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November 09, 2018

ISIS Again Claims Cyber Attacks Which Were Falsely Blamed On Russia

Since late 2014 the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) had its own hacking group. It waged cyber attacks against media and military targets. The group became known as United Cyber Caliphate (UCC).

Later on some "experts" attributed the UCC attacks to Russia. They claimed that the Cyber Caliphate did not exist but was a Russian false flag operation. There is now new evidence such claims are nonsense.

The attacks claimed by the Cyber Caliphate included:

  • Jan 2015 - Twitter and Youtube account of the U.S. CentCom taken over and filled with pro-ISIS messages.
  • Mar 2015 - United States Air Force's pilots list with detailed personal information posted online.
  • Apr 2015 - French TV5Monde live feed and social media hacked and defaced with the message "Je Suis ISIS".
  • Apr 2015 - Australian airport website defaced with ISIS message.
  • Aug 2015 - United States' military database hacked and data of some 1400 personnel posted online.
  • Sep 2015 - British government emails hacked. Email addresses of top cabinet ministers published.
  • Apr 2016 - UCC successfully hacks 20 Australian business websites, redirects them to ISIS content.
  • Apr 2017 - UCC released a kill list of 8,786 people.

ISIS delivered flawless propaganda material with well edited videos and created its own glossy magazines. Producing these required computer expertise. It was thus not astonishing to learn that some hackers had joined ISIS and worked with its media team. From an ISIS perspective the above listed targets all made sense. There was no reason to doubt the ISIS claims.

But then the 'Russia scare' nonsense took over. Suddenly each and every assumed computer attack, including those by the Cyber Caliphate, were attributed to Russia:

Russian hackers linked to the Kremlin could be behind one of the biggest attacks to date on televised communications, which knocked French station TV5Monde off air in April, sources familiar with France’s inquiry said.
Hackers claiming to be supporters of Islamic State caused the public station’s 11 channels to temporarily go off air and posted material on its social media feeds to protest against French military action in Iraq.
U.S. cybersecurity company FireEye, which has been assisting French authorities in some cases, said on Wednesday that it believed the attack came from a Russian group it suspects works with the Russian executive branch.
Information about the TV5 attack was published on a website branded as part of the “Cyber Caliphate,” a reference to the Islamic State.

But the site was hosted on the same block of Internet Protocol addresses and used the same domain name server as the group called APT28 by FireEye and Pawn Storm by Trend Micro, another large security company.

Similar claims were made over other attacks that ISIS claimed for itself. "The Russians did it!" screamed various snake-oil selling cyber security companies.

Soon it was said that the Cyber Caliphate did not exist at all:

[T]he Cyber Caliphate is a Russian intelligence operation working through what spies term a cut-out.

U.S. secret agencies, including the National Security Agency, which controls American cyber-espionage and works closely with CYBERCOM, came to similar conclusions "APT 28 is Russian intelligence, it’s that simple,” explained an NSA expert to me recently.
In other words, the Cyber Caliphate is a Russian false-flag operation.

The snake-oil sellers and the writer above (intentionally) mistake methods for actors. The Advance Persistent Threat (ATP) number 28 describes a certain course of action taken during a hack. It is well know method that can be identified to some degree. But recognizing a method does not identify the persons that use it.

If a burgler once used a crowbar to open a window, further nearby break-ins that use a similar method might have been done by the same person. Or they might not. A different burgler could have used the same method. A home owner could have used it to scam his insurance. The method does not describe the actor.

Likewise the use of certain tools and methods to break into a computer does not define an actor. ATP 28 is not Russia. These tools and methods are publicly known. A spearphishing email is send to the target. When the receiver clicks a link in that email a malicious software is launched that creates a backdoor into the targeted computer. Anyone can find such tools online and initiate an attack. The often claimed attribution of ATPxyz to Russia always was and is sheer nonsense.

There is also new proof that the Cyber Caliphate indeed exists.

A few days ago a news outlet affiliated with ISIS published an obituary of a Canadian hacker who worked for ISIS. The Montreal Gazette reports:

An Islamic State-linked media outlet says a Canadian man was behind the terror group’s highest-profile cyber attacks, including the embarrassing takeover of the Twitter account of the U.S. military’s Central Command.
The Canadian fighter, who is said to have been killed by a drone strike in Syria, also allegedly penetrated bank computers and used the “spoils” to fund their fighting and hacked the U.S. Department of Defense, airports, international media organizations and the accounts of “hundreds” of U.S. soldiers.
The Toronto-born man “managed to bring blessed victories for the Caliphate state by carrying out electronic attacks that have made the enemies taste defeat and failure,” according the [Arabic-language] notice, ..

The “martyrdom” notice published by Al-Muhajireen Foundation, an outlet with known links to ISIL, identifies the Canadian jihadi hacker only by a nickname: Abu Osama Al-Kanadi.
The announcement says Al-Kanadi became a top computer specialist with ISIL, also known by the acronym ISIS, and praises his online exploits with the Caliphate Cyber Army.

Abu Osama Al-Kanadi does not sound Russian to me. Nor were any of the hacks the Cyber Caliphate claimed in anyway useful to Russia.

But the damage is done. None of those "experts" who claimed that Russia was behind the Cyber Caliphate attacks will retract their claims and papers.  Nor will there be any correction in those main stream media that repeated their nonsense.

The message is clear: Russia is bad. Every hack ever done is by Russia. Russia is the enemy. Don't you ever forget that.
h/t Stephen McIntyre

Posted by b on November 9, 2018 at 20:33 UTC | Permalink


Here is an article that explains how the United States intelligence network has developed malware that makes it appear as though it was sourced from Russia, China, Iran or North Korea:

Washington will stoop to the lowest levels possible to see that its unipolar global agenda is retained.

Posted by: Sally Snyder | Nov 9 2018 20:38 utc | 1

thanks b... there is a clear game plan on to attack russia in an all out war of some kind.. anyone can see this.. the propaganda is intense and non stop! i am surprised russia hasn't been blamed for isis too.. i guess abu osama c. summeraki is working on it... i eagerly await the next kool aid report... i hope the pay is good, as we are dragged towards ww3...

Posted by: james | Nov 9 2018 20:55 utc | 2

Looking at the dates and countries, the United Cyber Caliphate may have been conceived to sway public opinion for a coalition of the killing attack on Syria. The ISIS marketing and promotion campaign was too polished and too well covered by MSM to be some fanatical takfiri plot. Ran its website Amaq with California based cloudflare, traded oil with Turkey ect ect.
UCC is more likely CIA or some hacking unit set up in the US or UK.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 9 2018 21:06 utc | 3

WikiLeaks: CIA hacking group 'UMBRAGE' stockpiled techniques from other hackers

A division of the Central Intelligence Agency stockpiled hacking techniques culled from other hackers, giving the agency the ability to leave behind the "fingerprints" of the outside hackers when it broke into electronic devices ...

“With UMBRAGE and related projects the CIA cannot only increase its total number of attack types, but also misdirect attribution by leaving behind the ‘fingerprints’ of the groups that the attack techniques were stolen from,” Wikileaks said in a statement.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 9 2018 21:15 utc | 4

I don't have the source or link, but I recall reading that the Internet operations of ISIS was based in Qatar.

That makes sense. Huge US AF base, Muslim Brotherhood nation. Paymaster for ISIS.

How the US could not after all these years know, trackdown and destroy the Internet operations is a "mystery".

Posted by: Red Ryder | Nov 9 2018 22:15 utc | 5

Bugler definition is - a person who sounds a bugle (big trompet)
Burglar definition: a person who illegally enters buildings and steals things etc

Posted by: c | Nov 9 2018 22:22 utc | 6

use these and you're automagically in the NSA. download the stuxnet binary and you're an instant israeli.

that anonymous NSA guy is either lying or too stupid to do his job. "it’s that simple".

fireeye are scam artists just like crowdstrike. it's not that they don't know tactics and methods; i'm sure they know their way around a payload. that doesn't make them some tabula rasa blank slate without an agenda. just because they use computers doesn't mean they're robots.

as anyone who works in a business run by technologically "challenged" bosses knows, for every fast talker throwing around techy terms and sounding like a mr. robot script there are 20 idiot CEOs willing to throw money at imaginary problems. ditto the government. meanwhile shysters like stratfor and hbgary get reamed by high school graduates running linux on a netbook from 2003.

as for the attributions, they fail a basic "cui bono" test. i guess the russians wanted to make rapist beheaders look bad by DDoSing some servers? they wanted to give cred to the apes who shoot at their advisors in syria? okay. sure.

Posted by: the pair | Nov 9 2018 22:38 utc | 7

Red Ryder 5

Back around 2014 15 Charles Lister listed himself as a consultant to the Shaikh Group.
Shaik Group have a media marketing section in Dubai.
Charles Lister is a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute and a senior consultant to The Shaikh Group’s Track II Syria Dialogue Initiative. Follow him on Twitter at: @Charles_Lister.
Charles Lister is a senior fellow and Director of the Countering Terrorism and Extremism Program at the Middle East Institute. His work focuses primarily on the conflict in Syria, including as a member of the MEI-convened Syria Study Group; and on issues of terrorism and insurgency across the Levant. Prior to this, Lister was a Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institution in Qatar and a Senior Consultant to the multinationally-backed Syria Track II Dialogue Initiative, where he managed nearly three years of intensive face-to-face engagement with the leaderships of over 100 Syrian armed opposition groups.

I have thought that ISIS studios were based in Dubai or Doha.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 9 2018 22:41 utc | 8

IP addresses can only be attributed to individuals/offices/locations with the assistance of the owner of the IP block of addresses, typically an ISP. The GRU's ISP would NOT help identify the GRU, obviously, so all such attributions are fake and those who claim to know are liars.

The "leaving of fake fingerprints" (Russian, Chinese, Iranian, North Korean and Arabic) is done by Marble Framework software, details of which was leaked by CIA programmer, Joshua Adam Schulte to Wikileaks and formed part of the "Vault 7" series. It means that no fingerprint evidence can ever be relied on ever again.

Posted by: Palloy | Nov 9 2018 22:48 utc | 9

DPRK needs to be included by b along with Russia for many of the same reasons as this example attests. And while we're at it, China should join the group too. Indeed, the CIA/NSA is likely responsible for most hacking, particularly when monies are stolen as the linked article reports. As the Outlaw US Empire slowly dissolves into a pool of its own exceptional ugliness, it will blame everyone and anyone to cover its crimes. Then there's the small battalion of slimy zombie trolls CIA/NSA employs that infest this site. They promote one of the Outlaw US Empire's most important values--lying about everything under the sun for a Few Dollars More while throwing the citizenry that makes their living possible under the bus.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 9 2018 22:50 utc | 10

#8 @the pair - Hey, hey, hey, there's no need to smear innocent apes in all this. As far as I know no apes have done anything to Syria.

Posted by: worldblee | Nov 9 2018 23:37 utc | 11

worldblee | Nov 9, 2018 6:37:54 PM | 12

Perhaps you decoded incorrectly
Using the ancient & superceded RACIOL code much beloved of analysts on 1980s central servers hooked up to a kazillion 'slave' terminals I get:
advisor->intelligent overseer->whitefella

Maybe not - perhaps it is just unintended subtext, still the reference to creatures who were too smart and gentle to survive humans is an unnecessary self deprecation I woulda thought.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Nov 10 2018 1:55 utc | 12

to #7

Thanks for the link, for I now have all four episodes safe on my harddrive.

Posted by: Zachary Smith | Nov 10 2018 2:26 utc | 14

Now, more than ever; the US needs a very capable adversary and where none exists, the US will create one, as history has shown. Russia has historical presidence, making it convenient.
However, as events are unfolding, China will come to the fore; Russia will move to second place.
But, two adversaries are far better than one, for getting the flow of cash to support the Potemkin moment...

Posted by: V | Nov 10 2018 3:00 utc | 15

I$I$ developed sophisticated videos and propaganda tools in Britain. It is absurd to claim that a state-less group somewhere in MENA created these materials and engaged in sophisticated hacking attacks from some cave in Tora Bora. My guess is the 'sophisticated Jack's of the CIA in 2011 and 2012 and of the Pentagon in 2012 and 2013, which revealed ALL the personal and banking identity of every employee, agent, soldier and contractor were Korea-China origin, and China treats I$I$ by mass detention, force-feeding pork and vodka, and mass chanting Long Live PRC.

Posted by: Anton Worter | Nov 10 2018 3:59 utc | 16


OWS was a Controlled-Dissent operation, sending poor students north to fecklessly march on Wall Street when they could have shut down WADC, and sending wealthy seniors south to fecklessly line Pennsylvania Avenue, when they could have shut down Wall Street.

Both I$I$, and Hamas, and Antifa et al are all Controlled Dissent operations. The followers are duped, are used, abused and then abandoned by honey-pots put there by Central Intelligence, at least since the Spanish Civil War.

That's why MoA articles like this one make you wonder, just who is conning whom, at a time when the Internet is weaponized, when Google Assistant achieved AI awareness indistinguishable from anyone on the phone, China TV has launched a virtual AI news reporter indistinguishable from reality, and Stanford can audio-video a captured image of anyone as well as their voice intonation, then 3D model them, in real time, reading and emoting from a script, indistinguishable from reality, ...and then this.

Another Gift of Trust😂 brought to you by Scientocracy. Be sure to tithe your AI bot, or word will get back to Chairman Albertus, then you'll be called in to confess your thought crimes to the Green Cadre, itself another Controlled Dissent honeypot, in a Tithe-for-Credits Swindle.

I tell my kids, just enjoy life, live it large, and get ready for hell. It's coming for breakfast.

Posted by: Anton Worter | Nov 10 2018 5:39 utc | 17

And there is this too of course:

Pentagon Fake Al Qaeda Propaganda

Posted by: guidoamm | Nov 10 2018 6:32 utc | 18

There is big money in prostitution. None of the robot dolls I have seen in the various media reports on robot brothels look lifelike, whereas the Chinese anchor looks very much like a human with a voice-over. Will see how this develops, but at the moment it looks very much like Lavrov style satire.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 10 2018 6:33 utc | 19

@ the pair 8

Your comment makes a lot of sense. The ability to "hack" and leave traces that point in other directions, are widely known since at least 2008. NSA has an estimated 30-40 000 employed, not counting subcontractors , it specializes in coint and int operations, with a classified budget, estimated at $11 billion.
They have the means, power, money to make the second coming of Christ materialize. If something is touted in the US MSM it is probably a lie, only to be parroted in EU MSM.
It is still not the truth.
It is sad that that we have come to this point, once news papers, media at large, did report things as they were, and were not bought and paid for shills (or it was much more subtly done), think Vietnam war, Watergate, Iran-Contra. But the 3 letter agencies sure as hell did tighten up on that, cant have people knowing the truth.
The result is, that the large mass of plebs believe what they are told, a faction wants to question what they are told, but find it impossible to uncover the truth, and a yet smaller faction automatically dismiss anything they see, hear or read as outright lies.
When a populations belief in their government is hollowed out, there is only strife, rebellion and anarchy on the horizon, now couple that with unemployment, a now non existent middle class, a defunct education system and a horrendous medic service, and a budget deficit that would make King Croesus pale....
The us is not here in another 20 years, i my modest opinion.

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Nov 10 2018 7:06 utc | 20

Den Lille Abe
Vietnam war was the end of the era when independent journalists were printed in the MSM.
Robert Parry had a number of articles on that at consortium news.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 10 2018 7:12 utc | 21

@ karlof! 11

I utterly agree. There is a remedy for this though. A home constructed guillotine. It is a very handy tool, aso when handling large roots and cabbages. There are plenty of instructions on how to build one, the main things to observe is wight of blade, preferably angled, sharp and then correctly installed dampers at the bottom. A collabsible construction made of stainless steel is very handy, it can be transported on a trailer and be put to use within minuttes, and if well oiled and maintained, will work flawlessly for hours.
Now carrying a knife of a certain size, is illegal in many places, I have not yet come upon any prohibition of a guillotine. Unfortunately it is not possible to make a pocket sized one (yet).

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Nov 10 2018 7:30 utc | 22

@ Peter AU 1 23
Thanks Peter, I am aware of Consortium News. It is good to see they largely follow in Robert Parry's tracks. A brilliant journalist, who was taken away far too soon. RIP

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Nov 10 2018 7:34 utc | 23

It's the only point worth making.


Please, when you're writing this stuff use words like 'alleged','without proof, ISIS alleges it carried out these attacks, but we shall never know., 'my Cospiracy Theory on this issue is.....'

Posted by: TFS | Nov 10 2018 8:16 utc | 24

TFS 26
Worth reading b's blog for awhile before making a fool of yourself.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 10 2018 8:34 utc | 25

I think we should be vary of people claiming "ISIS" is behind this/that-kind-of-accusations like any other alleged culprit.

Posted by: Zanon | Nov 10 2018 9:23 utc | 26

Whilst on the topic of ISIS, here is an article about its mother-concern, CIA:
CIA's ‘Surveillance State’ is Operating Against US All

On two declassified letters from 2014 from the Intelligence Community Inspector General (didn't know there was one, but doesn't do much good anyway, it seems, read further) to the chairpersons of the House and Senate intelligence committees notifying them that the CIA has been monitoring emails between the CIA's head of the whistleblowing and source protection and Congressional. “Most of these emails concerned pending and developing whistleblower complaints”. Shows why Edward Snowdon didn't consider it appropriate to rely on internal complaints proceedures. This while under the leadership of seasoned liars and criminals Brennan and Clapper, of course.

It clearly shows a taste of what these buggers have to hide, and why they went to such extraordinary lengths as Russiagate to cover it all up and save their skins - that of course being the real reason behind Russiagate as I have said several times, nothing to do with either Trump or Russia.

Posted by: BM | Nov 10 2018 10:56 utc | 27

ISIS is as authentic and real as The White Helmets. There are mercenaries trained, paid and moved around by foreign intelligence, but there is no independent entity with a cyber division between the deserts of syria and iraq.

It's all make believe.

Posted by: never mind | Nov 10 2018 12:30 utc | 28

Cyber actors steal from each other(as in imitation is the sincerest form of flattery) all the time.
A number of cyber actors actively imitate others as well.
I'd add that the Canada connection might be a radicalized Ukrainian...

Posted by: C1ue | Nov 10 2018 12:48 utc | 29

Everybody please read, re-read and understand what Palloy said above (10).

Posted by: bjd | Nov 10 2018 13:59 utc | 30

Hacking operations by anyone, can and will be used by US propagandists to provoke Russia or whoever stands in the way of the US war machine, take this Pompeo rant against Iran and the Iranian response......
Asking of Pompeo “have you no shame?”, Zarif mocked Pompeo’s praise for the Saudis for “providing millions and millions of dollars of humanitarian relief” to Yemen, saying America’s “butcher clients” were spending billions of dollars bombing school buses. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif issued a statement lashing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for his recent comments on the Yemen War. Discussing the US-backed Saudi invasion of Yemen, Pompeo declared Iran to be to blame for the death and destruction in the country.
The US way of looking at things supposes that up is down, and white is black, it makes no sense, unless the US hopes these provocations will lead to a war or at the very least Russia or Iran capitulating to US aggression, which will not happen. Sanctions by the US on all and sundry must be opposed, if not the US will claim justifiably to be the worlds policeman and the arbiter of who will trade with who, a ludicrous proposition but one that most governments are afraid is now taking place, witness the new US ambassador to Germany in his first tweet telling the Germans to cease all trade with Iran immediately.

Posted by: Harry Law | Nov 10 2018 14:11 utc | 31

b, the logical consequence is even worse. It is logic that Russia is ISIS.

Posted by: Klaus Weiß | Nov 10 2018 14:20 utc | 32

Apr 2017 - UCC released a kill list of 8,786 people.

Is that an ISIS kill list or a US kill list?

Posted by: BM | Nov 10 2018 14:22 utc | 33

@34 bjd... yes, i read @10 palloy and agree with it.. people paying attention make note of posts even if they don't say anything.. and i do agree with you..

Posted by: james | Nov 10 2018 14:56 utc | 34

Posted on Ars Tech in response to the evergrowing militaristic US and demonisation of Russia:
"Beware of the Greeks , when they bring gifts"
I find it rather comical that a representative of the MIC lauds cost saving in the federal government and their own policies.
The MIC is all about sucking the teat dry, and the US taxpayer is rewarded by the biggest uncontrolled defense budget ever, believe to be 1,3 trillion dollars.
The US mus have some mighty enemies, surely, at this spending. Americans must live in daily fear; fear of some bogeyman (China, Russia) will invade and pillage; pillage exactly what?
Land? They have more than they need.
Industry? American industry is almost non existent.
Know how? The Chinese and Russia already knows what it wants to know, mainly due to incapable and inept security systems in the US. Despite 500 000 people employed in securing the US.
Rape the white wasp ladies? Hardly! American women has become increasingly unchick, obese and half of them inorganic plastic.
To make a reservation? Indeed the Morganthau plan in reverse, would be a viable option. The US as a no federalised country with states as highest level of power, a technological level not exceeding 1830 and with a death penalty for those that try to break barriers, all done by drone technology. ( I mean that's Afghanistan today, so stop whimpering).
Walking down that Detoit road with an in smuggled Glock in your pocket will just earn you a funeral in bits and pieces. (You coul hold several funeral and wakes :))
And a 100 years later the US populace could slowly learn what it means om empathy, caring for your next, to reject militarism etc. Just like the Germans did in 15 years. Americans will take longer, as they in general are uninformed and brainwashed through 70 years, Hitler only had 5-8 years.
Good luck America taking on more than half of this globe, I sincerely hope you fail drastically!

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Nov 10 2018 16:15 utc | 35

Re Palloy @ 10 -- I remember realizing after Edwards Snowden's trove of NSA, CIA (?) hacking programs and programs to fake the origin of info on the web came out that, indeed, never again could the available identity of a web entry be considered the actual source of such info.

I have noticed that such programs are not mentioned by the US media when asserting some named nation or person as responsible for hacking or whatever. There was absolutely no doubting permitted that North Korea, for example, had hacked Sony.

Thus, given that the UK and US fund lots of ISIS web activities and videos, the UK and US are the actual source of such materials. Wjat a mess.

Posted by: jawbone | Nov 10 2018 17:46 utc | 36

reply to 18
"My guess is the 'sophisticated Jack's of the CIA in 2011 and 2012 and of the Pentagon in 2012 and 2013, which revealed ALL the personal and banking identity of every employee, agent, soldier and contractor were Korea-China origin."
Posted by: Anton Worter | Nov 9, 2018 10:59:52 PM | 18

I think the theft was a false flag, did anyone ever see any of those records?

IMO the purpose of the FF was to then use all of that data to create phony invoices which as the Pentagon et al are never audited would never be questioned.

Which gets you to the astronomical 21 to 50 trillion in missing funds identified by the U of Mich professor and the further work of a woman financier 0T.extrapolated that the total sum missing from the Budget office is over 50T.

The articles below mention that the supporting documentation is now missing from the Budget office website. The professor had copied all the data before contacting the budge office and when the budget office didn't return his calls and their website deleted the information he made the info public. and

( b- I hope I copied these links properly)

IMO someones somewhere are doing a yeoman's job of tanking the US govt and the dollar.

Posted by: frances | Nov 10 2018 18:13 utc | 37

" 0T.extrapolated" should read, "as extrapolated"

Posted by: frances | Nov 10 2018 18:15 utc | 38

I have no reason to believe what b reports is false.
Altogether the ways of the US have become more and more predictable the deeper it sinks in its own dependence on the MIC.
Lets face it the US produces hardly anything but weapons. It hardly sells any produce , manufactured in the US, globally.
It has become a low level raw materials provider. Yes indeed spurred on by greed and "offshoring" the US has been butt busked hard and violently, devastating th middle class and annihilating the poor class, causing unemployment in masses. The 0.1 % have enriched themselves accordingly, gains of upward of 80 % the last ten years are not uncommon. Meanwhile a skilled worker hardly makes what his dad made in the 70 ties in buying power.
The US living high with a budge deficit of (estimated) 1,5 trillion a year, giving tax cuts to the very rich, in a feeble and completely disbanded attempt at trick down economics.
As I see it there is one option left: the Morganthau plan! Make the US a peaceful divide pastoral state either through nuclear strike or threat thereof. Have a populace with no more technology than the amiss or ca 1830 development and let it stay like that for a 100 years. Drones will guard this is obeyed, and a nuclear strike not ruled out.Gradually in a 100 years time when capitalism and imperialism has been eradicated the US might slowly find its way back among nations.
The US is in present state a threat to the world and the world order, it should be put down as humanly possible, but it should be put down. It is a threat to humanity, based on something as noxious as greed.
That is what we westernes have never learnt, all our empires, short lived but powerful. collapsed because of greed. Go east look at China, they had empires that indeed last "a thousand year reich". Obs: China never brought war on a neighbor. So what did they do: they demanded that a foreign country recognize Chinas statue as a world power and that the Kaiser be paid some tribute, but as the Chinese going goes a gift is rewarded by a bigger one, so you would receive double back.
And BTW what has the chines ever done to civilisation: sigh! The list is too long.
Chinese and Arabian influence on science, maths and surgery/disease control revolutionized our backward "Christian" feudal regimes. Luckily Luther brought some sense into the madness, and today the catholic church is largely irrelevant. Is all superstition.
Which brings me back to a country, in which 37 % believe that the sun orbits Earth.17 believe flat earth, 10 - 15 % believe in 6000 year earth.
So we are dealing with a nuclear armed nation that has come provable among the the most ill-informed, ignorant and badly educated. "Idocracy" come true.
Now the rest of the world is not too happy about this, this madd bull jumping around in the arena is dangerous, a proper headshot with a 30-06 would for out the problems.
Both Russia has publicly stated that they will never initiate a nuclear first strike, I think they need to revisit that statement, and incorporate a first strike option if the US gets out of hand.At present the US government is much like a roque state, it only accepts laws that is in their (despicable junior: Israel) favour. It does not recognize international law.
I am all in favor of a strict and harsh Morganthau s

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Nov 10 2018 18:18 utc | 39

oh and Israhell:
They have to laern that today you do not use nuclear weapons on non armed nuclear states. I ran has no nuclear capabilities as evidenced by god and his mother.
But Israel is such a pitiful small country that a masivie bombardment with just conventional weapons would bring the supremacists to the negotiating table.
Israel can not sustain more than 2 wekks of mobilisation and total war, without going bankrupt. the state is to 25% funded by the US. Once the US goes, Israel goes too.
May be moderates (yes they are there) can build something new.

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Nov 10 2018 18:29 utc | 40

Frankly, the ability to have all computers at the Pentagon play Taps would absolutely rule. /s

Posted by: Stumpy | Nov 10 2018 23:14 utc | 41

frances @ 42

Catherine Austin Fitts has a few updates to this story, which is largely her story, an INCREDIBLE story(i'd urge everyone to take the hour to listen).

but the 21 trillion is still missing...or actually not missing, but unaccounted for, 'cause certainly the Fed has a record for each and every dollar.

Posted by: john | Nov 11 2018 15:49 utc | 42

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Nov 10, 2018 1:18:25 PM | 44

Which brings me back to a country, in which 37 % believe that the sun orbits Earth.17 believe flat earth, 10 - 15 % believe in 6000 year earth.
So we are dealing with a nuclear armed nation that has come provable among the the most ill-informed, ignorant and badly educated. "Idocracy" come true.

None of those people are anywhere near the levers of political, economic, or cultural power. America's insanity and evil are 100% the product of impeccably educated elites. I'm not sure what's the point of your kick-down misdirection, other than elitism on your part.

Posted by: Russ | Nov 11 2018 16:41 utc | 43

reply to : john | Nov 11, 2018 10:49:09 AM | 49
Thank you for that link, I had read about her work on the Budget earlier, but couldn't recall her name.
A point she makes is that money is never "missing" it is just somewhere else, it never disappears and always can be found.
I would so love Trump to hire her and the team from U of Mich to track down the missing funds. Imagine what could be done with 10 trillion or so, free college for all, free health care, infrastructure banks in every state, free early childhood education...Thank you again.

Posted by: frances | Nov 11 2018 17:58 utc | 44

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