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July 13, 2019

A Plausible Theory Of What Jeffrey Epstein Was Actually Doing

The first Jeffrey Epstein thread has grown a bit long. Here is a follow up.

For an introduction to the Epstein case please read this.

A question that no one could so far answer is how Epstein got as rich as he appears to be. A person who calls himself Quantian has an interesting theory of what Epstein was actually doing.

Here is the short version:

Epstein offered the post puberty teenyboppers he seduced and/or bribed to the rich people he knew. He invited lots of interesting people - artists, scientists, politicians, rich businessman - to his exclusive parties. There were always these young girls around. There was always a free bedroom. There were also cameras in place. When one of the rich guys messed with a girl Epstein would blackmail him.

But instead of taking cash he asked them for investments in his offshore hedge fund. For someone who owns billions it is peanuts to put a few dozen millions into a fund. It is legal. The money isn't gone. It will even bear interests.

Epstein is not known for having done much currency trades or other larger Wall Street transactions. His company is small, he didn't work a lot. It is likely he mostly re-invested the money in a simple index stock fund which follows the S&P 500. Those type of funds brought over the years quite a good profit.

Epstein would have taken the typical hedge fund fee of 2/20 which is 2% of the investment per year plus 20% of the profits. The hedge fund would be completely legal and there would be no tax troubles. The entrapped people would simply have to stay invested to keep Epstein quiet and the video tapes off the broadsheet market. Some billionaires might have invested upfront to gain access to the girls.

For Epstein the scheme would have been a very elegant way to pursue his personal 'hobby' while creating an ever growing income.

Quantian's theory sounds very plausible to me. It conforms with everything that is publicly known about Epstein and about what he was doing. It does not require any additional conspiracy theory about Mossad/Mafia/CIA involvement. But it also doesn't exclude that there is some.

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somebody @401:

Miami police knew officially since 2005.

A complaint was made in September 2005 and, after an investigation, the Miami police filed a probable-cause affidavit asking prosecutors to charge Epstein with four counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor in May 2006. So your suspicions that FBI/CIA covered for Epstein doesn't match what actually occurred.

The CIA/FBI intervened to protect the "people that matter" who where entrapped by Epstein, not to save Epstein.

We know that Bill Clinton was flying on the "Lolita Express" from 2001-2003 (beginning earlier than the Florida complaints). So the abuse of underage women had started by 2001. Wexner transferred his Manhattan home to Epstein in 1998.

Their nationality is British and American.

Wexner is known to be a strident Zionist and Ghislane's father is known to have been associated with Mossad.

it would have been stupid of Epstein/Maxwell to do that if they wanted protection from CIA/FBI

Your statement slyly assumes that they wanted/sought FBI/CIA protection from the outset. That assumption has no basis.

CIA/FBI can obtain lots of info about US people. They don't have any MOTIVE for compromising important Americans on a large scale. OTOH, it's not difficult to fathom why the Mega Group and/or Mossad might seek compromising material on a large number of important Americans and other Westerners just before 9-11 and during the Iraq War: to dissuade/disrupt any backlash against the War/Israel/Jews.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 21 2019 22:40 utc | 401


The abuse started as early as 1996:

... Maria Farmer has alleged that Mr. Epstein and Ms. Maxwell sexually assaulted her in 1996 when she was a graduate student and that they also flew her 15-year-old sister to his ranch in New Mexico, ordered her to take off her clothes and improperly touched her.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 21 2019 22:56 utc | 402

The civil suit against Trump that alleges that he raped a 13-year old at an Epstein event coupled with Epstein's arrest creates the possibility of Trump's being blackmailed into war with Iran.

Trump should immediately excuse/recuse himself from decision-making related to the Israel and Middle-East affairs that relate to Israel

If Trump won't do that, then the cabinet should invoke the 26th Amendment to remove him from office.

If the Cabinet can not or will not act, then Congress should impeach the President and the Senate should convict him for abuse of power.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

The timeline:

Robert Maxwell dies
Ghislane moves to USA
Mega Group starts

2016 civil suit says Trump raped a then-13 year old women at an Epstein event

Maria Farmer claims Epstein and Ghislane sexually asaulted her and her 15-year old sister

Project for a New American Century (PNAC) is founded

Wexner transfers NYC home valued at tens of millions of dollars - did this pay, or help to pay, for Epstein's Lolita Express plane?

Wall Street Journal article about Mega Group:

... a loosely organized club of 20 of the nation's wealthiest and most influential Jewish businessmen. Formed seven years ago by Leslie Wexner, chairman of Limited Inc. and Charles Bronfman, Edgar's brother and Seagram Co. cochairman ...

There are indications that Mega Group has Mossad connections - as might be expected given the collective power of the individuals that comprise the group.

PNAC release "Rebuilding America's Defenses" (RAD) Report which included a chilling wish:

"Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor."

Bill Clinton and others fly on "Lolita Express"

Abuse period of Florida complaint

Non-Prosecution Agreement

Trump is elected President

Civil suit claims that Trump and Epstein abused/raped a women in 1993 at an Epstein event (when the women was just 13 years old)

2019, July 5th
Trump decides not to attack Iran

2019, July 6th
Epstein flies back to USA and is arrested

If Epstein seeks a plea deal, it's possible that he confirm the allegations of rape (of a 13-year old) against Trump

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 22 2019 0:29 utc | 403

The American Herald Tribune article says that he lawsuit was dropped. It has a link to the lawsuit on Scribd (filed 6-20-2016).

There is a question whether the accuser is a real person or if the allegations are politically motivated.

Not sure if President Trump's removal is justified. But the concern about blackmail related to a potential Epstein plea deal remains.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 22 2019 1:02 utc | 404

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 22 2019 1:02 utc | 405

If Trump (or US-America) goes to war with Iran it will be because Iran blocks the Strait of Hormuz triggering world recession (he is trying to get reelected, remember)
As this is not possible without triggering world recession and getting at least a bloody nose he (US-America) will not do it.

Ideology is used to rule the little people. Those on the top do calculations. Trump is busy representing 90 percent of 26 percent of Americans (the Republican Party) whilst loosing the rest of the USA. He has stacked the justice department with an attorney general who is a specialist in cover up.

I doubt Trump can be blackmailed. He has grown up in a family business where the bribery of politicians and contact with organized crime was part of the trade. He knew how to play it safe.

According to a 1981 FBI memo, Trump offered to “fully cooperate” with the bureau, proposing that FBI agents work undercover in a casino he was considering opening in Atlantic City. FBI agents even prepared an “undercover proposal concerning the TRUMP casino” that senior agents and Trump planned to discuss, according to the document.

It is safe to assume that Epstein did something similar. And this is what needs the coverup.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 22 2019 7:11 utc | 405

It is both. The news of footage of sex with underage girls is veiled. Epstein appears to be the fixer. Money is secured to further leverage the individual. When the controllers require complicity in a political/business matter-it is delivered by a powerful individual other than Epstein i.e. the 'victim' unaware he knew of video/money - such on its face could have emanated from the "blackmailers". Epstein cannot have been overtly a blackmailer or he'd have had repercussions. Maxwell - daughter of Robert Maxwell - British intelligence from WW2 -later years mossad. To facilitate the prospect of Epstein being central to the elite control/blackmail - the succesful handling of L. Wexner's finances thus explicable wealth. The various individuals compromised would not discuss with others the prospect of Epstein the blackmailer-or the cover risked being blown. Epstein thus would be regarded as a reckless friend & a fixer

Posted by: df | Jul 25 2019 13:12 utc | 406

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