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January 20, 2019

The MoA Week In Review - Open Thread 2019-04

Last week's posts on Moon of Alabama:

This week saw another fake story about Trump and Russia. A newly released chapter of Matt Taibbi's book Hate Inc. (available for free) touches on the issue: BuzzFeed's big scoop and the media's giant factual loophole. Doug Johnson Hatlem lists all the Russiagate stories the media retracted or seriously corrected. He is at number 37 so far.

Two weeks ago Senator Lindsay Graham argued against screwing the Kurds in Syria:

SEN. GRAHAM: Well, I had lunch with the president last week and I came away a bit encourage. There are three things that we want to accomplish as part of a withdrawal. We want to make sure that when we leave the Kurds do not get slaughtered. And I don't trust Turkey to take care of the Kurds. It'd be like Putin trying to police Assad. That didn't work well. We need a plan to protect the Kurds from Turkey and others.

The same Senator Graham is now pushing for screwing the Kurds:

"So I told President Trump if you withdraw and do not think this through, you are creating a nightmare for Turkey. President Obama created a nightmare for Turkey by arming elements of the YPG that are clearly tied to the PKK and in the eyes of Turkey this was devastating," Graham said in a statement to reporters in Ankara on Saturday.

Graham believes the US and Turkish militaries are already coordinating on a plan to disarm the YPG.

“Here’s the good news: General Dunford, I think, has a plan that he’s working on with the Turkish military that can accomplish these objectives and they are to move the YPG elements away from Turkey,” said Graham, adding that heavy weapons in particular should be taken away.

Did anyone else publish about the Hersh piece? I have seen none. There are many more interesting bits in there, on Reagan's Star Wars for example, that I did not point out.

Part of old/new star wars plan is new technology to kill missiles shortly after they take off. The idea is bollocks:

A 2012 National Academy of Sciences report puts it very plainly: “Boost-phase missile defense—whether kinetic or directed energy, and whether based on land, sea, air, or in space—is not practical or feasible.”

The latest from Spire FM: The officer, who was hospitalised after being exposed to novichok last March, is on duty once again. - Yulia Skripal recovered in less than ten weeks. Why did it take the doorknobichok™ Det Sgt Nick Bailey a full ten month to come back to work?

Use as open thread ...

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And, one last bit from the BBC report on March 8, 2018:

"...Meanwhile, a doctor who was one of the first people at the scene has described how she found Ms Skripal slumped unconscious on a bench, vomiting and fitting. She had also lost control of her bodily functions.

The woman, who asked not to be named, told the BBC she moved Ms Skripal into the recovery position and opened her airway, as others tended to her father.

She said she treated her for almost 30 minutes, saying there was no sign of any chemical agent on Ms Skripal's face or body.

The doctor said she had been worried she would be affected by the nerve agent, but added that she "feels fine"

Doctor, nurse, Chief Nursing Officer of the Army, whatever...

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jan 20 2019 16:15 utc | 1

I did find the Seymour Hersch article at Arthur Cutten's Café Americain. Agree with you: Very interesting, a must read imo.

Posted by: willem friso | Jan 20 2019 17:32 utc | 2

thanks b.. in answer to your question at bottom.. see paveways bbc post on the un-named doctor first at the scene.. - "She said she treated her for almost 30 minutes, saying there was no sign of any chemical agent on Ms Skripal's face or body.

The doctor said she had been worried she would be affected by the nerve agent, but added that she "feels fine"."

funny how that works.. selective novihoax...

Posted by: james | Jan 20 2019 17:36 utc | 3

" The officer, who was hospitalised after being exposed to novichok last March, is on duty once again. - Yulia Skripal recovered in less than ten weeks. Why did it take the doorknobichok™ Det Sgt Nick Bailey a full ten month to come back to work?" Yulia Skirpal is a Russian woman - Pushkin advises a Russian woman can stop a wild horse. Women who grow up in Russian villages that encounter a military grade nerve agent will try to walk it off. No disrespect meant for British bobbies but they are snowflakes by comparison.

Posted by: Bruce | Jan 20 2019 18:04 utc | 4

It seems self-explanatory that if the government can’t track $21 trillion, there is something deeply wrong

the biggest story out there is getting so little traction, but still, i think it has great catalytic potential…

Posted by: john | Jan 20 2019 18:17 utc | 5

john | Jan 20, 2019 1:17:20 PM | 6

Why? It's 'only' money

Posted by: William Bowles | Jan 20 2019 18:44 utc | 6

Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth" seems to sum it up, as with everything else in the news today.

Posted by: Eugene | Jan 20 2019 18:46 utc | 7

Reader's comment at Naked Capitalism:

"capitalism works because those who benefit from it get to decide whether it works or not"
- vidimi, posted on January 18, 2019 at 7:36 am

Posted by: spudski | Jan 20 2019 20:33 utc | 8

William Bowles says:

Why? It's 'only' money

yeah, i know, intrinsically meaningless.



master, what is the meaning of life


give away EVERYTHING you own, and you will soon have your answer

Posted by: john | Jan 20 2019 21:04 utc | 9

#Russia|n military spokesman on yesterday's #Israel|i strikes on Damascus: "Syrian-operated Pantsir and Buk air defence systems destroyed seven Israeli missiles. The airport’s infrastructure was not damaged. There are no victims”.

Posted by: Lozion | Jan 20 2019 21:37 utc | 10

Next twist in the ongoing Skripal poisoning soap opera saga - it seems to be turning out that way - must surely be an autobiography publishing deal for Abby McCourt, with the book having a working title of "I Was A Teenage Frontline Emergency Responder in the Fight against Putin, Novichok and Russia".

Could the title be any better?

My favourite "I Was A Teenage ..."

Posted by: Jen | Jan 20 2019 21:37 utc | 11

@ Paveway IV Post 1
Curiouser and curiouser goes the tale; apparently it was not just the door handle -

John Helmer's post, January 17th, 2019 on
"The British state broadcaster BBC and other media have disclosed that the Salisbury house (lead image) owned by Sergei Skripal is to be partially demolished and rebuilt over the next four months."

a very long piece and a worthy read. the last three paragraphs tells all -


The second conclusion is that it was Skripal who exposed himself to a poison he was handling inside the house. That he did so by accident is likely; the accident theory was first reported here, on March 25, 2018.

The only independent British investigator of the affair, Rob Slane, has announced that he is retiring from the case. Here is his last word. “Even as I was finishing this piece off, yet another round of nonsense was unleashed; this time, the news that the roof of 47 Christie Miller Road (including the roof of the study) is to be taken off and replaced. Remember, we’re talking about a substance that can be cleansed with baby wipes. Remember, we’re talking about a substance that apparently breaks down after 80 minutes of exposure to the air. But 11 months later, it is again so deadly, that a whole roof needs replacing! Of course the media is not bothering to ask the obvious questions about this action, such as: How exactly could the roof timbers have become contaminated? Who could have contaminated them? D.S. Bailey? But why would he have been in the attic? Why is the ceiling / roof in Zizzis [restaurant] not being replaced? Why has the roof in The Mill [pub] not been dismantled? What was really in the attic? Obvious questions, yet none of them will be asked.

In conclusion, I think it abundantly clear that what we have been told about what took place on 4th March in the beautiful city of Salisbury is not, in fact, true. It is clear that something else happened, and much of what we have seen since then has been theatre and an attempt to cover up what actually took place.”

Posted by: Likklemore | Jan 20 2019 23:01 utc | 12

On Integrity Initiative Endgame:

From Consortium News
It should be pointed out that the Integrity Initiative recently claimed on Twitter that some of the documents leaked in batch #4 were not theirs and had been misrepresented as part of the organisation. It doesn’t really matter, though: all that we know, anti-socialist shills writing propaganda on behalf of II (Nimmo, Cohen, Reid-Ross) have confirmed their own roles, and the Twitter account was proven to have pushed out slanderous material on Jeremy Corbyn. Note that “misrepresented” could have referred to the inclusion of the Corbyn slide show document which was presented at but created by the II. This organisation and all of those part of it should be treated as enemies of the people, as they have attacked, disingenuously and using smears,

-Yellow Vests
– Jill Stein
-Jeremy Corbyn
-George Galloway
-Seuams Milne
-German Left Party
-French Left Party
-French Communist Party
-Greek Communist Party
-Norwegian Red Party
-Norwegian Socialist Left Party
-Swedish Left Party
-Swedish Greens
-International Anti-NATO Groups
-Greyzone Project
-Julian Assange

-Infiltrating Corbyn and Sanders campaigns
-Inserting propaganda anonymously into local media including the Daily Beast, Buzzfeed, The Times, the Guardian, and more
-Using social media to orchestrate hate and dismissal campaigns against those mentioned above
-Hosting events for collaboration between members
-Building online “clusters” to deploy and shape discourse in the media and elsewhere

By repeating or openly collaborating with:

-Ben Nimmo
-Oz Katergi
-Anne Applebaum
-Peter Pomerantsev
-Atlantic Council
-Carole Cadwalladr
-David Aaronovitch
-Center For A Stateless Society
-Alexander Reid-Ross
-Nick Cohen
-Michael Weiss
-Jamie Fly
-Jamie Kirchick

Directed by:

-Tory Government
-German Multinationals

Posted by: Anne Jaclard | Jan 20 2019 23:02 utc | 13

john | Jan 20, @ 6

Right on john, the $21 Trillion sting is THE STORY and it will generate an immense coverup effort. But that effort is hindered by stupid interviewers like Greg Hunter. He was just infuriating to follow and gave Dr Skidmore no adequate space to explain. Drop kick is the term applied to turds like Hunter.

Let's wait and see if the newbies in the Congress and Senate can keep up the demands here. That is their biggest test and the easiest to get at least a pass mark. If the USAians ever get a yellow vest movement underway they might ask those questions. I am sure not holding my breath waiting for a White House journalist to ever ask SecDef to account in detail for it. Trump and his team of wasters......

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 20 2019 23:12 utc | 14

Thank you Anne Jaclard @ | 14

Sedition is a crime and it is clear that the multiple seditious acts of II and IfS toward many countries and with their band of controlled journalists was a deliberate and planned activity.

I don't expect any prosecutions but there is a chance of promotional impediments applying to some of those named. At least for the next month. Every named employee of II and IfS is an enemy of democracy and its people.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 20 2019 23:18 utc | 15

Likklemore@13 - At this point in time, I'm seriously questioning whether there even IS a place called Salisbury in the UK. Sounds like another bad MI-5/MI-6 fantasy location. Buildings are probably cardboard and everyone was a crisis actor. Except Pablo Miller - that dude was, in fact, Hillary Clinton. I'm sure of it. Ever see both of them in the same place? Of course not! Case closed.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jan 20 2019 23:48 utc | 16

John, 10

'master, what is the meaning of life


give away EVERYTHING you own, and you will soon have your answer'

Inverse Corporatist Philosophy


master, I have given away everything in search of the meaning of life


get back DOUBLE of everything that you gave away and you will have your answer

Posted by: metni | Jan 21 2019 0:26 utc | 17


Amusing but thats only true in its most corrupted form

Capitalism does not exist in a vacuum. It works when it is competitive and fairly regulated by government to protect workers, environment and consumers.

When the corporations and government join forces against the people to exploit workers and consumers you have what Mussolini called Corporatism, aka Fascism or Neoliberalism

This is what we have today in the US , China , EU , Russia and much of the world. It took hold in the early 1970’s. You might want to look into the Business Roundtable and Powell Memo as well as reading Patrick Woods book on Technocracy to understand the forces that have corrupted both Democracy and Capitalism.

Posted by: Pft | Jan 21 2019 0:43 utc | 18

Paveway's always welcome comments and excellent sarc notwithstanding, Salisbury is a beautiful city and I'm glad to see it referred to as such in the John Helmer quote above. It's a cathedral town in a rural setting, a very tranquil kind of place. I used to pass through it often in travels around southern England, and it was always a comfort to get out of the traffic and bustle of the day.

That was back then, of course. A more innocent time, when doors were doors, and roofs were just for keeping the rain off.

Posted by: Grieved | Jan 21 2019 0:51 utc | 19


“Let's wait and see if the newbies in the Congress and Senate can keep up the demands here. That is their biggest test and the easiest to get at least a pass mark”

Dont hold your breath.

Dems in the Senate are set to confirm Barr as AG without a whimper. Barr is one of the founders of the Unitary Executive and Deep State all the way

Dems in the house where most of the newbies are just passed a bill forcing Trump to hire a antisemitism envoy and raising the position to ambassador. So you see where their priorities are. Pffft.

And a month long shutdown over a 5 billion dollar wall. 5 billion is a drop in the bucket. While I think its dumb it wont hurt much and the shut down will cost people much more. Dumber and Dumber

Honestly , people need to stop dreaming change will come from either of these 2 parties, both are bought and owned by Israel and the Big Corporations.

Posted by: Pft | Jan 21 2019 0:55 utc | 20

Zionistan continues to say it's exclusively targeting Iranian objects within Syria, which to me amounts to a Declaration of War against Iran, straightforward war crimes or both. With its Yinon Plan dead and Netanyahoo close to being arrested and found guilty of corruption and elections on the way, Iran will probably bide its time, but it will not forget.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 21 2019 1:10 utc | 21

Putin weaponized Skripal's Persian Cat!!

Breaking News

The Integrity-lacking Initiative can now report that contamination in the Skripal home has been explained to a high degree of supposition. Unofficial sources surmise that the Skripal's prized Persian feline distributed the deadly Novichok throughout the house and was particularly attracted to birds nesting in or near the attic as the hungry cat-spy slowly starved in the boarded-up house.

Hundreds of British birds may have been infected by Putin's Persian distributor, putting thousands of British citizens at risk of toxic bird poop. An estimated 239.45 thousand British subjects are struck by bird poop every year and 11 million clean bird poop from their windows/windscreen.

Renown British secret agent Austin Powers marveled at the evil cunning of the devious Russians: "Sharks with frick'n lasers are bad but this is crazy, baby!" Powers explained that Russian cross-species research is deeply concerning to the fictional secret agent community.

Salisbury resident and avowed cat-lover, Misty Englander reacted with horror when she heard the news. As her mother carried the seven-year old away, Misty cried: "Please make Putin and the Iran Mullahs pay for this atrocity!" Or, words to that effect.

We await Teresa May's response to Misty's plea.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 21 2019 1:57 utc | 22

@22 karlof1... i agree - israel is at war with iran and doing it on syrian ground... meanwhile the western poodles under us guidance ignore, or give support for this.. tells you how messed up the world is today when some shitty little country is given a free pass as israel is here.. and why is that? would it happen if the roles were reversed? of course not.. so here we are in the world of hypocrisy with the west excelling at it.. bds ought to be everyone's agenda..

Update: Israeli missiles hammer Damascus in newest wave of strikes/A>

interesting pdf on oil routes from iraq to jordan that paveway left at sst's site... iraq jordan export pipeline..

see relevant thread here..
i am very curious to hear pl's respond to this post... many other posters at sst have been chastised for suggesting the usa is in the area because of the oil... curious to see if he offers a response to paveway...

Posted by: james | Jan 21 2019 2:47 utc | 23

@james #24

James, I'm of the opinion that the US is in the 'mideast' because that's where the apartheid Jewish state wants 'us' to be.

If and when Syria starts shooting back in a serious way is when we'll to what degree DJT has or has not been totally neutered.

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Jan 21 2019 3:02 utc | 24

@19 pft

Agree 100%. Not easy to find an angel right now and I sure don't want the west to hitch their wagon to the east's ascendency.

The west has always been good when on the defense and when not poking about. It would be in the west's best interest to take a major hit and look inward.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jan 21 2019 3:24 utc | 25

james@24 - The good Colonel will pounce on anyone (including me) he thinks is suggesting that oil was the only reason we invaded Iraq. The U.S. had hundreds of reasons, and oil was only one of them. As an ordinary U.S. citizen, I'm only privy to maybe 10% of their reasons, and half of those are lies.

It is a fact that the U.S. has some nebulous, secret agreements guaranteeing Israel's oil supply (God only knows why). And Rummy and the Pentagon made a show of contacting Israel right after the invasion to talk about reopening the Mosel-Haifa pipeline. In any case, it IS being rebuilt right now - that's no longer speculation or wishful thinking. And Israel isn't paying a dime for it - Iraq and Jordan are paying for it. How convenient is that?

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jan 21 2019 3:43 utc | 26

Some interesting things have been happening in Syria. Here is a headline about it from an apartheid state milblog propaganda site. (no link to such)

"Most extensive Israeli attack ever on Soleimani’s military resources in Syria

Down in the text are a couple of tidbits.

The IDF called this its most extensive operation ever against Iranian Al Qods chief Qassem Soleimani’s forces in Syria and issued a statement warning the Syrian army not to retaliate against Israeli territory, citizens or military forces.

Arrogant ba$tards, are they not? Somewhat more disturbing:

Israel’s Prime Minister and Defense Minister and newly-appointed IDF Chief of Staff were faced with a tough decision over whether to climb down on its campaign against Iran after being warned off by Russia against attacking Damascus or its airport.

Yes, the apartheid Jewish state decided to give a big middle finger to Iran and Syria and Russia. Maybe they truly do have Trump in their pocket. Or perhaps possess some knowledge that Rapture fan Mike Pence is going to be President real soon.

I've no idea at all what the Russians plan to do in response, but I suspect God's Favorite One-Holer will eventually come to regret this decison.

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Jan 21 2019 3:51 utc | 27

Likklemore @ 13:

I'm sorry to say that removing the roof of the Skripal home will not be enough; the entire Maltings shopping district is to be completely redeveloped.

"SWLEP's plans for Salisbury Maltings focus on regenerating city" (October 2018)

"£85m new Maltings 'will open in 2020' "(June 2017)

"Council papers published ahead of a meeting yesterday state that the major city centre development of shops, leisure facilities and housing is on track and detailed plans are due to be submitted as soon as December [2017].

The council is still saying it aims to hold a public consultation on the designs this year [2017], but has not yet confirmed when this will happen.

Work is expected to begin on site by September 2018 ..."

Did the Novichok scare derail any community consultation on the redevelopment plans?

"Salisbury's shopping centre to be given £69 million makeover and major rebrand after infamous Novichok poisonings"

Cue the BTL comments: "... May be my local high street could do with some Novichok as well..."

Posted by: Jen | Jan 21 2019 4:00 utc | 28

Last month newly reestablished Sanhedrin invited Nikki Haley, the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, to be the honorary president of the Organization of 70 Nations established on the 70th anniversary of the nation of Israel

“God established the borders of the world based on the 70 children of Israel who went down to Egypt and the 70 nations that came out from Noah.

The 70 nations are actually all 200+ nations outside of Israel

“Each nation shall be solely responsible for maintaining a fitting and proper justice system as per the Seven Noahide Laws incumbent upon all of mankind.”

Well, fortunately in 1992 Bush signed a congressional declaration that declared our country was founded on the principles of 7 Noahide laws listed in the Talmud that are for gentiles. Any non-Jew who lives according to these laws is regarded as one of "the righteous among the gentiles.

They also plan on minting a commemorative coin engraved with the image of Nikki Haley in recognition of all she has done for Israel.

“Globalization is a lie that goes against the Biblical concept of a sovereign nation. Each nation has its own borders, its own resources, its own language and culture. ....”

Possibly explaining the anti-globalist movement.

Something to chew on. Maybe this globalist vs anti-globalist rift is more than fake wrestling. Maybe not though. Might just be another front on the attack on all of the religions.

Posted by: Pft | Jan 21 2019 4:46 utc | 29

Pft @ 19 said in part;

"When the corporations and government join forces against the people to exploit workers and consumers you have what Mussolini called Corporatism, aka Fascism or Neoliberalism"

Yep, and the Powell Memo is a good explanation of how and why these forces and now in control.

Posted by: ben | Jan 21 2019 4:51 utc | 30

=> Zachary Smith | Jan 20, 2019 10:51:36 PM | 28

This is insane! It appears Israel has overstepped the red line on actually attacking Russia. I suppose the Russians are about to do something drastic, probably involving the Golan Heights. Perhaps Russia is at the end of pussyfooting around with the insane Israelis. Something will happen...

Posted by: blues | Jan 21 2019 4:52 utc | 31

Israel shelling the crap out of Syria again. I guess this is never going to end. And, because of Israel, Russia seems to be in the quagmire Obama said they'd be in. Funny how every time Russia attacks terrorists in Idlib, Israel shells Damascus. Tired of this BS. If Russia is not going to do anything about Israel, what's the point?

Posted by: rcentros | Jan 21 2019 5:00 utc | 32

@ blues and rcentros

I expect nothing right away because the Russians seem to try very hard to "put brain into gear before engaging mouth". I don't have a clue as to their options, but I'd put some money on them doing something. Something that will cause some hurt.

I may be quite wrong about this, but that's how I'd bet.

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Jan 21 2019 5:42 utc | 33

The continued attacks by Israel into Syria seem to be that sputtering fuse that has the potential to lead the world to some big explosive event leading to war.

When Israel loses a jet or two or it manages to destroy something in Syria and according to Putin something in Israel is then destroyed, what will escalation look like?

On some levels this is like watching paint dry and then again can any conjecture on where we will be in 5 years time? (time frame for China planning)

Thanks for a spot at the bar b!!!!! A virtual round on me!!! You don't show all the world going round but sure do good on the parts you explore for us.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 21 2019 5:55 utc | 34

Trump's on-again/off-again 'pull out' from Syria has allowed Erdogan to mass troops on Syrian border.

HTS, which Turkey has taken virtual no action against (despite agreeing to do so) has consolidated its position by driving out Turkish-backed forces but those forces have simply rotated into position to take Manbig?

Israel intensifies attacks in Syria as Russian conducts air strikes against HTS (preparing for SAA move against Idlib?) as Putin and Erdogan schedule meeting to discuss Erdogan's failure to secure Idlib.

It sure seems like there is coordination among Israel, Turkey, and USA to hold territory and strangle Syria economically.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <>

So many false narratives of AZ Empire crashing:

- Erdogan is turning east!

- Trump is an anti-interventionalist! (who wants to exit Syria)

- USA fights ISIS!

- The Syrian war is over!

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 21 2019 6:14 utc | 35

@ blues and rcentros
I expect nothing right away because the Russians seem to try very hard to "put brain into gear before engaging mouth". I don't have a clue as to their options, but I'd put some money on them doing something. Something that will cause some hurt.
I may be quite wrong about this, but that's how I'd bet.
Posted by: Zachary Smith | Jan 21, 2019 12:42:51 AM | 34

It's easy to forget that Russia went into Syria to rescue Syrians from the Yinon Plot. The intervention has been remarkably successful since Day 1 and is still making steady progress via military acumen and Russian diplomacy. Putin is probably enjoying the spectacle of Bibi running pinprick attacks in Syria, the results of which are so inconsequential that they're largely ignored - except for some vacuous gloating in "Israel".

My guess is that Putin knows how delusional they are (they attacked Hezbollah and got THRASHED - how dopey is that!) and in deference to their mental health problems is giving them a sporting chance to come to their senses before his patience expires...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 21 2019 6:53 utc | 36

Big thank you to karlof1 @22
I am now immersed in Michael Hudson. This is mighty good material, thank you brother.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 21 2019 8:06 utc | 37

uncle tungsten @ 15

i completely agree that Greg Hunter is a lousy interviewer, but, at least he's on the story…

it will generate an immense coverup effort

well, so far all it's generated is the Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards 56 which….

is a full departure from Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), only a few people with high level security clearances have the authority to determine what is deemed a national security issue and these same people will now be allowed to restate financial reports in order to conceal actual expenditures without any disclosure. No one but those few people would know that such modifications were made, thus making evaluation of government financial statements impossible. From this point forward, the federal government will keep two sets of books, one modified book for the public and one true book that is hidden

The FASAB recommendation effectively institutionalizes non-transparency in federal financial reporting. While many aspects of federal finances are non-transparent now because government has failed to comply with existing financial reporting laws, at least citizens had the laws working in their favor. Now citizens have no recourse; non-transparency is going to proceed as a matter of executive branch authority and policy

but, whatever, let's bang our heads against the wall trying to figure out if Hillary threw the election to Donald.

Posted by: john | Jan 21 2019 10:45 utc | 38

Idlib has been changed from a number of different groups fighting each other into one force; the latest Al Qaeda rebrand (Tarir Al Sham/HTS). The perception has been that Turkey was unable to achieve its part of the deal with Russia in clearing out Idlib of uncontrolled groups and replacing them with their own proxy. But Turkey just let HTS takeover and there are plenty of examples of Turkey cooperating with HTS. Hasn't HTS (as Al Nusra) effectively been a US proxy throughout the Syrian War?

So while the obstacles to an advance on Idlib have been removed for Syria\Russia, they are likely to face stiff resistance from a motivated and well-armed and resupplied group (and, if so, this would likely have been enabled by Turkey).

Syria will have to commit a considerable part of its forces and best troops to an advance on Idlib. Military history is littered with advancing armies falling into pincer-type movements/traps. There is a risk that when the attack on Idlib commences, Turkey will advance in the North-East and Israel will escalate its attacks in the South and West, while Syrian forces get bogged down in Idlib (expect chemical weapons to be used for real against Syrian forces). This will also provide justification for US to "reluctantly" 'intervene' by assisting the Kurds, or Turkey, or Israel, or all of them. The resulting chaos being exactly what the US want.

A lot relies on what Turkey will actually do. IMO if Turkey sees a clear way of gaining territory with little in the way of risk they will be tempted to take it. I don't believe that the position of the Kurds (whether they align with Syria or not) to be that important to the US. A proxy force within Idlib would have been the best way to take Idlib but Turkey, effectively, did not allow this.

I don't believe the Syrian War is really over.

Posted by: ADKC | Jan 21 2019 11:21 utc | 39

The missing 20+ trillion dollars from the Pentagon finances is a scandal and has been known about for many years. It will be justified by such excuses as the war on terror. All that is happening is that the means of covering it up are being justified. Nothing will come of it.

Everyone knows that it is the US behind nearly all the conflicts in the world. Nothing changes.

Everyone with any commonsense should realise that it is the US behind the world narcotic business. Business goes on!

Regretfully, none of this makes any difference to how the US conducts itself. MAGA just amounts to 'even more' business as usual (with a bigger wall as a sweetener).

Posted by: ADKC | Jan 21 2019 11:44 utc | 40

ADKC says:

Regretfully, none of this makes any difference to how the US conducts itself

wrong. it makes a difference in that this ever escalating degradation of the rule-of-law is leading to an overt fascist state.

Posted by: john | Jan 21 2019 12:12 utc | 41

john @42

Perhaps the US is already a fascist state and has been for a long time.

Posted by: ADKC | Jan 21 2019 12:20 utc | 42


well, rather than discuss the semantics, i'll just proffer that you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Posted by: john | Jan 21 2019 13:00 utc | 43

French court sentences former communist (now far-left nationalist and anti-capitalist) Alain Soral to one year in prison for an article in which he described jews as “manipulative, domineering and hateful”

Posted by: Alice Campion | Jan 21 2019 13:39 utc | 44

Would de Gaulle's words about the Jews (an elite people, sure of itself and domineering) now be subject to criminal prosecution in France?

Posted by: lysias | Jan 21 2019 14:38 utc | 45

PropOrNot and Integrity Initiative: Now using the words “neoliberalism,” “Establishment,” neoconservative,” “corporatist,” “imperialist,” and “Zionist” are proof that you are a Russian agent. These NATO multinational backed disinfo groups will have us killed by climate catastrophe and corporate dystopia unable to analyse the real world.

Posted by: Anne Jaclard | Jan 21 2019 15:31 utc | 46


"[Capitalism] works when it is competitive and fairly regulated by government to protect workers, environment and consumers."

When was that even approximately the case? Who decided that? You? By "working" - for whom? Competitive? Where do you see marginal cost pricing? You think that the conditions for the first fundamental theorem to be applicable are close to being met?

As someone who lectured in economics (approximately 70 half-courses) I think that the quote is more than "amusing." And I'm well aware of Mussolini's definition. I'll leave it there but I do not need any instruction from you on economics.

Posted by: spudski | Jan 21 2019 15:33 utc | 47

For those that deny that israeli strikes dont have any impact:

4 Syrians killed, 6 injured, airport damaged as result of Israeli strike

Posted by: Zanon | Jan 21 2019 15:50 utc | 48

@40 ADKC Yes, Turkey's role in the upcoming fight for Idlib will be determinative in the final chapters of the Syrian "Regime change" war.
Always the pendulum that it is, Turkey's swinging between East and West depending on what it can gain is both its strength and weakness.
Lets hope Russia's incentives for it to stand down will prevail. Otherwise the scenario you describe may well happen, with possibly catastrophic outcome..

Posted by: Lozion | Jan 21 2019 16:09 utc | 49


11 killed in all. I don't get it. Why did the S-300 not prevent this? Israel is engaged in one act of war after another.

11 killed in Israeli missile attacks

Posted by: Circe | Jan 21 2019 16:49 utc | 50


With regard to the missing 20+ trillion dollars from the Pentagon's finances I should have said that:

'All that is happening is that the means of covering it up are being "legitimised".'

All Presidents and their administrations, and a great many (the vast majority? of) Senators and Representatives have been implicated in illegal practice since at least Reagan. The military, CIA, NSA, etc. take great pains to brief the political class and can legitimately say "elected representatives were informed and did not demur".

So, in the unlikely event of House of Representatives and/or Congress actually dealing with illegal wars, missing Pentagon funds, US controlled narcotic trade, funding and training of Islamists, destabilisation of other nations, 9/11, JFK, Saudi Arabia, supplying Israel with Nuclear Weapons, assassinations, etc. they would be sending themselves to prison.

Posted by: ADKC | Jan 21 2019 16:53 utc | 51


I wonder if he'd get the same sentence if he described Muslims or Russians or Chinese that way.

Posted by: Circe | Jan 21 2019 16:53 utc | 52

Military coup attempt thwarted in Venezuela (Caracas)

Posted by: vk | Jan 21 2019 17:18 utc | 53

Putin weaponized Skripal's Persian Cat!! Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 20, 2019 8:57:31 PM | 23

Let us be serious. I suspect that Iranian part of this devilish plot is kept hidden for some nefarious reasons. But the facts are there for us all to see: why didn't they use a Russian Cat? Like Russian Blue, Siberian, Kurilian Bobtail, Nevskaya Maskaradnaya, or Ural Rex?

Posted by: Likklemore | Jan 20, 2019 6:01:00 PM | 13 This post uses questionable logic: we got official informations from different branches of HMG that Novichok's contamination can be adequately handled using baby wipes and that because of that contamination Skripal's house will be partially demolished and rebuild, and that proves, according to Likklemore that something happened in that house that HMG never deigned to mention. In fact, it depends what ministry is in charge. If this is The Ministry of Silly Walks, just walking around the house could inflict enough structural damage to justify serious repairs. Alternatively, the true battle was to overpower the Iranian-Russian bio-chemical weapons (two cats and two guinea pigs, the operation captured three but one cat managed to flee. Some footage was leaked:

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jan 21 2019 17:52 utc | 55

>>>> Circe | Jan 21, 2019 11:49:53 AM | 51

11 killed in all. I don't get it. Why did the S-300 not prevent this? Israel is engaged in one act of war after another.

Laws of physics - missiles have tremendous kinetic energy so when hit by a SAM they disintegrate but do not cease their forward motion, so fragments from the missile impact the ground near to the target or anyone standing on that ground.

Posted by: Ghost Ship | Jan 21 2019 18:23 utc | 56

@25 zachary.. it sure looks that way and not the other way around..

@27 paveway... he calls it economic determinism.. it really yanks his chain.. the coincidence of the bases being built in a strategic location connected to the movement of oil is probably just an accidental occurrence to him..

Posted by: james | Jan 21 2019 18:39 utc | 57

uncle tungsten @38--

You're most welcome! If we could only get a few million more turned onto his work....

Look for the Outlaw US Empire's rhetoric toward Venezuela to escalate: "Venezuela’s supreme court declares all acts of opposition-led National Assembly illegal". Yes, it's all legal under Venezuela's Bolivarian Constitution, which is why the nation's Supreme Court ruled as it did. The manner in which members of the Outlaw US Empire's government address Venezuela makes it clear they've never bothered to read that nation's Constitution, so they just make up crap to sling no matter how stupid it makes them look. Chavez continues to win despite his being dead!

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 21 2019 18:48 utc | 58

This video shows that the Pantsir missiles spiral of out control.

To me, it looks like Israel can jam the system and then destroyed it.

Posted by: Anon | Jan 21 2019 18:51 utc | 59

Uncle Tungsten. Hudson's great but for me he can be off the wall. For a succinct account of money issuance that doesn't take us as far back as ancient temples the BoE nails it here -

Found it when discussing MMT with a correspondent on Colonel Lang's site some time ago. It's no more than common sense, I've always thought, but that assertion doesn't get one far when attempting to controvert MMT I find, whereas the BoE Quarterly Bulletin does.

John @ 39 - it would be good to get an authoritative review of the work done by Catherine Austin Fitts. Google searching doesn't come up with much.

I've tended to see Solari as doom talk to sell a subscription site but I could easily be wrong. Right or wrong, I certainly like her idea of local investing in real businesses - like capitalism's supposed to work. But one would need to possess a specialist knowledge of US Government accounting practices in order to evaluate her major conclusions. Do you have references to any such specialist reviewers?

Posted by: English Outsider | Jan 21 2019 18:55 utc | 60

@60 anon... thanks for the video... waiting for more details, however it seems like this can go on for forever and as akdc says @40 - i don't believe the syrian war is really over.. it is in another stage..

Posted by: james | Jan 21 2019 19:03 utc | 61

A Day in the Salisbury Life

With humble apologies all round.

I read the news today oh boy,
About some nerve gas that was weapons grade
And though the news was rather mad
Well, I just had to laugh
I sussed the cryptograph

He sat on a bench with Yulia
He hadn't noticed that the Pres had changed
An army colonel stood and stared
She'd seen his face before
She wasn't was really sure if he still worked for the spooks

I watched a film today oh boy
Integrity Initiative had just won the war
A crowd of journos turned away
But I just had to look
At this magic novichuk
I'd love to turn you off

Woke up, phoned the press
Our story was a crap fake mess
Found my way to the lab to get some props
And looking up I noticed what I want
Grabbed my gloves and full hazmat
D-noticed it in seconds flat
Had a press conference what a joke
And the assembled press went into a dream

I read the news today, oh boy
They had just taken off the roof
And though the tiles were rather small
They had to count them all
Otherwise we'd all know it was a spoof
I'd love to turn you off…

Health notice: If reading this has made you feel sick the antidote is available here.

Posted by: Willie Wobblestick | Jan 21 2019 19:10 utc | 62

Circe @51

Yes, I was expecting that such attacks would be a thing of the past.

The most common argument used is (something like) the S300 is a whole system which coordinates a range of responses and you wouldn't actually use an S300 to take down a missile that can be dealt with by a lesser weapon.

Okay, I can accept that but I would reframe the question. Why don't Syria's defence system take down the Israeli planes that fire on Syria? Is this beyond the defence system's capabilities?

I don't think that Syria/Russia can really proceed with Idlib unless they can genuinely count on Turkey and also unless they reduce the threat posed by Israeli.

Another reason could be that Israel is really acting in accordance with US wishes either to fully test out the S300's with the purpose of capturing electronic data (in which case it might tactically be better not to expose the capabilities of the S300); a bit wishful thinking, it seems to me. Or the purpose is to provoke Syria into attacking Israel (and Russia does not wish to be drawn); but it just can't keep on like this.

It might also be that the capabilities of the S300 are overblown (what weapon system isn't exaggerated?).

While what is happening in Syria appears almost random I tend to believe that the US is the controlling force.

Posted by: ADKC | Jan 21 2019 19:16 utc | 63

@ Pft redux

My apologies for being too whatever (combative, aggressive, etc.) - I now realize that you were trying to be helpful and did not know that I have been aware of the Powell memo, corporatism, etc, for a few decades. So apologies.

"It works when it is competitive and fairly regulated by government to protect workers, environment and consumers."

This works as a logical identity I guess but a) how do you make it operational practically and b) has capitalism as you are describing it ever been tried?

Like others on this site, I read a lot of Hudson - currently "Finance as Warfare" - so with the financialization of what some call capitalist economies, I can't subscribe completely to your views.

Posted by: spudski | Jan 21 2019 19:20 utc | 64


Yes, these are clearly acts of war - Syria is really left on its on when it comes to Israel.

As for S300, it is not in use yet - I doubt it ever will be used by syrians - I think we should forget about S300 alltogether actually - Israel know this (considering their deepening talks with Russia on coordination on Syria) and therefore act the aggressive way they do now. Afer all, US is on, Russia is on, iranians is weakened in Syria. Israel could do as they want.
This does not look good for Syria at all.

Posted by: Zanon | Jan 21 2019 19:34 utc | 65

Once again Israel has successfully demonstrated that either Russia's vaunted weaponry is completely useless and/or Russia is in collusion with Israel to support Israeli aggression and Israeli denial of sovereignty to its neighbors, particularly Syria. True, though, that Iran's persistently aggressive statements vs Israel haven't been helping. Iran seems to prefer insane and boastful words to having a military that is effective. Bottom line - Russia's apparent collusion with Israel is going to have a huge impact, I think, on Russia's ability to sell weapons and to make allies.

I think Venezuela's Maduro should look to himself carefully - is that a Russian knife you feel in your back, Maduro? Be careful around Putin. When that man is your friend, you may be near the end.

It's interesting to note how little commentary there seems to be in the 'alternative' media about Venezuela right now. In two days there is a strikingly unusual event scheduled to occur: a pre-scheduled coup! An openly intended and dated coup! A man who didn't even run for President is about to declare himself/be declared - with massive international support from the Hegemon and its vassals - the 'real' president of Venezuela, in order to restore democracy, of all things. Sounds a lot like the Maidan coup. How the US elites love such ironies, such as installing an unelected leader, in place of an elected leader, in order to 'restore democracy'! The actual elected leader of Venezuela, Maduro, does not seem to have any plan in place to counter this bold move. In general he tends to come off as a man with no plan.

This event, whether or not it succeeds in the immediate sense, puts the lie to the claims we often see in alternative media that the US-centered empire is losing its grip. Quite the opposite. A decade ago a 'pink wave' led by Hugo Chavez was moving most of Latin and Central America away from US control. Now almost every single one of those countries in the pink wave is more firmly controlled by the US than ever, with left-leaning governments overthrown and US proxies installed. Soon US bases will go into those countries and and then there will be no turning back for them, once the US military is installed.

When Venezuela falls - almost a certainty now - the world's most symbolically important nation, in terms of hope for there to be a multipolar world in the future with genuine alternatives to the global police state intended by the US and its minions, will have fallen to the Hegemon. One would think this would be a blazing topic for alternative media.

Posted by: paul | Jan 21 2019 19:36 utc | 66

Bar really fills up quickly with the usual hasbarists when Israel is concerned..

ADKC has it partly right. The S300 is mainly an anti-aircraft system. IAF uses a third party (Lebanon) airspace for its missile launches and does not venture in Syrian airspace anymore where the ROE dictate its F16s are now fair game. Moreover the S300 teams are completing training in the North and may not be operational in Damascus yet. But the real issue with the recent attacks is Israel's constant abuse and non respect of its northern neighbor's airspace and sovereignty. Magnier addresses this here:

How a couple S300 or similar batteries could change the game in the ME if the Lebanese government could muster enough balls to acquire its own air defense system..

Posted by: Lozion | Jan 21 2019 20:01 utc | 67

Paul @ 67

I would not be so quick to denounce Putin. Russia is a small country in terms of GDP etc., and is trying to come out of a good raping. To expect Putin and Russia to tackle the hegemon and all of its minions head on is expecting an awful lot IMO.

Posted by: arby | Jan 21 2019 20:06 utc | 68


Fully agree,
It is treachery by Putin, there is no other word for it by now. Latest strike killed 11 syrians. How many dies in next attack? 20? 50? 100?

Russia can not claim to Syria on the one hand while 2. at the same time coordinate with Israel and accepting israeli attacks on the same state.

Just like in the US, there might be some corrupt israeli money in the background going to Putin causing this irrational behavior by him, history will not forget.

Posted by: Zanon | Jan 21 2019 20:14 utc | 69

One reason the S-300+ do not engage is because they are big, costly and in relatively short supply. How many spare missiles, apart from the initial combat load, does Syria own? I doubt Syria herself has more than a couple of dozen missiles available. Another reason, particularly valid for advanced configurations, may very well be that Russian and Syrian forces refrain from using S-300+ to not reveal the actual combat frequencies of their most advanced systems (tracking and guidance) to prevent opposing forces from developing countermeasures.
These systems are predominantly a strategic asset meant to engage high value targets at long distances if such a need ever arises.

11 dead after a major air attack is horrible news for respective families and friends but in the grand scheme of things it doesn't mean much for SAA's ability to fight on. I'd expect it will only strengthen Syria's resolve to resist. To put this into perspective, what's the number of deaths by accidents in Syria (or any other country) per day? Many more I would think.

As for the rest of the international community these kinds of attacks (war crimes at that), over and over again, simply show Israel's disrespect for international law and, thus, will help to continuously erode her standing with a whole host of countries in the long run.

Posted by: Hmpf | Jan 21 2019 20:14 utc | 70

Z @ 70
You gotta be kidding. The Us steadily destroyed one country after another until they hit Syria which just happened to have Russia's only foreign base except for Crimea. Russia and Putin have so far stopped the destructo in its tracks.
Now it sounds like you and a few others think that Putin should immediately expand this to combat the west at every turn. That would be suicidal which I very much doubt that he is.

Posted by: arby | Jan 21 2019 20:31 utc | 71

@59 karlof1 - " never bothered to read that nation's Constitution."

Have you read this recent article concerning the new means of regime change, dubbed "lawfare"? It shows how color revolutions are rather passé now using overt force, and instead what is deliberately used is total mis-statement of the law and constitution of the target country, repeated forcefully by the propaganda apparatus of the west:

From the Barracks to the Courtroom: US ‘Lawfare’ in Action - Wayne Madsen

It's actually a fairly ingenious twist by the empire, using their last remaining weapon, which is the Wurlitzer, coupled with the fact that most clarifications and refutations concerning law tend to be nuanced and lengthy. The propaganda wins by sheer weight of bullshit.

Madsen cites such lawfare coups in Haiti, Honduras, Paraguay, Brazil, and now Venezuela. It's interesting to see that this technique was devised in the early 2000's.

This clarifies for me why South America is taking such a hammering, when (very broadly speaking) as Naomi Klein pointed out, that continent had already recovered from and learned how to defend against disaster capitalism, and, one presumes, military coups - witness Venezuela as its army puts down an attempted mutiny and other conspiracies.

But this lawfare technique seems not yet to have found its antidote.

Posted by: Grieved | Jan 21 2019 20:44 utc | 72

Further to my 72---
We have Putin to thank for no all out nuclear war as well. The US and its flunkies are saying and doing every possible provocation they can come up with. They itch for Russia to bite at the bait.

Posted by: arby | Jan 21 2019 20:54 utc | 73


Look, Putin dont have to support or coordinate its policies with Israel, but he is:
Remember, just days before israeli attacks, this occured:

Russian military delegation visits IDF to improve ties

Putin "improving" ties with Israel while they bomb Syria. Why?

Posted by: Zanon | Jan 21 2019 21:01 utc | 74

As debatable speculation on the S-300 system's effectiveness or the various explanations for why Russian and/or Syrian air defense may be reluctant to deploy against hostile enemy aircraft runs its course, another more clearly expressed facet of available response also needs to be mentioned. This had been laid out in an article by Magnier entirely devoted to this subject:

"Henceforth, Damascus will be responding to any Israeli strike. If it damages a specific military target it will reply with a strike against a similar objective in Israel. Decision makers in Damascus said “Syria will not hesitate to hit an Israeli airport if Damascus airport is targeted and hit by Israel. This will be with the consent of the Russian military based in the Levant”.
'The new Syrian rule of engagement – according to the source – is now as follows: an airport will be hit if Israel hits an airport, and any attack on a barracks or command and control centre will result in an attack on similar target in Israel. It appears that the decision has been taken at the highest level and a clear “bank of objectives” has now been set in place".

Notwithstanding the absence of tangible efforts to shoot down Israeli jets attacking targets in Syria, we have barely seen a hint of a sustained, clenched-fist tit-for-tat response as pledged late last year. SANA seems to go to lengths to depict the shooting down of hostile incoming missiles as evidence of confrontation. It is not. It is a pure act of self-defense which amounts to parrying a succession of blows which inflict no damage on the aggressor. Even though still reeling from eight years of bloody conflict and devastation from a war launched by ethically bankrupt foes for the purpose of regime change, the Syrian people are undoubtedly unnerved by the unrelenting brazenness of the criminal Zionist regime as they emerge from the rubble. The malefactors in this war have not yet had enough.

Posted by: metni | Jan 21 2019 21:11 utc | 75

"...But this lawfare technique seems not yet to have found its antidote."
The antidote being a judiciary that is not corrupted by imperialist culture, money and blackmail. I haven't read Madsen's article but in Brazil, at least, both the defenestration of Dilma and the banning of Lula depended upon very questionable decisions by clearly corrupted judges.
The other ingredient of course was the media, always looking for an alternative to socialism or nationalism.
What is heartening is that in Venezuela at least the more obvious military challenges seem to have been anticipated. But the real challenge there, as in Honduras and Haiti, is not the law, which generally serves only to give a veneer of legitimacy after the event, but Contras, financed by the USA and NATO (of which Colombia is a now a member) Israel and bad people everywhere, attacking in terrorist actions after being infiltrated over the long and indefensible borders, land and sea.

Posted by: bevin | Jan 21 2019 21:19 utc | 76

Grieved @73--

Yes, I saw Madsen's article. Korybko in his essay about Hybrid War and Color Revolutions mentions lawfare as one of the tools employed. Fortunately, under the UN Charter a nation has the right to be left alone with any sort of meddling being an infringement of sovereignty. Also, unlike Brazil, Venezuela has patriotic jurists and a very far seeing Constitution.

When it comes to employing Lawfare, the nation most needing a large dose is the USA.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 21 2019 21:24 utc | 77

Re: The recent "Israeli" attack in Syria.
NHK News (Japan) says that there are conflicting reports. The Syrian Govt says that the attack was dealt with by Syria's air defenses but "other sources in Syria confirm that 11 members of the SAA were killed in the attack."
Al Jazeera reported that "Israel" says the attack was revenge for an Iranian attack, from Syria, on targets in "Israel" - which Iranians say was a response to an earlier "Israeli" attack on Iranian assets in Syria.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 21 2019 21:33 utc | 78

The WEF was successfully opposed Saturday.

Around 1300 people participated in Bern in protest against the World Economic Forum WEF.

In various speeches, the WEF and its participants, the movement of the yellow vests as well as the threatening attacks of Turkey on Rojava were discussed. We also played an audio message from an anarchist internationalist fighting in Rojava.

In the bulwark various actions were carried out.
On the one hand, we built a house of cards made of wooden boards, which represented the WEF partners and participating states. This house of cards we set fire to symbolically.

On the other hand, the short stop was used to spray an image.

In addition, this year a banner was dedicated to a head of state. Against Bolsonaro's homophobic, sexist and racist policies, as well as his dictatorial militarization dreams, it needs clear means. For a renaissance of tyranny! *

The WEF is increasingly trying to market itself as a meeting of world-saviors.

But the participating states, banks and corporations are the very ones that cause and benefit from problems such as poverty, war and environmental destruction. The Saubermannimage of the WEF is pure hypocrisy.

With Bolsonaro and Co, authoritarian politicians are returning to Davos this year to fuel nationalism, oppress the opposition, migrants and other minorities.

Companies like Koç Holding, which make profits by producing battle tanks for the Erdogan regime, or Nestlé, which is plunging tens of thousands of people into misery by privatizing water sources, are unlikely to be in Davos to improve the world. These companies have a single interest in the WEF: to increase profits.

The endless greed for profit and power that meets at the forum in Davos, there are hardly any limits. Whether national, authoritarian or liberal economic plays here at all irrelevant. The rulers in Davos are concerned with increasing their capital. But they will not succeed forever. Everywhere in the world there is strong resistance to this policy. Be it at the G20 summits in Hamburg or Buenos Aires, in Brazil in protests against the new president, in France during the uprising of the yellow vests or in Rojava where the revolution and a community of solidarity is actively practiced. Capitalism shows again and again disintegration phenomena. In Switzerland, however, he continues to find a quiet hinterland in Davos to strengthen himself.

Let's not let this pass away! Let's take the road to make our protest out loud! Let the rulers feel our anger! No quiet hinterland for Nazis and capitalists! Let's bring the house of cards to collapse! End Wef, End Capitalism! For the social revolution!

Posted by: No WEF 2019 | Jan 21 2019 21:46 utc | 79

z @ 75
Probably because getting into fisticuffs with Israel could escalate very quickly. Exactly what the machine would love.
Also Russia is not looking for enemies and would rather be "partners" with Israel. All I know is that Putin has done a pretty masterful job so far of holding the US at bay in Syria and on its own borders in Ukraine without mass war and suffering.

Posted by: arby | Jan 21 2019 22:56 utc | 80

If, as it has been put forth, the Iranians targeted Israeli territory there have been no
reports by the Iranian news outlets of such an attack.

We are left with menacing words from the commander of the IRGC but nary a recount of
some Iranian action against Israel.

IMO, the enemies of Iran would love to have Iran send a few missiles to Israel. It would feed the
ardor of John the walrus in starting a war with Iran.

If really Iran is bent on retaliation, she should direct a rain of missiles at Dimona and Tel Aviv.
At the same time she should aim to destroy the US carrier group that has ventured in the Gulf
and turned itself into a sitting duck.

I surmise that Iran does not feel yet ready to undertake those actions and is awaiting better times.

Iran does not need nuclear bombs to deal with Israel. Target the airports and IAF bases to destroy
the fighters and Israel will be done with. Without air power, Israel is an invalid.

Anyway, the day will come when Iran feels she has to respond. If she does, it will have to be
a crippling blow.

Posted by: CarlD | Jan 21 2019 23:16 utc | 81

@82 carl d.. i think the israeli territory the zionists are referring to is the golan heights.. western msm is happy to omit these types of details..

Posted by: james | Jan 21 2019 23:46 utc | 82

Leave water in desert; go to prison. This links to an item about a just finished court case involving people who left water in the desert for illegal immigrants so they wouldn't die of thirst. Every year, many people die that way, and these people were doing what morally is the right thing regardless your feelings about illegal immigration--unless your immorally corrupt to the point where you believe such people ought to die for their efforts, like Trump. I doubt few people outside the USA have heard of this case, nor has much of the citizenry for that matter.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 21 2019 23:50 utc | 83

James 83

Zionism's colonial MO is to claim sovereignty over all lands acquired through conquest and de facto annexation. Even when not formally occupied as is the case with Gaza, it is the jailer holding the keys to the world's largest open air prison with its vigilant patrons ready to swat and slander any organized protest or in BDS.

Posted by: metni | Jan 21 2019 23:59 utc | 84

golan was always belongs to the children of israel maybe you should come to israel and spend times at the museum we have the best history museum in the world.
all anti semites and haters should come and see how are iron domes saves millions of lives every day

Posted by: carl | Jan 22 2019 0:00 utc | 85

Carl D @82--

The Zionists consider Hamas an arm of Iran even though the Zionists themselves created Hamas to defeat the PLA. Hamas even sided with Daesh and al-Ciada against Syria and Iran during most of the War on Syria. Regardless, Hamas's rockets are considered Iranian rockets by the Zionists.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 22 2019 0:02 utc | 86

The statement belongs in Ripley's museum of the absurd.

Posted by: metni | Jan 22 2019 0:11 utc | 87

While Russia and Syria are wisely very skeptical about Trump's order to commence the withdrawal of US troops, I think they would love to give him every chance to deliver (even though they obviously see the virtual mutiny and certainly broad array of forces committed to killing any withdrawal). This means not rocking the boat, and in particular not doing anything that would be almost an insurmountable argument against withdrawal, such as "Syria attacks Israel." So, for a month or so I'd say they are going to give Trump the fewest excuses to back out as they can--unless they see that he has been defeated by the war hawks and no meaningful withdrawal will take place.

Israel, conniving cowards they are, see this as a window of opportunity, even better than civilian airliners. They can lob shit into Syria from afar with the fair assurance--at least until we see what Trump will do--that Syria doesn't want to risk retaliating the way they had announced they would. And of course if Syria finally does respond, that's fine, too, as the media will immediately be flooded with the reckless aggression of Assad, and how it is clear a pullout would be premature, and Trump's pullout is aborted. Israel sees it as a win-win. And no doubt they are being encouraged by the usual suspects in the West, as well.

Posted by: J Swift | Jan 22 2019 0:19 utc | 88

I posted the link below over on the latest Skripal thread but am reposting here as an example of what Grieved #73 reported about above.....Lawfare

Salisbury poisoning: EU sanctions Russian suspects

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 22 2019 2:17 utc | 89

Another thought about Lawfare.

MoA barflies know that empire has not been on the good side of international law for some time and we keep wondering if there will be any trials for the war crimes.

I think that this concept of Lawfare is the foil of empire against international law. Empire has enough money to buy enough lawyers to argue that white is black and drag out the process for decades or centuries....and empire has the MSM to make Lawfare seem more "moral" than existing international law.

Are we having fun now?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 22 2019 2:29 utc | 90

@91 psychohistorian quote "I think that this concept of Lawfare is the foil of empire against international law. Empire has enough money to buy enough lawyers to argue that white is black and drag out the process for decades or centuries....and empire has the MSM to make Lawfare seem more "moral" than existing international law."

that is exactly how i see it too.. i have been following the language changes meant to convince people with terms like 'rules based law' and various ways of ducking out of international law... a nation that abides by laws, and other catchphrases for the unsuspecting who are really being encouraged to believe international law is passe..

this term lawfare has gained a lot of traction the past couple of years, which is about when i first heard of the term.. wikipedia sheds some light.
Lawfare Institute in cooperation with the Brookings Institution run a blog called lawfare blog...
it is another tool of the empire to continue on with endless wars and to justify it somehow... heaven forbid that rumsfield or anyone from the bush 2 admin would be tried in an international law court.. can't have that! must have a society of rule based laws, lol...

so, what we get is the uk with this skripal case, not backing down, but pursuing it's rule based laws pettiness to continue to charge people in absentia, without proving anything in the way of facts on any of it... someone naive enough would think all these russian dudes are guilty! no proof needed... the world is in a tough place at present with so many wanting to be fed by feeding into this bullshit..

Posted by: james | Jan 22 2019 3:38 utc | 91

On the subject of Lawfare, I highly suggest Glenn Greenwald's With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful, despite its examining domestic versus international law as the dynamics are the same.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 22 2019 3:44 utc | 92

@ karlof1 and james about Lawfare

The interesting nut to crack will be when the global economic music stops and folks bring all these financial instruments to the table showing debt/ownership etc.

What rules will be followed then? Do the bullies continue to win?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 22 2019 4:10 utc | 93

@94 psychohistorian... that's easy... everyone will read michael hudsons latest book and declare a debt jubilee, LOL!

disobedient media has a good article up, putting some serious holes in the mueller team, and as a consequence, anything that hope to pawn off on the public.. i think it was the poster yeah, right who made the comment about the one bit of info worth attention of
"Robert Hannigan, then head of British spy agency GCHQ, announcement that he would step down from his leadership position with the agency just three days after the inauguration of President Trump, on 23 January 2017." it's worth repeating..

Posted by: james | Jan 22 2019 4:54 utc | 94

regarding the israel attack on syria last night... elijah magnier has some interesting comments worth reading .. for example..

"Sources on the ground claim that “Syria has responded by firing five precision missiles against several Israeli military targets but only one was intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome. This may explain the first of its kind Israeli intensive attack against random multiple targets”."

Posted by: james | Jan 22 2019 5:02 utc | 95

james @95:

i think it was the poster yeah, right who made the comment about the one bit of info worth attention ... "Robert Hannigan ...

Maybe you missed my reply to Yeah, Right: Hannigan stepped down because the Steele dossier put a spotlight on British involvement in the US Presidential election. But his resignation didn't provide any indication of WHO the CIA-MI6 were supporting in the election.

The supposition that the British were trying to help Hillary by smearing Trump simply reflects the animosity of anti-establishment bloggers/researchers toward Hillary.

IMHO Trump was the logical candidate for the Deep State to help. They weren't afraid of Trump - they know all about Trump. They had (via Felix Sater) used the Trump Organization to learn more about Russian organized crime and possibly turn Russian into intel 'assets'. And Trump's Russian property investors could be used as the basis for claims of "Russian meddling" that furthered the anti-Russian, anti-Wikileaks agenda. Feature, not a bug!

The proof is in the pudding: Trump has proven to be as pliable and useful as Obama. Hillary, with a powerful base of loyal, well-connected friends, would be much less accommodating.

Once again: MAGA was a POLICY CHOICE as much as it is a campaign slogan. Sure, Hillary wanted to be President but a nationalist was needed once the challenge from Russia and China was recognized. Trump is that nationalist.

Disobediant Media talks about people that are friendly to Brennan or connected to the Clintons but at the very top, they are all connected and they think alike. Kissinger, McCain, Hillary, Brennan, Mueller, etc. all recognized that MAGA was necessary.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 22 2019 7:09 utc | 96

English Outsider @ 61

regarding Catherine Austin Fitts and

years ago i used to visit her site, but that tapered off…

she's into money, i mean, that's what she does, she manages peoples money, she's a capitalist, albeit, apparently, the good and honest kind. and as you note, she has many ideas for a more sustainable model of capitalism.

i've listened to her in quite a few interviews over the years and i've always found her to be pretty convincing. she's clearly highly intelligent and well informed. she knows a lot about how money moves around. she knows lots of important people(she turned down an invitation to join the Council on Foreign Relations). if i had money to invest i might very well get in touch with her.

regarding an authoritative review of her work, i can't help you. sorry. and if i had an authoritative review of her work then i'd probably need an authoritive review of that authoritative review…


Posted by: john | Jan 22 2019 10:58 utc | 97

The Women's March movement as a whole and its national leaders (Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory, among others) have been accused of deep-rooted anti-Semitism for supporting the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement

In a recent speech, Linda Sarsour declared her support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement:

"Anything from Medicare for all, to ending the war in Yemen, to standing up for free speech and our constitutional right to Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions in these United States of America," Sarsour stated

Women's March co-president Tamika Mallory has also been accused of anti-semitism for nodding in agreement with Sarsour

And yesterday, writing for the French version of Slate magazine, (((Claire Levenson))) also accused the Women’s March and its leaders (Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory) of anti-semitism, for supporting the pro-Palestinian BDS movement

Posted by: María José | Jan 22 2019 12:10 utc | 98

psychohistorian @ 94.

""The interesting nut to crack will be when the global economic music stops and folks bring all these financial instruments to the table showing debt/ownership etc.

What rules will be followed then? Do the bullies continue to win?""


Interesting indeed.

In a famous critical remark directed at China’s heavy reliance on western-style, debt-led growth – an anonymous author (thought to be Xi or close colleague), noted (sarcastically) the notion that big trees could be grown ‘in the air’. Which is to say: that trees need to have roots, and to grow in the ground. Instead of the ‘virtual’, financialised ‘activity’ of the West, real economic activity stems from the real economy, with roots planted in the earth. The ‘Belt and Road’ is just this: intended as a major catalyst to real economics.

When the music stops and the derivative structure starts unraveling showing multiple claims on ownership who will prevail. I think that there's a new sheriff in town with the power to back up the 'roots in the ground' team.

Posted by: financial matters | Jan 22 2019 13:46 utc | 99

Israel was in contact with Russia during last night’s attack on Damascus

Posted by: Zanon | Jan 22 2019 14:39 utc | 100

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