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October 15, 2018

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2018-53

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tangentially related perhaps? : FBI Declassification Underway in 9/11 Saudi Suit MANHATTAN (CN) – Pulled into a legal battle 15 years in the making, lawyers for the U.S. government apprised the court Friday of its efforts to declassify documents that could link Saudi Arabia to the 9/11
terrorist attacks.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Oct 15 2018 6:07 utc | 1

Opps, sorry B... First post was a wash...

tangentially related to the Khashoggi event, perhaps? : FBI Declassification Underway in 9/11 Saudi Suit MANHATTAN (CN) – Pulled into a legal battle 15 years in the making, lawyers for the U.S. government apprised the court Friday of its efforts to declassify documents that could link Saudi Arabia to the 9/11
terrorist attacks.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Oct 15 2018 6:12 utc | 2

This is a follow up posting by a techie site about the claim of China putting spy chips on computer mother boards and such....this was the core basis for the Pence speech against China as I recall.

Chinese Super Micro 'spy chip' story gets even more strange as everyone doubles down

I am going to side with the techies calling it Bloomberg BS at this time because there are no pictures or other proof and there is the need for propaganda against China at this time.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 15 2018 6:39 utc | 3

Since this is an open thread, can we have a cheer for some measure of internet access being restored to Julian Assange? And may complete access and freedom follow speedily!

Posted by: Hope | Oct 15 2018 10:43 utc | 4


I think this is someting bigger in the bush. It seems that all servers are rigged by them National Security.
And all the traffic is snooped localy and remote, it is just being a matter of who has the total control.
Being a techie it is very feasable that ether0 could be bugged as well as previously mentioned super small spy chip.
The very same portal The Register explained that it is possible and doable.

I am sure that people like Snowden might explain it in a more trustworhy manner and what is really going on.
Also in Snowden's papers and documents there has been mention of using such methods, as well, way passed the temepest effect. .
Scarry would be if silent collector is on every motherboard worldwide.

But in today's world we live in, scarry is very near the truth.

Posted by: laserlurk | Oct 15 2018 10:51 utc | 5

"Money Talks and Bullshit Walks"

We live in a multipolar reality. That is, there is a unified, interconnected world of the global financial elites who control and dominate currency and credit issuance worldwide through a handful of unaccountable international banking institutions and there is also a subordinate world of national politics of many countries also controlled and dominated by the same elites (and their lackeys) whose job it is to "educate", "explain" and "rationalise" the fact of its debt enslavement to .998 of the world's population.

The most naked exposition of the dissonant aspects of this divergence between globalism for the rich and nationalism for the rest of us is found within the EU but it is in fact the same duality in existence everywhere for all of us.

Most people can only comprehend and identify with the national characteristics of this dissonant, dual belief system. Most people, the overwhelming majority at the moment, simply don't care as long as food is on the table, and the babies and the elderly are attended too. Some believe the solution to the ills of our indebtedness is to be found in a populist, nationalist politics which can free us from control by wealthy internationists. We see Brexit and "Amerikkka First" as leading examples of this plebian desire.

The many must be convinced to understand their enslavement by the system before any change of lasting consequence can occur. This likely will take the starvation of our babies and the euthanasia of our elderly before we will wake up to our enslavement.

The international financial system will crush the illusions of the Brexiteers and the Amerikkkan Firsters (this in fact has largely already occurred). Currency control and indebtedness will not vanish simply with a breakdown of any nationalist political order. One cannot eat money as the old saying goes and this is true no matter what colour is printed on the bank notes.

Others comprehend the true enemy as a system which must be destroyed with the accumulated "wealth of nations" (which in reality is privately-held by an international sliver) must be redistributed equitably among the .998.

Still, what is hoped for by the intelligentsia is still a nationalist solution to a global problem. What isn't reconciled within this viewpoint is the elasticity of global financiers to accommodate any change in the world's political re-ordering, short of the destruction of capitalism itself. The finacial system serves one function, and doesn't in fact care which individuals, national currencies, banks or corporations gain or lose from the machinations.

This international system was created out of the ruins of WWI. The system survived the Great Depression when socialism reached its zenith of political popularity in the industrialised world, and in turn survived (and in fact greatly accommodated and assisted) the extreme Nazi nationalist dream of international political control.

Today we see the increasing impact of the once isolationist Chinese openly participating in the globalist system and in time through sheer weight of numbers Asia will come to dominate the system. Until this day arrives the Chinese are very comfortable operating within the old Eurocentric structure as teh current system works functions quite well for their elites.

In reality, it doesn't matter whether the international currency is dollar, yuan or Euro denominated. The illusion that it does matter is a figment of a nationalist mindset which invests morality where none in fact exists. Sanctions have a temporary, terrible impact on national banking structures it is true but mainly to the detriment of the .998 while the .002 have already moved their personal assets out of harms way (for tax reasons unrelated to sanctions).

The Russians and Chinese for domestic political purposes now talk about creating a separate system of wealth through competing banking systems. This is mostly the nationalist political order providing false hopes to their own subjects.

Merely the thought of a competing globalist banking system is absurd on its face and should be enough for any intelligent layman to understand the occurrence of systemic change can happen only as the greater bulk of real wealth underlying a currency grows great enough over time to supercede the wealth represented by current denominations.

This will by necessity be a long, extemely slow process because none of the Amerikkkan, Euro, Russian or Chinese elites will risk substantial amounts of their current fortunes simply to placate their own subjugated populations with anything other than ongoing, nationalist political rhetoric.

Posted by: donkeytale | Oct 15 2018 11:57 utc | 6

Yesterday’s elections in Bavaria did not go well for CSU and, by extension, Ms Merkel. AfD’s influence, however, continues to grow in Bavaria and elsewhere in Germany (present in 15 state parliaments). Below is an essay on aspects of cultural geography as they pertain to contemporary immigration-related issues and electoral support for AfD in former East Germany.

“One cannot paint a rosy picture of Eisenhüttenstadt’s economic future, with or without refugees who suddenly constitute upwards to 15 percent of overall population in a struggling city. But it also cannot ignore the reality of the situation and exclude their impact on demographic and social change, real or perceived.

An understanding of how the homogeneous cultural geographic system—neighborhood, village, city, or state—adapts to sudden changes is the key to solving the challenges. Within that spectrum an important aspect to discuss is the issue of cultural integration. The problem, however, has been that serious debates about integration have been forestalled by critics too eager to raise the racist card and shut down attempts for an honest dialogue.”

Entire essay:

Posted by: 47 | Oct 15 2018 12:18 utc | 7

@6 Donkeytale

Please define "wealth".


"The world’s largest taxi firm, Uber, owns no cars. The world’s most popular media company, Facebook, creates no content. The world’s most valuable retailer, Alibaba, carries no stock. And the world’s largest accommodation provider, Airbnb, owns no property. Something big is going on."



Posted by: b4real | Oct 15 2018 13:22 utc | 8

@9 b4real.. thanks for the article. i see it exactly opposite the article and unlike the article, I get no kick backs from google and etc which i hazard to guess that article does.. I am a tourist in Venice at present... everyone is wandering around paying for roaming fees to read off there cell phone google maps.. an ordinary map is far superior and although I would be perceived as the Luddite here, I think it is all the zombies I see with a chain running from there hand to there cell phone.... does technology create efficiency? frankly i mostly think the opposite and reflects the deterioration in today’s culture to be able to know what technology is worth keeping and what is worth tossing.. clearly, fb, Twitter, and all the other nsa backdoor devices can be thrown in the trash can, including the link you have shared.. thanks though, as I feel it is a nice departure from talking, or reading about kashoggi!

Posted by: james | Oct 15 2018 13:52 utc | 9

Nick Hanauer (of TED talk fame/infamy):

"To be clear, contemporary American business and economic culture does have a moral framework: neoliberalism. But I think it is safe to say that this framework is dependably orthogonal to the last 50,000 years of moral norms and traditions.
Is that too harsh? Maybe. But the canonical moral expression of modern capitalism—“It was a business decision”—has far more in common with The Godfather than with The Golden Rule. Let’s be honest: Whenever you hear somebody say, “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business,” you know that really terrible things are about to happen."

Posted by: spudski | Oct 15 2018 14:36 utc | 10


The hand of Isreal and their Rothschild's minions in France and Germany and Ukraine is incredibly clear. The solution is incredibly easy. Bus all the refugees to Kiev and Tel Aviv, lol. Call their bluff.

Posted by: Anton Worter | Oct 15 2018 14:48 utc | 11

B4real @ 9

For the purpose of my essay I am discussing personal financial wealth that might best be described on a balance sheet. This description of wealth pertains to individuals, corporations and other organisations.

If you are making reference to this statement

The Russians and Chinese for domestic political purposes now talk about creating a separate system of wealth

That was poorly worded and needs revision. What I meant to say is the Chinese and Russians are contemplating the creation of separate international banking systems.

Posted by: donkeytale | Oct 15 2018 14:49 utc | 12


Capitalism is not 'modern'. What's 'modern' is the Protestant morality that rose up against the Royal use of capitalism, and the Judeo-Catholic religion that rose up in parallel with it. Old Capitalism is, in fact, somewhat passe.

Now all you need is hot fiat credit-debt under an overweening amoral Judeo-Catholic religion and law of the jungle Federal US-EU supra-state, together with energy-dense fossil fuel and machine industry that can accomplish anything it chooses.

¿New Energy Carbon Catholic Global Tithe-Tribute Usury? Sure, go for it! ¿$40Trillion Suicide Squad Mission Mars Nee New ICBM Program? Round third, round third, and go in standing up!

2008 was our financial 9/11. It burned, it soldered, ...and now they're gonna pull it.

Posted by: Anton Worter | Oct 15 2018 15:01 utc | 13

47 @ 7
Thanks for raising this important issue, it truly is the elephant in the room ! Nationalism far from bringing a society together devids and destroy’s an indigounus society. As seen at present in Europe, U K, America, S,America, Middle East ect ect EfG are a euthamisum for fascism a rational designed to suck in the other wise well meaning but un informed public. Just like UKIP in Britain and Trump in USA that road leads to hell !!!

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 15 2018 15:04 utc | 14


Using the phrase "modern capitalism" does not mean that the writer is claiming that "capitalism is modern" and I don't think that that was a point Hanauer was making. But "maximizing shareholder value" is a relatively modern concept that dates to 1976 I believe, (Meckling and Jensen) and is an article of faith among too many capitalists in my opinion.

Anyhow, here are two links:

Posted by: spudski | Oct 15 2018 15:27 utc | 15

Sorry, comment @16 should have addressed @14, not @11.

Posted by: spudski | Oct 15 2018 15:32 utc | 16

If you're interested in Iran, you may enjoy a new article by Ramin Mazaheri over at the Saker. It's his summary of the book called "Da" by Zahrah Hoseyni. The 700-page personal account became an instant best-seller in Iran, and is considered the definitive Iranian view of the war that was waged by the west and Iraq against Iran.

Hoseyni is a Basra, Iraqi-born Kurd whose family immigrated to Iran, and who loved her new country in a way that "overwhelmed all reason and logic".

Mazaheri says of her:

The book is a memoir of Seyyedeh (indicating lineage from Prophet Mohammad) Zahra Hoseyni, a teenager who was living with her extremely poor but tight-knit family on the border city of Khorramshahr. The city was the first to be sneak-attacked by the Iraqis, and the massacres and devastation wrought there would be reflected by a Farsi pun on the city’s name: “City of Blood”.

I don't think I can post a link to the article but it shouldn't be hard to find. The Saker's site is "thesaker dot is" and the article is called:
"Iran’s definitive account of the Iraq war: Written by a female Iraqi Kurd".

I recommend Mazaheri's article for yet another taste from him of the true soul of Iran and its society. If you're new to him, his writing style gets a little combative at times as he snarks back at prevailing western misunderstandings and propagandized views of socialist revolutionary nations, and Iran. But it's always worth overlooking these minor excursions in order to gain the heart of what he's saying.

One of the important things he's saying here is that the west has no understanding of war, and treats it like a game, while the Iranian people have a totally clear knowledge of war, and treat it as a horror, against which they will defend their nation to the last. The west would do well to learn this about its supposed next victim.

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 15 2018 15:52 utc | 17

Here's the link to the Mazaheri article. If it doesn't go through, sorry, b, for the extra comment in the moderation queue.

Iran’s definitive account of the Iraq war: Written by a female Iraqi Kurd

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 15 2018 15:54 utc | 18

Danger Route;A movie from 67,where spy murders Russian spy who defector.

Posted by: dahoit | Oct 15 2018 15:54 utc | 19


I find the populist 'we are maximizing shareholder value' meme is shiney object horsesh*t distraction. There is a colossal difference between Buffett A equity shares and Buffett B index shares. What this 1980s Young Turks sea-change *really* is, is maximizing insider and Board member Class A shareholder value. It's the tax-free options that they receive, together with the never-before-in-history TBTF surge in fiat hot money that is skewing the markets with buy-backs, right back into another P/E 11 > P/E --- viral apocalypse.

Then you get all these bizarre manifestations, Trump's No Taxes for the Rich to forever lock in these Class A profits, and create the first royal families in USA history, then his extortions of China, Russia and Saudi not to dump 1.88% fiat steaming-t*rd-pile Treasuries, as Fed Bank jacks up the interest-only debt (sic) service penalty on Omnibus Debt Bill One and Two + $22T in TBTF bailouts. It's all kabuki theater for the prols.

But not Iran. Iran isn't kabuki, it's IL's '7 Nations in 5 Years'. 8 nations, actually. USA is three sheets to the wind, and now they're gonna pull the temple down around US.
"Depend upon it, Sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully."

Posted by: Anton Worter | Oct 15 2018 16:11 utc | 20

In our world there is deffinatelly more than meets the eye.

[cut for length and lack of sensible content - b.]

Posted by: Greece | Oct 15 2018 16:29 utc | 21

donkeytale @6

Once again, you push a false equivalence by ignoring the new Cold War.

The global financial system was developed by the West and has been abused (2008 GFC) and weaponized (read confessions of an economic hit man, US threat to terminate Russian access to SWIFT). THAT is why Russia and China are pushing for trade in currency other than the dollar and for alternate financial mechanisms like BRICs Bank to replace IMF and a Russia SWIFT to replace SWIFT.

These new financial systems are not designed to free the masses from tyranny. They merely take control out of Western hands.

If the West wins the new Cold War and rules the world, will ordinary people be more or less able to combat the global financial oligarchs? Many people believe that the reason a large middle-class was allowed to develop in the West was largely due to Cold War I. After winning Cold War I, we have seen a move toward neo-feudalism with a consequent reduction in the now-inconvenient middle-class.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 15 2018 16:30 utc | 22

Hope @4

Could it be that Khashoggi's death motivated a change in Assange's circumstances? Ecuador didn't want activists drawing parallels? Assange is also a publisher/reporter that has/had been silenced.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 15 2018 17:01 utc | 23


Proposed, scheduled meeting between Assange and a legal advisor didn't occur as advisor was refused entrance into Embassy.

Orthodox Church rent asunder as Eastern Orthodox Church becomes tool in Ukraine/Russia demarche. This will have significant importance.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 15 2018 17:28 utc | 24

Greece @ 22
Dam ! That must be some good stuff your smoking there bro ! Way to strong for me though. There’s enough weard stuff going on back here in reality. I’d have a kip if I were you! That kind of stuff only serves to discredit this blog, or is that your motive ?

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 15 2018 17:35 utc | 25


Thanks for a glimpse of your alternative reality. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev keeps harping on this, that (obviously) everyone on earth is individually, wildly different, and it's only the pogroms of 'faith' and 'belief' that magnetically line up the minds of peoples in far disparate places. I look at that magnetic vortex theory like that, metaphysically. We are all just born as fudge, then get relentlessly packed and packed throughout our lives.

Why is it so important that we know every fart Trump makes, and why 'We All Must Vote!'?
It's to relentless fudge-pack our emotional and psychological faith in the supra-state, that we are all 'Patriotic Stand-Up American Exceptionals', in paying tithe-tributes to Mil.Gov, when even a moment's reflection shows they don't give a frack about you or me, and when we pay our last tithe-tribute and are broke, we will starve on the sidewalk.

It's the magnetic realignment of everyone's psyche, that makes Deep State even possible.
The nostalgic construction of an idealized moment in one’s past, The Flag, Mom and Apple Pie, pregnant with the tragic presumption of a past happiness that was never realized in actuality, that's paralleled by the MSM media's alliterative topos of paradise, or MAGA! in attempt to transcend sovereignty politics by establishing a transnational rule of law.

Knowing that, knowing what's to come, soon, a Second Coming, as it were, this time of the Anti-Christ an apocalypse for individualism and an end of liberty to believe as you wish, knowing that The Word will spout from every electronic orifice, carefully docent-purged and redditor-sanctioned, The Word of Satan's Deep Purple Mil.Gov UniParty of 1,000 Years.
That's the pendragon technique of stress-positioning and water-boarding, let's be honest.

So it's fun to read your extraterrestial perambulations. I also like Han dynasty poetry.

The Autumn Moon, Su Shi (my translation)

Sunset clouds are gathered far away, so clear and cold,
The Milky Way silently turns like an engraved jade plate.
Goodness of this life and of this night will not last for long,
Next year where will I be when I watch this bright moon?

Next year? That's easy! See you in Tehran!! Lu,lu,lu,lu,lu!

Posted by: Anton Worter | Oct 15 2018 18:04 utc | 26


We live in an neoliberal global Imperfect Usufructarocracy:


USUFRUCT, civil law. The right of enjoying a thing, the property of which is vested in another person, and to draw from the same all the profit, utility and advantage which it may produce, provided it be with or without altering the substance of the thing.

Usufructs are of two kinds; perfect and imperfect.

Perfect usufruct, which is of things owned by another which the usufructuary can enjoy without altering their substance, though their substance may be diminished or deteriorated naturally by time or by the use to which they are applied; as a slum tenement, Federal land, draft animals, slaves and other monetizable effects.

Imperfect or quasi usufruct, which is of things owned by another which would be useless to the usufructuary if they did not consume and expend them, or change the substance of them, as taxes, tithes, fees, penalties, usury, grains, liquors.

From Trumpistan Civ. Code of Lehman


Now run, Forrest, run! Your 3Q18 $1,000,000,000,000 tithe-tribute to the Imperfect Usufructarocracy is due by midnight tonight!

Posted by: Anton Worter | Oct 15 2018 18:27 utc | 27

Recreational Marijuana becomes legal in every Province of Canada, the day after tomorrow - Wednesday 17 October. Canada becomes the second nation (Uruguay was the first) to legalize Marijuana.

Understand that the legislation was passed earlier this year. Wednesday is the big wide open day.

Peruse Canadian Marijuana Stocks on the NASDAQ. Some have been in business for years already with billions in capitalization. They've been a roller coaster. Volatile.

One wonders why there is so little MSM news on it.

Posted by: fastfreddy | Oct 15 2018 18:38 utc | 28

B, you should talk about the recent Facebook and Twitter purge that happened recently. At least 800 pages and accounts on Facebook were taking down with tens of millions of followers in total. Twitter also followed suit in taking down accounts. I fear that alternative media is now under attack.

Anyone have any opinions on this development?

Posted by: TruthFinder | Oct 15 2018 18:49 utc | 29

@ 22: WTF? Ya' think people read all that BS. Please, write a book, and if you post, be a bit more brief.

The longer the comment, the less people read it..

Posted by: ben | Oct 15 2018 19:13 utc | 30

The British government has decided to test a scheme whereby postal workers check on lonely or unwell people on their rounds and are encouraged to stop and say hello. Interviewed by the BBC a postal worker responded that before privatization - by the very same government - of what was once a national resource he would have had time to do this, but with the new private owners he has been “Amazonized” with his every optimal step calculated by computer. If he stops he won’t be able to finish his round. All around the world great national assets have been sold off at fire sale prices to speculators in the name of efficiency. Efficiency for whom?

And echoing points made earlier what the hell use to society is a share or a stock?
There is a common misconception that shareholders fund companies. They do occasionally through new rights issues but most corporate financing is taken from cash they generate in-house. And when companies need some extra cash, isn’t that what banks are for? Worked well in Germany and Japan for decades post WWII and may just explain why their products were so much better than their Anglo-American equivalents.

Posted by: Lochearn | Oct 15 2018 19:15 utc | 31

Yep i’ll Have a go Truthfinder @ 30
Good call, we’re all like that frog in a pan of slowly heating warter, we past the point were we’ve got the energy or will to hope out, any moment now it’s gunna boil, too late !
Like the tv internet started as a ‘good thing’ now it’s full on mind control of the mass’s. One more piece of the jig saw !
We’v just witnessed blatant murder and cover up by the people running this world. Ditto the encouragement of devide and rule raceism globally, as someone said here— ther going to pay one half the world to kill the over half. But I better stop there i’m Sounding a bit depressing and from there on things go down hill !
At this stage we can run for cover or go down fighting!!!

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 15 2018 19:22 utc | 32

@TruthFinder #30
I do have an opinion and I think it is scary.
However it is to be expected. It is the sign of a lying cheating empire in decay. The empire frantically tries to maintain its grip on the world while its power is fading away. It will get worse, much worse until it gets better.

Posted by: Joost | Oct 15 2018 19:30 utc | 33

Chris Hedges' latest from Truthdig:

Posted by: ben | Oct 15 2018 19:48 utc | 34

Greece @ 22
Dam ! That must be some good stuff your smoking there bro ! Way to strong for me though. There’s enough weard stuff going on back here in reality. I’d have a kip if I were you! That kind of stuff only serves to discredit this blog, or is that your motive ?
Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 15, 2018 1:35:51 PM | 26

I am

[cut for length and lack of sensible content - b.]

Posted by: Greece | Oct 15 2018 19:50 utc | 35

CNN is now saying that the saudis will admit to killing him but that it was an interrogation 'gone wrong'!!

and that the operation itself was not 'cleared'... We are supposed to believe that the saudis sent 15 henchmen I mean hit men and that somehow this wasn't cleared at the highest levels of this absoutist government

"...The report is intended, per CNN, to absolve the Saudi government of responsibility for the murder by claiming the operation was not cleared...."

Posted by: michaelj72 | Oct 15 2018 19:54 utc | 36

TruthFinder @30--

Please see this report proving those banned were being lined up for said outcome in 2016.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 15 2018 20:00 utc | 37

At least it's clear now and cannot in good faith be denied that MbS has blood on his hands.
My bet is he's out.

Posted by: bjd | Oct 15 2018 20:14 utc | 38

My little theory, for what it’s worth. Khashoggi and Erdogan are old MB friends. Khashoggi, a pretty streetwise guy by the looks of it, must have been aware of the dangers of entering any Saudi consulate with the exception of one in the US… or Turkey, where he and Erdogan may have hatched a plan whereby the fifteen members of the assassination squad that were bound to arrive would be arrested by Turkish authorities on arrival. Then their cover would be blown, the plot exposed and MBS would get the flak. But Erdogan is, as we all know, a treacherous beast and Khashoggi was worth more dead than alive, so he let the op go ahead.

Posted by: Lochearn | Oct 15 2018 20:20 utc | 39

This is relevant to comments @ 30 & @ Ben 35
Ben thanks for link
It speaks for it self !

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 15 2018 20:21 utc | 40

Wait and see, the audio WILL be released on the eve of MbS BS DesertDavos, or on its inauguration, so that we see the distorted faces of Lagarde and consort "feel so sorry to be there".

Posted by: Mina | Oct 15 2018 20:27 utc | 41

Iran will implement a 50 Year Plan:

"Islamic-Iranian Blueprint for Progress, in which the most important principles and ideals of progress and desired horizons for the next 5 decades are planned and effective strategies for realizing it are designed..."

I'm curious about the premises for this plan since its sunset occurs about the point where Iran's hydrocarbon resources will likely be mostly depleted. In 50 years, Iran could have a population closing in on 200 million, which would require proper planning to sustain Iran's unique systems.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 15 2018 20:42 utc | 42

@ 22: WTF? Ya' think people read all that BS. Please, write a book, and if you post, be a bit more brief.

The longer the comment, the less people read it..

Posted by: ben | Oct 15, 2018 3:13:53 PM | 31

I get it

[cut for length and lack of sensible content - b.]

Posted by: Greece | Oct 15 2018 20:43 utc | 43

Greece. Please go to bed.

Posted by: Lochearn | Oct 15 2018 20:52 utc | 44

Bernard, the ego tripping user Greece is unbearable; please block when going over some max size.

Posted by: bjd | Oct 15 2018 20:55 utc | 45

This says more than eny lame words I could contribute concerning Iran !!! ——

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 15 2018 20:57 utc | 46

karlof1 @ 25, thanks for the link - I have been following the Orthodoxy controversy so do appreciate the uptodate. I cannot say I am expert in all the convolutions of it, just that my own non-affiliated church, which had some unique aspects such as links both to the Old Calendar of the Russian church and to the dastardly 'ecumenism' movement no longer has a physical presence in the US. For those not in the know, for the Orthodox in general, the EP or Ecumenical Patriarchate was substituted way back for Rome when that great division occurred, and it has seniority within Orthodoxy though not a Papal sovereignty as now Catholicism does have.

I tried to unravel for myself the history of Orthodoxy in Ukraine, and suffice it to say, there is no clear 'right or wrong' in all of it. So I can't side with anyone, only to proffer the following from a comment at one of the sites:

"This is what Saint Paul's letter to the Romans is all about - the insufficiency of the Law/logic/dialectical reasoning to bring salvation. Christ came to us as a person, with all the messy, illogical and non-black-and-white that real Personhood (both human and God) means..."

I realize this isn't a religious blog, but peace in our time is, and my hope is that those involved in this situation will settle their differences peacefully. It couldn't hurt.

Posted by: juliania | Oct 15 2018 21:51 utc | 47

Sorry, should have said "...but peace in our time is a subject here."

Posted by: juliania | Oct 15 2018 21:58 utc | 48


Alternative media is “almost” wiped out as it is and with few exceptions, most are just looser extensions of MSM with much disinfo provided among a few golden niggets of truth thrown in for credibility

Control is exercised by those funding with donations as well as the beasts that control search engine results

Not to mention hacking of servers that host sites who dare speak too much truth

Comments are either not permitted or heavily censored/tracked using some of the more popular comment services and heavily moderated/censored by the site owner. Those who permit free discussion get invaded by paid astro turfers who attempt to influnce the discussion, and failing that attempt to totally derail/discredit any discussion with adhominim attacks or hate speech

Probably going to have to go back to weekly magazines soon although the post office is better able to restrict distribution than it was in the pre-internet era, and some of those magazines were CIA publications who were the equivalent of some of todays so called alternative media sites.

Posted by: Pft | Oct 15 2018 22:04 utc | 49

Dances with bears has a good column up about Novichok and how it wasn't.

Posted by: Mischi | Oct 15 2018 22:05 utc | 50

Lands East of Euphrates next after Idlib, and mandate for Turks to disarm terrorists within Idlib has lapsed with Turks asking for more time. My sources are very quiet about what will occur next. But if the East is to follow Idlib, then Idlib Dawn must begin before the Eastern situation further deteriorates.

juliania @48--

You're most welcome! This translated article posted at The Saker shines more light on that happening. IMO, the entire affair has everything to do with geopolitics and nothing with religion, although relations within the Orthodox World over the past 100 years were rocky at times with various levels of angst remaining between the players.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 15 2018 22:15 utc | 51

And thanks to Grieved @ 18 for the posts on the article about the book "Da". As I read, all I could think of was Yemen. I hope some person is writing there. I hope many, if they can, are. The author of the article mentioned 'fake news'. These are the true accounts.

Posted by: juliania | Oct 15 2018 22:59 utc | 52

@30, If there were no patents or copyrights, there would be no social media or search engine monopolies. The world would think nothing if one of the many media providers cut off communications with, and removed the pages and other contents of 800 customers all at once. But where there is but one or a few social media providers its a big deal . What makes it a big deal is private property laws prevent millions of social media for existing to compete. There is just no competition at all, its a monopoly. If there were no monopoly (patents or copyrights): there would be millions of faceXs, TweetXs, and GooXs published in all kinds of languages with all kinds of interesting creative contents and all kinds of unique and capable search engines.

It there were no property-law-created monopolies; there would be many, many Xs. There would be no one owner or no one exclusive provider deals. Purging 800 customers with millions of pages of content each, would be no big deal, because the same pages would be, at the same time, published on nearly all of the competing social media. For competition to exist there needs to be no monopoly. The monopolies are patents, copyrights and deeds.

IMO it will not be long before someone comes up with some way to circumvent these privately owned public media.

Posted by: boldenough | Oct 15 2018 23:27 utc | 53

IMO it will not be long before someone comes up with some way to circumvent these privately owned public media.

Posted by: boldenough | Oct 15, 2018 7:27:30 PM | 54

Here's one such radio network..

I subscribe to KPFK in LA

Worth looking into. No Corporate or Govt. funding..

Posted by: ben | Oct 15 2018 23:48 utc | 54

@10 James

I agree the article is trash. The facts about Uber, Airbnb, FB and Alibaba are not though. I grabbed the 1st result.

I disagree with much of donkeytales @6 and was reacting to:

"Merely the thought of a competing globalist banking system is absurd on its face and should be enough for any intelligent layman to understand the occurrence of systemic change can happen only as the greater bulk of real wealth underlying a currency grows great enough over time to supercede the wealth represented by current denominations.

I think there is alot of nonsense in what he wrote, but wanted to try and understand his view.

(Looks like you got the bt keyboard?)


Posted by: b4real | Oct 15 2018 23:53 utc | 55

@13 Donkeytale, please see my @56 to james, it contains the paragraph I was referring to. Sorry I wasn't more specific.

Posted by: b4real | Oct 16 2018 0:13 utc | 56

According to Donald Trump:

".........President Donald Trump suggested Monday that "rogue killers" could be behind the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, after a phone call with Saudi Arabia's King Salman about the case.

Trump told White House reporters that Salman offered him a "flat denial" in relation to the disappearance of Khashoggi, a columnist for The Washington Post who was last seen in public when he entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in Turkey on October 2.

Later Monday, the Saudis were preparing to admit that Khashoggi died during an interrogation that went wrong, one that was intended to lead to his abduction from Turkey, according to two sources......."

Putin said (in discussing the CCTV pictures of Petrov and Boshirov):

"..........“We know who they are, we found them,” he said at a panel with the leaders of China and Japan. “I hope they will appear on their own to talk about themselves, that will be better for everyone. There's nothing especially criminal there, I assure you.”......."

The Saudis lied when they said the killing of Khashoggi was by a rogue element within the Saudi government and Putin lied when he laughingly tried to convince the public that Petrov and Boshirov were just a couple of tourists visiting Britain. These are both rogue authoritarian regimes. The hit on Skripal and the hit on Khashoggi were planned at the highest levels of their respective governments.

Posted by: craigsummers | Oct 16 2018 1:30 utc | 57

b4real, thanks.

GAAP accounting for individuals and corporations.

The value of a currency is an illusion of magicians.

Posted by: donkeytale | Oct 16 2018 1:32 utc | 58

Instead of limiting the length of Greece's posts, why not block any post without at least one idea?

Posted by: Guerrero | Oct 16 2018 6:00 utc | 59

@56 b4 real.. thanks. I agree with you as well!

Craig summers.. have you tried your approach over at pat Lang’s site too, or did you get banned? it would be funny to watch!

Posted by: james | Oct 16 2018 7:12 utc | 60

John Helmer's latest:

Kremlin Endorses Kudrin Capitulation To US 'Restrictions'

Posted by: John Gilberts | Oct 16 2018 7:38 utc | 61

People need to remember that last year two warring Royal factions were literally killing each other. The current crowned Prince bin-Salman, and al-Waleed were not getting along. Salman is being sold as a more liberal leader for Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile al-Waleed, was Obama's sugar daddy, and is knee deep on the Deep State, owning Citibank, Twitter, Fox, etc.

I'm not gonna call either of them the good guy, but this could have something to do with that feud. Just by looking at their history, its clear that al-Waleed makes bin-Salman look like an angel though. Also consider that bin-Salman is preferred by Trump, while al-Waleed isn't (he was imprisoned in a hotel, after Kushner flew there last year). So who would benefit from this the most?

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Oct 16 2018 9:52 utc | 62

one less cia journalist. hooray!

Posted by: jezabeel | Oct 16 2018 10:11 utc | 63

American Mercenaries Were Hired To Assassinate Politicians In The Middle East

Long story - UAE hired Israeli and U.S. special forces to assassinate Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Aden, Yemen.

Posted by: b | Oct 16 2018 11:04 utc | 64

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, dies at age 65.
(There are still things that money can't buy)
Microsoft's success was largely due to Gates/Allen having a broader vision, and bigger balls, than the entire brains trust of IBM.
IBM effectively handed MicroSoft the keys to the Computer Kingdom on the threshold of the Computer Age.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Oct 16 2018 12:07 utc | 65

James @61

Banned? What for - a different opinion? It's kind of ironic to be banned on any alternative media site critical of the MSM for providing only one point of view, don't you think? I am curious though, who is Pat Lane, and what site are you talking about?

Posted by: craigsummers | Oct 16 2018 12:50 utc | 66


Far from ignoring the "new cold war":

....a subordinate world of national politics of many countries also controlled and dominated by the same elites (and their lackeys) whose job it is to "educate", "explain" and "rationalise" the fact of its debt enslavement to .998 of the world's population.

Once again Jackrabbit, thanks for playing your part. You are [almost] unique in your overuse of repetition but I appreciate the attention. Truly, it ishelpful.

Anton Worter 28,

Thanks for the legal lesson. Your math may be slightly off. You forgot to deduct the net value of your social security check.

Posted by: donkeytale | Oct 16 2018 12:52 utc | 67

@fastfreddy | Oct 15, 2018 2:38:16 PM | 29
"One wonders why there is so little MSM news on it"

Probably because for the last fifty years the selfsame msm has been telling us that smoking weed will make your ears turn green, your dick drop off, your children go instantly mad and then bring about the end of western civilisation. Best not to say anything now that it is just another tax opportunity for the government corporation.

The more interesting question (bearing in mind that these days western governments never knowingly do something 'good') is why they are doing it now?

Posted by: Ross | Oct 16 2018 13:01 utc | 68

@Greece | Oct 15, 2018 12:29:07 PM | 22

Or as the Bard put it...

"There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy".

Posted by: Ross | Oct 16 2018 13:04 utc | 69

Man plows tractor into cars on way to protest at Israeli embassy in Ankara, shot by police (PHOTOS)
Published time: 16 Oct, 2018 09:46

A man, who was allegedly driving his tractor to a protest at the Israeli Embassy in Ankara, was shot in the leg by police. Before he was apprehended, his rampage destroyed several nearby vehicles.

The 45-year old driver, identified as Aydın Sakarya, was apprehended by Turkish police while driving a tractor through central Ankara. Police shot him in the leg after he reportedly refused several commands to stop.

The apprehend man told police that he intended to drive his tractor to the Israeli embassy in order to stage a protest.

However, this report could not be immediately confirmed and an anonymous Israeli official said he believed the incident was not connected to the Israeli mission and the man was instead on his way to a Turkish ministry building.

“To the best of our knowledge this has nothing to do with the embassy. He was on his way to demonstrate outside a (Turkish) government ministry. The incident happened near the ambassador's residence, and not the embassy,” the official said.

I am also sure it had nothing to do with the Israeli Embassy, Everybody loves the jews and what they did to Palestine-(genocide)/Ukraine-(arm sales and training-of-right-sector)/Turkey-(coop).

We will love them even more for what they trying to pull currently in Greece.

Yesterday the pachyderm that had been installed inurc country as our Defence Minister (actually there's two fo them another pachyderm is our Foreign.Min.) that has thrown 1.7 billion dollars again to Mr.Trump/US Deep State for armamanets during a time of severe crisis in the economy (thank you Mr.Erdogan for helping him with your aggresive BS in the Aegean/Western Thrace, it is obvious Trump/Erdogan/Deep-State are hand in hand) that Greece from now on will be in a state of "cooperatin" with allies as in for Israel to be able to more easily be brought close to Europe. What this cryptic announcement meant was that Greece will become Israel's war-keeping area during the times of crisis that are approaching. A War keeping area which is a non official NATO slang meaning, an "secured" area near the main area that war operations are being conducted. Ussualy the actual WAR ZONE itself.

Does Mr.Putin has any rough idea of what/why israel thinks the whole area to the East (by all means) of Greece will become a WAR ZONE?. Has his Israeli pal in Tel Aviv briefed him accordingly?.

I hope we won't be seeing surprises and the Russian Federation won't go through some kind of political instability.

When the Least Expected Expect The Unexpected
Dog Eats Dog.

Posted by: Greece | Oct 16 2018 13:15 utc | 70

@Lochearn | Oct 15, 2018 3:15:48 PM | 32

re Royal Mail 'privatisation'

As I appear to be the only person in the world to have noticed this I will pass it on to you. A few years back, out of the blue, George 'cokehead' Osborne announced that the mail was to be sold off. This had not been in any manifesto, it just appeared as a 'policy initiative'. Financial experts had determined the price to be £3bn, and Osborne said that they weren't going to bother throwing a few crumbs off the oligarchs table to the plebs as they had done in the 1980s (although he didn't use that exact terminology) and it would be sold exclusively to 'financial institutions'. Democracy in action.

The sale duly went ahead. A year or so later a HM Treasury audit team announced that the Royal Mail had actually been worth £4bn, which itself was a somewhat conservative estimate. So Osborne had skimmed at least a billion of the top for the benefit of said 'financial institutions'. However, this was not corruption, as this was the UK and corruption only happens in foreign parts.

There was not outcry, no criminal investigation, no frothing press demanding Osborne's head on a platter. Just twenty quid silently nicked off every single man, woman and child in the country. Makes yer feel proud, don't it?

Posted by: Ross | Oct 16 2018 13:22 utc | 71

Or as the Bard put it...

"There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy".

Posted by: Ross | Oct 16, 2018 9:04:18 AM | 70

Indeed. It all interact with themselves too. Like 4D/5D/6D superchess in sterroids. No ammount of human invented computing power could possibly have predictive control of any intended outcomes.
There is really no cotrol over anything.
Just Vectors. That's it.

Posted by: Greece | Oct 16 2018 13:28 utc | 72

American Mercenaries Were Hired To Assassinate Politicians In The Middle East

Long story - UAE hired Israeli and U.S. special forces to assassinate Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Aden, Yemen.

Posted by: b | Oct 16, 2018 7:04:24 AM | 65

Is this the same guy?

Leave No One Behind: An American Gets Snared in the Balkan Knot
March 6, 2018 (Foreign Policy Research Institute.)

. Mr. Corbett, said Informer‘s Interior Ministry source, works for a “well-known international security agency owned by an Israeli who is close to Hashim Thaci and Ramush Haradinaj,” whom the report calls “the leaders of the fake state (lažne države) of Kosovo. Hashim Thaçi and Ramush Haradinaj are Kosovo Albanian political figures and, respectively, the president and the prime minister of the Republic of Kosovo, which unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in early 2008.

“The most likely scenario,” according to what Informer called its confidential source in the Serbian Interior Ministry, is that Mr. Corbett “arrived in Serbia on the orders of Albanian extremists (šiptarskih ekstremista) as part of a wider conspiracy involving both Albanian extremists and Western security services, whose aim was to provoke chaos in Serbia.”

Well, most likely if it's the same guy, it arrived in Albania with orders of the Mossad since the security agency owned by the Israeli man must be nothing else than an Israeli front.

There Is No Heaven Or Hell. There Is Only The Mossad

Following: Another small gem of Mossad Ops in Youtube?
(They certainly croudsource their dissinfo operations, meaning spreading BS using the public itself to disseminate it)
George Webb: Day 3.4. Drugs For Weapons Nephew Khashoggi Tortured/Murdered In Turkey


Posted by: Greece | Oct 16 2018 14:08 utc | 73

Ben @ 55

There is also KBOO radio in Portland, Oregon, 90.7 fm, and online at

Subscriber-owned, left-wing, anti-capitalist champions of the 99 percent.

Weekday mornings feature political commentary. The very best of the best is Theresa Mitchell's "PressWatch" at 9 a.m Thursdays, Pacific time. She (along with the others) can also be heard in the audio archives at any time. (Don't be confused by the forceful baritone voice. She's a trans person.)

Posted by: AntiSpin | Oct 16 2018 14:22 utc | 74


"Omonoia Square" Police Department downtown Athens yesterday attacked at afternoon rush hourdown with streets full of people. It was supposed to be the best guarded Police department in the Greek cpital, after the multistoried Police HQ located not far away.

70 individuals, in querilla style coordination, squeezed trough the numerous teams of 4/people police units on guard at the time at the nearby public crossroads, armed with molotov bobms (there is high chance they were were also carrying automatic fire weapons but this never mas it to the whitewhashed news) leaving 4 policemen injured, police station damaged and lots of car damage. The whole episode laste nearly 50 seconds under a minute.
still no actuall videos showing the full extend of the damages, so it might be partially a staged event.

By estimations of who consist these groups. They have a leftist cover, supported by anarchist/leftists illegal media outlets, yet their "announcements" afre being plasted everywhere for their "laying claim" after each attack, or "information operations" (typical of foreign agenture guerila type reverse-gladio/stay-behind methodology, mostly being developed as "ANTIFA" movement in West Germanyfter end of WWII) This trend carries on since their emergence. After 2004 (NSA eavesdropping scandal in Athens Olympics year that later escalated in widespread blackmail political instability, financial turmoil and Greece bankrupting in 2011-12) the profile of the groups changed, while maintaining their leftist/anarchist political style the actual persons are of Albanian origin mostly around 80% of persons. They seem (according to analyses) relatives mostly of families having connections with Albanian Police/Military and thus the parliament. It is believed they are the handles and gatekeepers of the Israeli inteligence drug trade through the Balkans, after the Kosovo wars.
Current "leftist" Greek government doesn't seem able to contain their operations since they they have many skeletons in their own closets after cooperating with George Soros groups during the Yugoslavian (Balkan) wars, probably acting as cover groups themselves for CIA/Mossad/MI6 or smilar outlets.

Since late 2015/early 2016 the center of Athens and many of what used to be former high esteemed central Athens neighborhoods are being bought up on the cheap by individuals/families/foreign real estate agents (some times carrying Turkish passports but with high percentage of being turkish/jewish origins) and Israeli nationals.

The main reasons for the recent attacks that are escalating in force and frequency seem to be because actors outside of Greece and the EU (D.Trump/Kushner/Israel/Saudis) are covertly funding and promoting "regime change" in Greece, meanwhile US is pressuring to establish in mainland Greece numerous new and sensitive istallations of high strategic value.

THAAD missile systems, Stealth airplanes F-22 (in fact F-22 was specifically mentioned near/close or in Karpathos island) (Alexandropolis for 100 NATO attack helicopter Electronic Warfare base.Purely foreign US-NATO) and nuclear storages (maybe some storage of Turkey's Incirlick) has been rumored, without any prior knowledge /decision for the Greek parliament, locals etc. The Suda base in Crete is on the largement phase of being able to receive damaged carrier groups (repair and storage) and an entirely new underwater base for submarines has already been signed with the current Greek gov, at same location.

When/if the elections come, the main expected winner and new future PM of Greece will be K.Mitsotakis. Son of deceassed K.Mitsotakis.
K.Mitsotakis reigned in Greek political scene as also a PM, (during the fall of former Soviet Union 1989/1991) with New-Democracy right wing party.
A rumored Nazi collaborator and of antiquitty hoarding illegaly. A known family acting like a political mafia in Crete and alsoresponsible for the large and unrestricted American presence in the island of Crete.

(What is this all relevant for, well, It is an open thread, meaning "no specific subject matter". Of course IT ALL TIES TOGETHER)

Posted by: Greece | Oct 16 2018 16:02 utc | 75

55 and 75

The days of Pacifica radio interviewing Lawrence Ferlinghetti and being investigated by Congress are long past. Their coverage of 9/11 religiously embraced the event as 'Islamic Jihad' and only questioned, briefly, the push into Iraq. They never covered Cheney's deferred stock options in Halliburton or the IDIQNB contracts issued from his office, or the impact of Cheney's $147 a bbl contagion. They have never, actually, ever challenged *any* of the memes pushed by the Pentagon.

They are expanding the social context from the black-white dichotomy, championing minority preferences. At the same time, they are contracting the worker context from the pantheon down to Labor versus Corporate, while championing movements to import more labor, lol. But they never challenging the overweening Fed supra-state oligarchy over the Republic of States. 'Oh, we settled that in the Civil War'. Yes, but then the Bolshevik Movement and the Fed Bank changed all that.

They are poodled media 'controlled dissent'.

Go Democrats!! Go Blue Team!! Perpetual War! Tax and Spend!
Go Republicans!! Go Red Team!! Perpetual War! Deficit and Spend!
Go Deep Purple Mil.Gov UniParty!! Perpetual War and Spending!

Your 'vote' is meaningless. An 'electoral college' of gribbles and grifters elects the officials, pre-determined within a Red-v-Blue Rodham-v-Trump perfidy of oligarchs. 93% of Mil.Gov are unelected appointees and drones, metastasizing every year, at +10% per year since 2001, $100Bs more per year, now $1,000Bs more per year, whether you vote Red or Blue.

You will never, ever, ever hear this challenged on any Pacifica network.

They are poodled media 'controlled dissent'.

Prove me wrong over the next three weeks, before the 'vote'.

Posted by: Anton Worter | Oct 16 2018 16:04 utc | 76

b4real.... didn’t get any but yet..

b, thanks for the article on uae hiring the USA mercenaries.. the guy Golan has no problem making money killing whoever the paymaster asks to be murdered, or killed.. that is the beautiful thing about having money as your god... so long as you don’t have a shred of ethics or morals, all is well.. kind of sums up the mind set of capitalism and the uae, or USA for that matter.. who cares whether someone is a terrors, or mother Theresa, so long as uae is paying..

actually the USA operates in much the same way as witnessed by its tacit approval of MBS interrogation gone wrong bullshite... it is all about money and positioning.. Golan could just as easily work for the mafia.. maybe that is wrong.. the mafia has a lot more principal and integrity then him!

@77 Anton.. I tend to see it like you... curious if the others respond to you..

Posted by: james | Oct 16 2018 16:43 utc | 77

appantly ipud won’t allow one to use an abbreviation b. T. and instead turns it into but, lol. blue. tooth. holy fuck apple.. what a piece of crap!

Posted by: james | Oct 16 2018 16:45 utc | 78

FYI--It seems like yesterday we were discussing topics and papers delivered at last year's Valdai Club Annual Meeting, but a year has passed and the 15th session began yesterday and goes through the 18th. Here's the Programme:

" This year’s topic is “Russia: Agenda for the 21st Century.” This is not accidental. At the forefront is Russia, its political and socio-economic prospects, social and cultural development, place in the emerging world."

Putin usually attends the Plenary Session, which occurs the 18th. Lavrov is scheduled to appear for an hour meeting a few hours prior.

Living in a Crumbling World is the title of the Club's Annual Report; and despite what many see as movement from a Unipolar to Multipolar World, the Report strikes a contrarian tone in its introduction:

"{T}he world has now passed a critical juncture with regard to the formation of an effectively functioning international order based on global governance. That is, the world is now moving in a different direction. It has slipped into a clear and undeniable trend of unilateral decision-making. And, although this process is essentially unmanageable, we must strive to understand its consequences."

If you've been paying attention, Putin's and Lavrov's rhetoric over the past several months has brought up that aspect of events, and the Khashoggi murder is just another bit of evidence proving their case.

As usual, there's a wealth of essays, videos and infographics to peruse, all of which are very educational and too numerous to link.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2018 20:46 utc | 79

Here's an excellent reason to get pissed-off! as if one was needed. Monsanto/Bayer was found guilty and liable for $289,000,000 in damages, but now the trial judge is considering overturning the award. Given the damage and deaths Monsanto and Bayer have caused over their history as corporations, they both ought to have their Charters cancelled and their assets liquidated and provided to their many victims and their estates.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2018 21:30 utc | 80


Here's a reason to get pissed off if there ever was one: the Deep Purple Mil.Gov UniParty started cooking the books under Reagan 2 and by the time of Clinton 2 was in full swing. Where before they spoke of Fed Government as a Percentage of GDP, first they inflated GDP to include that same Mil.Gov spending, then under Clinton, added in all the synthetic spending on Wall Street, so they can massaginate $1,000B in Pentagon spending as 'not even 5% of GDP!'

And everyone bought it. Everyone bought the Blue is Labor and Red is Corporate bullish*t, but both the Red and Blue Congress passed a *veto proof* Gramm-Leigh-Bliley Coup, and both Red and Blue Congress passed a *veto proof* No Taxes for the Rich bill, and now $23,500,000,000,000 in Mil,Gov spending is 176% of *real* GDP.

So your real 'choice' isn't to vote Red or Blue in three weeks, you real choice is 'Get Blue Team, or die trying'. Or as Trump and 'Ye like to put it, 'Get busy lying, or get busy (dumpster) diving.'

Posted by: Anton Worter | Oct 16 2018 22:41 utc | 81

AW @82--

Book cooking began in 1950s and was uncovered and documented by Michael Hudson during his Wall Street years. Read his seminal work Super Imperialism and also watch/listen to the interview video here. This Autobiographical Interview shines additional light on that and numerous other subjects. Indeed, the entire work of Professor Hudson provides a vast storehouse of info as to how the System works and for whom it works for.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2018 23:11 utc | 82


Speaking of 'unilateral decision making', Bill Gates just announced he is underwriting a Washington State Carbon Tax initiative on the ballot, 'the first such tax in the nation!' NPR is ballyhooing. Well not the first attempt at one. Back in 2006, they floated a 'carbon license fee', then after push-back, decided it was a 'carbon licence tab', with the same tab cost for an 18-wheeler as for a bicycle (yes, the tab fee would have also applied to bicycles!)

That referendum initiative was wildly hooted down, then lost at the polls. USAryans and generally stupid, but not that stupid. Then the State tried a second carbon tax initiative during Obama, but citizen's groups who challenged where the 'carbon' revenue would be directed, received the response, 'For more environmental studies' and then when pushed, State government admitted is would go exclusively to more resource agency staff-up, higher salaries and fatter pensions!

Later I applied for one of these environmental jobs at a local suburban City, advertising for an 'environmental program manager'. There were four people at the interview, the general manager, and three other environmental program managers, for a town of 16,000 citizens. Paid $75,000 plus free healthcare plus PERS pension. Thrilled, I asked what the "environmental program" was that I would try to grow into a "full-blown citizens movement". The general manager held up a poster-board, 'Pick Up Your Dog Poop!'/b>, then she shrugged, "We just don't have time to take this on, we're all so over-worked!" When she said 'over-worked', her face looked exactly like Norman Bates saying, "She wouldn't hurt a fly."

I staggered outside and threw up in the bushes.

Now they are hoping with this third carbon tax voter initiative to genocide Millenials by tithe-taxing them out of chi-chi $650,000 townhouse urban areas with a unilateral indefinite indeterminate energy cost burden, and Millenials, being young, barefoot and easily duped, will vote Blue, and then they will cut their own throats with a Green razor blade.


Posted by: Anton Worter | Oct 16 2018 23:18 utc | 83

@craigsummers, most here see your tactics from a parasa away.. Give it a rest.

Posted by: Lozion | Oct 16 2018 23:31 utc | 84

Anton @ 82. LMAO, I just realised...something.

Posted by: donkeytale | Oct 17 2018 1:34 utc | 85

Looks like youtube has either been novichoked or cut up with a Saudi meat saw.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Oct 17 2018 2:59 utc | 86

re: the poodled media 'controlled dissent', and all that

Posted by: Anton Worter | Oct 16, 2018 12:04:02 PM | 77

What is going to replace Facebook, Twitter, You Tube in your opinion?

Posted by: Guerrero | Oct 17 2018 3:12 utc | 87


You should be able to shut off auto correct on ipad. I have done so on my iphone since I prefer to own my own typos. The new ios update makes manual corrections a pain on this site though

Posted by: Pft | Oct 17 2018 4:13 utc | 88

@peterau. thanks! this isn’t mine, but i just did what you suggested and sure enough the options are in the settings.. i told my wife what i did with her ipad.. shed doesn’t blab like i do on moa or e mail, lol. she doesn’t care.. thanks peter and for your humour and inghts on the other threads too!

Posted by: james | Oct 17 2018 14:39 utc | 89

I received this mail today from 'The Last American Vagabond?' ...for the information of all!

"The times are indeed changing, as we all witnessed with many well-known and well-respected outlets deleted with no warning and no real explanation from Facebook and Twitter. Not to mention the fact that the intensity with which YouTube censors, suppresses and stifles content is no secret among anti-establishment channels. It appears as well that such measures of government control are only on the rise. So listed below is a grouping of some of the best alternatives to the large, highly controlled, social media platforms for you to test and hopefully begin a transition into. Because whether it is another site-wide outage, or just the fact that you are the next to be suppressed or censored, it is time we began to find new ways to connect on the Internet that do not include such obvious connections to government control as NATO and the Atlantic Council.

BitChute aims to put creators first and provide them with a service that they can use to flourish and express their ideas freely.

Decentralized Tube (or DTube for short) is a YouTube-like video platform that is built as an application on top of Steemit. So it’s on the same platform utilizing the same rules but specifically for video content. Essentially, users post videos, and are rewarded for creating and uploading content.

REAL.VIDEO is the new solution to YouTube censorship and anti-liberty authoritarianism. It’s passionately dedicated to a mission of educating people all over the world on the subject of natural healing remedies and personal liberty (food freedom, medical freedom, the freedom of speech, etc.).

Steemit is a social media platform where everyone gets paid for creating and curating content.

Minds is an open source and decentralized social network for Internet freedom, where users earn crypto tokens for their contributions to the network.

Crypto-focused social network which enables contributors to earn Bitcoin Cash for creating content.

Gab is an ad-free social network dedicated to preserving individual liberty, the freedom of speech, and the free flow of information on the internet.

Tikkit is a powerful space, for both networking and organizing.

Diaspora is a nonprofit, user-owned, distributed social network that is based upon the free Diaspora software.The online social world where you are in control.

VK allows users to message each other publicly or privately, to create groups, public pages and events, share and tag images, audio and video, and to play browser-based games.

* * *

There are many more out there, and many more on the way (and I will add them as I see them, or you send them to me). Ben Swann even just announced that he was in the process of creating a new blockchain-based platform called “Isegoria.” The point is that the real choice has always been ours, despite their efforts to cow us into specific ways of communicating, and through that, specific lanes of thought. We just have to realize once again where the power truly lies, and that has always been with the people, the true majority."

Posted by: Guerrero | Oct 17 2018 18:24 utc | 90

Cuba tells fukus to fuck off,
That's the spirit girls,
cant stand those insufferable !@#$%^!

Posted by: denk | Oct 18 2018 2:47 utc | 91

This guy said fukus is the most dangerous country in the world, [well, thats a no brainer]....except for some saving grace, like its 'vibrant free speech'.">">

FFW 2018, they'r scrubbing the net fast and furious, brace for the day you wake up in the morning and is greeted with a 404 at your fav
hang out.

Even that little bit of saving grace is gone,
fukus is kaput, unsalvageable, RIP

Posted by: denk | Oct 18 2018 4:53 utc | 92

sorry b

forget web archive link doesnt work well with MOA,

Posted by: denk | Oct 18 2018 4:56 utc | 93">">

Posted by: denk | Oct 18 2018 5:09 utc | 94

please delete the messed up link.

Posted by: denk | Oct 18 2018 5:11 utc | 95


Two amazing things happened today.

I wrote a friend using Google Mail, asking if s/he had a mailing distribution list for targeted customers for a new product rollout. I figured maybe s/he'd built a list of a couple hundred we could cold-call. Not 15 minutes later, a Google ad dropped on Reddit for the same field of development! So I followed the ad link to another link to another link to ... a contact list of 11,000 targeted customers! Praise Sergey! We are saved!

But then waiting for the light rail home after work, with Google Mail still open, but my phone 'turned off' and in my pocket, I was complaining loudly to another guy on the platform about the insane real estate prices in Seattle, and how I was thinking about moving to YouDontKnow, ...then not 15 minutes later on Reddit, a Google ad dropped for ... townhouses in YouDontKnow! My phone does perfect voice to text, and even though it was 'off', it was listening and translating and sending! Good thing I didn't shout 'Bmob the Gooks for Jesus!", ha,ha,ha.

Then the kid on the train next to me, hearing my shock over being ad-targeted in phone-sleep mode, starts in telling me all the IT stories about phones, tablets and laptops watching and listening in sleep mode. You have to turn them off-off and turn your router off, and put tape over the camera eye, and keep the radio on while you're riding bareback with the bosses' daughter, or it will be watched by something. Something was watching Trump riding Candy, or Stormy or whathover.

But isn't it cool, all we have to do now is type or speak our wish, and Google AI will drop the ad you're looking for faster than you can say goody goody gumdrop yuppie ayoh Kanye.

And now I will get an ad drop on the Kardashians in 3...2...

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