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December 31, 2018

A Happy 2019 To All Moonkind

Dear readers and commentators,

thank you for coming here, reading and discussing about the events of our world.

I wish for a happy new year for you and everyone else.


Posted by b on December 31, 2018 at 17:00 UTC | Permalink


Happy new year to all barflies and their friends and family!

Posted by: George Lane | Dec 31 2018 17:26 utc | 1

A happy and productive New Year to you and yours too, Bernhard.
And to all those visiting this page.
Stay alert and keep on course and on the cause.

Posted by: bjd | Dec 31 2018 17:40 utc | 2

Happy new year to you, my friend!

Posted by: Roberto Pires Silveira | Dec 31 2018 17:41 utc | 3

Happy new years all!

Take some time off this, spend time with relatives. They will not be here forever.

Posted by: Zanon | Dec 31 2018 17:56 utc | 4

Happy New Year to you, B, from one of your monthly supporters.

Thanks for all you do, my friend ~a

Posted by: Alan McLemore | Dec 31 2018 18:40 utc | 5

Happy New Year to all!

Posted by: worldblee | Dec 31 2018 18:57 utc | 6

As I just 'wished' to my various and much-loved adult children, family and friends, so I wish for this wonderful 'blog' and its denizens:

Happy New Year! May all your best dreams come true!

Posted by: dus7 | Dec 31 2018 19:17 utc | 7

Best wishes to everyone here at MoA and to Bernhard especially in the New Year just arrived!

Posted by: Jen | Dec 31 2018 19:18 utc | 8

Repost from the open thread: "Happy New Year to all, even our resident trolls.."

Posted by: Lozion | Dec 31 2018 19:26 utc | 9

all the best in the new year everyone!

Posted by: james | Dec 31 2018 19:32 utc | 10

Best wishes to b and to everyone for a happy new year.

Bye-ya 2018...

Posted by: drj | Dec 31 2018 19:34 utc | 11


Thanks so much for keeping this blog the 1st place to get a reliable, fresh, honest insight on any hot issue.

Posted by: daffyDuct | Dec 31 2018 19:50 utc | 12

Happy new year b!

Posted by: Symen Danziger | Dec 31 2018 20:49 utc | 13


Good Health and Happiness for 2019.

Posted by: Red Ryder | Dec 31 2018 20:57 utc | 14

Thank you b for keeping us informed and giving us a true and honest perspective on the events around the world.

Wish you health and success.

Happy new year.


Posted by: Alpi | Dec 31 2018 21:36 utc | 15

Happy New Year B

Posted by: Eric Silwal | Dec 31 2018 22:02 utc | 16

But, I don't want to wish everybody a Happy New Year!

I'd rather post scathing denunciations of commenters who are suspect, or otherwise obviously unfit to post at MOA.

OK, just this once: Happy New Year to B. and the barflies!

But be warned, interlopers-- after tomorrow, no more Mister Nice Guy. You know who you are!

Posted by: Ort | Dec 31 2018 22:22 utc | 17

Happy and healthy wishes for 2019 to you and all. I appreciate the education that I receive here with insight from so many professions and countries.

Posted by: mrd | Jan 1 2019 0:32 utc | 18

Happy New Year everyone! thank you b for another incredible year of reporting.

Posted by: annie | Jan 1 2019 0:46 utc | 19

A Happy New Year to the barkeep, all thirsty patrons past and present, denizens of Mahagonny and, of course, Jenny and the gals in Washington DC.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jan 1 2019 0:52 utc | 20

Happy New Year to the head Moonbeam and my fellow barflies.

I want to challenge us barflies in 2019 to increase the signal to noise ratio in our comments in respect of the stellar content and platform that our host provides....even if it still doesn't remember my personal info for comments....grin

2019 will see more challenges and I suspect may include some recognition of the unsustainable global debt burden. I expect the elite to pop that ballon when they are in the best negotiating position they feel they can muster (lots of property and as little paper money as possible)

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 1 2019 1:13 utc | 21

To the Man in the Moon et al,

May the coming year usher the waning of predatory power and depredation until a more balanced global order takes root. To all the genuine folks for whom the lunar light of The Moon shines bright, may the coming year be salutary and fruitful.

Posted by: metni | Jan 1 2019 1:19 utc | 22

Health to you B!

I believe you have earned your place in history Bernard! This blog has greatly helped me and many others see through the fog.

Happy New Year to ALL!(including the borg:))

Posted by: Zack | Jan 1 2019 1:43 utc | 23

Dear B, a healthy and happy new year to you. You are one of a kind. Your audience grows each day.

Posted by: simjam | Jan 1 2019 1:46 utc | 24

Happy New Year!

In vino veritas.

In moonlight aletheia.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 1 2019 2:14 utc | 25

Happy New Year everyone!

Posted by: Kadath | Jan 1 2019 3:05 utc | 26

Thanks b, for the many years of reliable information and discussion.

Wishing all a healthy and prosperous new year...

Posted by: ben | Jan 1 2019 3:27 utc | 27

Judging by the increasing frequency with which one encounters links to an MoA analysis on anti-war blogs and websites on the www, Moonkind seems to have expanded significantly since 2010/2011.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 1 2019 4:25 utc | 28

Stratcom's Bombs Away New Years Tweet sends a very important message to all. It's perhaps the sickest most demented--it's really indescribable! Time to disband the entire Outlaw US Empire national security apparatus--every last washer and rivet!

Sorry for the extremely sad tidings. For me, the New Year marks a New Beginning--Victory through Peace!

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 1 2019 4:54 utc | 29

The Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times..."
Has come in spades.
May 2019 bring good health and contentment to all...

Posted by: V | Jan 1 2019 5:38 utc | 30

another new year turns over at MoA... still perceptive and insightful as can be in educating, informing & sheltering from the madmen that we continue to refuse to deny power

Posted by: b real | Jan 1 2019 5:59 utc | 31

And to you, b, and all on here.

Posted by: Bevin Kacon | Jan 1 2019 7:39 utc | 32

@28 Karlofi,

Yey, I saw that last night. The sheer arrogance of them. I read it again and it could be viewed they'd be prepared to drop something 'bigger' than the ball in Times Square. The corporate/military complex will never stop.

Posted by: Bevin Kacon | Jan 1 2019 7:58 utc | 33

Happy New year ‘b’ and to all the bar fly’s that make this site an oases of reality and truth in a world of smoke and mirrors, a world of greed, brutality, a tide of uncaring that is rising and coming our way ! And in which we are all refugee’s.
To the wrong doers of the world ! I wish you all the future you deserve ! or lack there of !

Posted by: Mark2 | Jan 1 2019 8:38 utc | 34

Best for the new year, hopefully the next one – year of the boar – will be better for all the people living on this blue ball lost in space. The psychopaths in power, may they endure some random pain.

MoA remains one of the few sources of calm and rationality on the inter-tubes. Thank you, B., for persevering with this project.

Posted by: Philippe | Jan 1 2019 10:32 utc | 35

Happy New Year to all, may 2019 be the year we overcome our animal instincts and prepare for the Star Trek Universe.

Posted by: steve | Jan 1 2019 14:42 utc | 36

@28 So comforting to know the future of the world is in the hands of teenage video game players.

Happy New Year to all MOA readers!

Posted by: dh | Jan 1 2019 15:20 utc | 37

Happy New Year!

Posted by: Chaos Cat | Jan 1 2019 18:39 utc | 38

B, thanks for all that you do. Happy New Year to you and yours and to all "Moonites" :)

Posted by: Joanne Leon | Jan 1 2019 19:43 utc | 39

Happy new year everyone!

Posted by: lili | Jan 1 2019 19:51 utc | 40

Something for psychohistorian or anyone else who might be interested 35 years ago, Isaac Asimov was asked by the Star to predict the world of 2019. Here is what he wrote

Posted by: TJ | Jan 1 2019 21:19 utc | 41

i'd like to take this oppportunity to add my own best wishes to the world for a safer, more compassionate year of continued resolution of conflicts and continued propagation of truth and wisdom.

Take heart Bernhard, Karlof1, grieved, Noirette, bevin and certain others who do the hard work of analysing events and comment threads, researching supporting arguments and crafting your responses to stimulate and carry on the thoughtful discussions which draw me and many others to this site.

Our building consensus towards better understanding, and yes even generating our own idea of where the world must go is a thoroughly worthwhile enterprise.

Anything less than requiring truth and honesty from ourselves and our leaders and media is a cop-out and a failure.

To all of you who helped in this endeavour, here on the Moon and the myriad other outlets so kindly referenced in your posts, I thank you for last year's work and I wish you all a safe, successful and truth-filled new year.

Let's raise a glass to the thought, nay the truth, that a better world is possible!

Posted by: jonku | Jan 1 2019 22:49 utc | 42

You're amazing babe, truly.

People used to say "Was Shakespeare really just one person?". This is how I sometimes feel about you.

Keep up the stupendous work.

- Shyaku

Posted by: Shyaku | Jan 2 2019 3:39 utc | 43

Best wishes to all of you, Moonwalkers!

Thanks b, for being one of the few lights in the dark night that has become our time.

My understanding of this world, as it coldly twirls, wouldn't be what it is without your input.

Signed: A grateful french reader.

Posted by: Herrhesser | Jan 2 2019 18:46 utc | 44

jonku @42--

Thanks so very much for your very fine words of gratitude and encouragement! They provide positive feedback for my decision to go beyond the limited amount of activism I've done over the past several years to becoming more actively involved in trying to foment Victory Through Peace.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 2 2019 19:39 utc | 45

Hopefully in 2019 the MH17 “investigation” will be exposed.

One only has to read the report by the Dutch Transport Safety Board to see what’s going on.

While the report refers to a – not activated – BUK missile in the possesion of “rebels”, according to Dutch military intelligence, it fails to mention the fact that the Ukranian military literally has tens of BUK complexes, that were partially deployed in the eastern Ukraine.
Dutch military intelligence claims the “rebels” had taken this BUK from the Ukranian military. Why are the other Ukranian BUK’s not mentioned? This is a sham.

In a criminal investigation, you look for the party who has the motive and the means.

Who gained most from the MH17 crash? The corrupt oligarchs and Nazi’s in the western Ukraine.
Who had BUK missiles and was able to deploy them against a civilian airliner? The corrupt oligarchs and Nazi’s in the western Ukraine.

The Poroshenko putsch regime is the prime suspect for the downing of MH17. Yet is is part of the Joint Investigation Team that is responsible for the criminal investigation!

Malaysia is the flag state. Why was it pressured to take a back seat in this investigation?

The MH17 criminal investigation is run by NATO members (the Netherlands and Belgium), a NATO partner (Australia) and the prime suspect for the killing of almost 300 innocent civilians, the Ukraine with it’s NATO backed regime. Anyone with some legal background or just plain common sense understands this stinks.

The criminal investigation is a Mueller style witch hunt. It is impossible to go to court with a criminal case where the prime suspect has a veto over the results of the investigation(!).

The decision to point fingers at Russia for MH17 is a political one. It is not based on facts. There is no evidence. Just some cooked up “intercepted communications” by Ukranian intelligence and psyop social media fakes by Bellingcat.

According to the handbook from the anti -Russian propaganda outfit Integrity Initiative, Bellingcat and the Atlantic Council are partners. There is a specific cluster for the Netherlands. It doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots. It would be very interesting to investigate the direct and indirect (financial) ties between the Dutch government and Bellingcat.

The BUK that downed MH17 was Ukranian. The only question that remains is if it was an accident or intentional.

The NATO backed regime in Kiev has no problems with killing it’s own cops and blaming Russia, firing rockets and heavy artillery on populated areas, calling for the genocidal killing of the population in the eastern Ukraine and moving the entire planet towards nuclear war. To quote Victoria Nuland: Fuck the EU.

The killing of almost 300 innocent civilians is just a drop in the ocean. NATO is responsible for tens of millions of deaths since it’s inception.

The criminal investigation will go on for some time. MH17 is a gift from heaven. The gift that keeps on giving. The Russians did it!

The agenda is evident. A new Cold War to divert the maximum US/EU tax payer money to the military industrial complex and tech companies. To push Russia out of the European energy market to substitute cheap Russian gas from a pipe for expensive American LNG from a deep-freeze tanker.

The people in Europe should ask themselves why they continue to accept that they are being killed by terrorists and a Nazi regime backed by their own governments.
They don’t need yellow vests. They need bullet proof vests. Against their elected politicians.

Posted by: Symen Danziger | Jan 3 2019 10:51 utc | 46

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