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October 24, 2018

Open Thread 2018-56

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Posted by b on October 24, 2018 at 18:03 UTC | Permalink

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Abuot the extreme right in Italy, an interesting statistic: Italy has now more 60+ than 30+. Young people with diplomas have to run away to find a job (they are victim of a gerontocracy) and old people mathematically vote for the most conservative parties. Yet another great achievement of the EU ultraliberalism.

Posted by: Mina | Oct 25 2018 14:22 utc | 101

stonebird @ 26. Amerithrax.

Five ppl died and 17 were infected. Yes, it spread fear in Congress —> Daschle and Leahy, Dems, ostensibly opposed to Patriot-Act-Hype were targetted. (Say. Their role.)

It was a top-up op. boosting effort to 9/11 to make sure the GWOT would blast off. Steven Hatfill (accused) resisted - a man of courage imho, hats off - and while having his life ruined more or less, he did save it and obtain financial compensation, a feat. Next targetted was Bruce Ivins who was not guilty either. Driven to suicide.

What went down there is plain to see from a certain angle. The bio-weapons anthrax event was supposed to instill fear and hate in all those who were not ‘in’ NY, removed geog. or not too concerned with jockeying between Powers, and all that stuff, etc., in the so called heartlands and fly-over country. But who like anyone could be vulnerable to ‘deadly germs’ spread by 'haters.'

Strange…Such details of even *very recent history* simply vanish into the ether. No memory, no record…just the present moment, outrage, hate, focussed interest .. manipulated by the media .. false reports ..etc.

Posted by: Noirette | Oct 25 2018 15:30 utc | 102

@ Anton 90

"Forget it Anton, it's Chinatown."

Posted by: Nemesiscalling | Oct 25 2018 16:25 utc | 103

@ mina 102

How can your comment not be construed as anything other than scapegoating the natural order of things?

Favoring the youth is the surest form to violate the way.

Maybe they should have babies again.

Posted by: Nemesiscalling | Oct 25 2018 16:33 utc | 104

This is a test comment from Typepad Support.

Posted by: Typepad Support | Oct 25 2018 17:46 utc | 105

@ peter au... i haven’t been following the inf dynamic, but thanks for shedding more light on it...erdogan is too entertaining and worthy of study!

Posted by: james | Oct 25 2018 17:48 utc | 106

Greece 40

Stopped reading your posts after the first one or two, but out of boredom and a few beers, checked out your post @ 40. Why do you put up crap like the youtube channel you linked to.
There is no video of the Turk foreign minister saying anything, no transcript, nothing.
The youtube channel itself is a junk news pro Trump yank show. Why dump this shit here

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Oct 25, 2018 6:07:05 AM | 94

Do not lie Peter, you do read my posts. I know you do.
You obviously took the time to skim the whole video which is indeed crap and I shouldn't have posted that. I fell victim to the vast pro-Israel-CIA-faction/Mossad propaganda machine that promotes D.Trump.

We have to admit they run a tight show.
IMO since Google CEO (days after he resigned from Alphabet (joint Google+partners) and assumed possition at Boston Dynamics was threatened online with dirty details about what he actually needed an all sound proof downtown Manhattan suite from pro-Mossad outlets Alex Jones, Veritas, Sawyer(the "sawman") and that other "ex" CIA-psychiatrist guy that once exclaimed that "no one died in Vegas October 1st 2017" etc. in defence of D.Trump's policies, Google went as it seemed softer on pro-IDF-cyber-ops/Mossad algorithmic manipulation of Google search algorithms and Youtube algorithm content manipulation. They run (as it seems) a Yuuuuge opertion down there at youtube as it seems. But I guess they are not the only ones, turning the internets in a virtual battlefield.

do not read beyond this line Peter, unless you had a couple of cold ones.

So, here is an interesting example of how algorithimc wars are being conducted:
You get a user that is deemed "interesting", the A.I starts following him/her around, the internet is (from the AI's perspective) is divided in "strategic" zones of content vs users interaction. For instance let's say the A.I. finds MoA "interesting" and then there comes another user which earches stuff or even posts stuff like "van hallen radiation", stealth, various types of mil. aircfrafts etc. it gets either "rewarded" or "punished" from the outles he/she/ might be basing their online research on, Youtube, google (other engines) facebook, tweeter etc etc. plus obviously other content serving outlets too, by being "shown" "relevant" content. (Also the outcome depends on which "faction" is winning the algorithmical war on the current virtual battlefields.

So here a piece of information "being shown/displayed" after some user described a typical "stealth operation environment" in a random (interesting) forum of a certain battlefield that NATO operated in the 90's:

(the video actually was presented with more views half an hour ago I searched it, for some reason it went down around 300 views since LOL!!!)

So here is Florida in the US, which has a straight line of "magnetic corridor" running up and down through it from slightly North West to slightly South East, extenging towards The Bahamas, "New Smyrna" beach (was named after the old name of a one once great Ionian city-state at Eastern Aegean, why, beats me) we have a police helicopter with a FLIR camera and a ground observer former NASA mechanic.
We see a complete "stealthed" video with possibly accompanying stealth geometry, making rounds (possibly a drone) near the police helicopter.
It is completely invisible and sound proof to humans eyes/ears, it is being detected only through the police heat imaging camera (FLIR system) onboard the helicopter. This is a complete stealth reconaisance vehicle flying through the "corridor". The date is 1991.

(Yugoslavian and Iraq wars timeline)

(Same "corridor" where Elon Musk gets to spray his "stuff" when gets chances to launch his rockets from Vanderberg so they possibly study the phenomenon more. I posted this theory of mine in another post before a few days but got deleted as irrelevant in an open thread).

So if you are still here go grab a beer and watch this 50 min video
UFO Hunters Season 1 Episode 6 (2008)

Posted by: Greece | Oct 25 2018 20:49 utc | 107

Should have also pointed out (forgot) that it seems pro-Israel/Trump faction is permanently in the offensive, spiting out fake news/narrative shifting/controlling content, hence the video with the huge title that Erdogan threatened Russia with a 7 days campaign that would turn victorious.

I rest my case.
There is no heaven or hell there is only the Mossad.

Posted by: Greece | Oct 25 2018 20:59 utc | 108

Posted by: Chevrus | Oct 25, 2018 10:08:16 AM | 101

You are trying a digital map or a 3d graphical environment?

For 3d I would recommend (googling) ARMA (military combat simulation engine), where you can add tactical units and run scenarios in 3 dimensions also put orders and behaviors through scripts but I would guess this is for a much later level of the Syrian war than the current escallation, since it is a perfect and complete (ARMA 3d digital maps) epresentation (too accurate in fact) of a certain Aegean island currently belonging to Greece, whcih as it is believed.... Idlib fighters might actually play role in it someday....

It seems the chief designers which seem to have IDF connections, that designed this game/maps since 2002 (northern Europe) have no clue at all why they picked this map.
Also Iran banned this game, since it details current Iranian and hezbollah styled typs of combat army units/weapons/vehicles.
Nobody has a clue why a large Greek island though next to Turkey. Might be for the actuall Turkish/Russian war scenario Trump/Israel trying to get going?

Posted by: Greece | Oct 25 2018 21:13 utc | 109

The pro Mossad/pro-Israel-CIA 'conspiracy' artists (Alex Jones, Trumper movement etc) literraly fried this man:

John Podesta

New Interview With John Podesta About UFO Disclosure-KLAS TV News -3-1-16 | 26,531 views

Podestas and the Clintons go a long way back.
For what I came to understand after researching the whole debacle the major reason of dispute between the Trump energy plan allegiance and the Clinton's sphere of influence was a different plan concerning energy and societal management policies between South Americas and the US.
(Maybe the "South American Caravan" heading towards the US borders in Texas/Arizona during US election days is just a coincidense)

So, what a "UFO Disclosure" has to do with all? UFO is for Unidentified (primarily) Flying Objects (secondary), it could seriously mean US black budget military projects undisclosed even to the very government, maybe having nothing to do with "extra terrestrial aliens" at all.

Wouldn't unchecked military with undisclosed black budget projectseven to their own governments clasify as a Deep State? Deep State being the "key word" ALLEGEDLY D.Trump was campaigning against towards the seat in the White House. How anti-Deep State can you be if you are being backed by the Moosad/Israel itself and elements of the Military/CIA is beyond me.

The interview of Podesta was in Las Vegas. It seems a lot of things deep statewise are happening in Las Vegas dont they?
Is it the actual US Deep State's capital? Certainlyit is the City of London Usury Cabal/Mossad preffered money laundering place.


Posted by: Greece | Oct 25 2018 22:37 utc | 110

Regarding Venezuela and Bolsonaro, the chance something happens is ZERO.
First, the government will have little control about foreign affairs. A change of direction there takes decades and who is in charge do not change anything. The CIA number 1 asset, Josse Serra, is there right now and nothing changed.

Second, the government has little control over the Army.
Despite what everyone in the media tells, they do NOT like Bolsoat all.

Third, what he is saying is against Brazillian law that do have wroten in the law letters a policy of non intervention.

Fourth, the Army has SERIOUS restrictions about foreign military assets IN SOUTH AMERICA.
Can you imagine what they do think about it in brazillian soil?

This is just a baloon. Let it fly away and stop talking about it.

Posted by: Zico, The Musketeer | Oct 26 2018 0:07 utc | 111

93, more unsourced blather, in defense of 97% Old White Male Scientocracy propaganda.

"When humans burn fossil fuels, 'heat-trapping gases'© (sic) are released into the atmosphere that contribute to the 'warming of the oceans'© (sic) and the melting of ice!! 'Sea levels are rising'© (sic) because of this warming trend (2.5mm per year, lol, based on remote satellite measurements at +/- 35cm accuracy .: Bad Math)-- both as land-based ice melts and as ocean molecules expand!!!!!!!"

But if you call and pledge right now, and operators are standing by, our 'programs' and 'studies' *guarantee* a return to the Garden of Eden, without expensive surgery!

That's right! For a limited time only, you can continue to mine and log and corporate farm and military adventure all you like, as long as you pay your carbon tithe!

Call now! Do the Right Thing©! The Power of al-Goreia compels you!

Posted by: Anton Worter | Oct 26 2018 0:42 utc | 112

Earlier I posted a link about China supporting Palestine and now I am sharing another link showing another face of China towards Israel

China, Israel vow to push for more fruitful innovation cooperation

Us peons don't get to see the way this might be used behind the scenes in geo-political power plays....bottom line is its continues to be too early to tell how the moment is evolving at our level.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 26 2018 1:31 utc | 113

You are SO right Phychohistorian: "bottom line is it continues to be too early to tell...
yet for some, it is getting late!. By the way I agree with your case for national banking.
Also, along with Herman Melville, I share your skepticism about Monotheistic religions.

Posted by: Guerrero | Oct 26 2018 2:10 utc | 114

(Maybe the "South American Caravan" heading towards the US borders in Texas/Arizona during US election days is just a coincidense)

Just luck. The Democratic Party was due a good roll after that boner with the horse-faced lady staring down the judge and his family. It's a good thing I don't watch TV, or I'd know something about this Caravan wending through Mexico on its way to the USA border.

The day-before-yesterday someone EMailed me and asked if I was all right
because a hurricane named Willa was supposedly about to strike. But, it
hasn't rained a drop in five days. Some hurricane! The last mother-of-all-hurricanes
to strike Guerrero - I forget it's name - as it only knocked down about three palm trees.
If it's not the Fifth Sun, I don't want to find out about it from TV, even if it is a tsunami.

Posted by: Guerrero | Oct 26 2018 2:30 utc | 115

But if you call and pledge right now, and operators are standing by, our 'programs' and 'studies' *guarantee* a return to the Garden of Eden, without expensive surgery!

Has the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil with its fateful fruit been cordoned off?

Posted by: Guerrero | Oct 26 2018 2:38 utc | 116

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 25, 2018 9:31:15 PM | 115

IMO it must be about the ZTE story.
ZTE is in Schengen China.
Every cheap tablet/phone made in China has a Schengen chip on it for utilising wifi/bluetooth etc.
The deal D.Trump forced ZTE (if you remember the spat with ZTE and Trump that made it in to news) to make for the American market (and probably the practice might also leak elsewhere in the world) is that if I am getting it right ISRAELI COMPANIES WILL HAVE TO PLACE THEIR OWN CHIPS or part of their technology to ZTE products from China. I mean it will eventually come down to that according to my oppinion.

So there we have it. China unwillingly aiding The Mossad.

Well it is maybe that OR it was a threat from D.Trump for ZTE to NOT remove whatever Israeli companies might have been putting inside Chinese products, somehow. Although I believe it is the first and not the later.
Please somebody correct me if i am wrong, and i wish I really am.
Anyways I am posting from a Schengen-ed chiped thingie too, therefore for what is worth... "Hello Mossad" (waves) (paraphrasing the "Hello World").

But I was really trying to show this post from RT:

(please read only bolded text if in a hurry)

Moscow alarmed that US spy plane coordinated drone attack on Russia's Syria base
Published time: 25 Oct, 2018 09:34

A senior Russian military official has accused the US of being directly involved in a drone attack on the Russian airbase in Syria’s Khmeimim. The aircraft were controlled from a US spy plane nearby, he claimed.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was speaking about a report made by Russia’s Defense Ministry. It said that the drone attack on the Russian airbase was directed from a US P-8 Poseidon surveillance plane.

The base located in Latakia governorate has been attacked by primitive drones on numerous occasions. According to Col. Gen. Aleksandr Fomin, Russia’s deputy defense minister, the attack on January 6 was done with direct help from the American military.

Speaking at a high-profile security forum in China, Fomin said a Boeing P-8 Poseidon was deployed in the area on that date, when 13 drones were launched to attack the Russian base. The US reconnaissance plane took control of the drones once the troops defending the base used electronic warfare to disrupt the control signals for the UAVs.

“They were controlled manually, and not by some peasant, but from a capable, well-equipped Poseidon plane,” the Russian general said. He added that the drones were regrouped and directed to suspected zones of vulnerability in the defenses of the Russian base, most likely with the use of satellite data, before being destroyed by the Russian air defense forces.

“If people don’t want to fight terrorists armed with advanced weapons, they should stop arming them,” the general added. Fomin was speaking at the plenary session of the Beijing Xiangshan Forum on Thursday.

The Russian Defense Ministry has been alluding to the possibility that the drone attacks on Russian military sites in Syria were being enabled by a technologically advanced party since facing this problem in early 2018, but previously avoided accusing the United States directly.

I was following this piece of news since the beggining.
What I believe was really happe ning is that the US army run live tests of drone and swarm A.I trying to finish the development codes for their F-35 project. The bulky, randomly crashing stuff they built and load on to F-35's.
Why was this (IMO)
This is the real use they intend for the F-35's. A swarm leader in a drone swarm used as a last case scenario in the midst of an EMP attack on the battlefield. Drones do not get daat frm satelites anymore, so they have stealth VTOL platforms (F-35) to do the job for them. F-35's could also be unpiloted with a direct large throughoutput connection with single satelites or small echelon of them in far away orbits much further than LEO.

It's a new doctrine, I theorized, that would have caught (US) enemies by surprise. Also paired a technology of small container sized factories scattered around producing the drones that F-35 logic would swarm to targets.
Rest for F-35 is BS. I believe at least the Brits will manage to make it work at some level.

Posted by: Greece | Oct 26 2018 3:16 utc | 117

Sorry for not adding this to initial post.
This seems if correct like the way things are going in the US Army. A SkyNet type of design philosophy not requiring the actual American Army to be present. They could be already dead...somehwere else.
Things to ponder.

Posted by: Greece | Oct 26 2018 3:24 utc | 118

I just read on ZH that Twitter has just banned Paul Craig Roberts. I won't provide a link as I suspect it is all over the net but will provide the posting ending
Is this what got Roberts suspended?

He goes on to say that the ideology of US neoconservatives is "akin to the German Nazy Party last century" in their ideology of American supremacy and exceptionalism.

"Their over-confidence about their ability to quickly defeat Israel's enemies and open the Middle East to Israeli expansion got the US bogged down in wars in the Middle East for 17 years," said Roberts, adding: "During this time, both Russia and China rose much more quickly than the neoconservatives thought possible."

Dr. Roberts opined that US policy makers are seeking to weaponize the Russian opposition and "pro-Western elements" to exert pressure on Moscow into "accommodating Washington in order to have the sanctions removed." On the other hand, the Trump administration's new arms race could force Russia into spending more on defense, according to the author. -Sputnik

While we don't know if Roberts' Sputnik interview resulted in his Twitter ban 48 hours later, it's entirely possible.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 26 2018 5:15 utc | 119

@121 psychohistorian.... thanks for that info..... twtter continues to show its true colours..... another tool of the empire..... decaying empire...

Posted by: james | Oct 26 2018 6:16 utc | 120

and you respond with more blather, and an obligatory al gore reference, and more insinuations about the scientists somehow being dishonest, which means you believe the fossil fuel companies are telling you the truth. i find it hard to believe that you honestly believe this. al gore is not a scientist; the science doesn't come from al gore. it makes no more difference what al gore believes about climatology than what he believes about gravity. the physical processes will operate whether we believe in them or not.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Oct 26 2018 8:54 utc | 121

Thank you for posting these rules.

Posted by: Harold | Oct 26 2018 13:40 utc | 122

Isn't it strange how the fake b..mb scare has knocked Khashoggigate right off the front page. No cable news is covering it now. If there was a perfect means to forgive and forget what MbS did--this is it!

If ever there was a massive manufactured distraction; we're witnessing it. The American sheep have once again been herded in the RIGHT direction. Gee, who was it that coined that phrase move the U.S. in the right drection?
Must have been a big supporter of MbS. Clue: ...YAHOO.


Posted by: Circe | Oct 26 2018 14:01 utc | 123

mirable dictu, the guardian opened comments on one of its bullshit russia hacking the election pieces.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Oct 26 2018 14:12 utc | 124

Man arrested in fake scare AND WHITE VAN SEIZED.

White van alert! Okay, in what other incident, a major one, was a white van involved?

If you guessed dancing Israelis, you are correct!

Now this van is plastered with Trump paraphanalia, even the windows. Sooo, the culprit is driving a giant billboard that draws attention? Very strange.

Suspicious indeed.

Posted by: Circe | Oct 26 2018 15:30 utc | 125

Okay, authorities covered entire van with tarp including hiding license plate. Is this normal procedure when a suspect and their vehicle is seized? NOOOOO, correct me if I'm wrong.

Posted by: Circe | Oct 26 2018 15:44 utc | 126

Wait what?! The clocks don't have an alarm? The stamps aren't cancelled and wouldn't cover the postage even if they were?!
None of them worked?? Hold on, this just in: Travis Bickles' grampa is urging us to go out and vote....Ladies and Gentlemen the Shark has been Jumped!
But seriously if you had cast a vote for either I giant douche or a turd sammich, which would you choose...?

Posted by: Chevrus | Oct 26 2018 16:04 utc | 127

RE: Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 26, 2018 1:15:31 AM | 120

FYI, just read this on Paul Craig Roberts’ own web site:

“My” Suspended Twitter Account

Brief Summary:
He does not use social media.
He did not set up the Twitter account; someone else was using his name.
He himself asked Twitter to remove this account.

Posted by: Basil | Oct 26 2018 18:18 utc | 128

- Daniel Lazare:

- Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) is NOT popular in Riyaad. He no longer sleeps in his palace in Riyaad but on his yacht in Jeddah instead.
- MBS could be the reason Saudi Arabia goes "down the drain" and with it a MAJOR pillar of the US Empire in the Middle East.

Posted by: Willy2 | Oct 26 2018 19:23 utc | 129

Major China-Japan Agreements being buried by titillations. These agreements effectively cancel any effect of Trump's Trade War on both nations while setting in motion what promises to be a very potent economic bloc within BRI--The Koreas, Russia, China, and Japan. Add ASEAN and a vibrant dollar-free economic zone emerges the Outlaw US Empire can do nothing about--except join. But joining anything not led by it--particularly when it's headed by long demonized Asians--is something the Outlaw US Empire won't do.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 26 2018 21:10 utc | 130

Nord Stream 2 not enough--Why? Article also explores other connected issues. It becomes clearer that when it comes to geoeconomics, Trump is his own 5th Column, singlehandedly making his MAGA project unobtainable.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 26 2018 22:58 utc | 131

@ Basil with the Paul Craig Roberts update....thanks

I don't do twitter but thought everyone else does...including b

I don't do facebook either.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 27 2018 0:12 utc | 132 gore reference, and more insinuations about the scientists somehow being dishonest, which means you believe the fossil fuel companies are telling you the truth.

Would you believe that the "fossil fuel companies" have the exact same owners as the mass media that has been promoting the Hole in the Ozone, Climate Change, Greenhouse Effect,
Super Mother-of-all-Huricane Alerts, and Acid Rain? Notice please that it has been the major
pushing these memes in the AngloUSA "counterculture", since Earth Day 1973

As for Gore, he was up to his eyeballs in a brutal unwarranted NATO aerial attack against the
people living peacefully in Yugoslavia. In my book that makes Al Gore a guilty-ass neo-con.

If institutional scientists are up-to-snuff and their models and calculations so irreprochable,
do tell why the Weather Channel forecasts can NOT reliably predict an ordinary rainstorm.

Posted by: Guerrero | Oct 27 2018 1:26 utc | 133

My response to Basil about Paul Craig Roberts seems to have been eaten but I am going to provide a link to one of the latest postings by him (PCR) that I have words to write about

The Triumph of Evil

In this posting he is critical of Russia for agreeing to sell the S-400 air defense system to Saudi Arabia. I agree that, if/when the sale is finalized, the potential will be there for the US being able to reverse engineer the technology. That said, I think this sale is a geo-political ploy by Russia who assumes that the global standoff we see in front of us will have resolved itself one way or another before that sale is finalized and the result will color or obviate the sale.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 27 2018 5:16 utc | 134

Not unexpected but even so people might want to know about a recent TASS news report. Below I've added a few quotes, there's a little bit more at the link but this is the gist of it:

""Undeclared war" forces Russia to boost defense spending — minister"

"...head of Russian State Duma's Budget and Tax Committee Andrey Makarov told Rossiya 1 TV channel on Friday."

""I think everybody understands that an undeclared war against us [Russia] is underway [my emphasis]. Not to spend money on defense is madness, only a madman can suggest such a thing. Nobody has forgotten the main thing - who does not want to feed his own army, will feed somebody else's army," Makarov said."

I will add my opinion that the moment a tense situation becomes utterly untenable a fast and decisive resolution becomes all that matters. The Russian armed forces must be well aware of this, the US armed forces are seemingly much less so, and ethics won't matter at all in such an existential moment or in the preparation for having arrived at such a moment.

Anything else is make-believe no matter if Putin himself should say otherwise.

I do no believe the US "government" understands this or care. Perhaps the Russian government doesn't truly understand it either.

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Oct 27 2018 11:55 utc | 135

SRB @136--

Thanks for posting that! I tried to alert barflies to the act of war made by Outlaw US Empire through its guidance of massed drone attack on Russia's Syrian bases back in January as declared in a previous TASS article. The situation is extremely dangerous as you note.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 27 2018 17:29 utc | 136


One step forward, and three steps back.

'Robert Bowers' (not his real name) just made it a felony to speak out against, or boycott, divest or in any way criticize Isreal, because they are now a 'Jewish State'©, and unlike Iran or KSA or other theocracy where even the POTUS and VP regularly and mercilessly demonize them, no, Isreal is 'The Religion of Peace'© and will be protected against free speech as a new 'hate crime', as it is already in EU.

We are witnessing in live stream how the First Temple quashed early christianity and imposed a Second Temple Catholic of tithes, tributes and rabbinical papal dispensations, when to speak out against the 'One True Science'© got you called a heretic denier, then burnt at the stake.

Remember the watchword today: 'Guns Are the Sound of Freedom'© and 'Free Speech Isn't Free'©. MAGA! E pluribus now get back to work. The Power of a Gigger-Slave New American Century Economy Compels You.

Posted by: Anton Worter | Oct 27 2018 18:49 utc | 137

11 Dead in Ohio uhh, Pittsburgh.

Another Chosen '11' Event.

We are L-8 and green-over-green for 'Operation Golden Tabernacle'!

On to Tehran!

Bmob the GooksRagheads for Jesus!

Posted by: Anton Worter | Oct 27 2018 20:15 utc | 138

Today, another event occurred that calls into question our discernment of reality and what is behind it. I'll start at the top of the month.:

1. Khashoggi Saudi journalist goes rogue creating insecurity with Saudi throne and its Zionist benefactors.

2. MbS orders hit on Khashoggi, which makes Trump look bad when he continues to support MbS and then look even worse with 6 not credible Saw-di versions of what happened to cover-up the messy deed all of which Trump accepts.

3. Caesar Sayoc, Trumpfan, and his fake b.omb spree knock MbS problem off headlines and Trump association with butcher Prince is sidelined and forgotten.

4. Trump gets criticized everywhere for inspiring with his inflammatory rhetoric Trumpfan Sayoc to take revenge on Trump opponents.

5. Today Liberal Synagogue that embraces refugees (no doubt NOT the Palestinian kind) is attacked by a Nationalist who didn't vote for Trump cause he thinks Trump is really a globalist and more importantly a Zionist puppet (which I must agree he is), creating a perfect opportunity for Trump to redeem his sagging poll numbers and reputation. Trump then seizes this gift immediately preaching unity and condemning viol ence.

So all these events are unrelated even though each successively fixes the negative consequences of the previous one. Just separate coincidental events all in one month, right?

Posted by: Circe | Oct 27 2018 20:40 utc | 139


Correction, neither Potus nor VP and Israel criticize KSA. Iran however is virally attacked by all FOUR.

Posted by: Circe | Oct 27 2018 21:02 utc | 140


You could mention that suspicious migrant march as well. All great diversions from the coming financial crash, Israels butchery in Gaza (bombed a hospital today), the Yemen war/famine, etc

Coincidence or Conspiracy, we may choose our own reality. There is no truth in this world, or at least no easy way to discern the truth from the lie . The menu of consensus truths available to choose from contains more lie than truth IMO, but majority rules. The Emperor has no clothes.

Posted by: Pft | Oct 28 2018 1:24 utc | 141

Here are two reports on recent activities in Syria that are in conflict about the number of SDF forces killed...Reuters says 17 and ChinaNet says 70



Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 28 2018 3:35 utc | 142

Circe@140 You could mention that suspicious migrant march as well... There is no truth in this world, or at least no easy way to discern the truth from the lie...
Posted by: Pft | Oct 27, 2018 9:24:45 PM | 142t

"Our conversation took off happily. Even so, someone wanted to continue the debate and others got into it: — The fact of the matter is... — The truth is... — Facts can not be denied, sir — Wait a minute, compa — Yeah,this is a fact — But that is a fact — If a fact is true, then it is something better than a belief — Yeah, well, the fact, the truth, belief and knowledge. These are the three legs of the bench of reality — But that’s four! — That’s what I am saying: don’t go and lean over too much on any one side, because you’ll fall, compadre; you will! Ha ha ha! — Someone’s to blame — Is it Satan or the United States? —The fault is that of bad government — No. Guilt should reside in the Mexicans ourselves — Always the Christ, compadre. Go on. Climb up on that cross, then — another guest objected: — ¿I have to question the following: how can a person live in such a labyrinth of deception? — Maybe they are the lies La Malinche wove around the sleeping conqueror — Yeah, in another version she was raped — So you see!"

Posted by: Guerrero | Oct 28 2018 3:39 utc | 143


¿Maybe prattlehead is a troll after all?

Tonight the monsoon came to the Pacific Northwest. If you've never experienced a monsoon it's like East Texas rains in the summer. Thick fat drops obscuring the windshield. Flooded streets and blurred lines. Millions of refracting lights make it impossible to find your way mark. And waves of rice thrown on the roof ... the still frozen pellets at the center of each raindrop, cold Pacific Northwest monsoon.

For the 40 years that I've lived in the Pacific Northwest, on and off, you could time your calendar by the monsoon. A warm Indian summer, yellow leaves falling on the big leaf maples, scarlet red of the pin oaks and the vine maple, fields full of pumpkins ripening and stalks of corn.

It was a time to clean the gutters and paint the trim, to oil the tools for winter and to carve the pumpkin. And then Halloween and wonderful warm dry last celebration of fall before the monsoon.

The monsoon came early again this year, after two back-to-back record-breaking winters. The Pacific Northwest is getting cooler. More Magic Carbon Dioxide!© But only the 97% Old White Male Scientocrats are allowed to comment. "Some shall grow warmer, and some shall grow colder, but you shall all feel the carbon chains!"

They sit in their silk bathrobes, they read their investment reports, then they throw the chicken bones and cast their predictions for the end-of-the-world in 7 degrees or less. We will all drown first, they say.

The early monsoon will, of course, not be publicized. It goes against the gGiven Wisdom. Temperatures cannot have gotten colder over 40 years! The New Energy Revelations would not allow that. Yay verily the early monsoon is a false Doctrine. The world is warming by 0.04 degrees per year (they say) and the seas are rising 2.5 mm per year! 0.1". A single brick seawall laid by citizens, one brick donated by each, would be enough to hold back the 'seas rise' for a decade! A single brick!

But yay verily, we must pay $400 a ton carbon tithes to baby Jebezus and his New Carbon Catholic, to restore the Garden of Eden, to turn Seattle into the Sahara (why not, it's 'magic CO2'!) and make the IPCC supra-national marketing campaign for a global carbon credit exchange fabulously wealthy.

'It's payup time!'© Pope Albertus 'Glorious' Goreius.

Posted by: Anton Worter | Oct 28 2018 5:32 utc | 144


"and more insinuations about the scientists somehow being dishonest"
prattle aardvark

Aardvark's obverse premise is that all scientists are pure as the driven snow! S/he actually believe his/her own schtick!

Mother Mary comes to them in their moments of doubt and pain for not getting that fat government climate grant, no matter how they prayed and paid 'peer review' (sic).

Jesus hangs on the real wood cross above their simple pallet bed, and weeps blood for their lost 'program' and 'research', their fat COLAs and pensions for life.

Why, $cience (sic) wouldn't hurt a fly!

Well, $cience gave us WMDs. $Science gave us Dr. Mengele and phosgene. $cience gave us nuclear cruise missiles. $cience gave us Radium Soda and Electro-Shock Therapy. $cience gave us death rays from space, 'god rod', hellfire, and Jim and Tammy Fay. $cience gave us heroine and meth, opioids and fenadryl, Koolaid and Jonestown. $cience gave us Agent Orange and Roundup and Fukushima and Chernobyl.

$cience is in it up to their ass crack!

'It's Payup Time!'© Pope Albertus 'Glorious' Goreious

Posted by: Anton Worter | Oct 28 2018 5:58 utc | 145

The purge continues Gab blamed for synagogue shooting, kicked off PayPal

Posted by: PeacefulProsperity | Oct 28 2018 11:47 utc | 146

If it weren't for the backlash Facebook would have gotten away with this.

Facebook bans photos Yemen

Posted by: Circe | Oct 28 2018 16:36 utc | 147

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