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November 01, 2018

By Way Of Deception - False Flag Terror Acts Press Europe To Sanction Iran

Israels secret service Mossad, with the CIA behind it, is framing Iran with alleged assassination plots in Europe.

In September a terror attack killed some 30 people in Iran. Two entities, an Arab separatist movement as well as the Islamic State terror group ISIS, took responsibility. After an investigation Iran found that it was ISIS which was responsible. It took revenge against the identified culprits.

Six weeks later Denmark claims, without providing evidence, that Iran tried to assassinate a leader of the Arab separatist movement over the incident. Iran denies any such attempt. The right wing Danish government uses the claim  to urge other European countries to sanction Iran.

It is unlikely that Iran would take action in Europe, which it urgently needs to reduce the damage of U.S. sanction, over an incident for which it already punished the Islamic State.

The Danish claims are allegedly based on information provided by Mossad. That only increases the suspicion that the assassination plot is a false flag operation similar to a recent one in Belgium. More likely though is that the CIA is behind such false flag incidents.

The details:

On September 22 gunmen killed 29 and wounded more than 70 participants and onlookers of a veterans day parade in Ahvaz, Iran:

Three of the attackers were gunned down during clashes with the security forces and one other was arrested, news agencies reported.
"The terrorists disguised as Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and Basiji (volunteer) forces opened fire to the authority and people from behind the stand during the parade," the governor of Khuzestan, Gholam-Reza Shariati, said, according to IRNA.

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert also referred to the attack as terrorism. Nauert said on Saturday, "We stand with the Iranian people against the scourge of radical Islamic terrorism and express our sympathy to them at this terrible time".

The Islamic State as well as an Arab separatist movement claimed responsibility:

On 22 September 2018, Yaqoob Al-Ahvaz claimed responsibility for the 2018 Ahvaz military parade attack in comments to UK-based Iran International TV. He said that his group Ahvaz National Resistance, a part of Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz, has "no choice but to resist." On 23 September, a statement made in The Hague, Netherlands, on the ASMLA website, denied responsibility for the attack, saying that the claim was made by a "group that was expelled from the organization since 2015."

After Yaqoob Al-Ahvaz claimed responsibility Iran accused Saudi Arabia of involvement in the attack:

IRGC spokesman Ramezan Sharif said the attackers were affiliated with a terrorist group supported by Saudi Arabia, Iran's state-run Press TV said.

"The individuals who fired at the people and the armed forces during the parade are connected to the al-Ahvaziya group which is fed by Saudi Arabia," Sharif said. Saudi Arabia has yet to respond to the allegations.

The UK-based Iran International TV, where Yaqoob Al-Ahvaz claimed responsibility, is funded by a firm with ties to Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Several years ago ASMLA aka Al-Ahvaziya committed several terror attacks in Iran. Its leaders live in the Netherlands and Denmark.

Iran immediately reminded those countries of their duties:

Iran's Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassadors of the Netherlands and Denmark, along with a senior British diplomat on Saturday to issue a strong protest the attack, Iran's state-run media reports.

Bahram Ghasemi, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman, said Iran "re-emphasized" to the diplomats a previous warning about the presence in their respective countries of members of a group that Iran classifies as a terrorist group and wants arrested and prosecuted.

According to IRNA, Ghasemi said "it is unacceptable" that members of a terrorist group be allowed in those countries and not be included on the European Union's terror list only because they have not committed crimes on European soil.

A few days later though, Iran concluded that the attack was not committed by the Ahvaz movement, but by the Islamic State. On October 1 it responded with a missile salvo that hit Islamic State facilities in Syria:

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) announced they have bombed a site in eastern Syria in retaliation to the terrorist attack against a military parade in Iranian Ahvaz 10 days ago.
The IRGC confirmed that the targeted terrorist group was behind the terror attack that killed over a dozen and injured many more in the city of Ahvaz.

An additional operation against the planers of the attack took place on October 15 in Iraq:

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said on Tuesday they had killed the “mastermind” behind an attack on a military parade in the Iranian city of Ahvaz last month which left 25 people dead, nearly half of them members of the Guards.

The Guards said in a statement published on state media their forces had killed a man named Abu Zaha and four other militants in Diyala province in Iraq. One news website run by Iran’s state television said Abu Zaha was a member of Islamic State.

That closed the issue for Iran.

On October 30 Denmark suddenly accused Iran of an assassination plot against a leader of the ASMLA group:

Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen described the alleged planned assassination by Iran of an exiled separatist leader in Denmark as "totally unacceptable"

The Iranian ambassador to Copenhagen was summoned to the foreign ministry over the allegations.

A Norwegian citizen of Iranian origin was arrested in Sweden on 21 October in connection with the alleged plan. The man denies the charges.

Authorities conducted a massive manhunt on 28 September which led to road closures, trains and ferries being cancelled, and bridges being shut across Denmark.

On Tuesday, Danish intelligence chief Finn Borch Andersen confirmed the measures had been taken to prevent the alleged plot.

The Danish intelligence accused the Norwegian citizens of taking pictures of a house where one of the ASMLA leader lives. It provide no evidence for its claims.

Iran rejected the accusations:

An Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said such "biased reports" and allegations pursued "the enemy's plots and conspiracies" to harm the developing relations between Iran and Europe, according to Tasnim news agency.

It indeed seems that Danish government, led by the rightwing Venstre party, is collaborating with the U.S. and Britain to sabotage the European position against U.S. sanctions on Iran:

Mr Rasmussen said, after a meeting with his British counterpart Theresa May in Oslo, that he appreciated her support.

"In close collaboration with UK and other countries we will stand up to Iran," he tweeted.

Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen said Denmark would discuss further actions with European partners in the coming days.

The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, congratulated Denmark on arresting "an Iranian regime assassin".

The former Secretary General of NATO and U.S. stooge Anders Fogh Rasmussen is the predecessor of the current Venstre party leader and Danish premier Lars Løkke Rasmussen. Both are hawks.


Yesterday Israeli journalist reported that the information on which Denmark acted came from Israel:

Barak Ravid @BarakRavid - 10:12 utc- 31 Oct 2018

BREAKING: Israeli Mossad gave Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) the information about the assassination attempt planned by Iranian intelligence service against the leader of the Iranian opposition organization ASMLA, Israeli official tells me

Well - if Israeli officials says Iran did something bad that will surely be true. (Not.)

Iran's foreign minister accuses Israel of running false flag operations to frame Iran:

Javad Zarif @JZarif - 20:15 utc - 31 Oct 2018

Mossad's perverse & stubborn planting of false flags (more on this later) only strengthens our resolve to engage constructively with the world. [...]

The Times of Israel notes:

Denmark’s accusations against Iran followed the unveiling of another suspected Iranian plot to target a Paris rally by an opposition group in June. According to Israeli reports, the Mossad helped thwart that attack as well, which led to the arrest of several Iranians in Europe, including a diplomat.

The earlier plot involved two members of the anti-Iranian terror cult MEK in Belgium who were caught with explosives that they allegedly wanted to use to blow up a MEK conference in Paris:

The allegation that an Iranian operative plotted an attack on French soil is jeopardizing Europe’s support for the accord. As U.S. and Israeli officials ramp up pressure on Europe to sever ties with Tehran, they have cited it as a reason why Mr. Macron and other leaders should end their support for the deal.

On Tuesday, Denmark announced it had foiled an Iranian operation to kill a dissident, turning up the pressure on Europe to harden its posture toward Tehran. A spokesman for Iran’s foreign ministry said Iran had no involvement in the case.

The most interesting question about such plots is always "Cui bono?". Who benefits from these incidents?

Iran has no interest in causing any upheaval with Europe shortly before the second round of U.S. sanctions, which threaten its economic well being, come into place early this month. Iran already took revenge for the Ahvaz attack. It has no need to tackle some unrelated separatist who resides in Denmark. Iran needs Europe to work around the U.S. sanctions. That aim prohibits any such operations.

Both, the MEK plot as well as the case in Denmark, smell of false flag incidents. In both case no one was hurt. In both cases some stooges with no current relation to Iran were caught. Both cases came to light after information was allegedly provided by Mossad.

But is it really Israel who set up these incidents? Both serve U.S. interest just as much. It is no secret that the U.S. wants to prevent European subversion of U.S. sanctions on Iran.

In June 2017 the Trump administration installed a new CIA group to plot and launch undercover operations against Iran. It is led by its most ruthless operator:

He is known as the Dark Prince or Ayatollah Mike, nicknames he earned as the Central Intelligence Agency officer who oversaw the hunt for Osama bin Laden and the American drone strike campaign that killed thousands of Islamist militants and hundreds of civilians.

Now the official, Michael D’Andrea, has a new job. He is running the C.I.A.’s Iran operations, according to current and former intelligence officials, an appointment that is the first major sign that the Trump administration is invoking the hard line the president took against Iran during his campaign.

Mr. D’Andrea’s new role is one of a number of moves inside the spy agency that signal a more muscular approach to covert operations under the leadership of Mike Pompeo, the conservative Republican and former congressman, the officials said.

A year later the same Mike Pompeo, now Secretary of State, created the Iran Action Group within the State Department. It is a complementary entity to the CIA group. Little has been published about the action both groups have taken so far. What has Ayatollah Mike done since he set up shop 18 month ago?

It is likely that the false flag operations in Europe, like the ones in Belgium and Denmark, are run by the CIA with the Mossad only in an auxiliary role. The U.S. can hardly admit that it is faking terrorist incidents in Europe while the overrated Mossad loves to take credit for everything that happens on this world. 

Europe has no interest in supporting or escalating Trump's war on Iran. EU countries should demand hard evidence from Denmark and other accusers of Iran and should not act on the basis of only vague accusations.

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Iran should sue the puppet state Denmark. End of story

Posted by: Occidentosis | Nov 1 2018 14:56 utc | 1

Impressive analysis b.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 1 2018 14:57 utc | 2

Israel is regarded as a beneficent country with no ulterior motives by western governments and media. Every time, you can count on like clockwork, no matter how outrageous or self serving the claim.

Posted by: worldblee | Nov 1 2018 14:59 utc | 3

@mark2 about yemen you should read peter konig's Khashoggi versus 50,000 Slaughtered Yemeni Children Peter Koenig

Posted by: Occidentosis | Nov 1 2018 15:08 utc | 4

thanks b.. i agree with your analysis here.. the usa needs to keep its puppet states. on a string... cia has a long history of these types of actions.. i am surprised at how easily or convenient it is for the puppets to continue as puppets.. and of course as we approach the nov 5 th financial santion bs from the evil empire that claims equality for all (after usa and israel are cared for) will be trying to alienate the rest of the world to iran as much as possible.. the timing here is in line with that goal post.. very predictible, just like our local shill who will claim it is iran as opposed to usa-israel-ksa and etc, that pull this shit regularly.. the same ugly crew responsible for supporting terrorism as witnessed in syria, yemen and etc further back are at work here... predictible..

i suspect more bs to come from these same state sponsored liars....

Posted by: james | Nov 1 2018 15:17 utc | 5

Thanks occidentosis @ 7
I deffenatly will read that link article !
Here’s a good link to what people can do to protest this in USA but will probably be good for elsewhere to. Don’t let’s let this subject go !

Posted by: Mark2 | Nov 1 2018 15:25 utc | 6

And just take a look at Britain’s disgusting priority’s money is more important than preventing / stopping US/UK genacide !

Posted by: Mark2 | Nov 1 2018 15:50 utc | 7

The complete and utter amorality of the West on display yet again, as if we needed any more examples. There is certainly compelling evidence that a group of "extremists" are endangering all of humanity and the entire planet, the only problem for Western MSM in reporting on this is that those "extremists" are in fact the ruling elites of the West and their "allies" in Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Posted by: Gary Weglarz | Nov 1 2018 15:57 utc | 8

"Both, the MEK plot as well as the case in Denmark, smell of false flag incidents. In both case no one was hurt."
Just like with the "bombs" shipped to a few US "liberals" recently.

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Nov 1 2018 15:59 utc | 9

I thought the War on Terror dictated that the whole world was the battlefield. What's the difference between Iran trying to take down a terrorist in Denmark and the US trying to take one down in Pakistan or Afghanistan or Africa?

Posted by: WJ | Nov 1 2018 16:01 utc | 10

It was only going to be a matter of time until Iran got Skripalled. Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif Tweets a list:

"Incredible series of coincidences. Or, a simple chronology of a MOSSAD program to kill the JCPOA?"

Please note the last listed "coincidence."

Also on Zarif's Twitter is a video segment of his interview with Face The Nation and other important announcements. This is what he said about the Pittsburg attack:

"Extremism and terrorism know no race or religion, and must be condemned in all cases. The world deserves better than to have to live with weaponized demagoguery. Thoughts and prayers with victims of terrorist attack on Pittsburgh synagogue and their loved ones." [My Emphasis]

The nations of the world have had the following choice to make for awhile now, and I'd say the choice can no longer be kicked down the road:

Either blindly follow the two prevaricating Outlaw Nations--United States and Israel--or stand with Russia, China, and others in supporting proven truths and upholding the fundamental principles of International Law as expressed via the UN Charter. In other words, it's past time to review GW Bush's dicta: Either you're with us or against us--abet the lawbreakers or join the posse to contain them.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 1 2018 16:16 utc | 11

@Mark2 - NO MORE ONE-LINERS FROM YOU or I will ban you.

Every time you come up to this site you disrupt all discussions here by posting 10+ one-line comments.

All those have the same characteristic. They are useless.

Stop this nonsense. Write decent comments that are on the subject of the post or just go away.

Posted by: b | Nov 1 2018 16:17 utc | 12

The evil empire and their bought minions are infecting the globe. They will never stop until their domination by organised $ brings surfs everywhere under their control.

These forces do not believe in a "middle class", they believe the wealthiest should rule because it creates a more stable and predictable society..

A society Charles Dickens wrote about. Wonderful...

Posted by: ben | Nov 1 2018 16:19 utc | 13

One needs a high level of stupid among the western population to sell bull s... by the buckets. But then again, that is US and allies. As was said: Too stupid to realize they are stupid. In the US the most trusted institution is the military. Proof enough?

Posted by: Ger | Nov 1 2018 16:29 utc | 14

‘B’ that’s o k i’ll Just go away good bye good luck, and thanks for having me.

Posted by: Mark2 | Nov 1 2018 16:35 utc | 15

about MEK, the terrorist group... our shithead exprime minister steven harper was singing the praises of them the past month.... apparenlty stevie just can’t do enough for israel and zionism, and if the canuck media which is essentialy bought and paid for by the same interests has its way, we will get a similar insane gov’t after trudeau light is finished his term... apparently canucks are one cycle behind the usa in electing its leaders... it will be a trump type israel subservient toad for next pm of cauckistan... i sure wish the western political players weren’t so beholden to neoliberalism. and we had someone even half the leader putin is.... but, we don’t....

Posted by: james | Nov 1 2018 17:34 utc | 16

East by not responding strongly to West provocations is begging for war.
East by crying for West for cooperation is begging for war.
And since East and West are controlled by the same same cabal - war is inevitable.
Just ask Mr. Kissinger...

Posted by: Vitaliy | Nov 1 2018 18:12 utc | 17

The Edomites, who after Rome's extermination of the remnant of the House of Israel at Jerusalem began calling themselves "Jews" for "controlled opposition" for "the real Anti-Christ" "engine for enslaving mankind" we founded God's America to escape, become sex perverts, including incesting Sabbatean Frankists - hence the Manchu-baldness, as a consequence of their satanic cult's ritual sodomy of innocent toddlers while being rabbinically inculcated as "gods chosen by God to rule the world."

It is, in fact, the Synagogue of Satan.

Posted by: hans | Nov 1 2018 18:19 utc | 18

Wow. Thank You for this one. After reading this excellent assessment of the present situation, of which we might only know the most shallow facts, I had to do a search (DDG) about Iran during the time of the first openly Fascist Europe - being described as having emanated from 3rd-Reich-Germany and Italy.
I was unaware that there was an Anglo-Soviet Invasion of Iran, because of the alleged sympathy of the Shah's Iran with Nazi-Germany. The Brits and the Russians were buddies then and wanted to prevent that Iranian oil is accessible to Nazi-Germany.

All over sudden I am confused that the Brits invaded shoulder to shoulder with Soviet forces Iran - while now, besides delivering the political ham theater of saber rattling against Russia, supporting terror and instigating sanctions against Iran again.

To make things much worse to comprehend, one is to wonder how many European countries actually did join Nazi Germany without much ado at the time, based on the fact that the Scandinavians and the Netherlands are now as Fascist as Nazi Germany was during its short 1000 years of glory. Does anybody else get the impression that this was always this way? That we have been lied to about everything regarding Fascism? That it was never Fascism that was the problem in Europe - as it appears to do very well there - but a strong Germany that could have easily governed its territory via effective 'bureaucracy'. All of Europe.

The truth is, that the stench of Fascism today, was already stinking badly in the 20th century, but was never really a problem. The problem were the Germans. And somehow, the Germans want to continue to have economic ties with Iran. Is this how history repeats itself - minus the marching Soviet/Russian and British buddy forces?

Quite ludicrous the whole theater.

Posted by: notheonly1 | Nov 1 2018 18:25 utc | 19

Earth been damned and given to Worldmaster to rule - what else one needs to know?

Posted by: Vitaliy | Nov 1 2018 18:38 utc | 20

How many false flag operations have been invoked to explain unpopular events in recent years? The British government was behind the attempted murder of Skripal. All of the chemical attacks launched against the opposition in Syria were false flag operations to bring the US into the war (which amounted to nothing burgers anyway). Ray McGovern hypothesized the US used the Vault 7 tools as a false flag to blame Russia for the DNC hack. Is there any end to false flag speculation?

Who cares if the Iranians deny the charge? That means absolutely nothing. Russia has been lying and denying for years. Additionally, that Mossad would have provided the information to Denmark and France is completely logical since they have been collecting intelligence on Iran for years - and have been dealing with Iranian-supported terrorists for decades.

There is no evidence for a false flag operation. Sure it's a possibility (it's always a possibility), but the current evidence points toward Iranian plans to murder dissidents. The British were right about Skripal. The Dutch were right about MH17. Ray McGovern was wrong about the CIA hacking the DNC - and the likely result of this investigation is that Iran planned to murder a couple of dissidents. In lieu of the stupidity exhibited by the Saudis in the Khashoggi murder, it's completely believable.

With all of that said, this is a well thought out attempt to blame the US.

Posted by: craigsummers | Nov 1 2018 18:48 utc | 21

Denmark has become another UK, willing to perform any act and light any fuse against Russia, Iran or any nation that challenges the hegemony of US, EU and NATO.

Just a subservient vassal, self-degradating. I would compare Denmark to a whore, but that defames those poor souls.

The Danes are like Brits. There, I said it. Nothing worse than the official scumbags of Britain. Pity the good folks of both countries.

Such a little country desperately trying to hide their true Nazi soul, fabricating events and promulgating Fake News and bogus Intel.
In service to big Hegemon and little hegemon (Israel).

Just disgusting.

Posted by: Red Ryder | Nov 1 2018 19:00 utc | 22

@craig - With all of that said, this is a well thought out attempt to blame the US.

Thanks for acknowledging my geniality, and for the amusement. Shall we make you the house buffoon of the bar?

Posted by: b | Nov 1 2018 19:07 utc | 23

thanks for the analysis. we all see the pattern, but i guess it's still important to debunk the bullshit--it just never seems to stop the predetermined goals. it was widely seen that saddam's alleged wmd's didn't exist, but the invasion went on. now the u.s. wants war with iran. unless russia or china intervenes, what can stop it?

Posted by: pretzelattack | Nov 1 2018 19:10 utc | 24

@10 - WJ: Difference is, USA has drones and some 19 yo teen can kill you with his joystick. ;)
I think false flag seems likely, but i also have some doubts about ISIS claiming to be resposible. The Iranian state is also pretty complex, with many different actors and power centers. So it cant be ruled out that those arab seperatists are resposible and that some rouge IRGC faction took action against reason of the state as a whole.
Like B said, the EU should demand evidence. Like with Skripal.. Not trust the Danish NATO proxys.

Posted by: DontBelieveEitherPropaganda | Nov 1 2018 19:15 utc | 25


The Dutch were not right about MH17, and neither are the Danes. Almost certainly another anti-Iranian false flag coming -- this on American soil -- w war soon to follow.

'The Russian military traced the Buk missile [9M38 missile], which shot down the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine in 2014, using serial numbers found on missile fragments showcased by an international team of investigators led by the Netherlands.

'Using the serial number of the nozzle cluster 9D13105000 No. 8-30-113 and the engine of the missile 9D131 with the serial number 8869032, the Russian military identified this missile as one produced by the Dolgoprudny plant – a Soviet/Russian designer and mass producer of surface-to-air missiles located in the city of Dolgoprudny, Moscow Oblast.

'The military said that the documentation for the aforementioned missile is still stored at the plant – the missile with the aforementioned engine and nozzle cluster has the manufacturing serial number of 8868720.

'According to the provided documents, the nozzle cluster was installed in the missile on December 24, 1986. The engine was installed to the missile on the same day.'

Posted by: Nick Baam | Nov 1 2018 19:33 utc | 26

Outlaw US Empire attacks Iran with new version of Stuxnet virus.

About the only difference between Trump and Hillary I can judge is he's not quite as reckless. Otherwise, their policy goal remains the same: Full Spectrum Dominance by any means necessary. The attack proves yet again the Outlaw US Empire would rather have destabilization and war in the region than peace, still thinking it remains the World's Boss.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 1 2018 19:38 utc | 27

@22 Nah, better make him the corner spit bowl..

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 1 2018 20:01 utc | 28

Thanks b, this is Journalism. Poor craigsummers appears to be in shock. It's ok craig.

We're in a really strange place vis a vis "Mossad" in the west. The average person on the street doesn't know whether to idolize them as superhuman kickass kravmaga-inventing Jason Bourne types, or diabolical creeps like Weinstein's "former Mossad" minions. Then Sacha Baron Cohen comes around and makes them funny again. Are they scary? Funny? When they appear in official media, it's usually in a display of mindblowing incompetence or fraud. So you can see how we're confused.

Posted by: sejomoje | Nov 1 2018 20:12 utc | 29

25 - "USA has drones and some 19 yo teen can kill you with his joystick."

Yes, from a safe place in some place in the U.S. desert, but I wonder how the pilots of the aircraft refueling the KSA bombing runs to Yemen feel as they finish and do a 180 to return to base. Do they first look to see what their evil has done before heading back?

Posted by: Bart Hansen | Nov 1 2018 21:01 utc | 30

More likely it is Iran conveniently concluded that ISIS was responsible, only to get off the hook of EU countries that harbor terrorists not only anti Iran by anti Russia, so they closed the case not to wreck meek EU attempt to find the way around US sanctions with trade with Iran. Mossad did not like that and hence used another Russia Gate like provocation to stop EU Iran accommodation, this time claiming new Iranian terrorism issue Orwelian style blame victims.

Posted by: Kalen | Nov 1 2018 21:31 utc | 31

karlof1 27 "About the only difference between Trump and Hillary I can judge is he's not quite as reckless."

I would agree with that, but I also think he will be willing to take big risks to see his plan through. He may well be like Putin's cornered rat if his plans are blocked.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 1 2018 21:59 utc | 32

One question we should be asking is why all of a sudden is Denmark taking a leading role in accusing Iran of supporting terrorism and terrorist cells in Europe. Is Denmark's action as much to pressure Sweden and Finland into joining NATO as it is to pressure the EU into following the US in sanctioning Iran and tearing up the nuclear treaty the EU still adheres to?

Posted by: Jen | Nov 1 2018 22:14 utc | 33

B @ 23, Lozion @ 28:

Craig's ambitions are rather more lofty than what you both have proposed. He aspires to be the President Trump of MoA.

Posted by: Jen | Nov 1 2018 22:20 utc | 34

This crap by the Danes is not without precedent. They were in on the US attack against the SAA at Deir Ezzor. US, UK, Australia and Denmark all took part in that attack.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 1 2018 22:59 utc | 35

One question we should be asking is why all of a sudden is Denmark taking a leading role

the danes swede and norway,netherlands folks have all been anglo zion borged.
the man leading this charge is a mr samuel son a proud son of a son i am sure he believes what he says i'm sure he has good reason.
wait for future headlines involving norways trillion dollar sovreign wealth fund vanishing just like gadaffi libya or ukraines gold..

country control via epstein lolita express blackmail.
young boys and girls in ritual cctv horror show as a form of soft power persuasion

Posted by: hans | Nov 1 2018 23:00 utc | 36

I'm not entirely convinced b. The Iranian government has a long history of assassination attempts. And Denmark is not exactly a war mongering nation so your claims seem a bit shaky. I have never been impressed by analyses of Iran on this blog, as I think both b and many commentators here totally ignorant of the IRI's crimes against its own citizens. I am very knowledgable when it comes to Iran and so incidents like these do not surprise me. Of course I should make clear that it is possible to be against the IRI and western war mongering nations at the same time.

Posted by: Ninel | Nov 1 2018 23:17 utc | 37

I just can't stand responding to cs21 hasbara garbage; nothing is more annoying than hasbara. To quote Irish Nobel laureate GB Shaw: never wrestle with pigs, you both get dirty and the pig loves it!

Mossad used the MEK and another terrorist group, Jundallah in Iran when they didn't do the dirty job themselves to assassinate Iranian scientists extra-judicially. Imagine if JFK had done same when Israel was developing its nuclear weapons on the sly?

That's not all, Mossad used these terrorists like they used terrorists in Syria to foment manufactured revolution, specifically, in Iran, the Green Revolution and as for example what was done in Ukraine, terrorist snipers masquerading as basiji fired into the crowd of green protestors and killed a young women who the Western media elevated as the face of the Revolution hoping it would incite anger that would spread exponentially and trigger riots everywhere then civil war like in Syria and Ukraine, but they were very disappointed. This is playbook Mossad/CIA revolution engineering. All constituted criminal acts against sovereign nations, except in Iran their plan fizzled.

Mossad also used false flag against Gadaffi in Libya and years earlier against Mossadegh, the democratically elected leader of Iran that preceded the Shah. The Lavon Affair was a false flag comprised of multiple terrorist attacks that Israel planned and plotted to execute and blame on the Muslim Brotherhood and other Egyptian groups.

Mossad has assassinated what it considered to be terrorists in Europe, Syria, Lebanon, UAE, Jordan and on and on with total impunity. Some of these so-called terrorists were political leaders recent example Arafat, and attempted murder of Meschal, at least one or more were false flag to trigger civil war, i.e. in Lebanon, and some were what South African Apartheid victims would consider resistance and freedom fighters.

Israel also attacked the USSLiberty and no doubt had a hand in U.S. military sabotage in Lebanon not to mention murdering American journalists and activists.

ALL this was done with impunity. So in regards to these foiled terrorist attacks I have no doubt Mossad is up to no good and Israel has everything to gain in this dirty business they have executed many times before.

The truth lies in who benefits most and who has exhibited the most egregious pattern of behaviour. ISRAEL.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 1 2018 23:21 utc | 38

Yes, it certainly smells like a false flag operation.
The CIA, MI6, and Mossad have been doing such operations in Europe since the end of WW2.
No surprise.

Posted by: AriusArmenian | Nov 1 2018 23:29 utc | 39

IRAN must be a hasbara trigger word. The Zionist web army recruits have arrived. Everything you pulled out of wiki I can double, triple, quadruple for Isra-hell. For starters, let's talk about Prison facility 1391 - torture, murder, perpetual isolation--dark ages stuff.

Let's talk about the kidnapping, imprisonment, even torture of children. Perhaps, the worst human rights record against children. 8000 Palestinian children arrested since 2000.

What about the two-tier justice system in Isra-hell?

Shall we discuss the murder of activists, journalists and protestors? What about political prisoners in Isra-hell? What about administrative detention. Detention without trial.

This is the tip of the iceberg regarding Isra-hell's human rights abuses. Don't get me started.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 2 2018 0:16 utc | 41

cs @ 21 said;"With all of that said, this is a well thought out attempt to blame the US."

For your perusal cs. Gee, I can't imagine why anyone would be suspicious of the U$A's motives

Posted by: ben | Nov 2 2018 0:34 utc | 42

b @23

"......Thanks for acknowledging my geniality, and for the amusement. Shall we make you the house buffoon of the bar?......"

What ever suits you. I just appreciate you not deleting my account!


Posted by: craigsummers | Nov 2 2018 1:27 utc | 43

As we approach the end of the year the big questions facing Europe are:

(1) Which country will win the prize for the most decapitations or slit throats? France or Germany?

With dozens of horrific crimes recently these two competitors are running neck and neck, however with Macron's France averaging close to one slit throat per day, France is probably going to win this contest

Which leaves us with the big question Germans are asking

(2) Which city will earn the distinction of being 2018’s Rape Capital of Germany?

For a long time it seemed that the winner would surely be Berlin, but then Freiburg lurched into the lead a few weeks ago.

And now, with a 15-year-old being gang-raped by Afghan asylum seekers, Munich is hustling to take the title.

This crime and subsequent arrests were kept out of the media for a few weeks

— coincidentally, until just after the recent local elections in Bavaria

The article below from Bild, also translated into English, contains additional details:

Suspects in Custody: Six Men Allegedly Raped Girl (15)

October 30, 2018

Munich — The Munich police have arrested five Afghan refugees; according to Bayerischer Rundfunk another alleged perpetrator is on the run.

The allegation: They reportedly raped a 15-year-old girl.

The Munich public prosecutor confirmed to BILD upon request that there is an investigation involving a sexual assault and several people have been arrested. The spokesman did not want to comment further.

The case: The girl, who is being psychologically cared for, according to BILD’s information, had filed charges against her “partner” at the end of September. The asylum seeker is said to have verbally threatened her and thereby forced her to have intercourse.

Also, he forced her to have intercourse with several his friends. She was so intimidated that she had to endure being abused by them all for several days. Each case is to be handled individually. Physical violence had played no role in the incidents.

In addition to the alleged victim’s partner, four other refugees (all between 20 and 25 years old) were arrested. The alleged perpetrators are registered asylum seekers.

In the meantime, warrants have been issued against them on suspicion of rape. They are in custody.

The assaults are said to have occurred at the end of September. The first arrests were made four weeks ago.

Some interrogations remain to be conducted to substantiate the allegations made by the alleged victim, which is one explanation for why the authorities have not made the case public.

Some of the detainees admitted that they had intercourse with the minor, but said that it had taken place by mutual agreement."

Got that?

According to Bild, "Physical violence played no role in the incidents"

Posted by: bokin | Nov 2 2018 3:41 utc | 44

First their is money laundering charges by the US against Denmark's largest bank and now we have Denmark joining the Trump stomp on Iran project. Could it be the US cut a deal with Denmark to limit their investigations and penalties into this bank and maybe others, or possible involvement of Danish government officials, and the Dane's jumped at the chance to limit the damage to the country and it's economy and keep sanction happy Trump from sanctioning them into the poor house.

Posted by: snedly arkus | Nov 2 2018 4:43 utc | 45

Denmark, like Sweden and Norway are the biggest enablers of USA's imperial efforts more than any other nations in the whole world. I think it is only Russia which gets that fact. Nobel prizes are nothing but tooks of the US empire

Posted by: Steve | Nov 2 2018 8:49 utc | 46

42 ben, ditto... cs has never heard of the cia and the past countless years of there horrors... in fact as far as cs is concerned, they never had any role to play in ghouta 2011 and afterwards either...cs thinks the letters stand for charity international association...usaid is another benevolent org as far as cs is concerned... if cs was ever to read john perkins ‘confessions of an economic hit man’ he would fall out of his chair and have his world turned upside down.... cs really needs to hang over at pat langs site where some of his love and ignorance of the usa’s covert history has a place of acceptance.. it ain’t here..

Posted by: james | Nov 2 2018 8:54 utc | 47

44 bokin. German far-right propaganda reaches MoA.

Posted by: Laguerre | Nov 2 2018 10:06 utc | 48

"It is likely that the false flag operations in Europe, like the ones in Belgium and Denmark, are run by the CIA with the Mossad only in an auxiliary role."

Very difficult to distinguish the two. Israel declared its campaign to internally destabilise Iran last spring (evidently having quailed at the risks of the open military attack), the US has been fruitlessly attempting the same for forty years. I suppose the new Israeli campaign has revived US efforts.

By the way, I was interested by Alastair Crooke's recent remark that Israeli air superiority has been broken by the S300s. Crooke's views are to take seriously.

That could be very grave for Israel, if so, and a context for what's happening.

Posted by: Laguerre | Nov 2 2018 11:24 utc | 49

No one has picked up on this ?
Did Khalid bin Salman return because might be accused of being part of the plot? There was a phonecall to the US apparently right after the killing.
It is getting closer to Kushner.
"Two people close to the Saudi royal court said Mr. Kushner and Prince Mohammed communicate often, including by text message, and multiple times since Mr. Khashoggi’s disappearance. A White House spokesman declined to comment about those communications."

The guy is said to have participated in some coalition attacks in Yemen and Syria
(I can't find anymore the recent paper where Yemen was mentioned).
Is this the new bigger than screen playstation for Saudi psychopaths? What about the enquiry into the non-identified plane that bombed civilians during an exchange of prisoners in northern Syria? Could it be a Saudi plane? How many of them have been used in Syria and Yemen?

Posted by: Mina | Nov 2 2018 11:51 utc | 50

Steve, how could you overlook the all time top lap dog: the UK? The UK would be first on most people's list of sycophant enablers of US terrorism, regime change, and false flag operations. Sometimes Macron tries to run ahead of the pack, but gets slapped back by Trump, but when all is said and done, the whole NATO crew are self-serving idiots and assholes.

Posted by: Bandit | Nov 2 2018 12:02 utc | 51

Denmark, like Sweden and Norway are the biggest enablers of USA's imperial efforts more than any other nations in the whole world. I think it is only Russia which gets that fact. Nobel prizes are nothing but tooks of the US empire

Posted by: Steve | Nov 2, 2018 4:49:42 AM | 46
Well said!

I totally agree with you after saw the ghastly bully behaviour of Denmark on 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference, who was actively trying to force down the throat of BRICS (EPS. China & India) and developing countries the schemes that US & Co wanted: 1): to strangle the development chance of third world and 2). to escape the accountability/ownership of the big messy pollution the Western countries has been emitted into the air and the world for centuries.

Another aggressive Dane who was in full swing to propagate the Empire's interests/schemes is Anders Fogh Rasmussen, ex-NATO Secretary General, who was so belligerent that I sometimes question how the peace-love Denmark can produce such an aggressive person......

Posted by: mali | Nov 2 2018 12:13 utc | 52

b, is there any way to highlight a 'Craig Summers' post at the top, so we can skip over his/her/their lying rubbish unread. Bad enough having to wade through the effusions of the sprinkling of religious loonies who seem to be posting now, without wasting time on this bellingcrap-style hasbarollocks.

Posted by: Rhisiart Gwilym | Nov 2 2018 12:43 utc | 53

Is Denmark going to ”stand up to Turkey” also?

”In the beginning of 2017 the Danish Security Service PET had received information about planned political murder of individuals in Denmark who oppose the Turkish government. The PET acted on the information and put the would be targets in safety. This is revealed by Swedish Radio Ekot.

And is Denmark going to stop doing this:”Denmark's foreign minister has for the first time acknowledged that the government allowed the sale of surveillance technology to authoritarian Arab governments, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE.” "Mass surveillance during and after the Arab Spring was used to facilitate the mass incarceration of dissidents, leading to the eventual crushing of popular movements, the report alleged."

And what are the Syro-Ahwazian pro-FSA dudes up to in Denmark:”One battalion of the rebel Free Syrian Army is called the “Ahwaz Brigade”, although the group says there are no foreign fighters in its ranks.

“We have relations with different factions of the (Syrian) rebels,” said Habib Nabgan, the former head of a coalition of Ahwazi parties whose armed wing carried out last week’s pipeline attack.
“They need information, which we give them, and we need some of their expertise, so there is cooperation and that is developing,” he told Reuters via telephone from Denmark, where he took refuge in 2006.”

Ahwazians in Syria:”Before the Syrian uprising, the Ahwazi community in Damascus was living in fear, but is now fully behind the revolutionary struggle.There have been frequent demonstrations in Syria by Ahwazi Arabs flying the opposition flag alongside their own.”

Posted by: Jormaaja | Nov 2 2018 12:48 utc | 54

Interesting, the first time i heard of this story my instinct immediately was, why on earth would Iran conduct such risky and rather pointless operations where the downside would greatly outweigh any benefit if they were caught?? Add to that, no one was harmed, they got "caught".. and Mossad involved.. seems pretty clear to anyone who actually understands what's going on in the world.. but there aren't many of us who actually think when we read the news.. thanks again MR B for another insightful piece on analysis :)

Posted by: EtTuBrute | Nov 2 2018 13:26 utc | 55


Why? Because you think your Zionist propaganda claptrap is actually convincing and working to bring down surviving bastions of independent thought? It's laughable how hasbara-scripted you read; delivering superficially well-constructed neoliberal brainwash, whitewash material. Your disingenuous ilk courting the Left with liberal goodies, in one hand while unleashing double-standard neoconservative righteous destruction with the other is the main reason we now suffer Trump's fascist right-wing version of same. People protest vote neoliberalism and end up in the arms of the hard right-wing version. It's a no choice choice; an affront to real democracy. You play the desperation of the Left against the Right and then deliver it into the same neoconstruct. You're two sides of the same cult and neither can stand independent thought. After I read your Zionist-contrived claptrap, I feel like my mind has been abused and my time wasted. Once you're wise to the trap, you never go back to falling for whichever charismatic puppet is going to save us from the other side.

The goal becomes helping others break free of the vicious, cyclical no-choice duopoly to viably challenge and destroy it for good! You pretend at righeousness, but you're on the side of status quo darkness.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 2 2018 14:24 utc | 56

Uh, just one more point, I still believe in GW Shaw's wisdom that you shouldn't wrestle with ignorance, ie pigs, but I just intended @56 as a Reader Beware CS for anyone who's out there only reading.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 2 2018 14:39 utc | 57

Laguerre 49

Perhaps of more importance was Crooke's remark on US debt. He said in August the cost of servicing the debt, for the first time, exceeded tax revenue. On top of that, the US must sell over a trillion of new debt each year for the next three years.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 2 2018 15:31 utc | 58

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 2, 2018 11:31:43 AM | 58

Yes I too thought that was interesting. But Israel's problem is more fatal, in a permanent sense. Air superiority once lost won't be recovered, but the US could, if it wanted to, live more within its means.

Posted by: Laguerre | Nov 2 2018 16:06 utc | 59


Do you remember the Green revolution of 2009 that went pfttttt?
Well here is an edifying article wrt the CIA :

As usual, some former official has to include : Israeli intelligence tipped off the CIA that Iran had likely identified some of its assets, said the same former official.

Posted by: Yul | Nov 2 2018 16:13 utc | 60

thanks b wise words as usual thanks for soft shoe shuffle i will of course let you know when you cross the antisemenetic line.
by the way
i love you

Posted by: james | Nov 2 2018 16:24 utc | 61


Regarding US Debt as a problem, Bolton sees it as a threat to national security:

"Bolton, speaking Wednesday at an event hosted by the Alexander Hamilton Society in Washington, said he expects U.S. defense spending “to flatten out” in the near term. He said he didn’t anticipate major cuts to entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security.

"“It is a fact that when your national debt gets to the level ours is, that it constitutes an economic threat to the society,” Bolton said. “And that kind of threat ultimately has a national security consequence for it.”"

Of course, he wants to cut support for citizens instead of support for the Deep State and its massively corrupt MIC. The massive cut in revenues caused by Trump's giveaways to corporations and the 1% were designed to exacerbate the problem and create an artificial crisis in discretionary spending. Most from all sides of the political spectrum can see this for what it is and are already pushing back, which will be the fundamental reason Trump won't get a 2nd term--his policies are proving to be a fiscal nightmare.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 2 2018 17:11 utc | 62

The evidence provided by the author that the CIA was the primary driving agent in these incidents is not compelling. In fact, the US government under Obama supported the JCPOA against the wishes of the Netanyahu government. Thus the statement that "US interests" are necessarily defined by sanctions against Iran seems to me to be unfounded. Had the author replaced "US interests" with "Trump administration policies", which are clearly much more aligned with the interests of the Likud and Netanyahu the statement might be more supportable.

Posted by: David Hollander | Nov 2 2018 17:21 utc | 63

re Yul

"Do you remember the Green revolution of 2009 that went pfttttt?"

Very interesting article, but the Green Revolution didn't go pfft because of that. 2009 failed because the middle class aren't very good at revolutions. They aren't the majority, and they didn't have popular support.

Posted by: Laguerre | Nov 2 2018 17:22 utc | 64

And then there's the Zionist Lobby within the Outlaw US Empire and elsewhere. Electronic Intifada announces it has obtained "The Lobby – USA, a four-part undercover investigation by Al Jazeera into Israel’s covert influence campaign in the United States." Yes, parts have circulated the internet for awhile, but now they can be accessed from one source. What needs to arise is a global "Ziongate" aimed at cutting Zionist influence from overly excessive to nil.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 2 2018 17:46 utc | 65

Posted by: David Hollander | Nov 2, 2018 1:21:29 PM | 63

JCPOA was a delaying tactic because Syrian regime change was taking longer than expected. The strategy was: "The road to Tehran runs through Damascus."

UN sanctions were lifted, but not US sanctions.

Obama also supported the covert war in Syria along with Israel and allies.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 2 2018 17:50 utc | 66

Craigsummers is mostly just to be ignored. He does not propagate anything originalm many other poster do not do that either, but reading the MSM thrash here gets a bit long, as there is no individual thought or opinion behind it.
At Craig Murray's blog there are a few with non conform opinons, but they fight for them because they believe in them, and some are indeed original :)
I get a bit bored when I read Zio this and Zio that, it is mostly not about Zio, it is about a criminal government in charge in Tel Aviv, that is hostile to humankind and to people. People like you and me, and Muhammed, Zhen, Volja, Jørgen, Jonas, Kurt, Francois, Pepé and Afua. The same in the US, americans are not bad people, but their government is also hostile to all of us.
That is the face of Fascism. And Populism the forerunner for the latter.
Hitler, Franco, Batistuta, Baby Doc and Pinochet are all laughing right now, where ever they are.

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Nov 2 2018 17:59 utc | 67

Yes the "new" target is Iran, europe couldnt get the war with Russia so they go along with Trump and the neocon's hatred for Iran, I guess the new sanctions will really hurt Iran this time.

Remember this also, just over a month ago:

Iran Summons Netherlands, Denmark, UK Ambassadors After Parade Attack - Reports

These nations^ support terror groups in Iran.

Posted by: Zanon | Nov 2 2018 18:00 utc | 68

Denmark' Venstre is desparate, elections within a year and Lars Løkke Rasmussen is worn and splitting in the seams, literally.
This fat slob PM has been clinging to power mostly because of the total ineptness of former leader of the Social-democrats, Helle Thorning Schmidt, who by chance is married to Neil Kinnock, another useless Neolib, Neoconman.
Hopefully things will change, I am also a citizen there, although I prefer my new Fatherland Sweden, where as a citizen I can, and did vote.
Fight Fascism! And Neo - whatever!

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Nov 2 2018 18:10 utc | 69


"europe couldnt get the war with Russia"

You think Europe wants war with Russia?? Very bizarre.

Posted by: Laguerre | Nov 2 2018 18:12 utc | 70

B, your analysis looks right on. A manufactured incident with a hired stuffed shirt attempting to convince us it's real.

In ten years observing him, I haven't seen an honest action or statement from this Anders Fogh Rasmussen collaborationist. What's particularly hideous is that these liars and scoundrels, even when caught out betraying their country (Denmark), region (Scandinavia) and union (EU), are allowed to continue to live in freedom and even go on to additional high office (usually appointed after first betrayal - can't put them in front of an electorate). The press continue to present these traitors, simpletons and instruments of evil as honourable men.

The worst example of a treacherous servant of imperialism and the NWO is Tony Blair. I'm sure he'd like to think of himself as a baron or even a lord but in the end, whom he reminds me most of is Gollum. He who once was a hafling. And now lives with skin emaciated against his skull, grasping his hands and ever nattering about a ring.

This world and our existence are but temporary. What healthy or self-aware person would spend his or her scant capital on ill-deeds? In the end, humans are nought but a particularly pestilent species of red ants, forever busy and self-important. All for what? To trade Cava with friends for champagne with miscreants?

Posted by: Uncoy | Nov 2 2018 18:13 utc | 71

@68 Don't get too excited. There will be waivers. China and India will keep buying Iranian oil and the UK, France, Germany, Russia and China are sticking to the 2015 accord. They say they will set up a new payment system to maintain business with Iran and bypass US sanctions.

Of course some people are hoping for some kind of 'accident' which will give the US a pretext to attack.

Posted by: dh | Nov 2 2018 18:22 utc | 72

The two Danes, Mr. Samuelsen and Mr. Rasmussens, are such the prudes -- of opportunistic kind.
These two sanctimonious "persons of easy virtuous" are very receptive to Mossad messages, but both Samuelsen & Rasmussen are (profitably) blind and deaf to the Jewish State's ongoing crimes against humanity:

“Three Palestinian children were killed in an Israeli airstrike bombing that targeted an area to the northeast of the city Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip... Red Crescent ambulances pulled the bodies of three children between the ages of 12 and 14. They were taken to Shuhada Al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir al-Balah city, in central Gaza. Israeli army reportedly opened fire toward the ambulances and prevented their access to the scene.”

Posted by: Anya | Nov 2 2018 18:28 utc | 73

@61 james... hey hasbara dave... give it up..

b, please make note of dave, who posts the usual hasbara crap here, but he can’t make up his mind whether he is dave or james today..

Posted by: james | Nov 2 2018 18:41 utc | 74

@ james | Nov 2, 2018 2:41:12 PM | 74

Not to excuse or defend the troll, but its lower-case style and monotonous shticks are so distinctive that I expect most regular visitors can "spot the loony" immediately.

Posted by: Ort | Nov 2 2018 19:51 utc | 75

Watch out for BsHenri Levy, Zionist stuff shirt blowhard philosopher, trouble-maker extraordinaire, champion of human rights in Libya while he walked arm-in-arm with AQ and all-round uber Zionist busybody to start rolling out the welcome mat for terrorist instigators, Israeli Mossad operators and every parasitic form of regime-change rabble-rouser he can find cause when BsL attaches himself to a cause, the fakest of all revolutions and/or civil war follows. Right now while he's not preaching the christening of Iran by the Nazis, he's adopted the Kurds in furtherance of Middle East balkanization, Zionist expansion and overthrow in Tehran.

This article's not recent but the issue's simmering in front.

Levy should consider a vacation in space for an undetermined period of time. Maybe he can go bore 💤 the crew of the Space Station for a while. The world will be a better place without his sanctimonious interventions on behalf of the people of Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran but reeeeelly for the benefit of Isra-hell. I got a belly-ache laughing at the trolling he gets on Twitter.🤣

Posted by: Circe | Nov 2 2018 20:03 utc | 76

ort thanks for that i love your posts full of depth texture feelings empathy and above all humanity.
it's thanks to folks like you that keep the goy dogs chasing tails around and around.
keep it up you are doing molechs work.
jerusalem will soon be capital of the world
oded yinon never sleeps
may peace never reign only pieces
over and out

Posted by: james | Nov 2 2018 20:06 utc | 77

is terry may a son
Danes, Mr. Samuelsen and Mr. Rasmussens samuel son rasmus son.
salman or solomon

it would seem hasbara sayanim are in place north south east and west
this satanick khazar donmeh stuff is confusing.
is it blood
or crude

Posted by: dave | Nov 2 2018 20:12 utc | 78

@77/78. back to back charles drake.... the distinguishing features of your posts always discussing hasbara shit... that is your true signature. for anyone paying attention to see......

Posted by: james | Nov 2 2018 20:16 utc | 79

@75 ort... yes... it is the hasbara goy shot that they always discuss which defines them..

Posted by: james | Nov 2 2018 20:18 utc | 80

Denmark´s political elite seems to bend over backwards doing favours to big banks (like Goldmans re Dong scam)and the USA (purchase of F35 instead of extending the life of fit for purpose existing F-16s). Denmark is facing a general election within months that current PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen expects to lose and naturally with his expensive tastes welcomes some sort of retirement package like a cozy job from NATO , the UN or EU like his two immediate predecessors Helle Thorning Schmidt and Anders Rasmussen earned themselves. Thus Denmark is first in line when they ask for volunteers for framing Iran with imaginary crimes.The political elite there may all be corporate facist puppets whatever party they represent however at all levels below them Denmark remains one of the most politically incorrect nations in the EU which is why visiting Copenhagen is always so refreshing in contrast to sheepish paranoia that infests neighbouring Sweden,prized neutrality soaked in the blood of their dead in Afganistan & now a NATO member in all respects but name

Posted by: GATT | Nov 2 2018 20:19 utc | 81


You think Europe wants war with Russia?? Very bizarre.

Yes because they believe that would be quick and they will win easily, what else are their sheer propaganda and military mobilization past 10 years or so intend to accomplish?

Posted by: Zanon | Nov 2 2018 20:32 utc | 82


Even after closely studying Russia I occasionally come across an important institution I've overlooked; such is the World Russian People's Council which is celebrating its 25th year of existence via its 22nd annual meeting. And as you might expect for such an occasion, Putin has addressed its attendees with another short yet revealing speech. Such a quasi state-based institution would be very helpful here within the Outlaw US Empire as it exists "to facilitate public dialogue [about] Russia’s civilisational development"--and that's something we dearly require. What follows is what I consider the most important points Putin raised, but please read the entire transcript to gather the entire context:

"In line with the council’s motto – created to unite – you do a lot for national consolidation. I am confident that only a unified and close-knit society is able to face the most serious historical challenges, achieve real breakthroughs and amazing results, counter any pressure from the outside and protect our sovereignty and spiritual and historical bonds.

"We can see what efforts are being taken today to “reformat” the world and destroy the traditional values and the cultural and historical spaces that have been forming for centuries.

"The goal is to create various bleak “protectorates,” because it is easier to rule peoples who are disconnected, have no national memory and are turned into simple vassals, and to use them as bargaining chips.

"Unfortunately, we can see this in many regions of the planet, including the post-Soviet space. Crude nationalism and anti-Russian sentiments are also used. Brazen and unbridled interventions are being made into the life of the church. This policy can have very serious consequences. It is dangerous."

He wasn't just alluding to Ukraine. About the future, Putin observes:

"Will this be a world of monologue and the rule of force, or a world of dialogue and mutual respect? How well will technology combine with ethical and moral values?

"There are more questions than answers so far. But there is one thing I am certain about: the voice of Russia will resound with dignity and confidence in the future world.

"It is defined by both our tradition and internal spiritual culture, our identity and finally, by the history of our country as an authentic civilisation, a unique one, but one which does not assertively and aggressively claim its exceptionalism.

"Because it is impossible to imagine the history of humanity without such unique civilisations as India, China, Western Europe, America and many others. It is really a multifaceted complexity where each facet supplements and enriches the others."

IMO, within a nation with 160 different ethnic groups, it seems natural to have such an organization. But within Russia, there are several others existing to protect and promote the native languages and cultures of those 160 different groups such that a unitary Russian persona can be achieved--a true E Pluribus Unum that's tolerant yet conservative. Where is the Western leader capable of uttering similar Truths or are such people extinct, done-in by the Greed Gene?

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 2 2018 20:54 utc | 83

reply to 49
"By the way, I was interested by Alastair Crooke's recent remark that Israeli air superiority has been broken by the S300s. Crooke's views are to take seriously."
Posted by: Laguerre | Nov 2, 2018 7:24:45 AM | 49
What is also very interesting is the sudden disappearance of 22
F-35s from a US base during the recent big storm in Florida.
According to the NYT the planes were completely destroyed by the storm. Yet if you check the few photos available, there is no F-35 wreckage in sight.
Then the story disappeared even though we are talking how many billions for these 22 planes given: A single Air Force F-35A costs $148 million. One Marine Corps F-35B costs $251 million. A lone Navy F-35C costs a mind-boggling $337 million. The dollars are 2015 dollars.
It was proposed on a few alternative media sites that the planes had been "disappeared" to allow the US to gift them to Israel to defend against the S-300s.
I think it is a possibility, we will have to wait and see if Russia has anything to say on the subject:)

Posted by: frances | Nov 2 2018 21:27 utc | 84

frances @84--

The planes were F-22 Raptors, not F-35 Dung Heaps.

Since the subject is Terror, King Salman and two brothers are having a tea party but aren't inviting MbS, which may explain why the Turks continue their drip, drip, drip of Khashoggi Affair info. Hard to say which group of Saudis is worse as all are soaked in Terror Blood.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 2 2018 21:51 utc | 85

The Register: 30 spies dead after Iran cracked CIA comms network with, er, Google search – new claim

Uncle Sam's snoops got sloppy with online chat, it seems

...A report from Yahoo! news claims that a 2009 breach of the US spy bods' communications channels came after the Iranian government infiltrated a series of websites the CIA had used to talk to its local sources in places like Iran and China.

“We’re still dealing with the fallout,” said one former national security official. “Dozens of people around the world were killed because of this.”...

...“Iran was aggressively going out to hunt systems down,” a former intelligence official said. “They weren’t just protecting themselves anymore.”..

More at the link.

It's unreasonable when they do it, but not when we do it. Uh-huh!

Yes, all very interesting, but why is it being reported now? Looks like the US is increasing the amps on its I-ran EEVIL PR campaign.

Posted by: et Al | Nov 2 2018 22:26 utc | 86

reply to
"The planes were F-22 Raptors, not F-35 Dung Heaps."
Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 2, 2018 5:51:22 PM | 85
Thank you for correcting me, still pricey though: the 22 missing F-22's have a value of about $7.5 billion.
And it appears F-22 are also lemons: "The high-tech F-22 is notoriously finicky and not always flight-worthy. An Air Force report this year found that on average, only about 49 percent of F-22s were mission ready at any given time — the lowest rate of any fighter in the Air Force."
Still hold to the possibility that they were re-homed to Israel:)

Posted by: frances | Nov 2 2018 22:38 utc | 87

By way of Deception Economies will be ruined ought to be the title of Mike Hudson's recent interview in which he again recaps the 2008 debacle, Obama's betrayal, the Obamacare deception, and other economic realities not being provided to the public by BigLie Media. Perhaps the following isn't THE moneygraph from the interview, but it's damn close:

"Hardly any of this quantitative easing or money creation was spent into the economy. It went to the financial sector. People talk about money being created by helicopters dropping it down on the economy. The helicopter only flies over Wall Street. That’s the key thing to understand. The Federal Reserve was created to replace the Treasury, to shift monetary policy and economic policy out of the hands of Washington, out of the hands of elected officials, into the hands of the banks. That is why the Federal Reserve acts as the board of directors for the banking system. It takes an adversarial position against the rest of the economy, not for it." [My Emphasis]

What happens to a piece of fruit as it ripens then rots? It melts into a pool of its own protoplasm which gets devoured by detritovores. That's what's going on within all economies run on a neoliberal basis, like the Outlaw US Empire and EU. The message Hudson delivers is clear--don't get into debt! and work like hell to remove the financial sector from politics and ultimately nationalize the entire sector.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 2 2018 23:52 utc | 88

@ karlof1 with the Michael Hudson link.....thanks

It is a good interview and quite in depth. I have written before that he was not as focused on getting rid of private finance as I am but he is clearly pushing that strategy in this interview.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 3 2018 1:54 utc | 89

Laguerre 48

Is it propaganda to spread info about sexual assaults going on in Germany or any nation for that matter?

Posted by: Zanon | Nov 3 2018 8:42 utc | 90

karlof1 says:

Such a quasi state-based institution would be very helpful here within the Outlaw US Empire as it exists "to facilitate public dialogue [about] Russia’s civilisational development"--and that's something we dearly require

yeah, well, so why are you always advocating for the hypothetical? as i pointed out several threads ago, Cynthia McKinney is in the process of organizing just such a community based dialogue. you tout a progressive platform and tell us that you even voted for her in why don't you advocate on her behalf, or even join her effort? she's even looking for volunteers in every congressional district! i mean, by the way that you're so gung ho, spend so much time online, and smoke so much language, why not join the force? for sure you're gonna garner a lot more traction under her banner than you will yammering away in the comment sections of obscure blogspots.

Posted by: john | Nov 3 2018 12:05 utc | 91

I have observed that of all the ways to win others to your point of view, bad-mouthing them is one of the useless ways.

It generally shows an ego in need of stroking more than a desire for common ground.

Sorry to be off topic.

Posted by: Grieved | Nov 3 2018 17:31 utc | 92

To understand what you are seeing being played out on the world's stage. What you all need to understand is that Presidents/Prime Ministers are simply Actors/Puppets, chosen for their charisma....paid handsomely to behave as directed, and make speeches written by their Masters. Any problem they might encounter is only when they deviate from the script, as was the case of the Kennedy brothers.
read FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE. Here is Part one for starters....
America's leading post-war planners were involved in the 19391 War & Peace Studies Project of the New York Council on Foreign Relations. Their strategy was to create a kind of informal empire, one in which America would emerge as the unchallenged Hegemonic Power in a new world order to be administered through the newly-created United Nations Organization.
The architects of the post-war US-dominated global order explicitly chose not to call it an 'empire.' Instead, the United States would project its imperial power under the guise of colonial 'liberation,' support for 'democracy' and 'free markets.' It was one of the most effective and diabolical propaganda coups of modern times.
The American architects of post-War power - centered in and around the powerful Council on Foreign Relations, the Rockefeller Foundation and, above all, the Rockefeller faction in US politics and economics - had adopted [the British father of geopolitics Sir Halford] Mackinder's geopolitical view as their own. The leading strategists within Rockefeller's faction, including Henry Kissinger and, later, Zbigniew Brzezinski, both men part of the powerful Rockefeller faction in US politics, were trained in Mackinder geopolitics.
In 1945, President Harry S. Truman ordered General Eisenhower and his Joint Chiefs to prepare a secret plan for a surprise nuclear attack on some 20 cities of the Soviet Union.
In the year 2000, a strange new political phenomenon emerged' Belgrade, the capital of Serbia in the former Yugoslavia... On the surface, it seemed to be a spontaneous and genuine political 'movement.' In reality, it was the product of techniques that had been under study and development in the US for decades.
... In Belgrade several specific organizations were key players: the National Endowment for Democracy and two of its offshoots, the International Republican Institute, tied to the Republican party, and the National Democratic Institute, tied to the Democrats. While claiming to be private Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), they were, in fact, financed by the US Congress and State Department. Armed with millions in US taxpayer dollars, they were moved into place to create a synthetic movement for 'non-violent change.
Washington Post writer Michael Dobbs
The United States government had 'bought' the removal of [Serbian President] Milosevic for $41 million. The operation was run out of the offices of US Ambassador [Richard] Miles with specially trained agents coordinating networks of naïve students who were convinced they were fighting for a better world, the 'American way of life.'
and the Washington Post reported that
U.S.-funded consultants played a crucial role behind the scenes in virtually every facet of the anti-Milosevic drive [Yugoslavia 1999].
Through slick Madison Avenue marketing techniques and careful study of genuine protest movements, the US Government had perfected techniques for 'democratically' getting rid of any opponent, while convincing the world they were brought down by spontaneous outbursts for freedom.
The Serbian Otpor! revolution had been founded, guided and financed covertly by the US Government via select NGOs.
Beginning in the 1950s, with covert funding from Nelson Rockefeller's Department of Health Education and Welfare, the CIA engaged in a program given the code name "MK-ULTRA." Alleged to be necessary in response to claims of 'brainwashing' of American soldiers by North Korea, the CIA began experiments in "mind control." The allegations of North Korean brainwashing were fabricated, as later research revealed, in order to justify this program after the fact. At the time, there was no evidence of such brainwashing, nor has there been any since.
The CIA's program involved administering LSD and other drugs to American subjects without their knowledge or against their will, causing several to commit suicide.
The MK-ULTRA operation was secretly co-funded by the Rockefeller Foundation," as well as by funds specifically earmarked for MK-ULTRA front projects by Nelson Rockefeller - then President Eisenhower's Under Secretary for Health, Education and Welfare, and later his Special Assistant on Cold War Strategy and Psychological Warfare. In addition to attempts at 'mind control' with drugs, MK-ULTRA involved research on methods of effective propaganda, brainwashing, public relations, advertising, hypnosis, and other forms of suggestion.
Following World War I, the British Military had created the Tavistock Institute to serve as its psychological warfare arm. The Institute received its name from the Duke of Bedford, Marquis of Tavistock, who donated a building to the Institute in 1921 to study the effect of shell-shock on British soldiers who had survived World War I. Its purpose was not to help the traumatized soldiers, however, but instead to establish the 'breaking point' of men under stress. The program was under the direction of the British Army Bureau of Psychological Warfare. For a time Sigmund Freud worked with Tavistock on psychoanalytical methods applied to individuals and large groups.
After World War II, the Rockefeller Foundation moved in to finance the Tavistock Institute and, in effect, to co-opt its programs for the United States and its emerging psychological warfare activities. The Rockefeller Foundation provided an infusion of funds for the financially strapped Tavistock, newly reorganized as the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations. Its Rockefeller agenda was to undertake "under conditions of peace, the kind of social psychiatry that had developed in the Army under conditions of war.
Tavistock immediately began work in the United States sending its leading researcher, the German-born psychologist, Kurt Lewin, to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1945 to establish the Research Center for Group Dynamics. Lewin was interested in the scientific study of the processes that influence individuals in group situations, and is widely credited as the founder of 'social psychology.' After Lewin's death, the Center moved to the University of Michigan in 1948 where it became the Institute for Social Research.
Tavistock's work over the next two decades was to co-opt legitimate psychological insights into social groups and social dynamics in order to refine techniques for social manipulation.
The US success in removing the tenacious Slobodan Milosevic as Serbia's President in 2000 proved to the US State Department and intelligence community that their new model for covert regime change via non-violent coup d'etats worked. It seemed to be the perfect model for eliminating regimes opposed to US policy. It did not matter if a regime had been popular or democratically elected. Any regime was vulnerable to the Pentagon's new methods of warfare - the 'swarming' and 'coloUr revolution' techniques of RAND.
Within months of his success in overseeing the creation of the Serb Otpor! Revolution, US Chief of Mission to Belgrade, Ambassador Richard Miles, was sent to his next assignment, the tiny Republic of Georgia ml the Caucasus mountains of Central Asia.
Central Asia.
The National Endowment for Democracy ... seemed to be present in every major US coup or regime change operation since the 1980s. Also prominent in Georgia ... was the Open Society Foundation run by American billionaire, George Soros, and the Washington-based Freedom House which had been set up in the 1940s as a NATO propaganda organization and in 2001 was headed by former CIA chief, James Woolsey.
The US State Department had often used NGOs in its coup machinery over the years: in the overthrow of President Fernando Marcos of the Philippines in 1986, or in the Tiananmen Square destabilization in 1989, and Vaclav Havel's 'velvet revolution' in Czechoslovakia in 1989.
... [Gene] Sharp's Albert Einstein Institution apparently played a key role in training and educating youth movements across former Warsaw pact countries and also in Asia. According to researcher Jonathan Mowat, Sharp's organization was funded in part by the Soros foundations and the US Government's National Endowment for Democracy, among others.
The transformation of Ukraine from independent former Russian republic to pro-NATO US satellite was accomplished by the so-called range Revolution' in 2004
... The man Washington decided to back in its orchestrated regime change in Ukraine was Viktor Yushchenko, a fifty-year old former Governor of Ukraine's Central Bank. Yushchenko's wife, Kateryna, an American citizen born in Chicago, had been an official in both the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, and in the US State Department. She had come to Ukraine as a representative of the US-Ukraine Foundation whose Board of Directors included Grover Norquist, one of the most influential conservative Republicans in Washington. Norquist had been called "the managing director of the hard-core right" backing the George W. Bush Presidency."
The central focus of Yushchenko's slick campaign for President was to advocate membership for Ukraine in NATO and the European Union. His campaign used huge quantities of orange coloured banners, flags, posters, balloons and other props, leading the media inevitably to dub it the 'Orange Revolution.' Washington funded 'pro-democracy' youth groups that played a particularly significant role organizing huge street demonstrations that helped him win the re-run of a disputed election.
.. The same US Government-backed NGOs that had been in Georgia also produced the results in Ukraine: the George Soros Open Society Institute; Freedom House; and the National Endowment for Democracy, along with its two subsidiaries, the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute.
The location of the various Color Revolutions was aimed directly at encircling Russia and cutting off, at any time, her export pipelines. With more than sixty percent of Russia's dollar export earnings coming from its oil and gas exports, such an encirclement would amount to an economic chokehold on Russia by US-led NATO.
[An] NGO that invariably turned up in each of Color Revolution regime changes was Freedom House. Along with the Open Society Institutes of George Soros, the US-funded NED and others, the curiously named Freedom House turned up everywhere.
Freedom House was an organization with a noble-sounding name and a long history. It had been created in the late 1940s as a US lobby to organize public opinion in favor of establishing NATO. The chairman of Freedom House at the time of the Georgia and Ukraine Color Revolutions was James Woolsey, former CIA director and a neo-conservative who proclaimed to the world that September 11, 2001 was the start of "World War W." Woolsey defined the Cold War as World War III.
Other trustees and financial backers of Freedom House included Zbigniew Brzezinski and Anthony Lake, foreign policy advisors to Presidents Carter, Clinton and Obama. Freedom House also listed among its financial contributors the US State Department, USAID, US Information Agency, Soros Open Society Foundations, and the ubiquitous National Endowment for Democracy (NED).
The NED along with Freedom House, had been at the center of all the major 'color revolutions' in Eurasia since 2000. created during the Reagan Administration to function as a de facto CIA, privatized so as to allow more freedom of action.

Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the legislation establishing the NED [National Endowment for Democracy] - in an interview in 1991
A lot of what [NED does] today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.
The majority of the historic figures linked to clandestine CIA actions have at some time been members of the Board of Directors or the Administrative Council of the NED, including Otto Reich, John Negroponte, Henry Cisneros and Elliot Abrams.
In 2004, the NED [National Endowment for Democracy] was involved in a US-sponsored coup attempt against Venezuela's new democratically-elected President, Hugo Chavez. After Hugo Chavez had easily won a referendum in August 2004 on his presidency, accusations emerged about the NED's role in supporting anti-Chavez groups. A key figure in the attempted coup had been Bush's Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, Cuban-born Otto Juan Reich. ReIch ... was also a board member of the controversial Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, better known as the School of the Americas, where the Pentagon trained most of the Latin American death squads.
A close look at the map of Eurasia began to suggest what was at stake for Washington in Eurasia. The goal was not only the strategic encirclement of Russia through a series of NATO bases ranging from Camp Bond Steel in Kosovo, to Poland, to the Czech Republic, and possibly Georgia, and possibly Ukraine. All of this had the overarching goal of enabling NATO to control energy routes and networks between Russia and the EU.
a Foreign Affairs article by Zbigniew Brzezinski in September 1997 revealed the true Washington geopolitical strategy towards Eurasia:
Eurasia accounts for 75 percent of the world's population, 60 percent of its GNP, and 75 percent of its energy resources. Collectively, Eurasia's potential power overshadows even America's.
Since the Bush-Cheney Administration took office in January 2001, controlling the major oil and natural gas fields of the world had been the primary, though undeclared, priority of US foreign policy. The battle was for the highest stakes. Washington's power elites were determined to deconstruct Russia as a functioning power in their pursuit of global domination, their New World Order. It became increasingly clear that not only the invasion of Iraq, but also the toppling of the Taliban in Afghanistan, had nothing to do with 'democracy,' and everything to do with pipeline control across Central Asia and the militarization of the Middle East .
After 1999, the United States, which already maintains between 600 and 800 military bases around the world, built even more bases ranging geographically from Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, to Sao Tome/Principe off the coast of West Africa. It attempted 'regime change' of the democratically elected President of oil-rich Venezuela, while shamelessly proclaiming itself the champion of democracy. And the US put massive pressure on a nervous Germany and France to bring the tiny but strategic \ Republic of Georgia into NATO to secure oil flows from Baku to the Mediterranean.
The Bush-Cheney Presidency had, from the outset, been based on a c1 consensus among various factions of the US power establishment. That consensus was that US foreign policy should aim to secure what the Pentagon termed 'Full Spectrum Dominance.'
The strategists of Full Spectrum Dominance envisioned control of pretty much the entire universe, including outer and inner-space, from the galaxy to the mind. The control of energy, particularly global oil and gas resources, by the Big Four Anglo-American private oil giants ChevronTexaco, ExxonMobil, BP and Royal Dutch Shell-was the cornerstone of their global strategy.
The Bush Administration implemented the consensus of the US establishment that the US required a drastic change in its foreign policy to an extremely aggressive grab for global oil resources -- in order for the US to continue to control world economic growth and to prevent the emergence of rival economic groups, especially China.
It was clear in Washington policy circles that in order to control those global oil and gas flows, the United States needed to project its military power far more aggressively, to achieve a total military supremacy, which was what Full Spectrum Dominance was actually about.
[Vice President Dick Cheney in a speech to the London Institute of Petroleum]. The problem as Cheney saw it, was that the vast untapped oil reserves of the Middle East were largely under local government control and not in private hands. The military occupation of Iraq was the first major step in this US strategy to move oil into select private hands, Anglo-American Big oil hands.
However, while ultimate US military control over the vast oil resources of the Persian Gulf, was necessary to the Pentagon's agenda of Full Spectrum Dominance (unchallenged domination of the entire planet), it was not at all sufficient. So long as Russia remained a free agent and not yet under the thumb of US military domination, US control of Eurasia would remain impossible. Ultimate dismemberment or deconstruction of Russia's remaining nuclear arsenal and control of Russia's vast oil and gas resources remained the strategic priority of Washington.
The NATO encirclement of Russia, the Color Revolutions across Eurasia, and the war in Iraq, were all aspects of one and the same American geopolitical strategy: a grand strategy to de-construct Russia once and for all as a potential rival to a sole US Superpower hegemony.
British Royal Geographer, Sir Halford Mackinder [believed] the prime objective of both British and later, of United States, foreign policy and military policy was to prevent a unity, whether natural or un-natural, between the two great powers of the Eurasian landmass-Russia and China.
Postwar [WWII] American policy makers were drawn from a relatively small number of privileged families. Most of them were part of the influential circle around the Rockefeller family, especially John D. III and his banker brother, David Rockefeller. It was this particular group that determined postwar US-China policy.
Their goal was always to maintain a strategy of tension across Asia, and particularly in Eurasia. For example, the US would threaten Japan with the loss of US military protection if it did not follow US policy wishes, and it would seduce China by outsourcing US manufacture to China, while actually providing failing American manufacturers with huge profits.
Regardless of the tactics used, the end goal of US China Policy was the maintenance of control over China as the potential economic colossus of Asia-over its energy development, its food security, its economic development, its defence policy.., its very future.
... Washington policy, while still based on advancing US military hegemony, increasingly shifted to masquerading behind the issues of human rights and 'democracy' as weapons of psychological and economic warfare in its ongoing attempt to contain and control China and its foreign policy.
The creation of AFRICOM was Washington's response to its increasing loss of control over Africa's raw materials. China, not terrorism, was the unspoken reason for the new US military concern over Africa.
terrorism, was the unspoken reason for the new US military concern over Africa.
The Pentagon document - 2008 Army Modernization Strategy - stated that the objective of US Army strategy was to span and dominate the entire universe, not just the globe. It called for "an expeditionary, campaign-quality Army capable of dominating across the full spectrum of conflict, at any time, in any environment and against any adversary-for extended periods of time." The document went on, "the Army must concentrate its equipping and modernization efforts on two mutually supporting ends-restoring balance and achieving full-spectrum Dominance."
... [2008 Army Modernization Strategy] envisioned that the United States, for at least the next "thirty to forty years," would be engaged in continuous wars to control raw materials.
During the Cold War, US control of Africa and its vast mineral wealth had relied on assassination and civil wars which it covertly fuelled, or the cooperation of brutal former colonial powers such as Britain, France, Portugal or Belgium.
US policy towards China's economic emergence across Asia, Africa and beyond, incorporated unexpected weapons of war-'Human Rights' and 'Democracy.' Atypical as weapons of warfare, 'Democracy' and 'Human Rights' were a 21st Century version of the 1840 Opium Wars- tactics aimed at forcing China to open itself up to full US Superpower domination.
Both the NED [National Endowment for Democracy] and IRI [International Republican Institute] were the US State Department's primary vehicles to promote pro-US regime changes around the world.
The main US targets in the new 'Opium War' against China, euphemistically termed 'promotion of democracy,' were China's vital sources of raw materials. Specifically, the US targeted Myanmar, Sudan, and China itself - through the Dalai Lama organizations in Tibet and the Falun Gong 'religious' sect inside China. To accomplish their goal, the US clandestine intelligence services turned to an arsenal of NGOs they had carefully built up, using the battle cry of 'human rights violations' and weakening of 'democracy.'
This approach was part of a highly effective method of 'soft warfare' developed since the 1980's by US intelligence agencies to disarm and destabilize regimes it deemed 'uncooperative.' Countries to be targeted were singled out and repeatedly charged - typically in a massive international media assault led by CNN and BBC - as violators of 'human rights. The definition of human rights, of course, was contrived by the accusing country, the United States, which itself remained immune to similar charges. It was a controlled game in which US agencies, from the State Department to the intelligence community, worked behind the façade of a handful of extremely influential, allegedly 'neutral' and nonpartisan' NGOs.
In the 1980s, during the presidency of Ronald Reagan, US intelligence agencies and the State Department spent billions of dollars to create an elaborate and sophisticated global network of NGOs and ostensibly philanthropic organizations. NGOs and 'foundations' would serve US strategy as a flank in its effort to bring the entire planet under its Full Spectrum Dominance. One Australian researcher of the process, Michael Barker, called it "the Project for a New American Humanitarianism, a human rights offensive."
The project had evolved by the dawn of the new Century into one of the most effective weapons to extend the influence of American global dominance. It had also managed to avoid major media scrutiny in the Western press. Barker described the concerted US deployment of various 'human rights and pro-'democracy' front organizations it funded, from the National Endowment for Democracy to Human Rights Watch and the Open Society Institutes.
The loose collection f concerned activists that coalesce within the Project for a New American Humanitarianism help sustain imperialism by both providing it with 'moral cover' and sanctioning the abandonment of the rule of law in the purported interest of human rights."
That was the weapon unleashed by Washington to force regime change in Myanmar, in a destabilization modelled on the colour revolutions that Washington had used to bring corrupt, Washington-friendly despots to power in Georgia and Ukraine in 2004.
It was to become known as the 'Saffron Revolution' in Myanmar, in reference to the saffron robes of the protesting Buddhist monks. In Tibet, it was called the 'Crimson Revolution.' In Sudan it was called simply 'genocide.' In each case, the power of the Pentagon and US intelligence services, in coordination with the State Department and select NonGovernment Organizations such as the National Endowment for Democracy, were involved in the 'weaponizing' of human rights to extend the control of US interests and prevent the rise of 'emerging near-peers,' specifically China and Russia.

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