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February 13, 2019

Netanyahoo Asks Arabs To "Advance The Common Interest Of War With Iran"

The U.S. had called for a high level anti-Iran meeting in Poland. The purpose of the meeting was to bring with its allies and poodles into line with the U.S. agenda on Iran, to press them at least into issuing harsher sanctions. But the European rejected that.

The State Department then changed the agenda:

“The idea was to have a conference, a ministerial, and basically break our diplomatic isolation on Iran,” said a person familiar with the planning of the event. “It started out as an Iran conference in disguise but has probably actually been forced to take on more actual broader Middle East content now."

The person added: “They changed some of the focus and were forced to pony up with content on Syria and Yemen particularly."

The meeting took place today but the European powers did not fall for the trick. They want keep the nuclear agreement with Iran:

Even Poland on Tuesday said it disagreed with the U.S. approach to Iran. Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz told reporters the nuclear pact was valuable and expressed hope the conference could help participants find common ground.

While the U.S. delegation includes Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, other major players have either refused to attend or are sending low-level delegations. The EU’s foreign-policy chief, Federica Mogherini, said she had other commitments.

Germany and France only sent lower level staff. The British foreign minister will only attend a side session on Yemen.

The State Department went to some length to obfuscate the real purpose of the conference. Its press statement today says:

The agenda is wide-ranging, and will include a discussion of the Administration’s efforts to promote a comprehensive and lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as a conversation on how to address ongoing regional humanitarian crises. The Secretary will provide an update on the situation in Syria and discuss other U.S. priorities in the region, including concerns regarding Iran’s destructive activities.

Smaller breakout sessions will provide ministers the opportunity to focus on specific areas of concern such as missile development and proliferation, cyber security and emerging threats, and terrorism and illicit finance.

That State Department effort to somewhat hide the real agenda was sabotaged when the Prime Minister of Israel arrived and made it clear what the meeting is all about:

I am going to a meeting with 60 foreign ministers and envoys of countries from around the world against Iran. What is important about this meeting – and this meeting is not in secret, because there are many of those – is that this is an open meeting with representatives of leading Arab countries, that are sitting down together with Israel in order to advance the common interest of war with Iran."

[Update 3:40pm]

The statement has now been changed into "combating Iran". But that is not what Netanyahoo said in Warsaw and there is video to prove it. There were also witnesses:

Aron Heller @aronhellerap 18:44 utc - 13 Feb 2019

Did @netanyahu really say “war” with Iran? I was there and the word was ”milchama” = war.

[End Update]

Why is Netanyahoo doing this?

No other country, except maybe the U.S.,  has any interest in waging war on Iran. Certainly not the Arab countries near the Persian Gulf. In case of a war they are all extremely vulnerable to Iranian retaliation. Their oil and gas installations would be in serious danger. The desalination plants which provide their drinking water are all within easy reach of Iranian missiles.

By claiming that the conference is about waging war on Iran Netanyahoo is not only embarrassing the State Department and Secretary Mike Pompeo. He also makes it extremely difficult for other attendees to justify their presence. The Arabs will be especially furious that they are shown in such an open alliance with Israel and its hostility against Iran. Scheming with Israel in the dark is fine. But being publicly associated with a war mongering Israel is difficult to sell to their people. It would be unsurprising to see some of them leave.

The whole conference is an own goal for the Trump administration. Instead of showing unity with its allies it now only demonstrates the depth or their disagreement. Netanyahoo's statement may help him to win some votes in the upcoming election in Israel. But the hoped for alliance with the Gulf Arabs is now as far off as it has ever been.

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He really is a sick puppy. Yet again, as these coincidences tend to happen, on the eve of this War On Iran powwow was another Israeli strike on "Iranian installations" in Syria.

Also some more "suicide bomber" tricks along the Iranian border (CNN link). The timing is funky, as is "ISIS" being the culprit.

Posted by: sejomoje | Feb 13 2019 20:17 utc | 1

The poodles complain but they go along... on Iran, Russia, and Venezuela.

European authorities are repeatedly shocked to find a Cold War going.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <>

Welcome to the rabbit hole.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Feb 13 2019 20:39 utc | 2

going on

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Feb 13 2019 20:40 utc | 3

Was Netanyahoo even supposed to attend? Or are the Americans so arrogant and it poodles so feeble that they were prepared to invite him?

Posted by: Ghost Ship | Feb 13 2019 20:41 utc | 4

Look out for how this gets spun in US media. Things seem to be gearing up for war. The US has just rolled out their mini-nukes, nuclear weapons that are actually designed to be used.
Diplomacy has become a joke, and the way meetings like this are spun in US media seem to just lend legitimacy to further provocations ie. just feeding the MIC monolith.

Posted by: dan | Feb 13 2019 20:41 utc | 5

Is Mossad still at it?

Mossad had been passing themselves off as Americans, as CIA agents, enlisting militants to kill Iranians.
The false flag was an attempt to get Iran to retaliate in-kind and kill Americans.

Here is an article that gives details. Note that the article describes an area of Iran that was bombed just today.

Unlike the Mujahedin-e Khalq, the controversial exiled Iranian terrorist group that seeks the overthrow of the Tehran regime and is supported by former leading U.S. policymakers, Jundallah is relatively unknown — but just as violent. In May 2009, a Jundallah suicide bomber blew himself up inside a mosque in Zahedan, the capital of Iran’s southeastern Sistan-Baluchistan province bordering Pakistan, during a Shiite religious festival. The bombing killed 25 Iranians and wounded scores of others.

Today Zahedan is again in the news:

"Suicide Attack On Iranian Revolutionary Guard Bus Leaves Over 20 Dead"

The suicide bomber struck a bus transporting IRGC members on the road between the cities of Zahedan and Khash in Sistan-Baluchistan Province, a volatile area near the border with Pakistan where militant groups and drug smugglers frequently operate, Fars reported.

Posted by: librul | Feb 13 2019 20:43 utc | 6

Warmongers have got to monger about first then they go out and kill. Shame on any EU or Arab government that gives one shekel of comfort to the murderous duopoly of USA/Israel.

The fact that modern EU states can get gulled into attending this absolute sham meeting is just astounding. The EU has lost its collective mind and now just kowtows to the gang of death.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Feb 13 2019 20:46 utc | 7

I don't like the fact that the US government tries to make a link (however ridiculous it is) between Venezuela, Iran and Hezbollah. Seems to me they are planning to start more than one war.

Posted by: Simone | Feb 13 2019 20:46 utc | 8

At least Yahoo is honest, unlike those Arab inbred bastards.

Posted by: ex-SA | Feb 13 2019 20:47 utc | 9

They have changed their version into:

From here I am going to a meeting with 60 foreign ministers and envoys of countries from around the world against Iran. What is important about this meeting – and this meeting is not in secret, because there are many of those – is that this is an open meeting with representatives of leading Arab countries, that are sitting down together with Israel in order to advance the common interest of combatting Iran.

Posted by: Klaus Weiß | Feb 13 2019 20:53 utc | 10

Rudi Giuliani attending illegal anti-Iran event in Warsaw hosted by terrorist group MEK to parade for Iran War right now. Europeans very against, even loyal European Neo Cons against it. At the same time, though, Russia and Syria are threatening to clear Idlib of terrorise groups - EU wouldn't join a war against Iran, but against Syria/Russia? Maybe. Let's hope all this doesn't devolve into a regional nuclear war or worse

Posted by: Blooming Barricade | Feb 13 2019 20:55 utc | 11

The whole conference is an own goal for the Trump administration. Instead of showing unity with its allies it now only demonstrates the depth or their disagreement. Netanyahoo's statement may help him to win some votes in the upcoming election in Israel. But the hoped for alliance with the Gulf Arabs is now as far off as it has ever been.

Thank you President Trump.
ANOTHER truly magnificent ambush (that Bibi didn't see coming)!

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 13 2019 20:58 utc | 12

Magnier Tweets:

"#US @SecPompeo said Warsaw Summit (one single gathering) will 'force #Iran to change its behaviour'. Either he is drunk or naive.

"This is why I said Warsaw is a show to support Netanyahu."

I think it's more likely that Pompeo is both drunk and naïve.

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 13 2019 21:01 utc | 13

Perhaps Netanyahu needs a diversion from his and wifey Sara's upcoming trial for bribery and fraud and starting a war against Iran will take the Israeli public's attention away from the trial?

A war might also force a delay in general elections due to take place in Israel in April which could give Netanyahu enough breathing space to do something else in Israel's internal affairs that could enable him to take on near absolute power or at the very least stave off the trial.

At the end of the day, what transpires is all about saving Netanyahu's own skin and that of the missus. What does he care for what consequences result?

"Après moi, le déluge" might well be the Netanyahus' motto.

Posted by: Jen | Feb 13 2019 21:04 utc | 14

Even a blind fool can see the gears of the U.S. grinding towards another [ more ] war to yet serve their master Israel .

Posted by: highball | Feb 13 2019 21:37 utc | 15

Quick! Download the video before it is deleted! (It has now been changed to only be accessible by direct link.) I'm on an iPad and can't do it myself.

Posted by: S | Feb 13 2019 21:40 utc | 16

So the US cooperates with Bibi to help him earn political points at home. Big whoop, no surprise there. Neither country cares about the feelings of these other sock puppet countries. High level attendees or low level, it matters not. They follow orders regardless on the most critical elements of the Empires projects, or they are allowed to stay home and pout while the Empire acts unilaterally. Its got to the point where its not even necessary to maintain the illusion of a coalition. International law? Pfft. The law is what the only sheriff in town says it is. If the Empire wants to flex its muscles, they will be flexed and none dare to stop them beyond making some squeaking noises in protest to earn political points at home .

Sad but true.

Posted by: Pft | Feb 13 2019 21:54 utc | 17

This is great b! Netanyahoo shows up and tells the whole world that the objective is to go to war against Iran. Great catch. I am sure that this statement from Israel will disappear quickly from the MSN. I guess others above are already noticing the words are changing.

Any one with two ounces of common sense who have followed these stories over the last 20 years do know what Israel wants the rest of the world to do -- i.e. make war against Iran. However the rest of the world is not interested in doing so. Just maybe, poor Netanyahoo just might being going bat shit crazy in his desperate attempts to cling onto power by convincing the rest of the world to support him. Not going to happen.

Posted by: ToivoS | Feb 13 2019 22:22 utc | 18

great work as usual b.. thank you.. who are the arab koolaid drinkers? ksa and uae? lol... may as well get the chimpanzees down at the zoo to go along with it too while you are at it netanyahu/pompeo..

@7 librul.. the timing of that event in iran earlier today is interesting from a pr pov.. supporting mek and saying it is about war on iran is good as it removes the bullshit lies that usually accompany these types of gatherings and yes - the arab countries will be pissed.. serves them right working with israel under warmonger netanyahu even if they thought it was behind the scenes cool..

@9 simone... the usa is in prep for war 24/7 with everyone and anyone... it could come to a country near you if that country was to dare challenge the exceptional nations unipolar world view..

Posted by: james | Feb 13 2019 22:29 utc | 19

The arrival of Netanyahu at the conference, and his statement about war with Iran, was marked by the terrorist attack killing numerous IRGC troops. All to help his re-election and escape criminal corruption charges.

The UK's MI6 have done their bit by enabling the supposed smuggling of an Iranian nuclear scientist into the UK. The details of the 'escape' seem like a Hollywood script.

Things are stirring the the US. New Rep. Ilhan Omar has deservedly roasted Venezuelan envoy Elliot Abrams during an oversight meeyting.

Posted by: Yonatan | Feb 13 2019 22:36 utc | 20

Posted by: Yonatan | Feb 13, 2019 5:36:22 PM | 21

It's great clip US. New Rep. Ilhan Omar and a must watch everyone

Posted by: jo6pac | Feb 13 2019 23:08 utc | 21

This is great Ilhan Omar grilled Elliot Abrams!

Posted by: UserFriendly | Feb 13 2019 23:36 utc | 22

He really is a sick puppy.

Are there others, not sick puppies, in Israhell?

Posted by: John Doe | Feb 13 2019 23:49 utc | 23

Good picture:

Posted by: John Doe | Feb 13 2019 23:55 utc | 24

“No other country, except maybe the U.S., has any interest in waging war on Iran”

Definitely. This is crazy and one good reason why the world sees the US as such a threat.

Also a good reason that many see the rise of Russian and Chinese military power as a positive development.

Hopefully this is just another Trump faux paux.

In the against the grain category, consider that tensions have eased with Syria, Russia and Korea. Next up, Iran and China. Also of importance

US Powerless Against Hypersonic Missile Attacks From China, Russia

Go along to get along.

Posted by: financial matters | Mar 23, 2018

Posted by: financial matters | Feb 14 2019 0:17 utc | 25

I always new that b had talent for humour: "By claiming that the conference is about waging war on Iran Netanyahoo is only embarrassing the State Department and Secretary Mike Pompeo."

The thick skinned nasty killer hippo embarrassed!? Now that would be the day.

Posted by: Kiza | Feb 14 2019 0:24 utc | 26

"leading Arab countries, that are sitting down together with Israel in order to advance the common interest of war with Iran."

Well now, that about says it all.

These are some truly sick MFers if they go along with this rhetoric. Hopefully the Europeans won't rubber stamp this monstrous statement.

The people of Israel have become Nazis if they don't oppose this idea.

Posted by: ben | Feb 14 2019 0:44 utc | 27

James @20 don't forget Jordan, Morocco perhaps and Egypt(for hire).
Much as I sympathise with Uncle Tungsten's frustration at EU attendance at this meeting the real context is that almost every government in the western EU is on the ropes: France and the UK, certainly, Spain, on the verge of a general election, Italy with an anti-EU (or pretending to be) government breaking all sorts of rules. Greece is a political basket case, things are bad economically but politically they are worse.
Then there is Germany where the SPD is auditioning to be PASOK and the AfD appears to be making all the running.
As to the EU itself it is dreading the coming elections which are likely to fill the so-called Parliament with people who make Nigel Farage look like Bill Clinton.
Nothing is surprising about these governments, none of them can last long. In the meantime the last thing they want is a quarrel with the Big Boss with the bases.

Posted by: bevin | Feb 14 2019 0:52 utc | 28

Hell freezes over: BBC Syria producer actually tells truth about Syria, admits the Douma hospital scene was staged. What's next? Are they gonna say Assad isn't really a bloodthirsty child-killing and gassing butcher monster "committing the worst genocide since the Holocaust"? That he's a British-educated optician who was thrust into power by accident and yet hasn't chickened out when the whole West and almost all regional neighbors invaded his country?

Posted by: S | Feb 14 2019 1:23 utc | 29

Making Israel Great Again (MIGA) moving according to plans. Funny how Trump appointed neo-cons are providing blatant diplomatic cover to advance zionist aims. Deplorables must be happy with all that winning going on. Meanwhile, on the home front neo-confederates are proceeding apace with israelization of American society: wall, anti-bds law and attacks on free speech, modern nuremberg laws with reactionary judges filling the bench, etc.

Posted by: Augustin L | Feb 14 2019 1:56 utc | 30

Why is Netanyahoo doing this?

Instead of treating that as a rhetorical question, I’m going to put on my tin-foil hat and speculate about the both reasons and consequences of Netanyahoo actively looking for a war.

The apartheid Jewish state has been poking and prodding at Iran for many months. The latest seems to have been the killing of dozens of Iran’s soldiers by a suicide bomber. Before that were the endless attacks in Syria. And there was Trump’s destruction of the nuclear agreement and also his resumption of the sanctions.

Recently some minor minister in Iran declared that nation would “raze” some Israeli cities if the US attacked Iran. Netanyahoo’s response?

“If this regime makes the terrible mistake and tries to destroy Tel Aviv or Haifa, it won’t be successful, and it will be the last anniversary of their revolution they will ever celebrate.”

That is a direct threat to use nuclear weapons against Iran, and the audience isn’t just Iran. The apartheid Jewish state has done this in the past to force the US to do what it wants. Why nukes? Because Iran would lose in a conventional war. The apartheid Jewish state may have a fine air force, but that’s really the only practical way to get at Iran, and Iran is too far away for any kind of air campaign of annihilation. So “poor little Israel” begins to get pulverized by conventional weapons from both Iran and Lebanon. These innocent victims (they always are!) tell Trump they’ve going to nuke Iran and Lebanon alike unless the US joins the fight. The Neocon York Times and Bezos’ Blog WP and Faux News (and all the rest) will scream for action. Result:

The US joins the fight.

In this scenario there is no possible way the Holy Cesspool can lose. By taking a few heavy punches it will 1) force the US to bomb Iran and 2) use the chaos to Death-March the Palestinians to the southern and eastern borders of Solomon’s Second Kingdom – as defined by Netanyahoo. Purely Self Defense, of course.

The US Congress would fall all over itself increasing the US deficit to pay for reconstruction of God’s Favorite Outhouse. Heck, it might even send a few tents to the homeless Palestinians in Egypt and Jordan.

Will any of this happen? I don’t know, but for the past 90 years very little has happened over that way which wasn’t scripted. Before removing that tinfoil hat, I think I notice at least a few traces of pre-planning.

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Feb 14 2019 2:25 utc | 31

Proofreading - not!:

Because Israel would lose in a conventional war

Well, they do both start with a capital "I"....

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Feb 14 2019 2:28 utc | 32

@Yonatan @jo6pac @UserFriendly: If you really like what Omar is doing, please go to the comments section and support her: Right now it's filled with comments describing her as a "filthy f-ing animal" and hoping that someone "sends her to hell".

Posted by: S | Feb 14 2019 2:43 utc | 33

@ Zachary Smith,

Me thinks the next major war will push the exceptionals over the Abyss. Let's hope the current leadership of fools and clowns refrains from making the fatal mistake. Real American physical economy just ain't cutting it anymore to win great game, the hegemon is barely hanging on... But should they, a eudaimonic and comatose population sedated on drugs and tittytainment might finally wake up when the music stops playing. For now, it's plutocrats, neo-confederates and grifters manifesting destiny. Jonathan Roth's view: civil war coming to america ?

Posted by: Augustin L | Feb 14 2019 2:43 utc | 34

Sorry, wrong link. Support Omar here:

Posted by: S | Feb 14 2019 2:45 utc | 35

I can confirm that "milchamah" is the Hebrew word for "war".

Posted by: lysias | Feb 14 2019 3:05 utc | 36

b- Great article, as usual, thank you!

And the moment I saw Jared's name in the attendees I felt the meeting was a set up to support Bibi who so badly needs a war. His efforts to halt the elections a few months ago didn't work so he is pretty desperate and working the, "only I can save you (Israel) from war" angle.

Along with the giant billboards of himself with Trump plunked on any number of buildings in Israel. The guy is a putz, a deadly, dangerous putz true, but still a putz.

reply to John Doe PM
great photo! Thanks I needed that.

reply to S 35
I did as you asked and posted support. She is a brave woman, I will also call her office tomorrow and thank her for speaking up.

Posted by: frances | Feb 14 2019 3:36 utc | 37

Seems to me this article is not about Americans wishing to wage war, and certainly it cannot be about the USA wanting to wage war, as the USA is a name, not a person, so its not about the USA.
USA is nothing more than a corporate name, just like a corporation it has a charter (constitution). That corporation is organized, by its constitution, as a Armed rule making nation state. 527 hand picked salaried persons are appointed to make rules and to use force and other methods to satisfy and bring about the objects implicit in the design. Of course, the design allows to use, abuse and profit off of the governed. Zionism is a system of economics, many leaders around the world practice Zionism: explains how so many nation states gang up against singular targets; the gangs are related by the common system of take all economics.

Zionism seeks total unmitigated control over everyone and everything in the world. Makes sense that persons' subscribing to that system of economics want to lead armed rule-making nation states. Zionism is not a name of an object, instead it identifies groups of people with a common amoral philosophy and greedy commercial idealisms. They are found in different places, and come from different racial, language, social and educational backgrounds, but they practice decimate everything that competes or challenges as a system of economics; and they demand possession and total monopoly power as their end goals.

Zionist with the mean,s use the armed rule-making war-making nation states, privately owned fake made up news, story telling propaganda and many other means or methods to accomplish all object ownership and control. There can be no USA thing, because USA is a no person name, there can be no Israeli thing, because Israel is a no person name, there can be no British thing, because Britain is a no person name, there can be no French thing, because France is a no person name, but there can be persons practicing in common Economic Zionism in each of those named places.

Remember a nation state is an armed, rule-making structure, designed by those who are in control of a area, with construction and operations contracted to politicians, wealthy powerful persons and military contractors. The structure designs provides information feedback, allows to improve the structure and to better instruct and better police the politicians charged to keep those targeted to be the governed under control and in position.

Americans could care less.. too much football to watch.

Posted by: snake | Feb 14 2019 3:38 utc | 38

@29 Very embarrassing for the elites and justly deserved! That response and the article it speaks of is generating hysterics from the faux left anti-Assad obsessives. To think that we were right all along...AGAIN! After austerity, Iraq, RussiaGate, Brexit and EVERY. OTHER. MAJOR. ISSUE. When Corbyn finishes his second term in Downing Street, Seumas Milne should write a sequel to his excellent "Revenge of History," perhaps entitled, in the words of the CIA hack he rightfully maligns, Robert Conquest, "We Told You So, You F***ing Fools."

@22 Ilhan Omar is awesome! She's going hard against the neocon taboos. At the same time, alas, it now takes a radical to even mouth a critique of a ghoul like Abrams, from the 1980s through the early 2000s, even moderate Republicans had differences with him and loudly criticized him. Today, there is Full Spectrum Dominance across the loyalist media and politicians.

Posted by: Anne Jaclard | Feb 14 2019 3:50 utc | 39

How much of Iraeli MSM is oligarchy monopoly owned as in rest of 5 eyes countries?

That Netyhoo is floundering such that locals in Israel have even the slightest sense in which this guy has single handedly turned world opinion of brand Israel into vision of barbarian Tower of Babel no amount of PR or censorship can give makeover to fix it seems remarkable .... even as unlikely as only 20% of Venezuelans who ever heard of fake never elected president who miraculously produced 30% supporters of him!

No wonder Neocons are hankering after second coming! Modern Israel has sealed its fate to go down in dustbin of history for thrashing Geneva conventions with population transfer of settlements. War mongering banksterism as JudeoChristian brand ... is that supposed to be the enlightened spirituality ! Do they even teach Martin Buber anymore?

Posted by: slit | Feb 14 2019 3:56 utc | 40

The Zionists are likely planning ways to literally destroy (murder) the Iranian people, with the help of crypto-Zionist leaders of the Middle-East and the west. Even some of the crypto-Zionists within Iranian leadership will play their parts to make sure the war flourishes for maximum destruction.

Posted by: Midwest For Truth | Feb 14 2019 3:59 utc | 41

praise to moloch for bb the innocent children of isreal must be saved by removing the arab and muslims from all these ancient lands of judah.
the un and nato must help tel aviv find a final solution for these arab gypsy problem

Posted by: rab | Feb 14 2019 4:06 utc | 42

A couple of postings from Xinhuanet on subject

Iran's top leader rules out possibility of talks with U.S. to solve problems

The take away quote
"As for America, no solution for the (existing mutual) problems is in prospect," Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in a statement published by his official website.

"Talks with America will bear no fruit, but material and spiritual loss for the Islamic republic," Khamenei was quoted as saying.

"Today, the Iranian nation considers the criminal America, as well as some European states, as deceptive and untrustworthy," he said.

Iranian FM says anti-Iran meeting in Poland to fail

Take away quote
"This is another attempt by the United States to pursue its policies vis-a-vis Iran, which has not been forged properly," Zarif was quoted as saying.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 14 2019 4:08 utc | 43

Super-Imperialism at the Pentagon
interview with Michael Hudson

Posted by: mauisurfer | Feb 14 2019 4:13 utc | 44

tangential to the topic, I looked tonight for several posts where we (Moonbats) talked about all the senate and congressmen whom have dual citizenship, with Israel and America. But I guess since Alphabet has scrubbed and censored google, of late. When looking in the MOA archives I found nothing. I'm concerned all the history that MOA has documented may be lost. On this as well as much other crimes we've documented over the years. Anyone else?

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Feb 14 2019 4:13 utc | 45

Slit @ 40:

As far back as 2010, the concentration of wealth among a tiny minority in Israel was noted by Richard Silverstein.

Silverstein, "18 Israeli Families Control 60% of Nation’s Corporate Equity"

The Arison family owns Carnival Cruises and includes Shari Arison, the richest woman in the Middle East and the fourth richest person in Israel.

According to the study at the link, the wealthiest 1% in Israel owns 22.5% of the national wealth:

Posted by: Jen | Feb 14 2019 4:46 utc | 46

And then there is this:
Monica Witt: US Air Force officer defects to Iran with information 'seriously damaging' to national security, officials reveal
The Independent Chris Riotta,The Independent 12 hours ago
Reactions Reblog on Tumblr Share Tweet Email
A US Air Force officer has defected to Iran and shared information that could cause "serious damage" to America's national security, officials have revealed.

Witt reportedly said, she did this to do some good in the world; instead of evil, for the U.S.

Posted by: V | Feb 14 2019 5:15 utc | 47

I have two "news" sites where I check for headlines every now and then, and on both of them I saw some news about Iran doing evil.

Former U.S. Air Force officer faces spy charges after defecting to Iran

Monica Witt: US Air Force officer defects to Iran with information 'seriously damaging' to national security, officials reveal

But upon opening them the reader learns "Ms Witt defected to Iran nearly six years ago in 2013."

Is this part of a campaign to flood the news with stories of Iran - ones which greatly resemble those of how Iraq was about to kill us all with its WMDs? Dragging out something from 2013 - why would that happen except for the necessity to have everyone thinking - and obsessing - about Iran?

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Feb 14 2019 5:23 utc | 48

@ V #46

What a coincidence!

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Feb 14 2019 5:25 utc | 49

#48 What a coincidence!

Indeed. Also, I had the same question as you: Why 6 years?
Obviously there is a reason; possibly we'll find out the reason for the delay?

Posted by: V | Feb 14 2019 6:12 utc | 50

V, Zachary Smith @ 48, 49:

Did you see Yonatan's comment @ 21 about the Iranian nuclear scientist smuggled into Britain among Iranian asylum seekers across the English Channel by MI6?

The MSM can't have the public figuring out that MI6 could have been smuggling more than just Iranian nuclear scientists among Middle Eastern asylum seekers, even if that story Yonatan linked to stinks more nauseatingly fishy than hakarl. MI6 could have been smuggling White Helmets workers as well!

So the MSM is tasked with promoting a 6-year-old story about a US officer defecting to Iran to deflect attention from MI6, meanwhile hoping no-one reads past the headlines.

Posted by: Jen | Feb 14 2019 10:30 utc | 51

Anne Jaclard @ 39 says: now takes a radical to even mouth a critique of a ghoul like Abrams

yeah, really. the last scene like that that i remember was when Cynthia McKinney grilled Rumsfeld over perverted malfeasance at DynCorp and the missing 2.3 trillion at DOD.

well, 13 years later McKinney has long been run out of Congress, i think Rumsfeld is hitting it high on his ranch in Taos, New Mexico, and the unaccounted for 2.3 trillion at DOD has morphed into 21 trillion.

i've read that Ilhan Omar, as a teenager, spent four years in a refugee camp in Kenya after fleeing the civil war in Somalia…

no doubt the woman has some moxie. i think she'll need it.

Posted by: john | Feb 14 2019 11:00 utc | 52

Purim is on March 20th this year. Worth keeping that date in mind.

Posted by: Ross | Feb 14 2019 11:37 utc | 53

A war is really going to help things. Psychopaths are running the world. It will not end well.

Posted by: Ella | Feb 14 2019 11:51 utc | 54

I have a speculative theory about Trump's attitude to Bibi.
In March, 2015, Bibi goose-stepped into Congress, without consulting President Obama, to give the Congress Critters owned by the "Israel" Lobby a stern lecture about Iran and told them to Heil Israel. When he'd finished they gave him 23(or some ridiculous number) standing ovations.
I recall the incident because I remember thinking that if Bibi ever pulled a stunt like that in Oz, I'd jump in my car, drive to Canberra and punch his lights out myself.
I think Trump's professed patriotism is real. He's got a pretty good grasp of diplomatic protocols in formal situations, and is a stickler for treating high-ranking foreign officials with respect, in public.
Therefore I believe Trump feels the same way about Bibi stepping over a diplomatic red line in AmeriKKKa, as I'd feel if Bibi did that in Oz. Imo Bibi is in deep shit. And it's going to get worse.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 14 2019 13:03 utc | 55

It appears the only difference between the German government of 1933/45 and the Palestinian jews is that the Germans signalled out /killing jews whereas the Jews are killing the Arabs.

Posted by: Joe Ascot | Feb 14 2019 13:41 utc | 56

of course clinton wanted to win, she wanted to keep the scam going smoothly. but she wanted to beat bernie more. if she loses (as she did) she still runs the democratic party in large part, but if bernie won all bets were off. but the creaky hold she and other centrists have on the party seems to be slipping, it was great seeing omar give that old warmonger abrams fits.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Feb 14 2019 14:10 utc | 57

I don't see war with Iran any time soon. We've been through this many times in each administrations--there's a build up and then nothing happens. War, for the Empire is a means to keep the population in thrall and enrich corporations that profit from war. The corporate oligarchs do not want serious wars with serious opponents--only weak states are attacked. More likely Venezuela will be attacked not Iran. The Europeans, though they are vassals, don't want it. They are happy to rattle their swords at Russia as all-purpose enemy but Iran could cause damage to the world energy market. I don't see any advantage to an attack for the Empire at this time. Maybe in a few years the covert operations may increase and weaken Iran but we aren't there yet.

Posted by: Chris Cosmos | Feb 14 2019 14:58 utc | 58

Great post by b,
funny when I said the same thing some weeks ago, I was attacked by some people, but when b say it, the same people here are silent. :)

Posted by: Zanon | Feb 14 2019 16:01 utc | 59

So here we are again. Cooling off with regards to vVenezuela and ramping up with regards to Iran. Meanwhile, the house just voted to cease aid to ksa re: Yemen.

Many predicted this because the pattern is an either tired attempt by the hegemon at projecting a quickly evaporating power or it is the result of the djt phenomenon that is undermining this neocon bs by using the long game a la Putin.

In any case, it is predictable and bodes well for the continuing unravelling of the empire. And we may even get a wall out of the deal.

Hooray for borders and sovereignty!

Posted by: Nemesiscalling | Feb 14 2019 17:16 utc | 60

Mackey provides old vid since new vid pimping war with Iran was scrubbed:

"Benjamin Netanyahu's office deleted video of him advocating 'war with Iran' on Wednesday, but here's another video, from 2002, of him offering Congress his personal 'guarantee' that war with Iraq would have 'enormous positive reverberations' in Iran."

Down thread the original tweet advocating war with Iran is reproduced, which is a copy of the webpage b cited above. Mackey's article at The Intercept is good and reports:

"Netanyahu’s use of the word 'war' seemed to throw Israel’s diplomatic corps into chaos. Within minutes, as journalists speculated that the prime minister’s office might have mistranslated his comment, Netanyahu’s spokesperson to the Arab media, Ofir Gendelman, wrote that the Israeli leader had described his nation’s common interest with Arab nations as 'combatting Iran,' not 'war with Iran'....

"Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, seized on the Israeli leader’s apparent Freudian slip as evidence that Netanyahu’s true aim of provoking a war with Iran was now out in the open....

"Javad Zarif

"We've always known Netanyahu's illusions. Now, the world - and those attending #WarsawCircus - know, too...

"'Is it no coincidence that Iran is hit by terror on the very day that #WarsawCircus begins?' Zarif tweeted. 'Especially when cohorts of same terrorists cheer it from Warsaw streets & support it with twitter bots? US seems to always make the same wrong choices, but expect different results.'"

Why did Mackey feel he needed to provide the bolded out for the Zionists when even he makes clear wasn't a Freudian slip whatsoever?

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 14 2019 17:46 utc | 61

@ karlof1 who asked
Why did Mackey feel he needed to provide the bolded out for the Zionists when even he makes clear wasn't a Freudian slip whatsoever?
Trump has normalized the telling of truth and then pull-back when folks say that is heinous. It is a bullying tactic to anger your opponents so they are less rational in confronting your evil.

SSDD = same shit, different day

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 14 2019 18:00 utc | 62

psychohistorian @61--

Did you catch any of Rep Omar's grilling of Abrams yesterday that raised the ire of Pence and clan? I had a student much like her who wanted to major in International Relations so she could in some way help her homeland--she too was a Somali refugee. Both have a tenacious level of courage that will serve them well. We need a Congress full of Omars to properly deal with the Pences, Abrams, Pompeos, Boltons, and their ilk.

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 14 2019 18:14 utc | 63

we need to always be on guard with the arabs and iranians they are very devious have been for thousands of years.
any chance they get they wabt to hurt innocent children of judah we must embrace a final solution for the iran and arab issue

Posted by: menem | Feb 14 2019 18:32 utc | 64


For those interested, Khamenei's 40th Anniversary Speech's topic was "The Second Phase of the Revolution," and can be read here.

I think it important to know how Iran's Supreme Leader assess Iran's Revolution, how his vision compares to the reports of others. The following is from his introduction and tells us that he sees the Revolution as a fusion of "religion and the material world":

"The day when the world was divided into the material West and East, and no one presumed a major religious movement would emerge, the Islamic revolution of Iran stepped into the scene gloriously and mightily; it broke the frameworks; it flaunted to the world the outdatedness of the clichés; it put the religion and the material world together, and declared the coming of a new era. It was much expected that the leaders of deviation and oppression would react—but in vain. Whatever the right and left modernity did— from pretending to ignore this emerging and unprecedented voice to extensive efforts for suffocating it— just brought them closer to their indispensable demise. Today, after forty annual celebrations of the victory of the Revolution and forty Fajr ten-days, one of the two centers of animosity has already perished, and the second one is struggling with predicaments that signal its death in the near future. Whereas, the Islamic Revolution is advancing while preserving and adhering to its mottos."

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 14 2019 18:32 utc | 65

Anti-Semitism in Europa: the poll:

Differs from the description in the media ...

Posted by: Klaus Weiß | Feb 14 2019 18:37 utc | 66

menem @63--

History shows the Persians were protectors and allies of the Hebrews, particularly against the Romans. But then you probably aren't taught that despite what's detailed in Torah, which figures since only real Hebrews are interested in reading that, not the European immigrants who make up most of Zionistan's non-Semitic populace.

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 14 2019 18:39 utc | 67

Klaus Weiß @65--

An interesting choice of nations and only 7, which doesn't make it a complete survey of Europe. The poll's title ought to be honest and say "Anti-Semitic indicators for 7 European nations."

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 14 2019 18:44 utc | 68

@ karlof1 with the Rep Omar comment....YES, I did!!!

She probably had good teachers like you to help her see the forest for the trees as well.

Thanks for all you add to MoA

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 14 2019 18:48 utc | 69

Gotta thank b for retweeting this Twitter thread as it displays a hidden side of the Jewish Community living in the shadow of its bigger, uglier racist façade. I urge fellow barflies to take a few minutes to read and feel the genuine anguish displayed.

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 14 2019 18:56 utc | 70

psychohistorian @68--

This Tweet's one of the best I've seen encapsulating the essence of the entire exchange:

"Folks, Elliott Abrams is a confessed liar who was complicit in mass murder. Ilhan Omar is a refugee who survived the sort of violence backed by Abrams. If you have to think for even a second about who deserves your support, please consider quitting foreign policy."

The ensuing thread's all over the place. Too much going on for Ziobot damage control efforts.

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 14 2019 19:08 utc | 71

Here's Caitlin Johnston's recap of the Omar-Abrams exchange, which also provides video. Clearly, Omar knows she's in the right and has the power of the Truth within her--BUT--she needs to be receive outside confirmation of that from people everywhere. Unfortunately, her House website will only allow email contact for constituents. Her Contact page, however, does include mailing addresses and phone numbers.

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 14 2019 19:44 utc | 72

A couple of weeks ago I saw a Utube talk between Joe Rogan and Tulsi Gabbard
(Link :

The interview was last September (long before she announced), but she talked about an item included in the Defense Authorization Budget that is always passed each year)

Tulsi said that included in that Defense authorization bill was a three page insert that was not brought up or discussed in committee.

That three page insert approved the DoDefense and the DoState to formulate and implement plans to go to war with Iran.

Tulsi introduced an amendment to nullify this, but was only able to get 60 votes out of the entire House membership, leading to the amendment failing.

So, barflys, Congress has already approved making plans and implementing those plans to wage war on Iran.

The more I see about Tulsi, the more I like her brand of politics.

Posted by: naiverealist | Feb 14 2019 20:01 utc | 73

Since I've been one to critique AOC's lack of voicing anything regarding Rep Omar's vilification and subsequent grilling of the criminal Abrams, I should post her tweet of support for Rep. Omar even if it's done in a somewhat cryptic manner:

"I often reflect on @AyannaPressley‘s words: 'people closest to the pain should be closest to the power.'

"@IlhanMN is a Somali refugee. She has felt the ravages of war. Watching her question Trump’s envoy to VZ, who pled guilty to several Iran-Contra crimes, feels like justice."

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 14 2019 20:25 utc | 74

karlof1 - ot - can i just say what a flake this aoc person is, and how someone is really gunning for her to some significant role in gov't given the 24/7 promo she is being given constantly??

on the other hand this omar women is definitely not a flake, so they will have to take her down quickly!

Posted by: james | Feb 14 2019 20:28 utc | 75

reply to Midwest For Truth 42
"The Zionists are likely planning ways to literally destroy (murder) the Iranian people, with the help of crypto-Zionist leaders of the Middle-East and the west."

I have often wondered what the real target is of Israel; true they want to wipe their neighbors off the map. But I think the real End Game is to gut and bleed the US dry. I see the two as in a horrific parasitical relationship and when the host(US)dies and I think its death is within our lifetime, it will be onto the next victim.

Posted by: frances | Feb 14 2019 20:37 utc | 76

reply to Midwest For Truth 42
"The Zionists are likely planning ways to literally destroy (murder) the Iranian people, with the help of crypto-Zionist leaders of the Middle-East and the west."

I have often wondered what the real target is of Israel; true they want to wipe their neighbors off the map. But I think the real End Game is to gut and bleed the US dry. I see the two as in a horrific parasitical relationship and when the host(US)dies and I think its death is within our lifetime, it will be onto the next victim.

Posted by: frances | Feb 14 2019 21:10 utc | 77

reply to Karlofl 73
"contacting Omar.."
I totally agree and I tried calling her offices yesterday but both govt mailboxes were full, I opted to defend her at the Daily Mail and on several other sites instead.

Posted by: frances | Feb 14 2019 21:13 utc | 78

frances @79--

Good for you! IMO, a well composed letter is best, particularly as it can be signed by a group of supporters more convincingly than an email. She provides further proof the voting does make a difference, which ought to be shoved right back at the voting doesn't matter trolls.

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 14 2019 21:53 utc | 79

@69, karlof1: Anyway, the numbers don't support the media hype.

Posted by: Klaus Weiß | Feb 14 2019 21:53 utc | 80



Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away." - Benjamin Netanyahu.

A comment made by Netanyahu, the prime minister of "Israel" to Jonathan Pollard (convicted traitor and spy) upon exiting Pollard's jail cell.

Posted by: barry | Feb 14 2019 23:33 utc | 81

As to Omar, there is also this petition circulated by Credo. I urge all to sign it:

As to the question of what Israel wants, its a matter of how much and when. Zionists don't necessarily want to wipe the neighboring countries off the map. They covet land their neighbors live on as much as they did Palestine before it was usurped. The dominant perception is racist; that Arabs do not deserve to live on real estate that could be put to use for Israelis. To rectify the disparity, they routinely cite threats to their security and survival to justify land thievery. More and more land, more and more precious water to feed expansion of habitable-friendly environment for future settlements until the appetite for real estate is sated and/or until the 'Rapture' ushers the ascension of their lightheaded Christian Zionist enablers.

Posted by: metni | Feb 14 2019 23:39 utc | 82

metni @83--

Thanks for posting that link! I signed I suggest others do too! As for what Palestinians want, they favor the One-State Solution in ever increasing numbers. Just as South Africa retained its borders but had its internal dynamics completely overhauled, the One State of Palestine will keep its current borders minus its occupied Syrian and Lebanese lands and have its internal dynamics completely changed. Genuine Hebrews will be encouraged to stay while European Colonists having their superior status revoked will likely leave taking their racist values back where they came from. The monies sent to Zionistan by the Outlaw US Empire will cease and thus no longer be used to corrupt internal US politics.

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 15 2019 0:29 utc | 83

British military bases Haarp installations - Cyprus island.

A few things about illegal British military bases in Cyprus.

Is this a vital part of Israel's Iron Dome defense system operations?

Posted by: OSINT-suggests | Feb 15 2019 0:31 utc | 84

gchq mount troudos Akrotiri and Dhekelia have always been part of london and tel aviv qoing back to baby;on talmud times.
the greeks came later

if tel aviv and london was not in country the russians would crush cyprus in a day

Posted by: ram | Feb 15 2019 0:52 utc | 85

BBC Producer's Syria Bombshell: Douma "Gas Attack" Footage "Was Staged"

"I can prove without a doubt that the Douma Hospital scene was staged."

Posted by: carla | Feb 15 2019 1:00 utc | 86

Karlof1 @84

Thanks for signing and helping spread the word. I have no illusions about the two-state solution as being no solution. Yes, the de-Zionisation of Palestine, however wistful it may seem, is the only practical humanitarian solution. Had Zionism not succeeded in its sustained ideologically driven zealotry, Palestine could have peacefully accommodated any number of European Jews who might have had a genuine desire to live in the land where their religion was spawned, but not by the usurpation of it's indigenous population. After the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, the remaining segment had been effectively relegated to the status of second-class citizens or worse in their own land. Relative comity between Palestinian Muslims, Christians and Jews existed for centuries before the arrival of Europeans who had no nexus to the land or its culture. I share the same hope as you, even as the experience of my lifetime has left me somewhat bereft of optimism.

Posted by: metni | Feb 15 2019 1:12 utc | 87

Greetings friends, I just caught up with some great Venezuela / Haiti context information at and can seriously recommend a visit. Apologies if it has already been mentioned.
Great video:

And a great short article:

If you really must know what the Haiti puppet government thinks you can goto haitilibre dot com. The name similarity is not an accident I assume.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Feb 15 2019 9:57 utc | 88


Posted by: john | Feb 15 2019 11:25 utc | 89

james says:

on the other hand this omar women is definitely not a flake, so they will have to take her down quickly

well, that dude over at SST seems to be getting a jump-start. he's all but accused the woman of being some kind of sleeper cell for al-qaeda.

isn't this the mind-set of so many patriots? good old-fashioned red-blooded American fear and loathing.

Posted by: john | Feb 15 2019 11:33 utc | 90

Regarding Ilhan Omar, she must be protected online and in every sense. She took on Elliot Abrams, She's taking on the Lobby, She's taking on Zionism and the Neocon establishment. Everyone must fight for her survival, in Congress and otherwise, and stand by her so she is not muzzled and reprogrammed. She is facing great pressure in her own party, also of course, from the right head of the duopoly hydra and powerful external forces not to mention the media. Her voice right now is too important. She is among wolves trying to devour her. She's going to need massive support everywhere.

Posted by: Circe | Feb 15 2019 15:29 utc | 91

you are with zion or you are failed state.
ressitance is futile why fight just succomb already

What? They don't teach spelling at the IDF hasbara 😈 troll cyberfarm? Heil Zion! Resistance is futile---🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Posted by: Circe | Feb 15 2019 18:42 utc | 92

Methinks the BBC is having a lot of trouble with Ilhan Omar. She's "a 37-year-old mother of three is the first Somali-American, first African-born American, and one of the first two Muslim American women to serve in the US Congress."

These are exactly the things the BBC promotes so they can't really sick Orla Guerin on her.

Posted by: dh | Feb 15 2019 18:59 utc | 93

Below is a Xinhuanet link to results from the Warsaw conference

Spotlight: Anti-Iran coalition unrealized amid divergence in Warsaw conference

Take away quotes
With the absence of major powers, the conference only resulted in a joint statement, saying that the United States and Poland will create the Middle East Strategic Study Group, a forum of experts, away from what the United States desired.
another quote
The conference is an opportunity that Netanyahu massively uses in his electoral publicity, because he sees that hostility to Iran is the way to build relations with Arab states without having to go through a settlement for the Palestinian issue, Motawe (a Cairo-based Palestinian political analyst) said.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 16 2019 2:32 utc | 94

@96 I'm having a little trouble with an Arab NATO supported by Israel. Perhaps somebody would like to explain how that would work.

Posted by: dh | Feb 16 2019 2:42 utc | 95

@JackRabbit #3:

Being perpetually shocked & alarmed seems to be a given among politicians,
especially noticeable among Dutch ones.
My view on this matter is: a)they are creatures beholden to lobby interests, and
thus are not used to keeping up with what is going on in their own departments
or those outside of it, and b)not having to do any work on policy and legislation
in their chauffeured existence as everything gets delivered in a neat package
a change in pace is scary to them.
Patrick Henningsen uses the term "consensus reality".

Posted by: Mishko | Feb 16 2019 9:34 utc | 96

US/NATO prefers the extreme right factions in its toolbox.
Ukraine -> Kolomoisky -> Kosher Nostra -> Azov Batallion
German reunification -> Croatian extreme right wing -> break-up of Yugoslavia
(Also the opening of immigration floodgates: strategy of tension, chaos,
stimulating right wing sentiment).
Greece: hardship for the general population -> Golden Dawn
Poland: steadily veering towards hard right, Israeli PM paying a -surprise?- visit...

Posted by: Mishko | Feb 16 2019 9:55 utc | 97

- Netanjahu is the subject of a corruption investigation. He can use any distraction from his investigation worries. And this conference is very suitable for that purpose.
- It wouldn't have mattered if Netanjahu was still firmly in control of power in israel but that these investigations take place is a sign that there are people who are very eager want to bring Netanjahu down. Like one Naftali Bennett.
- I think Netanjahu is on his way out, no matter what he says or does. Every politician has a date of expiration, has a limited shelflife and Netanjahu is no exception to that rule.

Posted by: Willy2 | Mar 3 2019 10:01 utc | 98

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