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July 13, 2019

A Plausible Theory Of What Jeffrey Epstein Was Actually Doing

The first Jeffrey Epstein thread has grown a bit long. Here is a follow up.

For an introduction to the Epstein case please read this.

A question that no one could so far answer is how Epstein got as rich as he appears to be. A person who calls himself Quantian has an interesting theory of what Epstein was actually doing.

Here is the short version:

Epstein offered the post puberty teenyboppers he seduced and/or bribed to the rich people he knew. He invited lots of interesting people - artists, scientists, politicians, rich businessman - to his exclusive parties. There were always these young girls around. There was always a free bedroom. There were also cameras in place. When one of the rich guys messed with a girl Epstein would blackmail him.

But instead of taking cash he asked them for investments in his offshore hedge fund. For someone who owns billions it is peanuts to put a few dozen millions into a fund. It is legal. The money isn't gone. It will even bear interests.

Epstein is not known for having done much currency trades or other larger Wall Street transactions. His company is small, he didn't work a lot. It is likely he mostly re-invested the money in a simple index stock fund which follows the S&P 500. Those type of funds brought over the years quite a good profit.

Epstein would have taken the typical hedge fund fee of 2/20 which is 2% of the investment per year plus 20% of the profits. The hedge fund would be completely legal and there would be no tax troubles. The entrapped people would simply have to stay invested to keep Epstein quiet and the video tapes off the broadsheet market. Some billionaires might have invested upfront to gain access to the girls.

For Epstein the scheme would have been a very elegant way to pursue his personal 'hobby' while creating an ever growing income.

Quantian's theory sounds very plausible to me. It conforms with everything that is publicly known about Epstein and about what he was doing. It does not require any additional conspiracy theory about Mossad/Mafia/CIA involvement. But it also doesn't exclude that there is some.

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Oh the politics.

Meanwhile, billionaire philanthropist Leslie Wexner announced at a leadership summit in Columbus on Thursday that, “I’m no longer a Republican,” and that he will no longer support the Republican Party.

He is telling his friends in elective office that he is now an Independent, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

He made the announcement at an event sponsored by the Columbus Partnership, a group of central Ohio’s most influential business leaders that Wexner chairs, and YPO (formerly Young Presidents’ Organization), a group of under-45 business leaders.

Wexner, who donates generously to Jewish causes and according to Forbes is the wealthiest man in Ohio, is the CEO of L Brands, which owns Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works.

He made his announcement after former President Barack Obama, a Democrat, visited Columbus before heading to a rally in Cleveland in support of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Corday.

“I was struck by the genuineness of the man; his candor, humility and empathy for others,” Wexner said of Obama.

Wexner said in a speech to his employees last year after the white nationalist and far-right rally in Charlottesville, Va., that left one counter-protester dead, that he felt “dirty” and “ashamed” by President Donald Trump’s response and that he couldn’t sleep because of the incident, telling himself that “I have to do something because the leader of our country is behaving poorly.”

Posted by: somebody | Jul 15 2019 9:52 utc | 201

Oh, the politics of it II

There is some irony in Donald Trump’s decision to commute the sentence of Sholom Rubashkin, the Chabad-Lubavitch hasid, on Wednesday.

Rubashkin’s case came about in May of 2008, after immigration officials conducted a massive raid on his family’s kosher slaughtering plant in Postville, Iowa, and arrested 400 undocumented foreign workers. Agriprocessors, which Rubashkin ran, was at the time the largest purveyor of kosher meat in the country.

Why would a president elected on a platform of keeping out illegal immigrants — whose first intervention in the federal sentencing system was to pardon the notoriously anti-immigrant Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio — help out a felon who employed them?

No doubt, his daughter Ivanka’s connections with Chabad didn’t hurt, nor did the tendency of the ultra-Orthodox to vote for and contribute to Republicans.

But Donald Trump also knows that sometimes an employer’s gotta do what an employer’s gotta do. In 1980, he himself employed 200 undocumented Polish laborers to demolish the old Bonwit Teller building on Fifth Avenue — working them 12 hours a day and more, paying them less than half union scale if at all, and providing them with no hard hats, gloves, or masks to clear the way for the future Trump Tower.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 15 2019 10:03 utc | 202

Oh, the politics of it

Let's face it, power means you can do favors.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 15 2019 10:04 utc | 203

Listen to the victim impact witness statement in Epstein’s trial, must be breaking or suppressed news as big big names named:

Posted by: PJB | Jul 15 2019 10:15 utc | 204

Picture of Trump/Melania/Epstein/Maxwell
How the well Maxwell is not in custody yet?

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 10:35 utc | 205

Nothing on his wiki page? Harvard cleaning it everyday? I mean the guy has been on US TV on the Epstein case and nothing?

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 10:41 utc | 206

Good thread here, not sure if already posted

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 10:52 utc | 207

Most important in the victim statement linked at #210 are the pics gathered by the victim of all the protagonists included herself with them.

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 10:54 utc | 208

The anonymous accuser of #210 has been named and interviewed. Sounds very coherent. Someone asked 'why did Epstein fly back to the US now' but did anyone have an answer??

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 11:22 utc | 209

My thinking is along the lines of JackRabbit(Hole).
Except I doubt the part about blackmail, that is used as last resort / becomes lest effective once used
(Though it makes me wonder if CIA (or whoever) sometimes use blackmail just to test the result.)

Also had thought that maybe Epstein returned to U.S. for protection - had reason to believe he was in danger.

Posted by: jared | Jul 15 2019 12:21 utc | 210

Dershowitz wanted to break this thing loose now so it wouldn't happen as surprise closer to election.

Posted by: jared | Jul 15 2019 12:39 utc | 211

This guy has not been mentioned in this thread but is mentioned by the accuser in #210
TA office for models? the statement says he was bringing underage Eastern European girls who did not know English.

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 12:46 utc | 212

Interesting theory, but what evidence is there that Epstein was a blackmailer? What for example, is the role of Donald Trump. In 2002 Trump stated that Epstein was a "terrific guy" who Trump had known for "15 years" and who was "a lot of fun to be with". These quotes seem odd for someone being blackmailed. Why would Trump maintain a relationship with Epstein for so many years?

There are other problems with the blackmail theory as already pointed out above. Primarily, that the rich and powerful are usually quite careful about with whom they associate. For example, his contacts included David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Rupert Murdoch, and Evelyn and Edouard de Rothschild. These individuals don't seem like plausible blackmail targets to me.

Posted by: David Hollander | Jul 15 2019 14:12 utc | 213

BTW, G. Maxwell, who has been Epstein SM partner since the 90s apparently, has just closed down her foundation on July 12th.

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 15:16 utc | 214

Just occurred to me that the owl symbolism used on Epstein's island (not Moloch/Baal which is always depicted as a bull) is the same as another favorite hangout of Clinton:
The Bohemian Grove.. 🤔

Posted by: Lozion | Jul 15 2019 15:26 utc | 215

Robert Maxwell had an interesting role in the business of 'scientific' journals after WW2. Possibly not his own idea. Nice way to filter who makes it and who do not. Lots of these journals and databases function today as extorting money from university libraries for easy-to-censor platforms.

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 15:28 utc | 216

Lozion @215: The similarity to the Grove had occurred to me as well. I believe that Epstein's operation, like the Grove, was not a blackmail operation at all, but served a different function entirely.

Posted by: David Hollander | Jul 15 2019 16:48 utc | 217

Jeffrey Epstein Had ‘Piles of Cash,’ Diamonds, Foreign Passport in Safe

FBI agents found “piles of cash,” dozens of diamonds and a expired foreign passport in Jeffrey Epstein’s safe when they raided his Manhattan mansion last week, prosecutors revealed Monday.

The passport found in the safe was issued in the 1980s and gave a residence of Saudi Arabia, Assistant U.S. Attorney Alex Rossmiller said. It was not issued under Epstein’s name but did have what appeared to [be] a photo of him.

Why aren't they telling us what country issued the Passport? Nevermind. We all know the reason.

More reason to suspect Mossad links.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 15 2019 16:53 utc | 218

You can't have an address in Saudi Arabia on an Israeli passport, come on... But you can have him working under another name with a fake passport in the 70s

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 16:56 utc | 219

How safe will Epstein be in prison in the U.S.?

Posted by: lysias | Jul 15 2019 17:07 utc | 220

@Vato "...He (Pieczenik) lost me when he said that Kushner (!!) put Israel on notice to make a piece deal with Palestine..."

I raised my eyebrow on that one too... Kushner's body language alone gives me the creeps. However, I have to commend Pieczenik for publically (in his own words) confirming the heinous repugnant beyond human aspect of using Children and sex for blackmail and other purposes. He is a very direct and interesting person with considerable insider knowledge, not forgetting his association with Kissenger etc. knowing full well he has been involved in the mind control that's been inflicted on us. You have to be heavily vetted to get to that level.

Seymour Hersh being mentioned also made me instantly think of his 'Samson Option'. Netanyahu is in a bit of a pickle at the moment -- ruthless to the core so maybe he does have something to do with all this -- He might not care how many go down? Faction against Faction at the Global level -- much of which we won't see and hear about.

With the NIXIUM case I didn't realize that Bronfman family was a biggie in the Birthright program -- Wow I can imagine family members going bonkers when the Bronfman sisters were mind controlled by Vanguard to believe they were Nazi's in another life... Wow we do live in interesting times.

Posted by: Jayne | Jul 15 2019 17:12 utc | 221

Maybe the UK cannot afford a Brexit under madmen such as Trump and Yahoo? More leaks on Trump out there? One of the girls accusing Epstein says in her statement that she met the recruiter (forgot if a girl or Maxwell) at Trump's Florida estate before going just a few miles away to Epstein's mansion.
If a warrant was going to be out, Epstein probably wanted not to end up waiting for months in a French jail for his extradition?

Portrait of the sick head here

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 17:22 utc | 222

Putin, Trump and Netanyahu are beholden to the same international criminal organization, Chabad

Trump, the Clintons and Epstein go way back.

Trump and Kushner launder money for this international criminal organization through Deutsche Bank.

Why does Deutsche Bank even gives Donald Trump loans, a man who had to file several bankruptcies?

Trump only stayed afloat because banks judged him 'worth more alive to us than dead,' lawyer says

Alan Pomerantz, a real estate attorney who represented 72 banks Trump owed money to, told Borger that Trump was actually very close to personal bankruptcy in the early '90s, totally overleveraged with the casinos, an airline, a yacht, a helicopter, and a need to maintain his lavish lifestyle. The banks kept him afloat.

Posted by: O | Jul 15 2019 17:24 utc | 223

@217 David. Loosh?

Posted by: Lozion | Jul 15 2019 18:00 utc | 224

B is too subtle for a few people here. He is absolutely correct to parrot the official party line at the top, even though it is absolute bollocks - or more properly because it is absolute bollocks, and it is very obvious it is bollocks. I support him 100% in doing so. In other words, he is giving us a blank page to discuss the issue. That is the right way to do it. B is important.

The Epstein affair is not primarily about paedophilia or about Epstein or Trump or Clinton etc - it is above all about the ENTIRETY of the dysfunctional degeneration of the western political system and society. Epstein, Trump and Clinton themselves are just tiny mosquitos compared to the magnitude of the Epstein affair.

Because the Epstein affair is THE ABSOLUTE CORE of the dysfunctional degeneration of the western political system and society, and may even go directly back to the setting up of Operation Gladio near the end of the 2nd World War*. The self-destructing corruption of the US Congress and US presidents since the 2nd World War; the self-destructing corruption of all non-US heads of state and their governments around the world except those of the Soviet Union/Russia, China, Cuba, post-Chavez Venezuela, post-revolution Iran, etc and their allies; the self-destructing subservience of all those same countries to the US and it's little boss; the extreme preponderance of paedophiles amongst the members of parliament/congress/judges/lawyers/police commanders/top level of all the security services of the same countries compared to society as a whole; the total legal impunity of the elite (unless they fall foul of specific elements); the totally self-destructing foreign policies and industrial policies of the US and UK and to a large extent the rest of the EU; the convulsive fear the elite have of Jeremy Corbyn (the same definitely does not apply to Sanders, though it might to some extent to Gabbard); the extreme and disproportionate power and influence of one small country; the extreme subservience of Trump to one small country; the extreme and disproportionate elevation of financialisation relative to industrial production and to the social fabric of society; the inviolability of the corrupt system; the inviolability of paedophilia at the top combined with ever tightening laws; all these and much more besides are directly and compellingly dependent on the system that is at the core of the Epstein affair.

Under this system, paedophilia has become the primary and preferred method of control of politicians, judges, police, and security services, although all other forms of criminality or source of pressure may be used and are integrated into one and the same system.

Where there is a choice between a politician who has committed no crimes whatsoever and a paedophile (or any other criminal, but especially the paedophile), the system always prefers and promotes the paedophile - because he is the easiest and most reliable to get absolute control over. That is a critical feature of how the western political system works. It directly follows that if you want to be a successful politician, judge, or policeman, you have to be a paedophile (and succumb to blackmail). The same will inevitably apply to the top levels of the civil service.

* That there might be a direct link to Operation Gladio is an assumption and interpretation - I think a reasonable one - but is not guaranteed to be true and the issues I discuss in this post is not dependent on it. The alternative is that the system of which Epstein is the core was set up later (and unrelated to Gladio), but probably not later than the end of the 1950's. The system in it's present (and most potent) form probably came into being with Epstein, but the previous attempts dating back to the end of the war or at least to the late 50's should be regarded as part of the same system with identical objectives.

What is happening now?
Judging from the way the Epstein affair appears to be developing and what has or has not come out so far, and what Trump has said or done, Trump seems to be almost squeeky clean as far as paedophilia is concerned, even though his persona seems to imply the opposite. That may be his defense! My interpretation is this: probably early in his interactions with Epstein Trump had a single slight indiscretion, and was quickly hit with blackmail or the threat of blackmail on the basis of specific evidence, that would be sufficient to lead to conviction if disclosed. Probably the primary motive for Trump at that time of his association with Epstein involved social climbing and business interests rather than sex, and he does not drink, in which case he may have been in good a position to observe how other people became entrapped by Epstein, and were then compromised and forced to make professional decisions subservient to an external force (i.e. a small country). The demands are at first very small and easily complied with - just "small favours" - but they then get deeper and deeper, the illegal conduct continues, the legal depth of the compromise gets more and more serious, and eventually the victim is reduced to being a slave to the external force. Trump wanted out, and was desperate to find a way of eliminating the initial evidence that the system had on him, even though - according to my interpretation - he never allowed it to progress as most victims did.

For the initial "small favours" that helped to make beginning victims dependent on the system, Epstein himself would sometimes have been the medium to request the favours, or sometimes someone else involved in the system at the Epstein party level. But anything more substantial would usually be intermediated by professionals - especially intelligence operatives/police/FBI etc of the victim's own country. These operatives would themselves have been compromised, and so part of the system - but all ultimately under the control of a certain small country, rather than the government of their own country. They would be best placed to put the maximum pressure on the victim both to submit to the specific blackmail demands, and allow himself to sink ever deeper and deeper into the system. Once he becomes a reliable servant of the system, most pressure to conform to expectations would be intermediated primarily though peer pressure, i.e. direct colleagues.

Obviously, Epstein is only an operative of the system, a very small cog. Any evidence collected as a result of his activities (videos etc) is not retained by Epstein but goes directly to the government of the small country. Epstein does not own the evidence and has no right to keep (or even see) a copy, let alone the original. Therefore if Trump wants all the evidence of his indiscretion destroyed it is no use going to Epstein for it - he has to go to the small country for it.

Trump eventually became determined to get his evidence permanently destroyed and his dependence on the system destroyed, by building a relationship with the small country. His primary goal in becoming president is to eliminate the evidence of his indiscretion - whatever it takes. Move the embassy to Jerusalem? OK, no problem. Recognise the Golan Heights? OK, no problem. Destroy Iran. Oh, that too? - Gladly! - But it will involve a lot of negative impact for the US ... Oh, you mean like US body bags? Yes, plenty of those. Oh! Can't we just bomb them? Iran has strong defenses and so many offensive missiles, they will take out US assets in the region. Oh! Well, whatever it takes, as long as my evidence is destroyed completely.

The implications for the current Epstain investigation
Epstein himself is disposable, he has outlived his usefulness. The investigation is under the control of Obama's Justice Department officials and their relatives and cronies at the superficial level, leading many to think that the target is Trump. Even Comey's daughter believes it. But all of these people are compromised by the system and are therefore under the ultimate control of the small country. Effectively behind the driving wheel of the investigation is Trump, because it is all part of his deal with the small country. Why do you think he is so relaxed and laughing??!! That Obama's people would be responsible for the execution of the investigation was part of the deal - Trump's last laugh on the Russiagate travesty! Expect it to gut the Democrats through unexpected twists and turns.

Expect Trump to destroy Epstein, the immediate operative responsible for his long-term entrapment. Expect him to destroy Mueller, responsible for letting Epstein off the hook last time, and then for the excesses of Russiagate. Mueller is probably very nervous at the moment. If you have to shake his hand these days it might get a little difficult to catch it because it is trembling so much! As to other Obama casualties that is anybody's guess, but at a minimum when the writing on the wall eventually becomes readable for all, they will become so consumed by fear, so desperate, and so reckless, that of itself will cause casualties.

Don't expect the Epstein case to cause the downfall of the system, because it is the system which is firmly in control of the entirety of the investigation, and which owns and is in full possession of all evidence. Epstein can say whatever he likes but it is only heresay - the word of a convicted sex-felon. He has none of the evidence. Everything which comes out does so under the control of the system.

That is, as long as the system is able to contain the outrage of the public, which is the only trump card! Everything else is firmly under control. Of course, there might be something interesting Russian intelligence has intercepted, but they seem to have a pretty tight rule on keeping other country's dirty secrets secret.

Oh, and by the way, be careful not to tread on the turds while you are navigating the Epstein threads. Not surprisingly, they are working overtime - both the regular ones and the irregulars. So much turd around, it is hard to find somewhere safe to place your feet! The aim of the turds (i.e. misdirection) is to make you slip on one turd and land on your face on another (i.e. place too much trust in planted theories). That's why B chose such a patently false turd as the theme music - so that you would immediately wise-up and think for yourselves - but still some misinterpreted it as a serious theory!

Posted by: BrandX | Jul 15 2019 18:02 utc | 225

218, 219

It is a fake Saudi passport.

In other news there was a picture of the Saudi prince on the wall.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 15 2019 18:09 utc | 226

A bit of comic relief if you can find a humor in it.

And an elegant essay by Vincent Kelley. A nice macro view of Epstein’s duality. Amazing to see what you get at the crossroads of guilt and total perversion. (My interpretation, anyway)

Posted by: Uncle Jon | Jul 15 2019 18:14 utc | 227

Ref passport
"resident of KSA" does not mean "Saudi"
it means "residency"

in the videos of the girls who are accusing him of rape etc there are copies of notebooks with "2 girls 8 yo" or "not blond" etc. so why do the MSM stick to "as young as 14" ?

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 18:28 utc | 228

@Posted by: BrandX | Jul 15 2019 18:02 utc | 225

For so much "turds" you seem to have made and intend os summary, which then became an essay, including everything was added by the "turds", regulars and irregulars, plus adding Pieczenik´s videos theories, all this, with the apparent aim to whitewash Trump.

Calling the other people "turds" speaks volumes of the "alt-right"....

Posted by: Sasha | Jul 15 2019 18:47 utc | 229

@somebody #176
I very much doubt that money laundering in the tens of millions scale costs 50%. Seems ridiculously high.
ML schema in the cyber world typically pay out 20% - and these are very high cost operations.

Posted by: c1ue | Jul 15 2019 18:51 utc | 230

@Lozion: Actually, I am one of those rare blog commenters who is not all-knowing. It's a lot easier to determine what something is not than what it is.

Posted by: David Hollander | Jul 15 2019 18:54 utc | 231

Posted by: c1ue | Jul 15 2019 18:51 utc | 230

You can organize it as a ponzi scheme.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 15 2019 19:45 utc | 232

@ BrandX: "...Any evidence collected as a result of his activities (videos etc) is not retained by Epstein but goes directly to the government of the small country. Epstein does not own the evidence and has no right to keep (or even see) a copy, let alone the original. Therefore if Trump wants all the evidence of his indiscretion destroyed it is no use going to Epstein for it - he has to go to the small country for it...

Thanks for that... definitely a "duh" moment for me -- makes total sense...

@ BrandX ...His primary goal in becoming president is to eliminate the evidence of his indiscretion - whatever it takes. Move the embassy to Jerusalem? OK, no problem. Recognise the Golan Heights? OK, no problem. Destroy Iran. Oh, that too? - Gladly! - But it will involve a lot of negative impact for the US ... Oh, you mean like US body bags? Yes, plenty of those. Oh! Can't we just bomb them? Iran has strong defenses and so many offensive missiles, they will take out US assets in the region. Oh! Well, whatever it takes, as long as my evidence is destroyed completely...

Here's where you lost me a little... IMHO on the night of the election he seemed very surprised when he found out he'd won. Even Wolf Isaac Blitzer ('Elves' on the scoreboard -- which didn't go un-noticed!) kept looking down in disbelief at what he was supposed to read out. Then there was Hillary having her meltdown refusing to come out on stage? So, still wondering what happened there...? Was Trump truly surprised his sponsors actually pulled the numbers off? Also, remembering reading the first couple of meetings with Adelson didn't go down that well - unless that was just for show, although the photo ops with those two always seemed strained...

Then, many of us plebs are wondering what evidence was on Weiner's computer that maybe wasn't supposed to be there... Very minute breadcrumbs -- but what will play out will play out eh! Thank You...

Posted by: Jayne | Jul 15 2019 19:53 utc | 233

If you just listen to the various interviews made in the last few weeks (and those of the initial 8 months old series in the Miami Herald) you will see that he and Maxwell had tons of pics and vids, of the girls and their clients. The FBI is seen going out of his house with bags of material and they said last week lots of pics were seized. The only reason why it waited is his protection network, obviously. Trump focusing on the four nasty women seems his way to divert him from tweeting about Epstein because he is in real trouble here with his friends and relatives spooky role in what he considers his diplomacy.

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 20:01 utc | 234

"It does not require any additional conspiracy theory about Mossad/Mafia/CIA involvement. But it also doesn't exclude that there is some."

Riiiiiigt, like the Mossad/Mafia/CIA wants competition in their criminal enterprises. If Epstein was pimping young girls to two-bit johns in a small town in the middle of nowhere, sure the big boys would've left him alone, but he wasn't. He was the pimp to the upper echelon and you don't move up the ladder that far without being noticed. Especially a nobody high school math teacher with no degree. Wexner was his obvious patron to get him started, the question is why.

Fast forward until a few day ago,the mockingbird press was balls to the wall coverage of Epstein on matters that were known about since at least 2005. The SDNY headed by Geoffrey Berman decided to make a move on something that has been sitting on their front porch for years, why? Now Trump is running interference with obnoxious tweets, playing the 'heel' the role he was hired for.

Is it to pressure Trump into some action?
Is it fodder for Netanyahu against Ehud Barak?
Is it because Wexner doesn't like Trump anymore?

It is not even truly clear if Epstein will just get another slap on the wrist or if he has been deemed truly disposable by his patron(s).

What is clear is that Epstein's operation was far more than a simple blackmailing scheme that he cooked up between teaching math classes at a prep school.

Posted by: O | Jul 15 2019 20:02 utc | 235

Most MSM reporting on Trump morning tweets today have removed the part on the "people of Israel".

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 20:04 utc | 236

Jackrabbit says:

More reason to suspect Mossad links

yes, and here's some even more reasoned reason.

Posted by: john | Jul 15 2019 20:11 utc | 237

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 18:28 utc | 228

If you get a fake passport your residency probably would match the nationality of the passport. But yes, maybe it was a Western passport with a residence in Riyadh.
A passport like that only makes sense when you can fake the language, too. So I guess it was British.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 15 2019 20:23 utc | 238

You're right, he is said in an article not to speak any foreign language.

Posted by: Mina | Jul 15 2019 20:28 utc | 239

The "intelligence"agencies connections to the international illegal drug trade, arms dealing, and underage sex trafficking to include satanic ritual abuse of children for mind control purposes is well known. Ted Gunderson spoke at length of these issues, so has David McGowan. How the hell Michael Aquino a US Army intelligence officer was allowed to create the Temple of Set while still in the service? The same Michael Aquino who was embroiled in the the Presidio child molestaion scandal. At the same time young kids were being shipped to the White House for unannounced parties,(Franklin coverup).

Posted by: O | Jul 15 2019 20:31 utc | 240

BrandX @225--

You posit: "The investigation is under the control of Obama's Justice Department officials and their relatives and cronies at the superficial level, leading many to think that the target is Trump."

That's 100% incorrect, rendering the remainder of your hypothesis specious.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 15 2019 20:31 utc | 241

Lost in all this is the 2016 suit brought against Trump for rape then withdrawn because, we are told, the woman plaintiff received threats of physical violence. The plaintiff also cited another girl who was twelve at the time, who was kidnapped in Waterbury, Connecticut, in 1994 and raped (three times by each?)by both Trump and Epstein at Wexner's mansion.

In the 2002 article in New York magazine, Trump stated that he had known Epstein for fifteen years at that point. That would put their acquaintance/friendship back a good seven years before the rape.

It is quite possible that, given the reopening of the Florida case and the judgement by the courts that the plea bargain was illegal (one of its most flagrant elements, generally absent from media coverage, is that it -- illegally -- granted immunity to any others involved with Epstein), the plaintiff is once again trying to make her case, but without filing a formal complaint.

Her desire to stay out of the case, formally, is logical, if she received threats; it is possible because what she is accusing the two men of can be prosecuted without a complaint and is not subject to any statute of limitations, to wit kidnapping, sequestration and torture. A statute of limitations on rape thus would be irrelevant.

Notice that Comey's daughter has been entrusted with the case.

This suggests that the Clintonite clique in the Deep State is out to get Trump, and get him they can. Epstein, faced with a life in solitary confinement (torture), could thus be persuaded to strike another deal and testify against Trump.

Why did Epstein return knowing that the court documents had been unsealed?

Given the colossal protection he has enjoyed (his 2008 deal had to have come from the top: President G.W. Bush and Robert Mueller as head of the FBI), as well as his Mossad connections, he was most likely assured that no harm could come to him from it, for Barr's Department of Justice had already announced that the Administration would not respect the court ruing that the deal was illegal.

The current charges are thus likely to have been used to set up the case and arrest him. The kidnapping etc. will turn up opportunely, without involving a complaint from the victim(s).

As for Barr as Trump's new "Roy Cohn" (as postulated by Andrew Kreig), that would certainly thicken the plot, but the case is being prosecuted in New York by an avowed Clintonite (with an ax to grind, to boot), and its publicity there has already made any manipulation -- much less a dismissal -- very difficult to imagine.

Acosta, for his part, could face criminal prosecution for agreeing to a plea deal that he had to have known was illegal. He, too, seemed to think that he was covered, immune to any difficulty.

The following article talks about the HUGE pile of evidence against Epstein in 2008, which should have guaranteed further prosecution at the federal level and incarceration for life, but the case was allowed to be settled at the state level in such a way as to annul the possibility of further prosecution: "Justice Department Sat on Mountain of Epstein Evidence for 10 Years"

"Justice Department Sat on Mountain of Epstein Evidence for 10 Years":

Posted by: RJPJR | Jul 15 2019 20:39 utc | 242


The above mentioned crimes for which Trump could be prosecuted are crimes against humanity under the United States Code. Thus, in addition to admitting of no statute of limitations, they cannot be excused by a presidential pardon.

Cogitate on it.

Posted by: RJPJR | Jul 15 2019 20:45 utc | 243

"but the case is being prosecuted in New York by an avowed Clintonite (with an ax to grind, to boot), and its publicity there has already made any manipulation"
Posted by: RJPJR | Jul 15 2019 20:39 utc | 242

I don't know who holds Geoffrey Berman's chains but he doesn't seem like an avowed Clitonite. Publicly he is a Republican fwiw.

Posted by: O | Jul 15 2019 20:50 utc | 244

Updated from 2015

Epstein also joined a consortium that made a failed bid for New York magazine, known for its high literary style and association with Sixties “new journalism”. He served on The Council On Foreign Relations, a US think tank, alongside former CIA directors and US secretaries of state.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 15 2019 20:57 utc | 245

@ BrandX | Jul 15 2019 18:02 utc | 225

Sorry about not ending the bold properly towards the end.

"be careful not to tread on the turds"

should read "be careful not to tread on the turds (i.e. trolls)".
The trolls are hyper-active

Posted by: BrandX | Jul 15 2019 21:07 utc | 246

He also claims to be a member of the trilateral commission.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 15 2019 21:21 utc | 247

RJPJR @242--

I posted The Epoch Times article just after its publication and the barflies all seemed to yawn and ignore its info. I still doubt Trump's the target; those who sued for the unsealing are from his team--unless the goal is to elevate Pence. What seems to be missing if Epstein's operation was a honey pot trap is the myriad number of politicos on the visitor rolls.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 15 2019 21:38 utc | 248

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 15 2019 21:38 utc | 248

The attorney dealing with the case, Geoffrey Berman, was appointed by Trump.

Republicans seem to try to get rid of Trump - at least some of them.

So yes, this case suits Trump, especially if it gets everything else off the headlines.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 15 2019 22:01 utc | 249

And in comes a monkey wrench: "Jeffrey Epstein and the Collapse of Europe", which explores his vast funding of science, scientific foundations and individual scientists. Indeed, the item's author intones the following:

"Epstein’s diverse science philanthropy credentials may seem arbitrary to highlight, but, upon closer scrutiny, it is clear that his donations served a consistent purpose of upholding Western political and scientific dominance over the world.

"Epstein subscribes to a scientistic worldview, which sees not politics, economics, or religion as a driving force of history but, rather, evolution. He spoke fondly of E.O. Wilson’s famous evolutionary determinist theory of 'sociobiology' in 2002 and founded the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics the following year. What is the cause of Epstein’s attraction to evolutionary thinking about human social development? In a word: money."

The author concludes:

"It is much harder, however, to reflect on the fact that it is figures like Epstein who are most invested in the scientific and technological progress that so many well-adjusted, liberal Americans uncritically support. Although Epstein’s actions are especially deplorable, his Epicurean scientistic worldview is one that is held by many others as a default. The fact that a man like Epstein subscribes to such a widespread epistemology and funds what is ostensibly the scientific research and technological development of the future should give us all pause."

Clearly, this is deeper than most understand.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 15 2019 22:13 utc | 250

somebody @249--

Williams in that item seems to accept Russiagate as fact when its been completely shown to be a fraud, a hoax, a cover up. As For Ryan's worries about Trump not being able to govern, that never bothered Reagan supporters; and if he was that worried, he should have tried to remain in government. And which party deployed the partisan POTUS to sway an election in 2016? Not the Republicans.

If Republicans are genuinely worried about Trump winning a second term, then they should challenge him in the primaries as he's actually very vulnerable having trashed the vast majority of his campaign promises/goals.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 15 2019 22:26 utc | 251

Republicans seem to try to get rid of Trump - at least some of them.
Posted by: somebody | Jul 15 2019 22:01 utc | 249

Berman is a republican attack dog who has been biting on Trump, in particular Michael Cohen.

This is why I lean more on the "Wexner is sick of Trump" and wants to get rid of him hypothesis
Billionaire Les Wexner Quits GOP Party Over Trump

Jeffrey Epstein used $46 million charitable donation to keep alive his ties with billionaire Les Wexner.

How much clout Wexner has at the SDNY is unknown.

Posted by: O | Jul 15 2019 22:34 utc | 252

The 2 US billionaires who love Israel but hate Trump
Seth Klarman and Les Wexner seem to signal a hawkish pro-Israel agenda doesn’t justify the damage they feel Trump is doing to America and its democratic institutions

Buried deep in the latest Jewish Public Policy Institute report on the Israel-Diaspora relationship: President Donald Trump wants more credit for his pro-Israel policies.

“Israel and US Jewish organizations should sharpen their awareness of a trend of growing frustration within the Trump administration that the president’s pro-Israel moves (especially the transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem) are not sufficiently appreciated by large segments of the American Jewish community,” said the report, which was drafted by a group known for its ties to the elites in Israel and the United States....

But unlike Klarman, Wexner was always unmistakably Republican: He joined President George W. Bush on his 2008 visit to Israel marking the country’s 60th anniversary.

And he was harsh in explaining why he was cutting out of the party and becoming an Independent, speaking last week at an event on political civility in Columbus sponsored by the Columbus Partnership, a business and civics group he chairs. Like Klarman, he was fed up with Republicans for not standing up to Trump.

“I won’t support this nonsense in the Republican Party,” Wexner said. “I’ve been a Republican since college, joined the Young Republican Club at Ohio State.”

Posted by: O | Jul 15 2019 23:09 utc | 253

Reading about Epstein the other day conjured up a mental linkage to the Gnostic concept of the Demiurge, or Yaltabaoth.

Then read today about Epstein investing in a creepy child recording robot called Sophia.

Getting weirder and weirder by the day.

Posted by: Zack | Jul 15 2019 23:49 utc | 254

somebody @238: A passport like that only makes sense when you can fake the language, too. So I guess it was British.

LOL. The desperation to deflect and misdirect is palpable.

Epstein is likely to know Hebrew. No need for him to "fake" a language to get a passport, Israel would gladly give him one.

But having the false name and residency on the passport - that screams intelligence agency (likely to be Mossad).

<> <> <> <> <> <>

But IMO we can't accept anything about this intelligence agency farce at face value. Was the passport meant to be found? It brings to mind the discovery of intact passports at 9-11 site.

The rush to reopen the Epstein case seems to be Trump DOJ attempting to get ahead of the outrage after the Miami Herald reporting and even that is a bit suspicious as media is controlled. Are we seeing an attempt to distance Trump from his too-close ties to Israel on the eve of war with Iran?

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 16 2019 0:00 utc | 255

Why would Epstein keep a 30-year old expired passport whose discovery would unquestionably raise questions of his connections to intelligence agencies (likely Mossad)?

Why would he have such a passport but no current non-US passport? He could certainly afford to get a second passport - available from several countries, if he chose to do so.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <>

Remember when Trump bombed Syria "for the babies" (bullsh!t)? And his grandiose concern for "the Venezuelan people"? Now his fight against Mossad is for the children? And lets not forget Trump's fake concern for Vets during the election and his nonconcern for Palestinian and Yemeni children.

Trump is no humanitarian or peace-maker. He just plays one on TV.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 16 2019 0:30 utc | 256

Epstein's suspected ties to Mossad and Wexner were known since 2003
AUGUST 1, 2003
We can only imagine Limited founder and apparel mag- nate Leslie Wexner’s consternation over the leaking of a document entitled, Wexner Analysis: Israeli Communication Priorities 2003. The report was prepared for the Wexner Foundation and provides insight into Wexner’s relationship with the state of Israel. As the Cleveland Plain Dealer noted, Wexner keeps his personal life “under padlock.” But what has surfaced over the years simply adds to his mystery. In the Shapiro murder file, personally ordered destroyed by Columbus Chief of Police James Jackson, Wexner is listed as an alleged organized crime associate. A December 1995 Architectural Digest article and a follow-up 1996 New York Times report detailed the inner sanctum of Wexner’s former Manhattan townhouse, one of the largest in the city.

“Visitors described a bathroom reminiscent of James Bond movies: hidden beneath a stairway, lined with lead to provide shelter from attack and supplied with closed-circuit television screens and a telephone, both concealed in a cabinet beneath the sink,” wrote the Times. The townhouse is now reportedly owned by Wexner’s even more mysterious protégé, Jeffrey E. Epstein.

Epstein, who recently loaned his jet to President Clinton, is usually seen in the company of Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of deceased publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell. After Maxwell fell or was pushed off his yacht in 1991, it was revealed that he was working for the Israeli government and the Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence service. While Maxwell’s ties to the Mossad are well-documented, Epstein’s connections are less well known. The London Sunday Times quoted a New York social observer describing Epstein as follows: “He’s Mr. Enigmatic. Nobody knows whether he’s a concert pianist, property developer, a CIA agent, a math teacher or a member of Mossad.” New York Magazine claims Epstein is the man who moves Wexner’s billions around the globe.

Posted by: O | Jul 16 2019 0:35 utc | 257

Wexner's ties to organized crime

Posted by: O | Jul 16 2019 0:39 utc | 258

@254 Zack.Yaldabaoth is in greek, Leontocefalos, the Lion-headed. Look at this close up shot of Epsteins' NY mansion entrance:

Posted by: Lozion | Jul 16 2019 2:13 utc | 259

the weird temple structure Epstein erected at his Pedo-Island retreat and the labyrinth motif at his New Mexico property represents the purposeful deployment of occult symbolism, but to what end? does he actually believe in this shit or is it just optics, some perverse game of power projection?

all the good analysis here still feels like its missing something. there is some incentive to the buy-in we can't quite grasp.

Posted by: lizard | Jul 16 2019 3:49 utc | 260

purposeful deployment of occult symbolism,
Posted by: lizard | Jul 16 2019 3:49 utc | 260

Satanic ritual abuse of children is type of way of creating mind controlled servants or trauma based mind control. Furthermore Occultic practices are simple rituals that are two fold, one create a sense of camaraderie among the group by all members going through the same hazing process and they are imparted with "secret" knowledge and secondly to induce fear in the participants to maintain the "secrets" of the group. Usually this is done that some ritual where the participants acknowledge that by breaking their oaths the penalty is death brought upon the other members in front of the other members.

Research MK ultra and trauma based mind control and Michael Aquino.

Posted by: O | Jul 16 2019 4:58 utc | 261

Also forget to add that when participating in these rituals this is also a way of blackmailing the other group members, in the most extreme cases as accessories or passive witnesses to the rape and or murder of a child.

Posted by: O | Jul 16 2019 5:01 utc | 262

@Lozion #259

Incredible! Thought maybe I had been reading a bit too much and was starting go a little crazy. Thank you for this!

Posted by: Zack | Jul 16 2019 5:07 utc | 263

"Clients who identify as victims of ORA present themselves in a range of health and welfare contexts, and report complex clinical pictures of severe trauma-related and dissociative disorders [19]. Health care professionals, who support clients reporting ORA experiences, observe clinical syndromes that go beyond clinical criteria of post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), which are primarily interpersonal disturbances, negative self-concepts, and affect dysregulation [20,21]. Individuals with complex PTSD tend to show higher dissociation scores than those with PTSD, and dissociation scores are further related to fear of relationships and withdrawal from shame-evoking situations [22]. Dissociative disorders, characterized by disruptions and/or discontinuities during the normal processes of consciousness, memory, identity, emotion, perception, body representation, motor control, and behavior [23], have been frequently attributed to severe trauma experienced during early childhood [24]. Dissociative experiences, ranging from mild detachment from current surroundings to severe detachment and identity fragmentation..."

In other words they create split personalities

Good documentary on mind control.
The Minds of Men | Official Documentary by Aaron & Melissa Dykes

Posted by: O | Jul 16 2019 5:15 utc | 264

Putin’s recent meeting with Berlusconi takes on new significance. Think this may have to do with Epstein. If so the future looks better than it did yesterday.

Posted by: Zack | Jul 16 2019 9:16 utc | 265

Posted by: lizard | Jul 16 2019 3:49 utc | 260

Good grief. The place has a piano in it. It is built for accoustics.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 16 2019 10:11 utc | 266

add to 266

Look here - buildings with the best accoustics

Posted by: somebody | Jul 16 2019 10:14 utc | 267

That Epstein shit made me Wonder if Kubrick actually knew some stuff when shooting Eyes Wide Shut.
It also made that much more probable the various rumors about higher-ups' pedo ring linked to the nasty Belgian Dutroux affair back in the 90s.

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Jul 16 2019 10:17 utc | 268

Photos of large doors that could be to underground tunnels/bunkers on Epstein’s island:

Apparent tunnel opening under the temple on Epstein’s island at 18 second mark:

Alleged cctv stills from underground facilities on Epstein’s island:

Context for that cctv still shot is the Q anon posts 3140 and 3147, easily findable if search for ‘Epstein’ using the search function in this collation of all Q posts, otherwise just scroll til find them:

Make of it what you will, but the worst could be true and therefore for sake of innocent children and common humanity this stuff has to be investigated.

Posted by: PJB | Jul 16 2019 11:16 utc | 269


just because you choose not to acknowledge any occult aspect involved in the trafficking and exploitation of children doesn't mean it doesn't exist. some of us choose to consider this aspect because it's something that is being put out there by those in power. maybe it's misdirection intended to get fools like me to say things that make me sound loony. I'm open to that possibility. but you, apparently, are not open to the possibility this has any relevance. that's fine, let's move on.

Posted by: lizard | Jul 16 2019 12:33 utc | 270

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Jul 16 2019 10:17 utc | 268

It used to be ok during the 1970's and 1980's.

See Brooke Shields.

This from a court case involving distribution of an early - suggestive Brooke Shields photograph

Gross’s lawyers argued that his photographs could not further damage Shields’s reputation because, since they were taken, she had made a profitable career “as a young vamp and a harlot, a seasoned sexual veteran, a provocative child-woman, an erotic and sensual sex symbol, the Lolita of her generation”. The judge concurred and, while praising the pictures’ “sultry, sensual appeal”, ruled that Gross was not a pornographer: “They have no erotic appeal except to possibly perverse minds.” That decision was overturned by an appeals court, but in 1983 the original verdict in Gross’s favour was upheld.

I would say things have changed a lot for the better in public perception (not in the actual trafficking done fuelled by globalisation and poverty)

Posted by: somebody | Jul 16 2019 12:51 utc | 271

Clueless Joe @268: ... rumors about higher-ups' pedo ring linked to the nasty Belgian Dutroux affair...

somebody @271: It used to be ok ... Brook Shields

Child sex and murder was never ok and pointing to Brook Shields as a sex symbol is just deflection and misdirection.

<> <> <> <> <> <>

somebody's comments that excuse and normalize underage sex are shocking. somebody informs us that Epstein helped the children he victimized because they were poor and from broken families, and now somebody's answer to the Dutroux affair is that cultural norms (evidenced by Brooke Shields) made it "ok"?

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 16 2019 14:34 utc | 272

Detailed documentary on the Finders Cult(A CIA operation in child trafficking and mind control).

Two short 5 minute docs on the Franklin Coverup and Finder's Cult

Posted by: O | Jul 16 2019 15:03 utc | 273

@somebody #232
It might be argued that a money pyramid with a 50% overhead cost *is* a Ponzi scheme.

Posted by: c1ue | Jul 16 2019 15:14 utc | 274

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 16 2019 14:34 utc | 272

Are you US-American? They don't teach you anything about American history over there? Or US-American law?
Extending childhood to 18 is quite recent and yes - there are child soldiers in the United States - and other "Western" states by the way.

Campaigners have challenged the UK, the US, Germany and other states on the ethics of recruiting minors for many years, but this is the first time the fundamental legality of the practice is being questioned.

The report claims that it is common practice among developed state armed forces to target adolescents from socioeconomically deprived backgrounds for enlistment. The report cites official military research from Canada, France, the UK, and the US which has found the youngest recruits are most at risk of sexual assault in the military; it also highlights harrowing investigations into cases of alleged rape and sexual assault of child recruits in Australia and Germany. Testimonies from recruits in the UK, the Netherlands and elsewhere indicate that physical and psychological abuse are routine in army training.

Jeffrey Epstein is the tip of a very big iceberg.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 16 2019 15:29 utc | 275

This specific scandal now seems to blow up in the direction of Adnan Khashoggi, Iran-Contra and the Reagan doctrine.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 16 2019 15:43 utc | 276

Trump, Robert Maxwell, and the Khashoggi(s) are all connected through their yachts.

Posted by: O | Jul 16 2019 15:52 utc | 277


Posted by: jared | Jul 16 2019 16:32 utc | 278

somebody @275

More excuses.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 16 2019 19:23 utc | 279

From the archives.

He became an intimate of kings and heads of state, a great gift giver, a provider of women, a perfect host, and the creator of a life-style that would become world-renowned for its extravagance. Even now, in the overlapping murkiness of deposed dictators, the Baby Doc Duvaliers, those other Third World escapees with their nation’s pillage, are living in the South of France in a house found for them by Adnan Khashoggi, belonging to his son.

The Cap d’Ail affair had to do with a French woman named Mireille Griffon, who became known on the Côte d’Azur as Madame Mimi, a serious though brief rival to the famous Madame Claude, the Parisian madam who serviced the upper classes and business elite of Europe for three decades with some of the most beautiful women in the world, many of whom have gone on to marry into the upper strata. Partnered with Madame Mimi was Khashoggi’s employee Abdo Khawagi, a onetime masseur. Madame Mimi’s operation boasted a roster of three hundred girls between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five. A perfectionist in her trade, Madame Mimi groomed and dressed her girls so that they would be presentable escorts for the important men they were servicing. The girls, who were sent to Khashoggi in groups of twos and threes, called him papa gâteau, or sugar daddy, because he was extremely generous with them. In addition to their fee, 40 percent of which went to Madame Mimi, the girls received furs and jewels and tips that sometimes equaled or surpassed the fee. One of the greatest whoremongers in the world, Khashoggi was generous to a fault and provided the same girls to members of the Saudi royal family as well as to business associates and party friends. His role as a provider of women for business purposes was not unlike the role his uncle Yussuf Yassin had performed for King Ibn Saud. After the French police on the Riviera were alerted, a watch was put on the operations and the madam’s telephone lines were tapped. In time an arrest was made, and the case went to trial in Nice in February 1984, amid nasty publicity. Madame Mimi, who is believed to have personally grossed $1.2 million in ten months, got a year and a half in jail. Khawagi, the procurer, got a year in prison. And Khashoggi sailed away on the Nabila.
After their liaison, she became a part of the Khashoggi bank of women ready and willing to be used in his business deals. In the article, she described in detail a flight she was sent on from Geneva to Riyadh to service a Prince Mohammed, a senior member of the royal family, “who would be a key man in buying arms and vital technology.” The prince came in, looked her over, and said something to his secretary in Arabic. The secretary then took Pamella into a bathroom, where she was told to bathe and to wash her hair and blow-dry it straight. The prince, it seemed, wanted her with straight hair. Then she went to the prince’s room and had sex with him. The next day she was shipped back to Geneva. “He was somebody very, very important to Khashoggi. Khashoggi was keeping him supplied with girls. Khashoggi has all these deals going, and he needs a lot of girls for sexual bribes. I was just part of an enormous group. I was used as sexual bait."
In an astonishing book called By Hook or by Crook, written by the Washington lawyer Steven Martindale, who traveled for several years with Khashoggi and the Swami, the author catalogues Khashoggi’s use of women in business deals. The book, which was published in England, was then banned there by a court order sought not by Khashoggi but by Mohammed Al Fayed.

Ah yes, this scene is very British, too. A relative married princess Diana.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 16 2019 20:43 utc | 280

'somebody's deflection and misdirection continues.

The article he sites @281 specifically excludes trafficking in underage women:

Madame Mimi’s operation boasted a roster of three hundred girls between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five.

It's clear that 'somebody' seeks to squash any discussion of a possible Israeli/Mossad connection to Epstein. 'somebody' wants to direct the conversation to sexual mores and income inequality. As part of his efforts, 'somebody' is willing to accept scorn and rebuke for excusing Epstein because that means we're not talking about Israel and Mossad.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 16 2019 23:33 utc | 281

@282 JR. Agreed, imo that person should leave..

Posted by: Lozion | Jul 16 2019 23:58 utc | 282

It was an Austrian passport epstein had BTW. As an 'affluent member of the Jewish faith' he felt it would protect him from kidnapping.

Posted by: dh | Jul 17 2019 0:36 utc | 283


That is my basic speculation.
That he gave himself up to avoid something or someone else who is after him. He might feel basically safer in the USA.
According to this theory he is safest in jail. Esp. if he can meet with his attys and plot strategy.
Although this theory is not supported by his lawyer's trying to get him out on bail.

I don't think this is merely a small-scale individual blackmail operation. He has finagled his way into too many high-powered instittuoins such as the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, heavily involved with Harvard University and top academics and scientists. Harvard is knee-deep in international manipulations of various sorts. How has Epstein, who doesn't seem to have much higher education, worm his way into these powerful institutions? Who is helping him, providing entree---and why? Or, conversely, what is he doing for them and their members? I wonder whether there is a Larry Summers--Epstein connection.

Posted by: Really? | Jul 17 2019 0:57 utc | 284

Further to my comment regarding Epstein's connections with top-drawer policy and academic institutions, I read about this here:

Not sure why the essay has that title but it is worth a read.

Posted by: Really? | Jul 17 2019 1:15 utc | 285


Not sure waht point is being made about a Brooke Shields photograph, bt what is certain is that Shields broke through to fame in the film Pretty Baby:
"She was initially a child model and gained critical acclaim at age 12 for her leading role in Louis Malle's film Pretty Baby (1978), in which she played a child prostitute in New Orleans at the beginning of the 20th century."

There was, actually, a degree of shock about the film, but I don't recall that it unleashed a serious discussion of child prostitution or sex trafficking (maybe a more recent phenomenon?) ---the setting was too exotic and removed in time. So, definitely a most voyeuristic film exercise.

Posted by: Really? | Jul 17 2019 1:21 utc | 286


This makes some sense as a theory, except:
How is trump going to get the evidence, being held in a small country, destroyed or get control of it?
How in the world would that transpire?
Even a mention of a desire to get the evidence and destroy would actually constitute a new major piece of "meta-evidence."

Posted by: Really? | Jul 17 2019 1:30 utc | 287

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 16 2019 23:33 utc | 282
Posted by: Lozion | Jul 16 2019 23:58 utc | 283

For some reason it was illegal in France (and they tend to be very open minded),

Khashoggi seems to have been quite a role model for Epstein, yacht, parties, women, high profile guests et al. So I suppose, as with Khashoggi, the main business was the weapons trade. The presence of Prince Andrew would suggest that.

Last July the Prince visited the Farnborough Airshow, a major showpiece of the UK arms industry, in his role as trade representative, meeting senior figures from the Jordanian, Malaysian and Indian defence ministries.

Campaign against the Arms Trade has lobbied for several years for the closure of the part of UKTI that deals with arms trade. Kaye Stearman at CAAT told Channel 4 News that Prince Andrew is part of what they see as a wider problem. She said: “He is the front man for UKTI. Our concerns are not just Prince Andrew, it’s the whole UKTI set up. They see arms as just another commodity but it has completely disproportionate resources. At the London office of UKTI the arms sector has more staff than all the others put together.”

“We are concerned that Prince Andrew is used to sell arms, and where you sell arms it is likely to be to despotic regimes. He is the cheerleader in chief for the arms industry, shaking hands and paving the way for the salesmen.”

Posted by: somebody | Jul 17 2019 1:39 utc | 288

Might be possible that Israeli-Saudi cooperation at some level is way older than the rise of MBS. Or that Epstein actually worked with or for several different groups.

Still, 4Chan is going to have a field day linking this to "Pizzagate" and making tons of varied and (usually) ludicrous hypotheses.

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Jul 17 2019 5:24 utc | 289

@282 jr... good observations.. thanks..

Posted by: james | Jul 17 2019 6:09 utc | 290

His activities are well explained in the Salon article: recovering money embezzled by dictators AND help them hide it. That would be of interest for an emerging stock exchange such as TA.
As for his job in KSA, with an Austrian passport (name of a guy listed as working for OPEP maybe??), it was probably just 'pimp'. And if he got something on someone rich, be able to show him where to invest his money, rather than blackmailing him.
How great Khashogghi uncle has decided to die just now and be back in memories!

Posted by: Mina | Jul 17 2019 7:47 utc | 291

Very well protected

Posted by: Mina | Jul 17 2019 8:04 utc | 292

Posted by: Really? | Jul 17 2019 1:21 utc | 286

I don't think this photograph would be printed nowadays or the film would be made. Perceptions have changed a lot. In the aftermath of 68 groups crept up using libertarian left wing antiauthoritarianism and openness to make sex with minors legal ie fighting for the abolition of the age of consent. In Britain it was the Pedophilia Information Exchange
Obviously children and minors do not have the ability to consent because of the power disparity and the disparity in knowledge. They don't know what they let themselves into.
Power disparity and disparity in knowlege are the real criteria. Age is part of it but not all of it. Like in France where they know what they are doing without a history of puritanism

several surrounding activities were illegal, like operating a brothel, living off the avails (pimping), and paying for sex with someone under the age of 18 (the age of consent for sex is 15)

So Khashoggi's activities were illegal in France even if he insisted on age above 18.

France has revolutionary legislation since 2016

On 6 April 2016, the French National Assembly voted to punish customers of prostitutes by a fine of €1500

Posted by: somebody | Jul 17 2019 9:39 utc | 293

Posted by: Mina | Jul 17 2019 7:47 utc | 291

How do kickoffs work?

You create a market place - parties, foundations, offshore accounts - that give a chance for company representatives ie Prince Andrew to offer overpriced sales including kickoffs (British weapons) to representatives of clients who wish to buy these weapons. Use the formula successful at fashion shows - drugs, models - to get buyers into a good mood.

In the case of Saudi Arabia being the buyer you then have to funnel back the bribe to the prince.

As this should not leave a trail, diamonds are a good method of payment (apart from offshore accounts) which you can acquire eg in Africa where you can also get in contact with dictators needing weapons to fight for the ownership of the mines (or of oil). To cover your tracks invite someone pretending to do good like Bill Clinton whilst his wife runs the policies of the foreign office.

Use your contact with politicians - Trump - Clinton - to assure your clients their power is safe and the US will support them. Prince Salman would be safe no matter if Trump or Clinton would win the election.

And so on. Epstein's flight logs

more than 1,000 names, ranging from close friends like Wexner to peripheral contacts from the worlds of politics, business, the media and European high society. The U.K.’s Prince Andrew and members of the Trump family make appearances. There’s even an entry for the main number to the White House.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 17 2019 10:19 utc | 294

add to 294

And how are corrupt officials used to open up the country for robbery. Lots of people on Epstein's flight manifest seem to have been investors.

This here from Saudi Arabia

Five sectors of the economy are prepared for privatization in the first quarter of 2019, said Tuwaijri.

In April, the government said it aimed to generate 35 billion to 40 billion riyals in non-oil revenues from its privatization program by 2020 and create up to 12,000 jobs. Prince Mohammed has also insisted that the stalled plan to sell shares in oil giant Saudi Aramco will go ahead.

You sell, bribe and invest.

Russia has stopped this process. Saudi is selling out via the prince.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 17 2019 10:53 utc | 295

"To me this is the most plausible explanation from Dr. Steve Pieczenik who was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker.[2] His expertise includes foreign policy, international crisis management and psychological warfare.[7] He served the presidential administrations of Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush in the capacity of deputy assistant secretary.[8]"

I AGREE. I hope all commenters here take time to watch this.
A good jew who tells it like it is.

Posted by: Really? | Jul 17 2019 11:55 utc | 296

since Epstein boasted he bought a 15 y old yugaslavian in the 90s he and others must have been roaming eastern europe for young girls
i wonder how much cover the new developments get in the news there
not much in france although he has a mansion on 22 av Foch, where most of the other part time residents are third world country dictators
there could be more plaintiffs if properly covered

Posted by: Mina | Jul 17 2019 11:56 utc | 297

Posted by: Mina | Jul 17 2019 11:56 utc | 297

The women are afraid and are right to be afraid. If for some reason some high class lawyers did not get behind this in the US and the women showed some extraordinary courage this would not have got to this stage.

It will be interesting to see how far it will go.
The UK's Serious Fraud Office does not seem to get very far for some reason.

It is not just robbing and bribing third world countries. There is serious blowback in corrupting Western administrations and legal institutions in the process.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 17 2019 13:23 utc | 298

That Counterpunch article on Epstein and the collapse of Europe makes it easier to understand why the intelligence agencies were so interested in the man that Acosta's superior could tell him that Epstein belonged to intelligence. Epstein and his organizations funded such emergent technologies as artificial intelligence. It seems very likely to me that in doing so he just served as a conduit for CIA money.

Posted by: lysias | Jul 17 2019 13:41 utc | 299

Posted by: lysias | Jul 17 2019 13:41 utc | 299

Yes, that is very possible that Epstein was fronting for dark CIA money spent on research.

Like they did with art and literature in the Cold War.

They did not quite make it against Picasso and Sartre in Europe, nor against Bertold Brecht in Germany, but they tried.

They did win with Disney, though. In Florida.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 17 2019 15:34 utc | 300

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