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September 05, 2018

The Strange Timestamp In The New Novichok 'Evidence' - UPDATED

Please read the Update highlighted below.

Today, in a politically convenient moment, the British government released new information about the poisoning of the British spy Sergej Skripal, his daughter, and three other persons. It claims to have identified two men with Russian passports who arrived in London from Moscow on March 2, went to Salisbury on March 3 on a 'reconnaissance' trip, came back to Salisbury on March 4 to put Novichok poison on the doorknob of Skripal's home and flew back from London to Moscow on the same day. The names of the men were given as Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov which are Russian language equivalents of Joe Smith and Sam Jones. These names are likely false.

The police says that CCTV pictures were taken at several steps of the men's travel. The British news agency Reuters seem to distribute these. Several media have picked up copies.

Here are screenshots of two CCTV pictures, taken from an 18 picture gallery in a report by The Independent headlined Salisbury poisoning suspects are Russian state assassins, Theresa May tells MPs.

These are pictures 7 and 8 of a 18 picture gallery within that piece.

Pic 7 of 18 - full, uncropped screenshot
Pic 8 of 18 - full, uncropped screenshot

The pics are also available at the Metropolitan police site: 1, 2.

Notice that the time stamp on both pics is identical, 02/03/2018 16:22:43. But the pictures show two different men, each walking alone through the same part of a jet bridge as they arrive in Britain. How can it be that both of these pictures were taken at the exactly same second? And who tilted the permanently installed CCTV camera between the two shots? How did the camera angle change between picture one and two which were apparently taken at the very same place and at the very same time?

If these two pictures can not be trusted how much can one trust the other CCTV pictures the Met showed to support its claims?

UPDATE Sept 6 - 5:20 UTC

Here is the answer to the above questions. In the North Terminal of Gatwick Airport, at the northern end of arrival level zero, there are several parallel and apparently identical gates leading into the airport. Each of these has a camera.

Thanks to Bruce Leidl who found the above picture in Google maps.

The two pictures above with identical timestamps were taken in two of these gates with each of the 'Russian assassins' passing through one of them at the same time. Aeroflot flights from Moscow are serviced at the North Terminal.

End of the Update - the original text continues below.

The full statement of the Metropolitan police is here. Excerpts of Prime Minister Theresa May's statement are here.

While May claims the two men were send by Russia's military spy service GRU, the Metropolitan police makes no such claims. Theresa May does not say on what evidence she based her conclusion. There seems to be none.

It also seems a bit curious that a 'Russian assassin' team, allegedly from a highly professional secret service, would travel together and use direct flights from Moscow to London and back. That seems extraordinary careless. Why not fly separate and via a third country?

And why would a professional assassin team drop a cellophane wrapped, unopened perfume bottle with the same poison into a charity bin behind shops in Catherine Street in Salisbury where Charlie Rowley would find it some 14 weeks(!?) later?

The police says that it found traces of Novichok in the crappy hotel the 'Russian agents' stayed in between March 2 and March 4. It found those traces on May 4 but it waited until today to publicly ask other guests at the hotel to contact the police?

If the incident was a professional assassination attempt with a highly potent 'Novichok' compound why did 4 out of 5 people who came into contact with it survive? The 80% failure rate is inconsistent with the scary tale about the highly potent 'Russian' Novichok poison. A decent dose of Megachok is probably more lethal.


Sergej Skripal has not been seen in the public or even on video since the incident happened. His daughter Yulia Skripal appeared in a British government hostage video but then vanished. The Russian Embassy in London says that it has no access to them. The policeman, who allegedly was also injured during the incident, also never reappeared in public. Why are these people held incommunicado and under arrest?

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Up next, a false flag chemical attack in idyllic Idlib and the predictable FUKUS response to save those brave freedom fighters. It is so predictable. The only question, will novichok be used in Syria to complete the circle.

Posted by: Tom | Sep 5 2018 17:47 utc | 1

Novichok is also damn durable, and the room cleaning in English hotels is not that great: traces of Novichok were found two months after the alleged agents checked out. But hotel guests were not affected.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Sep 5 2018 17:52 utc | 2

I watched the police present the timeline and can't help but wonder. on the surface it seems excellent police work. it is also somewhat shocking just how much cctv they have in England but that is passed over without comment by most. The police seem to know everything about these two people. I wonder why they did not contact them. They should have addresses and such since their passports were scanned at immigration. Oddly there is no mention of the police calling the numbers or asking the Russian police to go by their homes and ask them to account for their travel to Salisbury. nothing.

what if those people actually exist and they can explain everything? If the people with the same names and addresses of those in the passports are completely different people then there is absolutely no reason to blame Russia since the two guys in England were using assumed identities. Seems to me that a detective would want to go the final mile.

the police presentation was well done and those who easily agree with the government line will feel better. For the rest of us remain too many questions.

someone once said that if you must tell a lie, make it a huge lie, for if it is just a little lie people will question it whereas if it is huge people will think that something so big must be the truth. that must be what is happening here.

Posted by: dan of steele | Sep 5 2018 17:54 utc | 3

I was going to note the continued use of weasel words by the UK officials, such as : "almost certainly", but the use of weasel words have apparently been baked into the plot at this stage, that is they have been gamed as the domaIn of the sceptical:

According to the original descriptions of the effects of "Novichok", from the Soviet scientists involved with it thirty years ago, both of these alleged agents should have died from the alleged trace release in their hotel room, the Skripals should have died on their driveway, as should have the policeman. This ridiculous story is not meant to be "solved", it is meant to serve as a blunt tool for geopolitical positioning directed at both a designated rival but also to herd the civilian population. It is the UK equivalent of the (deliberately unsolved) anthrax letters in the US in 2001.

Posted by: jayc | Sep 5 2018 18:06 utc | 4

thanks b... good sleuthing on your part.. your questions go to the heart of the situation as well..

the uk and west are so predictable at this point in time.. anything to blame russia will do..

Posted by: james | Sep 5 2018 18:08 utc | 5

The pictures of the 2 men released by the the Police are said to be from their passports. I have just taken a quick look at the Wikipedia page for Russian passports -

Note that on the non biometric passports the pictures have a seal over them, whilst the biometric passports do not. This indicated the passports are biometric. Not only do we not have the actual images of the passports, we do not have the biometrics either. Given that this information would be valuable in finding these "suspects" and would not in any way jeopardize the investigation, I can only conclude that either a) the Police know these are not actual suspects or b) the Police are deliberately withholding vital information, either way I believe this amounts to an Attempt To Pervert The Course of Justice which is a very serious criminal offence.

Posted by: TJ | Sep 5 2018 18:12 utc | 6

According to establishment man Brian Whitaker of Guardian fame they are in different tunnels at the same time.

So they managed to get flights from Moscow to Heathrow arriving at the same time and managed to disembark at the exact same time. Right you are mate.

Posted by: Bob | Sep 5 2018 18:13 utc | 7

Where did they stay in England ? How did they get visas what info real or not they provided to get it? Did they visit spot at or near areas of suppose attacks? Are there any witnesses who publicly identify them at the time of supposed crime, What language they spoke, must have interacted talked with U.K. Immigration, when and where did they leave exactly and what flight, if names are fake why not contact people with those names in Russia and ask them, see how they look? Verify if they traveled to England.

Just few basic questions before any real Analysis can start otherwise as I see it it is so vague info so no one can enter any reasonable path of verification of those so far random faces accused of ... actually what exactly we do not know how it was done and with what as symptoms indicate strong version of synthetic opioids or shellfish toxins, not weponized nerve agent.

That is the basic propaganda method description as vague as possible to feed or spread rumors only to attack them with some hidden/made up facts if Analysis by others comes to close to truth.

Corruption in security apparatus is so bad that they even are set up to believed their own lies.

Posted by: Kalen | Sep 5 2018 18:18 utc | 8

@Bob 7

More over at OffGuardian-

Posted by: TJ | Sep 5 2018 18:19 utc | 9

Another problem?

The camera alignment is slightly different on each shot.

If you switch quickly between pics, you can easily see that the orientation is slightly different. Pic7 is vertical, Pic 8 is slightly turned. (I use two browser tabs so the pics are the same size, they click on each one quickly in succession.)

On pic 8 you see the top of the door on the left and the side of a sign (red line) on the right.

On pic 7 you don't see the top of the door and you see the top left corner of the sign (red) on the right.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 5 2018 18:20 utc | 10

Beyond doubt uk ect ect have trained spy's in Russia some home grown some Russian. The Salisbury fake flag would would have used these deliberately to leave a false 'paper trail' similar to the 'polonium' trail in a previous false flag !

Posted by: Mark2 | Sep 5 2018 18:22 utc | 11

This is so ludicrous - according to some Russian media the UK refuses to hand over additional information to the Russians, like fingerprints and passport-numbers. The UK should have these informations as these two "top-trained GRU agents" applied for a tourist visa in Moscow - imagine that.

Besides it also looks that both names are in Russia pretty equivalent names like John Smith in the US. Apparently there are over 70'000 Alexander Petrov just in the russian social media.

I also have been following some of the reader comments in the GB media, it looks some of the readers are just rediculing May as needing again distraction from the Brexit fiasco and more and more seem to become angry, because they feel being taken for stupid.

Posted by: Fran | Sep 5 2018 18:22 utc | 12

@Bob #7 -Yes, was about to say the same thing as I haven't been to Gatwick in a long while but many airports whisk you out through parallel tunnels. However, if these guys are GRU then the west has nothing to worry about. I mean, if you fly in team members on the same commercial flight on a kill mission you are stoooopid beyond belief. The GRU is not known for stupidity so I'd guess it's way more likely they had nothing to do with the poisoning.

Next, I'm waiting for the UK to release an audio tape where the men, speaking in heavily accented English, ask each other if they remembered to pack the novichok.

Posted by: worldblee | Sep 5 2018 18:22 utc | 13

Almost every airport I have ever disembarked from has a set of parallel one-way sluice gateways as you leave the airside and enter the baggage reclaim area. If you approach these with a companion walking beside you at the same pace, you will find that you will both exit the sluices at the same time. The slight variance in camera angle is because the two cameras are set up in almost identical but parallel sluices.

There is so much in the UK gov narrative about the Skripals that makes zero sense, this is so obviously not one. In fact anyone insisting that this timestamp is some gotcha loses a lot of credibility in my eyes.

Posted by: Køn | Sep 5 2018 18:24 utc | 14

That may be a canary.
The people whome May regime coerced into producing fake evidence are sabotaging the criminal ordeal they are forced to take part in.
Notice, it was not enough for a "photoshopper" to make the blunder, all the "editors" and supervisors had to turn a blind eye too.
During WW2 there were some bombs and shells that did not explode, and sometimes inside there were found broken details and notes "all we can help with".
This timestamps seems to be 21st century of Hitler's slave "rebel pk the knees"

Posted by: Arioch | Sep 5 2018 18:29 utc | 15

@K 14. Two people walking through parallel tunnels, even if only 5 metres long will never move at exactly the same rate. Perhaps highly trained military personal marching in lockstep might be very close, but not precisely to the same fraction of a second. There is too little being released about their visit to be able to calculate what their mood was and hence the pace of their gait. Was it hurried, relaxed, frantic a gentle amble? This is a U.K. Govt. Part in a plan to discredit Russia. Hearing British M.P.’s call for the expulsion of Russia from the UNSC and a new entity set up in it’s place might suggest what this is aimed at in achieving.

Posted by: Beibdnn. | Sep 5 2018 18:40 utc | 16

FYI, Craig Murray has a new post on the same subject: "The Impossible Photo".

Some commenters there who claim to be familiar with the airport have already noted that the men were surely exiting from parallel walkways ("channels"), and/or that the CCTV clock was simply malfunctioning.

Even if both claims are true, it doesn't explain away the remarkable congruence between the men's supposedly separate and independent progress through the walkways. Again, some commenters who purport to be personally familiar with the location assert that there are visible differences in the "two" walkways shown in the photos-- but to me they look identical.

This is still another dodgy, ambiguous piece of "evidence" to prop up the ongoing Big Lie. In the weeks following the Skripal event, the UK officials began making such ludicrous and incredible assertions that I naïvely expected that their colossal deceit would blow up in their faces sooner than later.

As with the fraudulent "Mueller investigation" in the US, despite the united efforts of government officials and a colluding, servile mass-media insisting that there's a (sinster Russian) "there" there, I foolishly thought that the overall absence of actual evidence, or even a plausible rationale connecting the dubious dots, was an overreach that would rapidly reach a fatal point of diminishing returns.

But I underestimated the staying power of Big Lies, and the Big Liars who tell them.

Posted by: Ort | Sep 5 2018 18:41 utc | 17

Another oddity, the hotel the men stayed at, which was supposedly contaminated by Novichok as discovered on May the 4th - I did a news search for this hotel for the period March - September 4th and couldn't find a single reference to it being cordoned off or investigated by the police. Did they let people continue to use the hotel without telling them it could be contaminated? Did nobody notice police and men in hazmat suits there? Or was the name of the hotel d noticed?

Posted by: Teganjovnka | Sep 5 2018 18:42 utc | 18

Everyone,,, EVERYONE knows it's all BS. BUT, everyone talking about it gives it traction.

I find this no different than the USA scoundrels worried about Syrian citizens in Idlib.

Anything the West says or does is USDA Grade AAA horse hockey.

Posted by: ken | Sep 5 2018 18:42 utc | 19

and the timing for this now is?? c'mon..

Posted by: james | Sep 5 2018 18:51 utc | 20

As to the UK government being able to fake the involvement of GRU agents - remember that Sergei Skripal himself was a British spy while working for the GRU. Why not others?

The most worrying angle, as far as I am concerned, is the utter unbelievability of these stories. Exactly in line with 9/11 (three buildings knocked down by two planes), the Boston Marathon bombing, countless supposed multiple murders in the USA that do not seem to have taken place as officially described, MH17, and the Syrian "chemical weapons" attacks.

The official explanations of all those stories are so weak and inconsistent that they would be rejected as plot lines for Dr Who or CSI. So what is their little game? I can think of two unpleasant possibilities.

1. They are trying to calibrate exactly how grotesque a set of lies they can pass off without any public protest or outcry.

2. They are compiling a list of the few people who are both intelligent and bold enough to point out the obvious discrepancies in public.

Posted by: Tom Welsh | Sep 5 2018 18:58 utc | 21

Clearly those timestamps are planted on the pictures taken from screen.. Well maybe they thought that they only need 24 hours or something.

Posted by: rndmdude | Sep 5 2018 19:16 utc | 22

How do the British know they were false name?

Posted by: Hermius | Sep 5 2018 19:37 utc | 23

So we had Bolton clearly stating in the media time and time again --- if chemical weapons are found in Idlib it would be a game changer to US policy in Syria, thus prompting those desperate cornered brutal rebels, offering a last way out of there situation.
Now we have the prime minister. UK giving a statement about new evidence re Salisbury,chemical Russia. I would put a weeks wage on there being a chemical attack in Syria Idlib enytime now !
This is the UK prime minster aiding a massive brutal crime.
This prime minister got in to power by a slim margine on the back of 3 false flag terror attacks 2 in London one in Manchester persuading the public to go for the get tough vote . Are we gulable or what ?

Posted by: Mark2 | Sep 5 2018 19:45 utc | 24

It is obvious this whole novichok thing is a false flag op.

The only question is why did the UK government did this.

Posted by: vk | Sep 5 2018 19:56 utc | 25

UK agencies have a long track record back to before WW2 running operations to get the US into a war. Their recent false flag operations inside the UK are to soften up the US/UK public in advance of the UK managed chemical weapon false flag attack in Syria they are clearly threatening in advance.

This is beyond ridiculous that the dried out husk of the UK is beating its chest for war with Russia. I almost wish that they would get their war and be beaten flat.

Posted by: AriusArmenian | Sep 5 2018 20:00 utc | 26

Just yesterday the Russian embassy in the UK released this statement:

Today marks exactly six months since the Russian citizens Sergei and Yulia Skripal were taken to Salisbury District Hospital under obscure circumstances...

Posted by: Anonymous | Sep 5 2018 20:04 utc | 27

There are times of the day when 2 passengers could arrive at an empty passport control, enter two different tunnels at the same time and arrive at exactly the same second at equivalent gates.
Not many times, because it means that there is no queue at either tunnel.
And 16:22 is not one of these times.

Posted by: mdroy | Sep 5 2018 20:06 utc | 28

Putin's Novichok assassins identified. Pictured smiling, walking UK streets-

Posted by: TJ | Sep 5 2018 20:07 utc | 29


My experience through those boarding bridges is that when boarding people walk normal pace and when exiting they do so at a faster pace down the bridge. I guess they want get to their luggage quickly.

Posted by: Circe | Sep 5 2018 20:12 utc | 30

Køn @ 14 "In fact anyone insisting that this timestamp is some gotcha loses a lot of credibility in my eyes."

Don't be a gallah, Køn! You think that two members of a highly trained hit squad are going to walk through Heathrow together? You've got to be dreaming. Have you no concept of Operational Security? Dear oh dear...

Posted by: Deltaeus | Sep 5 2018 20:16 utc | 31

The two strong-looking men take it in turns to carry what looks like a light backpack which is kind of odd in itself. If nerve gas had either been sprayed or smeared, one or both would have to have used a full protective suit, which consists of a bulky gas mask, jacket, trousers and substantial boots, which would have called for a much bigger backpack.

Posted by: Lochearn | Sep 5 2018 20:30 utc | 32

These photos show the same time but different locations. These are the security barriers between passport control and the baggage reclaim hall, there are a number of parallel gates that open automatically and are monitored by CCTV. The high resolution photos on the Met website show a different camera angles: The Petrov photo shows a white flat surface with a thin red stripe in the lower right corner and the top of the wall panels on the upper left. The Boshirov picture show a much wider red stripe (and no white surface) and the top of the panels is not visible. So you have two different gates entered at the same time.

Posted by: eyespy | Sep 5 2018 20:33 utc | 33

I'm no expert but allow me to play devil's advocate. What if they have two cameras on different angles with separate receivers in case one goes offline and their clock is not in sync so the second camera stamps same time when it's one second later on first. It just seems that if there was Photoshop involved they would think of changing the timestamp and inserting person in precisely same angle. Of course it doesn't explain why they would take pictures from two different cameras, but maybe face appeared clearer?

Posted by: Circe | Sep 5 2018 20:44 utc | 34

One of the images may have been flipped:

Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 5 2018 20:46 utc | 35

Which airports have parallel disimabarkation tunnels then? I've been through 4 airports in 3 different countries in the past two months and each time it was a single tunnel. The only time I've seen two tunnels was when I was on a flight witha first class and even then it sort of branched off, near the door of the plane.

Posted by: rac | Sep 5 2018 20:46 utc | 36

Could it be the same corridor at two different locations at the same moment? This would explain the different angles of the cameras, which maybe were placed at a similar location to the railings etc.

Posted by: Pictorex | Sep 5 2018 20:58 utc | 37

The door of the plane only accommodates one boarding bridge. Whoever has been through that airport can clear this up.

Posted by: Circe | Sep 5 2018 20:59 utc | 38

@ 37

And how would they manage to pass at the exact same time through two different corridors?

Posted by: Circe | Sep 5 2018 21:03 utc | 39

Historian and political analyst Vladimir Kornilov wrote an article for RIA Novosti comparing the famous 1924 SIS forgery, "Zinoviev letter", to the ongoing Skripal affair: (machine translation; the translation is good, except that "the Violins" should read as "the Skripals").

Posted by: S | Sep 5 2018 21:10 utc | 40

Deltaeus... kindly please desist from insulting me in anitpodean.

I make no assertions about trained or untrained hit squads or how they might behave.

I am merely saying that anyone who thinks these timestamps represent anything suspicious or out of the ordinary is chasing their own tails.

The UK authorities present pictures of two men that travelled together on a flight from Moscow to London Gatwick. They went through parallel security sluices at the same time as they were walking together. At which point they were automatically photographed. It could just as easily have been that the time stamp was 1 second apart or even 2 seconds, or as is in fact the case, less than 1 second apart. NOTE: They may have triggered the automatic camera 999ms apart and still had the same timestamp so it is not strictly accurate to say that they were pictured at exactly the same time. The sluice appears to be about 4 metres long up to the point where the camera is triggered. I can walk 4 metres in less than 2 seconds. Which does not give a large time frame in which the walking pace of these two men can diverge.

There is so much more suspicious and contentious in todays UK announcement that it is ridiculous and counter productive to waste time on an easily explained time stamp.

Posted by: Køn | Sep 5 2018 21:16 utc | 41

interesting article in russia on this goes into the 2 men and what they know of them.. i ran it thru google translate..

Posted by: james | Sep 5 2018 21:18 utc | 42

i encourage others to read @40 S link..

Posted by: james | Sep 5 2018 21:19 utc | 43

They are not even trying anymore.
I wonder if it has a direct correlation to the gullibility and intelligence of the West's public.

Posted by: Occidentosis | Sep 5 2018 21:24 utc | 44

This is an obvious fabrication of evidence. What they did was to take 2 photos from the same tunnel using the same camera at different times, but with the camera rotated about 20 degrees between them (notice the slightly different fish-eye lens distortions). Afterwards they flipped one of the images horizontally and added time-stamps to the images, but forgot to change the times between them.

I reversed the above process, aligned the images and made a GIF animation to prove it, see

These people are stupid.

Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 5 2018 21:29 utc | 45

The timing is interesting. This is an attempt to buttress a future claim that Assad used chem weapons in Idlib. Lame. Who believes this stuff?

Good catch on the time stamp B.

Posted by: Alaric | Sep 5 2018 21:36 utc | 46

Gatwick not Heathrow. I highly suggest reading the comments to Craig Murray's blog post. Yes, as here there're some repetitive comments, but many good points are also raised. Perhaps the best is the lack of a "tag" identifying the camera location as at the security station you have many CCTV images that are very similar: Something like Jetway2 Customs4, or some such. IMO, the photos and story are contrived just as the rest of the hoax is--except for the fact that at least one person has died and likely the Skripals most certainly--she wanted to return to Russia and take Sergei with her.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 5 2018 21:52 utc | 47

Well done UK comrades! So now you will release all the cctv from the original Salisbury incident so we can see every detail of the cunning ruskies eh! including the entire street videos, Mill pub and park videos too; and in high resolution this time please. Plus as the case is solved would you be so kind as to release the complete OPCW reports and the Porton Down reports too.

Can't have enough open government in the worlds foremost democracy now, can we?

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 5 2018 22:00 utc | 48

Sy Hersch blames the poisoning of Skripals on the Russian mafia who found out he was working with MI6 to reveal their European operations.

Could these two guys be of the Russian mafia? Them being not of the Russian IC might explain how the poison was less than lethal for all who came in contact.

Posted by: Bart Hansen | Sep 5 2018 22:03 utc | 49

@49 Sorry Sy but your theory doesn't hold up. Teresa May has said they were from the GRU. Here are her exact words...

"Based on this work, I can today tell the House that, based on a body of intelligence, the Government has concluded that the two individuals named by the police and CPS are officers from the Russian military intelligence service, also known as the GRU.

The GRU is a highly disciplined organisation with a well-established chain of command. So this was not a rogue operation. It was almost certainly also approved outside the GRU at a senior level of the Russian state."

Please try harder.

Posted by: dh | Sep 5 2018 22:17 utc | 50


Sorry Sy but your theory doesn't hold up. Teresa May has said they were from the GRU.
Incredible. You believe that what May said is true, because she said it!

Posted by: Laguerre | Sep 5 2018 22:23 utc | 51

Here is an interesting side note, relating to the statement made by "Sue Hemming, the CPS director of legal services" (e.g. as in this Guardian piece.

We will not be applying to Russia for the extradition of these men as the Russian constitution does not permit extradition of its own nationals. Russia has made this clear following requests for extradition in other cases. Should this position change then an extradition request would be made.

This is a blatant lie. Russia's Constitution (available here in Russian states the following in Article 63, Section 2:

В Российской Федерации не допускается выдача другим государствам лиц, преследуемых за политические убеждения, а также за действия (или бездействие), не признаваемые в Российской Федерации преступлением. Выдача лиц, обвиняемых в совершении преступления, а также передача осужденных для отбывания наказания в других государствах осуществляются на основе федерального закона или международного договора Российской Федерации.

Which means (my own translation, but Google Translate is your friend if you do not believe me):

In the Russian Federation it is not permitted to extradite to other states individuals who are persecuted for their political beliefs, as well as for actions (or inaction) that are not deemed criminal in the Russian Federation. Extradition of individuals accused of committing a crime, as well as transfer of convicts to serve their sentences in other states, is performed on the basis of federal law or international agreements of the Russian Federation.

I must confess that I am not up on the most current version of Russian criminal law, but I believe "attempted murder utilizing a banned chemical weapon" does still qualify as a crime over there, and, moreover, is not considered "political beliefs". But, of course, an official extradition requests would entail also handing over the Crown's evidence against the accused, which...well, clearly there is so much of it that the Crown just doesn't wish to share any.

Anyhow, something to ponder.

Posted by: Angry Panda | Sep 5 2018 22:27 utc | 52

@47 karlof1

Perhaps the best is the lack of a "tag" identifying the camera location as at the security station you have many CCTV images that are very similar: Something like Jetway2 Customs4, or some such.

Se my post @45 (animation link). The camera location is the same in both images, they just rotated the camera, and flipped one image horizontally. If you download the MET "originals" and repeat what I did you find the match to be 100%. With identical time stamps, you know this is fabricated evidence. There is really no other plausible or (even possible) explanation.

It is virtually a confession from the police.

Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 5 2018 22:28 utc | 53

i think dh is being sarcastic!

Posted by: james | Sep 5 2018 22:28 utc | 54

It isn't the GRU (Glavnoye Razdevyvatel'noye Upravleniye, Main Intelligence Directorate) any more. In 2010, the name was changed to GU (Glavnoye Upravleniye, Main Directorate).

Posted by: lysias | Sep 5 2018 22:29 utc | 55

Not incredible gulable !

Posted by: Mark2 | Sep 5 2018 22:33 utc | 56

"Norwegian" is correct. These pics have been tampered with bigly. "Kon" points out that one has a "red line" while one has a more solid looking red area. That is explained by the picture flipping and tilting. The red line is a framelike border of something. In one pic we see that part that's further from the camera and it looks like a slim red line. In the other pic we see the part of it which is closer to the camera, and is ALSO the corner of the line, so it appears to be something completely different when it's actually just 2 parts of the same puzzle.

My bet is that they were taken at different times of day, those tunnels always let natural light in. Unless a filter was intentionally applied(to further suggest two tunnels). There has been some photoshop fussing with the other identifying blobs - like the dirt on the camera lense and on the floors have been erased or blurred in the flipped pic! It's mad obvious.

Thanks Norwegian, I am posting that gif all over the place.

Posted by: sejomoje | Sep 5 2018 22:44 utc | 57

Norwegian @53--

Thanks for your reply! Another comment mentioned the ability of such digital cameras to self-crop as both pics are cropped as someone provided the pixel dimensions. IMO, this is just more BigLie piled atop the preceding BigLies--doubling-down is the Neocon way after all. All timed with Idlib, no doubt. My question along with many others: Where are the other passengers having to travel through the same portals?

My explanation: Human images were added to an image(s) of an empty portal(s).

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 5 2018 22:46 utc | 58

"It is virtually a confession from the police". Yes, one doesn't know whether to be hopeful of a whistleblower, or just devastated at the incompetence of the so-called intelligence agencies behind these fabrications. It's hardly ever the former unfortunately.

Posted by: sejomoje | Sep 5 2018 22:47 utc | 59

@57 sejomoje

Thanks. Please share far and wide.

Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 5 2018 22:49 utc | 60

James, I agree about the sarcasm. But when May brings her "resolute" voice to bear, one bows before her gravitas.

After all, it is "highly likely" that Putin decided to queer the time-honored rule not to mess with a spy swap.

Posted by: Bart Hansen | Sep 5 2018 22:52 utc | 61

Nice work with the gif, it appears exactly how you describe it... just amazing fuckery. Re: the timestamp, its so sloppy it pretty much a taunt: 'none of you sheep give a toss cos there's not a critical thought amongst ya'

Posted by: MadMax2 | Sep 5 2018 23:02 utc | 62

I agree Madmax, so much taunting in these things. This seems ahole 'nother level though. A virtual middle finger to the "conspiracy theorists".

Posted by: sejomoje | Sep 5 2018 23:06 utc | 63

@54 Thank you james. Obviously I am going to have to work harder on my sarcasm mode. Or maybe just quit posting.

Posted by: dh | Sep 5 2018 23:06 utc | 64

How can May be so sure they belong to the GRU if they do not know the real identity of the two guys?

Posted by: Virgile | Sep 5 2018 23:07 utc | 65

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 5, 2018 6:46:54 PM | 58

That is what it looked like to me (I work with photoshop), but then, why would they do this?

Russian journalists did find the corresponding flight bookings

Only reason would be that the people on the airport CCTV looked different from the people on CCTV in Salisbury.

So the departing image would have to be fake, too.
Or it is real but of people who did not arrive the Friday before.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 5 2018 23:09 utc | 66

@65 Good question. And with all due respect to b I don't think the airport pictures prove much. Who were these two? Why did they go to Salisbury? It looks too sloppy to be GRU.

Russian Mafia contract killers is my guess.

Unless the whole story is an elaborate MI6 concoction and all the CCTV photos are fake.

Posted by: dh | Sep 5 2018 23:22 utc | 67

It may be the release of this material was scheduled to coincide with the US sanctions announced a few weeks ago, as those were said to be motivated by the Skripal case, but then held back for domestic political reasons, as May's position has weakened just the past two weeks. The bonus gratuitous finger-pointing at Corbyn would serve its purpose today or back in August.

Posted by: jayc | Sep 5 2018 23:27 utc | 68

It all relies ultimately on" a body of evidence gathered by intelligence" and we know from recent past experiences of anglo/ ameriocan Intelligence that that cannot be trusted to be either valid or reliable .

Posted by: Kane | Sep 5 2018 23:33 utc | 69

dh @50 the Met policeman in charges of the investigation was asked at a press conference if he has any evidence the 2 in the images were GRU. He said NO.

Posted by: cdvision | Sep 5 2018 23:41 utc | 70

@69 Very honest of him. As with the original Skripal 'poisoning' it looks like another case of blaming Russia, i.e Putin, on flimsy evidence.

Posted by: dh | Sep 5 2018 23:57 utc | 71

Please people these photos were taken in exactly the same place. Nothing has been rotated.
Notice on the right hand side there is a a small piece of a red security notice in the two photos. You will need to see the original police photos to see this. In only one of the four lanes is that possible. The one on the right as viewed from the exit. notice that this is the only lane where the steel handrail on the right extends so far on the white panel. Two different photos of the same lane with the same timestamp. ???? I’d say in both images are fake.,-0.1626642,2a,89.7y,192.36h,83.5t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s5aRAGxER5MlF-9kpw8ZyRQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Posted by: corkie | Sep 6 2018 0:10 utc | 72

there are four staggered gateways.
almost identical and with almost identical camera positions.,-0.1626565,2a,90y,182.51h,64.06t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1svV47ixbwSQnbQjlwIUFvnQ!2e0!3e2!7i13312!8i6656

so i am not 100% convinced by your theory.

Posted by: gully | Sep 6 2018 0:16 utc | 73

Ort 17
Yes, it appears, like me, you are enjoying our latest visit to Wonderland where a great many things are possible... all you need to do is believe. Christopher Steele has done a smackdown job of reinvigorating the Non Fiction shelves at my library. Who knew high treason and golden showers could ever work together.

A beautiful story, this Skripal affair...designed and timed to draw the public into emotional judgements, against reason and logic, immediately prior to the Russian pummelling of jihadi scum.

One wonders what sort of blowback arises from such psychological conditioning. Hmmm...

Posted by: MadMax2 | Sep 6 2018 0:18 utc | 74

I wouldn't say these images prove anything either way.

Perhaps they are doctored, but what if they were from customs entry points side-by-side? The two men have been walking together so presumably they'd go through the customs walkways at exactly the same time.

These are not photos from the walkway off the plane - that much is clear.

On the spectrum of what is going on you have to go from one end (all this evidence is completely fabricated - these might be images of 'dead men' so no one can step forward to personally refute them) all the way over to the Brits are telling the truth.

Most likely, it's somewhere in the middle, but impossible to say exactly where.

Posted by: Julian | Sep 6 2018 0:21 utc | 75

Even without the time stamp discrepancy I am at loss to understand what the photos prove.

Absolutely nothing. I suppose they just want to keep the story in the publics mind in preparation for the next "Russia did it " false flag. Coming soon to a theater near you.
Ever notice September-November makes for the most exciting times? No wonder many season premiers start in winter/spring now

Posted by: Pft | Sep 6 2018 0:25 utc | 76

Why now, when the CCTV ‘evidence’ must have been available for months? Just like the Douma pantomime and subsequent bombing of Syria, this is clearly setting the scene for a western assault on Idlib, possibly this weekend.

Posted by: Panopticon | Sep 6 2018 0:28 utc | 77

@71 Nice theory, except that the security notice in those police photos appear to be mounted far too low to correspond with their location in that google maps image, even on the one lane that you nominate. You can see that best in the "Boshirov" photo where the top-left of the notice can be seen.

In the google maps image the signs are at head-height, so a line drawn from the ccd to a "pretend eyeline" in Google Maps would suggest that the security camera would be recording the bottom-left of that sign, not the top-left corner.

That walk-though was recorded in September 2017.
The security footage was filmed in March 2018.

It isn't a stretch to believe that between these two dates the signs were moved lower and closer to the guardrail.

Anyone in Ol' Blighty want to walk up to those gates at Gatwick and tell us?

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Sep 6 2018 0:39 utc | 78

Re: Posted by: Bob | Sep 5, 2018 2:13:08 PM | 7

Presumably they were on the same flight?

If they have identified the flights - presumably the Russians would be able to ID these guys at the other end - in some way at least.

Posted by: Julian | Sep 6 2018 0:41 utc | 79

different but pretty similar gateway @gatwick airport with lower mounted signs. imo this is where the pictures were taken:,-0.1773794,2a,75y,163.05h,72.21t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sVwMbNKWSg8PjuWKakaOeaA!2e0!3e2!7i13312!8i6656

Posted by: gully | Sep 6 2018 0:46 utc | 80

Russia needs to do more to get back their national Yulia Skripal . She's been brazenly abducted by UK regime .
If Brit Sh disappear na Russian imagine the fate of Julian Assange if he steps out of that embassy

Posted by: Brian | Sep 6 2018 0:46 utc | 81

Corkie @ 71, Gully @ 72:

If you compare the photos you posted with the photos in Bernhard's post, you will notice something missing from the photos in Bernhard's post.

Where are the security doors with the white-barred red circles on the glass in Bernhard's photos?

Posted by: Jen | Sep 6 2018 0:47 utc | 82

@71 Just to be clear about what I am saying, because my previous post may be confusing: if you look at the two security shots and note the top-left corner ("Boshirov") and left-flank ("Petrov") of those signs then both suggest that the bottom-left corner of that security notice will be just above (as in almost but not quite level-with) the top of the guardrail.

Yet if you look here:,-0.1626642,2a,75y,198.05h,91.84t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s5aRAGxER5MlF-9kpw8ZyRQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
you can see that the bottom-left of the security sign is nearly a metre above the level of the guardrail.

Unless there is massive foreshortening and distortion in those security camera feeds then I would suggest that those signs have been moved between September 2017 and March 2018.

In which case, of course, your observation is not going to be valid.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Sep 6 2018 0:51 utc | 83

Two Russian nationals . Brits decide they are Russian assassins . Were they seem committing an assassination ?
Imagine any Russian tourist now could be labelled an assassin and abducted like Yulia Skripal and held incommunicado . Russia should take Britain to court over this behaviour

Posted by: Brian | Sep 6 2018 0:52 utc | 84

As I wrote before, the case reeks of planted evidence. A normal logic of investigation would be to inspect "probable leads" ASAP, and to perform tests ASAP. Instead, the famous door knob was tested with one month delay, and the hotel room, with two month delay. But planting evidence in an improvised mode requires planning and debates how to do it. The logistics of planting evidence are the most plausible explanation why it was done at the place where Skripals lived rather than close to the place where they together lost consciousness. Planting evidence in the hotel is simplicity itself, because it is very easy to do it in a secret lab.

OTH, pictures have semi-plausible explanation and Ruslan Boshirov is not a frequent name, probably Muslim (Boshir/Bashir is an Arabic name, ev/ov is a Russian ending).

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Sep 6 2018 0:54 utc | 85

Two men (traveling together on Russian passports) are seen leaving a flight from Moscow and (in the most heavily CCTV monitored country in the world), immediately take public transport directly to and from the scene of the crime.

Its very hard to imagine that any intelligence agency would be so sloppy as to use their own nationals, own passports, travel together, take direct flights from their own capital, use public transport, make no effort to avoid CCTV, casually dispose of vital evidence where it was certain to be found (a deadly poison left in a brandname perfume box at a charity donation bin? someone was going to open it eventually), etc. There are many more flaws but there are also more significant questions.

Is there any strong reason to believe that US or UK intelligence were less likely to poison Skripal than Russia? Did he perhaps have evidence regarding the Steele Dossier they wanted to silence? If so, is there any reason we should not suspect the men in the picture of working for non-Russian intelligence who are deliberately trying to point the finger of blame at Russia?

Leaving that aside, is there any reason not to think the men n the picture may have been members of organized crime for some reason upset with Skripal? This might explain the lack of professional tradecraft.

In short, even if we accept that the people in the photographs were responsible for the poisonings, there has been no evidence presented to link them to the Russian government other than the fact that they travelled directly from Moscow on Russian passports, a fact that should actually be seen as making it less likely they were Russian agents.

Posted by: Bran | Sep 6 2018 1:08 utc | 86

Fyi, there are 2 terminals at Gatwick, north and south. Though, as Pft, Julian and others have said, what do these pictures really say at this stage...? Only guilty by the logic of highly likely.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Sep 6 2018 1:17 utc | 87

Piotr Berman @ 84:

"Ruslan Boshirov" is supposed to be Tajik. I noticed the last name "Boshirov" too ("Boshir" = Tajik rendering of "Bashir" or "Bashar").

Bashar / Bashir is a common boys' name and surname in some Muslim countries (but maybe not Iran). Also a common surname among Christian communities in Lebanon. A former governor of New South Wales had that surname. Both her parents were of Lebanese background.

Ruslan is a common boys' name in Russia and countries that used to be part of the Soviet Union. It is derived from the Turkic name Arslan. As Tajiks are an Iranian-speaking people, I am not sure if the name is popular with them. From what I have been able to find out online, Tajiks seem to prefer Persian names.

Hmm, someone in Britain didn't do their homework terribly well.

Posted by: Jen | Sep 6 2018 1:27 utc | 88 seems to be working. We're now talking about this instead of the Idlib campaign.

Posted by: Dr. Wellington Yueh | Sep 6 2018 1:36 utc | 89

@ Posted by: Bart Hansen | Sep 5, 2018 6:03:11 PM | 49

Well, if Hersh has the evidence for this, I won't be doubting him.

I'm sincerely open to any good theory -- the only thing I'm certain is that it wasn't the Kremlin: there's simply no gain for Russia in this.

Personally, I think relity is much more mundane: the UK, given its objective reality post-Brexit, simply decided to (re)synchronize (update) its geopolitical position with the USA's. When the USA decided to jump into the madness of Russophobia after Trump's victory, the UK simply had to jump after because it is so dependent on the Americans they kinda didn't have a choice.

Maybe, in a parallel universe, if Corbyn had won the 2017 snap election, we could visualize a different position from the British. But that door is definitely close now -- and even if he had won, we have to face the fact the UK is simply the natural ally of the USA in the European Peninsula (the most stable one -- of course there are valuable American satrapies in Poland, the ex-Yugoslavian republics not-named Serbia, the Baltic States and the new, desintegrated, nazi-Ukraine; but they are of the military outpost-type, nearer the "danger").

Posted by: vk | Sep 6 2018 1:41 utc | 90

This is nothing more but an endless conglomeration of lies. Not just mistakes or fallacies, but a deliberate lies. It is clear for all adequate people who have brains.

Why it is now the British authorities decided to shake off the dust from the forgotten "Skripal case" and to revive it?
Well, Syria is the answer, of course. In particular, upcoming (in fact, already started) Idlib liberation.

They need something to try to put pressure on Russia. What tools do they have? "Skripal case", "Russian meddling in elections" (aka "Russian hackers"), "Russian doping", situation in Donbass, illegal detentions/abductions of Russian citizens (Ukraine did it with Kirill Vyshinsky in May, the US did it with Maria Butina recently etc.), cheap provocations with chemical weapons in Syria to accuse Assad/Russia.

I would pick three directions - the "Skripal case", fake "chemical attacks" in Syria and deliberate aggravation of the situation in Donbass (terrorist act against DPR head Alexander Zakharchenko is just the beginning) are, apparently (in their opinion), the most effective measures to influence Russia to change its policy in Syria. These tools will be used. Simultaneously, or in a particular order.

By the way, one must not exclude possible chemical provocations in Ukraine. Ukrainian terrorist regime has not used it yet, but all is possible. Especially now, after "Skripal case" is revived and some fake "chemical attacks" are definitely will happen in Idlib (giving FUKUS a "legitimate reason" to launch aggression on Syria again). The CyberBerkut hacker team (a kind of Fancy Bears) recently reported that chemical provocations in Ukraine (in Donbass) are in preparation stage, and that American instructors participate in organizing of this provocation.
Not a fact that this will happen, of course, but still this possibility must not be ruled out.

As for these two men, "discovered" a half of a year after the incident... For any sane person, the proposal to believe that these two are GRU agents is an insult to his intellectual abilities. "GRU agents", who flew direct(!) Flight from Moscow, and flew back the same direct(!) Flight. "GRU agents", who in general did not even tried to disguise themselves, and, as if specifically, tried to be caught by all surveillance cameras in the UK. "GRU agents", who used their passports(!) instead of coming to the UK secretly (for example, through Ireland). "GRU agents", who left the "Novichok" traces wherever possible, and then carelessly threw the bottle on the street. "GRU agents", who for some reason decided to use such a strange, dangerous and uncomfortable method as "poisoning the victim with a chemical warfare agent(!)" instead of easily and unnoticeably shoot a victim from a gun with a silencer (or strangle the victim at home). "GRU agents", who did not notice anything for eight(!) years, and then suddenly woke up and realized that they released Skripal from Russia "without punishment"...

I can continue this endlessly.
The longer the list of lies becomes, the longer the list of disproof.

Posted by: alaff | Sep 6 2018 1:41 utc | 91

@48 uncle tungsten.. lol.. so true!

@65 virgile.. that is what some of us have concluded from the start.. phony passports or phony characters - hard to know what one is looking at here, isn't it?

@83 brian.. it is the court of public opinion, brought to us via the western msm... guess who is winning? msm with ignoramus's in tow, or not? - i agree with your comments @85.. no evidence whatsoever, but that doesn't stop the russian smearing, which may be the main motive here on the part of the uk..

@84 piotr.. i agree - planted and long after the fact..

@87 jen.. that is what i got from someone sharing a russian story via translation - which i shared @42..

from my link at 42 which is a translation from a russian news outlet.. see the link @42 for more..

"According to official data, Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov flew on March 2, 2018 from Sheremetyevo to London Gatwick Airport. According to Fontanka, 150 passengers were registered for the flight of Aeroflot SU2588.

The suspects bought tickets on foreign passports of the "65" series, the document numbers differ by the last digit: ... 1297 and ... 1294.

Apparently, in the hands of Boshirov and Petrov already had return tickets, and for two consecutive flights from Heathrow to Sheremetyevo - evening on March 4 and night 5-th. The British authorities believe that the suspects used the first.

There are almost no open sources of information about Boshirov. According to the "Fontanka", he was born on April 12, 1978 in Dushanbe, was registered in Moscow in a 25-storey house on Bolshaya Naberezhnaya street.

In 2015, he was brought into two executive proceedings for automobile fines received with a difference of three days, on July 20 and 23. The oddity is that the production numbers are not in order. The first assigned 433048, the second - 432322, although they were issued by one unit - the interdistrict department of bailiffs to collect administrative fines number 1 in Moscow. On the portal of the magistrates of the capital there are no cases of administrative violations against Ruslan Boshirov. Also it is not in the database of executive production.

"Fontanka" phoned long-term residents of the "Boshiro" house on the Great Embankment. They live on the same stairwell. "In the apartment you named, only an elderly woman lives," the correspondent replied. "We carry her money, she collects for cleaning the cleaner." A man was never seen in the apartment and was not seen at the entrance. We can only assume that this is the son of the hostess, who is registered at the address, but who has never lived here. "

Boshirov's network activity is no different either. The pages created under this name and last name in 2014 are empty. On Facebook, Boshirova has one friend registered, a girl from Ukraine. The profile "VKontakte" contains information that Boshirov graduated in 2004 from the geography department of Moscow State University in the direction "Hydrology of the land".

Posted by: james | Sep 6 2018 1:43 utc | 92

The shoulder bags held by the two "suspects", as seen in the CCTV stills from the two airports, are not seen in the Salisbury CCTV footage from the Sunday. Instead, in Salisbury, the suspect in the black jacket wears a light-coloured backpack on arrival at the train station, and the suspect in the blue jacket wears what appears to be that same backpack in the stills from an hour later as they return to the Salisbury train station. Presumably the backpack carried the applicator and then was later ditched.... but looking at the applicator itself it is hard to fathom how it would not leak, either in flight or in the backpack, even inside its alleged box. The Met police report claims that the bottle allegedly discovered later "contained a significant amount of Novichok."

On the Sunday morning in question, the suspects allegedly walked directly to the Skripal household from the train station (approximately 25 minutes), poisoned the Skripal door within minutes of arrival, then immediately returned to the train station. This operation was allegedly facilitated by a 90 minute "reconnaissance" mission the previous day, although there are no CCTV images from this mission. Why and how the men knew they would not be seen at the doorway on Sunday is not explained.

According to the Met Police report, swabs at the suspect's hotel room were done on May 4. Porton Down alone confirmed the presence of Novichok from these swabs. The Met report adds: "Two swabs showed contamination of Novichok at levels below that which would cause concern for public health." ???? As far as I am aware, that Russian suspects may have flown in and out of Britain on that weekend has been discussed since March, but a positive ID of "Novichok" in a suspect's London hotel room is new information - strangely never referred to before. The otherwise entirely circumstantial case depends on the presence of the chemical in the hotel room, as there is otherwise no direct connection of these men to "Novichuk", perfume bottles, or the Skripal house (the CCTV footage can only place them in the "vicinity").

This case retains its improvised nature. Something seems to have been botched somewhere in the original March events, and the proclamation of Russian guilt was announced too soon and too unequivocally to back down from. The Novichok in the perfume bottle and now the two alleged suspects with the alleged trace Novichok in the hotel room appear to be semi-clumsy additions to the evidence designed to buttress the faulty story after the fact.

Posted by: jayc | Sep 6 2018 1:52 utc | 93

This is simply another fine example of the Theory of Tells. The Dark Agents NEVER allow the strange evidence that they release to the public to be totally coherent or rational. They always insert impossible artifacts. If the narratives they create were reasonably coherent, they would never have the proper effect of causing profound cognitive dissonance in the mind of the public, they could therefor never achieve the necessary degree of fear, uncertainty and doubt.

That would invite people to ask pertinent questions. There must always be a few strategic red herrings. So they always leave strategic tells.

Posted by: blues | Sep 6 2018 1:53 utc | 94

They are different photographs a few seconds apart as can be seen by the figures at the very back of the jetway who move a tiny bit closer to the camera after the first suspect passes.

However, the timestamps are then fake and represent a mistake on the part of the person *creating* the evidence. He fucked up and put the same stamp on both pictures.

These pictures were taken a short time apart, but not at the time stamped... i.e. boarding a different flight. A different flight. The timeline is hokum. They did not fly in and out at the times stated or on the flights stated.

It is even conceivable that the person cooking the books wanted to include something that would show it was hokum, that he or she wasn't completely on board. I wonder who it was?

Posted by: Burt | Sep 6 2018 2:24 utc | 95


The doors that have those "Do not enter" symbols facing us or the greeting area are open in b's pictures because the individuals have just passed thru them. Therefore you only faintly see the grey back of the symbols.
Also, note how in one Google photo the steel guardrails are on paneling right beside the security signs while in the other Google photos it shows the guardrail separated from the security signs with an empty panel except for the corridor furthest to the right. So the correct photo is the former one and the individuals went through two exactly similar side-by-side corridors simultaneously, which means the photos might be legit. Also, there are at least two or more cameras on the ceiling facing corridors which explains the different angles. It looks like photos are authentic.

Posted by: Circe | Sep 6 2018 2:43 utc | 96

Dr. Wellington Yueh @88

Great observation! Lot of stuff going on in Idlib being reported in Al Masdar News...

Posted by: TheBAG | Sep 6 2018 2:52 utc | 97

@86 Well that explains why in one photo there's an extra glass panel and in the other the panel with the guardrail is beside the panel with the security signs! There are two sets of corridors in the airport.

The photos in the article are Therefore most likely authentic.

Posted by: Circe | Sep 6 2018 2:55 utc | 98

The key proposition that the police are asserting is that the Skripals were poisoned by 'delayed reaction'. The alleged suspects were out of Salisbury 3 hours before the Skripals exhibited signs of poisoning, nerve agents, however, act immediately. If the 'door handle theory' is not physically possible, which it is not, then that leaves out the assassin hypothesis. Most likely, as I have always said, is that this is about Sergei's skulduggery, he took delivery of the agent from these guys for eventual passing over to the White Helmets via their MI6 handlers. All went pear shaped because of a leaky bottle. Sergei realised something was wrong so hurried his meal so he could check it out, reached the park bench with Julia and the saw that the bottle was leaking and began to feel ill, Julia through the thing away and went down herself.

Posted by: Phillip O'Reilly | Sep 6 2018 3:28 utc | 99

Interesting that Theresa May brought up and then dismissed the possibility of a rogue operation. This tells me she is determined to pin the blame on Putin no matter what. I am sure that the smarter elements of British security have a pretty good idea of what has occurred. They will say nothing and they would be quite happy to keep Theresa Mays narrative out in the public domain. Cooperation from Sergei is guaranteed, he has been caught once again in a betrayal, as he always does because he is one of lifes losers.
Predictions 1 these guys have a connection to Julia's boyfriend.
Prediction 2 the 'Novichok' is decades old material obtained from the black market and related to the black market material used in a previous Russian assassination. The agent would be largely degraded to a less toxic degradation product, that doesnt matter as its purpose, I believe, is for propaganda not killing. Amateur hour handling with these ridiculously inappropriate and unsafe containers says a lot.

Posted by: Phillip O'Reilly | Sep 6 2018 3:56 utc | 100

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