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March 05, 2019

Democrats Continue Campaign To Reelect Trump

A few weeks ago Moon of Alabama reported that Russiagate Is Finished:

Nothing, zero, nada was found to support the conspiracy theory. The Trump campaign did not collude with Russia. A few flunkies were indicted for unrelated tax issues and for lying to the investigators about some minor details. But nothing at all supports the dramatic claims of collusion made since the beginning of the affair.
In a just world the people who for more then two years hyped the conspiracy theory and caused so much damage would be pushed out of their public positions. Unfortunately that is not going to happen. They will jump onto the next conspiracy train and continue from there.

It seems that this was too much to expect from those who believed in Russiagate. These people are unable to think up a new conspiracy theory by themselves. Instead they go for a fishing expedition to find something that they can use to continue the fake outrage:

The House Judiciary Committee sent more than 80 letters demanding all communications from a host of controversies surrounding Trump, as the panel probes whether the president and his administration have engaged in obstruction of justice, corruption and abuse of power.

But rather than a targeted approach, Monday’s request was broad, reaching current and former campaign staffers, top Trump Organization officials, even documents and communications of the National Rifle Association and the British consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. The inquiry touched on a wide array of matters, from the president’s business dealings with Russia to the firing of former FBI director James B. Comey to hush payments made to women. Many of those issues are already being examined by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York — not to mention other committees in the House.
For months, House Democrats said they would look to Mueller’s findings to determine whether to proceed with impeachment hearings. But Nadler’s request demonstrates that Democrats are preparing to probe well beyond Russia’s interference in the election.

The Democrats try to find something that will put Trump into a bad light. I am sure that there are many shady deals Trump made during his life. But there are many worse things that he is doing right now right under the eyes of Congress.

Instead of focusing on what Trump currently does with deregulating whatever he can, by filling the courts with young conservative judges and by his mismanaging of foreign policy, the Democrats will draw the public attention towards issues in the past that have no relevance for what happens to their electorate right now and in the future.

It is a strategy of political self-castration. Instead of promoting policy issues that can attract voters, the Democrats draw attention to their anti-Trump campaign. That scheme was already tried, tested and failed in 2016. The chance is high that it will also fail in 2020. Trump might well get reelected despite all the dirt the Democrats will uncover during such sham investigations.

The unwillingness of the Democrats to have real political discussion is also visible in their attempt to subdue the new young House members who have come up with real new proposals and ideas. The use of the Zionist lobby AIPAC and false claims of 'anti-semitism' against them is especially outrageous:

When Representative Ilhan Omar landed a coveted seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Stephen Fiske began working the phones to Capitol Hill.

Alarmed by messaging that he saw as anti-Semitic and by Ms. Omar’s support for the boycott-Israel movement, Mr. Fiske, a longtime activist with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, began texting and calling his friends in Congress to complain. He is hoping Aipac activists will punish Ms. Omar, a freshman Democrat from Minnesota, with a primary challenge in 2020.

On Wednesday, House Democratic leaders will mete out one form of punishment: Spurred by outrage over Ms. Omar’s latest comments suggesting that pro-Israel activists “push for allegiance to a foreign country,” they will put a resolution condemning anti-Semitism on the House floor.

'Anti-semitism', in the false sense of AIPAC and the Democratic leadership bound to it, is anything that is not 100% in support of the racist state of Israel and the Zionism ideology.

The resolution is aimed at House member Ilhan Omar who suggested that such automatic dual loyalty is a problem. It also proves that she is right:

Ilhan Omar @IlhanMN - 20:01 utc - 3 Mar 2019
I am told everyday that I am anti-American if I am not pro-Israel. I find that to be problematic and I am not alone. I just happen to be willing to speak up on it and open myself to attacks.

Ilhan Omar will not be the only one to be targeted like that. The Lobby is aiming at two more:

In Florida, Mr. Fiske said it was time for “pro-Jewish voices to speak up” about Ms. Omar and two other Democratic freshmen who have been critical of Israel: Representatives Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.

And he offered a prediction: “They are three people who, in my opinion, will not be around in several years.”

The leadership of the Democrats is not defending the three freshmen who proved that they can attract and motivate young voters. It is actively helping the Lobby to oust them. The new policies the newcomers stand for will likewise be discarded.

The Democrats seem to believe that their potential voters have nowhere else to go. That believe is wrong. Elections in the dual party system are won by turnout. If the Democrats don't prove that they have the right policies and attractive politicians, their potential voters will simply stay home. Nearly half of them already do that.

Throwing the kitchen sink at Trump, after Russiagate disastrously failed, might help CNN's quotes. But it is not a substitute for well motivated policy fights. Killing off the next generation of attractive politicians for a few more Benjamins will drive away the young voters attracted by their views.

Together these steps suggest that the Democrats have no real strategy and will to win. They will help Trump to win a second term.

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We need new leadership on the Democratic (and Republican, for that matter) side of the aisle. If the Ilhan Omar saga has taught us anything, it's that AIPAC (and Israel's) demand for fealty from Congress is unjust at best and traitorous at worst. The entire episode surrounding the Russian hysteria has been a bait-and-switch to keep people from discussing the undue influence of Zionism in Western governments everywhere.

Posted by: SlapHappy | Mar 5 2019 20:24 utc | 1

thanks b.. i agree that the democrats know how to shoot themselves in the foot on a regular basis.

so the witch hunt continues and now it can be anything, as opposed to russian collusion.. i am sure they will find some dirt on trump.. one doesn't have far to dig.. however, the democrat party has a lot of dirt to account for as well, and your article highlights it..

i am really impressed with Ilhan Omar for telling it like it is... here is mondoweiss article on the topic of her comments..

while i am not convinced of how all this is going to pan out with trump, the democrats sure seem to be helping his 2020 here..
as for israel - i think things are looking shaky for israel at this point.. the fact they have to bring so much heat to bare on Ilhan Omar and jeremy corbyn says as much... hallelujah that this is being discussed and kudos to this strong women..

Posted by: james | Mar 5 2019 20:24 utc | 2

Both parties, all parties, are morally bankrupt and represent no one but other countries and corporate lobbyists. No one buys our shite products anymore so all we have to export is war. The boat's going down and no one any where cares. Our brightest minds are busy with their Apple vibrators in their faces and everyone else's. Trump? Imagine life under the crime queen Hillary, the one anointed and expiated of her crimes. For Europeans it shouldn't be too hard to see how naive the US is. Politically and religiously you have a couple of choices of the exact same thing. In other countries there are socialists, communists, what have you-ists. There is only socialism for the rich here. Life is sacred until birth, where they are either worked to death or sent out as cannon fodder for continued military adventurism. The political lies are so transparent one must wonder, if not know, if they expect anyone to believe them.

Posted by: bSirius | Mar 5 2019 20:29 utc | 3

Ilhan Omar will not be the only one to be targeted like that. The Lobby is aiming at two more:

In Florida, Mr. Fiske said it was time for “pro-Jewish voices to speak up” about Ms. Omar and two other Democratic freshmen who have been critical of Israel: Representatives Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.

    And he offered a prediction: “They are three people who, in my opinion, will not be around in several years.”

Ocasia-Cortez is as fake as they come. As fake as Bernie, if not more so. She's in it for the long haul. I guarantee she'll continue to be a Democratic Party "star" for decades to come.

The other two?

Not so much.

They'll be backstabbed by their own party inside the next 2 or 3 years.

Posted by: AOC=Fake | Mar 5 2019 20:35 utc | 4

But when do Democrats congratulate Trump? When he avoids peace, as in the recent summit with Kim where Bolton took over and added new, unreasonable demands during a time that should have focused on "like for like" easy first steps to ensure mutual trust.

Pelosi and Schumer: "Thumbs up!"

Posted by: worldblee | Mar 5 2019 20:37 utc | 5

Re: James #2

The Rolling Stone cover posted in your link from Weiss's Zio-lite site?

You can almost see the knife that Witch Pelosi's hiding in her right hand

Posted by: AOC=Fake | Mar 5 2019 20:40 utc | 6

The two-party system is nothing more than kabuki theater functioning as the first stage of a divide and conquer form of totalitarian rule, so expecting the Democratic party to strive toward materially different political outcomes than their ostensible political opposition is nothing more than wishful thinking.

The ruling class wants Trump because he's a moronic bull in a china shop who agitates half the country while the other half thinks he's draining the swamp, just like Obama before him was treated like the messiah by half the country while the half who love Trump thought he was a secret Muslim Kenyan. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Get the Zionists out of power - take their stuff and kick them out of the country - and MAYBE we can start fixing the problems. Maybe.

Posted by: SlapHappy | Mar 5 2019 20:44 utc | 7

The Republicans and other conservatives have faked outrage over emails/Benghazi/Clinton Ca$h, all of which were also non-stories insinuating treason. They threw mud, it gets thrown back. Trying to pretend the Democrats are uniquely evil for doing this is hypocritical Trumpery.

The real problem for the Democrats is, criticizing Trump from the right that way, is just pitiful me-tooism. It doesn't really sell to the masses, who are always left when they actually get into substantive policies. And it's manifestly stupid to the conservative elites who are into Trump trashing government as usual.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Mar 5 2019 20:49 utc | 8

"by filling the courts with young conservative judges "


Posted by: ken | Mar 5 2019 20:51 utc | 9

Mr./Ms. AOC=Fake @ 4, Maybe you doll do us the courtesy to explain why you thing Sanders and AOC are 'fakes'? I'm not necessarily they're not and am looking avidly forward to your take on them so I can formulate my own informed opinion. Thank you.

Posted by: Quentin | Mar 5 2019 20:52 utc | 10

In Florida, Mr. Fiske said it was time for “pro-Jewish voices to speak up” about Ms. Omar and two other Democratic freshmen who have been critical of Israel: Representatives Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.

And he offered a prediction: “They are three people who, in my opinion, will not be around in several years.”

Despite Mr Fiske's bluster, only 2 of those 3 have been targeted. AOC has not. The delightful Mr Fiske prolly threw her name in there in order to fend off any accusations of Anti-Muslim bigotry/"Islamophobia".

But the fact remains AOC has not been targeted.

The other two were, however, immediately smeared by the presstitutes and AIPAC's bought and paid for whores in Congress.

As Glenn Greenwald pointed out, it only took Congress a mere 48 hrs to whip together a Congressional condemnation specifically targeting Omar.

Posted by: AOC=Fake | Mar 5 2019 20:53 utc | 11

I apologize for another somewhat off topic posting, but I have not seen it posted here earlier, and I think that this should be seen by as many eyes as possible.

The Propaganda Multiplier:How Global News Agencies and Western Media Report on Geopolitics

By Swiss Propaganda Research

It is one of the most important aspects of our media system – and yet hardly known to the public: most of the international news coverage in Western media is provided by only three global news agencies based in New York, London and Paris.

The key role played by these agencies means that Western media often report on the same topics, even using the same wording. In addition, governments, military and intelligence services use these global news agencies as multipliers to spread their messages around the world.

A study of the Syria war coverage by nine leading European newspapers clearly illustrates these issues: 78% of all articles are based in whole or in part on agency reports, yet 0% on investigative research. Moreover, 82% of all opinion pieces and interviews are in favor of the US and NATO intervention, while propaganda is attributed exclusively to the opposite side...

Posted by: ex-SA | Mar 5 2019 20:55 utc | 12

for the record, i am in agreement about sanders and aoc being fake... they'll be in the ascendancy in the dem party - aoc in particular..they plaster the shit out of her everywhere.. some powerful forces are behind the lady pushing hard for her.. meanwhile - Ilhan Omar, the real progressive, will be sidelined.. they are working hard on it as we speak... maybe they can get aoc to say some sparkling thing about it.. aoc = fake... good name tag, lol..

Posted by: james | Mar 5 2019 20:57 utc | 13

" so I can formulate my own informed opinion"

Rather than posting attempts at pseudo-erudite objections to my commentary, and in the process rather hilariously calling me "doll", I suggest everyone's time would be much more productivly spent if you were to go do that, instead.

If you've gotten this far in the game and haven't yet figured out who and what The Bern is, any attempt be me to educate you would be a complete waste of time for both of us.

In closing I refer you to Robert Heinlein's 1973 novel “Time Enough for Love” and his character Lazarus Long's thoughts on arguments

Posted by: AOC=Fake | Mar 5 2019 21:06 utc | 14

The USA has entered a gerontocracy stage, a stage were the older generation doesn't trust the new generation to take the reins of whole thing, and push back.

After the Cold War was over, the USA tried to renew its leadership by quickly discarding George H. W. Bush in order to put the much younger Bill Clinton. He was just 47 years old in 1993, the first year of his first term.

Bill Clinton was, by all standards of the time, a success. But now we know he got lucky: he governed through the "End of History Era", a short interregnum where the USA rule with absolute power over the world. Thanks to the complete capitulation of the post-Soviet States, he managed to bomb Yugoslavia, exploit the ex-Iron Curtain States and sack Russia. The spoils were so big he managed to achieve the miracle of lefting the USA with a trade surplus in 2000 (his last year as POTUS) -- no other President would even come close to this after him.

After Clinton, the tendency of renewal continued, with the election of George H. W. Bush's son, Goerge W. Bush. The same age as Bill Clinton, George W. Bush revealed to be the last "End of History" POTUS. From 2000 to 2003, he governed over the whole world with absolute power, although cracks on the system were already showing (with Putin's election and China's entrance in the WTO in 2001). The invasion of Iraq (2003) marked the apex of American power, and it proved to be the beginning of the end of the "End of History" era. What was supposed to be Gulf War part 2 revealed to be a swamp, which, together with the invasion of Afghanistan, drained trillions from the American coffers.

Then came the 2008 crisis, and, with it, any hope Pax Americana could make a come back.

Barack Obama was also 47 years old in 2009, when he took office, and he was the last attempt of renovation of the American elite. With his juvenile slogans, he was a complete failure: he bailed out the banks, sold a half-baked healthcare as the real thing and continued with the American presence in the ME (this time, with private contractors).

With America's continued decline after 2008 and the rise of China and Russia, the old Boomers feared the world order they worked so hard to build was threatened. Donald Trump competed against Hillary Clinton in the geriatric bowl (2016). All the main contenders for 2020 are also baby boomers. The old is (living)dead, but the new refuses to be born.

Posted by: vk | Mar 5 2019 21:06 utc | 15 Call House Speaker Pelosi now at 202-225-0100 and press "1" to leave her a message saying that Democratic leadership should pass a resolution that condemns antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Black racism, xenophobia, and bigotry of ALL kinds. From the US to Palestine, we call for no supremacy—no exceptions.

Posted by: Peter | Mar 5 2019 21:07 utc | 16

b - Your last sentence says it all. The Democrats (corporate wing) always talk about "fighting" for something, but rarely, if ever, talk about actually achieving anything that would give the vast working class any kind of concrete material benefits. They have turned their backs on the folks who were their foundational support for at least 40 years (1932-1972). Along with the self-destructive behavior detailed above, the emphasis on appealing to "white, moderate, suburban, Republican women" will doom them to being the minority party for decades.

The only hope for the Democrat(ic) Party is if the progressive wing is able to take over the party and redirect its efforts to regaining its original base in the working class, through on-the-ground organizing with a serious progressive agenda that will provide concrete material benefits for these people. Medicare-for-All, a minimum wage that can support a family (at least $15), free college, and the Green New Deal would be good places to start.

Posted by: John Zelnicker | Mar 5 2019 21:12 utc | 17

Odd (although on further consideration, maybe not so odd) that the US Democrats themselves are in a similar bind as the British Labour Party does.

The pro-Israeli Klintonator Democrats are more or less equivalent to the Blairite faction in British Labour and the younger generation of Democrats represented by Ilhan Omar is equivalent to the grassroots British Labour Party that still supports Jeremy Corbyn.

Perhaps the way forward would be for Ilhan Omar and others supporting her and like-minded Democratic politicians who actually put grassroots America first to split and form a new party. A third party not held hostage by AIPAC, Southern Poverty Law Center and other pro-Israeli agencies might attract enough voters from the old Democrats (and old Republicans fed up with their party's grovelling to the pro-Israeli lobby) to be a real rival to Trump in the 2020 Presidential elections.

Posted by: Jen | Mar 5 2019 21:15 utc | 18

@ Jen with the UK/US Labour/Democrat comparison

Very good and thank you

While I like the call for a new party I suggest it is more impractical than taking over the existing D party in most/all of the states and nationally....a daunting task but quite possible.

It is going to be interesting to see how much narrative control can be gotten away with by the elite and their empire media construct of 3 global "news" outlets that was reported in a comment above/somewhere.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 5 2019 21:28 utc | 19

ex-SA @ 13

I have guessed that is what happens for some time now. These outlets are in the business of making money and their product has been found for free from these three Global Outlets.
I see on CNN Ktel type adds which don't pay very much to advertise. Dr Ho and chair lift stuff.

They may even get some form of payment from some government agencies.
They justify this I suppose by being in the entertainment business disguised as News.
IIRC, the government changed the balanced news laws several years back to just entertainment.

Posted by: arby | Mar 5 2019 21:28 utc | 20

You hit the nail on the head, Jen. The "Third Way" or "DLC" (short for Democratic Leadership Council) Democrats and the New Labour party in the UK are both representative of the Neoliberal takeover of what should have been the people's party in both those respective governments. Now, instead of having representation for Labor we get corporate sell-outs who pledge their fealty to the Zionists who've taken over. It's a shame, really.

Posted by: SlapHappy | Mar 5 2019 21:29 utc | 21

@ ken #9

"by filling the courts with young conservative judges "


Sir, perhaps you ought to consider changing search engines. When I put the terms Trump along with filling the courts with young conservative judges into the search window the very first 'hit' at duckduckgo was this one:

Trump Is Rapidly Reshaping the Judiciary. Here’s How.

And the very first paragraph at the wretched Neocon York Times link was this:

WASHINGTON — In the weeks before Donald J. Trump took office, lawyers joining his administration gathered at a law firm near the Capitol, where Donald F. McGahn II, the soon-to-be White House counsel, filled a white board with a secret battle plan to fill the federal appeals courts with young and deeply conservative judges.

As the essay here points out, the Democrats are totally in bed with Trump on most everything - except of course for the trivia they howl about to divert citizens from noticing them playing footsie with him under the covers on the important matters.

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Mar 5 2019 21:33 utc | 22

"Israel Lobby Rebuts Omar’s Claims About Its Immense Influence By Exerting Its Immense Influence" Best observation of this contrived blow-up I've seen yet, and from the other and underside of the planet!

Those of us who read MoA regularly will not be fooled by the current false narrative being bandied about. Instead, what this incident's proving is the degree to which The Lobby controls the Democrat Party's puppet strings. Omar's tweet b cites above--"I am told everyday that I am anti-American if I am not pro-Israel. I find that to be problematic and I am not alone. I just happen to be willing to speak up on it and open myself to attacks"--proves she has more integrity than the entire D-party congressional membership combined. She's the one proving to one and all that she stands by her oath of allegiance to Congress and her US Citizenship by defending the Constitution from its enemies--including several hundred treasonous members of congress. The Ds accuse Trump of Obstructing Justice; well, the Ds are doing it too. Hell, the Ds made Speaker of the House a person who refused to do her sworn duty and prevented others from doing theirs--That's TREASON!

But I guess we should just take this all in stride as the Outlaw US Empire hasn't had a genuinely legitimate government--legitimate in that it obeys the Law of the Land--since 1945 when each POTUS has committed multiple impeachable offenses. So, to our newest Troll--AOC=Fake--who really is the faker, the liar, the more dangerous: AOC, or Pelosi and her Loyalty to Zionistan First crew? Nor is the Outlaw US Empire's populace fooled as much as is thought. Gallup's Feb 2019 polling reports "Record High Name Government as Most Important Problem," and when the chart at page-bottom is scrutinized, the overall percentage pointing to the federal government as THE problem is beyond 85%, not the initial, "highest" 35%.

The next question then becomes the mandatory: What can we do about this deplorable situation? I told james who asked the same question about Canada: Form another political party based on the Rule of Law and fundamental Progressive Values. And I've repeatedly said the same about the Outlaw US Empire. People seem to be as close to united as they'll ever get as to what and where the problem exists, so it would appear the time's ripe for an Electoral Revolt as neither Ds nor Rs are legitimate any longer.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 5 2019 21:43 utc | 23

What AIPAC and its paid-for-lackeys don't understand is that Ilhan Omar *wants* them to attack her in this mad-dog fashion, because doing that brings before the voting public the very point that she is trying to make.

Think about it: she is never, ever going to see a cent of Israel Lobby money. She is never, ever going to be on the receiving end of any "support" from AIPAC. Never. Ever.

So she may as well speak her mind on this topic. Which she most certainly is.

That they would respond by attacking her so rabidly was inevitable, those attacks will never stop, and so there is zero incentive for her to back down. She will double-down, and then double-down again.

She can keep that up indefinitely, and every time she will be turning a spotlight on the very thing that AIPAC wants to keep in the shadows. And they are helping her to do that, because they have become so arrogant and so lazy that they do not understand when they are taking aim at their own big toe.

And when AIPAC does what it always does - bankroll a Democrat challenger against her - then she will finally have what she wants: a name and the face of an American politician who she can hold up to the voting public and say: This! This is exactly what I am talking about, because this douchebag has been paid to put loyalty to Israel above all else.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Mar 5 2019 21:45 utc | 24

@ AOC=Fake @15

In closing I refer you to Robert Heinlein's 1973 novel “Time Enough for Love” and his character Lazarus Long's thoughts on arguments

Not everybody has access to that old book, and not everybody would want to have it around. An Amazon review -

Spoiler alert: The dude goes back in time and nails his own mom. I don't care how speculative your fiction is, that's just gross.

Heinlein also has his hero L.L. making love to the twin clones of himself he has raised from newborns. I tossed my own copy into the book donation box sometime last year. So perhaps you ought to either find a link to the part you found relevant, or spend a few minutes typing a few sentences to either copy or summarize what the old knucklehead had to say.

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Mar 5 2019 21:48 utc | 25

The old is (living)dead, but the new refuses to be born.

Posted by: vk | Mar 5, 2019 4:06:58 PM | 16

Thanks vk, my take is that the new is finally emerging from the birth canal only to be confronted by a meanly crafted chastity belt.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 5 2019 21:51 utc | 26

"they will put a resolution condemning anti-Semitism on the House floor"
They're fucking bonkers. One of the cornerstones of a functioning representative democracy is that anything can be said on the parliament's floor, without any fear of repercussions. These fools are going back to the dark days of Tiberius and other arrogant Roman emperors who used lese-majeste laws to go against their opponents, including taking down senators.

Besides, if I feel some Dems (with major assistance from GOP) can more or less take down Omar and get away with it, going openly after Occasio-Cortez is political suicide, if not for these specific representatives, at the very least for the Democratic party as such.

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Mar 5 2019 22:06 utc | 27

@ Mr Smith #26

": The dude goes back in time and nails his own mom. "

That God damned motherfucker eh?

    I have never swindled a man.

    At most I kept quiet and let him swindle himself.

    This does no harm, as a fool cannot be protected from his folly.

    If you attempt to do so, you will not only arouse his animosity but also you will be attempting to deprive him of whatever benefit he is capable of deriving from experience.

    Never attempt to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig

Posted by: AOC=Fake | Mar 5 2019 22:09 utc | 28

And while the Dems attack their own, Trump signed an Ex Order setting up a Veterans Suicide Task Force.
It appears to be a very comprehensive program, and the veterans who also speak in the video are quite moving.

Posted by: frances | Mar 5 2019 22:16 utc | 29

Since the topic of this thread is a certain unnamed Democratic House Speaker 'horing' for the apartheid Jewish state, perhaps some more background information about the aforementioned Speaker is in order.

Is Nancy ****** Lying or Just Plain Stupid?

No, Speaker "Nancy" isn't a bit stupid, but she assumes we are. I think my link demonstrates the woman is an equal-opportunity 'hore' for anybody who can offer truckloads of large bills.

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Mar 5 2019 22:20 utc | 30

"One of the cornerstones of a functioning representative democracy is that anything can be said on the parliament's floor, without any fear of repercussions."

Hahaha, In an AIPAC-less society that statement of your's might have had some validity, but the US is not an AIPAC-less society now, is it?

And yes, anything CAN be said, but will it? There will be repercussions if so. That's to reason AIPAC exists, after all.

Posted by: AOC=Fake | Mar 5 2019 22:22 utc | 31

*** That's the reason ....

Posted by: AOC=Fake | Mar 5 2019 22:23 utc | 32

I don't agree with you and never have on the Russiagate story. Russia was definitely involved in the election. That's been proven over and over again, but you're discounting virtually everything that has now been revealed, so I have to ask: Why? Russia is NOT blameless on this matter. But you want to constantly seep it under the rug. Why? Obviously, it's not the only story, nor the only crime committed, plenty to choose from especially when it comes to Trump, but you seem hell-bent on continuing the false narrative that "there's nothing to it". Definitely not true.

Posted by: Me | Mar 5 2019 22:32 utc | 33

I said it before on the "Russiagate Is Finished" thread, I'll say it again:

I hope that Russiagate is indeed "finished", but I think it needs to be draped with garlic-clove necklaces, shot up with silver bullets, sprinkled with holy water, and a wooden stake driven through its black heart just to make sure.

I don't dispute the logical argument B. presents, but it may be too dispassionately rational. I know that the Russiagate proponents and enthralled supporters of the concept are too invested psychologically in this surrealistic fantasy to let go, even if the official outcome reluctantly admits that there's no "there" there.

The Democratic Party, one of the major partners mounting the Russophobic psy-op, has already resolved to turn Democratic committee chairmen loose to dog the Trump administration with hearings aggressively flogging any and all matters that discredit and undermine Trump-- his business connections, social liaisons, etc.

They may hope to find the Holy Grail: the elusive "bombshell" that "demands" impeachment, i.e., some crime or illicit conduct so heinous that the public will stand for another farcical impeachment proceeding. But I reckon that the Dems prefer the "soft" impeachment of harassing Trump with hostile hearings in hopes of destroying his 2020 electability with the death of a thousand innuendoes and guilt-by-association.

Thus, even if the Mueller report is underwhelming, I think that the Democrats and TDS-saturated Trump opponents will attempt to rehabilitate it by pretending that it contains important loose ends that need to be pursued. In other words, to perpetuate the Mueller-driven political Russophobia by all other available means.

Put more succinctly, I fear that Russiagate won't be finished until Rachel Maddow says it's finished. ;)

But apart from the thrill of saying "I told you so", I agree that the Democrats' monomaniacal obsession to depose and/or ruin Trump is grotesquely irrational and reprehensible.

If the Democratic Party berserker windmilling and flailing is a strategy of political self-castration, I hope it succeeds and accomplishes this result. As monstrous as Trump may be, be assured that his successor will be all about keeping up appearances and returning to business as usual.

I fear that the rational politics B. recommends has, like the late Elvis, left the building.

Posted by: Ort | Mar 5 2019 22:36 utc | 34

reply to Yeah, Right 25
And how very right you are. For the very best way and time to reveal them for what they are is in the bright light of a political campaign when you can count on them to be at their very worst.

Posted by: frances | Mar 5 2019 22:37 utc | 35

karlof1... starting a new political party sure seems tricky today...

zac - it is whoring, but i got what you were saying!

@19 jen... maybe it's not so odd after all.. i was mentioning the similarities here with omar and corbyn @2..both are being attacked aggressively over their lack of fealty to israel it would seem..

Posted by: james | Mar 5 2019 22:38 utc | 36

Long-time political operator Diuck Morris agrees

Posted by: Patrick Armstrong | Mar 5 2019 22:40 utc | 37

re-posting from the Open Thread

Unz Review just posted this article about Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar’s “Tropes” Are True (by Kevin Barrett)

"Some people just can’t handle the truth. Case in point: America’s Jewish Establishment and the Shabbat goys on their payroll, who are all squealing like stuck pigs in response to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s pointed remarks about Jewish-Zionist power.

I wrote about Rep. Omar’s first (February 10) Twitter outrage in the new issue of Crescent Magazine:

“Ilhan Omar’s ‘all about the Benjamins’ tweet, and the media feeding frenzy that followed, unleashed an unprecedented exposé of Jewish-Zionist money power in America. ….

In the past, the entire America Left, led by people like Noam Chomsky, has denied the power of the Israel Lobby. Anyone who pointed out that Israel runs America’s Mideast policy through its Fifth Column, using its monstrous money power, was denounced with the obligatory nonsensical slur “anti-Semite.”

Even Walt and Mearsheimer’s understated The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy (2007) was vilified and marginalized.

But in the wake of Ilhan Omar’s tweet, many voices that would normally denounce “anti-Semitism” have instead admitted that Omar is right:

AIPAC’s power really is “all about the Benjamins.” The Nation, America’s leading Establishment Left magazine, published Israeli Jew Ady Barkan’s confession “What Ilhan Omar Said About AIPAC Was Right.”

The Jewish Daily Forward responded with Peter Feld’s “No, Ilhan Omar Is Not Anti-Semitic For Calling Out AIPAC.” Feld put it bluntly, “There are plenty of Jews, like me, whose beliefs are voiced by Omar, not AIPAC.”

Mehdi Hasan of The Intercept summed it all up, “There Is a Taboo Against Criticizing AIPAC and Ilhan Omar Just Destroyed It.”

On the other side of the political divide, Donald Trump called on Omar to resign. Good luck with that one, Donnie!

Most Republicans, and quite a few Democrats, ritually waxed indignant in an effort to please their Zionist paymasters — ironically proving that Omar’s tweet was accurate. Rarely has the saying “if you’re catching flak, you’re over the target” been better illustrated.”

excerpt from Ilhan Omar’s “Tropes” are True, by Kevin Barrett, Unz Review, March 5, 2019, with over 220 comments

Posted by: Jes | Mar 5 2019 22:42 utc | 38

Re: "...they can use to continue the fake outrage:"

Basically a strategy to keep Hilary Clinton out of jail. Use of non-government IT servers, the Wikileaks dump and the death of Seth Rich would have put any normal mortal into the clink years ago -- or at least through a major criminal investigation. But not the old hag, Hillary Clinton. She'd take so many down with her that the criminals-in-charge are clearly united in running the clock down and bombarding the mass media with mass distraction: "Squirrel!" anyone? There is a word for those beyond the law -- outlaws.

Posted by: imo | Mar 5 2019 22:52 utc | 39

Zachary Smith @ 26, AOC=Fake @ 29:

I saw the Australian film "Predestination", based on a Robert Heinlein story "All You Zombies", a few years ago. In the film, a time-travelling secret agent (Sarah Snook / Ethan Hawke) is at once his father and mother (he undergoes sexual reassignment as well in the course of his adventures), kidnapper, recruiter and eventually murderer.

Posted by: Jen | Mar 5 2019 22:58 utc | 40

I just want to remind folk that the elite want everyone to spend their energy on identity politics and never discuss the structural problems that fuel the identity politics.

If the narrative was changed to discuss the components of our social contract instead of identity politics, the implications of humanizing the financial component would un fund identity politics and then our species could evolve further.

Evolve or perish is the maximum in evolution. We are coming up to the wall on our species evolution/devolution.

Its Show Time! We need more spinning plates before the music stops so the elite can hide their perfidy behind manufactured confusion.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 5 2019 23:10 utc | 41

All you need to know if there really is Russian collusion with Trump.
That and the fact that the Russian army and the Israeli army - they speak exactly the same language (50% of Israel military speaks fluent Russian)

So now on to the quote from the leading "Russian" outlet of the internet:

American Civil War 2: US media will have only itself to blame if all hell breaks loose

The predominantly left-leaning US media has just entered its third consecutive year of open warfare against Donald Trump. This non-stop assault risks aggravating political passions to the point where ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ snowballs into something completely beyond our ability to control. Like full-blown Civil War.

Deep deep (state) down there, has to be some kind of secret alliance, else does not make sense....

Posted by: Russian today yidish tommorow | Mar 5 2019 23:21 utc | 42

If anyone from the Democratic Party should apologise, it should be Hillary Clinton. She sent the party off on a two year wild goose chase to prove collusion between Trump and Putin. Now that that excuse is falling apart, she has had to find another lame excuse to blame her failure to beat Trump on, otherwise Democrats might come to the view that she was nothing more than a crap candidate who ran a crap campaign with crap policies. The latest target after Russiagate is voter suppression:

Greg Palast, a journalist who covered the disputed Georgia gubernatorial election last year, and has argued that extensive vote suppression robbed Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams of a victory in that race, was also dismayed by Clinton's comments. His response, however, was more far-reaching

"Before the 2016 election, I stated that the gutting of the Voting Rights Act, and the near-paralysis of the Obama administration enforcing what was left of it, would cost Hillary Clinton Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina and other states. It did," Palast told Salon.

"I am sick to my stomach hearing Clinton, three years later, take on the issue she was afraid to touch during the campaign: the racial bending of the vote. I’d like to hear her specifically come out against the racist interstate cross-check system created by Kris Kobach [the Trump adviser and former Kansas secretary of state], which alone cost her the election. This racist purge system was endorsed by Obama’s so-called bipartisan commission. Shame on Clinton."

Although she has claimed in the last few days that she has no intention of running in 2020, I just don't believe the lying piece of shit.

Posted by: Ghost Ship | Mar 5 2019 23:24 utc | 43

AOC is fake implies that the others are not fake or not quite as fake? Given that these "representative" politicians all dance for money, how are they not all fake? Sure, AOC is fake, but so are the others, all of whom are working for oligarchs or corporations whose priorities are different but just as damaging, such as those who's dance is the regulation of medical services and drugs. Until the evidence stops rolling in, I will continue to believe that Ilhan Omar, AOC, Polosi, and all the others are fake and by just stepping into the ring have declared that they are willing to live a life of extreme duplicity, having already sold their voters down the river.

Posted by: aspnaz | Mar 5 2019 23:30 utc | 44

Posted by: ex-SA | Mar 5, 2019 3:55:53 PM | 13

Thank you! This may well be the most important link I’ve encountered in my years of lurking here @ MoA and elsewhere.

There is a video linked in the article which may be more important than the article itself. Easily overlooked, so here:

It appears in the article here:
“In a remarkable  report by British Channel 4, former CIA officials and a Reuters correspondent spoke candidly about the systematic dissemination of propaganda and misinformation in reporting on geopolitical conflicts:”

Many thanks, and much respect to you Sir for bringing this important piece to my attention.

May I humbly offer in return, (don’t neglect the 2nd reel)

Posted by: Desolation Row | Mar 5 2019 23:41 utc | 45

The Democratic Party is more concerned with defeating the far left of its own party than in defeating Trump.
They don't focus on what Trump's doing now because they support what he's doing for their corporate war party backers.
They would be over the moon in Alabama if Trump were to declare himself a Democrat tomorrow. They would finally have a candidate that could win.

Posted by: RenoDino | Mar 5 2019 23:58 utc | 46

AIPAC's hysterical reaction to Ilhan Omar's comments was entirely predictable, yet it stands as evidence that what she said was true. Identifying the interests of the United States with those of Israel is a sign of dual loyalty. Sometimes those interests may align, but they are not identical. Members of Congress do covet the Israel Lobby's support and fear its wrath. Moreover, labeling criticism of Israel's government as anti-semitic is simply BS. Israel is not synonymous with Jewry, and many diaspora Jews are highly critical of the Israeli government. Those are plain and simple facts which no congressional resolution can change.

Posted by: Rob | Mar 6 2019 0:17 utc | 47

@45 aspnaz.. i hear what you are saying, but i do believe at present this omar lady is the exception to the rule...

and in todays usa daily press propaganda briefing -

QUESTION: You don’t have anything to say about this whole controversy around Representative Omar, do you, and her comments?

MR PALLADINO: Not from the State Department. Thank you, Matt.

it is clear her comments and position have struck a raw nerve in the usa... i think someone has made a big mistake trying to aggressively shut her down.. they might want to reconsider how they are going to contain her...

Posted by: james | Mar 6 2019 0:32 utc | 48

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the US is the new Soviet Union (heck, the US more like the Soviet Union than the Soviet Union ever was!), watching the US political elites like Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, McConnell and the late and unlamented John McCain, all I can think of is the Soviet leaders in the 1970s & 80s who were all in their late 70s and were completely out of touch with reality on the ground yet deathly afraid of letting younger people take leadership positions to implement reforms, (Gorbachev was once described as "Criminally Youthful" by a member of the Central Committee). Of course Gorbachev turned out to be a disaster, maybe the US political elite has made the same decision, the system will never survive the reforms needed to help the people, so wage war on the reformers and enjoy the power while they can, for after them, the deluge! Karl Marx did say that "Après moi, le déluge! is the watchword of every capitalist and of every capitalist nation.

Posted by: Kadath | Mar 6 2019 0:35 utc | 49


So you think Sanders is fake? Then you must think Tulsi Gabbard is stupid and fake too, because Tulsi supported Sanders in 2016. Tell me something, if Tulsi lags behind with her campaign and Sanders picks her as a running mate for the VP position, will you think him fake then?

Ilhan Omar is paving the way for justice. She's taking on the power establishment; she's taking on the rulers like no one else has. She's a warrior who won't be muzzled, and those yellow-belly Zionist shills in her party accusing her of heresy against their true religion, Zionism, are trying to tie her to a stake, while Zionist Trump lights the match to make an example of her. Hopefully she will not be silenced. She's making powerful enemies and everyone must fight like hell to keep her in Congress.

Posted by: Circe | Mar 6 2019 0:35 utc | 50

@ Jen #41

Once upon a time I had a copy of everything Heinlein had ever written. But as time went by I found I was outgrowing him. As of this moment I retain Double Star, Farmer in the Sky, and Job: A Comedy of Justice. Turns out I'm not the only one turned off by the way he handled the "romance" in Door into Summer.

@ james #37

Some blogs have the forum nanny set at a hair-trigger level, so I was being cautious. It appears this one isn't that sensitive.

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Mar 6 2019 0:50 utc | 51

@ Circe #51

She's making powerful enemies and everyone must fight like hell to keep her in Congress.

This is true, but the only people who really matter are the constituents back in her home district. As of this moment I'm going to give them credit for being a bit brighter than the average US citizen. Judging from the types we here in Indiana constantly send to Washington, the average Hoosier surely has a 2-digit IQ. Obviously this can't be right, but that's the way it looks!

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Mar 6 2019 0:57 utc | 52

Not so puzzling if you buy into the “Fake Wrestling” theory. Since Bill Clinton each party gets 8 years on the throne then hands off to the other party. Dems just playing their part as they did in the 2016 election. Both parties controlled by the corporate and cognitive elites pursuing their globalist agenda thats occasionally masked by nationalism to appease the herd.

China has multiple parties within the CCP. The CCP is the visible face of authority. In the West the CCP equivalent is hidden, preferring to allow each party in turn to accept the blame for executing their agenda. Every 8 years the herd votes for Hope and Change or the lesser evil and watches in amazement as nothing changes and lesser evil becomes more, only to try again in the next cycle. Kind of like Groundhog Day.

When half the population has an IQ under 100, its easy for those with IQ’s 4-6 SD above average to manipulate the herd given the tools they have today. People can be made to believe anything and much of what people believe is not true.

Posted by: Pft | Mar 6 2019 1:17 utc | 53

Another article on the same day, by another influential news outlet on the internet allegedly Russian funded and operated, not being pro-Trump this time but instead pro-Israel... that is kinda celebratory about ... the first ...can you guess people? First Israeli flag (sort of - its a plaque) on the Moon. Israel landed its first piece of equipment on the Moon with a screenshot of the equipment and Australia slowly rotating in view in the background according to the "Russian" site.

Israel’s Beresheet Lunar Lander Snaps Pic 20,000 Miles from Earth (PHOTO)

Brought to you by the same people that brought the Ukrainian civil war, the war in Syria, (and only God knows what else holds the future) in full unbiased detail right in front of you, perfectly tailored and formated for your modern electronic media internet enabled devices.

Posted by: Russian today yidish tommorow | Mar 6 2019 1:19 utc | 54

Chaos in the West shows that democracy comes in more than one flavor

Brexit, for some at least, encapsulates the perils and pitfalls of this style of democracy. In June 2016, the people of the UK voted to leave the European Union and, for now at least, the UK will leave the EU by March 29 this year, with or without a plan in place. The irrational jump into the unknown and the chaos that followed has created a troubling situation for the country, as well as other parts of the world, raising serious questions about the effectiveness and legitimacy of UK-style democracy.

Clearly, Western-style democracy is not “the end of history,” as some have predicted and hoped for. This is not to say that the Western system is a failure or that China’s system is superior to Western-style democracy, but it is fair to say that China’s own system is a good fit for the country and it achieves the best results for the Chinese people.

In China’s socialist democracy, there is a strong and stable political force that represents the interests of the great majority of the Chinese people. The Chinese government takes a people-centered approach to politics and good governance ensures that results can be delivered. It should be no wonder, then, that the Western model is barreling toward a cliff, while China is making great progress in various aspects, including the nation’s ambitious plan to eradicate poverty by 2020. In a world of turmoil, there is reason for China and the Chinese people to be confident in its path.

Note how concrete, materialist is the way the Chinese see the world (even though this op-ed is also written with Curtis Stone, a non-Chinese). They clearly differentiate Western democracy, Chinese socialist democracy and "UK-style democracy". Just in one small text, we can observe three different definitions of "democracy". There is no definitive model of "democracy".

Posted by: vk | Mar 6 2019 1:22 utc | 55

I just contacted my district representative, Jared Huffman and Speaker Nancy Pelosi asking them not to censure Ilhan Omar tomorrow. Please take the time to email your representative and Speaker Pelosi in defense of Ms. Omar and urge your friends to do the same. Thanks

Posted by: willow | Mar 6 2019 1:28 utc | 56

An interesting take on American politics today:

This Time the Big Obstacle for Bernie Isn’t DNC Rigging

Posted by: vk | Mar 6 2019 1:34 utc | 57

@50 kadath.. i think that is a good analogy!

@53 zachary.. moa is definitely different... hell ya! and a good thing too.. i have been posting on the cbc comment section the past few days... one isn't allowed to say anything a bit hard-ass-ed.. they have the settings locked to rigid, puritanical levels..

@57 willow... i wonder if it'd be better the democrat party could be seen for the hypocrites they are by censuring omar?

Posted by: james | Mar 6 2019 1:39 utc | 58

Some old but relevant news from the apartheid Jewish state - gloating about the 2018 election results.

Pelosi Emphasizes pro-Israel Leadership in Next House at Adelson-backed Confab

Subtitled: The likely next Speaker urged those attending not to pay 'attention to a few people who may want to go their own way,' apparently referring to new members such as Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota

Since a 'shunning' strategy didn't work, Speaker "Nancy" is getting out the tar and feathers. With any luck Representative Omar will do penance by crawling across a hundred yards of broken glass to kiss the enormous foundation stones surrounding the grounds of the Dome of the Rock. Those foundation belonged to the Roman Fort in Jerusalem, but until the subhuman Palestinians are gone that is not to be said aloud!

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Mar 6 2019 1:55 utc | 59

vk @58

Comments to that article seem to be disabled. The comment I tried to post:

Bernie is a fraud.

Who will follow or vote for a man that wouldn't failed to live up to his progressive principles?

What fool will but any faith in Hillary's sheepdog?

Bernie wouldn't attack Hillary on character issues. He pulled many punches - like not rebutting Hillary's claim to have "never changed her vote for money" with the well-known example of when she did so (for the credit card industry: she changed her vote on the bankruptcy bill). And he continued to support Hillary after Hillary brought Debra Wasserman-Shultz into her campaign - a clear slap in the face to Bernie and Bernie's supporters.

And why did Bernie refuse to release tax returns before 2015? The only tax returns he released were for 2015. When reporters asked him to release earlier tax returns (because his 2015 tax returns were delayed), Bernie said that his returns were "boring" - but he wouldn't release them.

Bernie is close with the leaders of the Democratic Party. Obama campaigned for him. Hillary is "a friend of 25 years". Chuck Schumer refused to provide Democratic Party funding for any Democrat that ran against Bernie.

You want government to be accountable? A good start would be to start holding politicians accountable. And recognizing that the fundamental problem is the duopoly.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Mar 6 2019 2:28 utc | 60

Jen @19, james @37

IMO the similarities in politics among the "Western democracies" is important to note. One example is the fakeness of Obama, Macron, and Trudeau.

The difficulties faced by US and UK progressives are likely to not be an accident. We now know via the Integrity Initiative hack that a British operative (likely to be MI-6) was working in the Sanders campaign.

@Jen A third-party doesn't help if it can be compromised too. We need a new kind of politics.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Mar 6 2019 2:42 utc | 61

Why don't US supporters who lobby for the state of Israel have to register as agents of a foreign power?

America's Defense Line: The Justice Department's Battle to Register the Israel Lobby as Agents of a Foreign Government

Smith documents the lobby’s awesome resistance to public accountability for its actions before Congress and the Justice Department. That fascinating history is the terrain of this book. Referencing over 1,000 previously classified documents released under a Freedom of Information Act filing, Smith follows Isaiah L. Kenen's path from registered foreign agent for the Israeli government to founder of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee or AIPAC. Smith unearths a formerly secret non-prosecution agreement, the "subvention caveat" reached between the Israel lobby and the US Department of Justice. The agreement reveals a great deal about the latitude of the lobby’s operations and the US government's institutional aversion to challenging it. America's Defense Line may forever change the debate about US Middle East policy formulation.

Posted by: pogohere | Mar 6 2019 2:44 utc | 62

Whenever the establishment is stressed you can count on a 'blame the victim' response.

We are all victims of the Empire's Zionist death cult and the politics that serves it.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Mar 6 2019 2:51 utc | 63

"Every 8 years the herd votes for Hope and Change or the lesser evil and watches in amazement as nothing changes and lesser evil becomes more, only to try again in the next cycle. Kind of like Groundhog Day.....When half the population has an IQ under 100, its easy for those with IQ’s 4-6 SD above average to manipulate the herd given the tools they have today. People can be made to believe anything and much of what people believe is not true."

My guess is that this contempt for "the herd" must be accompanied by a very generous estimation of your own independence of mind and superiority of intellect.
My question, is how can denocracy work in the world which you describe? Or would it just consist of the idiotic "herd" listening to your ideas, applauding and carrying out orders?

Posted by: bevin | Mar 6 2019 2:53 utc | 64

"Israel Lobby Rebuts Omar’s Claims About Its Immense Influence By Exerting Its Immense Influence" Best observation of this contrived blow-up I've seen yet, and from the other and underside of the planet!

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 5, 2019 4:43:07 PM | 24

This is a false contradiction! It took me a while to understand the nature of what is called "anti-Semitism" since I grew up in a country where you can easily encounter "the original anti-Semitism", and in USA, UK etc. the main issue is "new anti-Semitism". Kind of when I was surprised that Germany had a law that a beer may be produced only from barley malt, hops and water. Why legislating the obvious? Well, it is not obvious at all, in USA beer indeed contains water, but barley malt and hops are not to be found in a "normal beer".

Back to new (and now, normal) anti-Semitism. It is true that paleo-anti-Semites and anti-anti-Semites can make similar or identical claims in substance, but they diametrically differ in the spirit. It is so obvious that nobody explains it, kind of like 2 + 2 = 4, one can actually prove it knowing set theory, set-theoretical definition of natural numbers etc., but this while everybody know that 2 + 2 = 4 (at least, a plurality of Congress), few could prove it. Similarly, everybody knows what is wrong when someone claims that AIPAC is a powerful lobby even though it is OK if AIPAC is very proud of its powerful status. But some play semantics and pretend that they do not know, or genuinely are at loss of words.

There is a list of symptoms of anti-Semitism, and indeed, it may be confusing. The cardinal feature of (new) anti-Semitism is BEGRUDGING. If you are proud that AIPAC is a very powerful (or most powerful) lobby, or admire them for this reason, it is OK. But it is not OK if you tell about it hinting that it makes you unhappy. And if the reports are true, Rep. Omar was genuinely unhappy (or worse, trying to be popular iin her own district).

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Mar 6 2019 3:13 utc | 65

From b's posting, the bottom line truth;

"Instead of promoting policy issues that can attract voters"

So, here we go again. Hell of it is, the corporate Dems neglect those relevant policy
issues by design.

With Pelosi and Schumer at the helm, I expect nothing else.

Posted by: ben | Mar 6 2019 3:14 utc | 66

@49 James Damn straight they made a huge mistake attempting to muzzle her so aggressively.

Where the Lobby has miscalculated is in thinking she made a "mistake" in pointing a spotlight at their corrosive influence and, therefore, she will wilt under pressure.

No, she didn't. This was no mistake from a greenhorn who hadn't learnt the ropes.

It should be obvious that taking on the Lobby is the REASON why she worked to get herself elected. This is conviction politics at work, not some rookie mistake.

I doubt very much if she gives a s**t what Lobby Lackeys do to her now. She has already won simply by standing up to them.

Think about it: if they drive her out of politics then they are simply proving her point. While if they fail to destroy her then she has demonstrated that the power of the Lobby is merely a gigantic bluff.

Either way, AIPAC ends up losing, and That Is Exactly What She Has Always Been Aiming For

I applaud her. She has courage, and she has conviction, and she has it in abundance.

Despite all the contrived hoopla I suspect there are a shit-load of people in and around Congress who are muttering "you go, girl!"

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Mar 6 2019 3:16 utc | 67

The dark roots of AIPAC, ‘America’s Pro-Israel Lobby’
The group was formed to spin positive PR after Israeli atrocities.

Posted by: John Doe | Mar 6 2019 3:24 utc | 68

Brian Sapper, Feb 23:

Hot damn, that’s an awfully long-winded way to say “Yes, its exactly because they’re Jewish.”

Let’s remove religion out of the equation since that‘s a walking bad faith argument on par with “when did you stop beating your wife?” Imagine a theoretical organization called the American China Public Affairs Committee (ACPAC). ACPAC is not officially part of the People’s Republic of China, but their stated agenda is to influence US policy to be more supportive of the country and elect officials that take an outspokenly pro-PRC stance. Their donations make up upwards of 15% of the campaign budget of the politicians they support. They curate all-expense-paid trips to Beijing for said politicians. They conduct “political leadership training” to college students. Oh yeah, and on at least one occasion an analyst at the Pentagon was busted for giving this lobbying group classified documents. Would you be perfectly fine with ACPAC running around doing these things? Would you accuse anyone critical of ACPAC as just being racist towards Chinese and Asians in general?

No one is entitled to a nation just on the merit of their ethnicity and religion. We didn’t accept that justification when Hitler and Milosevic were claiming it. Israel is a far cry from Nazi Germany and Milosevic’s Serbia, and they very well may be the lesser evil compared to Hamas, but they don’t deserve preferential treatment and allowed to establish the type of ethnostate we vehemently opposed in the past. Israel’s policies and the behavior of AIPAC should be as open to criticism as it is for any other nation state or lobbying group. Using religion and a past history of persecution as a shield from criticism and a billy club to bash opponents with is a weak cop-out. Its the same as when abusers use their past history of being abuse victims as justification for their actions.

Posted by: John Doe | Mar 6 2019 3:28 utc | 69

Victor Connor, Aug 23, 2008:

Ex-Rep. Paul Findley, R-Illinois, continues to state that Israel has a vast, undue influence in the United States.

The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee is considered the most powerful lobby in Washington. How else could anyone explain why we are still fighting in Iraq, a country that is not a threat to us?

Findley states that we attacked Iraq for "Israel and for oil." But he's not the only important American to say this. Ralph Nadar, ex-President Jimmy Carter, Noam Chomsky, the Washington Post, ambassadors and newsmen have all stated that Israel has undue influence in American foreign policy.

How can AIPAC be the most powerful lobby in our nation's capital? Israel only has 6.4 million people.

Why isn't the American Chinese Public Affairs Committee more influential? China has 1.3 billion people. Oh, I forgot, this committee doesn't exist.

Well then, why isn't the American Indian Public Affairs Committee more influential?

India has 1.1 billion people. Oh, I forgot again, this committee doesn't exist either. I must be having a senior moment.

Well, talking about seniors, how about the American Seniors Public Affairs Committee? Why aren't they the most influential lobby in Washington?

There are 45 million Americans over 62 and with their collective wisdom, who better to lead the way in Washington? But they don't exist either.

We've given Israel more than $100 billion over the years, but almost nothing to Palestinians. Could this be part of the reason why Israel still illegally occupies Palestinian land, why Israel, with over 70 U.N. human rights violations, has not been invaded by the United States?

The United States invaded Iraq, which only had 17 U.N. human rights violations.

How can Israel have so much influence in our American government? Are we now living in the United States of Israel and America?

Posted by: John Doe | Mar 6 2019 3:32 utc | 70

‘Vile anti-Semitic’ Ilhan Omar row shows pitfalls of US identity politics

Posted by: John Doe | Mar 6 2019 3:48 utc | 71

The Democratic Party Attacks on Ilhan Omar Are a Travesty

Posted by: John Doe | Mar 6 2019 3:54 utc | 72

The House Democrats’ “Rebuke” of Rep. Ilhan Omar is a Fraud For Many Reasons, Including its Wild Distortion of Her Comments

Posted by: John Doe | Mar 6 2019 4:09 utc | 74

@ John Doe @72

That's a nice link, and there was one part in particular which struck a chord with me.

More to the point, nobody in her party bothered to inform the Somali-born congresswoman that the one cardinal rule of mainstream US politics is to never even notice, much less criticize, the Israel lobby.

The moment I saw that the memory of another "gag rule" popped into my head - the one enacted by the House of Representatives in 1836.

On this date, during the 24th Congress (1835–1837), the U.S. House of Representatives instituted the “gag rule,” the first instance of what would become a traditional practice forbidding the House from considering anti-slavery petitions.

Speaker "Nancy" wants to gag any Representative unwilling to kiss the backside of the main lobby for the apartheid Jewish state. AIPAC has the job of putting lipstick on the pig - to 'prettify' the murders and thefts and generic outrages done by God's Favorite One-Holer. Speaker "James" did that to squash the pesky abolitionists. You know, the guys and gals who didn't approve of humans being sold like cattle, and worked to death by their owners if such an outcome suited those owners.

Ah, but isn't Democracy great?

Never forget that the glorious AIPAC is also trying to criminalize us ordinary citizens from boycotting the apartheid Jewish state. Or moving our money out of investments from companies who assist the horrors over that way. Or even trying to get governments around the world to sanction the little pissant nation. Nations like Iran and Venezuela are "sanctioned" for far less criminal activity, yet poor-little-Israel gets rewarded with billions in taxpayer dollars and never "sanctions".

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Mar 6 2019 4:16 utc | 75


So you think Sanders is fake? Then you must think Tulsi Gabbard is stupid and fake too, because Tulsi supported Sanders in 2016. Tell me something, if Tulsi lags behind with her campaign and Sanders picks her as a running mate for the VP position, will you think him fake then?"
Posted by: Circe | Mar 5, 2019 7:35:46 PM | 51

That's a really fuckin dumb counter-argument.

If you've gotten this far in the game and haven't yet figured out who and what The Bern is, any attempt by me to educate you would be a complete waste of time for both of us.

In closing I refer you to Robert Heinlein's 1973 novel “Time Enough for Love” and his character Lazarus Long's thoughts on arguments and swindles

Posted by: AOC=Fake | Mar 6 2019 5:00 utc | 76

The Circus that Never Leaves Town

James Clapper: ‘I Didn’t Lie’ to Congress About NSA Surveillance, I ‘Simply Didn’t Understand’ the Question

Or did the circus leave anyway, and for some reason did the clowns forget?

Posted by: John Smith | Mar 6 2019 5:16 utc | 77

Ilhan Omar's 5th district is largely populated by Somalian refugees--Minnesota has largest population of Somalis in U.S. I believe--American blacks, and urban progressive whites with lower income. From this three thoughts follow.

I don't think she is going anywhere. I don't think she can be cowed by AIPAC. I therefore think that she is eventually going to be very much in danger of suffering an "accident"--fatal or otherwise--that will affect her capacity to serve in Congress. I don't see the Mossad-connected U.S. Israeli lobby simply consigning themselves to taking her punches. She draws too much attention to them. And once they realize that their public relations attacks are merely strengthening her argument, they will likely resort to other measures.

Posted by: WJ | Mar 6 2019 5:16 utc | 78

@77 AOC=Fake

A sure fire way to prove you won an argument is when the other person fails to address the argument you raised because they can't explain it so they resort to personal attack as you just did.

Posted by: Circe | Mar 6 2019 5:20 utc | 79

Repairing the Machinery of U.S. Democracy

When will direct presidential elections be introduced in the USA? Or do the American authorities believe that democracy in the country is still not sufficiently advanced, because its citizens are still not politically mature enough? For whom the US authorities keep their citizens?

Posted by: John Smith | Mar 6 2019 5:22 utc | 80

Posted by: Circe | Mar 6, 2019 12:20:10 AM | 80

Arguing from "authority", as you are ineptly doing, is a well-known logical fallacy. Inept perveyours of obvious logical fallacies, such as yourself, deserve little but ridicule.

Having already referred you to Mr Heinlein's words on argument and swindles, all that's left is for me to refer you to the answer given in Arkell vs Pressdram.

Posted by: AOC=Fake | Mar 6 2019 5:30 utc | 81

Fake, Methinks you with protest too much.

So, to everyone else: Do you not find it strange that the anti-Semitism issue being used to divide the Labour Party in the U.K. is also being used with the same intent in Congess with the Dems? This is no coincidence. Zionists are desperate.

Posted by: Circe | Mar 6 2019 5:44 utc | 82

"[A0C=]Fake, Methinks you with protest too much."

Lol. It's "doth"

Ye gobshite.

"Inept" hardly covers it.

Posted by: AOC=Fake | Mar 6 2019 5:47 utc | 83

And "Methinks"?

Hahaha, oh, I don't think so, no.

Posted by: AOC=Fake | Mar 6 2019 5:50 utc | 84

@ John Smith @81

When will direct presidential elections be introduced in the USA?

Hopefully that won't happen until the nation adopts foolproof registration and voting techniques. By "registration" I mean proof of US citizenship and possessing what other requirements adopted by the nation. Personally, I think there ought to be a minimum age, for example. Don't know how it would work, but I also think that voters possessing the mental age of a 4-year-old shouldn't be voting either. I don't believe people ought to be allowed to vote twice or two hundred times, so as citizens show up at the polls they'd pose for a photograph of their faces and finger whorls. (post-election it wouldn't take a supercomputer long to compare those pictures to demonstrate how many times you or I voted in that election.) After this formality, the voter would proceed to a table where {she}'d pick up a paper ballot and a #2 pencil. In the privacy of a lighted booth with an opaque roof, {he}'d use the pencil to mark his choices. Finally {she}'d fold the ballot and take it to the huge plexiglass box and drop it into a slot on the top of the box.
The ballots would be counted by a small group made up of all the parties on the ballot. Everything would be watched by multiple and independent camera systems. Upon getting an acceptable count, the ballots would be locked away for a while - just in case they're needed again.

Direct voting in 2016 would have made Hillary president. I wouldn't have liked that any more than I would have if George "codpiece commander" Bush had won in 2000, but I'd have ground my teeth and done my teeth-gnashing in private.

With the touch-screen devices almost universal now, the usual winner will be the party who can hire the best hackers. In the special case of Hillary, the massive vote fraud in California would have 'elected' her all by itself.

In the 2000 election the party with the largest number of dishonest and partisan hacks on the Supreme Court took the White House. I still haven't gotten over that one.

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Mar 6 2019 6:00 utc | 85

Zachary Smith #86
"Hopefully that won't happen until the nation adopts foolproof registration and voting techniques"

Perhaps "that" will happen when they adopt Venezuela's election process. I hear it's the best in the world, or so says Jimmy Carter. As for the current US election process, not so much, about the worst I believe is what Jimmy said.

Posted by: Tom | Mar 6 2019 6:30 utc | 86

@62 jr... i agree... it is an important parallel going on with the uk and usa here.. different, but some obvious similarities..

@68 yeah, right... i would be concerned about what @79 wj says... otherwise, this lady has got some real clarity and speaks truth to power.. it is an interesting match up to watch.. the losers in the dem party are falling over themselves to maintain the money and hypocrisy... everything they do here strengthens her commentary..

@75 john doe.. thanks for sharing greenwalds take on this.. bang on..

Posted by: james | Mar 6 2019 6:40 utc | 87

great title b... it really drives it home! Democrats Continue Campaign To Reelect Trump - exactamundo..

Posted by: james | Mar 6 2019 6:42 utc | 88

Russiagate is know more. Now US government and media, think tanks, researchers, etc are creating Chinagate.

National Defence Strategy, FBI etc, are targeting everything Chinese. Building case against Chinese hackers without


Posted by: Shee Meng | Mar 6 2019 7:32 utc | 89

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Mar 6, 2019 1:00:29 AM | 86

Is it American democracy? Then what are the American authorities teaching others?

Posted by: John Smith | Mar 6 2019 8:37 utc | 90


As Trump and his allies gang up against what they call a Venezuelan dictatorship, here are the numbers showing that Venezuelan president Maduro has been elected with a higher competitive vote and a greater proportion of all possible votes than any of those trying to oust him.

Posted by: John Smith | Mar 6 2019 8:41 utc | 91

Sorry ... Right link:

Posted by: John Smith | Mar 6 2019 8:43 utc | 92

Posted by: Shee Meng | Mar 6, 2019 2:32:42 AM | 90

National Defence Strategy, FBI etc, are targeting everything Chinese. Building case against Chinese hackers without evidence.

I'm inclined to agree with that.
At this point; I try to listen to everything; and believe nothing...

Posted by: V | Mar 6 2019 8:58 utc | 93

Posted by: Shee Meng | Mar 6, 2019 2:32:42 AM | 90

Now US government and media, think tanks, researchers, etc are creating Chinagate.

You bet! Who wants to become an outsider, being a leader now!

This is China’s plan to eclipse Silicon Valley

China’s Pearl River delta is the site of the most dramatic urbanization in human history. The area is home to nearly 70 million people. It contributes an eighth of China’s GDP, with an economy worth $1.5 trillion - roughly the same as Australia and Spain, and nearly as big as Russia and South Korea.

Now the Chinese government has outlined its plans to unite what it calls the Greater Bay Area into a giant megalopolis, and transform it into a high-tech centre that could rival California’s Silicon Valley and Japan’s Tokyo Bay.

Posted by: John Smith | Mar 6 2019 9:14 utc | 94

This is China’s plan to eclipse Silicon Valley

China’s Pearl River delta is the site of the most dramatic urbanization in human history. The area is home to nearly 70 million people. It contributes an eighth of China’s GDP, with an economy worth $1.5 trillion - roughly the same as Australia and Spain, and nearly as big as Russia and South Korea.

Now the Chinese government has outlined its plans to unite what it calls the Greater Bay Area into a giant megalopolis, and transform it into a high-tech centre that could rival California’s Silicon Valley and Japan’s Tokyo Bay.

Posted by: John Smith | Mar 6 2019 9:18 utc | 95

Trump is right that the US risks losing the 5G race, Huawei chairman says

President Trump is right that the U.S. risks being left behind on 5G, Huawei's rotating chairman said on Sunday in Barcelona.

Posted by: John Smith | Mar 6 2019 9:20 utc | 96

Well, the simple truth is that both American political parties are bankrupt when it comes to policies or even language.

Trump makes a lot of noise, but in truth he does not represent the Republican Party.

Both of the parties are completely faithful and supporting the military-security state and its empire. Both support America's quasi-plutocracy.

Most of writing and speech rhetoric around American politics is just empty stuff.

Readers may enjoy this on American politics:

Posted by: JOHN CHUCKMAN | Mar 6 2019 9:29 utc | 97

When Trump's tax returns come out (I am sure that they will some day) and we find the extent to which he is beholden to Russian financial and political interests, his political influence will be greatly diminished.

Posted by: ralphieboy | Mar 6 2019 10:28 utc | 98

Posted by: james # 49

The entity that hates Ilhan is doing a Palestine on her to shut her down:

full frontal abuse
full frontal undermine
full frontal slaughter of her reputation

She is one mighty brave soul and all the more power to her voice. Every day I will think of her and send her my support in any way.


Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2019 10:41 utc | 99

John Smith says:

China’s Pearl River delta is the site of the most dramatic urbanization in human history

yeah, and as such, it's also the site of what might well be the most polluted area in Asia, or perhaps the world. you know, the usual down side that's never accounted for by our savvy purveyors of eternal economic growth. the water's fucked, the air's fucked, and the forests are being decimated at some unholy rate. garbage problem? you don't wanna know. but man, you can get from Hong Kong to Guangdong in 47 minutes, thus destroying Newton's law of gravity, hahaha. gotta get those shoes and smart phones to market though, no?

someday people will discover that time is, in fact, not money, but just the breathing space between sunrise and sunset, sunset and sunrise.

Posted by: john | Mar 6 2019 10:47 utc | 100

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