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December 30, 2018

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2018-71

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Thanks for all your wishes and greetings. Over the Christmas days I had much fun with my extended family. It kept me busy and away from the blog. As I am now back home regular posting resumes.

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uncle tungsten
Much appreciate your tips on tofu.

Re my post @96 was most definitely not directed at you, rather it was towards those that project what they are doing onto others.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Dec 31, 2018 3:54:54 AM | 101

Julian Assange's situation is more precarious than ever. Join some of his most high profile supporters for updates, analysis and calls to action to support this generation's most significant publisher.

Julian Assange has been arbitrarily detained in the UK for eight years, six of which he has spent as a political refugee in Ecuador’s embassy in London. The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has ruled Mr Assange should be immediately freed and compensated. The Inter-American Court of Human Rights has ruled that the UK must facilitate safe passage for him.

#Unity4J is a global mass movement in solidarity with Julian Assange, created in response to Ecuador’s gagging of the publisher. Unity4J has been endorsed by more than fifty high profile activists, journalists, celebrities, academics and former US intelligence officials including Chris Hedges, Jimmy Dore, Ray McGovern, Bill Binney and Daniel Ellsberg.

Spread the word:
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Official website:
Official Twitter: @Unity4J
WikiLeaks Legal Defence Fund: WikiLeaks support website:
Courage Foundation:
Other credible accounts for Julian Assange updates:

MEDIA INQUIRIES: Media inquiries and interview requests should be made to Suzie Dawson, via DM on Twitter: @Suzi3D, or by emailing

Background reading:

Courage Foundation: Assange’s protection from US extradition “in jeopardy”

Conspiracy emerges to push Julian Assange into British and US hands

The UK’s Hidden Role in Assange’s Detention

Treatment of Assange is unjust, says former Ecuador minister

Ecuador’s Ex-President Rafael Correa Denounces Treatment of Julian Assange as “Torture”

Opinion: Ecuador’s Solitary Confinement Of Assange Is Torture

Being Julian Assange:

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Mrs. Christine Assange @AssangeMrs · 21h21 hours ago

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Posted by: Uncle $cam | Dec 31, 2018 4:12:26 AM | 102

Some things about "THE COALITION", "OUR ALLIES", "OUR MODERATE SAUDI PARTNERS" can be published only when people don't buy papers, i.e. during holidays.

Posted by: Mina | Dec 31, 2018 4:46:28 AM | 103

Dear Peter AU 1:

You could try flavouring the tofu you make with a bit of sencha green tea powder and see how that looks and tastes.

A classic tofu dish is mapo doufu which is tofu pieces stir-fried with pork mince, broadbean chilli paste, pickled vegetables, garlic, onions and mushrooms. The original classic form of the dish is hot and spicy but it can be served mild as well.

Also don't throw away any tofu skin that you skim off the tofu: you can substitute it for nori sheets in making sushi or make spring rolls and blini-style dumplings with it. The skin can also be used in soups and lamb stews with shiitake mushrooms.

Posted by: Jen | Dec 31, 2018 5:09:49 AM | 104

I rather think it is too late now for the US to row back on getting out of Syria, whatever Graham says. Confidence in the US has been lost, and the Kurds have made other arrangements, as they had to. Driving back into the base(s) the US has vacated, is just going to cause complete confusion. I'm not surprised though that Graham said Trump has changed his mind.

Posted by: laguerre | Dec 31, 2018 5:59:31 AM | 105

From Paris. Happy New Year B and all Moonkind!
I have learned a lot this year. A touch of humor.
Not sure that Fouquet's be sold out this year ... ;-)

Posted by: Marie-Lou | Dec 31, 2018 6:20:36 AM | 106

Trump withdrawing troops from Syria?

I don't think so! This from Asia Times 31/12/18:

An influential American senator who met with US President Donald Trump said he now understands what is at stake in Syria and has agreed to put his plans to immediately withdraw all US troops from Syria on pause.

“After discussions with the president and [Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph) Dunford, I never felt better about where we are headed. I think we’re slowing things down in a smart way,” the South Carolina Republican said, adding later: “I think we’re in a pause situation where we are reevaluating what’s the best way to achieve the president’s objective.”

Graham said during Trump’s trip to Iraq that commanders on the ground informed him that ISIS is not “completely destroyed,” which he said was an “eye-opening” experience for the president.

So much for all the pundits and 'analysts' about Trump's 'realism'. What does it take to get us to see the truth of this evil man and his evil empire?

Posted by: William Bowles | Dec 31, 2018 7:36:25 AM | 107

pft 68

*As a white dude with a Chinese wife, and mentor who was African American, with an Arab brother in law and Mexican cousin in law , I like to think I am not racist as you seem to imply anyone believing in race is.*

a bona fide internationalist !

Your 'African murikkan mentor' cant be very bright...
jugding from your bizarro theories,
'*Dont ditch the USA, everybody should ditch their own elites...*

He'd get a good spanking from this African American ...

Cynthia McKinney of Florida,
'the West had for decades plundered Africa's wealth and permitted and even assisted in slaughtering the people of the continent.

"The West has been doing this while still shrewdly cultivating the myth that much of Africa's problems today are African made. We have heard the usual defences that Africa's problems are the fault of corrupt African administrations, the fault of unsophisticated peoples and centuries old tribal hatreds. But we know the statements are a lie.

"You will hear that at the heart of Africa's suffering is the West, and most notably the US's desire to access Africa's diamonds, oil, natural gas and other precious reserves.

"The West has set in motion a policy of oppression, destabilisation and tempered not by moral principle, but by a ruthless desire to enrich itself on Africa's fabulous wealth,

Posted by: denk | Dec 31, 2018 7:46:02 AM | 108

Pft | Dec 30, 2018 11:56:43 PM | 68

Can I join with denk @107 concerning this ignorant person Pft and his 'mixing of the races' and rubbish talk about migration. How many times does it have to be said? There is only one race of humans and that's homo sapiens.

Stop the racist claptrap!

Posted by: William Bowles | Dec 31, 2018 8:21:55 AM | 109

Re Pause in Syria
You bet Macron called Uncle T and cried him a river
Hopefully not a real pause but just letting time for the French to sort out their mess et dispatch ther djihadists elsewhere while accepting to take their wives and kids home. Are they supposed to become Isr main EU-ally and the US new poodle too?

Posted by: Mina | Dec 31, 2018 8:42:34 AM | 110

Mina | Dec 31, 2018 8:42:34 AM | 109

France pick up the baton? Un petit imperialiste! Let the French try.

Posted by: William Bowles | Dec 31, 2018 8:47:03 AM | 111

PS: And what the other petit imperialiste, my country, the UK? They're even more secretive than the French (aside from being the originators of the entire Middle EAst disaster in the first place)!

Posted by: William Bowles | Dec 31, 2018 8:49:58 AM | 112

William Bowles 108

According to 'progressive' pft, if the Chinese
hang jack Ma on a lamb post, or better still, boot out the CCP, or the Russians bring down Putin etc,
bombs would stop dropping on Yemen !


Posted by: denk | Dec 31, 2018 8:57:16 AM | 113

lamp post ..


Posted by: denk | Dec 31, 2018 9:00:23 AM | 114

This from M. K. Bhadrakumar's latest

The best-laid plans under Obama have gone awry. To be sure, the Russian intervention in Syria in September 2015 would have been partly at least attributable to the tensions building up in Moscow’s ties with the West, with the Kremlin assessing that without a toehold in Syria, an effective Russian presence in the Mediterranean would be unsustainable. In turn, Russia forcefully reversed the tide of the Syrian conflict, weaned Turkey away from the western camp, forged a veritable alliance with Iran and established a permanent politico-military presence on the Middle Eastern landscape.

No wonder the Empire's pissed!

Posted by: William Bowles | Dec 31, 2018 9:13:37 AM | 115

Peter AU 1 @98: ADKC and Circe. As you two work as a team ...

I don't see this team connection at all.

You are simply trying to discredit ADKC.

Why? Because he is vigilant and suspicious of those who are not?

Sad to see this from you.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 31, 2018 11:03:07 AM | 116

Trump Weighing Netanyahu Request for Gradual Syria Withdrawal

Netanyahu to meet with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday and National Security Adviser John Bolton on Sunday; White House 'positively considering' request.

Trump Tweet
I am the only person in America who could say that, “I’m bringing our great troops back home, with victory,” and get BAD press. It is Fake News and Pundits who have FAILED for years that are doing the complaining. If I stayed in Endless Wars forever, they would still be unhappy!

Posted by: fast freddy | Dec 31, 2018 11:03:15 AM | 117

Peter, do you have the soft or hard tofu version? If soft, try it in a viet pho style soup, if hard you can bbq it veggie-burger style. Happy New Year to all, even our resident trolls..

Posted by: Lozion | Dec 31, 2018 11:07:31 AM | 118

Happy new year everyone!

Except Ukranian nazi's/corrupt oligarchs, NATO sponsored terrorists, Integrity Initiative and other anti-Russian propagandists, New Knowledge personnel, the Clinton family, the Obama's, the Al Saud family, all non-arab Knesset members, the Netanyahu family, NATO Cold War 2.0 warriors, and all their family, friends, partners in crime who I failed to mention specifically.

Posted by: Symen Danziger | Dec 31, 2018 11:16:33 AM | 119

MH17 Turnabout: Ukraine’s Guilt Now Proven

The complete evidence will be described, and all of the conclusive evidence is linked-to, proving who perpetrated, and who demanded, the shoot-down on 17 July 2014 of the Malaysian airliner MH17.

Posted by: mauisurfer | Dec 31, 2018 11:18:30 AM | 120

All circumstantial evidences points to MH370
another CIA wet job.

Its a package deal,
exploding helicopter killing Najib's PA,
aIR Asia airliner also exploding in mid air,
another mal airliner in near miss...

It can be scientifically verified,
Ask Ian Fleming's law of probability.

Posted by: denk | Dec 31, 2018 11:26:34 AM | 121

We've covered Trump's Syria "pause" from many angles, so I'll mention another. Consider the effect on the troops who are the subject of this situation. They're living in austere conditions among unfriendly people in a lost cause which is ending-or-is-it, trying to do their best at whatever they do but know that their commander may end it any day now, or not. They're possibly connected via social media to their families, with maybe problems at home, wondering what comes next in the crazy place they're stationed "defending America." (not)
There's a morale problem there, the kind of situation that is anathema to military units. You can't get much done when the troops are in a funk, that's another reason to be hopeful.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Dec 31, 2018 11:44:02 AM | 122

Don Bacon @122: effect on the troops

USA has been in Afghanistan for 17 years.

They know how to rotate troops.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 31, 2018 11:53:07 AM | 123

There is absolutely no reason to give USA/Trump the benefit of the doubt wrt Syria.

There is quite good reason to be suspicious of their intentions.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 31, 2018 11:55:27 AM | 124

The exchange of insults between Trump and his former retired general advisors makes it far less likely that Trump will walk back from his withdrawal program in Syria and perhaps even Afghanistan. It also makes the deep state appear much more disloyal to Trump partisans, giving peace and the resistance (to the deep state, not the phony deep state inspired "antifa" fascist resistance) more of a chance against this grasping, nihilistic imperialist power structure. I still think we need a genuine antiwar figure like Tulsi Gabbard to come forward, but it will be extremely difficult to reassert any kind of control over the rogue power structure.

Posted by: exiled off mainstreet | Dec 31, 2018 11:58:14 AM | 125

exiled off mainstreet @125: far less likely that Trump will walk back from his withdrawal program in Syria and perhaps even Afghanistan.

He already has walked it back: the withdrawal from Syria has been "paused."

And USA have denied that there is any plan to reduce troop strength in Afghanistan.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 31, 2018 12:05:55 PM | 126

exiled off mainstreet | Dec 31, 2018 11:58:14 AM | 125

Did you not read #107?

Posted by: William Bowles | Dec 31, 2018 12:24:01 PM | 127

It appears that Warmonger Lindsey Graham has changed Trump's mind. Given him pause.

Makes Trump look like a bigger fool than what he is.

Posted by: fast freddy | Dec 31, 2018 12:26:47 PM | 128


Too bad your @90 is on the previous page; it's brilliant. That Karl Rove quote is priceless in demonstrating what the Empire is all about, and how Trump perfectly emulates the shifting narratives that make up the scam on the American people. The greatest Enemy of the Empire is not ISIS or AQ; it's the truth and the threat of the masses discovering it.

Trump is in real estate, one of the shadiest businesses around. The market is bad, the polls are down--put lipstick on a pig; come up with a gimmick. The whole Syria pullout is a cheat to get a rise in the polls.

“At the briefing with senior military leadership, the generals and President Trump came up with a powerful plan that will allow us to continue on a path to total victory. People will begin to see the results very soon,” Sanders told reporters continue not pull out.

WH Invitation Iraqi PM

Trump appeared in Iraq right after his announcement to reassure and ready military leaders on the mission adjustment. This shifting shtick is right in Trump's wheelhouse.

Trump invited Graham to lunch at the WH to reassure him as well:

“We talked about Syria and he told me some things that I didn’t know that make me feel a lot better about where we’re headed in Syria,” Mr. Graham said. “He promised to destroy ISIS. He’s going to keep that promise. We’re not there yet, but as I said today, we’re inside the 10-yard line and the president understands the need to finish the job.”


So he told Graham things, he's keeping from everyone else!

FYI, Peter AU 1, I may not always bother with links and quotes, cause sometimes I'm driven by passion and the minutiae of links and quotes bogs me down, but I always do the research before I comment, and am reading multiple open sites while I write and usually expect others will check on their own to know where I'm coming from so you can disagree by proving me wrong, but quit your nasty campaign to discredit me.

Posted by: Circe | Dec 31, 2018 12:32:21 PM | 129



The markets were plunging. His poll numbers were headed in that direction. This pullout anouncement was a timely ruse, and everything is about him. He's a hero, a national treasure and blah, tweet, blah....toot my own horn, and the Empire's mission continues full stop.

Nothing more to see here.

Posted by: Circe | Dec 31, 2018 1:00:08 PM | 130

@ fast freddy | Dec 31, 2018 12:26:47 PM | 128
It appears that Warmonger Lindsey Graham has changed Trump's mind. Given him pause.
No. There is now a ceremonial Graham-pleasing pause so that Trump has the time to do some things (that he cannot do).
tweet -- here
Lindsey Graham @LindseyGrahamSC
The President will make sure any withdrawal from Syria will be done in a fashion to ensure:
1) ISIS is permanently destroyed.
2) Iran doesn’t fill in the back end, and
3) our Kurdish allies are protected.
1) The US created and supported ISIS as a Sunni remedy to US-caused Shia ascendancy, via Operation Iraqi Freedom, and now the Syria Arab Army with help from Iraq is free to expand its ISIS-killing w/o US interference.
2) The US has no means to reduce Iran influence in Syria, and Iran's support as a Syria ally will be rewarded.
3) The US can't protect the Kurds, who are now talking to Moscow and Damascus for some sort of alliance.

As for Graham, he is ignorant as demonstrated by his recent tirade at CNN for the latter's correctly saying that Obama's 2011 withdrawal from Iraq was necessitated by a Bush-43 treaty in 2008, so he believes all this sales talk.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Dec 31, 2018 1:07:27 PM | 131

To all folks propping up the bar here, I wish you all a just and peaceful new year.

Posted by: William Bowles | Dec 31, 2018 1:11:24 PM | 132

30 - Eating the "food" called tofu

"The health people say they are best consumed fermented"

It is recommended that the consumer him or herself is well stewed.

Posted by: Bart Hansen | Dec 31, 2018 1:14:44 PM | 133


Is this why Mattis resigned?

Death Squad Incorporated

No accountability -- endless deniability. Sounds very Trumpian.

The Empire of Satan brought to you by Donald J. Trump

Posted by: Circe | Dec 31, 2018 1:45:47 PM | 134

Circe | Dec 31, 2018 1:45:47 PM | 134

Well like the RT piece quotes, PMCs outnumber US troops 3 to 1 in Syria and it hasn't made a bit of difference. These US gangsters never stop talking shit!

Posted by: William Bowles | Dec 31, 2018 2:41:23 PM | 135

old news circe and has been discussed here already, but using it as a punching bag on trump - lol... good for you... you go girl! you really think it would be any different with any other usa president?? the time it is going to be different is when the usa is no more.. you missed peter au asking for a tofu recipe from you!!

Posted by: james | Dec 31, 2018 2:56:08 PM | 136

Lindsay Graham is much smarter than Trump. He knew the whole Syrian pull-out thing was just another act-on-impulse thing that had characterized much of Trump's tenure in office.

Graham knew that on the Friday Phone Call Erdoğan had basically pushed the right buttons and got the result he wanted but even Erdo was taken aback by the Donald's enthusiasm for the whole idea. Graham knew he could back him up on the timetable of the withdrawal and then let the issue fade in importance as Trump's propensity to lose interest in one thing as he gets pumped about another kicked in.

After all, Ann Coulter had tore him up in an op-ed or tweet or whatever and Trump had responded by reneging on an agreed -upon deal to keep the government working till some time in February. He decided it was time to let the government shut down and show everybody just how big his balls were. Graham knew exactly how Trump would respond to his arguments before he ever sat down with him.

Graham knew that trying to get Trump to outright reverse himself would be like looking up a dead horse's arse so he just chipped away at the withdrawal time which is now totally in limbo. I mean he's dealing with a guy who is obsessed with walls and this apocalyptic vision of brown people pouring into the country in their millions. He would put 800,000 people out of work over Christmas to make his point. So just offer to fine-tune the decision to withdraw and leave him to ponder the more important things.

In a couple of days Chuck and Nancy will be putting the finishing touches on their plans to subpoena Trump to death. They hardly know where to start. Maybe they start at the beginning and him scamming the taxpayer out of tens of millions by catering his own very special day. With Ivanka's help. Fucking Syria won't be so important then I think.

The whole point is that this might not be the magical moment that signals that Trump is getting set to start bringing all the troops home and accepting the philosophy of a multi-polar world. More likely it's just another scattershot move as he frantically tries to keep Joe Six Pack from dwelling on any one issue for too long a time.

Posted by: peter | Dec 31, 2018 3:48:24 PM | 137


My gut tells me Trump is going to use a combo of Blackwater and drones in Afghanistan plus the troops that were already there before the surge. So, nothing's changing, It's just getting more inhumane if that's possible.

Peace over tofu? Okay...easy peasy lemon squeezy:

Happy New Year🎆!

Posted by: Circe | Dec 31, 2018 3:48:50 PM | 138

thanks circe... back at ya! all the best in the new year.. hopefully peter au is going to use one of these recipes!

Posted by: james | Dec 31, 2018 3:54:46 PM | 139

The Anti-Semitism Cyber Monitoring System

Some thoughts for 2019:

The jew is the Light of the World, the best thing going on two legs, g*d's favorite, a being of pure light and goodness with a carpetbag full of love and a fractional reserve banking system of peace and joy.

Incredibly, some people, and by that I mean almost everyone who has ever come into contact with the friendly merchant, are blindly intolerant of the Money Magician for no good reason.

When everyone hates you the problem is clearly the entire world and not you. The solution might be a special computer program designed to catch the Crime Thought and then report it to the kommissars in control of your rapidly dying nation.

Introducing the 'Anti-Semitism Cyber Monitoring System'

Posted by: Kristin | Dec 31, 2018 5:53:53 PM | 140

@ Circe
In the first instance that I quoted in an earlier post, you directly accused two other posters of working together as a team. Shortly after, you then linked frances and karlof1
ADKC agreed with this, then shortly after linked another couple of posters together.
It give the appearance of projecting onto others what you are doing. I will emphasise appearance as that is more than likely all it was.
I'm probably a bit sensitive to it as I read the MSM to see what US and UK are accusing others of as that is a sure sign of what they themselves doing.
On the subject of Trump, the two main lines of thought here is that Trump being elected is simply a conspiracy by the elite to deceive the voters, the being that there are two factions in the US that are at war with each other, the faction of the elite behind Trump being much smaller.
We are all just guessing at what is going on using the little bit of information available. I guess at some point down the track, with the advantage of hindsight, we will better know what is occurring at this time. I do feel we are in the midst of a major shift in geo-political power.

Thanks for the tofu recipient. That is one I will be trying amongst others that have been put up.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Dec 31, 2018 9:08:37 PM | 141

I see Bill Gates is jumping on the nuclear energy bandwagon. Thats great news but I suspect there is a catch somehwere. Maybe a carbon tax to pay for it.

My theory on Global Cooling follows

Bit simplistic but simple is better. Heat flows from hot to cold. Avg temperature of the ocean surface which makes up 70% of the surface is 17 deg C. Avg temperature of ground at 200 ft is 1deg C higher than surface, and increases with depth.
Avg air temperature at surface is 15 deg C and decreases with altitude. It is being warmed by the earth (ex atmosphere) and not vice versa.

It appears to me that heat is being transferred from the earth (ex atmosphere) to the atmosphere and space, in other words, global cooling. The GHG in atmosphere are our insulation, and reduces the rate at which we are cooling, but does not warm us.

Temperature changes in the atmosphere come from changes in ocean circulation which release more (eg el nino) or less heat to atmosphere (eg la nina) . Variations in earths (ex atmosphere) cooling rate , and variations in the suns and earths magnetic field strength -which reduce or increase GCR’s that affect cloud formation , affect the temperature of the atmosphere.

If no atmosphere or GHG at all we are at -18 deg C, and the cooling process becomes much much quicker.

The planets destiny before being consumed by an expanding and dying sun is as a giant iceball. GHG such as CO2 buy us more time.

Posted by: Pft | Dec 31, 2018 9:17:13 PM | 142

@ Pft who wrote:
The planets destiny before being consumed by an expanding and dying sun is as a giant iceball. GHG such as CO2 buy us more time.
I just took an astronomy class so feel confident telling you that our Earth will not end up as a giant iceball because our plant is within the frost line of our solar system. The frost line for our solar system is 3 times the distance of the earth from the sun and Neptune and Uranus are the iceballs of our solar system.

If the earth loses its atmosphere like Mars did we will lose our water and become similar to Mars....not an iceball

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 31, 2018 10:27:48 PM | 143

Who is "Company A?"

The federal government responded Friday to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts’ issuance of a temporary pause on an order holding an unnamed, foreign government-owned company in contempt over a mystery court case related to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

The government response was filed under seal ahead of Monday’s deadline.

This is the first known legal challenge apparently related to Mueller’s investigation to make its way to the Supreme Court.

Posted by: donkeytale | Jan 1, 2019 5:16:35 AM | 144

US Strategic Command's New Year's Message to the Planet:

US Strategic Command, which oversees America's nuclear arsenal, has apologised for a tweet that said it was ready to "drop something much, much bigger" than New York's Times Square ball.


The message, posted on New Year's Eve, was accompanied by a video showing a B-2 bomber dropping weapons. - BBC News, 1 January 2019

Apparently, USSC thought it was in "bad taste" and deleted it. Bad taste? I wish we could delete all those nukes!

Posted by: William Bowles | Jan 1, 2019 7:20:03 AM | 145

On the subject of tofu, I am between a rock and a hard place. I dislike tofu, but my daughter has kindly bought me a tofu making kit. Any tips on making this stuff edible would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Dec 30, 2018 5:24:29 PM | 20

A lot of people think tofu is good for the health, but is not, it is very bad for the health, especially in quantity. The main problem is with modern production techniques which use an acidifier to precipitate the tofu instead of the traditional fermentational methods. Tofu causes cancer. among other things, especially if prepared using modern methods rather than traditional methods. You could try a traditional Indonesian tofu product (sorry, the name escapes me for the moment), which you should be able to find easily in Asian shops - it is quite healthy I believe, and tastes OK in smallish quantities. There are also some Japanese products made by traditional fermentation which are very healthy in small quantities.

I believe NO soya products are healthy in LARGE quantities.

The Vietnamese make some very good (tasting) tofu products, which may or may not be healthy depending on whether they are made using traditional methods or not, and they also have a lot of variety. You could look for a local Vietnamese Buddhist temple to find out more, they probably make it on the premises before big events.

If you dislike tofu there is a good chance that is because it is artificially made - the real thing tastes better (not surprisingly).

Posted by: BM | Jan 1, 2019 7:34:13 AM | 146


Why Tofu and Some Soy Products Wreck Your Brain
Are you confused like most people who believe that tofu is a "health" food?

Posted by: William Bowles | Jan 1, 2019 8:18:30 AM | 147

Are you confused like most people who believe that tofu is a "health" food?
Posted by: William Bowles | Jan 1, 2019 8:18:30 AM | 147

Before mindlessly deriding other commenters I would strongly suggest you read the post of the commenter you plan to deride. If you had done so you would have seen that I stated the exact opposite of what you allege. I made clear quite unambiguously that tofu (particularly that widely available) is a health hazard. Why do you distort that as promoting "tofu is a "health" food"?

Posted by: BM | Jan 1, 2019 8:43:32 AM | 148

BM | Jan 1, 2019 8:43:32 AM | 148

Eh? I think you've completely misread the link! It supports what you're saying, that's why I posted it!

Posted by: William Bowles | Jan 1, 2019 9:41:52 AM | 149

how about putting you'r heads together and coming up with some good tofu recipies. I'm in a really tight spot here. I have to make and eat the stuff.
Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Dec 31, 2018 1:53:25 AM | 98

Sounds like you need to turn a few ideas upside down. Did the tofu maker come in a nice strong box? What about packing everything back in the box, cover it with a nice covering, and use it as a table for small children?

Posted by: BM | Jan 1, 2019 9:44:04 AM | 150

A friend's daughter had been a Linda Eastman-inspired vegan for 10+ years when she started having kids. They've been vegan from the time they were weaned. They look perfectly healthy and seem happy. There's no sign that their diet is harming them in any way.

There's a groundswell of interest in Oz of exploring the dietary habits of 'primitive' cultures. As a result there are farms cultivating insects and insect larvae for human consumption. In Africa, kids hunt, cook and eat large ugly spiders as a luxury snack. According to the movies we saw at Sunday School, ME folk couldn't get enough roasted locusts dipped in honey.

Humans are omnivorous so it's probably reasonable to assume, on the diet front, that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 1, 2019 12:00:18 PM | 151

When I was in Malaysia, half a lifetime ago, my (Chinese) host assured me that Malays will eat Any Thing which moves - so long as it doesn't have wheels or a propeller.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 1, 2019 12:07:39 PM | 152

@150 thinking outside the box

Posted by: pretzelattack | Jan 1, 2019 2:26:28 PM | 153

BM @ 146:

That's why tofu is always best eaten as part of a dish where it's a secondary ingredient to a meat-based main ingredient, or as part of a meal where there are plenty of meat dishes (as in a yum cha meal).

The word you were looking for is "tempeh".

Tofu is a significant part of Buddhist monks' diets because it reduces sexual desire if eaten regularly and probably has some impact on men's infertility (and might even be a risk factor for prostate cancer) in the long term.

Posted by: Jen | Jan 1, 2019 2:41:30 PM | 154

@ Circe | Dec 31, 2018 12:32:21 PM | 129

'FYI, Peter AU 1, I may not always bother with links and quotes, cause sometimes I'm driven by passion and the minutiae of links and quotes bogs me down, but I always do the research before I comment, and am reading multiple open sites while I write and usually expect others will check on their own to know where I'm coming from so you can disagree by proving me wrong, but quit your nasty campaign to discredit me.'

Since this is still about me commenting a couple of threads back I'm inclined to replay:

1. Trump, as despicable as the man may be, he's a symptom not the cause. So, you're obsession with the man is futile.

2. Regarding my comment on Iran and her possession of nuclear warheads, which to my understanding you seem to support in the face of threats from other nuclear armed states.
I tried to avoid that, but here it goes:
In that comment I gave two examples of potential principles every state actor, Iran included, has instant access to:
a. Radioisotopes:
We all know about the devastating effects of DU munitions for local populations in the long run. Now, with contemporary technologies for state actors it is without a shred of doubt well in their reach to produce a variety of water insoluble oxides of radioisotopes in nano and micro crystalline size. Loading these in a warhead with an air burst setup would yield effects way worse than that of DU munitions, if ever employed and the result would be depopulation, aka a WMD equivalent outcome as nasty as an atomic bomb.
b. 2,3,7,8-TCDD (Dioxin), yes that Dioxin!
Set up a suitable chemical reactor with proper reactants, run at proper reaction conditions and the result will be 2,3,7,8-TCDD as the main product. Separate and transform the product to nano/micro crystalline size - load in warhead, again, set up for air burst. Result: another super nasty WMD with very long lasting effects, half life of 2,3,7,8-TCDD under atmospheric conditions is about 450 years.

As I've stated earlier all parties involved are perfectly aware of such possibilities, and since they all do have pretty much state-of-the-art chemical and nuclear (civilian) facilities on their territories are capable of producing such devices on short notice if they ever wish to doing so.

a. Iran does not need 'nuclear bombs' in any way or form if they ever decided they'd want WMDs as deterrent.
b. Iran would not want to employ WMDs even at the brink of collapse as this would result in her complete destruction, which any leader of a country, sectarian or not, has to do his utmost to avoid.
c. Iran, as are others, being aware of such possibilities at least since the late 70s never tried to implement such devices, which makes her a reasonable and responsible player, regardless of its sectarian regime. Put differently, Iran never had nor has the intention to destroy Israel.
d. Iran as a major supporter of the Palestinians would also destroy what is left of Palestinian society and by that any chance of recovery for the Palestinians if she used WMDs against any prior attack by Israel. Doing so would be morally unacceptable and, too, detrimental to Iran and Palestine.

So no, you didn't do your research on the matter, you didn't even bother to give it a thought or ask 'why is that?'. You rather jumped to unfounded accusations out of ignorance. Maybe now you're getting the picture.

Posted by: Hmpf | Jan 1, 2019 3:05:57 PM | 155

BM 150
Box is a bit small for a table and besides, my wife would rat on me. Your suggestions of fermented tofu though has given rise to a cunning plan. In looking into it, I find that all tofu is made using some form of acid as a coagulant. The stuff that come in the kit is called glucono delta-lactone but I see acids like lemon juce amongst others can be used.
For fermented tofu, it is first made using a coagulant, then it is placed under hay and allowed to ferment with whatever bugs land on it.
I have mouldy old hay covering my vege patch as a mulch, so I may be able to lay it out in the garden, pull the hay over and then whenever asked, I can say it is still fermenting.
I have a bit of a reprieve at the moment as I could not find any beans locally and the only soy milk I could find had extra ingredients to make it more like a dairy product.
Have ordered some beans on line so I have a week or so to relax before they turn up.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jan 1, 2019 5:23:35 PM | 156

Excellent report by Eric Zeusse.
Happy New Year, barflies; Peace.

Posted by: robjira | Jan 1, 2019 5:29:33 PM | 157

Peter AU 1

I had no intention of commenting on Circe's comment until' someone directed the comment "FOAD" at her. I looked this acronym up and was shocked at the bad language, so I took issue with the poster.

If you recall some months ago I took issue with your use of bad language against someone else and kept on until' you had the good grace to apologise (I know you just apologised to make me go away). I mention this only to show I have form. What can I say, I'm an old fashioned kind of guy.

My view of Trump is changing quite rapidly. However, at the time my position was as I expressed @84 of "To Win The 2020 Race Trump Will Need To Fire More Of His Staff - 20th Dec 2018"; as far as I am aware this is not Circe's view.

My evolving view of Trump seems to be taking me more towards Jackrabbit's theory; something I would not have expected when I posted my defence of Circe just 36 hours ago. It might be that my new (not fully) evolved view will be similar to Circe's but it definitely wasn't on 30th Dec, as you will see if you refer to my comment @84.

I didn't think that those two, that Circe referred to, were working together but I was beginning to perceive the unquestioning, undemanding, reality suspension tendency apparent in all Trump's supporters; hence my comment to the effect that Circe had a point.

I have rapidly begun to understand that Circe's is far more than just a point, but a syndrome among Trump supporters which undermines everything that (it might be presumed) they wanted from a Trump presidency. Not only are Trump supporters aware that Trump is selling snake oil, they are absolutely happy to buy it. This has really serious implications that I won't go into now.

I don't know enough about Circe's view of Israel to know if we would have significant differences (there would be some, but these may just be about tone).

Regarding, the Palestinian issue I think there is likely to be agreement between me and Circe, but, I suspect my views about the forthcoming genocide of the Palestinian's may be a bit ....well, I have met no Westerner that sees it my way. My view would be closer to Finkelstein's, who I greatly admire but I don't think people who follow him really understand the implications of his warnings.

The other two, who had a mutual understanding of each other which meant they were working together, expressed views so credulous and lacking in sense that they were clearly being manipulative and misleading; like someone pretending to be dumb when they are leading you up the garden path. Well those two plausibly jovial destructive commentators really freaked me out.

Posted by: ADKC | Jan 1, 2019 8:46:22 PM | 158

video on trump and bayrock, that goes into felix sater, and a number of shady characters, almost all with a jewish connection... needless to say, the focus of the video is trump collusion with russia, lol... funny how the israel and jewish connections are always ignored, or skipped over casually... video title is

the dubious friends of donald trump..part 1 - the russians...

Posted by: james | Jan 1, 2019 9:11:08 PM | 159

the documentary is by Dutch TV, Zembla... it is 45 minutes long... felix sater is introduced around 11 minutes in.. sater was good friends with trumps lawyer - michael cohen... the coincidences need cease to amaze..

Posted by: james | Jan 1, 2019 9:14:45 PM | 160

here is part 1 and 2 of the above video link for anyone interested in seeing more of it..

here is part 3... these all came out a little over a year ago in holland..

i rarely watch video, but i do find this very interesting..

Posted by: james | Jan 1, 2019 9:29:34 PM | 161

Hmpf @155

I'm reasonably certain it wasn't about you.

But, I thought I'd take up some of the issues you raised.

Whether Trump is despicable or not is irrelevant, the issue is why is he President. It means something entirely different if he was always willingly serving the deep, than if he has been forced/compelled to do so. It might seem to make no difference but that is a mistake. You have to determine which of those is the case, because how you proceed is dependent on that determination.

The US and/or Israel cannot defeat/subdue Iran using conventional weapons. It might seem that all that western tech would easily brush aside Iranian resistance but that will not be the case. Should the US attack Iran without 'fixing' the outcome first (like they did with the war on Iraq but are very unlikely be able to achieve with Iran), then the US can only win a war by threatening the use of nuclear weapons or equivalent WMD (and hope Iran surrenders) or actual use. The US will be aware of this, so any war against Iran will involve Nuclear Weapons or equivalent WMD, there is no other option in such a circumstance.

To deter such an attack Iran either has to have Nuclear weapons, or equivalent WMD, capable of reaching the enemies mainland, or an ally willing to use such weapons to defend it (and Russia and China will not do this).

Ergo, in the absence of real peace, Iran is compelled to acquire Nuclear weapons or equivalent WND, regardless of whether you, I or Circe want them to or not.

Posted by: ADKC | Jan 1, 2019 11:29:25 PM | 162

The Chaotic Situation

For 2019, I’m planning that dream trip, I'm leaving Stockholm, to go back-packing around Morocco.

What is the purpose of life, the reason we were granted this brief sojourn here in this best of all possible worlds?

If you believe the international financiers, as I do, and as everyone I know does, then our spirits were imprisoned in white bodies (Ah?) so we could labor and sacrifice to fund our eventual replacement and destruction.

It is, after all, the "right thing to do," go ask anyone. Beyond that, you can seek pleasure stimulating your stomach and genitals sprawled out in front of a talmudvision playing an endless loop of negro ball.

But for some of us, that just isn’t enough to fulfill the meaning of life, and we have other, even better kosher ideas. How about that dream vacation to Morocco? I'm sure that I’ll be fine and just think of all the amazing experiences that I’ll have. This is truly living, UNLESS I get turned into a human Pez dispenser, like those two Scandanavian girls.

News article: A suspect has been arrested in Morocco after two young Scandinavian women were found murdered with their throats cut in the Atlas Mountains, the interior ministry said. 

Okay, so it looks like the jew might not have been entirely 100 percent honest about this whole equality thing. The religion of peace and the halal slaughter of the most oblivious and delusional White women you'll ever meet.

There might be some kind of lesson here and here’s what I think the lesson is: "We need even more of this in Sweden!"

Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, a 24-year-old from Denmark, and an unidentified 28-year-old woman from Norway were found dead in a remote mountain area on Monday. 

My native country just isn't dying fast enough. Better go visit the North African immigrant in their own nation to expedite the process of getting my mangled corpse into the uncaring ground. This will prove to everyone that I'm not "racist" or "xenophobic." I'm going to get the most amazing eulogy.

Both women were found “with evidence of violence to their necks,” the ministry said.  

Muslimthroat-slashing gets the newspeak treatment. Yes sir, some minor unpleasantness in the neck region. It's a real shame, we're all broken up here in the Ministry of Kuffir Killing.

The bodies were found around six miles from the village of Imlil, which is often the starting point for treks to Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa.

Visit Imlil, White women! "I wanted to see exotic Mount Toubkal...the crown jewel of North Africa. I wanted to meet interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture...and get killed by them."

Ms Jespersen wrote on Facebook in December that she was going to Morocco and asked for advice about Mount Toubkal. “Any of you guys whos around by then or any mountain friends who knows something about Mount Toubkal?” she asked. 

Any of you crazy cats know anything about how the native Morocan male generally reacts around delusional blonde women hundreds of miles from home?

Helle Jespersen, her mother, said she urged her daughter not to go on the trip because of “the chaotic situation” in Morocco. 

In hindsight, this was actually very solid advice.

"We advised her to go down because it's such a chaotic place, and you've heard of people who have been killed down there," she told BT, a Danish newspaper.

She then told us that everyone was equal and Whites are bad and muh jewish feminism will protect me from savage animals

Her mother said that Danish police had come to her home on Monday and told her that her daughter’s “throat had been cut”.

When you join a Scandinavian police force, this will probably be your first assignment, assuming they don't have you placing tickets on the burned remains of cars lit up by the North African immigrant

“I broke down,” the mother said. "She was always happy and positive. All people could with her and she brought out the best in everyone.”

Racial reality and the law of the jungle all against all don't really care about your virtue

She added that she was sceptical whether the killer or killers would be found. "I really want them to catch the guilty people, but I just think the chances are very small in such a country," she said.

Yeah. I think she might be right.

Full Story:

Moroccan police apprehend suspect, two Scandanavian hikers found beheaded

Posted by: Jacqueline | Jan 2, 2019 12:32:39 AM | 163


McClatchy partnered with ZEMBLA on this, here is their report: A Kazakh dirty-money suit threatens to reach Trump’s business world.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 2, 2019 1:30:56 AM | 164

This is just a reminder that it is the intention of the 99% to get rid of the swamp.

To do so is not to attack people but to attack the part of our form of social organization that is the root of the problems, global private finance.

We need to make finance a public utility and deal with all the implications of eliminating the profit motive from human existence. Our challenge will be to build an ongoing evolutionary mix of socialism/capitalism (cooperation/competition) while maintaining service focus on the many instead of the few.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 2, 2019 1:53:00 AM | 165

What I find strange about the entire money-laundering affair is how public it has become. I have to believe that money launders would like to keep as low a profile as possible. Trump has likely lost any future money laundering business.

I doubt that there's any further "influence" (if there ever was). Trump may have benefited from laundered money from people that stole from Russia and former Soviet Republics in the 90's and early 2000's but that almost certainly dried up long before he ran for President. Any lingering "influence" is likely from Soviet/Russian Jewish oligarchs that are probably more concerned with Jewish-Israeli issues.

As an FBI informant, Sater was probably used to track Russian mobsters and money launders. His (arranged?) tie to Trump would've given credibility to do so.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <>

Jewish Oligarchs linked to Trump in ZEMBLA's reporting:

Alexander Machkevich Kazak-Israeli Citizenship. Kazak mining interests.

Tevfik Arif, Turkish businessman and founder of the Bayrock Group. Worked for the Reuben's Trans World Metals and partnered with Machkevich. (David and Simon Reuben are British Businessmen and philanthropists, ranked as 60th wealthiest in the world with a net worth of over $14 billion.)

Lev Leviev, "King of Diamonds", accused of trafficking in blood Diamonds. Leviev's daughter is friendly with Jared Kushner. Supporter of Chabad and West Bank Settlements (like Kurshner).

Possible but unlikely:
Semion Mogilevich, Russian mobster considered to be the "boss of bosses" (born in Ukraine), which Felix Sater's father is said to have worked for. Felix Sater is a childhood friend of Michael Cohen.

Mogilevich's wikipedia entry states that: "Alexander Litvinenko, shortly before his assassination, claimed that Mogilevich had allegedly a "good relationship" with Vladimir Putin." This seems dubious and more so coming from Litvinenko, or more likely, those who were associated with him.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 2, 2019 2:06:57 AM | 166

The Clinton Foundation also benefited from Kazak mining interests.

A Uranium One Primer – Clinton, Giustra & Kazakhstan’s Uranium Assets

Frank Giustra donated a total of $145 million in a series of payments to the Clinton Foundation related to UrAsia/Uranium One. Giustra's Foundation, The Radcliff Foundation, has also contributed $30M towards the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI).

Frank Giustra is a trustee of the Clinton Foundation and the International Crisis Group (ICG) since 2006. The ICG has been criticized as a government front which pretends to be independent (much like the Integrity Initiative?).

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 2, 2019 2:20:41 AM | 167

Jackrabbit - Good points on money laundering. This is why it's incomprehensible to me that Trump ever ran for President in the first place. At some level he had to know his business dealings would come under intense scrutiny at some point. And it is evident from what little we know there is massive money laundering running through his business portfolio.

Trump may have benefited from laundered money from people that stole from Russia and former Soviet Republics in the 90's and early 2000's but that almost certainly dried up long before he ran for President.

How would you now this to be true? And why are you apologising/flacking for Trump anyway? Lol.

Since Mueller turned both Michael Cohen and the Trump Organisation's chief accountant and House Democrats now hold investigative power into Trump's deals, we will learn about this soon enough. I'm not a betting man but I seriously believe Trump wouldn't withhold his tax returns or details of his business dealings if there wasn't vital reason for him to be overly protective.

Money laundering of foreign billions into high end US real estate hasn't slowed at all in recent times. Russians aren't the only ones washing illicitly gained cash through real estate either. And there is ample evidence as well as motive for Trump's feeding at the dark money pig trough into the early 2010s at the very least.

Whether Trump can be held legally liable is another question altogether...but it is what it is and all things being equal having a conduit for immense foreign dark money laundering in the White House probably will never be considered a good look.

But a months-long BuzzFeed News examination of every Trump condominium sale in the US shows that such sales surged in the late 2000s and early 2010s, when some Trump businesses were in financial trouble and when Donald Trump Jr. made his now-famous remark about the Trump Organization seeing “a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”

The surge was driven by the opening of 11 Trump condo buildings between 2008 and 2010 as Trump shifted his real-estate business from developing high-rises to licensing them. Nine were Trump-licensed, and they drew hundreds of shell companies that paid an average of $1.2 million in cash for a condo. In six of the licensed buildings, cash-paying shell companies bought at least a third of the condos, records show.

Posted by: donkeytale | Jan 2, 2019 7:44:25 AM | 168

And yes your moral equivalency with the Clinton Foundation is duly noted...another typical GOP tactic.

The major difference here is the Clintons began there dirty money activities after they left the WH and to date there has been disclosure AFAIK. Disclosure and lack of dishonest statements to the authorities is key to these dealings.

US law is structured to allow the wealthy to make these types of quid pro quo financial transactions legally to the detriment of citizens and taxpayers. In no way do I support Clintons, Obamas or any other politician enriching themselves as a result of their political status. Supposedly, the FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation. The Clintons are the most investigated politicians in the US for all of the 21st Century. If they are ever exposed I would be just as delighted for them to be "locked up" too.

Probably the only real legal difference is the Clintons and Obamas are smart lawyers while Trump is an insulated by inherited wealth conman who also seems to be borderline insane, at least from the standpoint of internet psychosis. Lol

Posted by: donkeytale | Jan 2, 2019 8:06:11 AM | 169

what did the clitons disclose about the illicit email server again? give me a break on false equivalence, both clintons and trump are con artists.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Jan 2, 2019 11:21:11 AM | 170

donkeytroll @168: How would you now [sic] this to be true?

I don't, that's why I write that Trump "may have" benefited from money laundering.

Whether Trump can be held legally liable is another question altogether ...

To elaborate: US law at the time was very lax and the projects that benefited most were probably license deals (Trump didn't own a majority stake or manage the property).

All of which is adds to my belief that the Mueller investigation is indeed a witch hunt. But this 'witch hunt' has other purposes:

- to cast aspersion on Russia/Russians and Wikileaks;

- to help the Deep State to be the "bad cop" to Trump's "good cop" in relations with Russia; and

- to cover for CIA+MI6 "election influencing" operations (Steele dossier, Cambridge Analytica, etc.).

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 2, 2019 11:35:37 AM | 171

@155 Hmpf

How stupid do you take me for? Now, I know you were goaded by a certain somebody here with complete bias against me, but the honorable thing would be not to take the bait. So why are you INSISTING in pinpointing Iran's mass destructive capabilities, when you already made the point once albeit disingenuously where intention is concerned, that it would never use them for the reasons you described which I happen to agree with? So why do you keep going back to what Iran possesses and harping on the consequences if it tried to use any of these as weapons and and why do you use zio-neocon stereotypes to describe Iran's leadership?

I'm not wrong about your intention and I don't need to be schooled in chemistry and physics to see through your Iranophobe propaganda. And one more thing, although, the risk to Iran developing a nuclear arms program is very great, I happen to disagree with you: Iran DOES NEED nuclear weapons, because Israel is a lunatic country whose own nuclear arms capability needs to be seriously checked WITH MAD, especially now that Israel has teamed up with the equally lunatic Wahhabi kingdom.

Posted by: Circe | Jan 2, 2019 12:22:22 PM | 172

jr, 166. it seems you're picking up on the right trail of breadcrumbs.

Trump's very wealthy financiers for the most part were American Israeli and Russian Israeli having Israeli as the common denominator and ties to Netanyahoo and because Israel is the biggest foreign benefactor of Trump's Presidency so far, the Saudis second and not really Russia in material terms, then to be fair, I hope Mueller makes that distinction and concludes that the foreign meddler was Israel, and I'm not the only one who believed this from the beginning.

Israeli Manipulation

Posted by: Circe | Jan 2, 2019 1:56:15 PM | 173


PSY-Group used a network of shell companies, based in Limassol, Cyprus and Road Town, British Virgin Islands, to mask its financial flows and links to Israel. Many of those involved in manipulating the 2016 US election are either Israeli nationals or dual Israeli citizens of other countries. In almost every case, the election meddlers carry Israeli passports, something that provides them a potent “get-out-of-jail-free” card, when required.

After the New York Times revealed PSY-Group’s involvement in the 2016 campaign, like all intelligence fronts, it closed shop. The “Russia meddling” meme is a ruse. The guilty country is not Russia, but Israel. The guilty meddling leader is not President Vladimir Putin, but Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The hostile intelligence agency for the US electoral process is not the Federal Security Bureau of the Russian Federation, but Mossad.

Another Israeli firm tied to election meddling is Black Cube, which was founded by former Israeli intelligence officers. Its “services,” in addition to cyber-operations, also includes more “traditional” blackmail operations, including “honeypot” sexual entrapment. Cambridge Analytica, another election meddler that, like PSY-Group, folded up shop after its exposure by the press, also had significant links to the Israelis.

A Cambridge Analytica whistleblower named Christopher Wylie revealed that his former firm hired Black Cube to hack the emails and medical records of Nigerian presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari. The firm also conducted a psychographic voter micro-targeting campaign in Kenya’s presidential election, which favored victor Uhuru Kenyatta. Wylie said his predecessor at Cambridge Analytica died in a Kenyan hotel room, likely from poisoning, after a joint operation conducted with Black Cube “went sour.” Black Cube, which employs many ex-Mossad officers, was the same firm hired by disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein to dig up dirt on women who accused him of sexual assault.

Cambridge Analytica, which enjoyed several close links with Israeli election meddlers, also targeted elections in Brazil, Colombia (through an affiliate called Farrow Colombia), Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Guyana. Cambridge senior executives revealed to investigators for Britain’s Channel 4 that their political clients were provided with dossiers on “all the skeletons” in their opponents’ closets.

Israeli Global Election Cyber Meddling

So now we know why Brazil's Bolsonaro is so cozy with Netanyahoo and is thinking of moving Brazil's Embassy to Jerusalem and only thing stopping him is that Arab countries threatened to stop importing Brazilian beef if he follows through.

By the way, two ex Mossad Ciefs were on the advisory Board of Black Cube, Meir Dagan, is since deceased, but also, an ex head of Israel's police force and a head of Israel's Security Council are on the Board. So this looks like a spy outfit.

Apparently according to several articles I found, Israel isn't only using cyber meddling, but major financing and blackmail to rig elections.

Posted by: Circe | Jan 2, 2019 2:10:02 PM | 174

Not sure why link in 173 didn't work! Look up, search: Ronan Farrow: Israeli Meddling in U.S. Elections and you'll find the ABC video and article on RealClearPolitics.

Posted by: Circe | Jan 2, 2019 2:18:26 PM | 175

The Ronan article and video are still online.

I have no idea why it doesn't connect; you'll have to search it, but it's still there, I saw the ABC video with Ronan slamming Israelis for election meddling on msm. It's great. It has to get traction!

Posted by: Circe | Jan 2, 2019 2:33:35 PM | 176

@164 jackrabbit... mcclatchy did on the last part, but not in the beginning... the info from the dutch group zembla is very interesting... essentially you have a group of folks connected to russia, also connect to israel via the jewish faith, but in the documentary, the focus is mostly on trumps ''russian'' connections... no focus is put on his israel connections... the 2nd part is really highlighting an israeli connection - lev leviev, but because he was born in russia and lived the first 10 to 15 years in russia, even though he has lived the other 47 in israel - it is still a russian connection!

the idea that some arm of the rothchilds bailed him out in the 90's fits this.. for all of these folks it's all about the money.. with the money they will either the largest funder for the chabab headquarter in port washington, or fund the settlements in the west bank, but of all this we are not supposed to say anything that would be construed as anti-semite.. instead it's about trumps russian connections... muellers investigation started may 17th 2017... we are approaching the 2nd anniversary and still all we have seen are legal technicalities admin folks have gotten caught up in, or in the case of cohen - lying for trump and not coming clean on that..

@166 jr... i replied before reading your post @166... sater was used by the fbi to pull in all these other cats..he seems like a pivotal player not just the fact he was friends with cohen - trumps ex lawyer... how much of all this was a set up to corner trump? you are right- why all this info about money laundering now? perhaps some players need to be taken out and replaced with others? or?

@172 circe.. i think you read hmpf wrong..

i see my comment conform with @173 circe comments... others here like donkeytale and etc would benefit from watching the documentary as i see it..

Posted by: james | Jan 2, 2019 2:46:21 PM | 177

@176 Try it without the backslash.

Posted by: dh | Jan 2, 2019 2:54:17 PM | 178


I disagree with your theory of Trump as controlled by Israel/Zionists/Jews. I think you go too far. There is a big difference between influence and control. The US establishment is already overwhelmingly pro-Zionist and the entire US political establishment has pledged their support. Why would they endanger that influence by seeking puppet-like control?

Money-laundering was easy money for Trump. Many developers benefited from that influx of money. I don't buy the theory that he sold his soul for a few extra bucks (even knowing what a greedy bastard he is).

US MIC is essentially partnered with neocons and deserve as much blame for disastrous outcomes as Zionist Jews do. The entire USA establishment have gone along with the MAGA agenda after being surprised by the extent of the Russia-China challenge.

I don't trust Madsen.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 2, 2019 6:00:38 PM | 179


Jr, if there was no Israel meddling or collusion with Trump why then is Mueller investigating Psy-Group, Wikistrat and the CEO Joel Zamel and why did George Nader, one of the parties to the meeting in the Seychelles pay Zamel 2 million after Trump was elected?

Trump team ties to Israeli Intel Firm

Posted by: Circe | Jan 2, 2019 8:31:16 PM | 180

Circe @179

I didn't say there was no Israeli meddling or collusion.

The Israel lobby has many ways to exert influence. Doing so directly -AND- to the extent of Trump's being a puppet would surprise me. And I know that they have become more bold in recent years.

What I've tried to express, is that:

1) The establishment is already pro-Israel, if not outright Zionist;

2) MAGA is a Deep State policy choice as much or more than Trump's campaign slogan. The entire Anglo-Zionist establishment wanted a leader that will confront Russia, China, and Iran. Not just Zionists/Israel. They will not give up without a fight.

Trump was selected to be that leader. IMO CIA-MI6 ensured that it would be so.

You are right in this regard: as with the Iraq War, Jewish Zionists/neocons are almost certainly leading the way. I have noted many times that Kissinger was first to call for MAGA in a WSJ Op-Ed in August 2014. (Tom Friedman of the NY Times famously said that the Iraq War would not have happened if it weren't for 25 Jewish neocons that pushed for it).

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 2, 2019 9:19:10 PM | 181

james: sater ... seems like pivotal player .. friends with cohen

Yeah, Trump's denial of Sater was striking. Just like he denied his friendship with the Clinton's when he was running for President.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 2, 2019 10:43:54 PM | 182


Here's something for you to chew on:

Why does 'America First' Trump appoint/nominate dual citizens to high office?

(Bolton has dual US and Israeli citizenship.)

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 2, 2019 10:45:14 PM | 183

@ circe | Jan 2, 2019 12:22:22 PM | 172

a. You may want to seriously consider what James wrote @177: '@172 circe.. i think you read hmpf wrong.. '

b. You still didn't grasp the ramifications of what I've been writing in terms of MAD. They'd have it in a heartbeat or already do, if they ever decided to go for it, the only difference to nuclear explosive devices would be less noise when these things were to be going 'pop'. Iran has ballistic missiles that can reach that said country and for a ballistics expert (which I'm not) it is a trivial task to calculate the dimensional properties of such a device described to replace a conventional warhead, that person could literally do this in his/her lunch break. Still, doing so would be stupid on the Iranian's part for numerous reasons. To name another two, they wouldn't want to potentially alienate their main supporters Russia and China, and too, would want to sustain the moral high ground and the goodwill of a majority of nations watching from the sidelines - geopolitics-wise.

b. Please, refrain from ad hominem attacks. That's not helpful at all. Btw, do you also happen to know how many Iranians with family still living in Iran I do have in my circle of friends and acquaintances?

Posted by: Hmpf | Jan 2, 2019 11:31:04 PM | 184

Circe: I agree with james and Hmpf. Please reconsider.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 2, 2019 11:51:41 PM | 185


Have you seen this: Israel Is Bad for America?

Smart commentary. We need more of that.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 3, 2019 12:01:20 AM | 186


What ad hom did I use in my last post? Never mind that's a lie, so just buzz off, thank-you.

Posted by: Circe | Jan 3, 2019 1:39:07 PM | 187

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