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November 03, 2018

The MoA Week in Review - OT 2018-58

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The SDF is very much in trouble. ISIS is still attacking. There is trouble between the locally recruited Arab footsoldiers of the SDF and the Kurdish command. The U.S. is again bombing but the defense front of the SDF has largely broken down.

The UAE and its mercenaries have renewed a large attack on Hodeidah. Should they capture it they will control all supplies to the Houthi areas. The Saudis and the UAE seem to use the 30 days Trump has given them for maximum gain.

Use as open thread ...

Posted by b on November 3, 2018 at 14:19 UTC | Permalink

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Good luck with the shoulder, b.
A few years ago I had some kind of bursa inflammation. PT didn't work so I gave in to a couple of shots. That worked.
Friday I came in to interview a coworker replacement only to be "volunteered" to do nearly 100 photomicrographs. There was a lot of right shoulder movement involving leaning over and using the mouse. It was sore later but that improved the next day. At least it didn't inflame the clavicle which I broke 2 yr ago. I plan to rework the methodology at that station to reduce the RSI factor.

Posted by: Curtis | Nov 4 2018 17:08 utc | 101

Chinese workers today are among the most exploited on the planet. And they are exploited by the Chinese system (along with their even more exploited East Asian contemporaries) purposely to feed cheap exports into the US and EU, which China requires to develop into a dominant world economic power.

None of this is to say I believe China is as evil, more evil or less evil than the US/EU. This is beside the point for anyone coming from a truly socialist perspective. Different levels of historical development and all that antiquated Marxist materialist rot....I will give you the Chinese seem less warlike historically as a society certainly than the decayed remnants of the Roman Empire and hopefully will remain as such after they attain similar global reach.

This is to say to bloggers: please cast aside the meaningless slogans and the pom-poms and truly look into what's going on in the Multipolar World as it exists today. What you will notice is different societies at different stages of their historical materialist development, thus facile comparisons are not particularly useful, except as totemic expressions which bind us to our internet groups. The future of "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics" is surely as malleable as its short history has proven to be.

Posted by: donkeytale | Nov 4 2018 18:02 utc | 102

Grieved @ 90

"Socialism has as its principal aim the the uplifting of the poor and working classes, and secondarily redistribution of the national wealth, if this is required as part of the principal mission. It aims for a playing field level such that workers can benefit from the wealth that only they produce."

Well said. I think many deplorables are in favor of single payer medical care, affordable education and housing etc but get waylaid by buzzwords like 'socialism'. They are under the spell of neoliberalism including the idea that all deficits are bad rather than money in people's pockets. (The opposite of the crippling effects of austerity.)

Posted by: financial matters | Nov 4 2018 18:17 utc | 103

donkeytale says:

I will give you the Chinese seem less warlike historically as a society certainly than the decayed remnants of the Roman Empire and hopefully will remain as such after they attain similar global reach

yeah, as such it was kind of a bummer when they established their first overseas military base (in Djibouti) a couple of years ago.

Posted by: john | Nov 4 2018 18:23 utc | 104

As Mexicans say: "Health is a blessing". Get well soon.

Posted by: Guerrero | Nov 4 2018 18:29 utc | 105


No Duality.
There is only the Deep Purple Mil.Gov UniParty.
Socialism is Capitalism, they are both just an 'ism'.
Rau, Gorbechev and Deng the faces of Capitalist-Socialism
and Merkel, Putin and Xi faces of Socialist-Capitalism.
"And it ain't gonna get any better, don't look for it."
Hope is Chains.
Especially if a Third Temple New Energy Revelations Carbon Catholic seizes supra-national energy tithing authority.
Then we are all fracked, comrades.

Posted by: Anton Worter | Nov 4 2018 18:34 utc | 106

Fox News and MSM are lubricating dim-witted USA Americans viewers into giving up their social security and medicare benefits.

Some are beginning to make remarks to the effect that self-sufficiency and Xtian beliefs will compensate for Mitch McConnell stealing their social security.

Others make remarks to the effect that George Soros, Marxism and Socialism are spreading lies and that in fact the Republicans do not intend to cut social security in spite of the words spoken by Mitch McConnell and cutting "entitlements".

Posted by: fast freddy | Nov 4 2018 18:34 utc | 107

Noirette, I agree most of the US doesn't feel "overpopulated" and we Americanos aren't drawing direct inferences, but at base I believe the political problem, like seemingly all of the world's problems, stems from overpopulation, most all of which occurs in 'shithole' (IE non-caucasian) countries, and leads to many of the lesser fortunate seeking better living conditions in the developed countries.

And as the population increases exponentially so does the associated environmental degradation, which is also driving us all crazy(er). This is just my little pet theory, but I seem to be growing nuttier by the day....and have to blame something.

I can only understand the part of your comment addressing racism as spoken by someone who has little or no connection to actual life as it is experienced in the US.

Posted by: donkeytale | Nov 4 2018 18:37 utc | 108


please cast aside the meaningless slogans and the pom-poms and truly look into what's going on in the Multi-polar World as it exists today

And there it is! ... donkey's main and persistent thesis: there is no threat from USA and the West. Nothing to see here! The multi-polar world that you stoopid Moonies cherish is already here if you just squint a little and tilt your head to the side. Do ya see it!? Do ya?

Please ignore the 400+ US bases around the world; the constant regime change ops; the co-opting of "independent" international organizations; the illusion of democracy that it practices domestically, the $50 Trillion of wealth held offshore, etc.

Imagine if the Russians had been broken in 1990's? What kind of world do you think we would be living in then? Kissinger talked of the surprise that Russia did not fully capitulate in his July interview with the financial Times:

Kissinger embarks on a disquisition about Russia’s “almost mystical” tolerance for suffering. His key point is that the west wrongly assumed in the years before Putin annexed Crimea that Russia would adopt the west’s rules-based order.
In the same interview, Kissinger says: "I think we are in a very, very grave period for the world ...". Very, very grave! Why so? Because the unilateral world, enforced by a hegemonic power is fading. Greedy Western elites fucked it up.

We have witnessed the biggest strategic blunder in history. Helping China to rapidly industrialize while alienating Russia is the worst nightmare for Western elite donkeys. They could've welcomed Russia in to the fold in the 1990's but they chose to kick it while it was down.

Western elite donkeys now distract us from their failures and do what they can to mask their desperate attempt to rectify the situation - to return to a uni-polar world.

donkey likens us to stoopid cheeeleaders with pom-poms.

Don't be stoopid.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 4 2018 18:51 utc | 109


LOL. Kicked in the nuts by donkey.

You insulted his establishment heros.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 4 2018 19:06 utc | 110

".. Lenin had to murder 32,000,000 million Christian
Ukrainians, the intelligentsia of Russia, in order to bring about his
so called ideal system of economics and politics. " snake.
This is complete nonsense. The population of Soviet Ukraine at the time of Lenin's death was less than thirty million. Anti-communist propaganda, always a handy tool for those trying to deter the masses from reclaiming their share of society's wealth, is becoming less and less credible as it becomes further removed from the reality of communist rule.
Neither Lenin nor Stalin was responsible for the 'murder' of Ukrainians, a fact well understood by those who lived in this newly minted 'state' with borders which have shifted considerably since its foundation. The story that you repeat has its origins in Nazi propaganda, much of which was invented by agents of the British Foreign Office, not unlike the 'National Socialist' party itself.

Posted by: bevin | Nov 4 2018 19:25 utc | 111

@85 don bacon... our places to post are few! i recall you used to post at emptywheel as well.. cheers

@98 john.. same john into zappa that we had talked of previouly? that is a good way to say all that.. coming to italy, my impression is that it is nothing like what i know multicultural to be as in canada, espcially in the 3 large canuck cities... i have noticed herein bologna a slightly greater number of black people, but super small relatively speaking... some chinese, young ones going to the music schools here in bologna perhaps, but by and large what seems like over 95% what seems like italians... the social experiment hasn’t really happened here in italy yet, so it is interesting to see the nord party winning and what they say in there platform...

growing up in vancouver was like a cultural immersion in a part of china in some respects... it has gotten way more so the past 20 years, but i moved out over 30 years ago to the island..i admire them and there culture in many respects.. however i have to agree with the once again leader of malaysia, mohammed mahathir who when visiting china recently brought up the topic of a type of neocolonialism he was concerned that china was pursuing with the one belt and etc and had put ahold on building of railways to accomodate. chinas world ambitions.. look up the articles with his name and neocolonialism if interested..

it is my observation that chinese are more keen business types then some other cultures, such as themalay people for example.. that they form only apprx 25% of malaysia, but own a disportiioate number of the businesses is not a fluke... i am not sure what to say about that, other then some are more interested in making money then others.. as a musician, and i don’t want to stereotype musicians either, lol, i have never been interested in making money.. i would prefer to do what i love.. if only the world today had more room for all types, and we all weren’t collectively subject to this insane chasing after money that it feels life has become, i think theworld would be better for it.. i am clearly a dreamer!

interesting three way with noirette, donkey and jr, lol..

personally, i think overpopulation is a real concern.. i am pretty sure the corps like walmart, mcdonalds and etc don’t see it the same as me too.. in fact they probably think more consumers, more money..their view has theear of the politicians andmine doesn’t...

donkey, i do think jr has a lot of merit in his commentary and observations, the number of usa military basesbeing just a part of it... i continue to believe both usa parties, repugs anddems are really just one party - the war party.. they are serving the corps and the planet is much poorer for it...

going back to canada tomorrow.. in transit all tomorrow.. cheers james

Posted by: james | Nov 4 2018 19:34 utc | 112

And then there is this:
"..Nien Cheng gives a street-level view of 'socialism', as does Soltzhenitzen, talking of the purges and the inquisitions, the 10,000,000s murders and the gulags, the highway of skulls..."
The population of China and the life expectancy of the average Chinese citizen have both risen significantly since 1949. It is only when we take into account the 'fact' of the 'tens of millions of murders' which western propagandists have discovered that the full extent of these achievements is seen. Could any capitalist country have simultaneously doubled life expectancy, murdered millions, built highways of skulls and imprisoned vast populations in dismal concentration camps at the same time?

Posted by: bevin | Nov 4 2018 19:35 utc | 113

Posted by: donkeytale | Nov 4, 2018 9:04:38 AM | 74:

there is a greater chance of a blizzard in Baghdad than there is of the US/Israel going to war with Iran

Establishment donkey's don't consider proxy war, trade war, Israeli defensive attacks, and cyber war to be "WAR". And they hope that you don't either. Despite the fact that you (and your family, friends, and communities) will pay for it in blood and treasure.
Stuxnet 2.0: ‘New Generation’ of Likely US-Israeli Attack Virus Hits Iran

(Today at ZH): US Threatens SWIFT With Sanctions If Iran Isn't Cut Off

Israel confirms 200 strikes in Syria in 18 months

This donkey carries water for the Empire.

Don't be stoopid.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 4 2018 19:43 utc | 114

John 104
Thus far in Chinese civilization it has never been an ideal to sacrifice one's life for an ideal - a God . In this crucial regard China has been less aggressive and bloody then the monotheistic cultures to her west.
I don't think in , perhaps this crucial regard the Chinese have changed or will .

Posted by: ashley albanese | Nov 4 2018 19:45 utc | 115


Looks like China is ready to escort Iranian tankers bound for China and perhaps India.

Posted by: Krollchem | Nov 4 2018 19:55 utc | 116

107 and 109

In watching Governer Swartzenegger declaim on the 'urgent need for hyper-infrastructure'in a sort of Stalinist highway-of-last-life-savings-skulls taxed away for a hyper-expensive Socialist-Capitalist 'Public-Private Partnership of the Proletriate' all under the skim-off aegis of the vultures of Sacramento, I believe I have discovered a solution for Red, Blue and Green!

The More Public Transit by Private Vehicle for Reduced Carbon Partnership, or the new MPC Agency. Here's how it would work. Every passenger vehicle owner would register through MPC to get their license plate sticker. Then every vehicle owner would agree to join either Uber or Lyft, ...hey, this is a democracy, after all, and freedom isn't free!

In order to get their vehicle relicensed, every passenger vehicle owner would agree to provide 1776 passenger rides during the decade, or 177 rides per year. This would completely solve the public transportation problem, AND meet Chairman Albertus' Green Cultural Revolution goals, without imposing a carbon tithe.

Fares for this ride-share service would be automatically determined, capped based on equivalent bus or light-rail fares, with an additional subsidy derived from existing business and occupation taxes, hotel taxes, airport taxes, gas taxes and so on, that compensate vehicle owners for gas and mileage, since they're on their commute, anyway.

Uber and Lyft would remain highly profitable, but poor Elon Musk and his bunko artist HyperHype contractors would be shit-out-of-luck. Waah, waah, wahh. No more massive tunnels to nowhere, no more bridges too far. A Populist Solution with no new taxes.

And Chairman Albertus could go suck on a tailpipe for his bankrupt Tithe for Dispensation Scheme.

Posted by: Anton Worter | Nov 4 2018 20:13 utc | 117


Go to a hospital/clinic and get a real DIAGNOSIS, then work out the treatment.

Too many posters are treating by telepathy here.

Posted by: daffyDuct | Nov 4 2018 20:31 utc | 118

The faction in the US backing Trump - Council for National Policy.
Founded by evangelical christian Tim LaHaye.

A link to a scanned copy of their 2014 membership directory (pdf) can be found in the fourth paragragh of this article.
CNP's judeo-christian (zionist-christian is perhaps a better term) mission statement, vision and values is on page one.

To win the primaries and be selected as the republican presidential candidate, the candidate must have CNP nod of approval. Last stop in the primaries campaign for the republican nominees is CNP.
I read a news article a year or so back on the 2016 republican primaries ending with the nominees appearance before a board of CNP but can no longer find that piece.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 4 2018 22:19 utc | 119

so anton, given that gore is a neoliberal, you still haven't addressed what we should do about climate change. you seem to think the physics was cooked up by gore in the 1800's.fortunately, you don't have to like gore to agree with the science, since it isn't based on gore.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Nov 4 2018 22:28 utc | 120

Found a piece on the republican nominees appearance before CNP.
"...The Council for National Policy (CNP), a secretive umbrella group home to conservative-activist leaders from around the country, held its second and final candidate forum over a long weekend at the Ritz-Carlton in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. The group had invited each of the original 17 candidates to speak to its members, and after hearing from six back in May, it auditioned another six over the weekend: Trump, Rand Paul, Ben Carson, Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham, and Jim Gilmore. Each of the candidates was given 30 minutes to speak, plus a 30-minute Q&A session moderated by Perkins, the head of the Family Research Council, who serves as CNP’s president..."

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 4 2018 22:43 utc | 121

maybe a vaccine combo flu plus rubella measles and mumps jab make surwe to ask for the kosher versions as they leave the heavy metals and flourine out.
some bacon as the parasites will mop up the monkey virus and some pepsi and a bag of crispy cream do-nuts may help.

maybe i can come around give you a bed bath and and tuck you in
i am nearby

Posted by: james | Nov 4 2018 23:01 utc | 122

Dr. Ferenc Mark Miskolczi

An astrophysicist. Part of his NASA job was to analyze radiosonde data, and he discovered a surprising empirical observation.
While working at NASA he needed approval to publish. Initially he got it but when they understood the ramifications for the AGW theory they put a stop to it . His boss sat at Ferenc’s computer, logged in with Ferenc`s password, and canceled the submitted paper to a high-reputation journal as if Ferenc had withdrawn it himself. That caused Ferenc to resign from his ($US 90,000 /year) job at NASA and publish elsewhere.

According to his research, increases in CO2 levels have not increased the global-average absorbing power of the atmosphere. His newly discovered physical relationships involving infrared radiation fluxes pose strong energetic constraints on an equilibrium system. The original greenhouse formula, developed by an astrophysicist, applies only to the stars which may be assumed to have an infinite atmosphere, not to finite, semi-transparent planetary atmospheres where boundary layers must be dealt with. New equations had to be formulated.

According to his theory, the greenhouse effect is self-regulating and stabilizes itself in response to rising CO2 levels. The atmosphere, with its infinie degree of freedom, is able to maintain its global average infrared absorption at an optimal level. In technical terms, this “greenhouse constant” is the total infrared optical thickness of the atmosphere, and its theoretical value is 1.87. Despite the 40 per cent increase of CO2 in the last 71 years, this value has not changed. The atmosphere is not increasing its absorption power as was predicted by the theory because negative feedback has reduced the more important green house gase-water vapor - by about 20% in the upper part of the atmosphere to compensate.

The computations are relatively simple. He collected a large number of radiosonde observations from around the globe and computed the global average infrared absorption. He performed these computations using observations from two large, publicly available datasets known as the TIGR2 and NOAA. The computations involved the processing of 300 radiosonde observations, using a state-of-the-art, line-by-line radiative transfer code. In both datasets, the global average infrared optical thickness turned out to be 1.87, agreeing with theoretical expectations.

When asked , why his theory been has been met with silence and, in some instances, dismissal and derision he said“. First of all, nobody likes to admit mistakes. Second, somebody has to explain to the taxpayers why millions of dollars were spent on AGW research. Third, some people are making a lot of money from the carbon trade and energy taxes. Thanks to censored science and the complicity of the mainstream media, the world has been fooled.”

Meanwhile the duped voters of Washington state are due to vote in a carbon tax with Bill Gates and much of the Deep State and MSM cheering wildly.

Posted by: Pft | Nov 4 2018 23:05 utc | 123

In his old age Mark Twain's (Samuel Clemens)various illnesses would often be reported in the press and as a result he would receive many suggested remedies. He had a standard form letter for reply.

Dear Mr/Mrs ____

Thank you for your proposed remedy. I want to assure you that I try every remedy sent to me. I am now on remedy number 147. Your remedy is number 2783. I am greatly looking forward to its benefits.

Samuel Clemens

Posted by: David Park | Nov 4 2018 23:07 utc | 124

Anton @21

I’m late to the party, but yeah, CDC is very quiet as providers scratch their heads over polio-like illness. What they should do is expand the diagnostic criteria for polio as they did with autism. Put it on a “spectrum” that can only be explained by non-idiopathic causes that fit temporal patterns, as in fall vaccination schedule, as well as groupings by age, such as school children, and geographic groupings in developed and developing regions with strong mass vaccination programmes.

Posted by: Stumpy | Nov 5 2018 0:00 utc | 125

@90 Grieved
Interesting comment. There’s so many socialisms. Democratic socialism and Marxist socialism and I guess National Socialism, which was nothing of the sort.

Democratic socialism is my preferred option because it recognizes that individual entrepreneurialism is a dynamic and highly productive force at the same time there is a State to control its inevitable excesses. And certain industries such as mail, rail, utilities, health, education and infrastructure are better run by the State. But Marxists have a point in that the elites are still there. The amazingly socialistic government of Attlee post 1945 in Britain still had to succumb to extremely violent colonialism In Kenya, for example, and the massacre and mutilation of the “Mau Mau.” This government was product of the New Deal which the elites grudgingly allowed because of the fear of communism. So the elites were on their best behaviour and for the first time in history the poor in the US joined the middle class in the 1950s (but not blacks).

Marxism has the problem of treating entrepreneurs as despicable parasites and fantasizing the State can do everything better, ending in a situation where Communist apparatchiks become the elites. Capitalism hijacked the idea of the market that had always existed but elevated the role of capital to the most important of inputs.

Posted by: Lochearn | Nov 5 2018 0:02 utc | 126


November 7th, Seattle

Today was a rare sunny one for the typical cold monsoon November of Seattle. Violent overnight winds had swept fallen leaves into drifts in doorways and kept away some voters, but up ahead, a Green Guard demonstration was already celebrating their victory with the Initiative 1631 Carbon Tithe passage.

Groups of Green Guard were explaining to passersby the meaning and purpose of the New Energy Revelations, telling people that they would be 'liberated' by the Green Revolution. Other Green Guards raced through traffic, distributing leaflets and pasting #NoOil stickers on passing busses. On the sidewalks, the Green Guards led onlookers in chanting slogans denouncing Carbon Capitalism.

Each intersection had Green Guards dressed as wikkans in rainbow-dyed tunics and bright green dyed hemp sneakers. Hang drums and congas throbbed in the chill air, as large banners and posters of Chairman Albertus Gore were paraded through the crosswalks, and at intervals, loudspeakers would howl with revolutionary chants.

Suddenly there was a commotion. A group of Green Guards had grabbed a pretty young woman in uptown clothes, and was pulling and tearing at her, shouting Capitalist Pig! One Green Guard had purloined her purse, found her car keys, then began to scream #NoOil in her face. Other activists threw mud on her clothes and shoes, dancing around her, "Why do you wear leather shoes, pig! Why do you wear foreign clothes, traitor!" The poor young woman pleaded for help but all the onlookers turned away, afraid for themselves.

Almost immediately two Green Guard grabbed a motorcycle stopped at the light, shouting #NoGas and Carbon Traitor! The motorcyclist tried to creep slowly forward as the light changed, but then in an instant, gunned the throttle and dragged the students across the intersection, before crashing into a tip bin.

Enraged Green Guard swarmed across the street and began pelting the motorcycle driver with fists, feet and bricks until his face was a bright red pulp. Then the howling mob began throwing bricks through business plate glass windows, chanting,"What are we fighting for? Chairman Gore!! What are we fighting for? Chairman Gore!!"

As the sun set over the Olympic Mountains on the first day of the New Energy Revelations, pillars of smoke rose from burning vehicles and business storefronts, as the Green Guard in their 10,000s unleashed a howling wave of destruction, and rainbow costumed wikkans dancing in celebration procession behind the carnage.


I'm transcribing from Mao, pretzel, because you have no conception of what is really happening here, ... and what could surely happen. There is nothing about 'Climate Change' in Initiative 1631, it's a pure tithe revenue scheme for the State, County and City drones to engorge their coffers, and impose more draconian rules on their citizens and fatten their pensions.

This is their 3rd attempt at a carbon tax, a Stage 3 cancer. If we don't stop the Green Charade, and defeat the Third Temple Carbon Tithe and Credit Swindle, none of us will live to see that 1/2° temperature rise by 2030 (they say). We will pay $8.67 a gallon carbon surcharge, be wearing ashcloth and hemp shoes, and praying in midnight masses fora heating oil dispensation, all the symptoms of a Global Carbon Catholic monarchy.

Read Cheng.
Read Soltzhenitzen.
Do you think that won't happen here!?
It already has!

Posted by: Anton Worter | Nov 5 2018 0:06 utc | 127

b -- do you drink a lot of milk and eat a lot of cheese? That's what my doctor asked me when I complained of shoulder and arm pain. He took an X-ray that showed a calcium build-up to the extent that the nerves were rubbing on the calcium. He told me to reduce my consumption of dairy products and the pain would disappear in a week or two. I did and he was right. If this works for you please write an article about the Venezuelan military and its air defenses. Does Caracas have an S-300? Also, i must confess that when I read about your ailment my first thought was that you had been attacked by the Empire with novichok or a similar goo.

Posted by: Chas | Nov 5 2018 0:08 utc | 128

Please bear with me, it takes a short explanation before getting to point, but move past "Tell me something I don't know" into the awful but seemingly inevitable consequences. And yes I post this knowing that since it doesn't feature the latest outrage few will bother to read it and much less give it credence - not because they neccessarily disagree with the conclusion, although any responses will be aimed that way in their nit-picking glory, but the reaction will mostly be determined by subjective attitudes to the poster.
From this point of view, I tried.

Growing up on planet earth, even those in rabidly capitalist societies were indoctrinated into the belief that the worst, most cancerous form of organisation is the monopoly.
"Lookit communist states like USSR & China, they have evil repressive governments which are run by monopolies called the Communist Party - evil see - this is why decent amerikans created 'anti-trust' legislation".

That furphy about most monopolies and here I am particularly considering the plethora of state owned enterprises that existed in Aotearoa 50 years ago, is shown up simply because when something is the only game in town, nearly all interested parties join the monopoly, so that with everyone gathered in a single big tent, all sorts of factions and alliances form, making the alleged monopoly a gathering point for diverse ideas and policies many of which do in effect get taken on board. Yes it is slow and fraught with error, but a monopoly can work.

As amerikans have since discovered there is something about much worse than a monopoly to confront. That is the duopoly.
A duopoly once created can make it appear that genuine competition actually exists, but it really thrives when it permits alliances and deals at the peak of the organisation, whilst below that everyone else is indoctrinated into believing that enemy number one is the other arm of the duopoly.
The most easily observable example of this perverse abuse of citizens' emotional and intellectual resources is the amerikan political duopoly.

In amerika deals are made between the bosses of the democrat party and the bosses of the republican party every day.
This is no longer hidden, it is lauded whilst all of those lower down the structure are exhorted to loathe their opponent - never give em an inch & fight the good fight.
In this way through separation of politically aware amerikans into two separate but largely similar yet intensely partisan structures, no substantive change can ever occur.
For example:
If a dem comes up with a solution to corruption such as term limits an obvious solution to a grave issue, one that requires all amerikans to fight for if a change is to be made, 50% of the citizens who are politically aware will oppose it on principle. Not because it is a bad idea, many rebublicans also see the need for term limits, but because the idea was put forwards by a 'soldier' for the enemy and must be dismissed out of hand. The following year a group of republicans may offer the same solution term limits under a different name and the dems who fought for that the year before, will now oppose it because it is a rethug notion and must therefore be 'bad'.

Aotearoa was once dominated by state owned monopolies which were prevented from indulging in too egregious excess by the political structure, now it is dominated by privately owned duopolies across production, media, retail, services and more. The small scale of the markets means that the usual trick, an unfortunately recent development, brought about by fealty to global entities, of doing what the big fellas do, encourages & enables duopoly within Aotearoa.

In fact the only place we don't have a duopoly is in politics. This is because a citizen revolt against 1980's neolib excess forced major changes to the balloting system. Chiefly they are proportional representation and public funding of campaigns. It is far from perfect and the forces pushing for a return to duopoly never cease their striving.

Now I'm not writing this to highlight a truism that many MOA readers will already be aware of - no point in that, but to highlight something else, a set of circumstances where capitalism's bosses, fully aware of the power of the duopoly are actively resisting such an arrangement from developing between two other nations who could conceivably resist economic imperialism and take control of their resources by developing just such a duopoly.

I am talking about Saudi Arabia and Iran whose combined oil resources could destroy amerikan hegemony if they formed such a duopoly.

I for one, don't believe amerika is likely to ever get into a direct shooting hot war conflict with Iran. The risk of destroying valuable assets is too great, plus of course the level of antipathy created by such a war would make phase two of the great oil rip-off much more difficult.
The way it is at the moment, by the time KSA's oil gradually peters out and amerikan citizens' antipathy to KSA and its more notorious citizens has been carefully nurtured into a hatred verging on the intensity required to crank up a tar and feather mob, the Iranian political leaders who differ in no way from the scum of that ilk existing across our planet, will be positively begging for amerika to cut a deal with Iran. So phase two.

A deal will be cut, but not on the terms which one would expect in a situation where Iran has the only game in town big enough to accommodate amerikan dominated corporations' greed, but in the same way that a silk encased arsehole tosses a handful of small change to a beggar as the arsehole saunters to the opera.

The easiest way to influence a nation is to interact with it, particularly major economic interaction. This sad reality was taught to the Libyan leadership a few years back.
Once they let the neolibs in, Libya the wealthiest leader in all education, health and anti-poverty indicators across Africa and the ME, was screwed. Libyan oil was good but unfortunately for Libyans, the oil doesn't exist in sufficiently large quantities to force the pigs to keep the iron fist concealed beneath their velvet glove. "Only the euros would lose out and they needed much comeuppance anyway", would have been the attitude among the amerikan elite.

If the objective which amerika/israel has for Iran was truly about bringing about a change in Iran's behaviour vis a vis the zionist state or, anything else that Iran is currently denigrated for, the fastest and easiest way to modify that behavior would be to engage with Iran and then use the wealth generated by Iran to subvert its own political structure. Quick & easy - happens every day in the empire of blood and gold.

Yet this doesn't happen. Why not?
Because Iran and KSA both selling the same shit to the same greedies would rapidly work out that if they worked together as a duopoly, they could gain the upper hand over amerika's obese, hubristic and mendacious greedies.

So instead, a decision that one arm of the potential duopoly is favoured has been made, making KSA feel gratitude towards amerikan patronage as the foolish & greedy 'princes' luxuriate in remote comfort, insanely believing that this will last forever. As soon as the oil gets low all of KSA's crimes will be exposed and all the nation's wealth which is largely held by individual factions of the KSA 'royal family' will be confiscated as punishment for alleged 'crimes against humanity', crimes which amerika did just enable, they insisted upon them. Any public wealth remaining will be confiscated as 'fines'. See what happened to Iran after the savaak torturers were tossed out.

By the time this happens the Iranian political structure will be tearing itself apart fighting for the few crumbs left behind after the introduction of amerika's sanctions and therefore Iran be ripe for the plucking.

I'm wasting energy saying this because there are none so blind as those who refuse to see, but KSA and Iran need to get their acts together and quit being led via the nose by the mob of greedy, duplicitous arseholes who call the shots for the current gang of amerikan thieves.

Yep p1ssin in the wind, but sometimes ya gotta try to point out the coming horror.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Nov 5 2018 0:36 utc | 129

@ 128 Debisdead

I love these sorts of comments because they make think.

Posted by: Lochearn | Nov 5 2018 0:49 utc | 130

superb documentary very well made

Posted by: hans | Nov 5 2018 0:57 utc | 131

Interesting comments about Chinese immigrants. I know some here is going to fly off the handle at my comments, but I don't give a $hit; really I don't.

Anyway, if you look at all the immigrants coming into Western nations, majority of the Chinese immigrants do contribute to the economic growth of the community they are living in. Sure there are a few snake oil salesmen and punks among them, but that is normal regardless of ethnicity or citizenship status. People who use the economic colonialism excuse are exhibiting jealousy, if not entrepreneurial laziness. If I ever encounter anyone that would say it, I would tell them to get off your ass and compete. They, the Chinese immigrants, are operating at the same playing field as you. This is assuming we're dealing with Mom & Pop stores; not multi-national ones.

Of the known Chinese immigrants that own homes that I know of, I see them keeping their property in order. No children toys laying about on the front lawn, or rear-axle on cinder blocks. Honestly, I would rather have them in my community than those that sit on their asses collecting welfare.

In addition, I do understand the growing negative feelings towards immigrants especially against the Chinese. It's a natural human response when you see your own kind dwindling. The problem is that no one, especially the politicians, want to explain why. I believe everyone here knows the reason, and knows who is at fault; the local population. This is what happens when the emphasis on the family unit is removed from Western society. Over-emphasis on individualism. Me comes before We. The result is the infection of the local population of the "Keeping up with the Joneses" disease; buying luxury items, living beyond their means, and not producing enough children. The internet, especially social media, is making the situation worse.

donkeytale @71:

"China shields their own domestic companies and markets while taking advantage of the more open markets in the west"

IIRC, Japan is no different, and maybe South Korea. But I know the Japanese market is a closed market to Westerners. Maybe they are still pissed off at losing to Westerners from WW2.

Posted by: Ian | Nov 5 2018 1:01 utc | 132

Debsisdead 128

Anything to do with the middle east, religion has to be taken into account along with politics, especially when it comes to Trump America's aims in the middle east. In the middle east. Trump is motivated by both oil and religion.

On the other count, KSA and Iran working together, I suspect Russia and China are working towards this.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 5 2018 1:14 utc | 133


CDC provides cover for vaccines. Most scientist know that a non polio enterovirus such as from the EV D68 outbreak in 2014 can cause polio like damage to children with suppressed immune systems, such as children who have just received massive innoculations in a standard vaccine program. These viral outbreaks begin when schools open in the fall which isnprobably when many kids are getting their vaccines with brain damaging chemicals like aluminum or mercury causing all sorts of problems to go along with polio like disease.

Sadly science has become even more corrupt than finance and economics. Follow the money.

There is another agenda as well in common with the AGW program which is a neomalthusian one

One of the leading figures pushing the IPCC agenda is John Schellnhuber, an adviser to the German government and the Vatican on climate change, whom Queen Elizabeth named a Commander of the British Empire (CBE). At the 2009 Copenhagen climate conference, he announced that the “carrying capacity” of the Earth was less than one billion human beings, meaning that 6.5 billion or more of us must be eliminated.

Many tools will be used to accomplish their agenda and reduce the number of non-elites. Most of us are deemed of no more value than neanderthals with AI and robotics coming on fast and little need of their manual labor.

Posted by: Pft | Nov 5 2018 1:17 utc | 134

Ran and Venezuela. Both have large oil reserves and both antagonistic to Israel. Trump has personaly initiated actions against both countries. Qatar, why did Trump back the Saudi's in saying Qatar was a state sponsor of terrorism ect ect. Qatar is also anti Israel. Religion - zionism - plays a very big part in Trump's decision making.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 5 2018 1:19 utc | 135

@Peter AU 1
Religion is an excuse not a motivator. There is a risk that what should be a considered study of how we, (the normal humans who are the vast majority of humanity despite the religion most have been indoctrinated into) can even here at MoA be diverted into tosh about what 'really' happened way back when, but despite that I offer a coupla examples of religious factionalism being overcome by tolerance and common sense.

e.g. Various islamic factions worked well together at other points in history. Study the Iberian peninsular when that was an islamic entity. Not only did muslims and jews get along famously, so did xtians (for a while until Rome subverted just as amerika does now) and an entire range of other philosophies and factions of islam. Once the xtians won, the dreaded spanish inquisition was introduced to butcher, torture and in any other way destroy any philosophy that wasn't mainstream Rome led catholicism. Jews copped it real bad even during the period when the corrupt xtian religious hierarchy used jews to borrow money from to further personal (and church) business ventures. The moneylenders were prevented from operating in competition with the catholic clerical greedies by burning an occasional allegedly greedy jew at the stake.

The ottoman empire is the most recent example of common interest trumping the islamic schism. The world saw a range of different islamic belief systems co-operating. Many of the mediterranean Sephardic communities of southern europe and the Middle East stem from the tolerance the Ottomans displayed towards jews. At the same time in Egypt, Alexandria's famed Kabbalah inspired co-operation between jews, xtians, all sorts of islam from whirling dervishes (sufi) to wahabi style puritanism, plus some of the pantheist thoughts that lie at the root of the so-called abrahamic fables that are a common facet of judaism, islam and xtianity.

This religious nonsense, deliberately engendered 100 years ago when fukUS selected the al-Saud fanatics to take charge of the Arabian peninsular, is a total furphy which could be ended tomorrow.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Nov 5 2018 2:13 utc | 136

122 and 133

Thanks for posting the real science. There is a lot more like it, that will never be published. I used to read the amateur AGW studies that did get published by the Climate Change © scammers, until it was too disgusting to.

So I went for a walk in the woods just at dusk, daylight savings time and an indoor video project disrupting my biological clock. The woods are fading into death, the smell heavy in the air, and in the lingering twilight, I answered a hoot owl a few times until it went silent.

Then I began to mumble everything I wanted to say about my career in applied science and resource protection, and how first the Mafiya came in during Reagan II, then after that 1999 Dot Con Neutron Bmob, the Evangelical-Rabbinical 'tree huggers' grew like death angels in the agency.

Whispers in the office by old timers spoke of new 'managers' promulgating bad science for their own political gain, then dancing in celebration naked under the full moon as wikkans and warlocks. Some real nutbars if you can imagine Rodham dancing naked, lol.

But the owl didn't care, and nobody else wants to hear anything that refutes AGW Climate Theory and the End Times cognitive dissonance that Al Gore and his shock-journo McKibbon so careful transmogrified from Baptist world theology.

Any ancient sailor could see the mountains subsiding on a curved earth, just 50 miles offshore you lose sight of land from on deck, but the Catholic Church Flat Earth theology of One True Science© persisted for *Millenia*. What illiterate sailor-scientist could speak against the clergy elites!? So everyone was taught and told it's a Flat Earth, and tithe the Pope for your sins and heresies.

I don't want to live in an anti-Science AGW Given Wisdom Third Temple Carbon Catholic. Every carbon tithe would be excruciating to pay, knowing it was being purloined by mafiosa and wikkanry and faceless bureaucrats at State.

Worse would be knowing 1,000,000s of freeholding indigents were being rounded up, their tropical rain forest cut down, and palm oil and soy plantations replacing that primal ecosystem for 'carbon credits' to some tinpot dictator and his generals. I don't wanna be a complicit genocidalist for Green Jebeezus.

But that's the way of all things. Even great three-masters of strong English oak are soon battered by storms and high seas, then rotted out by gribbles, until they founder and are lost.

I hear Chile is nice.

Posted by: Anton Worter | Nov 5 2018 3:06 utc | 137

Debsisdead, I can only agree with your post @135. Perhaps a highlight of your theme is a link I put up in one of these threads a week or two back. It was a DW youtube doco on the jewish communities in Iran.
While Current Iran is currently the most anti Zion-Israel state, they also recognize that jews are part of their religious writings and have a place in the region and have no antagonism towards them.

I think the only area we differ is in the Trump admins plans for the region. Trump want energy dominance. Monopoly. That means controlling much of the worlds oil supplies. If he can control middle east and south american oil, then US will have energy dominance to replace the petro dollar.
Were I think religion comes into it is this.
Trump and the evangelic christian faction that back him very much anti Islam in all its forms, pro Israel. Trumps two main target countries are anti Israel and have good oil reserves. Taking them out kills two birds with one stone for the US. It destroys two of Israels enemies and US gains the oil - if everything goes according to Trump Kissinger plans.
In Iran I believe decisions are taken also not based purely on politics, but their religion influences their political decisions. KSA I'm not sure how much their wahabbi influences decisions. The Saudis are in a partnership with the Wahabbi's, but the Saudi's political decisions I think are based more on self interest and survival as rulers of the area known as KSA.

The middle east is a messed up area, arbitrarily split up into nations by European empires, Britain midwifing the two religious extremist nations of Israel and KSA, and then their raising and upbringing being taken over by the US when it picked up the reigns of empire.

As for Trump's plans for KSA and Iran, I thought something along the lines of getting a war going between KSA and Iran, KSA gets destroyed, US then destroys Iran (defending its ally), then US takes over Iranian oil and as KSA has been mostly destroyed, US also takes control of its oil.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 5 2018 3:20 utc | 138

A couple of Trump's views from several interviews that are on video I should have added to my last post.
Saudi Arabia was responsible for 9 11. US should not have attacked Iraq. As US went to the trouble and cost of invading Iraq, they should have taken its oil. Who knows, we may still get the chance to take their oil.

I have put up links to these Trump interviews in the past but would take some time to dig them up again.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 5 2018 3:25 utc | 139

Having some type who actually believes the tosh they spout so far up the chain, runs the genuine risk that such a person could take a position counter to the objectives of the string-pullers.
Why run that risk when the political class is absolutely chocka with whores more than ready to adopt whatever 'principle' best suits whatever the needs are?
Is there anyone out there who really imagines a slumlord clan such as the Kushners won't do whatever they are told to do then retro-justify their actions, utilizing some obscure excerpt from the talmud?

Religion has always been a means to control the credulous to persuade such types to act against their personal interests. Religious leaders like political and economic leaders are chosen for their intimate knowledge of their field - not so as to make sure that everything is properly adhered to, but the opposite, to ensure that when required the leaders can use their knowledge to justify going against 'accepted practice' and persuading the hoi-polloi that there was no heresy, "that the heresy would be if 'we' hadn't done as we did".

The worst of all this is that this horror show state of affairs hasn't come about because of some all-knowing clique who sit at the top of the table, no just as Darwin outlined in his "Origin of the species" we got where we are now by way of evolution, our own decisions to leave things are they are either because it is god's will or because we the 'normals' have been too preoccupied with simply surviving to give too much time to something so seemingly abstract.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Nov 5 2018 4:34 utc | 140


Jews were also used as tax collectors which is another reason for their unpopularity besides usury. The biggest problem was the printing press when the Talmud was read by non Jews, but its a long story

In any event Religion has always been a tool of the elite in the civilized world. It was a great way to keep the people in line at a time when rulers did not have the tools of technology to keep their subjects in line. People would follow the moral laws of the religion out of fear of religious leaders or the wrath of gods in the present and hereafter. Differences with other religions could be used to get support for wars as well. In times of peace and prosperity when elites are in harmony with one another and the people different religions could be tolerated well

The problem was the ruling elite was at times constrained by the same rules as their subjects , when religious leaders got too powerful.

So religion that became too effective was attacked by the elite by creating divisions, such as the Pharisees vs Sadducees, then Christianity to weaken the Jews, then reformation to weaken Catholic Church and Christianity, Islam was formed to counter Christianity/Judaism, Shia vs Sunni splits in Islam, etc

At some point the elite who wore the clothes of the prevailing religion created gnostic and mystical versions of these religions, which led to secret societies. Then infiltrated the long lasting Masons created a group which could assimilate all religions, but whose purpose was known only to the highest levels, and their God was Lucifer. This group and others were used by the illuminati to globalize their efforts to eventually monopolize the worlds commerce and government under a one world government

In the 19th- 20th century they split the Jews between reform , conservative and orthodox so as to promote Zionism , which was opposed by orthodox Jews as well as secular and assimilated Jews, while at the same time they created secular religion of Communism while building the foundations for Fascism. The goal was a war between Fascism and Democratic Capitalism that would strengthen Communism and Zionism , and create a synthesis between Democratic Capitalism and Fascism , which is todays Authoritarian Neoliberalism . Authoritarian (monopoly/Duolopoly Rule) Neoliberalism seen in the US, UK and EU also included the Soviet and China regimes once Communism as a Cold War tool had passed , which it did , and was replaced by the War on Islam

Zionism and the Holocaust led to Israel and its subsequent War on the Muslim people to fulfill their secret agenda of a Greater Israel. This required Islam to be radicalized, and this was done with the help of the British created Muslim Brotherhood, managed out of London, and eventually radical Wahhabism and Al Qaeda. To gain support from the US , evangelical Christianity was Zionized, and made to see Israel as a necessity for the End Times Prophecies. Following the end of the Cold War the west was now ready to join Israel in the War on Islam , which is in progress.

The rulers today follow Spinoza's cabalistic pantheism , which simply legitimized paganism and ignored God as a personal Being. Basically, they believe it is up to man to become God , and they must ensure the continued evolution of man by reducing population growth or life expectancy of genetically inferior people and using gene editing on themselves when it is ready following tests on guinea pigs (us)

The relationship of man with a personal God who as Creator was Sovereign with a moral force was thus destroyed over the years since the Christian and Jewish Reformations not to mention Social Dawinism and the so called Age of Reason . As a result, people lost their moral compass and are controlled with their "security and freedom" and "equality" which is used by the MSM that is owned by cabalist (Illuminati) . They can not recognize evil any longer and are unable to discern between the truth and the lie, making reason impossible. They are thus open to any belief systems the ruling elite chose to give them

To that end a new pantheistic religion is in the works for the crowd, led by the high priests of AGW, and they will be led to believe man must sacrifice himself to preserve Gaia, and gladly accept their lower living standards and pay the carbon tax that will allow the elites to continue to rule in luxury.

Posted by: Pft | Nov 5 2018 4:34 utc | 141

"..Nien Cheng gives a street-level view of 'socialism', as does Soltzhenitzen, talking of the purges and the inquisitions, the 10,000,000s murders and the gulags, the highway of skulls..."

Solzynetzin is commonly identified with One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovic and The First Circle .
But as a literary author, he went FAR beyond the gulag issue to include the entire Russian world.
I especially recommend the novel August 1914 (about Battle of Tannenburg) Cancer Ward also excellent.

Posted by: Guerrero | Nov 5 2018 5:08 utc | 142


Lol, moments ago a capitalist friend of mine sent me their ingenious plan to capitalize on the Washington State I1631 Carbon Tithe and Credit Scheme. It's truly brilliant!

"Anton, be sure to vote for the I1631 Carbon Tax, so we can bring rickshaws back. We'll use man-bun Millenial coolies to pull them around Seattle for the carbon tax credits! It's a killer carbon-tax-paid rickshaw rider app that I'm developing, called Hurl. Tell your friends to vote for it, we can Indiegogo platform rollout, buddy!"

Posted by: Anton Worter | Nov 5 2018 5:14 utc | 143

AmeriKKKa's Iran sanctions are shaping up to be a big nothing-burger. Depending on whom one believes, there are between 8 and 11 countries which have been exempted from the oil embargo. And that doesn't include countries which have told the Yanks to shove their sanctions where the sun doesn't shine. Nor does it include countries which think that's where the sanctions should be shoved, but haven't bothered to tell the Yanks - presumably to provoke them into a confrontation about who believes they rule the world/ who gives a f-f what they believe...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 5 2018 5:36 utc | 144

Patrick Armstrong has a piece on where the Trump US and MAGA are headed or want to head.
Control of MacKinder's heartland.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 5 2018 5:42 utc | 145

@ Grieved, Debisdead, Peter AU 1 and Pft

I bow to your awesome comments. Thank you

All that comes to me that might be additive is my world wide context musings for this drama.

So here we have 7 billion of us and some 1/2 million strong cult (my guess) that has run things up to now that wants to continue to survive/expand….let me add here that China had a one child policy

Those 7 billion mostly believe in some sort of religion and the monotheists Christianity and Islam are the biggest two and, as reported by, combined are just over 54% of the total. They list nonreligious as representing 16%….sigh The religion they don’t list is what regular MoA readers know I call the God of Mammon one. It has many adherents to the cult leadership I mentioned above.

It is that religion that is in crisis as evidenced by the inhumane global financial debt situation that is seemingly unresolvable. I am happy to posit that the global debt situation will blow up, if other things don’t first before the elite can execute a plan to genocide the world except themselves.

If you haven’t noticed, the elite are fronted in the US currently by the epitome of God of Mammon patriarchy, elitism, and total lack of compassion/empathy. He is also a serial bankruptcy abuser to highlight his morals and ethics. How can one not look at his actions and wonder if the rule-of-law is as much of a myth as the religions they purport to believe in.

The elite are frantic. China is growing into the world and they challenge the God of Mammon religion with their socialism priorities over private/elite control. And China is not alone in disliking the jackboot of global private finance. And their alliance is growing on a daily basis.

Can the elite continue to escalate this circus to precipitate nuclear WWIII? Not without being the instigators of potential extinction. So that only leaves economic war to be instigated probably sooner than later because of alternatives/workarounds being developed to SWIFT/BIS. At some point soon the debt house of cards will collapse and commerce will freeze up except with those countries that are actively working with the China/Russia “backroom finance tool” alliance.

Think of all the prayers by those religious folk that will be offered for the solution to our problem. I continue to encourage them to abandon the God of Mammon religion so that theirs might flourish….grin. I wonder why they don’t seem to hear?

Humanity will evolve or perish. I hope to live to see some resolution/change of major phase to this growing geopolitical conundrum and at the pace the Wurlitzer is spinning that may not be too long in coming.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 5 2018 6:18 utc | 146

The economic war will include threaten and/or actual US default on its debt to other countries......I have noticed decline in countries buying more US Treasuries but only Russia has sold a big chunk if not all of theirs,

Won't that be fun watching Trump pontificate about.....assuming it all doesn't happen behind the scenes

I keep losing my personal data every time I post using updated Opera on updated Mac....any other having that issue?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 5 2018 7:01 utc | 147

lol anybody that could come with a legitimate theory to debunk agw would easily find funding, and the means to do so. the fossil fuel industry is one of the richest on earth, and owns policians from both parties in the u.s. in fact they have funded at least one study, by scientists that were initially unconvinced, called the BEST study. it included judith curry, who did not dispute the conclusion, iirc, that the science was sound. you may well believe that gore is a hypocrite, or that he has latched onto the science to make money, but that has nothing to do with how well founded the science is. the science it is based on has been accumulating for almost 200 years now, and is the best explanation available for the data. anybody that could overturn would achieve world fame and riches, not least from the fossil fuel industry would be saved. some random guy on a blog says he can't publish, crap--harold lindzen isn't barred from publishing. he does, and his later papers are regularly debunked by pointing out the errors. there are just a few scientists that dispute it, and they are either getting paid or well past their prime. that's why you see the same names cropping up in hearings in congress to argue the "skeptic" side. our political and economic system is run by elites, and they don't really give a f... about it because they think their money will insulate them. the ones that invest in insurance companies or real estate have differing interests from the fossil fuel companies, but sometimes it's the same people. it's just extremely naive to think that the fossil fuel companies can't protect themselves; for a long time they have heavily influenced u.s. policy in the middle east, along with the defense industry.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Nov 5 2018 7:17 utc | 148

A link from ZH

UK To Introduce U.N. Resolution To End Yemen War; Pompeo Says Iran Responsible For Famine

Quote from the end
And with Pompeo now placing the blame on Iran for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, we are only likely to get more of the same stalling while civilians continue to die in the thousands each month. After all, over the past few days the Saudi response to the ceasefire proposed by Pompeo and Mattis has been to actually ramp up airstrikes across Sana'a governate

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 5 2018 7:46 utc | 149

psychohistorian "I keep losing my personal data every time I post using updated Opera on updated Mac."

It occurred a week or two back May have been around when b posted the last of his pieces on the Khashoggi killing. For 24 hours I had a lot of trouble accessing this blog and a number of other non MSM sites. I use yandex, opera and vivaldi brave browsers. All my browsers were changed to some extent, but I found I could again post comments on wordpress blogs using yandex. Vivaldi will no longer access SST. At that time also, b could not access the management section of his blog. Since that time I have to enter my username and email every time I post a comment here.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 5 2018 7:53 utc | 150

more deals being made.. and a surrealistic video "there was a misunderstanding, now it is solved" sounds like a Godfather's movie

Posted by: mina | Nov 5 2018 7:55 utc | 151


Do you not realize how interlocked Big Oil is with Big Banking? Who do you think will make a killing off carbon credit trading?. The same bankers interlocked with Big Oil

If oil is taxed, and consumption dwindles, their supposedly finite oil resources are preserved and they stay in business longer. Also, since they have fewer barrels to sell to offset fixed costs and profit expectation, and have a defacto monopoly (they are a cartel), they simply raise prices.

If there is a viable alternative energy out there, nobody is better positioned to exploit and monoplolize that than Big Oil and Big Banking.

Follow the money my friend. Their opposition looks fake to me so as to provide credibility for those pushing it (Big Governement, Big Banking, MSM).

With so many of the skeptic sites closed down in recent years and guys like Watts and Spencer looking more like
Gate keepers (Watts ignored the above scientist and Spencer tried To trash him) I would say Big Money has a big bet on AGW and carbon tax/credits.

I know good science when I see it. This is fuzzy science using bad data supported by bad assumptions and models with enough free
parameters that can show elephants can fly.

Posted by: Pft | Nov 5 2018 8:06 utc | 152

it is indeed the cover up that went wrong. seems the guys in charge were not up the job. if you recall, one of the first official statement of KSA in the very mouth of MbS was "according to our information, he left the consulate after one hour or two"
interview of fiancee on bbc yesterday where sge says she started to worry ca 4 pm. called her sister who told her the consulate normally closes at 3:30. went to ask the guard, a Turkish guard who had no clue. After a while she then called the consulate and a minute later a guy comes out and explains her that indeed K is left and she probably didn't see him.

i.e. the video of the guy in his clothes was supposed to be enough proof of his being alive
two points here are characteristics of these kinds of psychopaths that KSA is producing on a massive scale, their complete despisal of women (you didnt see him... he avoided you coz she had another date maybe?) and the fact the guys inside the consulate, flow in in ptivate planes, had not taken into account the very simple possibility that someone was waiting for K outside. they move from a closed place to another without any feeling of the outside world.

Posted by: mina | Nov 5 2018 8:07 utc | 153

forgot to add
...according to AJ live the sons wld be in discussions to recover the body...

Posted by: mina | Nov 5 2018 8:08 utc | 154

@psycho 145
'...At some point soon the debt house of cards will collapse and commerce will freeze up except with those countries that are actively working with the China/Russia “backroom finance tool” alliance. ...'

Yeah, I can easily imagine this as one of a number of possibilities. Extreme financialisation we have witnessed will be cast aside, like any parasite in times of necessity. Though, I find the future you posit one of the softer landings. There will likely be a large population cull with a reset... though, the marketplace will never die. Only those with the means to produce, add, maintain anything will flourish.

The market is us, describes us, celebrates our difference, our individual strrengths, what we all bring to the table collectively as a unit to sustain us...while the tools of debt and usuary, the sick instruments of finance are tools of the lizard people, the ones who elevate themselves above us via the worship of their ill gotten gains...they willbe surplus to requirements upon the reset.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Nov 5 2018 9:41 utc | 155

james @ 112

yep, same john. of course it's not(yet) like a new world melting pot, but…also, many immigrants are from eastern Europe so they're less recognizable as different.

there's been an astonishing brain drain here over the last 10 to 20 years; youth unemployment hovers around 35 to 40% and many kids have run off to Germany and the UK looking for jobs; and the birth rate went negative a year or two ago for the first time ever…

so, do the math.

Posted by: john | Nov 5 2018 9:43 utc | 156

@mina 152
'... points here are characteristics of these kinds of psychopaths that KSA is producing on a massive scale... ...'

Yeah, can you imagine if the KSA or some of their allies ever wanted to use this army of psychopaths on a grand scale they could take control of countries wh... oh wait

Posted by: MadMax2 | Nov 5 2018 9:55 utc | 157

b, good health to you champ... maybe try the voltarol ointment + a nurofen before bed... and also lay off the porn for a while as well... that combination works for me... good man b

Posted by: MadMax2 | Nov 5 2018 10:02 utc | 158

I've noticed, this year, some commentators here referencing WWI. For those interested, the BBC has been running programmes "Voices of the First World War". It's one of the few things left to recommend the Beeb for

And get well soon b :)

Posted by: Stubbs | Nov 5 2018 10:29 utc | 159

No , the Soviets between 1921 and 1950 executed approx. 840,000 for direct political purpose - not many millions as proverbially asserted - Moscow monuement unveiled in 2016 figures at 740.000 executions .

Numbers 'gullagged' come in at around 1.2 to 1.3 million for that three decade period . Tragic , no doubt but certainly not the endlessly ranted many millions claimed by tendentious incessant anti- Soviet propaganda !

Posted by: ashley albanese | Nov 5 2018 12:34 utc | 160

meant 1.3 million imprisoned for political imperatives .

Posted by: ashley albanese | Nov 5 2018 12:39 utc | 161

As I doubt b will ever scroll this far down the list of comments I feel an urge to add my 2 cents of well intended medical advice. I am not physician, just from personal experience:

While working at the computer, keep your elbows on the desk at all times. This will keep your wrist straight and reduces the repetitive strain that causes the injury. Move mouse and keyboard forward, away from you to accomplish this.

Adjust height of desk and chair to keep your back straight, while keeping elbows on the desk.
Pile books under monitor as needed to maintain upright and forward looking position.

Use an ergonomic mouse with right handed design that fits comfortably in your hand. Some people swear by using a trackball instead.

Posted by: Joost | Nov 5 2018 12:49 utc | 162

The eight countries receiving waivers for Iran sanctions are : South Korea, Taiwan,Turkey, Greece, Japan, China, India, and Italy.

Isn't that, um, most of the countries that were going to buy Iranian oil in the first place?

Posted by: Timothy Hagios | Nov 5 2018 13:56 utc | 163


Here is a recent compendium of some of the GOP tactical racism at work in southern states primarily, but not exclusively.

The stakes for the party’s future are immense. Republicans now are an overwhelmingly white party, whereas Democrats represent a multiethnic coalition. The problem for Republicans is that the nation is moving swiftly in the direction of Democratic demographics.

“The long-term risks are obvious. The country is rapidly becoming more diverse, and appealing to a more diverse electorate requires a much more inclusive message,” said Whit Ayres, a longtime Republican pollster and strategist. “Those who are firmly committed to Donald Trump are not the least bit concerned. But people in the party who are concerned about how Republicans might actually win a majority of the popular vote or win swing states and districts . . . then they’re very concerned.”

I won't argue your point that racism is rife in the US, regardless of political affiliation. Of course, this is true.

And to say the Trumpists will accept blacks, latinos and Asians into the MAGA tent as long as they concur with the Trumpist agenda and vote GOP is of course true.

Do you believe it also true that slave owners weren't racist as long as their slaves accepted their place...?

Posted by: donkeytale | Nov 5 2018 14:02 utc | 164

Still going on about the "coming attack and/or war with Iran" are we? Lol.

Great point, Timothy. Iran also hasn't been banned from SWIFT, either. Nor was Russia banned either last time I looked.

Politics is just words. Global capitalist expediency is more telling, on all sides of the political spectrum.

Still, "zero" is the amount of facts which dissuade dedicated believers from their idol worship. Lol

Posted by: donkeytale | Nov 5 2018 14:14 utc | 165

I keep losing my personal data every time I post using updated Opera on updated Mac....any other having that issue?
Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 5, 2018 2:01:09 AM | 147

It occurred a week or two back May have been around when b posted the last of his pieces on the Khashoggi killing. For 24 hours I had a lot of trouble accessing this blog and a number of other non MSM sites. I use yandex, opera and vivaldi brave browsers. All my browsers were changed to some extent, but I found I could again post comments on wordpress blogs using yandex. Vivaldi will no longer access SST. At that time also, b could not access the management section of his blog. Since that time I have to enter my username and email every time I post a comment here.
Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 5, 2018 2:53:38 AM | 150

Ditto, using Firefox. I have to enter username and email (nearly) every time. Occasionally it is retained within one page but not always. It started for me precisely with a comment on Khashoggi that would not post, and eventually I had to post in sections (maybe a keyword problem or something?). I tried deleting the cookie and letting it create a new one, but it does not seem to create a proper cookie now for some reason. There used to be a cookie with the username and email, but that is now gone. Now there is one called __cfduid and one called cf_use_ob, but neither include the username and email. About a week or more ago I think there was only one cookie, something similar to __cfduid, without the username and email. Before this problem arose there was also only one cookie, I think. Maybe B changed the code for the cookie?

Posted by: BM | Nov 5 2018 15:26 utc | 166

An interview with Patrick Cockburn on the grossly distorted casualty figures in Yemen, also covering how the Coalition of Aggression has deliberately targetted food creation and distribution as well as import to maximise famine. Transcript/audio/video. Catastrophic Death Toll in US-Saudi War on Yemen Has Been Grossly Downplayed

Posted by: BM | Nov 5 2018 16:15 utc | 167

Such a clever donkey ...

... with such a stinky tale.

We are not stoopid, donkey.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 5 2018 16:22 utc | 168

148 152

I just got done responding to a climate scientist on Reddit, whose urgent epistle to the masses was that, of all of the institutions of commerce and government, "only Science deserves their trust."

My response was simple: There is no scientific basis, whatsoever, for trust in Science! None. Science is amoral, and will research and development whatever those who sign their paychecks tell them to. Napalm, Dr Mengele, Electro Shock, Depleted Uranium, White Phosphorus, NoviChuk, ...all from Science.

The climate scientist gave a weak reply, yes, but at least scientists are honest. I could only laugh. Neither Al Gore, nor Bill McKibben, nor James Hansen, nor Michael Mann are scientists. There are politicians, journalists, agency administrators and mathematicians. McKibben calls himself an author, and educator and an environmental scientist! That's not honesty, that's self-engrandizement.

40 years ago I traveled through Morrocco and remember distinctly (because I'm a degree-F American) the Sidi Ifni thermometer showing 50C. It made me laugh, because 50 is 'cold' in F, but 'hot' in C. But then this summer, 'environmental scientist' Bill McKibben, the End Times shock jock exponent of Myth of Arrhenius 97% of Climate Scientists, screamed 'Hottest Temperatures Ever Recorded! 50.2C!!

What a bunko artist, with multiple journalism awards and 18 honorary climate degrees, oh sweet Jesus! 50.2C is 50C under the old mercury thermometers. That's ZERO warming in 40 years. And as I posted on the 1st, the PacNW winter monsoon blew on the same time, to the day that it did 40 years ago! That confirms, on two places on the earth, in both temperate rainforest and tropical desert, there is no climate change for the past 40 years. Magic CO2!

The reason Michael Mann refuses to release his data set is that data record is thumb-on-the-scaled and skewed. Where 40 years ago 5,000 US towns recorded temperatures, after Bush II, he de-funded most of those rural reporters, and left an urbanized data set! Nobody said nothing! That's not Science, that's Bad Statistics. You can't take a rural temp data set, and compare it to an urban-sprawl skewed data set 40 years later! You can't claim 50.2C digital temperature is higher than 50C analog temperature! You can't ignore zero climate change in PacNW and Sahara in your Global Climate Change screed.

Don't trust Science! Trust Science? Fahhh. Science won't be running the Gore Carbon Tithe and Credit Scheme, Wall Street and WADC and local government bureaucrats will. Let me share a horror story:

One morning back when the first WA State carbon tax was on the line, I had fired up our Monarch wood stove, a true classic wood cook stove we saved from the farmhouse when we moved to the city. It was a good morning to bake bread and sip coffee and split firewood for winter.

Suddenly there was an urgent pounding on the front door. A bearded Green in hemp sandals started right in on me without any introduction, "HAVE YOU SEEN THE SMOKE FROM YOUR CHIMNEY!?"

I asked who he was, and why he felt it appropriate to lecture me this early in the morning.


So I calmly reminded this Junior G-Man Scientist (sic) that PSAA had approved the coal strip mine and coal power plant just south of Olympia, had approved four oil refineries, several toxic metal smelters and a big chemical complex. That just made him furious.


At that point, I'd had it. "Get ... the fuck ... off my property."

And if I1631 passes, you can bet there will be 10,000s of these Junior G-Men in their hemp sandals out issuing citations for Carbon Treason, and #NoOil and #NoGas, then a whole body of judicial law, then penalties, fines and perhaps prison for non-payment of your Carbon Tithe to Olympia, or WADC.

Gore's Climate Tithe and Credit Scheme has NOTHING to do with Science. It has to do with supra-governmental Third Temple Carbon Catholicism, of the One True Science Given Wisdom, and the genocide of the 3W bought with those Carbon Credits.

Trust no one.

Posted by: Anton Worter | Nov 5 2018 17:08 utc | 169

B-I suffered a stroke,Dec.25.2016,and I still fully recovered my right side.Be careful!

Posted by: dahoit | Nov 5 2018 17:34 utc | 170

Ok so I think it's pretty clear at who's behest the renewed sanctions are being implemented. Lacking the option to outright invade the US and The Legion of SuperFiends(tm) are determined to monkey-wrench Iran into some sort of insurrection and collapse if at all possible. They have tried time and again and while some pain is inflicted on the general populace, I find it difficult to believe that they are controlling the narrative for anyone other than domestic consumers. Very few people inside of Iran could possibly fall for such a thing. It's simply too easy to reveal the manipulation. More likely that constant pressuring and threat of attack merely strengthens peoples resolve.
As far as the US being able to sanction countries with impunity, I need some help understanding how this works. I can see why EU poodles would be forced to go along with this but why would anyone else?! "Because we say so!"? If pushed far enough, why would other nations not simply do as they please and make deals without the "approval" of the US? Is this why so called waivers are being granted? As far as I can tell much of the worlds nations are backing slowly away from US dollar reserve currency, SWIFT, IMF, and the World Bank. It seems possible that the more draconian the PTB become, the more likely the majority of the worlds nations will simply make their own connections and circumvent the above institutions.
Lastly, one gets the sense that many things that are happening geopolitically are in some related to aspects of the OBOR project coming on line......

Posted by: Chevrus | Nov 5 2018 17:40 utc | 171

It begins:

The New York Times endorses #YesOn1631! "If the proposal, Initiative 1631, wins — as we hope it does — the result could ripple beyond Washington’s boundaries." Washington can lead! Vote #YesOn1631!

USA TODAY endorses #YesOn1631! “Washington's ballot measure could offer a worthwhile template for other states and — who knows? — maybe one day for lawmakers in Washington, D.C.!

What do Bernie Sanders, Dolores Huerta, Jane Fonda, Bill Gates, Van Jones, Macklemore, Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, Jeremy Jones, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Pramila Jayapal, Pearl Jam and so many others have in common? They all support I-1631! Vote #YesOn1631!

"Let's remember that our collective action, faith and conviction of the truth are far greater than greed and lies. Let's not forget that it was by tremendous faith in action that David slayed Goliath. We have a clear shot at defeating Goliath and winning on 1631. We can win when we all vote together." -Pastor Gregory Christopher

"Washington State voters, please VOTE YES on I-1631, the climate change initiative co-authored by Washington's Tribes.‬ Let's support Washington's Tribes that are leading the nation in addressing the most important issue of our lifetimes." Mark Ruffalo

Pocohontas Approves It! #NoOil! #NoGas! Wooo, wooo, wooo!

Posted by: Anton Worter | Nov 5 2018 17:51 utc | 172

BM@167 - U.S. and U.K. intel experts and CENTCOM provide ALL targeting intel and tactics for destruction of Yemen 'enemy' food/water/energy infrastructure. Expertise developed and honed in Iraq and Syria. Total excess mortality in Yemen from a US/UK/Evil Orb war strategy of forced starvation and disease so far is probably closer to a quarter-million people (vs. MSM 10K nonsense or even NGO's 70K documented children).

Andrew Cockburn (Patrick's older brother) just published what I thought was an insightful - but mostly unnoticed - piece on The Harper's Blog: So Goes Hodeida, So Goes Yemen. He interviews Abdul-Ghani Al-Iryani, describing him as "...Currently in exile elsewhere in the Middle East, he follows the shifting politics of his homeland with well-informed attention and perceptive analysis." Interesting comments on Saudi vs. UAE approach. The US is currently backing the UAE psychopaths' 'Hiroshima Option', assuming that takeover or destruction of the Port of Hodeida will cause mass starvation in Yemen, but this will hasten the end of the war... so it's worth it. Al-Iryani doesn't think the loss of Hodeida will stop the Houthis/Ansar Allah one bit. I tend to agree with him.

Whomever starvation doesn't kill will be left for the emerging, new and improved cholera outbreak. Precision-guided munitions are great for taking out water wells/boreholes. Trucked water from those wells is a major source of water for Yemenis.

Sometimes the U.S. needs to help kill people to save them, but they'll thank us in the end.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Nov 5 2018 18:40 utc | 173

@ PavewayIV who wrote:
Sometimes the U.S. needs to help kill people to save them, but they'll thank us in the end.

I thought that is the definition of R2P or rape-to-protect....thanks for your expertise and perspective

I hope that Yemen does what it needs to do to stop the close the Bab al-Mandab strait if they are going to keep the port closed anyway.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 5 2018 18:58 utc | 174

Plod @ 33

I for one would like to hear more

Posted by: donkeytale | Nov 5 2018 22:58 utc | 175

Ian @ 132

Thanks for quoting me gratuitously near the end of your excellent comment.

Posted by: donkeytale | Nov 5 2018 23:11 utc | 176

Denk @ 99

I'm not pro-Trump. I will admit I'm feeling some Trump but not on the dominant side. Trump is a regressive trait.

Posted by: donkeytale | Nov 5 2018 23:47 utc | 177

Add up the numbers in 1631and you got 11. Add up 6+3 and move the 1’s together and you got 911. Washington, wake up.

Posted by: Pft | Nov 6 2018 0:53 utc | 178


Yeah, thats like 70% of Irans exports. How payment is made without Swift should be interesting, but assuming thats worked out oil supplies are safe and prices should remain reasonable .

Posted by: Pft | Nov 6 2018 1:01 utc | 179


I am afraid your hopes will not be realized

First off US debts are in their own currency. They can print what they want to pay them off.

Second only 1/3 of US debts are owed to foreigners.

Most of the elites are creditors. The debts owed to them were from money created out of thin air. Almost all these debts they are owed are asset backed meaning that upon default they seize valuable assets.

For those elites who are in debt, most of it is corporate debt which they can walk away from with bankruptcy , and in cases where the debt is large they can renegotiate with creditors as they are too big to fail. Their personal wealth is well protected in any event

As globalists many of the US based elites are well diversified with assets spread across the world and liquid assets in multiple currencies in many countries, including China. Many of Chinas exports to US are from US companies (or allied countries companies) in China

China itself, both government and their many oligarchs have huge exposure to the US with large holding of treasuries, stocks and real estate.
This is not to say there wont be a financial collapse, but what gets wiped out has little value (money existing on spread sheets) and a few accounting rule changes and central bank easing of reserve requirements will put things in order for the elite class and government. Middle class will be wiped out but thats the goal. Each collapse allow the rich to get rocher buy buying up assets on the cheap

It may well be that the global elites wish to move on from the petro dollar to a global carbon dollar, but they will still be in control.

Posted by: Pft | Nov 6 2018 1:24 utc | 180

@ Pft with comment # 179 in response to me...thanks

Yes, you are more pessimistic than I.

How do they paint socialism with a Chinese face on that pig?

If the elite practice large scale genocide they will be looking over their shoulders for ever for those that would want to destroy their genes over such inhumanity.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 6 2018 1:43 utc | 181

@141 pft. A very concise and to the point description of the Prison Planet we unfortunately are stuck on for another while. Sigh..

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 6 2018 3:02 utc | 182

Did you know:

Lisa Mei Crowley on Twitter

Speaking tonight at the rally about Dems & why they want illegal aliens coming to our country, @realDonaldTrump said: “What do they (Dems) REALLY want? They want them to VOTE!” Sound familiar? #FactsMatter

Rep. Matt Gaetz on Twitter

BREAKING: Footage in Honduras giving cash 2 women & children 2 join the caravan & storm the US border @ election time. Soros? US-backed NGOs? Time to investigate the source!

Anon did a big dig on this subject, and his post is worth reading in full, but he first referenced this article (for the necessary background information):

This is a map of underground sex-slave bars in the U.S.

Jessica was halfway into her teenage years when the dashing stranger with a silver tongue came to town. The older man singled out Jessica from all the other girls and approached her with a mouthful of promises: A new home, a loving family, money, education-and, most importantly, a way out of her small town in Mexico.

Immigrants entering the United States illegally through the southern border are quietly being relocated to different parts of the country on commercial flights, high-ranking Homeland Security officials told Judicial Watch this week.

Remember Guatemala and Honduras were the only two nations (besides some utterly insignificant Pacific Ocean Island nations) that sided with the United States and Israel on a U.N. General Assembly resolution declaring “null and void” President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Remember Guatemala and Honduras were the only two nations (besides some utterly insignificant Pacific Ocean Island nations) that sided with the United States and Israel on a U.N. General Assembly resolution declaring “null and void” President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Posted by: PeacefulProsperity | Nov 6 2018 3:07 utc | 183


Well this article in Spanish in the respected Spanish newspaper El Mundo shows who is really in control in Honduras

Although everyone calls them “Turks” they are actually families of Jewish origin who came from Arab countries during the 40s and 50s away from the desert and conflicts. They are the Rosenthal, the Facussé, the Larach, the Nasser, the Kafie or the Goldstein. Five surnames that control maquilas (assembly industries), thermal energy, telecommunications, tourism, banking, finance, media, cement and commerce, airports or the congress. Practically everything. They are the hard core of that 3% of Hondurans that controls 40% of the national production. They are the elect of a country with 70% of the poor.

Characters like Jaime Rosenthal, presidential candidate in 4 elections and owner of banks, airport, breweries, soccer teams and media. He has investments in cement, telephone companies, meat exports and insurance and telecommunications. Or the Facussé, related to the Nassers and who have spread their influence between politics and business for decades. They are the capos of the textile sector in a country dedicated to making many of the branded garments that later travel to the US. They also control chemical companies or precious woods. From these two families many ministers have left and there is no decision in the country that does not pass through their hands.

They married each other, sent their children to American universities, displaced the traditional bourgeoisie (of Spanish and German origin) and three generations later continue to control the country without admitting anyone to their club of ‘powerful’.Source In Spanish Honduras, un país de cinco familias

Posted by: PeacefulProsperity | Nov 6 2018 3:09 utc | 184

The following is a report from about recent provocations of war

Russia's fighter jet intercepts U.S. aircraft over Black Sea

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 6 2018 5:27 utc | 185

Andrew Cockburn (Patrick's older brother) just published what I thought was an insightful - but mostly unnoticed - piece on The Harper's Blog: So Goes Hodeida, So Goes Yemen.Posted by: PavewayIV | Nov 5, 2018 1:40:05 PM | 173

Thanks for the Harper link, it is interesting. The article contains major deficits in its arguments though, probably because it is a US MSM medium so the deficits are likely knowingly made, to accord with US interests.

Most obviously, the motives accorded to UAE by the article are inconsistent with its past actions. Trying to argue that the UAE is waging the war in order to make the war stop sooner is a non sequiter. UAE have their own motivations and goals for the war, which partly overlap with Saudi and partly compete with them. Al Iryani could conceivably be aligned with the UAE, and is clearly whitewashing their role. He was also in Washington DC for the interview, probably lobying for something. The article is also highly denigrating to the Houthi's, which may or may not be based on the tiniest smidgeon of truth (or perhaps a lot, who knows), but is almost certainly misinformation like all the lies the MSM feed us regarding Syria and so much else. Of course the US wants to portray the Houthis as corrupt war lords profiteering from the war, but we should not accept that without supporting evidence. So all in all nothing in the article can be taken at face value except the admissions of atrocities and deliberate targeting which the MSM is most unlikely to make up.

Posted by: BM | Nov 6 2018 11:55 utc | 186

Image of Bolsanaro’s sons wearing pro-IDF & Mossad shirts goes viral

Posted by: Zanon | Nov 6 2018 15:18 utc | 187

It's hard to tell what US foreign policy actually is but as a practical matter it does seem to be standing down.

Al-Masdar News


#Zarif: #Iran ready to negotiate with US if approach to nuclear deal changed #NuclearDeal #Trump


I see Israel/M16/CIA as being the major offenders in Syria. Not an easy trio to stand down overnight.

Posted by: financial matters | Mar 10, 2018 6:32:42 AM | 63


In the against the grain category, consider that tensions have eased with Syria, Russia and Korea. Next up, Iran and China. Also of importance
US Powerless Against Hypersonic Missile Attacks From China, Russia

Go along to get along.

Posted by: financial matters | Mar 23, 2018 9:47:46 AM | 98

Posted by: financial matters | Nov 6 2018 15:30 utc | 188

@183 Israel has deep roots in Guatemala. They were very helpful with arms etc. during the civil war.
The current president Jimmy Morales (ex-comedian) is a big fan.

Posted by: dh | Nov 6 2018 16:01 utc | 189

@156 john... interesting data on italy that i was unaware of.. as a visitor, italy seems to be thriving and doing well.. obviously, i am missing the big picture you have helped to fill in..

Posted by: james | Nov 6 2018 17:25 utc | 190


Posted by: james | Nov 6 2018 18:26 utc | 191

BM@186 - "...Trying to argue that the UAE is waging the war in order to make the war stop sooner is a non sequiter."

Interesting take - I wasn't reading that into his remarks. Regarding Saudi aims and MBS refusing to stop the war, he says:

Basically, they don’t want it to stop, at least not until they have achieved their aims. And that brings us to the specific objective that the Saudis have entertained for many decades, of having access to the open sea, to ship oil directly to the Indian Ocean and avoid having to use the Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, where they feel threatened by Iran. It’s just something they have tried over and over again in past decades. They negotiated that with [former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah] Saleh, off and on in the ’90s and early 2000s. They wanted a corridor to the sea, but they insisted on sovereignty over the area of the corridor...

I know it's never about oil or pipelines, but this guy is an educated Yemeni, not a conspiracy theorist. Then:

...Saleh, of course, couldn’t grant them that—Yemeni politics and Yemen’s constitution did not permit it. To get that access on their own terms, the Saudis will need to change international borders. You can change international borders when a country is in a state of flux and instability, but once there is an international agreement to bring an end to the war, the borders will become unchangeable again.

So at least part the Saudi plan (not publicly announced, of course) was to eventually acquire the chunk of Yemen they wanted 'legally' by changing borders as part of a negotiated settlement to the war. Neither the UAE nor the US want that to happen according to Al-Iryani. UAE's actions seemed consistent with going along with the coalition at first. This year though, they have clearly went off script and seem to be the only one actually invading Yemen and fighting the Houthis/Ansar Allah. The UAE/US know they can't actually defeat the Houthis on their home turf, so bringing them to the negotiating table through mass starvation/disease seems to be the plan.

The current US-backed UAE operation to cut the Houthis/Ansar off from the al Hudayduh and al Salif ports and effectively shut them down - creating a colossal humanitarian disaster - seems consistent with their desire to end the war quickly (months) and force negotiations. UAE/US interest in preventing the Saudi land-corridor grab is preserved because MBS (or his replacement) will not press the land corridor issue in the middle of a PR disaster.

"...The article is also highly denigrating to the Houthi's..."

Much of Al Iryani's 'distinguished family' were leaders in Yemen's former, corrupt and wealthy ruling elite - the ones the Houthis threw out. I can't imagine he's a big fan, but he doesn't seem oblivious to their grievances.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Nov 6 2018 18:57 utc | 192


Ah psychohistorian, after all these years you still don't understand MMT. The US is not in debt to any foreign country, full stop.

Posted by: Merasmus | Nov 7 2018 6:48 utc | 193

@ Merasmus who wrote that the US is not in debt to any foreign country

Here is a quote you can find quite easily
According to the Federal Reserve and U.S. Department of the Treasury, foreign countries held a total of 6.25 trillion U.S. dollars in U.S. treasury securities as of June 2018.

If the US declares bankruptcy, all those Treasuries are worth nothing.

And, by the way, MMT is a theory about how a government can have finance be a public utility. The US banking system is not MMT but a private banking cartel with a government proxy face.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 7 2018 7:15 utc | 194

Yes, they bought Treasury Bonds at auction. With dollars they acquired because they sell stuff to us as part of our massive trade deficit.

The US will never declare bankruptcy, because it can't go bankrupt. It can always create more dollars.

"The US banking system is not MMT but a private banking cartel with a government proxy face."

MMT is an accurate description of the accounting flows of the US government as they exist now.
Andn o, it isn't a 'private banking cartel'.. And even if it were, it would be very bad at it, considering the Federal Reserve hands over any profit to the Treasury at the end of every year.

Posted by: Merasmus | Nov 7 2018 22:10 utc | 195

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