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March 01, 2019

Justin Trudeau Is Finished

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is finished. A long simmering scandal did him in.


Between 2001 and 2011 the Canadian construction and engineering company SNC-Lavalin bribed officials in Libya with tens of millions to get contracts in that country. In 2015 the company was charged by the Public Prosecution Service of Canada. It tried to avoid a trial and argued instead for a negotiated settlement since it had cleaned shop by changing its chief executive officer.

In 2016, SNC-Lavalin admitted that some former executives had illegally arranged donations of more than C$80,000 to Trudeau's Liberal Party from 2004 to 2011.

The company had revenues of some C$10 billion in 2018. Some 9,000 of its 52,000 employees work in Canada. The headquarter and 3,400 of its employees are in the province of Quebec where the Liberals need to pick up votes in October's federal election to keep their majority.

It was the task of the Justice Minister and Attorney General, Jody Wilson-Raybould, to decide if the case should go on trial as the law demands, or if it could be settled out of court. A trial would likely end with SNC-Lavalin banned from all public contracts in Canada for 10 years. It would cost jobs and votes.

The company lobbied the Liberal government which brought in a remediation agreement regime in 2018 as part of a massive budget bill.

During the fall of 2018 Trudeau and his allies tried to press the attorney general, a Canadian aboriginal, to overturn the decision of the director of public prosecutions, to apply the new law and to thereby drop the criminal charges against SNC. She would not do that. In January Trudeau fired her from the justice minister and attorney general job and gave her a minor position as veteran's minister. Under solicitor-client privilege and cabinet confidences Wilson-Raybould could not speak out about the issue.

On February 7 the scandal leaked from anonymous sources. Five days later Wilson-Raybould resigned as veterans minister. She hired a retired Supreme Court judge as her lawyer, to advise her on what she could say. On February 18 Gerald Butts, Trudeau's friend and principle secretary, was made the fall guy. He resigned even while he denied that he tried to influence the attorney general. Under pressure, the House of Commons Justice Committee invited Wilson-Raybould to testify. Trudeau had to wave some privilege which allowed her to finally speak out about her time as attorney general.

Yesterday Wilson-Raybould testified.

Jody Wilson-Raybould - bigger

From her long opening statement:

For a period of approximately four months between September and December 2018, I experienced a consistent and sustained effort by many people within the government to seek to politically interfere in the exercise of prosecutorial discretion in my role as the Attorney General of Canada in an inappropriate effort to secure a Deferred Prosecution Agreement with SNC-Lavalin. These events involved 11 people (excluding myself and my political staff) – from the Prime Minister’s Office, the Privy Council Office, and the Office of the Minister of Finance. This included in-person conversations, telephone calls, emails, and text messages. There were approximately 10 phone calls and 10 meetings specifically about SNC-Lavalin that I and/or my staff was a part of.

Wilson-Raybould gave all the details: who, when, where and how. There is a paper trail. She made detailed notes of everything that happened.

Pressuring the AG to drop charges can be a offense under Canada's criminal code (pdf), section 139(2):

Every one who wilfully attempts in any manner other than a manner. described in subsection (1) to obstruct,pervert or defeat the course of justice is guilty of an in-dictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years.

During her testimony Wilson-Raybould noted that she was not yet allowed to speak out about what happened after she was fired as attorney general. There is likely more to come from her. She says that she believes that no law was broken but that Trudeau behaved inappropriately. A jury and court may see that differently.

Trudeau responded in a news conference that he "completely disagreed" with Wilson-Raybould’s version of events. He claimed that that neither he nor his staff had done anything wrong. The issue is under investigation of the independent ethics commissioner and Trudeau hopes that he will be found not guilty of any wrongdoing.

Justin Trudeau during his much ridiculed 2018 trip to India - bigger

Even if he did not break any law Trudeau will be unable to escape the storm he is now under. With the case pending it will be difficult for the Liberals to win the October elections. It would be best for the party if Trudeau would step down and let someone else take the lead.

There is potential candidate with more credibility than the former media darling Justin Trudeau ever had.

Ezra Levant - @ezralevant - 2:24 utc - 28 Feb 2019

10. Last detail. Jody Wilson-Raybould's father was an Aboriginal activist who butted heads with Justin Trudeau's father. Here they are bantering. Bill Wilson tells Pierre Trudeau that his daughter Jody wants to be PM one day. Maybe she will be?

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Posted by: bun | Mar 1, 2019 11:23:40 PM | 100

i met the man, he is big (6’2”) and athletically built (an ex bouncer in Whistler) with a crushing grip.

How do you know that he has a crushing grip?

Posted by: hopehely | Mar 2 2019 4:46 utc | 101

I think the Liberal powers that be have dramatically overstepped what is right and proper.

Trudeau, and those in his office and Cabinet, have overplayed their hand. JWR is honorable and is publically showing the corruption of the Liberal inner circle for what it is. Rotten at the core. The Liberals are not pursuing Sunny Ways now, if they ever did. I.e., electoral reform, aboriginal reconciliation, the environment (pipeline insanity).

If you want to chase what I think is the "bad guy" in this, look at SNC-Lavalin. IMHO, as bad as they come. IMO, the Cons are dirty with the Liberals and SNC as well. They got a sweet-heart deal to "buy" AECL for negative $60M and then still get hundreds of millions s year from "Parliament ".

If SNC moves from Canada, all of the SNC/AECL assets and IP should be repatriated ASAP. If not, that will be the true theft and crime.

Should Trudesu resign? Perhaps. Could he be defeated at the polls - I am hopeful. By the Cons - I am fearful. Of the others, I hope they behave with honour.

Where's Waldo

Posted by: Where's Waldo | Mar 2 2019 4:48 utc | 102

Lets look at the facts. Canada has supported the wars in Libya, Syria, Ukraine Afghanistan, and Now the illegal coup attempt in Venezuela. Canada is actually driving these conflicts and the USA UK NATO are the hapless victims of Canada's aggressive world view and the resulting conflicts and deaths of 100,000's of innocent civilians. Justin Trudeau's corruption is just the tip of the iceberg. Below that we have Freeland, Harper, etc. who want to promote hatred and wars where-ever they can. Canada is a blight on the world community and should be subject to universal sanctions, banning from the Olympic games and strict arms control. Any country attempting to trade with Canada should be ostracized also.
What about their socialist healthcare system eh . Looking after people who can't afford to pay. Whats with that. CANADA IS THE PROBLEM PEOPLE. REGIME CHANGE IS THE SOLUTION.

Posted by: Ike | Mar 2 2019 5:16 utc | 103

Canadian here. No, I feel that b is premature: Trudeau is not done. First, he's much more of a celebrity than anyone else on the federal scene, and won't be knocked out so easily. Second, Canadian federal Liberal governments and Quebec corruption scandals have gone together like bread and cheese for decades - most people are only pretending to be shocked. Trudeau still has some of his likeable aura around him, though tarnished. His appeal to voters in the last election wasn't based on "being squeaky clean" but on his "sunny days" optimism and likeability (more so than Harper, at least). This scandal, from a certain perspective, actually mitigates some of the other criticisms being made about him (how can Trudeau be both dangerously naive and corruptly cynical at the very same time? The narratives may just cancel each other out).

The Conservatives may be split with Maxime Bernier and his new party playing the Trump-like spoiler. The sharpest and most likeable of Trudeau's opponents (Elizabeth May) also leads by far the smallest party:

If I had to guess, I'd bet on a "surprise" Liberal victory, probably with a majority but perhaps with a minority. The NEXT election will be a huge disaster for the Liberals, but not this one, I think.

And yes, Christia Freeland is obviously playing the same role in Canada than John McCain was in the US. She's responsible for making sure that Trudeau's foreign policy is exactly what NATO and the Five Eyes spooks want it to be (so there's no repeat of Chretien), but allows him some leeway in domestic policy.

I doubt Christia Freeland will be made the actual Prime Minister - there's no need. They'll have somebody more likeable in that chair, but the foreign policy will be just the same as if she (or someone like her) was in it.

Posted by: E | Mar 2 2019 5:49 utc | 104

Isn't it interesting how many trolls have come out in this thread to support Trudeau? You wouldn't think it was worth their bother.

Posted by: BM | Mar 2 2019 7:01 utc | 105

I say JT ekes through with a minority government. It took years for us to get rid of Harper, and to think of electing his mini me? Harper and his evangelical backers still run the party, and like in the U.S. there is strong support by Christian Zionists.

Despite what happened to JWR, indigenous people, for the most part, will not vote conservative nor split the vote by voting NDP.

The recently elected premier of Quebec has said that he will go for sovereignty in his second year, and he has no doubt presented his "wish list" to both major parties. Now this may not have gotten much play in the rest of Canada (who's reaction this time may be "so go,who cares?") But in Quebec, they'll be looking for a French Quebecker at the Federal level to go head-to-head with the premier (a businessman who thinks he can run a government like a business and flies around the globe looking for white French-speaking immigrants).

Next, young people with student debts. Trudeau put a freeze on repayment of their debts until they find jobs. But whether they'll go out to vote?

Marijuana. not likely the provinces will want to lose this extra revenue.

AI - Tech votes, Ontario and Quebec business leaders, universities.

Syrian Refugees and the millions of Canadians who welcomed them.

veterans, who will now receive pensions; although it was really the veterans themselves that put up a strong fight.

But for many young people and environmentalists, Trudeau has been a big disappointment. This is where the Green Party could get more seats.

But ultimately the oligarchs/bankers will make the decision.

Posted by: Nemesis | Mar 2 2019 7:49 utc | 106

Great to see so many fellow Canucks on here spreading the word about usually boring Canadian politics.
I've read Raybould's testimony and here is what I got out of it:
-SNC Lavelin appear's to have threatened the PM with leaving the country if he isn't able to get a plea deal enacted.
This speaks to the power of corporations the world over and while I acknowledge the argument made by some of the comments here that it would have been for the greater good to go easy on them I would like to make the point that this is a very slippery slope that can only lead to more corporate influence.
-Raybould was obviously pressured to do something which has no precident in the history of her position and would of placed her in a very tough position to defend.
-I found it interesting that "there was many a person to write op-eds in the media" to defend her if she did interfere.
-Raybould was obviously replaced as MOJ because she refused the PM's office. The timing was just too obvious.
-it was hinted at during the testimony that there is more to the story to be revealed later having to do with why she resigned her VA position. It was because she lost confidence in the PM.
Speculation on my part and it wasn't mentioned in the testimony but what happened with the SNC investigation once her successor took over? Did the new MOJ fold in to the PM's "suggestion"? It seems likely that Raybould found out that they did (from her old chief of staff) and that was when the media leaks happened and the story came out.
I think that like many here that Trudeau is short on brains and thinks he knows what is happening in the world but plays the safe card Canadian multi-cultural identity politics cause it works. Unlike his competition however I believe the guy can grow.
Canada's greatest problem is we are too entangled in US influence in every area and taint us in every way. We appear to be increasing our cooperation however instead of shielding ourselves for everyone's sake.

Posted by: PleaseBeleafMe | Mar 2 2019 8:45 utc | 107

The Guardian had about 700 comments on its report on Trudeau. They were not favourable, and cannot be accessed or seen after the comments closed on the article.

Posted by: Peter Schmidt | Mar 2 2019 8:58 utc | 108

Posted by: Mattheus | Mar 1, 2019 9:45:34 AM | 21

I guess the picture of Trudeau crying was taken in the parliament, when he was talking about gay rights and how much the gays have suffered during the 70s and 80s in the hands of the law officers.

What else can this lover of elegant socks worry about if not about gays, their rights? Do not think about the Yemeni children dying from hunger. There are no more important problems in the world than the problems of the LGBT community!

Posted by: Non fagot | Mar 2 2019 9:38 utc | 109

My goodness doesn't he look like Fidel Castro. If I was a betting man, I'd say he was " odds on " the father. So what's the betting that he is a tough cookie, and won't be put down easily. We mustn't forget that he was " selected " not elected. Sorry, as a Brit, I reckon JT is there for the duration.

Posted by: Larry | Mar 2 2019 11:23 utc | 110

Canada doesn't need a 'new' party there's a green one waiting in the wings. Far as I can tell (might not be quite far enough mind you) the ziohooks aren't quite in as deep in the greens as of yet anyways. We (the western world) seem to get varying degrees of fascism regardless which color gets 'more' votes.... might as well be green if only for something completely different right?...I'm not wrong.

Thanks b, for the Canuck themed post as Canadians as a whole discuss 'other's' politics more than their own.

karlof1 I know quite a few 'crowns' up here citizenship shouldn't be that far of a reach.
We would be even better with you onboard:)

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Mar 2 2019 14:07 utc | 111

The NDP has been shooting itself in the foot ever since they allowed blatant opportunist moles like Liberal Bob Rae to infest their ranks. Mulcair was a failed/corrupt Quebec Liberal, so why does the NDP adopt these strays, let alone make them leaders?

While I think it is well past time that the "old white boys club" that is the Lib/Con duopoly leader-puppetry be demoted to the backbenches or prison, Singh's waffling on issues like Palestine, Venezuela and Haiti shows how far from the NDP's socialist roots the current version is. It's OK to sell headchopper Saudis arms/vehicles to help commit genocide in Yemen because it creates jobs in London Ontario? Don't support BDS because calling out Nutty-yahoo's Israel for war crimes in Gaza might offend Jewish-Canadian voters? Ditto for supporting the Bandrites to get a few Ukie-Canadian votes?

This is not a new phenomena. Canada's nascent independence was crushed at the political level when Deifenbaker killed the AVRO Arrow on direct orders from the US military. Pearson providing the US with "diplomatic" cover in the Suez Crisis is in the same vein. And Lester B. got his Nobel prize to legitimize the NATO "peacekeeper" myth that Canadians were sold for decades. Until Somalia and Afghanistan destroyed that BS. Now Canada is just an arm of the US/Anglo/Zionist Empire, with billions of barrels of crude trapped in the Tar Sands. At least the courts here finally ruled to stop oil-scammers from abandoning the environmental damage they cause. Time will tell if this will apply not just to old wells and cover the environmental disaster that northern Alberta and Saskatchewan are becoming. An area as big as Britain will be destroyed to supply cheap crude to the US. Thanks for nothing.

The NDP apparently has scrubbed the term "socialist" from its party constitution/platform. The Greens will never amount to anything as long as First Past The Post is the electoral system. Trudeau walking away from ditching FPTP shows just how "democratic" the Libs are. At least we have legal cannabis...

Posted by: A P | Mar 2 2019 15:35 utc | 113

Trudeau is done. Montrealer here. Not only am I a Montrealer, but I knew the founder of SNC and his family. SNC Lavalin was also caught in the biggest corruption story EVER in Canada, the McGill University Hospital where the cost was billions of dollars higher than the price they bid on, and it was due to SNC and its directors, who are all parading in front of the judges but also stories are coming out about them every day, trying to save their illicit gains by transferring their ill gotten gains to their families, etc. Do you think people will be in a forgiving mood when they realize that Trudeau, who has not paid Quebec for all of the illegal refugees he has invited into the country, is trying to save his buddies at SNC? Because the Quebec economy is booming, and those engineering jobs that he was supposedly trying to save will be quickly replaced by others. Trudeau is a fool who only cares about power and how he is perceived. His legacy is tarnished forever. Freedland is also waiting in the wings to replace him and their puppet masters would rather have her than the idiot son of Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

Posted by: Mischi | Mar 2 2019 16:01 utc | 114

Remember personal info test

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 2 2019 16:44 utc | 115

another Remember personal info test....argh!

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 2 2019 16:53 utc | 116

Thanks to b for this post and to all Canadians giving us the background on Canadian politics. Also to BM for his original post of the former AG's testimony. I live in native country here in New Mexico, and I took to heart her preliminary statements about the indigenous people in Canada having seen treaties not lived up to, that 'cementing' (if I can use the term) her determination to remain honorable in her office, which she did. Her people can be proud of her.

I don't know enough about Trudeau to pass judgment - that is for Canadians. It was to his credit that he appointed a native as AG. He should have known she would take it as seriously as she has, but as we all know, many places these days corporate power rules, or thinks it does. We in the US know well what that means. I am hoping they have met their match in Canada.

Posted by: juliania | Mar 2 2019 16:53 utc | 117

@115 juliania... it would be good if the corporations had met their match here in canada.. but, i think it is more like as @106 states - corporations have gotten way too powerful and in this example, probably did threaten to leave canada if they didn't get what they wanted.. sad to say, but this is how our so called democracy has evolved into some type of corporatocracy...

as for the green party and canada.. can't canucks start up their own party? this green label is a joke.. hey, i am an environmentally friendly dude, so i will vote green, lol.. com'n...

Posted by: james | Mar 2 2019 17:08 utc | 118

Indeed, James, I take your point. And I've been on Vancouver Island - it far and away outdoes my native land in greenness and glorious abundance of flowers everywhere. (Way back in the day my family and I rode in one of those horse drawn open carriages, a truly memorable experience!) Canada was the first of the Americas on which I even set foot back in that same day. It's lovely. And it's sad the rot has set in there as well.

But nothing lasts forever, and the current oligarchical rule is no exception. If they want to move to London, well, I've got news for them: the Brits are stirring, you might say feeling their oats.

Posted by: juliania | Mar 2 2019 17:23 utc | 119

One senses that Wilson-Raybould is 'grandstanding' -- the D.P.P. is apolitical and makes its recommendations as to prosecution based soley on the evidence -- the A-G supposedly has a 'Chinese Wall' between herself and the Cabinet to permit her to make her decisions free of input from any outside source -- however, W-R is an elected official belonging to a party and accordingly is a politician too.

When it became apparent that if Lavalin was prosecuted successfully and convicted, it would be barred from carrying on business in Canada for ten years and as a result 9,000 jobs would be lost, the'politician'in W-R should have taken over and a middle ground solution should have been sought -- in fact, such an accommodation was available by way of a 'non-conviction' plea deal involving the payment of a huge fine which would allow Lavallin to continue to carry on business in Canada and the 9,000 jobs would be saved.

However, W-R chose not to take the obvious political decision and VERY PUBLICLY took the position to back prosecution and martyred herself, causing her party massive political damage and making herself a political pariah -- as to WHY she chose this course of action, no clear reason seems obvious now.

With respect to background, the preceding-described huge-fine 'no-conviction; plea deal for corporations is concluded as a matter of course throughout the world, particularly in the U.S. -- when they have been concluded, they have been noted in the media in passing and since they are so common a political gov't-threatening brouhaha such as the one that has generated in Canada never occurs.

Posted by: chet380 | Mar 2 2019 17:39 utc | 120

The Liberal apologists who whine about an SNC Lavelin prosecution endangering thousands of jobs- a claim that there is very little evidence to justify- appear to be quite relaxed about the Meng arrest and extradition process.
How many jobs do they imagine could be in a jeopardy when Canada starts a trade war with China in order to please Bolton, Trump, Pence and Mnuchin?
This article, by Eric Zuesse, confirms the point, made a couple of weeks ago here, that the Tar Sands will be the main and immediate beneficiaries of the embargoing of Venezuelan oil. The fact that Tar Sands oil sells for less than the cost of production makes no difference at all-the oil industry and its ancillary services are making a fortune out of its production. And all three political parties are deeply involved in keeping the planet killing scam going.

Canada, for those who don't follow the link, is currently supplying three times more oil, every day, to the USA than Saudi Arabia. Maybe Justin should ask his tailor for another exotic outfit.

Posted by: bevin | Mar 2 2019 18:13 utc | 121

Tannenhouser @110

Regarding the Green Party of Canada and Israeli interference, it's hard to know what to think. Party members on the whole support BDS and support for leader Elizabeth May is also quite strong, however May does not support BDS, which is worrying.

Posted by: farm ecologist | Mar 2 2019 18:33 utc | 122

To explore the lesser evil argument a little further I'm reminded of a story some friends of mine in Canadian Customs told me awhile back:
Snoop Dog travelled to our great land for a concert and approached customs. Now Canadian customs agents can be a-holes too but not nearly as bad as the American counterparts who would make a 2 yr old girl feel like she was a bride of OBL. However how can u not have a smile for the Snoop.
When it came time to ask "do you have anything to declare"? Snoop replies "yeah this" and drops a big bag of cocaine (left overs from the plane ride orgy I assume) on the counter. Now did ol Snoop get the 21 taser treatment with a side of "I hope u likes the butt sex Snoop cause you're about to get a decade of it"? No of course not cause how could anyone do that to the Man. He got a fine (I believe it was $20k) cause there is a law/rule that if would be an economic detriment to the country then a different set of rules apply.
As he pulled off the cash from a money roll in his pocket which was probably his walk around money for the day he says: "cost of doin business yo!
This however is very different from allowing an entire Corporation run amok bribing and influencing those whom we elect to represent us for economic benefit that we end up probably paying many times over in the corruption that is allowed to happen that ends up right back into said corporations pockets.
As others have pointed out SNC Lavelin is no shining star when it comes to business practices and when they get let off the smaller business sees how to get ahead. I'm a bit of an idealist and that's not something I want happening in my country regardless of the fallout.
To chet at 118:
Raybould is a politician and maybe it was as a politician she never caved into the pressure upon her as she would of left herself politically vulnerable. If she would of interfered then the leaks would of been about her interfering in the prosecution of SNC and "we did it to save jobs defence" may sound palatable to a majority of voters but reeks of political favourtism. Her veneer like that of JT would of been polluted and Justin could just say "It wasn't me" and keep his boy scout image intact.
I also believe that as she is a native and staunch advocate of native rights etc. she probably saw it as a F the white man way of doing politics that has constantly screwed over her people throughout history.

Posted by: PleaseBeleafMe | Mar 2 2019 19:18 utc | 123

@118 welcome to the era of empowerment and reconciliation

Posted by: Dh | Mar 2 2019 19:41 utc | 124

shook his hand at my place of wrok. was not expcting to be looking up (i am 6’) and not expecting my hand to be enveloped and crushed. neither was anyone else near me.

anyhow, bizarre why his team chooses to portray him as the modern ubersensitive metrosexual. he was a night club bouncer and still is a boxer, and once clocked a big Conservative brute in th ring for a fundraiser. IMNSO he is doing himself no favours now cultivating that image. (as several comments in this thread suggest)

Posted by: bun | Mar 2 2019 20:42 utc | 125

@ 8 Josh & others

Methinks we have an interesting mix of Alberta Yellow Vests and people with some problem in finding Canada on a map.

Most posters do not seem to be aware of the importance of a SNC-Lavalin in Québec nor the mix of parties we have at provincial and federal levels.

I have some serious misgivings about some of the policies that Justin Trudeau supports and there are things that I would like to see the Govt acting on much more quickly and forcefully. Meh, I said the same thing about Pierre, and Jean Chretien, and detested Mulroney though he had some good points–apartheid for example–so we are never going to be totally pleased but compared with the Steven (Angel of Destruction & Hater of Humanity) Harper and his cute (well okay vile) little clone Scheer, he is doing alright.

I was upset when the Chretien Govt sent troops to Afghanistan and I am very upset that Canada seems to be supporting that US puppet, Guaidó in his botched coup attempt in Venezuela. Still, he is doing a pretty good job and we are not going to get an NDP, a Green or, one can only dream, an NDP/Green Govt next election.

A very interesting comment on the Scandal came from Frank Graves of EKOS yesterday (2019-03-02)

New polling from last night shows the same as all our polling since this affair began: no effect, zero, nada. At some point we need to ponder how such a feeding frenzy of media interest in this affair hasn't moved the dials one bit. Maybe, the citizens have other priorities

Frank's impressions match my local ones. It is not worth bothering about to a lot of people.

My guess is that Jody Wilson-Raybould did feel a bit pressured. Cabinet members and the PM were questioning her decision. Ah it goes with the job. I am “sure” no one ever pressures the finance minister. I cannot see any indication that “undue” pressure was brought upon her.

@ circe @ 78 & 79.

Ah, Ezra almost at his best. I do miss the frothing at the mouth but it was “nice” to see him again in full rant.


Posted by: jrkrideau | Mar 2 2019 20:46 utc | 126

So, you think you have a handle on the various forces arrayed against Venezuela and, eventually, all of Latin America?

Read on:
Military Intervention and Mercenaries, Inc. (MIAMI)
Wayne Madsen | 01.03.2019

"The city of Miami, Florida may have started out as a retirement mecca for winter-worn pensioners from northern climes. However, after the beginning of the Cold War and US military and Central Intelligence Agency intervention in Guatemala, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Guyana, the Bahamas, and other Western Hemisphere nations, Miami became a refuge for exiled wealthy businessmen escaping populist revolutions and elections in South and Central America and spies. The retirement and vacation capital of the United States quickly became the “Tropical Casablanca.”

Now home to thousands of limited liability corporations linked to the CIA, as well as private military contractors, sketchy airlines flying from remote Florida airports, the interventionist US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), and exiled oligarchs running destabilization operations in their native countries, Miami – or MIAMI, “Military Intervention and Mercenaries, Inc.” – serves as the nexus for current Trump administration “regime change” efforts."

Individuals with weak hearts should probably skip this one.

Posted by: AntiSpin | Mar 2 2019 22:11 utc | 127

@122. Thanks for the link. Worrying indeed. I still think I would rather give green fascism a try. If only Monty python reasons. Long as they don't expect me too believe a diet high in sugar and carbs with 'more' vegetables is good for me:) That's crazy talk.

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Mar 2 2019 22:53 utc | 128

Trudeau does not have the spine to speak for any conviction .He wants to be all things to everyone.One has to stand up for something .Either you have the spine to do it or get off the track.The world has moved on and there is no room for wishy washy politicians trying to please everyone.Define what your morality ,honesty and convictions are and speak with vision for a possible future and make a stand .Let the votes fall where they may but make a stand.
Trudeau never has .His father if he was still alive would not be very proud .

Posted by: Guy St Hilaire | Mar 2 2019 23:02 utc | 129

let's face it - most Quebecois hate Trudeau pere et fils, for their patronizing federalism and treason to their people. It's the immigrants and anglophones who are the bedrock of Quebec support for the Liberals and that is why Trudeau and his party are so eager to flood the country with them. In this era of combat against corruption in Quebec, with the Unite Permanente Anti-Corruption (UPAC), and the names of corrupt politicians and officials in the news every day, do you really believe that a province that just voted in an anti-immigrant provincial government will vote for Trudeau the traitor? Nope. He's done.

Posted by: Mischi | Mar 3 2019 0:28 utc | 130

The degradation of Canada as an independent western player began in Yugoslavia. Little discussed fact. The Canadian Air Force deployed a total of 18 CF-18s to this war and was responsible for 10% of all bombs dropped. I would suggest most of this was on civilian and non-combatant infrastructure. Canada brutally attacked a country which had never been any threat and then patted itself on the back. Shameful and the hypocrisy of Canadians who see themselves as somehow different from Americans continues through all the subsequent NATO lie and destroy missions.

Posted by: sad canuck | Mar 3 2019 2:10 utc | 131

mischi, sad canuck and others.. thanks for the broader perspective on what is going on in the rest of canada and in general... my view on stuff is generally really warped and out of sync with the majority.. i appreciate the wider perspective everyone here offers..

Posted by: james | Mar 3 2019 2:47 utc | 132

Justine Castro is running Canada the same way his dad ran Cuba - like a dictator and lying thief. He will be awfully busy now fo awhile with bank transfers to be made to pay off people with bribes, threatening people and their families, shredding documents, kissing asses and sucking dicks.
No wonder parliament is on a two week break, it just may be enough time to get all that done.

Posted by: Morkwa | Mar 3 2019 5:15 utc | 133

@farm ecologist 53

Suggest you take your prejudice elsewhere.

Posted by: kula | Mar 3 2019 7:33 utc | 134

It isn't really clear that Trudeau is finished. He has the media on his side and that can be enough to shield even the most corrupt politician from consequences.

Posted by: Ed | Mar 3 2019 16:09 utc | 135

"Odd" the MSM ignored this little factoid so fastidiously. Taking down Wilson-Raybould, a more honest contender for post-Trudeau PM is a side bonus, ensuring Freeland an easier slide into the PM's chair.

Scroll down to: 2- Nuclear Cooperation strangled with the take down of SNC Lavalin

A minor bribe-ridden construction contract with Libya seems trivial compared to the affront to the US Deep State that dozens of new CANDU-style nuke power plants in China would be.

Posted by: A P | Mar 3 2019 16:12 utc | 136

So much talking about choosing the least evils, all BS. When all parties agenda is controlled by the anglozionists oligarchs, it doesn't matter who leads the gov. Same story content, different book cover with different titles to sElect(Nuland evils, Sheer bad, Singh hopeless).

That's all about democracy, a false hope for the helpless desperate sheeples that next election will be better, as pressure release valve.

The whole West inclI hope Trumps could win 2nd term. He is the most honest, sincere Potus in entire history.

When every Potus make empty election promises to shift embassy to Jerusalem, with Congress passed resolution long ago, only he honored it. He built walls. Exit TTP. Trade wars with everyone to bring back jobs.....he is tearing down every US deep states & systems. Its Destroy & rebuild.

And he shakes hand with Kim after seeing his continental missile demo working. He bring back soldiers from killing fields. He hasnt start any war, with least killings, that alone win him Nobel Peace Prize.

You can't fault him anymore. He is fighting wars from all fronts, with DNC, Israel & AIPAC all kicking his ass. US & UK are all thoroughly controlled by anglozionists oligarchs to put in their puppets, majority joos, to be legalized by election...

Posted by: DrTT | Mar 3 2019 16:23 utc | 137

Pls Ignore the trumos just get corrupted with this lousy comment posting system.

Posted by: DrTT | Mar 3 2019 16:26 utc | 138

Trudeau may be caught up in the Italy/France war over Libya oil where France backs one militia and Italy backs another. I presume Canada's SNC-Lavalin engineering Co backs France.

Italy just supported the Yellow Vests and there is now Macron diplomatic brouhaha happening. Check out the news.

Posted by: John Law | Mar 3 2019 19:14 utc | 139

It's OK JT, just a couple tokes and it will all be OK.

Posted by: Michael Murray | Mar 4 2019 1:32 utc | 140

The current political and economic systems are essentially broken. We need a new politics and economics based on the primacy of ecological and citizen well-being. I have posted a number of essays on these topics here: I believe that a new political formation may be necessary or, at the very least, a substantially reconstructed New Democratic party committed to offering an alternative to the mainstream neoliberal creed that has infected most of the old-line parties in Canada. The change that is necessary at this point must be fundamental and far-reaching; incrementalism won't cut it.

Posted by: Chris | Mar 4 2019 2:47 utc | 141

Trudeau has no moral nor deserve any respect, he is a war criminal as many other western leaders for his wrong doing in the once called Ukraine and Yemen. May he goes down hard into prison where he belongs.

Posted by: Canthama | Mar 4 2019 12:40 utc | 142

Ike @ 103

good one. -:)

Posted by: arby | Mar 4 2019 15:59 utc | 143

Jane Philpott, minister in Trudeau's cabinet resigns over his handling of the SNC-Lavalin affair and his attempt to influence the prosecution.

More shoes to drop ...

Posted by: b | Mar 4 2019 21:01 utc | 144

@b 144.. rats fleeing the ship!!!

Posted by: james | Mar 4 2019 21:38 utc | 145

This is very serious, Jane Philpott is a big loss for Trudeau.
Once more the silence from the New Democrats is deafening.If the choice really is between the evil of crony Trudeauism and the greater evil of neo-Harperism the New Democrats, who must be regretting the way they ditched the right wing but articulate Mulcair for the permanent leadership campaigning of Jagmeet Singh.

Posted by: bevin | Mar 5 2019 2:41 utc | 146

@bevin... it is unfortunate the ndp can't get their act together... folks out here in b.c., in particular young folks - are into the green party... like so much of b.c.'s ideas - it won't fly east of the rockies... the ndp seemed to be making some strides in the other parts of canada.. if i thought they had a chance, i would vote for them.. i definitely won't vote conservatives or liberal.. one would think people would be seeking an alternative to these 2 parties, but eastern canada is very conservative for the most part.. we have a good chunk of that too out here from all the eastern retirees..

Posted by: james | Mar 5 2019 2:47 utc | 147

"Justin Trudeau Is Finished"?

Here's hoping, but not just because of his embarrassing, blundering performance in the face of two honest ministers who resigned owing to their principles, which is, as we all know, a rare event in government.

Trudeau has been a steady disappoint.

Actually, “disappoint” is the wrong word because I was virtually certain before he got the job that he was just not up to it.

His father, Pierre, was made of far sterner stuff, as well as having a sharp intelligence not seen in any of Justin’s acts and words. No, Justin has only disappointed in showing he is not able to overcome earlier low expectations.

He appears to have literally kowtowed to American wishes at every turn. You name it, Russophobia, the Monty Python coup effort in Venezuela, China and the deplorable enforcement of an American request for a senior Chinese businesswoman’s (from Huawei) arrest, which reflects nothing but American efforts to hobble a competitor.

His father gave America finger over the Vietnam War, throwing to doors open to tens of thousands of American war resisters. He did the same for America’s mindless, vicious policies in Cuba, where he established new business and personal ties.

He promised vote reform, promised it strongly, and then dropped it when it appeared a little difficult.

He has not been a strong voice for human and democratic rights, something his father definitely was.

As far as words go, his oratory skills are flat, but worse are the words he wraps things in. Justin’s were recently described as “verbal porridge,” a deadly accurate description.

Justin’s record on other matters is touched on in my remarks below about his Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland, a regrettable choice, but one who is not only supported by him, she is seen more frequently with him, by far, than any other minister.

Freeland was called in to attack with slighting words ("She's told 'her' truth") the testimony of a genuinely honest minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould.

If there is one member of Trudeau's cabinet I literally cannot stand, it's Freeland., yet she holds a very important and sensitive post.

I regard her as genuinely prejudiced on many matters, as against Russia, and I regard her as someone who fails to speak up seriously for human and democratic rights, something which always should be a hallmark of our country.

I resent stunts like her recent taking a 17-year old runaway girl from Saudi Arabia who wants to smoke and playing publicity games with the word "refugee" applied to her. Meanwhile other Saudis are tortured and die miserable deaths, and we hear not a word. And meanwhile, too, Canada keeps selling billions in weapons to the Saudis.

She's preachy without having anything worthwhile to preach, she manages to find genuinely unattractive ways of expressing herself, and her views resemble something from an American cheerleading squad.

She actually was serving as a leader in the CIA's front outfit against an elected government in Venezuela, the Lima Group, a shabby business no Canadian Foreign Minister should be involved with.

This not my idea of a voice for Canada in international affairs, yet Trudeau clearly likes her and depends on her.

The only problem is, Canada's political choices right now are all rather impoverished. The parties have not been doing their job. We have no one of much promise to take Justin's place.

Posted by: JOHN CHUCKMAN | Mar 6 2019 19:01 utc | 148

@148 chuck.. i agree with much of what you say and especially the characterizations of freeland..

Posted by: james | Mar 6 2019 19:25 utc | 149

Why are there no mentions anywhere about huge holes in the grounds of quebec universities that are supposed to be Hospitals?
The Federal criminal charges(ho ho) mentioned the provincial money that disappeared. But No one scans for bring up any mention of the Matching Federal Funding run up by Harperstein.Nor am I finding any references to out Glorious Mahrajah-Justin Keithrichardson cancelling this.Surely with his High integrity finance minister,such orders couldn't be missed? Some report from more reputable sources should be possible even today.
Perhaps the nazi Bohkunt in charge of foriegn affairs sent this money to feed the poor of Veneszalia huddled in Miami? Sending them fuel that can actually burn rather than that arsinite smouldering tar sands crap would indeed carry a premium.

Posted by: Todd Millions | Mar 7 2019 17:35 utc | 150

Trudeau's Waterloo looms closer. The Opposition is calling for a Police investigation into the SNC-Lavalin cover-up/ transparency breach.
Source: March 9.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 9 2019 23:56 utc | 151

Come Back Mr Christie

The 11th of March is the anniversary of the death of Douglas Christie - a particularly sad day for those of us in the world who value the rule of law and the protections it offers to individuals seeking to express the contents of their mind freely and honestly. Mr Christie was more than just an advocate of the law, he was an advocate for the rights of the common men and women, the average citizenry who had designed and built the open society that many envious eyes in far flung countries now look to with the aspiration to emulate. For Doug Christie the law was more than a collection of rules and regulations, it was the framework around which a tolerant, free and fair open society could be constructed. Through successive generations the house of Canada had stood the test of time, weathered the winds of change that had buffeted it’s neighbour to the south, secure on the firm foundations that had been set down by it’s founding fathers.

If ever Canada needed a mind that understood the importance of the sanctity of the law and the value of free speech, it is now. When the occupant of the highest legal posting in the land is ejected from her chair as a punishment for displaying the resolve to preserve the independence and integrity of the office from it’s political masters, a breach has been made in the understanding that exists between the government and those it seeks to govern. The pressure that led to this contravention had been building for some considerable time - perhaps decades. Judges sitting on the benches of Canada’s highest courts had already been subjected to governmental scrutiny of their personal morality and private opinions that are tantamount to thought control. Deviation from the ideological agenda being instituted by the liberal elites that are represented in the parties on both sides of the aisle, is now considered to be neither tolerable nor acceptable. The right and duty of the judiciary to remain independent of the legislature and the executive, and to be a non-participant in party political programmes have been continually eroded to the point where now judges are no longer able to think and express themselves in language other than that that is sanctioned by politicians in government. The judiciary has become one dimensional and ideological; no longer allowed to consider both sides of an argument being presented before them. No longer free to judge.

The Member of Parliament for Vancouver Granville, Jody Wilson-Raybould has stated before a parliamentary committee that, “for a period of 4 months between September and December 2018, I experienced a consistent and sustained effort by many people within the government to seek to interfere in the exercise of prosecutorial discretion in my role as Attorney General of Canada in an inappropriate effort to secure a deferred prosecution agreement…”

At long last a voice has been raised against this insidious and incessant interference by government in the due process of law. It is ironic that it was the voice of an elected politician from the Prime Minister’s own party whose voice was able to be heard above the uproar among the citizenry. It is a tragedy that many learned advocates, as well as the honourable judges of the High Courts and their peers elevated to preside in the Supreme Court, had failed to summon up the courage to utter any words of protest in defence of their own freedom to assert their opinions. As Douglas Christie reminded us, “censorship in the end destroys civility and it destroys the very reason for free speech.” The Prime Minister’s attempt to subvert the law in order to protect a donor to his Liberal Party has not only undermined civility but also the trust of the voters in their elected representatives.

The Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau has come to believe in it’s own rhetoric and righteousness to such a degree that it feels entitled to subvert the Canadian constitution, Canadian law, the office of the Attorney General and centuries of accumulated conventions that comprise English Common Law. His government’s decision to control the language of qualified lawyers (and by implication, what they can think) by revising the Law Society of Ontario’s code of conduct, which now requires lawyers to submit to a “Statement of Principles” that they must commit to abiding by in the future, had set a precedent. The legal establishment would no longer tolerate opinion or dissent. Legal representatives ought to “KNOW AND DO” what the government expects of them. All this apparently, to take into account an “Accelerating Cultural Shift”, as the new program was called. The culture has shifted all right, when the Prime Minister’s Office can bully cabinet members to turn a blind eye to illegality and to ignore the protocols and conventions of the law they have sworn an oath to protect.

The latest torch bearer for the right of individuals to speak their minds, Mr J Peterson stated, “I am not a free speech advocate…I am a true speech advocate, which is to say that people should say what they believe to be true.” Furthermore, “true speech is not possible without free speech.” Jody Wilson-Raybould has stepped up to the plate now others must follow. If the integrity of the law and the society that it protects is to be honoured, then words must be spoken sincerely and the only way that they can be is if free speech is cherished and legislated for. If it is not, and words can come to mean anything that governments prefer, then tyranny is not too far away.


Posted by: Steven Keith | Mar 17 2019 13:56 utc | 152

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