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December 13, 2018

British Spies Infiltrated Bernie Sanders' Campaign?

The Integrity Initiative, a British pseudo-NGO tasked with running anti-Russian propaganda operation, was recently exposed. Further digging into it revealed a much wider operation. It seems to involve a mole British spies inserted into the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Three weeks ago internal budget proposals and member lists of the Integrity Initiative were posted anonymously on some website. We discussed those in detail under the headline: British Government Runs Secret Anti-Russian Smear Campaigns:

In 2015 the government of Britain launched a secret operation to insert anti-Russia propaganda into the western media stream.

We have already seen many consequences of this and similar programs which are designed to smear anyone who does not follow the anti-Russian government lines. The 'Russian collusion' smear campaign against Donald Trump based on the Steele dossier was also a largely British operation but seems to be part of a different project.

The 'Integrity Initiative' builds 'cluster' or contact groups of trusted journalists, military personal, academics and lobbyists within foreign countries. These people get alerts via social media to take action when the British center perceives a need.

The leaked papers of the Initiative have since been confirmed as genuine. More relevant details continued to emerge:

We have barely scratched the surface of what it, and it’s project Integrity Initiative are. Everywhere we look we find links to what could be described as the ‘deep state’, including, but not limited to (by a long way), the Institute of Modern Russia, 77th Brigade, the Information Warfare Initiative, Prop or Not and a host of other organisations which, rather than protecting us against disinformation, appear to be running covert disinformation operations via the corporate media and on social media.

The Initiative, and its parent organization the Institute for Statecraft, are registered as a Scottish charity at a disused Scottish mill. The mill is owned by one of the institutes directors, Daniel Lafayeedney, who was a member of an SAS Regiment and later of the British Military Intelligence.

The British government confirmed that it paid £2.2 million to the Initiative but it refused to disclose "the nature and purpose" of the funding citing "national security". It also confirmed that three of the employees of the Initiative are members of UK Forces.

The BBC reported on the Initiative but, after talking to the government, completely changed its original story.

Several tweets by the Initiative's Twitter account were directed against the Labour party and its head Jeremy Corbyn:

One tweet quotes a newspaper article calling Corbyn a “useful idiot”, that goes on to state: “His open visceral anti-Westernism helped the Kremlin cause, as surely as if he had been secretly peddling Westminster tittle-tattle for money.”

Labour members of the parliament have asked why the British government would pay for such Tweets. In its answer the government tried to claim that it had nothing to do with the tweets. But the propaganda use of the Initiative's Twitter account was explicitly part of its budget proposal and the Labour MP Emily Thornberry continues to ask detailed questions:

Emily Thornberry @EmilyThornberry - 18:15 utc - 12 Dec 2018

In the Commons earlier, I asked Alan Duncan why taxpayers money had been used by the so-called 'Integrity Initiative' to disseminate political attacks from its Twitter site (1/2).
He insisted that the FCO funding did not support the Integrity Initiative's Twitter operation, which raises some interesting questions. See my letter this evening demanding answers (2/2).

That the British government secretly funds a 'non-government organization' to propagandize against its opposition is a serious matter.

But the issue goes much deeper. Former British ambassador Craig Murray just published a bombshell that traces the Initiative to a much larger spying operation - British Security Service Infiltration, the Integrity Initiative and the Institute for Statecraft:

[..] I learnt how highly improbable left wing firebrand Simon Bracey-Lane just happened to be on holiday in the United States with available cash to fund himself, when he stumbled into the Bernie Sanders campaign.

In early 2016 Simon Bracey-Lane claimed to support Corbyn and worked as a 'volunteer' for the Bernie Sanders campaign where he became a "full fledged field organizer":

Bracey-Lane has worked his way up the Sanders campaign but immigration rules mean he can't get paid. Instead, he's pledged to follow the campaign to the end, while using his savings to meet basic costs.

Simon Bracey Lane - via Daily Mail - bigger

Murray continues:

It is, to say the least, very interesting indeed that just a year later the left wing, “Corbyn and Sanders supporting” Bracey-Lane is hosting a very right wing event, “Cold War Then and Now”, for the shadowy neo-con Institute for Statecraft, at which an entirely unbalanced panel of British military, NATO and Ukrainian nationalists extolled the virtues of re-arming against Russia.

Nor would it seem likely that Bracey-Lane would be involved with the Integrity Initiative.
By sleuthing the company records of this “Scottish charity”, and a couple of phone calls, I discovered that the actual location of the Institute for Statecraft is the basement of 2 Temple Place, London. This is not just any basement – it is the basement of the former London mansion of William Waldorf Astor, an astonishing building. It is, in short, possibly the most expensive basement in London.

Which is interesting because the accounts of the Institute for Statecraft claim it has no permanent staff and show nothing for rent, utilities or office expenses. In fact, I understand the rent is paid by the Ministry of Defence.

Having been told where the Institute for Statecraft skulk, I tipped off journalist Kit Klarenberg of Sputnik Radio to go and physically check it out. Kit did so and was aggressively ejected by that well-known Corbyn and Sanders supporter, Simon Bracey-Lane. It does seem somewhat strange that our left wing hero is deeply embedded in an organisation that launches troll attacks on Jeremy Corbyn.

While Craig Murray is not alleging that Simon Bracey-Lane is a British secret service mole who spied on the Bernie Sanders campaign the idea seems not too far off. The Integrity Initiative was launched in 2015. Bracey-Lane infiltrated the Sanders campaign in early 2016.

We do know that British intelligence services were heavily involved in the operation against the Trump campaign. A 'former' MI6 officer, Christopher Steele, wrote the fake dirty dossier about Trump's alleged relations with Russia. Also involved was Sergej Skripal who was latter 'novichocked', probably after he threatened to blow the whistle about the whole operation. "Take care that Clinton gets elected" was likely the order the British government handed down. Its services failed to deliver.

Now we learn that other operations were underway with regards to Sanders and also against Jeremy Corbyn. Craig Murray seems to have learned more and promises to tell it in a future installment. There are several other people who are digging further into the issue and we can expect that this will develop into an even more serious scandal.

The anglo-american anti-Russian campaign, of which the Integrity Initiative is a part, seems to have a much wider target field than Russia. It is used to press for censorship of all unwelcome opinion that runs against the 'deep state' ordered narrative. It is used to undermine political opposition to the campaign domestically as well as abroad. And, as Murray says, we can expect it to become even more dirty as it proceeds.

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MSM: Butina is a Spy!!!!!!
MSM: Integrity initiative? Oh no we see no reason to report on that.

Posted by: Zanon | Dec 13 2018 19:45 utc | 1

I couldn't help but to laugh out loud when reading this. This is getting better and better by the day. Thanks b!

Posted by: lili | Dec 13 2018 19:49 utc | 2

"They' are so frightened of Corbyn. If May and the Tories continue their destructive trajectory and Corbyn ends up as PM, which is not outlandish in the current state of the polity, what do they do? They are blown now. Too many future Ministers are starting to ask tricky questions. We live in very interesting times, the wizards behind the curtain are being dragged out into the light...

Posted by: Emmanuel Goldstein | Dec 13 2018 20:07 utc | 3

Yes, thanks to b and all working to uncover the Hydra's many lairs. Wonder if Trump will use this clear UK meddling in 2016 election or if he'll remain silent, which would also tell us much.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 13 2018 20:14 utc | 4

I like the new writing style!

Posted by: uuu | Dec 13 2018 20:17 utc | 5

thanks b... i think this is developing and has much further to go, but the msm is not going to touch it is my guess...

"That the British government secretly funds a 'non-government organization' to propagandize against its opposition is a serious matter." indeed.. it will be very interesting to see and learn more about Simon Bracey-Lane who"claimed to support Corbyn and worked as a 'volunteer' for the Bernie Sanders campaign where he became a "full fledged field organizer"... the sputnik reporter who went to the location wrote about his experience thanks craig giving him the address to visit.. see his comments here..

not only is it an anti-russia smear campaign.. it is also a smear campaign against anyone who challenges the official story lines - the opposition, whether trump or corbyn... this story is not going away thanks Labour MP Emily Thornberry and many more who are capable of adding up the dots here...

Posted by: james | Dec 13 2018 20:18 utc | 6

What appears to have happened is the British intelligence services interfered with a US election and blacksmithing it on Russia and ditto the poisoning of the Skirpals.
Drug related foreign policy or is it the result of crippling mental illness in high places?

Posted by: CD Waller | Dec 13 2018 20:21 utc | 7

More on Craig's Twitter. A group known as UK Column has done more work on this. This man links to it. Given the presentation's date, we're a bit behind the curve on this and need to get up to speed.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 13 2018 20:29 utc | 8

@Emmanuel Goldstein #3

Remember, the Soviet Union came to end when people not only stopped believing the lies, but also stopped outwardly going along with them.

Posted by: Cynica | Dec 13 2018 20:29 utc | 9

@7 cd walker.. yeah, and notice how quickly the cambridge analytics which goes right up to the highest powers in the brit power structure was silenced very quickly... no mueller investigation on any of that nor will their be on any of this... it doesn't go with the storyline that has been cultivated since 2014 onward - russia is responsible for everything bad storyline..

Posted by: james | Dec 13 2018 20:32 utc | 10

Sanders was a sheepdog for Hillary.

"Spying" was probably not done on the Sanders campaign but on the grass roots supporters.

CIA uses MI6 to conduct operations in USA that would be politically unwise for them to conduct. I doubt that MI6 would do anything related to US politics that wasn't prompted or approved by CIA.

Along those lines, the 2016 US Presidential election had too much strangeness not to suspect CIA-MI6 involvement, including:

> the Steele dossier

> the DNC "hack" (it was a leak) which connected Russia and Assange

> Cambridge Analytica - US firms also had similar capabilities, but the campaign used a British firm?

> Press catching Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch meeting "on the tarmac" at Pheonix airport -AND- catching Hillary's being lifted into a van after the 2016 9-11 anniversary ceremony

Then ponder this:
- Trump was the ONLY "populist" of the 19 Republicans that ran for the Republican nomination;

- Hillary was a long-time friend of both Sanders AND Trump;

- Hillary directed media to focus on Trump during the Republican primaries;

- Hillary made herself hated by the Sanders progressives by bringing Debra Wasserman Schultz into her campaign and picking Tim Kaine as her running mate;

- Hillary alienated white voters when she talked of "deplorables" and securing Obama's legacy, while at the same time she took the black vote for granted (result: many black voters didn't bother to vote);

- Hillary didn't campaign in 3 crucial states;

- Trump spoke of investigating Hillary during the campaign but within days of winning the Presidency he said that he would not do.

Given the above, and what we know about CIA and MI6 political and media manipulation (color revolutions, white helmets, integrity initiative, and more), it's reasonable to suspect that the 2016 US Presidential election was a complete set-up: Trump was installed by CIA-MI6. In fact, it makes great sense because Hillary would be a poor choice for the MAGA turn-around needed to confront Russia and China.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 13 2018 20:48 utc | 11


Just to be clear. I take issue with these statements:

spied on the Bernie Sanders campaign

Any spying would likely have been directed at Sander's grass-roots supporters and socialist "true believers" not Sanders or his bogus campaign.

... British intelligence services were heavily involved in the operation against the Trump campaign.

I find it plausible, if not likely, that the "operation" wasn't against Trump but to support/ensure Trump's election.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 13 2018 21:09 utc | 13

Agree with Jackrabbit, British "Intelligence" is as intelligent as usual if they see Sanders as an American Corbyn.

There's a reason the corporate neoliberal Democratic National Committee has always endorsed Sanders' "independent" campaigns and refused support to any de jure Democrat who ever wanted to challenge him. They've found him verrrrry useful.

Posted by: Russ | Dec 13 2018 21:27 utc | 14

Is it possible that Sergei Skripal was willing to cooperate with the British intel project to influence the outcome of the US Presidential elections, in the belief that The Klintonator would be elected - in which case The Dossier would have become just a footnote to the entire history of the 2016 US Presidential election season - but once DJT won the Electoral College vote and was set on his path to the White House, and The Dossier assumed greater prominence than it deserved, suddenly had second thoughts and a panic attack about what he (Skripal) had written or contributed to that document, possibly made noises about wanting to retract his parts, and MI5 or MI6 realised he had become a security risk?

If SS had threatened to turn whistle-blower, he could have been disposed of quickly and cheaply in a car accident in the manner of journalist Michael Hastings' death in 2013 or while going for a walk in the park as per David Kelly's death in 2003. But if he had been blowing hot and cold about his participation, and UK intel still sees some value in what he knows or what he is, then the effort put into staging his and his daughter's "poisoning" and imprisoning them both, however ineptly stage-managed it all was and still is, would have been worthwhile. After all, the British govt has gone to considerable expense to "buy back" the Skripal house and decontaminate it, not to mention the expense to the taxpayer of maintaining police guard from March onwards, and presumably also to compensate Zizzi's and The Mill Pub for the period they were closed.

Posted by: Jen | Dec 13 2018 21:46 utc | 15

UK Column have been doing a great job of tracking down these No-Integrity Initiative clowns. Thank you for staying on it as well, b!

Posted by: worldblee | Dec 13 2018 21:48 utc | 16

Can I point out the very close similarity’s between the subject of this post, and the very similar pattern of clandestine activities uncovered by electric intafarda recently regarding the Israeli’s !
Also reminds me of Hamish Breton Gordon who appeared frequently on bbc regarding chem atacks in Syria, plus behind the anti Semitic smear campaign against Corbyn, plus Skripal, plus ex mi5
People should be going to prison for this stuff. Starting at the top.
It now calls into question the results of at least 2 general elections and one referendum!!!

Posted by: Mark2 | Dec 13 2018 21:49 utc | 17

Damn, now that I look back it's probably also the case that much of the anti-Mèlenchon and anti-Die Linke stuff put out during last year's elections were probably directed through these "clusters" and smear campaigns. I wonder how far this stuff goes back? It's increasingly clear that this is basically a Congress for Cultural Freedom 2.0. The focus on the "white propaganda," like the tweets, obscures what's even more ominous. We all know that the Atlantic Council and all these "disinformation" think tanks that write up smears of Corbyn and the far left in their "Kremlin's Trojan Horses" reports, are funded by NATO and thus the government. But the involvement of individual journalists and media outlets means that we don't know how many of the narratives about "red-brown alliances," "left-wing anti-Semitism," populism, antideutsche, etc are concepts injected into the discourse almost entirely by government and corporate "journalist" assets. Remember when the WaPo ran like a dozen anti-Sanders articles within the span of a day? Did that come from a "signal?" This would rightly have been considered somewhat paranoid before, but now, who knows?

Posted by: Blooming Barricade | Dec 13 2018 21:52 utc | 18

Bracey-Lane doesn't have to necessarily be a Bernie Sanders campaign agent for this story to be true: it is a well known fact Sanders is very aware that, in order to install classic social-democracy in a country, you need to double the exploitation on the other countries. Indeed, that was what happened with European social-democracy in 1945-1975: super profit rates at home thanks to a large post-war reconstruction space, lack of competition in the manufacturing sector and huge trade surpluses with the "Third World" thanks to historically cheap commodities.

So, as a result, Sanders is socialist at home, and a capitalist (read: pro-imperialism) abroad.

Posted by: vk | Dec 13 2018 22:01 utc | 19

Russ: They've found him verrrrry useful.

In Stinging Rebuke To Trump, Senate Votes To End Support For Saudi War

“I hope … we send a loud and powerful message by passing this resolution. That we’re going to bring peace to that country and that the United States Congress is going to reassert its constitutional authority to make the body that makes war not the president,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), one of the sponsors of the resolution, told reporters.

But Sanders is not the White Knight he is made out to be:

Loophole in Bernie Sanders’ Yemen Bill Actually Allows Continued US Involvement in Yemen

[The bill] ... require[s] the president to remove troops “except United States Armed Forces engaged in operations directed at al Qaeda or associated forces.” Notably though, the only U.S. troops “on the ground” in Yemen that are involved in “hostilities” (i.e., combat operations) are those that are allegedly involved in operations targeting Al Qaeda — operations that the U.S. frequently conducts jointly with the countries waging war against western Yemen, such as the United Arab Emirates.

U.S. troops deployed in Yemen to target Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) also collaborate with the UAE and Saudi Arabia in “intelligence sharing,” “midair refueling,” and “overhead reconnaissance” for forces involved in counterterrorism operations that the U.S. is leading.

. . .

In addition, the Sanders-introduced bill will do nothing to stop the U.S.’ use of drone strikes that regularly kill scores of civilians in Yemen. Indeed, a recent investigation conducted by the Associated Press found that at least one-third of all Yemenis killed by U.S. drone strikes in Yemen were civilians, many of them children. Even though U.S. intelligence has regularly shown that the U.S. drone war in Yemen actually strengthens AQAP, this bill would do nothing to stop the U.S. military’s deadliest practice in Yemen, with a documented history of murdering civilians.

. . .

The bill appears to be little more than a PR stunt by Democrats and Democratic-aligned senators to distance themselves from Republicans.... the media widely reported the vote as a “rebuke” of President Trump ...

Though the death of Saudi journalist and U.S. resident Jamal Khashoggi has been blamed for the change of heart of Senate Democrats and some Republicans, reporting from MintPress and others has shown that the “outrage” regarding Khashoggi’s death is not about “human rights” but about money and pushing Saudi Crown Prince to move forward with expensive weapons deals and the neoliberalization of Saudi state assets that he had tried to back away from. Viewing the situation from this lens, SJR 54 seems little more than a PR effort to cast Democrats as “anti-war” when they are just as beholden to the military-industrial complex as the Republicans.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 13 2018 22:02 utc | 20

Thank you so much for this post ‘b’
There should also be a major inquiry into just who is running and influencing the bbc !

Posted by: Mark2 | Dec 13 2018 22:07 utc | 21

The Integrity Initiative is not just dirty, it stinks.
There is no bottom to those demented morons.

Posted by: AriusArmenian | Dec 13 2018 22:07 utc | 22

Posted by: Cynica | Dec 13, 2018 3:29:43 PM | 9

No. The Soviet Union ended when the nomenklatura realised that the management in Western capitalism were paid up to 200 times the wage of a worker, instead of three times the wage of a worker, the way they were used to.

Posted by: somebody | Dec 13 2018 22:26 utc | 23

v k 19
This inability of the European / U S world to keep powering their systems - as they have done for four centuries - without cheap foreign resources lies ( of course ) at the heart of the contemporary resource wars .

Posted by: ashley albanese | Dec 13 2018 22:30 utc | 24

Blooming Barricade @18--

Yours in an important point that spurs the memory by asking the crucial question: When did it all begin? And secondly, who/what does this benefit? Craig Murray provided the jar to my little grey cells with his reference to the First Afghan War which first exposed the "Great Game" between the British and Russian Empires and the subsequent rise of officially sponsored Russophobia. The Great Game was for control of what would later become known as The Heartland--Eurasia--for the benefit of those profiting from the British Empire/Commonwealth. Fast forward to today and only the beneficiaries have changed, albeit not by much. Now that Russia and China are essentially a strategic One, both are now demonized with the same goal in mind--although IMO the Outlaw US Empire has already lost the Heartland.

Jackrabbit's hypothesis @11 has merit, although I see no reason for MAGA to enter into play unless the hot war HRC wanted caused the Deep State to get cold feet with the DNC leak becoming a sort of manna.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 13 2018 22:40 utc | 25


MAGA enters into it because when Obama was readying a strike against Syria in September 2013, there were complaints from the troops that they were to be "al Queda's air force". Of course, there have also been damaging leaks to Wikileaks and many questions raised about US foreign policy.

USA neocons want patriotic warriors that will not question orders and a patriotic population that will support them. MAGA.

Kissinger made reference to the need for MAGA in his Wall Street Journal Op-Ed in August 2014 after the Ukrainian rebels beat back the Ukrainian army. Trump entered the contest for Republican nomination in 9 1/2 months later in June 2015.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 13 2018 23:01 utc | 26

I strongly suspect there are major links / interferences between U.K. U S on a colossal scale !
UKIP was a Tory creation to devide working class Britain leading to a Tory election win (twice) facilitated by the Tory press and bbc ( there’s the connection)
Immediately after the above Trump apperared as if by magic, a us ukip/Nigel Fararge ! Swinging both country’s to the right
By media coverage.
They’ll be a smoking gun, right here where we’re looking!

Posted by: Mark2 | Dec 13 2018 23:30 utc | 27

somebody | Dec 13, 2018 5:26:16 PM | 23

Now that comment is probably the best single sentence describing the collapse of the Soviet Union that I have seen. Cynical, to be sure, but summarizes so much truth.

Posted by: ToivoS | Dec 13 2018 23:34 utc | 28

A very interesting story. What's it gonna take for the brits to get the yellow vests on?

Posted by: Ross Stanford | Dec 13 2018 23:40 utc | 29

Jackrabbit @26--

"USA neocons want patriotic warriors that will not question orders and a patriotic population that will support them. MAGA."

If so, then their knowledge of US History is very poor as such conditions have never occurred. Seems like group think tanking wistful dreaming during an illiterate orgy fueled by ecstasy.

Too bad there wasn't a similar DNC leak from RNC as there'd likely be evidence to sustain or contradict your hypothesis. I find it very difficult to believe that the DNC leak was done by a Deep State operative, although Russiagate seems improbable without it. IIRC, lots of evidence pointing to DNC/HRC campaign illegalities existed prior to DNC leak as did public knowledge of HRC's felonious lawbreaking while SoS. That she hasn't been prosecuted for either is an impeachable offense--Obstruction of Justice.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 13 2018 23:48 utc | 30

I raised the issue with Craig before I published the article. I was just curious to see who'd so aggressively barged me out of the office, so started digging - it wasn't long before alarm bells started ringing loudly. Not sure if it's a help or a hindrance that I've done so much work on undercover police infiltration of activist groups in the UK, but I certainly think I've got a very clear idea of what to look for and red flags just kept on leaping out the more I searched. I could well be wrong, but at the very least, it is pretty curious that he was "inspired" to join Labour due to Corbyn, spends two years intimately involved in progressive political efforts, then moves straight into a Ministry of Defense funded think tank with close military-industrial complex connections worldwide. Maybe he had a damascene ideological conversion? The notion someone truly committed to Sanders/Corbyn and associated causes would choose to work there is pretty unbelievable. The flipside though is such an organization would never employ someone like that in a million years - given the backgrounds of key staff, all recruits would be extensively vetted by the security services and the vaguest whiff of left-wing inclination would torpedo it.

Posted by: Kit Klarenberg | Dec 13 2018 23:51 utc | 31

Kit klarenberg @ 31
Thank you for your work on this subject, you mention the undercover police infiltrating of actavist groups (spy cops) a relate subject ! You deserve the highest respect for bringing this to wide public attention ! And this blog is one of the best, I hope we will read more from you frequently.

Posted by: Mark2 | Dec 14 2018 0:20 utc | 32

Kit Klarenberg @31--

Thanks so very much for your fine efforts! IMO, the forces of reaction know this is their last real chance to remain relevant and thus quash any attempt at levelling--only they can win; no sharing allowed. Seems all the legs of the stool May's standing on are afire; she either must jump off or be consumed.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 14 2018 0:28 utc | 33

UK deep cover operatives/ infiltrators: that not just one but apparently numerous such figures had fathered children with unsuspecting activists is a low bar of scummy activity - permanently damaging thw lives of the woman and child.

Posted by: jayc | Dec 14 2018 0:31 utc | 34


If so, then their knowledge of US History is very poor as such conditions have never occurred.

Well, of course it's nearly impossible to get perfect patriotism and submission to authority, but to have a credible military force (not just special forces mercenaries) you've got to have high patriotism among the soldiers -and- civilians.

And it certainly helps to have a leader that has appeared to have tried everything for peace if the need to use force ... develops. That's why Trump is the "good cop" that wants to "deal" with Putin and Xi. It's in America's interest to do so! Will those recalcitrants would come to their senses? THEY are causing tensions to rise instead of working with Trump./sarc

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 14 2018 0:40 utc | 35

On a tangential note: ironically, recently Sanders has taken to explaining away the "perception" that he was victimized by the Democratic leadership during the 2016 campaign as an artifact of malign Russian influence-- he also thinks the unscrupulous Russians sowed the seeds of virulent anti-Clinton hatred using social-media based character assassination against Hillary.

My guess is that he would dismiss this story as fake news.

Posted by: Ort | Dec 14 2018 0:50 utc | 36

British and US intelligence are so interlocked and share so much they may as well be one. To get around domestic laws these countries simply subcontract out intelligence operations to each other.

If the Steele dossier was meant to influence the election why wasnt it leaked until after the election?

Hillarys emails were leaked before the election and did help Trump, along with Comey coming out days before the election saying he was going to reopen the investigation.

My contention is Trump was a Trojan horse running as a populist but firmly backed by neocons and Koch Brothers Dark Money . They also pretended to be fake opponents along with the so called Deep State which included Comey. Thats the only way the neocons and Koch Brothers could take power. Just look at Trumps policies and appointees. A neocon/Koch dream team.

Russia gate was an operation planned to go into operation after the election to give him a cover to go back on his fake promises, and keeping the heat on Russia among other things. Steeles dossier was an important part of Russia gate but played little part in the election.

What did help Trump in the election was MSM refusal to attack Trumps weaknesses such as associates with the mafia and FSU oligarchs, treatment of women, civil right charges, his fraudulent University, casino irregularities , association with Epstein , taxes, etc. Sure they reported on this, but they did not hammer away at him like they did Hillarys emails. After the election we heard a bit more. So MSM played their part in getting Trump in. As a result the most immoral and corrupt President sits in the White House.

Why was Trump so essential the global elite felt the need to employ the Fake Wrestling Strategy to a degree never seen before. Not sure I can say for sure , but bringing down the NWO to pave the way for an even worse New NWO seems to be in the cards. Change can be good, but it can also be bad especially when based on lies and deception.

Posted by: Pft | Dec 14 2018 0:58 utc | 37

Pft @37--

"... the most immoral and corrupt President sits in the White House."

Sorry, he has quite a ways to go to reach those lofty heights established by Reagan/Bush and his other predecessors.

Ort @36--

Thanks for the further substantiation of my assessment of Sanders.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 14 2018 1:23 utc | 38

George Galloway offers a good perspective on this story also, in an RT Op-ed yesterday:
A very British coup: The spies who went out to the cold – by George Galloway

He portrays the potential political traction this affair may get in Britain:

That Corbyn has faced such an unprecedented campaign of vilification, anathematization and delegitimization is a matter of public record. The journalists and broadcasters behind it are known. The source of funding of just one part of it now lies exposed, the British government itself. How many other rumour-mills, derelict or otherwise, there are in the country, how many journalists, academics, opinion-formers and MPs are involved in how many operations is now an investigative work in progress.

Emily Thornberry by the way is Shadow Foreign Secretary, which to my mind makes her a senior weight in the opposition shadow cabinet.

Galloway relates that PM May told Corbyn to his face live on TV in Parliament: "We will never allow you to rule." But it may yet come to pass that his Labour Party will have its revenge for this.

Posted by: Grieved | Dec 14 2018 1:26 utc | 39

I like the question someone upthread asked: Where are the British yellow vests? Will they come out?

I think the answer is unfortunately no. The UK like Israel and the US has the best government money can buy. And most of the electorate in those nations are spoiled/brainwashed to be solid believers in the God of Mammon/private finance religion.

I think that religion has seen better days and its transition from the empire of the West to one led by China just might not be going well.

To those that wonder why Trump was (s)elected?

He has been through 3 bankruptcies and is slated to take the US/empire through the process as front for the elite of global private finance. Somehow they think that Trump bullying during that process will be good for them.....

go long popcorn

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 14 2018 1:55 utc | 40

Kit Klarenberg @31--

If the Institute for Statescraft operates alongside the Spycops operations as you imply, this is a lot more serious than originally expected.....

I wrote an Indymedia post late last month about the origins of Atlantic Council/German Marshall Fund minions Clint Watts and Andrew Weisburd and how both of them originally were motivated by censorship of the anti-globalisation movement left/pro-Palestine “Global Intifada.” They pushed the myth of “left wing antisemitism” to smear the movement and George Galloway in particular. Integrity Initiative member David Aaronovitch was key in this via the Guardian- incidentally Seumas Milne blocked his promotion...

Is this proof that on the ground Spycops operations against the Global Justice movement existed alongside a parallel disinfo op?????

I don’t have any proof of this, it’s kind of conspiratorial, and it is all wildly speculative but it is also disturbing. After all, if you had told me about the Integrity Initiative a month ago I would say it was too cartoonish to be true. But it is.....

Posted by: Blooming Barricade | Dec 14 2018 2:05 utc | 41

Karlof1 #8

UK Column are closely associated with 21st century wire and have done some of the finest investigative journalism over the last 10 years. An absolute much bookmark for readers of this site.

Posted by: m | Dec 14 2018 2:51 utc | 42

UKIP as Tory device.
Not true of today's UKIP. Batten's alignment with the unrepresented is a huge threat as MSM BBC can only come up with puerile critique.

Posted by: Kula | Dec 14 2018 3:20 utc | 43

I smell William Jefferson's handiwork. Who else would sell a used lemon car to the brits and get them to defend their purchase like naked emporer's sycophants?

Sure Bernie turned out "to be a sheepdog" but more for the whole neolib establishment than hrc alone. I.e., It was well known that infiltrators were operating all over the place, as per this one example:

And even as sheepdog, that didnt stop the dog show owners from perniciously holding a complete Bernie rally embargo, with tens of thousands attending rallies all over the country w "clinton news network" & friends in complete censorship about his popularity at least as a public speaker if not as a valid candidate all while pumping millions of (dollars not rubles) coverage to trump campaign coverage. And Bernie can kowtow all he wants to the Russian strawman and it won't change the fact that thousands were denied independent votes in primaries as is well documented in Brooklyn, Arizona, Puerto Rico, California especially San Siego and SF, etc etc.

Good work by b and indie journos to get this out and good timing as supposedly congressional hearings on clinton foundation are reportedly on the docket.

Posted by: slit | Dec 14 2018 4:36 utc | 44

- Trump spoke of investigating Hillary during the campaign but within days of winning the Presidency he said that he would not do.
Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 13, 2018 3:48:43 PM | 11

I must have missed that announcement from Trump.
If it's not too much trouble, how about doing us both a favour and refreshing my memory?

My recollection is that "within days of winning the Presidency" Trump told his supporters to stop shit-canning her which, imo, was a gracious, but unsubtle reminder that that Hillary, being a loser, let's forget about her and move on.
Which they did, from that moment.

She obviously got the message because she's made no attempt to resurrect her public profile since.
Keeping her head down? And fingers crossed?

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Dec 14 2018 4:45 utc | 45

Looks like Jeremy Corbyn has powerful enemies, aside from the Conservatives, others working feverishly to take him down especially include Zionists, Jeremy Corbyn Zionist Target the U.K. MSM, Institute of Statecraft (a U.K. NATO think tank probably run by some intelligence operatives under the direction of the present U.K. gov.), and some Labour party members headed by this War Criminal we just can't get rid of. This is serious corruption. This story has legs and must be unravelled, and the U.K. government's corruption must be fully exposed.

What does this mean? The establishment, Zionist-run deep state are on a mission to see Corbyn never becomes Prime Minister and they'll sabotage his chances by all means possible. It's not that we see a conspiracy. It's a massive conspiracy and our lying eyes are not deceiving us, damn you bastards trying to undermine democracy!

Posted by: Circe | Dec 14 2018 4:57 utc | 46


Trump drops repeated threat to jail Clinton: 'She went through a lot'


“I don’t want to hurt the Clintons, I really don’t,” Trump said, according to a tweet by Times journalist Mike Grynbaum. “She went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways.”

As a candidate, Trump invariably encouraged his supporters’ raucous cries of “lock her up!” at rallies, where T-shirts and badges showed Clinton’s face behind bars, often with profane slogans. He told her at a debate that if he was president she would “be in jail” and vowed to appoint a special prosecutor.

The comments were a far cry from the vicious campaign in which Trump branded his Democratic rival “Crooked Hillary”, claimed that foreign entities gave money to the Clinton Foundation in return for favors from the state department when she was secretary of state, and condemned the FBI for refusing to recommend prosecuting her for mishandling classified information.

But the dramatic climbdown earned the wrath of conservatives who had pushed hard for Clinton’s prosecution. Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, said: “If Mr Trump’s appointees continue the Obama administration’s politicized spiking of a criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton, it would be a betrayal of his promise to the American people to ‘drain the swamp’ of out-of-control corruption in Washington, DC.

“President-elect Trump should focus on healing the broken justice system, affirm the rule of law and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton scandals.”

Breitbart, the rightwing website where Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon is executive chairman, headlined its article on the subject “Broken promise”.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 14 2018 5:06 utc | 47

If this story has validity, it speaks volumes by connecting Corbyn & Sanders. The folks that run this propaganda factory obviously work for people who are scared shit-less over the rhetoric generated and dispersed by both Sanders & Corbyn. Whether one, or both, are true to their words, is still to be determined.

That Russian interfered in the U$A's elections is a no-brainer. Given the U$A's record on messing with other countries elections, it's a "what goes around comes around" thing.

Every nation on earth has the right of self defense. Even Russia..

Our billionaire class won this last election by design, Russia had little, if any, effect on it...

Posted by: ben | Dec 14 2018 5:59 utc | 48

@ ben who wrote: "Our billionaire class won this last election by design, Russia had little, if any, effect on it..."

You got that right but I cringe a bit with the "our" characterization.....I would rather they did not exist and feel no affinity towards them as parasites on the larger species of us.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 14 2018 6:37 utc | 49


Lately, I agree with you on a lot, but I take exception to your description of Bernie as Hillary's sheepdog. First of all, your logic doesn't jive. If Trump was the Chosen one, which he was, then Bernie should have been Trump's sheepdog and not a sheepdog for the candidate that would have to take the fall so Trump could be crowned by Goldman Sachs, Adelson, Kissinger and co. all of Bernie's nemeses! Never! You're telling us that Bernie took the fall so Hillary could take the fall for Trump? Not a chance. Bernie was out of that loop, was railroaded by the DNC and he knew it when the tapes surfaced, but had to suck it up, since he didn't stand a chance running as an Independent therefore needed to run as a Dem,and depend on the DNC!

Look at his face during Hillary's nomination speech. If looks could k...ill

Now, is that the glare of a sheepdog?

Just the fact that we're learning that Sanders' campaign was a target of think tank intelligence operatives and DNC sabotage attempts should tell you that Sanders was as authentic as you can get from a Congress mired in corruption. Not total left pure, but acceptable.

Anyway, I know you're gonna fight me on this, but you know I have pretty good instincts and you'll have a hard time selling me on this, so give your typing fingers a break on this one.

Posted by: Circe | Dec 14 2018 6:44 utc | 50

@47 ben

The folks that run this propaganda factory obviously work for people who are scared shit-less over the rhetoric generated and dispersed by both Sanders & Corbyn. Whether one, or both, are true to their words, is still to be determined.

If the establishment are scared enough to infiltrate with sabotage in mind; I trust their desperation is derived from the fact that Sanders was and Corbyn is a genuine threat to be taken down by all means.

Posted by: Circe | Dec 14 2018 7:00 utc | 51

@ Jackrabbit/Circe and your ongoing volume of textual white noise about Zionism and Trump

Keep it up because I learn from it

I agree with Circe that Bernie has talked and walked a good road most of his political life (most as independent). That said, he has shown himself to also be a "team" player in the bigger picture and so can't be trusted entirely.

I think we are going to watch in slow motion the whole edifice of US elected government fade away and reveal these old perverts who's only claim to fame is their allegiance to the God of Mammon/Private Finance. Wait until Trump declares US bankruptcy when the pace of empire decline will increase precipitously......who will own what is left of the West?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 14 2018 7:03 utc | 52

Jackrabbit 20

I posted that same link on the previous thread yesterday. Typical Sanders scam.

Posted by: vk | Dec 13, 2018 5:01:15 PM | 19

"Sanders is socialist at home..."

When was that? Unfortunately I've been "at home" here with him and familiar with his con for a long time now. I'd love to hear of an actual example of socialism I somehow missed along the way.

(Of course, except for throwing around the term itself, Sanders doesn't even pretend to be a socialist, but rather a "strong" progressive. In reality he's not even that except in empty words.)

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 14, 2018 2:03:15 AM | 51

"Bernie has talked and walked a good road most of his political life.."

He's certainly talked (though not even that good - boils down to standard "progressive" boilerplate). When exactly did he walk? Be specific please, because I really want to learn about these things he's done or at least really tried to do. Over the years I've researched him from time to time and never found anything but his usual con.

The Yemen theater is of course typical. Lots of grandstanding, completely empty in terms of doing anything.

The commenters who seem to buy into the notion that there's any equivalence between the con artist Sanders and Corbyn are only insulting Corbyn. (Unless they're saying he's the same kind of con-man?)

Posted by: Russ | Dec 14 2018 7:25 utc | 53


He's a faithful old dog.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Dec 14 2018 8:00 utc | 54

If members of the British military are using methods to prevent a left wing leader from power, is that not similar to the CIA backed coups in Central America?

Obviously it is more subversive but the similarity is there.

Posted by: Isaac | Dec 14 2018 8:58 utc | 55

This one post, so topical, so relevant to both sides of the pond and far beyond, has quickly developed lines of interconnected interest, they’d be worthy of ten more posts, it’s telling that ‘b’ has ‘delt’ With most of them before.
This new peace of the jig certainly makes the ‘big picture’ clear.
So I’ll add two more to this toxic setup.
While all the above was going on we also had the right wing press hacking into polations email accounts ! They would have known ther political oponantes move before they made, as one example one journalist sacked after the exposure jumped straight into a job with Cameron !
We also had the mi5 fake terror atacks in London and Manchester to be breaf look at the time line in conjunction with the last gen election ! Switched on and off like a tap!! Spread fear into your voters! They’l vote right wing ! Both sides of the pond.

Posted by: Mark2 | Dec 14 2018 10:57 utc | 56

Craig Murray is not alleging that Simon Bracey-Lane is a British secret service mole

Why is CM pussy-footing around about it in typical 'liberal' dandying? As the old saying goes, if it looks like a spook, walks like a spook, and quacks like a spook, then you can be pretty sure that it is a spook. There might be legal grounds for not outright declaring the spook to be a spook, but going out of his way to say that he is not saying he is a spook is simply unhelpful, and is like opening the door of the getaway car. A spade needs to be called a spade, instead of nervously walking around it.

The enemy does not mince their words in their attacks on good people like Corbyn (not to mention on strategic 'useful idiots' like Trump), and do not hesitate to use outright (and obviously false) smears, push them hard, and repeat them again and again. Calling a spade an 'outdoor gardening aid' fails to dig the holes that urgently need to be dug.

Posted by: BM | Dec 14 2018 11:07 utc | 57

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 14, 2018 12:06:31 AM | 47
(Trump has said he won't prosecute Hillary?)

Thanks for the response to my request. Now that you've looked for proof that Trump has walked back his pre-election threats to punish Hillary for her Server Sins, you can see that it's pure conjecture. Putting the most positive spin possible on his insincere post-election olive branches doesn't bridge the gap. He's got her marked down as a plump piñata waiting to be whacked. And she knows it. Hence the frostiness at H W Bush's funeral.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Dec 14 2018 11:21 utc | 58

I'm looking forward to the spectacle of Slick Willy squeezing out a couple of crocodile tears when they throw away the key to Hillary's dungeon.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Dec 14 2018 11:31 utc | 59

@ Posted by: somebody | Dec 13, 2018 5:26:16 PM | 23

Yes, that was one of the main reasons.

But it wouldn't be that much of a problem if the Soviet Union managed to keep the standards of living growing at the 50s-60s levels, by enhancing productivity and rising the quality of the consumer goods (which was the main problem Gorbachev pointed out in his famous book).

Had the consumer goods at least on par in quality and with a tendency to rise even more, then maybe the Nomenklature wouldn't open the class flank inside the Soviet Union, because the inequality would be pointless: you would be getting nice things regardless of how much the blue colllar guy would be "earning". Maybe Boris Yeltsin wouldn't have sold the country for two cases of Jack Daniels (which he had contact with during a trip to Houston, to visit George H. W. Bush).

Another issue was the horizontal division of labor that opened a "comparative" flank: journalists in the Soviet Union were pretty much meaningless (here meaning "weak"), whereas in the West they were the famous "fourth column", the "fourth power". This resulted in a mix of envy with a high dose of ambition in the Soviet journalist class. When Gorbachev commited the unforced error of not only permitting, but stimulating the "free press" to bash the government, they didn't vacilate and stepped deep: nowadays, it is a consensus that the journalist class was an essential pillar, in the ideological front, not only to the collapse of the Union, but also to the extreme neoliberal reforms that followed through.

Posted by: vk | Dec 14 2018 11:43 utc | 60

Where do May and the Boris stand in that swamp? It seems clear where is Boris, but should we believe May is not in?

Posted by: Mina | Dec 14 2018 12:47 utc | 61

Attacks on Corbyn are regularly relayed by Le Monde in France, and the Coupat group was infiltrated by a UK guy through dating one of the members. He was the one pushing towards violent action. They probably get EU-funding as a soft-Gladio.

Posted by: Mina | Dec 14 2018 13:06 utc | 62

Craig Murray is not alleging that Simon Bracey-Lane is a British secret service mole
... As the old saying goes, if it looks like a spook, walks like a spook, and quacks like a spook, then you can be pretty sure that it is a spook.
Posted by: BM | Dec 14, 2018 6:07:35 AM | 57

Further to the above: if you examine what Integrity Initiative and it's mother organisation Institute for Statecraft are doing in detail, their personnel, their funding, and the nature of their work within the government executive, it is clear that both are in fact de facto British state spy agencies; any differentiation from that status apparent on paper is clearly an outright sham, specifically intended to camouflage its true nature. Therefore any employees thereof are spies.

Posted by: BM | Dec 14 2018 13:22 utc | 63

Just to mention two (maybe not entirely) unrelated scandals lately. Blacked out because dealing with Democratic Republic of Congo, the soil of which provides most of the mineral used for hi-tech batteries.
Puppetsocks account have been related to a .... company by a UN person (see last two paragraphs).
These fake accounts have been used to divert the UN enquiry on the assassination of the two experts sent to report on Kasai. Not to say that the UN really wanted an enquiry. At least not in the upper ranks.

And just a couple of days ago, the complete media blackout of the speech by one of the co-Nobel prize who was accusing governments, multinationals, and the international bodies of turning a blind eye on the crimes in eastern Congo

His speech has been violently attacked by the Kabila governements. His days are probably counted.

(not to mention the disgusting title about the co-winner, on BBC news website: "From sex slave to nobel prize", as if the Yezidi (and others) genocide could be reduced to a porn)

Posted by: Mina | Dec 14 2018 13:29 utc | 64

Anonymous published another round of material, this time focusing on the Institute for Statecraft.
(ht Dungroanin, commenter at

Anonymous writes that, in addition to using it's Twitter account to attack Corbyn, Director of The Institute for Statecraft Christopher Donnelly:

... lobbied the House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee for an inquiry into Russia’s interference in the Catalan referendum. He invited members of the Integrity Initiative Spain cluster Francisco de Borja Lasheras and Mira Milosevich-Juaristi. At that moment they were receiving funds from the Foreign Office, i.e. the UK intelligence paid its own agents for fake proof of Russia’s interference in the Catalan referendum and later told them to lie to the Parliament to convince it to take anti-Russian steps.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 14 2018 13:54 utc | 65


Sifting through these but I found that apparently anti-Corbyn attack articles put though the Daily Beast by Ben Nimmo count as part of the Integrity Initiative Program

Their official Twitter influence scheme includes the Atlantic Council

They have interviews planted with their experts in BBC, The Times, Business Insider

Liz Wahl part of the Integrity Initiative scheme (Abby Martin please note!)

Posted by: Blooming Barricade | Dec 14 2018 14:25 utc | 66

Unsurprisingly, Nick Cohen is part of this group and attended a bizarre training session along with Ben Nimmo. Clearly the experts in anti-Left Wing smear campaigns. Eustonites reunite!

Posted by: Blooming Barricade | Dec 14 2018 14:32 utc | 67

Poor Bernie, bushwhacked by the DNC and now we find out, also by the British security services.

Posted by: morongobill | Dec 14 2018 14:39 utc | 68

The folks that run this propaganda factory obviously work for people who are scared shit-less over the rhetoric generated and dispersed by both Sanders & Corbyn. Whether one, or both, are true to their words, is still to be determined.
If the establishment are scared enough to infiltrate with sabotage in mind; I trust their desperation is derived from the fact that Sanders was and Corbyis a genuine threat to be taken down by all means.

Posted by: Circe | Dec 14, 2018 2:00:58 AM | 51

I don't think fear is the reason, but psychology demands genuinizing another side, and the C/S (Corbyn & Sanders) platforms serve well the need for the other side to divide and conquer strategy. Without those platforms there is no football game to play.

Posted by: snake | Dec 14 2018 14:41 utc | 69

"... then moves straight into a Ministry of Defense funded think tank with close military-industrial complex connections worldwide. Maybe he had a damascene ideological conversion?"
Posted by: Kit Klarenberg | Dec 13, 2018 6:51:36 PM | 31

A conversion followed by an instance security clearance for very sensitive operations. It really raises the question, why British spooks need some phony budget items to augment their salaries. Apparently, those salaries are so nice that they can live for months abroad on their savings.

A bigger puzzle is why planting a few Tweets would substantially change the circulation of anti-Corbyn memes. For example, it is totally verbotten to write a commentary in The Guardian without a swipe at Corbyn. A title and two graphs from an article on Brexit:

We are the eggs being broken for this rotten Brexit omelette
Christina Patterson

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a Brexit-supporting journalist on a TV news show. He told me that he had never trusted any of the politicians to make a success of Brexit, but he had voted to leave to “shake things up”. I asked him if he was willing to lose his job for the revolution he longed for. There was a pause. “I think,” he said, “many people are prepared to make a few sacrifices for this.” [...]
We can write to our MPs, but mine is Diane Abbott, a member of an opposition frontbench which has clearly decided to oppose everything until it’s too late. They are still talking about a second referendum being “an option” that might, at a later stage, be “on the table”. Wake up, guys! The table is collapsing and the house is on fire. For Corbyn’s Labour, as for ERG Tories, it’s all about ideology. Bring on the revolution! You can’t, they will say, make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

We are the eggs, folks. There are 66 million of us whose jobs, homes and futures are at stake.


Posted by: Piotr Berman | Dec 14 2018 14:48 utc | 70

"Sorry, he has quite a ways to go to reach those lofty heights established by Reagan/Bush and his other predecessors."

However those lofty individuals were able to manage an adequate veneer of "gravitas." While our discussions here in our luxury Assisted Living facilty, while our fortunes dwindle with monthly fees, is that the white houses current occupant plays the unscrupulous, bad clown to perfection! By equal part enraging and terrifying and distracting the television addicted 24/7 population with a perverse tragi-comic humor, the likes of which are unfamiliar and discomfitting! Perfect for the age in which we come to the end of the line!

Posted by: Geoff | Dec 14 2018 14:51 utc | 71

"Why is Craig Murray pussyfooting about this issue?" several people ask. I suspect all of them Americans who operate under protections for free speech. England however has incredibly draconian and punitive libel laws. Last year it cost the readers of my blog £100,000 to defend a libel case even though I effectively won. Things are phrased as they are for legal reasons. If you live in this atmosphere, you get adept at reading between the lines.

Posted by: Craig Murray | Dec 14 2018 15:09 utc | 72

Posted by: vk | Dec 14, 2018 6:43:03 AM | 60

I am a cynic. You tend to have to pay for journalism. Journalism on its own does not do anything.

Posted by: somebody | Dec 14 2018 15:33 utc | 73

Craig Murray @ 72
Thank you for your hard work and contribution to restoring some kind of democracy and truth. Your point here is well stated and well taken ! by myself and others i’m sure ! Similar questions have been raised toward Corbyn (has he got the fight to win) at this stage, that’s laughable . He also is constrained by his chosen path, and yet it’s working! he’s getting there!
This war must be defended on all fronts, most importantly the media narrative.

Posted by: Mark2 | Dec 14 2018 15:34 utc | 74

Not surprising. If not for our great allies, the Brits, we would probably never have been in either world war. See Thomas Mahl's "Desperate Deception" for a description of MI6 activities in the U.S. from 1939-1944.

Posted by: David Carson | Dec 14 2018 15:47 utc | 75

In this age of non linear psychological warfare the controlled opposition of Sander's run for the DNC nomination was proving to be underestimated in his appeal with the public. The controllers obviously wanted an agent on the inside to pass info. This was done in advance of the DNC primaries as part of their operations to see that their chosen candidate succeeded over their stalking horse controlled opposition. The reality is that Sanders et al are in the picture to lend legitimacy to the whole rigged system.

Posted by: BRF | Dec 14 2018 15:57 utc | 76

Craig Murray @72

Hi Craig,

While you're here could you tell me why my comments kept on being deleted by your moderators? I stopped posting altogether because it was just incredibly hard to see my work just get deleted without any explanation.

From my point of view your moderators were allowing racist posts but when I responded by deriding the post, my posts were deleted but the racist posts remained. Other posts that got deleted included pro-Palestinian posts. It is hard to be specific because my work was all deleted. However, the deletion of the posts without any explanation or recourse when I did not see any offense in my posts was really upsetting. It was like the Guardian all over again!

Posted by: ADKC | Dec 14 2018 15:59 utc | 77

So if the U.K. gov is funding the Institute for Spycraft which was spying on Sanders' campaign with an embedded mole and has been working to sabotage Corbyn's increasing favorable odds to become the next Prime Minister then this is potentially bigger than Watergate.

In regards to Bernie, no one can deny that he was a target of deep state machinations. Again, this news and the DNC leak are proof of it.

Of course he came around to endorsing Hillary in the end! That doesn't prove he was Hillary's sheepdog. I hated that moment, but that's the only way he was going to hold on to his political career. If he hadn't done that, he'd be over. He's still being excoriated on Democratic sites for mounting such a forceful challenge to Clinton. It's like I stated, he doesn't represent left purity that Chris Hedges extols or I'd like to see, but I repeat: in a Congress mired in Zionist, deep state corruption he's as good as it gets although I hope for much better to come along and will have no problem throwing him under the bus if it does. Yes, Corbyn is less compromised and cowardly. Unfortunately, Sanders is compromised by the reality in Congress and survival. If you find me more authentic members who could survive to a nomination campaign, let me know, I'm willing to listen.

As far as Trump is concerned that's a whole different scenario. Trump is Zionist deep state Goldman-sachs, his finance people prove it, he's Adelson & co.financed, Kissinger mentored and more corruption induced than we even know. There's a mountain of evidence that proves he was the Chosen. As far as Russia is concerned, his fair-weathered, limited association/affinity with Russia was purely, solely OPPORTUNISTIC. He could give a rat's ass about Russia, when the wind of opportunity is blowing in the opposite direction. Everything Trump does is opportunistic and luckily it's coming to bite him in the ass. Now that his handlers squeezed what they wanted from him maybe they're already lining up his replacement to carry on the shet Trump already put in motion. He already delivered a lot of what the shadow masters wanted. He's not indispensible for them; I'm sure they already planned for his self-destruction and a contingent replacement. They knew he was flawed, but they got a lot of what the wanted and who knows, may even get a wag the dog. However their insurance, Plan B, is no doubt already in the works. What I most despise about Trump isn't that he's the most depraved a-h ever; it's that he's made the Zionist-led deep state more comfortable than ever.

Posted by: Circe | Dec 14 2018 16:04 utc | 78

ADKC I am sorry to hear of your experience and I really don't have the first idea why. Try again and if it keeps happening, the contact button top right sends an email straight to me, I can then look and see what's happening in real time, which is more likely to work than trying to dig up old cases. But remember the mods are volunteers, human, often stressed and sometimes over-protective of me, especially after last year's legal troubles.

Posted by: Craig Murray | Dec 14 2018 16:25 utc | 79

To criticize politicians like Sanders as "sheepdogs" is obvious but unfair singling out. In all cases every person standing for election can be described as acting as a "sheepdog".

First, by standing they are effectively advocating for a "system" and hence, no matter how much they say they want to reform the "system", they are ultimately legitimising the "system" and "herding" the population to believe, and take part, in the "system".

Secondly, every politician standing for a party is obliged to endorse the person who wins the nomination. This has always happened and always will, no matter what differences there might be between the candidates.

Thirdly, it was well-known (at the time) that the 2016 Democratic nomination was intended to be a coronation for Clinton. That was why no other candidate with a profile took part in the nomination. Biden & Warren are two obvious candidates who probably lost their best chance to be President by not standing. Sanders was "allowed" to stand because he wasn't seen as having a chance at winning (just like "Corbyn" was allowed to take part in the Labour leadership election).

Fourthly, Sanders, at the outset, almost certainly believed he wasn't going to win and probably knew (or had a good idea) that it was all set up for Clinton but he saw it was a good opportunity to stand and make the "arguments". (Very similar to Corbyn's motivation's).

Fifthly, any candidate that threatens the "system" (the deep state or deep state interests) is either not allowed to win, is bent to the will of the "system" or is disposed of.

This doesn't mean that candidates, like Sanders or Corbyn, might not achieve anything but that it would be a real up-hill struggle.

Finally, we can all be described as "sheep" if we are not engaging in real revolutionary struggle to overthrow the system. I don't know, the thought of all the blood and chaos that would be needed (and would result) means that I (like the other "sheep") have no choice but to get behind candidates like Sanders and Corbyn when, by unintended consequence, they emerge.

For 2020 I am pinning my hopes on Tulsi Gabbard. Yes, I am getting ready to be herded again!

Posted by: ADKC | Dec 14 2018 16:47 utc | 80

Craig Murray @78

Many thanks for your reply. What you say makes sense. I will try posting again on your site.

Posted by: ADKC | Dec 14 2018 16:53 utc | 81

Pardon me for skipping past comments - I just have to say, thank you, b! It wasn't the Russians, it was the Brits! Whenever those 5-ers accuse anyone of anything, it's because they themselves are doing it!

And if it meant anything at all these days, you could take that to the bank!

Posted by: juliania | Dec 14 2018 17:09 utc | 82


Again, the problem and really bad part about this is that it isn't just a few tweets, the Integrity Initiative leaks show that at least three of the Guardian's soft left columnists are PART of this disinformation op. Their columns themselves are presumably black propaganda which is really shocking but unfortunately seems to be true.

I personally think the issue of the spy allegedly in the Labour and Bernie campaign is less of a problem than this. Even though it might have been more illegal, what was the effect? It's important for the left to counter what it can and deal with the main threats to possible victories, which is without a doubt the mainstream media narrative and the smears, which have a greater effect on voting intentions. That's why the Guardian should be continuously highlighted as a disinformation tool and why Labour should tell voters to listen to and take advice from the Squakbox, the Canary, and Novara instead of the People's Vote ancien regime restoration project.

Posted by: Blooming Barricade | Dec 14 2018 17:31 utc | 83

To Caesar, Caesar's:

Bernie Sanders believe the USA should adopt a welfare state, to which ideal model, in his eyes, is Denmark. That's what he stated publicly.

As senator, he:

1)is in favour of the absence of gun control (which is a localist issue for Vermont, which is a rural State, with a deeply ingrained hunting culture). In the USA, favouring free gun ownership is considered a conservative policy.

2) he's not against the American alliance with Saudi Arabia. He just states it should pay more, financially, for the alliance.

3) he's heavily pro-Israel and his curriculum as senator proves that beyond reasonable doubt (he's Jewish, so maybe that has something to do with that), albeit he likes to keep his mouth shut on the issue given his obvious anti-Zionist support base.

All in all, I think the most fair definition of Bernie Sanders is that he's a pragmatist in the nationalist sense: he aims the USA to exist the longest possible, and he has a very clear model in mind that would enable it -- a model that mixes prosperity at home and imperialist brutality abroad.

Posted by: vk | Dec 14 2018 17:32 utc | 84

Thanks also to Mr. Murray for his research and for responding here.

With respect to Bernie's campaign, I think whether or not he himself was 'a sheepdog' is not the important issue. The way in which his attempt to become the Democratic candidate was so blatantly sidetracked, from his beginning statement (coerced?) that he would accept and support whomever was chosen in the primary, to the special electors boondoggle was a clear indication that he was being used precisely for that purpose by the party. And that's how Trump got elected.

What we since know about Trump is the massive campaign continues against him and for the purpose of turning him. It's not clear how much of that is in his interest - nothing is clear when these powerful interests are determined to thwart the will of the people. Nothing, except that it is being thwarted, that is.

Posted by: juliania | Dec 14 2018 17:43 utc | 85

Pablo Miller--Skripal--mentioned in latest doc dump that names the French players.

I bet there're even more players that will be exposed.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 14 2018 17:45 utc | 86

One of the problems that the UK has it that it has an enormous 'middle-upper' class with nothing very much to do.
You have to remember that, until the 1950s, the Empire, in all its various forms, provided career opportunities for large numbers of natives of the UK- the public school system grew enormously to cater for parents who had nothing much to offer their children except a horror of manual work and a crack at a job in the Empire. Perhaps in commerce, government or the church, and other cultural services, but most likely in the army, navy or one of dozens of colonial police forces.
By 1960 not only had the imperial ruling classes grown very large, leaving hundreds of thousands of young men and women (the ships to Calcutta regularly carried cargoes of young ladies looking for 'matches' among the servants of the Raj) unemployed without prospects, but post WWII social mobility, through education, meant that, just as the young scion of the middle class was looking desperately for work, he faced for the first time since the Reformation, the competition of whole new layers of society, the children of the petty bourgeoisie and working class, educated in the new Universities.
A lot happened in the past fifty years. But set it aside for a moment and consider the present: for young, well(?) educated men like the hero of Craig Murray's tale, just about the only sure way to a decent salary, respectability, a home and secure future open to the grandsons of the officers of the Indian Army or the Royal Navy is to get in on the last shred of the empire still hiring.
And that means a job, not in the Bengal Lancers, the Somaliland Customs or the Malay Police but in the propaganda war waged by the MSM. Or in politics, as a safe centrist-where women in particular are welcomed- any party will do.
Or in the New Chindits- cooking up lies with PR men in the hope of catching Russia off balance and starting a war.
The great hope of the West-the former Empire- is that another India, ripe to be raped and looted will open itself up. Russia offered that promise in the 1990s. Libya and Iraq did too-and in all three venues bright, cynical men have made good careers-doing evil things. The same is true of Syria and Yemen where thousands of young careers are being sustained by such things as the White Helmets and the training and mentoring of "saudi' bomber pilots.
But the big enchilada- to which millions of young Europeans, Brits in particular, Americans and antipodeans look with drool running down their chins, is China. And another crack at Russia. And another bite at the Iranian cherry.
That is why the heroes of Brigade 77 risk their sanity and sacrifice their souls every day telling lies about Russia, working with graduates of the Goebbels Institute in Kiev and setting fire to cats' tails: their aim is to give themselves, and their families, comfortable lives before the planet explodes.
The alternative, to work for a living, is simply unthinkable.

Posted by: bevin | Dec 14 2018 18:22 utc | 87

@86 Very good summary. Rudyard Kipling has a lot to answer for. But you left out Afghanistan, a popular British playground for generations. None less than Prince Harry got a crack at the wogs there.

Posted by: dh | Dec 14 2018 19:18 utc | 88

The official denials are everywhere, they are mounting a media campaign to crush this story and it is failing miserably. It will eventually sweep up the Clintons and Obamas into the conspiracy.

Posted by: not bob | Dec 14 2018 19:43 utc | 89

PeacefulProsperity @95 et al--

Am I to presume the source for your postings all stem from The Empire of "The City"? If so, who's the author?

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 14 2018 20:51 utc | 90

@90 Actually PP I think Sir Nick is saying the UK is NOT ready for war with Russia. He seems to be suggesting morale is low because of some TV shows and the UK military needs more innovative technologies. No doubt he would like to see more government spending too.

Posted by: dh | Dec 14 2018 20:54 utc | 91

@ 77 ADKC.. although craig answers you @79, my experience has been the very same as yours.. i no longer post at craig murrays site... maybe this is a mixed blessing... i can still read his articles...

Posted by: james | Dec 14 2018 21:00 utc | 92

m @42 Thank you for UK Column. must read indeed. gold

Thanks b this is one of the hottest posts and truly timely. Great work Kit and big shout out to anonymous for channelling the inside documents. WOW!

Thank you all commenters especially, this is brain food and has deepened my take on local political events.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 14 2018 21:01 utc | 93

"If the Institute for Statescraft operates alongside the Spycops operations as you imply, this is a lot more serious than originally expected...."

I wasn't implying that actually, I was saying I think I know an undercover state infiltrator when I see one. And I appear to have called it correctly in this instance - the latest Anonymous dump is more explosive than ever and has plenty on Simon.

His official profile is very telling indeed I think -

"Simon Bracey-Lane: Currently runs the IfS “Integrity Initiative” network communications and network development process; deep experience in democratic election campaign processes in UK and especially in USA, viz: Regional Campaign Organiser: John Wisniewski for Governor of New Jersey, USA. January - May 2017; Statewide Campaign Organiser: Bernie Sanders for President 2016, USA. Sept 2015 – May 2016; special study of Russian interference in the US electoral process."

Whatever the truth of the matter, he can definitely multitask. Running the II network communications and development process (cultivating, recruiting, handling?) while also being a research fellow at the II's 'parent organization' Institute for Statecraft? I wonder how many hours he has left in a day to sleep!

Then again he seems to have form in this regard. 'Special study of Russian interference in the election process' simultaneously as being a key organizer in Sanders' campaign. Maybe he did his 'special study' in his free time?

Posted by: Kit Klarenberg | Dec 14 2018 22:08 utc | 94

One of the things that MI6 may well have been responsible for during its activities in the U.S. in 1940 was the suspicious death of the man slated to be chairman of the Republican convention. He was an isolationist supporter of Senator Robert Taft. He was succeeded by a supporter of interventionist Wendell Willkie, who ended up getting the nomination, so that the American people got no chance to vote against FDR's interventionist policies, which many Americans opposed.

Posted by: lysias | Dec 14 2018 22:10 utc | 95


I couldn’t agree with you more. But why 77th Brigade (not 76th, or 78th)? I think because Churchill used the puffed-up non-exploits of the original 77th Brigade to wring a considerable air arm for Burma out of Roosevelt and Marshall at the Quebec Conference. So my guess is that their main role is not to fight some enemy but to keep the confidence and trust of the Americans and ensure that the money keeps flowing. A typical English public school boy in-joke.

Posted by: Montreal | Dec 14 2018 22:17 utc | 96

One tweet quotes a newspaper article calling Corbyn a “useful idiot”, that goes on to state: “His open visceral anti-Westernism helped the Kremlin cause, as surely as if he had been secretly peddling Westminster tittle-tattle for money.”

This sounds a lot like typical U.S. media and politician responses. John McCain said as much, referring to Rand Paul, not that long ago.

One has to wonder if these people have been lying so often and so long that they actually believe the crap they're saying.

Posted by: Antonio | Dec 14 2018 22:50 utc | 97

All the units of the signals intelligence branch of the U.S. Air Force, which was called the United States Air Force Security Service in 1967, when Israel attacked the Liberty, and in 1969-72, when I was an airman in the organization, were designated by a four-digit numeral beginning "69". Thus, I was in the 6912th Security Squadron when I was stationed in Berlin. I have just read Joan Mellen's sensational new book about the Liberty, "Blood in the Water", which mentions several USAF units around the world that received messages involving the Liberty, all with designations beginning with "69".

Hopefully, Mellen's book, which has just come out, will get attention. Its thesis, which I find persuasive, is that LBJ and the Israelis plotted a false flag attack on the Liberty that could be blamed on Egypt and serve as a casus belli for the U.S. to enter the war once the Liberty sank as planned with all hands lost. When the ship was saved by the crew, the plot had to be abandoned. Apparently, while the attack was still in progress, nuclear-armed U.S. bombers were on the way to Cairo. They had to be turned back once it became clear that the attack on the Liberty was by Israelis. Mellen's book reveals that a Soviet submarine was under orders to launch a nuclear attack on Israel if the U.S. attacked Egypt. After two nukes had gone off in the Middle East, it's hard to see how an all-out nuclear war could have been avoided. LBJ came that close to destroying the human race. All that stopped him was the superhuman efforts of the crew of the Liberty.

Posted by: lysias | Dec 14 2018 23:04 utc | 98

Somebody needs to make a movie about the Liberty. Hollywood never will, certainly not an honest one. Maybe Russia or China would.

Posted by: lysias | Dec 14 2018 23:08 utc | 99

lysias @104 & 105--

Thanks for posting that info!

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 15 2018 0:40 utc | 100

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