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May 26, 2019

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2019-29

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Other issues:

British media try to whitewash al-Qaeda in Syria, which controls Idleb governorate, into "moderate rebels".

  • BBC: Syria group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and al-Qaeda legacy

    HTS says: Democracy is blasphemy. Shia and Christians should be slaughtered. Jihad is a holy duty.
    al-Qaeda says: Democracy is blasphemy. Shia and Christians should be slaughtered. Jihad is a holy duty.
    BBC says: See, HTS is moderate and not at all like al-Qaeda.

  • Sky: Sky News crew deliberately targeted and fired at by Syrian regime forces

    The Sky crew collaborated with the U.S. Jihadi Bilal Abdul Kareem, who is allegedly on a drone kill list. BAK led them to the front line where HTS/al-Qaeda, a designated terrorist organization, at that time attacked the Syrian army. They film an al-Qaeda armored fighting vehicle that just got hit and is still burning. A shell comes down near them. They claim that they were "deliberately targeted". No shit! Here is a good thread that details the lunacy of such reporting.


On May 13 we covered the leaked OPCW engineering assessment which proves that the alleged gas attack in Douma in April 2018 was a false flag incident created by the Jihadis and their White Helmets propaganda arm. The mainstream media ignore the report the OPCW management tried to suppress. Only a few independent writers have since covered it. All make good points:


The Ukraine elected a new president. Now the NATO mouthpieces tell him to stay in line with their program - or else ... :

Mark Ames @MarkAmesExiled - 14:57 utc - 24 May 2019

This list of demands by western-funded Ukraine NGOs—threatening to overthrow Zelenskiy if he doesn't follow their demands—perfect example of Arundhati Roy's critique of "civil society" as an elite construct designed to subvert & control popular democracy:
- Joint statement by civil society representatives on the first political steps of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

Sure enough one of the signatories is "NGO 'CentreUA'"—same NGO, funded by Omidyar, Soros, USAID, that organized Maidan revolution. That's like a gun pointed at Zelensky's head. Outrageous.
- Pierre Omidyar co-funded Ukraine revolution groups with US government, documents show

Zelensky was elected by 75% of Ukrainians. Who the fuck elected Pierre Omidyar, George Soros, USAID, National Endowment for Democracy — and their “civil society” satraps — to supersede Ukraine’s democracy?

Fear not. There are stronger powers involved:

max seddon @maxseddon - 7:53 utc - 26 May 2019

Ukraine’s western backers are worried notorious oligarch Igor Kolomoisky’s influence on new president Zelensky could torpedo its IMF support. Now Kolomoisky says Ukraine should just tell the IMF to screw itself and default. Our @FT interview: [paywalled]

Kolomoisky said the idea he owns Zelensky is so common it’s awkward. “People come to see me in Israel and say, 'Congrats! Well done!' I say, 'for what? My birthday's in February.' They say, 'Who needs a birthday when you've got a whole president!'"


Use as open thread ...

Posted by b on May 26, 2019 at 16:00 UTC | Permalink

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Joe Rogan had a very good chat with Tulsi Gabbard. This is how interviews should be done and the millions of views for each, show that people agree. Rogan goes against the mainstream conventional wisdom that people only want sound bites of info, when his videos are usually several hours long each.

Also this video by a 26 year old using facts, is taking aim Angela Merkels party. This video is almost an hour long and has over 11 million views. Wish that it could be made into an English version since it is now only in German.
( use private browsing to get around paywall )

Perhaps there is still hope with platforms like Youtube, until they are fully censored, which they are starting to do now with demonetizing videos.

Posted by: Stever | May 26 2019 16:57 utc | 1

thanks b... craig murrays article from yesterday is worth the read in case you missed it!

Posted by: james | May 26 2019 17:27 utc | 2

Re the US-Iran bluster-fest.
Xymphora's May 26 post reproduces a critique of the pitfalls for an unlikely AmeriKKKan attack on Veneuela (S-300, S-400); or Iran (hasn't been disarmed, unlike Iraq & Libya).
I'm sort of hoping the Yanks will attack Iran because I'd like to see "Israel" reduced to rubble before I croak.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | May 26 2019 17:28 utc | 3

oh jesus.. i see you linked to it too.. oh well.. speaking of the uk - bbc, sky news and etc in bed with al qaeda... this is normal for them!~

Posted by: james | May 26 2019 17:29 utc | 4

Concerning Ukraine, 100 years ago "representatives of the civil society" were called Freikorps, bloody riots, assassinations, that type of stuff. It reminds me a youtube video on English Civil War -- "But why was it civil? Kindly sir, can I kill you, please?"

Posted by: Piotr Berman | May 26 2019 17:47 utc | 5

I'm sort of hoping the Yanks will attack Iran because I'd like to see "Israel" reduced to rubble before I croak.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | May 26, 2019 1:28:31 PM | 4

Who starts, he looses.

US Army (and Marines?) already has trouble filling the position from voluntary enlistments. Unfortunately, unemployment is low, if they add a meat grinder to the job package it will not be nice at all. Navy bosses have other reasons for misgivings, "small missile boat gap". And I would not expect patriotic fervor if USA starts it. Actually, both sides can get bucketfuls of problems if they start armed hostilities.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | May 26 2019 17:52 utc | 6

I worry about Robert Fisk. Over a couple of years I worked my way through the 1300 pages of his great book, The Great War for Civilisation. Again and again and again he wrote of the lies told by Western powers and the eagerness of the media he worked for to adopt the lies.
And yet he still thinks Syria "might be" responsible for gas attacks. He is still wary of alternative media, and thinks they carry more lies.
I guess he is trying to remain usable as a proper journalist. Someone needs to remind him that The Independent stopped printing on paper just over 3 years ago - he is just working for an alternative newsite already.

Posted by: Michael Droy | May 26 2019 18:02 utc | 7

re: Piotr Berman @7 -

“Who starts, he looses.”

My teacher (a wise and capable Chinese man) put it this way:

“In any real fight, there are only two blows thrown, and the first one is a mistake.”

Posted by: NotBob | May 26 2019 18:30 utc | 8

'Mind control': The secret UK government blueprints shaping post-terror planning

Carl Benjamin a UKIP candidate in the EU elections has had his YT channels demonitised, I can see why, it's not Aspidistra that's flying, it's red pills-

EU Worship has Echoes of Fascism

Integration Isn't Happening #Totnes

Posted by: TJ | May 26 2019 19:02 utc | 9

On the Huawei thread's end, I provided a link to Xi's 2017 major policy speech (PDF) at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China as it provides the official template for China's socioeconomic future planning. At 66 pages, it's not too terribly long and can easily be digested in a Sunday afternoon/evening. It's essential if you want to know China's plans.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 26 2019 19:29 utc | 10

I was wondering when the topic was gonna get around to Kolomoisky. All I know is that he’s Zelensky’s patron, an Ukrainian oligarch who owns the TV station Zelensky had his show on, and that they’re both jewish, like Poroshenko and Timoshenko, despite jews being only a small percentage of Ukrainians.

I wondered why, and commented on this on a minor discussion site, and my comment was deleted and I received a warning. Apparently such observations are anti-semitic ?

Posted by: Featherless | May 26 2019 19:31 utc | 11

I've not seen any credible source that Poroshenko is Jewish. This is the second time I've heard that rumor, but the first was from...let's say a Ukrainian nationalist source, if not openly Banderite.

Tymoshenko might be Jewish, but that's speculation.

The election of a Russian-speaking Jew is a safe sign that Maidan nationalism has lost its oomph.

Posted by: Cesare | May 26 2019 19:44 utc | 12

@ Michael Droy | May 26, 2019 2:02:31 PM | 8 "I worry about Robert Fisk."

I generally respect Fisk, but over the years it's become more of a "curate's egg" appreciation.

BTW, I commend your actually reading Fisk's magnum opus; I enthusiastically purchased a copy years ago, and it's been gathering dust at the bottom of a stack of "must-read" books ever since.

Your comment rang a bell. I peeked into my own chaotic comments archive, and found references to Fisk articles from 2013 that express the same unwillingness to "excuse" Assad, i.e. asserting that despite cumulative countervailing and contrary evidence that Assad might have authorized chemical weapons attacks after all.

Fisk seems to be an authentic irascible curmudgeon, occasionally hobbled by compulsive crankiness. As you suggest, he's certainly a "trutherphobe".

When I skimmed through those 2013 comments, it reminded me of another worrisome tendency: Fisk is too ready to peremptorily label politicians and public figures he dislikes as "crackpots", "madmen", etc.

Surely madness and badness exist, and as a curmudgeon myself I believe in calling a spade a spade. But when this kind of facile exasperated name-calling creeps into one's professional writing, it amounts to idiosyncratic bias.

Posted by: Ort | May 26 2019 19:44 utc | 13

CESARE, indeed, I definitely should’ve said « I’d heard/read » instead of « I know » concerning that part of my statement !

Posted by: Featherless | May 26 2019 19:54 utc | 14

My understanding is that Poroshenko is his mothers maiden name, his fathers surname was Walzmann or something similar but he changed it. His father was the head of the Red Mafia in Odessa, the most corrupt city in the USSR. Yes Porky was born corrupt, a perfect tool for the Borg.

Posted by: viking3 | May 26 2019 20:07 utc | 15

karlof1 11

Have began reading it. Apart from watching the demise of the US hegemonic empire, my interest at the moment is understanding China better.
Socialism with Chinese characteristics...

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | May 26 2019 20:10 utc | 16

Has the Trump admin pulled support for coup Ukraine, or did they allow a popular candidate take office thinking he can be easily controlled. Trump does not seem interested in continuing cold war 1.0 which was directed at the soviets.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | May 26 2019 20:17 utc | 17

As an oligarch, I’m guessing Kolomoisky is an Atlanticist, as I believe they generally tend to be. Also, as a jew, I imagine he’ll be pro-US and Israel (etc.). Apart from that, I was wondering about his motivations, with the Zelensky presidency project. Anyone have any clues on that ?

Posted by: Featherless | May 26 2019 20:31 utc | 18

For enyone wishing to follow the E U election results here’s a usefull link !
One thing is for sure we will get exactly what we deserve!!!

Posted by: Mark2 | May 26 2019 20:46 utc | 19

My Sunday reading began with Federico Pieraccini's "Shielding the World From US Chaos Is No Easy Task" to which he linked in his conclusion to a fine, complex review of Hudson's 2nd edition of Superimperialism. Many have read me citing that book, so here's an opportunity to learn much more about it without having to read it through. In that review's intro is cited another of Hudson's papers that's seminal to understanding how the Outlaw US Empire functions, "Economic Meltdown: The 'Dollar Glut' is What Finances America’s Global Military Build-up". Finding the last essay wasn't easy as I thought it would be archieved at Project Censored since it won its 2008-09 award.

Many criticize Russian PM Medvedev, particularly The Saker, but he was essential in getting the move toward a Multipolar world moving when he served as Russia's President as this now historic essay proves. And to round-out my Sunday reading expedition, we have Hudson's examination of the Ukrainian Coup. I hope barflies will find the time to read some of these excellent essays or at least bookmark them for later!

Posted by: karlof1 | May 26 2019 20:59 utc | 20

Peter AU 1 @17--

Here's a good summary on his thought I linked to previously, "Backgrounder: Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era". Somewhere there exists the entire text of the 19th Party Congress translated into English but I can't currently locate it.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 26 2019 21:19 utc | 21

Canthama's providing numerous ongoing updates on the unfolding of the major SAA Idlib op some with maps and vid. As he notes, Turkey's up to its neck in aiding the terrorists, which are getting mauled.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 26 2019 21:34 utc | 22

Thanks again B.... Always a good read....

Posted by: Masher1 | May 26 2019 21:57 utc | 23

When they try to "sell" you that the jihadist terrorists who kill in Syria are "crazy rags" look at these images. They do not seem to have financing problems to acquire equipment or vehicles.

Posted by: Sasha | May 26 2019 22:13 utc | 24

I watched « Mission Impossible : Fallout » (2018) on netflix last night.
There were little bits I found technically interesting :

The bad guy (a terrorist with 3 nukes) looked a lot like Julian Assange (bearded),
had a name finishing with -uk (usually Ukrainian),
and he got his nukes all the way from EASTERN Russia.

Also, during the end/epilogue, seemingly out of the blue :
« The World needs the IMF. The world needs you. »

Posted by: Featherless | May 26 2019 22:17 utc | 25

An item of importance that didn't get much press occurred at the Arctic Forum held in Finland earlier this month: Crazed Mike Pompeo called Canada's claims to sovereignty over the Northwest Passage "illegitimate" where much of it clearly passes through Canadian territory. Now, think about that while watching this excellent vid, "Icebreakers and the Arctic Power Play." Bluster and bombast or just Neocon insanity, or all three rolled into one?

Posted by: karlof1 | May 26 2019 22:24 utc | 26


Author blames Turkey for the terrorists. Puts a little blame on the US and NATO.

Importing poor bastards from the Maldives for soldiering and suicide attacks.

When men struggle at home for pennies a day, $200 a month is a fortune.

Posted by: fastfreddy | May 26 2019 22:52 utc | 27

A comment of mine assesing the EP election results along with regional and municipal election in Spain, with multiple links has been wiped out.

I fear not having the time to collect all the links again.

I will wait in case it appears, if not, tomorrow I will simarize the main post ideas and link the most important information.

Posted by: Sasha | May 26 2019 23:01 utc | 28

Cesare @ 13, Viking3 @ 16:

My understanding is that Petro Poroshenko's father changed his surname from Vaisman to his wife's maiden name Poroshenko. But Viking3 could be right as I have seen Valtsman (= Walzmann) in one source.

Posted by: Jen | May 26 2019 23:29 utc | 29

can anyone explain to me the details around the brexit party and euro elections and what it exactly means?? thanks..

Posted by: james | May 26 2019 23:44 utc | 30

This might seem self-evident, but at least it's now been said; now it just needs to be broadcast worldwide:

"There are more ex FBI & CIA operatives now shaping American news for mainstream outlets than there are at Langley and the J. Edgar Hoover Headquarters combined. The dominance of security state agents in US media coverage is remarkable. It used to be covert. Now it's not hidden:"

Paraphrasing what came next: Former FBI Special Agent will now inform NPR Weekend …

How does anyone really know the agent's genuinely "former"?

A similar point raised by this tweet:

"How can NBC and MSNBC possibly report credibly or fairly on allegations about John Brennan or the question of whether he and the CIA should be investigated when they hired Brennan and he's now the colleague, friend and 'expert' of those same NBC/MSNBC reporters?"

Posted by: karlof1 | May 26 2019 23:50 utc | 31

Damn you karlof1 for adding so much to my reading backlog! Now I have no time to compose anything to post other than a quick "Thank you!" for the links to some good analysis.

Posted by: William Gruff | May 27 2019 0:00 utc | 32

Spanish regional elections.

Iñigo Errejon after giving Podemos the backstabbing by transfugate to join the party which held the Major of Madrid, has achieved losing this city even to the loser of the last national elections, the PP. Who would be voting such a traitor?

The PSOE, having winned in Madrid Autonmous Community, can not govern since can not achieve majority by alliance with other leftist parties due the crash of the "new left".

I read time ago that Errejón had been in the US in a "gifted young program", and I am starting thinking he is "highly likely" the Trojan Horse of the CIA in the Spanish left.
In the European left it is the "Greens" of Soros.

In the end., the PSOE wins regional elections and European elections in Spain but loses Madrid Community.

Posted by: Sasha | May 27 2019 0:01 utc | 33

Karlof1 @ 32:

Probably what's not so self-evident is that the FBI operatives (ex or not) at those MSM outlets are checking the CIA operatives' work to make it sure it fits in with the FBI agenda and the CIA operatives (ditto) are checking the FBI operatives' work to make sure ... you know the rest.

I'm concerned that Glenn Greenwald hasn't mentioned the operatives (ex or still current) from the NSA, the DIA and the other 13 intel agencies working in the same media outlets.

Posted by: Jen | May 27 2019 0:02 utc | 34

@32 karlof1... thanks for those quotes which are bang on... when do amerikkkans wake up to any of this? seems like never...

Posted by: james | May 27 2019 0:03 utc | 35

The Spanish left to Errejón:

To your f****** house. You, Pablo Iglesias, Montero and Garzón. For destroying the remains of the left, divide them into 10000 local brands to taste of the arribist on duty and then dissolve them...

One has to be such pharisee, chusco, underground and dark, after the betrayal with nocturnal and treachery a few months before the elections. From the total absence of any sympathy with PODEMOS, I tell you: you are a miserable.

The only good news is that the PP of the hundreds corruption cases has not won in any community except Ceuta and Melilla ( North-African Spanish Community ).

Posted by: Sasha | May 27 2019 0:11 utc | 36

Eurocommunists and "center-left"/socialists getting routed in these European elections. But bet your life they won't get off their high horse and stop accusing China for being closeted neoliberals.

Just remember, kids: before pointing your fingers at some revolutionaries for not being revolutionary enough, do your f*kcing revolution first. Then you're allowed to talk.


Now, on more lighthearted news, it seems Germany is also having a fitness problem in its army (Bundeswehr):

Hundreds of German soldiers ‘unfit for service’ following missions abroad – report

Posted by: vk | May 27 2019 0:13 utc | 37

To say that the confluence of left parties groupped in Mas Madrid leaves the majoralty of Madrid saneated and without any debt.
To see how it leaves it the PP of the hundreds cases of corruption.....

Posted by: Sasha | May 27 2019 0:19 utc | 38

Jen @35--

Is it up to Greenwald to perform that service? IMO, we should treat all BigLie Media with massive contempt and cynicism, and be as diligent as possible when exposed to its messages--become a massive skeptic as I wrote not too long ago. What I do wish Greenwald would do is liberate what remains of the Snowden archive and publish it to the world as he walks away from the criminally financed Intercept he's currently employed by.

William Gruff @33--

LOL! That's what it's like for me constantly as my inbox is never empty as new material constantly gets added. That's why I sympathize with those not having the time/ability to stay informed as it really isn't easy to do given the degree of seemingly ubiquitous falsity. Nor do I applaud b nearly enough for his outstanding efforts. Imagine if b had several like-minded researchers and a properly supportive budget!

james @36--

I'd say it's not just Americans that need to awaken. If you read the review of Superimperialism I linked above, you'll discover the problem's global, but is at long last being addressed by a few key allies.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 27 2019 0:41 utc | 39

On Memorial Day --

news report
Army and Air Force units from Germany take part in Memorial Day ceremony at the largest World War II cemetery in Europe to honor servicemembers' ultimate sacrifices.

We are more civilized now on sacrifices
wiki -- When the Aztecs sacrificed people to Huitzilopochtli (the god with warlike aspects) the victim would be placed on a sacrificial stone. The priest would then cut through the abdomen with an obsidian or flint blade. The heart would be torn out still beating and held towards the sky in honor to the Sun-God.

That's progress. What's constant is the need for sacrifice to sanctify the governors.

Posted by: Don Bacon | May 27 2019 0:49 utc | 40

About to call it quits for the evening but saw this: "Corbyn Calls for UK General Elections, Second Brexit Referendum." I commented: "I'm rather surprised Corbyn would endorse the Blairite proposed 2nd referendum! It reeks of an attempt to maintain Union."

Posted by: karlof1 | May 27 2019 1:03 utc | 41

...from ZeroHedge
Macron Suffers Huge Blow With Defeat To Le Pen
by Tyler Durden
In what may be the biggest shock from today's European parliamentary elections, President Emmanuel Macron is set to suffer a blow with French voters set to hand a victory to Marine Le Pen’s National Rally, picking the vocal Eurosceptic and nationalist over the former Rothschild banker.

Posted by: Don Bacon | May 27 2019 1:06 utc | 42

It looks like shooting people in the face was not such a great campaign strategy. The Macronistas have been edged out in the EU election by the (renamed) FN/ Le Pen party. Before the vote, the Golden Boy was stressing the importance of this election. Now that they have lost (by just a few percentage points, but lost nonetheless), it’s being cast as a “European election” that has little to do with policy in France and he is going to continue on his oh-so-popular path.

Posted by: NotBob | May 27 2019 1:08 utc | 43

The EU breakup continues...
The EU Parliament will be much more fragmented over the next five years with the established centrist bloc failing to gain a majority at this week’s election, early results and projections show.

Posted by: Don Bacon | May 27 2019 1:18 utc | 44

George Galloway and Steve Bannon at the Eurasia Media Forum 2019 in Almaty. Video starts around 23:00. Panel takes about 2 hours, with questions in the end. Now one makes Bannon really, really furious. Poor guy dared to ask about Palestine.

Some here may be interested what the global/international national liberator Steve Bannon has to say. Galloway and especially Bannon dominate the scene. Date was May 25, he expected a big rise of the right in Europe, something he worked hard for over the last years. The Leni Riefenstahl of the Tea Party Movement did his very, very best to spread the nationalist perspective of Trump in Europe .... But apparently he has to continue do work towards his aim of re-nationalizing the Judeo-Christian West in its common fight against the Yellow Peril of old. Russia according to him is part of that Judeo-Christian West. The American Southern best example so far is Brazil.

On SST one occasionally the impression Bannon has been missed dearly in the States itself, but those ideologically can take care of themselves, while Europe has to be aligned under the present US perspective. ... We'll see.

Posted by: Joanna | May 27 2019 1:45 utc | 45

From Truthdig and Ralph Nader;

P.S. The people that gave us DJT, are now pushing Joe Biden down everyone's throats on MSM.

Posted by: ben | May 27 2019 2:53 utc | 46

@40 karlof1: "Imagine if b had several like-minded researchers and a properly supportive budget!"

Now thats an idea I'd like to see manifest itself!
We should develop on that..

Posted by: Lozion | May 27 2019 3:05 utc | 47

Has anyone else here seen this?

Posted by: John Anthony La Pietra | May 27 2019 3:36 utc | 48

Karlof1 @ 40:

I was being sarcastic @ 35. :-)

Surely Glenn Greenwald of all people would know that the FBI and the CIA aren't the only spook agencies in the US to have infiltrated major US news media outlets.

Lozion @ 48:

We MoA barflies ought to form a trade union. :-)

John Anthony La Pietra @ 49:

Sad to see US aviation officials desperately trying to kick up the value of Boeing shares after the bird strike theory ended up ... stricken.

Posted by: Jen | May 27 2019 4:16 utc | 49

@ karlof1 with the link to the 66 pages of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics....and others who should read his link at #11

I have copied out a bunch of excerpts to save/look into and am including them read the whole thing
The Three Stricts and Three Earnests are: to be strict with oneself in practicing self-cultivation, using power, and exercising self-discipline; and to be earnest in one’s thinking, work, and behavior

The Four Cardinal Principles are: keeping to the path of socialism, upholding the people’s democratic dictatorship, upholding the leadership of the Communist Party of China, and upholding Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought.

A hundred years ago, the salvoes of the October Revolution brought
Marxism-Leninism to China. In the scientific truth of Marxism-Leninism, Chinese
progressives saw a solution to China’s problems. With the advent of modern times, Chinese society became embroiled in intense upheavals; this was a time of fierce
struggle as the Chinese people resisted feudal rule and foreign aggression. It was
in the midst of this, in 1921, as Marxism-Leninism was integrated with the Chinese
workers’ movement, that the Communist Party of China was born. From that
moment on, the Chinese people have had in the Party a backbone for their pursuit
of national independence and liberation, of a stronger and more prosperous
country, and of their own happiness; and the mindset of the Chinese people has
changed, from passivity to taking the initiative.

the Theory of Three Represents, and the Scientific Outlook on Development.

We will improve systems and mechanisms for stimulating consumer spending, and leverage the fundamental role of consumption in promoting economic growth. We will deepen reform of the investment and financing systems, and enable
investment to play a crucial role in improving the supply structure.

We will fully implement the Party’s basic policy on religious affairs, uphold
the principle that religions in China must be Chinese in orientation and provide
active guidance to religions so that they can adapt themselves to socialist society.

We will improve and strengthen our ideological and political work, and launch
initiatives to raise the public’s cultural-ethical standards. We will promote the
spirit of science and make scientific knowledge widely attainable; we will work to
see the back of outdated social mores and to promote good and up-to-date
practices and trends; and we will resist the corrosive influence of backward and
decadent culture. We will promote credibility building, institutionalize volunteer
services, and heighten people’s sense of social responsibility, awareness of rules, and sense of dedication

We must not forget that housing is for living in, not for speculation. With this
in mind, we will move faster to put in place a housing system that ensures supply
through multiple sources, provides housing support through multiple channels, and encourages both housing purchase and renting. This will make us better placed to meet the housing needs of all of our people.

Man and nature form a community of life; we, as human beings, must respect
nature, follow its ways, and protect it. Only by observing the laws of nature can
mankind avoid costly blunders in its exploitation. Any harm we inflict on nature
will eventually return to haunt us. This is a reality we have to face

The Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence are: mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual nonaggression, mutual noninterference in each other’s internal affairs, equality and mutual benefit, and peaceful coexistence.

The future of the world rests in the hands of the people of all countries; the
future of mankind hinges on the choices they make. We, the Chinese, are ready to
work with the people of all other countries to build a community with a shared
future for mankind and create a bright tomorrow for all of us

Posted by: psychohistorian | May 27 2019 5:09 utc | 50

I've just finished reading Kees van dr Pijl's excellent book "Flight MH17, Ukraine and the New Cold War: Prism of Disaster". Igor Kolomoisksy features prominently as the most pro-Western and anti-Russian of Ukraine's oligarchs. Kolomoisky's Burisma gas company had gained control of the shale gas resources of the Donbass, fueling his fury at the at the anti-Maidan 'seperatists' who were living on top of his gas. If you recognise the name 'Burisma', it's probably because Hunter Biden sits on its board.

The book also examines the possibility that Kolomoisksy, through his Dnipro 1 battalion, was responsible for the downing of MH17. Putin's presidential Ilyushin was transiting through Ukrainian airspace at the same time on his return from a BRICS summit, and both aircraft are large jetliners painted red, white and blue (although Putin's plane had 4 engines while MH17 had only 2). Thought I'd take the chance to plug the book anyway, an extract is available on globalresearch

Posted by: Paora | May 27 2019 6:16 utc | 51

Ort @14:

"Surely madness and badness exist, and as a curmudgeon myself I believe in calling a spade a spade. But when this kind of facile exasperated name-calling creeps into one's professional writing, it amounts to idiosyncratic bias."

Excellent point; I'm often guilty of the same thing myself, and now I shall be more careful. Thank you, Ort.

Posted by: Theophrastus | May 27 2019 8:02 utc | 52


Sure the crimes of Bush and Obama paved the way for the Trump dictatorship, but Nader conveniently fails to mention his role in ushering in the Bush reign of terror.

There's only one viable candidate to wash away the stain of Trump; Bernie Sanders. Everything else is more of the same or will end in failure to defeat Trump therefore the beginning of the catastrophic Trump 2nd term.

Trump is about to pardon war criminals. He removed some troops from the Middle East and now he signed off on a new deployment of troops. Trump is like the evil preacher in Night of the Hunter -- he gives a little to take alot; he's the ultimate conman.

Meanwhile he's off to Japan rubbing Xi's nose in the pomp, circumstance and imperial fakery he's being showered with in Japan.

Trump is a menace to this planet and his first term was just the intro. His second term will be titled IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE by all historians. His mission
Will be fully unleashed after 2020. We've only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Posted by: Circe | May 27 2019 8:36 utc | 53

Someone mentioned on some other website that Iranians have installed brand new S-400 across Iran last week. They didn't provide any reference or source.

Can someone confirm, did this really happened or is it just a made up story ?

Thank you.

Posted by: Fantome | May 27 2019 8:59 utc | 54

USA Dept of Energy would sponsor (private market, huh!) new nuclear research projects.

What underlines those projects is:
* trend to walk away from physical experimentation and observation to mathematical-computer simulation
* trend to remove "excessive" safety margins in favor of enhancing commercial efficiency. Hello, Boeing?

Posted by: Arioch | May 27 2019 9:02 utc | 55

karlof1 @ 32 says:

How does anyone really know the agent's genuinely "former"?

anyone doesn't. the insidiousness has engulfed the whole sordid crock. remember this warning from a year ago? more fodder for crickets...

...and pushing up daisies.

Posted by: john | May 27 2019 9:23 utc | 56

EU election

If MSM wouldnt have initiated the climate hysteria the EU skeptics would have won even more seats.
While the MSM have fooled alot of people that climate is the biggest issue there is a tremendous more important issue and that is of immigration and the breaking up of states.
The socialists/liberals are still having alot of power but the more they push on with their policies, EU skeptics will probably win majority of seats in the parliament if not next but 2 elections ahead.

Posted by: Zanon | May 27 2019 10:15 utc | 57

Zanon @ 58
One notable symptom of a psychopath is - -
They are unable to predict the outcome of their actions ! That and their disregard for the consequences of their actions, is what makes them so dangerous.
Hitler was a good relevant example.
Care to tell us what you intend to do with all those immigrants?

Posted by: Mark2 | May 27 2019 10:57 utc | 58

Thanks for those links John @ 57
Very interesting testimony ! That right there is the truth that no one wants to here becouse it doesn’t fit the gloryous lies/ propergander ! (Crickets every time we speak it )
We need to build bridges with those veterans, do a deal ! We need to listen to them and they need to listen to us. We’re on the same side.
Rule number one - - first identify the enemy ! See my comments on previous post.

Posted by: Mark2 | May 27 2019 11:15 utc | 59


First and foremost immigration must be stopped, millions have arrived to europe and millions will arrive if it is not put an end to it - its not working. Because, either european states dissolve to nothing with unlimited immigration (the dream of liberals but also socialists) or the immigration is stopped and each nation could start growing again, as they should, according to their specific interests and not of the elite's (i.e. Merkel, Macron) ideologies and their obviously failure to govern western europe.
Just look at Macron, thinking hes the king of europe but are now beat by Le Pen, but Macron and others do not seems to understand what their politics lead to.

Posted by: Zanon | May 27 2019 11:22 utc | 60

Mark2 @ 60

you're welcome, Mark2. still, maybe someday they'll give us a war and nobody'll come.

Posted by: john | May 27 2019 11:50 utc | 61


James, EU Referendum has an analysis. The center parties lost, but the left actually got more votes than Farage and the right in the UK:

Posted by: bob sykes | May 27 2019 12:21 utc | 62

Zanon @ 61
Ha ! Just as I thought you avoided the question. So see my @58
Now psyopathic personality disorder can be part of a persons make up from birth, or a person can be trained/programmed to be a psychopath ! As an individual, group or entire nation .
Regards the European elections
I think we’re seeing politics fail ! We are one step away from civil war. You and I won’t like that .
If you don’t like immimgants I suggest Europe should get the hell out of other people’s countrys first. Bloody hypocrites !!!

Posted by: Mark2 | May 27 2019 12:26 utc | 63


Indeed, western states should get out of the middle east etc.
That however wont stop the immigration flow regardless since liberal/socialists alike open up not only for war refugees but immigrants itself for whatever reason they have to come.

Posted by: Zanon | May 27 2019 12:29 utc | 64

Quoth karlof1 @32: "How does anyone really know the agent's genuinely "former"?"

That is a trick question. There is no such thing as a "former" spook. Claiming to be a "former" intelligence asset is exactly like claiming to be a former murderer or former rapist. Being a spook isn't an activity that one can start and stop at will. It is an inescapable component of one's identity; an indelible stain on one's soul, if you will. It is not a job one can walk away from for good any more than being a hitman for the mob is.

I realize that karlof1's question was rhetorical, but I think this point needs to be stated explicitly. Ex: Anderson Cooper? Yeah, he's still CIA and has been all along.

When you make a pact with the devil it is permanent.

Posted by: William Gruff | May 27 2019 13:33 utc | 65

Zanon, Mark2

Immigration will not be stopped. It's not stoppable and is not caused solely by imperialist war but rather is also a symptom of the same global capitalist expansion which causes war. Someday our great grandkids will emigrate towards the Arctic Circle for the same reasons.

In two words: climate change.

Posted by: donkeytale | May 27 2019 13:48 utc | 66

People like Scott Ritter and John Kiriakou don't qualify as ex-spooks?

Posted by: lysias | May 27 2019 14:04 utc | 67

circe @ 54

Welcome back. Let's be honest here. Nader is being as disengenuous as always. He has long hated Bill Clinton because he failed to recognise Nader's obvious brilliance and bring him appoint him to the cabinet lo! those many moons ago. For him, the root of all evil is always Bill Clinton, no matter what the problem. A trick he inherited from the far right and ran with it all the way to....irrelevancy.

The actual causes of Trump were several but I would finger the confluence of three main ones, necessarily in this order: 1. the destruction of the white working-to-lower-middle-class wrought by globalism 2. The racist reaction of this cohort (played like a Heifitz by the birther showboat Trump) to the usurpation of executive power for 8 years by a consummate globalist who is also guilty of being black 3. the final, complete and udder descent of the GOP into fascism.

OK, and 4. the worst presiditzial candidate in US herstory on teh Demotardic side whose only qualifications were her gender and her marriage.

Posted by: donkeytale | May 27 2019 14:31 utc | 68

Donkeytale @ 67
Yep that’s a fact, And you know in my village they don’t like townies moveing in here ! Where does it stop ? Same stupid narrow minded brainwashed mind set. Like a bloody tape recording repeat over and over. Primed by the elite. Someone on here onece said - - ‘’ the elite will pay one half of the population to kill the other half’’
Too true.
Zanon @67. Your better than that. You follow this blog !! Don’t blame the victems. Know who your enemy is ! !

Posted by: Mark2 | May 27 2019 14:40 utc | 69


Actually the "enemy" in this case is the liberals/socialists that now, because, its not anti immigrant parties that have ruled europe past 20 years and got it in to so many troubles.
Its not a matter of liking or disliking immigrants as you seems to frame it, but what is left with the welfare state, democracy and the nation itself if this keep on going. If you believe being against unlimted immigration is racist you have been really fooled by the media and parties now wrecking your nation. Where europeans always racists according you? After all, the immigration flow would never been accpted 20 years ago.

I am interested in hearing your view though. Should european nations accept unlimted immigrants?

Posted by: Zanon | May 27 2019 14:47 utc | 70

@40 karlof1... i agree with you...

@63 bob sykes.. thanks for that...

Posted by: james | May 27 2019 14:58 utc | 71

GOP Fascist yes. Centrist Democrats, New Democrats, Conservative Democrats also Fascist.

(Is AOCortez a sheep herder, a CIA mole, a ringer? Ringer: In athletics, one who competes in some way under deception, concealing his identity, ability, or standing.)

On fascism, (not AOC)

Militarism - check.

Nationalism - a fraud, performance art:

"The nation state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state.” — Zbigniew Brzezinski, 1969.

Trilateral Commission usurps the sovereignty of all countries of the world via corporations. Also CFR, Bilderberg, and others.

Collusion btw government and big business. No worries. Corporations can check themselves. Boeing and the "new" Nuclear trend to remove "excessive" safety margins in favor of enhancing commercial efficiency. H/T Arioch

Posted by: fastfreddy | May 27 2019 14:58 utc | 72

lysias says:

People like Scott Ritter and John Kiriakou don't qualify as ex-spooks?

in this discussion, much truthiness is divulged until toward the end when the topic turns to the killing of Bin Laden and 911 where they all, and Kiriakou in particular, comply with the official stories.

Posted by: john | May 27 2019 15:00 utc | 73


Well, if you're a "former" spook and you become a "limited hangout", you're still a spook.

Posted by: fastfreddy | May 27 2019 15:04 utc | 74

lysias @68 sez: "People like Scott Ritter and John Kiriakou don't qualify as ex-spooks?"

No, and the same goes for Binney and Snowden and anyone else who has been an "asset".

Of course, that doesn't mean one should close one's ears to what they say. If a mafia hitman is willing to inform you of what is going on in his world do you refuse to listen? Of course not! They have information that you might have difficulty getting any other way, but it would be foolish to overlook where that information is coming from.

It is also useful to keep in mind some of the ways that organizations like the CIA (and also the mafia... they both use many of the same techniques) "recruit" assets and assure those assets are loyal. They don't always rely upon appeals to the patriotism of fools or hand over suitcases full of cash. They also make Bolton-esque threats to harm family members and loved ones. They dig up blackmail material (that's a major reason why they spy on and build files on as many people as possible) or just manufacture such blackmail material if they cannot find any. This last, by the way, is why so many CIA operators are gay: Being "outed" as gay used to have extremely dire consequences and was thus an easy way to guarantee loyalty. It was easy for CIA recruiters to figure it out in frat houses and elsewhere on college campuses when hunting for talent, and collecting a stock of incriminating videos in that environment has always been trivial to accomplish. Now that the seriousness of being outed as gay has faded it still remains simply as part of the internal culture of the organization.

There are other things that they do to assure loyalty as well that are really creepy and shocking, but I'll leave that to your own research. Just look into what any criminal gang does to bind new members and know that the CIA uses precisely the same techniques with their "assets".

Keep all of this in mind when you evaluate what a supposed "former" spook has to say. Are they open and repeatedly forthright about their relationship to the intelligence agency? Is what they are revealing truly critical of the agency or is it just a "limited hangout" intending to deceive you on an issue of greater significance? And, just as important, just because a "former" spook today earnestly wants to inform the public about the evils of the agency he foolishly signed a pact with doesn't mean that agency won't reel him in tomorrow and recycle him for disinformation.

Posted by: William Gruff | May 27 2019 15:23 utc | 75

@mark2...Ya fascist also call others racist and fascist when they encounter a difference of opinion they can't easily debate.(just like you do almost 100% of the time) Weird that eh?

Zanon don't waste your time with it. Its a completely brainwashed antifa POS. It has no interest in hearing what you have to say. The word Immigration is a major trigger for it. It's in attack mode. Just look at how it validates it's own garbage @61. It already has ALL the answers you see.

Posted by: Tannenhouser | May 27 2019 15:42 utc | 76

@ Posted by: Zanon | May 27, 2019 8:29:26 AM | 65

You're using the exact same argument of the neofascists.

In the manifesto written by that guy from Christchurch, he's clear: the fault for Muslim immigration to Europe is not the interventionist wars in the ME, but because the "Muslim race" naturally reproduces more and at a faster rate than the "white race".

At the same time, he's nominally against war between races: he says the existence of other races is fine -- as long as they keep themselves in their respective nations.

But here's the catch: if the "Muslim race" naturally reproduces more and faster than the "white race", then it's just a matter of time before the Muslims start to expand territorially too. He's basically stating that the "Muslim race" is aggressive by definition, and a war between them and the "white race" is inevitable either way. Therefore, any form of war against the Muslims in their own territory is preemptive by definition. In other words, genocide with extra steps.

That's why the neofascists don't blame the interventions in the ME for the mass immigration of Muslims to Europe: they are pro-war, they want to exterminate the Muslims to begin with. In their vision, it wasn't NATO's fault when it bombed and invaded the ME: the fault was with the citizens of those countries, who dared to flee war. In their vision, they should've died in their countries.

Posted by: vk | May 27 2019 15:44 utc | 77

fastfreddy @ 75 says:

Well, if you're a "former" spook and you become a "limited hangout", you're still a spook

yeah, that was pretty much my point, but thanks anyway for your decree.

Posted by: john | May 27 2019 15:51 utc | 78

@78. Nope. Pretty sure that's not what he's saying. Unopposed/unregulated immigration regardless as to the original impetus is the problem. It's also exactly what the PTB ordered up in order to dissolve Nation states and impose desperation upon what was at one point considered 1st world. This in turn drives wages, benefits and anything else beneficial to the 'common' people into the realm of 'survival of the fittest.'

Posted by: Tannehouser | May 27 2019 15:57 utc | 79

I should add that the issue has very little to do with 'hate' anti immigratio, or immagrant stance for me as we are ALL immigrants. Not that this statement will matter much as I'm already a fascist rascist dirtbag ect ect ect because I don't agree with unregulated immigration. which is dare, I say quite fascist:)

Posted by: Tannenhouser | May 27 2019 16:03 utc | 80

Featherless above. Kolomoisky is Jewish, as to his ‘roots, origins’ or so it is claimed, by wiki, etc. He is a tri-national, Ukr., Cyprus (thus a EU passport) + Israel. He actually lives in Switzerland - is domiciled in Switz. (wife and kids - Schengen agreement with EU) but spends most of his time in France, it is more scenic, less cramped, more servants, etc. Just one article, in F, to evidence that. (Poroshenko, Tymoshenko, not, and anyway, what is the point?)

Zelensky is a clown who will destroy the last vestiges of the Ukr. state, while a TV Show Pretense Gvmt will air. (My pessimistic view at present.) Everything that moves will be privatized, monetized, and the oligarchic hold on ‘territory’ will be upped. Ukr. will end up in a condition similar to medieval fiefdoms (with modern dystopia traits), or today’s Mafyia-run districts. That trend has been there for a while, it was covered up by the US (hoping for rapine, see Biden, Son, Burisma, etc.) and EU, same.

The Ukr. population will continue to bleed away, or die on the spot (the last two polio outbreaks in the world! were in Ukraine, and you don’t want to hear about AIDs.. tuberculosis, nor child deaths..) Russia doesn’t want to - or can’t (for now, pragmatically), take over Donesk + Lugansk Rs, never mind the rest of the country. The EU no longer wants anything to do with Ukr. (largely for sanitary reasons, plus loss of influence..), they feel betrayed by the US (though they can’t say so, and eschew their own responsibility) has become a headache best ignored, a failure to be hidden.

Posted by: Noirettee | May 27 2019 16:19 utc | 81

Tannenhouser 77/80/81

Yes you are completely right about this mindset, (another one pops up at #78 proving our point.)
I have been called a "psychopath", "nazi" and "neofascist" for telling them that europe have a immigration crisis and because of that a political crisis (as we saw in the election), meanwhile no one of these people have put forward any factual argument,...and then they wonder why their political parties get fewer and fewer votes in the elections.

Posted by: Zanon | May 27 2019 16:50 utc | 82

Circe @54

Sameera Khan
‏Verified account @SameeraKhan
May 26

Every country Bernie Sanders has voted to attack/bomb:

1) Afghanistan
2) Lebanon
3) Libya
4) Palestine
5) Somalia
6) Syria
7) Yemen
8) Yugoslavia
9) Haiti
10) Liberia
11) Zaire (Congo)
12) Sudan

Posted by: arby | May 27 2019 16:51 utc | 83

@ Posted by: Tannehouser | May 27, 2019 11:57:00 AM | 80

The Christchurch guy's manifesto literally begins with the title "It's the birthrates" (which he then repeates two times). Then, literally the next paragraph is this:

If there is one thing I want you to remember from these writings, its that the birthrates must change. Even if we were to deport all Non-Europeans from our lands tomorrow, the European people would still be spiraling into decay and eventual death.

Just because the nickname of the commenters of this blog is "barflies", it doesn't mean we should treat this forum as a bar table. Get your sources, argument scientifically, prove your point -- then, I will be glad to change my mind.

Posted by: vk | May 27 2019 17:02 utc | 84

from NBC News
Trump's ban on Chinese telecom giant Huawei could cut off rural Americans' cell service
"These rural areas are going to not get served, and it puzzles me why these senators ... don’t see the problem here,” a former FCC commissioner said.

The Trump administration's ban on goods produced by a Chinese tech giant would seem to have little to do with rural America. But rural cell service providers across the U.S. are almost entirely dependent on the company, Huawei, which produces inexpensive wireless communications equipment.
These small telecom companies now face billions of dollars in costs or the end of their businesses entirely after the Trump administration effectively banned the Chinese company last week over spying accusations. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | May 27 2019 17:17 utc | 85

@ Zanon, Tannenhouser

Why combat the symptom of an underlying cause? It will fail because it must, always.
What you're proposing is energizing the pressure cooker instead of taking down the heat, that is addressing social-economic inequalities on a global scale properly.

If the '1st world' doesn't come to grips with the real problem soon it will blow up right into its face rather sooner than later. They (we) may be able to kick the can down the road a little longer by applying disproportional force (utter violence, which we're quite experienced with) but in the end we will lose and the longer this lasts the worse the outcome for everybody.

Apply any equation of state in a scenario where you're

Posted by: Hmpf | May 27 2019 17:19 utc | 86

Oops, hit the button too early - oh well.

Posted by: Hmpf | May 27 2019 17:21 utc | 87

Just sayin'
it is implied here that Skripal came right on time when may was facing an EU-Brexit deadline for which her gov was not prepared

Posted by: Mina | May 27 2019 17:38 utc | 88

Many nation states claim they have no resources to share with refugees. Exactly zero nation states claim they have no resources to share with tourists.

That leads one to ask, what is the difference between refugees and tourists? One group has a piece of paper with an official stamp (visa) and official approval to access resources (currency or bank account). The other has only their labor and the will to survive.

As far as I'm concerned the tourists can stay home. Flashing wads of cash and gold jewelry doesn't impress me. The most they can accomplish is to drive up land prices so local people can no longer afford to live here.

Will some refugees cause problems for their neighbors? Of course. It really is true that "no good deed goes unpunished". But that doesn't matter. The good deed must still be done for its own sake, not for possible reward or otherwise.

My impression of immediate post World War II Europe is heaps of rubble everywhere, millions of refugees, and much suffering. One hopes that the descendants of those earlier war refugees would not want to see a repeat of that suffering imposed on anyone, anywhere.

The infamous Defense Intelligence Agency memo (from 2012?) plainly stated that the rise of the "Islamic State" was a desirable policy outcome. I speculate there is another memo someplace that states an increase in refugees headed to Europe was also a desirable outcome. Every war creates refugees, so it doesn't take a genius to predict that destroying Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc. would create many refugees, some of whom would head for Europe.

Now why would Uncle Sam want to see more refugees in Europe? Because he knows the only way to stay on top is to stomp on everyone else. Divide-and-conquer is still the easiest, most effective strategy to keep enemies weak and malleable. Pitting groups of workers against each other is child's play for the Empire. I've been watching this dynamic at work my whole life, and I'm very sorry to say it is still as easy as taking candy from a baby.

Posted by: Trailer Trash | May 27 2019 17:42 utc | 89

@84 since when did the lunatic ramblings of some terrorist become 'scientific argument? Neither Zannon or myself have mentioned muslims race or any of the other things you and and others seem to suggest we have. All i said was unregulated / unopposed immigration is a bad idea. Could care less about where or who they are or what color they are or god they bow too. It matters not.

@86 im not combating anything. I just stated my opinion. Fact is if coubtries continue to alow it it will be the end of them as they know it. This is why they push back against it. Push back doesnt make u a rascist or a fascist it makes you concerned abiut what you see happening. If the only outlet politically granted by TPTB for your concerns happens to be a so called far right entity then what u gonna do? And btw whatbis the real problem the 1st world needs to fess up to?

Posted by: Tannenhouser | May 27 2019 17:59 utc | 90

Uncle Sam may have an additional reason for creating a reserve army of refugees: they are a potential source of recruits for the mercenary armies needed for all the planned invasions.

Posted by: Trailer Trash | May 27 2019 18:02 utc | 91

@TT. Thanks for the insight. There is a huge difference between tourists and refugees tho.Cant say I disagree with anything else you said tho.

Posted by: Tannenhouser | May 27 2019 18:24 utc | 92


Destitute refugees are useful for both Planned Invasions and False Flag events, either domestic or offshore. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

Any in-depth study of history bears this out. No conspiracy theorizing is necessary.

Posted by: fastfreddy | May 27 2019 18:28 utc | 93

Look at the level of dellusion of the liberals:

The far right didn’t sweep the EU elections. Europe’s centre is holding

Posted by: vk | May 27 2019 18:28 utc | 94

Just a thought crossed my mind about the military invitation tell your stories on Twitter which brought out a lot of wrenching sadness.
Well, if the victims of these soldiers were allowed to voice their tragedies it would be monumental in comparison.

Posted by: arby | May 27 2019 18:29 utc | 95

@ Posted by: Tannenhouser | May 27, 2019 1:59:41 PM | 90

But you're not the anti-immigration leader. The Christchurch shooter's opinion has as much value as yours -- with the advantage that he articulated his opinion and is very similar to past terrorists from the far-right of the recent past. He also mentions a list of clandestine groups he claims he either sympathizes with or is "blessed" by.

There is no -- and probably never will be -- a systematized literature about far-right thinking. The reason is very simple: its main pillar is irrationality. It is anti-intellecutalism by default. It relies mainly on propaganda, art (aestheticization of politics) and, most importantly, brute force (as a repository to Reason).

Posted by: vk | May 27 2019 18:34 utc | 96

This looks relevant !

The far right rationise and play down their intentions, but their actions in reality are much more ugly ! They also project their violent intentions onto their victems or anyone opposing the right wing psychopaths! I oppose them but that dose not mean i am as bad as them, I know right from wrong, I have empathy for those who suffer.

Posted by: Mark2 | May 27 2019 18:38 utc | 97

Arby @ 95
Totaly agree with you. Both sides are the victem that’s the message the truth and reality. To say so counters the devisive nature of war for the greed and brutality of the % ! !

Posted by: Mark2 | May 27 2019 18:47 utc | 98

The end of my last comment should read - -
One %

Posted by: Mark2 | May 27 2019 18:54 utc | 99

@ Posted by: Mark2 | May 27, 2019 2:38:07 PM | 97

The argument of the far-right is a dead-end for the rest of the world: if your "race" reproduces at a higher rate than the "white race", then you are comitting a "relative genocide" ("replacement") against the whites, therefore comittin an act of aggression against the whites; if you reproduce at a lower rate than the whites, then the whites will extinguish your race through the same mechanism - then it will be up to your race to try to exterminate the whites. Your mere existence can be considered an act of aggression.

The only hypothetical solution would be if every "race" have exactly the same birthrate -- which is impossible (even more so because the concept of race is pseudoscientific: who would determine how many races exist and who would belong to each race?). It is an ideology that, taken to its logic consequence, leads humanity to endless wars of anihilation and, therefore, systematic genocide.

Posted by: vk | May 27 2019 19:08 utc | 100

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