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October 04, 2018

Saudi Embassy Video Claims Al-Qaeda Likes Iran But Proves The Opposite

The embassy of Saudi Arabia in the United States posted a video which claims that Iran "tacitly supported al-Qaeda".

However, the video, posted on October 3 at 19:44 UTC, provides only one thing. Al-Qaeda shunned contacts with Iran because al-Qaeda receives its support from Arab states.


The Saudi embassy video includes an interview segment with "Abu Hafs, the mufti of al-Qaeda". It has Arabic and English captions. In the Saudi video Abu Hafs says:

Iran has tried for several times to establish relations with Al-Qaeda
But Al-Qaeda was refusing because of the sensitivity of forging a relationship with Iran in the Arab Peninsula
which is the most important source of support to Al-Qaeda members

a fact that Osama was taking into account
And I have discussed this matter in my own memos

Here are screenshots of the interview segment:






A recent study by New America, based on more than 300 original al-Qaeda documents, again provided that there is no evidence for any cooperation between Iran and al-Qaeda. The top key findings are:

  • Al-Qa‘ida views Iran as a hostile entity, a hostility that is evident throughout the documents examined for this study.
  • The examined documents provide no evidence of cooperation between Al-Qa‘ida and Iran on planning or carrying out terrorist attacks.
  • The presence of jihadis in Iran was out of necessity, not a result of strategic planning. Jihadis, including Al-Qa‘ida members, and their families as well as members of bin Ladin’s family fled Afghanistan to Iran following the 9/11 attacks and the resultant fall of the Taliban regime.

Al-Qaeda perceived the Iranian policy as "as one of detention/imprisonment". Its members and their families were in effect taken hostage by the Iranian government to prevent al-Qaeda attacks on its country.

The Saudi embassy video goes on to claim that neither al-Qaeda nor the Islamic State ever attacked Iran. But in fact the Islamic State (ISIS), attacked the Iranian parliament building and the mausoleum of Ruhollah Khomeini on June 7 2017. At least 17 civilians died and 43 were wounded. On September 22 2018 and ISIS attack killed 25 participants and bystanders of a memorial day parade in Ahvaz, Iran. ISIS claimed responsibility for both attacks.

h/t Derek Davison

Posted by b on October 4, 2018 at 9:15 UTC | Permalink

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - US President Donald Trump signed legislation that allows seized assets to be used to satisfy court judgments against terrorists, the White House said in a press release.

US district courts have ruled several times that Iran was responsible for AQ attacks. 9 11 and USS Cole come to mind.
The Saudi propaganda is simply to back up the US in grabbing assets it has frozen from Iran and no doubt Syria, perhaps a few other countries that do not diplomatically recognize the state of Israel.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Oct 4 2018 10:00 utc | 2

Iran (Persia), an intellectual giant in the ME.
Inventor of chess among myriad other accomplishments.
A great and ancient civilisation rightly demanding its true position in a US fractured ME.
With Russia, China, and Turkey; Iran will endure and ultimately thrive...

Posted by: V | Oct 4 2018 11:05 utc | 3

Save the Saudi video before they delete it ...
This takes a url to a video and can convert it / download it into an mp4 file.

"members of Bin Ladin's fled Afghanistan to Iran following the 9/11 attacks and the resultant fall of the Taliban regime."

Sometimes I come across really well polished Iran haters in the comments section and this is the best argument they can come up with trying to prove that Iran supports Al Qaeda to justify lawsuits but they blithely ignore the armed compounds in Pakistan.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Oct 4 2018 11:32 utc | 4

Iranian assassination campaign in Europe

"France freezes assets of Iranian intelligence over alleged bomb plot"

"Two Belian nationals of Iranian origin were arrested for allegedly planning to attack a gathering organized by the Iranian exile group Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK)...
Special police units intercepted the suspects' Mercedes in Sint-Pieters-Woluwe just outside Brussels. They found 500 grams of triacetone triperoxide (TATP)..."

1. Why would Iran risk assassinating a member of an unpopular group inside Iran and poison their efforts to groom a relationship with the EU?

2. Why would Iran persist in these assassination attempts since they always fail, when was the last time you heard of a successful assassination attempt?

I'm sorry to see that France is a solid member of FUKUS. There was a time when they exhibited some independence. What happened?

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Oct 4 2018 11:45 utc | 5

Tom Welsh @ 1:

Good cartoon you got there!

Here are my lesser contributions:

Posted by: Jen | Oct 4 2018 11:51 utc | 6

@chuba #7 MEK is not an unpopular group its a TERRORIST group and was recognized as such by FUKUS up until 2008.which is a year before the forced unrest of 2009 in Theran.Conect the dots.
Khamenei has damaged vocal cords and dead nerve endings in all of his right arm.
How do you think that happened?
On the 28th 1981 of june they killed 37 government officials
On the 30th of august 1981 they killed the prime minister president and 6 other goverment officials estimated number of casualities they directly caused is around 17000

Posted by: Occidentosis | Oct 4 2018 12:50 utc | 7

@Christian Chuba

France is a desperate prostitute. It will sleep with anyone bringing it business to keep the country's ailing economy afloat.
Now that Iran is been ostracized by the USA, France has lost big businesses there in the oil and car fields. While the EU is showing an apparent opposition to Trump's boycott, France wants to please the enemies of Iran ( Saudi Arabia, USA) so it can get businesses that compensate the irreversible loss in Iran. As it is excluded from any business in Syria's reconstruction, it needs a good reason to distance itself fron Iran without appearing to bow to Trump.
It used an attack on the MEK terrorist sect, Giuliani's good friend, to justify to cool the relationship. France has nothing to gain anynmore from Iran, why would it continue to take into consideration?
For Iran it is a blow as the EU support against Trump's sanctions is now weaker and it may snowball in the EU.
Iran cannot ignore France's back stabbing and will make it pay dearly in an appropriate time.

Posted by: Virgile | Oct 4 2018 13:03 utc | 8

@Mina - Deleted your comments. This blog isn't a link dump.

@Christian Chuba - "Save the Saudi video before they delete it"

You might want to check the post before commenting?

@Christian Chuba - "Iranian assassination campaign in Europe"

Both of the "Belgians of Iranian origin" were MEK members. Obviously a false flag operation to blame Iran.

Posted by: b | Oct 4 2018 13:21 utc | 9

Virgile @10

Actually France has lost it since Macron came to power.

- The recent Israeli bombing attempt in Latakia had an Israeli aircraft firing a missile from directly over the French frigate "Auvergne". (As well as downing a Russian plane) The French did NOT fire even if this was at first suggested. Putin did not mention or blame France, which surprised some, but it is clear in hindsight that P knew that the French did not fire the missiles.

BUT, NATO, the Israelis, and the US were all using the French frigate as a deliberate expendable target to entice the Syrians to destroy/fire on it. A NATO member would have then been a "victim", and the planned upgrade from a financial war to a shooting war could be engineered.

I wonder if the french military command appreciated being used as a live target? France was reluctant to Join NATO under De Gaulle, but under Macron it has become a NATO plaything.

(Postscript: The threat to "blockade Russia" was not a one-off unofficial statement, but was probably what was planned if the massive missile attack on Syria had gone ahead. The guy probably heard this from a pre-briefing and blurted it out anyway)

Posted by: stonebird | Oct 4 2018 13:34 utc | 10

the last week has seen the European msm bursting with all sort of arrests for Iranian conspiracies
this one was said in the french media to have been tipped by the US

Posted by: Mina | Oct 4 2018 13:48 utc | 11

The links where relates to Saudi Arabia and to the so called war against al Qaeda, plus not everybody has the time to check al Ahram every day. But of course you are free to do whatever you want. Since then, the link on Asad interview to a Gulf media has disappeared from Ahram frontpage, and it probably wont be reported anywhere in the European papers. To "dump" it here as you say if for someone in a hurry the guarantee that people concerned will see them and may use it for their own research/blogs.

Posted by: Mina | Oct 4 2018 13:52 utc | 12


France wants desperately to regain the grandeur of its past. Libya was a failed attempt toward that.
Its political elite is a succession of pathetic morons (The resigned ministry on interior) or full-of-themselves pseudo intellectuals beggars (The president and the FM)
France is a hopeless case and if it wasn't for the EU, it would have become a third world country.

Posted by: Virgile | Oct 4 2018 13:55 utc | 13


France wants desperately to regain the grandeur of its past.
Typical stuff for a francophobe out to say something nasty. The British govt is in a far worse case than the French, but you say nothing of that.

Posted by: Laguerre | Oct 4 2018 14:46 utc | 14

France, the UK, and the US all suffer from Zionist-occupied government/media complexes, and until that changes all three will continue to act to the detriment of their domestic populations and humanity in general.

Posted by: SlapHappy | Oct 4 2018 14:49 utc | 15

Under Cheney/Bush the MEK was put to work in the destruction of "seven countries in five years".

Hillary handily moved MEK from the terror list to the friends list.


John Bolton addressing A MEK pep rally:

“I had said for over 10 years since coming to these events, that the declared policy of the United States of America should be the overthrow of the mullahs’ regime in Tehran,” Bolton proclaimed. “The behavior and the objectives of the regime are not going to change, and therefore the only solution is to change the regime itself. And that’s why, before 2019, we here will celebrate in Tehran!”

Trump’s lawyer Rudolph Giuliani at another MEK event in Paris.

“The mullahs must go, the ayatollah must go, and they must be replaced by a democratic government which Madam Rajavi represents,” Giuliani said in reference to MEK cult leader Maryam Rajavi, adding, “Freedom is right around the corner … Next year I want to have this convention in Tehran!”

On the latest protests in Iran, his comments got even creepier:

“Those protests are not happening spontaneously,” Giuliani said. “They are happening because of many of our people in Albania and many of our people here and throughout out the world.”

Again, the lawyer for the President of the United States was addressing the MEK terror cult when he said this, and that terror cult has a training compound in Albania.

Note: Albania is adjacent to Kosovo where the huge US Camp Bondsteel is located.

Destroying Yugoslavia was apparently useful to "The West".

Posted by: fastfreddy | Oct 4 2018 14:51 utc | 16

this sounds like the script from the second iraq war, when saddam was supposedly linked to al quaida--which was also bullshit.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Oct 4 2018 15:21 utc | 17

iirc, chess was invented in china and then taken up in india. not to diminish iran's history; they had empires while most europeans were still in squabbling tribes.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Oct 4 2018 15:31 utc | 18

Amazing discovery! How do you do it? This interview with an AlQuaida boss tells the story.
Its presentation in a series of screen-shots is most effective at getting the sweet-meat across.

My big picture take: the receeding real-economy has left the Western governments high and dry
as its functionaries are revealed to be totally compromised, pathetic sorts of decadent creatures.

Dirty every-day behind-the-scene-machinations since Charles DeGaulle and John Kennedy
are being increasingly exposed, as the tide of the AngloAmerican Empire is steadily ebbing.

The black operations of the Post-WW2 regime are more-and-more coming into view because
the fabulous fertility of the physical economies in the relevant nation-states no longer exists.

The power of creative intelligence with which every human babe is imbued, has been damaged
by all the hoaxy stories the public is expected to swallow whole; 911 being the obvious example.

The tragic result of Paperclip operation has been announced: it is that nothing makes sense;
and since nothing make sense, anything goes! the human spirit itself is kicked down the stairs.

Prognosis: It is good, I think. The Universe has a tendency to evolve higher-order manifestation;
and this will certainly help. All humanity has to do now is to keep struggling, and to not lose faith.

Posted by: Guerrero | Oct 4 2018 15:50 utc | 19

I'm sorry to see that France is a solid member of FUKUS. There was a time when they exhibited some independence. What happened? Christian @ 5.

Fabius (FM under Hollande) is famously known for saying “Al-Nusra is doing a good job” ... du bon boulot... in Syria. At the same time, Islamic terrorists, ISIS / Daesh etc. were judged in F to be murderous devils in Mali, Iraq, France, etc.

F, iirc, was the first country to close its Embassy in Syria, in early 2012. Sarkozy said the ‘régime’ had killed 8,000 ppl and that Homs would be wiped from the map. (Sark I was a numerical illiterate.) F was against Bashar al-Assad from the start, and was even perhaps the main mover in the attack(s) on Syria. That is what many F ppl in-the-know state - imho idk.

Loss of influence in the old stomping grounds one surmises, but probably there is a backstory idk about. It seems terminally stupid to give up such old ties and possibilities of cooperation, influence, trade, etc. Spite your nose… Sark was the no. 1 actor, and Hollande followed on, with growing ties (subservience?) to US-KSA-Isr, clumsy interventionism, a heap of confusion.

Macron hitches on with a slightly new twist, reviving an old alliance of say ex-colonialists, France + Great Britain to revive some clapped-out-colonial power by joining hands. Echoes of Suez? (DT loathes the EU so that fits..)

Macron has stated that the US has turned its back on the post ww2 order (yes).. At the same time, Macron supports trade-connections, cooperation with Iran, along with Germany and other EU, and laments the US unilateral withdrawal from the ‘Iran deal’.

So — opportunistic muddled BS. See Virgile @ 8 for a different slant, yet all turns around the same contradictions.

Posted by: Noirette | Oct 4 2018 15:57 utc | 20

thanks b... if your post didn't say enough, i would encourage others to see @1 tom welsh link and @6 jens links too, for further confirmation...

so the game is to destroy iran.. and we are in the propaganda lead up to this here in october.... so much bullshit and not enough time to push it all out of the way...

france was given jurisdiction over syria back in the treaty of versailles 1919.. they are still trying to think like an empire, with a group of mental midgits for leaders... of course this is no different then the uk, canada and etc. etc. either, except france thinks it has some special relationship with syria, so that their shit is more relevant.. the west which includes all these countries under the grand leadership of the usa-israel, are a group of thugs who really don't have their act together, as they bumble towards the next place of intended destruction.. it is a sad situation and the only possible light i see is with china and russia adopting a different approach that says no to the madness that has descended on western leaders...

Posted by: james | Oct 4 2018 16:35 utc | 21

Yes exactly France thinks it has some kind of precedence in syria as if of all the western powers they have priority because its they have experience massacring the people of the land.
@james, about that special relationship, if anything that makes the locals even more distrasfull of theit old colonials masters than new foreigners.
Heck, only ask Algerians, I did and among the mistrust disgust at france calling themselves pays des droit de l homme while simultaneously murdering hundreds of peaceful protesting algerians and dumping their bodies in the seine in the 60 and massacring (at the lowest estimate) 1.5 millions people all of the them civilians and keeping the heads of burned alive children and resistance leaders in the musuem for 150 years and still refusing to give them back. Do you honestly think people can forget stuff like that especially when the humiliation is still going on and the hypocrisy has reached new levels.
Lets call a spade a spade, FUKUS are is colonial power and has never stopped being one.Its just that France has slidding down the slope from equal partner to subs.

Posted by: Occidentosis | Oct 4 2018 16:48 utc | 22

Laguerre @14
France is a shitty post colonial country. the context was about France. no qualifications necessary, Virgile was completely correct.
your obvious emotional attachment to France means your opinion on matters related to that shitty little post colonial country need be viewed with a little extra scepticism.

Posted by: al | Oct 4 2018 16:51 utc | 23

another bozo from the usa has spoken .. apparently if they repeat this stupidity often enough, more people will believe it..

"The U.S. general (votel) said that the U.S. is working to “cease its (Iran) destabilizing behavior and policy that spreads violence and human misery throughout the Middle East."

why is it that saudi arabia and israel are the 2 countries supporting isis-al qaeda 24/7 and not a people from idiots like votel about any of this?

Posted by: james | Oct 4 2018 16:55 utc | 24

@mina To "dump" it here as you say if for someone in a hurry the guarantee that people concerned will see them and may use it for their own research/blogs.

That's not how I want my blog to work. Go to Twitter if you just want to drop links to other people.

Since then, the link on Asad interview to a Gulf media has disappeared from Ahram frontpage, and it probably wont be reported anywhere in the European papers.

The al-Ahram story was just the repost of an AP story that ran worldwide: Syria’s Assad says ‘understanding’ reached with Arab states.
It SAYS SO at the top of the al-Ahram page.

Posted by: b | Oct 4 2018 16:56 utc | 25

people - peep..

Posted by: james | Oct 4 2018 16:56 utc | 26

France is a shitty post colonial country.
Just evidence how bigotted Americans are getting these days. And it's spreading onto MoA.

Posted by: Laguerre | Oct 4 2018 17:21 utc | 27

" they had empires while most europeans were still in squabbling tribes."

'squabbling tribes'or what could be called self governing communities.
Empires occur when people are forced to give up a part of their produce to parasitical military and religious castes organised into states. For the parasites this represents progress; for the community as a whole it marks their degradation into human cattle.

Posted by: bevin | Oct 4 2018 17:27 utc | 28

@7 Occidentosis,

Add to your list that on the eve of invading Iraq the Bush White House published an official list of 10 justifications
for invading. Saddam's support of MEK (aka MKO) was one of the 10 reasons given on the White House website.

The list has to be here somewhere (unless they washed it) but heck if I can find it. A nickle to whoever can direct me to a copy, on this archive site or elsewhere. Thanks in advance.

Posted by: librul | Oct 4 2018 17:32 utc | 29

re Noirette 20

F, iirc, was the first country to close its Embassy in Syria, in early 2012.
For France and their attitude to Syria, having known some of those people, my guess is that, apart from the French feeling of rights over Syria as the former colonial power (meaningless in reality, as the mandate power was only brief), there must have been, and probably is still, a group of anti-Asad intellectual exiles in Paris, who have the ear of the Elysées, and have been whispering into it since 2011 and before. I get the fall-out from that in my business.

However, I've seen signs that Macron is by no means as keen as Hollande was, indeed at least one commentator saying France wouldn't join in a US attack on Syria. But I haven't had time to follow up the topic.

Posted by: Laguerre | Oct 4 2018 17:40 utc | 30

Now that Iran is been ostracized by the USA, France has lost big businesses there in the oil and car fields.

Posted by: Virgile | Oct 4, 2018 9:03:33 AM

Usually a typo bears some similarity to a mistyped word. "Oil and car fields" are puzzling. Gas fields would fit thematically, but while a three letter word, car has no letter in common, cannot be attributed to blind typing, so perhaps car fields do exists. Parking lots for new cars, for used cars of junkyards? Which one is a French specialty?

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 4 2018 18:06 utc | 31

My bad, car and gas actually share "a".

Still, there were headlines:

French car giants Peugeot and Citroen to exit Iran over US sanction ...

Renault to remain in Iran despite risk of US sanctions, CEO says

May 11, 2018 - French car manufacturers and Germany's Daimler are the most exposed Europeans to the U.S. decision to withdraw from the 2015 Iran nuclear ...

So perhaps among various economic fields, oil and cars in Iran are of interet to the French.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 4 2018 18:11 utc | 32

The CIA and Saudi Arabia created Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and bin Laden was working for them. Of course the CIA and Saudi Arabia will try to make Iran responsible for Al Qaeda but it is a lie. Neocons and neolibs will go along since they want a war on Iran.

Posted by: AriusArmenian | Oct 4 2018 18:19 utc | 33


I think the booby prize for that 's'hole country' trophy goes to Israel, and as far a faded empire, to Spain. I found France a lovely country, even if it forced me to learn street francaise to mange.

And speaking of faded empire, this recent cellphone EBS blast from the President I totally distrust. As soon as it flashed on my phone I had a panic attack. It would be perfectly possible, when you click OK, for it to capture your cell number and your face, for facial recognition, and of course, your GPS location. But I will bet 350,000,000 USAryans looked into their cell with dull glazed eyes and clicked OK. As a Java and R Big Data programmer, the image of some Pentagon supercomputer grinding away with a Matrix of names, faces and GPS locations kept flashing through my mind.

Then I clicked OK anyway, lol, but in an Apple store, and then ran around and took my selfie on all their phones in the store that were also flashing EBS' message too. They'll never find me now, ha,ha.

S'hit is about to hit the fan. I can smell it. Trump is burning $5,000B a month now and just borrowed another $2,000B, according to Bloomberg, but Congress passed only a $840B Omnibus Debt Bill Two, and Trump is disappearing the $100Bs that he's skimming off for the 25% Fed VAT trade tax. To where?

There must be HUGE HOT MONEY swirling ahead of '5/11 Tehran'. Place your bets!

Posted by: Anton Worter | Oct 4 2018 18:59 utc | 34

32 - “it is a lie”

worse, it is a Big Lie.

Posted by: jayc | Oct 4 2018 19:02 utc | 35

An Iranian academic asks: "The question you may have is that how come ISIS [Daesh] and the US forces are so close to each other and apparently they’re not engaging in any type of confrontation, they are living as peaceful neighbors?"

That's THE question BigLie Media refuses, no, will not ever ask. As I wrote yesterday, I hope Iran shoots more missiles and sends more drones to attack that same region next door to the Outlaw US Empire troops. The Empire will have difficulty responding, as saying or doing anything begs the above question be asked.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 4 2018 19:04 utc | 36

It is complex.

The view from China

Summary: Everybody ganged up against the Soviets in Afghanistan and supported the Afghan fighters including China, Iran and Egypt.
To blame Iran for this is hypocritical as the ringleader was the United States.

Posted by: somebody | Oct 4 2018 19:15 utc | 37

Iran's Foreign Minister Tweets:

"President Trump repeatedly humiliates the Saudis by saying they can't last 2 weeks without his support. This is the recompense for the delusion that one's security can be outsourced.
We again extend our hand to our neighbors: let's build a "strong region", and stop this conceit."

The ensuing comments I found interesting. Clearly, Iran's responding to the change of line within the Arab World I pointed to yesterday. Note the idiot American troll's comments. When I mentioned the need for courage, outreach and tolerance on the previous thread, we see all three demonstrated by Mr. Zarif. Such is likely shared by Khamenei, the council of advisors he heads and Rouhani. Zarif also tweeted his message in Arabic along with a short video clip of Trump humiliating Saudis.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 4 2018 19:49 utc | 38

Assad interview:

"The Syrian government has reached a “major understanding” with hostile Arab states."

Just what that is wasn't elaborated upon in this brief report. Yet another aspect of the political/diplomatic front being pushed by Syria and its allies.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 4 2018 20:00 utc | 39

Erdogan needs to become better informed. Syria held elections just a few weeks ago as reported globally, although quite a lot of propaganda was included in Western reports like this one.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 4 2018 20:08 utc | 40

The Saudi's have a problem. Trump reminds them avery now and then they would not last two weeks without US support.
Then there is the "The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act" which will allow Americans to sue Saudi Arabia...
"Hundreds of relatives of individuals killed in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks have sued Saudi Arabia in U.S. court, seeking to take advantage of a law passed by Congress last year that allows victims of such attacks on U.S. soil to sue state sponsors."

And the October 2018 National Strategy for Counterterrorism (pdf)

Paragraph from page 16 of the pdf
While some countries, such as Iran, continue to use
terrorism as an overt tool of their foreign policy,
most countries that provide support for terrorists do
so clandestinely, exploiting legitimate commercial
networks to conceal their support activity. The
United States will continue to acquire evidence of
these states’ deceptive practices and work with
allies and partners to identify and punish states that
support terrorism.

Although Iran is the only country named in the report, there is a clear threat to the likes of Saudi Arabia. In an interview back near the start of the primaries for the presidential US election, Trump when questioned on 9 11, named the Saudi's.
Far from being the Saudi's Muktar of America as Pat Lang termed it, is clearly blackmailing the Saudi's.
The final goal of Trump's anti terrorism bullshit and other antics in the region is taking full control of all Persian gulf oil and gas and global energy dominance.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Oct 4 2018 20:25 utc | 41

Tom Welsh @1

The left hand side should be captioned "US proxy force" or "US 'Enemy'". Otherwise it is totally appropriate.

Posted by: Yonatan | Oct 4 2018 20:34 utc | 42

karlof1 38

That "understanding with hostile Arab states I think also ties in with my thought in post @40 that Trump is blackmailing the Saudi's for everything they've got. The was also the trip to Moscow by the Saudi king which was a first.
I have the feeling the Saudi's very much want to get out of the hole they've dug themselves into with the US, but are now in far too deep and no one will come running to protect them.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Oct 4 2018 20:39 utc | 43

bevin @27
yeah self governing communities that constantly killed each other and stole each others food and tribe members for slavery, when not acting as mercenaries for the empires. those self governing communities evolved into the empires of the middle ages; the europeans were just later getting there

Posted by: pretzelattack | Oct 4 2018 20:46 utc | 44

I hope ‘ b’ will forgive this posted here it’s O T but very topical regarding today’s western propagander against Russia ! It contains a must watch video regarding biological warfare by the west right on Russia’s door step! It’s not graphic, about 30mins long . Please watch !!!

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 4 2018 20:46 utc | 45

Erdogan can talk, the little ballot box stuffer from Syria's northern province, called his election 12 months early and slid further back. First all those lovely jihadis in Idlib need to enroll to vote! That's right, put their names on the civil list, then prove who they are. Good chance for that.

More likely is that many of the jihadis will slip over the border and settle in land cleared of kurds who will have slipped over the border to Syria and Iraq.

Within twelve months all those lovely jihadis will be Turkeys problem.

Erdogan is not long for this world and when he goes the noise you hear will be the crash of Turkey.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 4 2018 20:49 utc | 46

R T news gives Russia M O D news briefing on us bio warfare lab in Georgia! This is retaliation/ esculation. Russia’s has had enough of western provocation!!! I hope you all got bunker’s ?

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 4 2018 21:40 utc | 47

Peter AU 1 @42--

If the Saudis really want to get out of their hole, then they ought to stop their war on Yemen tomorrow morning! And they ought to accept Iran's olive branch.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 4 2018 22:23 utc | 48

@47 karlof1.. have you ever known a zebra to change its stripes? the reason the ksa, israel and usa leadership are so in sync with one another is they are all driven by a similar type of fundamental fanaticism centered around exceptionalism.. they share that in common.. things will have to get a lot more difficult before any of these actors change their stripes.. they may not be able to.. the thought of the usa public taking back their power of the public is a real long shot at this point..

Posted by: james | Oct 5 2018 1:40 utc | 49

@45 uncle tungsten.. i am sure erdogan is working on a way for them to vote twice - once in turkey and once in syria... that's probably the secret on the que t he is offering his moderate muslim brotherhood headchoppers...

the sultan bozo erdogan has spoken.. not sure if this solidifies jackrabbits general position a bit more or not!

and comments yesterday from pompeo... amazing how basra is the place where a huge amount of revenue has been generated via oil, and the ordinary basra person is still seeing sewage running in the streets, and lights on part of the day, but the good ole usa is doing everything they can to help and that terrible country iran is doing everything they can to sabotage the good intentions of the usa! well, if you believe that - there's a job for you at the usa state dept!!
" To the situation in Iraq, Iran is the origin of the current threat to Americans in Iraq. It is to blame for the attacks against our mission in Basra and our embassy in Baghdad. Our intelligence in this regard is solid. We can see the hand of the ayatollah and his henchmen supporting these attacks on the United States.

On Friday, I ordered the temporary relocation of U.S. Government personnel from our consulate general in Basra. I also warned the Iranian Government that we will hold it directly responsible for any harm to Americans or our diplomatic facilities, whether perpetrated by Iranian forces or by associated proxies or elements of those militias.

These latest destabilizing acts in Iraq are attempts by the Iranian regime to push back on our efforts to constrain its malign behavior. Clearly, they see our comprehensive pressure campaign as serious and succeeding, and we must be prepared for them to continue their attempts to hit back, especially after our full sanctions are re-imposed on the 4th of November.

The United States will continue to stand with the people of Iraq as they chart a future based on Iraqi interest, not those dictated by Iran. Even with the temporary relocation of our staff, we are supporting the delivery of clean water to the 750,000 residents in Basra.

Now let me turn to the ICJ ruling from today. I’m announcing that the United States is terminating the 1955 Treaty of Amity with Iran. This is a decision, frankly, that is 39 years overdue. In July, Iran brought a meritless case in the International Court of Justice alleging violations of the Treaty of Amity. Iran seeks to challenge the United States decision to cease participation in the Iran nuclear deal and to re-impose the sanctions that were lifted as a part of that deal. Iran is attempting to interfere with the sovereign rights of the United States to take lawful actions necessary to protect our national security. And Iran is abusing the ICJ for political and propaganda purposes and their case, as you can see from the decision, lacked merit. "

more bullshit and lies at the link..

Posted by: james | Oct 5 2018 1:51 utc | 50

You know Phil giraldi never met a dick he didnt like.

Posted by: Baker | Oct 5 2018 2:20 utc | 51

TW @ 1: Thanks for the cartoon link, it's the only media most Americans can assimilate lately, so I'll keep it and pass it around.

Kudos also, for the others that were posted...

Posted by: ben | Oct 5 2018 2:35 utc | 52

Mark 2 @ 44: Good link and video. Jesus, the evil empire knows no boundaries. Besides the endless propaganda, now bio warfare
to acquire global hegemony, and take down Russia.
To all: Please watch Mark 2's video.

Posted by: ben | Oct 5 2018 3:34 utc | 53

@3 v
Chess originated in India.
Next you'll say Arabic numerals and the number system were invented by the Arabs.

No one is denying Iran has been 'the' intellectual powerhouse of the ME region for the last couple of thousand years or more. But at least check Wikipedia, if you can't be bothered with checking other open source material, before posting.

Posted by: Monty | Oct 5 2018 3:47 utc | 54

james @48--

Did you see what happened in DC today? A longshot's better than no shot. Saudi is more than MbS. The shift in Arab perspective is subtle but important. Iran knows the nonverbal signals and has responded accordingly. There's a reason Neocons are getting shrill with their pronouncements: they are very nervous, and for excellent reasons.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 5 2018 4:14 utc | 55

@54 karlof1... no.. what happened? i don't know!

Posted by: james | Oct 5 2018 4:40 utc | 56

@54 what is happening in Saud? what signals?

Posted by: AG17 | Oct 5 2018 5:10 utc | 57

karlof1 47 "If the Saudis really want to get out of their hole, then they ought to stop their war on Yemen tomorrow morning! And they ought to accept Iran's olive branch."

No can do. Houthi's are an enemy of Israel, as is Iran. If MBS and dad pull out on that, they will have 9 11, state sponsor of terrorism AQ and ISIS, war crimes in Yemen and whatever else yo can think of come down on them like a ton of Trump bricks. MBS and dad is facing wahhabi headchopping justice or US shock and awe.
No doubt MBS and daddy getting knocked off would be a good excuse for Trump's US to attack Iran.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Oct 5 2018 6:25 utc | 58

There's a concerted psy-ops effort underway to undermine the Iranian government using propaganda lies, sanctions and False Flag ops: (note the sentence about Mossad's role in this):

Posted by: Circe | Oct 5 2018 6:26 utc | 59

My bad, car and gas actually share "a".
Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 4, 2018 2:11:19 PM | 31

Maybe Virgile has cars in the back of his/her mind as he/she was trying to type gas.

I had a question for you earlier about one of your posts Piotr, maybe you didn't see it?

Posted by: BM | Oct 5 2018 6:31 utc | 60

james @48--Did you see what happened in DC today?
Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 5, 2018 12:14:01 AM | 54

Is this what you were referring to Karlof?

Iran says ready to work with Saudis to build strong region, end US conceit

“President Trump repeatedly humiliates the Saudis by saying they can't last 2 weeks without his support,” Zarif said in a Thursday tweet.

“This is the recompense for the delusion that one's security can be outsourced. We again extend our hand to our neighbors: let's build a "strong region", and stop this conceit,” the Iranian top diplomat added.

Posted by: BM | Oct 5 2018 6:50 utc | 61

Just to add to my 58 comment, the MEK who are the supposed victims of the supposed foiled bomb attack Iran supposedly tried to carry out in Paris, were trained by the Mossad to help assassinate Iranian nuclear scientists. These MEK traitors also carried out numerous terrorist attacks against the government and people of Iran.

It's no surprise the U.S. and Israel support these terrorists and are using them to destroy the Iranian government since they both also supported AQ in Iraq, Libya and Syria and used ISIS and AQ to help destroy Syria not to mention using AQ to assassinate Gadaffi and AQ in Afghanistan and Cechnya against Russia, years prior.

Trump is trying to provoke war with Iran, using the same Zionist strategy Obama and Hillary used in Libya and Syria.

Posted by: Circe | Oct 5 2018 7:01 utc | 62


Noone is afraid of France ("francophobe")

Besides that, do you want everyone to add which countries act delusional if someone criticizes France? That doesnt make any sense at all.

What I sense though is some irrational french nationalism

Posted by: Tageslicht | Oct 5 2018 9:25 utc | 63

a group of anti-Asad intellectual exiles in Paris, who have the ear of the Elysées, and have been whispering into it since 2011 and before .. wrote Laguerre at 30.

I thought maybe something like that… Odd though, because not in F interests. At that time, 2011 - 12, Erdogan and Assad were great buddies and cooperating. Their wives were all cuddly as well. It wasn’t quite the Greater-Turkey-Syria Federation but close.

Assad was ‘modernising’ fast, it looked like an upcoming smooth and successful Syrian Spring - a de novo country was to be born. Assad was even making noises about opening up the banking system (which I am sure the F very much wanted), to the dismay of his Finance Minister of the time (forgotten his name, but his objections were available in long paper in Eng) who was replaced. A new Syria constitution was voted in by referendum no less in 2012.

Macron less keen - I agree.

Posted by: Noirette | Oct 5 2018 14:26 utc | 64

BM @61--

Yes, I'd linked to Zarif's Tweet @38 and a few others on this thread plus others previously showing the shifting Arab attitude toward both Syria and Iran. I also provided a link to an important speech by Khamenei given to the "Youth Corp" known as Basij and do so again. Peter AU doesn't have much confidence in these events to change the situation; I don't share his opinion. What we're seeing are the initial results of lots of behind the scenes discussions. I see the big Outlaw US Empire and its vassals Propaganda Blitz as an attempt to push those developments out of the media. The settling of Iraq's governmental equation also impacts the current dialog. Then there's the effect of Russian--and Chinese--diplomacy and their future developmental ideas that the Outlaw US Empire has no way of countering.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 5 2018 16:03 utc | 65

France is a shitty post colonial country.

If someone commented: "Mexico is a shitty colonial country" I'd take him for a boor and a racist.

For France and their attitude to Syria, having known some of those people, my guess is that, apart from the French feeling of rights over Syria as the former colonial power (meaningless in reality, as the mandate power was only brief), there must have been, and probably is still, a group of anti-Asad intellectual exiles in Paris, who have the ear of the Elysées, and have been whispering into it since 2011 and before. I get the fall-out from that in my business.

However, I've seen signs that Macron is by no means as keen as Hollande was, indeed at least one commentator saying France wouldn't join in a US attack on Syria. But I haven't had time to follow up the topic.

Posted by: Laguerre | Oct 4, 2018 1:40:39 PM | 30

This post is more than sufficient justification for the poster's contribution to this unique on-line collaborative investigation laboratory. Gross generalizations by posters who imagine they are 'global
citizens' or something, with a correctness license to condemn traditional patriots, ought to belay the
crudeness and the supercilious attitude of ideological self-certainty, to give the natural people a chance.

Posted by: Guerrero | Oct 5 2018 16:08 utc | 66

Regarding whispers the ear of the Elysées, I recall there was a Frenchman styled as a poet philosopher whose mouth was in intimate contact with the fleshy ear of whoever OK'd the war against Libya. How a
man of art could ever promote attacking another country and unleashing wanton war and human suffering,
is BEYOND ME. I have wondered WHAT were the arguments of this particular effete courtier¿ I suppose they were similar to the arguments of Samantha Power; however, upon further thought, it strikes me that these were NOT arguments deposited in the someone's ear, as it is more likely that they were cash deposits
and, more likely still, they were snaky reminders of compromising video tapes, and of damning dossiers.

Posted by: Guerrero | Oct 5 2018 17:33 utc | 67

France had an independent economic plan based on key innovative industries but they have lost many of their assets to the US (e.g. Alstom's nuclear reactor; effectively the French independent nuclear power industry now appears to be a myth).

Many of France's key companies (with world beating technologies) have been or remain targets of (and are exceptionally vulnerable to) US predatory practices. Macron (as Economic Minster) appears implicated in (for instance) allowing the US to cherry pick Alstom (as I understand, Alstom no longer has a role in the French Nuclear industry). Macron allowed the US an easy ride (why?).

At the same time France has lost out to Germany in manufacturing (e.g. of cars).

The French elite is aware that France doesn't have a future role as an economic powerhouse. So France has a new plan which is based on the military and control of resources of other countries (e.g. France is heavily and increasing involved in military activities in North Africa).

France can fairly be described as more militaristic that Britain because at present UK forces are quite feeble. As a consequence Britain is missing out on the resource grabbing game. I am sure Britain will try to catch up but for now France deserves greater criticism that UK for these kind of activities.

Macron will be more than willing to join in a US attack on Syria; France's quasi-economic/military direction indicates this.

The election of Macron is incredibly curious and clearly a manipulation. Fillon would have been elected easily but for being smeared, Hamon stopped being supported by his own party as soon as he started to gain traction. Without the manipulations in favour of Macron the run-off would clearly have been between Fillon and Hamon (with Fillon winning convincingly). Even if Macron had faced Mélenchon, it would be Mélenchon that won. The only candidate that Macron could really win against was Le Pen; so the manipulation involved ensuring Le Pen was the candidate that opposed Macron in the final vote.

It is Macron who represents the neo-liberal, globalist interests and it is Macron that looks set to lead France back to the horrors of (neo-)colonialism.

Posted by: ADKC | Oct 5 2018 19:46 utc | 68

@61 BM.. thanks for that article..

@65 karlof1.. thanks for confirming BM's comments and sharing the link you have as well.. i have read this.. i am not sure there is anything i disagree with, but i do believe the usa-israel duo are determined to make war on iran, just like they had laid it out for syria, libya and iraq previously... i suppose we will have to wait and see.. the wheels are coming off the us empire, but it won't happen all at once is my guess.. we will stumble into the future here and hope for the best in spite of the neo cons determination to take the planet into another major war.. i think one is coming.. i have said this all along.. there is a clash of perspectives and it is all about power..

Posted by: james | Oct 5 2018 19:56 utc | 69

@68 adkc.. interesting comments.. thanks.. i think macron won thanks the powerful corporations/financial system behind french elections and most other ''democractic'' countries at present... he was the guy to fulfill the needs of these corporations..

Posted by: james | Oct 5 2018 19:58 utc | 70

james @69--

You'll want to see my comment on PR Campaign thread and read some of the report I link to as it tells me there'll be no war in the traditional sense versus Iran.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 5 2018 21:03 utc | 71

@71 karlof1... i read your post @43 on the most recent thread.. i agree with you about usa strength being weaker then not.. however, i think russia and china are smart to not engage directly and let the usa wear itself out while peddling all the propaganda it does... thanks!

Posted by: james | Oct 5 2018 22:52 utc | 72

@68 ADKC - 'The only candidate that Macron could really win against was Le Pen; so the manipulation involved ensuring Le Pen was the candidate that opposed Macron in the final vote.' Interesting idea. Reminds one of Hillary's 'Pied Piper' strategy of promoting Trump- except Ms. Deplorable actually lost!

Posted by: tiger tiger | Oct 6 2018 1:45 utc | 73


"Iran (Persia), an intellectual giant in the ME."

A giant inferiority complex.

Posted by: korda | Oct 6 2018 15:49 utc | 74

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