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March 02, 2019

Why Is The British Government Banning Hizbullah?

This week the British Home Secretary Sajid Javid laid out an order that proscribes the political arm of the Lebanese resistance organization Hizbullah as a terrorist organization under the Terrorism Act 2000. The military arm of Hizbullah was already named as such.

The reason given by the home secretary makes little sense:

My priority as Home Secretary is to protect the British people. As part of this, we identify and ban any terrorist organisation which threatens our safety and security, whatever their motivations or ideology which is why I am taking action against several organisations today.

Hizballah is continuing in its attempts to destabilase the fragile situation in the Middle East – and we are no longer able to distinguish between their already banned military wing and the political party. Because of this, I have taken the decision to proscribe the group in its entirety.

During the last years Hizbullah's operated to stabilize the Syrian government and to defend Lebanon against an onslaught of Jihadis coming over the Syrian border.

How that is supposed to "destabilase the fragile situation in the Middle East" is a bit hard to understand. Moreover nothing in the definition of terrorism in the Terrorism Act 2000 speaks of destabilization and nothing in there seems to apply to Hizbullah, especially not to its political and welfare arm. Besides its operations in Lebanon and Syria there were no Hizbullah attacks at all in Britain or anywhere else.

One also wonders if the British government really considered the consequences of the act.

Sajid Javid @sajidjavid - 17:59 utc - 1 Mar 2019
❌ From today, Hizballah is a banned terrorist organisation in the UK.
❌ Anyone who is a member or invites support for it is breaking the law.
❌ It is also illegal to display Hizballah flags in public – and new laws will make this a crime online.

Under the law "support" is defined quite widely. 12(2)(c) says for example:

A person commits an offence if he arranges, manages or assists in arranging or managing a meeting which he knows is to be addressed by a person who belongs or professes to belong to a proscribed organisation.

That makes it illegal to convene the Lebanese parliament where elected parliamentarians belonging to Hizbullah regularly speak. Will the UK indict the speaker of the Lebanese parliament if he travels to London? And what about those 300,000 voters in Lebanon who last May voted for Hizbullah candidates? Do they all break British law? Will they get arrested when they fly through Heathrow?

Oh - by the way - here is the Hizbullah flag straight out of Wikipedia.

Does displaying the flag make this blog, or Wikipedia, illegal to read in Britain?

The Hizbullah movement represents some 90% of all Lebanese Shia, around 30% of Lebanon's population. It runs hospitals and schools. It supports the Lebanese army. It is an integral part of the Lebanese government and state. Hizbullah called the British ban "an insult to the Lebanese people". By proscribing Hizbullah as a terrorist organization and by prohibiting any "support" for it the British government makes it extremely difficult for itself and for others to keep up relations with the Lebanese state.

One wonders what the British government is doing this and doing this now. Is this supposed to deflect from the Brexit shambles it is currently creating? Israel and the United States continue to press European governments to take such a step. But none except Britain took it. Why then does the British government feels the need to do this?

Posted by b on March 2, 2019 at 19:44 UTC | Permalink

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Hmmm....maybe because the Establishment hates Arabs, loves Israel, and wants to place Jeremy Corbyn in an awkward position?

Posted by: Blooming Barricade | Mar 2 2019 19:48 utc | 1

Isn't Israel much more guilty of destabilizing the Middle East?

Posted by: lysias | Mar 2 2019 19:49 utc | 2

Thanks for the posting b

This move by the UK is more BS to keep the brainwashed in line as the lines of our new multi-polar world are drawn.

Will this get discussed at the UN or are there too many more pressing issues?

Is there a maximum chaos theory that posits that the more crazyness that is going on when the music stops provides the most opportunity for retaining control at the core?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 2 2019 19:59 utc | 3

The PLO's attacks on Israel's northern border prompted a full-scale invasion by Israeli troops in 1982, a conflict which angered south Lebanon's largely Shi'ia Muslim community — which directly suffered the consequences of Israel's military intervention — and fueling the rise of the next generation of militant groups, Hizballah among them. "When we entered Lebanon, there was no Hizballah. We were accepted by perfumed rice and flowers by the Shi'a in the south," Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak once noted. "It was our presence there that created Hizballah.",8599,1903301,00.html

Posted by: goldhoarder | Mar 2 2019 19:59 utc | 4

General Wesley Clark explains ISIS was created by U.S. Allies to destroy Hezbollah

Hezbollah is Not a Threat to America

Posted by: Truth | Mar 2 2019 20:11 utc | 5

The Shia in Southern Lebanon were not an enemy of Israel until the 1982 invasion. In fact Hizbullah didn't even exist as an organization. It was founded in 1985 to resist the Israeli occupation and control of Southern Lebanon. The Shia of Southern Lebanon at first cheered Israeli army removing the Palestinians because they were poor, stealing, a drain on their resources, and had made a nuisance of themselves. Who wants to live next to a refugee camp? They were happy they Israelis kicked them out. The IDF didn't just kick them out though. They began building military defenses, setting up roadblocks, establishing curfews, and treating the local population exactly like the Palestinians. The Shia community say the righting on the wall. They were to become the next Palestinians. Israel wanted their land too. Hizbullah is the farthest thing from a terrorist organization there is. They are fighting for their homes, their families, and their right to exist and run their own lives in the lands they were born. No amount of Israeli and American propaganda or bullying other nations to call them terrorists actually makes them terrorists. If ever there was a group of humans fighting a justifiable war it is them. Their fight is literally a fight for survival. They have no choice. The Israelis and Americans gave them no choice but to surrender their lands and homes or be brave enough to risk their lives and fight them with all they have and with whatever allies they can muster. That is why they are aligned with Syria, Iran, and to some extent Russia. They really have no choice after witnessing what has become of the Palestinians and realizing they are next.

Posted by: goldhoarder | Mar 2 2019 20:11 utc | 6

It is impossible to accuse Iran of supporting terrorism (and provide the basis for non-nuclear sanctions, or outright war) unless they first define Hizbollah as a terrorist organization

Posted by: les7 | Mar 2 2019 20:15 utc | 7

In its deathrows, one of the British Empire's final, killing stabs was the completion of its newest colonial state, Israel, needed to keep the Middle East in bloody turmoil till the End of Time itself. The only force willing to take their toddler on? Hizbullah. Like a doting mother, any potential attack on their offspring brings out an insane level of visciousness.

Posted by: Villainesse | Mar 2 2019 20:25 utc | 8

Sky News interview with George Galloway

Posted by: Truth | Mar 2 2019 20:28 utc | 9

What you will not do for the sake of Zionist Israel!!! In turn, Israel is ready to fight to the last American and British soldier.

Top US General Says American Troops Should Be Ready To Die For Israel

Posted by: John Doe | Mar 2 2019 20:36 utc | 10

Hezbollah poses no threat to the UK or any western country. It’s a Lebanese military group with a political wing that was critical to protecting Lebanon, Syria & Iraq against ISIS & has helped stabalize the Middle East. Nothing terrorist about it. It’s a counter terror group.

Posted by: Rania Khalek | Mar 2 2019 20:39 utc | 11

Excellent article as usual.

Posted by: El Cid | Mar 2 2019 20:42 utc | 12

No matter what the whole world thinks of Hezbollah, they will always remain a legitimate Lebanese resistance in the eyes of their people.
No more words needed.
Shame on the United Kingdom!

Posted by: هادي نصرالله | Mar 2 2019 20:44 utc | 13

If a non government militia threatens a British citizen by its definition is a terrorist. The only British citizens that Hezbollah threatens are its Jihadists. So, now, England legally protects its Jihadis from Hezbollah.

Posted by: El Cid | Mar 2 2019 20:49 utc | 14

Has the Elite’s Slavish pro-Israel Agenda Finally Gone Too Far? - Hezbollah's defeat of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in the July war of 2006 was heroic and an essential redress to the Middle East power balance. I supported Hezbollah's entirely

Posted by: Craig Murray | Mar 2 2019 20:49 utc | 15

Probably they are going to arrest Corbyn and demoralize the entire British socialist movement in the process (making a bridge with the antisemitism thing).

Posted by: vk | Mar 2 2019 20:52 utc | 16

Some money changed hands. That's why. Al-Jazeera has the video's. It's as banal as that.

Posted by: bj | Mar 2 2019 20:52 utc | 17

Al-Qaeda affiliated so called "Syrian opposition" is welcoming a British absurd decision to list the Lebanese resistance Hezbollah as a "terrorist" organisation.
Not surprised.
After all, Hezbollah did crush their precious "moderate" jihadists and their Al Qaeda allies in Syria

Posted by: هادي نصرالله | Mar 2 2019 20:52 utc | 18

So Hezbollah has been fighting AlQaeda in Syria for 8 years while the UK has been supporting AlQaeda. The UK has now put Hezbollah on a terror list. So why did they decide to do this now?

Posted by: Partisangirl | Mar 2 2019 20:58 utc | 19

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: Regime change wars have disastrous consequences

Posted by: Truth | Mar 2 2019 21:02 utc | 20

Abrahamic religions have been scamming foolhardy people for over 2,000 years.

Continuing to present day with pedophile priests, tafiri nutjobs, and Zionist dickheads.

If governments had any sense, they would ban or regulate those who prey on the weak-minded because these fundamentalist asshat conmen have been responsible for more pain and suffering than any other organized human effort in the history of organized human efforts.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <>

Why is the British government doing this ban?

My cynical guesses would be that this is:

1) another anti-Corbin measure ahead of elections
May's Brexit plans were (deliberately ) a failure and who knows what else May has up her sleeve. The way things are going, Corbin may have a good chance at being PM. But the establishment will NEVER accept that (as per May's own words). So dirty tricks are in order. Banning Hezb follows from the previous effort to paint Corbin as anti-Semitic.

2) and could set-up a future false flag
Any "terrorist act" by any Shia could be interpreted as a response to this measure and provide a reason for FUKUS/NATO to bomb/invade Lebanon.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Mar 2 2019 21:04 utc | 21

The Muppet Show has run out of applicable sex scandals since nearly everything including dead pigs is now normal and whatever is left involves serious jail time and worse. They've been unable to provoke enough nativist violence and see no choice but to try to annoy some of their imported voter-slaves instead. That will fail as well but from the Muppet Show's point of view it carries their narrative along for future false flags by people brainwashed and goaded into it.

Next: Britain when Brexit doesn't happen.

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Mar 2 2019 21:09 utc | 22

It’s an open secret that several European countries are exchanging intelligence with Hezbollah to combat terrorist activity. If the UK is serious about its security, it should follow Germany and France in this cooperation, not childishly proscribe Hezbollah’s political wing.

Posted by: Ali | Mar 2 2019 21:10 utc | 23

Christian Singer Julia Boutros Honors Hezbollah in Stunning 2013 Concert Performance

Posted by: Youtube | Mar 2 2019 21:13 utc | 24

Hezbollah is a social and political movement with a strong armed wing. It was formed in 1980s. Hezbollah’s creation was conditioned by the aspiration of the Shia population of Lebanon to meet the challenges of Israeli expansion and Western “new-style” colonialism.

Hezbollah – Capabilities And Role In The Middle East (Full Documentary)

Posted by: South Front | Mar 2 2019 21:20 utc | 25

I guess Bibi and his puppets want another go at Lebanon.

Posted by: Pft | Mar 2 2019 21:20 utc | 26

Hezbollah is banned in the UK according to Home Secretary Sajid Javid who is also a member and regular speaker for Conservative Friends of Israel Lobby group.
Support for Hezbollah in any form will be a crime carrying up to 10 years jail.
Israel has its fangs deep in UK politics

Posted by: هادي نصرالله | Mar 2 2019 21:29 utc | 27

As Israel has long demanded, UK govt now follows US and designates political wing of #Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation. This despite that Hezbollah is a part of the democratically elected govt of Lebanon, and has taken a lead in the fight against IS

Posted by: Charles Shoebridge | Mar 2 2019 21:31 utc | 28

Hassan Nasrallah is one of the few people involved in politics who demands respect. Hezbollah whipped Israel's ass in 2006. With another Israeli military adventure in Lebanon on the horizon, the Anglo-American political prostitutes must provide some ROI on the shekels in their pockets.

It's all about the Benjamins!

Posted by: Symen Danziger | Mar 2 2019 21:34 utc | 29

Israel has been "destabilising" the Near East for 70 years, simply by existing on land that belongs to Palestinian people. Even if the Jews killed the original owners, the land should still revert to their legitimate heirs.

It is rich for any member of a British government to complain about terrorism and destabilisation when the UK government is one of the world's worst offenders in those regards - and quite deliberately, too.

Posted by: Tom Welsh | Mar 2 2019 21:39 utc | 30

Speeches that still matter: Gen Wesley Clark on US going to war in 7 countries in 5 yrs

Speeches that matter

Posted by: RT | Mar 2 2019 21:47 utc | 31

UN Commission of Inquiry on the 2018 protests in Palestine finds that "Israeli snipers shot at journalists, health workers, children and persons with disabilities, knowing they were clearly recognizable as such."

Report of the independent international commission of inquiry on the protests in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Posted by: Truth | Mar 2 2019 21:56 utc | 32

A war criminal has got new appointment...

Tony Blair appointed as head of European body fighting antisemitism

Posted by: Truth | Mar 2 2019 21:58 utc | 33

Maria ⏳ Retweeted David Sheen
This is also the official US and UK positionMaria ⏳ added,

David Sheen
Verified account

Israeli voter: “I say this as a woman: even if Bibi [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] rapes me in a dark alley, I’ll vote for him. Capische?”
6:37 AM - 28 Feb 2019

While it does not explain WHY Her Majesty Government banned Hezbollah etc., as Maria observed, it is a part of a wider phenomenon.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Mar 2 2019 21:59 utc | 34

Juan Guaidó’s fellow Popular Will party member Freddy Superlano is hospitalized and his assistant Carlos José Salinas is dead after they took drugs with prostitutes following the #VenezuelaAidLive concert in Cúcuta, Colombia.

Posted by: Truth | Mar 2 2019 22:03 utc | 35

The answer to the question "Why Is The British Government Banning Hizbullah?" is very easy.

The Lobby has helped the Tories in Britain a lot recently in painting Corbyn as an anti-Semite. Making sure that Corbyn never becomes prime minister is a big issue for them.

The payback for the Israeli help given is of course banning Hizbullah.

Posted by: Laguerre | Mar 2 2019 22:23 utc | 36

It would be a fitting response, to this provocation from the Home Secretary, for as many British people as possible to follow @15 Craig Murray's courageous lead and indicate their admiration of, and unwavering support for, the Lebanese Resistance movement which has recently distinguished itself by its fight to save Syria from genocidal jihadists, funded and supported by the British government.
Why it is acceptable for Javid, the Tory PM May and the government to be contributing public funds to the White Helmets and Al Qaeda militias while banning support for their opponents is a question that the Labour Party should be demanding be answered.

Posted by: bevin | Mar 2 2019 22:37 utc | 37

"Britain" stoped pretending and really started preping for a WWIII. Else called "Brexit" for the unsuspecting masses.
It doesn't mean they could pull this off though.

Posted by: boot error | Mar 2 2019 23:18 utc | 38

Has the Elite’s Slavish pro-Israel Agenda Finally Gone Too Far?
Posted by: Craig Murray | Mar 2, 2019 3:49:25 PM | 15

Not yet, but it's another step in the right direction.
I want to see a few more gullible hi-profile pro-"Israel" ideologues scramble into rat trap Trump set for them with his utterly meaningless Jerusalem gambit.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 2 2019 23:34 utc | 39

Another thing I wish to add is IMO "Britain" might have felt the need to ban Hizbullah before giving a Go to programes for distabilizing the Balkan peninsulae and its assorting archipelago at the south including both big islandic masses of Cyprus and last but not least Crete.
They want the locals completely desperate pivoting towards extreme right groups that are secretly being proped by cia/mossad/mi6,french,fukus in short.

Posted by: boot error | Mar 2 2019 23:58 utc | 40

Sometimes soon the FUK, the Former United Kingdom, will have to get used to the fact, that they are not an Empire anymore.

Posted by: Pnyx | Mar 2 2019 23:59 utc | 41

thanks b... the uk has really gone insane! did they ban bds and anyone opposed to zionism too? only a matter of time..

i agree with @7 les and @37 bevins ideas..

Posted by: james | Mar 3 2019 0:08 utc | 42

Pnyx #41

Posted by: boot error | Mar 3 2019 0:18 utc | 43

This morning, Al Jazeera ran a snippet on "Israel's" bullying on the conditional reopening of al Aqsa Mosque which the "Israelis" closed 16 years ago, for HAMAS reasons. I lost count of the number of times they used the expression "occupied East Jerusalem" during the story...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 3 2019 0:21 utc | 44

Truth @ 9; Thanks for the Galloway video, everyone here should listen to it.

Galloway, as always, simply nails it.

Posted by: ben | Mar 3 2019 0:30 utc | 45

The burnt out remains of Merkava tanks and outclassed ground forces were a devastating blow to the Israeli superiority complex. Not even wanting to upset Hezbollah in Syria, their behaviour towards them speaks volumes about who won the 2006 conflict. Looking at the number of military killed on both sides, the Lebanese lost only a handful more than Israel.
Rather than risk a backlash from Hezbollah, Israel will attempt to use other methods to try to hinder them. The UK move is a sign of desperation by Netanyahu. No one takes any notice of of the British anymore, 'we' are quite rightly a joke. No doubt Hassan Nasrallah will be chuckling at these latest desperate attempts to keep him in check.

Posted by: duplicitousdemocracy | Mar 3 2019 0:34 utc | 46

The UK's been in gross violation of International Law for decades on end, the latest determination by the WCJ on the Chomoro Islanders is its latest defeat and proof of its terrorizing policies. Then we have the subject of support for terrorists in Syria and terrorism in Venezuela. Some brave, enterprising folk ought to plant a passel of Hezbollah flags on the grounds of the minister's house, then report him for his crime of being in possession of banned material. And yet another reason for Scots to vote for independence and the end of Union, as I'm certain Scots don't want to be associated with a terror state like Britain.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 3 2019 0:56 utc | 47

Sadly, huge numbers of tee vee heads swallow these lies whole.

Posted by: Peter | Mar 3 2019 0:57 utc | 48

My understanding is that in the UK, wearing a T-shirt saying "Fuck the UK" is fine but wearing a shirt saying "Fuck Israel" is a hate crime. If this is correct, what has gone wrong in the UK? Why do the UK people believe all this anti-semitism nonsense and why do they give a flying f**k about anti-semitism anyway?

Posted by: aspnaz | Mar 3 2019 0:58 utc | 49

@23 Ali

Thank you for that clip of Nasrallah.

The words sail around in the air like so many old newspapers caught in a strong wind, but on the ground, reality takes place.

Posted by: Grieved | Mar 3 2019 1:12 utc | 50

I am guessing that Sontaran Sajid is positioning himself as a challenger for Theresa May's job as Tory leader after Brexit comes and goes and all Hell breaks loose once people realise how very poorly she managed the transition.

Posted by: Jen | Mar 3 2019 1:16 utc | 51

This insidious and obtuse move by the british government is a typical example of setting the stage and future narrative for the forthcoming announcement by the zionist cabal (US/UK etc) of recognition of the Golan Heights as being official Israeli territory. It's pre-planning as they know everyone in the region goes onto an imminent war footing when the announcement comes

Posted by: m | Mar 3 2019 1:30 utc | 52

"Hizballah is continuing in its attempts to destabilase the fragile situation in the Middle East"

By his logic there is far more urgent requirement for him to proscribe the current Republican Party as a terrorist organization and, before that, the Democrats when they controlled the Oval Office.

Both constitute the political wing of a warmongering deep-state, and both are quite indistinguishable from the military wing of that same deep-state.

And, indisputably, both the political wing and the military wing of that deep-state are hell-bent on destabilizing the Middle East.

In any just and logical world it is well past time for Sajid Javid to put a pox on them all.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Mar 3 2019 1:34 utc | 53

This Daily Mirror article from 2015 indicates the smearing to come:

Jeremy Corbyn nicknamed 'Jezbollah' by Labor enemies who say he has so many extremist friends

And here's the Telegraph in 2015 with more of the same:

Jeremy Corbyn, friend to Hamas, Iran and extremists

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Mar 3 2019 1:36 utc | 54

@54 Jackrabbit I tend to agree with Craig Murray on this, in the sense that this could represent an attempt by the lobby to Jump The Shark.

After all, where does this stop?

If Corbyn voices support for the Red Cross does Sajid Javid then rush to proscribe the ICRC as a terrorist organization, all the better to sneer "Gotch'a a good one there, terrorist!!"

And to answer b's question of why: the answer is obvious.

The Israel Lobby is utterly terrified of Corbyn becoming Prime Minister, hence the ludicrous "anti-Semite" smear campaign against him.

Clearly the poll number are showing that isn't going to be enough, hence this new angle of attack.

But it sniffs of desperation. It suggests nothing more than that Israel and its lackeys/sycophants know that Corbyn is certain to win the next election, so they are willing to attempt anything - no matter how illogical - to prevent him from contesting that election.

It really is as simple as that.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Mar 3 2019 1:50 utc | 55

It looks like the Inquisition is becoming Totalitarian. Dissent
is being criminalized in devious ways. In antiquity, Aristotle
defined the progression as democracy-oligarchy-tyranny. I think
we have enough empirical data for the modern era to revise it as:
democracy-capitalism-totalitarianism. The quintessential feature
of this totalitarianism is mass psychosis. The driving force
behind it is divorce from reality. The imperators behind the scenes:
the Infernal Inquisitors. Prognosis-Incurable, Terminal.

Posted by: evilempire | Mar 3 2019 1:53 utc | 56

@49 aspnaz "Why do the UK people believe all this anti-semitism nonsense and why do they give a flying f**k about anti-semitism anyway?"

Who says they do?

The political chattering class and their lackeys in the MSM have been pusing this nonsense - and it is nonsense - as hard as they can, and despite that they must have polling data that shows it isn't going to be enough to stop Corbyn from becoming Prime Minister at the next election.

We can be certain of that because this latest move is an attempt to widen the line of attack e.g. to paint Corbyn as a "terrorist sympathizer".

They wouldn't even need to do that if their smear campaign to paint Corbyn as an "anti-Semite" had any gained any traction with the actual voters.

After all, that smear campaign has been so vicious that if it had worked then Corbyn would already be history.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Mar 3 2019 1:57 utc | 57

Israel, like the wahhabi nation, is the offspring of Britain. Other than the US taking over the lead role, nothing has changed.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Mar 3 2019 1:57 utc | 58

Question from the essay:

Why then does the British government feels the need to do this?

The answer I see here which mirrors my own belief:

Posted by: هادي نصرالله | Mar 2, 2019 4:29:50 PM | 27

Israel has its fangs deep in UK politics

The Lebanese and Iranian governments are going to have to be careful next time the apartheid Jewish state goes on one of its thieving and murdering rampages. Given the control that little cesspool state has over the UK, the US, Australia, and Canada, their replies to the attacks by the Zionist will need to be precisely calibrated so "poor little Israel" can't start its customary crying and whining and screaming for "help".

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Mar 3 2019 2:02 utc | 59

Yeah, Right @55

We agree. I wrote that these articles "indicate the smearing to come".

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Mar 3 2019 2:42 utc | 60

@45 ben... thanks for the reminder.. i had meant to watch it, but only did so after your prompting!

i agree with you too.. everyone at moa ought to watch it.. in fact, that video from 2007 shows how messed up the uk's position is today.. galloway would be charged with aiding and abetting terrorism according to the new law the uk is implementing..

i am surprised sky news still has the video up.. the video is an embarrassment to the media establishment in the uk.

also, i tend to agree with 'yeah, rights' comments.. this is all about failure to contain corbyn, however hard they try...

Posted by: james | Mar 3 2019 2:44 utc | 61

Yeah, Right @57>

... that smear campaign has been so vicious that if it had worked then Corbyn would already be history.

Yeah, it failed so they have instituted this law as an attempt to catch Corbyn in a legal trap.

But the law may be used in other devious ways also.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Mar 3 2019 2:49 utc | 62

caitlins comments on this topic.

Posted by: james | Mar 3 2019 3:20 utc | 63

Hezbollah are not targeting children, cripples, medics and journalists with sniper fire as outlined in the UN report. If the UK government had any morality it would be Israel that would be designated a terrorist organization.

Posted by: Ike | Mar 3 2019 3:40 utc | 64

Can we ban Britain ?

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Mar 3 2019 3:41 utc | 65

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Mar 2, 2019 10:41:56 PM | 64

Can we ban Britain ?

If we all are able to ban Israel then many, if not all, reasons to ban the USA, Britain and other western countries just disappear. Israel is a real asshole of the Earth.

Posted by: John Doe | Mar 3 2019 4:00 utc | 66

@61 Jackrabbit "But the law may be used in other devious ways also."

True enough, but *this* law is so stupid that it will have other consequences as well.

Here is one: British Home Secretary Sajid Javid must now live in abject terror (an apt word indeed) of walking into a BBC studio to debate this issue only to find George Galloway sitting across the table.

Because it is an absolute certainty that Galloway will tear him a new one over the "logic" of this pronouncement.

Let's be honest here: Javed's order has now made "attempts to destabilase the fragile situation in the Middle East" a criteria for designating a political party as a terrorist organization.

So how does Javid answer this question: Your own govt is on record as stating that the decision of President Trump to scrap the JCPOA will have a destabilizing effect on peace and security in the Middle East. Doesn't that oblige your govt to declare his Administration a terrorist organization?

Or how does he answer this question: Your own govt has openly declared its support for the "moderate rebels" in Syria, whose avowed aim is to replace Bashir Assad by destabilizing his govt. By your own guidelines wouldn't that make the Tory party a terrorist organization?

Because there is real danger here for this utterly lamentable govt. If they do attempt to defend this new criteria then they are going to be revealed to be blathering idiots. If they don't attempt to defend it then their critics are simply going to shred them anyway.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Mar 3 2019 4:04 utc | 67

Middle East Eye: "Anti-Zionism is not the same as Anti-Semitism"

Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni: "Anti-semitic", "its a trick we always use it"

Posted by: John Doe | Mar 3 2019 4:37 utc | 68

@66 yeah, right... the part of uk support for 'moderate rebels' in syria question would be easy for this bozo to answer.. he will say syria gov't under assad is not a legit gov't... just like this bozo and the uk refer to maduros gov't in venezuala as not legit.. they say so and that makes it right, lol..

furthermore, a pdf (see link at bottom) found in the 2nd link in b's post from the top says
"The US, Canada, Netherlands, Israel, Gulf Co-operation Council and Bahrain also designate the group in its entirety as a terrorist organisation."

with legitimacy like that, who is to argue, LOLOL! i think they need to get freeland to run that by the lima group so they can get more members to join in the party..

Posted by: james | Mar 3 2019 4:43 utc | 69

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. - Voltaire

Kevin Alfred Strom: Voltaire Didn’t Say It

Posted by: John Doe | Mar 3 2019 5:39 utc | 71

I am reminded of the ginned up charge that Hezbollah attacked the Jewish embassy in Argentina,just another attempt to put some 'facts' in the media to influence popular perception. Remember Pompeus Minimus also tried this scare tactic when he floated the egregiously dubious propaganda balloon that Hezbollah was in Venezuela! The Zionists are too clever by half in all of their ratf$@%ing schemes.

Posted by: Roy G | Mar 3 2019 5:53 utc | 73

Hezbollah is a social and political movement with a strong armed wing. It was formed in 1980s. Hezbollah’s creation was conditioned by the aspiration of the Shia population of Lebanon to meet the challenges of Israeli expansion and Western “new-style” colonialism.

Hezbollah – Capabilities And Role In The Middle East (Full Documentary)

Posted by: South Front | Mar 2, 2019 4:20:24 PM | 25


Hezbollah – Capabilities And Role In The Middle East

Posted by: South Front | Mar 3 2019 5:59 utc | 74

Are we ever going to get beyond group identity politics and deal with the social structure issue that fuels the group identity politics?

Do others not see the dead end that fighting group identity politics gets the 99%? There is always going to be friction but that friction is being managed to insure that none question the structure that causes most of the friction (Global Private Finance/God of Mammon)

I believe that making the tools of finance public will eliminate the fuel behind much of the group identity politics we see happening......if they don't have guns and money they are a lot less likely to kill each other.

And to the posting here, if the UK didn't have empire money and empire corrupt government it wouldn't go around trying to impose itself globally.

IMO, challenging the social structure is going to prove more fruitful than ongoing group identity politics.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 3 2019 6:34 utc | 75

Put #26
Exactly, Israel has lost its chance to steal more of Syria and now seeks to steal any of Lebanon particularly the Shia south.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 3 2019 7:01 utc | 76

Slogan for a new world

I'm not anti Semitic, I'm anti war.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 3 2019 7:13 utc | 77

Javid wants to be PM. He has to distance himself from the mayor of London, who has allowed crime and fundamentalist Islam free rein. He has to distance himself from Muslim paedophiles, and distance the government from suppression of free speech on the subject, while maintaining his status within the Muslim community. By jumping on Hezbollah, a soft target since only George Galloway and Craig Murray will defend them, he gains kudos from Israel, and prominent news coverage as a 'leader'. I think he will come to regret it, just as he has had to walk back some of his comments on the Channel migrants, as these are knee-jerk reactions, without the backing of evidence. He will end up looking as silly as Boris, Theresa and Gav did, when they tried to steer the narrative of the Skripal case.

Posted by: kula | Mar 3 2019 7:22 utc | 78

I think #52 & 75 are more on track for the reasoning on this. It is of course the general direction of all western foreign policy to choose as terrorists any thing and anyone who opposes empire. That it has anything to do with internal British politics is however peripheral to the upcoming great deal for the Israeli/Palestine conflict.
Leaks on the Trump/Kushner plan hint at paying off countries that already have significant # of Palestinian refugees to take in even more as a way of ethnically cleansing what is to be a greater Israel. The government of Lebanon stands to get quite a sum of Saudi/UAE/USA monies and this is just a way of making sure that Hizbulla don't see any of it.
The plan will of course be a very bitter pill and fail terribly but not before the Empire and company do it's best to ram it down everyone's throat.

Posted by: PleaseBeleafMe | Mar 3 2019 7:28 utc | 79


You posted comments under some 10 different names in this thread. While the comments are reasonable quotes from the people who's name you abused, such behavior is not welcome here.

Stop doing such. Use one name and stick to it. I will otherwise have to ban you.

Posted by: b | Mar 3 2019 8:18 utc | 80

@69 James "the part of uk support for 'moderate rebels' in syria question would be easy for this bozo to answer.. he will say syria gov't under assad is not a legit gov't..."

I'm going to stop you right there and point out that according to Javid's OWN announcement "legitimacy" is not the criteria that is used.

The correct criteria is the determination that a political party is carrying out a policy that "attempts to destabilase the fragile situation in the Middle East".

So according to Javed's OWN announcement your "easy answer" is actually no answer at all, precisely because it is indisputable that the UK govt's support of attempts to destabilize Bashir Assad is.... drumroll please... a policy of destabilization.

And that remains true regardless of whom Teresa May's govt deigns to recognize as "legitimate".

That's the mark of a terrorist organization, of whom Sajid Javid is a senior member.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Mar 3 2019 9:02 utc | 81

Sajid Javid is a man of double standards. As he witters on about 'terrorists', he seems to forget that he's settle not a little amount of them and their families in the UK in the shape of members of the faux 'first responders' of the Syrian conflict, the White Helmets. Now, why would he do that?

Posted by: Bevin Kacon | Mar 3 2019 9:36 utc | 82

"My priority as Home Secretary is to protect the British people."


"My priority as Home Secretary is to protect the Chosen people."

Posted by: TJ | Mar 3 2019 9:36 utc | 83

>>> Posted by: TJ | Mar 3, 2019 4:36:43 AM | 83

Zionist Speak Translation Rule #1!

The USA Corporation, the Military arm of the British Anglo zionist Empire, occupier and oppressor of America and Americans, is looking for excuses as to why they have murdered Hundreds of Iraqi Civilians in Mosul! They express sorrow that they were ‘Forced” to “inflict” civilian casualties.

Now, to someone who does not understand Zionist speak, this perhaps sounds truthful and sincere.

SO SON! (or Ladies), Let me translate.

Zionist speak Translation Rule # 1.

Flip the meaning of the words, 180%, to the exact opposite as was spoken in Zionist Speak.

Thus the above apparent heartfelt “regret becomes——————Ta-Dha! Damn right we killed the little brown SOB’s. If they would just give up an allow Nitwityahoo, the child raping SOB, to occupy them for the Zionist Nightmare of their “Greater Israhell Project”, we wouldn’t have to murder their rag headed asses!

See! With this formula, you can translate all that USA Zionist Government Speak, and all those State Department lies, all those MSM bimbos and gigolo’s CIA Propaganda! See how simple it is once one knows the formula! Enjoy Grasshopper!

Time to wake up America. Time to take out the Garbage. Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

PS! Zionist Speak Translator Rule # 2. Refer to Rule # 1.

Posted by: John Doe | Mar 3 2019 12:10 utc | 85

The UK is in total hysteria. The skipal, the russophobia and now hezbollah.. it sounds like a country under siege !

Posted by: virgile | Mar 3 2019 13:59 utc | 86

Bernhard, appreciated, I haven't stumbled across Benjamin Weinthal's name for years. When he caught my attention as Berlin based JP correspondent he fiercely targeted the Berlin Center for the Study of antisemitism (ZfA). In its yearbook at the time they had studied among others the results of the GWOT propaganda on young German muslim. A big no, no for Weinthal and his JP. But rather appropriate it felt to me at the time.
If you looked closer at his respective articles he seemed to go to great length to not allow interested readers to look at matters in context, by somehow obfuscating the name of the institution.

Posted by: LeaNder | Mar 3 2019 14:00 utc | 87

My God. Just imagine if someone wore a t-shirt saying f--- the government for allowing the migrant invasion of our land.

Posted by: morongobill | Mar 3 2019 14:32 utc | 88

Even before this declaration, sporting the hezbollah flag could result in arrest but not necessarily for the flag itself. (TOI disappointment)

Still I wonder if sporting the ISIS flag will result in arrest in the UK. It's bad enough the pressure to take back (former) citizens who went to fight for (or marry/support) ISIS.

Posted by: Curtis | Mar 3 2019 15:34 utc | 89

Virgile @ 86-

Uhm, you forgot to mention the elephant in the room....Brexit

Couldn't happen to a sunnier group of louts.

Posted by: donkeytale | Mar 3 2019 15:41 utc | 90

Genie Energy
Genie's founder, chairman, controlling shareholder and CEO is Howard Jonas. Avi Goldin serves as the company's CFO, Michael Stein is the company's COO and Geoffrey Rochwarger serves as Vice Chairman. The president of its Israeli subsidiary is Effie Eitam. Genie Energy's Strategic advisory board is composed of: Dick Cheney (former vice president of the United States), Rupert Murdoch (media mogul and chairman of News Corp), James Woolsey (former CIA director), Larry Summers (former head of the US Treasury), Bill Richardson, former Governor of New Mexico, an ex-ambassador to the United Nations and United States Energy Secretary[2], Michael Steinhardt, Jacob Rothschild,[3][2], and Mary Landrieu, former United States Senator from Louisiana.

Jacob Rothschild? Oh his family owns the UK, USA and other countries and just about every central bank except N Korea, Iran and Syria. Note the other NWO/ZWO on the board.

Hizbullah blocked this scum from taking over Syria and they are stealing Syria's oil in the Golan Heights.

Posted by: Jerry | Mar 3 2019 16:04 utc | 91

For a reminder, as Tulsi Gabbard gains more and more respect in the alternative media, here is the statement she made after Netanyahu's very controversial speech to Congress:

“It's unfortunate that an issue as important as preventing Iran from attaining nuclear weapons has been muddled by partisan politics. This is an extremely serious issue, at a critical juncture, that should not be used as a political football. While the United States and Israel share a common objective in preventing a nuclear-armed Iran, the speech today and the events of this week made clear that there is disagreement over how best to achieve that objective. Despite the impropriety of how the invitation was delivered, the U.S.-Israel relationship remains strong and founded on bipartisan recognition of its importance.

“While there is hope that a negotiated solution to this problem remains within the realm of possibility, I am cynical. There are a variety of issues, including having already conceded allowing Iran to enrich uranium, Iran’s breakout capacity, and the continued lack of transparency and access for UN inspectors, that are of genuine concern. The objective must remain at the forefront: we must work together to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran.

“The United States’ relationship with Israel must rise above the political fray, as America continues to stand with Israel as her strongest ally.”

This leads me to think, perhaps the now famous alleged support of Tulsi Gabbard by David Duke was made so public in order to hide that she is so pro-Israel? That she couldn't be pro-Israel if David Duke endorses her?

Posted by: Sharon | Mar 3 2019 16:20 utc | 92

Maybe Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Venezuela and many other friends of Hizbullah can organise a simultaneous banning of most or all UK diplomats from their counries - in one fell swoop - in protest to the immoral insult to the Lebanese Government. Large numbers of UK diplomats expelled from many countries in a single day would send a very conspicuous message.

Posted by: BM | Mar 3 2019 17:25 utc | 93

@ South Front #74

Thanks for the informative link about Hezbollah. Though a very long piece to read, I found much interesting information there. That the huge stocks of short-range and inaccurate old missiles were used to fight the head-chopping and burning-alive ISIS scum was welcome news.

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Mar 3 2019 17:43 utc | 94

Sharon @92--

Thanks for providing that excerpt of Gabbard's remarks. They're rather troubling since Zionistan is actually an enemy of the people and constitution of the USA, and she's allowed her objectivity to be clouded by bogus "intelligence reports" about Iran and its nuclear program, all of which are traits we no longer need occupying the Oval Office.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 3 2019 19:35 utc | 95

#35 Truth

In the article you refer to,in the last alinea ,I understand that Scopolamine was the drug they took,causing death of the parliamentary assistant and the hospitalization of member of parliament for Guaido's party.This happening right after the concert meaning to be the beginning of those furious rascals invading the venezolan border.I know that it's an alkaloide from the Nightshade family,present in henbane and Datura varieties in Europe,many indigenous south american nightshades would contain scopolamine,atropine and the like.But I fear that in this special case,the product was in the form of pills or maybe liquid, being part of the medical aid part of the american humanitarian aid largely distributed among the would be rebels,who all seem to be about the same age,and driven by a strange hatred,frustrated by the impossibility to pass the bridge,and I congratulate the venezolan border police for that, resulting in setting fire to one of the lorries ,that turned out to carry a load of hardware meant to make up roadblocks.

If I remember correctly my Xenophon's Anabasis readings from school,there was an episode of hungry hoplites that mistook datura for lettuce and the whole regiment went loony.One started tuning stones on the field,then all of them did the same and turned the whole area upside down.Scopolamine makes you act without conscience,nor empathy and you won't stop.It needs one person to lead and the rest will follow,now that' some geo-strategic magic,n'est-ce pas?

Posted by: willie | Mar 3 2019 20:38 utc | 96

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 3, 2019 2:35:56 PM | 95
(Tulsi Gabbard) has been running a weekly program called Planet America since Trump became POTUS. They're heavily reliant on fact-checked statistical data sourced from AmeriKKKa for program content and talking points. Two weeks ago they named all of the more than a dozen Democrat Presidential hopefuls for 2020.
Tulsi was hovering on the bottom rung of the popularity ladder (circa 1% chance of success) along with 3 or 4 other hopefuls. This suggests that the vast majority of Americans think that Tulsi's platform is a lot less cute than Tulsi herself.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 3 2019 20:39 utc | 97

zionist lobby....minority zionist jews rule in britain as elsewhere not democracy but moneyocracy

Posted by: brian | Mar 3 2019 20:43 utc | 98

Who cares what some shithole country thinks of a genuine human rights movement. Where is the UK anyway? Are they part of Europe?

Posted by: dan | Mar 3 2019 20:53 utc | 99

Hoarsewhisperer @97--

Initial polling percentages of presidential hopefuls is always related to name recognition and never to actual policy positions as proven by all post-WW2 polling results. Plus, there's quite a lot of deliberate skewing--outright invention--through designation of supposed "Top Candidates." And in the great majority of cases, overall policy/platform positions aren't even ready when someone announces their candidacy, thus name recognition having its importance.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 3 2019 21:38 utc | 100

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