morning:

"Iran denies seizing British-flagged oil tanker in Persian Gulf in retaliation amid rising tensions"

From The Telegraph, basically a ship at rest is read by someone on marine tracking as hijacked and ends up as a headline. It is quite a powerful headline because it makes Iran look defensive, that it has to explain itself etc.

Posted by: gzon | Jul 6 2019 13:27 utc | 16

Thought I post this here, as it is in part earthquake related and some might say fake news related as well, so it somehow fits the topic.

If you are interested in space weather, earthquake prediction, climate change, science and more, you might want to look at and view the daily space weather videos. 5mins plus/minus

Ben Davidsons website and youtube channel gave me lots to think about in the last few months. I kind of love it when my convictions are challanged and some of you might like that as well. Hope he is wrong about some things he sees coming.

Posted by: senf | Jul 6 2019 13:35 utc | 17

@ BH 14
You're not correcting me, you're repeating what I said.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jul 6 2019 13:37 utc | 18

Pending action regarding MH17:

On July 1, Russian sources reported that the Ukrainian SBU (CIA/FBI equivalent) was preparing to release an 'information bomb' on MH17.

On July 5, they also reported that the SBU had kidnapped a separatist from Sneznoe by knocking him out with a blow to the head, drugging him and moving to a safehouse in a wheelchair and then on to Kiev, presumably the SBU/CIA headquarters. The man was involved in the Novorossian air defense in 2014.

My guess is the SBU will beat a confession out of him, in which he admits that 'it was the Russians that done it'. This will be publicised within a week or so.

Posted by: Yonatan | Jul 6 2019 13:44 utc | 19

The presstitutes in the fake news corporate mass media cannot help it anymore. Even innocuous stories like the fire department rescuing a cat from a tree these days become "Racist Deplorable Attacks Black Cat!"

They are so detached from the real world that they no longer even know where it is.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jul 6 2019 14:11 utc | 20

OR any headline that includes Iran Threatens ....

It doesn't matter what the Iranians actually said or what was done to them, just say 'Iran threatens' and they will be portrayed as aggressors. FUKUS illegally seizes an Iranian tanker, ONE Iranian legislator says they should retaliate in kind and headlines reduce this to 'Iran threatens British shipping ... '.

Trump threatens Iran with total destruction and the headlines read ...
"President Trump says he will ‘obliterate’ Iran if the country attacks anything American"
1. Threaten changed to 'says'
2. It includes exculpatory (as best the can) wording to make it soften threat. 'If Iran attacks', so Iran still sounds like the aggressor.
And the MSM hates Trump.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Jul 6 2019 14:14 utc | 21

Don't forget Iran Regime Threatens. . .

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jul 6 2019 14:20 utc | 22

@15 O

For anyone who is interested, the full article (PDF) is available HERE

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 6 2019 14:28 utc | 23

I live in So. Cal., this quake occurred in a lightly populated area just north of Metro L.A. Some damage, but, all things considered, not too bad.

Had this latest tremor occurred in metro L.A., would have been very serious.

Posted by: ben | Jul 6 2019 14:46 utc | 24

@DB 21

.... mind it is UK/US getting the blame for Grace 1, but the law being acted on is EU. I know, US is to blame for EU law also...? EU didn't really mean those laws/they were only supposed to be applied at EU discretion ...? OK, it was UK that acted. EU invites/provides confusion as far as national responsibility is concerned, it provides an excuse but isn't a proper executive, is not a country that another can deal with properly.

Anyway, you also have Happiness 1 with a million barrels being "held hostage" off Jeddah now, some of the Saudi press are rubbing that in on Iran.

Posted by: gzon | Jul 6 2019 14:48 utc | 25

P.S.--Last nights quake is said to have been 7.1, for me, one minute or so, of slow rolling...

Posted by: ben | Jul 6 2019 15:03 utc | 26

How about ‘massive nuclear explosions in USA not many dead’ and ‘who cares anyway’ it wasn’t my fault I couldn’t do enything to stop it, so why the hell should I care!!
The above, as a headline could fairly be described as lacking in truth and empathy. And yet it is what the western headlines do on a daily bases ! If they can even be bothered to report it.
And now onto the latest from the tennis.
Normalisation de-humanisation.

Posted by: Mark2 | Jul 6 2019 15:13 utc | 27

I wonder what went on at the China Lake Naval Weapons Center. It was closed after the first quake. Like in the cases out east when the hurricanes caused pretty severe damage to military bases there isn't much news. There is a volcanic field nearby as well. The earth is always stirring and shaking things up.

Posted by: the pessimist | Jul 6 2019 15:17 utc | 28

More famously, an algorithm called Quakebot published a story about a 2014 California earthquake on The Los Angeles Times website within three minutes after the shaking had stopped.[4][5]

What is the Quakebot and how does it work?

Posted by: O | Jul 6 2019 15:25 utc | 29

If there is only one thing of value that comes from Trump, it is Fake News as the 'outing' of new journalism, mass media, click-bait news sources and psy-ops of Intel agencies.

He coined the phrase and it became real, manifested in awareness globally.

There is nothing to trust and nothing to believe until you carefully parse the "content".

Buyer beware.

Posted by: Red Ryder | Jul 6 2019 15:25 utc | 30

USGS page

Posted by: the pessimist | Jul 6 2019 15:25 utc | 31

I live in between Fresno and Modesto and I feel it.

Posted by: JC | Jul 6 2019 15:26 utc | 32

RR @ 28: Yep, you're right about the manifest awareness of "Fake News" and DJT. He is the absolute king of Fake News. His whole persona is fake....

Posted by: ben | Jul 6 2019 15:32 utc | 33

I lived in California not far from the infamous San Andreas Fault, took the Geology of California course while in college then supported that class as a tutor. The quakes are all related to the ongoing process of mountain building in the southern leg of the Sierras, the fundamental structures being horst/graben. The valley is dropping while the surrounding mountains are being uplifted. The massive number of quakes overall is now beyond 2,000 with a few major pops. If those reporting this event had taken the requisite college courses, they'd understand what's happening and be able to explain it to their readers. But it seems rather clear, most are illiterate when it comes to California's geology, particularly the editors writing headlines. And I'm sure the military pukes stationed out there got more excitement than they'll ever get from any Theme Park ride.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 6 2019 15:55 utc | 34

gzon, the U.K's seizure of the Iranian tanker heading for Syria was a blatant act of piracy. The invocation of the EU sanctions is the figleaf meant to make it sound legitimate. They are citing resolution EU_36_2012, I started reading it but couldn't get past the insufferable moralizing.

1. Okay, let's say that oil was going to an 'entity' under EU sanction, the question is to whom does this EU statute apply? It obviously applies to EU member states but neither Iran or Syria are EU member states so this would not give them the authority to forbid such traffic.

2. If the tanker was transiting through EU territorial waters, it has the right of innocent passage, you cannot enter the Mediterranean without entering Spanish waters. Nothing gives them the right to stop the tanker.

3. Even if the tanker was stopped and getting supplies off shore, the statute might forbid Gibraltar or Spain from resupplying the ship but not in seizing the cargo. Even if the statute tried to claim the cargo as illegal contraband this would be in violation of the Geneva Conventions which requires the humane treatment of the civilian population and would exclude basic commodities such as food, medicine, and energy from that list. In other words, claiming heroin or weapons as contraband, fine, but not oil.

In all of the legal citations, all they blather about is how the oil was destined for an 'illegal refiner' they totally ignore all of these other points.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Jul 6 2019 16:02 utc | 35

@ karlof1 32
You're correct on SoCal rising and dropping, but that ain't all. Quakes actually take place on fault lines, caused by plate tectonics. LA is traveling to San Francisco at 1.5 inches per year on the Pacific Plate, rubbing against the North America Plate. That's a major fault line, and not the only one. There are 140 faults in SoCal. Geologically speaking it's one of the most active areas in the world, if not THE most.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jul 6 2019 16:29 utc | 36

speaking of piracy here is an example of fake banking..

explains one leg of economic zionism..

Posted by: snake | Jul 6 2019 16:32 utc | 37

@Christian Chuba 33

I don't want to upset b. by going off topic here too much (and I know I more or less started it with DBs help , and also that it in a way falls under the theme of fake news and false headlines if only tangentially) but I will reply anyway because I think it is important.

1. These sanctions apply, amongst other, to anything that occurs in territories subscribing to EU law. That means using the territory as transit is forbidden to all also, if it helps the sanctioned entities, even if that transit is foreign registered .

2. Innocent passage is overulled in this case because...

3. ... the sanctions are drawn on humanitarian grounds. The whole reasoning given is to deny funding and support to the Assad government because of the atrocities it has committed and would commit.

I am just saying how it stands from an EU legality within international law point of view.

Posted by: gzon | Jul 6 2019 16:33 utc | 38

@ gzon 35
I did not help you go OT. . . .did....not
I was only emphasizing the wrongful use of the word "regime."
You helped yourself.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jul 6 2019 16:43 utc | 39

This Fake News headline from the Washington ComPost and Associated Propagandists is only slightly more credible than the journalistic output of monkeys on a typewriter.

Posted by: AK74 | Jul 6 2019 16:53 utc | 40

The problem with headlines these days is they are designed to be of significance in themselves and often being misleading. This is a complete bastardisation of their original intent which was to draw the reader in to read the body text of the article for both facts and context of the written piece

Posted by: m | Jul 6 2019 17:00 utc | 41

Geologists have funny math.
. . .from CNN
A powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake swayed buildings and cracked streets and foundations in Southern California on Friday night, sending terrified residents into the streets a day after another quake hit.
The latest earthquake Friday struck 11 miles northeast of Ridgecrest, according to the US Geological Survey. It was five times bigger and 11 times stronger than Thursday's 6.4 -magnitude earthquake, also centered near Ridgecrest. (end CNN)
There have been a lot of minor quakes too, shown here.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jul 6 2019 17:05 utc | 42

Anyone who knows anything about earthquake geology knows that the number of earthquakes that are detected by seismometers is hundreds to thousands of times those felt by a human being. Since most people do not know that the Richter scale is logarithmic rather than linear, such ratings are poor click bait. The likelihood of a earthquake that can be felt by a human being causing no damage is almost impossible. What does it take to knock something fragile off a table or shelf?

Posted by: Vonu | Jul 6 2019 17:11 utc | 43

Don Bacon @34--

Yes, and horst/graben's are themselves faults. One of the reasons why the California Geology course is so difficult that it demands tutorial support is the amazing complexity of California's geology. It's well beyond introductory level.

What makes sensationalistic headlines possible--ignorance and the human thirst to satisfy it. Transport your mind back in time to the age just prior to the communication revolution which began in 1844 and exploded with single wire telegraphy and the Morse Code inventions circa 1850. This had a great impact on newspaper publication in major cities where some issued 6-8 daily editions plus single broadsheet extras linked to what were deemed important/sensational announcements/news. What differs between today's cable-news 24/7 news scroll is its method of delivery which forces print to become even more sensationalistic in order to sell its product, which is the advertising within, not the news. One of the sub-plots within Joyce's Ulysses is the need for newspapers to secure advertising campaigns for their profitability and the celebration that ensues once captured. It's that competition with video and the extra pressure its placed on remaining profitable that's causing print to become evermore tabloidesque in its sensationalism; and as with tabloids, the news content associated with the headline becomes further removed from reality.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 6 2019 17:22 utc | 44

The headline is more revealing that one could ever think. Actually, the entirety of the present situation in regards to 'informing the electorate' is so out of whack, that one can only surmise it having been designed this way.
What these contradicting headlines do to Your mind is amazing. No need to read the article, correct? That is the idea. Those publishing these headlines are aware that the average attention span will not allow to read the article and subsequently to find out it's nonsense, or contradicting itself.
The headline sticks. The old Nazi Bernays knew that of course very well. Human psyche - can be manipulated to any extend. The task is to incapacitate the ability of the readers to tell the chaff from the wheat. This is the same reason twatter only allows for headline like use of words.
But now to the oddities in this case.
For an amazing long time, the only earthquake response was visible on USGS. None of the other earthquake monitor networks showed anything at all. Not the 6.4 Mag and also the 7.1 Mag. They were exclusively on the USGS map. Emphasis on 'exclusively'. One of the best global monitors is the IRIS network and there was nothing - until someone must have told them to put them up. There are grave discrepancies in the appearance of these quakes in networks other than USGS. Why?
Then, there was not one word - not a single one - that the earthquake swarm originated in an off limits military area. The 'US NAVAL AIR WARFARE CENTER CHINA LAKE'. Not once was this fact mentioned. Why not? It's obvious to anybody with access to a map. Why is nobody talking about the epicenter being in a military exclusion zone? Not relevant? Right.
Oddly though, when North Korea - or others at that - detonate a nuclear device, the US knows it immediately. Why? B/C of the earthquake that is generated. Like the ones under the two infamous towers. Nobody ever talked about these as well. But seismometers do not lie. They record any strong enough signal. Like the seismic fingerprint of a large rock slide.
If there is no evidence to the contrary, the US military tested one of the spanking brand new nukes the orange Donald bragged about. On the 4th of July. What could have gone wrong? Right, nothing. Alas, any large ordinance detonated in an seismically sensitive area will garner the same results - earthquake swarms all over the place.
So, the headline is intentionally misleading to make it impossible to know what happened. That is the entire idea. That's saying something without saying anything at all.
Buckle up, the ride has almost reached its peak. It will soon go down faster than anyone could like.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jul 6 2019 17:24 utc | 45

Damage from earthquakes depends on depth, fault geology, surface geology, and building construction. The magnitude gives an indication of energy release but not necessarily a clear indication of damage or how the quake is experienced at the surface, for example a recent quake that occurred south of, and some distance away from Mexico City caused considerable death and destruction there but not so much near the quake epicenter because of surface geology and building construction. When a significant event occurs it is almost never clear at first what the consequences are, but the location and magnitude will be immediately available. Any significant quake in Socal will generate an immediate spew of headlines which will inevitably be more or less innacurate because it is a seismically active region with a large urban population. Headlines bring eyeballs which generates ad revenue. Nothing else to see here.

Posted by: the pessimist | Jul 6 2019 17:40 utc | 46

Casual reader: "Well, it MUST be true if the AP ran it..."

Posted by: T Mike | Jul 6 2019 17:46 utc | 47

nottheonly1 @42--

I know that region very well and a nuke test was one of my initial reactions. Here's a USGS article on the topic. Given the reports and images I've seen, the quakes are most likely the result of the still unfinished orogeny of the Sierra Nevada mountains and unremarkable in terms of geologic time, although very remarkable in the timespan of humans. California quake activity's been rather quiet over the past several decades to the point of becoming unusual. This event could signal the beginning of more activity as California's geologic evolution's far from being completed.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 6 2019 17:54 utc | 48

gzon @38
EU 36/2012
Find the section that authorizes the EU to physically seize the Iranian oil tanker heading for Syria instead of speaking in generalities. In every place where I read 'prohibit' it was referring to member states of the EU. The onus is on them (or you) to cite the clause and not flash it like a badge

The EU does not supersede international law
EU regulations cannot trump international law in regard to international waters or the Geneva Conventions, otherwise I could cite 'humanitarian grounds' to block my neighbors driveway and prevent grocery deliveries because I don't like the way he raises his children, or Iran can simply pass a statute that authorizes them to 'seize' British naval vessels. The entire point of international law is to prevent nations from coming up with their own rules and arbitrarily seizing each other's property while in transit.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Jul 6 2019 19:47 utc | 49

7.1 is not an after-tremor, as indicated by the media, but a major earthquake. Whether there will be more, I don't know. Normally, there's a major release of stress, and afterwards, the after-tremors are less.

Posted by: Laguerre | Jul 6 2019 21:34 utc | 50

You're probably the only media outlet continuing the seriously investigate the Boeing criminality, well done for sticking to a story and carving your own path. Too much news gets swept under the rug when it should be further explored.

Posted by: Blooming Barricade | Jul 6 2019 21:39 utc | 51

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 6 2019 17:54 utc | 45

Ha, ha, ha! Yes, You are absolutely correct, of course. The California/Sierra Nevada-Continental/Pacific Plate mechanisms are extremely complex in this area. Especially, when looked at from a 3D perspective. People - like those bringing You the news on telli - know nothing about that. Twentyone years living on Hawai'ian volcanoes, earthquakes were shaking our house daily. The majority small, but some were shaking the house quite well.

Why I still believe that the headline in question has nothing to do with 'informing', but only with programming, has to do with the willful ignorance as displayed by these people. No clue about nothing, but a lot of that.

This is not the place to talk about Western US seismicity, but there is a much deeper and much more sinister reason for the present events. They will increase and serve the owner class - only.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jul 6 2019 21:45 utc | 52

once again i post that Iraq and Iran had a similar volcano event on the Iraq and Iran border in 2007..
Iran was at a loss to explain where it came from.. and Iraqi officials looked blanked out..

makes me wonder what caused both events.

Posted by: snake | Jul 6 2019 22:54 utc | 53

< a href=" ">"> Iran called US’ request for holding an IAEA’s Board of Governors emergency meeting on Tehran’s nuclear program as a “bitter irony”
“the recent developments around the JCPOA have nothing to do with the responsibilities of the IAEA’s Board of Governors. Issues related to Iran nuclear deal will be discussed within the framework of designated mechanisms.”

Posted by: Arata | Jul 6 2019 23:38 utc | 54

OT but Science Related--

I rarely ever provide a link to Neven's Outstanding Arctic Sea Ice Blog, but as he notes, June was "one hell of a month." The prognosis for the remaining melt season isn't good. For those wanting to investigate further, the Arctic Sea Ice Forum looks at the entire cryosphere and breaks it into specific regions, like Greenland, which is my area of interest. So, explore and learn. Oh, Anchorage, Alaska had its first ever 90F degree day in its history yesterday!

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 7 2019 0:25 utc | 55

The headline and text are both correct. 6.9 quakes in populated areas always cause damage and injuries, and it did. At the time of the story there were no reports of damage or injuries, also correct. No reports does not confirm no damage or injuries which one knows must be present in the face of a 6.9 quake. These are not mutually exclusive.

Posted by: Pft | Jul 7 2019 0:38 utc | 56

@ Pft 55
The headline and text are both correct. . .These are not mutually exclusive.

Yes they are mutually exclusive. They cannot both occur at the same time, no reports of them yet they happened, and saying the headline is based on statistics doen't make it right. Those are two different info-bits. We expect that the headline to be consistent with the account, just as we expect the account to be consistent. The headline didn't say "6.9 quakes in populated areas always cause damage and injuries" and the report author didn't say it.

"Latest Southern California quake probably caused damage, injuries" might be truthful, but who expects to see headlines with probabilities. We expect news, not educated guesses. Therefore as b said it's fake news.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jul 7 2019 0:53 utc | 57


This doesn't look too bad to me since the starting point was at the end of a 40 year cooling period and followed by 40 years of a natural warming cycle

As to daily record highs. Go look at the location of the temperature station. At an airport surrounded by concrete and jet exhaust. 4 miles away another station recorded a high of 79.

Posted by: Pft | Jul 7 2019 0:55 utc | 58

@nottheonly1 #45
Pretty strong allegation - that the US violated a number of treaties in conducting a nuclear test.
Particularly since there are sensors all over the world looking for exactly such events operated by the CTBTO.

Posted by: c1ue | Jul 7 2019 1:34 utc | 59

@DB 39 :D

@ Christian Chuba 49

I have just spent the last several hours looking over all I can find that is related, just because no one else is doing this that I can tell, and that before reading your reply to me. I'll post the short essay tomorrow on open thread. The intent of EU sanctions is not 'a generality', it is what member nations are obliged to act by, it is also what the public are fed as 'the position to take'. Obviously it is member states that take the actual action, much as EU would like a combined policing and military aparatus. The fudge is in the definition of "territory" and the extent to which any nation wishes or is able to go in exercising control in (or at the margin of) the UNCLOS definitions. I'll give examples of that in my text . I am not flashing any badge, the badge is an EU badge of sanctions, the only question (beyond it also subscribing to EU sanctions) is if technically the UK was working beyond its jurisdiction according to innocent passage.

I agree that EU does not supersede international law, and with what that implies.

@DB 56 You know the paradox:

The second sentence is true. The first sentence is false.

Posted by: gzon | Jul 7 2019 2:12 utc | 60

Don Bacon@56

I wont belabor the point, but the headline turned out to be correct. Fake or prophetic? If only all fake news turned out to be so truthful

In all fairness the headline writers are not the same people who write the articles. They are basically click bait. I don't care for it either, but this probably isn't the best example of fake news. Slow news week I guess.

Posted by: Pft | Jul 7 2019 2:14 utc | 61

Posted by: c1ue | Jul 7 2019 1:34 utc | 58

Pretty strong allegation - that the US violated a number of treaties in conducting a nuclear test.
Particularly since there are sensors all over the world looking for exactly such events operated by the CTBTO

Ha, ha, ha! You are quite funny. Are You talking about treaties the US abode by in its history? If yes, which one were those?
Just to level up here, You are aware that the US ditched the INF treaty, right? Do You know why? Because the INF forbade the testing and installation of short and medium range nuclear missiles - like the Pershings in Europe in the late seventies/early eighties.

To sum it up:
Yes, I believe that a regime that had no troubles whatsoever when it used the first two nukes while they were superfluous for victory, over a million innocent people dead in the Middle East - the butchery in Yemen with US support has not stopped as well. Perpetrating overthrows of democratically elected Socialist governments?

The US has become a cesspool for corruption and Nationalism. What goes on right now behind insurmountable walls of secrecy will soon be obvious for everybody to see.

Don't get me wrong, I do fancy and prefer a United States of America that has not only compensated the Native Indian population for genocide, but also African Americans for centuries of slavery. I also prefer for it to close all bases it keeps on taxpayers' tab, while the profits for these undertakings flow exclusively into the coffers of the owner class.

So, it was not a strong allegation - but a reflection of the US's modus operandi. Please discard my response in case you work for the owner class.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jul 7 2019 2:21 utc | 62

karlof1 @ 51

We should keep in mind that comparisons of this kind are extremely limited in modern mans knowledge of that area. We have nothing in reports of ancient seafarers records of the Northern Passage. It is nice that people are now making observations. The Piri Reis map is one interesting record of the past but it may have been an object of cartographers confusion. These types of maps were high level intelligence of the era.

We are still stuck on Columbus discovered America. Modern climate arrogance is just as amazing. The Earth's record is one of wild temperature shifts over the last 500 million years.

Posted by: dltravers | Jul 7 2019 2:39 utc | 63

OT 54 cont'd--

Ya'll know it's all about the physics, which is the fundamental science in play. What happens when the temperature gradient between the poles and equator lessens, becomes less steep? Do please provide an answer to this extremely basic question. It's okay if you don't know; just don't pretend that you do.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 7 2019 3:12 utc | 64

@nottheonly1 #61
INF is very different than CTBP or NPT. For one thing, know a handful of nations can even contemplate intermediate range nukes.
More importantly, the CTPBC is an international organization headquartered in Vienna.
A US test not detected/reported by them, it Russia or China is a big thing.
Once again, you are making a bold statement, which generally requires a strong set of evidence.

Posted by: C1ue | Jul 7 2019 4:41 utc | 65

Posted by: Pft | Jul 7 2019 2:14 utc | 61

"In all fairness the headline writers are not the same people who write the articles. They are basically click bait. I don't care for it either, but this probably isn't the best example of fake news. Slow news week I guess."

As a rule the "reporters" are no better and just as tendentious. What do they scribble about Iran or Venezuela, as opposed to the Zionist state?

An earthquake might be a relatively innocuous example with fairly straight reportage since most earthquakes probably are natural events (though the US government admits that fracking causes earthquakes). But contrast that with wildfires, which almost always have at least a very strong man-made component (on account of profiteering fire-maximizing "forest management", climate chaos, and building in wildfire zones in the first place). There the reportage tends to disappear the man-made part and fraudulently depict it as a "natural disaster", when it's really no such thing.

Posted by: Russ | Jul 7 2019 7:05 utc | 66

Indeed, the habit of headlines not just to distort the actual news in body but outright contradict them seems to be an accepted practice in mainstream journalism. A few instances I had the energy to write about among the many I didn’t:

This seems to follow from the rules of a humorously written but dead-on guide to journalism from cracked. See Rule 4

Posted by: Ludwitt | Jul 7 2019 7:24 utc | 67

Silly season.

Not even one fatality (?)

After riding these two quakes with ease, I was amazed to get emails from around the world asking if I was OK. I've felt worse ones that barely registered on USGS.

6.4 is really like, just another day here.

- Shyaku

Posted by: Shyaku | Jul 7 2019 8:29 utc | 68

Posted by: C1ue | Jul 7 2019 4:41 utc | 65

Once again, you are making a bold statement, which generally requires a strong set of evidence.

Are you now saying I am British? But the Brits are by far not the only ones who are making bold statements about Russia and Syria and Libya and Yemen - without any whatsoever sets of evidence about their alleged crimes. Plus, what is going on with the OPCW, has shown clearly, that so called international organizations that are supposed to inform the populations about certain events, or are supposed to be impartial are neither the first, nor the latter.

Your knowledge of these treaties is available with a search engine. It shows, that you are not informed though about the history of proliferation of short and intermediate nuclear capable missiles in Europe - where they are most dangerous and mostly rejected by the European people. The Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty was an important pillar of peace in Europe. It protected Europeans from Russian missiles that would have aimed at those countries with stationed Pershings. It worked. The US regime killed the accord. They are under no circumstances to be trusted. Under NO circumstances.

George Carlin told you that long time ago - without a strong set of evidence ever. The truth does not need evidence - it is the evidence.

And you can't prove that I am wrong either.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jul 7 2019 12:55 utc | 69


It's certainly a strange coincidence and I agree that skepticism is warranted.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 7 2019 13:37 utc | 70

The MSM papers + other print like magazines, weeklies, monthlies, low-level ‘journals’, no longer serve an information function.

They survive, are profitable or loss-wiped-off, by serving masters-owners / shareholders / Gvmt who part-owns, pays, etc. or as vehicles for advertising.

So, they peddle the pov of their owners / payers (incl. advertisers), or what they can convince their bosses is ‘the right way to go’, as monolithic and blatant slants rarely attract xtra customers, joiners. (Yet.. polarisation might be good as one might win that battle on one or another topic..!)

They stress the ‘negative - bad - dangerous’ (as opposed to goodie) as it attracts eyeball time, engagement. The ‘extraordinary’ has to be boosted front page or top of the slot as well. Sex -hints about- is a sure a seller. Oppositions are always good, the viewer, reader, is sollicited to take sides. Some cute shmaltzy stuff is lathered on, lacrimonious and hypocritical, ppl have to pretend to care.

A race to the bottom has ensued. This affects staff as well, the good guys, what is left of them, quit. (see also Red Ryder @ 30)

Earthquakes are not exempt!

UK. Peruse the red-tops (yellow journalism) plus much more

ex. Daily Express for Sat, Baby Archie.

Posted by: Noirette | Jul 7 2019 14:38 utc | 71

Noirette | Jul 7 2019 14:38 utc | 71

Sex -hints about- is a sure a seller.

It has gotten to a degree of degradation that is unfathomable. I can't post the capture I made from an 'Apple Computer' ad that shows a naked woman on a couch with a laptop on her legs. 'Naked' means here that the nude parts outdo the covered ones.
So I get to look at a naked woman in an ad to buy a computer. Sounds about right. In a very sarcastic way though.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jul 7 2019 15:13 utc | 72

Re-reading my comment @70. I didn't mean to be dismissive.

Such a 'coincidence' is suspicious and I'm not inclined to give TPTB the benefit of the doubt for the same reasons (and more) that nottheonly1 has described.

A covert test has many possible benefits, from negotiating tactic to increased certainty of a successful attack.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 7 2019 16:23 utc | 73

karlof1 @ 51

Here is something I found this week that I found interesting...

Scientists have discovered a sea of fresh water under the ocean

This is what puzzles me and the news cycle that constantly pushes global warming and terrorizes people over the minuscule amount of CO2 and its effect. The Earth has warmed up and it has caused people to flourish on the planet. If it turns cold again we will have a massive die off like the dark ages. This has been repeated throughout the history of the growth of people on Earth in smaller cycles and we can see that in the rise and fall of civilizations and disruptive invasions of people seeking to move, plunder, and eat.

So we should prepare for a cooling cycle as that does the most damage. Life does poorly in cool weather. Crops do not grow, production shifts, rainfall and dry regions change ect. ect.

There is absolutely no discussion of this among the talking heads in the press. It is global warming or nothing.

Posted by: dltravers | Jul 7 2019 17:15 utc | 74

Jackrabbit | Jul 7 2019 16:23 utc | 73

It did not come over this way. The real reason for this 'possibility' lies within everything that the US regime has done over the last two years. To call it unhinged would be an understatement.

In the light of a never before experienced militarism - it is no longer off to call the US a military dictatorship. For a Nation that rejects and if possible de-funds any International Court that could potentially charge the US with war crimes and crimes against humanity.

I have many reasons to love America, but am also aware of its descending into its darkest period since its inception. Alone the fact that this event took place July 4th explains a lot, if not everything.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jul 7 2019 18:44 utc | 75

dltravers @74--

Thanks for your excellent display of ignorance and utter lack of knowledge of the OT subject. I live aside the Pacific Ocean which is being altered by its absorption of CO2 that has caused its Ph to increase resulting in the growing inability of numerous types of sea life to properly grow and reproduce--which is but one example of what carbon pollution is doing to alter the current ecological paradigm. The weakening of the temperature gradient between poles and equator--the simple question I posed--is causing the jet stream to slow, become more erratic and allow weather systems to meander and create more havoc instead of quickly passing along their trajectory.

I do hope you'll live long enough to witness the damage wrought by the crisis you deny exists!!!!!

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 8 2019 2:01 utc | 76

@nottheonly1 #69
So in other words, you have no evidence - only personal belief.
That's fine.
As for the other stuff - no idea what you're talking about, only that it is irrelevant and inconsequential.
Your ongoing failure to address the reality of the NPT, CTBT and accompanying international structures, reinforces your highly speculative and likely not credible original statement.

Posted by: c1ue | Jul 8 2019 4:19 utc | 77

@ karlof1 | Jul 8 2019 2:01 utc | 76

…do hope you'll live long enough to witness the damage wrought by the crisis you deny exists!!!!!

That must be the best 'anti-Spock' I've seen: 'Live long and suffer!'. Have little doubt what the hand gesture for that would be - on the one hand, mIn; on the other, nIm.

But you are absolutely correct, maybe restrained about the damages being done.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Jul 8 2019 5:40 utc | 78

c1ue @77: So in other words, you have no evidence ...

Another piece of the puzzle:

Russia ‘probably’ not adhering to nuke test ban, DIA director says

Sadly, USA has history of accusing enemies of doing what USA does or intends to do.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 8 2019 7:58 utc | 79

@Jackrabbit #79
Once again, there are all manner of both CTBT and national sovereign monitoring systems in place.
Any atmospheric test generates radiation; any ground test generates seismic activity.
A 5 megaton bomb test in Alaska (Aleutian islands) generated a 6.9 magnitude seismic event.
So, unless really small nukes are being tested, the allegation by the US general needs to be accompanied by both independent verification and data, as opposed to a statement like "probably".

Posted by: c1ue | Jul 8 2019 18:37 utc | 80

Formerly T-Bear @78--

In one of the greatest of ironies, Trump delivered a speech touting his environmental accomplishments while the DC region flooded from torrential rain. A comment;

"'Is this a joke?' said Ken Kimmell, president of the Union of Concerned Scientists. 'It's like an arsonist talking about how valuable his work is to the fire department.'"

The article's photos provide quite a sight!

And thanks for your qualifying my rage as "Anti-Spock," although it's not what I was thinking at the moment but absolutely correct!

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 8 2019 21:11 utc | 81

@ karlof1 | Jul 8 2019 21:11 utc | 81

Must be channeling George Carlin, the gist of that line struck me as the Spock on the other side of the mirror. I was going to use for the hand gesture reference to the 'Flying fickle finger of fate' but thought probably less than 25% of the readers would remember that one.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Jul 8 2019 21:54 utc | 82

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 8 2019 21:11 utc | 81

"'Is this a joke?' said Ken Kimmell, president of the Union of Concerned Scientists. 'It's like an arsonist talking about how valuable his work is to the fire department.'"

I've read that arsonists often are firefighters themselves, especially volunteer or seasonal. They do it hoping to get more paid hours, and/or for the thrill which led them to become firefighters in the first place.

As for the biggest arsonists like politicians, the USFS and timber companies, of course it's most of all for corporate profit.

Posted by: Russ | Jul 9 2019 9:01 utc | 83

"Latest JSM news reports all true."

"Well, not quite. Nothing was true."

Posted by: 5 dancing shlomos | Jul 10 2019 17:51 utc | 84

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