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December 03, 2018

The People Of France Reject Macron's Policies - How Long Can He Survive?

The current wave of protests in France, which started two weeks ago, is growing in impact and applied violence. On Saturday some 120,000 people took part in demonstrations around the country. The movement was initiated from the political right but many other parties also support it. Most of the participants seem to take part spontaneously. The movement is supposedly leaderless. But it is too early to exclude that there is some larger organizing power behind it.

In short: The Arab spring arrived in Europe.

"The people demand the fall of the regime." - bigger

Like the 1968 May protests that started in Paris this new movement will have echos in other countries.


While mostly peaceful protest were held in all parts of France the situation in Paris caught the most attention. On Saturday the protesters stormed the Arc de Triomphe. They rearranged the interior, damaged a statue of Marianne, and redecorated the outside.


When the riot police tried to intervene it came under a hail of cobble stones (vid) and had to retreat. Graffiti left behind by the protesters read: 'We’ve chopped off heads for less than this', 'Topple the Bougeoisie', 'May 1968 December 2018'.

The immediate reason for the protests are an increase of the fuel tax that President Marcron defends as a step to fight climate change. But the fuel tax is only the last drop of a steady stream of price increases for the poor and middle class while their income stagnates. Meanwhile the rich are receiving one tax cut after the other. The fuel price is important for anyone who needs to drive to work. Public transport may work well within the Paris ring-road but most people live beyond the view of the Elysées and do need a car.

On Saturday the peaceful protesters in Paris were accompanied by 'moderate rebels'. They left behind the usual trail but are still waiting for foreign powers to arm them.


Trump does not get along with Macron. How long will it take for him to suggests a no-fly zone?

The use of yellow warning vests, gilets jaunes in french, give the protester a smell of an arranged 'color revolution'. Then again - it is always helpful in demonstrations to distinguish one's side. These warning vests are mandatory emergency equipment in each car, they are readily available and sell for as little as €0.65.

After seeing the same neoliberal policies executed under the presidencies of Sarkozy and Hollande, the French people despised both the conservative party as well as the 'socialists'. But they well still not ready to move to a more radical parties on the right or left side.

The powers that be put up a former Rothschild banker as an alternative to the established parties and the media pushed him over the finish line. But Macron is even more neoliberal that Sarkozy or Hollande ever were and he is way more aloof and arrogant than both of them. He resembles a modern Marie Antoinette: 'If they don't like my fuel taxes let them buy electric cars.'

Macrons next projects are a pension reform and changes in the unemployment insurance. Both will cause more protests. Polls show that the French public overwhelmingly supports the yellow vests protests and their demands while Macron's popularity has fallen from 55% in May 2017 to some 27% now.

Some commentators blame the EU for Macron's policies. But that excuse is false. The EU did not demand the elimination of the wealth tax in France. Moreover - the EU implements the policy guidelines the large EU countries set out. Macron could surely change those if he wanted to.

On Saturday both sides were violent. But Macron and his police are far from innocent in the escalation. On May 1 Macron's top security aide Alexandre Benalla was filmed beating up protesters. In July a scandal ensued when Macron attempted to cover up the case. He sees violence as an appropriate way to handle resistance against his polices.

On Saturday the police even deployed sniper teams on roofs.



One clip purports to show a protester going down after being hit by a bullet, followed by a light streak that seems to be from a tracer round fired from above. Another clip shows some ten heavily protected policemen using their tonfa sticks to beat the shit out of one lone unarmed protester. As usual it is difficult to verify these videos.

Today an 80 year old lady in Marseille got killed when a police tear gas canister hit her face.

Anthropologist and demographer Emmanuel Todd commentated (vid, french) on the riots on a French TV show. Sophia translated his main points:

"The violence comes from Macron. He seems to take pleasure in humiliating ordinary people. With with the Benalla affair, we saw the violence coming out directly, not only from the Elysées, but from the mind of the president.
By refusing to enact a moratorium on the taxes that provoked the protests, the govt is enacting the strategy of chaos whereby if these protests, which are popular now, continue, a layer of the population will rise against them."

Macron might enact a state of emergency but that would only fuel the protests. It is doubtful that Macron's plan of a 'strategy of chaos' will work. The French president gets elected for 5 years. Only 18 month in Macron managed to move a large majority against him. It is unlikely that he will serve out his full term.

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Video of French cops beating the sh*t out of yellow vest protestors

So it's come down to this:

60,000 cops need to crush this revolt by millions of unwashed working class protestors in order to save the (((corrupt republic))) for Goldman Sachs, International Jewish finance, and the Judeo-Macronist government

@ Mandy

“If you aren't rich you should always look useful.”
― Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Journey to the End of the Night

Posted by: c. daidone | Dec 5 2018 13:18 utc | 101

If indeed the police is moving the heavy kit into position, they won't have to wait long to witness the appropriate level of unacceptable violence that justifies, nay, requires a decisive intervention to restore public order. A couple more civil liberties will need to be sacrificed as well - in the interest of security of course. Along the way the MSM will dutifully document the excesses committed by perpetrators wearing gilets jeunes. And that will be the end of it.

Posted by: Leser | Dec 5 2018 14:53 utc | 102

i thought i would read a more interesting viewpoint from you

james thx for the underhand compliment.

I get it that nobody likes to read about diesel fuel (aka the *real economy*): the narrative is all about Macron vs. the protestors, that is, humans who, we trust, have decisionary control of their actions.

A ‘moratorium’ the F Gvmt. feels saves face, just standard ‘management’ tactics. Macron backed down, so he lost. Had he not backed down, he would have lost as well (> resort to violence, deaths, etc.) So he is vulnerable to the same pressure another time.

To put diesel into social perspective (didnt see this treated above missed smthing maybe), about 25 years ago the French were encouraged to buy diesel cars, various arguments. Diesel at the pump was far cheaper, motors are more durable, last longer, etc. It was even stated outright that they polluted less. I remember where I live (in F speaking CH), at one point we were going to decree odd-even day driving (air pollution), but small diesel cars would be exempt —> some rushed out to buy one!

2, those in F in peripheral suburbs, in rural parts, small towns, outskirts, etc. have to drive to get to their jobs, even lousy precarious ones, and more seriously, for some, to get kids to school.

Not rare for 2 parents with 2 children to have 2 cars, as they just can’t do without. So the ‘car + fuel’ cost can be the no. 1. budget worry, particularly as it is dependent on Gvmt. decisions (the price at the pump is dependent on world market, but mostly tax.. etc.) which is supposed to be stabilised… Any extra cost can send a family of 4 into default (mortgage, minor debts, car payments, etc.), or poverty, bang off.

A compact existed. The poor would live in grotty buildings and have to travel to work (2 hours per day or much more for some, by car, on roads, etc.), as they were, are, not ‘allowed’ to live in nice places, like city centers, with great boulevards.. Therefore, the oblig. travel had to be subsidised / supported by ‘affordable’ diesel fuel / cars, as otherwise the system could not function.

Macron broke that pact, made the travel ‘unaffordable.’ > Riots. (Why he did that is another story.)

Posted by: Noirette | Dec 5 2018 16:58 utc | 103

Txs Krollchem for your reporting on the situation. Keep us in the loop..

Posted by: Lozion | Dec 5 2018 17:08 utc | 104

The Gilets Jaunes who are totally pacifist
you are crazy
these black block brutish thugs need to be corrected by the army navy and french air farce

Posted by: duncan | Dec 5 2018 17:23 utc | 105

Thanks to all the French that have added their perspective in the comments.

I think that Marcon is tone deaf enough to try and respond to this expression of dissatisfaction by the public with force and I believe that will further incite the public.

I hope that the French will demand public finance like needs to be done all over the Western world.....that sick house of cards needs to come down for humanity's sake.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 5 2018 20:15 utc | 106

It will probably not surprise anyone here to know that the globomedia is completely misrepresenting the Yellow Vest protests in Paris.

This is a post by an American living in Paris about what is really going on with the gilets jaunes.

It's important to note that the majority of protestors are middle aged, these are not college or university students, who make up the usual French protests. This is a grassroots protest.

It's been reported anywhere from 50-80% of the French support the gilets jaunes. This is NOT just about taxes.

The protests began over the new taxes imposed by Macron's government on fuel. The taxes are viewed as punishing those who use cars and those who can't afford to buy newer ones.

The French already pay heavy taxes on fuel, along with high tolls on highways. Every car in France is required to have 2 high visibility vests (gilets jaunes). The protestors began wearing those vests while protesting.

Along with this, the cost of living is incredibly high while salaries are painfully low, especially in larger cities like Paris.

The myth of government-ordered 35 hour work weeks isn't the reality for most salaried French people. Taxes eat huge chunks of their money and the French are fed up with making the same amount in their salaries as those who don't work at all and rely on government assistance.

Parts of France are also filled with unassimilated migrants. These migrants get government assistance as well. A large part of the French are sick of paying for migrants when French people are suffering as well.

There are areas that have stopped being culturally French and cities the French avoid for holidays because of the migrant problem.

In addition to this, retired people have been lodging their dissatisfaction with their retirement pensions (one woman in a video circulating around French Facebook confronts Macron about having to live off of 500€ a month) and Macron's reactions have been condescending across the board.

He currently has about a 26% approval rating.

All of this started bubbling up a few weeks ago as the protests began with the gilets jaunes in November.

The protests last weekend got violent. Statues at the Arc De Triomphe were broken; the Arc was defaced.

In Marseille, an 80 year old woman was killed as she was closing her shutters. The police threw a tear gas canister at her window. While outside of larger cities, many police officers and firefighters are taking off their helmets and/or standing in solidarity with the gilets jaunes.

There have been reports that they have also refused to shake Macron's hand and have turned their backs to government officials while serving in official capacities.

On Monday (December 2), there was a protest by the ambulances in Paris. They stood at Concorde with lights flashing and sirens sounding.

Truck drivers have also showed their solidarity. They have also driven through Paris with lights flashing to show their dissatisfaction. Roads have been closed down by gilets jaunes and they are blocking access of oil in both ports and at stations.

As of posting, over 650 stations are on a list of facing shortages or out of fuel. During yesterday's news cycle, many truck drivers were seen disrupting broadcasts by honking in solidarity with the gilets jaunes.

On Tuesday (December 3), the French government spoke about their plans for "appeasement" of the gilets jaunes. Their offer was to postpone the start date of 3 taxes (related to fuel).

This offer has been scoffed at by the gilets jaunes, who have called it "crumbs" as the taxes haven't even been implemented yet and the offer does nothing to address the issues regarding cost of living.

Along with this, the French have begun DEMANDING that Macron refuse to sign the UN Migration Act on December 10.

This has begun appearing across the Facebook groups and events but has not been widely reported in the French media as far as I can tell.

This has culminated in everything from demands Macron step down to the creation of the 6th Republic.

There are protests planned for Saturday across France. The protestors are calling the Paris protests ACT 4. They are quoting from the French National Anthem ("Aux Armes Citoyens") and planning to protest at Bastille. The medical community is also participating in the protests on Saturday.

Posted by: vvv | Dec 5 2018 21:12 utc | 107


Thanks for the update.

No, it's not surprising that establishment media misrepresents the protests.

Here in the USA, MSM reports about the protests are generally superficial. We learn about the opposition to the fuel tax without learning much, if anything, about the anger toward a political system that fails to serve the French people. Along those lines, MSM also focus on Paris so there isn't an understanding of how widespread the protests are.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 5 2018 21:51 utc | 108

Looks like the National police are joining the giletsjaunes movement:

Préavis de #grève illimitée déposé dans la @PoliceNationale à partir du #8Decembre #Decembre2018 !!! Même combat que les #GiletsJaunes pour le #PouvoirDachat. Est-ce que Messieurs @CCastaner et @EmmanuelMacron #Macron vous allez enfin nous entendre ?

Posted by: Lozion | Dec 6 2018 0:06 utc | 109

@103 noirette... thanks.. i was just yanking your chain a wee bit... you always have valuable info to share and i thought it might be more interesting.. i hear how this could happen and maybe some others wanted to make more of it.. we will see how it continues here.. thank you..

thanks again for the french perspective from the french posters in particular... and for the other comments that are informative too.. thank you..

Posted by: james | Dec 6 2018 1:15 utc | 110


Thanks for this very important link!
Préavis de grève illimitée déposé dans la Police Nationale à partir du 8 décembre 2018 !!!

From whay=t I understand, The French National Police union for non-sworn officers (VIGI) has called a national strike starting on December 8, 2018. Without this support staff comprised of administrative, technical, scientific and state workers / cooks. If their support staff is anything like the Oregon State Police the French National Police (sworn) officers will have to work without:
dispatch services (except supervisors);
cannot hold arrested persons (perhaps for more than 48 hours) as there will not be any forensic staff (except supervisors);
crime scene support in the forensic laboratories;
motor pool mechanics;
housekeepers for their in station barracks;

This strike has no time limit!

Here is my best effort of a translation into English of the letter to the Minister of the Interior. Sorry for any minor translation mistakes.

The claims brought by the movement of yellow vests, concerns us all. It is time to organize legally and to be in solidarity with them for the benefit of all. We are concerned because we are part of the people. Our concern is to complete the end of the month and not change the carpets of the Elysée for 300 000 €!

The services of the National Police function only with difficulty, if at all, when the support missions are no longer assured.

As a result, our trade union has filed an unlimited strike notice from Saturday, December 8, 2018 for administrative, technical, scientific and state workers / cooks of the Ministry of the Interior.

Without technical assistants and cooks, CRS companies can be immobilized. Without administrative assistants, services may be closed. Without state workers the maintenance of buildings and vehicles will no longer be possible. Without the scientific staff, the administration will no longer be able to divert them from their missions to ensure the missions of active personnel. Etc.

We propose that active staff financially support our colleagues who will use their right to strike. If we divide the salary loss of staff on strike with all the assets, we should at worst lose 5 € / day each. On the other hand, we have a lot more to gain.

Recently, the President of the Republic has taken us for "mercenaries" wanting to "buy" us with a premium of less than the cost of hours over the day of December 1. Moreover this premium will never compensate, this what this government decided:

No cost of living index;
Give a days pay in case of illness;
Increase the social security tax, but only by partially controlling it;
Tax the overtime of our CRS colleagues, but not that of the National Assembly Deputies who are paid 12 times more;
Leave our hours of night shift pay differential at 0.97 cents an hour;
Refuse to pay our 25 million hours of already accumulated overtime;
Increase the price of gasoline, which we need to have to go to work, because we can not live where we work and we have atypical schedules.

Besides, how can we continue to work without money? Indeed, our colleagues have not been paid for their Special Advantage Seniority (ASA) under out contract. We have at the moment to stopped the monetary effects due to lack of credits. This situation, which is identical in all SGAMIs, will be unlocked as soon as appropriations of new credits are allocated by the Central Administration. "

We want to meet our Minister to find solutions to improve the purchasing power of the staff of the Ministry of the Interior and by extension the French people, because we are attached to the notions of Equality and Fraternity, which are part of the motto of our country.

Moreover, our hierarchy still plans to send us to take the blows for itself and the government on Saturday, December 8, 2018. We know that we will have both some wounded and perhaps dead among us, because of the incompetence of directors, the police prefect and of the politicians, who will organize the policing by thinking that they play RISK. Except it's not a game. We're human beings and the Yellow Vests are too!

We invite our colleagues, who have not received training in law enforcement, to assert their right of withdrawal. Do not get hurt, maimed or killed for people who think you're a cannon fodder. Think about yourself, your families and your loved ones. Professional conscience has its limits when we are led by callous government leaders. Moreover, the administration could penalize you by disciplinary action and / or criminally for having injured, or killed, a protester, because of use of excessive force.

For our colleagues who are exhausted, by:
The accumulation of working days exceeding 13h legal limit;
the accumulation of hundreds and even thousands of overtime hours;
a deleterious management, which can be qualified criminally of moral harassment;
and pathogenic work cycles;

We, therefore, advise you to think about yourself and see your doctor, who will prescribe medical leave if necessary. Do not ruin your health for people who despise us! Do not ruin your career, because you will not have mastered the technical skills of Protection and Intervention Technique Gestures (GTPI), because of exhaustion, burnout and Depression!

Footnote: Another post by this National Police union has stated that 12 National Police have committed suicide since this new Interior Minister was appointed.

Posted by: Krollchem | Dec 6 2018 6:43 utc | 111

I m living for over twenty years in a small countryside village in France,one of several tens of thousands communities that count no more than about three hundred inhabitants.The village school had just shut down.Yhe nearest shops are in another village ,some five kilometers;For building equipment or warehouse I go to another city at fifteen kilometers.Official paperwork makes me go to the capital of the departement,35 kilometers.My work was in another small town 25 km.You just need your car,and even two,no matter if you are rich or poor.Just to go to work ,to bring your kids to activities,to get groceries.Lately La Poste took away the postbox in my hamlet,now I have to bring my courrier to the office,or another postbox.I can't do all this on bicycle,it's too steep around here,and there is no public transport.People around here,with little political conscience,have seen all services deteriorating,while taxes rise ,8 euros for 30 grams of tobacco,Control Technique ,radars flashing every bit of the road where the people are likely to speed a bit,now the 8O km limit,they've heard and believed a lot of promises for a long time,and now they are on the point that they don't want even listen to some politicians.If they voted at all,there are a lot that voted Mcron,because they thought he was the novelty that would sweep away all the old faces in politics.Well,all those people that are not so politicised and did let things have their way,whilst working hard to sustain their families,they're fed up now,and they show it.Political commentators are surprised about the public support for the yellow jackets,even after the violence in Paris.The over 3OO other points of protest where things are peaceful,are not considered in media.In the meantime everybody knows that in France the Ministry of Interior Affairs sends out violent types with helmets and sticks into the protest,so as to deteriorate its image in the public opinion.Well,this strategy doesn't work anymore.Personally I consider those anti-fa-,black blocks as the hidden army of NATO.And Macron,you'll see,has no choice but to step down and make himself invisible.....

Posted by: willie | Dec 6 2018 9:24 utc | 112

willie@112 Thanks for the additional information on the reduction in services in outlining areas. Have I missed anything on the additional taxes and tax breaks for the rich?

Macron’s proposal to delay the new taxes for another six months is just a smokescreen to allow the following:
(1) Allow the National Police time to recover and improve their skills;
(2) Acquire large stores of tear gas and stun grenades;
(3) Avoid additional protests over the signing of the migration pact;
(4) Identify any organizers and arrest them;
(5) Draft additional laws to control protests (free speech zones?)
(6) Stall any further protests until after the European Parliament elections in May, 2019
See also :

Appended are the increase in taxes proposed by Macron in 2019. Notice how the media fails to mention taxes other than fuel taxes. Such taxes will force businesses to raise the cost of purchasing other items to the French public (e.g. food, appliances, household items, clothes, etc.). As Jean Bricmont states “The revolt is not just about the gas prices, it’s a general revolt against the policy of the government”

Other issues are:
(1) multinational corporations are exempt from the taxes due to treaties (e.g. airlines, and ship travelling through French waters0;
(2) those living near the borders of other countries can just buy outside France;
(3) Truckers from outside France do not pay the tax if they fill up outside France;
(4) There is also a set of tax breaks to corporations and the rich

Taxes and the percentage increases:

12% Carburant (fuel)
15% Frais bancaire (bank charges)
130% PV de stationnement (parking tickets)
3-5% Assurances (insurance)
5% Mutuelle (French benefit insurance system)
10% Timbres poste (postage stamps)
15% Carte grise (license fee)
10% Tabac (tobacco)
3% Abonnement bus (bus pass)
1.3% Peage routier (road toll)
7% Gaz (natural gas)
15% Forfait Hospitalier (hospital deductable)
30% Abonnement velib (bicycle rentals)
23% Control technique automobile(auto inspection cost)
1-3% Cantine scolaire (school lunches)
36% Fioul domestique (heating fuel)
17% Electricite (Electricity)
21.7% CSG (General social contribution to finance social programs)

Posted by: Krollchem | Dec 6 2018 9:38 utc | 113

Posted by: Krollchem | Dec 6, 2018 1:43:36 AM | 111
(translated declaration of disobedience)

Thanks for translating the whole screed to English.
This passage stood out for me...

"We propose that active staff financially support our colleagues who will use their right to strike. If we divide the salary loss of staff on strike with all the assets, we should at worst lose 5 € / day each. On the other hand, we have a lot more to gain."

If the 5 € / day each assessment is realistic, and committed to by the non-strikers, then the PTB should soon be tearing their hair out.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Dec 6 2018 12:32 utc | 114

the idea the these black bloc thugs are nato gangs counter gangs or pseudogang is rather silly.
infiltration of any movement in general by governments zion or belgium types city of london tel aviv or usa is technically not possible.

maybe you need to move to london they have many french now and plenty of post boxes the royal mail is owned by the germans and is getting better all the time

Posted by: conner | Dec 6 2018 16:01 utc | 115

Krollchem at 111, good to make ppl understand this. The VIGI syndicate (link in F) is that of the support staff for Minister of the Interior, etc.

The police — sworn-in agents — don’t have the right to strike.

Sounds strange to Anglo types - No right to strike? The whole point of strikes is to… — etc.

No-right-to-strike is a condition to work for the State / Nation, in some posts, positions, jobs, the employees thereby become a part, some might say a servant, of the State. Those who don’t accept that condition either shouldn’t join / can be fired bang-off for ‘breach of contract’ / other related. The support staff is not under those conditions, rightly so. They can strike, shift off, for any zany reason.

They can have high impact!

willie at 112, thanks for the ex. making clear many things.

Posted by: Noirette | Dec 6 2018 16:25 utc | 116


You're welcome ! Of course I forgot to mention le "pèché originel" of the suppression by Macron in the beginning of his reign of the ISF ,the tax on Wealth,that now exonerates rich people for sharing a little part of their fortune.This could cost a 20 billion euro a year,well,let's pick it from the working class ,the elderly and the poor,that's their spirit!
Read Daniele Ganser,"Les armées secrets de l'OTAN" You don't seem to be awxare of the existence of Eurogendfor, european policing force based in Vicenza,Italy,and meant to beat down protesters when the police or army of some EU country are siding with them.They have been used in Greece.

Posted by: willie | Dec 6 2018 17:09 utc | 117

La supression de l’ISF était cruciale, comme symbole en premier lieu. Pas que évidemment.

Daniele Ganser: (eng) (eng)

Posted by: Noirette | Dec 6 2018 19:10 utc | 118

France is probably the sole country in Europe where large spans of the population puts 75% of its income in their rents!!
Very attractive to Northern european s, who enjoy better salaries and can get to see some sun even in winter.

Posted by: Mina | Dec 6 2018 19:24 utc | 119

Btw since yesterday the gov has withdrawn all the announced taxes i, e. Fuel, gas, electricity. Some regional forums will be organised to address problems of transportations etc
But Macron has been acting childishly and his panic in the last two days led to contradictory statements that revealed his complete weakness...
Many are now out for him: extreme-right, including lots of cops, army, the senate, his prime minister.... to name but a few !! Interesting times indeed.

Posted by: Mina | Dec 6 2018 19:33 utc | 120

Everybody think that is a grassrot protest. Nevertheless there are many signs it is a colored revolution, like the Arab Springs were.

If you accurately looks to what Macron did, with Merkel (and sometime with Putin) against the US will, you'll see a long list: JCPOA, Paris Accord, pushing US$ out of global exchange, NordStream, Syria, Iran sanctions, China Sanctions.

The most recent sign is the cop union calling for strike. This union is a subsidiary of the CGT union. At the time of USSR, CGT was an agent of Moscow. Since, it has acted like a fake union, never effective for the interestof salarymen. Except for year 1997 and 2010, when it had been a pain in the a.. for the French Governement. So, in 1997, CGT was against the Gaullist of Pres. Jacques Chirac. Then, in 2010, it was against Sarkozy, as he was, at first, very reluctant to participate to the US war on Khadaffi and Assad (well, Khadaffi had proof of paiements he had made to Sarkozy). So basically, CGT is today a USA asset.
The story is the same with the other union, FO, save for it was created from scratch by the CIA to compete with the Moscow'CGT, long time ago.
Both CGT and FO just called for truck to go on strike. Food shortage and falling economic activity should ensue...

In the end, this is "en même temps" true grassroot, and colored revolution enginereed by USA

Posted by: JP | Dec 6 2018 21:49 utc | 121

Quote from Saving Private Ryan: "Go easy there, watch for snipers.."

Posted by: Lozion | Dec 6 2018 23:51 utc | 122


Your globalist ideology is getting in the way of the truth that over 80% of the French people support the removal of Macron and their globalist supporters. Did you know that the taxes proposed by Macron are in support of the EU/globalist agenda? Can you name the four EU Commissioners? Do you know who elected them- hint they are not elected by the people and are just dictators who serve the globalists.

Macron just wants credit for being the First EU leader to introduce the orders of the "Master of the Universe".

Posted by: Krollchem | Dec 6 2018 23:58 utc | 123


I Forgot to mention that when consumer prices are raised due to Macron’s taxes, the Value Added Tax (VAT) also increases. “The revenues collected from VAT make up 45% of the French state revenues.”

here is a list of French VAT rates

My own opinion is that the Globalists want to turn France into a plantation economy for the rich globalists. This is not unlike the strategy the great powers have used in their neo-colonalist strategy, commonly called the “Angola Variant”.

Posted by: Krollchem | Dec 7 2018 0:40 utc | 124

@Krollchem 123

1- It seems you did not wanted to hear the unpleasant reality which I said. If you disagree, you had better to show what is wrong in what I said, than to be a little pedantic.
2- I'm french. I know everything you said, and many more. Please, be assured I have no use for any of your teaching, but in the case you found an error in my text. So, please, show me what's wrong in what I said.
3- Learning from the very valuable info I gave, this would have been more rational.
4- The proof you need to learn is that you painted me as a globalist. What an error! I'm a french nationalist, a scientist, and analyzing french politics for 20 years. That's why I'm able to see the obvious conspiracy designed by Washington.
5- Since i'm a very nice guy, I will not respond the way you did. Thus, I will not say that you are a agent of the color revolution...

By the way, did you notice in the comment of MOA: I'm not the only one to feel the smell the color revolution?

Posted by: JP | Dec 7 2018 3:08 utc | 125

JP @ 125
"I'm a French nationalist, a scientist, and analyzing french politics for 20 years."

You appear to support Macron and the European commissioners who are unelected dictators of the EU people. Do you know that Macron hates French Nationalists? There are some actual nationalist groups that do have programs to reclaim France such as objectif-france but they too see Macron as a corrupt globalist. Having read their detailed program I find it somewhat Utopic but far better that Macron’s.

Since you think this is a color revolution, where is George Soros? If this were a US backed regime change the “protesters” would be armed to the teeth with US and EU supplied weapons. A real color revolution would be like the coup in Ukraine lead by the Hillary undersecretary of State “cookie monster” and the US ambassador to Ukraine.

Perhaps you remember the statement by Upton Sinclair that the Democrats and Republicans are just two wings of the same bird of prey (1904). Yes, most Gilets Jaunes recognize that union leaderships in France are corrupt as in America. As I have tried to point out in my posts the Gilets Jaunes welcome all French to join them except the establishment which includes politicians, media (except RT), and union leaders. Never-the-less, many politicians have tried to ride the coattails of this revolution against the globalist regime of Macron for their personal gain.

The Macron examples you give are mostly those against the Trump administration, which is only a part of the globalist bird of prey. For example, you cannot tell me that France is opposing the NATO and radical Muslim dictatorships (SA, UAE and Qatar) war against Syria. Likewise, France was all in on the war against Libya, which at the time was the richest country in Africa. Since you claim to be a French analyst, explain why France overthrew the Mali government and replaced it with a military dictatorship under a Captain of the Mali army. The reality is that the French leaders have long been applying the “Angola Variant” approach to control their former colonies along with banking interests (e.g. CFA franc).

You will recall the French leaders have long sold the people to the globalists. For example, the “nationalist” Georges Pompidou was the previously the general manager of the Rothschild bank; he was the valet, it is therefore not surprising that he made the law of 3 January 1973, which prohibits the French state to coin money and debt that the France of structural and immeasurably from private banks such as Rothschild. Macron was also previously and employee of the Rothschild bank - working on Excel spreadsheets.

In regards to the unions you mention: From what I understand the Confédération générale du travail (CGT) is a leftist union while the Force Ouvrière (FO) is, as you say, tied to the far right under the influence of the US CIA as you specify. If you follow the US CIA closely, you will note that it is split between those that support the ideology of Hillary or Trump.

For the benefit of other readers here are some additional links to groups now supporting the "deep France" Gilets Jaunes revolution this weekend.

(1) Firemen (respected by the people that attend the 14th of July celebration)
(2) Yes, the CGT will be there but their banners are not appreciated
(3) Farmers (see the refinery protests)
(4) Ambulance drivers (Macron wants to replace them with Uber ambulances)
You will find many examples of their protests in Paris on Youtube
(5) Medical staff (as in the past)

If Macron does not resign there will be a civil war (against the regime) as predicted by the shadowy Interior Minister, also widely known as the sinister minister. This French song may be the best representation of the ultimate sad outcome:

Posted by: Krollchem | Dec 7 2018 6:13 utc | 126

Don’t take your normal phone, eny thing on there can be used as evidence, take a throw away cheap phone, don’t take photos that can identify fellow protesters, film police brutality.
Where good running shoes, generally concerve energy it’s a fast sprint that will keep you safe !
Take a bag with swimming goggles towel, milk (best thing if your sprayed with mustard gas) a spray gun for the eyes,
Dark unidentifyable clothes are best with hood and scafe, be aware of all cameras. Try and be with people you know, be aware freandly people next to you they may be undercover or extreme right nazi,
Right on you body the name and phone number of a good solicitor!
Don’t arrive or leave on your own. If questioned no comment !
Have a wonderfull empowerd day, and stop squabbling ya all the same side now, (same on moa)

Posted by: Mark2 | Dec 7 2018 9:36 utc | 127

Interesting to see the "absence" of the usual resident paid propagandists who are distinguished by their consistent theme of narrative which is unilateral defense of Bilderburger clique...

by which sign the regular readers will recognize at least some among the sudden flush of new names as avatars. (old wine in new sacks?)

When the protest movement goes after the tax haven properties of the oligarchs that helped initiate Brexit (i.e., "double" taxation on Brit oligarch holiday homes), or signs in fear of the same from bourgoise, then we will know the movement has enduring efficacy.

Thanks to all of the independent commentators, and don't forget to support b fund drive and share the news of this event with those in places where it is not getting reported.

Posted by: slit | Dec 7 2018 16:42 utc | 128

Interesting report here on be zos's attempt to use state power to enforce labor service.

I guess all those tax exemptions don't buy much civic participation...

Posted by: slit | Dec 7 2018 16:48 utc | 129

I forgot to mention report is re affiliate operations in Europe

is be je zos the new zo ros?

exemptions don't buy much civic participation...

Posted by: slit | December 07, 2018 at 11:48 AM

Posted by: slit | Dec 7 2018 17:02 utc | 130

@128 Rite. Wud it be OK if i bern a few cars and smash a few shop winders?

Posted by: dh | Dec 7 2018 17:17 utc | 131

While I might not agree with the sentiments of the French when their movement gains form I am currently strongly in support of their warning jacket meme to the establishment.

To encourage more of that I have hung a yellow bike riding jacket on my USA front porch in support of the French who want a better way than Marcon is offering. At some point in our future, the public from all nations will have to latch onto a meme like the yellow warning jackets and wear/wave/show them in solidarity. I am not sure we are at the point yet but I encourage other MoA barflies to practice support outside national contributing to b's fund drive.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 7 2018 17:55 utc | 132

dh @ 131
No ! This is a demo of members of the public, angry members of the public, act accordingly ! To do otherwise would fall into the trap of the elite and or the far right.
But this is the real world! If your there peacefully you can still expect to be sprayed with mustard gas or bludgeoned and kicked in the head by the police (you pay there wages) don’t get kettled make sure you always have a clear escape route.
The burnt cars and smashed windows liklely to be done by undercover police, for the cameras and negative media! Bit like small scale false flag attack, same principle same suspect the elite! But then you prob live a thousand mile away! No matter ! The answer is good advice ! The public can and should win this, not left or right but people power

Posted by: Mark2 | Dec 7 2018 18:16 utc | 133

macron must use his forces to protect the innocents highly valued jewish community in france.
if macron cannot protect these folks then they should return to israel or allow private security companies like wakenhut g4s and serco to do the job the french police cannot or do not care to do.

n eu nato example should be made of these black bloc thugs

Posted by: clement | Dec 7 2018 22:51 utc | 134

Thanks to b for letting express myself on such a serious page,and also thanks to the other commentators.Actually I read Moon of Alabama for some time,but now it is about the country I live in I feel more or less obliged to readers of other countries to give some inside information,whether it is general or particular.

It's the rise and fall of Macron,the Rothschild deputy who was meant to skin the last bit of chair of the french bone,since the illegal debt as I call it,that originated in the Pompidou law signed by president Pompidou,another ancient Rothschild banker of 1973,which forbode to print money,and obliges the state of France to lend money from private banks.By the reign of Sarkozy this debt mounted from about 1200 up to 2000 billion euros,now it 's about 2200 billion I'm told.We can never pay this debt.Every year the budget of France has to pay lots of billions to the interest of the debt,which keeps going up.We've payed already 1400billions.

I think it's the right of the people to abolish such law.Remember that the banks were saved some years ago by public money,and the European Central Bank have no problem just to print a 1000 billion euros in Frankfurt to save the system.
In the meantime all the things French people build up with their taxes,like State Electricity,Postal Service,Management of the autoroutes,Railroad are being privatised ,about on the moment that they would benefit to the state budget.Sarkozy has sold over 600billion in gold,when the market prize was low,etc.etc.So the people vote for the other guy,left,right,left right,and this guy does exactly he same politics,,after he sais ,campaigning, that international finance was his biggest enemy!So the French endure another cycle of five years,and now the problem is that the parliamentary elections are just a month after the presidentials,and the winner of the last will have most members of parliament.And now Macron arrives telling talesabout horizontality,peoples wishes and ideas mounting through modern age committees the real participative democracy,modern,"le mouveau monde"contrary to "le vieux monde" of the inbred politicians with their affaires and endless process instructions hat after ten years are punished with a reprimande,all that's finished now because >I am here.EM,the part names after him:LREM.

With astronomical media coverage ,the sudden problems with corruption that begot his main opponent,Fillon,and the evident fact that the as fascist depicted Le Pen was intentionally badly played by the great occult marrionnettist of french politics,made that he was going to win.Macron really had no program,after the first round he claimed"May those who love me,follow me!" He sais "Think springtime". Fresh new face,they had a bit of trouble to find representants in all voting districts,but finally got the majority in parliament and now a lot of people that were voted for and sworn in member of parliament came from civic life,sounds alright.But after that,all that the people saw was the presidential majority voting literally all of the unpleasant so called reforms,that are just another word for theft in the third degree,and never the feeble opposition,could get a foot between the door,because all this new party's members --"La republique en Marche" is its name --,vote unanimouisly,without debate .So now the parliament is lame,because everything this party will come up with from now on will be opposed in the streets,and of course the weakened other parties feel grow them chickenwings again and try to jump the boat.
All we see in the media is Paris,the real protest is all over the country,we must not forget that,when maybe tomorrow we see even worse violence,Paris is also a place where numerous third players intrigate.

But he people in the country side have also suffered from the modern management methodes in their workin environment,and there's a hidden violence.I mentioned above that the postbox in my hamlet,next to my vegetable garden was removed ,you should know why La Poste did that:To save time so the post woman,or man did not put the breaks,less clutching,less fuel burnt,time won.It is said it would save three man-days at the end of the year,because it was not the only postbox on the postman's round that was taken away.Such nonsense are numerous in modern society.Anybody can see that the post passes the same number of days,they deliver where they have to,and now all the fifteen people in my street take the courrier to the office unless you actually meet the post on his passage and give your letter;anyways, La Poste profiles itself as Ecological Champion and ofcourse that is a lot more important than just fulfilling its original mission.I doubt the three days that they gained will be given as holidays to mr.Postman.

Posted by: willie | Dec 8 2018 0:48 utc | 135

@135 willie.. thanks for sharing.. you hit on what a regular poster here - psychohistorian - discusses, which is private finance... it is not only in france, but in many of the western countries where this debt is imposed that the politicians in their servitude to the private bankers, have created a very big problem that could be fixed very quickly.. here's how.. nullify the debt and let the individual country print money as needed, without having the private banking system act as a middle man off it...

noirette was saying a lot of this is about fuel prices and etc, and i think she might be right in so far as that is the '''latest''' trigger, but i do believe as willie mentions - it is this debt that only increases and starves off what the country could be doing socially.. instead all money goes to service the debt and privatization is a key part of this corruption... it has been sold to us via neo-liberal ideology since thatcher and reagans time... we are now nearing a dead end with it and seeing insurrection in the streets in france.. it is only a matter of time when this will be world wide.. then we will probably be dealing with fascism, which is rearing it's ugly head already..

Posted by: james | Dec 8 2018 2:02 utc | 136

It appears that Macron could not be doing a better job in destroying France and ultimately the EU by aggressively imposing EU neo-liberalism.
See also: “The Truth About the 'Yellow Vest' Protests”

Ironically, The extreme globalist Jacques Attali was the man who groomed Macron and managed the rigged election to ensure his presidency.

In this video, Jacques Attali describes the current Macron presidency including his eventual removal due to a lack of a plan. A revolution would follow and a young attractive and intelligent woman would symbolically represent the revolutionary Marianne and lead to French people as the next President of France. He emphasizes that this woman would have been trained in the US.

Marion Maréchal (who dropped the le Pen name), whose father was a Mossad agent, appears to be fitting this description very well. She was recently the keynote speaker at the US Republican CPAC meeting and set between Pence and Trump and may also be tied to Bannon’s role in Europe.

From what I understand only the President of the French Senate can remove Macron and setup a provisional government, but he is a weak old man. Furthermore, no one in the French Senate or the National Assembly currently supports the removal of Macron. This freezing of the French political class will eventually result in the rovolution winning over the regime by a combination of strikes and protests.

Extremely damaging images of High School students being taken prisoner by the military police have galvanized students and parents throughout France. The students are now protesting by kneeling with their hands behind their back an several cities in France. I wonder how the children of the National police now feel about their parents? I can imagine these children being beaten up if they show their face at school!

For many French the images of Macron’s CRS riot police remind them of Gestapo treatment of the Resistance during the occupation of France in WWII. As well as the Petain Vichy regime militias and then in 1941 the Groupe Mobile de Reserve (GMR) was created. On December 8, 1944 the GMR would become what we now know as the CRS.

In addition to the VIGI police union strike the gilets jaunes are now protesting in front of the plant that produces gas canisters for the French National Police.

Other groups joining the Gilets Jaunes this weekend now include:
(1) Royalists (Le Cercle Richelieu)
(2) General Piquemal, the retired former commander of the prestigious Foreign Legion and lots of other former French military.

The Yellow Vest movement is also spreading fast throughout Europe via Anonymous:
Their rally cry is:
“History is a lie
Money is a hoax
Debt is a fiction
Media is manipulation
Government is a corporation
The system is a lie
Wake UP!”

Countries that have demonstrations in support of the French people now include Greece, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain (in most large cities) and Berkino Faso in Africa.

The Macron government is has been somewhat successful in buying off unions as the CGT and FO unions said their planned rolling strike that was scheduled to start from Sunday is not relevant anymore after the government decided to scrap a cut in overtime rates.”

The French Senate has just passed additional taxes on tourists and commercial space in Île-de-France to make up for some of the losses from protests.

Those who protest should be very careful as according to the Treaty of Lisbon any law enforcement officer can shoot if their own safety is at risk, or if the interests of the Republic is being threatened.

Posted by: Krollchem | Dec 8 2018 7:25 utc | 137


Posted by: John Gilberts | Dec 8 2018 10:19 utc | 138

Those catchy yellow vests seem like a page out of the CIA colour revolution ..

Don’t forget, they are obligatory in cars - no planning needed, all car owners have them. They are sold in gas stations, auto stops, supermarkets, etc. and are very cheap. Secondly, if one is going to blockade round-abouts, entries to autoroutes, etc. ppl will don them spontaneously, as they have been taught to do, when on foot in/near traffic / in emergency situations, for their own and other’s safety.

Then of course as the only visible sign of ‘belonging’ the media latches on to it, and it becomes a ‘brand’ / ‘emblem’ and finally a ‘distinctive sign of adherence.’ (probably the color of these security vests will now have to be changed !…?)

Color revolutions (many 'CIA run') deliberately adopted a color - plant / flower - or cloth - velvet and jeans - as ‘their symbol’, and/or were baptised by the media in part. The previous use of the color yellow, iirc, was in the Philippines contra Marcos., mid 80s. Quite fitting if one thinks of the new porcelain for the Elysée, the upping of salaries/stipends for the Macron crowd, the cost of Mrs.' outfits, and so on. Of course the vests aren’t yellow but lime green, they used to be yellow.

This was grass-roots, all the way. Facebook. Twitter. Ras-le-bol. Enough is enough.

Posted by: Noirette | Dec 8 2018 20:48 utc | 139

What Macaroon needs is guillotines. Lots and lots of guillotines. He may need German Police as well, if he doesn't have enough troops, or if his own troops won't execute the rabble.

There is always the Foreign Legion if things get really ugly.

Posted by: Andrew P | Dec 16 2018 4:13 utc | 140

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