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May 28, 2019

U.S. Government Seeks NGO Help For Removing Iran From Syria

The U.S.Department of State is offering a grant of $75,000,000 to non-government-organizations to help it to further meddle in Syria.

The grant SFOP0005916 - Supporting Local Governance and Civil Society in Syria will go to "Nonprofits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education".


The task description is quite interesting as the NGOs which will eventually get the grant will have to commit to counter one of Syria's military allies:

The purpose of this notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) is to advance the following U.S. Government policy objectives in Syria:
  • Ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS and counter violent extremism, including other extremist groups in Syria;
  • Achieve a political solution to the Syrian conflict under the auspices of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2254; and,
  • End the presence of Iranian forces and proxies in Syria.

The Department of State's Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Office of Assistance Coordination (NEA/AC) aims to advance these policy objectives by supporting the following assistance objectives:

  • Strengthen responsive and credible governance and civil society entities to capably serve and represent communities liberated from ISIS.
  • Advance a political solution to the Syrian conflict under the auspices of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2254; and,
  • Counter extremism and disinformation perpetuated by Iranian forces, designated terrorist organizations, and other malign actors through support for local governance actors and civil society organizations.

The operational field for the grant is not only the Syrian northeast which U.S. troops currently occupy, but also the al-Qaeda infested Idleb governorate as well as all government controlled areas.

The related Funding Opportunity Description (available through the above link) does not explain what an NGO could do to advance the highlighted U.S. government goals.

Work on the three year project is supposed to start on January 1 2020. It must be applied for by August 2 2019.

h/t @domihol

Posted by b on May 28, 2019 at 18:13 UTC | Permalink


Going by this headline, MSM were given their talking points for the new US strategy a few days ago.

"Exclusive: Idlib government chief urges defense against Assad attack"

Idlib government....

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | May 28 2019 18:19 utc | 1

As NGOs need not be nonprofit, this sounds like a job for Erik Prince's Academi.

Posted by: Full Spectrum Domino | May 28 2019 18:39 utc | 2

thanks b... i saw mention of this earlier today.. aside from agreeing with @2 fsd, i am wondering what happened to the ever lovin' white helmet trash? all these benevolent acts of the usa, a country could die from all the kindness shown it...

there sure are a number of sickos in the usa admin... it never seems to stop...

Posted by: james | May 28 2019 18:41 utc | 3

I just assume all US and British NGOs are intelligence assets until proven other wise. Sad that it came to this.

Posted by: BraveNewWorld | May 28 2019 18:41 utc | 4

Thanks for the posting b

I wonder if war crime immunity comes with the contract?

Posted by: psychohistorian | May 28 2019 18:51 utc | 5

Where does the limbo-limbo end? Every time I think they've hit bottom they manage to go lower. Soliciting bids for murder
mayhem and mis-information. Wow. Of course, we must remember the B. de Vos is Secretary of Education (!!!!!) and her brother is Mr. Murder, Inc himself. I guess the family needs to pick up some more change. Excuse me, I need to go look for my barf-bag.

Posted by: Miss Lacy | May 28 2019 18:51 utc | 6

b, why don't you apply?

Posted by: barovsky | May 28 2019 18:57 utc | 7

It smacks of desperation, they seem to be clinging to the notion of a little pseudo-state in NE Syria, & Idlib too. Kurdistan 2.0.

FARS had a claim that the Saudis are going to pay for it and Uncle Sugar is going to "back them".

Since Turkey is invading Iraq I'd say Idlib is soon to be taken by the SAA, and things will then heat up East of the Euphrates.

Posted by: Bemildred | May 28 2019 18:58 utc | 8

Just more concocted BS to fool the rubes into believing once again, that the empire is acting in the best interests of the countries targeted for usurpation..

Oh, and least I forget, making some new sycophants rich..

Posted by: ben | May 28 2019 19:00 utc | 9

Looks like a transparent attempt to funnel more taxpayer dollars to Betsy DeVoss' family and their interests. What does anyone want to bet whoever gets this grant (? - why not RFP) will be one of the usual players?

Posted by: KC | May 28 2019 19:01 utc | 10

Turkey Invades Northern Iraq In Operation Against Kurdish Militants

Posted by: Stever | May 28 2019 19:02 utc | 11

Someone with the Twatter should reach out to Elliot Higgins and Bellingcrap - they're probably working on their 501c3 (expedited) as we speak, if they don't already have it. I will only charge $400/hr as a consultant on their grant proposal.

Posted by: KC | May 28 2019 19:03 utc | 12

Well, I think Assad should apply, he certainly knows his way around the neighborhood.

Posted by: frances | May 28 2019 19:32 utc | 13

re: Turkish invasion of Northern Iraq

Well, I guess that explains why the US decided to deploy more troops (~1500) to the Middle East. NATO using Iran as an excuse to hide Turkish actions.

BraveNewWorld | May 28, 2019 2:41:43 PM | 4:

It's best to assume all NGOs are intelligence assets, especially when promoted by politicians.

Posted by: Ian | May 28 2019 20:04 utc | 14

When disasters occur anywhere in the world, Americans generously offer assistance to those in need.

Decades of experience in disaster relief and recovery have shown that the best way to help people affected by disaster is to make cash donations to reputable relief and charitable organizations on the ground. These groups work closely with affected communities and know what people need and how to strengthen recovery efforts. If you are interested in helping people affected by crisis in Syria, here are some (22) organizations that are providing support:

Posted by: fastfreddy | May 28 2019 20:12 utc | 15

Since the core of this project seems to be perception-management i.e. dressing up unimaginative, worn out old lies as truthiness, with a bit of butchery (of inconvenient local elected officials a la Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines et al) thrown in for good measure, The New York Times and its Mossad friends should be a shoe-in.
Or they could just give whole contract to Moral Equivalence specialist Thomas L Friedman.
On the other hand, they might consider giving it to Maureen Dowd, who could winkle out every single item of idiocy, serialise them all, and we could all die laughing. Eventually.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | May 28 2019 20:14 utc | 16

The insanity has achieved stratospheric levels. I had a political discussion with some green's party member here in Vancouver Canada. Instead of extinction rebellion, why not start with getting out of nato, stopping wars and conflicts, and at the same time close all factories of armaments, de-commission all power plants, zero consumerism, public transportation, no more GMO's and round ups, increase the free education possibilities for all, work week of 15 hours one thing at a time...
they told me I am nuts....

Posted by: joe nobodythat is alive | May 28 2019 20:17 utc | 17

The Turkish military is also heavily involved in Syria against the Syrian Arab Army here. But it seems that Russia controls the air.

Posted by: Don Bacon | May 28 2019 20:28 utc | 18

Desperate - and ineffectual - flailing by the sinking empire. Seventy five whole million! Crikey, that's really going to drive Iran out of the arc of resistance - isn't it? LOL!

Posted by: Rhisiart Gwilym | May 28 2019 20:40 utc | 19

US regime and her regional clientele have an Iran problem, which now has lasted for forty years,the Iranian revolution has so badly tore up US’ fat wide ass, that hope for recovery is beyond imagination. For Iranians it’s a joy reading their inconceivable desperation.

Posted by: Kooshy | May 28 2019 20:46 utc | 20

One suspects that this desperate US State Dept gambit comes a tad too late.

Al Jazeera is in turbo-Zionist mode today, reporting from Syria that Syrian & Russian air strikes have bombed "22 medical facilities" in Idleb killing 'countless' civilians. Also causing a flood of civilian refugees to seek refuge in Turkey. A-J even had a clip of an indignant, female "UN Human Rights spox", asking why something can't done about Syrian and Ru carnage. = The Christian Colonial Satanists are losing spectacularly/ up the creek without a paddle as we say in Oz.

It reminds me of a quip made by Mark Ames, or similar, a few days after Russia first arrived in Syria...
Hey!!! Putin's killing our Ter'rists!!!

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | May 28 2019 20:52 utc | 21

MKB at his blog makes the case for Japan acting as intermediary while trying to make the case that Trump made an overture to Iran, a presumption with which I disagree and that b took apart in his piece about the NY Times and its false reports about Iran upon which Trump played. IMO, I don't see Trump's words being acknowledged as there're no grounds for Iran to trust anything he or any other Outlaw US Empire official utters.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 28 2019 20:53 utc | 22

$75,000,000 for meddling, but not a penny for healthcare!

This is why we can't have nice things.

Posted by: Ort | May 28 2019 21:28 utc | 23

@ joe nobodythat is alive | May 28, 2019 4:17:59 PM | 15

Hello my fellow nutter, same here across the pond. They're unable to see the wood for all the trees. Funny isn't it?

Posted by: Hmpf | May 28 2019 21:45 utc | 24

A question of authority.. Section 8, Article 1, paragraph 18.. the congress shall have the power to make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper (both are required for each law? ) for carrying into execution the foregoing Powers .. so under article 1 where does the power to issue a grant or deliver money to those who promise to help in finding ways to remove one foreign nation (Iran) from Another (Syria) either < necessary or proper??

necessary that the USA should remove Iran from Syria (why is that necessary? ) but even if necessary, how is it proper .. ?
none of the forgoing powers that I can find, provide for removing from one foreign country another foreign country, especially when both such foreign countries are not even on the same continent with the USA? Moreover I would love to see how the foreign country Iran managed to move into the foreign country Syria.. seems to me to be physically impossible.

How is appropriating grant money to be given to "anyone" or "to incur any obligation to engage any effort" toward removing one foreign nation Iran From Another foreign nation Syria.. within Article I powers ?? There is something hidden about this grant .. what am I missing? Please ..!

Posted by: snake | May 28 2019 21:55 utc | 25

snake @24--

The UN Charter is part of US Constitution and forbids the proposed meddling and oh so much more. IMO, the proposed grant like so many others is unconstitutional based on those grounds alone. BUT, someone needs to sue over it for it to be declared such. And there lies the rub.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 28 2019 22:03 utc | 26

@21 kralof1.. i read it earlier and feel the same way as you on that as well...

Posted by: james | May 28 2019 22:53 utc | 27

when you hit enter, it does stuff like that..
the article karlof1 and i are talking about is here

Posted by: james | May 28 2019 22:53 utc | 28

Sounds like the intended recipient of this grant is a humanitarian organisation, perhaps one with religious backing, that targets Shi'a communities in Syria. That organisation would have the capability of running a radio station that broadcasts to Shi'a communities and whose reach could include communities in Lebanon, Iraq and areas in Iran close to Iraq or where Iranian Kurdish-speaking and Azeri-speaking people live.

Alternately the organisation itself could be a media organisation whose core business is running the radio station and using it as a platform to promote fake humanitarian and civil society / governance organisations, advocate for particular political agendas and aim at particular Shi'a and other non-Sunni communities in Syria and neighbouring countries as its target audience.

The 3-year time-frame and the funding (which I presume must cover that entire 3-year period) would seem to be appropriate. Setting up a radio station and applying for a broadcasting licence (or just running the station illegally in an already existing building) would probably not take up much of that funding and I am guessing the bulk of the funding would be used for purposes not related to the organisation's supposed core function: the money would be used for running guns and fighters into Idlib and other targeted cities and communities, among other things.

Posted by: Jen | May 28 2019 23:12 utc | 29

In another classy move and another proof that the West is the land of the Free and takes freedoms, everyone of them, everywhere, very seriously, Youtube has banned ANNA channel there:

As for State Department, I'd love to see these fuckers accuse Russia of meddling in other countries, when they do it so blatantly and so openly. What's next, China is "meddling" with North Korea too, by offering some level of protection?

Posted by: Clueless Joe | May 28 2019 23:38 utc | 30

it is just soo f@k'd that the usa is in bed with sunni headchoppers - the real terrorists, hoping for some caliph in idlib.. if more folks from the west realized just how malignant the west under the leadership of the usa is here, they would demand an alternative.. at present i think most are oblivious to it.

Posted by: james | May 28 2019 23:38 utc | 31

Good luck to those who think that by chucking a load of money they can get Iran out of Syria - which is tantamount to getting a snowball out of a fire - especially now that Iran is suffering draconian sanctions and is not in a mood to be chased out of a country it has invested so much in defending.

I imagine there is a feeling in Iran of weariness, of exasperation, to the point of defying the US to attack. That is why what the US is doing is so dangerous. Iran is much more powerful than it was back in the early 2000s when Israel really wanted to go in. Powerful in having better weapons but more importantly in having powerful allies. I guess the Israelis had worked that out.

Due to the Israeli factor vis-à-vis Trump, it may already be too late to stop this madness and I am certainly not the first to say so.

Posted by: Lochearn | May 28 2019 23:49 utc | 32

On a slow night on MOA comments I would like to sneak this one in. I have been researching Rupert Murdoch and I started to add up the sheer cash needed for his acquisitions – the Sun, the Times, The News of the World in the Uk, 20th Century Fox, setting up BskyB and dozens of regional newspapers in Australia, UK, US and it it didn’t add up – the cash he got from his Dad plus what the newspapers were earning. There was a huge, fucking gap. Then I discovered he had been friends with Jacob Rothschild since the 1960s.

Posted by: Lochearn | May 29 2019 0:29 utc | 33

They didn't give this contract to Avaaz? And after all the efforts and money and lives for the White Helmets who partner with HTS. With Syria and Russia applying the pincers, their success is reduced. So the US needs a new contractor? And how will this contractor end the presence of Iranian forces and proxies? Maybe it is a job for the mercs like FSD said in #2.

Today, DW pushed a story of the Shammar tribe which seems to have played a middle man role working with the US and kurds to fight IS. But now they want to use their power. But if they have a major power, why have we not heard of them?
DW points to Shammar to deal w/Assad
(a test to see if link posts right)

Posted by: Curtis | May 29 2019 0:29 utc | 34


Posted by: Curtis | May 29 2019 0:30 utc | 35

Lochearn @32--

Iran's getting ready to commit more troops to liberate Idlib, although I can't find the article I read that presently. This has allowed the shifting of SAA forces to central Syria @Palmyra in anticipation of diversionary attacks spawned from the Outlaw US Empire base at al-Tanf as has repeatedly occurred previously.

In response to Trump's words in Japan, Zarif answered:

"Actions—not words—will show whether or not that's @realDonaldTrump's intent."

Which is what's been said before broken-record-like. Iran keeps calling Trump's bluffs to which Trump responds by issuing a new bluff. As we've seen, neither Pompeo nor Bolton have the patience for such games; so, something will happen before the weekend instigated by one or the other.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 29 2019 0:51 utc | 36

Lochearn 33

Perception management.
"But things were about to change. In a Jan. 13, 1983, memo, NSC Advisor Clark foresaw the need for non-governmental money to advance this cause. “We will develop a scenario for obtaining private funding,” Clark wrote. (Just five days later, President Reagan personally welcomed media magnate Rupert Murdoch into the Oval Office for a private meeting, according to records on file at the Reagan library.)

As administration officials reached out to wealthy supporters, lines against domestic propaganda soon were crossed as the operation took aim not only at foreign audiences but at U.S. public opinion, the press and congressional Democrats who opposed funding the Nicaraguan Contras."

Parry was a genuine investigative reporter and there are a number of his articles on perception management at consortium news.
Murdoch was the first or one of the first to be pulled in when US decided to target its own population with propaganda.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | May 29 2019 1:39 utc | 37

NGOs are now a justified target of destruction.

Posted by: virgile | May 29 2019 1:47 utc | 38

Who can predict the future, but I suspect that Syria will be a different place come NGO contract start-of-work on January 1, given Russia's support for the SAA offensive plus Iran's interest. And that's only the start.

Posted by: Don Bacon | May 29 2019 2:28 utc | 39

Bashar al-Assad was sworn in for his third seven-year term on July 16, 2014 in the presidential palace in Damascus. Syria's next presidential election is in 2021.
--from Arab Center Washington DC, Dec 12, 2018

Assad Begins a Three-Year Plan to Refurbish His Regime . . .There are growing indications that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government is gearing up for a three-year plan to hunker down and solidify gains ahead of Syria’s presidential elections in 2021.
..The Assad regime [regime = enemy] is laying the groundwork for the necessary conditions to reap the benefits of postwar Syria and strengthen control over territories recaptured in the last few years. . .here

So Washington can't let this happen, free elections, it must "advance a political solution" including regime change, and $75 million might do a lot of advancing.

Posted by: Don Bacon | May 29 2019 3:28 utc | 40

@ b - any thoughts?

I'm hearing that thirty foreign military & intelligence personnel have been captured during the SAA & allies liberation of Kafr Nabuda. This might explain why the terrorist counter-attacks persisted even while they were suffering catastrophic casualties - current estimates on the ground are of 800+ terrorists killed during the Kafr Nabuda offensives with many more who will die from wounds received. Apparently the foreign agents were trapped underground (some reports say in a sewer, others in a tunnel) and include special forces and intelligence from the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, UAE and KSA. If true I suspect frantic negotiations have been initiated by their paymasters to get them discreetly returned to their sponsor states.

Posted by: TEP | May 29 2019 3:39 utc | 41

@40 The word 'regime' is featured no less than 27 times in that article. Looks a bit like overkill.

Posted by: dh | May 29 2019 3:41 utc | 42

@ 42
They suffer from a regime of over-using regime.

Posted by: Don Bacon | May 29 2019 4:33 utc | 43

Didn't the US just spend two years complaining about Russia meddling in the US and here they are offering big bucks to go meddle in another country.

When confronted with the blatant hypocrisy, the response is that they are doing God's work. Exactly which God are they referring to would be my question?

Given the pace of events, I doubt this RFP will ever get contracted out. Syria may very well not be infested by the US by early 2020 given the efforts being made by Syria and Russia to reclaim Idlib and such.

Another reason I am developing in support of the above Syria scenario is the recent news that China/Russia together have said that they will not attend the proposed mid June meeting about Israel/Palestine supposedly being led by Jared Kushner.

IMO, the above means that empire is having control of the global narrative taken from them. If they are no longer able to wage war or force "peace" on the world then the jig is up. I don't see it taking until the end of the year for that reality to change the direction and narrative of a very different world.....albeit, not realized everywhere by then.

Posted by: psychohistorian | May 29 2019 5:01 utc | 44

The focus on Iran as a bad actor in Syria and the calls for intervention in Idlib lead me to an unabashed "told ya so" moment. From May 8 Thread: Will the U.S. And Israel Wage A "Summer War"?, snippets from comment @1, @18, @95:

I tend to agree about the reluctance to take on Hezb in Lebanon. War in Lebanon seems less pressing than helping Turkey to retain Idlib. IMO the occupations of Idlib, Golan Heights, and NE Syria are no accident and non-negotiable. Each plays a part in the strategy of dismantling Syria and removing Assad (eventually).

= = = =
I think FUKUSI is generally happy with their war-of-attrition strategy that starves Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and Palestinians. So I'm not sure that FUKUSI is any rush to fight Hezb.

But the possibility of Russia and Syria attempting to reclaim Idlib is a real concern for them. Residents of Idlib and Afrin (plus refugees) can be propagandized to vote against Assad. Also, as hardships continue in Syria proper, some non-refugee Syrians might relocate to Idlib (a big propaganda win against Assad).

IMO Syria is still the priority. If Assad kicked Iran out of Syria, that would only buy a short reprieve. FUKUSI will continue the war against Syria until they control the country or suffer a sharp set-back (that would likely mean a wider war).

= = = =

0) Economic attrition takes time to work its magic. USA does not need to hurry into armed conflict.

1) We know that Bolton's statement was bogus. He can't order US military movements AND the military positioning had been ordered many weeks ago as a matter of routine.

Also, USA needed to pivot from the embarrassment in Venezuela.

2) Bolton's statement refers to attacks on US allies and interests.

3) The only attack on US allies or interests that is imminent is the attack on Turk-controlled Idlib.

4) USA has previously threatened to bomb Syria if Idlib is attacked. Each of Idlib, Golan Heights, and NE Syria are strategic occupations by 'Assad must go!' Coalition countries.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 29 2019 5:11 utc | 45

The NGO will probably piss away the money in high salaries and overhead anyway. Payoffs to party bosses, payoffs to local tribal leaders, rake offs to administrators, fix a few roofs, replace a few doors in winning the hearts and minds. Maybe even buy some tow missiles and the like.

What a wonderful opportunity.

Posted by: dltravers | May 29 2019 5:22 utc | 46

#15 and #23 re dialog with the Greens. Hoho same here in the bunya nut republic of oz. I mentioned that old text Blueprint for a Green Economy plus theories of reducing the human foot print but they went crosseyed as it threatened their faux compassion by reducing refugees washing ashore. Not satisfied with that response I started talking about role of the UN and support to build sustainable nations and economies in nations with low gdp and services. They didn't get it! They were challenged by the proposition that relocating across the globe when poor and leaving entire cultural roots behind was likely to be the last step of desperation.

The grens are too busy midwifing refugees to take a dramatic lead role in anti war. Such is the bunya nut republic.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | May 29 2019 6:59 utc | 47

The grant proposal reads as if it was dictated by Israel's military and political leadership. People often forget how much Israel influences U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Which means that Syria must go down, be balkanized (as it now is) and Assad must be regime changed. Evidently from this grant they are not going to give up. Speaking of Israel's infiltration of the upper echelons of US government, there was a great article on the Mintpress website a couple of weeks ago about the 'dancing Israelis' –
New photos released via FOIA request show one of the 'dancing Israelis' was in the exact same parking lot on Sept 10th–the day before the attacks took place– holding a lighter to where the towers were standing. So he for sure knew it was going down the next day.

Posted by: Deschutes | May 29 2019 8:36 utc | 48

MBS could apply for the grant. Given American efficiency these days, the $75 million may not go that far though; I have forgotten the figure, but the U.S. spent millions training about 100 "moderate" Syrian rebels.

Iran could set up a front organization to take the money, but more likely the jihadists will do this.

Congress has been breathing down Trump's neck to do more in Syria and this could be the result.

Posted by: Edward | May 29 2019 9:22 utc | 49

it was only four or five days ago that Israelinc. activated its bootlickers in congress to ratchet up a little more tension. and of course there's nuthin' like the fragrance of filthy lucre to flare their nostrils.

psychopaths never run out of gambits. never.

Posted by: john | May 29 2019 9:46 utc | 50

Philip M. Giraldi:

Israel's Role In 9/11
FBI evidence supports prior knowledge or complicity

The tale of 9/11 will just not go away, largely because it is clear to anyone who reads the lengthy 9/11 Commission Report that many issues that should have been subject to inquiry were ignored for what would appear to be political reasons. The George W. Bush Administration quite obviously did not want to assume any blame for what had happened and that bias also extended to providing cover for U.S. “allies,” most particularly Saudi Arabia and Israel. Those who have sought the truth about 9/11 have been persistent in their attempts to find out information that was suppressed but they have been blocked repeatedly in spite of numerous FOIA requests.

Now, eighteen years after the event, there has been something like a breakthrough, penetrating the wall of silence erected by the government. FBI reports on the possible Israeli role in 9/11 were released on May 7th and they serve to support speculation by myself and other former intelligence officers that Israel, at a minimum, had detailed prior knowledge of what was to take place. More than that, Israeli intelligence officers working in the United States might well have enabled certain aspects of the conspiracy.


Posted by: Hamilton | May 29 2019 10:27 utc | 51

Israel's Role In 9/11
FBI evidence supports prior knowledge or complicity

Posted by: Hamilton | May 29 2019 10:30 utc | 52

German Ex-Spy Chief: Mossad Behind Video Leak That Led to Austria Gov't Collapse

Austrian politics has been rocked by "Ibiza-gate" allegations that the country's vice chancellor was discussing the possibility of a foreign citizen investing into a local newspaper in exchange for favourable media coverage.

Rudolf Adam, a former diplomat and deputy head of Germany's Federal Intelligence Service, claims that the scandal that turned Austria's politics upside down was orchestrated by Israeli secret services.

Posted by: Hamilton | May 29 2019 10:35 utc | 53

Posted by: Deschutes | May 29, 2019 4:36:19 AM | 48

Yes, I was sitting in my house in Johannesburg when those photos popped up and the first indications of Israeli involvement in the '2nd Pearl Harbour' were revealed.

Posted by: barovsky | May 29 2019 10:52 utc | 54

At what stage I wonder will the American public, get fed up with seeing there hard earned tax payer money, sqounderd away into hair-brained senseless scams in the middle-east ect. That just so happen to put billions in the pocket of arms industry share holders, and in the proceed killing millions of people.
Of course as psychopaths their useless at predicting the outcome of there actions ! See - - the Iraq wars, Syria Libya extra !
As long as they make personal profit it will continue. As long as there are no ‘personal’ reprocutions it will continue ! There in lays the salution.

Posted by: Mark2 | May 29 2019 11:12 utc | 55

Hamilton | May 29, 2019 6:35:29 AM | 52

Aha, if the narrative is served such a former deep state creature is credible? Laughable. More important is that Strache had promised such things. Doesn't this make you think a bit?

Posted by: Hausmeister | May 29 2019 11:21 utc | 56

david sterling of the mayfair set the man behind the sas general sir frank kidson author of gangs counter gangs and pseudo gangs could of taken out syria in a few we do not have the man power the simple fact is we have to use takfiri proxy as the lgbt plus plus minus fluid xx yy groups refuse to fight for queen country and the oded yinon.
national service is the only option israel must grow for the mosiach returnings as the new temple rises from the soon ashes of dome of the rock already

Posted by: miles | May 29 2019 12:33 utc | 57

Sounds like a job for the White Helmets. Does HTS count as an NGO? Maybe they can also apply, although Reuters seems to think they are now government.

The UN Charter is part of US Constitution and forbids the proposed meddling and oh so much more. IMO, the proposed grant like so many others is unconstitutional based on those grounds alone. BUT, someone needs to sue over it for it to be declared such. And there lies the rub.
Posted by: karlof1 | May 28, 2019 6:03:40 PM | 26

I wonder what the potential is for legal action against any NGO that gets these funds - including constitutional, but maybe also normal law? It includes for example the potential for using the funds to support terrorists. Another possibility worth pursuing would be attempting to introduce proactive leglislation prohibiting certain activities likely to result in benefits to terrorists, that could potentially catch such NGOs. Somebody should talk to Tulsi Gabbard, and see if she bites. Don't we have some Hawaii commenters here? Any interest?

Well, I think Assad should apply, he certainly knows his way around the neighborhood.
Posted by: frances | May 28, 2019 3:32:05 PM | 13

Assad is not an NGO, nor is his government - but a pro-Assad NGO certainly should apply, and any response made available as evidence.


I'm hearing that thirty foreign military & intelligence personnel have been captured during the SAA & allies liberation of Kafr Nabuda. ... If true I suspect frantic negotiations have been initiated by their paymasters to get them discreetly returned to their sponsor states.
Posted by: TEP | May 28, 2019 11:39:56 PM | 41

Sources?? I really wish any such captured foreign intelligence personnel would be put on PUBLIC trial for terrorism and for war crimes, not returned. We've heard similar such claims before after Douma for example, but nothing has come ever out officially. If I was in charge I would release videos of interrogations and key evidence to official (Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Syrian, Lebanese etc) news agencies and use it as a potent propaganda tool against the foreign states using lies to justify their criminal aggression. Such evidence could then be used by concerned citizens in the UK, France, Germany etc to force admissions by their government, try to force an investigation, and change public perception. I really cannot accept that such criminals should be released to their perpetrating governments in exchange for favours. Quite apart from the question of justice, no favours could ever match the geostrategic value of catching these criminals red-handed and publicising it - ALL the covert terrorist supporting activities of the USA/UK/Fr governments would be made significantly more difficult at a stroke, and it would be a significant disincentive to perpetrators.

Some Russian citizen should raise a direct question for President Putin about this the next time he gives an open Q&A.

Posted by: BM | May 29 2019 13:07 utc | 58

In Wild Wild West that would had been a WANTED banner, but we live in 21st century.

Posted by: Arioch | May 29 2019 13:14 utc | 59

to Lochearn # 33. Good find on old news. Yup. surprise surprise as they say. Next you should look in to the Morgan/Rothshield connexion. Go back as far as the US civil war. Very interesting.

Posted by: Miss Lacy | May 29 2019 13:42 utc | 60

@43 regime of regime over-using regime,

To build upon old joke

Posted by: Arioch | May 29 2019 13:43 utc | 61

If any FUKUSI operative captured they should be interrogated if they went by their own volition or by order.

If by their own - they should be publicly hanged as deserter from FUKUSI armed forces.
If by order - Syrian gov't should publicly query referent FUKUSI gov't if they are at war with Syria, get official "no", then publicly hang the operative for both desertion and defaming of their government.

Posted by: Arioch | May 29 2019 13:57 utc | 62

Syria with aid from others is seriously beating up on anti-government forces, so it's fake gas attack time again, with MSM assistance.

PARIS (Reuters)May 28 - France’s foreign minister said on Tuesday there were signs that chemicals had been used in attacks by Syrian government forces on rebels in northwest Syria, but they still needed to be verified.
The United States said on May 23 it had received numerous reports that appeared consistent with chemical exposure after forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad launched an offensive on the rebel stronghold.
“We have a sign of the use of chemical weapons in the Idlib area but for now there isn’t verification,” Jean-Yves Le Drian told the French parliament’s foreign affairs committee.
Rebels fighting on the mountainous western edge of Syria’s last big rebel enclave of Idlib said on May 19 that the army had shelled them with poison gas, leading some to suffer choking symptoms. They said they had not documented the attack because they were under bombardment when it occurred. . .here

Le Drian is the France Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs.
This "news" is a refresh from NYTimes reporting of a week ago quoting a State Dept source.
WASHINGTON, May 21 — The State Department said on Tuesday that the Syrian government might be renewing its use of chemical weapons, citing a suspected chlorine attack in northwest Syria, and maintaining that any use of such weapons would lead the United States and its allies to “respond quickly and appropriately.”
The Trump administration said the suspected attack took place on Sunday in the Idlib area, the final stronghold of rebels who have tried to topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria.
“Unfortunately, we continue to see signs that the Assad regime may be renewing its use of chemical weapons, including an alleged chlorine attack in northwest Syria on the morning of May 19, 2019,” Morgan Ortagus, a State Department spokeswoman, said in a written statement on Tuesday. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | May 29 2019 14:02 utc | 63

Such cheap destabilizing tricks from the paper tiger empire will fail, due to the complete lack of any support at the grassroots level which should surprise no one. Ever more people are waking up to the fact allowing US meddling to go unhindered will inevitably make their lives a lot worse, no matter how shitty their current circumstances are.

Posted by: JW | May 29 2019 14:08 utc | 64

Trump sounds upbeat on Iran.
from Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister Abe of Japan in Joint Press Conference, May 27

“And I think we’ll make a deal. I think Iran — again, I think Iran has tremendous economic potential. And I look forward to letting them get back to the stage where they can show that. I think Iran — I know so many people from Iran. These are great people. It has a chance to be a great country, with the same leadership. We’re not looking for regime change. I just want to make that clear. We’re looking for no nuclear weapons. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | May 29 2019 14:12 utc | 65

@don bacon - read @22 karlof1's comments, or mine @27... same silly stupid shit from fans of trump who believe he has anything relevant to say when in fact he doesn't... watch how a person acts, not what they say...

meanwhile in related news....

"Russia and Syria are calling on the global community and the United Nations to take a principled stand and urge the United States to withdraw its troops from Syria as soon as possible, the joint Russia-Syria coordination centre on refugee repatriation said in a statement on Wednesday.

“We are calling on the global community, on UN relevant structures and on international humanitarian organizations to take a principled stand and exercise influence on the United States in order to urge it to withdraw its troops from the illegally occupied Syrian territories as soon as possible, as these troops support illegal armed groups and prevent Syria from returning to normal life”, the statement read."

essentially the usa wants iran out of syria and russia and syria want the usa out of syria... they could conceivably do a straight trade..

Posted by: james | May 29 2019 14:50 utc | 66

Does this NGO proposal break any international laws? Can any foreign government put up a 75 million contract to for and NGO to do something in the US without the US's permission? Surely the US would be outraged and take measures against that country, but is there anything that makes this against international law?

#65 Obviously Syria has asked for the US troops to leave at the UN many times. Has the UN ever declared the US troops to be illegally occupying and formally asked them to leave at all? It seems like this is a clear cut illegal occupation so there must be some formal complaint or process that should have been be taken by now, just for show to at least provide the UN some veneer of fairness. Obviously the US will do what it pleases but has any other nations in the UN recognized that Syria's sovereignty is being violated?

Posted by: Jason | May 29 2019 15:37 utc | 67

james @65 they could conceivably do a straight trade..

I believe that trade was suggested at some point (not sure how seriously) and Assad said that such a trade interferes with Syria's sovereign rights.

Practically, negotiating with countries regarding their occupation lends credence to the occupation. Those negotiations will likely take on a life of their own and go on for years. So demanding that they end their illegal occupation is really the only practical course (though it's possible that there may be unofficial discussions about some kind of trade-off).

Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 29 2019 15:45 utc | 68

Jason @66 to do something in the US without the US's permission?

The grant will go to "Nonprofits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS". That means that the ngo has some US operations.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <>

The appearance of the grant soon after the recent OPCW leak that proves that Douma was a false flag suggests that the $75m is for propaganda that counters false flag claims. Clearly they can't say that explicitly but it makes sense given that Jihadi's and their 'Assad must go!' Coalition enablers are now claiming that SAA is using chemical weapons in/near Idlib.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 29 2019 16:07 utc | 69

BM @ 57
My Russian friends believed that the Skripal nonsense was set off to deflect attention from the fact that a couple of troops of SAS had been taken prisoner by the SAA in the Gouta tunnels. At the time, I was sent some links but they were unofficial and TASS etc did not cover it. One quite extensive video link claimed that the Chinese were providing a lot of intelligence support to Russia and the SAA, and that the Americans had lost something like 200 soldiers in the E.Gouta fighting. I have long since lost the links - they were anyway to Russian language sites.

I can certainly see that if this is all true NATO would make heavy concessions to prevent that kind of news getting out.

So who knows!

Posted by: Montreal | May 29 2019 16:10 utc | 70

@james #65

Isn't it amazing that us American citizens have to rely on "hostile foreign powers" Russia and China to take a principled stand to have the US government remove our troops from Syria when the U.S. Congress is doing the exact opposite, even though they never approved the deployment in the first place?

Posted by: KC | May 29 2019 16:22 utc | 71

Incidentally the MOD do not admit to any casualties in Syria but maybe they treat special forces and contractors’ casualties differently.

Posted by: Montreal | May 29 2019 16:23 utc | 72

@KC #70

I was born and live in the US.

I fully believe without the leadership of Putin, Lavrov, and Jinping the world would be ripping itself apart right now.

Surreal feeling to be more grateful of these leaders actions/patience than of my country's actions/lack of patience.

I am in the US, but no longer of the US.

Posted by: Zack | May 29 2019 17:33 utc | 73


Mueller resigns, exits lying:

"In remarks to the public at the Department of Justice, Mueller said that his investigation found that the Russian military's intelligence operation to disrupt the U.S. election in 2016 worked, but that the Russians and the campaign of then-candidate, and now-president, Donald Trump, did not conspire together."

NO evidence was ever presented proving the also not proven operation "worked." Will need to compare Mueller's actual statement with what's reported as it might well be spin by the website's writer. Notably, no link's provided to a transcript of Mueller's statement.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 29 2019 18:03 utc | 74

@montreal 70

The interview you are refering to is by Evgenij Satanovskij. You can still watch it here:

Posted by: Vato | May 29 2019 18:16 utc | 75

Add to my 74--

Transcript and video here. As I suspected, the writer at the above linked item lied/spun what was merely alleged and indicted to proven beyond doubt. Russiagate was NEVER proven to have occurred in the manner portrayed/alleged/indicted; and those companies and individuals who've challenged the indictments are being stonewalled by the government during the Discovery process.

Really sad but not unexpected that Common Dreams writer lied in his reporting, a behavioral trait I exposed often during 2016 prior to being banned.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 29 2019 18:18 utc | 76

Unfortunately Mark2, those defense companies not only pay their shareholders, but they support most of what is still a palatable middle/upper middle class lifestyle in this country. A person making bombs or engineering a radio system for mercenaries and foreign encampments to use knows what they "do". Even if not always to whom. They just don't care because their family is still untouched by it, they are still able to live in a gated community and go on vacation to Hawaii once a year and swim with trained dolphins.

I live in a strong MIC area and I can say with confidence that this place, and perhaps the entire state would be like abandoned Chernobyl if these companies went broke.

Posted by: sejomoje | May 29 2019 18:33 utc | 77

@68 jackrabbit.. i agree with assad...

@71 KC - yes it is! i live in canada, but as a vassal to the usa - it is much the same.. i long for the days canada had trudeau who spoke as an equal to the usa.. even cretien said no to going to war in iraq.. that was the last time a canuck actually stood up for canucks... bootlicker harper and trudeau jr - and all the rest of the political rot here in canada are incapable of this and much more... everything has turned 180% now..

Posted by: james | May 29 2019 18:53 utc | 78

sejomoje @77

I recall a video of an interview with a woman who worked in a bomb making factory in California. She said that she would much rather be working in Santa's workshop but she needed the job.

Posted by: arby | May 29 2019 19:09 utc | 79

Vato @ 75

That’s the one, many thanks.

Until 2003 I supported and to some extent identified with our (UK) servicemen,, although I certainly wouldn’t if they had had to fight in Vietnam.

Now I am just ashamed, not of those boys - in all conscience there are few enough of them - but of the greedy corrupt self-serving little gob-shites who send them, hoping for Washington’s pay-off, like Blair, Cameron and Clegg seem have benefitted from Iraq and Libya.


Outside of Russia and China, are there any honourable politicians anywhere?

Posted by: Montreal | May 29 2019 19:42 utc | 80

Sejomoje @77 James@ 78 Arby @
Yes I agree. We must be realistic but also optimistic. There are a lot of signs that things are changing! Local awareness ditto worldwide, They are beyound doubt loseing credabilty. desperate people make mistakes. The topic of this post looks like an act of desperation to me. Will their toxic buseness plan soon collapse? I think so. It’s insane isn’t it , even if profitable for some.
Plus look at the reservoir of hate that must beyound doubt be building up !

Posted by: Mark2 | May 29 2019 19:54 utc | 81

Mark2 @81

Hmmm, not sure about that. Every so often I will click on the comments on Zerohedge and get the picture that very few are not completely brain washed.
We are the toughest ,smartest , and all around exceptional people.
Those others in shithole countries are the opposite of the great ones.

Posted by: arby | May 29 2019 20:33 utc | 82

@ BM - Posted by: BM | May 29, 2019 9:07:40 AM | 58

I usually insist on folks doing their own research, but, just this once, here is one of the reports:

Posted by: TEP | May 30 2019 0:42 utc | 83

To act on the ground, most usually, proxies (from NGOs etc. to mercenaries, e.g. ISIS) are hired / institutionally set up in advance, either deliberately so by the Dark Forces, or by opportunists who are pretty sure they will acquire a bigly chunk of cash.

This is ultimate outsourcing and privatisation via public tenders! It also resembles the ‘project’ approach - selecting the best after a contest (which *is* used in politics and Gvmt.)

Trying to squeeze out a positive, maybe:

— no orgs were ready or saw an oppo, “it is a lost cause”

— someone (Trump?) floated this idea knowing it will lead nowhere (or have very little result) while giving the appearance of keeping up with what’s *crucial*

— it is the cheapest ‘sop’ that could be found

— some scammers are in cahoots and nothing but transfer of dollaris will take place

Posted by: Noirette | May 30 2019 15:23 utc | 84

BM @58, Re captured foreign agents:

FARS news version:

"Maqsoud said that the Syrian army surrounded a large number of terrorists in counter attacks, detained 25 to 30 foreign intelligence officers, adding that militants launched several attacks to free the foreign agents but were forced to retreat.

According to Sputnik, the western states seem to be making suspicious moves, including false-flag chemical attacks in Idlib province to blame the Syrian government and force the Damascus army to free these foreign agents."

FARS News(Iran)

I haven't seen anything else but the dimpenews version so far, but events seem "not inconsistent" with it either, lots of scurrying back and forth.

Posted by: Bemildred | May 30 2019 15:57 utc | 85

it seems the usa has a formula here that is articulated by the marketing team from the cia.. it goes like this :

"Our maximum pressure campaign on Iran is designed to deny the Iranian regime, the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism, the means to conduct its destructive foreign policy. Our campaign is working. The campaign is starving Iran’s proxies of the funds they rely on to operate on behalf of the regime."

this is the quote from yesterdays daily propaganda press briefing from the usa state dept... they can say whatever they want, but they have to stay on script! the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism - is the 24/7 catchphrase they have been given from cia's marketing team...

Posted by: james | May 30 2019 16:01 utc | 86

i put the code around the specific phrase, and it bolds the whole post.. oh well...

here is a link to yesterdays briefing.. plenty more arsenic where that one line came from...

Posted by: james | May 30 2019 16:03 utc | 87

Posted by: TEP | May 29, 2019 8:42:38 PM | 83
Posted by: Bemildred | May 30, 2019 11:57:40 AM | 85

Thanks for the links TEP and Bemildred

Posted by: BM | May 30 2019 17:40 utc | 88

Frankly, the Syrian war is lost for the US. They can continue to pour resources into the war, but it won't change the outcome, only delay the inevitable result.

Posted by: Laguerre | May 30 2019 19:09 utc | 89

This is just another way to steal money from our tax coffer. Remember, in his 2nd term, Obama authorized $500 million to train 1,000 FORIEGN recruits to fight in Syria against Assad. only 2 or 3 completed the training, and even these last few turned there weapons and gear over to ISIS, as did the 997 guys before them. Oh, the money, the $500 million, well that went somewhere too. $500,000 per man. Really?

Posted by: ioebones | May 31 2019 23:02 utc | 90

Great catch, B! Actually it looks as if the Dept of State "expects" to make 3 awards of up to $75 mn under this RFP... total $225 mn?

Posted by: Helena Cobban | Jun 1 2019 17:19 utc | 91

Lochearn @32:

100 years after the end of the massive, pointless slaughter of the Great War and we have learned nothing.

Posted by: Col. B. Bunny | Jun 3 2019 5:08 utc | 92

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