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September 30, 2018

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2018-50

Last week's posts on Moon of Alabama:

The new electronic warfare equipment arrived and the first S-300 launchers were unloaded. A Russian ship is underway to provide additional air defense materials and supplies.

The not-so-moderate 'rebels' found out that the new Turkish-Russian agreement of demilitarized zone in Idleb is to their disadvantage and reject it. It will be impossible to solve the 'anarchy and terror in Idelb without force. Either Erdogan applies it (not likely), or Syria and its allies will.

Trump wants to get through economic sanctions what the U.S. could not get by force:

The United States will pursue “a strategy of isolation,” including sanctions, with its allies if President Bashar al-Assad holds up a political process aimed at ending Syria’s seven-year war, a top U.S. diplomat for Syria told Reuters on Friday.

Jim Jeffrey, the U.S. special representative for Syria, said Washington would work with countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East to impose tough international sanctions if Assad’s government failed to cooperate on rewriting the Syrian constitution as a prelude to elections.
He added: “Even if the U.N. Security Council won’t pass them we will just do it through the European Union, we will do it through our Asian allies, and then we will make it our business to make life as miserable as possible for that flopping cadaver of a regime and let the Russians and Iranians, who made this mess, get out of it.”

Syria, Russia and Iran are already under U.S. sanctions. They won't care about such nonsense.

Trump will meet Rosenstein in two weeks or so. The issue has been moved out of the way because the push for another lying aristocrat to the Supreme Court is the more important issue. One thing is sure, that angry dude likes his beer (vid) way too much.

The comment thread provides that the propaganda power of the immensely rich fossil fuel industry is still quite strong.

Other items:

Adel Abdel Mahdi will become the new Prime Minister of Iraq. A good choice for Iran and its allies. The U.S. is already in retreat as it evacuates its consulate in Basra.

Trump about (vid) his relation with Kim Jong Un: "We went back and forth, then we fell in love. He wrote me beautiful letters. And they are great letters. We fell in love." How is Melania feeling about this?

Use as open thread ...

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: Anton Worter 196

NObody grill Trump on WTF is he doing in Syria either, the genocide in Yemen , the provocations of Russia at its near aborad, picking fight with China in SCS/ECS/TW straits...

The sheeples are mersmerised by all the contrived palace dramas, the 'in fighting', Trump's 'fight with the deep state' blah blah blah, while the PNAC agenda proceeds like clockwork, whoever the front manager minding the store.

TPTB'S sales pitch for Obama was 'prez for change'.
He got TWO terms for that !

They push Trump as 'the lesser evil',a roaring success.
murikkans are still congratulating themselves for 'electing' Trump, 'cuz Clinton'd be worse' !

When Trump's used by date expires, what'd they try next ?
How about 'murikka's first female potus' ?


Have you heard that, ?
'China needs to be punished for its malign interference in election 18 '

When it comes to murikkan B.S.,
Sky is the limit !


Posted by: denk | Oct 5 2018 4:49 utc | 201

denk 202

I think Trump has bet the family farm - Nixon's petro-dollar on being able to gain global energy dominance. Nixon resigned before being impeached. I think something similar is occurring now. The so called elected rep's in the US want stick with things they know - petro-dollar, Russia bad, cetra cetra.
Seems to be a definite shit fight going on between those that are all for moving from petro-dollar hegemon to Trump Kissinger plan of global energy dominance, and those that want to stick with being petro-dollar hegemon.
Those backing Trump can see that the petro-dollar as a business venture has run its course - sort'v like any fad or fashion. Not only can they see the petro-dollar is fading, they are also zionist takfiri's

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Oct 5 2018 6:11 utc | 202

Regardless of what people think of him.   I find this news disturbing.   ‘If it's cancer, it's cancer’: Duterte admits his health ‘got worse’, awaits screening results

Posted by: Ian | Oct 5 2018 9:53 utc | 203

Phase One (the 70 year “pro-tolerance” propaganda campaign) beginning with S.H. Flowerman’s 1947 blueprint and continuing until all traces of ethnocentrism have been eliminated from the host (as described in comments above) has been ruled:


Now it’s on to Phase Two: The Way Forward (a.k.a., in the words of Renaud Camus "Le Grand Remplacement")

We already have the memorial plaque and the words that will be engraved "In memory of" or "Dedicated to the memory of"

Here they are:

History exists; it is elemental, it dominates, its
rule is inexorable. Yet outside the
strict confines of history, our ultimate ambition
is to salute the brave and

unfortunate race which is now being replaced.

This vile, unhappy race, barely different from
the apes, which nevertheless carried within it such noble aspirations. Tortured, contradictory, individualistic, quarrelsome and infinitely selfish, it was sometimes capable of extraordinary explosions of violence, but never quite abandoned its belief in love.

This race which, for the first time in
history, was able to envision the possibility of its succession (Nietzsche's Ubermensch) and, some years later, proved almost capable of bringing it about.

As the last members of this race are extinguished, we think it just to render
this last tribute, an homage which itself will one day disappear, buried
beneath the sands of time.

It is necessary that this tribute be made, if only once.

This memorial is dedicated to the white race.

Posted by: Dr. Buddy Tubside | Oct 5 2018 15:06 utc | 204

Peter Au 203

fukus is planning massive 'show of force' in TW straits , 'to uphold TW right to self determination'.....

Is CCP planning to invade TW ?
hell no, the TW straits has been at peace for the past 70 yrs, TWnese are flocking to the mainland to study, work and travel. Currently the island is engrossed with TV serials from the mainland.
Hardly a prime candidate requiring R2p !

fukus is also ramping up provocations in SCS, to 'defend PH's sovereinty, and uphold the FON.'

IS CCP threatening FON in SCS, hell no, why should they strangle their own jugular?

Whats there to 'defend' when Beijing/Manila is already having bilateral negotiation to settle their difference peacefully and doing just fine. ?

BUt try telling that to the fukus bandits.

What happen if Duterte is 'retired' at just the right time,
to be replaced by his pro murikkan opponent, who immediately request for Washington's interference ?

Back to the good ole days .... ?


any time now, some holier than thou murikkans will pop up and demand to know,
'whats wrong with defending our ally TW's right to self determination'

Any time now.....

Posted by: denk | Oct 5 2018 16:47 utc | 205

They'r picking off 'panda huggers' one by one....
[updated ]

Thaksin Yingluck of Thailand,
[ousted by swarming adolescents, Gene Sharp style]

Gould Whitlam of Oz,
[fukus engineered palace coup]

Kevin Rudd of Oz,
[fukus engineered palace coup]

PM Hatoyama of Jp,
[fukus engineered palace coup]

SK prez Park Geun-hye
[brought down by corruption scandal, soon after her sojourn to China's ww2 victory memorial day, the ONLY leader from fukus camp to participate, defying fukus, Jp warning]

Prez Rajapaksa of Sir Lanka,
[[fukus engineered palace coup]

PM oli of Nepal,
[ousted by fukusIndia sponsored Maoists,
Now back as prez again, but still under heavy Delhi intimadation]

King Birendra of Nepal,
[A tragedy, entire family wiped out in fukusIndia coup]

PM Thinley of Bhutan,
[voted out , electorate cowed by fukus economic blockade]

PM Rajiv Ghandhi of India,
[CIA wet job, blown to bits by suicide bomber]

Prez Sukarno of Indon,
[CIA coup, with 3M collateral damages, one of the worst genocide of 20C]

PM Najib
[voted out, heavy fukus interference]

PM Mari Alkatiri of East timor
[booted out by Made in Australia coup,
yep that fukus lapdog in Asia]

[died of 'cancer' during his prime, soon after his 'smell of surphur' tirade at the UN,
the head of his personal security detail was suspect, who bolted to murikka soon after his death]

new entries in bold,
To be continued.......

Posted by: denk | Oct 6 2018 1:59 utc | 206

In other current threads I wrote about how identity/sexual politics was being used to obfuscate the Supreme Court appointee's background.

Now PCR takes the crazy of sexual correctness and I want to read women's take on his rant

The White Heterosexual Male Has Been Renditioned To The Punishment Hole

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 6 2018 5:58 utc | 207

The following 3 links from ZH are related which I will explain below them

Is Saudi Arabia The Middle East's Next Failed State?

The Dynamics Of Decadence

The Saudis Purchase A Colony: Bahrain's $10 Billion Bailout By Gulf Neighbors

The first two links are related because the 2nd gives further definition and support for the claims made in the 1st

The 3rd link is, to me, another indicator of the debt gridlock with shady collateral "shootout at the OK corral" global economic war positioning.
While big numbers make some folks lose focus, just let me say that recently China agreed to loan Venezuela 3-5 billion in comparison to the 10 billion that the SA/UAE/Kuait group just made to Bahrain.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 6 2018 6:13 utc | 208

From the Paul Craig Roberts article:

A football coach denounced and forced into a groveling apology because he said his team was being “raped” by the opposing team...

A Swedish university professor being “investigated” for ‘anti-feminism’ and ‘transphobia’ after he said there are biological differences between men and women. He is being urged to retract his comments.


the kind of thing PCR describes is happening everywhere in the West and it’s happening everyday

it’s all part of the “pro-tolerance” propaganda campaign directed first against white males and this was already being discussed in a 1944 conference organized by the research department of the AJC (headed by Samuel H. Flowerman) and the Berkeley faction of the Frankfurt School in exile (headed by Theodor Adorno) and attended by Paul Lazarsfeld and Kurt Lewin, the two gurus of mass communication

By undermining the meaning of what it is to be male and female, one undermines the healthy concept of the family.

And once the healthy concept of the family possessed by a given group has been undermined, that group is pushed ever closer to….

well…. never mind….

How shall I put this delicately? Let’s just say pushed ever closer to “imposing measures intended to prevent births.”

The bumper crop of terms like ‘cisgender’ (and there are now hundreds of these terms that didn’t exist before)

These terms help to reduce marriage between a man and a woman and the raising of children within that union, to a mere “option” on a veritable menu of possible sexualities, gender identities, and family structures, until there is no longer any “normal” or “ideal” since all “models” are valid and equal.

None of this happened by accident, it was all planned

Posted by: Dr. Buddy Tubside | Oct 6 2018 7:38 utc | 209


KIng King Gyanendra of Nepal.
He's the successor to slained KIng Birendra.
Ousted by fukusIndia sponsored Maoists in 2008,
thus ending Nepal's centuries old mornarchy rule.

'panda hugger's are being brought down like ten pins,
Another one bites the dust.

Regime change in maldive,...

'The opposition pulled off a surprise win in the Maldives’ presidential elections last weekend.

Ibrahim Mohamed Solih trounced President Abdulla Yameen by a 16-point margin even though the US, India, and many Western countries fearmongered that the incumbent would resort to vote rigging in order to remain in power.

the US and India also appeared to have meddled in the election through provocative statements that could have contributed to shaping the ultimate outcome.

For instance, the US threatened to sanction Maldivian officials if any suspected fraud occurred, which could have been interpreted by the population as a signal that further economic restrictions might thenceforth be imposed more broadly upon them, too. Not only that, but an influential member of India’s ruling BJP, Subramanian Swamy, channeled the spirit of the late John McCain by publicly appealing for his country to invade its much smaller southern neighbor in the name of “democracy” and “human rights”.

This undoubtedly had an effect on the electorate, many of whom were already dissatisfied with Yameen as it was, and the consequences will probably be far-reaching.

Posted by: denk | Oct 6 2018 10:05 utc | 210


The US and India seem to have worked in tandem to shape the international conditions in which the Maldivian election occurred, just as they did three and a half years prior in January 2015 when Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa was unexpectedly deposed in a scenario just like this one. Similarly to Sri Lanka at the time, the strategic situation surrounding the Maldives is much larger than the small island state because of its New Cold War implications concerning the Chinese-Indian competition over the Indian Ocean.

fukusIndia, 'the world's oldest democracy' working in tendem with the 'world's largest democracy' to 'restore democracy' in the world.

'Vote the wrong guy and I'll make your economy scream'

India is even more bold,
'make the wrong move and I'll send in the dreaded Assam rifles'

Can Russia/China afford such freedom with their near abroad. ?

Aint 'democrazy' wonderful ?

Posted by: denk | Oct 6 2018 15:03 utc | 211


Maldive is the latest iteration of the Chilean model...
'YOu vote in the wrong guy , I'll make your economy scream'.

It has already been deployed successfully in Nepal and Bhutan,,,...

'independence-minded political leaders in Bhutan, Sikkim, and Nepal are now aware that a system code-named XKEYSCORE, which operates from a CIA/NSA Special Collection Service operations center at the U.S. embassy in New Delhi, intercepts satellite and Internet traffic transmitted to and from the Indian subcontinent, including the countries and territories of the Himalayan region. The presence of XKEYSCORE in New Delhi is primarily aimed at the strategically-important Himalayan region, as well as China to the north. Based on the close links between the CIA and RAW and NSA’s use of Israeli-developed interception technology, the intelligence services of India, the U.S., and Israel have virtually unimpeded access to all the communications of the Himalayan region. Therefore, Thinley and his government in Bhutan, advocates of Gross National Happiness, were up against Gross International Surveillance.

The United States, which has refined the art of interfering with elections to a science, thanks to the global use of agents agitateurs financed by George Soros on behalf of the CIA, and India, which successfully interfered with elections in Sikkim prior to and after the Indian invasion, pooled their resources to guarantee a reversal of course in Bhutan. The pro-Indian candidate for Prime Minister, Tshering Tobgay of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), trounced Thinley’s Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) party in the election, winning 32 of 47 parliamentary seats . Tobgay’s first action was to stop Bhutan’s outreach to other countries like China and Russia, and pledge total loyalty to India. That course also pleased Washington, which could devote its resources to other flash points on China’s borders and not worry about Bhutan.

Posted by: denk | Oct 6 2018 15:32 utc | 212

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